Doug: One Man's Saga of Massive Muscle, Part VIII: Citizen Doug

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He stood naked shivering in the line of men. The other guys were like him: strong, athletic, ready, anxious. He could feel the dread and excitement racing with his blood around his body, throbbing in his ears. He shook out his arms feeling the blood in his muscles, pushing up his veins in ridges along his forearms. He looked up at the silver shower spigot poised above him. Somewhere, outside of the glassed in room there was a metallic clank and a bright, green mist began to fall from the spigot.

He felt the stuff coat his body and he turned so it coated him evenly. The blood in his body began to race faster and for a second all he heard was the sound of his own blood rushing in his ears. He felt a warmth all over but concentrated in his penis which seemed to be growing longer and bigger. His hand slicked from the green substance slid easily over his engorged member. He became aware of a low guttural sound. It was him, he was moaning in pleasure.

His arms, his legs, his calves, his chest, his muscles started to grow heavy and fuller, feeling as if he had just had a gargantuan pump in the gym. Veins and muscular separation started throbbing across his limbs. He felt something surge through him and he was about to cry aloud with the power of it.

There was a wrenching feeling throughout his body and all of the sudden all the heavy fullness became sodden. His muscles became limp and started hanging like bags with nothing in them. His penis started to droop and retract. His energy and exultation was replaced by a cold realization. He was losing everything he had before stepping into this chamber.

The other men around him looked like soft saggy dolls. There was a low moan of dread. A fog, a metallic taste in his mouth, huge staring, cold blue eyes, a voice…

Eryk sat up in bed breathing hard his body covered in sweat. He ran his hand up and down over his chest and arms. Still hard and toned, his gymnast muscles were stiff from disuse and he was tired from lack of sleep but his body was his. Eryk felt relief even as memories of the last few weeks tumbled through his mind.

The chase: looking though a window and seeing his girlfriend betray him to the police. The dodging, the running, the sleepless nights and finally settling down with his old school friend, Gustavo who had been the only other male gymnast at their high school. Gustavo had given him a mattress in the basement of his house. So far, no one had come looking, although there were still pictures of him on the news and in the newspaper. Somehow, he had gotten the blame for Doug’s mutation, disappearance and the disappearance of the other athletes who had taken part of the experiment. He was considered armed and dangerous and the warrants for his capture were to take him dead or alive. Under a new law, he didn’t need a trial. Somehow, he was already considered guilty even though there was no proof he had done any of it and he had no prior record.

Eryk could feel his mind spin. Earlier this year he had been one of the country’s top collegiate national athletes. He had been widely considered for the Olympic team and maybe even a possible overall National champion. Now he was on the run, his reputation shattered and his life in jeopardy. He had cut off all communication with his family so the government and the Zon Powers people could not come after them.

Gustavo’s sister was dating crusading news reporter, Enrique Mas. Gustavo thought that maybe she could convince him to do an interview to help clear his name and expose the Zon Powers corporation.

Right now, it was his only hope.


“He is so fucking hard. Even his ass, it’s like touching a rock,” a bearded muscular man said wonderingly prodding Doug’s magnificently muscled ass. His finger couldn't make a dent in the rock hard striations of muscle feathered across Doug’s glutes.

Doug was still dazed with the vision of the shadow Hank and the pleasure of so easily conquering such a powerful man. His cock had ceased spewing cum after five minutes or so but it still stood out in front of him like a tree limb.

“My God, speaking of hard. This thing is solid,” a portly bearish man put his hand gingerly on Doug’s penis and then when Doug did not react dipped down and hung from it by his two arms.

“Ralph you’re over 200 pounds. That guy---what is he?” the first man stood looking on in awe at the massive power of Doug’s erection. He moved around while his friend Ralph started playfully swinging on Doug’s cock but it didn’t even bobble. The man stared up past the impossibly stupendous size of Doug’s bulging chest to Doug’s slightly joweled face with its unfocused expression. The man looked at Doug’s basset hound brown eyes and found himself getting hard for the third time at this incredible spectacle of masculinity.

Xythan pushed forward. “Guys, break it up. You’ve been up too late. We’re all tired. Paul, PAUL,” he reached up and gently thunked on Doug’s rock like traps. It WAS like pounding on a rock, he thought wonderingly.

Doug shook his head as if clearing it. “umm yeah. Oh man—what just happened that was.” He looked down at the man hanging from his hard-on. “Oh shit!” and started thinking hard about girls in provocative poses. His penis started to deflate.

“Show’s over folks,” Omelissokomos bustled in with a huge blanket and started to try to drape it over Doug’s body. Doug meanwhile was ducking down to pull his torn shorts up, tearing them further in an effort just to pull them up over his massive calves. “Come on PAUL. You need to lie down after such an impressive show. Let’s hear it for Paul Piledriver---soon to be in the Raging Titan movie, Mighty Oaks. We’ve been real lucky to have you at our Bear Bash tonight, Mr. Piledriver.”

Ralph and his muscular pal scrambled away, with many admiring looks back at Doug and the other men too started to retire towards several small cabins that were on the property.

“Ummm wait guys,” said Doug looking towards Ric and Hank, “lemme go over there a minute. I just need to say somethin’.” Doug moved towards the two men, as always careful to walk lightly and carefully to avoid creating tremors.

Ric was looking anxiously at the still unconscious Hank. No one else was even looking at the fallen muscleman. His hugely rounded pecs swelled as he breathed in and out but he was still not waking up. “Excuse me,” a deep low growl, Ric turned and stared up at the humongous muscular hunk of a man mostly bulging out of a colored blanket. “Is he okay?” the man looked so gentle that Ric almost couldn’t believe that this was the man that had single handedly humbled and knocked out the biggest, meanest and strongest muscular freak he had ever seen prior to this night. Except, he HAD seen it and would never forget.

“He’s breathing okay. I think he just hit his head but there aren’t any bumps or sign of trauma. Probably need some water or maybe smelling salts to bring him around.”

Doug spoke quickly, “Before you do. You like him, right???”

“Yeah,” said Ric slowly.

“I just wanted to say. He’s not only like this. He’s smaller. I think I could turn him into that smaller guy if you wanted but I think it might be permanent if I did.”

Ric himself had seen something but he had doubted it. Now this muscle giant was confirming it. “Ummm no. I think I know what you saw, but we need to work this out. Let’s get him into the car. I’ll get him to someplace that will help, I think.”

While Ric was very strong and a bodybuilder himself, he found himself practically deadlifting one of Hank’s massive arms to get the dead weight to budge at all. “Here let me,” and with one hulkingly, huge arm the incredi-stud pulled Hank’s whole body up as if he was scooping up an infant and brought him out to the darkened parking lot.

Ric mutely pointed to his vehicle and after the titanic Hercules had backed away, having deposited Hank gently into the passenger’s seat, said, “Thanks, Mr. Piler. I appreciate the help. Hank probably deserves to be just left here. But---thanks,” and he drove back down the hillside road, vanishing into the darkness.

Xythan came out, “That was a good thing you did but we need to get you in before anyone else sees you.” The lights were all out and Xythan gently led Doug by the hand through the grounds. They could hear the low talk of the male guests and the sounds of crickets chirping in the air. There was a large shadow of the largest cabin and Xythan pulled open a door and led Doug into the light.

Omelissokomos was sitting at a large, wooden desk with his thick forearms folded over his chest. Around him in the room were pictures and pictures of massively built superheroes, musclemen and bodybuilders. Doug could see some of the pictures were of Omelissokomos himself standing next to bodybuilding trophies. The biggest picture right over Omelissokomos’ head was one of Xythan in red posing trunks, doing a double biceps pose next to a trophy taller than he was. Emblazoned on a plaque under the picture was “Xythan Shadow, NPC National Champion, Heavyweight class winner and Overall Champion”.

With his heavily veined and almost grotesquely thick muscular arm, Omelissokomos gently pushed a pair of black-rimmed glasses more firmly on his face, a move that was at once nerdy and incredibly sexy to both Doug and Xythan. He gave Doug a long and appraising look and then pulled out a newspaper clipping that showed Doug with a streetlamp in each hand, his huge arms, chest and shoulders bulging with muscular striations, behind Doug were windows shattering in a shower of glass, above the picture the headline blared “One Man Army Disappears”.

“Yeah that’s me. You’re right. But you said you weren’t going to call the cops. I didn’t mean to hurt that guy at your party.” Doug started.

“Doug, it’s okay. But a lot of people read about that and more saw it on the news. You’re on youtube for goodness sake. Outside tonight we had a bunch of muscle fans for the weekend. We used Xythan’s picture on our advertising. Some of these guys are going to remember and some of them are going to make calls. Fortunately, we don’t have cell phone reception up here and I turned off the phones. I think we can get you out of here before anyone comes poking around.

Doug nodded, grateful, “You guys are really cool. Thanks so much. If there is anything.”

“Doug, I collect muscle stories that occur in the media. Every time there is a new super hero, every time a muscle mutation makes it into the media I collect it. “

“He’s kind of like a muscle librarian,” said Xythan moving around to stand behind Omelissokomos.

“Mmmmmm muscle librarian,” Doug thought and then, ”Snap out of it! You’re like Homer Simpson with muscles. Focus!”

“The weird thing is,” Omelissokomos continued,” is that ever since about 14 years ago the frequency of muscle mutations is way, way up. There’s stuff happening almost daily. It used to maybe happen once every couple of years. Coincidentally, that is when the Zon Powers Corporation started up as well.

“Now I’ve used their supplements and they’re not even the best at stimulating regular muscle growth, but something tells me the two are connected. The mutations seem to radiate out from Utopolis, where the Zon Powers corporate headquarters is.” Omelissokomos pulled out a map covered with small multi-colored dots.

“That’s where I used to live,” said Doug looking over the map where the dots were the thickest. “I think they wanted me to help before I wrecked the lab. I mean this guy, Onyx he made me feel I might be helping them out but it never got so far. I busted up the place and escaped and I’ve been running from that ever since.”

“So they talked to you in the lab. They were behind the experiments that made you what you are??” Omelissokomos asked.

“I think so. I left before I learned much, actually. I wasn’t really part of the experiment. Just a big accident really”

“Hmmmm. So what was the actual experiment?” asked Xythan leaning forward on the table so that Doug could more easily see the massive cleavage of his muscle chest.

“Ummmmmm,” said Doug trying to arrange his tattered shorts and blanket so as to hide the stirrings of another erection, “I think it was something to do with making athletes stronger. There were a bunch of guys. I accidentally got a dose of the stuff and I was the only one who got big. I know I saw the doc had a bunch of Zon Powers supplements. I only thought it was weird cuz he was so skinny.”

“It sounds like it’s a connection. Doug the other part of the muscule mutation thing that is scary is that the muscle mutants have all disappeared, mysteriously. I’ve even been out personally to some of the towns and no one knows what happened to the guys who mutated” said Omelissokomos glancing at the wall clock which featured Steve Reeves pointing at numbers. “Doug we have no place to hide you and we don’t have a lot of time. There’s not much we can do but play dumb once the police get here and we can give you some supplies. Thank God for brunch. It will be awhile before anyone drives down the mountain to contact authorities, I think. You need to stay out of sight though. And you need to keep in contact with us. Here’s me and Xythan’s card.”

“Don’t worry Omelisso--- ummm “O”” Doug smiled. “I have a disguise that is pretty fool proof. I just took it off when I was sleeping. And I got a lot of supplies. I been lucky with who I’ve met. If I disappear it’ll be because I want to.

“Okay this is dumb but before I go, you guys. Are you both pro bodybuilders or something?”

Xythan smiled, “Not so dumb. We actually met competing. I was pretty green and there was this short Superheavyweight cleaning up all the shows. I could never beat this guy who was like 5’3” or so and weighed over 230 lbs. He was--is phenomenal.” Xythan winked at Omelissokomos. “One show I got close. I won the heavyweights, he won the super heavies and the overall. We met and started training after that.”

Omelissokomos said quickly, “I knew I didn’t have the right lines to take it all the way but Xythan here has a smaller waist and a better look, I knew he might have it all. Plus he trained like an animal. We fell for each other and to make a long story short-----Doug we better get going.”

Xythan and Omelissokomos quickly moved through the building out the other side. They opened the door to a yard with rows of boxes on platforms. Doug thought he heard a buzzing sound.

“Those are Omelissokomos’ bees. He runs a natural food company.” Xythan said as Doug ducked under the doorway and headed out into the yard. Doug’s hugeness made him feel like a little boy. Taking on Ronnie and Jay will be nothing after this, he thought.

“Wow you really are a bee keeper. I thought that was just a nickname or I thought there was some old Greek movie with that name I heard of,” Doug said looking around.

“Nope, it’s one of the things I do. This is a shortcut to the meadow where we found you.” Omelissokomos sighed regretfully, “I sure wish you could stay. I think we have a lot more information we could exchange.”

They were trudging across the wet grass in the meadow and the moon lit up the forest. Doug gathered his things he had left where he had slept. He headed towards where he had parked his van “Thanks so much guys. Here’s the blanket. I got some clothes in the back Maybe when all of this blows over, I’ll look you up and then we can really talk.”

“Take care, Doug,” said Xythan patting the muscular crags and valleys of Doug’s back.

“Yes, be careful and drive safe and stay away from the Zon Powers people,” said Omelissokomos shaking Doug’s hand. Doug drove away and into the night towards his new job.


Dr Calgari smacked the table with his fist in frustration biting back an expletive at the pain in his hand. Even with a sample of Doug’s blood he couldn’t figure out the chemical process that had made Doug his only successful muscle mutation. There seemed to be a mystery locked inside the atoms of the blood that he couldn’t penetrate.

Buz had been driving Crystal by the house so he could pick up a high protein snack, They were in his brand new hummer when he saw Dr. Duchaine through the window of the small side building that served as his lab. “Hold on hon,” Buz said flashing a perfect smile at Crystal,” I need to talk to that guy about something.”

“He seems creepy to me. I know he works for your dad but I don’t trust him,” said Crystal her beautiful eyes darting in the direction of the lab.

“Hey, Mr. Duchaine. I need some more gear,” Buz came barreling through the door. It was his second dose of the steroid in almost as many weeks. “It’s working. I can feel it,” Buz rubbed his large triceps with his hand, the muscles twitching under his golden skin, “but I need to get bigger before the big game. Give me some more.”

“Buz. I told you, you need to pace yourself. If you take too much of this too fast, there could be side effects.” Things had been good at the Turner’s ranch except for the boss’ son, Buz who was going to blow his cover if he kept pushing.

“Listen old man,” Buz’s voice took on a threatening tone, “I get what I want or life gets harder for you. This is a Turner town and people like you do what we want.” Buz gripped the small flannel shirt with his dad’s logo on it that hung baggily over the doctor’s thin frame.

Doctor Calgari looked at Buz calmly and felt the comforting weight of a hypno gas sprayer in his pocket, “Buz, you need to calm down. I will give you a small dose. That ought to tide you over until we can give you your next full round.” He smiled a watery weak smile devoid of affection, “After all I’m only looking after your best interests.”

After his detour with Omelissokomos and Xythan, there was no pursuit and Doug felt himself grow excited over this new chapter in his life. He viewed his new job as the first step to repairing his life. Maybe if he just didn’t use his powers they would eventually go away and he could go on and live an ordinary life. Just want to leave other people alone and be left alone he thought. If only things wouldn’t keep happening.

BayviewHigh School was an odd place to Doug. There was of course, the strange problem of not being able to keep a janitor for long. The last had quit after just under two weeks and there had been a string of substitutes while they waited for Doug to arrive to fill the position. Principal Safier had seemed nice enough but vague on the reason for all the other janitors leaving, “You know Paul, “he said to Doug, “there are a lot of people out there who have problems handling kids. With your experience, I think there will be little trouble.”

It seemed reasonable enough but on the first day Doug had run into an unusual young girl. She had the worst muscle tone of any young person Doug had ever seen. Everything that could sag, did sag. She dressed in loose fitting clothing and trudged wearily through the school. The other students avoided talking to her at all and seemed to have a mixture of fear and derision around her. The odd part was that Doug could see a shadow moving with her inside her jellied looking body. The shadow was young and lithe, the beautiful figure of a young teenage girl.

Doug was cleaning up after the lunch crowd, when the young woman waddled in front of him. “Excuse me miss,” Doug said tempering his voice to be as gentle as possible.

She peered up at him through her stringy, lifeless blonde hair. “Are you talking to me,” she asked somewhat imperiously.

“Did something happen to you?” he lowered his voice, “Did something change you?”

“You’ve already heard the stories? I didn’t take drugs or nothing, it was that motherfu—I mean that jerk Justin. He made me like this.” A single angry tear ran down her pudgy face.

Doug didn’t want her to know he could help but he wanted to help her. “I’m sorry,” he said as she turned wearily to walk to her next class. He discreetly patted her shoulder so lightly he hoped she wouldn’t notice while focusing on her shadow form.

He quickly moved to continue cleaning up the garbage from the floor.

Amy felt a strange warmth arc through her body and then her steps became easier. As she walked to her class, it felt like the old days when she was normal. Her sweatshirt felt baggier on her too. As she moved to the back of the class to sit in an isolated desk, she heard a shrill scream, “AMY,” it was her former friend, Tiffany who hadn’t even looked at her since the change, “you’re back. You’re back to normal.”

Amy’s hands shook as she pulled open her compact, Her face, her eyes, her hair. All were returned to their former glory. She brushed her other hand next to her breast and felt its firm plumpness pushing against her sweatshirt. She started to sob and Tiffany ran back to comfort her.

Doug drove thoughtfully back to his house, which was a gift from Superbear and Supercub. Other than that girl he had gotten through the day well enough. Some of the normal doorways were a problem because his shoulders and back were simply too wide to go through them. He had managed to suck in all his breath and scrape through by turning sideways. The kids thought he was crazy but let it go with surprisingly few comments on how he was more retarded than the last janitor.

Justin had changed that girl. He hadn’t seen this Justin kid but had heard he was on the football team. He knew he needed to keep his distance from the girl and play dumb but he needed more info.

That was another odd thing. The football team seemed separated from the rest of the school. They spent the lunch hour and after school in the weight room or at practice. He heard names, Mike, Justin, Kyle, and Donny whispered among the other kids almost fearfully but he had yet to see them. Tomorrow was the day of the big game against their rival Valley Streams for the state championship. He would be able to observe then.

Doug went inside his home, careful to lock the extra wide doors behind him. He strode down to the basement and took off his illusion belt. In the mirror, he watched his body instantly change from the wiry seven footer that all the students saw to the massive, muscle monster he actually was.

Doug touched the wall of his house seeing the muscles in his hairy forearm ripple as he moved his fingers along the wall. It was a good house with nice thick walls and yet to him they were as delicate as an eggshell. If he pushed too hard with his hand the fragile shell of his home would be shattered. Yet it was this fragile dwelling that protected him from watchful eyes.

He reached out and rubbed the dark fur on his jutting shelf of a chest and felt the hard unyielding bands of muscle underneath rippling, heaving, flexing with power at even his slightest move. As he tweaked his large pouting nipples between his fingers he felt the veins in his arms stand up and his nipples grow hard. His gargantuan cock began pushing at his heavy duty jeans and Doug quickly unzipped them so his penis wouldn’t tear through the heavy denim. He ran one hand across his tight intercostals and felt the deep ridges between his abs, pushing his fingers in the muscular crevasses between the hard square muscles. With one hand he massaged his mammoth balls feeling their weight and heft.

In the mirror he watched himself raise his heavy, meaty arm parallel to the floor, even unflexed he could see the titanic cables of muscle and sinew corded across its vast surface. His back also stretched out making a deep cavern of his armpit his dark hair was nestled in. He started to flex his biceps watching the majestic peak of muscle swell with the muscle cords looking like they would rip right through his pale skin. Larger and larger it loomed, massive flexing bigger than his head. Doug licked the granite hardness of his arm exploring the rippling surface with his tongue.

Doug moaned and his massive muscle cock now thoroughly erect started its eruption of cum. Moving quickly Doug aimed it at a large water tank (he called it his cum bucket) and he spewed gallons of the white milky liquid.

He looked at his gigantic reflection and stared himself in the eye. “Don’t get mixed up in stuff. Think normal thoughts.”

Despite not wanting to get involved, Doug found himself scanning the game the next day for something unusual from the stands. The Bayview team was huge. Even under the bulky uniforms, people could see that they were much larger than the other team. The crowd was muttering in surprise so they weren’t used to this huge team either. One of the players named Mike was bigger than all the rest. It didn’t matter how many players the other team threw at him; he would just barrel through them as if they weren’t there. Once over seven players had grabbed him and were pulling at him and he barely slowed to make a touchdown. The Bayview team massacred the other team. By the end of the first half, they had scored over 70 points and the Valley Streams team had scored nothing.

”Hey Justin, go get some water for a real man,” said a player tossing an empty water bottle at a very slim, almost androgynous looking young blonde kid.

The youth had an odd smile on his face as if he was anticipating something. He stopped and then scampered off to the locker room.

The band came on and played jubilantly. He noticed Amy among the cheerleaders cheering joyfully. It looked like the Bayview High team was about to become state champions.

Then the second half began.

Valley Streams came back but suddenly they were much, much bigger. They matched the Bayview team for size and strength. Not only that, but they were playing better. They seemed to anticipate Bayview’s every move. They also were fouling Mike by hitting him in the crotch every chance they had. The referee said nothing but kept looking dreamily at a muscular blonde man in the stands that kept blowing him kisses.

“That Mr. Barker is a disgrace, “ a woman next to Doug said angrily, “He’s a faggot and a traitor. He’s keeping that referee from seeing any of the fouls. He should be fired!”

To make matters worse, several of the other top Bayview players had gone missing. Doug also noticed that Valley Streams had a muscular giant almost as big as Mike. His name was Rob but everyone was calling him Ballsy.

After the eighth attack, Mike left for the locker room obviously in some pain and the Valley Streams team started making a string of touchdowns from the suddenly defenseless Bayview team. The mood around Doug darkened. The score was tied up. It seemed that victory was being snatched by defeat’s hungry hands.

Suddenly the announcer started shouting from the speaker, “The new, huge Bayview player has got the ball! He's slicing through the Valley Stream team like a chain saw through a forest of saplings. I've never seen such carnage on a football field before. This game is one for the record books. He's at the ten yard line. Touchdown! Is there no one who can stop this muscle giant?"

The game came to an end abruptly with the new monstrous player surrounded by the Bayview press, holding the state championship trophy in his beefy hand and grinning a grin of youth, confidence and masculine virility. His shirt sleeve burst from the pressure of his massive biceps. A group of cheerleader's sighed and fainted. Amy stood behind them and scowled vehemently. Doug suddenly recognized the face and knew before he could hear the kid’s name that this was Justin.

After the fans and the players had left, Doug went to the locker room to clean up. It was a mess. Lockers had been thrown around as if by a giant. There was a large man sized shape pounded into the metal of one group of lockers and there was blood and what looked like cum on the floor. Leaning against the lockers there was a sledgehammer, its head dented and smeared with something red.

Doug moved quickly among the destruction trying to piece together what had happened. It looked like that smiling giant Justin had done something terrible to gain his size. He wondered now about Mike and the other missing teammates. There was a series of small canisters and bottles on the back floor, mostly empty, and on the bottom of each, Zon Powers Corporation R&D. Doug took the canisters and then called the police.

The next morning Principal Safier called Doug into his office. “Paul, I really appreciate your diligence yesterday. Mr. Barker explained all the mess to me today. It was alarming looking but it was part of an experimental training program he has the boys on. He assured me no one was injured. Paul, in the future, please notify me first when you see something---unusual around here.”

Doug mumbled in agreement and wondered what the principal actually knew.

That day Doug watched the students carefully. That afternoon he saw Mike, still big but much smaller than the day before, and another very muscular boy going to the chemistry room, “Even though the supplements are missing, I have some of the formulas here in my notebook. We’ll have you big again in no time, Mike,” the other boy was saying.

“Thanks Donny. We need to get Justin and Kyle,” Doug didn’t take any action but when he saw Donny put the notebook in his locker, he quickly broke open the door and stole it. In early evening, he took all that remained of the supplement bottles and the notebook. He didn’t want to flush what remained. He imagined an army of muscular fishes invading the U.S. He didn’t want to burn it because the fumes would probably turn everyone into a freak.

“I’ll only do a little bit of this sort of thing, just to get this stuff cleaned up. I have to stop this thing.” He put everything into a big metal dumpster and then bent in the sides in. It was like folding paper but the metal made a horrible screeching noise as he easily bent it into itself pressing the dumpster into a metal disk around the supplements and the formula. Next he picked it up and scanning the sky to make sure it was airplane free, hurled the disk straight up. The disk screeched it’s way into the sky cleaving the air with unstoppable force, hurtling far faster than any super sonic vehicle or missile had ever moved quickly making a small sonic boom as it zoomed past the speed of sound. Doug quickly pulled out a pair of high powered binoculars and watched the tiny piece of metal depart the atmosphere.

There was a crashing sound from the football field and then the sound of doors being ripped off their hinges. Doug rushed over to the locker room and saw a strange sight. Mike had gotten even more huge even than before. The football player now looked to have grown to the size of the Hulk. He was naked and flexing admiring his reflection in the mirror while he was also massaging his massive balls. There were two other teens who were also hulkingly muscular. One of them was Justin and the other was Rob. Rob was saying, “He does everything you tell him to.”

“Looks like it,” said Justin confidently.

“Boys, you need to stop this,” Doug let his voice project a bit, causing the room to shake. One of the mirrors shattered.

“Hey old man. We don’t have to do anything for some skinny wimp or anyone else. You’re nothing. Stay out of stuff that you don’t understand.” Justin projected his power attempting to control Doug. Doug felt a wave of something, but then it passed.

Rob looked eagerly at Mike, ignoring Doug. “It looks like he’s close Justin. When he cums we can grow even bigger than him.”

Doug saw the shadows of large athletic teenage boys in each of these hulking specimens. He leaped forward quickly and touched Rob. Instantly Rob became the wiry kicker he used to be. “Wha---Justin look what happened.”

Justin’s eyes widened as he saw the normal, teenager in front of him next to this tall strangely resistant janitor.

“Mike, destroy this----minimum wage earner.”

The colossal muscle giant turned from the mirror and fixed Doug with a steely gaze. “Sure Justin, anything for you.”

Doug was thinking,” Amy was right. This Justin creep is a bastard,” when Mike’s meaty fist smashed directly into his stomach. “OW!! My hand.” Mike screamed. Justin stared at the janitor. “Hit him as hard as you can Mike.” Mike swung again his fist making a powerful blast of air as it rushed toward the janitor.

Doug quickly moved up his hand catching Mike’s fist and stopping its velocity cold. “Don’t do that, Mike. You’ll just hurt yourself.” Doug concentrated on Mike’s shadow and suddenly the behemoth's muscles melted away and he became just an abnormally large muscular teenager cradling his broken hand.

“What are you?” Justin stammered backing away from the tall janitor who was now towering over Mike.

“I’m just the janitor. Cleaning up a mess,” said the man leaping suddenly to tag Justin.

The man quickly caught Justin's massive arm and bent it behind his back, twisting it painfully. Justin struggled against this skinny guy's grip, flexing his massive arms hard against the man’s immovable force but his hand was like a vise. There was not even a little give to Justin's most frantic attempt to free himself.

"How does real power feel little boy?" hissed the janitor in Justin's ear giving the arm another painful twist, Justin almost screamed as he felt the bone popping out of its socket. He squirmed even more frantically throwing every last bit of strength against the janitor's unmoving arm. "You can't get away. It's a waste to try, little boy. Now listen so I don't have to hurt you. I’ve heard the stories. You’ve guys have been going around in this revenge circle and no one is getting anywhere. Your friends hate you now, you’re destroying the school. Whatever you’re after, it’s not worth it. You’re destroying yourself and the people around you. Stop it or this pain is nothing compared to what will happen."

Suddenly Justin found himself looking like his normal self. He looked at the mirrors and the endlessly repeating images of his normal teenage self seemed to mock him as he dangled impotently in the janitor's grip. What’s more he could no longer feel the power to control others. It was all gone.

“Mike, don’t listen to Justin,” the blonde Adonis named Donny barreled in followed by two more equally huge blonde muscle men. One of them was carrying a young woman. “Mike, you’re normal,” the muscular man bent over Mike in concern.

“Thank goodness you’re here,” said Doug and reached over to pat each man on their massively striated shoulders. Like Mike, their muscles instantly melted away leaving two heavily muscled but still obviously teenage young men. Before they could react or Justin could say anything he moved to pat Donny on the back. His muscles melted away leaving an average teenage boy.

“Boys, it’s over,” Doug said, “and we’re going to try to forget about all of it. I don’t know everything that happened but I do know that you’ve hurt each other and a lot of other people to get this way.”

Mike stood up still nursing his hand, “How did you do this?”

“Ummmm----I’m a retired scientist. A friend called me and told me some experimental powders that affected muscle growth and caused cancer had been stolen in this area. I got my gadgets together when I noticed all the weird stuff happening at my very own workplace. I had to reverse this before you kids felt the health side effects.”

“Kyle,” Mike said striding over to one of the two blonde guys who had arrived late, “we can really compete to find out who’s the best, instead of all this chemical genius stuff.”

Kyle and Mike were almost equally matched. Both were big with Kyle having a tighter less beefy look than Mike. They sized each other up and then shook hands.

Donny asked, “What about all those players that Justin gave Mike’s cum to and Mr. Barker?”

Doug’s head started to whirl when he thought of the huge mess these guys had created, “I believe,” he lied, “that the growth is probably temporary and will subside with little side effects. I was only after the most extreme cases because that’s where the risk was the greatest.”

Doug thought proudly of that lie as he drove home. The boys had seemed satisfied and seemed resigned to life without super sized muscle growth. He probably couldn’t trust them but they had promised to keep it all quiet and even if they didn’t---who would believe them? The whole thing was so crazy. Just his luck to get a job at a high school where experimental supplements were creating mutant teenage monsters.

Doug turned on the television and settled in for a relaxing evening in his underwear on his couch. He absent mindedly stroked the length of his flaccid monster member which snaked out of his boxers. Life wasn’t so bad.

Suddenly a new reporter’s anxious face interrupted the WWE broadcast. “The Incredible Hulk is dying. He’s been brutally beaten to critical condition.”

Doug wondered if it was that kid who Superbear had told him about that did this and found himself sighing at the thought of taking on another super powered teenager.

“It was the monster called the Abomination,” continued the stricken reporter, “he attacked a group of people Central Park and the Hulk appeared and seemed to be trying to rescue them. He was beaten and now seems to be unable to move. The Abomination has fled the area and police have cleared the park where the unmoving body of the Hulk rests.”

New York city was nearby, less than two hundred miles. Doug thought back to the dumpster he had hurled into space. He could do this, he could probably jump to New York City.

Doug pulled on oversized pants and a shirt. “I gotta try to help. If I don’t then I’m helping bad stuff happen.” Doug thought of the Abomination. There were super heroes but no one seemed to be doing anything. This was going to be a real test of what he could do. He just hoped the authorities wouldn’t come after him.

Doug ran into his backyard and facing the direction of New York City, he jumped. He had tried to keep it a small to medium jump.

His massive legs corded and bunched with muscle propelled him up with blinding speed. He was up over the town flying in the air towards the park. The ground was moving so fast and clouds kept getting in the way and he couldn’t steer. He started coming down towards (happily) an open field about 125 miles away from his home.

BAM!!! The ground heaved around him as he came down and a small crater ripped through the earth.

A smaller leap should do it, he thought and he was flying again, the ground disappearing beneath his feet as he soared towards the great city. He started coming down again just past the police barrier. A man pointed up at him “Hey chief look. It’s a white hulk!” before anyone else could see him in the air he was down, shaking the ground around him and opening up another crater on the great lawn. He heard parked cars set of alarms as the impact of his landing rippled through the city. He looked around; no charging hulking green figure was moving towards him and all the skyscrapers were staying upright. Good.

The hulk lay only a few feet away. Crushed but barely breathing his healing ability unable to cope with the massive injuries he had sustained. Doug could hear the liquid sound of the great creatures breathing and saw flecks of green bloody vomit seeping out of the hulk’s mouth. Doug could also see the shadow of a very thin man deep inside this mass of muscle.

Gently Doug put his hands on the Hulk’s body; his pale hairiness standing out against the Hulk’s dark green skin. He could feel the roaring engine of the Hulk’s metabolism desperately slowing down as the creature died. Doug concentrated with all his might on the shadow of the thin man. The muscles started to shrink and retract pulling in on themselves, melting away. A thin, dark haired man lay under Doug’s hands.

“You are the Hulk?” Doug asked wonderingly. The man was breathing, deeply normally and there were no signs of the injuries that had plagued the Hulk. Doug thought that probably the ability to change was lost as well. “You were the Hulk.” Doug felt sad at that thought but at least the man was alive and seemingly unharmed.

He heard someone shouting in the distance. “The Abomination is in Colorado destroying more superheroes.”

“I’ve started this thing, I’ve got to see it through. That guy is bad news.” Doug turned and faced west and then took a running leap. Instantly he shot up into the air. He heard a powerful boom and realized the sound was his own body breaking the sound barrier. New York blurred away in less than a second and he was soaring high above the clouds. He shot past a jet heading the same direction as if it were standing still, the air from his wake buffeting the plane.

Anxiously, Doug searched the horizon and down below, not knowing exactly where the creature would be. Far off, but fast approaching, and to his left he saw a massive cloud or dark mass shoot into the sky. “Looks like trouble,” he growled Doug started to lose altitude and slammed into the ground near a small suburb. His legs absorbed the impact but an earthquake started from his landing and several houses collapsed as Doug prepared to spring away towards the dark cloud.

He leapt.

The cloud was actually a stream of rocks, some as big as houses, being thrown into the air at enormous speed and velocity from a mountaintop. Doug could hear and feel the enormous pounding coming from the top of the mountain. The impacts were so powerful that the surrounding area quaked and shook. The force was tearing the mountain down and pelting the surrounding land with debris. Military jets and helicopters flew from a safe distance from the fury of the maelstrom of flying rock.

The force of Doug’s leap shot him past the military aircraft taking him to the very top of the mountain. As he slapped the boulders away like annoying flies, he saw the Abomination. It had something orange in one hand and something silver in the other and its arms were a blur of motion as it pummeled the ground with the objects. “THIS WILL TEACH YOU TO TRY TO STOP THE ABOMINATION AND THIS IS FOR LURING ME TO COLORADO.”

Doug landed inflicting the strained mountaintop with awesome force sending a shock wave shuddering through its prodigious size causing the ground to seize and shake and open fissures up in the earth. The quake unbalanced the Abomination who stopped pummeling the ground and Doug could see that in one hand he held the Thing and in the other Colossus. Behind the creature Doug could see the bright colors of other superhero bodies. There was a large unmoving pile, maybe as many as forty bodies lying there covered in the dust of the exploded mountain. The Abomination turned towards Doug and tossed the two heroes aside like broken toys.

Doug could feel the bile of fear in the pit of his stomach. If he could do that to them so easily then---. The Abomination was several times bigger than Doug had ever seen him before. His muscularity was more awesome than Doug’s own. His green muscles were so obscenely over developed and contained such intense power that they almost made a kind of gravity and a crushing, overwhelming power radiated out from the creature towards Doug.

Doug moved quickly ripping a large, truck sized piece of rock from the mountain and hurling the stone at the Abomination. The stone slammed the creature with the force of several nuclear bombs obliterating the rock. The Abomination staggered back a little and then continued to move forward. With all the superheroes he had destroyed with his newfound power, none of them had had the power to even stagger him back even a little.

He appraised the massive man in front of him. The man was several times bigger than the Hulk had ever been and stronger than any of the heroes lying at his feet. From the man’s pale skin and body hair, Emil assumed that his awesome might was not fueled by gamma rays; so the regrettably destroyed power augmenter would have been of no use. As staggeringly huge as the man was though the Abomination was still even larger.

The Abomination surveyed Doug with his cold, pitiless eyes. “EVEN THOUGH YOU’RE DIFFERENT THAN THESE PREENING INSECTS THAT HAVE COME TO CHALLENGE ME TODAY, YOU ARE DOOMED TO DIE AS THEY HAVE. YOU INTEREST ME. YOU WILL GIVE ME SPORT AS I DESTROY YOU.” Doug could feel the tremendous power of the Abomination’s voice rending the very air around him with its force but he stood his ground against it.

“Aaaaargh!” Doug roared and charged the monolithic monster. He slammed into the Abomination with the more megaton force than fifty Hulks maxed out on anger. The tremendous blow sent concussive waves shuddering the very core of the mountain deforming the bedrock and devastating the surrounding countryside. The blow actually knocked the Abomination down. He felt some small pain as if he had tripped and fell but in all these battles it was the first pain he had felt.

Emil recovered with blinding speed and flew upwards with a punch that had destroyed the Hulk catching Doug right in the jaw. The power from the blow sent another wave of tremors and a deep roar from the earth as the bedrock actually began to split as Doug was knocked back and down. While Doug fought to recover Emil wrapped his super-sized arms as far around Doug’s mega muscled torso as he could and began to squeeze with a pressure beyond the terrible forces that had formed the earth. Emil squeezed this troublesome man with all the hideous strength of his stupendous body.

There was blood in Doug’s mouth and he was about to spit it out when his chest was surrounding by an intense, tremendous pressure. The Abomination had suddenly grabbed him. He could feel the roughness of the creature’s scaled skin and smell the blood and the dust coating it. He couldn’t get a breath and reflexively he swallowed the blood and started to cough but he couldn’t; the crushing pressure stopped the reflex. He felt the blood gagging him and the world went bright with spots as he struggled to breathe. He heard a cracking sound as his ribs began to crack. His hearing seemed to get further and further away but he thought he heard wet popping sounds and felt a horrible pain as his vertebrae began to separate.

Distantly and then more persistent he felt a rising heat running through his body. The pain started fading away. Doug’s body was quickly repairing itself and making itself stronger. Doug began to grow.

The Abomination was concentrating so fiercely on squeezing and destroying Doug that at first he didn’t notice that his arms instead of pushing in on Doug’s body were being pushed away.

“GRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAWWWRGH!” Doug roared shattering the Abomination’s grip and knocking him back stunned. Doug’s incredible muscles swelled bigger. The Abomination could feel an inferno like heat pulsating from Doug’s body. Instinctively he backed away. Doug’s already gigantic torso expanded even further his already obscene level of size doubling as muscle gouged into muscle. His shoulders broadened and humped up with more mind blowing brawn, his mountainous traps crested with new size. His pillar like neck thickened. His chest erupted with new growth stretching further out the muscles and veins massing thicker; its mammoth immensity lifted and thickened further the deep crevasse between his pecs grew ever deeper. Doug was getting taller and muscles on his enlarged frame found more room to grow and expand. The muscle on his legs swelled ever bigger as new crags of muscle thickened, almost inflamed, with growth. Power crashed through his body surging Doug to greater and greater levels of strength.

Doug stepped forward towards the now cowering Abomination. His hairy, muscled calf dwarfed the Abomination’s monstrous thighs. The impact of the step shifted the ground under the mountain causing a massive landslide as part of the mountain broke away.

The Abomination was frozen in fear as Doug casually leaned over and effortlessly picked him up. “NOW YOU WILL FEEL WHAT THEY FELT,” Doug said pointing at the mass of super hero bodies writhing in the sound waves of his voice. Doug gripped the Abomination by his throat and slowly began to squeeze. The creature bucked and struggled with the power to level cities, destroy continents but it was nothing to the hyper power in Doug’s extended forearm.

Doug could feel an unyielding need to destroy this foul creature pulsing through his body as strong as his own power. He could watch the creature struggling with detachment and then he saw something else. A small man sized shadow was struggling within the Abomination. Doug concentrated on the shadow and the man’s neck suddenly shrunk in his grip and the former Abomination slipped and fell unconscious at his feet.

The air was suddenly silent and Doug surveyed the blasted landscape of their struggle. He couldn’t quite tell which super heroes were in the mangled mass but he was relieved to not see Superbear’s or Supercub’s distinctive colors.

Without warning he was surrounded by the screech of jet planes as the military flew in. Doug turned south and took a leap. His muscles were so much more powerful that even a small leap took him hundreds of miles away shooting far faster than any plane could travel. He came crashing down in the middle of another desert and as he hit the ground a deep pit opened beneath him swallowing him deep into the ground.

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Note: This was the most complicated and longest chapter in Doug’s story but I felt it all needed to be kept together in a single piece. This chapter is really a tribute to the amazing muscle writer Corwin and his incredible musclegrowth stories. Obviously part is from the wonderful, labyrnthine continuous musclegrowth story Mike Gets Huge and the other is from his amazing, dark Abomination Powered Up which so devastated me I had to get Doug into the story to save Bruce.

I have made a couple of passing references in this series also to AT2000’s great Hulk Smashed but was unable to fit Chris into my narrative.

Readers also might be interested to know that the Utopolis reference is to Michel Labelle’s amazing Lego city. Labelle is of course also the artist who created the wonderful Belle Iconix figures. One of my first encounters with enhanced muscle in art.

As always, I’m interested in any comments, praise or criticism the site has to offer!