The Asylum 6

NOTICE: All the Standard warnings about being of age, being aware of your community standards apply to the following story! Please read no further if you are underage 18/21--or live in a conservative area--or are offended by explicit sexual stories. This is a work of fiction and any resemblance to anyone is strictly coincidental.

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Exam Room No. 3

You will recall that Carey Douglass had been captured with Officer Maloney in the cabin, then transported to the island by our operatives. Carey was left in the examination room with his baseball cap on backwards, and in a pair of white crew socks and unlaced hiking boots. Each wrist was secured to the respective ankle on the same side of the body. He was on his knees on the exam table, with his chest forced outward by the bondage--his back supported by a padded rest. A spreader bar kept his knees apart, and made possible access to his tight pink asslips, and hairy asshole. He had a ball gag that allowed him to breathe through holes in it, but was not intended to cause him pain.

When I returned to him, after securing Officer Maloney for his first hour of work on the island, I found that his boner was still taut, drooling drops of clear teenage sap. I walked up to him, perspiration dripping from his forehead and down from his forested armpits. His eyes rolled from the sensations up his asshole, then squeezed shut demurely, almost as if to say 'please, I'll do anything, please let me go.' I placed both palms on his sweat drenched chest, and smoothed them out against the dark red coils that framed the bottom of both his bulging pecs. Then using my thumb and forefinger, I rolled, then gently pulled and squeezed his pink, coned titties that were still stiff and irritated. Once again the pink tips hardened, his eyes rolled, and the long thin, slightly curved prick with its usually fat helmet, burped more pre-scum.

I leaned down to look at his ass pucker. Spreading the dark, thick auburn hairs, I could see sweat dripping from around the hole where the slender probe I had gently inserted up his butthole, covered with horsehair bristles and dipped in the wicked, unbearable itching gel, was still whirring quietly deep within his bowels. He had been fucking himself for at least an hour before I returned, and I noticed that each time the vibrating probe made contact with his fuck nut, he jerked and tried to swivel his ass, uncontrollably scratching the desperate itch up his hole, and trying to soothe it at the same time by forcing the hard core of the little dildoe against his molested prostrate.

Walking behind Carey, I slipped off the unlaced hiking boots, and pulled off the damp white sweat socks. Jeez this kid had nice feet. Slender at the heel, they widened to the balls of his feet, with long, curved toes. His pale white skin was muscled from exercise, and the feet had a clean sweaty, but not raunchy scent. There's nothing like the exposed feet of a strong, young man. They are so vulnerable, so tender, and yet the source of such strength and power. I imagined how these big size eleven feet had looked running up and down a basketball court, protected and exuberant as they carried their owner through hard games and demanding exercise. But now they were mine for at least six months. Young Carey would find that we would tend to those feet very carefully at the Asylum, keeping them dry and clean when they were not being exercised, oiled and smooth, soft and yet strong. That way, they could serve in the Playrooms, and be a special joy on a night when I had some brushes or my rough nails to run under them. I'd suckle those toes, then tickle them mercilessly, and then I'd make young Carey choose between being tickled or whipped on them. Oh, we wouldn't damage or hurt him, but we'd make him think his only option was to submit. And then we'd have fun watching a boy who'd never had too many people even touch his handsome, athletic feet, play with them constantly. For my part as I was now examining him, I tickled an instep while I scratched the balls of the other foot. Carey jumped, and in doing so fucked himself deeply on the slender, jiggling rod deep up his fundament, burping ever more streams of the pre sap down his turgid fuck stick.

He must have hit the spot right after an hour of being primed, because without me touching his boner, the long stiff dick wet rigid against his belly and slightly curved, and the fat knob expanded obscenely. Young red-headed Carey closed his eyes, and squealed through the air holes in his gag: "aaaaaaa... aaaaiiiiiiiieeeeeee.....aaaaaaahhhhhhh......uuuuuuugggghhhhhh...ooooooo....!" and then, the wide piss lips opened to shoot nine, long streams of sticky boy jizz, finally drooling dregs to baste the overheated fuck knob. I smiled, at the exhausted Carey, and walked around to talk with to him. As always I spoke in quiet, calm tones, my deliberate and articulate style contrasting to the earthy, harsh words as he still gasped, recovering from his forced ejaculation.

"Carey, you've been a naughty boy. At night, you would beat that pud at home, and went to glory holes and anywhere you could to get that over-heated boy stick serviced. Your troubles with Officer Maloney were as much the result of your conduct, as his. But those days are over, for both of you. The only time you'll cum after tonight for the foreseeable future is when we've got you legs bent over your head, and that long prick stuffed into your own sucking mouth...and maybe when we've got you attached to the milker. The way you shoot scum, that stuff will fill the orders we have in a number of specialty markets; you'll be a star producer and a useful generator of income for our hospital. But the rest of the time you'll be kept hard and horny, while your body is kept strong and firm."

"At night, you'll be strapped into bed naked and on your back, a sheet bar keeping your blankets off your body. Hands will tickle and search your naked flesh, irritating and worrying all the places that you'll long to have caressed. And then, when your rod is ripe and ready to squirt, you'll be left to sleep. Every morning, others will hold your dick for you while you piss, and you'll be watched, then wiped after you shit. Your dick will be masturbated several times a day to keep you horny. But your fingers will be kept from your private parts, even your sensitive titties. During the day, you'll be in a cock cage, and as often as possible, you'll have a little vibrator harnessed up your bung to help keep your focus, and your dick half hard and dripping. But an unruly boy like you has to be managed. You red heads get too horny and hot for your own good. Your dick will be managed from this day forward, and when you return to civilization, you'll be a good boy with a dick ready to serve whomever needs it, but like a Catholic altar boy, you'll always need someone else to relieve your sex heat. We'll improve your mind as well as your body, but your sexual appetite will be rendered ready but only satisfied with permission. See how just telling this to you has caused your big boy boner to get hard and wet again? You need discipline Carey, and that nine inch crowbar that used to be your pride and joy will be kept strictly under control and supervision for the good of everyone."

Tears rolled down the soft, rosy cheeks. And the baseball cap now made him look more like a little boy, rather than the physically mature young stud he was. But no matter, he was about to leave his careless life behind, and be placed into a regimen that would lead to a life of financial success, and sexual performance unimagined when he used his callused fist to try and subdue his stubborn erections.

I pulled up a chair in front of Carey, and pulled over one of the rolling carts. On it were numerous wonderful devices designed to elicit the most out of sexual animals like him. For the next six months, devices like these would assist in preparing him for a life of permitted performance, and complete sexual release. I switched off the little vibrator, and slowly pulled it out of his asshole, the little bristles still glistening with the melted gel that continued to cause his rectum to itch furiously.

I took an eight inch little glass rod, that looked like a drink swizzle stick, with some stiff bristles protruding from one end. From the other, was a wire that attached to a console on the cart. When I switched on the current at the console, I took the buzzing device and held it up for Carey to see. His eyes opened wide with expectation, and a little fear, though while his torture had been excruciating it had not been very painful. I spoke to him as I moved the wand toward his bowed body, spread before me on the exam table: "This little magic wand is designed to 'tickle' your fancy, Carey. You will find that these little bristles are electrically charged, and when applied to places like your nipples, your navel, your ear lobes, your fingertips, your toes, and even the tender little lips of your boy pussy, or on the firm muscles of your abdomen or your thighs, that you will jump, like the shocks you get from playing with an electric train battery. The current creates a sharp, prickling sensation, that will speed up your breathing and your heart rate, but won't hurt you. Still, when I move it from spot to spot suddenly, and even touch it to your big hanging balls, or that fat knob on your lovely penis, it will dramatically catch your attention. But I won't let you be too distracted with my magic wand. Because while I'm using it, I will also use this...."

Carey began to scrabble in his bonds, his fingers flexing against the cuffs, his toes curling and his hips moving as much as they could with the spreader bar holding him in place. On my other hand was a glove, like a golf glove, only at each finger-tip and in the palm were a set of bristles, and from the palm end was another wire that connected to the console. The moment I touched my index finger to one of Carey's pointy tits, the bristles swirled in an oval as if they were a floor polisher in miniature. His rubbery nubbin jumped up to greet the tantalizing brushes as they soothed, itched and irritated at the same time. And when I closed my index finger and thumb together, the circular action, going in two different directions from each finger pad on his tit was sensational, causing his dick to lurch against his stomach, and splatter more sticky lube on his firm abdominal muscles, and into his hairy navel. "You see Carey, you won't have to worry about the shocks from my wand, because when these little soft brushes cling to your tit, search into your ear, tickle under you nose, burrow into your arm pits, investigate your feet, or soothe your ass crack, you'll be laughing too hard to think about the shocks.

Just for starters, I closed my glove fist around his prick stalk, and let the many little brushes gently spin polish his aching boner below the sensitive flange, while used the wand on his tits. The teenage fuck freak just went ballistic, thrashing and moving his head, gasping and gurgling, and whining behind his snug gag.

"Bnnnnooooooo.....aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh.......ooooooooooo hhhhhhhhhh...nnnnnoooooo....eeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.......mmmmmmmpppppphhhhhh ......ggggggaaaaaaaaaa...!"

I moved the wand alternately to each of the big hanging teenage balls now smelling sweetly rank with sweat and the starchy scent of sperm, and as the shocks sent him skyward, I slipped my fist up to let the whizzing finger bristles polish the sticky lube into the helpless cap of his unruly fuck stick. I think he began to lose his voice, and he was certainly about to shoot another load, when I moved the glove hand to his feet, and the wand to his navel.

Yes, young Carey and I were just beginning this special session. I spent the afternoon wringing four thick sets of scum from his big, robust balls, before I begin his supervised deprivation. I wanted him to remember how sweet ejaculation could be, and to have him hot and nasty for it behind those innocent green eyes, and that boy next door smile. The first ejaculation occurred when the wand was sparking his ass pucker through the thick red bush that hid the button hole, and just the thumb pad was whizzing against his circumcision scar. The way the huge plum of his oversized dick knob expanded and then the piss lips widened to shoot the jizz was truly memborable. His tits were like sharp tacks, jutting stiff and hard through the light fuzz and above the dark red curls that swirled just under his hard pecs. The strawberry nubs looked so delectable, that as he shot helplessly, I fastened my lips around one and sucked and twirled my tongue over the roiling, rubbery, dart.

The next cum took thrity minutes to produce, but was as satisfying as the first two. I used the gloved hand to tickle up and down his thighs, into his hairy navel, under his sweat drenched arm pits, and into his ears, finally settling on his handsome, sexy feet. He squealed through the gag, laughing like a little boy tickled mercilessly, while I used the rod up and down his mindless erection. Ah, here was a boy whose dick hardened uncontrollably whenever his body was experienced a foreign touch. Velasquez described how once while they were stalking Officer Maloney and Carey, they watched as Maloney made the boy pull up his t-shirt before they entered a little hamburger joint out of town. After rolling and pinching the kid's tits, Carey had virtually splayed himself out against the car seat to be worked. Then Maloney had taken inside, and found a back booth. While the kid ate his dinner, Maloney unbuttoned Carey's jeans, and slowly masturbated him out of the sight of others. Later in the car, out on a dark and deserted road, he had stripped the boy naked and lay him over his lap, slowly fisting the kid's unrelenting bone, while he played with the tender tits. They said young Carey shot jolts of sperm well over his head, and all over his chest as Maloney grinned and milked the oversensitive fuck tip. He shot his load for me while the bristles danced over his heels and insteps, and the wand played about the flange of his aching weiner. While he only shot two ropes of cum this time, de drooled delightfully much more.

The final cum was a special treat. I removed Carey's gag, and while he pleaded and begged, I fixed a two wide, short vibrator. I inserted the vibrator into his protesting mouth, and told him that if he dropped it, I would use a cock whip on his dick head. Then I turned on the vibrator and it tormented his palate and tongue, rattling his teeth when he was not careful. While he focused on keeping the vibrator in his mouth and avoiding the ticklish sensations it caused, I used the wand on his stomach, nipples, navel, balls, and toes. Eventually, my gloved fist rolled up and down his hapless fuck rod, hard against his will, and used the thumb on the broad helmet while the fingers were deployed around the overly sensitive flange. When he shot his cum, the sticky boy sperm merely rolled out of the dick lips, and drooled over his stalk. But I kept the bristles going until he could not stop himself, and spit out the vibrator to plead for his tortured glans:


That was an afternoon to remember, and I found young Carey and irresistible boy toy, so ready to shot gism and so sexy. After two weeks of deprivation, after that afternoon, his most recent cum was his best. I slipped the bristle milker on his randy dick tip, but left his stalk without hand or mechanical stimulation. Then I used an electric dildoe with its french ticklers to massage his gripping anal walls, and the famous little wand here and there on his lovely body, especially his tit tips. The sticky juice that bolted out in ten long shots, and then drizzle down his prick, made quick a scene and a fantastic video. I then massaged into the aching, oversensitive prick knob, and the expression on his all-American face, and the helpless wails for mercy were enough to make me shoot off in my pants.

Whenever I get together with Carey alone, I have him recite every one of his memories of being sucked and drained before he came to the Asylum. He is required to go into extensive detail, and use the most nasty and vulgar language he can to describe how he felt and what was done to him. All that while I am working his lovely fuck stick towards an eventual explosion of sperm. Shit, I love to watch a randy boy cum without relief. Whenever we were through, Carey would sleep like a baby in spite of his fears about the next six months.

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