A Hot July 14: Private Moments

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Todd Andrews sat, half reclining, in a chaise on the lavish patio of the estate. He had a hard time remembering how long he'd been there. He'd come with some guy. Who was that? A cameraman, right.

Sitting right over there. His name? Oh, yeah, Paul. They'd come to . . . uh . . . oh yeah, they were getting the story on this place, this amazing formula, transforming guys . . .

He couldn't concentrate. He wanted to think about what he should be doing. But not really. He remembered getting doused at the front door, the incredible rush, that guy behind the desk talking, and that other guy, the one that brought them back, so huge, those unbelievable muscles, huge beyond human, so hot, so unbelievably masculine. But he'd never been hot for a guy before, or he didn't think so. Was that possible? He sort of remembered appreciating a guy that had the discipline to sculpt his body, but never this feeling, this powerful feeling about muscle and masculinity, and dick.

Oh, yeah. Dick. Fuck. Look at that dick.

His cock lay almost against his abs as he lay back on the chaise looking down at his body. It was already so much bigger, and it felt so hot, just looking at it, growing out of his groin, attached to him, his, part of him. The head hovered an inch or so above his belly button, hovered because he was so hard that it wouldn't even lie down on his abs. How long had he been out here, naked, feeling so hot, feeling his body grow. He was, had been, still was so turned on by the constant waves of sensation that swept over him, capturing his thoughts, turning his focus on his body. It was the same sort of feeling he used to get when he jacked off, or had sex, and the sensation of sex in his cock took over his mind. He thought, briefly, how it had been when he would jack off real slow, and close his eyes, and the sensation of pure male erotic sexuality would, for that short time, take over completely, and his cock, and the sensations it sent through him, were everything, everything.

Now his whole body felt that way, only so much stronger that he could barely focus on anything else, and even less able to make himself want to try. Wave after wave, sweeping over his whole body, inside, outside, all of him. His arms thickening with muscle, veins popping to the surface of the skin, his lats spreading so hard and thick beneath his arms, his pecs thickening, widening, mounding, his abs pulling tight, thick, deep cuts forming all over, defining the muscle even as the mass increased and grew heavier, denser. Hair had sprouted all over, and that just intensified the feeling of his masculinity as it grew, denser, and spread over his body. And his cock, even as he watched it right now, hovering over his abs, ready to shoot again, grew a little bigger with each spasm and jerk that this erotic hallucination was causing. It just kept getting thicker, and longer, and more masculine, and he loved seeing it grow. It was a hallucination that was real, that was happening to him, and it was so hot he was loving every passing, changing second of time.

He looked over at that other guy, yeah, Paul. He was changing just as fast, just as hot. He'd passed looking like a bodybuilder a while ago. How long had they been out here? How many times had he cum all over himself? He saw that Paul was beginning to take on those superhuman proportions that he used to think were so freaky, so scary.

He knew he was the same. He could feel it. He was so heavy now, so thick, so massive, and all the mass was muscle, and all the muscle was pure masculinity that turned him on so much that he felt his cock start to spasm harder, the feeling coiling up again in his groin, his hot, beautiful, hairy groin, and then it started shooting cum again, all over his thickly, deeply, heavily muscled, hairy stomach, and he watched it spurt, up to his chest, those unbelievable huge, massive pecs, holy god, they were getting so fuckin huge, onto his face, and he tasted his cum and lay his head back, in love with, with, well, he couldn't think right now, he would just close his eyes and feel himself grow more massive and hot. For a minute. But he would have to get up soon, feel what it was like to walk around with all this mass, and he had to feel his enormous cock inside these guys.

He'd start, again, with Paul. He'd be even bigger by then, and so would Paul. And then he'd feel the fire as Paul shoved his gigantic man-meat into him, and then . . . Oh, God, he felt so hot, so . . . something animal, something deep and wild, something totally sexual, pure masculine sexuality, so erotic, so unbelievably, intensely erotic . . . Why was he . . . where was . . . who . . . awww, fuck . . . who cared? . . . He let his eyes close.

Cole never got to school that day. It was only summer school anyway, so what? He hadn't even got a block away from home when he could feel that stuff working on him. He felt kind of dizzy and funny, but really good, too. And he got a boner. Even in Connor's baggy pants, his boner was so hard that it was sticking out. He didn't really care if someone saw, and he knew that was funny, because yesterday he would have been so embarrassed he would have died. Now he just felt so grown up and cool. But he wanted to get somewhere he could take it out and jack off again like Connor had showed him. In fact, he thought, if he didn't, he might just cum again, like he did at home, without even touching it.

He knew the Kellys were out in California, and he knew where they hid the key to their pool house. No one would look in there, even if the maid was in the house. He sneaked in. The shutters were all closed, so no one would see him. There were plenty of mirrors, since the pool house was also a changing room and exercise room.

He could already tell that stuff was making his dick grow. Maybe even his balls. His boner was so hard it felt like it could poke right through his pants, but more than that, it was bigger. He could almost feel it grow. He couldn't get his clothes off fast enough. When he did, when he was standing naked in front of the mirror, what he saw gave him such a flood of excitement that he came again before he could do anything about it. He hadn't even touched it yet. It was already almost as big as Connor's! It was bigger than most guys when they are all grown, and his balls were twice as big as they were yesterday.

And he had hair, all around his cock. Real hair, thick, like Connor, like he always thought was so cool and couldn't wait to get. It spread out all over his groin, out and up on his lower belly, and the trail was growing thick, climbing right up from his pubes, up above his belly button by at least a couple inches, and now hair was growing out from it, across his belly, lightly sprinkled, but all over, from the middle of his abs on down. He couldn't believe it! It was like a dream coming true. He could even see the definite hint of hair, like downy peach fuzz but with a hint of color, all over his chest, a little more in the middle and around his nipples, but all over. He lifted his arms, and there was more hair growing there, too, like the high school guys, maybe as much as Connor.

His dick was harder than ever, and he had that feeling, again, so strong, that made him want to stroke it like Connor showed him. It was already so big! He knew it was as big as Connor's. He wished he could measure it. Probably about seven inches, at least, and it felt so big in his hand, so thick and hard. He lifted his balls with his other hand. They were getting so big. Just the idea of having big balls made him shiver with some kind of really good feeling. Just twelve and already getting the real guy stuff. He could tell he was taller, and his whole physique was more grown up. He was getting muscle definition. Already! Shit! It felt so great, getting grown up, all of a sudden like this, to be just, like, turning into a man almost. Yeah, that was it. He felt so masculine. And that felt so good, made him so excited, he could feel his big dick tingle. He looked at it in his hand. Whoa. He tried wrapping both hands around it, and he could. It was getting bigger even while he stood there looking at it. Oh, god, he thought, as he felt that strange, great feeling build up fast and so hot until he came again. He watched his big dick spurt and spray that thick, heavy white stuff he knew was cum, just like Connor. Spraying that stuff all over him there, the way Connor did, must have really had a strong effect.

He felt almost dizzy, looking at himself naked in the mirror. He was getting so much hair! He lifted his arms, and his pits were full of it now. He went as far from the mirror as he could get, just to see if he could really see it from far away. He could. He really could.

A lot. And all around his dick, too. He definitely had real pubic hair, dark and thick, and it spread all over, like some guys he'd seen that had real, major pubes. The trail went all the way up to his chest now, and there was hair all over his chest. All over it! His pecs had definite shape, like the high school gymnasts and swimmers had. He was so turned on he couldn't believe it. It was really happening to him! And he knew Connor would give him more and he would get to be like one of those guys! He could hardly imagine, but he could already see it in the mirror. And he could feel it, lying in his hand. And he looked down where he was holding onto a cock so big now that he couldn't believe it was his, attached to him, growing out of all that hair, his very own big, thick cock, hard as rock, hard as steel, and so sensitive, feeling so good. He held it and watched it twitch in his hand and he could see it getting thicker and longer even as he watched. No wonder it felt like this! It twitched, and just kept getting a little thicker, a little longer. He flopped it back and forth, up and down. It felt so big and heavy, and that made him feel so good. He loved this! His balls were getting bigger too, just as fast. He just felt amazing! He felt his chest, and feeling that soft hair all over those hard muscles made his big cock jump. It slapped against his belly. It was so hard that, even not holding it, it stood pointing up, and it reached above his belly button.

He felt so hot now, he couldn't believe how he felt. He wanted everyone to see him, see what he looked like, see his big dick and balls, and the hair, and the muscle he was getting. He thought about those other guys he'd seen that did this. It wasn't long before they were walking around showing huge bulges in their pants, even wearing tight, stretchy stuff that made everything show. He'd been both embarrassed and excited, seeing guys he knew from seeing around, guys in high school, even middle school guys, suddenly getting all big and muscular. Now, looking at himself, there was no embarrassment at all.

He just felt excited. He didn't care if anyone thought whatever they might think about a young kid like him getting muscular, and hairy, jeez, just like the older guys, and getting such a giant dick and balls. He kept staring at his cock, first in the mirror, then looking down at it, almost trying to convince himself it was really happening, that it was really getting so big so fast! It was really feeling heavy, now, and his balls felt heavy, too, lying against his legs, and kind of funny, how they hit his legs so much lower. His thighs touched together, now, and that made his balls lie against them in front, so he really felt them. When he looked in the mirror, he saw how hairy he was all around there, even down his legs on his inner thighs where his balls lay. He pushed down on his dick, so he could see how long it was, and it was getting huge. Really huge. He could wrap both hands around it and there was still enough sticking out to put another hand on it, and his fingers could only touch around it if he squeezed hard, and even that didn't make much difference, it was so hard. It had big veins all over it, and the head was like a big, red helmet.

Just looking at it made him feel so tingly all over, and so good. He rubbed the whole length of it very slowly, just to feel how big it was. When he let it go, it slapped his hard belly against all the hair he was getting there, too, then it stood out, pointing toward the sky, jerking all by itself with the weird feelings that kept going through it, really, really good weird feelings. It was like each jerk made it get just a little bit bigger. He was so turned on, he couldn't even thing of anything else. He loved this. He loved his huge cock.

He stroked it as he watched it jerk and jerk, and the feelings grew stronger and stronger. He came again, and this time there was so much more cum, spraying and spurting like it had a propellent in there.

It made his whole body jerk and clench and shiver and feel so good he couldn't begin to get his head around it. It made him feel wild in a way, like he would do anything to keep that feeling, to have it again, and again, constantly if he could. He rubbed the slippery cum on his belly and chest, and for the first time, he really felt the muscle he was getting, and the hair that was getting really dark, now, and all over him. He tasted the cum, licked it off his hand, and it tasted like, like, like the taste of guy. Yeah. It was all about being a guy. This was what being a guy was. He wanted more. Fuck, he wanted as much as he could get.

He sat down by the mirror with his legs spread and bent his head to see if he could get that beautiful, big cock into his mouth. Holy shit, he thought, as he wrapped his lips over its swollen head. He forced his tongue into the hole, just to see how that felt. He'd heard about sucking dick, now he could see what that was like. It was still jerking with that feeling, and he could get his lips completely over the head and get it all in his mouth. He sucked it slowly, twirling his tongue around it. Oh man, oh jeez, it felt unbelievable.

Pretty soon, he realized he was getting some of the shaft in his mouth, too, and the head felt bigger, filled his mouth more, touched the back of his throat. Oh, man, it was getting fucking huge! He pulled off it to look, stroking it against his abs. It hit the dark trail of hair he was getting down the middle of his abs over halfway between his belly button and his pecs. Oh, man! He went down on it again, and sucked it hard, now, pulling on it, milking it. He wanted to make it cum again, to feel himself cum into his own mouth. He got closer, closer, using his hands, feeling his balls touching the floor between his legs, feeling that feeling again, building, getting stronger, closer, until he felt his cock go more rigid, hard and full, and begin to throw its load into his mouth. He tasted it, and the taste was pure guy, and he loved it. He swallowed, greedy for it, wanting as much as he could milk out of himself. He kept sucking and swallowing until it finally stopped, and he took every drop of his juice, his man juice. It felt warm inside him. It made that animal feeling, that wild feeling, even stronger.

He was sated, barely, long enough to stand up, look at himself again, and marvel at how he'd already changed. He had a body like a senior gymanst or something, maybe even a weightlifter now. He flexed, and hard muscle bulged on his arms. His face was all messy and raggedy looking because he'd grown peach fuzz all over where he was getting his beard and it was turning dark. He couldn't wait for more, and he knew Connor would have it. He thought of Connor, now. He probably would have gone to get more, and would probably be even bigger and hotter. Oh, man, would he love to get Connor naked again.

He pulled on Connor's clothes, and the baggy pants weren't baggy anymore. They were tight on his butt and legs, even though the waist gapped out loose, and they were too short. His balls barely fit in the underwear, and his dick would stay in only by lying it sideways, and it went over to his hip and stuck out so much there was no doubt about what was in those pants. It looked so thick and fat and long and big, just totally huge. Even his balls showed like a couple of oranges. He didn't care. No, more than that, he loved it. He knew people would look. There was even hair showing at the top of his pecs, and they looked like real pecs. They'd see he was one of those guys. And then he'd get back to Connor, and Connor would see, and he knew Connor would love it, too, more than anyone.

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