The Brothers 5

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"All right, guys. I'll be back later, don't know exactly when, but you two," Cory nodded toward Jace and Jackie sitting naked on the sofa, both of them totally boned, watching the TV where some handsome muscular guy was flexing his muscles as he stroked his cock, "in bed by eleven, and I don't mean together. It's a school night."

They laughed. Jace answered, "Okay, bro. No worries." He flicked his twelve inch boner by pushing it down to his thigh and letting go so it smacked his belly with a thwack.

Jackie laughed and did the same thing. "No problem," he said.

Toby, lying on the floor propped against a chair, giggled at the two of them. His youthful giggle and boyish face were the only things about him now that gave away the fact that he was such a young kid. In the five days since their second treatment, he had grown from five feet four inches to five feet ten inches, and his body had taken on the look of a solid young bodybuilder already. His biceps had swelled to nearly seventeen inches, his chest was forty-six, his waist a tight, cobbled thirty, his thighs, twenty-six inches of striated, veined muscle. His cock had grown another two inches, reaching a rock hard length of just over ten inches with a girth of the same dimension, and reaching it often. But the icing on the cake that celebrated his physical maturity at just thirteen was that he had sprouted hair that swirled decorously all over his pecs and down his abdomen where it gathered itself into a trail that joined his chest and his groin. His pubic region, his armpits, his arms, and his legs all demonstrated that this was going to be one hirsute guy, and even his whiskers, which he had to shave every day, had filled into the full shape of a beard, incongruously but handsomely decorating his thirteen year old face. He was stroking his own big cock with relish as he watched the muscle guy flex and jack. Since all they would let him do was jack off, he'd taken to doing it all the time, in a show of adolescent defiance as much as in response to the sex drive that grew more unrelenting daily. It seemed there was no limit to the amount of semen that any of them could produce on demand, and the internal demand was becoming incessant. It was, by this point, the main recreation around this household, the main occupation, preoccupation, obsession. Toby loved to see his older brothers play with their big cocks that way. He loved how open sexuality had become so much fun that they could tease him and make him laugh, and at the same time, turn him on and make him feel so hot. He couldn't wait till he got as big as they were, and they just kept getting bigger, which meant . . .

"And Toby, bed is still nine o'clock. Understood? I don't care how old you look, you're still thirteen. Okay?"

"Okay," Toby said, never taking his eyes off the screen or stopping his stroking for one second.

"Okay. Later, then."

Cory had left the car parked by the curb, and he felt the evening air warm on his skin as he walked down the walk. Even though it was autumn, the Santa Ana winds were blowing in from the desert, and he felt the hot breath of the Mojave on him, felt it right through the spandex of the tights he had put on and the thin cotton of the white ribbed wifebeater. He'd passed the point where he could pretend that he wasn't one of the guys undergoing the transformation. He'd also long since passed caring who did know. When he'd had to give up trying to squeeze himself into his pants and shirts that last Sunday, the day after his third shot, the day after they'd all gone to the center together and run into Sandy and Robby, he'd experienced an unexpected thrill. This was way beyond his legs suddenly being too muscular to fit into his jeans. He could have just got bigger jeans. It was the size of his package that could no longer be contained in regular clothes that had stunned him, the realization almost making him stoned on himself. He'd tried several pants, and even managing to get his legs into them, he couldn't get the flies zipped or buttoned over the bulge that his meat made, and he couldn't let it hang because his legs took up all the room. It didn't help that the more he tried, and the more he realized, the more he kept boning and had to jack off just to try on another pair. He'd had to have Jace help him peel off the pants, laughing the whole time, they'd been so tight, and he'd sent Jace and Jackie out to a sports shop to buy some spandex shorts and tights for him, and for them, too, since, he told them, this would obviously be happening to them, too, soon.

They'd told him at the center that this would happen soon, but somehow, it still had felt unexpected. The reality just wouldn't compute until he'd actually felt the weight and size of his testicles and gigantic penis that day. They'd said that he'd be one of the first to be forced, so to speak, even though he'd volunteered for this, to go public.

The timing coincided with some carefully placed stories on the news and some announcements by various public officials that a program was underway, worldwide, to halt the geometric increases in the world's population, which was straining the planet's resources beyond sustainability. Many had been brave enough to volunteer without knowing much, and those "pioneers" would soon be obvious. They should be examples to follow for the future benefit, the very survival, of the human race. But the program was the beginning of a sea change for humanity, and the hope, no, the necessity, though it would remain voluntary, was that everyone would ultimately see the good, the need, and become participants in the program.

All that meant to Cory was that he would probably be stared at when he made his first appearance in the shorts that his brothers brought home, or the tights--that he would be going out showing a bulge of masculinity that no one had ever seen before, and that it had to be cool. Well, it would be for him. He had cum four times in the hour they'd taken to bring back the clothes, and couldn't wait to get into a pair of shorts and go to the grocery store. There was something unbelievable exciting about going out like that, the first time, to someplace so mundane, so ordinary, so everyday, where he would stand out that much more, to the housewives and the daddies with their kids. Oh yeah, the daddies. They'd be jealous. They'd want to know what it felt like to have what he had.

Now, four days and several inches later, the excitement was more intense, if that were possible. He waved to Mac Hennessey across the street watering his lawn. When he waved, his arm felt huge and heavy and so hot, the mass of muscle it carried moving on the bone, tendons holding it taut, veins feeding it nourishing blood. As he walked he felt the massive bulge of his balls and cock bounce from side to side with each step. Soft, his cock was a foot long and full nine inches fat, and his balls were the size of tennis balls. Mac waved back, but Cory could see the expression, the gulp of his Adams apple. He knew Mac was struggling that moment with the conflict of shock at seeing someone making such a blatant display of sexuality and wanting, if just for an instant, or an hour, maybe a day, to see what it felt like.

Cory put the top down. It gave a little more time for Mac to check him out, and for everyone on the way to Sandy's house to see his magnificent body. To think he'd ever had doubts about being so muscular, massive even, or that he'd thought that body hair might be unattractive or a distraction from the cuts and shape of the muscle. To the contrary, as the shadow of the top moved off him and the late, low sun cast its long shadows on him, the shadows that emphasized the size, the curve, the cuts of his huge muscle, he felt so attractive, so extremely masculine, that he wondered for a moment how Mac resisted coming over to touch him. He smiled.

Just as he started the engine, Mac was by the side of the car.

"So, you really doin' it, huh?" With a glance back at his own house, maybe to see if anyone was watching, he put a hand on Cory's shoulder. In a much lower voice, he said, "So, tell me the truth, man. How does it feel? What's it like?"

Cory glanced at the hand on his shoulder. He smiled. He was actually as irresistible to a straight man as he felt.

"Great," he said. "It feels incredible. But I'm just doing my part, man."

The pitch. The sell. It came so naturally. As natural as patriotism, allegiance. Humbly giving himself to the greater good. He looked up at Mac's eagerly questioning face.

"You should do it, man. Everyone should. Hey, gotta go."

As he started to pull away, and Mac dropped his hand and stepped away from the car, Cory saw the rise in Mac's pants that told of a curiosity deeper than just intellectual.

He wondered, as he pulled into Sandy Mills' driveway, if Robby would be there, too. He had half expected the call from Sandy. In fact, he was surprised it had taken as many days as it had, since running into him at the center that last Saturday, for him to call.

Sandy answered the door wearing a T-shirt and a pair of loose, silky gym shorts. He already had begun to take on the shape of a bodybuilder and the silky material of his shorts hung over an ample bulge.

"Wow," Sandy said, looking Cory up and down as he let him in. "I guess the third shot's the charm. Jesus, man."

He led the way into the kitchen. "Want a beer or something?"

"Sure, that'd be great."

Sandy popped open a couple beers, handed Cory one, and led the way, again, to the family room. Through the windows, Cory saw Robby lying on a chaise by the pool. It had only been five days since his first treatment, but Cory could see the signs on the young weight lifting buddy of his brother. Sandy flopped into a leather chair, noticing Cory checking out his son.

"He's already starting to show changes. He never wore a speedo before in his life, and now that's all he'll wear. He talks all the time about Jace, how big he's getting, how he shows off 'his stuff' all the time. I guess your brother's kind of a trailblazer for him, like you were for me."

"Yeah, he looks good. So do you. I was a trailblazer for you?"

"Well, yeah, pretty much. If I hadn't heard so much about you from Robby, I probably wouldn't have had the nerve, at least not when I did. I gotta thank you, man."

"Cool." Cory settled back in the chair. Even with his legs spread, his thighs were so thickly muscled that they made his package sit proudly, and enormously, on top of them, stretching the spandex to their prodigious, bulging shape, the huge, thick dick flopped to one side of the two mounds of his balls, lying in the crease of his groin. He knew that's what Sandy wanted to see, and he wanted to show it to him.

"Where's Kate?"

"Oh, she went over to Marsha Randolph's. Marsha got into the program the same time we did, and Kate and she have become pretty close. Have you seen her?"

"No, not for a while. Not since you guys joined up. Why?"

"She's fucking gorgeous, man. It does the same thing for women, you know."

"No, I didn't really know. I mean, I've heard, but . . ."

"Yeah. Talk about a body."

"So, what's up with that, then, man? You must be really into that." Cory probed. Where was Sandy's head about all this?

The male to male attraction in his own household had grown so strong that he and Jace and even Jackie had been unable to deny the urges that brought them together, physically. There was something about getting it on with guys like him, guys so incredibly built and masculine and, well, so huge. They had discovered the deep satisfaction of filling each other with their growing manhood, and the bigger they got, the more they craved it, wanted to feel it, be filled by it. But he wondered about the effect on straight guys, even though he thought he knew, and he did know what he'd just seen with Mac Hennessey.

"Actually, man, it's funny. I love her like always, and I love how beautiful she'd becoming, but she doesn't do it for me any more. Sexually, I mean. And I don't do it for her. She loves my body, how muscular I'm getting, even how big my dick is getting, but she loves it like she loves the statues at the museum. And she's okay with that. She is totally turned on by Marcia, and I guess a couple of other women that are in, too. This whole thing--I think, from what I hear, that it doesn't just transform us so we can't reproduce, or rather, can't fuck. It, like, reverses the pheromones, or the response to them, or something. I don't know. I just know that . . . hey, man, you know what I mean."

"Yeah, I think I do. So, what about Robby? You okay with him around?"

"Okay? Listen, I'm quite a bit older than you are, and I'm a lot more set in my ways. What are you, twenty-three, right?"


"And I'm almost forty. I've been seeing the pendulum swing for a while, now, man. I think the age of sexual repression has suddenly been thrown into history, my young friend. I think we're about to see a new era of sexual openness, and I think some of us are going to blaze that trail."

Cory knew what Sandy wanted, and he finished the beer, set down the can, and stood up. His cock had started to stiffen, and he felt its weight pull the spandex, stretch it, and he adjusted it so it could slide along his leg, then flexed one arm.

"Ready to blaze, then, dude?" he said.

Sandy stood up, too. The silky fabric of his shorts pointed straight out in a lateral pyramid toward Cory. He lifted the T-shirt over his head and dropped it to the floor.

"I've been blazing for days, man. I'm on fucking fire, stud."

"You had one of these up your manhole yet?" Cory grabbed his cock, so stiff now that it was pushing out his tights sideways past his hip and looked like he was carrying a boa constrictor.

"Show it to me, man."

"Come get it, Mr. Mills." Cory hit a double biceps.

Sandy came up to Cory, placed a hand on each of the twenty-six inch arms and squeezed as much as his hands could cover.

"Fuck, man. That is so fucking hot. I can't wait."

"Why wait?"

Sandy slid his hands down to Cory's shoulders, then his pecs, pressing his palms against the hard, furry masses, and then, with a sudden grab, he took the top of Cory's beater in both hands and ripped it apart down the middle and jerked it off him. Then he slid his hands inside the waistband of Cory's tights and pulled them down, going down on his knees to get them down to Cory's ankles. Cory's huge cock sprang free, slapping Sandy in the face, streaking the long forelock of his blond hair with sticky precum. Cory stepped out of the tights, and Sandy reached up and took the gigantic cock into both hands, at first just looking at its size, then sliding the length of it, finally stroking it while he licked and sucked all around the gigantic head. He discovered he could open his mouth wider than ever before, and he managed to get the whole head into his mouth. Cory held his head and pushed into him until he felt, to his amazement, his throat open to take its formidable girth into his gullet. He slurped, sucking not just with his mouth, now, but with his throat, too. God, he didn't know he could even do something like this, let alone love doing it so much.

And then Cory stepped back, pulled himself out, and turned Sandy around. Neither said anything, but Cory took a handful of precum that was freely oozing from his cock and used it to lubricate the blond hunk's fuckhole, working it with two fingers, then four, then both hands, stretching it, readying it. Finally, he positioned himself.

"You want it now, dude?" he said in a tone defying Sandy to say no.

"Yeah, man. I want it. Fuck, man. Show me how much I can take."

"You ready, fucker?"

"I'm ready, stud."

"Awww," Cory closed his eyes as he forcibly shoved his meat inside the waiting muscle ass, "fuck yeah, that feels so fuckin' good."

"AAAAaaarrggghhh!!" Sandy bellowed.

"Yeah. You like that dude? You like that fuckin' huge meat. Aww, fuck man, I'm so fuckin' big, and growing, man. Getting bigger. Is that hot to you, man?"

"Fuck yeah, that's hot. Gonna get meat like that too, man. Then I'll fuck your fine ass with it."

"Yeah. Aww, man. Take it deep. Aww, so big. That hot, dude?"


"Totally fuckin' hot, dude?"

"Aww, yeah."

"Tell me, fucker."

"Fuck, man. You are so fucking hot. I fucking love your cock in me, man. I want it all. I fucking want it bigger, man. Yeah. Oh, fuck, yeah!"

Just then, they heard the slider from the patio open. There stood Robby, naked now, his cock rigid in his hand, surprise on his smiling openmouthed face.

"Dad!" he said.

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