I guess we have to credit Scott and Greg for getting this whole thing started, even though it was Frank who developed the miracle drug, the whole process, and inspired Scott and Greg to try it in the first place. I know we would never have imagined that we would be in the center of this whole trend, or revolution, as the press is calling it, before we met them. We were even flattered that they singled us out to give them the push, or affirmation they were looking for, when they asked us if we thought it would be hot to see them get as big as the guys in the bodybuilding magazines we were looking at when they walked into the bookstore that day. And of course, when they told us about Frank and his drug and the process it could put a body through, we thought it sounded too fantastic to be true. When they told us about how it not only created huge muscles, but also caused radical body hair growth and extreme growth of the genitals, we were even more skeptical.

But we told them, if it were all true, we would happily sponsor them through the process. They said when we met Frank, who had done it to himself while he was testing it, we would know it was true. So we did. The idea that we could watch these two guys, who were already gorgeous International Male models, turn into specimens like Frank, particularly when we saw the size of the bulge in his shorts, was very exciting. They all wanted us to go along with it, too, because they told us that it would make men of any age take on the characteristics of a man in his prime. It would even, they said, make young kids into men.

Well, we hesitated at first, but when we saw what was happening to Greg and Scott after one week, we said ok. In fact, we couldn't wait to see how it would feel on us. These young guys were getting more muscular every day, and we could actually see their cocks and balls growing and the hair popping out of their skin, like they had always been hairy, had shaved, and now it was growing back in, dark and thick, slowly but definitely.

The other thing that blew us away, and made us want to try it, beside the idea of looking like Frank, was how, within about 90 seconds after Frank gave them each the shots, they both said they got this unbelievably intense rush of hot, horny sexuality. But how, even before they said it, they both got instant boners. No embarrassment, just big, hard erections. They said it felt so sexy. They said they wanted, needed, to come right then. And they did, and did again, and kept on doing it. The stuff makes you permanently horny to a degree that you want and need to have sex all the time, even if it's just jacking off. Even that is hot and sexy.

It was great, going through such changes with these guys a week ahead of us. We could see it all happening to them just before it happened to us.

When they hit the point, halfway through the process, right at the four week point, when the whole hormonal thing cycled into high gear just like Frank said it would, it was so hot to see. Suddenly, it seemed, even though they had been growing right along with their cocks, their balls took on a life of their own. They woke up one day and couldn't stop talking about how fucking big, as they kept saying, their balls were. They were suddenly, like, dominated by their testicles. They kept saying it felt so hot, so sexy, so masculine, to have such big balls, balls you couldn't hide. They said over and over that they could feel them pumping out hormones, the size of them causing more hormones to flow, the hormones going straight to their muscles, making them swell and put on new and denser mass that was purely male, masculine, directly resulting from the increased hormone flow. Suddenly all the size they were putting on felt like a purely sexual thing. And the more the hormones pumped, the bigger everything about them got, including, especially noticeably, their balls.

We had to admit that they did take on a whole new kind of sexiness at this point. They did look like some kind of projection of the ultimate male fantasy of maleness. The fact that their balls were getting so big was a real turn on. No men had balls this big, except Frank, and we knew, deep down, every man would love to.

Then, when that point hit us, we understood.

Since then, we've brought in their friend Randy and his lover, Joey. Then we brought in Joey's straight friend, David. It was fun to watch how fast David dropped the straight thing and became as sexual as the rest of us. We love bringing in new people, watching the expressions on their faces when they walk into the house, see all of us nude, all boned up, mostly having sex of one kind or another. Frank would like to turn as many men as we can get to go through this into BallBoys. That's what our name is for the purposes of the movies and modeling. Frank's BallBoys. Our movies and magazines are a sensation. Everyone, women and men alike, are vulnerable to the kind of sexuality we project. They are crazy for everything about our bodies and like to see us dress to show off, but the feature we are most famous for, the thing so unique about us, and how we love it, is the size of our genitals, and especially our balls. BallBoys.

Women want to see their men look and act like us, even though it is known, now, that they will end up insatiably turned on by other men, with little interest in women. Although sex is sex, and for all of us, being admired, physically worshipped, is such a turn on that we can easily perform for anyone and give anyone the sexual thrill of their lives.

Still, no one turns us on as much as we turn on each other, and ourselves, of course. There's nothing as sexy as guys like us, muscles, body hair, huge cocks and balls.

So many guys try to get us to let them take our stuff, Frank's formula. And we are on a mission to keep turning out more and more of us. Such a turn on to watch each guy go through the changes. We've even taken on a couple of guys who wanted to put their sons through it, and it sure does work on young guys. Wow. And do they ever love it, growing into hot men so fast. We picked up two thirteen year old runaways hitchhiking one day, and they were the first kids we tried it on. We didn't even ask them. We just told them we wanted to do it, make them like us, and that they would never have to worry about money or being found. That was one of our biggest turn-ons. They flipped out. And you should see them now. Talk about little sex animals. But then, that's what this is all about.

We can't get enough, but that's fine, because we are so hot that we have to turn new guys away. But we are creating as many as we can. So if one of us walks up to you and asks, "Want to see how it feels to be a real man with a real set of balls?" you can bet we're serious and we have the means. And you have to know that you'll love it, because, once that shot goes into your arm, the process is irreversible and you'll find out in eight short and thrilling weeks what it means to be bulging with muscles that feel as much like sex organs as your cock, covered with ultra-masculine hair, and the ultimate sexiness of sporting a pair of balls that bulge like a couple of oranges from your groin. In short, you'll know the ultimate thrill of being a BallBoy.