Brad's Big Change 4: Brad's Recruit

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Brad pulled into the parking lot at the gym and found a place to park. It was early and the lot wasn't very crowded. Walking across the lot he noticed a couple of the regulars he had seen yesterday, and they noticed him. He saw one nod in his direction, the other look, and he could just make out one of them saying, "That's the guy from yesterday." They both shared a look at each other that told Brad they found him extremely hot. These guys were big, really big, and yesterday Brad would have got a hard-on thinking about their size and attributes and whether or not he wanted to get that big. Now he knew he was much bigger than they were, and he knew why they kept staring at him. He walked slowly, fully enjoying the feeling of being out in the light of day, strutting through a public parking lot with his unbelievable new body on public display. Both his arms and his legs swung in wide arcs around his humongous mass as he walked. He could feel his cock and balls, so heavy and large, softly supported and clearly displayed by his thin, soft, stretch workout shorts, bouncing against and in front of his thick thighs with each step. His tank top was so deep cut and cropped so short that it felt like a halter just covering his giantically mounded pecs. His thick, deeply cut, hairy abs were exposed from the bottom of his rib cage to the top of his shorts, which rode low on his hips. He was getting stares from other guys in the parking lot and some across the street who saw him and stopped to gawk.

Inside the gym, in the lobby and then on his way to Gary's office, he kept hearing comments about his being "that guy from yesterday." His "performance" had obviously caused quite a stir. He also heard a couple guys comment on how much bigger he looked than he had before, how Gary must have given him a booster, how he was a big as Gary now. He liked what he was hearing. The tone of it all was that the other guys, who had all appeared so big and hot to him yesterday, in their various stages of musclular, genital and hirsute development, were envious of him now. He found Gary's office empty, and one of the staff guys in the hall told him Gary was in the gym working out. Brad went to the gym floor to find him. Gary was in front of a mirror watching himself do some standing curls. Brad was astonished by the number of plates Gary was hefting in each hand. As soon as Gary saw him, he finished his set and offered his weights to Brad to do a set. Brad stepped up to the challenge, not without second thoughts about the amount of weight, and found he had no problem hoisting them slowly, in perfect form, and lowering them even more slowly, easily maintaining complete control. Five reps, ten, twelve, and finally he began to feel the burn. It felt great. His biceps felt enormous and incredibly powerful. When he set the weights down, finishing the set at fifteen reps, Gary said to him, "You look fantastic, Brad. Looks like what I gave you took you where you wanted to be, didn't it? How do you like it?" As he spoke, he looked Brad over head to toe, pausing to drink in the sight of the bulging outlines of his genitals.

"You kidding? How do you think I like it? I fucking love it."

"Hey!" Gary turned and loudly addressed all the guys on the gym floor. "You guys all see Brad, our new guy from yesterday? We gave him another booster after that first dose of the new formula. What do you think?" He spoke like a ringmaster presenting Gary to them, and they responded with applause. Brad grinned and nodded his thanks, gave them a couple of poses which they applauded again.

"Can I talk to you for a minute, in your office?" Brad asked Gary when the commotion had quieted.

"You bet. I'm dying to see you in private," he winked.

No sooner were they inside the room with the door closed than both reached for the other's body, first the pecs, then the shoulders, the arms, and then a hot, hard embrace. As they explored the depths of each other's mouths with their tongues, their bodies pressed together, their huge cocks pushing against each other, instantly hard. For half an hour they uttered only expletives of lustful passion as they devoured each other, lost in hard muscle and musky scent, drinking deep, thrusting harder until they had shared three powerful orgasms.

Finally Gary spoke. "Whew. I can't believe I made you so hot! Now, you wanted to talk to me about something?"

Brad told Gary about Paul, how he had showed him his results this morning, how the hunky little seventeen year old junior bodybuilder had begged to be given a chance to try it himself. Brad explained that he was willing to pay whatever Gary felt it would take to buy Paul's fantasy for him. He told him about their past relationship, bodybuilding together, how Paul was straight, but so into men's muscular bodies. He wanted to watch it happen to Paul the way everyone at the gym had watched it happen to him. And he wanted to see how long Paul could maintain his straight act when the formula stared pumping his hormones. Gary thought that another guy going through the new fast morph would be a good experimental confirmation. He said they could also boost it so that it did the whole process in one dose, instead of holding back the way they had with Brad. "Bring him on over," he suggested, "and we'll give the guys here another good show."

"Well, that's the thing, Gary. I really want to do this with him in private at my place."

Gary balked. He was the one in control, he complained, and this stuff they were all doing was for the benefit of everyone. But Brad upped the fee he would pay, and Gary soon consented. Brad followed Gary to a room that turned out to be a lab kept under heavy lock and key. Gary measured liquids from a few vials into a beaker which he attached, by way of a machine that looked similar to a centrifuge, to a complex computer set-up. While Gary worked, Brad mentioned yesterday's conversation about further experiments, testing limits, going for more development. Had Gary thought about letting him participate? Gary said he thought it would be a great idea, that doing it together could be a very exciting party. Brad suggested that maybe it would be fun to include Paul, once he had been through the process, and the three of them could enjoy the party together. Gary reminded Brad that there were a lot of very hot guys right here at the gym who would gladly participate, if they wanted to include someone else. In fact, since yesterday, a lot of guys had asked when they would get to try what Brad had done. Brad told Gary that he would bring Paul by the gym later that day, after he was through "developing" him, and Gary could decide after he met him.

Once Brad was in possession of the vial of elixir that would morph Paul into the muscle god of his fantasies, he hurried back to his car and back to his apartment. He didn't ignore the many stares that his hugely exaggerated physique commanded. He couldn't. He was discovering that the feelings of extreme sexiness, horniness, exhibitionism would not dissipate in the slightest, and he absorbed the stupefied attention like sunlight on his bronzed skin, like primary nutrients flowing into his blood, nourishing a deep and insatiable hunger. But his attention stayed mainly on the hot teen bodybuilder waiting in his apartment.

When he got home, he found Paul in his gym room, lying on his back completing a set of bench presses, still nude.

"Okay, Paul. Sorry I took so long. I had to do some convincing to bring the stuff home here. They wanted me to bring you down there, but I knew you'd rather go through this in private."

Paul sat up. "Yeah, I guess. At least I know you." He looked down for a few seconds, then said, "I been wondering if I really want to do this. If I really want to become such a freak. Can't they give you stuff that does what it did to you but more, I don't know, more normal?"

"Tell you what, Paul. I had extreme doubts, too, but I can tell you that you'll love it, you'll love the way it feels. Besides, you practically begged me, and I paid a lot to get this for you." He held forward the vial of pale green fluid. "You're not going to chicken out on me, are you?"

"Is that it?"

"That's it. Here." He handed the vial to Paul, who took it and held it up, staring at it. "Just drink it down."

"What would I say to people when they see me? What would I tell my mom and dad?"

"Tell them the truth. Tell them you did this experimental growth drug, and it worked. What do you care, anyway? Did you worry about telling people you were doing steroids if they noticed you were gaining at an unnatural rate? I don't think so. You only cared about getting as big as possible as fast as possible. Right?"

"Yeah, I guess so." Paul didn't raise his eyes; he continued staring at the vial in his hand.

"Stand up a second and look at me, Paul."

"I know you're right, man," Paul said as he stood and finally took his eyes off the vial to look at Brad, "It's just that it's really a big thing."

Brad laughed. "You could say that."

He patted the long, thick bulge of his cock. This made Paul laugh, too. His smile was so cocky and cute, Brad thought, and he was so young. He had become quite a muscular hunk for a seventeen year old, but he still had that fresh attitude of a guy just coming into his sexual maturity, just ripening into a man. Brad knew he would ripen up nicely.

"Tell you the truth, man," Paul was looking Brad's body over now, looking at each massive muscle, the incredible thickness and flare of his overall shape, the unreal bulge of meat at his groin, "The way you look is like fantasies I've had, like when I'd get a hard-on looking at muscle magazines and wishing I could be even bigger than those guys."

"Yeah, I know. I had 'em, too."

Now Paul's dick started swelling and rising. "But it must be really weird to have such a big cock and balls."

"Yeah, I guess maybe it's pretty strange, but it's totally hot."

"It isn't embarrassing?"

"Do I look embarrassed to you, Paul?" His cock began to grow hard. He could feel it stretching the soft but confining fabric of his shorts, so he pulled them off, letting himself hang free, pushing his hand down through his thick bush to his cock, lifting it, exhibiting it for Paul, holding up for inspection as it grew harder, until it stood on its own.

Paul's penis became immediately, completely erect. "No."

"Look at you, man. I know you want to do it. You're totally turned on. Just drink it."

"Fuck, man, it makes me so nervous. Will it make me all hairy like you, too?"

"You're stalling, Paul. Here," Brad reached for the vial, "let me have that a second."

Paul let Brad take it. He removed the plastic screw top and handed the opened vial back to Paul. "Now just throw it back, man. One swallow. Do it."

Paul looked at the open vial in his hand for a second, then back at Brad.

"Fuck, man. Okay."

He stood paralyzed for just a second, drawing a short, sharp breath like someone about to jump into icy water, and then he tipped it into his mouth, fast, and swallowed before he could think about it any more.

"God. Oh God. Now what?"

"Nothing," Brad smiled widely, "just wait a little while. Want a beer? When you start to feel anything, tell me what you're feeling." "Yeah, I'll take a beer. How long before it starts to work? I can't believe I fucking did it. I can't believe I fucking took that stuff."

"But you did, Paul."

"Here I go, I guess, huh?"

"Here you go."

Brad went to fetch them each a beer. He was wearing only the cropped tank top now, stretched across his thick, wide torso. Moving his huge body across the apartment, his legs swinging their mass around each other, his stiff rod bouncing back and forth with each step as he walked, he marveled again at how profoundly sexy his body felt to him. He couldn't wait to see Paul start to grow. He felt so horny again that he wanted to jack off in the kitchen, but he knew the formula would hit Paul soon, and he decided to hold off until Paul's hormones started to surge. He wondered if, or when, Paul would ask him to take off his shirt. He wanted him to ask.

"I think I'm starting to feel a little stoned or something." Paul said as Brad handed him a beer.

"Yeah? It hits pretty fast, huh? How does it feel?"

"It feels good. It's, like, real warm. I feel real buzzed."

"Cool. Anything else?"

"Not really. Not Yet. Except it keeps getting stronger, stonier. Jesus."


"Nothing. It's just really strong, isn't it?"

"It does get strong. Think what it's doing."

"Yeah. God, it feels incredible. It makes you feel really good, doesn't it?"

"Just wait a few minutes."

"OOOhhh, man. It's like I'm getting these waves of the most incredible feelings, like it makes you feel so fucking good. All warm and tingly."


"It, like, starts in your balls and spreads all through you. OOOhhh, fuck. OOOhhh shit, man. I see what you mean. It makes you feel really sexy, doesn't it?"

"Now it's starting to really hit you."

"Starting? Shit, man. How much stronger can it get? Oh, God, this feels so hot!"

"Tell me how you feel now."

"OOOhhh, Brad. I feel really hot, really sexy. There's something real masculine about it, isn't there? Some kind of a real strong guy feeling. I don't know how to describe it."

"Don't worry, I know what you mean." "God, this is so weird. I wouldn't want any chicks to hear me say this, but I fucking love being a guy."

"Yeah, I know."

"It just feels so fucking hot being a guy, having a guy's body. Can you imagine not having a cock?" He was holding on to his cock, now. "I fucking love my cock, man. I fucking love my balls."

"Yeah? What else?" "Muscles, man. I fucking love muscles! Muscle dude muscles, big muscles, man. Oh, man. Look at you!"

"I know, Paul."

"Oh, man, Brad. Your muscles look so fucking hot. I can't believe how much I love how big your muscles are. OOOhhh, Christ. It's starting to burn. Fuck, man, I feel like I'm on fire!"

"Here you go, Paul. You're really on the ride now."

"AAAHHH!!! I feel like I'm going to explode!"

"But it feels good, doesn't it?"

"Yeah, oh shit, oh fuck, man. It's so strong."

"It feels hot, though, doesn't it? Doesn't it feel sexy?"

"Oh, God, Brad, it feels like the most sexual thing I've ever felt! It's making me feel so horny, man. I can't wait for my cock to get big like yours!"

"I told you you'd like the way it felt, didn't I?"

"Yeah, you told me, but I had no idea, man." He was looking at himself in the mirror, still holding on to his cock with one hand and now he was using the other to feel his pecs. "Are my pecs getting bigger, man? They feel like they're getting bigger."

"It's happening, Paul. You're getting bigger all over." Brad was so horny now, so aroused seeing Paul start to grow. It amazed him, seeing what had happened to him happening to this kid. It was still subtle, but the change was definite. In just a couple of minutes, Paul had become thicker and his body shape had changed. His chest was deeper, his shoulders wider, his butt rounder. Even the shape of his muscles was changing. Brad could see that his pecs were not only getting bigger, their shape was squaring on his chest, becoming wider, deeper, more generous.

"I am, aren't I. Fuck, man. Look at my arms!" He flexed an arm and looked at it in the mirror. "It is so fucking sexy, man! I'm starting to know why you looked so hot when I first saw you."

"And what do you think now?" Brad stood in front of him, his huge cock jutting straight out. He sucked in his abs hard, making his cock bounce and angle sharply upward, as he flared his lats, tensed his thighs, puffed out his pecs and raised his arms in a mountainous double biceps display.

"Oh, man. That is the hottest body I've ever seen. Fuck, Brad, take off your top, let me see your pecs." Brad peeled off the tank. "They are fucking enormous, dude. They're the biggest fucking pecs I've ever seen. And all this hair on them," he stepped up to Brad to feel his pecs, the hair, "makes them even hotter. So masculine. Talk about the fucking male animal. I love your pecs, man! I can't wait to be like you."

"It's happening, my friend. And look at your dick."

Paul looked down. It was definitely bigger. He grabbed it again. "Wow, man. Unreal! It really is bigger. It's longer, and it feels thicker, too. And look. Even my fucking pubic hair, man. It's so much thicker, too, all of a sudden. It's, like, spreading out."

"Like mine," Brad said, rubbing his thick, big tangle of dark pubes.

"Yeah, like you. That is so hot!" He reached out to feel Brad's groin hair. "I love your hair, man. Oh shit, man, oh God. This is so intense! I love your muscles, I love your body hair, I love that huge cock and those big balls. It's all so fucking sexy. I love my muscles, man. It feels so incredible. I love my cock, too. It's what being a guy is all about, isn't it? It's all about male sexuality. Oh God, man, I've got to feel your cock." And he took hold of Brad's hot, hard, huge dick with both his hands.

Brad's reflex was to grab Paul's chest. His pecs were swelling big and hard and they were covered now with short, dark blond hairs just erupting from the skin. As Brad squeezed hard on the muscles, he could feel them pressing back against the palms of his hands, growing more dense and hard every second. Paul was stroking Brad's cock with both hands, slowly, squeezing hard, feeling all of its length and girth. "How does that feel to you, Paul?"

"It's fucking incredible, man!"

"Look at your chest, Paul."

"Hair, man. Great! I'm getting hair!"

"It's all down your stomach. All the way to your crotch." He traced the line of short, emerging hairs down the deepening cuts of Paul's abs to his groin. When his hand reached Paul's pubic hair, he kept going and reached around under Paul's balls and hefted them in his palm. "You're starting to get some pretty big balls, there, my friend."

"God, they are getting big." He made no attempt to move away.

"And your dick's looking pretty meaty, too."

Paul still held Brad's cock as he looked at his own. "I really am getting big, man. It feels so totally sexual. My thighs are so thick I can hardly get my knees together, and I can feel my lats pushing my arms out. God, my arms are starting to feel so big and heavy. I'm so fucking turned on by this, man, so fucking horny. Do I look hot, Brad? I feel hot. I feel so fucking hot. Suck my cock, Brad. I'm so fucking horny."

A sly, lustful smile crept across Brad's face. "I thought you weren't gay."

"I don't know man. This feeling is so strong. It's like all this stuff that's happening is so male, so masculine, and the maleness keeps feeling more sexy. I love my cock, man, and the bigger it gets, the more I love it.. I love your cock. Oh, please, suck me off. I want to see you suck my dick." He reached around and grabbed Brad's butt, pulling him forward, pressing their groins together, pushing his cock against Brad's, mingling their pubic hair.

Brad reached his arms around Paul's torso and pulled him close so that they were pressed together from their thighs to their chests, and he pushed his flexed pecs into Paul's swelling flesh. "You're a hot little motherfucker, Paul. You love this, don't you?" he said as he pushed Paul's face down against his chest, into the deep crease between his pecs, then moving it to one side through his chest hair, he positioned Paul's mouth over his right nipple. "You fucking love these big tits and all this hair, don't you? You like all this male shit? Bury your face in that, big guy."

Paul took Brad's nipple into his mouth and ravenously sucked on it as he grabbed both of his pecs as hard as he could. He began licking Brad's hard slabs of muscle, burying his face in the hair that covered them, working the heavily rounded bottom edges, feeling the deep cuts underneath them with his tongue. When he reached the point in the center of Brad's chest where the pecs separated at the sternum and the hair gathered and pooled into the line that began the plunge down his abdomen, he pushed his nose and mouth hard into it and began the plunge himself. Brad flexed his abs as Paul worked his way down. He held Paul's head against him, watching how intently Paul was into what he was doing, guiding him. All the time Paul was growing thicker and more muscular before Brad's eyes. Brad found it the most exciting thing he had ever seen. Paul's hair was growing longer, the crew cut becoming shaggy over his ears and forehead and down his neck. The boy's morning stubble was growing, almost becoming a short beard. His arms and legs had become hairy with dark blond hair, and the short hair on his torso was longer and more obviously defined. When Paul finally reached Brad's groin, he stopped for a second, looked worshipfully up at Brad, and then buried his face in the bush of Brad's pubic hair. He worked all around the thick base of Brad's cock, sucking hard, then tonguing his way out its length to its enormous head. He licked the head, sucked on it, pulled as much of it into his mouth as he could, taking the dripping precum in, tasting it. It was too big to get much into his mouth, but instinctively he spit on it and on his hands, working it both manually and orally at the same time, until he was nearly in a frenzy. Brad held hard onto Paul's head, his hips thrusting toward Paul's voracious mouth, until he was at the point of orgasm.

"Oh, Fuck, man. I'm going to come."

"Do it. Come on. I want it."

Brad erupted with atomic power and pleasure, shooting spurts of thick, hot cream at Paul's face. Paul took it in his mouth and swallowed hungrily. He took it all over his face and chest, where it ran down his abdomen through his thickening hair.

"Oh, yeah," Paul said, "Oh, yeah." He rubbed the slippery cum all over his face and torso, covering himself with Brad's man essence.

As Paul rubbed himself, Brad saw his awareness refocus on how much bigger he was becoming, how much hairier he was. His body, his own thickening, heavy muscles became objects of his sexual frenzy. He was suddenly aware of the growing whiskers on his face, his hair. He stood up to look in the mirrors, and the relection he saw was nearly as muscular as the guys in the hardcore bodybuilding magazines. His arms no longer hung at his sides, but rested out on the widening mass of his lats. His pecs were so wide and thick that they also pushed against his massive, heavy upper arms. His thighs flared from his narrow hips and forced him to stand with his feet widely spaced apart. While he was hypnotized by Brad's cock, he had become massive, and hairy, and in the center of all his massive muscle, sticking straight out from a dark, thick bush of pubic hair that now spread up his lower abdomen and out onto his upper thighs, his cock projected what he guessed must be a full twelve inches of thick, heavy meat. What he saw and felt turned him on so much that he was about to explode in an orgasm himself. Brad knew how Paul was feeling, and he was just as turned on. He moved in front of him, felt his pecs, let his hands move down Paul's hairy abdominal ridges as he went down on his knees. He held Paul's swelling balls as he enjoyed Paul's groin, moving his mouth out the length of his cock and holding it, stroking it, wet tongue, sucking mouth, feeling it grow harder, thicker, bigger even as he worked it to orgasm.

The sex continued for half an hour more as Paul continued to grow. As he g rew, he constantly became more turned on, hornier, more wildly sexual. Brad asked Paul to fuck him, slowly, so he could feel Paul's cock growing bigger inside him. Paul begged Brad to fuck him with his huge cock. They showered together. Brad found Paul's extreme arousal over his own growth, over soaping up his huge and hairy body, as exciting as his own discovery had been. As he continued morphing, Paul wanted to experience as much of man sex as he possibly could. Even when his growing stopped, when he had become as massive as Brad, he still wanted more.

"Relax, big guy," Brad said. "There's going to be plenty of what you want. Wait till I introduce you to Gary, the guy at the gym who got me started. He's every bit as hot and horny as we are."

"And when's that going to be?" He was flexing at the mirror, looking at himself, jacking himself off. "Fuck, man. I am still so turned on."

"And you will be. You've got to consciously will your cock to go soft so you can go out in public."

"I can do that?"

"Yeah. Anyway, I've got to check with Gary again. He wanted me to bring you over to the gym after you were done. He was going to talk to me about doing some more experimentation with him, about pushing the growth limits."

"Getting bigger?"

"That's what he said."

"Can you imagine how that would feel?"

"So you don't think you're big enough?"

"How big is big enough? If I could bigger, I definitely would. I'd even love to see my cock get bigger."

"Yeah I know what you mean. That's why I asked him to include me."

"And he's going to?"

"I don't know, but I think so. And maybe you, too. I suggested it, and he's a total size freak, too. I told him how hot you were going to be, and how cool it would be if we all three did it together, like a party, a morphing orgy."

"Great. Let's go."

"You know what? You know what I think would be hot to do first, maybe on our way over there? Well, it's not exactly on our way over there, but don't you feel like you want to go out somewhere in public and show off how you look?"

"Man, I'd love to do that."

"Remember how I looked in those posing trunks when you first came up this morning?"

"With all your hair showing around your crotch and that giant bulge? Fuck, yeah."

"How would you like to put on a pair and we could go down to muscle beach, show off a little, see what happens. It's so cool to see people react when they see you."

"You got an extra pair? I don't think I'd fit in mine any more."

"Yeah, I do. You up for it?"

Paul was still working his hard dick. "Just a second," he said as he brought himself to orgasm again. "I think I need to get down for it."

They both laughed.

Brad got Paul some trunks and they both dressed, got a couple of cropped tank tops, in case they wanted to put them on later, and headed to the garage.

"Let's take my car," Paul said. "We can put the top down. The better to be seen."

It was getting to be late afternoon when they got to muscle beach. They parked and strolled, or paraded themselves, to the beach. It was nearly deserted. A couple of bodybuilders were just walking to the workout pen, and one extremely massive, very hot looking guy had just come out of the public john. They were walking along the sand near the water, and Paul said he had to take a piss.

Brad said he would meet him by the weights in a minute, as he eyed the guy just coming out of the john.

As Paul walked up the sand, Brad continued near the water. The guy looked in his direction. He was so big and showed such a huge basket that Brad wondered if he had also had an encounter with Gary.

When he knew he was being looked at, Brad stopped and looked back at the guy, casually flexing and feeling his muscle, as though he had just finished pumping up and was checking himself out.

The guy broke into a run, right past Brad, into the water, and dived under a wave. When he came up, he was facing Brad, and the water pulled down the front of his posing trunks, letting the head of his enormous cock pop out. He obviously knew Brad was watching, and he just smiled at Brad and shrugged as he pulled the suit back up and stuffed his cock back in.

Brad smiled back and waded a few steps toward him.

"How's the water?" he asked.