Brandon's Bro

Chapter 1

"Brandon, are you sure it's okay to do this? I mean, dude, my dick is already almost nine inches and it's getting so fat. It's kinda cool, gettin' this bulge in my pants. I mean, I heard some girls giggling about it, calling me a stud. And some guys were teasing me about getting a donkey dick. Pretty soon, everyone's gonna know if everything keeps growin' like this."

"Drew, my bro. Have I ever not taken care of you? Since Mom and Dad died, I' ve protected you, fed you. Now I'm giving you the chance to join me and those guys and make a ton o' bucks. But you gotta trust me. Dude, look at me. My fuckin' dick is fuckin' twelve inches, and getting bigger all the time. Look at those guys that are really rakin' it in. It's because of their dicks, and their balls, and their muscles, and even the hair, bro. Look at your chest."

"I know. I keep getting all kinds of comments at school, in the locker room. The hair is coming in all over, so fast. That, and my dick, and getting more muscle than the other guys I work out with. I know everyone's gonna know."

"Drew, do you care? Dude, you're gonna be eighteen in a couple weeks and graduate, and then who gives a shit? It's not like we could afford to send you to college to be a doctor or something. You can come to the compound--there's a bunk there for you--nd be one of the guys. Now come on. Just drink it. You know how good it makes you feel after."

"Yeah, I know."

So Andrew Harrington drank down the contents of the small bottle. It was less than a kid's juice container, and the color looked like piss and tasted worse than he could imagine piss would taste. It was sharp and strong, and every time, it made him gag and shake his head, like the time he and Brandon had drunk a shot of hundred proof rum together. But Drew knew his nineteen year old brother wouldn't do anything bad. Wild, maybe, but he was right. He couldn't go to college, and he didn't want to be a bagger at the grocery store until he could work his way up to checker.

Brandon had gotten in with those guys through some guys he knew at the gym, and he'd been taking the stuff for almost six months. He spent most of his time at the compound, where the group of guys that were being put through the program lived. Brandon was supposed to be living there, too, but he'd been allowed to say with Drew until school was out and Drew could go with him to live at the compound. Now it would only be a couple more weeks. It had been a weird few months for Drew, first Brandon telling him he was going to do it, to be one of those guys. Most people still thought they were almost unmentionable, like pornographic musclemen, although they were getting increasing mainstream press coverage. They had even appeared in some regular commercials and magazine ads, but never completely shown the way they were in their own videos and photos. Only the most daring outlets went below the waist. Their exaggerated muscle was one thing. Their exaggerated masculinity something else altogether.

Then Brandon had started actually doing it, beefing up, getting thicker and more muscular. His stuff started getting bigger, too, which he was always showing Drew, and pretty soon, he had that bulge in his pants and started looking like a muscle guy. And he started getting hairy, too. His whiskers got thicker and darker. Drew thought it was weird at first, then he thought it was kind of cool, then, as Brandon kept getting more developed, it began to seem weird again.

And that's when Brandon had told him that they, the guys that ran the program, wanted him, Brandon, to get his brother, Drew, to join up. They would give him a head start, since he hadn't finished high school, and wasn't eighteen yet. They figured by the time he started really getting obvious, he'd be out of school and old enough to join up full time without any legal complications.

Drew was nervous, but he had such a case of hero worship for his big brother that he would have probably jumped off a cliff, if Brandon had asked. So he took that first vial almost three month ago. Once he got it down, it wasn' t so bad. Brandon called it horse piss, and they laughed. And almost as fast as the tequila had, this stuff made him feel really good. And the cool part was that the feeling lasted. All that week he felt great. Wrestling practice was the best, ever. The workout part felt so good, pumping his muscles, and he felt oddly hot and sexy when he got into his singlet, with all his jockboy manhood clearly showing. Brandon's other name for the stuff, besides horse piss, was stud juice, and Drew could see why.

"Damn, Brandon. What kind of dose was that?" Drew asked when he felt the stuff hit. "I swear to God, man, every time it feels stronger. Shit."

"Nah," Brandon said. "It's just that it builds every time. Good thing you only got a couple more weeks before school's over for you. And your eighteenth birthday at the same time. Gonna be the best birthday you ever had."

Drew was already feeling the need to pump iron, to look at himself in the mirror, to put on some clothes and see if the kids noticed a difference, even while he was afraid they would notice, and would tease him even more. But that feeling got stronger every time, and seeing Brandon looking like a big muscle dude with the bulge in his pants and the hair and all made him jealous. He hated that he was always the little brother, always a step behind. And every time this stuff hit him, he felt a little more like he wasn't so afraid of getting turned into one of those guys. The idea excited him, no matter how he told himself it was just too weird, and it made him get hard. Right in front of Brandon, although that had been happening for a while, now, and Brandon didn't care. He just laughed and said it was cool, it was just being more of a guy.

So another week went by, and Drew's workouts after school with the wrestling team were more intense than ever. The guys egged him on, asked him what the hell he was taking, and could they get some. They loaded the weights on and counted his reps out loud. Drew felt so great pushing so much weight, feeling the pump so deep and sweet, aware of the bulge in his shorts when he lay back on the bench, even his jock, full to the limit of it stetchability, couldn't stop his cock from reacting to the rush. He was embarrassed and yet he was proud.

"Fuck, Brandon," he said, when Brandon came by for the next dose, "I don't know if I should, man. Maybe we should wait till next week, till after graduation and all. You can give it to me for my birthday present."

"Drew, you pussy. You don't get to choose, man. You can't miss one. Don't worry. You got graduation on Thursday, then your birthday on Saturday, and trust me, you'll get one then, too. We'll celebrate, man. You'll come to the compound and get your own bunk and be one of the guys. Now just fuckin' do it. What's the problem?"

"Man, it was so intense this week, I had to go to the bathroom and jack off about twice a day, and one day I was just standing at the urinal jackin' my cock and lookin' at how fuckin' big it's getting dude, do you know it grew half an inch this week?”and anyway, Tyler Thomas walked in on me. Fuckin' Tyler Thomas, man, fuckin' quarterback, prom king. If anyone would tell . . . But you know what? I didn't even try to hide it from him. I just kept right on jackin it while he stood there with his mouth open, watching me. He asked what the fuck I was doing, and I said what the fuck did it look like, I was jackin' my big fuckin' cock, and did he ever see such a big fuckin' cock."

Brandon laughed. "So, dude, how cool is that?"

Drew frowned at him. "How cool? How fuckin' sick is that? Brandon, I fuckin' wanted him to look. I wanted him to see how big my cock is getting, even though I knew he'd run out and tell everyone."

"See, bro? The stud juice is makin' you a total stud and proud of it."

"Then last night I doubled with Kyle, me and Angie, him and Denise, and we parked up on the hill, and Angie was feeling my muscles and telling me she thought I was getting too big and I should shave 'cause all the hair I was getting was gross, and I was hard, but not because I was horny for her. I was hard because she was talking about my muscles and my hair. And when she saw my big fuckin' bone, she freaked and wanted me to take her home, so we dropped off the girls and me and Kyle got some beer, and he told me don't worry about it, I looked good, but everyone was wondering what the fuck I was doing, if I was doing that stuff. So I told him I was, and he thought it was way cool, and . . . fuck, Brandon . . . he got me all turned on. He wanted to see how hairy I'm getting and how big my dick is, and I wanted to show him, man. I didn't care at all about taking Angie home, but I loved being with Kyle and him looking at me. I'm afraid I'm turning queer, man. I don't want to be gay, Brandon. I jacked off for Kyle, and it made me feel totally turned on, just like some kind of fag, man."

Drew was almost in tears, but Brandon just quietly handed him the vial of piss-colored stuff.

"Dude, just because you feel good about yourself and you can be turned on with a dude doesn't make you anything but what you are, man. A stud. Now here, take your stud juice. You know it'll make you feel better."

"It's a good thing there's only one more week."

Drew did as he was told. He always did what Brandon told him. He threw it down, gagged, shook his head and shivered at the strong, awful taste, and then he flopped back in the sofa.

"Aww, fuck, Brandon. That stuff is wicked."

"Yeah, I know," Brandon grinned and flopped back next to his brother. "You added half an inch, bro? Well, dude, they put a fuckin' inch on me. You want to see a thirteen inch cock, bro?"

He just sat there in his jeans with the bulge in front getting bigger, his log getting thicker and lengthening toward his hip, letting Drew watch as the stuff hit him. He knew when it had by the fat snake in his brother's pants getting so hard it lifted the material like a ridgepole.

"Well, do you?"

"Yeah, Brandon. Aww, fuck, man. I get more horned every time. Yeah, fuck, show it to me. Let me see everything, man. Your muscles are getting so big. You look like a total bodybuilder, man. And hairy. Dude, is your hair gonna get thicker but stay short like that? It looks so hot. Doesn't hide the muscles. Fuck, man. Yeah, show me."

But Brandon just pulled his big cock out where he sat. He didn't get up or take any clothes off.

"Nah, not today, little bro. Let's save that for your birthday. Just let that snake out to play, man. Check this out. I'd let you feel how hard and heavy it is, but you have to wait till next week for that, too. You want to, though, don't ya?"

Drew pulled his cock out. It was almost ten inches now, and it was oozing precum. He tried to reach over for Brandon's cock. "Yeah, I do, bro. I do want to."

But Brandon pushed his hand away.

"Just look, bro. Your own needs handling. I'll jack with you if you want. Or we can just sit here and check out our big meat, man, and wait till we cum without jackin'. See, bro? Total fuckin' studs. You like getting' big all over, don't ya?"

"Yeah, bro."

"Yeah I know you do. Because it's so fuckin' hot. Am I takin' care of my little bro? You gonna get rich with your fuckin' big muscle stud bod, man? See, Drew? Do I take care of you?"

"Yeah, Brandon. Aww, fuck," his cock started to spurt, first a small one, then stronger and bigger till he was shooting all over himself, gripping the edge of the sofa cushion, "Yeah, man, you take good care of me."

Those last few days of school were torture for Drew. Everybody knew, thanks to Tyler, but his muscles were getting to the point where his clothes were all tight across them. His hair was sticking out the top of his tee shirts. He had stubble by noon. And the bulge in his pants looked like he'd stuffed them. But everyone knew it was real. Some of the guys teased him and said, come on, Drew, let's see, and finally he just pulled it out and showed them and he couldn't believe how much it made him feel totally hot, and he let it get hard and he let them watch while he jacked off. They were amazed but kept saying, dude, that is so sick. You're gonna be one of those fuckin' muscle monster fags, man. Only Kyle was cool, and told him the day of graduation, when they were in their gowns and Drew looked like a young bodybuilder, the way he filled his out, that he thought it was cool.

"When you go, man, see if you can get me in."

"Really, man? That would be totally cool."

"Yeah, really," Kyle said.

"I'm no fuckin' fag, man," Drew said.

"Who cares?" Kyle said.

It was good the gown was loose below his big, thick pecs, because Kyle made him so hard he came in his pants during Pomp and Circumstance.

"So, little bro. Here you go. Here's your bunk."

Brandon had locked up the house and loaded Drew into his jeep for the drive to the compound. Inside, everyone but the two of them was naked. He introduced him to the biggest men Drew had ever seen and took him to the casita that would be his new home for the next several months. He shared a room with a guy who'd been in for about six months, like Brandon, and was already huge like Brandon, thought he was only six months older than Drew. And very cute. Like a model. But then so was Brandon. And so was he. So were they all. But Brandon had told the kid to leave them alone for a while. Brandon had the other bedroom in the same casita, and shared it with another nineteen year old who'd been in for nine months and was as huge as the guys that were getting famous. Obscenely huge, but so handsome and so hot that Drew started to bone just shaking his hand, before he even got his birthday dose. He left them alone, and the two of them stood in Drew's new room.

"Here you go, man." Brandon handed drew the familiar vial of horse piss.

"Welcome, little bro. Here's your special birthday treat. Bottoms up."

Drew took the vial and threw it back. As he did, Brandon undressed and threw his clothes by the door.

"Get outta those clothes, bro. Before that shit hits. We don't wear clothes here. I gotta tell you, too, bro. There's two special occasions for every guy around here. One is when you first arrive, your initiation, and the other is your birthday. Those are the two time you get an extra-special dose. You're the first guy to have both things happen at the same time. Hang on, dude, cause you just did the triple crown there."

Drew heard Brandon speak, heard all the words, even took off his clothes, like Brandon had, and threw them on the same pile, but already there was a rushing in his ears, hot, like he could hear his blood flowing. He was riding a cyclone, and it felt like pure testosterone, if he could put a name to what it felt like, or really knew what testosterone felt like. It didn't matter. It was pure liquid maleness. He saw his brother in front of him, naked, handsome, bulging with muscle, hairy, balls hanging so big and low, that huge cock hard, thick, almost standing straight up against his rock hard hairy abs to the ledge of his monster pecs. He realized his own cock was just as hard, and his body was hard, and muscular, and thick, and his fur was soft and hot. Not now, his brother had said the week before. Wait till your birthday. And this was it. He wanted him, the brother that took such good care of him. He loved him so much for this. No brother ever took care of his bro like Brandon did. No brother ever was so fucking hot.

"Drew?" Brandon said, seeing the fire in Drew's eyes, the passion. "You okay, little bro? Some, ride, huh?"

"Yeah, Brandon. I'm fuckin' great, bro. Fuck, man. Dude, my bro is a total fuckin' stud, man. Fuckin' beautiful. Totally fuckin' beautiful."

"Yeah? You like this shit, little bro? You want it? Welcome to your new life, bro. Now you can have whatever you want. We all can. And I know what you want."

He flexed, and Drew felt his muscles. He felt Drew's junior bodybuilder muscles and told him how hot his little brother was. He asked Drew how he liked his brother's big fourteen inch cock.

"I fuckin' love everything about you, bro. You're my bro."

"You want to feel it now?"


"It's your birthday present, man. I gotta give it to you. Your big bro gotta teach you to ride, cowboy."

Brandon sat on the bed and pulled Drew to his lap. Like a small child, he lifted his muscular, hairy little brother up and placed him gently against the head of his cock, and Drew panted with fear, anticipation, excitement, fulfillment. Until that moment, he hadn't know what he'd been born to do. Now he knew. He felt the searing pain of passion and love for his big brother as the hot huge cock slowly entered him—slow, relentless, deeper and deeper until Drew was entirely filled with his stud brother, and every slow, withdrawal and reentry deepened his pleasure and his love. As the pace grew faster, Drew's cries echoed through the compound until everyone heard the final, ecstatic cry as Brandon filled his bro, and their bond became complete.

Chapter 2

Drew's first day was beyond anything he could have fantasized about. He woke up, to start, with his incredibly handsome, beautifully hairy, and hugely muscular roommate, an eighteen year old guy like he was, six months older and six months into the program, kneeling next to his bed rubbing his chest and stomach. At first Drew thought it was his dream, hands rubbing his pecs, so much bigger already, and feeling so much hotter, and he realized their mass under the strong hands that were feeling their size, their contours. But it was no dream, and the erotic excitement of slowly waking to that feeling had him completely hard.

He looked up into the gorgeous face, thick with heavy blond stubble on the square jaw with its deep dimple and all around the full, sensual lips just as those lips parted to say, "Mornin' stud," and then plant themselves firmly over his mouth. His response was immediate and intense. Never had a kiss been so erotic, so fulfilling, and he was flooded with an awakening of his own masculinity to a level he'd never felt, coupled with this stud whose name he couldn't even remember. He reached for the stud's own massive muscles, and the two made passionate love to their bodies before Drew even got up to piss.

There was only one bathroom, which all four guys shared, and now, as of this first morning, his brother, Brandon, was another hunk to be savored, devoured, and given over to completely. They soaped each other up in the shower, and penetration took various combinations of coupling, and Drew quickly realized that the growth of his cock had been for this purpose. The bigger they were, the hotter they felt, in the hand, in the mouth, or up the butt, and Brandon's roommate, Mike, who was a good fifty pounds heavier with muscle than Brandon, and still only nineteen with a nineteen year old's face, had a cock that had to be fully sixteen or seventeen inches of uncut manhood, as thick as Drew's wrist. Drew couldn't wait to feel that kind of meat hangin from his own bush.

For breakfast, they went to the communal dining room in the main house. There were thirty-eight of them, four in each of ten casitas around the pool, which meant there were still two vacant spots. Drew was already excited to know that two guys newer to the process than he would be joining them. Already he could feel the excitement of seeing another brother join the ranks to grow huge and totally, uncontrollably, undeniably, powerfully sexual along with them. They all drank their morning protein shakes together, and then went to the gym, by the pool, for their morning workouts.

By the time he was on his back, five minutes later, pressing 400 pounds, he felt the dose hit. Much stronger than the ones he'd been getting at home from Brandon. A glance around the room at thirty-seven other naked muscle dudes boning up at the same time told him he wasn't alone, and the casual, natural way they just went on with their workouts, but in an unabashedly erotic way convinced him he was in a paradise of male sexuality. His cock was one of the smallest, at about ten inches now. A few guys seemed more about their massive muscles, and some more about their outlandish cocks and balls, but each was pure masculine sex in his own way. Many times during the workout, he had to cum, but whenever the need was too great to ignore, there was another guy to help him with it, to straddle him, or suck him off, or just stroke it for him, and many times he found himself stroking it himself while they watched, loving being watched. It was that morning he learned he could cum just by flexing and feeling how turned on he was by what was happening to him. He saw other guys doing it. Flexing, becoming so turned on by the show and feel of their hairy muscle that they would spontaneously erupt in full ejaculation. He'd only imagined being able to do something so hot, but now, encouraged by what he saw, and how hot that dose made him feel, he tried it himself, and his own gorgeous, thick muscle was so hot, the feeling that it was growing bigger and thicker and heavier, that his ejaculation came as naturally as taking a piss, but much, much more incredible.

Brandon stayed neared him, encouraging him, and Drew saw Brandon for the stud he was becoming. He was beautiful, and Drew would have done anything for him, and seeing him so sexual with these guys thrilled him deeply. He didn't know if it excited him more to see Brandon fuck some huge stud or get fucked himself. He also noticed for the first time that it looked like Brandon had a bit of extra skin growing around his dick just below the head where his foreskin had been cut away as a baby. Both of them were circumcised. It looked odd, and at lunch, which was another protein shake filling enough for a Thanksgiving dinner, he asked him.

"Yeah, little bro," Brandon said, "I got chosen when they decided to take you in. It was going to be you, but they needed a guy sooner, so I took your place."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, dude. See, their clients like as many of us uncut as cut. As long as that's what they get, an equal number of each, it's all cool, but if the numbers get unequal, like more cut guys, which is often the case, then one of us gets chosen to be made uncut."

"What?" Drew was shocked. "They can do that?"

"Bro, they can do whatever they want. If they wanted to make your dick twenty inches by next week, they could. Or add forty pounds just to your arms, or your pecs, or your legs. Whatever. They could make you go blond, and I don't mean bleach, or make a blond guy go dark. They make a lot of guy's nips bigger. So, yeah, they can do it."

"But what do they do, did they do?"

"Just gave me a shot, bro. Right in my dick. Didn't hurt or anything. Feels kinda weird, just getting this loose skin, but by the end of the week, I'm gonna be like one of those totally uncut guys, man. Watch my dickhead disappear," he laughed.

"Wow. Are you okay with that?"

"I kind of freaked when they told me, but, hey, we're their guys, you know. And it's starting to feel kind of hot in a way. I mean, check out those dudes, man."

"Yeah, whatever," Drew sighed. He suddenly realized he was more in their control than he'd thought, and, even stranger to realize was that he didn't really mind. "You're still so hot, man. It can only make you hotter."

They were relaxing by the pool, now. All the guys were having their after-lunch break to swim and lounge in the spas that were at each corner of the huge lagoon like pool. Relaxing, of course, took the form of more flexing, showing off for each other, casual jacking, sucking, and fucking going on all around. And Brandon rolled over on top of his brother and kissed him as he forced his huge cock between his legs.

Drew's job was to help with grounds maintenance. After their break, they all divided up into their various groups, and Drew was under the direction of the groundskeeper, an incredible stud who was a permanent member of the staff and lived in the main house. He bore the unmistakable attributes of the others, but more fully developed. Drew fell easily under his command, and so the day wore on, cleaning up the grounds, trimming shrubbery, mowing, tending and watering.

Then there was the evening workout. And then dinner, all the guys sitting around the tables in the dining room nude, erect, a having a great time. Getting to know each other seemed to consist of little more than discussing how they were growing, developing, the size of particular muscles, the pattern of a guy's body hair as it grew in, the size a guy's dick and balls were becoming, or how fast, that sort of thing. Nothing much else seemed to be of interest, and Drew didn't really care about much else. He wanted to talk about his muscles, how thick his new trail was getting, how thick and wide his pecs felt today. Their napkins were used for more than wiping their mouths. After dinner, there were going to be a few guests, and they were bringing with them a kid who would probably be the newest addition. The men who were bringing him--his uncle and his father, brothers who'd been coming around since the guys had opened the compound a year before--had requested that the newest member entertain him, give him a taste of life at the compound. That was okay with Drew.

They arrived, several guys together with a kid who, as soon as he saw him, Drew recognized. It was a kid he'd known at school. One of the smart kids, played in the marching band. He was kind of cute, in a very ordinary way. But the idea that he was here made him suddenly exciting. Was it because he wanted to do this, or did his dad or uncle want him to? The kid's mother was dead, so his dad called the shots. Drew knew that he would have felt self-conscious, being the guy to entertain this kid, Scott, his name was. He would have, but he didn't.

He saw his brother go up to one of the men and just casually help him undress. Brandon was completely comfortable with his huge boner just flopping around in front of the guy. So were the other guys who attended to the other men. Everyone else, the other guys, just hung out watching videos in the main lounge, or by the pool, flexing or jacking off. Drew realized, watching, that everyone was always in some stage of sexual activity, and that it had already become both normal and necessary, both common and exciting. His own level of horniness had just continued to get stronger, so no matter how often he came, he was immediately back in turn-on mode, excited by every erotic thought. And so he looked over at the eighteen year old kid with glasses and dirty blond hair, standing awkwardly by his father's side, even as one of the guys was taking off his father's shirt, revealing a nicely muscled torso, and he felt himself boning.

"Hey, Scott," he said, walking up to the kid as his cock got harder thinking about bringing him in, making him change.

"Oh my God! Drew???" Scott recognized Drew's face.

"Yeah, buddy. Didn't you hear about me at school? I thought fuckin' Tyler Thompson told everyone."

"Well, I heard something, but I guess I just didn't . . . holy crap, man. You're huge!"

"Just getting started, really. So, this your idea, or your dad's?" Drew reached up to unbutton Scott's button down shirt.

"My dad wanted me to come see what it's all about. I guess he and uncle Joe have been coming to parties here, taking some stuff, and it's getting them all buff and stuff. When I asked him, he said I should see for myself. What are you doing?"

"Just helping you get comfortable, man. We don't wear clothes around here."

"I can see that," Scott said, grabbing his shirt to stop Drew from unbuttoning it. Just then, one of the "masters" came around with a tray of shot glasses for all the guests. When they came to Scott, he hesitated, but his father told him to take it and not act like a dope.

"It won't hurt you," he said. "In fact, it might put some hair on your chest." He and uncle Joe laughed.

So Scott reluctantly took the shot, drank it, wincing at the horrible taste. Drew watched his face, waiting for the look he knew would soon appear in his eyes. Scott was still holding onto his shirt, but in about a minute, he let his hand drop and just looked at Drew. His face first had a question on it. What was it he was feeling? Then the question melted away, and Scott's eyes drifted down to Drew's chest.

Drew reached for the shirt again, and this time, Scott didn't resist. By the time Drew pulled the tail out of his jeans, the bulge of Scott's erection was obvious. But Drew didn't pull his pants off right away, or touch that bulge. Instead he flexed his 19 inch arms for Scott. Scott looked at them and, as if unable to resist, reached out to feel Drew's swollen, hard muscle. But Drew pulled his arms away, grinning. "Not yet," he said. "First, let's see you chuck the rest of those clothes."

Now Scott just undid his jeans and let them drop, kicked off his flips, pulled down his briefs, and stood there naked, almost trancelike behind his glasses.

"So, what you think, Scott? Feel hot, don't you? Not much muscle on you now," Drew felt Scott's flat chest, "but there could be, and soon. You like that, man?"

"Look like you, Drew? Really? Your muscles look really good, man."

"Oh, yeah, Scott, and a lot more, too. You want to feel 'em?"


"You want to feel them all the time, man?"


So another of the vacant beds was filled that night, and before the evening was over, Drew talked Brandon into talking to the masters. There was only one vacancy left, and he remembered his buddy Kyle. Could they keep it open for him?

They said they'd consider it, but Drew knew that Kyle would be his next best bud, next to Brandon, his eternal best bud.

And as for Brandon, as he watched his bro work the new guy into a frenzy of male flesh and muscle, he knew he'd done the right thing for his little bro.

Chapter 3

It was at a Sunday party, a few weeks later, that Drew saw his old buddy Kyle show up with Scott's uncle. He was so excited to see Kyle that it didn't occur to him that he might be a shock to his old buddy. Not that he'd grown used to what was happening to him. He hadn't. How could he, when the changes just kept happening faster than he could adjust his thinking. So he walked over, not even thinking that his hard cock, swinging in front of him, was easily twice as big as when Kyle had last seen him. He'd forgotten that Kyle hadn't seen him since he'd sprouted so much more hair, or since his muscles had grown to the size of a real bodybuilder.

Kyle had already had his welcome shot, as had all the guests. He'd already started to get the insistent and immediate boner that all the guys at the party were getting as they wandered around, meeting each other, bug-eyed at seeing the guys who were living at the compound, going through the program, and acting as live exhibits of what this stuff could do for a guy. Already they were feeling how it affected their libidos.

"Kyle, dude! Man am I glad to see you."

Kyle stared at his old buddy, barely recognizing him. "Drew? Holy shit, man. Look what they're doing to you!"

"Yeah," Drew flexed his 24 inch biceps for his bud, "isn't it hot, man?"

"Damn, Drew. You're huge! I never thought . . ."

"What? That it could do this to a guy? Hell, bro, I'm not even close to done. Dude, are you gonna do it, man? Did they ask you?"

"No, they didn't ask. Scott's uncle just said he'd bring me to one of these parties so I could see what it was like and see Scott and you, and Brandon. Where's Brandon? He must be a freak by now."

Drew laughed. "Pretty much, yeah. Dude, that's him, on the diving board." Brandon had grown in thickness to the point of no return, as they called it, the point where a guy was obviously not just a bodybuilder or roidhead, but one of their men, bigger, thicker, reeking of a blatantly sexual masculinity. He was flexing, naked, his muscles a mountainous landscape lush with thick, silky hair. His cock, a fat eighteen inches now and sporting his new foreskin, flopped and swung in front of him as he playfully showed off his magnificence.

"No way, man. That can't be Brandon."

"Way, dude. It's him."

"Fuck, man," Kyle seemed to be still in shock, "he is a freak. Are you going to tell me he's not done yet, either?"

"Dude, look around you. You've seen the guys on TV and shit, you know how outrageous they make them, us. Feel this, man. It's so hot."

He took Kyle's hand and put it on his mounded, hairy pec.

Kyle had been so excited back when Drew was doing this at school, but now he seemed nervous, and Drew guessed it was because he was face to face with the possibility of doing this himself. Despite his initial hesitation, when his hand made contact with Drew's chest, he could not stop himself from feeling the hard muscle, the hair, the manliness of his old buddy. So, before he had a chance to think too much, Drew pulled Kyle's face toward his own and planted a hard, open-mouthed kiss on his mouth. Kyle's eyes were wide open, wide with surprise, but he couldn't fight his feelings, and he returned the kiss. After the party, Brandon told Drew that the masters had liked Kyle, and they were going to bring him in as the new guy. Drew said he wasn't sure, but he thought Kyle might be having second thoughts. Brandon assured him that those would disappear once he'd had a chance to reflect on what he'd seen and felt that afternoon. And, he said, the masters had seen to it that he'd been given an extra dose before he left, just to make sure.

Drew thought that Kyle's good night kiss had been a little more enthusiastic than his response earlier to the extreme nature of the transformations the guys were being put through. He'd grabbed Drew's hard cock as he kissed him and said "sixteen inches, huh?" Now it made sense, if they'd slipped him an extra dose.

"And here's the thing, man. He'll probably be back before morning. Remember that triple birthday-initiation dose you got when you first got here, how it made you feel, what it did to you? Well, I guess they gave him about twice that. They told Joe to just bring him on back. I guess they want to use him as a sort of next-stage experiment, see how fast and how extreme they can do him. Should be exciting."

Drew was surprised, and, he figured out pretty fast, a little jealous. At least for an hour or so, until they brought Kyle back. Brandon's roommate had been moved so the hometown guys could be together, and Kyle was put in Brandon's room. Drew and his roommate were making out when they heard the commotion.

"What did they fuckin' do to me, man? What the fuck is going on? Fuck, man. I'm so hard it hurts and I can't stop cumming! I'm so fuckin' hot. Fuck. Fuck."

"That sounds like Kyle," Drew said to his roommate, and they went into the common room to see. Brandon was standing on one side of Kyle, his old roommate on the other, and Kyle was spurting out of his steel-hard cock, flexing, feeling his own muscles uncontrollably.

"Kyle, dude," Drew said, walking over to him. "You lucky son of a bitch. Calm down, man, enjoy the ride. You just got a free ride on the super express."

"But I didn't ask for this, man. I wasn't ready."

"Oh, I think you were," Drew said, and again, he pulled Kyle's face to his and kissed him. The passion Kyle returned almost broke Drew's front teeth and brought blood to his lips, but he smiled, noticing the tiny hairs sprouting on Kyle's chest and abs as he wiped the blood off his lips.

"Yeah, Kyle," he said, "I think you are."

Chapter 4

Brandon and his roommate had to hold onto Kyle's arms for quite a while, partly to keep him on his feet, and partly to keep him from bolting, although he couldn't have gotten far. The dose he'd taken was so intense that it continued to get stronger, and he was writhing and moaning, or yelling, with the intensity of feeling, pain and pleasure and a rush of sexuality so strong as to make a tidal wave seem like a puny description.

"I'm only eighteen," he cried. "This is too fast, too much. Oh, God, Oh fuck. My dick hurts so bad, you guys. It's so hard it's fucking killing me. Fuck. I can't stop cumming."

But Drew stood in front of him, letting him yell, then fitting his mouth over Kyle's and kissing him. When he did, Kyle's moans turned to gulps of sexual pleasure, and Drew found the whole thing exciting beyond belief. As he kissed his old buddy, he could feel the whiskers getting thicker, the stubble longer, heavier, denser. When he stepped away, he could see the tiny hairs sprouting all over Kyle filling in, becoming short, silky hair, getting dark between his pecs and down the center of his abs and spreading across his abs, out and up on his pecs. And under the hair, the muscle began to thicken, lengthen, widen. What Drew was watching, Kyle was hardly even aware of yet, he was so locked into the intensity of the sexual explosion that was making the changes take place.

"Aww, fuck, man. I'm fuckin' exploding, you guys. I feel . . . I feel . . . oh, God, man, I feel so fucking horned, so hot. What the fuck is this shit, man? It's making me want it, man. Aww, fuck, makin' me a fag, man. Shit. I can feel it. I can't help it. I can feel it making me a big fuckin' total fag. Fuck, Drew, why didn't you tell me?"

"I did tell you, bro. And you said you wanted to do it, too."

"Yeah, but fuck, man. I wasn't ready. Not for this. Oh, fuck," he said as his homones shot up another level, pushing the intensity, the feelings, the changes. He grabbed hold of his pecs, looking down at his chest, feeling the muscle, thicker, now, and covered with sprouting hairs. "Aww, fuck, look at me, man." He reached down and hefted his balls with one hand and wrapped the other around his engorged cock. "Fuck, you guys, I'm already getting bigger. Aww, fuck." His hips bucked as he shot yet another oozing, jetting spurt of thick, hot cream. He was shooting on Drew, and the floor between them was slippery with his cum, but Drew wiped a glob off his own abs and reached up with it to Kyle's mouth.

"Taste it, man. Taste your manhood, dude."

Kyle opened his mouth and eagerly licked in the warm sperm.

"Yeah," Drew said, his own overamped drive going crazy with the spectacle.

"Gonna be a huge fuckin' muscleboy, man. The biggest yet. Huge fuckin' muscle fag, eating cum, growing bigger, so fuckin' hot. You love it, now, don't you Kyle? You're already a total fuckin' fag, just like the rest of us, and you love it, don't you? You want to feel my muscles, man? You want to feel my sixteen inches? Hey, why don't you guys leave us alone for a while. I think Kyle's under control now."

It was true, he'd stopped yelling and had become totally engrossed in what was happening, as though, through no choice of his own, he'd accepted his fate and embraced it. He licked the cum off his lips and reached for Drew's thick hairy muscles.

"Okay, little bro," Brandon said, "but you take real good care of our new buddy. Get him warmed up for the rest of us, all right?"

"Yeah, bro. No prob. Right Kyle?"

Kyle didn't even notice the others leave the room or take his eyes off Drew's massive body and handsome face. He looked at him as though his eyes were fingers, feeling every inch of Drew's male perfection while his hands and fingers actually did feel his like a blind man feeling a sculpture. Drew took one of his hands and placed it on his cock, and as though it were second nature, Kyle began to make manual love to Drew's sixteen inch organ. A slight push oh Kyle's shoulder, and he was on his knees, doing his best to get the huge, oozing head into his mouth and throat, licking off the slick, then playing with Drew's big balls while he licked and stroked the shaft that was too big to get into his mouth, hungry for it.

"You like that, Kyle? Can you imagine, real soon yours'll be bigger than this? You think it's hot as shit, now, don't you? You're not afraid anymore, are you? Nah. You want this meat, don't you, fagboy? Fuckin' fag jock boy gonna take it all like a man, aren't ya, Kyle. You want it bad, don't ya, buddy?"

"Yeah," Kyle answered, almost panting in his excitement.

"Yeah, sure you do. We bros, man? Total muscle bros?"

"Yeah. Total muscle bros, man."

Drew got on his knees to be face to face with Kyle and kissed him, hard, but not as hard as Kyle kissed him back, and as they kissed, Drew pushed Kyle back, making him lie on the floor already wet with Kyle's constant orgasm. Drew put his hand over the end of Kyle's steel-hard cock to catch a handful of cum, and first licked a bit of it and then took the handful and wetted down Kyle's ass, already sprouting fur in the crack, soft, dark fur that was spreading out across the thickening cheeks of his round muscled butt. When he pushed in a finger, Kyle spread his legs.

"Aww, fuck man, yeah. Do it, dude. Make me a faggot. I want to feel you in me, man."

Drew threw Kyle's legs over his shoulder and pushed the enormous head of his cock against Kyle's virgin, tight hole.

"Aww, yeah, man. Fuckin' shove it in, man. Aww fuck, aww fuck yeah."

And Drew slowly entered his buddy, the two high school boys becoming one writhing, thrusting mass of thick and growing male muscle and sweat, pushing, slow, steady, hard until he was in to his pubes and pushing as hard as he could against Kyle's muscled ass.

"You like that, man? Are you ready now? You gonna be one of us, man?"

"Aww, fuck yeah, man. Make me one of you. Gonna be a fuckin' freak man. Yeah."

The last of Kyle's fears dissolved with the thrusting, searing initiation, and when the others came back in to take their turns, they found a newly muscular stud boy, hairier than before, his cock throbbing so hard that each throb made it grow a little, stretching the skin, just as the throbbing blood in his body was forcing his muscle the thicken and grow under his tight skin. But as the weeks passed, Brandon began to feel that it wasn't fair that his brother, now the handsomest guy in the compound, and almost the biggest and most beautifully hairy, was going to be outdone by the very buddy that he'd asked to be brought in. So he went to the masters and proposed that, if they were going to experiment on the power of their stuff to take guys a step beyond the already outrageous development level that had brought them so much notoriety, it was only fair that they do the same to his little brother. No matter how incredible the other guys were or how unbelievably Kyle was growing, none of them were his own little brother. They agreed, and one night at dinner, Brandon was given the superdose to slip into Drew's drink. It was easy. When no one was watching, he just dumped the thimble full of power juice into Drew's shake as they were finishing up. He watched with secret pride as Drew finished every drop of his protein shake, just like all the other guys.

"Hey, little bro. Let's go back to the room a minute, man. There's something I want to show you."

"'Okay, man, but I don't want to miss the party tonight."

"Oh, don't worry, stud. You'll be the star, my bro. No one is hotter than my little bro. Come on."

He put his arm around Drew's shoulders, and the two massive guys waddled back toward their casita, but halfway there, Drew began to feel the old familiar rush, and it was coming on like a freight train. He could hardly walk. His cock boned like marble, quickly aiming at the stars as his body and head were overcome with waves of erotic sensation.

"What the fuck, man?" he said, as they neared their casita. Brandon steadied Drew's course, opening the door, leading him to the mirror.

"You know what the fuck, don't you, little bro? I couldn't let them make Kyle the top dude, my brother. That's a place for the handsomest stud in the compound."

Drew had started to ejaculate as they approached the full mirror on the wall. He put both hands on his chest to see if he could feel what he knew Brandon was talking about.

"You gave me that super shit, didn't you, man? Aww fuck. I can already feel it. My pecs, man. So fucking heavy. My legs. Shit, man, I'm gonna hardly be able to walk."

But Brandon could tell Drew didn't really mind. It felt too good. It was just too fucking hot. Already his stubble was showing a day's growth.

"Here's what I wanted to show you, man." Brandon put Drew in front of the mirror. He stood behind him, reached around to feel the magnificent maleness of his huge furry pecs, barely able to reach around his little brother's massive body. "Take a look, man. The top dude. Soon the biggest and best guy in the joint, man. Maybe the world. Yeah, fuckers. Take a look. It's Brandon's bro."