Crew Team Discipline

NOTICE: All the Standard warnings about being of age, being aware of your community standards apply to the following story! Please read no further if you are underage 18/21--or live in a conservative area--or are offended by explicit sexual stories. This is a work of fiction and any resemblance to anyone is strictly coincidental. Any reprints with attribution to author.

Synopsis: The coxswain of a college crew team takes on the responsibility of keeping jocks on campus in line.

I've been in the Lamba house for two years, a junior coxswain on the crew team. Coming to Agustana College was the smartest move I could have made. This small town college was perfect for me, and once you paid your fees, they pretty much made sure that you didn't flunk out. As for joining the crew team, where else could you work out with guys over six feet tall, with fine legs, muscular arms and built chests, who were half nude and wet most of the time. Jesus I loved walking into the showers after morning practice, especially in the winter. Beef would fill the small dump we called a boat house on the lake, and between the whirls of steam, I could see and smell the guys around me. As for me, well I'm 5'5", 134lbd, built like a small town full-back, with size 8 feet, and a size 8 cock. My eight inches curves wickedly to the right, with a fat plum on the end and surrounded by the black Irish hair that covers my head, is under my arms, trails down my chest, dusts my arms and legs, and is thick up the crack of my ass. My skin is pale, and ruddy, but during the summers I darken enough to get that black Irish tan with a pale, pink butt and feet.

I made sure that when we returned this past fall, I was assigned a junior college transfer who pledged the house for a roommate, and my luck was that he was coming out for crew. Now the coxswain is in charge of the team in the boat, and one of the reasons they chose me was cuz I love giving those big goofs orders and tons of shit. It's a rush watching those big hunks do whatever I tell 'em, and getting to chew out their asses if they make mistakes while we're on the water. Sometimes, when they really fuck up, I tell 'em the only way to get back into my good graces, and the coach's, is to meet with me for some private practice. The guys know that if they come, it's part of a come on, and I haven't missed yet. These guys enjoy the thought of me taking charge, and I enjoy the fact that some of these dick brains just want someone to tell them what to do.

A week ago, I had Riley Kramer in my room, working on more than his stroke, if you know what I mean. I had the big son of bitch stretched out against a rack on my closet door, tied to the four corners, with a quill feather in my hand, and him gagged. His big arms were stretched over the edge of the door, and secured so his hands could wiggle, but his body was completely vulnerable and exposed. His jutting tits rubbed against the rough pad I have attached on the upper part of the door, irritating the buds and making them pink and stiff. Standing next to the big oaf, I took the quill and slowly dragged in up and down his muscled sides. He groaned and hiccuped behind his gag, and when I took the sharpened end and scratched it in his hair tufted pit, he jumped to his toes, and clenched his butt, wrenching against his bonds desperately trying to avoid the maddening tickle. I alternated from side to side, and then used one in each hand from behind him so I could work both exposed arm pits at the same time. He looked like an oversized puppet, dancing on his toes, and wrenching to twist from the quills. I thought he might pull the door off the hinges, but I had made sure that door was strong and fixed to the frame. A high pitched whine and gasps came from behind his gag, along with choked pleading when he could catch his breath. There's something wonderful about a guy whose dick gets stiff when he's tied up, and he voluntarily submits to a work out session with me in charge. Each time I get Riley secured, my cock starts dripping scum in my briefs and aches from how hard it gets.

After letting him rest for a few moments, I got down on my knees behind him, and worked the inside of his thick, hairy thighs, drawing the quill along the taught muscles. When I was sure from his squealing he was exhausted from my use of the quill, I gently picked up a wicked little glass rod, covered like the body of a bee, with little bristles. I brought the thing up to Riley's face, so he could see it. A guy in Chemistry made it for me. Riley's eyes widened, and more perspiration dripped down the side of his face and from under his arms. He knew where the rod was going. I dipped the furry tip into a green gell which I had purchased over spring break in New Orleans. Then I gently lowered myself to my knees, behind Riley's taut butt cheeks. I blew into his crack, then gently used my fingernail to scratch at the hairy line. Riley thrust himself against the closet, and his dick, sticking through a hole I had in the door, waved hard and helplessly---drooling long streams of clear pre-scum to the floor. Finally, I parted the thick cheeks, and gently but insistently scratched and probed until I inserted my finger up into his hidden portal. With my finger lubed with grease, I tickled and rubbed his ass lining, until the blunt digit wormed its way slowly up the resisting hole. I could hear Riley gasp, then groan from behind his gag--- aaaahhh hhhh.....mmmmmmmm....mmmpppphhh -when my fingernail gently grazed his hard little prostrate. Nothing like having a big boy dangling on your finger, his ass feeling stuffed and his sore little nut getting poked and prodded. Again he banged against the door, but there was no where to go. For several minutes, I gently frigged the big junior's butt hole, making sure to touch all his most sensitive spots while he gasped and groaned from the need to cum, scum burping from the big pisshole in his dork each time I rubbed his joy nut. On the other side of the door, the big cock waved like a flag pole inthe breeze, covered with the fuck slime I was massaging out of him, a ching for a rough fist to relieve the swelling in his fat, hairy, balls. Good I love the smell of ball sweat and jizz starch.

Without warning, I slid my finger out of him. Then holding the cheeks open again with one hand, I slowly but deliberately inserted the furry rod coated in the slimy gel. The thin rod is only five inches long, just enough to get up Riley's butt, but not long enough to hurt or damage him. Once it was in, and I could hear old Rile groaning from the sensation of the ticklish little bristles screwing against the lining of his ass, I began sliding it back and forth. After about a minute or two, I screwed the base end of the rod into a harness made of leather which held it securely in place so he could not shit it out of his hole. The tickling bristles scratched and scraped in a maddening fashion along the soft lining of Riley's manhole, and the green gell slowly began to take its effect. Then I snapped a electric cord into a socket at the base, and went to a small console sitting on the floor where it was connected. The console was the old generator from my electric train when I was a kid. Still worked like a charm. I had used it first in this new role when I was in high school with some wires and clilps on the tits, balls, and foreskin of a dumb baseball player from our summer league team that I got drunk and took to my parents cabin one New Year's Eve. He was about twenty years old, and worked as a garage jockey in the town next to ours. By the time I was through, the dick-wad had sucked his own cock to two giant cums, while the charge ran from his big toe, his tits and his balls. He had a long think dick, and I'll bet he still sucks his own cock after I was through showin' him how good he could make himself...yeah!

Now, with some improvements, that old generator still worked to provide the power to my new toys. I turned up the dial slowly, and as I did so, the rod pulsed in Riley's butt, and began to jiggle. As it jiggled, so did Riley, boucing on his toes like a man with a bee up his butt. I loved watching the way his big feet strained to lift him up, as if to do so would relieve the maddening buzzing up his fuck hole. The big body bounced and banged, and I knew the fat dicked fucker was in heaven. This was the part of his training that he craved and longed for. The rumors about old Riley were all true. One of the guys in the boat had double-dated with him and leaned over the back seat to see old Riley with his head back and his dick down the throat of his date and her long nailed index finger rooting up his shit shute. Conner said Riley was totally in her control, head lolling back, shorts around his feet, dick rock hard down her vacuuming throat, and her finger frigging him out of his mind. Another guy who got Riley drunk, took him home, and had tied his legs over his head and butt frigged Riley for the good part of a night, making him cum three times without ever touching the big goof's cock. He said he loved the way Riley howled for someone to jerk his meat, but blasted cum anyway from the sensations up his hole.

Tonight though, I had a special treat to join with the thorough massage his prostrate was receiving from the maddening bristles. I sat cross legged around the other side of the door, and picking up and old electric toothbrush. I leaned around the edge of the door to let him see me switch it on. Riley's got this thing about his nine inches of prick. He can take all the rough fist sliding you can give him, but he can't stand any scratching or chaffing of his fat prick tip. Actually, that's what he digs the most, but he can't cum that way, just stay hard and drool with the tickling sensations on his fat knob driving him crazy. I dipped the end of the whirring toothbrush into the gel, then I took his log into my hands, bending the upcurved scimitar down slightly to work the bristles over and around the thick flange and the bulbous, meaty tip. Now old Riley bounced and strained to pull his prick away from the bristles whirring back and forth across his knob. Bbbbbbuuuuuuuuzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....went the sound of the brush as it I put it back and forth on old Riley's fuck stick. I stood up and removed his gag, while I held the brush at his piss lips, and roiled it back and forth on his circumscision scar. I wanted to hear each squeal, and his futile pleading.

He didn't disappoint. "Aaaaaahhhh fuckkkkkkkk, jeeeezzzzzz, ooooooohhhhh, Mack......., pllllleeeeeaaaasssseeee, get that thing outta my butt, I can't take it.......oooooooohhhhh, those bristles, sssssshhhhiiiiitttt! Getta it outta me,, nut, my button, it's killin' meeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaiiiiiiiieeeee!" knob...nooooo... nnnnnnooooottttt my prick....nnnnooottt my big dick........its soooooo... helplllllesssss....nnnnooooo...mannnnn... ya gotta let me goooooo...aaaaaahhhhhh... jjjjeeeeeezzzzz you're working meeeeee, you're torturin' my big old dick knob.... aaaaaaggggghhhhh! The last cry came out as a high pitched squeal when I put the whirring bristles of the toothbrush right on the top of the head of Riley's unprotected fuck pole. I basted the dick head with gel, which causes harmless little red bumps to develop all around the knob that itch like a million little mosquito bites. Riley almost went mad, when the itching inside his asshole, which was alternately soothed and inflamed by the bristles up his shit shute, was added to the same sensation on his cock tip. I used my alternate thumb from the hand holding his dick, covered with a smooth, soft cotton finger glove, to gently rub where the stiff bristles of the electric toothbrush angrily agitated his prick tip. I wondered if Riley would go hoarse. He did begin to babble:

"MACK! Pppppllllleeeeaaassseee mmmmaaaaaannnnnn, aaaaagggggghhhhhhhh, nnnnnnnoooooooooo....not my prick heaaaadddddddd.......nnnnooooooooooo... I caaaanannnnnn't take it maaaaannnnnn.....pppleeeaaasseeee.....oooooooooohhhh fuck, ohhhh shit........yyyyyyooooooooouuuuuu got meeeeeeee mmaaaaannn.... I'll do anything......pppplllleeaaaaseeee....tell me what you want me to do.......... PLEASE MACK.....tttteeeel mmmeeeeeee......!"

I responded appropriately. "Riley, buddy, you gotta big dick and a small brain. For the next week, your dick is mine...understand you moron? I got this cock cage with your name on it. For the next two weeks, you don't cum unless I let you. And when you do, it'll be cause I let you jerk your meat in front of me with a finger or a vibrator up your butt. You're gonna spend the nights here, and when you go to bed, I'll tie your hands and feet down, and put a tent over your cock so the sheets won't touch you...and that dick better be hard and wet from need. If you have any wet dreams, then I'll borrow a bottle of mosquitos from the Bio Lab and stick your prick tip into it so they can feast on your knob...then I'll use some gel and my finger gloves with the denim tips or bristle tips to work you over, without letting you cum (that fantasy always got his dick on the verge of squirting). You got it dickwad? Does that little brain get the soothing those bull balls without my permission and supervision. Someone needs to supervise that dick day and night...and I'm the guy to do it!"

Riley acquiesced right on schedule. OOOHHHHH FUCK MAAAACCCCK! I'll do anything you saaaaayyyyy.....aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh....aaaaagggggggghhhhhh... you just tell me....I'm yours can do know my dick is always haaaarrrdddd...pppppllllleeeeaaasseeee, Mack, you can supervise my prick, I need it......just telllllll mmmmmeeeeee....aaaaaaiiiiiiieeeeee..... what you want....aaaaannnnd, just let me cum this once, oooooohhhhhh plllleeeeaaaseeee, just lemme balls are killing me! My dick is yours dick is yours......ppppllleezzzzz, take control of my big hard dick Mack.....I need to be controlllllled.....aaaaaaaggggghhhhhhhh!"

His cock was completely swollen, the knob was covered in bumps and sloppy with gel and pre-cum. The slut was ready. I stood up and put the toothbrush down, then turned off the vibrator up his quim. He looked shocked, he pleaded with me to finish him. I told him I would.

Within five minutes, his feet were tied over his head and his wrists were tied to the corners of my bed head. I put a bolster under his lower back to support him. I had trussed his legs back until his dick tip was just over his mouth. I carefully cleaned the gel off his prick knob, but the angry bumps would not go away. Now, without any soothing ministrations, they were pebbled and hot to the touch. I picked up an anal probe, and slid it gently home with more gel on it, then turned on the vibrator, making sure to fuck him just right grazing and bumping his fuck nut deep up his butt. Using a bristle glove, I let him fuck my fist with his itchy cock. He fucked like a champ, driving that curved cock back and forth so the stiff bristles would soothe his cock and dick head. I would open the fist though, just enough to prevent him from getting relief too quickly. "Open your mouth sperm breath, time for your vitamins...." He howled, and opened his mouth the best he could between gasping for breath and yelling for me to make him cum. I made him promise to let me gag him and tickle his toes until his dick shot from the tickling alone, and to suck my toes for the rest of the semester whenever I asked him to, especially on the floor under a carol in the library. When he agreed to do it all, then I gave him the relief that he was begging for.

One last twist of my fist around the distended dork, and the scum began rocketing out of the tip. I jabbed the probe against his protrate and let the vibrator wring the stuff out of him. I aimed the jerking dong toward his mouth, and he slurped and lapped and gulped, swallowing down ten long shots of thick, white cum, and all the slimy dreggs, I kept nursing his flange and the piss lips with the bristles until he finally almost jumped out the restraints. Riley's gonna make some girl a good husband in a few years, and I intend to make sure he's "up" to the challenge.

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