Brad's Big Change

Brad read the posting on the bulletin board with interest. In fact, he looked around to see if anyone was looking to see just how much interest. He was still feeling very shy and intimidated by the guys who worked out and hung out at this new gym.

Brad had signed up here because he had heard that this was the place to come, if you had the money and you were serious about getting big. Not just that this was a gym for serious bodybuilders; there were plenty of them around Southern California. This gym had a reputation for being THE connection for all new kinds of supplements, drugs, and scientific developments aimed at physical/muscular development. They didn't dispense the old, dangerous steroids, but they did make various experimental programs and formulae available to the members. In fact, if you joined up, you were doing so with the understanding that you would participate. The maxim was "no man can be too muscular."

Brad felt very shy, almost embarrassed, about his growing desire to make himself into a big bodybuilder type. He couldn't really admit it, even to himself. He had thrown himself into working out, in college, as a way to bolster his confidence. By his senior year he had developed a nice, cut body, like the models in the male fashion catalogues he loved to look at. He loved the way it felt, having a body like those guys with muscles that, more and more, began to show in the clothes he wore. He was far too shy to wear clothes that would purposely show them off, but he began to wish he could get the nerve. At first, he had been satisfied with creating a body that looked like the very slender, cut guys. Then he began to think that the more muscular guys looked really good, and he began to add weight to his workouts, to try to put on a little more size. By the time he had move to the coast, he had begun to get nicely muscular and liked the way it felt. He began to pick up bodybuilding magazines and started to think how hot the mass on those guys looked to him. He kept telling himself that he would never want to be that big, that freaky looking. But he wished he could know how it would feel.

He had joined a bodybuilders' gym, just so he could be around those guys, many of the same ones he saw in the magazines. He would go home and fantasize about what it must feel like to be big like they were. Sometimes, he would even fantasize about being even bigger. He always thought to himself that he wouldn't want to be like that himself, but when he had those fantasies, it always made him hard. He would imagine having the confidence to go to the gym or the beach in the kinds of things these guys wore to show off their bodies. They seemed so bold to be able to wear those thin, Lycra shorts that showed off every detail, or, especially, those tiny, brief, posing bikinis. Every time he thought about it, he got hard as a rock. He was spending more and more time thinking about it and dealing with his constant erections.

When he heard about this gym, he thought he would join and then see how he felt about going for any of the experiment stuff he had heard about. He had, thanks to rich parents, plenty of money. You had to be either rich or sponsored to belong. He definitely wasn't going to jump into anything. He felt extremely nervous about the whole thing..

He had been amazed when he first saw the guys who worked out there. Most of them were truly huge. They seemed to carry a fuller, denser kind of muscle mass than he had seen before. None of them shaved their bodies, and they seemed to have in common a great deal of body hair on their chests and abs, arms and legs. The ones that worked out in posing briefs showed extraordinarily hairy groins as well. They also seemed, to various degrees, to have very large bulges at their groins. He definitely did not have any of these things in common with them.

As he was leaving, after signing up and getting the orientation tour, he stopped to check the notices on the bulletin board. Just to see what was there. He saw this:


He went out to his car as fast as he could because he started to get an erection as soon as he read the notice. He drove home, the words buzzing in his head. "Incredible results in record time." Did he dare? The idea frightened him. His heart raced. But he was hard steel shaft thinking about it, so excited that he thought he would cum in his shorts before he got home. Should he do it? Would it get him really big? What if he didn't like being a big muscleman? What if he felt like a freak, embarrassed by his size? But even after he relieved his sexual excitement, he still thought about it and it still excited him. His mixture of fear and excitement made him feel high. He thought about the guys he had seen there. Thinking about them, the way they looked, made him so hot and turned on, he felt out of control. He grabbed his keys and hurried back to his car, knowing he had to do this before he let himself think about it.

He got back to the gym, went to the front desk, and asked where to find Gary. He was led down the hall to an office where the man he was told was Gary sat behind a desk. He was enormous. As he leaned back in his chair, every muscle bulged with his movements. He was shirtless, wearing stretch shorts. Brad could feel himself getting hard again as he looked at the size of this man's pecs, the hair that grew all over them, the mass of his arms bulging as he grasped his hands together behind his head. Brad wanted to reach across the desk and feel what he was looking at.

"Can I assume you're here about the notice on the board?"

Brad felt so nervous he could hardly catch his breath. "Well, yeah," he stammered. "At least I want to ask you about it."

"Okay. What do you want to know?" Gary brought his right hand down to his chest, slowly rubbed it across his gigantic pecs, then absently let it trace the line that formed down the center of his hairy abs to the low waistband of his shorts.

Brad was getting so excited he could hardly contain himself. "I'm not sure. I guess I'm not sure if I really want to do this or not."

"You're really nervous, aren't you? Here, drink this and take a couple deep breaths." Gary reached into a small refrigerator next to the desk and handed him a glass that was already full of something like Gatorade. "You shouldn't be so nervous. After all, you did spend the money to come here for the same reason as everyone else, didn't you?"

Brad drank the cold drink down slowly, trying to regain his composure. "I guess so," he answered.

"So, what are you not sure about?"

Brad felt a little calmer. "I'm just not sure I really want to get myself as big as . . ."

"As big as what?" Gary laughed. "As big as I am?"

"Well, yeah, I guess so."

"Why not? Don't you think I look good?"

"Yeah, I do. I think you look real good. I'm just not sure I want to be so big."

"You know what?" Gary leaned forward, "you're going to love the way it feels. And you're going to love the way the formula feels when it works on you."

"If I decide to do it." Brad could feel himself on the verge of panic, he wanted so badly to throw caution away, and at the same time he was so afraid to commit himself to becoming a musclebound freak. He saw, when Gary leaned back, that he was as endowed as the other guys he had seen earlier. His crotch was full to straining with what his shorts clearly showed to be a thick, enormous cock and an equally huge pair of balls. The question flashed into his mind whether that and the body hair they all seemed to have were a part of the thing, the program or whatever it was.

"You're the perfect guy for this, you know," Gary assured him. "I could tell the minute you walked in that door."

"I don't know." Brad felt his heart racing faster, his blood hotter. "In one way, I really want to, but then, I just don't know . . ."

He was feeling almost stoned. Was he so afraid of it? His lips felt numb and he was almost quivering. He felt so flushed, so lightheaded. He had never known anything like this fear, this apprehension that made him feel like this. And it was weird, because at the same time, he felt more and more turned on looking at Gary's massive muscles, his bulging crotch, even his hairy chest and stomach, imagining himself like that . . .

"It's already starting to feel good, isn't it?" Gary smiled at Brad.

"What do you? . ." and then Brad realized. "That drink. Is that why I? . . Did you? . ."

"Sure did. Full dose. You're already on your way." "I don't believe it! I don't believe you gave me that, whatever it was, without asking me!" He was near panic, now. He wanted to run but the lightheadedness was growing stronger. He felt almost dizzy. And he also felt strangely, unbelievably excited. He was realizing in a flash that he had no choice but to submit. Having the choice taken away from him made him feel something like a willing slave. His arms and legs were starting to feel like lead.

He looked at Gary across from him, grinning as though he knew what Brad was feeling and thinking. Now his massive body was even hotter looking to him than it was a minute ago. He seemed more physically dynamic, present, as though a veil had been stripped from his vision, his perception. And at the same time, he seemed distant, removed, like he was traveling backward. The feeling was similar to going under ether, but he didn't feel at all sleepy.

Then Gary was speaking and his voice seemed to come from a great distance. "I can tell you're really starting to rush now, aren't you? It should be starting to feel really good."

It felt to Brad like he was in a dream now, or extremely stoned. It was beginning to feel really good, Gary was right. He felt warm all over, and the warmth was growing more intense all the time. His body felt like it was starting to tingle, like a mild electrical current running through. He could feel it in his muscles, his bones, even his skin. He went to say, "Yeah, it does feel good, but what is it going to do?" He needed to know just how this was working, how long it would take, how big it would get him, or make him. But he found that he could no longer make his mouth work or make his thoughts form words.

He had another bout of panic flood through him. But now he discovered that he not only could not speak, but he could not make himself move. It felt as though the connection between his will and his ability to act had been severed. But the panic subsided when the physical sensations began to take on a new color, an overwhelming feeling of sexuality. Whatever was happening was suddenly becoming intensely erotic. He was still looking across the table at Gary, and now Gary's body was the most erotic, intensely sexual thing he had ever seen. Every muscle, every swirl of hair on the huge pecs, the rock-like ridges of abs, was a manifestation of a deep, intense masculine essence. He could feel his dick growing hard in his shorts and there was nothing he could do to hide it.

"Gets pretty intense, huh?" Gary was looking down at Brad's crotch. "Look at that, my friend. No disguising your excitement now."

Brad couldn't move or answer. He could only think how embarrassed he would normally be, sitting here in front of this half naked bodybuilder with an obvious erection. Oddly, he didn't feel particularly embarrassed now.

"Go ahead, look at your crotch, man, Look at that hard-on."

When Gary said that, Brad found himself doing exactly as he was told. He leaned his head forward and looked at the bulge of his hard dick in his shorts, clearly outlined. He moved mechanically. But the sensations and thoughts were going wild. His own hard cock looked hot to him, extremely sexy. He had never thought of his own dick as sexy until this moment. Now, as he sat looking at it straining at his shorts, it felt very sexy indeed. He wasn't at all embarrassed by having a hard-on in front of Gary. He loved his dick.

"Well, you're really getting there, aren't you? Why don't you stand up?"

Brad still had no ability to move a finger, but when Gary told him to stand up, he felt himself respond, like a Bradot. He was standing.

"Now, I need you to take off your clothes, because your body is going to start to change any minute, and I want the guys to be able to watch it happen to you. And besides, they will be too small for you to wear very soon."

Brad did as he was told, and soon he found himself in the gym, at Gary's suggestion, naked, just standing in the middle of the room. All the guys who had been working out, and the others who were tending to administrative duties, or staffing the gym and locker room, had come in to observe. Brad felt extremely naked, but he liked the way it felt. He could see his reflection in the mirrors. He could not move on his own, but he did everything he was told, unable to resist or challenge any suggestion or command. And then he began to change.

When it started, the sensation was so strong it made him want to scream, but he couldn't. He was on fire from the inside. Every muscle was burning, his skin was searing. In the mirror, he could see his muscles twitching, rippling on their own, slowly going into contraction. He felt the most unbelievable cramp grip him from head to toe. And then the muscles began to grow.

Little by little they swelled under his skin, growing bigger and bigger. He could feel, as he stood there, his arms being lifted, forced away from his sides by his widening and thickening back. His pecs felt heavier and heavier as he saw them in the mirror widening, mounding up, growing thicker, bigger, creating deep creases under them. His shoulders were growing wider and thicker, like bowling balls. His legs were growing so thick that they were being forced apart from each other by the tremendous girth of his thighs.

He also saw that his body was becoming covered with dark hair, but only in the places that he saw on the other guys-his chest, his abs, his arms and legs, and his groin. It looked incredible to him. He couldn't believe it was actually happening to him even as he watched his reflection change.

It all felt so sexy, so intensely erotic, that he could not stop or control the buildup of his excitement and he felt himself jerking with the spasm of ejaculation. When he did, he noticed his cock and his balls in the mirror. He had not seen them before because he had been concentrating on everything else. But now, as he was spurting his thick cream, he saw that he had grown enormous. His hard cock must be over ten inches long and as thick as a beer can. Unbelievable.

"Amazing. Cool. Intense." The other guys were remarking on this show they were watching. "Flex for us," one of them said.

Brad obeyed, and was in awe of the feeling when he saw his biceps mound up like rock hard mountains of muscle and his pecs like huge slabs of meat that turned into boulders mounted on his chest.

"Let's see you jack off, get off on yourself," another guy said, and without hesitating, Brad found himself feeling his own body in an incredibly sensual way, turning himself on with the feel of his growing, huge muscles, the hair on his chest and stomach. He continued to stroke and feel himself, especially his groin, which was becoming extremely hairy, as he began to masturbate. He could feel that, as they had told him to, he was doing this to show them what they wanted to see. He was giving them a sex show. His cock felt huge in his hand, his balls were gigantic. He soon came again, spurting a seemingly endless stream of hot cum all over the floor. Oh, yes!! This was hotter than he could have ever imagined!!

Slowly, Brad began to feel himself coming around to a more normal state, in his head, that is. He began to feel a return of his own will, his focus. It felt like he was waking up from hypnosis. Except, as he came around, he realized that the dream was continuing. When he was able to walk on his own, he felt the unbelievable mass of his thighs forcing his legs apart, rolling around each other in the distinctive walk of a seriously huge bodybuilder. Not just huge. He was massive beyond comprehension. His arms hung out at radical wide angles from his sides, forced out by the thickness and width of his upper back and his gargantuan pecs. He arms were so heavy and thick with muscle. Everything about him was bigger, much, much bigger that he ever dared let himself imagine. And he felt no shyness, no embarrassment about how he looked. He thought of himself flexing and posing as he jacked off in front of all these men he didn't know, and he didn't care. He would do it again. He realized he loved what had happened to him. He wanted to show himself off. And Oh, God, was he horny!! And with this new set of equipment, getting off was going to be so hot!! What a change!! He tried to imagine the kinds of clothes he would or could wear now, and how he would look in them. He barely noticed the other guys in the room for a moment, he was so lost in his thoughts. Yes, indeed. This was a new life for Brad, and he couldn't wait to get out there and enjoy it.

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