Freddy's Story

For some people, life is golden. They have looks, they have money, they're healthy.

And then some of us, life fucks hard.

My mom started in on contractions on only the seventh month of pregnancy. She died on the operating table with all the hospital scrambling around pumping shit into her to try and bring her back to life. They pulled me out of her corpse, a misformed scrawny rat of a malformed fetus.

Somehow this little thing hung on to life. A boy, what dad had always wanted but something was wrong with my legs so I had to limp around and mostly live in a fucking chair my whole life. When I was four, my dad drove his car off a cliff. I always thought it was because he didn't have the nerve to keep dealing with his malformed son.

I went to live in a bunch of homes. This world doesn't like a free loader and that's the way everyone looks at me. I can see it in their eyes when I come wheeling in with my useless stick legs. You useless crippled piece of crap that helped kill two perfectly good people. It's expensive to keep me alive and yet the fuckers do it and make me think I should be grateful.

So I'm 18, making some money selling papers on the corner. Yeah fucking newspapers with the internet giving everyone a hard on but I have a lot of 'em and people still buy some. I actually am not bad looking and that sometimes helps. I remember one time a woman looked at me with my wavy almost black hair and my dark blue eyes dropped $100 on my stand and said,"what an angel isn't it a shame." I wanted to shove the cash up her fucking twat, but instead I smiled like the angel I am not and took it and used it to start a bank account.

Anyway, after a day of that I go into the library to hide from my life. Usually I read stuff but sometimes I surf the net. I'm looking at some muscle sites and the guys, as usual, make me want to beat off. I don't because I don't want to get kicked out.

But suddenly I come across this GOD of muscle. I mean that's what he calls himself. He is unreal. I mean he's not only everything I'm not, he's everything Mr. Olympia is fucking not. He's taller than Shaq and his muscles. Oh pole is stiff and pushing hard against my jeans. There is a picture where he is standing next to Gunther Schlierkamp, a guy who himself dwarfs normal men with his height and his muscle and Gunther looks like a fucking little boy. This guy's arms totally overwhelm Gunther's fucking thick torso. And he is so perfectly put together.

The guy is four years older than me, 22. He is over seven feet tall and weighs 2,500 pounds. Think of it. Ronnie Coleman, Jay Cutler or Gunther. What are they??? Maybe sometimes they get to over 300 pounds. That's pretty amazing. But this guy is over 8 TIMES as BIG as them and ripped, my god he is so covered in muscle.

I'm 5'5" if I can stand up straight enough to be measured and I tip the Toledo at a pathetic 92 pounds. This guy's forearm probably weighs more than my whole fucking body. I suddenly cum at the thought of the guy. I feel the damp spread on my jeans but I don't fucking care because the best thing about this guy is that he is for fucking sale. His ad says $500 and he is in a nearby city.

I think of my bank account. I have enough saved up to meet this guy, to spend time with him. I know he'll think I'm fucking pathetic but guess what, I'm fucking paying him. He is going to work for me.

I hit the connect link and fill out the info and hook to my pay pal. He must be online because the reply comes back almost instantly confirming my request and since I'll be coming in out of town, he throws in a visit to his place for the encounter. I email my assent and its done.

The next thing I know I'm on his doorstep staring at the this Muscle monster. If I rolled too close I wouldn't see his handsome face because of the humongous shelf of muscle he calls a chest is bulging out stretching his black t-shirt to the breaking point just standing there. His eyes take me in. I'm wearing a preppy sweater and khakis to hide my thinness. He looks me over twice, taking in my chair, "This'll be real interestin'" his beautiful mouth curls in a grin of....anticipation???? I can't believe it. What kind of sick fuck gets off on the idea of fooling around with me. Maybe he's just really good at this seduction business.

Needless to say, I'm hard like steel and ready to erupt from my first glance. As he turns to lead me into the darkness of his home, I'm transfixed by the muscular landscape of his amazing back so wide and tapering down hard to his waist. His ass, so perfect pushing against the khakis he's wearing and his calves I can see them stressing the material with their size. I feel my cock start to leak pre-cum and I take a ragged breath and push my chair in after him. The door closes somehow behind me.

He leads me into a medium sized room with a large empty desk and two chairs. There's a wall sized mirror behind the desk. I can't seem to see any details other than this extraordinary man in front of me. Pictures I've seen of the Hulk kind of do him justice, he looks like he could crush a tank like a tin can, but he is bigger even than that superhero and beautiful....I can't believe how much so.

"We can now begin the interview," he says smiling. Interview (?) I think but it's a blur. I want to see and remember every detail but all I can look at are all those deep caverns of muscle. He is naked and more and more spectacular. His arms open like a giant vault of muscle allowing me access to his amazing torso. I'm like an ant next to him. Deep, deep ruts of muscle and sinew. At first he guides my hands so I know I can touch this God of a being in front of me. And my hands are moving everywhere. There is no softness to him. He's hard and warm. My hands skitter across his skin and suddenly there is his huge cock. I open my mouth wide to take this firehose into me feeling the length of it push back into my throat. I can fuckin' take this thing. My eyes are filling with tears from the pain but the pleasure I'm feeling is worth it.

I'm sucking and licking working my way down his huge shaft working the head. I hear him moan. All of the sudden he cums. My mouth fills with the warmth of his cum, the pressure burns into me and I can't contain the liquid it washes up and into my nose. I greedily start sucking it down. As much as I can, I knead his grapefruit like balls desperately milking them, gulping the salty stuff into my body.

My body is burning and I legs. I hear a crash somehow my wheelchair just got pushed back, hard ramming into the wall I hear the sound of something breaking. My legs....I'm standing....standing looking at the mounds of his gigantic chest in front of my eyes. I'm tall enought to stare into his chest!! I feel pleasure and happiness and... I crane my neck back away from his pectoral splendor and I notice his face he is not surprised but he is studying me. I want to jump on top of him but my body convulses with shudders of sensation. Pins and needles pulse all over me.

My sweater is getting hot and tight. I clutch at it with my hands and pull my sweater to shreds. I gasp looking down at my chest, it used to be like a flat, white canvas with the sticks of my ribs looking like they were going to break through the skin. I see my chest swelling the flatness expanding to two hard globes of muscular flesh. All of the sudden I want to flex. Bigger.

I can feel my body expanding. I am barely aware of how tight my pants were when they suddenly rip away from my thighs revealing.... Oh man my legs are thick and STRONG. I bounce a bit on the soles of my feet in a fit of joy, exultation. My thighs ripple with erupting striations as they respond to my thoughts. I can see all these long thick cables of muscle. I put my hand on a big muscle on my thigh. It is hard to fit my hand on it. My thighs are looking like something a guy who did squats with cars would get. I jiggle the muscled expanse of my leg and watch the wave of muscle cross my monstrous thigh. All those crags and I am moving my legs. My legs. I want to scream.

I feel my breathing like my lungs were powering some insanely powerful machine. I looked at my arm. My forearm furrowed with deep bands of muscle. Beefier at it gets close to my elbow and rounding up to a now insanely huge upper arm. I flex and watch a Himalayan mound of muscle spring up, high, peaked and wide. I grab my arm to cop a feel and my jaw almost hits the floor. The thing feels like rock, immovable. Hard and powerful, not like my arm at all. Even my hands are thick with muscle and veins.

And I'm growing taller. I gasp and sink to my knees as a wave of heat passes through my body. I don't know. I must have lost consciousness for a minute for I suddenly find myself staring at two massive, perfect calves. Like someone stuffed half a melon under perfectly tan skin.

A gentle voice, with a deep throated urgency, "Get up," A hand that feels small on the massive expanse of my arm. A gentle tug.

My legs still support me as I easily stand from where I was lying and I am eyeball to eyeball with him. We are the same height. He leads me to a full length mirror. "This has never happened before with any man I've been with," he says, a kind of awe in his voice.

There we stand in the reflection of the full wall sized mirror running the length of the room. Side by side. I'm exactly his height. I again almost gasp at his monstrous, Incredible Hulk dwarfing size. His perfectly formed body. Then I look over at my reflection. My face is still my face. The face of an eighteen year old with dark blue black hair and blue eyes. But my body.

It's the same height as him but thicker insanely thicker than the tank busting brute next to me. Thicker and an even more riotously muscular, covered in veins and striations, I am grotesquely huge and yet....I lift my gargantuan arms and watch the beefy monsters move up revealing the incredible width and thickness of my back and the deep, incredibly deep cave of my arm pits tapering down to the striated perfection of my midsection....and yet it all fits together in a harmony of super, sized muscle. I reach up with my catcher mitt sized hand and touch the huge pillar of my neck framed by the gargantuan, swelling watermelon sized expanse of my traps. I can feel my pulse, like the engine of a mack truck, a stampede of horsepower coursing through my veins.

Playfully the man next to me flexes into a double biceps pose. His cannons erupt with size dwarfing his head with piles of herculean slabs of muscle. The wide expanse of his back push against the immovable mass of me and he stands to the side to allow space to display the full majesty of his muscle. I feel myself being pushed back from the mirror. My fucking cock has grown, oh fuck to almost a foot and a half and my erection is pushing me away from the mirror. The rod protrudes from my body like the thick gnarled limb of an oak tree.

I take a step back to accommodate my third leg and raise my arms straight overhead pushing my traps slightly inward. Looking at the reflection I can see even as I hold this pose which pulls my muscles inward my traps are already expanded more than his full flex. As I bring my arms down into a planet crushing double biceps. The peaks mound up over 4 times the size of his mountains. Their size towers over either side of my head. My lats expand to almost the length of the room crushing my fellow muscle monster to the side.

"Fuuuuuccccckkkkk!!!" I barbarically yawlp. The girder of my towering cock starts gushing cum all over the mirror, all over the smaller muscle giant next to me. He opens his mouth letting the thick white ropes of cum in. As the gusher subsides, a sudden thought hits me.

"What did you mean, this has never happened before but you didn't seem so surprised something did happen."

He is licking semen off his own monolithically huge forearm, he looks at me. His beautiful face unreadable. "When I am with a man I am attracted to and I cum on him. He grows but never as massive as me. You, you...." He is suddenly speechless as he takes in my rippling immensity.

I stare at this unbelievably hulkingly beautiful man that I now dwarf in front of me.

I want to go out and see what this muscle can do in the world. I feel fucking invulnerable. Do I have powers like him? I want to know.

Without a word I turn to go. He makes a noise, a protest? The sound is swallowed as he stops himself. I step outside his front door.

My incredible, powerful miraculous legs tense.

I jump.

I am flying.