Brady Cannon’s Unexpected Medical Exam 2: Brady Becomes A Cock Slave (bb bt nc)

Introduction: Here is the second chapter of Brady Cannon. Teenage boys are generally very private about their sexual needs and experiences. Brady is one of those boys…unconscious of the possible pleasures of sex beyond his rough fist and the tentative pleasures of being with a girl. But suddenly and unexpectedly he is learning that sex can have much broader dimensions. Of course there are some boys and men who are not surprised by the variety and ways in which sexual pleasure can be obtained, and I have had many men share their intimate early sexual experiences with me. I have tried to faithfully capture them in the scenes of my stories, honoring them even as I add my own touch. Those of you who enjoy my writing and with stories to share, I hope you will contact me. If you are underage or offended by such fantasies, please do not read this story, it is not meant for you. This is a stroke story for older guys who understand the difference between fiction and reality.

I would of course be grateful for any feedback from those of you who find my stories engaging, and critical input from the other excellent writers on the net. My stories are heavily weighted to the sexual, rather than the story content, but I hope I have provided enough of a framework to keep your inerest.

This story is about a straight Southern California teenager who falls into the clutches of two savvy pre-teen boys, and the series of events that emanate from one night of baby-sitting.

June 13, 2010


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When the morning came, Brady’s head throbbed. He had never been drunk before, maybe a little buzz from beers he had had with the guys or at a party, but he knew he could not get drunk and go home. So last night’s experience with the Jeffries’ boys was a first. He was just lucky that his parents were asleep when he stumbled up to his room and went to bed. Now, he was experiencing his first hangover. He groaned when he finally awoke at almost noon, his bladder full of piss, forcing him to get out of bed, hunched over, and head for his bathroom as quickly as possible. His big feet padded heavily over the carpet and then the tile on his bathroom floor. He stubbed his toe as he entered the bathroom, cursing from his bad luck. He flicked his toes back and forth to relieve the pain as he stood up naked over his toilet leaning over the toilet with one hand bracing himself against the wall behind it. With a mother of a piss hard-on, biting his lip and closing his eyes so he could will the fucking thing down and piss, he slowly began to spurt intermittent streams of piss into the bowl. After what seemed like an eternity, the thick, heavy stream of piss finally got steady and splattered off the bowl and the water, filling up the toilet, and allowing the boy to breathe in deeply with relief. After his piss, he hopped on the foot that did not have the stubbed toe, and entered his shower, soaping his head and letting his face and body get immersed under the warm water. After a half an hour, and having used up all the hot water, he stumbled out of the shower and bathroom, dried himself and dressed, and sat down at his laptop to check his e-mail. That’s when he got the real surprise of the morning. He was already beginning to recall the events of last night, confused as to what had exactly happened, seeming to lose much of what occurred after the pillow case had gone over his head.

But as he struggled to remember, he opened his mail to find a message from a strange address he did not recognize, with an attachment that said open on penalty of “terminal shame”. Usually he would dump mail like this into his spam file, but the time was from last night when he was baby-sitting, so it tempted him. He opened the file, and read the message:

Dude, check the pics attached. You’re a fucking star! If you wanna keep these outta everybody’s hands, meet us at the Park tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. in the john at the far end of the park. Otherwise, dude…yer fucked!

Brady clicked on the zip file and downloaded it onto his computer hard drive. When he opened it, his eyes went wide. Jesus Christ…what the fuck? Pic after pic revealed Brady’s face and his cock, prominently. He was so mesmerized by the pics that he only realized where they were taken after he had looked at almost half of them. “Fuck, it was those kids…” he thought to himself, “those fucking kids next door.” He recognized the pool table next to the mattress from when first went down to the basement after he lost the hide and seek game. “Jesus, how did they get me naked and fucking prick hard? Oh my god, what if my friends see this shit…jesus…mom and dad….oh fuck! I’ll kill the fucking twerps…” then he thought, “maybe they had a way to get these damn pics to people if something happened to ‘em. I can’t fucking go to their parents and show ‘em pics of my cock shooting my shit. Oh God….oh god…..I’m so fucking screwed….”

Brady spent an uncomfortable day, avoiding going outdoors and saying little to his parents. He didn’t return calls from his other friends, there would be no beach and no skateboarding. He just didn’t want to see anybody. But more than once, he went back and looked at the pics the boys had sent him, and more than once, his cock lurched to life as he stared at his bound body and his straining penis. He didn’t know why, but there was something fascinating about seeing his body in such sexual positions, without being able to do anything about it. More than once, including before he went to bed, his penis filled with blood, and his fat cock head bulged, leaking drool and wetting his pajama bottoms as he saw the cum rocketing out of his prick in one photo towards his face, and seeing the young fist of his eleven year old neighbor, sliding over the head of his bloated cock head. Both times his glans tingled and flexed, and he was forced to drop his hands into his lap and squeeze his prick shaft to keep from ejaculating.

When he went to bed, he tossed and turned, fearing the next day, and at the same time, for some strange reason, his still hard cock demanded that he grind it into the bed. It took all his self-control to stop from cumming and to finally get himself to sleep.

The next morning, he ate a small breakfast, showered, avoided his semi-erect prick as he lathered, which after he soaped filled out and up. He ignored his obvious excitement, and dried himself, dressed in white briefs, shorts, a t-shirt and flips. He quietly slipped out of the house at 9:30 a.m., and rode his bicycle to the nearby park, a mile away, and then walked through it to the far side. For whatever reason, that side of the park was not as crowded, no fields for play, no athletic facilities, mostly trees. But there was a small public restroom. You had to go uphill and through the woods to get to it, and there was no nearby parking, so it was rarely busy.

Just before 10:00 a.m., he parked his bike behind the building and locked it to a small tree, and then walked around the to the front and entered the quiet brick building. There was only one are lightbulb in the barren concrete room, the floor was damp from an early morning washdown by the park staff, and the it smelled of disinfectant and soap. As he walked in, Brady saw the eleven year old Jemmy Jeffries, standing at one of the two urinals at the back of the small room, facing toward the wall as if he was pissing. Jake was not visible, but the door to the large disabled accessible stall in the john was almost closed. Jemmy casually looked at Brady without showing any sign of recognition, and then nodded, turning his body toward the teenager and away from the urinal. As he turned, his four and one-half inch prick, hard and erect, was sticking out of the fly of his shorts. Then he whispered out loud:

“Hey Brady, glad you could make it. Come into the stall, that way if anyone comes in they won’t see us.”

Without waiting for a response, Jemmy walked into the large stall and waited. Jake was also inside, and Jemmy pushed his erection into his briefs and zipped up his fly, wondering whether his bold plan would work. Goosebumps broke out and he shivered mostly from fear, but for the sake of his younger brother, he acted cool and just waited quietly. Suddenly, the door opened, and Brady, expressionless, or perhaps in a quiet anger, stepped in and closed the stall door.

Before Brady could speak, the bold eleven year old, tutored at the feet of his Georgia cousins, spoke first. “Dude, it’s like this. Jake and me wanna play with you, like the stuff you saw in the pictures. We can do it so no one knows, or we can send out the pics. It’s up to you.”

Brady was incredulous. Did this little shit think he would let them touch him again, after what they had done? His anger was barely concealed, and almost through clenched teeth he readied himself to speak. It took a few moments, because he did not want to start yelling, not knowing who might be near the building or might walk in and hear him. Finally, Brady found his voice, also in a hoarse whisper: “You little shit, where do you get the balls to try this, what if I just decide to beat the crap out of you…I come over to do your parents a favor and you fuckers pull off this stunt. I should slap the shit out of you.”

But Jemmy, trembling a bit and sweating now, did not back down. “Anything happens to us, and those pics are out on the internet and all around this town. We’ll touch ‘em up and we won’t be associated with them, and if push comes to shove, we’ll tell our folks that you made us do this stuff. But none of that has to happen, as long as you’re willing to keep your mouth shut and let this be our secret, and of course play with us privately. Basically, dude, you only have one choice…cooperate or see your life go up in flames. It’s up to you. We’ll keep up the little kid act around others when you’re there…but when we’re alone, you do what we say.”

Jake stood wide-eyed watching the exchanges between his older brother and Brady, and after Jemmy spoke, both of the younger boys stared at the older teen. Brady’s mind was whirling…he could hardly believe what Jemmy had said, but one part rang eerily true; if he did not cooperate these little assholes could make his life a complete and total nightmare. Brady was hyperventilating, and looked like he was barely suppressing his anger, they could see the muscles of his jaw flexing and moving, his fist balled at his side. But then after almost 30 seconds of nerve-racking silence, his shoulders slumped, and he leaned up against the stall partition, at first just closing his eyes in resignation and sighing. Then his eyes opened, and looked down at the floor, and it was apparent, he was going to accept Jemmy’s terms.

The eleven year old looked at his younger brother, with a silent, hopeful look, and then turned toward Brady; expressionless. He tentatively reached out his right hand, and placed it on the older teen’s t-shirt at his abdominals, and then slowly slid his palm up his chest. The older boy did not look at Jemmy, but instead stared down at the hand, and watched almost as if it was not his body that was being touched, as the younger boy’s hand moved up toward his pectoral curve. Jemmy’s boyish thumb flicked gently over the nipple nub thrusting out the material of the shirt, and both boys shuddered. Jemmy felt a thrill go through his body as his thumb brushed back and forth over the older boys left tit tip, and his four inch erection pulsed and throbbed in his shorts and briefs. Brady lifted his head backwards and let out a small gasp, closing his eyes, as his nipple hardened into a stiff tack, and a jolt of electricity went from this sensitive nip to his prick. He clenched his ass muscles, even as his cock thickened and filled with blood. “Fuuucccck….” Brady thought to himself, without any structure or definition to that expression, but in the sense that all boys and men know. All he knew was that somehow his prick was not only hard, but he could feel the pre-fuck leaking from his deep pisswell, and now one of the hunks of the 9th grade class was the helpless toy of two younger boys.

Jemmy reached his free hand toward his brother, and grasping his brother’s small hand, moved it toward Brady’s crotch as if to push him into action. Jake, mesmerized by his brother’s thumb worrying Brady’s taut nipples, snapped out of his stupor and following Jemmy’s direction, placed his smaller hand on the huge bulge in the older boy’s shorts. Brady turned his body slightly as if to avoid the hand now resting on his crotch, but when Jake innocently squeezed the thick boner lodged underneath the shorts and briefs, Brady hunched slightly, then surrendered to the lovely sensation. As the older boy thrust his boner into the young boy’s palm who squeezed it softly, Jake moved toward Brady and used his other hand to quickly unzip the teen’s shorts. Jemmy followed suit, sliding his other hand under Brady’s t-shirt and slipping his cool palm up the boy’s firm musculature and quickly reaching the right nipple, pinching it between his thumb and forefinger gently, twisting the tit and tugging on it.

“Oh fuuuuccccck, Brady groaned leaning into both the little hands kneading his prick and the older ones scratching and twisting his teen tit nubs, allowing his body to be turned towards the two boys, who quickly pushed his t-shirt up to his neck so Jemmy could lean his head forward and clamp his soft lips on the near nipple, licking and sucking on it, while his other hand continued to worry and pluck the other one. Brad had slipped his smaller hand into the loose opening of Brady’s worn briefs and was gripping the firm area at the head of the older boy’s rigid cock, using his thumb to brush back and forth at the circumcision scar, gathering the drooling clear sap sliding down from the piss lips, and using it to lubricate his masturbation of the helpless teen. For Brady, the sensations were incredible, making him curl his long toes into his flip flops, and forcing him to spread his legs to allow the boys easier access to his unresisting body. Jake carefully extricated the huge shaft through the fly opening of Brady’s briefs, untangling the sticky, wet boner. His soft plam and small fingers now danced round and round the knob of the older boy, twisting gently one way and then the other, grazing the corona and making him jerk almost spasmodically from the agonizing tickle and groan out loud from the excruciating sensation, biting his lip and squeezing his eyes tightly shut. Jemmy though kept him distracted, sucking on his nipples and continuing to gently pinch and twist them. With a growing boldness, he ordered Brady to flatten his palms and back onto the stall partition, and the two boys began to milk the older teen, teasing his fat cock head and nips while he bounced his ass against the partition and groaned over and over.

“Oooooohhhhhhhh fuuuccccckkkk…goddamn….please, please, oh shit, my cock head… my nips…fuck, jeezus….what’re ya doing to me….fuuuuuucccccckkkkkkk!”

Every time Brady would begin to raise on his toes, thrusting out his greedy penis for enough attention from Jake’s fist to drive him deliciously over the edge, Jemmy would frown at his brother or slap his roiling little fist to get him to slow down, making sure they kept the older boy grinding his ass against the partition, helplessly surrendering his big boy body to their ministrations. Jake’s thumbnail would just barely scratch his circumcision scar as he gently thumb the bloated cock knob, and each time, Brady thought he would faint from the delicious tickle. Shit, when he jerked his prong, it was quick and fast, and hell it felt great but this was different, the way they were feathering his prick tip, making him clench his ass muscles from the sensation…God it was so fucking strange. For twenty minutes they teased him and toyed with him, Jemmy finally verbalizing their control and his surrender:

“Yeah dude, that’s it…fuck my brother’s fist, yeah, work that big dick for us…ooooo man, you’re a natural…yeah fuck it….rub him Jakey…make him love it, shit look-it his toes curl…damn he’s like Cousin Daryl, member…yeah, we got him good before we left…made him love your fist little bro, made him cum like no tomorrow. Do him Jakey, do him good!”

And like clockwork, Brady helplessly thrust out his chest and his hips, letting the two boys masturbate and maul him into teen sexual oblivion, his head twisting back and forth, his tongue licking his lips in unconscious lust. Fuck, it felt so good to have someone other than himself playing with his boner, and shit, it was like his nips were suddenly connected to his cock. He wanted to kill these two kids, but what they were doing to his body seemed to fry his brain…fuuuuccccckk…it felt so damn good. The huge teen penis thrust out, the bulbous head expanded to an obscene degree, the glans glass smooth and his piss lips spread wide. The light from the one high window in the room cast into the cubicle illuminating the big boy teenage shaft and Jake’s marauding fingers dancing round and round the oversized head in light strokes. When Brady’s head thrust back banging against the partition, his mouth opened as he gulped air, and he pushed up on his long, thick toes, the boys knew he was close. Then Jake’s practiced fingers focused on Brady’s circumcision scar one last time and his thumb flicked rapidly over the piss lips. Brady wailed out loud and long—unable to care if anyone heard, and he almost fainted as bolts of his teenage spooge rocketed out of his cock head and shot across the stall to the other wall, dripping down in long white rivulets.


Even as he stared in fascination as the teenage scum covered the wall, Jemmy kept plucking the older boy’s nips and directed his brother to milk out every drop of cum. After 30 seconds of ejaculation and drool, Brady could not stand the little fist polishing his glans, and he hunched over reflexively still grunting and whining, forcing Jake’s hands off his penis.

“Oh Christ,” he grunted, his wits returning after the star studded cum, and reached to pull up his shorts and briefs so he could make a quick exit. But Jemmy stepped in grabbing his hands and telling him to stop.

“Dude, you’re not in charge here…you do what we say, get it. Put your hands back against the wall, this time over your head.”

There was a pause, while Brady gave Jemmy a hard look, and Jake trembled a bit from fear that the older boy would now reject the agreement and maybe slug both of them. But instead, Brady took a deep breath, and dropped his shorts and briefs back to his ankles. He slowly straightened up, leaned back against the stall, and flattened out his palms face out on the partition over his head, closing his eyes in a sign of defeat and submission. Jemmy reached down, and taking the still tumescent shaft dripping the last of his scum out of the wet piss lips, he stripped his hand down it, including over the sensitive knob, making Brady grunt and shiver again, squeezing his eyes tight from the sensation, and then flung the last of the leak onto the stall floor. Then he and Jake pulled up the older boy’s shorts and briefs, tucked in his sticky boner, making sure he understood that he did not control his own body.

“K dude, we’ll contact you for our next meeting. You know the deal. We’re in charge until at least when school starts. We’ll decide if we’re gonna give you the pics then or not. But we’ll keep our end of the deal as long as you do. Understand…?”

Brady nodded his head curtly, refusing to make eye contact with the Jeffries boys and bolted out of the stall, and then out of the small brick john, the dampness and smell of the room making him feel nauseous. His perspiration was dripping down from his arm pits and his forehead. He hopped onto his bicycle and started peddling rapidly, getting home as quickly as he could, his cock still tingling from the work-over it had received from Jakey’s little fist. He knew he had sealed a bargain with two little devils, but he did not know what else to do. For the remainder of the summer at least, Brady Connor was going to be the dick slave of two little assholes, and weirdly, his cock lurched into erection at the thought, starting to drip again. Fuck, what was the matter with him, he wondered, feeling angry at himself. No matter how hard he pedaled out of that anger, his cock remained hard, in fact got harder, and leaked into his briefs as his anxiety increased.

Back in the park john, Jemmy had pushed Jake to sit on the toilet seat, and quickly unzipped his shorts. He had been hard as a rock the entire time they worked Brady, turned on by the power they were wielding over Brady. He pulled out his throbbing pricklet, 4.5 inches of gristle, a full inch and one-half wide, with a nice plumb knob. He thrust the angry, demanding boner into his younger brother’s mouth, and the boy greedily sucked the shaft as he had many times before, and then settled on the knob, working to suck his older brother into submission. Jemmy had grown dependent on Jake’s soft, wet mouth, and its magical effect on his cocklet. There was something so electric about the shocks of tingling sensation that shot from his cock knob to his anus and his tits, almost rendering Jemmy breathless. God he loved it, loved Jake’s voracious sucking on his glans, his tongue lashing ruthlessly over and around the bulbous tip, making eleven year old+ Jemmy throw his head back and unconsciously grip his younger brother’s head moving it back and forth as fast as he could on the head of his fevered pricklet. Jemmy stood up on his toes, and making a helpless squeal he exploded into a series of dry cum explosions that seemed to last forever. This is where Jake took control, and made his older brother a helpless puppet, enslaved to his mouth. Even though Jemmy was gripping his brother’s head he was unable to pull it off his boner, as if he was suddenly weak and helpless. Instead, Jake kept working his twisting head and lips back and forth and round and round, forcing Jemmy to spread his legs and bend his knees and letting the stiff pricklet get lashed by Jake’s unrelenting tongue, driving the older pre-teen almost insane. As a result Jemmy continued to burst into dry cums, his penis throbbing and pulsing, making him begin to feel faint, but continuing to drive him towards more of the little explosions. Finally, pleading desperately with his little brother to stop, he forcefully pried the reluctant boy’s head off the overly sensitive tip, making a popping noise when he extricated it…gasping from the excruciating tickle… “aaaaahhhhhhhhhh…..nnnnnooooo…..ssssttttooopppp duuuuude… aaaaahhhhhh, shit, yer killin’ me!----oooooohhhhhh fuuuuucccccck!”

Jake knew that tonight, he would wait until his brother was about to fall asleep in their room, then he would sneak out of his bed an crawl over to his big brother’s bed. Jake would remain on his knees, and slip his hand under the sheets---his small hand gliding down to his brother’s bare foot, and gently tickling it. Jemmy’s strong toes would wriggle to avoid the scratching fingers, and then Jake’s hand would glide up his brother’s calf, on the inside of Jem’s knee, and then up the inside of his brother’s thigh, tickling toward his roiling, hairless ball sack. Then he would scratch on the outside of his hip bone, and onto his brother’s firm stomach, poking gently into his navel, and then up to one of Jemmy’s coned nipples. Jem could not resist the touch of his younger brother’s fingers on his nipples, and it would make his cocklet go rock hard. Jake would eventually pull back the sheets, and his brother would spread his limbs, surrendering to the younger boy’s soft hands, letting his pricklet be extracted from his pajama fly. For the next hour, Jake would masturbate his older brother to several dry cums, Jem helpless and unwilling to stop the incredible, shuddering sensations from his younger brother’s soft, saliva coated fist spiraling up and down and over the rude, insatiable four and one half inches of boy gristle, worrying it into the helpless explosions.

It was time for Jemmy to return the favor. Pulling up his shorts and stuffing his pricklet, still hard, throbbing and wet, into his briefs then zipping up, he quickly exchanged places with his brother sitting on the toilet seat, but rather than suck the boy he pulled down his brother’s shorts and briefs and spit onto his right palm. Then he closed his fist around his brother’s stiff almost 4 inch spike, one inch in width with an even fatter little plum at the top. Using his wicked thumb like a weapon, he flicked it back and forth over the boy’s sensitive glans, and worked his palm and fist up and over the top of the aching pricklet. Faster and faster he milked the younger boy, even as Jake tried to push his brother away to free his sensitive, ticklish pricklet. It was a game they played when they had sex. This is what always happened, Jake barely able to stand the sensation, and his older brother controlling him. Jemmy turned the younger boy around and pulled him between his legs, sliding his free hand up under Jake’s t-shirt and finding his left nipple. Once he began to pinch and maul it, Jake lost control of his body and allowed his brother’s ruthless fist and fingers to drag him towards his own dry cum. Jake leaned back against his brother, surrendering his smaller body to the older boy, letting himself be his brother’s toy. He loved being under Jemmy’s control, and it felt so nice, so good to rest against him and let him be in charge. Jemmy was just as pleased to be in control of his little brother. He was greedy about making him cum and surrender his cocklet for Jem’s expert manipulation. He would milk the boy through two cums in the Park toilet, making him wail for mercy after the first one as his strong fingers tickled the stiff little pricklet and its sensitive knob:


Then he worked the young boy again when his penis stayed stiff and responsive, pinching his nipples again until his shivering, bucking little body surrendered one more time, thrusting the pricklet into his brother’s unrelenting fist and torturing him through the post dry-cum sensitivity that almost made him faint. When it was over, Jake turn around, his pants and briefs at his ankles and his cocklet still wet and hard, and hugged his older brother’s body, giving himself to his brother for comfort and support, his eyes closed, panting hard.

After Jake had hugged his brother and Jem had rubbed his back and helped him regain his senses, he eventually sighed deeply and opened his eyes. He knew that his brother loved him, but he was also in charge of Jake’s horny and ever-hard little boy dick. It was already a successful, exciting day. Jake and Jemmy both smiled as they left the restroom in the park; they knew that their fun was just beginning. All three boys [Brady, Jake and Jemmy] went to bed later that night with stiff pricks…and in the case of Brady Cannon, he could not understand why his cock was so hard at the thought of being under the control of the two little shits from next door.

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