The Culling 10

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I stood alone on the edge of the twisted plain of Eoghan and Fearghus' folly, known by the breeders as Durness' Folly.

The breeders.

I cursed the epithet, I was thinking with the same smugness I detested in the rest of the Brotherhood. I needed that arrogance though, so I allowed the smugness to creep over me at the various inadequacies, the fragility, the puniness of...breeders.

The green mountains of Taiga lay at my back.

Ahead, the vast and lifeless silences of the twisted landscape were broken only by my own footsteps. I pulled off the only clothing I was wearing, a breechcloth, the tearing of the cloth echoing from the giant misshapen rock formations in front of me,

The sun stood high above me in the sky as I began to concentrate my power. I spat once into each of my hands. I glanced downwards as my big hands began to stroke the length of my manhood. The sunlight threw shadows on the deep, hairy striations of the enormous, jutting shelf of my chest which completely obstructed the view of my hands. I felt the hot, aliveness of my penis, so much a part of me and yet alien in its thick, vein covered enormity.

I purposefully concentrated on my strength. How I dominated every man I came in contact with. I was bigger and stronger than any man I had physically encountered. If I glared people moved away. Mountains, continents were nothing to my massive body.
One of my hands moved up stroking the powerful, stonelike cords of my obliques.

I felt my testicles swell as hard as the fantastic peaks of my muscles. The shaft of my manhood grew rigid, harder than any metal I had forged. The expanding girth of my penis became difficult to grasp even with my big hands. Out past the roiling muscular vastness of my chest, the thickly veined protuberance of my cockhead became visible. The wide, swollen head of my phallus was red with built up pressure and glistening with precum dripping from the slit, it looked like a monstrous, savage weapon.

I stroked harder feeling the pressure continue to build all while willing myself not to complete the orgasm. My cock seemed to swell even bigger. I could feel the need to release boiling throughout its massive length.

Then I came.

The explosion of ejaculate shot out of me and I roared shaking the massive formations in front of me. The liquid struck the hard rock shattering it into pieces of earth. I turned spraying all the formations in front of me. The thunderous report of stone being obliterated filled my ears. I strode forward on the now flattened land, my inexhaustible manhood blasting the formations as I swept it back and forth across the lifeless plain in front of me instantly pulverizing the twisted stone and churning the hard earth up. I do not know the length of time it took me to cross the plain but I only stopped when the last of the formations was exploded into nothingness by the force of my cum.

I made my way naked back across the expanse of the plain. My legs sometimes sinking deep into the dark and muddy earth. Everywhere there was the smell of my seed mixed with the earth. The sun had just risen on what morning it was and how many days I had spent at my labor, I did not know. My shadow was the only shadow cast across the landscape. Reaching the middle of the plain I turned a full circle and saw nothing but dark muddy, flat earth where once there had been only twisted rock.

I turned finally in the direction of my home. I tensed the gigantic muscles of my legs and sprang free from the clinging earth in a mighty leap that sent me flying into the sky, across the miles of the plain, higher than the soaring peaks of the Taiga Mountains.

I called on my other powers to steer and slow my descent so I landed gently outside the home Michael and I shared. I was exhausted and staggered into Michael's arms as he lead me to a hot shower. I then fell into our bed and slept and slept.

It was morning again and I awoke blinking in the light falling through our window. I nuzzled into the deep cavern under Michael's arm, enjoying his hairiness, the hardness of his muscle even as he slept and the musky clean scent of him. I made growling noises like a rutting animal and woke Michael who took my revived manhood easily. "You're stronger than mountains," I whispered as I came in him.

"I know," he growled, tensing as he shot ropes of cum on the far wall of our bedroom.

We spent a week doing the ordinary things in life, not speaking of what we had to do. I savored this time with Michael for we both knew this time in Taiga was to come to an end.

On the seventh day after my return having finished our clean up of the evening meal, Michael came to me with two bundles of blue fabric. He shook out two cloaks of soft blue leather. Stitched across them in gold was a design of two magnificent trees, their trunks separate but their branches intertwined, grown together.

"While you were completing your task, I made these for our next labor. If you pull them completely around and over yourself, they will let in no rain or weather and the colors and designs will fade into the landscape and you will not be seen. They will also make the rockiest ground comfortable to lie upon."

"They are perfect," I smiled in gratitude.

We packed supplies and shut the door of our home. We both wore our cloaks and light short tunics of muslin with loose leather breeches. Except for our richly appointed cloaks, we could be two very large peasants. The sun was high in the sky and in its light I could see the brilliance of the goldwork in Michael's cloak as it bunched and moved over the enormous muscular crags of his back. I felt my manhood stir at this display and I needed to focus on other matters.

"Time to begin the invasion of our homeland, Mediolanum." Michael said with a bright smile and shot into the air. He was instantly a blue glittering dot on the horizon. I took one last look at this place that I had fought with and been changed by. I thought of Ryota's words, a refuge for men like us and I could feel some of the awesome beauty of it leak into my heart.

"Goodbye," I whispered and leapt up into the air.

Once again I was speeding over Durness' Folly, but I could traces of green like a mist running over the dark, fertile land. The curse was gone, the healing had begun.

When Jedrek made his runs across Mediolanum he had purposefully avoided the soldiers because he wanted to avoid creating a situation. Michael and I were creating a situation and so we began with the border guard on the Eastern border of the land.

Using some of my magics, I gentled my landing and barely disturbing the trunks of the trees in the copse I landed beside.

I pulled my cloak around me, blending into the landscape and hunching down and looked at the scene playing out just a few feet away.

Michael was surrounded by soldiers, his 7 feet easily overtopping the tallest man in the group. Michael's thick upper arms were easily wider than the shoulders of these armored men standing around him. His monstrous chest swelled menacingly forcing the men away from his body, a small bounce of that hulking superstructure and the crowd of men would be pounded into oblivion, armor and all. Michael was obviously moving very carefully to keep from hurting these men standing uneasily near him.

"I wish to speak to your commanding officer," Michael was keeping his powerful, baritone voice gentle.

"W-w-w-we are s-s-supposed t-to b-b-b-bind the prisoners up." One of the men barely stuttered out.

Michael chuckled, the unexpected movement of his vast body caused two of the closest soldiers to break ranks and dash away in panic. "That is easily solved, for I am not your prisoner, I am your liberator. Walk with me as friends walk with friends."

Something in the good natured warmth of Michael's voice caused the soldiers fear to melt away. They lowered their useless weapons, although the squad leader kept doggedly on, "We are loyal servants to the great King Whately and the high Wizards Garoth and Reb'kah. We gladly serve at his majesty's pleasure. We require no liberation."

Michael smiled at the man, his beautiful blue eyes gentle, his dark hair lightly tossled by his flight. I felt so in love with this humble, strong but gentle man. "Then lead me as an emissary of a friendly nation, for at this moment that is what I am."

I wanted to watch him win them over, but I had another part to play. After the men had walked away, I sang to the shadows and to the darkness so that magical eyes would not be able to spy on the proceedings. I conjured a blanket of shadow to cover the country obscuring our uprising from the high wizards and from any other magical sight not of the Brotherhood (this was for two reasons: we did not need to hide from the Brotherhood and the magic needed is infinitely more powerful).

Reluctantly, I turned and leapt north towards the icy tower of Reb'kah, the Enchantress also known as the Deadly Terror to her enemies. Since she had sworn allegiance to the king the country had successfully captured much territory from her neighbors. She was deeply feared and hated.

I landed half a mile from the tower, cracking the ground with my impact. The tower was made from a gray silver metal. It looked like something alien perched on a blasted plain.

A green mist rose from the ground and I was immediately confronted by a thousand strong army of dead warriors. The smell of their rotting flesh filled the air. Their number stood between me and my goal. They unslung their weapons and marched towards me. Some of the weapons glowed with power and I recognized at least one of the blades from my studies. These were the men who had fallen against Reb'kah, whose souls and bodies were enslaved by her power.

I put my hands on my hips and simply drew a deep breathe. All of the green mist was sucked into the almost limitless capacity of my lungs. I could see my chest expanding more in my lower vision. The warriors stumbled against the force of my intake.

I put a small amount of effort into blowing out the air.

It was like unleashing armageddon. A great tornado of wind poured from me smashing into the army with enough force to shred armor and disintegrate bones. The wind whipped bodies into nothingness and as the turbulence spread across the army of the dead, nothing but fragments of armor and weapons remained clanking across the hard ground. The tower was buffeted by the raging winds, it shook and bent in the maelstrom of my breathe, the whole structure teetered but held true as I stopped my exhale.

It was suddenly silent and I was alone on the plain. "I'm not here to kill," I said into the absence of sound, "I need to be more careful." By the time, I finished speaking I was at the heavy metal doors at the base of the tower. The doors yawned at least 30 feet above me. I pushed my fingers into the thick metal and then simply pulled backwards, the doors popped off of the building, the torn metal shrieking. I tossed the doors behind me and heard the far off rumble as they embedded themselves into the distant mountains.

I was inside. It was cold, far colder than the icy temperatures outside. There were stairs running up in a spiral up the sides of the tower. A high, piercing, wailing echoed from all sides as giant blades of ice fell from above. I sang out the opening note of the spell of sealing, simultaneously shattering the blades with the power of my voice and magically preventing the flight of my adversary. As I sang the last note, I leapt upwards effortlessly shattering stone and steel as I hurtled to the pinnacle, the room of power.

I burst through the final floor of reinforced steel and wood with an explosion of debris. My invulnerable cloak was dusty but intact, my tunic shredded exposing most of my torso.

The room was long. The floor was littered with the pots and tubes of alchemy. Runes were drawn with a sweeping hand on the floors and ceilings, they glowed a bright and angry red, meaning my magic had successfully been cast over the structure. Hanging in rows along the walls were the heads of men. Their mouths hanging open in a rictus of pain.

At the far end of the room stood Reb'kah. Her hair was long and white almost silver and it spilled down almost to her sandaled feet. She was wearing a long white robe, which almost matched her delicately veined skin in paleness. Her face was a mask of hatred as she launched a knife of ice at me.

The blade broke harmlessly on the hairy rampart of my chest. Instantly I was encased in an enormous block of ice. I felt a momentary panic, which instantly subsided as I took a breathe. The expansion of my chest shattered the block. I could move as if there was no impediment and the crumbled at the force of my limbs as I strode forward.

Reb'kah hissed, "You are the absence of my power. You are the blanket of darkness that hides the rats of men from my gaze! You are.... What are you?"

"I am of the men of Taiga, the brotherhood."

"The stories are true then. Giant apes with the heavy, hideous features of men. You bring my end a rich irony, creature of Taiga." Her rage was pulsing through the room. Several of the heads on the wall burst like overripe fruit, but I was immune. "My life has been dedicated to the destruction of men. My first trophy was the head of the one who called himself my father. I only serve the king," her mouth twisted with even more bitterness, "to serve my own ends. Were it not for the wizard's tricks, I would rightfully be ruler of a land rid of free men."

I tried to think of how Michael would diffuse such hatred but I only had the goal of my mission. "I am not here to end you, I am here to form an alliance---" I faltered, the idiotic futility of my words dying on my lips as I spoke into her hatred, "or neutralize you."

She screeched and lightning whipped impotently around my body. All of the heads burst into flames and it seemed to me that I heard a low moan of pain or maybe release.

There was no choice for me. I stared at her icy blue eyes and sang the song of closing. Lines of black power arced out of her body and a rancid smell filled the room. "You will lose all power and memory," I spoke softly as she slumped to the floor. She looked up with clouded, confused eyes. I touched her arm, as fragile as new ice in my large hand, and carefully helped her to stand, "I am sending you to a village of good people. They will shelter you until you are well."

I whispered the final spell and she shimmered away to the villageas in.

The tower was built for dark purposes and stank of evil. I did not wish such a thing to stand. I tore open a hole in the wall and leaped down the side of the structure.

I looked up at the massive, metallic building looming hundreds of feet above me. I bent my knees spread my arms wide and gripped the building and stood up lifting it entirely out of the ground. The structure squealed as its weight redistributed in ways it was never built for.

I was now holding the doomed tower with both hands spread wide. Then I gave the tower a hug. I pulled and squeezed the tower to my chest. I could feel my biceps harden to something harder than metal or ant substance known. My arms worked with a steady, incredible pressure. I easily brought my hands compressing the materials of the tower to my chest which I could feel expanding with a powerful pump. The metal cried in agony as it was stressed in ways that nature couldn�t accomplish. I kept reaching out and gathering a huge mass of steel and compress it to my now heaving pecs. Then I reached and stretched my fingers, which would sink in and deform beams and bring them to me. I began gathering tons of steel faster and faster and driving the cold steel to my deep cleavage. My chest was swelling and bulging and compressing the very matter of the tower tighter and tighter. The metal was turning into hot liquid and then vaporizing in the terrible heat of my powerful muscles. I inhaled the steel steam and instead of tiring, I felt my power increase.

My arms moved so fast, they were a blur. My chest muscles pumped like gigantic sledge hammers as they compressed the solid matter against my blurred hands. Within moments there was nothing. I rubbed my bare, extremely hard* and hairy chest steaming from the heat of tearing a structure into nothingness. Nothing of the structure remained, no stick or stray bolt. Only a hole that had been the resting place of the building.

I turned away, my cloak blowing back behind me and leaped away.

I camped that night alone in a forest between the wizards' towers, leaving Michael to his work. I pulled the cloak around me and I was sheltered from the cold of night and listened to the night sounds. I knew I need not fear any creature or even the raw forces of nature but still I felt comforted by the cloak. I shut my mind from the raw fury of Reb'kah. I hoped that our opposition would not be so dedicated.

The next morning I leapt towards the fortress of Garoth.

The fortress rested in a high rocky valley. The fortress was huge, literally miles across. It was made of a strange marbled blue and white stone. The center of the building rose in a peak that towered over even the mountains. A cloud blew across that high tower even as I watched.

I walked towards the gigantic iron doors, they rose almost as high as Reb'kah's entire tower. The valley was lightly wooded with the wiry trees of the mountains.

The doors were suddenly flung open by a gust of wind which pulled several trees out by the roots. I marched into the hurricane and saw emerging out of the doors the enormous golden head of a dragon. It roared and shook the ground with its fury. It clamped jaws bigger than whole houses. Acid dripped smoking from the gaping maw of its mouth. It snorted flame that bounced harmlessly off the clearly dragonfire proof bricks of the fortress.

Monstrous chains bound its rear legs. The creature pulled fruitlessly on those chains. It turned its vast eyes and regarded my approach. Its mouth opened and a torrent of hellfire ran towards me.

Without slowing my forward stride I opened my mouth and simply inhaled the flame, creating a gigantic torrent of suction that pulled all the flame into my mouth. I felt the gentle warmth of the fire that ran hotter than the rivers of lava in the earth, hotter than any fire known to normal creation in my vast chest. I felt an internal friction which caused it to grow, by my gut feeling, slightly warmer. I expelled the flame on to the wall next to the dragon.

It was white hot, its brilliance blotting out all other sight fading the colors of the day to nothingness. It struck the side of the building, melting the dragon proof bricks to steaming liquid then to vapor in seconds. A huge hole had been opened up in the side of the fortress exposing that side of the dragon's chamber and several other rooms.

The beast made a feeble mewling sound and retreated leaking a foul yellow liquid and brown substance as it pissed and shit itself in fear of me. I strode forward finding the vast thing covering itself with its wings quivering. Its scales rattling with the force of a seizure.

Its huge claws were easily larger than me but I did not hesitate to lay my hand gently on one and begin stroking the creature. "Oh Great One, my quarrel is not with you. I do not wish to do battle only to pass and to parley with he who built this fortress."

The creature shook slightly less and I could feel it coming out of the shock of our first encounter. I moved past its enclosing wings to where its legs were bound. I grabbed hold of the metal chains which shattered like glass in my grip.

"Go free and fly to others of your kind and be not so lonely," I intoned.

In a great flurry and buffeting of wind the dragon was gone.

The dragon room only had a small door made out of the same brickwork. I was deciding my next move when I felt a transformation spell starting to work on me. I waved it away and watched the bright lines of power dissipate.

Moments passed and I was thinking of following the power lines to their source. Before I did though I heard a musical trilling as the rear wall of the chamber simply reformed itself into a stairway of blue stone leading up to the top of the tower.

It is nice to be invited, I thought and marched boldly to the tower and my host were waiting.

The doors of the tower were worked with white gold and I recognized some powerful protective runes worked within the ornate designs. The doors opened and from the inner chamber a pleasant voice, "Welcome and enter!"

The room was dark and suffused with a reddish glow. There were a series of dark curtains that I pushed through until I was in a large round drawing chamber with long couches arranged around in a rough circle.

On one lay an attractive black haired man with his eyes closed and no shirt. Kneeling before him, clearly pleasuring him was a winged creature with a female body, a succubus. He groaned, clearly climaxing in the creature's mouth. The creature dutifully swallowed and retreated to the shadows. The man spoke, �She wants to destroy me, but my power makes her give me the most exquisite of pleasures.�

The man opened his eyes and stared at me his eyes widening a bit as he scanned my full size, "I must apologize," he said rising with his hand extended, "you have caught me celebrating, the end of my most powerful enemy. I am Garoth, the wizard." I took his hand gently but I could see him wince at the force of my grip.

"That would explain the dragon at the door rather than a smiling greeter, Garoth. I am Gregor." I gave the sentence a twist.

The man's confidence looked shaken for a moment. A look of fear or something I could not read. �Yes, that was a costly mistake. I will miss Mnementh, he was a great pet and guardian. It was only with great sacrifice that I was able to hold him here. I should have made sure you had a proper greeting.�

�Gregor,� he continued, �I assume you are also what ended the career of Reb�kah? I felt that only one such as you (I am assuming you are of the properly legendary brotherhood of Taiga) could end her power signature so completely. I also assume you are responsible for the darkness that clouds my vision of the king�s lands. Seeing these signs, I did put out certain protections. Which I should have guessed would prove useless.�

�You have guessed a�right, Garoth. I am responsible for both situations and I am of Taiga.�

He prodded me further, �I had always thought the legends were true. I actually made quite a study of the history of Eoghan and know of his partner Fearghus. At a foolish time in my life I even pursued the company of men who did not pass the culling to elevate as your people do.

�To what purpose, do you do these things? I won�t say I�m not grateful of being rid of the scheming witch, the release of my dragon and the obscuring of my magic, are impressive but terrifying to me.�

I found myself turning his words in my head. He had tried to elevate himself through the company of men, but he was not attracted, did not truly love them. The change had not happened but this might make him more open to treating with me, perhaps.

�You hardly seemed terrified, Garoth. I am here to take over my home country of Mediolanum and rule it.� I said carefully.

�And you are removing the pillars that support the king. First Reb�kah and now...I see. Why this sidelong approach, Gregor? Your people have been known to take on bigger forces directly. You certainly are more than capable of destroying my great power and Reb�kah�s in tandem and take on the army without much effort. I will freely admit that I not only admire your great power but it makes me jealous.�

�I have spent the fullness of my life pursuing power such as yours. It is an honor to be near one who has achieved more than my greatest imaginings.�

I felt an impatience growing in me. �My reason are my own, and since you are meeting with me you must understand, I wish to treat.�

�Of course, I submit. I do not wish to be destroyed or lose my power. I see fighting as hopeless. You may dictate the terms. It helps of course if we mingle our blood. It binds us.� Garoth was doing exactly as I hoped. It is old magic that a contract drawn with the blood of both parties does completely bind both parties to the terms of the contract.

He summoned a quill which he allowed to stab his arm. I willed the quill and used my power to strengthen it slightly pierce my impenetrable skin to take some of my blood. It suddenly leached on to my arm and pulled deeply from me.

Garoth was chortling and I felt light headed for a moment and realized that the quill had injected something into me. I could feel my body destroying whatever it was but I was still light headed.

Garoth himself was changing growing in size and strength. His muscles were swollen and covered in blue veins. His once slender limbs were now heavy with muscle. Nowhere near even the smallest of the Brotherhood but larger than any mortal man I had seen. A golden glow seemed to be coming from him and the sorceries embedded in the building came alive and wrapped around me and tried to slow my recovery. I opened my mouth to sing and thick black ropes of pure power ran into my open mouth, stifling my voice. I could feel Garoth attempting to use my blood to pull my power into him.

�At last, at long last. my pursuit of power is complete. This is my dream!
The power it courses through me!!� he screamed triumphantly.

The ornate and careful runes and sorceries were as nothing to me. I let a fraction of my power down the lines. The effect was immediate. The dark ropes of power burned white and then exploded, writhing like snakes upon the ground. The sorceries that were in careful balance burst all over the room. The succubi, suddenly freed from their sorcerous bonds, attacked Garoth with ferocity. Vainly he fought their claws and teeth. His strength and speed inadequate to the fury of the attacking creatures. They began flaying his skin from his bones. His triumphant grin suddenly became screams of terror as the she demons pulled him down devouring his flesh. They did not attack his vital organs. They wanted him living.

A dark hole to another place opened and the succubi pulled Garoth�s still screaming carcass into it. The hole grew pulling pieces of the tower into it. I leapt away, easily escaping the pull of the darkness which was now pulling the whole of the fortress into itself. I watched the hole grow larger destroying all of Garoth�s foul work.

Then I sang the song of closings, my voice shook the mountains and the trees and the forces obeyed me. The hole sealed itself and the doorway to that dark place was closed.

I felt exhausted and slept that night in Garoth�s valley now cleansed of his evil. Nothing disturbed my rest and I awoke to prepare the final pieces of my plan and rejoin with Michael.

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