Sub-Way Trainer

Synopsis: A routine subway ride home turns into a special hypnosis session for one unsuspecting traveler.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and fantasy. There are no doubt actions that are unrealistic, immoral, unsafe, and/or illegal. They should not be carried out in real life. If you cannot distinguish which those may be, please stop reading now. Constructive comments and suggestions for future episodes would be very welcome.

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It was later in the evening and it was the usual subway ride home. The car was full but, not crowded. As the train slid to a halt at the station, I saw one of my favorite hunks get on.

I had often seen this guy before. He was really hot. He usually wore a suit, or a blazer. He was one of those guys they were invented for – broad shoulders, narrow waist, and strong chin. The suits were well-tailored to him. You could tell there was muscle, but they didn’t strain at the seams or anything like that. His pants always fit well too. You could tell he had strong thighs and once in a while you could see just the hint of a large bulge.

I’d tried to get his attention and get him to sit where we could talk, but even though he would make eye contact, he always took a seat across from me.

At a hypnosis convention, I had seen a talented hypnotist take someone under without using any words. I decided to see if the same technique would work here. By this time, we were far enough along on the line that the car was more than half empty.

I sort of let my eyes go unfocused, keeping his eyes on mine. There was no challenge to my stare. His eyes remained locked on mine. When his usual stop came, he stayed in his seat.

I let my breathing became slower and deeper and began to open and close my eyes slowly and rhythmically, timing the cycles with the sound of the train wheels clattering on the tracks. Each time I held them closed just a little longer. He started to breathe and blink in synch with me.

Finally, I shut my eyes and held them that way for a count of ten. When I opened mine, his were still closed. I was thrilled that the first part of my induction seemed to be working well.

I got up and crossed the car and sat down next to him and started speaking softly to him.

“You can hear my words and focus on my voice. In your mind your mind you can still see my eyes connecting with you. You can feel this connection growing. This is very safe and you feel comfortable. So very comfortable and safe. Nothing will happen that you don’t want to happen, you will want everything to happen that does happen. It’s safe and warm. The rocking of the train is like the rocking of a cradle. You feel safe and protected.

“Hear the wheels clicking on the track, focus on my voice, Hear them ticking away, focus on my voice, here them click, click, click, click, focus on my voice.

“Listen to the clicks, count them with me, one, relax, two, sleep, three, relax, four, let go, five, submit, six, relax, seven, sleep deep, eight, relax, nine, relax, ten, sleep deep.

“Can you hear the wheels?”


“Can you let go and relax?”


“Can you let go and submit?”


That last one got my cock stirring. I hadn’t expected him to let go so easily.

“Hear the wheels, hear them repeat, relax, submit, obey, relax, submit, obey. Over and over, they say, ‘relax, submit, obey.’ Repeat them for me. Say them softly out loud.

“Relax, submit, obey”

“You’re such a good boy. You please me immensely. That makes you happy. Pleasing me makes you happy. What do the wheels say?

"Relax,submit, obey"

“That’s right. And, from now on, you’ll be able to hear them whenever I ask you about the wheels. Even if we’re not on a train, you will hear the wheels when I ask, and you will know that you need to relax and submit to my control.

“Listen to them now. Relax and submit to my control. What do the wheels say?

“Relax, submit, obey”

“That’s right. Good boy.

“Soon you will wake you up. You will want to come back to this place of deep relaxation. You WILL come back to this place of deep relaxation whenever I ask you ‘What do the wheels say?’ Do you understand?”


As we went further out on the line the stations became further apart, giving me time to deepen his trance and strengthen his willingness to submit.

“In a minute, you will hear the conductor announce the end of the line. When he does, you will awaken; realize that you have dozed off and that you need to take the train back into the city. You will not be worried. You will only have to wait a few minutes on the platform for the train going the other direction.

“When you wake you up, you will realize you missed your stop. You will take this in stride, but you will be concerned enough that you will want me to help you get home. You know me. We have been on the train together before. You trust me. In fact, you want to do whatever I tell you.

“You will want me to protect you, to take charge and make you safe, to guide you. You know I can keep you safe.

“When you see me on the platform, you will be pleased to see a familiar face and feel a need to come over and say ‘hello.’ It will not seem strange to see me. It will be comforting and a little exciting. Seeing me will cause you to think about how often you wished we could talk. How much you desire me.

“I am going to move away now. You will sit and listen to the wheels until you hear the conductor announce the last stop. Listen to the wheels and repeat ‘relax, submit, obey.’

As I got up to walk to the other end of the car, I could hear him softly repeating. “Relax, submit, obey.”

* * *

I exited quickly as he was rousing and moved over to the opposite platform, standing where I could watch him and where he could see me.

He left the train looking a bit dazed.

When he saw me he looked relieved. He looked at me and said, “I recognize you. We ride the train together all the time. I must have fallen asleep. I missed my stop. Do you know when the next train is coming?”

“That’s a bummer, I replied. “You better call your wife and let her know you’ll be late. The next train will be here in just another five to ten minutes.

“Oh, that’s no problem,” he said. “I live alone. So at least I’m not holding anyone up.”

This was looking better all the time! I began to revise my plans for the ride back in to the city.

“It’s warm out here,” I said. “Why don’t you take off your jacket?”

He took off his jacket and draped it over one arm. Up close like this, I could see that I had underestimated how well built he was. Not only could I see that his chest better, but what an ass!

We chatted as we waited for the next train to come in. I learned more about his job, where he lived and what he did for hobbies. It was no surprise that a big part of his routine was his workouts at the gym. I took the opportunity to examine his tall, muscle-packed frame and to consider what else I might do with him.

When the train arrived, we took a couple of seats at the rear of the car where the seats are in rows. I wanted some privacy for the things I had planned. I took the window seat. He sat on the aisle. He draped his jacket over the seat in front as we sat down.

As the train pulled out of the station, I looked at him and said, “Listen to the sound of the wheels. What do the wheels say?’”

His face glazed over as he began to repeat, “Relax, submit, obey.”

“That’s right. Good boy. Who controls you?” I asked.

“You do.”

“That’s right, boy, I make you feel good and relaxed, good and safe, good and submissive. You like doing what I tell you, you want to do what I tell you, you NEED to do what I tell you. That’s right, isn’t it, boy?

“Yes, sir.”

Hmmmm… That was an interesting addition. I had not suggested he call me sir. It may be that I tapped into something here.

“Alright, boy. Stand up. Face me.” He stood, He certainly did look fine in his dress shirt and tie, nice snug suit pants, and shiny black shoes.

“My touch will excite you. As you grow more excited, you grow more subservient. The more excited you get, the more you will submit. Whenever I touch you, it will bring you pleasure.

I began to slide my hands up and down his suit pants, feeling his strong thighs.

“My touch excites you. My touch envelops you. As you give in to the feelings, you give in to me.

I felt his hard thighs, his flat stomach. I watched as the crotch of his suit pants began to tighten and an impressive erection began to snake down his left thigh.

“Turn around.

I ran my hands up his legs, feeling his tight ass and hard back muscles. His suit pants had been tailored to fit the curves of an amazing bubble butt. His tailor had to be a master to cover those muscles so well. He moaned slightly and began to grind his ass against my hand as I felt his glutes.

“Face me.

As he turned around again, I could see the outline of his hard cock in his pants, but we were pulling into a station. There were a few people on the platform, so I commanded him to sit down and look normal and unconcerned.

The train pulled in to the station and the doors opened.

As we waited for the doors to close, I put my hand on his packed crotch, feeling his hard cock pushing against the leg of his pants. It was so hard; as I rubbed my hand up and down, you could see it throb against the fabric.

I could not believe the luck. No one got on our car.

“You feel my touch on you. It excites you. Everywhere I touch you, you feel a tingling sensation. It makes you feel so good.

“We are all alone. Just you and me in the world. You will focus on me and not worry about anything else. I will take care of you. You are safe with me. You like being with me. You like my control. You like obeying me.

He ground his crotch against my hand, silently begging me to keep feeling his dick.

As soon as the train pulled out of the station, I told him to leave his tie in place, but to unbutton his shirt. With his shirt open, I could see his nice, hairy chest and the swell of his pecs. I reached into the gap and began to stroke his chest, feeling the hairs slide under my hand and pushing against the muscle. As my hands slow swept over his chest, they came closer and closer to his nipples. He was practically whimpering with lust as I brushed my hands over each stiffening point.

When I tweaked his nipples he jerked and moaned.

I knew we had some time between stations.

“Think about the sound of the wheels. They tell you to ‘relax, submit, obey.’ You want to relax with me, submit to me, obey me. Obeying me brings you pleasure.

I told him to stand up, face me and take his cock and balls out of his pants. Just as I knew it would be, his dick was gorgeous - long and straight and thick with a nice head. His balls were large and low-hanging.

“My touch brings you pleasure. It makes you excited. But, you will wait to cum until I tell you. Without my permission, you will not be able to ejaculate while I am playing with you. Other people may be able to make you cum, but you will wait for my permission before you cum for me. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Good boy. You are pleasing me very much. Pleasing me brings you pleasure as well.”

With that, I leaned forward and sucked his cock into my mouth while fingering his balls.

He cried out and began to moan.

The train began to slow for the next station and I told him to sit down and to not make noise no matter how excited he became – to not call attention to himself. I decided I needed to take some steps to make certain we were not observed too closely.

“I am going to count to five. Each number I count will take you deeper into trance. When I reach the number five, your eyes will open and you will act normally. You will still be in a trance. You will still be able to follow my commands. You will still feel intense pleasure at my touch, but your eyes will be open. Do you understand?

“Yes, sir.”

I was definitely going to have to build on that response, but that would have to wait for another time.

“Listen to the wheels. Relax, submit, obey. One. Relax, submit, obey. Two. Relax, submit, obey. Three. Relax, submit, obey. Four. Relax, Submit, Obey. Five. Open your eyes.

“Your eyes are open, but you are still completely under my control. Breathe deeply and listen to the wheels.

His cock and balls were still sticking out of his suit pants, but the seat in front of us hid him from the rest of his car., and his tie hid his open shirt. As I fingered his nuts, he quivered with pleasure.

We got closer to the center of the city, and more people got on the train. A scattering of people got on our car as well, but fortunately stayed far enough away from us to leave us some privacy.

“Button your shirt,” I said, “and put your jacket in your lap. Leave the top button unbuttoned. Take your tie off and give it to me. Unbutton the top button of your shirt.

Reaching under the jacket, I took his tie and wrapped it around his cock and balls, wrapping the narrow end of the tie several times around his ball sack so I could use it as a ball-stretcher. I continued to stroke his substantial cock. Timing my strokes with the clattering of the train’s wheels.

“Cumming is release. You will release when I tell you. You will release control to me. You will release yourself completely. You will let go completely. When you release, you will relax even more than you have so far. You will be happy to let go and release all control to me.

“Your orgasm will be one of the most satisfying you have ever had. It will completely drain you. It will drain your will. It will leave your mind completely open to me.

The wide part of the tie just fit over the head of his cock. I slid the silk up and down on his shaft.

“Go ahead boy, let go, shoot your load. Release. Release yourself to me.

His cock jerked and he flooded his tie with cum, pumping out jism for what seemed like an impossible amount of time. The silk turned dark with his spilled seed. I was afraid that the tie could not contain it all.

After he shot, he slumped in the seat, his head lolling a little bit.

I began to unwind the tie from his cock and balls.

“Close your eyes and relax. I am here to keep you safe. You are mine now. I will take care of you. Just relax.

I rolled up his tie and put on my pocket.

“Put your cock and balls back into your pants and zip up. As long as it is safe to do so, you will sit here and relax, just listen to the wheels and be so happy that you have pleased me. When you hear the conductor announce the stop before yours, you will begin to rouse. By the time he announces your stop, you will be fully awake and aware.”

“You will go about the rest of your evening as normal. Nothing will remind you of our time together on the train. You will remember that I helped you, but will forget the specifics. You will not be concerned that you do not have your tie.

“You will sleep well and deeply tonight. You will wake up with a raging hard-on, but will wait for me to allow an orgasm. You will be focused at work and go about your day normally, but whenever you are alone in the bathroom, you will stroke your dick briefly and think about how excited you feel.

“You will look for me on the train tomorrow at the same time. When you see me, you will be so grateful for the help I gave you in getting home tonight that you will come over, sit next to me, and offer to buy me a drink in gratitude.

We were pulling into my station.

“Just relax. Remember how good it feels when I control you. Remember, you will be fully awake by the time they call your station.

With that, I got up and headed for the doors. My own erection was pressing against my pants as I thought about the ride and its implications.

As I left the car, I realized I didn’t even know his name. But, that was alright, there would be plenty of time to get to know him very well.