The Culling 8

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The kiss was warm and sweet. His lips met mine and I felt completed, my body responded. Heat and such longing swept over me. I closed my eyes and broke the contact, "We must not do this, Michael." I said, my breath ragged with strangled desire.

His voice was soft, "We do not have to travel this road alone. Wherever it leads, I will be there holding your hand, Gregor." I was overcome and rushed forward in a clumsy attempt at a kiss, my tongue inexpertly pushing into his mouth, I pushed him hard against the door squeezing him into me, the closeness, the sense of him driving away the dark thoughts and bringing on such pleasure. I could feel the hardness of his manhood through the fabric of his breeches and I felt my own member stiffen even more.

I heard a low moaning noise and I realized it was coming from me, from deep inside my chest. My door swung open and I felt Michael's warm, calloused hand in mine as I led him through the darkness of my rooms to my sleeping chamber. I switched on the lamps as we entered.

I turned to Michael who looked serious and directly into my eyes, he gently cupped my head in his hand and pulled me closer. I opened my mouth slightly as we kissed even deeper. My hands started to roam over his body, feeling him. I tucked one had under his shirt feeling the warm, hairiness of his chest. I was twisting awkwardly and he confidently stripped off his shirt and then removed mine. His strong hands began caressing my chest and I heard his voice low and husky, "Gregor, such beauty." He tenderly bent low and his tongue played with my nipples. A small moan escaped me and instinctually my hands travelled to his waist and started fumbling with his breeches.

Roughly, I pulled them down exposing his manhood. A dark patch of hair crowned his hard cock. Michael held very still as I stroked his penis, feeling the silky skin over the hard veins. I could feel the throb of his heartbeat through my hand and the sense of connection was palpable. I looked into his beautiful eyes and then lowered myself and gently took him into my mouth. He lay his hands on my shoulders kneading them gently as his body responded to me.

Michael and I took turns pleasuring each other first slow and gentle and then with increasing urgency and hardness. Soon, I found my self forcibly pushing my cock into him again and again, sweat pouring off my body. My mind was full of nothing but the moment, the pleasure. My body knew its movements, like the sun rising, I felt at one with the course of nature. I was full of everything and nothing. A tingling that had built to the breaking point released as I came inside him. Michael began to roar simultaneously shootIng ropes of ejaculate onto my floor.

His body convulsed with the orgasm and I could see his skin turn red, flushed with effort. I gripped his shoulders still in the throes of my own pleasure and I could feel the muscle of his shoulders, hardening growing. Michael bent his arms forward, fists clenched flexing his torso as his fists met each other in front of his abdomen. He bellowed and my hand was forced up and open by the ridges of hard muscle pushing up around his thickening neck.

An enormous sense of well being and vitality filled my body. I felt alive, alert to everything around me. I began to feel a pressure growing inside me, a swelling. There was a roaring in my ears louder than Michael's outcries. An eruption of heat from my chest ran outwards filling my whole body. The veins in my hands and arms were rigid. My arms were pushed up by the pressure away from Michael's body. They were forced out stretched away from my sides. My biceps violently contracted bending my arms at the elbows. I flexed, hard, my arms felt tight and then I felt something hard pushing up against the knuckles of my fist and my forearm. I turned my head and stared at my left arm. My vision was filled with the new, vast expanse of my arm. I could not take it all in with one glance. My eyes swept lower to take in the lowest part of my flexed arm which curved with a heavy cable of thick muscle laying a massive foundation for the burgeoning peak of muscle far above it. My eyes traveled up the dense muscle, taking in the striations and the thick veins feeding the muscle running under the skin. The big bulging roundness of the lower biceps threaded with hard sinewy muscle. Finally my eyes reached the top of the mountainous muscle which crested above my eye level. It's gigantic size was pushing up under my fist and forearm like a craggy piece of cannon shot.

My arms were bigger by an order of magnitude than Jedrek's mighty limbs. I turned and my other arm perfectly matched the other in size. I bellowed and powered out of my flex and then flexed the titanic peaks again....harder feeling the skin stretch tighter as the muscles strained and pumped even bigger. A sense of power and strength filled me overwhelming everything else.

I noticed movement just below my line of sight. It was my chest. I looked down at the two massive slabs of muscle heaving out from my body. I once again pushed down my pumped up arms watching my muscular chest bulge even larger as my heavy arms came down. The pecs distended and rounded out in a rippling action. It was difficult to get my big arms to touch my waist, not only because of the pump, but because my back and chest had widened so far that when my arms hung straight they were nowhere near my waist. I once again turned right, surveying the expanse of my shoulders, they curved up thick and round, massive cables crawled over the caps of muscle as I moved my arms.

Something moist was poking into the bottom of my chest, slicking the muscled gutter between my protuberant pectorals. Stiffly I moved my big hand under my chest shelf to investigate. My hand bumped into a thick, banded steel like rod, running up my midsection; my cock. I lightly massaged the gnarled log like appendage, enjoying the tingling wave of pleasure from my light touch. The swollen head pushed more urgently and deeply into my chest as my member responded with tumescence.

I moved my hand to my midsection and my fingers found big squares of muscle, my thick fingers actually caught in the space between the flexing muscle. I tentatively pushed the unyielding surface of my crosshatched stomach. I ran my hand lower stroking the long muscles of my thigh, feeling the deeply striated muscles as I ran my hand across my leg which now had a girth greater than an oak barrel. I pushed my foot forward and was shocked at the monstrous appearance of my immense lower leg, then I noticed appreciatively how beautifully the muscles tucked tightly into the knee and then flared out again into titanically huge calves. I flexed my legs watching the throbbing musculature move in waves across this new musclescape of my body.

At the same time of this enormous physical power, I also felt all the constraints to my magic dropping away. It was as if I had been in a closed dark room and then a door opened and then the wall and then I was on a limitless plain able to see all and there were stars and all of the cosmos and universes within universes. I could feel it all spreading out around me. My consciousness seemed everywhere. I dropped back into the room as I became aware of harsh sounds.

I heard myself or Michael or both of us growling, making low guttural noises like animals. I forced my attention away from my own vastitude to Michael. He stood taller than me and was slightly but obviously bigger than Jedrek even when Jedrek was fully pumped. His body was slick with sweat and the ejaculate he had earlier spewed. His musculature undulated and shined as he moved. His dark hair and pale skin, flushed from the transformation, accentuated his throbbing physique. He looked lost in wonder at his transformation and then looked at me in the with those gorgeous eyes of his and smiled with such a sweet look of affection. I found myself grinning back in wonder at the openness of his smile. Then his eyes travelled downwards to the rest of me and he dropped to his knees before me, "Gregor, the great," he said reverently and then gently began to stroke my bloated manhood. "You are magnificent."

I gripped his colossal shoulders and effortlessly powered his massive bulk up so he was standing in front of me. I looked up at him feeling comforted by his familiar smile. I felt an ache in my heart and the words came from me as I looked straight into his eyes, "Michael, this is all you, you fulfill me, you humble me, you make me whole. The world as it was before you is unthinkable to me."

Michael did not reply, but his eyes became shiny with emotion and he tenderly kissed me.

We lay on the bed. My chambers had been built for one of the teachers at the Great School and I had always felt lost in their massiveness. Now our gigantic bodies fit the bed's dimensions perfectly. I pulled myself close to Michael, laying my head on the hardness of his chest, feeling the fine soft hair spread across it. I felt the rising and falling of his breathing and allowed contentment to fill me as Michael stroked my hair.

I looked down at the riot of muscle displayed in our intertwined bodies and an unease crept through me, I whispered, "What have we done? What have we become?"

Michael, clearly unruffled by my question or our transformation, began to stroke my manhood as he answered, "We are who we always have been." He paused as my cock stiffened at his touch and an evil grin played across his face, "we just have so much more to play with now." and he pulled hard on my erection and let go. My appendage struck across my midsection like a large piece of wood making a THWAAAACK sound.

I felt an evil chuckle rising in me and bounced the muscles of my monstrous chest. The titanic slabs slammed down shaking the room with their force. Michael's mighty body easily absorbed the impact and his grin widened, "Ah my lover likes to play rough? I believe I can accommodate." he blew the words tenderly in my ear and then we explored our massive bodies and ravaged them anew with our passion. Once again at the peak of orgasm, I felt totally at one with the universe; in bliss.

After a time, Michael moved from our bed, towards the looking glass, while I savored the amazing sight of the rippling of muscle from his movement. Michael, the magnificent. His proportions filled the wide glass, as he surveyed himself. "Gregor, come stand with me," he said. I came and stood in front of him. I looked at our reflections. I was half a head shorter and the insane broadness of my brawn overwhelmed the size of the mirror and mostly obscured Michael's magnificence. The glass was not wide enough for me to see both of my shoulders at once.

He rested his head on my shoulder next to mine staring at us, "We were poor farmers' sons who thought we would be killed and now we have a strength and a power that an emperor would envy. I will not let either of us regret that, Gregor"

"But with such power comes a heavy responsibility, Michael."

"Gregor, I am convinced we have the strength for that. But you are my intended and there is a time for all couples when they are allowed to play. I wish to celebrate!" Michael's deep pleasing voice began to hum a song and he moved his body to the rhythm of it, first swayIng both our hips in time as he pushed into me.

He then gripped my hands and crossed our arms in front of my chest and he began to sing in my ear, "I want to take you away. Let's escape into someplace where we both can play."

The words were simple and he did not follow form, but he was summoning powers and with a force to be answered. The walls of my room dissolved around us in a haze of blue mist. The mist began to seep away and we were standing naked in a clearing surrounded by lush, tropical vegetation. I could feel the sudden heat and humidity. The sky was clear blue dotted by clouds. A gentle and warm wind blew over our bodies. There was a constant rumbling sound in the distance.

I heard large animal sounds in the foliage around us. Some part of me thought of our nakedness as vulnerability, then the thought of what we had become occurred to me and I didn't worry that my tree branch of a cock was swinging exposed. I felt no fear. There was no wild creature capable of hurting us. I knew there was nowhere on earth that we could encounter a force capable of doing us harm. "Michael, where have you taken us naked in the middle of the day?"

He planted a kiss on my head, "I did not think I could actually do this. Do not worry my sweet, if this place is as I understand, there will be no one to spy your ample charms."

He strode forward towards the rumbling sound and once again, despite my current apprehensions, I enjoyed the view of my lover's backside. The earth was soft under my feet but as we moved forward it became rocky, and I felt no discomfort from the change. My feet were much tougher now than they had been.

Michael broke through one last swath of jungle and, "Here we are, Gregor! Feast your eyes." Ahead the complete horizon was filled with a roaring waterfall several hundred feet high. The thing was miles wide with white water crashing over the rocks in a tremendous rush water filling a lake that was miles wide and fed several large rivers. The base of the gigantic falls were shrouded in mist from the tremendous force of the gallons of churning water. Surrounding the lake were sands and lush vegetation.

"It is beautiful. How did you know of this?" I asked.

"When I was a boy there was a teacher who came for a time and tried to school us rough children from the village. Only me and a few of the girls came, probably because we found him handsome rather than from a desire to learn. He had books, it was the first time I had seen such things, and in one there were paintings of this place and the teacher said that many of the Emperor Durness' men had died trying to get to this region. It is surrounded by treacherous land and fed by a wild and lethally unnavigable river. Only a few survived to write and draw pictures of this place I always wanted to see it."

I lay down on the sand and felt the deep warmth penetrate my body. "Gregor, it is not time to rest, it is time to play!" Michael shouted as his mighty, tree trunk dwarfing legs launched him into the air. He sped up in a blur so high he disappeared into the clouds above. Several minutes passed as I scanned the sky for his return. Michael broke the cloud cover again slowly falling his body spread eagled, his tremendous back flexed, stretching away from his body. He seemed to be slowing his downward fall. He stayed suspended for a time and then curled his body up into a big ball of muscle and plummeted downwards. I knew he couldn't be hurt but still found myself wincing when he impacted the water. Millions of gallons of water erupted from around the boulder of muscle. The splash spewed water into the air higher than the height of the falls, briefly obscuring the sun with a cloud of droplets and raining down on the landscape around the lake drenching me with refreshing water.

Michael's head bobbed up from the water and then, even though the lake was deep he somehow managed to stand up in the water leveraging his leviathan's body largely out of the water upright while somehow treading water underneath the surface. He looked like he was standing in a pool up to his knees. His drenched body glistened in the sunlight. He planted his fists on his waist and slowly spread his back wider. I responded to his muscle challenge by diving into the cool water. The heaviness of my body dragged me to the bottom, and the vast current pushed me backwards. My body effortlessly swam against those forces. I might as well have been in a still pool. I swam along the deep rocky bottom of the lake. I noticed no sign of fish or plant life in the clear water. There was no need for me to breathe as I stayed under for several minutes. I noticed a great churning several feet above me in the water. Michael.

I kicked up, effortlessly speeding through the liquid space towards his kicking legs. I blasted out of the water, maybe twenty feet in the air spraying Michael. Michael had started flexing his great arms. I landed near him and "stood" in the water matching his pose. Matched and exceeded it, my arms eclipsed even Michael's inhumanly large arms. Michael moved towards me and kissed the top of my arm and the whispered in my ear, "Race you to the top of the falls!" he instantly submerged and in seconds I saw his pale body cleaving the blue water streaking towards the distant falls.

I let my body sink into the cool underwater and then kicked against the current. My body was unstoppable and this current that a legion of rowers could not have battled was nothing. Whatever I needed to battle the water my body gave me easily. I looked up to see the amazing sight or Michael's wide, muscled back easily splitting through the falls as he sped swimming up them. I put some effort and like lightning I shot up the falling water at blinding speed passing Michael and then managed to "stand" in the savagely surging waters with my hands on my hips looking impatient as he topped the falls a second later.

The crashing waters thundered around us throwing up rainbows around our impervious bodies and Michael laughed louder than the great waters. "It is good, is it not?" he bellowed against the huge noise.

I nodded. Michael leapt into the air spinning and dove once again in the lake below quickly appearing on the distant shore and laying in the sun. I leapt high in the air from treading the churning water, and thumped down on my feet next to him, my immense weight shaking the ground. Michael reached out an arm and affectionately gripped my hard calf muscles.

He stood again looking at the landscape surrounding us, "Gregor, watch this." Michael opened his mouth wide and inhaled. All of the mist in the area disappeared down his throat. Then closing his lips together he started to blow. The force of several hurricanes exploded from his lungs and blew out from between his lips. Using his cheek muscles to control the direction of the air, Michael blasted the falls with super-cold air. Well, not really air, more of a cloud of compressed cold that contained absolutely no heat energy. The giant clouds of heat absorbing matter engulfed the miles of waterfall. There was an eerie cracking, crackling sound, and then all was quiet. No rushing of air from Michael, no roaring of millions of gallons of water cascading down the cliffs. Everything was silent.* Even the animal sounds were stilled.

One part of me felt a horror at how easily Michael, literally, blew away the laws of the natural world. I felt another part that felt excited at the potential in my own body. With the absence of any life to be harmed, I felt free to try my own, "trick".
I bent down and extended my arm and gently knocked on the ice. It felt solid, frozen harder than a rock clear through.

I rammed both my fists deep inside the super solid structure securing my grip. I felt my muscles expand as they delivered the strength for what I wished. I began to stand up. All around us for miles there was a cracking noise and the ground started to rumble and shake, as I lifted the entirety of the frozen lake and waterfall into the air. Hundreds feet thick of super-frozen water, several miles across in every direction, encasing rocks and detritus moved cleanly out of the lake bed in one piece. The river rushed in underneath and filled the lake basin with water that crashed on the shores and down the riverbeds as it roared in. I held the frozen mass of thousands tons of water easily aloft. My body seemed to have an endless supply of strength and this did not tax it at all. The frozen mass looked like a strange, massive crystal sculpture. Michael gaped as I gingerly removed one hand and held it all with just one arm. My arm easily supported the colossal bulk. With my free arm, I drew Michael near me and nibbled on his ear, "Watch this, Michael" I whispered against the sound of the restored falls.

I opened my mouth wide and drew in a massive amount of air, the vegetation around us shaking and bending towards us. I held it deep with in my massive chest, concentrating and compressing it, heating it and then I directed the superheated mass upwards at the harder than granite ice sculpture I held. Upon impact of the super hot air, the ice exploded into steam forming a cloud over the lake. Boulders and debris that had been suspended in ice moments before rained back down into the lake. Warm precipitation from the cloud fell down over the lake as I blew it higher, using normal breath now. A huge rainbow stretched over the valley.

We stared at the beauty shoulder to shoulder, with our heads craned in and touching. "Let us promise to try and do no harm," I said staring at the rainbow and stroking Michael's lower back.

"Michael grasped my hand in his, "I promise to never do harm, unless it is to protect from greater harm," he kissed me on the cheek.

"I promise as well," I said solemnly.

Michael stared at me and said, "Then it is time we put aside childish pursuits and return home."

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