Casey's Machine

“So, how does this thing work?” Mike asked.

Mike had come over to Casey’s house wearing his running shorts, the soft, thin, cotton-Lycra shorts that fit like skin and showed not just the dimples on the sides of his hard, round bubble butt, but pretty much revealed everything about the kind of masculine attributes with which this young stud had been gifted. Casey could tell Mike was proud of what he had and he had every right to be. It also always amused Casey to see this boy who claimed to be so straight always so anxious to display himself for someone he knew was gay. Casey supposed that Mike knew that at least he would be appreciated. And he was right. He had also worn a tank top, which Casey figured he wore to show him how pumped up he looked. And he did. His arms and shoulders had some real curves to them, and his pecs were not only cut, but were starting to show a little real mass.

Casey had just been trying out his new machine and the activating formula before Mike arrived. He had been nude, but he pulled on his own cutoffs, without any underwear. They were loose on him, and hung low on his hips. Just to add to Mike’s excitement, he had left the top button undone so they would ride lower and show a hint of his pubic hair where his line of belly hair thickened up and spread out on his groin. He saw Mike look, but he didn’t say anything.

“You sure you want to try it?”

“Yeah. If its going to make me grow. Can it really make your muscles grow?”

“Well, I was just trying it, but I didn’t do much, because I thought it would be more fun to wait till you got here. I can tell you one thing, though. The stuff you have to take to make it work makes you horny as hell.”

“Really? How come?”

“I guess it has to do with the way it stimulates your hormones. It has to activate your hormones so the machine can work. It sure must have activated mine.”

“Okay. I guess if you can do it, so can I. I’m horny all the time anyway.”

“Not like this.”

Well, are you going to show me how it works, or are you going to give me the stuff?”

Casey handed Mike a small vial with some milky looking liquid in it. Mike took it and drank it down.

“It doesn’t have any taste.”

“No. I know. But it must be some pretty powerful stuff. I guess it also has something in it that alters your DNA or something. The guy said it has to work on all the levels of your physical masculinity traits. Each thing works with the others. Can you tell any difference on me?”

Casey had only taken a couple of jolts from the machine, but he was sure that right afterward, he could see some added density and size on his own muscles. He had felt it on his chest and arms. His legs, too, which he noticed when he put on his cutoffs. The legs didn’t hang as loose on his thighs.

Mike looked at him. He seemed to like the invitation to actually look at Casey’s body.

“Now that you mention it, your chest does look bigger. So how do you do it? How long does it take to work?”

Casey flexed a bicep. “What about my arms? Do they look bigger?” He was so horny, and he hoped Mike would already be feeling it and would want to touch his arm, but he didn’t.

“Yeah, they really do. That’s amazing,” he said.

“I know it,” Casey said. “Feel how hard it is.”

“That’s okay, man. I believe you.”

“You don’t feel anything yet?”

Mike said, “I don’t know. I don’t think so. How did you know?”

“Oh, you’ll know. As soon as it starts to work so you can feel it, we’ll have you give it a try.”

“Is this it?” Mike asked.

He was looking at the new machine. It looked like a piece of gym equipment attached to a computer. It had a metal footplate with two metal shoe-like contraptions attached to it. There was a backrest to lean against, a set of handlebars coming around from the back at about waist height. Draped over the handle bars were something that looked like a cap and something else that resembled a wire mesh bag. Both had wires running to the computer.

“That’s it. The miracle machine.”

“So, what do you do? Why don’t you do it a little and let me see?”

“In a minute. As soon as the stuff is working on you. Do you feel anything yet?”

“You said it makes you horny? All of a sudden, I think I feel something. That could be it.”

“How do you feel?”

“I don’t know. Just kind of strange. Maybe horny. Actually, I feel kind of hot, you know? Kind of sexy. That’s kind of embarrassing.”

“Embarrassing? How come?”

“I don’t know.”

“Don’t you usually feel sexy? You’re a sexy guy.”

“Well, maybe, but not like this.”

“Okay, I think you’re about ready? How do you feel about making yourself grow?”

“You mean get more muscular? I’m ready for that, for sure.”

“Okay, I’ll go first so you can watch, but I have to take my shorts off. You have to be naked to do this. You ready for that?”

“You have to?”

“Yeah. It’s the only way. You’ll see when I hook myself up. So . . .” he unbuttoned his cutoffs and let them drop, then stepped out of them and threw them aside. He was so horny, that his cock was half hard, and he knew it would get totally hard as soon as he got on the machine. But he didn’t care. In fact, he liked the idea of watching Mike’s reaction. “I told you it made me so horny,” he said.

Mike maintained his cool, acting like nothing unusual was going on. Just a couple of guys doing some work on their physiques.

Casey stepped up to the machine. He turned so he was leaning against the backrest and slipped his feet into the foot rests. He took the cap and put it on his head.

“Kind of like the Frankenstein monster, huh?” he said. “And here’s the weirdest part. You have to put your balls into this thing.”

The mesh bag expanded and closed to whatever size was necessary to let the testicles drop into it and then clamp in place just hard enough to hold it there.

“Are you kidding me? Why?” Mike said. “It looks like it hurts.”

“No, it doesn’t. It just feels funny. But, hey, if it makes magic . . .”

“Okay,” Mike said. “Then what?”

“Then, you just lean back, take hold of these handles, and squeeze. You control how hard you do it, and for how long. The more you do, the more it works.”

“And what does it do?”

“I can’t tell you that. I don’t know. It feels like its sending some kind of charge through you. It rattles your bones. It kind of burns in your muscles and skin. In fact, everywhere.”

“So that’s why you have to control it?”

“Yeah. Watch.”

Casey leaned his head back and began to squeeze the handles slowly. He felt the charge, but it wasn’t a surprise this time. The charge built rapidly as he squeezed harder, and it pulsated. It would zap and stop and zap and stop. This time, it felt almost good to him. He let his eyes close, so he could concentrate on the feeling. When he got it about as strong as he could handle, he held it there for a minute, feeling it work. His balls felt like they were in a vibrator. He muscles felt like he was having an incredible workout. He felt like some kind of power was surging through him, sexual and sensual and erotic. Finally he let go.

Mike was staring. “You looked like you were being electrocuted, man.”

“But that’s not how it feels. Or maybe it’s like a good electrocution. You know, they say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

“You do look like it must feel pretty good,” Mike said with a self-conscious laugh.

Casey realized Mike was referring to the fact that while he was zapping himself, his dick had got totally hard. In fact, it felt harder than he had ever felt before. It felt like a steel shaft of pure masculine power. He laughed too, and he unhooked himself. When he took the ball holder off, his balls felt extremely sensitive, and when he let them drop, they felt unusually heavy.

“Do you see a change?” Casey asked.

“I think so. Can it work that fast? I think your pecs look bigger. Flex your arm.” Mike was so excited that he was ignoring the fact that his own dick had swollen and was half hard, which his shorts did nothing to conceal.

Casey flexed again. He could tell the muscle was bigger. His arm felt heavier, thicker. He felt the muscle and it was like rock. He liked this.

“What do you think?” he said.

“Yeah, Definitely. Look at that.”

“And look at you. You can’t tell me you’re not feeling it now.”

Mike looked a little embarrassed, but his dick was getting harder, and there was nothing he could do about it but keep his cool.

“Yeah, I guess I am.” He laughed.

“So, you want to feel it this time?”

“You don’t mind?”

“Fuck no, I don’t mind. Feel it.”

Mike reached up and tentatively felt the muscle. As soon as he touched it, he instinctively cupped his hand over it, feeling its size. His dick grew to its full erect size, straining the fabric of his shorts as it snaked and slid under the stretchy material along the base of his belly toward his hip.

“Wow,” he said.

“So what do you think, Mike? You ready to give it a try? You want arms like this?”

“Fuck, yeah, man. Hook me up.”

He didn’t hesitate about peeling off his shorts, ignoring the best he could that his dick jumped to attention, sticking straight out from the dark blond bush that decorated his groin. He stepped into the machine and put the cap on his head. He picked up the mesh ball holder, and looked at it.

“Just drop them in and clamp it on so it stays.”

Mike did it, and leaned back and took the handle bars.

“Just squeeze?” he said.

“Just squeeze,” Casey told him, “but do it slow.”

Mike started squeezing. Casey watched as he reacted to the surge. At first he looked shocked, but as he increased it, he put his head back and got into it. Casey could see the pulsating in his body. It tensed and relaxed, over and over.

“How long do I have to do it?” he asked. It was hard to talk.

“As long as you can take it, I guess,” Casey answered. “Or as long as you want.”

Mike stayed on it for several minutes, increasing the power constantly. His body jerked with the pulsations harder and harder, but he seemed to be enjoying it. Finally, he clenched his teeth and grunted like someone finishing a heavy set with weights, and he let go.

“Holy shit,” he said. “That feels so fucking intense.”

He stepped out of the machine and felt his body. There was a big difference. His pecs were swollen with thick new muscle, and so were his legs and his arms. His back felt thicker. He could feel his lats thick under his arms. He flexed, and his biceps were swollen and hard like a junior bodybuilder’s.

“Can I feel it?” Casey asked.

“Oh, yeah, man. Feel it. Does it look hot?”

Casey felt his arm. He did it slowly and deliberately, enjoying the erotic pleasure of finally touching Mike’s body. Mike watched, obviously enjoying it.

“Yeah, Mike. It looks very hot. Does it feel hot to you?”

“Oh, yeah, man. It feels great. Can I do it again?”

Casey said sure, and Mike practically jumped into the machine. When he got himself hooked up and started to boost the power, he put his head back, and he looked like someone was giving him a blow job. Casey would have loved to do the real thing for him, the way he looked so enthusiastically boyish with his plump, oversized erection jerking away by itself. But he would wait.

Mike squeezed the power until Casey was almost afraid he would electrocute himself, but he looked like he was in some kind of erotic paradise. He kept going. He must have stayed on for a full five minutes. Until Casey wanted to pull him off and take a turn himself. But watching him was just as much a turn-on.

Casey watched as his body reacted, swelling with dense, hard muscle. He knew the kid would be shocked when he stopped. He would be as big as a real bodybuilder.

Finally Mike let go of the handles.

“Jesus fucking Christ,” he said. He stepped out of the machine. His thighs pushed his legs apart. His lats had swollen to the point of pushing his arms out. He felt his pecs, all around them, feeling how all of a sudden, they had deep cuts under them. His abs were bulging and cut like a stack of bricks. He was bigger than Casey.

“Oh, man. I fucking love this. Look at me.”

“But how do you feel?”

“Are you kidding, man. I feel so fucking hot I can’t stand it. Am I bigger than you? I think so. And I thought you were as big as I wanted to get.”

“And now?” Casey asked.

“Now?” Mike was like a kid at Christmas. He was feeling his thick, hard pecs, flexing his arms to make his biceps and triceps pop and bulge, enjoying the best present he had ever received. “Are you kidding?” he said, “I could do this all day. Man, Casey, this feels so hot. Do I look hot, man, really, with all this muscle?”

“Mike, you can’t even begin to know hot how you look.”

“You want to feel my arms, man?” Mike said as he flexed again. “No, wait,” he said, “now you need to do it again, okay? You get bigger, too, man.”

“Okay, Mike, if you want me to.” Casey started to put on the attachments. “But there’s something else I don’t think you’ve even noticed. Your muscles aren’t the only thing that’s getting bigger, my friend.”

Mike looked down where his erection was standing up so stiff and hard it was actually arching upward from his groin. When he saw that his dick, which had always been one of his better features, had stretched and thickened and was nearly two inches longer, his eyes widened with delighted surprise. He grabbed hold of it with both hands and all he could say was “Wow!”

“Wow is right,” Casey said, now looking down at his own completely erect cock. To his amazement, it was bigger, too. Not as much bigger as Mike’s, but there was no doubt that it was longer and thicker and no longer just jutting straight out from his groin. Like Mike, he had such a powerful erection that it actually pointed up, halfway between straight out and straight up, and as it jerked uncontrollably with his sudden arousal it nearly smacked itself against his belly.

“I had no idea that this would happen,” he said, “but fuck is that hot. I’m doing it again, man. Here I go. No way you’re going to have a bigger dick than I do, Mike my friend.”

“Yeah, man. Do it,” Mike said. “Do it good. I want to see. This is so cool.”

Casey quickly hooked himself up, grinning at Mike’s wildly uninhibited enthusiasm. When he took hold of the grips and started to squeeze, he welcomed the surge that began to course through his body. He closed his eyes and heard Mike encouraging him.

“Yeah, man, do it. Do it hard. Make yourself really big, Casey. God, man, I never knew it could feel so great to get big muscles. Let me see you get really big. Really big, man.”

Casey could only moan as he gripped harder, pushing the voltage as much as he could stand. He felt it inside him, in his muscles, in his balls and his cock, stimulating everything to a point he didn’t know was possible. It hurt, but it felt so good at the same time, he wondered how long he could hold it. He felt his back swelling up against his arms and his arms swelling hard against he pecs. He was flexed so hard against the backrest he thought he might crush his pelvis, but he also could feel the muscles of his butt growing, pushing away from it. And then he felt something unexpected.

Casey felt his hands being surrounded by Mike’s hands, forcing him to grip even harder. He didn’t think he could take any more, but Mike had a grip on his hands like steel, and the power surge grew more intense.

“Come on, man,” he heard Mike saying, “do it harder. I want to see you get fucking huge, Casey. You should see this. It’s fucking incredible, man. Yeah. Fuck yeah.”

Casey couldn’t lift his head, and he couldn’t resist. But as much as it hurt, something inside him wanted it, wanted to relinquish all of his resistance. He could hear his own moans getting louder and more intense, like it was happening to someone else, and the sound of his moans of mixed pain and intense pleasure was almost unbearably exciting and erotic. He could feel the mass of his thighs forcing his legs apart and the weight of his cock pulling on his groin. The weight of his cock! It must be getting huge, too.

Then he felt Mike standing close to him, so close that Mike’s legs were right up against his and he was sure he could feel Mike’s cock against his belly.

“Fuck, man. This is unbelievable,” Mike was saying. “Just a little bit more. Yeah. Just a little more.” And then, finally, Mike said, “Okay, man. Wow.”

Suddenly his hands were free and he released his grip. He dropped his arms, but they didn’t drop to his sides. They fell against the enormous mass of his lats, propped up and out by his own muscle.

He opened his eyes and stepped away from the machine. The surge stopped and the pain, but the incredible power was still blazing inside him. He felt like a god.

Then he looked. He was a god. Every inch of him was packed with swollen, hard muscle. Veins snaked over the surface of his body. He flexed an arm and the feeling of his huge bicep bulging, peaking, like a melon or a football under his skin was like having an orgasm. With both hands he felt the size of his pecs, and they were so wide and thick and heavy he couldn’t believe they were part of him, and so sexual he felt like he was on an aphrodisiac, that his own muscles had become an aphrodisiac to him. And, finally, he reached down to feel his cock. It was enormous. He was as big as a professional bodybuilder, a genetically engineered bodybuilder, and he had in his hands the most incredible power tool that any overactive male imagination could dream up. His hand couldn’t get all the way around it. It was at least twelve, thirteen inches long, maybe more. Its head was almost as big as his fist, and so sensitive, he almost made himself come just touching it.

Mike was wide-eyed, grinning, laughing. “Look at you, man. How does it feel? Do you feel hot?”

Now Casey smiled back at Mike. “Yeah it feels hot, man. What do you think? How do I look? Do I look hot? Is this what you wanted?”

“Oh, yeah, man. It looks hot. It looks so fucking hot. I got to tell you the truth, Casey, man. I always thought you were good looking and you had a great body. I always wished I had hair on my chest like you. I always wanted to be as muscular as you. I always wondered what you’d look like if you were a real, big-time bodybuilder, because I always wondered what it would be like myself, how it would feel. Now I know, and I love it, and now look at you. I want to be like that, too, Casey. I want to feel like you.”

“I felt you get close to me, Mike, when you were holding my hands. I thought you were straight. You’re sure not acting like a straight guy.”

“Well, fuck it, Casey. I always thought if I was gonna see what it was like to be with a guy, it would have to be you. I just wanted to see what it felt like to get close, to touch you.”

“And?” Casey asked. “How did it feel? You want to feel these muscles, Mike? How about these arms? You want to feel these?” And he flexed for Mike.

Mike reached out with both hands to encompass the immense size of Casey’s flexed arm.

“Shit, man. That’s amazing.”

“What about these pecs, man? Feel these. You got them huge, all right. I feel like I have forty pounds of muscle hanging on my chest. You like these pecs, Mike?”

“Like ‘em? They’re fucking unreal.” Mike felt them, explored their edges, lifted their mass and weight. His cock was bouncing up and down, jerking with his unrestrained excitement.

“Okay, Mike. I know what you want. And you know what I want, too. So let’s give you what you came here for. Get into that machine.”

Mike practically leaped onto the equipment. When he was hooked up and ready, just before he put his head back to prepare for the jolt, he said, “Will you help me, man, like I helped you?”

“Put your head back, Mike,” Casey said, stepping forward, wrapping his hands around Mike’s on the grips, standing close enough so that his cock brushed against Mike’s, “it’ll be my pleasure.”

He showed Mike even less mercy than Mike had showed him. He squeezed the grips for Mike until Mike’s moans were almost screams. He stepped closer, touching his thighs against Mike’s. He watched with fascination and intense erotic pleasure as Mike’s body changed and grew. He pressed even closer as Mike’s skin grew wet with sweat and thin with the hard muscle swelling under it. He got so close that he finally had their groins and their bellies pressed together, their cocks pressed between them, and he could feel Mike’s cock getting thicker and longer against his belly. He pressed his pecs against Mike’s as he squeezed harder on the hand grips, squeezing for the last fiery surge of power. He could feel Mike’s breath as he moaned like he could almost not endure any more. Mike’s head was back, his eyes closed, and Casey looked at the hard line of Mike’s jaw and the sensuous curve of his neck, the dark blond stubble of his whiskers, the full lips. He brought his hunger for his young stud friend to the point where he could no longer deny it. In one motion, he released Mike’s hands, and as the beautiful, blond muscle hunk relaxed from the voltage and started to open his eyes and lift his head, Casey pushed in close, reached up, and took Mike’s face in his hands. He thrust his hips firmly against Mike’s hips, rolling their huge cocks between their bellies, and he said, “Was that what you wanted, Mike? Is that what you came for? Or was it this?”

He tipped Mike’s head back and took his chin into his mouth. He pressed his mouth hard against the soft flesh just under his jaw line. Then he took Mike’s head into both his hands and looked intensely into his eyes. Mike stared back, his full lips slack, waiting.

“Well?” Casey said.

“Oh, please, man. Oh yes,” Mike said, and Casey fitted his mouth to Mike’s full, beautiful lips, parting them with his tongue. Mike grabbed Casey’s head and held it tight, kissing him back as hard as he could. “Mmmm,” he moaned, and pressed his groin against Casey’s. Locked in their passionate embrace, pressing their massive bodies together, their groins tensed, pushed together, and began to buck as they exploded together, creaming volleys of hot cum onto their deeply ridged abs.

When they finally broke their embrace, they heard snickering behind them. They turned, and there in the open doorway stood Jay O'Brien, wild eyed.

“You didn’t lock the door,” he said. “What happened to you two? Wait’ll everyone find out.” His laugh was wild, like his eyes.

“Hey, Jay,” Casey said. “How much did you see?”

“Enough,” Jay said.

“So you saw the machine work? You want to try it?”

“And get like you two? I don’t think so. I’m no fag.”

“But maybe,” Casey said with a sly smile and wink to Mike, “I’m thinking you should give it a try before you go telling any stories.”

“Naw, I don’t think so.” Jay started to back away.

“Yeah? Well, I do. Mike, grab him.”