Brady Cannon’s Unexpected Medical Exam 3b: The Exam (bb bt nc)

Introduction: Here is chapter 3, part “b” of Brady Cannon. If Brady had any hope of maintaining a semblance of control over his body, Jemmy and Jake left him with few allusions in that regard in part 3a. Now in part 3b we will see if they shut the door. Once again, I have had men share their intimate early sexual experiences with me. I have tried to faithfully capture them in the scenes of my stories, honoring them even as I add my own touch. Those of you who enjoy my writing and with stories to share, I hope you will contact me. If you are underage or offended by such fantasies, please do not read this story, it is not meant for you. This is a stroke story for mature guys who understand the difference between fiction and reality.

I would of course be grateful for any feedback from those of you who find my stories engaging, and critical input from the other excellent writers on the net. My stories are heavily weighted to the sexual, rather than the story content, but I hope I have provided enough of a framework to keep your interest.

This story is about a straight Southern California teenager who falls into the clutches of two savvy pre-teen boys, and the series of events that emanate from one night of baby-sitting. Since my last chapter was overdue as a result of my being away on vacation, I am trying to get this out within two weeks. At this point I will be adding chapters that have not been written or even outlined. Hence it may take 3-4 weeks for new chapters to emerge.

July 1, 2010


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Jem had learned that he could be as masterful as his cousins six months earlier, before the family had moved to their new Southern California home from Atlanta. During the ski week vacation in March, his family had visited his cousins family in the country again, and the sex games with his cousins continued. But he and Jake had always been the subjects, following orders, servicing the older boys, and only getting their dry cums when the older boys wanted to give them pleasure, or enjoyed seeing them helplessly surrender their young pricklets to the many sensations to which they had been subjected. But one of their cousins, Wayne, was different. He was like them. Although thirteen, the older boys treated him like they did Jem and Jake, and he was not allowed to be in control of any of the games in which they played.

One afternoon, while looking for Jake, Jem went out to the tool shed at the back of the farm. That’s where most of the games were played because there was a bunkhouse for hired hands dating back to the old days when the family needed them to work the farm. While he was searching, he looked into the window of the bunkhouse and saw Wayne with Blake, their oldest cousin. Wayne was sitting on Blake’s lap on the old couch in the main room, dressed only in his shorts and t-shirt. His eyes were closed and he was leaning back on his brother’s lap, while the older boy seemed to be whispering into his ear, and his big, hairy left hand was under the t-shirt caressing his torso. Suddenly Wayne seemed to gasp, and Jem could see through the t-shirt the imprint of Blake’s fingers at the younger boy’s left nipple, pinching and flicking it. Wayne’s toes clenched, and his loose shorts sported a big bulge at the crotch. Blake’s right hand went to Wayne’s fly and unzipped it, and out came the redhead’s pale, 7 inch prong, already hard and leaking. Jem reached down and squeezed his own hard cockle through his shorts as he watched Blake’s big thumb bruise back and forth over Wayne’s fat cock knob, teasing the boy slowly as he whispered into his ears and continued to worry his left nipple. For fifteen minutes Jem watched the younger boy submit to his older brother, and finally after what seemed like an eternity of the slow milking of his thirteen year old cock head, Wayne’s feet stretched out and his head was thrown back and then from his piss lips, five long streams of boy spunk shot out. Jem could hear through the closed window Wayne’s passionate squeals as his brother controlled his boy penis, continuing to milk and thumb it even after the younger boy’s ejaculation. Wayne writhed and bucked, but Blake held him captive, and worked the sensitive cock head until Wayne finally bucked himself off of the older boy’s lap and onto the floor to escape the torture. Blake laughed, and Jem snuck away, have squeezed his own pricklet into a dry cum from just watching the scene. But it gave him an idea.

That week, Mr. Jeffries took the three youngest boys to the local drive-in to see a movie. The film was family fare, and within half an hour Mr. Jeffries was snoring in the front seat. But in the back seat of the Land Cruiser, Jem, Wayne and Jake were in their pajamas and under a thick blanket to keep them warm in the still cool March night. Jem had told Jake what he had witnessed at the bunkhouse between Blake and Wayne, and decided that they should see if they could take charge of Wayne as well. The thirteen year old was big, and handsome, but always seemed so shy and reticent. Now he was seated between his two cousins while their father was fast asleep, and it with the blanket covering them, it seemed like a perfect time to take a chance with Wayne.

While the silly film droned on, Wayne suddenly felt a hand from Jem’s side on his left come to rest on his pajama covered leg on the left. He wanted to look at his cousin and stare him down, but Wayne was too shy and now, the mere touch of his cousin’s hand had made his cock start to erect. Shit, he couldn’t help it…for some reason, whenever his brothers or anyone touched him, he would go hard. Fucking Anders Larson at school had cornered him in one of the toilets at school as he was leaving from working on a project late. And just like now, he had been helpless to stop him from playing with him.

He had to take a leak, and when he heard the door open, he was surprised that the fourteen year old was still at school as well. Always pee shy, his strong stream slowed, and as it came to a halt when Anders stood next to him and pulled out his own cock to piss strongly, Wayne started to put his cock away to leave. That’s when Anders finished his quick piss, and turned to face Wayne with his cock erecting to an angry six, very thick inches with a bulbous knob on the top, surrounded by a profusion of thick, brown hair.

“Where you going Jeffries….don’t cha wanna fuck around…? Anders said in an exaggerated voice of conspiracy. “I see you staring funny at guys, or maybe yer just kinda shy….wanna fuck around dude…get-off?”

Wayne gave a half-hearted objection, refusing to look Anders in the eye: “I gotta go, sorry, I gotta get home….” Turning to try and walk around the boy and zip up at the same time, Wayne was stopped as Anders moved into his path, blocking his feeble attempt. The older boy gave Wayne a crooked smile and reached out to playfully pinch his tit through his t-shirt. Wayne hunched, groaned out loud and his cock lurched. Anders gave a broad smile of recognition and knew what he had discovered. Within moments he had Wayne in the disabled stall, pushed up against the partition with his pants and briefs at his feet, and his big boy penis being roughly milked by the older boy with one hand, and his tits being pinched and plied under his t-shirt with the other hand. It wouldn’t be the last time Anders took charge of Wayne’s big pale shaft at school, and it was just like what happened at home from the time he was nine years old with his brothers. Now his younger cousin’s hand was eliciting the same helpless surrender…fuck, why couldn’t he resist?

Within minutes, Jem and Jake had their older cousin stretched across their laps in the back seat, his long toes pointed and straining, as his tits were pinched and his penis palmed and teased by the boys’ unrelenting hands. As his father snored blissfully in the front seat, Jem took charge of Wayne, and whispered to him that from now on he and Jake would also enjoy managing his unruly boners. Wayne hardly responded, his Pavolvian response being to gurgle with satisfaction has his bloated cock knob was deliciously palmed by Jake’s soft palm as Jem continued to scratch and pluck his whorish young teen tits. He would come twice that night in the back seat with his cousins; his head twisting madly and a pillow over his face to keep his groans from waking Mr. Jeffries. Some boys were helpless when it came to their sexual needs, and Cousin Wayne was one. It was a lesson that Jemmy learned, and now, with Brady Cannon, he had discovered another boy just like his cousin Wayne.

Instinctively, Jemmy knew there was something about Brady that made him seem vulnerable. He knew Brady was delicious. Fuck, when you see over-grown teens like Brady, they just ooze sex appeal, and you gotta wonder how often they get their big penises satisfied and how. The first week they had moved into the neighborhood, Brady’s parents and some of the other neighbors, hosted a barbeque for the Jeffries to welcome them. Brady did not attend the 3:00 p.m. start, preferring to hang with his buddies at the beach. But by 6:00 p.m., he was hungry and stopped by the barbeque to get some food. When Jem saw him he was mesmerized. His cockle hardened in his shorts as his gaze went from Brady’s big pale feet to his handsome, casual countenance. The hair on the boy’s legs and arms was thick and bleached white from the summer sun and days in the ocean. And when Brady bent over to pick up a dropped fork, the firm cheeks of his tight ass were clutched by the material of his shorts. It reminding Jem of his older cousins, and the thought of having boys like that to play with made him clench his ass and squeeze his pricklet to control his tumescence. Jem tried to speak with Brady that afternoon, to get his attention. But the older teen was oblivious to him. His only comment was a condescending gesture, rubbing the younger boy’s head after a joke about the rising number of kids in the neighborhood. Jem smiled at the slight, but like all pre-teen boys in transition he did not see himself as a kid, and he burned to have the easy confidence of bigger boys like Brady, and especially athletic ones. But there was something else…something a bit soft and gentle about Brady in spite of his big boy cool. Whatever it was, Jem studied the big-boned body of his neighbor that first he met him, and it became his fixation, his goal, to get into the boy’s pants. He could already imagine Brady down on his hands and knees, his ass up in the air. After the success of the first baby-sitting encounter and then the meeting in the park toilet, he knew that what he had sensed when he first met Brady was similar to what he saw in his cousin Wayne. Now, he was ready to close the door on Brady’s independence, on the smooth self-confidence and easy jockdom that made him so desireable, and instead transform him into a secret slut-slave to Jake and himself. “Time for your med. exam dude. Let’s get you to the exam table…me and Jakey need to take your vitals, heh, heh, heh.”

Jake left to run upstairs, and when he returned moments later he brought down a bottle of soda for Brady to drink and a small juice glass. Once again, one of Mr. Jeffries’ blue pills had been dissolved into the drink. Jake opened the bottle like it was some kind of medicine and poured it into the little juice glass as if measuring the amount. Then he held it up the light as if he was some scientist confirming his experiment, and then brought it to Brady’s lips and instructed the groggy teen “to take his medicine.” The already slightly fuzzy-headed teen, high from the poppers, gulped down the fluid to sate his real thirst. Already tumescent from the delicious frigging Jemmy had given him, soon Brady’s erection was painfully stiff, artificially induced, uncontrollable, and leaking.

Once he was half-stoned and drunk, the two boys went back to fingering the big boy’s erection to tease more slick juice from his piss lips, making him hiss louder and his hips thrust spasmodically from the delicate feathering of his cock knob. Next they walked Brady to a pool table across the room from the ping pong table and the mattress. With his hands still locked behind his head, Jemmy and Jake pulled down Brady’s jeans and briefs to hobble him as they made him walk to the table. Watching the fifteen year old teenager, stagger towards the table, his hands behind his head, his big bare feet just exposed beneath the jeans and briefs tangled at his ankles, and his thick, drooling erection bobbing in front of him made both Jem’s and Jake’s pricklets throb with pleasure. They walked him from the bathroom to the pool table. He was instructed to hoist himself upon on the edge, and they reached down to tug off the jeans and briefs, tickling his big feet briefly as they did so and earning another curse from the dopey teen. They directed him to lie down on his back, hands still behind his head, feet flat and knees up and spread. Between the soft drink laden with Viagra and continuing hits of Amyl, Brady was completely helpless, and the power of his erection had taken control of his brain. Jemmy leaned over the edge of the table and gently teased the coned nips of the muscular teen as he spoke to him.

“Dude, me and Jakey are your doctors, and we’re gonna give you a total physical. You ever had one of those…I looked it up on the internet. Seen some great photos of chicks and dudes who have had medical exams. That’s what yer gonna get Brady boy.” Even through his fogged brain, Brady gave a look of fear and concern.

“Ah, what’ya mean physssical? Ya mean take my temperature and check me out, and shit like that?”

“Yeah dude,” Jem said with a knowing smile to Jake, “stuff like that….”

With that, Jake gave Brady a sip of the coke he had been drinking, only now mixed with rum as well. Brady gulped his ‘medicine’ down not caring that it tasted of alcohol, still thirsty from his sexual excitement, and not realizing that it was laced with Viagra as well. In the meantime, he continued to get hits from the Amyl Nitrate also. Soon, Brady was feeling no pain and was following the boys’ instructions to the letter. For five minutes they fed him liquor and gave him little hits of Amyl, and made sure his boner was tuned up and leaking with careful squeezes, thumbing his sensitive glans, rubbing across his circumcision scar and scratching his piss lips. Now it was time for his ‘exam.’

Laying out on the pool table, the boys took position on each side and let their fingers glide over Brady from head to toe. The image of teenage perfection, the long-limbed hard bodied boy was covered in a thick blond fur from his ankles to his waist, with the darker hair in his ass crack, in his treasure trail, under his arms and on his eyebrows His muscles were sinew rather than bulk, but he was all boy. Their fingers played with his toes, and scratched across his heels and sole, drawing a jerk of his feet, then up his firm, hairy calves, over his sensitive knees and quads, across his hip bones [purposely avoiding his cock and balls], then into his navel, over his abdominals, to his curved pecs, flicking his nips and then up to his Adam’s apple, his lips and cheeks, and even into his ticklish ears. Brady grunted and cooed from each of the touches, helplessly enjoying the caressing of his big body, flinching and twisting slightly with each touch, and unable to stop the reflexive response of his bloated penis, drooling out the clear teenage pre-fuck sauce onto his stomach and into his navel. As they investigated his complete body, Jem made meaningless notes on a pad as if he was taking down relevant data for Brady’s medical record.

After the review, Jem ordered him to swing his legs over the side of the table and to face him. Resigned to his fate and dazed from the liquor and Amyl, Brady passively followed the instructions. His hands remained behind his head when Jemmy grasped his glazed face, using his fingers to gently pry open Brady’s mouth. “That’s it Brady, open up, lemme see inside that mouth…yeah, good boy.” The drunk teen let his mouth be opened wide like some prize livestock being appraised at the market. His open mouth revealed a perfect set of teeth, and allowed Jemmy to insert first a popsicle stick on his tongue, making him say “Aaaaahhhhh” like a real doctor would do. Then Jemmy inserted a finger into the big boy’s mouth and tickled the roof and also used a kid’s small tooth brush to gently bristle his palette and tongue. The drunken Brady tried to twist his head, but Jem used one hand to hold his head firmly and he firmly instructed Brady to keep his mouth open and tilt his head back. The dazed boy did as he was told, and Jemmy tickled his mouth and gums causing him to grunt and whine awkwardly with his mouth open while Jake let his small hands aimlessly glide over Brady’s torso, feeling, squeezing, and tickling it gently.

Finally, sure of Brady’s stupefied compliance, Jem made him suck his fingers while he used his other hand to pinch and ply the older teen’s tits, causing him to gurgle and groan appreciably around the fingers he was sucking. For a moment, Brady made eye contact with Jem, and it was clear that the older boy was both confused and submissive. Like a deer in the headlights, Brady was captured by the pre-teen boy who was supervising him, and he looked helpless as he stared blankly and dumbly at Jem. Jemmy knew that look. He’d seen his cousin Wayne make look the same way when they took control of him in their secret games. He’d also felt helpless himself when his older cousins stripped him and Jake and made them yield their firm young bodies to the perverse games designed for their submission and humiliation. He let Brady he know he understood his helplessness: “Yeah dude, that’s it…suck my fingers, show me what a good baby-sitter you are, oh yeah, that’s it…suck ‘em….” Both Jemmy and Jake looked down to see Brady’s upcurved shaft pulsing with each word from Jem’s mouth, drooling cum out of the piss lips, coating his bulging itchy cock head, aching for someone to touch it and play with it. “Yeah, yer just a horny slut huh dude…need that nasty prick of yours played with, huh, cause you’ve been wanting to jerk it since Monday…but me and Jakey wouldn’t let you do the nasty, huh… yeah, slut, suck my fingers so I know just how much you want me to play with your big wiener.” Brady clenched his toes and his ass pucker as Jemmy spoke to him, knowing that the words and his dizzy brain were rendering him somehow helpless to do or say anything in his own defense, and worse yet, it had him turned on like nothing he had ever experienced in his young life. All he could do is suck and pray that the boys would play with his pulsing teenage prong.

It was fucking hot for the two young boys to see how much control they had over Brady, and how his boner bobbed and leaked. Then Jemmy spoke again, asserting his dominance over the fifteen year old captive: “Oookaaay…next step…got to see how much self-control you have.” He inserted his index finger into Brady’s navel, twisting it and scratching the soft bulging knot of flesh sunk inside the well, while the older boy continued to suck his fingers like a puppy dog desperate to please it’s master. Brady bellowed with laughter from the irritating finger in his deep navel, and fell backwards onto the pool table, writhing from the delicious tickling. So Jemmy moved his wet fingers from Brady’s mouth to his nipples scratching and twisting them gently, as Jakey attacked his arm pits, lightly tugging on the tufted darker blond hair there, and using his fingernails to search out the hollow and make Brady squeal even more. Through all of this, the big boy cock remained rock hard, with long strings of pre-fuck dripping onto his abdominals. It was a fucking dream come true for the Jeffries boys, and they also paused to snap digital pictures to their heart’s content, adding to their ample complement of photos with which to blackmail the older boy. For his part, Brady was now in teen lust heaven, enjoying the wet manipulation of his firm teen tits, and having his navel invaded and tickled, along with his armpits. Initially, he lowered his arms to protect from Jake’s little fingers scrabbling inside his damp pits…but when Jemmy ordered him to raise them again, he did so and surrendered to the arousing tickling, bellowing with laughter: “ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, stooooppppp, nnnooooo, ha,ha, ha!.”

They focused their attention on Brady’s nipples, leaning over to suck, pinching, twisting, and scratching them gently—titillating rather than hurting the pebbled stiff rubber teats that angrily thrust out in a coned tip from the wide areolas, almost begging for more attention. But occasionally they would give a firmer pinch or tweak, to remind the older boy that they were in charge and his body belonged to them during these games. Drunken Brady alternated between his helpless drunken laughter, and howls of pleasure as the boys “tested” his nipples, occasionally reaching down to tickle his bobbing erection as they did so, lightly rubbing their fingers over his aching cock head and scar. Brady had never played with his tits, and did not know that they were so sexually stimulating. Sure guys would grab pecs and tits in the locker-room, but that was always a quick action, aimed to hurt. There might be a tingle of excitement from the sensation, but it was so quick and mostly painful, Brady had never paid attention to the former sensation, only the latter. But now, as these young boys stroked and played with his firm pecs and the pebbled/coned tits, as they had briefly in the park toilet, he was responding unconsciously to sensations that were deliciously unexpected. His slurred reactions gave them what they wanted to hear, and to ensure that he continued, they fed him more Coke and hits of Amyl.

It was time for his next exam and they whispered to him to get on his knees, with his head down on the table and his arms still locked behind his head. Jake provided him with a small pillow to cushion his face, and his curved cock bobbed down between his splayed legs, drooling on a towel placed underneath him. When Brady was a ten year old, his pediatrician gave him his last physical, and even then the boy was big for his age. His five inch hairless penis had given a lurch and erected when the doctor administered his only prostrate exam. This was the last time, Brady had been in the position the boys had made him get into currently, and at that time his ten year old size eight feet curled from the achey sensation of the doctor’s glove covered finger, lubricated for easier access, wriggling into his bottom and poking against something deep inside him. He had blushed from the doctor seeing his erection, but the old man had just laughed and told him to wipe himself with two of the wet wipes, and pull up his pants and briefs. That was Jake’s only exam of this sort, but Jemmy was about to end his drought in that regard.

Brady did not even know what it meant meant to have a prostate exam, but in his current condition, when Jemmy announced that he was about to have one, it didn’t matter. “First we’re gonna take your temperature. I need you to spread your legs wide. If you can’t do it this way, we’re gonna have to get you on your back, have you hold ‘em up under your knees to your chest….com’on, cause if you can’t do it, then me and Jake are gonna have to tie your legs up and pull ‘em over your head. So com’on, dude, get ‘em open….” Jemmy helped Brady spread his muscular thighs and big calves, and those long toed feet.

In this position, Brady’s huge boy feet were exposed and facing up, their soles crinkled. The site of the muscular, large peds suggested a reflex test to Jem, who was inventing the exam as he went along. “Dude, we’re gonna test yer reflexes for a sec, so don’t move.” Jem knew that when Brady felt the sensation, he couldn’t help but move, but that would give him an excuse to threaten the big boy. He motioned to Jake to hand him the old tooth brush they had brought down with their other implements. He used his right hand to rake the bristles down Brady’s left foot, from sole to toes, and it got the desired result. “Yiiieeeeeee…what’re ya doing…jeeeez…don’t do that,” Brady asked in a groggy whine. “Shit, that tickles….aaaaaaiiiiiieeeee”, he squealed as Jem did it again to his right foot, making Brady scrunch his toes even more, almost collapsing down onto the table.

“Dude, no one gave you permission to move…that’s gonna cost you…three swats on the ass. When I give you instructions, you listen, right?” Jem was pushing, but he had to know how far he could go in controlling Brady.

Brady turned and looked at Jem, with a blank expression, neither angry nor accepting. But his actions spoke louder than either words or his expression. After a brief eye contact with Jem, Brady looked down at the pool table, and got back into the desired position, on his knees, his legs spread wide. He said nothing. Jem turned to Jake and beamed, pointing him to one of the ping pong paddles resting on that table across the room. Jake hurried to retrieve it, and give it to his brother who promptly told Brady to get ready for his next reflex test, the three swats he had earned. And with that he brought the paddle down with snap of his wrist…”SMACK”! When Brady merely flinched and arched his back, his big prick swinging beneath his legs, still hard and dripping, Brady continued: “SMACK….SMACK!” Brady groaned, but it was almost as if he groaned in a kind of pleasure…. ”Aaaagggghhhhhhhh…shit…oh man…fuck.”

“Yeah dude, just remember what yer gonna get if you fuck up again….” Jem said with a smug superiority in his pre-teen voice. Brady’s transition was going just as he had hoped and planned.

“Ok, NOW, let’s get your temp dude” Jemmy said laughing as his brother administered more Amyl Nitrate to the dazed and exhausted teen, and then Jake lifted his head to the side and let him sip more of the cola laced with rum and Viagra to quench his thirst after the minutes of squealing, sweating and begging caused by the tickling.

Jemmy pulled out a thick quarter-inch in diameter thermometer that the boys had taken with them when they left their cousins in the country. It was used on farm animals, but their cousins had used it on both of the boys in their games, first breaching their sensitive, virginal rectums with the slender but effective anal intrusion, making them squeal with the new sensation of something penetrating their tender boy pussies. Jemmy remembered how his toes had curled from the achey sensation as the slender tube slid up his bung. And when it hit that spot inside, he thought he would faint. He wanted to see how Brady would respond to that sensation that even now made Jemmy tighten his asshole from the memory. Jem lubed the thick thermometer in front of Brady’s eyes, talking as we did it. “We’re gonna get yer temp just like the farm animals dude, slide this little ole’ baby up your shitter, and get a good reading. So stick out that ass, and reach back with you hands and spread yer cheeks.” Brady was drunk, but even the thought of his ass pucker being exposed more than it was already, embarrassed and humiliated him. He blushed, but slowly reached back with his hands and grasped each of his firm, small butt cheeks and pulled them apart. The deep trench exposed a profusion of dark teen boy hair, made darker from his perspiration. There in the midst of that trench was a long ragged split, at the center of which was a tight little pucker. Brady was exposing his most private male center to the gaze of these two boys, and in a manner of submission, on his knees with his head down, ass up and exposing himself to their inspection and pleasure.

“Fuck dude, you gotta a hairy pussy, and man you look tight! It’s gonna take a while to get that temp, that’s for sure.” Shit it was amazing to Jem and Jake that Brady was exposing himself like a bitch in heat. That ragged slit appeared behind the halo of tufted moist dark blond hair that framed Brady’s most private place, and it was long---like an inch. Jemmy joked to Jakey that Brady must shit some big turds with a hole like that. But of course, the ragged slit did not disclose the tight entrance of Brady’s sphincter…and that was the target. In the shower, Brady would trail a finger gently across his anus to clean himself with soap and water…but this was about to be so different, it was going to be so humiliating.

Jemmy dipped his finger into a wide mouthed bottle of aloe skin cream and then trailed it down the hairy slit, spreading the thick hair from Brady’s boy hole as the older boy held his cheeks wide apart. The first sensation made Brady clench his toes and his sphincter, and gasp: “What the fuuuuucccccckkkk…nnnnoooo, oh god, nnnnooooo, pleeeeezzzzeeee, nnnoooooo, not my asssssszzzzzzzz…..” Jemmy index fingernail tickled and scratched at the tight portal, and Brady’s ass muscles tightened to protect himself from any possible intrusion. As if there were a wire connected from his ass pucker to his prick, Brady’s prong raised from its position dangling between his legs, throbbing, and raising up to spit more pre-fuck in response to Jemmy’s investigation of his tightly clenched boy trench. “Aaaaagghhhhhhhh….nnnooooooo!”

“Dude, what the fuck, we told ya we were gonna take your temp, no shut up and take it like a man. Shit, you’d think we were fuckin’ ya or something!”

Jemmy’s unrelenting fingering kept wriggling against the clenched hole, and slowly, the breathless and exhausted Brady lost control and the fingertip popped in. “AAAAHHHH! NOOOOOOOOOOO….OOOOOHHHH SHHHHHIIIIITTTTT!” Jemmy twisted his fingertip to the first knuckle, and he could sense from how tightly Brady’s sphincter squeezed his finger and Brady’s long toes clenched, and the breathless way he gulped air to breathe, and how wide his eyes had opened, that Brady had a very, very sensitive butt hole at his disposal. Jake’s eyes were glued to his brother’s finger, and the way that Brady responded. He too remembered how it felt when his cousins had introduced the thermometer into his anus, and he too clenched his hole in sympathetic response to Brady’s gasping surprise at the finger that was now preparing him for his temperature to be taken.

As he worked his index finger into Brady’s protesting hole, Jemmy instructed Jake to hold the greased eight inch thermometer as Brady watched desperately through drunken eyes, knowing intuitively that he was going to hate what was about to happen, and clenching his anus more tightly in unconscious anticipation. After wriggling his finger as much as possible with the lube on it, Jemmy withdrew his thick index finger from Brady’s hole, while Jake dabbed his smaller index finger into the lube, and placed it right on the jagged opening. He began to smooth in the slippery stuff along the crack and then without warning jabbed it into Brady’s lulled anus. Brady gasped as he had the previous moment Jemmy had touched his private male bastion. The young boy’s finger tickled back and forth inside the taut opening, scratching as he applied the lube, teasing the tight aperture. Brady’s ass clenched against this second intrusion and his toes curled firmly. But there was no escape:

“Aaaahhhhhh….nnnooooo… ooooooohhhhh fuuuuuck!” Brady squealed, but the little insistent finger poked, prodded and rubbed the lube into his sensitive anus and rectal opening until, the lube had prepared the way for the thermometer.

“Aaaaggggghhhhh, shiiiiiiit….oooooooohhhhh nnnnooooooo!” Brady groaned, but he might have saved these entreaties for the next step.

“Yeah, do ‘im Jakey…now he’s good ‘n ready….gonna take his temp and make sure he’s nice and healthy” Jemmy laughed as he watched his younger brother finish finger fucking the older teen, making Brady thrash his head and moan. But his rigid prick continued to burp pre-fuck and swell as if the sensation in his ass had touched a part of him that he had not previously known or understood.

“Oh yeah…” Jemmy said flatly, “he’s like what cuz used to call us, he’s a ‘slut punk’, likes his pussy played with, likes your finger fucking up his hole…jeeez, looka the way he keeps moving his ass and his toes and fingers keep clenching….he’s in hog heaven, the big whore.”

Indeed, the movement of Jake’s finger had finally made Brady fuck his ass back onto the little digit, and his head was not so much thrashing around, as twisting back and forth in sweet groans. Jemmy reached up and under the big boy’s torso and found one of Brady’s nips. He scratched and pinched it, and the big teen thrust his chest down and his ass out and groaned even louder….”aaaaawww fuuuuuccccck….ooooooohhhhh shiiiiit…gooooood daaaammmmnnn…..aaaaahhhhhh.” Brady was learning, learning that his cock and his ass and his tits had more control of his body than his brain. This big blond surf jock was being slowly transformed into a slave slut by two pre-teen boys, and it seemed like he was enjoying it.

Then Jemmy spoke directly to Brady: “Yeah dude, looks like you like this, huh…like your gonna be a good boy and do everything me and Jakey tell you to do…that’s it….” and as he spoke he opened the bottle of Amyl Nitrate and gave the older boy two long hits, holding his opposite nostril closed so the maximum intake would flood Brady’s scrambled brain with more of the dizzying sensation. Brady’s cock merely flexed more, steadily drooling his clear sap, his nipples remained stiff, and he licked his lips, even as his head moved back and forth…his anus actually relaxed.
Jake’s work was done, and as he wriggled his finger free from the hairy portal to Brady’s big boy ass, then Jemmy took the lubed thermometer and without hesitation twisted it in slowly, working its cold length well beyond where Jake’s finger had gone, searching for the place he knew would make Brady’s really go bonkers.

“Aaaaaaiiiiieeeeee…..aaaaaaaggggghhhhhhh…..ooooooohhhhh fuuuuucccckkkkkk!” The quarter-inch cylinder slid in easily and the boys could see the ripple of Brady’s glutes as he adjusted to the sensation and squealed in protest. He attempted to grip the rod as it penetrated him, hoping to stop its intrusion and yet welcoming it at the same time. But there was no stopping Jemmy. He twisted the thermometer back and forth with expertise learned at the hands of his cousins, watching his older cousin screw Jakey with the device once, and hearing his younger brother’s squeals as the hot spot inside him experienced the slide of the rod back and forth over its location. And Jemmy had felt the same sensation when the boys did it to him as well…though he could not see them doing it, but only felt the ache as his fuck nut was rubbed by the invading device. Now he was working smoothly and effectively “to take Brady’s temperature”, pushing the slender rod up his neighbor’s big boy bung hole, making him grunt and groan in both horror and pleasure as his rectum was caressed by the smooth cylinder.

Finally, the glass prod reached Brady’s untested prostate, and like a virgin’s sweet spot, the nut had not been touched by anyone since the doctor’s exam. When the cool, slippery glass rubbed across his nut, Brady nearly jerked off the table, the sweet ache making him clamp down his ass muscles and issue a long, low wail from his mouth. “Uuuuuuuuugggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh….oooooowwwwwwwww, oh god, oh shit….oooooohhhhhhhh fuuuuuuuucccccck……aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”

His head lifted from the table, and his eyes opened wide, his tongue flicking nervously across his lips, and then his eyes closing as the sensation swept over him. Brady was an ass slut, and he had just learned what he would likely have never known if the boys had not breached his masculine virginity; if he had only had sex with straight-laced girls. But now he knew that deep up his rectum was a place that was more powerful than his conscious mind, and he was helpless to control how he felt. His eight inch erection throbbed and bobbed up to his stomach, splattering more pre-fuck from his piss lips. Then without any warning, and probably as much a surprise to Brady as to the boys, his cock erupted, shooting wads and wads of his pent up boy spunk up to his face and onto the towel that was beneath him.

OOOOOOHHHHHHHH GOOOOOODDDDD DDDDAAAAAMMMMMNNNN, SHIT…FUCK, AAAAAGGGGGHHHHHH……….!” Brady was helpless and his rock hard prong fired and fired gism giving him an ejaculation like no other her had ever experienced.

Jemmy was ecstatic. Oh Fuck! He had what he wanted, a grown up boy under his thumb, his big cock and body at his disposal, and the hapless teenager groaning and moaning and spurting like a slut in heat. Here was a slave to his own boy cunt. After minutes when Jemmy finally stopped sawing the slender rod back and forth over Brady’s fuck nut, and withdrew it, the big teen panted and begged. Jem ignored his pleas and acted like a real doctor, holding the thermometer up to the light and his eyes so he could read the temperature. He announced with an air of mock dignity that Brady’s temperature was normal, giving Jake a broad smile, and announcing that they could proceed to the next step.

Brady hardly paid attention. He had released his hold on his butt cheeks and when he came, placed his arms out next to his body to keep his balance. He was still roiling from both the sensations in his rectum, the power of his spontaneous cum, and the alcohol and Amyl which kept him dizzy. But when the helped him sit up over the edge of the pool table, using the towel to dab his still erect prick, he weakly protested, asking them to finish and let him go. Jemmy and Jake paid no attention. They made him place his hands once again behind his head. They they explained it was time for them to get their samples of his sperm. When they said this, Brady opened his glazed eyes in horror, and twisted his head back and forth as if to tell them no…without actually uttering the words. He was amazed that after the ejaculation he had just experienced that the boys would expect him to cum again, but Jem made a big gesture of putting on a cotton gardening glove and dipping it into the aloe lube again. Then as Brady watched, the pre-teen grasped his big curved prong, still erect from the Viagra, and held it up with one hand while closing his gloved and lubed fingers around the bulging and still cum wet glans, with the other. “Aaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiii….aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh….nnnnnnnoooooo!” Brady squealed as the firm young fingers closed around his sensitive prick tip and began a gentle thumbing. “OH GOD NO..FUCK NO…AAAAAAHHHH SHIT…YOU GOTTA STOP, I CAN’T TAKE IT! OH GOD, OH FUCK…AAAAAAAGGGGHHHHH” But these pleas fell on deaf ears…and little Jake, his pricklet throbbing in his shorts, reached up to gently pinch Brady’s still erect tits.

For thirty minutes, while Brady begged and twisted his head back and forth, curled his long toes, and ground his ass into the table, the Jem’s fingers danced around his cock head. Each time it seemed like Brady’s tortured cock head was expanding to explode another time, Jem would stop as he had done earlier….keeping the boy on the edge. Finally, after taking him up and down, to build the tension in his balls again, and to drain more of the pent up cum that had been storing for the week since the boys had him in the park toilet, Jem was ready. He slowed his gloved thumb and its grazing lubed cotton, over and over the circumcision scar, up to the curved helmet to the wide, thick piss lips. He focused his flicking there, back and forth, back and forth. Brady was no longer able to keep his hands behind his head. Instead, he lowered them to the table behind him to keep his balance as he thrust out his crotch and offered his raging erection to the pre-teen master who had control of it. Jake sped up his scratching and pinching of the boys jutting nips, and when Brady threw his head back to emit one last wail of desperation, Jem rubbed his thumb faster over the bloated piss lips and scar one last time. Then taking the now empty juice glass, he placed it over the deep piss well and watched as seven long streams of cum bolted from the hole.

“AAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH GOOOOOOOODDDDDDD….OOOOOOHHHH FUUUCKK!” Brady squealed helplessly. And after his cum had filled half the small juice glass, and Jem had pulled the cup away, he smiled evilly and let him thumb continue to bruise over the sensitive, sticky glans, roiling over and around the still throbbing cock head, making Brady beg for mercy and cry from the desperate sensation. But Jem knew what he had, knew that although Brady was yelling from the novelty of the feelings that were drowning him, he was also still thrusting his hips into the glove hand that was torturing his prick tip in such an excruciating manner. Brady had surrendered his body, he had given Jem and Jake full control of it…he was no longer an independent agent. Once his sexual need was stoked, he became a slut slave, helpless to prevent anyone from using his body any way they wanted. What was worse, he liked what these boys were doing to him, taking away his dignity and self-control. He wanted to let them use him, because it made his cock rock hard and his cum explosive in a way he had never felt previously on his own. In his fevered brain, Brady needed to be managed by these boys, needed to have his penis at this beck and call, needed to be their slut slave. For another ten minutes, Brady was tortured sweetly into submission, until he collapsed backward onto the table, throwing an arm over his face and crying as he pleaded with Jem to stop. When his tears began to roll down his cheeks, Jemmy finally stopped polishing his knob with his thumb in the rough cotton glove, satisfied that he now had full control of Brady Cannon.

The boys gave Brady fifteen minutes to catch his breath, and to gain control of his emotions. Then they helped him down from the table, giving him more hits of the Amyl and much needed sips of the Coke to meet his thirst. That way, they kept him confused and dazed. The boys had to each grasp an arm, guiding him across the room to the bathroom where he had started, staggering a bit from his stupor. When he got to the bathroom, they bent him over the sink counter, once again requiring him to spread his butt cheeks, and they gently screwed in the nozzle from the hot water bottle/Douche they had hanging on the nearby bathtub curtain rod. Soon, the luke warm liquid was squirting up his rectal chute, and filling his bowels as he once again groaned from the pressure on his prostate and the filling of his intestines. Jemmy clamped off the flow, and let the bigger boy moan, as Jakey teased his nipples and Jemmy reached down and fisted his fat, sticky cock head, still tumescent from the Viagra. Jem tickled the bulging glans gently so as to make sure Brady did not come again, but ensuring that his overly sensitive cock tip was teased sending electric shocks through Brady. He shivered reflexively from the sensations, clenching his toes on the rug in front of the sink. Fuck, it was damn sexy to see the big teen bent over, his legs spread, his hairy anus plugged with the nozzle and clamped hose like a tail leading to the hanging bag. His cock was bent down between his legs getting a tender teasing from Jemmy’s hand. Jake took the digital camera and took more pictures, especially from the side, so they could capture the dazed boy’s face, his eyes closed as he moaned over and over again.

Once they cleaned out Brady’s boy bung, they put him in the tub this time, and made him lay back, cuffing his arms over his head, and soaping him from head to toe. Brady was gone by this time…exhausted from the tickling, milking, his drug cocktail, his enema, and the plain old adrenalin from the tension of anticipating what the boys would do to him next. The bath was a warm reprieve. The warm sudsy water made him relax, and the boys put a bath pillow behind his head. With his hands cuffed over his head, the boys soft, smooth hands lathered in soap glided over his body like a soft caress. Jake concentrated on Brady’s firm stomach, and his sloping pecs with their protruding nipples, his palms feathering over the protruding nubs. Occasionally his fingers would tease into Brady’s ears, tickle into his completely exposed armpits, and probe into his sensitive navel. Jake also soaped up the long arms that were cuffed over the teen’s head, and massaged each of the fingers, tickling the palms by scratching his fingernails over them. In the meantime, Jemmy smoothed his soapy hands and ruffled the hair on Brady’s legs, tickled under his big boy balls down and into his anal trench and pucker. When his finger wriggled into Brady’s rectum, the big boy groaned appreciatively in spite of his embarrassment at having his legs raised in the water and spread to gain access, making him splay out and look slutty. Never the less, the sensation from the finger up his butt made his cock ache with hardness again and resulted in him grind his ass on the porcelain tub bottom. Eventually Jem abandoned the finger fucking, and his hads went down to soap Brady’s big feet, tickling them gently and making the groggy boy laugh in a change of sensations. He ended by soaping the teenage hunk’s huge boner, focusing on the bloated cock head one more time, holding its angry, unsatisfied head out of the water like a thick, bulbous periscope. Brady surrendered, alternating between purring and groaning softly with mewling and panting, finally surrendering yet one more time to a spurting ejaculation with three arching shots, causing Brady to thrash about in the tub, twisting as his cock was teased into submission. “OOOOOHHHHHHHHH Goooooooddddddd, aaawwwwwww fuuuccckkk, aaaaarrrrrggggghhhhhh…..” When he was clean as a whistle and even more exhausted, they got him out of the tub, submissive and docile. They dried him, rubbing terry cloth towels over his body, even drying his hair, and continuing to massage and tease his sensitive flesh.

But the big surprise for the hapless Brady was after all the stimulation they had given Brady and his milking, they finally let his erection dwindle as they dried him with the towels into just a semi-tumescent state. Then they produced a cock cage they had purchased on line using their father’s credit card. Mr. Jeffries was not the kind of person who scrutinized his credit card bills, assuming that he was responsible for everything on it. The boys found a cock restraint made out of metal, that with a band that circled around the testicles and had a small padlock that kept the metal cage over the penis and locked into place at the top of the band. In his barely conscious condition, Brady hardly noticed as the boys locked down his penis in the cage that would allow him to piss, but would not him develop an erection. Jemmy smiled broadly at Jake once Brady was secured, knowing that the two boys could now control in fact whether or not the teenager had even nocturnal emisions, much less furtive, unauthorized masturbation and ejaculation.

The boys assisted Brady in getting back into his briefs and jeans, helped him get up the stairs as his wits slowly began to return, and then put his flip flops back on his big feet. Once in the kitchen they put his t-shirt on, and then took him to the den to sit down turning on the TV as if he had been there all night watching. Then after each of the boys gently pinched a respective nipple, drawing the last groan from Brady’s mouth and drooping eyelids, they padded upstairs and went to bed, masturbating and sucking each other to relieve their own tension from a remarkable night of taking control of Brady Cannon. They knew in the future Brady would be servicing them now that they had broken his spirit, had more pictures, and most importantly had the key to unlocking his caged penis. Their dry cums were shattering as they relived their amazing time with Brady.

When the Jeffries returned home, they found Brady fast asleep on the couch in the den out like a light, with the television playing. They woke the dazed boy, and paid him, not realizing that part of his disorientation was not from sleep. For his part, Brady dragged himself across the lawn and into his house, then up to his room. He stripped off his clothes, and realized he needed to piss. When he reached down to hold his penis, he found instead the metal cage surrounding his genitals. He stared in disbelief, and realized the only way he could piss was to sit on the toilet. He did so, helpless to do anything else. Worse yet, as he finished pissing, he realized that his cock wanted to erect. There was something about not having access to his cock, to his beautiful fat knobbed prick that was his pride and joy, that made Brady’s anus clench and his cock try to erect. But the cage kept him captive, and as he walked to his bed, he realized that the lock that secured him was likely in the hands of his neighbor tormentors. Brady Cannon was now a helpless teenage cock slave. In dumb exhaustion, the big blond teenage jock fell asleep tossing and turning, his hands holding his new prison between his legs, but too weary to do anything but dream fitfully about being a secret prisoner.

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