The Dana Chronicles (tt mt hs mast nc milking cum control)

NOTICE:  All the Standard warnings about being of age, being aware of your community standards apply to the following story!  Please read no further if you are underage 18/21--or live in a conservative area--or are offended by explicit sexual stories. This is a work of fiction and any resemblance to anyone is strictly coincidental.

Synopsis:  Three high school kids find ways to shoot cum and subdue friends, each other and hunky older guys to wring ejaculation after ejaculation from them.

When I had a chance to sneak upstairs and masturbate, slipping and sliding my fifteen year old boner up and down in the hole I had cut in the old mattress in the attic, I often thought of my older brother's buddy, Dana Berryhill, who wrestled for North High. He was big for a wrestler, 5'10", but he was compact and fuckin'gorgeous. Me and my buddies used to hang out at the matches, talking trash about North's team, and how good they were. But for me, there was something special about watching Dana slide all over that mat, pining guys, grinding his crotch into their butts and getting the hair all over his legs and arms soaking wet in the sweat of his opponents. I had gone into the lockerroom a couple of times to wait for my brother Danny, and I had seen Dana sitting at his locker after he'd stripped down, his lean, flat stomach, muscles rippling, the trail of wet brown hairs from his navel to an explosion of dark brown hair above his dick and just beneath his big, hairless balls. His cock, was a thick six inch plug that jutted straight out from his groin with a big fat helmet. His legs were hard and hairy, and his ankles were thin, leading to two wide size eleven feet with long toes and a high arch. His chest seemed to explode from his waist, wide and firm. His jutting pecs, crowned by the rubbery berries of two rose colored nipples, coned and seemingly untouched. 

But in spite of his hard body, Dana did not have hard features. His face was almost pretty, with little boy good looks on a man's body. He smiled and those lips and eyes melted girl's hearts, making their teenage pussies wet with the thought of those full lips pressed against theirs and against other tight, sticky places. His eyes had eyelashes that looked like a girls, long and curved. His dark eyebrows, rosy cheeks, and hint each afternoon of a shadow that would mature in years to come, made my dick drip too. I'd squeeze my eyes shut, and slide my aching cock up and down the greasy hole in the mattress, grinding my boy dick along the rough sides of the well lubricated hole, shooting tingling, tickling sensations from my head to my curling toes as my cock grew harder and harder from the rough scrubbing. I wanted to get my hands on Dana's fine cock, and just the thought of that promise made me whine as the bloated knob of my prick swelled and gushed streams of thick boy spunk into the dirty, sticky slot, my hips thrusting spasmodically to continue grazing my aching knob against the slimy material, relieving my ever-ready starch filled nuts.

Someday, I'd get Dana's dick into my hands, and when I did, I'd make him forget every girl he'd ever known, and make his big, pale feet with their surprisingly long, thick curving toes curl tight from the sensations I wreak upon his body.


Tan's Pent Up Need

It was a game we played at my buddy Donny Kimble's house, that gave me the plan to get into Dana's pants, and into the shorts of lots of other guys too. Now Donny, Rick and me had been trading jerk jobs since we were twelve, and always found a way to shoot a load with each other in fuck around games played by horny teenage boys. When Donny's parents signed up as sponsors for a foreign student, the lightbulbs began to go off for me. They got a Japanese kid named Tanaka Muramatsu for one semester. He was about five foot eight, but he was only seventeen. He was a small guy for an teenager his age, but he was built. Donny and I were both 5'9", so at sixteen, we were bigger, but that kid was stone cold handsome. He looked like a Japanese movie star with those shy eyes, that gorgeous smile, and an athletic build. But best of all, the guy was as innocent as a new-born, and when me and Donny and Rick Lewis began hanging out with him, we got him to try things he had never done at home in Japan. Oh he knew how to skateboard, and drive golf balls and shit...I mean he never had fucked a girl, never had gone to a porno flick, never had smoked weed or gotten shit-faced. He couldn't believe that we got away doing all this stuff, but hell, our parents were too busy scheming on their social standing, work and who was fucking who, to worry about us too much. As long as we looked the part of clean cut teens, and played sports, nobody was too concerned about our social activities. 

We persuaded Tan to sneak out with us a couple of times late at night and once he got the hang of it, we did it a lot. One night, we ended up drinking beers at the lake back of the park just outside of town. Kids did it all the time, and so we knew just where to go without getting caught. I noticed after Tan got drunk, he also got horny. His chinos filled out quick, and showed a good bulge, especially when we started horsing around, a nice spike that snaked across his groin. Like most teenage guys, whenever anyone touched him, he sprang a stiffy...loving the touch of anothers fingers anywhere on his body. We'd push each other, and wrestle around, and once in a while play tickle or grab ass. His taut muscles were so lean and smooth, so nice to feel when we were playing around. We were hot to get the fucker down and work him over, and it was simple for us to scheme. One day after school, while we practiced with our skateboards over at the shopping mall, we laughed and guffawed and planned for our next night out with sex staved Tan. 

About two weeks later we put our plan into action. We went out for dinner Friday night at the Burger Barn, then we decided to drive out to the lake in Rick's van. Along the way, we not only got Tan drunk, we got him to smoke some grass. Once he was humming with the beers, a quick rise of the eyebrows and some goofy smiles to one another, led us to believe that we could have some real fun. Donny hung out in the back seat with Tan, but I climbed over and joined him as the kid started to act like he was out of it, and having a fuckin' good time. We pushed him between us, and started our grab game, punching each other in the arms, and tickling one another. The weed had made Tan so sensitive, that each time Donny or me poked him in the ribs, he squealed and jumped on the seat. We could hardly keep the fucker in his seat belt. By the time we had reached the lake, Tan's polo shirt was out of his chinos and we had been feelin' him up pretty good without him quite catching on to the score. But we could see he was half hard, and I knew we could really get him going once we parked the van.

Rick had scored the weed off of his older brother who had just returned back home from the Marines on leave. Once we parked at the lake, and smoked another joint and drunk a couple of more beers, Tanaka became a bowl of jelly. He was not accustomed to the dope muchless the combination with the beer. As he sat between me and Donny, now resting against a log in the dark looking back across the lake to the community center lights on the opposite shore, we started to get handsy with him again, pushing him between us and poking him in the ribs. Donny told him that the grass made him better able to resist the tickling than the rest of us, and Tan looked at him through sleepy, beery eyes with a shit eating grin believing every lyin' word. When Donny's big hand suddenly grabbed the kid's strong thigh, he didn't know what had happened. Tan jumped a foot, but I grabbed him and held his arms over his head, so Donny could continue to squeeze his quads, and gouge his fingers into his inner thighs. Tan, squealed a little, then he started to groan. It was great. As he became more pliable, I used just one hand to hold him, and with the back of the other started grazing against his bulging pecs still encased in the cotton polo shirt. I finally found an erect tit, and using my knuckles, grazed the rubbery teat back and forth. The more I grazed, the more the stiff nipple peak caused the material to bulge over the node and punch out his shirt like a little spike. Each time Rick squeezed his thighs, I grazed his titty. We were laughing and hooting like it was all an innocent game, but poor Tan got a rigid boner almost immediately, and in no time, we had him lying back between us sprawled out grunting and groaning. Rick switched off from his thighs to his ribs, and then back, and soon old Tan did not know where the sensations were coming from, but his chinos were bulging, his boner stiff and leaking in his briefs, his groans getting hotter and hotter.

Rick grabbed a pole from the back of the van that we always used when we'd strap down one another and work over the loser in strip poker or some other fuck game. He unlaced, and pulled off Tan's high tops, then tied his ankles to the pole with the straps on attached to it. That kept Tan's legs apart, and allowed Donny to run his tickling fingers up and down the inside of the kid's thighs without him being able to close them. I pulled up his t-shirt to his neck, and started using my fingers to scratch and pluck at his stiff teats that jutted like little brown cones from his smooth, rock hard pecs. He didn't even try to stop us so much as bat at our hands, and act like he was out of it. But his jeans told us otherwise. Each time I actually rolled one of his tits, rather than scratch or pluck at them, the little fucker would groan like he was going to heaven: "aaagggghhh...... " in a sexy Japanese accent. Once in a while he'd say something in Japanese that we couldn't understand, then go back to squealing and hunching as I gently continued to pinch and pull on his titties. Here was a kid who was ready to shoot a load, and we were gonna drain him tonight for sure.

Rick crawled up between his legs, and boldly unzipped his pants, laughing just like it was part of the game. The kid was so gone, he didn't care what we did. I figure in Japan these kids are so repressed that when someone starts playing with their bodies, they go nuts. I remembered that scene from the old action movie where a Japanese businessman seemed to finger-fuck a Japanese high school girl while he was sitting down and she was standing up on a crowded bus. Once he got his fingers in her panties, she couldn't resist the way his finger rooted up and down her slot, rubbing her joy button and scraping her cunt walls, until she shuddered into a climax, her legs slightly spread to give him room to work her pussy, eye's closed and head lolling back and forth. That's how Tan was. He couldn't stop us if he wanted to. He was all dick, and that dick needed to be stroked and rubbed.

Rick yanked his pants open after he unzipped him, then with help from me and Donny, got Tan's hips up so we could pull 'em down a bit. His white briefs, perfect against his dark skin, were soaking with pre-scum and bulging with his strangled erection. The fucker was a faucet, leaking teenage pre-jizz from his aching schlong. I slipped my hand inside and pulled his dick and balls out, snapping his briefs beneath his balls which made him bow a bit from the sudden release of his jewels. Tan had a seven inch rod that curved wickedly like a banana from his balls up toward his navel, surrounded by wispy black hairs. His nut sack hung down, sweaty and damp between his muscular thighs, hairless. But beneath his balls, there was dark hair filling the little hidden trench that lead to his sweet asshole. The helmet of his cock was like a fat soldiers cap, rather than a mushroom cap, and it had an unusually wide flange. The pisslips were deep making the corona seem even bigger, and his clear pre-sap had filled it and basted the entire smooth knob with a sticky web.

When I scratched my fingernail under the sensitive flange, Tan hunched, trying to pull his hands over his groin. He was unaccustomed to the sensation, which few guys can stand. I told Rick to grab his arms and tie them over his head to the log. Then I closed my rough boy fist around the stalk of his curved pecker and slowly torqued my fingers up, allowing my palm to graze the fat dick tip and slip over his circumcision scar. Tan's legs involuntarily tried to shut, then strained out, his white crew sock covered toes, pointing as his legs tensed and he slouched even more. He also provided great sound effects, like some girl getting fingered: "aaaaaiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeee.... (Japanese)...... uuuuggghhhhh ......(more Japanese)......aaaaaiiiiiiieeeeee!"

Rick started scratching his fingernails up and down and into the kid's pits making his torso heave and him squeal with pleading laughter, occasionally pulling on the straight black hairs to change the sensation. Donny had taken over my duty with the older kid's tits, wetting his fingers with spit, then rolling and roiling them one at a time. Me, I just fisted the fucker, milking pre-jizz from his taut balls, sending the thick scent of starch and cum in the air. I spit on my fist, then kept the slow, twisting spiral of my fist, making the kid buck and roll his hips and lolling his head as he tried to avoid the delicious feeling shooting from his dick and tits to his fevered brain. After fifteen minutes of milking him slow, real slow, I switched with Rick, so he could use his famous thumb scrub. Rick was always working in his Dad's garage, and his fingers were not only always dirty, they were cracked and rough. I loved the feel of his fist and that nasty thumb when they would tie me down, and he'd thumb me till I begged. Well ole Rick just used that thumb on Tan until the kid was babbling Japanese, just flexing his big knuckle as he rubbed from side to side in a maddening and slow maneuver over the strained cock tip. 

Finally Donny gave me one of his perverted smiles, and a wink. Then he slipped a hand under Tan's big balls, and used one finger to probe between the taut, hairy cheeks to tickle the kid's asslips while I went back to rolling both his tits, and Rick sped up the thumb roll on the kid's swollen dick knob. Without warning Tan stretched out as far as he could, groaned and threw his head back, and shot seven long streams of thick teenage crud from his sweaty balls, up to his face, with one or two going over his head, some landing on his tits, and the rest pooling in his navel. His eyes were closed, and he made deep grunting sounds as he shot and shot, and Rick rubbed his helpless dick tip. After Tan has stopped squirting the long shots, and was dribbling cum curds, Rick's thumb became a wicked weapon, grazing all around the ticklish knob, and under the flange and over the piss lips, until all the kid could do was groan with his eyes squeezed tightly closed, jerking wildly each time his still stiff, over-sensitive fucktip was tortured sweetly. 

I winked at Rick and told him to get some more dope, Tan was gonna get round two, because we never let a guy off with just one load, that's one of our best rules. We discovered that was just fine with old Tan. Once he could play drunk or dopey, he would let us play with his prick until the cows came in. We wanked him four more times that night, the last time in the van on the way back home, with him lying across Rick's and Donny's lap face up, his pants around his ankles, and his shirt up under his pits, his hands secured behind his back, and his hips bouncing up and down so he could drive his nasty teen pecker into Donny's cupped fist. The last ejaculation was this straight-forward jerk job, with Donny's big boy fist spiraling up and down at the end until Tan shot a weak drool of cum from his horny balls, but hunching like he couldn't get enough of the calloused teenage fist over his whorish cock head. 

For the next six months, we found more ways to tie up that kid and drain his balls than he ever imagined existed. We tied Tan down in Donny's room one night when his folks were away, and gagged him so we could use an old electric tooth brush on his dick head, while Rick actually got his finger up his tight, virgin shit shute to work his nut, and I tickled his bare, secured feet with their nice long toes. You shoulda seem scum fly that night. Another time, we took him to the town library on a Friday night after he was doped, and got into the last stall in the basement with the glory hole; a disabled stall. We pulled his pants down, pulled up his shirt, and tied and gagged him. Then we gave the guys who came into the stalls looking for a blow job or to get one, a show, wanking old Tan's boner and pinching his titties, till the kid shot three loads. We shot our own teen cum on him three times, once for each of us, and the last time while we jerked him and fisted our own big kid boners, we slipped a finger up his butt to get him to dance a little. The last guy stuck a big dick through the hole, and we fisted both him and Tan together, and let 'em shoot crud on each other. There was fuckin' gism everywhere when they came. Shit you shoulda seen the sperm on the floor in the stall next door when we coulda floated a battleship in there. 

It got to the point that when we'd go out after smoking weed, we'd unzip him in the diner while we ate, thumbing his fat prick tip till he'd look like he was gonna faint from the need to cum, taking turns playing with the fucker but making him act straight when the waitress would come with the food and bill. But we'd just keep him primed for whatever the main event would be later. Then we'd find a place to go and play our games, with his beautiful Asian body. I loved clipping his tits with clothespins, and running the charge from a battery to his balls. There was always something new we could find to make ole Tan shoot a wad. Before he left we videoed a night with him, so that we could get together and jerk off watching the kid get strapped down and milked for our pleasure. The best part of the film was when we made him suck off Donny and me, and made him jerk off Rick and use the sperm to lube his own pecker and jerk off for us. We told him if he didn't do it, we'd pop a bottle brush up his asshole. You shoulda seem him work his pecker, shooting twice in a row without stopping while we played with his hunky body.

Yeah, love those foreign kids who are anxious to learn what a dick is good for, and my buddies for being such sperm shooting addicts.


Each Guy Gets His Due

After our evening of fun with Tan's delicious boy body, we drove home late in the hours of the early morning, afraid our parents would catch us. We had to turn the lights off on the van when we got to Donny's house. Tan was supposed to be driving, so we had to sneak into the garage quietly, take him upstairs, strip him down and put him into his bed. Boy, was his cock going to be worn out the next morning. He would act as if nothing happened after each time we played around with him, determined or unable to face fact of the games we played. It was like an unspoken thing among guys, getting drunk or stoned and fucking around was OK, but the idea we'd admit to doing queer shit was out of the question. In a way, that made it all the more fun. Once you had a guy going, he wasn't likely to stop, but we never had to face the wrath from an outraged macho dude, cause no one wanted to admit that he'd been sucked, fucked, and drained. We never referred to what we did, and Tan and other guys we made never let on that they knew what happened when they were fucked-up. But Tan shot more sperm that year than in any other his life I'd bet.

After Donny let us into the house to help him put Tan in bed, he came back down to the garage to let us out and lock up. That's when Rick and I jumped him. It was unsaid, but after we had worked Tan's dick or any other guy's, then we had to get our rocks off. Like I said, as long as there was no queer, lovey-dovey shit, it was OK, so if you got jumped then you could at least pretend that you were putting up a fight. We took one of Donny's brother's jock straps out of the laundry bin, still damp and starchy from earlier in the day, and stuck it into his mouth. He yelled half-heartedly through the gag, but we all knew no one would hear him since the garage was on the back side of the house away from the upstairs bedrooms. We wrestled him over to the his dad's work bench, and we roped his hands over his head to the vice on the end of the bench. Then we took his legs and tied them one at a time over his head, to the rack above the same end of the bench. I jammed an old pillow that was in the garage under his lower back to give him support, and now we had the fucker where we wanted him, and where he knew we'd have him sooner or later. That's how it always happened. Two guys would over power the third so the last guy couldn't be blamed for whatever happened.

We yanked off Donny's dirty Chuck Taylor high tops, and pulled off his damp white sweat socks. His big pale feet were totally exposed, and we knew what would make old Donny's rod go rock hard. His fifteen year old feet were strong and musculed for his age, but that was because Donny was mature for his age. He had hair all over his body, expecially under his arms, around his balls, and up the crack of his ass. The black hair contrasted to his pale skin, and ruddy appearance. His feet were almost pink, they were so pale. His toes were long and thick, and curved under. His arch was high, and his foot was wide at the ball. For a kid, he had big feet, just like his dick. His feet were size eleven, and his dick was size nine. But that cock was his best feature; long, thin and slightly bowed to the side, with a giant knob on the end. We ignored all the squawking that Donny was doing behind the gag, as we unloosened his jeans, and yanked them just below his hips...enough to get at his prick. I slid one hand up under his t-shirt and began to rub my dry, but rough finger pads over his pebbled tits. 

Donny's tits were little rubbery mounds, not cones like Tan's. The hard little gristle nubs would add starch to Donny's dick, making his dick head expand and grow stiff as the tit tips when they were tickled. Basically, you could almost jerk Donny off with his titties. I pulled, rubbed, scratched and tugged gently, getting the big dummy to squirm and start moving his head back and forth. He started to sweat, and the smell of his rank boy body got me hard as a rock in my jeans. With my other hand, I grabbed one of his Dad's bristle brushes from the tool rack, and began to slowly draw it up and down the sole and arch of Donny's big boy feet. That did it...the fucker began to howl and jerk, trying to move his feet from the maddening sensation of the bristles on them. He laughed, cried and howled through his gag, curling those long toes, but I kept at it while my fingers rolled his now hardened tit nubs. I liked scratching the tits when I dragged the brush over his soles, because the confusing sensations would cause his dick to be helpless to the relentless assault of Rick's fist. 

Rick had found the right way to handle Donny's fat knob. He pulled on an old batting glove that was crusted and dirty he found near the bin that held all the sports gear. Then he slopped on two big dollops of silicon grease he found with Donny's father's tool supplies. With Donny's legs drawn up over his head, his long fuck stick was suspended towards his face. Rick used one greased finger on the other hand to tickle the lips of Donny's hairy asshole, and grasped the big rod in his greasy, gloved hand. Between my brush and finger action, and Rick's glove and finger action, helpless Donny did not have a chance. His eyes went wide as he squealed and yelled into the jock gag. When Rick torqued his fist around the dripping knob of Donny's boy dick and jammed his finger up the kid's ass to the first knuckle, Donny's toes curled tight, his tits went rock hard, and he squirted six wads of thick, white, boy scum onto his face and gag. For good measure, Rick used the thumb trick on Donny's piss lips after his balls had drained, and only scum was dripping from the fat helmet. Donny whined behind his gag as the torturing finger made his knob stay hard from the ticklish sensation, and his curled toes turned almost white from the strain. We loosened Donny's arms, and his legs. He lay on the table, his dick semi-hard and wet, his face covered in boy cream as we walked out the door, snickering and shoving each other. Fuck it made my did hard to make my buddy shoot his load. There was something great about getting a guy to squirt gism while you were working his precious cock without his consent. 


Rick's Surprise

Rick and I walked out of the garage, and headed back down the street to our homes. We lived just one block from Donny's, on the same street. It was 1:30 am, and in our part of town, everyone was in bed. I asked Rick if I could come up to his room. He had told me that his folks were gone for the weekend, and his siblings were out doing their thing. He said sure, figuring we'd get off somehow, but he didn't know that I had a special deal in mind for our games that night.

By the time Rick knew what hit him, after we arrived at his bedroom, it was too late. I had him trussed up on his bed, arms tied to his ankles, with his baseball bat as a spreader bar to keep his feet secured wide apart. I used a big pillow his mom had in the den downstairs as a bolster behind him to support his back. I had him gagged with his own damp sweatsocks. 

Rick's a dirty blond, with dark roots, eyebrows, crotch and pit hair. But on his legs, arms, chest, and ass, the thick curly hairs are blond. Like Donny, he's a mature fifteen and hairy for his age, almost like he was a boy in a man's body. His dick is absolutely fine, six inches of thick wide gristle, with a big plum knob. You can't tell the difference between the thickness of his cock and his dick head, they are the same...big, and in the showers at school it always seems his dick is kinda half of those cocks that's always in between half-stiff and fully bonered. He's got two big balls that hang down in a sack that's always hot, sweaty and starchy. I love smelling his nuts whenever we mess around. 

While he was tied down, I went through the house looking into the drawers of his parents and brothers to see what I could find. I found a wicked vibrator in his parent's room, with attachments. It was one of those probe dildos, with a thin, flexible nodule at the end, with some bumps on it. In the laundry I found some clothes pins, and in his brother's bathroom I found a toothbrush...of course. When I went back to Rick's room and he saw what I had, he broke out in a sweat, his boy pits exuding a sweet adolescent smell, and his balls wafting up odors like a young billy goat. I got down between his spread legs, and slipped my head under his ass. The dark brown, hair filled, crack flexed as I blew a stream of my breath through pursed lips, and drank in the sweaty odors. As I inhaled the stale, sweaty ass smell...stink but not shitty, I began to tickle and scratch the asslips with my broken index fingernail. Like always, his ass muscles clenched. I took some hair tonic from the bathroom, and coated my finger. Then I gently tickled and prodded my finger all around his little anal knot, worrying the little hole, making him work desperately to keep my insistent digit out of his boy butt. But he couldn't hold out forever, and when I reached up to roll one of his tits, he lost focus and I slipped my greasy finger to the first knuckle into his tight ass. He bucked, and he yelled behind the gag, but I ignored every "uuuummmmppphhhh" and "aaaaaaaaggggggghhhh" that came from him, knowing that eventually he'd give in and his grunts would turn to groans of pleasure. While I wiggled my finger in his butt, rotating it and gently fucking it back and forth, I used the fingers on my other hand to lightly stroke his dick knob. Making my fingers like a spider, I grazed my nails around the flange, causing his cock to spasm from the maddening tickle. Between my finger in his butt, and my nails on his cock tip, Rick was groaning and turning his dick over to me to work some spunk from his nuts.

I pulled my finger out from his ass, and wiped it off on his shorts. Then I greased up the thin dildo probe as he watched wide eyed. He moved his head back and forth, and yelled rapidly and frantically behind his gag. I smiled broadly and put my hand to my ear as if to say, "what, I can't hear you." Then I held the greased, thin probe up in my hand, and switched its vibrator on. The thing buzzed and shook slightly in my fist, and I moved it towards Rick's torso. With a wicked smile, I applied it to his stiff little titties, making them thrust involuntarily toward the buzzing wand, trying to tickle and soothe them all at the same time. Then I moved it down, as Rick watched, toward his navel. When I reached that hairy little portal, after tickling the wand back and forth over his studly boy abdominal muscles, I thrust the think into his hairy navel hole. He bucked and I laughed, as I fucked the wand in, out and around the navel, and used my other hand to ply his sensitive tits. Then I dragged the whirring wand down to each of his big boy nuts. Holding the sack, I pressed the buzzing end against each nut, making Rick's eyes roll, and his dick drip long strands of clear pre-cum. After I finished with both nuts, I dragged the thing up and down the sides of his raging boner, buzzing his head for only a moment, and giving his circumcision scar some quick work as well. Then it was down again under his spread legs, using the wand up and down his hairy and taut thighs, making him squirm and gasp from the tickling sensation. Slowly, but surely, I worked up the space between his big nuts and his asshole. Rick's got one of those connections that sorta hangs between a guys ass cheeks when he's on all fours, a sweet little pouch that's so senstive to the touch and separates his sperm bank from his asshole. I buzzed that little pouch firmly, making Rick's thighs strain to close, and his asshole clench helplessly between the hairy cheeks. But he knew where I was going...and that he couldn't stop me. I let the wand play from back and forth on his frenum, and then gradually worked it toward the taut butt cheeks. The space that leads his asshole is hairy, but the way he was tied, he couldn't clench the cheeks together like he wanted. He could make them firm, but there was a space into which my finger could lodge. Using my other hand, I spread his cheeks enough to expose the hairy little rosebud, and without much ado, applied the buzzing tip of the wand to the hole. 

Rick tried to jump up off the bed, but with his arms tethered to his ankles, and torso bowed backwards, and his legs kept apart by the baseball bat, he was unable to do much more than make the bed bounce. I buzzed and buzzed that hole, using my other finger to apply more grease, and even slip more up his anal tract. Finally, I put some pressure to the wand, and even though he fought it, I slowly inserted it in his ass. This invasion was more diligent that the one with my finger, and I probed until I hit his boy nut. Jeez did that kid jerk and wail. A long stream of cock lube dripped down from his long, wide piss lips. I had found the magic button, and I continued to poke it until the fucker was grinding his ass to give his own boy pussy a good work out. I lodged the bottom of the whirring wand against the pillow and bed, and then switched it to low. Rick was in teenage heat....aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh he moaned as his ass ground back and forth, both trying to elude and at the same time to rub the throbbing fullness buzzing up his asshole. I clipped both his rubbery tits with the clothespins that poked through more blond hair than a fifteen year old should have on his chest. Then I pulled his cock down, now made painfully rigid by the massage of his prostrate. Using the toothbrush, I began a systematic, and relentless scrubbing of his dick knob with his brother's toothbrush. Rick's long toes curled, and sweat poured from his armpits. His groans, turned into whines and wails, as the wicked bristles scratched gently back and forth against the glassy knob of his aching boner, making sure to torture not damage my buddy's pride and joy. I used the lube that leaked steadily from his pisslips, to lubricate the path of the brush, and focusing on the flange and the smooth pisslips, till I drove the kid wild. After his knob was firey red, and hard as a rock, I licked my palm and fingers, and grasped his turgid bone. With a sure grip, and a gentle but steady frig, I jerked that big blond kid till his fat dick spat eight long ropes of boy cum up into the air. He yelled through the whole cum, and bounced his ass on the probe until I thought he'd hurt himself.

I reached under him, and slowly extracted the buzzing probe. I wiped it off, and then began running the thing all over his body once again. He hadn't had time to come down, but I know from experience, that Rick could cum in five minutes. I tickled the buzzing dildo under his arm pits, into his navel, under this chin and in his ears, and even on his flexing toes. As I moved the dildo back and forth, I used the sperm to lube my fist as I began a steady, and straightforward masturbation of his big boy dick. Jesus I love the way he squirmed, looking to avoid the maddening sensation of the buzzing dildo, while he was being wanked towards his second cum. At the end, the fucker used my fist as a pussy. I held my hand in a circle, and he fucked it, grinding his dick any way he could into my fist. Finally, with a giant groan and spasm, the little jerk artist stiffened and pushed his cock rapidly back and forth in my fist, shooting streams of jism to coat my palm which I then used to rub his ticklish dick head until he fell over on his side, still trussed up, trying to avoid my tantilizing grip.

I wanted to stay and jerk him off once more, but I knew it was time to get home. I untied his arms, and left him to release his legs, and clean himself up. I knew I'd pay sometime for that little game, but fuck was it fun.


My Rubdown

When I got up to my room, I went into the closet and pulled out a shoe box I had behind some other stuff. I opened it, and the rank smell of cum hit my nose. There was an old sweatsock that I had cut to dick length. Looking at it made me remember the first time I had used it. My cousin Zack had come down from Wisconsin to visit. He was sixteen, and I had been fourteen last summer when he stayed for three weeks. Me and the guys had been playing with our pricks since we were thirteen, but we'd never gotten another guy into our games, until Zack visited. 

Zack liked to brag and tell fuck stories. The way he told it, he'd had more pussy than most guys in their twenties, but the three of us just smiled and noticed how his shorts bulged every time he told a story. I persuaded the guys to hide in the garage the first Friday night while my Mom and Dad were out at the movies. Zack and I had stripped down to our briefs and were shooting the shit about the tits on some gal in the movie we were watching in the family room next to the garage. But I noticed that once Zack got to talking sex and shit, his dick hardened up again, and he'd tugged on it, grabbed it kinda unconscious like, and acted like he didn't even notice that he had a boner. I made up an excuse to go into the kitchen and get some soft drinks, and when I did, I let Donny and Rick in the house. They snuck over to the couch where Zack was sitting sprawled out in his tented briefs, and when we jumped him, he hardly knew what hit him. In about five minutes, we had him tied for fun. Donny had stuck one of Zack's white crew socks in his own mouth, and tied it in place. We stretched old Zack to the four corners of the guest bed upstairs, and tied him spread eagle. Then each of us picked up toothbrush and got to work. 

Shit, did that boy howl behind the gag, and bounce on the bed like we'd poured a jar of fire ants over him. I used my brush on his taut abdomen, rubbing the stiff bristles into the crevices made by his firm muscles, and deep into his wide, hairy navel. Donny was concentrating in the inside of his thighs, right up to the scrunched up briefs jammed up his hairy ass crack. And Rick was down at the boy's feet, finding out how those strong, long toes looked when they curled and stretched vainly to escape the relentless bristles. Donny finally sprung old Zacky's prick, a eight inch banana that curled toward his navel. The big knob was wider that the long, think stalk and it was sticky with boy sap. Donny made a big show of slipping on the batting glove, and squirting some lubricant on the fingers and in the palm. Then he grasped that big boy dick, and closing his fist around the big plum, just slowly roiled and rolled that fucker, till Zack's legs went taut, and he howled as he squirted ten long ropes of scum. From that night on, for the remainder of Zack's visit, we milked that kid. My favorite was when we made him tell us ways to beat him off to stop us from tickling him. We chose the best, Rick's finger up the hairy asshole, me rolling his tits, and Donny doing the honors with the cotton sweat sock. Some guys are made to cum, and my cousin Zack was surely one of the best scum shooters I've ever seen. Every time I see that sock, I think of old Zacky. I'm hoping he comes to visit again this summer. The guys and I have some new tricks for him.

I poured in some lube I had snuck from my parent's stash inside the crusty sock, and then coated my cock. My jeans were jammed down at the tops of my sneaks, and I put my feet on the edge of my bed, up near my ass. Then I grasped my waving boner and began to slide that slippery sock up and down my rod. The sweet ache took over, and my fist moved as if I had no control. I had to jerk my meat, to torture the slick, smooth knob, torture my fuck stick until it shot its load of scum. Up and down, up and down, "aaaaaaagggggggghhhhh" I moaned, yyyeeeeaaaaaahhhhh....aaaaawwwwww fuuuuuccccckkkkk...!" "Make me cum," I whispered, "beat my boy dick until I can't control myself....aaaaaaggggghhhhh!" In seconds, I was bouncing all over othe bed, and my cock fucked the sock like it was some slimy pussy, grazing my aching boner against the rough, slippery cotton, till I couldn't stand the sensation. Then without warning, my seven inch dick went hard, and the knob bulged obscenely. I shoved the sock around my dick head one last time and torqued it at the same time...gasped, whined and shot streams of sloppy teenage crud into the sock. 

I rolled over, grinding my dick into the sock and my fist, unable to stop the sweet torture, rubbing my big boy boner and my ticklish knob again and again against the rough material, trying to subdue the extreme sensations. Fuck....what a cum! After I cleaned up, I fell asleep dreaming of what I had in my mind for Dana; and thinking how my buddies and I could turn that studly teenage wrestler into a helpless jack-off slave, ready to drop his pants for any guy who wanted to whank him.


The Ordeal of Donny's Brother

I told ya that we had sneaked some of Donny's older brother's stash while he was home from the Marines. Donny's brother, Randy, was five years older than us, and at twenty-one we thought he was a fucking god. He was 6'2" of stud, built like a brick shit house, and handsome as all fucking get out. While Donny was pale with dark hair, Randy was tanned and covered in blond fur with dark roots. I'd throw a bonner when he'd come downstairs and shoot the shit with us, looking at his big, muscular size thirteen feet, with their slender ankles and the wide balls, and those fucking thick, long toes. The hair on his legs came down in thick curls, ending their descent just above his ankles, then the pale skin of his white feet, protected usually by his marine boots, looked so strong and vulnerable at the same time with their tufts of hair on the top of his first two toes, the pronounced veins and muscles looking both strong and vulnerable. Sometimes, when he'd walk around the house, he'd go sockless in those boots, making those big peds sweat in the dirty leather. 

His fingers were long too, with thick with tufts of hair just above the first knuckles, and his tits were jutting cones off the end of his bulging pecs, surrounded by those whorls of curly blond hair. His thighs and ass were as pale as his feet, and I wondered what his little ass-pucker looked like behind the thick, dark, sweaty hairs that curled deep into his crevice.

One night when we came home from screwing around after one of our school's football games, Donny found Randy at home. It was 11:00 p.m. and we'd come home cause Rick's dad told him he couldn't stay out so late on account of some bad grades he'd gotten in English. 'Shit-head;' we were pissed, because we didn't get to go out and jerk our dicks like always. We split, going home horny and Donny headed upstairs. But Randy was about to make up for Donny's disappointment. 

Randy was so cool. He talked about the Marines and the shit they had to go through. He described how girls drooled over Marine dick, and how he and his buddies got laid whenever they wanted. When he smoked, the way his full lips curled around the cigarette, you'd think he was sucking tit. He had a dimple in one cheek, and his dark blue eyes sparkled whenever he looked up at you through his heavy eyelids and long lashes and thick eye brows. Whenever he gave me that shy come hither smile, my dick hardened in my jeans. I fucking wanted to get my hands on his body, but always felt like a snot-nosed kid around him. But that night, when Donny arrived home just before 11...he found Randy was upstairs in his room. 

What Donny did not know about Randy was that the Marine Corps had opened new options for him, that his small town brain had never imagined. The first week in the barracks, after the guys were just getting to know each other, after a long, exhausting exercise, the some guys had shared their hidden weed with Randy before lights out. When he climbed in his upper bunk, he was stoned, tired, and dazed. As he was drifting off, he felt something strange. It seemed like something was crawling up his leg, and he was about to jump up and yell, but his fear of embarrassment in the barracks, and his stoned condition, made him just reach down instinctively to grab whatever it was. Much to his shock and surprise it was a rough hand. The fingers were tracing their way up his hairy calves, to the area just inside his knee. He was going to squeeze the hand hard enough to break the fingers, when the hand slapped his own hand away, and then returned to his leg. Shit...he didn't know whether to yell or jump up and punch whoever it was, but he was afraid of having the guys see him with some other guy's hands on him, and he might fucking get into trouble. Plus, and this was worst of all...he was throwing a bone. Whenever Mary-Ann, his high school stead, had gone with him to a movie, the moment her hand would rub inside his thighs, he'd get a boner, or if she leaned over and her long nails scraped against his shirt where his tit was, he throw a rod. This rough hand, was having the same affect on him, making his dick rigid, and the moment that happened, he'd start to drool pre-scum. It'd been a whole fucking week since he'd shot his shit, too busy with grueling workouts and unsure how to act in the barracks. He'd thought he heard other guys slapping their bones under the sheets, but he was too hick to take the chance himself.

Now this hand was scratching the deep inner cords of his thigh muscles, and one finger was tickling just under his balls...shit...'aaaaaggggghhhhhh' he groaned to himself. He arched his body to avoid the hand, be it took that opportunity to slip one finger between his firm butt cheeks, and tickle his anal port. He slammed his ass down, and at that moment, another hand gripped his aching cock. As the finger from one hand distracted him by rubbing against his asshole, the other began a smooth slide up and down his thick, rugged erection. He was paralyzed, his hands at this sides gripping the sheets, his toes thrust out and pointed, allowing the tantalizing sensations to overcome him. The drool from his big cock head, soon bathed the dick in lube, and the callused fist slid up and down faster and faster...while all Randy could do was squeeze his eyes shut and arch his chest, grinding his ass as the itch at his knob began to grow and grow. His body began to tremble, and his cock head expanded, then suddenly gobs of sperm shot from the wide piss lips. The hand, his sheets and everything was bathed in the sticky starch. The hand kept milking him until every drop had been ejaculated, and then it gently roiled his knob just to make him slam his heels into the bed, and raise his knees to protect himself. Then just as suddenly as the hand had arrived, it was gone. When Randy finished catching his breath, he opened his eyes and saw nothing but the darkened room. But when he touched his sensitive cock, the wetness and tickle confirmed that this had been no dream.

Now at home, Randy was still recalling that night and others that had found him surrendering to the hands of anonymous men in the barracks. He knew that others must know about his willingness to let guys jerk him off after lights out, cause more than one guy had done it to him. But he said nothing, and so his cock became a barracks plaything at night. This night, Donny's parents were out at the Raymond's at an adult party and weren't going to be home till late. Randy had come home from a double date with Mac Stevenson. They'd picked up a couple of girls from the neighboring town that Mac knew. Donny was surprised his brother was home so soon, but he was anxious to hear the cock and cunt tale so he could go and jerk off a load to the image. But when we got upstairs, he found a surprise.

Old Randy was smashed to the gills, and the room reeked of weed. He was sprawled on the bed in a pair of ragged briefs and nothing else. When he saw Donny, he gave that smashed/stoned smile, and invited him in. He slurred through his story of how the girls were pretty, and basically smelled of cunt...but wouldn't put out. Mac had gone home pissed and horny, so when he dropped off Randy, he'd come upstairs and had shots of scotch while he toked. As he spoke, Donny took in the sight of his big brother's hunky body. His dick was half hard, in spite of his condition, and caused his briefs to bulge obscenely. There was a damp spot where his fat knob pushed against the worn cotton material. He talked smack, and groped his crotch, and Donny got a teenage bone watching him. As Donny listened to his brother drone on, he got so horny, he decided that he had to get some of his big brother's dick.

"Hey Rand," he asked, "could I have a hit offa your joint?" smirking to himself about the use of the obvious pun. 

Randy smiled that drop dead gorgeous, goofy smile, the one that high school girls loved when he played baseball and would wink at them between innings of games while he sat on the bench. "Shit, I wished that cunt I was with had asked that, I'da unzipped my fly and let her smack her lips around my pecker till she choked." Then he laughed like he'd told a great joke. As he spoke, he jerked his briefs down for his brother to see the fat, wet knob of his half hard dick, smeared with clear goo. Then he let the briefs snap back up, and continued. "But sure kid, the parents won't be home for a while, so you can have a toke or two," he slurred drunkenly.

Donny took a couple of long hits like an experienced vetran, then kicked off his flip-flops, and pulled his t-shirt off of his head, and tossed it on the floor. Suddenly he was dressed in only his baggy shorts. He flopped down on the bed next to his brother, his head near the big, muscular feet, while Randy lay sprawled out on his back..

Donny sat up and reached over his brother to grab the beer bottle next to the scotch on the night table, and took a long swig. Then as he reached to put the can back, he let it carelessly rub over one his brother's rubbery, pointy tit cones. The cold sensation caught Randy off guard, and as the nipple hardened immediately, his dick also lurched in his briefs. He threw his head back on the bed and hissed arching his back gently and closing his eyes. Then, as he settled back, he flopped an arm over his face. Donny starred at his brother's perfect body, smelled his half sweat--half deodorant scent, watched as he idly flexed his toes, and his chest rise and fall as he breathed deeply. Donny returned the reefer to his brother, slipping it between his lips, and volunteered to get him another shot of scotch with a beer chaser. 

Pretty soon, Randy was floating, half awake and half out. Each time he reached for the beer, Donny would purposely kept rubbing the can against his brother's tits, almost absently. Randy's huge fuck stick hardened up completely and stuck up out of the side of his loose briefs, wet and drooling. In minutes, Donny had Randy spread out over the bed, dizzy, horny and exposed; his briefs down below his big, hairy balls. With his big brother's dick exposed, Donny took two fingers and began to rub the wet, sticky knob just below the piss lips, that rested on top of the wide, curling shaft. At first Randy tried to avoid the contact, hunching his big body, and trying to turn sideways to avoid the delicious sensations on his prick. But like the hands at the base, he gradually surrendered to the sweet sensations. For good measure, and to keep his brother off guard, Donny kept rubbing the beer can against the nearest titty. The big Marine lost focus, and gave in to it, stretching his big body out so that the tickling at his tits and the sweet irritation of his cock would continue. 

Donny licked his fingers on one hand and began plying his brother's juicy nipples, rubbery and hard, occasionally pinching them just enough to get a gasp from the horny stud, and making him arch toward the plucking fingers. In the meantime, with his brother in a drunken and sexual haze, Donny began to gently use the fingers on the other hand to tickle and roil the whole fat fuck knob of his brother's now completely stiff dick. Before Randy knew what had happened, Donny was sucking and nipping his tits, pushing his free fingers into his brother's drooling mouth to suck on, and gently jerking the fat dick plum in his other fist, causing the big boy to grind his ass into the damp sheets beneath him. 

Donny knew the score. His big brother was just like other dudes who need to shoot scum; they'll take any port in a storm, and then act like it never happened. Within minutes, Donny had Randy spread-eagled on the bed. He took a couple of his brother's ties and secured each wrist to a corner of brass bed so he could not bring his arms down. Then Donny lifted each of his brothers heavy, hairy legs and placed them so his thighs were spread apart. Hunkering down between those huge thighs, Donny took a deep sniff of the starchy nuts damp with ball sweat, rolling the hot sack between his brother's legs, the size of duck eggs and covered with blond and brown hairs. The scent of those manly nuts, full of scum, made Donny's cock go rock hard in his briefs and shorts. He reached up and gently scratching his fingernails in the deep, muscled, hairy pits of his brother's arms, caused Randy to lift his thighs at the ticklish sensation, raising up on the balls of his feet and exposing his hairy asshole cleft. Donny dove down, and slipped his firm tongue between the taut cheeks, thrusting the hair aside and licking the sweaty but clean cleft and spasming anal knot. Randy squealed in surprise, and tried to get up. But when he found himself bound, all he could do was groan and curse..."Yiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeee....what the faggot...lemme up....Don you prick head....wait'll I get my fuckin' hands on you......aaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiieeeeee .....ooooooohhhh fuck, ooooohhhhhhhh shiiiiiiiittttttt!"

Donny had wedged a wet finger between his brother's hairy buns, while continuing to gently tickle his exposed pits with the other hand. Though he was able to close his thighs to protect his nether portal which was totally vulnerable, the delicious sensation of one finger tickling at his asshole, and the others scratching into his sweaty pit, felt too good for Randy to stop them. Instead, he closed his thighs, but more to trap the finger worrying itself into his anus, rather than to stop its insidious progress. Donny's jagged nail, on his worming index finger, pried into the musky hole and tickled and prodded until his finger-tip was lodged up to the knuckle. In the meantime, Donny had his mom's vibrator that he had carried with him on our earlier trip in hopes of some action, and was still in the pocket of his shorts. He pulled it out of his pants, and was running the buzzing thing over Randy's taut abs, and pointed tits.

When Donny reached up to Randy's chin, and rubbed the vibrator against his face, his brother suddenly leaped on the bed, restrained only by his bonds. He turned his head wildly, hoping to escape the vibrator, but Donny kept moving it, and then bringing it back down to his brother's tits, abs, and navel. Once he opened his mouth to protest, and Donny stuck it in, the vibrator tickling the roof of Randy's mouth, rattling his teeth, and buzzing his tongue. He gurgled and burbled, as the wicked thing assaulted him. For some reason the attempt to escape and the surprise bondage seemed to stimulate him even more, his big fat dick, burping pre-scum as he tried desperately to both escape and enjoy the multiple sensations. As his brother struggled to avoid the buzzing sensations, Donny's index finger rooted further up his brother asshole to make contact with his prostrate.

Donny paused only once, to take one of his brothers huge feet and slip the thick, long toes into his mouth. He sucked the long, muclar digits like a calf nursing, while he used his fingernails to scratch up and down the sole and high arched instep. Randy, bucked again, but with groans of pleasure. The jabbing at his prostrate, the wet sensation on his ticklish toes, made him grunt and groan. Donny was in hog heaven, watching as he played with his big brother's body, servicing and working it. 

After sucking the toes on both of those delicious, muscled, and vulnerable feet, Donny returned between his brother's legs, and sucked on each of his roiling nuts. The huge duck eggs were easily trapped in Donny's voracious mouth, and his tongue swirled and laved each one, till Randy's toes flexed and his butt again ground into his sheets, groping frantically to avoid the overpowering sensation of his nuts being rolled and suckled in Donny's suctioning mouth. At the same time he'd suck a nut hard, Donny would jab his brother's prostrate, confusing the big stud and making him surrender more to the sensations. Finally, Donny's index finger, generously lubed with Randy's pre-scum, stuck deep up into his brother's fundament and twisted back and forth. As he inserted it deeply up Randy's grinding asshole, he returned his other hand to gently tug and pinch his brother's nips. Slowly, the finger worked its magic, bumping and rubbing his his big brother's prostrate each time he screwed it back and forth. When Donny slipped the huge, bloated cock tip of Randy's rigid fuck pole into his mouth, and allowed his big brother to wedge his cock into his throat, Randy rolled and his eyes and finally gave up generous wads of nut juice. His groans and fuck talk told Donny that the bigger they are, the harder they fall:

Ohhhhhhh, jeeeeez----fuck! Suck my cock, ooooooooooooohhhhh you fuckin' dick-eater, each my baby-maker.....aaaaaawwwwww, yeah....right there!, right there! Aaaagggghhhh! Aw, my sweet meat,.....I fuckin' need this.....aaaaahhhh. I need to shoot my juice, eat that big dick....aaaaaaaahhhhh yeeeeeaaaaahhhhh....I'm gooonnnnaaa cummm! I'm goooooonnnnnaaaa cuuuuummmm......oooooohhhhhh you got my nuttttttt! 

Donny's finger, now plunged deep up his brother's asshole, rubbed the prostrate quickly until his brother's hips were bucking in the air, his long toes curled under, and his thighs spread wide. With one final pinch of a tit, and poke of the finger, the dick knob expanded, and then, exploded deep in Donny's throat! His nine inch dick, curved wickedly toward his navel and with a huge mushroom cap, was lodged in his younger brother's constricting throat, sending ropes of man cum squirting down the teen's esophagus. Randy's muscles went rigid, and he kept howling and rolling his head as he shot wad after wad of thick, viscous, sperm into his brother's siphoning mouth. Donny kept sucking him until every drop of scum had dripped out of the piss lips, and his brother's hips jerked and rolled frantaically to keep the ticklish sensation of Donny's tongue from laving the overworked prick knob. He just nursed on the fat fuck tip till his brother begged and pleaded with him to stop, unable to keep his dick from shrinking and remaining rigid as long as Donny's lips were glued to it. Donny had showed his big brother that there was more than what he got at nights in the dark of the barracks, and his brother would be glad to provide the service.

From that night on, there was an unspoken arrangement between Donny and Randy. When Randy would be at home, up late in his room, drinking and smashed, it was a signal for Donny to slip in and suck cock. Randy could never get enough of his big boner sucked and licked, and his pointed, sensitive nips worked. Since most girls wouldn't suck his big tool, and no one ever messed with his ass or played with his tits, Donny gave Randy delicious sensations that he had never felt.

The only time Donny got Randy when he was sober, was when the two boys and their Dad went on a camping tirp. Donny and Randy shared a tent. When the lights were out, Donny would slip over next to Randy's sleeping bag, and while his brother lay on his back, pretending to be asleep, Donny would slip his hand through the open side of the bag and between his brother's naked legs. After finding the big dick, already hard and wet, he'd play with it, Randy's big balls, and occasionally scratch and tug on Randy's pointy titties. Randy loved his tits played with, and in conjunction with Donny's fist torquing round and roung the knob of his cock reminded the big boy of his barrack's nights. It didn't take long for the big guy long to arch his body and shoot long ropes of gism. 

Just before Randy went back to the base, after his leave, Donny gave him a night he would not forget. Randy had gone out with his buddies, and gotten drunk. As usual, he waited for Donny to come up to his room and suck off the tension. But this night, Donny had a surprise. He goaded his brother over onto his knees, and then he crawled underneath. He pulled the long curved dick down, and began sucking on it, and reached up to pinch his tits. Once in a while he'd slip his finger between up behind Randy's balls, and into the sweaty crevice of his ass, and tickle the anal knot. After he got Randy worked up, and fed him some more scotch, he produced his hockey stick and secured both of his brother's ankles to each end. Then he tied his brother's hands behind his back and attached the rope to the middle of the hockey stick, just taut enough to keep Randy from moving anywhere. He also slipped his wet jock strap from gym that afternoon into his brother's protesting mouth. 

Randy was expecting his usual blow job, but Donny had other ideas for this last night together. He produced the thin anal probe that we had used on Tan. He lubed it and gently, slowly inserted up Randy's butt, then tied it place with the harness we always used. Then he produced the batting glove we often used on one another. After putting on the glove, and lubing it generously, he slowly fisted it up and down, Randy's thick, rigid fuck pole without ever touching the itchy dick head, constantly drooling sap which dripped down the curved stalk and added to the masturbation. When Danny turned on the vibrating probe lodged in his brother's ass, Randy's eyes bulged, and he ordered his punk brother in angry words muffled by the gag to release him. His big pale, and hairy butt clenched feverishly, using the strong glut muscles to try and squeeze the probe from its nesting place. But the humming device was trapped in the fetid hole, and the lining of Randy's ass was buzzed and buzzed by the shaking probe, and is round head was bumping over and over against the big boy's fuck nut. Then when Donny began to roll his tits and tug on them, Randy's angry shouts waned, and he began to groan and grunt. And when Donny worked that rough glove up the cock to the knob of the big dick, the leather material crusted from previous nights, but lubed enough to take off the hard edge, Randy went wild. 

Donny whispered into his brother's ears as the fist began a slow, tortuous path up and down the rigid stalk. "Hey big brother, I'm gonna take care of your blue balls tonight...yeah...I'm gonna milk those nads until you ain't got no more juice to shoot! I'm gonna pinch those hard nips of yours, and fuck your bull twat, and maybe tickle those big feet until you can't see straight, then I'm gonna milk this stud-stick of yours, and get it to go down so you return to the base you'll never forget me." 

"Yeah, Randy, so you better squirt as much as you can each time ya cum, cause I'm gonna keep draining those balls until there's no cream left in 'em." With that, Randy lost control. Donny had his moved up his fist, swirling it around the huge, bulging prick knob and deliciously torturing the flange and circumcision scar by the piss lips, and the wide helmet, until Randy's toes had curled so tight Donny thought they might break off. Randy whinnied, whined, and wailed from behind the gag for him to stop...and yet the way his dick responded it seemed he never wanted the incredible sensation to stop:

AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH....nnnnnnoooooooooooooo! My dick....what're you doing to my dick! STOPPPPPPPPP IT! dick......ooooohhhhhh oowhhhh ffffuuuuuuucccccckkkkk! DDDDiiiiiiiccccckkkk!...Ya gottaaaa STOP! .....aaaaaaawwwwwwwwwww nnnnooooooooooooo!!!

Donny just smiled as his fist concentrated on the end of big brother's rigid boner, the thumb moving rapidly back and forth on the piss lips. Randy thought of all the girls who had taken this cock like a pile driver up their dainty pussies, Randy mashing them to mattresses and car seats as he sated his throbbing manhood. But now Randy was helpless and his dick lurched in the roiling fist of his sixteen year old punk kid brother. How many times had he picked on the kid when he was younger, how many times had the kid idolized him as one of the big jocks in high school. Now, he was a tethered bull, a Marine jarhead roped and tied, his asshole getting nicely reamed and his oversized prick tip was being used and abused in the kid's punishing fist. A few more sweet tugs of the big boy's tits, and his helpless boner began shooting long ropes of clotted baby juice toward his face resting on the bed. Randy was going out of his mind, and Donny turned to watch his brothers toes flex spasmodically as the gism squirted from the overwrought dick tip. Fuck YEAH! 

Donny dreamed that night, after he milked three huge cums from Randy's balls churning balls, that the next time his big brother was on leave he'd get Randy together with all of us guys. He wanted Randy's next cum to be him sitting on one of our laps, his hands tied behind his neck, and his legs tied apart with a spreader bar, and a fist rotating on his dick knob, while one of the guys was finger-fucking him with the a kid's tooth brush up his ass-pucker, tickling mercilessly his prostrate with the unforgiving bristles. Just the thought of the big 6'2" stud, roped on to the lap of some sixteen year old jerk artist made Donny squirt hard into the sheets on his bed as he fucked them and grunted to his own third ejaculation of the night. Randy was a bull that needed to be managed, and Donny was just the little brother to do it for him!


Dana's Big Mistake

I'd been scheming for months to get into Dana Berryhill's jockstrap. Each time I went to the lockerroom after the High School wrestling matches, it seemed that his crotch got fuller and his dick and balls seemed to be bigger under that sweaty, starchy strap. The big sack of hanging balls, two duck eggs hanging down, swinging between his legs, the dark hairs curling around 'em, and snaking up his crack to his ass, wet and dark. The last time, I'd swear he had a boner growing from humping the last guy he'd taken, the big dick knob outlined in his pouch, and when he walked to the showers, the dick half hard and thick. I was determined that another month would not go by without me getting my lips around that fuck tip controlling it with my tongue, and my finger up that hairy butt crack.

I found out from Jake Hendricks that Dana had a thing for young teen pussy. He lusted after younger girls, and had a scam going where he could get his fingers, lips and dick into cunt that was old enough to like her clit worked, and young enough to be cherry. Knowledge like that was power for a dick hound like me. I knew if I could get some photos of old Dana working out on some chicken pussy, I'd be in fat city. Jake, who liked weed as much has he liked shooting scum, gave up his buddy for a bag. I figured that keeping tabs on Jake would be good too, cause his sweet, hairy blond bod would make a nice weekend game for me and the boys. Since weed was his thing, I knew we'd get him and his eight inch dick eventually. 

I learned that Dana's regular was Chet Wilken's little sis, Mary-Anne. She was only sixteen, but looked twenty. She had tits like a battleship, and enough hair on her pussy for a grown man to think he was in hay heaven. Apparently old Dana liked the fuzz, something to scratch his nose into while he was munching hair pie. I learned that he visited Mary-Anne on Thursday evenings while Chet was out at DeMolay and his parents were volunteering at church. Old Dana would slip in the back door, and had a couple of hours to suck cunt to his heart's content, and get his big dick suckled by a teeny-booper. I was waiting. I'd gotten old Chet to let me in to his room during the afternoon, and pretend that I'd gone when he left. Chet always needed rubbers, and I gave a month's supply, plus a couple of french ticklers that we'd gotten from Rick's brother drawer. He'd told us that chicks love ticklers, roiling up and down their twats and torturing their clits. We figured sometime we'd try 'em on Rick's brother when we had him good and drunk and his legs tethered over his head. It also cost me a blow job, but who wouldn't swing on Chet's 7" rod and hairy balls. He just put me between his thighs, and used his feet to brace on my shoulders while I sucked the life out of him. He squirted six long streams of gism, and I nursed his cock tip till I got him to fire one more load twenty minutes later, yelling his head off that I was killin' him. It was worth the trade-off, especially with a long distance runner like Chet. His dick stayed hard, and when I was through the second time, I sucked his long, slender toes for the hell of it, while I jerked his rod hard even though I didn't get him to cum again. I figured that old Chet would also end up in our van one night, and we'd take care of him properly then.

That night, I was hidden in little Mary-Anne's closet, without her knowing. I had my video camera and enough film and battery time to ensure that Dana Berryhill's ass pucker was mine for the remainder of his career in our town. It took about fifteen minutes for the two of them to get up to her room, but when they did, the show was worth the wait. The slimy fucker made baby cakes sit on his lap, and soon has his thick, rough digit was rubbing up and down her blond fuzz. Her shorts were at her ankles, and he'd wormed his finger under her wet panty crotch, sliding that long digital probe up and down the kid's fuck horny twat, making her squeal each time he found her clit. At the same time, he pinched her titties that were free under her t-shirt, and made her groan and beg for more. He made her stand, and stripped her naked, ordering her to bend over backwards so he could saw his thick fuck finger in and out of her juiced pussy, and made her beg him to keep doing it. Then he opened his mouth, and closed it over her twat from behind, slipping his long, sexy tongue into her juicing trough until she screamed for mercy. When he sucked her clit between his lips, she screamed and came, and came, and came until she had to fight his leeching mouth from her desperate cunny.

Then he ordered her to strip him. Jeez what a fuckin' site. He made her start with his walking shoes, using her teeth to pull the laces loose. Then he slipped his big foot between her legs, and made her pull off each heavy shoe. His white crew socks were damp, but not funky. He ordered her to her knees, and she sniffed and snuffled over those sexy sock covered feet, until his dick was hard as a rock in his shorts. Then he made her pull them off with her teeth, and begin licking his muscular feet. Those long, thick toes curled into her mouth, and she sucked and kissed them like she was starving, paying attention to the dark curling hairs on each of the longer toes. Then she was allowed to use her hands to slip his t-shirt over his handsome head. When his washboard stomach, with its trail of dark hair was bared, and those hard pecs with their rubbery cones, I thought I'd shoot a load in the closet, my dick was rubbing so hard against my jeans. But I focused, and kept the video running to capture every moment. 

Dana slid up on the nearby bed, and put his head on a pillow, with both hands behind his it, and made the little slut climb between his thick, hairy thighs. His shorts were tented straight up, the hard, thick dick sticking up like a nail. He made Mary-Anne sniff his balls, and he talked dirty to her, telling how girls loved his dick and his spunk filled balls. She began to whine and moan, and soon used her teeth to pull down the zipper on his shorts. When she was finished, his big bone sprung from the opening, and he let her unhook the snap and pull them down and off his legs. Dana lay spread on the bed, his legs wide, the dark thick hair framing his pale, thick dick and heavy hanging balls. The balls obscured his butt crack, but you could see the hair trailing down underneath, hinting at the taut, tasty little hole hidden behind them. When she finally had him stripped, Dana ordered her to lick him from each big toe to his his hot balls. She started up one leg, and when she got near the starchy nards, he made her go down to the other foot, and start up. When she finished, he allowed her to sniff his balls, and then suddenly lifted his legs up to his chest, grasping them under the knees with his strong hands. The he made the little sweet whore kiss his hairy ass pucker, and sniff the sweaty scent of his hair filled trench and nuts. Shit, I could see my fingers tickling that little hole, tickling it before I wormed my way in for the finger fuck he so badly needed. By the time I shot off my load in my jeans, I had captured on film little Mary-Anne sucking a fifteen second load out of Dana's bull balls, and her lips and face were smeared with his sticky jism. I was sure that the members of the academy would call me up for an award.

I had what I needed to give me and the boys a crack at the finest piece of boy flesh in the twin counties. I used the dual video recorder that my parents had bought, and made several copies from the original. I also used the photo lab at school, and secretly made about fifteen stills from the tape. Over the next week, I carefully composed a letter to Dana, and enclosed one of the many copies I had made of the stills. It was a great shot, of Mary-Anne's small mouth stretched over the wide knob of Dana's big banana, with his hips rising and his face contorted in lust as she sucked him silly. I slipped a note into Dana's locker with the pic. I stood across the hall in an alcove, and watched as he opened his locker, and found the envelope. It was heaven to see him shooting the bull with guys, standing in his letterjacket, looking cocky and handsome, and then the shock and surprise on his face as he read the note silently and looked at the picture:

"So Dana, how did it feel when her lips slipped up and down yer big pecker, and her tongue tickled that fat knob? I bet your toes curled when she sucked on that leaky old knob...lashing her tongue back and forth, tickling your asshole and pinching your tits? Was that how it was...huh Dana? Well fuckhead, now they're pics of you and little Mary-Anne in living color. So dude, you're fucked. If you cooperate, you'll get to have some fun and no one will know. You act like an asshole, and the pics and the tape....did I mention there was a video tape?....the pics and the tape go to the world, starting with Mary Anne's parents, and ending with Father John at St. Catherine's. I'll contact you again, and we'll see how smart you are."

He looked up, almost white as a sheet and panned around to see if anyone was watching him...if he could just find out who had left the damaging evidence. But I was safely out of sight, and the big boned senior, was crestfallen. My dick went hard, thinking of what me and guys would do to old Dana when we had him to ourselves. Making him show up the first time in his wrestling uniform....uggggghhhhhh, shit, don't cum in your jeans I was thinking.

The next day, at the same time, I left another note for Dana, between lunch and fourth period. This time, he seemed to arrive at his locker in a rush, too busy to talk trash with his buds. Instead, he hurried to open the locker, hoping that maybe there wouldn't be anything there and it was all a bad dream. But the envelope was just where I had left it. He opened it, and read carefully, his eyes scanning every line.

"Dana, this is a test. You are to go to the field house this afternoon. You'll find the storage room in the back open. Go inside and follow these instructions to the letter. If not, you'll find this pic and the others, floating around school tomorrow. [the picture was of him with his legs up and spread, and his big dick lodged down Mary-Anne's throat. You couldn't miss his mug in the background.] When you get to the field house, you are to...."

Now the Field House is on the far side of campus, beyond the baseball fields. It's used to store old equipment, and sometimes during football season it's used as an second weight room. But during the winter and early spring, it's not used. Since I work for Coach Wright in the afternoons, picking up the towels, delivering the team laundry, and keeping the gym period role book, I have keys to the storage areas. In the Field House are three closet/storage rooms, and I picked the one with the vent to hide in that afternoon. It's used for the football jerseys during the season, a place to store them after the Friday night games, and before they are laundered the next week. The place has the wonderful, stale smell of sweaty jock straps and dank sweat socks. But now it's empty, and the vent give me the chance to see into the large open space of the field house without anyone there seeing me. I brought my trusty video camera, because my instructions for Dana's test were a wet dream come true.

Just about 3:10 p.m., Dana came into the Field House. The door opened slowly, and he looked around cautiously for about a thrity seconds, before he slipped in-checking behind him to see that no one had seen him enter-then he locked the door as instructed. When his eyes became accustomed to the dim light, he walked slowly to the wall and snapped on one of the field house lights so it wouldn't draw any attention. He looked around again, and began to speak out loud in that deep, ballsy voice. I began to tape.

"I don't know who you are, and I don't know how you got those photos, but can we just talk, huh?. This is stupid. I don't know why you want me to come here and do the stuff you wrote in your note...but why don't we just work it out. You want money, something I can give ya...let's see what we can work out. I don't want you wrecking Mary-Anne's's not her fault and she shouldn't be busted over this crap. Whay'ya say, let's talk."

I said nothing. The note had been very explicit, and at the end I instructed him to follow my orders to the letter whether or not he thought anyone was watching. The dumb shit. He couldn't conceive that another guy might be doing this to him, so he thought he was putting on a show for some chick who was jealous of Mary-Anne and was trying to get into his jock.

"Ya know, if you liked what you saw when me and Mary were together, maybe we could work something out. I'll bet you like it just like everyone else. Maybe we could hook up, go to a movie, and then head out someplace together. Ya know? No sense in getting jealous or huffy just cause I'm with Mary Anne. I like girls a lot...and I know I'll probably like ever come to my matches, see me wrestle?"

I laughed to myself, as I watched him go to the middle of the room where I'd left a chair and instructed him to use it. He sat down, and slowly undid the laces of his high tops. Then he pulled each one off, revealing the gleaming white sweat sox, clinging to his muscular feet. He flexed his toes, then he peeled each one of the socks off, showing his pale feet, with their veins and muscles, and those long, sexy toes. His narrow heels were pale and pink, and the hair at his toes, sprouted in earnest from his ankles and moved up invitingly to his pant legs.

He stood up, and pulled his t-shirt off over his dark brown hair, neatly buzzed. His rock hard chest, with its perfectly curved breast plates, those firm pecs with halos of dark brown hair swirling around each coned tit, and then trailing down his sculpted abs to his waistline, made my cock go rock hard and start to leak. His waist tapered perfectly to his buttonfly jeans, and the denim clung tight to his firm, little butt and his powerful legs. He looked around again, talking the whole time, hoping that he would convince whoever was behind this gig to come out and he wouldn't have to go all the way. But after there was no answer, he reluctantly went back to work, slowly unbuttoning the full pouch of his jeans. Now he changed tactics thought, deciding to give the anonymous chick who was humiliating him a real show.

"You know, I don't blame you if you want to get it together. Hell, I see girls all the time that I wanna make it with. Jeez, Coach works us so hard, and me and guys...we got all this pent up energy. Lotta the guys on the team wish they had a steady to relieve their tensions and have a good time with. So if you wanna be my special, hey that's cool. You know Mary Anne did some real nice stuff...she'd lick my tits [and with that he rubbed his fingers over the pointed nubs, and made their rubbery tips grow stiff and erect], and she suck my cock so good, I thought I'd died and gone to heaven." Dana grasped his crotch, and the bulge grew and then stretched down his leg as he kneaded it, his cock growing tumescent.

I watched as he slowly began to undo the 501 buttons. At a time when Levis were on their way out, Dana was a throw-back, dressing like a 1980's high school jock. As he popped the buttons he slouched down in the seat, and the bright white of his briefs and prominent bulge of his genitals forced the fly wider. He gave the girl, he thought was watching him, a show; squeezing his crotch and rubbing his big, strong, hairy hands over his abdomen and up to his shoulders, grazing those whorish tits each time he passed 'em. He finally pushed his jeans down to his big feet, and then stood up in just his white briefs, kneading the obscene bulge that had developed, and rubbing his chest. I could see a big wet stain on the cotton side panel of the briefs, and the dark sworls of hair on his muscular legs contrasted with whiteness of the Calvin Klein briefs.

Suddenly, the huge head of his dick thrust out the side of his briefs, wet and sticky, and he let the thumb of his right hand graze back and forth over it. "Aaaaaahhhhhh got me going, and I need to get off a'on, come out, let's you and me get it on." He closed his eyes, and bent his knees a bit as the ticklish sensations of his thumb on his dick head made him hunch a bit, and he threw his head back and closed his eyes as he grunted...."uuuuuuuuuggggghhhhh fuck, I need it bad...I need to get bout it, huh?"

But I remained silent, and after about three minutes of fingering himself, he opened his eyes, looked around, and then began to finish his instructions. "OK, have it your way...but you gotta play fair. If I put on this show, you gotta give me the tapes and pics. You're gettin' what you want...I'm givin' ya a show...acting like a horny teen fuck head whose jerkin' his joint for now you gotta let up. OK, I'm going to do it, so think about it...let's just finish this afternoon and go our separate ways, huh? How bout it?"

He sat back down on the chair, and slouched till his ass was at the edge. Then he licked one figner and began to tickle the outside of his asshole as the note had instructed. Then he hawked a lugi on his other palm, and slapped it on his thick, curved pole, jutting up out of his crotch. He had to lift his balls to get his finger to his asshole, and his ass cheeks reflexively snapped shut on the digit tip as it scraped against his tender, sensitive ass lips. He crossed his legs, those big feet showing their pale soles, and the toes curling each time his other hand slid up to his dick head, just to the flange, avoiding the big, aching knob. A stream of clear pre-cum was dripping down the stalk, and he used it with his spit to lube the giant pole and began a steady rhythm sliding that fist up and down. Every five or six times, he'd slip the palm over the the wide knob, and roil the tip real quick. When he did it, his body would jerk from the sensations, and his toes would curl tight. He reached up and began to timidly roll one of his tits, and coupled with his fist sliding up and down, it didn't take five minutes for him to squirt seven long streams of cum. He bent his dick down and out, and the cum shot up and then out, landing in splats on the mat below. Then it seemed like more cum just rolled out of the knob, covering his fist, and webbing his fingers. Dana carefully avoided working his knob when he came, and I smiled knowing just what me and the guys would do when we made him pop. 

"OK, sweetie, you got your show. Now I'm gonna get dressed and get outta here. Remember what I said. I'll check by my locker tomorrow afternoon, and I'll be looking for a note that tells me where I can get those pictures and video...OK, I played fair...I did what you wanted, now your turn, OK?"

He shook off his dick, slipped into his briefs and jeans, bouncing on one foot. Then he slipped on his s-shirt, socks, and high tops and gave one more good look around the room, before he left. For my part, I was already composing tomorrow's note.

When Dana arrived at his locker the next day, he seemed anxious, hoping against hope that his little performance the day before had earned him a reprieve. He was disappointed. There were no tapes, and the only picture was of him shooting a long squirt of gism with his face contorted and toes curled, in the field house from the day before. He looked stunned as he read the note:

Nice dick, prick. But as you can see you just earned yourself some more slave points, and the opportunity to perform again. Next time you get to the field house, there'll be a box with some toys and some instructions. Just remember, follow every instruction, and don't fuck up. Cause if you do, the second video tape, along with the first, will be going to the admissions office of Iowa and you can kiss your wrestling scholarship bye, bye. So I'll see you tomorrow, but you won't see me...and don't try and screw this up....I think you know what I mean.

All that afternoon it seemed that Dana was troubled. I followed him to classes, and in each he slumped in his desk, somber and serious. At lunch, he seemed to pick up steam, though, finding Shane O'Brien his buddy from the basketball team. Shane was a six foot six hunk of beef, whose blond good looks almost matched Dana dark ones. I could see from a distance, when Dana took him aside from the other guys, that he was explaining something to Shane, and then I saw him pull out one of the pics and showed it to him. Shane looked at the pic, which Dana held tight in his fist, and looked first amused then dead serious. You could tell that Dana was asking him for help, and when Shane nodded his head, I could tell that he'd recruited some help for the next day. He wanted to catch whomever was fucking with him, and now that I knew that something was up, I would be setting up my own plan.

The next day, I brought Rick and Donny with me. I had filled them in on my plan after taking the second video, and they were excited as shit. I was posted in my same hideout in the field house, but unknown to Dana and Shane, the guys were waiting to for them to see what was the scheme Dana was trying to hatch. I learned later, that Dana had told Shane to wait until he went in, and then to search the perimeter of the field house and see what he could find. Little did Shane know what was waiting for him. While Dana was in the field house with me, following instructions and looking forward to meeting Shane later to find out what he had discovered, Shane was being jumped by Rick and Donny. Around the corner from the field house was a blind spot that wasn't visible from any other location, being between two buildings where there were no windows and no clear view. Rick tapped Shane on the back, and when the big guy turned around, Donny slipped a tie sack over his head and pulled the draw string so Shane would panic. The moment he did, Rick clicked a pair of cuffs on his hands and Donny tripped him. In a second they had his legs trussed, his cuffed wrists attached to his legs, and inside a gym duffle bag. Within fifteen minutes, they had pulled the van up to the back of the football field and Shane O'Brien was on his way to the experience of his young life.

Inside the field house, Dana was stalling, hoping that Shane would come in and give him a reprieve. But as time passed, he stopped looking around the room, and trying each of the doors, and went to the box in the middle of the room. He sat down in the chair, and placed the box on his lap to open it. Inside he took out the contents, one at a time and looked at them, before he read the note. There was a small, thin, wand, attached to a battery pack. He switched it on, and when the thing began to vibrate, he switched it off, and dropped it back in the box. Then he found a batting glove whose palm and finger tips were covered in soft bristles. Finally, there were two clothes pins. He looked at them confused, and then putting them down, reached into the box for the note. As he read, his confusion was cleared, but his fear began to show on his face. 

OK, jerk-off, now you begin your penance. You don't get any reprieve's, you just follow orders. There are no second chances. You either follow the instructions, or the pics start appearing. And I promise you, they'll get out slowly, so that each one will be more embarrassing and when the videos come out, you'll be jail bait for some con when they send you to prison for statutory rape. Now do the following....

For the first time, Dana seemed whipped. He didn't start talking at first, but when he pulled off his high tops socks, and took off his letter jacket and t-shirt, he began to speak quietly and in a respectful tone. I watched and listened as his hands went to his jeans and began to undo them. "Jeez, com'on, I told ya that it wouldn't be fair to Mary-Anne to implicate her. If you start showing those pictures, it's gonna be hard on her family and mine. Have a heart...huh? Jesus...what have I done to you to deserve this. I'm not a bad'on, have a heart....Jesus....please, if I do this shit tonight, please let this be the last time, huh?"

He sat on the chair, and began to use both hands on his nipples, his head down and eyes closed, rolling them and giving them light pinches, which caused them to erect, along with his big dick. As soon as they were erect, he wet his fingers, rolled them again, and then took one of the first clothes pin out of the bag. Shit, I could have come just from watching him clip that fucker on his right tit, making his leg shoot out, his dick lurch, and his head snap back with a grunt. "Aaaaagggghhhhhhh...shit" he whispered. We had a winner....yesssssssss.....oh, this was gonna be great tape. As he reached into the bag for the next clip, I zoomed in our his fat fuck stick to capture drips of the clear pre-scum rolling down his turgid stalk.

Out at the Drive-in, in the back isle, the van rocked gently with the action inside. Rick and Donny had Shane tied down, gagged and blindfolded in the back of the van on the rug. Shane just barely fit in the back of the long cab, his big size fourteen feet near the doors. He had been stripped and he grunted fiercely into his gag, moving his head back and forth, trying to loosen the blindfold that kept him in the dark. His long arms were tethered over his head, and his legs widely splayed. Both Rick and Donny were sporting huge boners from just looking at Shane. The big jock was covered in a thick light blond fur from his ankles to his asshole. His dick stuck straight out of a dark brown bush, and his big balls hung down to the floor between his legs, hiding his taut, virgin asshole. His cock hung limply down over his balls, curving to the left, with a sweet fat knob, and a wide flange. The pale shaft was only five inches soft, but the fucker was long. From his navel up to the point between his pecs was a line of hair which lightened as it moved upwards from his crotch. At his pec cleft, the hair ran out in two straight lines under his jutting pecs, right below the rosy red cones of his nipples. Under his armpits was a forest of dark brown hair, and the same dark hair was on his eyebrows. The brush cut on his handsome head was blond.

Rick lowered the wide spreader bar from the roof of the van. While Donny grasped Shane's big nuts, Rick warned him in a disguised voice not to move if he ever wanted to have kids. Then Rick loosened one ankle, bent the leg back and slipped the bar under it. He attached the knee with leather restraints to the edge of the bar. Then he repeated the action with the other leg. With his knees spread wide over the bar, Rick then raised the chain, lifting the big boy's legs up in the air. Rick moved the bar's vertical connections attached to the roof on its rollers towards the front of the van as he raised it, splaying Shane's legs, and putting his feet up into the air. Now the big fucker was spread wide, and ready for what the boys had been instructed to do. They were to get the exact information which Dana had given to Shane, and then have as much fun as they wanted to with the big goof.

Rick leaned down, and as his fingers slowly scratched up and down the planes of Shane's firm stomach, he spoke in his disguised voice. "So fuckhead, what did Dana ask you to do?" Shane squirmed and grunted into his gag...he couldn't respond in a way they could could they expect him to speak? "So you wanna be a tough guy huh? Well, we can play tough too." Shane shook his head from side to side, what the fuck were they talking about, he couldn't answer...were they crazy? Suddenly, Rick's fingers scratched and scrabbled their way to his navel, and a blunt index finger wriggled into his virgin inny and began to lightly move around. Shane began to move his stomach in vain, trying to avoid the lightly tickling fingers. What the fuck was going on...what did these guys want? Without warning, Rick's rough digit plunged deeply into the navel and began to root out the lint deep in the hole. Shane bucked like he'd been shot, and his legs and ass wiggled vainly, his hands scrabbling over his head, trying to escape the invading finger. He yelled loudly into his gag, but it was no use...the finger keep searching every nook of his exposed navel. Rick and Donny smiled broadly, as they saw the blood filing Shane's cock. The thick, flaccid snake began to grow, striking out to his thigh and lengthening, the curve becoming more pronounced to the left, and the big head turning red as it expanded and filled with blood.

Donny loosened the gag, and removed it so Shane could speak, and at the same time, Rick stopped the invidious finger tickling the big jock's navel with such abandon. Shane gasped, and the words rushed from his mouth: "What the fuck is going on....lemme up, com'on, this has gone far enough. You guys are crazy...stop this. Lemme out." But he was still blindfolded, and unable to see his captors or their actions.

Rick responded in his fake voice. "Wrong answer sperm breath, you were supposed to tell us what Dana told you. Now you're gonna have to pay for being such a punk." Rick nodded to Donny, and while one attacked his exposed, hairy armpits with wriggling, probing fingers, the other returned the relentless finger to the navel, and used the other hand to tickle the inside of Shane's muscular, corded and hairy thighs.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaeeeeeeiiiiiiiii....hhhhhhhhaaaaaaa..ha, ha, ha, ha....stop, stop...ha, ha, ha,...stop, no... please.....aaaaaaaagggggghhhhhh, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha........oh shit....I can't breathe....stop, aaaaa, ha, ha, ha,, no, nooooooooooooo......ha, ha, ha, ha,........awwwwwwwwwww.....!"

Rick and Donny kept going for a full minute until they thought the big kid would croak from laughing and gasping, and then they slowed down, tickling lightly, keeping him off balance, but allowing him to catch his breath. "Please, please....stop he wheezed, I'll tell you...I'll tell you....please....stop...I'll tell you everything." Shane blurted out everything Dana had told him, and asked him to do. Then he begged to be released.

Rick laughed wickedly. "You dumb shit, do you think we're gonna let you go after you confessed to trying to fuck up our plan? We'll let you go, after we teach you a good lesson, and take a few pictures for our collection." Shane began to babble, but he should have saved his breath. Rick took up a toothbrush in each hand, and began using one on the big guy's stomach, and the other on one of his exposed size fourteen feet. Shit, basketball players are all foot...and this kid's peds were huge, with thick ankles, a big though narrow heel, and a wide ball. His arch was deep, high and muscled, and his long toes jutted out like some guys fingers. Rick attacked them mercilessly, and while he was using the brushes on Shane, Donny was rolling the kids nipples with one hand, and working his ribs with the other. Shane burst into paroxyms of laughter, and begging, almost whining his plea for the guys to stop in a falsetto voice, but they wouldn't. His ass bounced on the padded floor, giving Rick another idea. Dropping the one tooth brush, he used his finger to worm in between the tight, taut cheeks of the tethered kids butt. When he found the little nether hole, his fingernail scratched and poked at it, while with the other hand he continued to tickle the big pale feet alternately. Donny, pinched and tugged on the wide paps, and with his free hand went back to the sweating pits, tickling them with abandon.

Shane's big cock was bowed out to a full eight inches, and drops of clear goo were dripping from the wide piss lips on his thigh, splattering when his dick lurched and his hips bounced. Donny- left the kid's pits, and grasped the big, thick boner in his callused fist. As Rick redoubled his efforts on the feet making the kid's toes curl, and began to work his finger tip into the spasaming asshole of the tied teen, Donny began to frig his helpless boner, while he rolled and pinched the stiff little tit tips. The van rocked lightly from the action, leading anyone outside to think some guy was banging his chick for all she was worth. But inside, the gasping laughing was mixed with whines and pleas from the big captive jock as well as with sweet groans as his randy fuck stick was milked to the point of ejaculation only to be periodically abandoned as the fingers moved to his thighs, navel, stomach, ribs and pits randomly. Then Donny went back to Shane's aching bone, working it, making the big fucker get closer and closer to a huge cum.

Back in the field house, Dana had his big feet on the edge of the chair, so that he could locate then tickle the entrance to his hot fuck hole with the vibrating probe from the box. He had greased up the devilish thin rod with Vaseline provided, and was rubbing its tip back and forth through the thick dark curls of hair, against the tight, pink knot of flesh that had never been breached except by the family doctor. The exquisite sensation of touching his anal lips had Dana's big boner drooling pre-cum, and his eyes alternately opening and closing from the strange touch of something on his male cunt. Slowly, very slowly, he followed the instructions and let the one-half inch wide probe slip through the resisting barrier. He was so gentle, so careful, getting himself fully prepared to accept the foreign object into his private male hole. When it breached the fleshy knot, Dana groaned out loud, and his cock lurched and expanded, like he might ejaculate spontaneously. Shit, this kid had a sensitive asshole, and I knew that me and the guys would have to explore that fact in great detail. Then gradually, once he had gotten past the entrance, Dana slid the long thin wand up his hole until it passed his prostate. When it touched the fuck nut, he grunted with stunned pleasure, and one of his feet slipped off the bench. He stopped, pulled his leg back up and braced his foot again against the edge of the chair so that both thighs were against his chest, and his knees were splayed widely for me to see the whole show. Shit, you should have seen that hairy trench exposed, and his little nether hole peeking from behind the dark curls with the wicked wand lodged up the distended asshole. With trepidation, the handsome high school jock flicked his finger against the switch at the base of the wand, and the battery pack put the vibrator into action. Fucking-A it was incredible watching the big butch wrestler submitting to the stuffed feeling of the wand up his ass, and the pressure on his cock caused by the buzzing against his whorish prostate. 

"Aaaaaaaggggghhhhhhh....oh shit....oh fuck......oh man....this is fucking weird....oooooohhhhhh, I'm fucking myself....aaaaawwwwwww shit........Jesus Christ.....aaaaaaagggggghhhhhhhh." Dana moaned helplessly as the wand in his one had vibrated into every nook and cranny of his bowels, driving him insane. His cock bounced on his stomach, and suddenly, without warning, the big knob expanded obscenely and the piss lips spread as bolt after bolt of thick, white cum fired up to his chin, his chest, and his stomach. The sensations up his ass had caused him to ejaculate without even touching his dick, and he did not even have a chance to frig the randy fuck stick before he squirted. Instead, both his feet slipped from the edge of the chair, and he had all he could do to just keep the delicious sensations going on deep up his asshole, by holding the wand between his now stretched out legs, deeply inserted in his hot hole. If you didn't know it, you'd of thought he was trying to pull the wicked thing from his bung hole, but I knew he was transfixed, forced by the sensations to keep it inside his boy bull twat as the buzzing wand frigged him helplessly. As he came his legs out taut and his toes pointed out to me, and his body twitched as his stiff cock continued to drool gism from its fat knob. There he was, in all his jock glory being captured on tape, fucking himself with the vibrating anal probe, shooting cum like a fourteen year old, his toes pointed out from his widely stretched legs, and his chest heaving as he grunted and groaned non-stop.

When Dana finally finished, dressed and left the field house, I could see he was broken. He had not only put on another humiliating performance for some unknown person, he had followed the instructions to the letter. He knew he was no longer in control of his body...and the last line of the note ordered him to keep his hands off his dick until the next time he was to perform. He realized that there would be a next time, and his cock had to be boy horny and full of gism, or he could be in jeopardy. Dana Berryhill was a beaten jock punk whose free wheeling sex life with teenybopper girls was about to be transformed.

Back in the van, Shane O'Brien had ejaculated for the third time, his huge dick being milked mercilessly by Rick and Donny-- while his muscled body was tickled into oblivion. The guys ended their session by making Shane beg to be fingerfucked, while they jerked him off one last time, as an alternative to being tickled for another hour. Donny slipped his rough digit up the big kid's pink hole, hardly visible in the tangled nest of dark hair inside his sweaty crack. Rick cupped his meaty palm around the over-worked plum of Shane's helpless prick, roiling just the head for his final jerk of the kid's boy horny boner. Though Shane wanted to will his cock to rest, it's natural condition was stiff, and he succumbed one last time to the fist and the finger, howling and begging them to stop as only dregs drooled from the feverish prick tip, and the torturing fist kept milking him. Shane's loyalty to his buddy had resulted in his capture by our gang, and he would prove to be a wonderful addition to Dana Berryhill's enslavement as a toy for our games. Fuck...there's nothing like high school jocks with fat dicks, and endless spunk, oh yeah!


Dana Gets It Good

For about two weeks, I kept sending Dana a photograph a day. He'd come by his locker, not just in the afternoons, but anytime, and find a pic in his locker with a note. It seemed after a while that he almost wanted to avoid his locker. Yet at the same time, it seemed that each time he would stop by, he hoped he would find nothing and the nightmare would be over. Each picture I left showed him in rampant condition, cock hard and dripping, lodged in the throat of an underage teenage girl, or in his meaty fist. There were pics of the slender vibrating probe rooting up his hairy boy snatch, blurred in the photo by the maddening vibrations, along with the undisguised lust on his face as his joy button was attacked mercilessly by something other than his teeny bopper girlfriend's itty bitty finger. And finally, there was a shot of his thick boy spunk spurting out of the fat head of his dick, the long piss lips parted wide to drench everything with his gobs of sticky goo. I loved watching him blush as he looked at the pics, ashamed and guilty as he flashed his eyes around making sure no one saw him flush. Once or twice, it even seemed I saw him spring a rod as he studied the photo, his cock tenting the fabric of his wide wale cords, or bulging the front of his baggy jeans. After all, Dana was still at heart an All-American horny fuck, hiding his near constant state of cum lust behind those handsome, wholesome good looks yet secretly craving a place to insert his overheated prick too get it the relief it was desperate to have. The pictures and notes appealed to his unruly dick's lack of conscience at the very moment that it scared the shit out of him.

And if that wasn't enough, now we had pics of Shane O'Brien, an unexpected bonus. The big, goofy, shy-eyed blond basketball player, whose easy strides and long legs made him the object of lust by girls and boys alike, was receiving little notes in his locker too---showing his big muscular feet with their thick, curved toes curled tight as boy crud bolted from his long, narrow upthrust boner. Shane would blush deep crimson to match his always rosy cheeks after looking at each photo, sometimes turning his body into his locker to both hide his blush and often to hide the long erection that would thrust down his Levis and be obvious to others. The two of them would huddle together, whispering in low tones, looking around with desperate glances, trying to figure who was after them with this damaging blackmail. We now had two of the hottest pieces of teen boy meat in the school in fear for their futures. In the case of Dana, there was the additional terror of a possible life as a prison slave to some skinhead punk master. Within the month, as I had predicted, we had arranged for Dana and Shane to join us on a night when we had the van and our parents were occupied.

It was two weeks before Spring Break, and I wanted to make sure that we had these two small brained big cocked jocks under our thumbs before that vacation. The three of us had asked our parents if we could go camping, and my parents said we could have use of our family cabin up at the lake for the weekend. So now we had to make sure that Dana and Shane were free, and that we had them absolutely under control, by that time. The last note to the two of 'em had given them instructions to meet us on the coming Friday night one week prior to spring break. I made sure that I gave them the notes in advance, and told each that if they both didn't show together, the first pics of each of them would be posted publicly at school in either the team lockerroom or the boy's john in the shops wing where the trash smoked. Even if they were scheming on how to abandon one another, they couldn't. They were tied together by the pics, and the threat of exposure. They were ordered not to cum for the week in advance with the threat that if they didn't cum big when we got together, the pics might start appearing. The idea of those two hard dicks, grinding their constant boners into their sheets at night dripping scum, sticking up hard in the mornings with piss hardons, but knowing they couldn't shoot crud, made my cock drip constantly. 

That Friday, they were instructed to both go to the Field House at 5 p.m. and wait in the back. At 6 p.m., they were to enter the field house, and to use the contents of a box that was left in each guy's locker with further directions. They were also told what to wear. For Dana, it meant he had to pull his 501 jeans and Calvin Klein briefs down to his ankles, around his high tops and white crew socks. His hands were to be behind his head in handcuffs that were provided, and a blindfold in the box was to be around his head. He was required to be dick hard and on his knees. In the case of Shane, his baggy shorts were to be around his Chuck Taylor black classic high tops, but his hard cock was to be sticking through the opening of his Joe Boxer shorts. His head was to be on the floor facing to the side, his hands behind his back cuffed, and a blindfold over his face as well. They were both to be in a certain locations in the room, not touching each other. Any attempt to unmask, or to try and surprise their captor[s] would result in their exposure to the whole school and total humiliation. Their only hope was to play by our rules, and then get the pics back, if they cooperated, one at a time....

When we arrived with the van at the back of the darkened Field House, the lights were off as we had instructed. Rick and Donny had baseball bats with them, just in case our horny captives had ideas, while I opened the door using a large flashlight to illuminate the room. There they were, like good dick slaves, just as we had instructed. And I'd be damned if both weren't rock hard, their teenage dicks tense with anticipation, Dana's exploding from his riot of dark hair and Shane's thrusting out his thick blond bush. Each of us disguised his voice, and after placing the bats on the bodies so they'd get the idea, and checking their cuffs, we attached leg shackles that were made from separated cuffs with chain links attached. Rick had made them in his garage using his dad's tools and cuffs we'd purchased on line. Then with hands behind head and back, blindfolded and hobbled by the shackles, we ordered them up and out of the Field House. At first Dana protested:

"Hey, what the fuck? I'm not going outta this place with my fucking jeans around my legs and my dick'on, be fair. We're here, doing what you asked. How come we just can stay here and do whatever were supposed to and get our pics back? Why do we have to go somewhere? Jeezus, what more to ya want"

In a raspy, hard voice I responded without any sympathy. "Shut the fuck pissant. You're gonna do whatever the fuck we tell ya...and I don't wanna hear any shit, you got it?" At that point, Rick and Donny gave each of the handsome punks a shove with the bats, and the nimrods almost fell on their asses, stumbling in the shackles. For the first time they realized it was guys and not girls, and there was more than one. That's when the real whinning began.

"Fuck, you're guys...what the shit is this...I'm not goin' outta here with no guys... you fuckers from St. Brendan's? Cause if you are, we're gonna fuck you up when we get outta here. Mother-fucker, guys...doing sick shit like this to other guys... what are ya, a bunch of faggots?

Ah, jocks. Forever dumb. As if all that sweet talk was gonna get him free, or discourage us from working the shit outta both of them. Shane let Dana do all the talking, but both had begun to lose their boners now that they realized we were guys and not some strange chicks. Not that they had gone entirely soft, but being at the hands of guys not only seemed disgusting, it was also a bit scary. I reinforced both feelings. "Listen fuck-head, you're not shit now. Big dick on campus, but nobody here cares a rat's ass about your rep. Fuck, if the girl's who wet their panties every time you walk by saw you getting your wang sucked hard by some under-age chick, they'd be the first one's to haul your ass in to the cops. You know how the bitches are, they stick together. And Shane you big dummy, you got your dick wrapped up in Mr. Molester's clubhouse...shoulda just kept you ass out of it...But were gonna be the big hero and save the scum bag. Well, now your big dick's in a sling too, and we're gonna make you both pay...Got it fuck-heads?" With that response, both Rick and Donny rubbed the bats between the boy's legs, making 'em jump when the hard wood nudged their balls, and aimed them up under the knobs of their swinging pricks. They stumbled along as we approached the door, grunting and whining, but knowing that their situation was helpless. They were trapped.

I turned off the flashlight and quietly marched them down the stairs in the dark and into the open door of the van next to the steps. Once inside, Shane and Dana were pushed down on their knees, torsos upright, resting on a thick carpet in the back of the van with each of their ankles tied to ringbolts in the back of the van that kept their feet apart. Each of their hands were tethered over their heads, with the cuffs still attached. That way, Dana's dark hairy crotch and legs were exposed, as was Shane's blond, furred legs and groin. Their cocks, which had gone relatively soft as we walked them out into the van, suddenly gained life and rose again halfway, responding to thier situation, stretched and tethered, still blindfolded and unable to see what would come next, as well as the warmth of our hands on their teenage bodies.

Shit, you shoulda seen 'em. It was fucking amazing...two of the most handsome, meaty teen punks in school, strung up like a pair of turkeys in a meat market...a fine sheen of boy sweat on their bodies, mingling with the sweet scent of Old Spice deodorant from their afternoon showers in the gym. Their hanging t-shirts obscured the top of each thick, hairy bush. But the protruding cocks, and the sweaty, hanging ball sacks, gently roiling, between the muscular and hairy thighs...gave Donny, Rick and I instant bones. Rick couldn't stand it another second. As Donny got into the driver's seat, started the engine, and slowly pulled out of the rear of the high school heading out for the nearby highway, Rick slipped his sweaty, warm hands under Shane's t-shirt.

"Ohhhh shit...what're ya ding, what is that....ohhhhhh god daaammmmnnn, no, not this shit again. Com'on got us to act like fucking punk let us go. You had your fun, making us look like stupid assholes, acting like slaves, comm'on, let us go, huh? Give us our pics and let us go. We won't cause anymore trouble...jeezus'on let us go." But as Shane pleaded in his deep, and hardly convincing bass voice...much older than his eighteen years and meeker than his size, his cock hardened into a shaft of pale power from the gentle touch of Rick's palms sliding from his stomach up to the bottom of his pecs. His big, long cock with its enormous knob began to drool pre-sap from the wide piss lips. Rick paid no attention, and when his fingers reached the big coral nipples, rubbery and jutting through Shane's blond and furry chest and molded pecs, he gently tweaked them, causing the big boy to gasp and his dick to lurch and burp more pre-scum. Yeah, a boy and his dick....I wondered as I watched Shane flex his cock each time Rick gently rolled the rubbery cone, how often the big kid had done this to himself in the privacy of his bedroom while whacking that long prick with it's obscenely big knob, till it shot streams of boy cum? 

Shane was ashamed of his erection, but couldn't control it. I would learn later that Shane was a boy in love with his cock, and didn't care how it got satisfied, as long as someone was rubbing, sucking or fucking it. When he was fourteen, and already a foot taller than most kids his age, his older cousin Brad had spent the night with him several times during the summer when the two families visited. Brad, who was seventeen, was only 5'7" tall, but his firm, muscular little body also contained a fat, seven inch cudgel which like the young Shane's prick, was unruly and insatiable. After they had gone up to bed, Brad schemed a wrestling match with his adoring younger and seemingly slow-witted cousin, and in two shakes had his younger cousin pinned on top of him, using his legs as clamps to hold the taller boy's legs, and sliding his hands up inside the younger teen's pajama tops, grazing his meaty palms over his sensitive cousin's torso. Shane didn't know what to do. He laughed nervously at first enjoying the game and struggling to break free, and then told his cousin in his deep, shy voice to please stop, that his hands "tickled." But Brad knew what he was doing, and his own stubborn erection was now forced into the damp crack of Shane's pajama bottoms. Brad knew from the beginning, once a hand had clamped onto Shane's body, the boy's cock fell under its spell; Shane was helpless. Within a minute, he was sprawled back against his smaller cousin, his dick sticking out of the fly of his pajama bottoms, his big boy feet planted on the bed thrusting his hips up as if to escape, and his eyes closed as his cousin's rough fist slid up and down unchecked on the pale, feverish boy pecker. That same night, to distract the big kid, Brad's fingers found and plucked the sweet little berries on Shane's chest until the boy shot streams of teen jizz from the combination of the roiling fist and the incessant tweaking of his tits, while Brad fucked his dick between the boys legs to his own spurting ejaculations. 

Shane was hooked. He yearned for his older cousin to visit each year for the next two years, and the older boy did not disappoint, finding unusual and satisfying ways to drain the growing prick on his shy younger cousin. There were nights when on his hands and knees, Shane fucked his long boy prick into his cousin's fist two or three times in a row, to satisfy the endless itch on his cock tip, and to get the insanely sweet sensation of shooting his boy cum into the rough fist, listening to his older cousin talk to him dirty about cunt and dick. And while Shane learned his way around pussy eventually, he was shy and preferred the convenient and uncomplicated fist of his cousin, now in the Marines, to anyone he had met until now.

When Dana heard Shane pleading, it was as if his own cock also received a jolt...going rock hard in sympathy or envy, it's huge plum head turning a dark red, bloated and covered in the web of his own slick pre-fuck. I reached under his huge, hanging and hairy nuts, to tickle just between his thickly haired crack and his bloated balls, scratching my jagged index fingernail in that musky spot where his plump dick root was hidden. Now it was his turn to plead... "Awww fuck.....don't do'on,... .shit....I don't go for that stuff...not from some guy. I thought you were a chick all the time...not some fag....Oh fuckin''on guy...get your hands offa there.....aaaggggghhhhhh......" His words did not stop me, and instead made poor Shane get harder and wetter...anticipating that whatever was happening to his bud was gonna happen to him as well...and his traitorous cock couldn't wait.

His last gasp and groan came as my inquisitive finger slipped up into the sweaty crack of his taut buns, and tickled its way through the forest of dark hairs to the thick knot of his anal mouth. When my nail scratched there, it was as if Dana had suddenly discovered how blissful a man's thick, blunt finger could be by comparison to the little girl's who'd been goosing him when she sucked his huge salami. Now he hand a blunt, rough digit exploring his ass trench, and he reflexively tried to squat and grip my finger, bucking his hips to stop the sweet agony of my insistent little dance on his nether hole. Yeah, Dana was a god damn fucking stone cold handsome jock slut, who'd drop his jeans in the middle of fucking class to have some sweet fist jerking his perpetually horny fuck stick. In my mind's eye, I could see him now, slouched down in his seat, his jeans and briefs at his ankles, his hairy legs thrust out under the desk, his letter jacket open and his head thrown back with eyes closed. One by one each guy in the class would come up and take a turn wrapping their rough fists around Dana's insatiable boy clit. They'd line up to masturbate his overheated, bloated, drooling cock, making sure their callused fists worked the knob before they laughed and made room for another one to take his turn. But now, the little jock whore was here with me, and it was my finger that was making him dance and grunt.

Shit, two perfect teenage sluts, one dark-haired, tanned and hairy and the other blond, furred and hairy, about to find out what it meant to surrender their bodies to exquisite sensations and unyielding ejaculations. It was gonna be cum city tonight...and our two jock guests were gonna be serving up scum like wide open faucets. 

When Donny pulled into the Drive-in outside of town, we knew we'd have all the privacy we needed. This was the drive-in that all the guys used when they took their chicks out for a fuck or suck session. The back row was purposely dark and unlit, and the State Troopers never hassled the owners on account of the fact that each of 'em got free access with their families whenever they wanted, and most had used it when they were kids. Everyone knew this was a safe haven for fingering pussy, and getting your knob cobbed in a hot slick mouth. And it wasn't the first time a couple of guys had ended up in the back row, with one sucking the life outta the other's fat pecker. But no one knew that inside our van, two of the high schools premier pussy hounds were about to be transformed into slutty beggars.

Donny dropped the full sun shades into the van's front windows, and climbed over the median and the seats into the back of the van to join us. Rick and I had already stripped down to our boxers and hightops, ready for action. Rick's hard dick was poking out of the fly of his boxers, while mine made a nice tent of the material. Donny dived in, stripping down as quick as he could, while we pulled out the toys for tonight's session with Dana and Shane. The goal was to tease as much cum out of their randy young balls in one night as possible. To make them realize that they were helpless toys for some unknown punks, and that their days of enjoying unmitigated pleasure with their cocks at their own discretion, was over. Sure they'd walk down the halls and jive with the guys, and they'd act like hot shit on the wrestling mat and the basketball court, but at night their dicks would be throbbing for relief and from the fear of how they'd actually get it.

First things first, though. We stretched each of the big teen boys a bit higher so their armpits were taut and exposed. Their feet were tethered to bars we'd culled from Rick's big brother's old set of free weights. This kept their feet well apart. Their cocks and balls swung freely, and their nipples were thrusting up against their t-shirts. Their knees were on the ground, and a shorter bar bell bar kept them apart, then both bars were cinched to eye-bolts in the floor to keep them from raising their bodies from the floor, or twisting away too far in any direction. Their stomachs were deliciously stretched, and the deep hairy navels, one blond and furry and the other dark and hairy, were exposed and helpless. 

We removed their high tops and moist white athletic socks, damp from nervous perspiration, to reveal the muscular feet of each boy, soft, pale and padded. Their long, thick toes wiggled helplessly in anticipation of what might happen to the tender soles and insteps of those muscled feet, now completely at our mercy. We put a padded rest under each ankle to force the feet off the ground and up in the air a few inches so the toes could move without restriction. Now the fun was to begin. I opened our little bag, and withdrew three old toothbrushes, their bristles worn down and soft, and three electric toothbrushes, with their rotating bristles in little circles along the head. But first, we each took a stiff hair brush and began a methodical grooming of the boy's backsides from ankles to neck. The brushes were made of coarse boar's hair, and while soft enough not to inflict damage to tender skin, they felt like an army of little ants crawling across their bodies, nipping and probing at each spot they touched.

When our brushes touched their skin, the yelling began, and I warned them that any further loud exclamations would result in gags. Then Donny and Rick returned to their minstrations, scratching every damp nook and cranny on those muscular forms. The two 'em whinned, but in desperate, restrained tones, making it even more difficult for them. They wanted to scream and yell at the top of their lungs, but fearful of the gags and the inability to communicate, they forced themselves to whimper and beg in low tones, punctuated by hisses and moans. "Ah jez, you fuckers...please no more...aaaahhhhh, not there...shit, fuck, whatya doing, no, not there....ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ....eeeeiiiiiiii....nnnnoooooo....aaaaahhhhhhhhh hahahahahahha.....noooooo you plllllleeeeeeaaaase, not there....not there...aaaaaaahhhhhhh...... aaagggghhhh." What sweet music to my ears, their torsos twisting this way and that to avoid the brushes on their backsides, combing through their furry legs, their inner thighs, at the back of their knees, on their ankles, and across the wide expanses of their backs, just lightly hitting their sides and teasing their arm pits before withdrawing to a new location. Fuck Rick and Donny were sadists, they knew just how to make a guy twitch, and from the way Shane and Dana balled their fists over their heads, and curled their toes, they must have been feeling the delicious agony.

Once again our tough, macho boy jocks, whose cocks had deflated somewhat when we re-tied them, sprung raging boners immediately, assuming that their cocks might be our next targets or because like all teenage boys, any touch to their vulnerable bodies that is foreign produces an immediate hardon. With the wicked brush bristles providing the stimulus, they were unable to control their hormones, and their boners sprung up hard and wet, immediately dripping with anticipation. But instead of satisfying their fears, we kept to the task, brushing the stiff little bristles up and down their backs, across their butts, up and down their legs just grazing their heels, and even under their necks and across their bobbing Adam's apples. The fine, irritating bristles, lightly scratched across the surface of their respective bodies, finding all the sensitive spots that are never touched in teenage boys, except by the deliberate stroke of a towel after a shower or a defined and determined self applied scratch. The boys bobbed their asses since they could not raise or lower their legs, and thrashed as much as their restraints allowed, and continued grunting and groaning out loud, but at a decible level that would not reach outside the van. "Aaaaahhhhhh....oh shit, not there again, not again.....aaaaggghhhhh.....ha, ha, ha, ha, hahahahahahaha... nnnnoooooooo, owwww, fuck no.....pleeeeeaaaasssee......aaaagggghhhhhh, hahahahahha.........enough, enough....!" That's when the refinements began.

Two of us slid down to the floor level, looking up under those pulsing boy dicks, and their roiling balls, up to their tender hairy ass splits, now wet from the perspiration of their fear and exertions. Beginning with the inside of their thighs from the front, Rick and I surprised them with the regular tooth brushes to find and scratch every spot above their knees and just below their balls, while Donny continued to tickle their backsides. This new addition to their already scrambled senses caused the boys to weave and howl with fear. "I warned you fuckers, no yelling, but you didn't listen. Rick gimme Shane's socks...." Shane's big feet had dampened his white cotton crew socks from the nervous anticipation of what was going to happen that night. The sweet musk of his high tops and his big boy feet was in the clean socks, not rancid and nasty, but stinky and sweet. I shoved one sock into each boys mouth, and Donny tied a cord around each to keep them in place. Now, all we could hear was the squealing and grunting behind the gags, as the helpless jocks were put through their paces.

Their big hanging nut sacks were so close to the bristles of the toothbrushes we were using, that they swung their hips in fear of the inevitable. Their bobbing cocks were so vulnerable and exposed. As I looked up from my vantage point almost between the two sets of muscular, hairy thighs, I could see the fine drops of perspiration rolling down their chests, catching on the erect tips of nipples thrust out from their chests, and pooling in their hairy navels. I knew where I was going, but I wanted to make sure they were totally hysterical before we got there.

Moving my brush up the front of Dana's flexing thigh, up to the convex hollow of his hips, I slowly scratched the toothbrush in a manner that could only panic and agonize the big kid. His eyes were blindfolded, and so each movement that struck a new place caused his head to swing down, up or sideways, hoping to determine the next target. But all he could do was whimper and grunt. I could barely make out what he was pleading from behind his gag... "Please...please... no more...I'll do more tickling. Jeezus, you're gonna kill, not there (as my brush moved slowly above his pubic bush and below his navel to the flat plane of his lower stomach), oooohhhhh, not there.....I'm too ticklish me...oh god.....oh fuck......aaaaggghhhhhhh....." But the bristles of my tooth brush seemed to have a mind of their own, scratching lazily across his pubic bone...delving there and there...making the big dum jock flinch and try to suck in his stomach, only making the target more inviting by becoming more taut. 

Rick was following my lead on Shane, and both boys were getting close to hysterical. Their nipples jutted out mournfully, as if neglected. Not wanting to disappoint, I continued my exploration, getting on my own knees so I could look closely at the target of Dana's firm stomach abdominals, all neatly arranged in firm squares leading up to his ribs. I leaned close and took a deep whiff of the delicious boy in front of me, the last hints of his Irish Spring dripping away from his body and being replaced with the stink of fear, along with the remnants of his deodorant. I moved quickly now, not wanting to deprive him or myself of the anticipation any longer. I etched out each of his abs with the brush, and looked over to see Rick doing the same to Shane. I used my free hand to suddenly plunge a wriggling finger gently into Dana's navel, causing him to make a momentary shout behind his gag, and then return to an urgent and hasty set of unintelligible grunts and groans, punctuated by sweet squeals. 

I laughed, and responded as he should have known I would. "Dana, that was a no were supposed to keep that big trap shut...but instead you got to howling like some chick getting that what my finger feels like in your navel some little cock fucking you...well get used to it...cause there's more where that came from, lots more." I laughed in my disguised voice as I said the last words, and he almost sobbed, as he squirmed, trying to sort out the hair brush on his backside, the toothbrush working relentlessly up his torso, and my finger worming incessantly in his hairy navel. Using my eyes and head only to gesture, I suddenly let both Rick and Donny know that we should stop for a few minutes. We didn't want the fuckers to faint. Let'em catch their breaths...then we'd start again. The sudden stop gave the two trapped boys hope that perhaps their entreaties had not fallen on deaf ears, but they were saps. As their bodies rested for the moment, and their cocks drooped just slightly, I was already deciding how to attack their pits and nipples, before going for the coup de grace.

The three of us studied our captives, fine specimens of boydom...hard bodied, strong muscled, finely tuned. Every hair-and there was a shit-load of it--- was full of testosterone, every feature sharp and etched; they were stone foxes. The fine sheen of perspiration of their bodies, and their heaving sighs as they caught their breaths, revealed just how much stamina and strength eighteen year old boys have. We'd put that stamina to the test tonight, and in nights to come. Just as suddenly as we stopped, we began again after about five minutes. Rick and I had pulled out our own boners, and were massaging them gently as we looked over our punk slaves. And Donny was now sniffing their big feet, in anticipation of what he intended to do next, and rubbing his dork through his briefs. I began by blowing into Dana's now half dry navel, causing the hairs to stand on end....and the big kid to raise up his blindfolded face in surprise, grunting into his sweat sock gag. Then the firm index finger of my right hand, began to explore the sides and now clearly exposed ribs of the big wrestler. Dana tensed, now he knew there was no hope and soon he'd be reeling from the helpless assault on his pits. I took the tooth brush and returned to his firm abdominals and his wide open navel, but at the same time, I grew much bold and determined with that index finger as I roamed his side up and down each rib. As one hand moved faster, so did the other. Dana jerked in his bonds, and he bent away from my probing finger, but as he would bend, I'd use the toothbrush in my other hand to assault his other side both stomach and then up to the bottom of his pec. He was flinching spasmodically, and I sped up my actions to make him break, and start to howl into his gag..."NNNNNNOOOOOO....AAAAAAAHHHHH...EEEIIIIIIIII.... SSSSTTTOOOOOPPPP..... AAAGGGGHHHHHHH HAHAHAHAHAHA!" I looked over just briefly to see that Rick was doing the same to hapless Shane whose long torso provided a huge and vulnerable target.

Donny, abandoning the feet of both boys, on which he had begun to blow his breath, and instead took up a position at the hairy ass furrows of each meaty treat. Picking up one of the electric toothbrushes, as Rick and I intensified and shifted the sides of attack we were taking on each set of healthy exposed ribs, Donny switched on the spinning bristles of the electric toothbrushes, reached under each of the big boy asses and placed the whirring brushes on the thick roots of each big dick, between asshole and balls. Fuck, you'd a thought they'd both been shot with a jolt of electricity (an idea which inspired me even as we were tickling the two dopes outta their skulls). The continuing squeals of both were music to our ears...."iiiiiiiiiieeeeeeee.....aaaaaahhhhhh.... mmmppphhh!" "nnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggghhhhh..... nnnnnnnooooooo.....uuuuuuggggghhhhhh!!"

Each boy twisted as best he could, and yelled his head off into the gags, now soaked with their siliva, dripping perspiration from hairy pits down the sides of their torsos, only making Rick's and my fingers slide with ease from rib to rib. The sudden movement of the fixed bristle tooth brushes up to each taut and rubbery nipple, and a carefully directed stream of breath into each navel, was a distraction so great, coupled with the others their overwrought senses were experiencing, that the boys forgot to try and close their thighs together as best as possible to avoid the whizzing electric bristles tickling mercilessly between their balls and assholes. Where would we attack next...and was their any hope for these two former jock studs?

Donny then moved the maddening spinning bristles from the root of each healthy boy cock briskly forward as it to suggest that he was going for their nut sacks, making them lift forward to avoid the touch. But at the last moment he reversed course and slipped the wicked devices right into the cracks of the two heavily forested asses and landed on their respective anal knots. Shit, you know how it feels when you're in the midst of fuck lust and someone touches your butt hole for the first time, it's like a shot...a jolt, and that's just what it seemed our two prick boys had experienced, forcing their midsections out (since they could not move their legs), and thrusting their big boy prongs as far out as possible, giving us a delectable view of their huge erections waving in front of their jerking bodies. The bristles tickled like crazy on the outside of their shit shutes, and Rick and I redoubled our efforts at their tits, navels, and ribs. For five minutes, we made those boys swing in the air like mannequins, thrusting their bodies any way they could to try and avoid the tortuous attack, yelling into their gags, while outside other watched the dull double feature, and boys all over the back row were screwing their dicks and chicks into oblivion for their Friday night blue ball relief. 

We toned down after five minutes, cause the guys began to sag in their bonds, and I did not want to lose their energy for the rest of the night. I wanted them strong and alert, so that every sensation would not be lost on their fine fucking bodies. Donny relaxed the electric brushes, just grazing them once in a while on his target, and for our part, Rick and I dropped the regular brushes, and just worked our fingers lazily up and down both sides of their torsos.

Dana, deep in his exhausted and blindfolded haze, now recalled the times that he had tickled his younger brother Kevin within an inch of his life. He enjoyed going after his thirteen year old brother, and catching him before he could get out of the house. When their parents were out for the evening, he'd drag the poor kid into the living room and put him into a wrestling hold, extending the kid's arm into the air over his head, and pinning his legs, while his fingers roamed the puberty struck teen's pit with its wisps of hair. Kevin would howl for mercy, hardly able to speak for his screaming and laughter, but Dana would not relent. A couple of times, he knew his little brother, whose cock had just grown a small crop of brown hair above where the shaft grew from his body, and whose dick had suddenly sprouted up like the rest of him, had thrown a boner and shot his cum into his shorts while thrashing to escape his brother's tight grip and physical domination. Dana had even gotten off himself once, but taunted his brother, calling him a queer and jeering when he felt his brother go limp from the ejaculation. Now as his own erection stained on the verge of spurting wads of cum, he knew how his little brother had felt. There would be no relief for him though, just as he had given no mercy to Kevin. Later, after I learned of this behavior, I had invited Kevin to join me one night, and we made Dana pay for every time he'd forced his little brother to scream and beg for mercy which never came. I was particularly impressed when Kevin had taken some ragweed from the yard, and crushed it in his palm while a gagged and tied older brother watched, then added some lube which he mixed in a little bowl before going to work on the knob of his brother's big boy cock. It was a sight to behold, as the kid donned an old woolen snow mitten, dabbed some of the mixture into its palm, and went to work on his brother's oversized knob. And when he took up the hair brush and used it on his brother's pits, while he jerked him silly with the glove and rag weed mixture, I decided right then that in years to come little Kevin would make a nice addition to our group.

While I was letting Dana catch his breath, Rick decided he wanted to take a different approach with Shane. He motioned Donny to focus on a new target, and he himself got down on the floor between Shane's muscular thighs and under his overly long cock. Picking up my discarded tooth brush, and his own, he insidiously started scratching on the lips of Shane's hair fringed asshole and then worked from the root of his cock on a slow path up the nine inch stalk of the basketball player's rigid dong. At the same time, Donny put down the two electric toothbrushes he had been using. For this next part of the game, he wanted to use his own thick digits, with his unclipped fingernails. Getting down to where Shane's big size fourteen feet were propped up, he blew on the smooth pale soles, long toes, high arch. Jesus basketball players have fine feet...guys used to playing hard, and pounding up and down the hardwoods and on playgrounds on those big beauts. Locked into leather and canvas shoes, getting hot and sweaty, protected to ensure that their owners can always make the right cut, pull up on a dime, and jump out of the gym. Shane's peds were wide at the ball, with an unusually high arch, a narrow, smooth heel, and long curved toes. They did not stink, even after our rounds of tickling and the exertion and sweating he had done. But there was that manly scent of sweat on his big boy feet that made Donny anxious to work 'em over. Donny grasped the big toe on each foot, shaking them gently, and began to sing in an off-key and menacing voice..."this little piggy went to market, and this little piggy stayed home, this little piggy had roast beef, and this little piggy had none...." Shane waggled his defenseless tootsies, waving and curling the meaty digits hoping to avoid what he knew was coming. All of us knew how the rhyme ended, and so did dumb old Shane, somehow recalling through his fear and apprehension that the rhyme ended when someone's fingers went racing up and down his feet when he was a little kid. The tension was in the pause, in the waiting for that moment. And as Rick worked a toothbrush deep into the big blond's ass crack, flicking it at the sensitive nether lips, and began to saw back and forth on the thick flange of his captive's prick tip with the other hand, Donny yelled..."and this little piggy RAN ALL THE WAY HOME!" and scrabbled his fingers mercilessly up and down the soles of the tethered boy. Shit what sight! Shane yelled into his gag in that deep basso, and scrunched his toes up desperate to escape his fate. In the meantime, his boner tightened and thrust out further from the wicked stimulation of the soft bristles on the flange of his dick head, unable to achieve satisfaction, but aching to get enough stimulation to spit gism. He knew just as those bristles invading his crack breached his efforts to defend his butt hole, he'd shoot his load, and with the maddening work of Donny's fingers into every crevice of his unprotected feet, up the arch, over the heel, and under those long toes, when that moment arrived Shane would be totally out of control...squealing and gasping for mercy. Finally, as his toes wiggled back and forth faster and faster and the pale soles scrunched up as much as possible to escape the unrelenting fingers scrabbling up and down them, and his yelling forced him to lose control of his ass muscles, Shane felt the slender head of the worn toothbrush overcome his flagging attempt to keep his sphincter squeezed tightly shut. When Rick gently slid the irritating brush just into the soft lining of his anus, Shane's cock expanded and the crimson knob, sloppy with pre-fuck juices and neglected from attention up to this moment, became the focus of Rick's other brush in a focused and determined scrubbing. Working the soft bristles over the bloated and sensitive tip of the basketball jock's fuck stick and around the wide flange, was a sensation Shane couldn't resist. He threw his head back and yelled in his deep voice into the gag....his toes curled as if they would break off, and he shot wad after wad of fuck cream which I carefully caught on a disk angled over his spewing knob as Rick continued to scrub those soft bristles over and over his knob. Shit could that boy cum, no wonder his cousin Brad had nursed on the kid's whang some nights two and three times. The dumb jock was a cum factory, bolting out starchy goo in thick white spats. He came for ten seconds, and then drooled more as Rick tortured the big fuck tip unmercifully with his brush, leaving the other brush trapped in the tight grip of Shane's asshole which had clamped shut the moment he began to shoot. Donny sat up, and gently twirled the big boy's tits, as the cum just kept dripping out, and we nursed the kid's cock until he sagged and squirmed from the grueling torture of his over-sensitive, fat knob. His yells turned to grunts and groans, and then a low whine. 

I immediately removed Shane's gag, and he gasped for breath and at the chance to speak. "Fuuuuuccccck....oh dick head...of more...too nuts, they more, I can't cum no more....uuuuughhh."

I responded appropriately, "Shit Shane're fulla scum, like any scumbag dumb jock numbnuts would be. You need to be drained dick boy, and you need your strength to keep on cumming. So just to show how much we wanna make sure you're OK, we've got some vitamins for ya to take..." (snickering at the big oaf), and with that I brought the little dish covered with his gism up under his nose to his mouth. He turned his head suddenly, immediately recognizing the scent of sperm...but I grasped his nose firmly in two fingers and pulled him back toward the plate.

"Now Shane, you don't wanna make me mad do ya...cause if I get pissed, maybe we'll tickle the shit outta ya, then cock whip you till you can't touch that sucker for a week? You get my drift buddy, now you know what you hafta get that tongue out and lick...understand. Just pretend you're eatin' your cum outta some cunt, licking her good and getting your deposit out for use later...hahahaha" The moment I said lick, Dana turned his gagged and blindfolded face towards our voices, a drop of perspiration dripping from his forehead as he comtemplated what was next for him. At the same time, Shane gradually stopped pulling his head against my grasping fingers, holding his nostrils, and opened his mouth to breath. I pushed the plastic dish up to his lips, and when I reminded him of the cock whip again, and Rick flicked it against his prick head enough to get his attention, slowly his tongue reached out and began a tentative dab at the cummy surface. "Common' ya big mother, get that tongue out there...or that cock whip is gonna mean business on your baby-maker." Shane thrust his tongue out and began to lap his own crud. Donny went back to rolling his tits, while Rick spit on his palm and greased old Shane's semi-rigid pecker again, helping it rise from its post cum repose into another unconscious teenage boner. Fuck what a sight....

Nothing like a tied up blond jock punk, getting his tits tweaked and man-sized pecker jerked, and licking a dish of fresh cum from his own starchy, sweaty nuts. Jesus, boys like him were made to use. Like a good fuck slave, he slurped down every curd, and licked the platter clean, which made me realize that he probably had done this before with his own cum when no one was lookin'. I learned later that Shane's cousin, Brad, also liked his cudgel suckled, and he would trade Shane cum for cum as they grew older. But when Shane was away from Brad for long periods, he'd eat his own cum, longing for a taste but afraid to let anyone else but Brad know of his queer streak.

After Shane had finished eating his cum, and his dick had been tickled and gently rubbed back into a thrusting, oozing, boner, we turned to Dana who had been trying to hear what was going on, and we didn't disappoint, talking in our disguised voices loudly so he knew exactly what Shane had been enduring. Then I began to speak to him as much as to Shane as we finished with the big blond and were getting ready to work on Dana. "Yeah, that's it big guy...time for you to rest your balls for a did a hell of job licking up that cum, and there's more where that came from... right? And we're gonna get every drop out of those big, bloated nuts of yours, until you can't cum anymore. But first, we gotta help your buddy...he's been neglected, and we don't wanna hurt his feelings, huh?" and I laughed in a mean, nasty little way.

Dana grunted from behind his gag, and shook his head...he wanted to make it clear I guess that we weren't neglecting him at all. But the three of us went to him together, and began to rearrange him for a special treat I had planned. We re-tied Dana on his back, with a pillow under his ass. We tied his arms up and out to a weight bar that hung from the ceiling of the van, and then tied his legs up and out to grommets that were attached to the side walls of the van. He wheezed and yelled from behind the gag, but he was not match for the three of us, especially when Donny grasped his balls and told him he yank 'em off if he didn't cooperate. Well the result was that that Dana's darkly tanned and dark haired body were spread and exposed, only the pale skin of his nuts, the hidden area leading up to his asshole, his armpits, and the soles of his hands and feet leaving areas that seemed almost pale and pink by comparison. I crawled up between those thick, hairy hams of his, and let my fingers trail up and down the thick corded muscles furred with dark hair, moving to scratch his thick nards each time with the rough edge of my fingernail. He'd jump and squirm, grinding his ass to escape my intimate touch, making his little hole spasm involuntarily, but there was no where to go...and each time, I seemed to be getting closer and closer to his sweaty ass trench. 

When my fingers finally reached that split, the boy began to bounce his firmly muscled ass in earnest, knowing that something he did not want from another guy was about to occur. I helped reinforce the impression: "You know Dana, you got one hell of an ass pussy...that nice pale, unprotected little crack with its small, tight little looks so helpless and hidden by all that thick dark hair. But I can see it...buddy, and I know we've got to help you scratch an itch. Fuck, after all, you let that little teeny bopper poke her tiny little finger in your big tight ass, so with my big fingers, I know I'll give ya even more of what ya need...huh?" When I said the word itch, my index finger scratched right against the taut anal knot, completely open to my investigations by the way in which we'd tied his legs and raised his ass with the little pillow. Jesus, you know how it feels when ya get goosed in the lockeroom when guys are screwing around, or when the damn doctor starts to wiggle his blunt finger up your hole during a physical, or when your parents gave you an enema. Jesus, the sensation of that intrusion, that helpless feeling of something making your stomach feel empty when that spot is when you get hit in the nuts...there's just something forbidding to guys about their assholes, and this asshole was in fear for his fucking life.

Using some lube on my finger and dabbing it on his tingling hole, I spoke gently to Dana as he thrashed within the tight limits of the ropes. "Yeah, Dana, that hot channel looks like it could use some it needs to be worked a bit. I mean, after all, your teeny pussy used to finger tickle your hole every time she sucked that big fuck stick, and when she could get her hands into your ass while you pounded her with that cudgel. But she was gentle huh, just kinda tickling that sweet spot inside your hairy anus...well, I know a big tough fucker like you needs more of a workout than that...and we aim to make sure that we give you the deep massage your crave. I mean, when we took those pics in the field house, you looked like you were in hog heaven each time you worked your finger or a dildo up that hot hole of yers...huh, buddy? Well, we're gonna make it feel like you've been given the kind of service that a big stud like you needs...."

With that, my finger broached his nether hole, confusing his muscles by suddenly using the index finger of my other finger to root into his navel, and send a tickling shock into him. Once my finger was in that sweaty cave, he used every one of those muscles honed from wrestling to break it off inside of him, but I was determined. By tickling the shit out of his navel and abs, I slowly, but surely worked that sucker up his hot, clinging asshole, till I felt his stiff little fuck nut. Shit, he jumped like I'd used an electric poker up there, but I knew that he was nice and slick now, and ready for the main attraction. We dragged poor Shane over to his buddy, and placed him face down between his buddy's legs. Then we put over his head a nifty device we'd persuaded Rick's Marine brother to buy last time he was overseas. It was a head harness with a thin vibrating wand attached to it. Once the thing was secured on someone's head, usely some dyke who wanted to suck and fuck her babe, there was no escaping it's insidious and invasive, pliant plastic five speed wand. Plus, the fucking thing had nice little knobby head dotted with raised bumps and ridges, and twirled every once in a while randomly around the shaft of the wand. Shit, if that thing was up the backside of some of the tough guys at our school, they'd become choir boys in a second, and I had one such guy greased and ready for a test run.

We shackled Shane's arms up over his head so that his fingers were just at Dana's arm pits, and then pulled his legs back at the knees and tied them so that his big pale feet were up in the air and exposed just over his ass. Now Shane was on a flat tray used to slide under cars when you're doing work on ' know, on small wheels. We put down some tracks in the back of the van, and put the wheels into 'em so it could slide back and forth. If Shane body weight moved suddenly in his current position, he would cause the wheels to move back and forth, which was just what we wanted. It could only go so far on the tracks, maybe six inches or so, but that was just enough to move the harness (which we now buckled into place over his thick dirty blond hair), back and forth in Dana's trussed up ass hole. With just the slightest effort, we gently slid the eight inch prod on the harness into Dana protesting butt. He squirmed at first, but when that thing rolled past his prostate, he stopped dead still, not wanting to provoke the little whore's button and turn himself into a fuck hungry dick boy. His toes curled deliciously when the thing reached deep up into him, telling us that this was like the enema from hell, and that he was hoping to keep perfectly still so that he wouldn't set himself into a uncontrolled set of spastic movements in a vain effort to relieve the incredible feeling up inside of him. Now Shane's feet had been shackled to a bar above his ass, slightly spread, and that afforded us a chance to get to his ass pucker at the same time. So now we had our two big dicked jocks, tied in position. All we needed was a starter pistol, and we would set the two of them on the road to fucking oblivion. 

I just wanted to prime them a little first though, and this is what I said. "Now boys, you're just about ready to help one another. See, Shane, you wanted to help Dana when you got into this whole mess, huh? Well, now yer gonna be able to help him get what he richly deserves. Rick's got those tooth brushes again, and he's gonna sit down next to you and begin to work them into each of your exposed and hairy arm pits. When he does that, you better use your fingers to tickle Dana's arm pits, cause if you don't, he won't stop or give you any relief. Now just to make sure you cooperate, Donny's gonna start usein' those stiff hair brushes on your feet. And me, well I'm gonna insert this nice little vibrating dildo up your butt, and turn on the switch. You'll be ready to go, and that's when I'll switch on the little prod on your head too. That way, you'll be buzzing at both get it, buzzing at both ends. Once that starts, you'll really be giving your buddy some help, therapy he richly deserves...deep up in his funky old asshole. Between you tickling his pits, and that prod buzzing inside him, and you bouncing all around on this slide, well, Dana is gonna get a good workout from his best friend. And just for good measure, if we can't seem to give ole Dana the kind of deep anal massage he needs, well hell, we'll start tickling his feet too so that he can move his legs and ass more to get into the spirit of things....You boys ready?"

Shane babbled that he'd just cum, and weren't we through torturing him...he begged and mewled, but then I got pissed and told him for that when he moved his head up into Dana with that harness contraption, that he also had to stick out his tongue and lick the sweat off his buddy's ass hairs. Now that shut him up, and we were ready to start the ball rolling so to speak!

I looked at my two compatriots who were poised for my signal, and listening to Shane blubbering for a reprieve while Dana turned his blindfolded and gagged head back and forth, pleading unintelligibly, and then I yelled "Yeeeeeiiiiiiihaaaaaa!" Outside, guys walking by probably were chuckling and saying stuff, "that dude just got his nut" or "someone's guzzling slime inside there." But instead, Rick started working the tooth brushes into Shane's deep, hairy pits, and I leaned over to switch on both the dildoes to hum at low speed. Donny reached over to both the boys big feet, and using each hand, began to alternate from each of their respective jock toed peds, causing the pale soles to crinkle as they immediately sought to avoid the maddening tickling. 

"NOOOOOOOOOOO... Shane yelled, aaaaaggggghhhhhhh,hahahahahahahahha..... nnnnnooooo .....ppplllleeeease, not again.....aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh...hahahahahahahahahaha.......!" From behind his gag, the trapped Dana bellowed. The moment we began to tickle Shane, Rick leaned over and told the big jock to start tickling Dana's pits or he'd regret it. That set Shane's hands to scrabbling deep in the armpits of his buddy, now trussed and spread. Jesus it was hot, seeing those long blond haired arms and the thick, hairy fingers digging into Dana's, darkly haired pits. That caused the big kid to start jerking, and the moment he did, the wicked nubs on the dildo now buzzing softly in his fundament, started their magic on his prostate and the lining of his rectum. From behind his gag came the sweet music of his sweet torment..."MMMMPPPPPHHHHHH.... OOOHHHH, MMMMMMMMMM....UUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!" 

Unable to now stop the motion because of the incredible sensations shooting up and down his asshole, Dana's thick muscles flexed, making his bounce up and down on the whirring little prod stuffed deep up inside him. His hands reflexively opened and closed, his toes curling tight and stretching open spasmodically sometimes to avoid the maddening fingers tickling them and then sometimes to just seek a desperate escape which was impossible. Each clench of his fist let us know of his helpless response to another spasmodic sensation caused by his ass muscles as they alternated tightening and loosening on the humming instrument, jerking him off from the inside. The little head must have begun is slow, methodical spin, moving the uneven nubs from side to side, making contact with the most private and protected regions of Dana's big boy body, turning him into the kind of pussy that guys he pinned mercilessly on the wrestling mat would have loved to have seen.

The little dildo in Shane's ass, along with the insistent tickling of his pits and feet, kept him jerking and sliding back and forth on the small sled, scooting six inches in each direction as he thrashed to avoid the maddening tickle and stuffed feeling of the buzzing little device up his own unprotected hole. This was fifteen minutes of sheer pleasure, watching these two muscle jocks work, strain, grunt and grind...performing to our every touch. Every time Shane drove the headdress deep into Dana, the big wrestler's curved whang would harden and burp another spurt of clear boy sap, leaking all over his chest and filling his navel. We did not touch Dana's dick, because I wanted him to pop from the agonizingly sweet sensations driving him to distraction, deep in his ass...and we weren't disappointed. The helpless jock, worked his hips like a hula dancer, bouncing and grinding, fucking himself silly with the eight inch flexible plastic rod sliding up and down his rectum, and coupled with the insistent tickling his big padded feet and his dripping hairy pits were getting, he bellowed loudly after about fifteen minutes and began to shoot crud like he was manufacturing it. I was prepared, with a little cup just barely covering the fat mushroom cap of his cock tip, catching every blast of thick, white scum, bolting out of his neglected but bloated prick head. Fuck the way he writhed as the gism squirted and spurted, I could almost feel the desperate sensations deep up his sweaty hole, forcing the cum from his reluctant prick tip, basically milking himself....shit, what a turn-on. I used my thumb to drain the last dregs and drools form Dana's still hard pecker, making him wriggle from the ticklish sensation on his overly sensitive cock head. But I had a nice little cupfull of scum which I was soon to put to good use.

We untied Shane's arms and legs. Although the little dildo in his ass had given him a huge boner, having it trapped beneath his body weight and unable to lift himself enough to move it around under him, kept his pecker primed but frustrated. We untied Shane and flipped him over, as Rick slipped on a dirty, greasy batting glove we had often used before. We cuffed Shane's hands behind him, and bowed him so we could attach those hands to his feet which were now separated by another weight bar again. On his knees, the big handsome blond boy with his long, hard cock, and its nicely tapered prick tip, looked so inviting and tantalizing; stretched out towards us and ready to milk. His eyes were still blindfolded, so he pleaded for us to show some mercy, but we just ignored him, other than an occasional stroke or surprised snap to his big pale wand to keep it up and hard, angled sharply away from his body by its ponderous weight. He could not see as Rick smirked and lubed up the dirty glove he'd donned, making exaggerated movements in front of the tied boy enjoying the thought that Shane's big boy boner was his intended target. In the meantime, I had taken off the exhausted Dana's blindfold for the first time so he could watch what was about to happen. He snapped his head around the van, to see who we were in the dim light from our lanterns inside the van, but was rewarded only with three masks that we had put on to conceal our identities. With his gag still in place, all he could do was muffle out some pitiful words, whose meaning was lost and about which we could have cared less.

Rick stepped up to the big basketball player, and using his free hand to tweak and squeeze Shane's hard, rubbery teen tits, he then grasped the kid's rejuvenated and pulsing boner with the well lubed but rough batting gloved hand and began a tingling slide of his fist that could only lead to one end. Shane jerked from the new, cool sensation of the lube and the rough glove, playing with his pride and joy. All he could do was grunt from the wonderful sensation of the rough but slippery glove, sliding up and down delicately to arouse his betraying cock. Working up and down, with practiced teenage expertise, Rick jerked the blond basketball player so that his now sensitive pecker tip was red and ruddy and bloated, predictably expanding to encourage the lewd masturbation it enjoyed so much. Within two minutes, Rick had the big kid panting, and groaning. Shane began to huff and puff, breathing harder and faster and flexing his body, his cock now slick with lube and his own pre-cum and thrusting to meet the nasty jack-off he was getting. When Rick moved his other hand from Shane's hard tits, and instead stuck his free index finger into the dude's ear and began to gently tickle inside the sensitive shell, coupled with the insistent roiling of his helpless cock head, Shane gave a yelp and began to shoot yet another thick, sticky load of boy scum. The same cup which had been half filled with Dana's teen dick sap was now inundated with a healthy batch of Shane's sperm. The powerful stench of boy starch filled the air, and now the little cup, used for condiments at some drive-in fast food joint, was filled to the brim with boy crud in need of a permanent home so it wouldn't go to waste. I let Rick nurse Shane's semi-stiff boner, till the fat knob had leaked its last dregs, and let him go back to tickling the bound boy's fuck stick just to make him squirm and squeal at the incredible sensations on the sensitive tip. He and Donny turned back to Shane, one tickling gently here and there, and the other playing with his cock and scratching under his balls, working the bound boy up to another unwanted erection.

I turned to Dana, who was no longer blindfolded and had a look of terror in his eyes. In my disguised voice, I started to taunt him. "Now come on Dana, you didn't think you were gonna get to miss the puddin' here did ya...after all, we made yer buddy drink his down. It's only right since yer the cause of both of you being here, that you eat some cock sauce too. Shit man, yer gonna be able to tell the guys on the wrestling team that you 'swallow' are they gonna love you...a guy who knows how to drink cum. There'll be aline in the lockerrom for you...guys with hard dicks lining up to deposit into the sperm bucket...." Dana turned his head, and tightened his neck muscles trying to keep his gagged mouth away from me as I leaned towards him. I took the blindfold and carefully replaced it so he could not see what was going to happen next. Instead, I removed his gag, and a rush of words came out of his mouth.

"Nooooo, no can't do this...I'm no fag....shit...don't do this, I'm no queerbo, pleeeze, give me a break...shit, I fucked the chick, I made her eat my dick...but she fucking liked it...common man, give me a break...don't do this...not some guy's gism...fuck no....pleeeeeze."

I laughed, and responded. "What ya mean some guy's gism. You dick brain, it's your gism, and of course Shane's...but he's yer buddy, right? I mean, we're gonna get you guys to know each other real're gonna suck each other's dick's, you're gonna lick each others toes, man you're gonna be such good buds that you won't want to stray far from home for some good sex in the future...and all that starts now...with a simple little spoon and you opening up wide for cum. You ready open up, be a good boy, open up and take your vitamins...."

He struggled to keep his mouth shut, but Donny reached over from his tickling chores with Shane, and clamped his fingers on ole Dana's nose. Give him credit, he held his breath as long as he could, and when he finally gasped for air, I slipped the spoon full of spooge right into his mouth, and clamped it shut. He choked and coughed, and tried to retch it out, but I told him anything that came out would just go back in. He gasped, and even as he felt like retching, he slowly swallowed, making his Adam's apple bob from the slimly, viscous stuff going down his throat. Fuck, nothing like some big straight stud eating cum....and hating every minute of it. But he'd learn to like it...and a lot more. I fed him every drop outta that cup, and made him lick out the sides for good measure. And the whole time, I was softly jerking his big dick, rubbing the tip, and scratching lazily under the piss lips, getting him going again against his will with that unruly cock that only knew what it liked.

The last time we tickled the two jocks that night, we lodged their thick pricks in each other's mouths and strapped 'em in. Shit, it took fifteen minutes to get Dana to swallow Shane's log, but Shane was more cooperative, tired of being tickled and knowing that he could not stop his big boner from erecting each time me and the guys started working on him. We lay Dana on the bottom on his back, spread his legs apart, tying his arms out and above his head. Then we put Shane on top of him, facing the other direction, with his arms stretched forward, and on his knees, feet shackled and tethered, next to Dana's head. They were spread so Shane could not control how his body reacted to either our stimulation or Dana's mouth, and vice versa. Getting Dana's meaty treat into Shane's mouth was not difficult as a result of any resistance on the basketball jock's part, but because Dana's wicked cock curve and golf ball sized knob created a tonsil tickling experience for the big kid. Once they were tied, down, Donny went back and started the van. It was time to get outta there before anyone got suspicious. Plus it was getting late. Guys who were getting laid or their weekly blow jobs and hand jobs, were pulling out of the back rows. We informed Shane and Dana that by the time we got back to the school, they had both better cum, or we'd park in the service lane behind the school, and work 'em another hour. They gurgled around each other's fat prongs, and wiggled their hands and toes to register their objections. But even those movements, working their throat muscles, caused their randy rods to start the inevitable teen boner scene. Slowly our meat brained jocks were erecting again, for our pleasure and amusement. I gave them one more lecture as we left the drive-in.

"You fucking scum bags like it being on the bottom? Like being treated like whores with big clits...? Maybe that's what you've needed all along and didn't know it....maybe your itchy twats need some relief too...that it dick boys? need to have your hardons supervised so they stop aiming for chicken pussy, and hoping to get jerked and sucked when they should be saving it for the team and to make you the All-American boys you try to act like? You boys have stopped following coach's orders...keeping your dicks hard and your balls full so you give the team your all and concentrate on your school work so you can stay eligible. You've been spending too much time pulling your puds, or looking for ways to get sucked until your big long toes curl. Well we're gonna change all that. Lemme tell how it's gonna be, starting tonight. You're only gonna cum if you do it spontaneously, and until you do shoot without someone's help, we're gonna use everything we can find on your worthless bodies to make you feel horny and in need of desperate relief. Those big dicks which have been so used to being jerked and sucked to sleep at night, are gonna be chained and restrained. You're gonna want to cum so bad that you'll let us take you into one of the school johns, pull down your pants, and jerk you just for some relief. Course we're not gonna let ya fuckwads, you're gonna need it bad, but get it only once in a while...and then only when we give ya permission....times have changed for a couple of big dick boys like you.... And another thing...if we tell you to drop you pants, you better drop 'em..get it? You'll be going to the john and maybe one of us will hold your dick while you pee, and another will supervise taking shits, to make sure you clean those dung holes properly. You'll have toe inspections to make sure you're healthy in body and mind, enemas to clean out shit from your rectums, and cavity searches regularly. You boys are gonna be angels for the rest of school year, and by the time your graduate your dicks will be hard every day, your balls full of scum and your behavior changed."

I don't know if it was my lecture, their fear, or the conscienceless cocks that erected in their grasping throats, but those boys were drooling pre-scum on each other's tongues and throats within minutes of starting the engine of the van. Rick and I each slipped on a finger which we had cut off from a thick rubber glove used to clean fish. We had used Crazy Glue and stuck onto the rubber surface the part of Velcro strips that have the pliable but rough eyelets. Lubed generously, these fuck finger 'rubbers' acted as an amazing incentive to our two big dicked boys. They sucked with gusto when Rick and me slipped our thick digits up their bungs, and started to frig them in earnest. At the same time, we scratched under their armpits, in their ears, and down their rib cages, until the two jocks squirted their last wads of the evening down each other's throats. In the case of Shane, it was perfect that Dana's prick was so nicely curved, because it helped overcome the fact that the gism was going upwards before it slipped down his throat. We finger banged both boys until we were sure their poles were flagging, and then, as we arrived back at the high school, we untied them from each other. 

After returning them to the darkened field house, we left them blindfolded, naked, with their feet hobbled by ropes but their hands free. We left their clothes, and informed them that we would contact them for a trip to the cabin during spring break. We also left both pictures and negatives which we had promised to turn over after our night in the van...just not all of them.

If our goal had been to break the spirit of these arrogant, high school jocks, we had succeeded. They had always been able to get their way through school, being the biggest and strongest, or the most talented in the games which separate the little boys from the big ones. But like all guys their age, who enjoy the success in athletics, they took more than was their share. They wanted to use people as tokens to confirm their status. But we had caught 'em in the act, and now, they were going to be tokens of our enjoyment for the rest of the school year. The week before we left for spring, break, they received further messages indicating that more pictures would be turned over if they continued to cooperate with us. They whined to each other, but the next rendez-vous was on time, and the jock punks were obedient dick slaves. We had 'em, and as long as we turned over pics when we finished a session, they seemed to accept the bargain, albeit begrudgingly. What they did not know was that while they had been giving each other a "69" in the van, we had taken pictures, as well as when we made each guy eat gism and a few others of them getting jerked off. These new pictures, formed the basis of ongoing frustration for each of them, and insured that we would have full cooperation in spite of their anger.

The week of Spring Break at the cabin was cool. We drained more jock gism in those five days than I thought humanly possible, even from big dicked boys like Dana and Shane. Ever jerked off a basketball player with your toes? Well Donny, Rick and I took turns on Shane's long fuck stick and the punk performed like a champ, unable to resist the strong, long toes of three sixteen year olds. And there was a game of who could make Dana cum the fastest...I won, hands down, so to speak finding new and inventive ways to work that oversized, dick head on his ever hard pecker. Teaching each of these guys to suck our dicks, sniff our balls, and lick our assholes was hog heaven...sixteen year old punks turning the big men on campus into crawling, sniffing, cocksucking punk slaves. Jez, what a life.

The school year is almost over, but I've got a summer deal with Kevin, Dana's younger brother who just turned fourteen. We're gonna find out how many different ways we can teach Dana to service his brother before he goes off to college, and how long we can keep his jock dick hard without letting him cum. This afternoon we've got a special treat in store for him. He's tied down, in an arc, on a huge truck wheel rim I borrowed from Rick's uncle's garage. Me and Kevin padded it, so we could strap Dana down in a arc, with his chest bowed out, his dick and balls totally exposed, his mouth gagged, and his body totally vulnerable. Kevin wants to use the vacuum hose along with the smallest bristle nozzle on his brother, while I've rigged up a special condom for Dana's cock filled with mixture of lube and powdered rag weed. While he's focused on trying to deal with his prick covered in terribly itching little red bumps, and the bristles of the vacuum cleaner scouring his body...I'll fingerbang him with the velcro covered rubber finger sheath and tickle his feet nicely padded and soft feet. Kevin's decided that his brother should sniff and suck his already size nine feet, with their own set of long, muscular teenage toes. We managed to get Dana to agree to do it whenever Kevin asked, and so that afternoon later on, in order to give his itching boner some relief, we let Dana off the tire rim and allowed him to lie on his stomach, hand bound behind his back and feet shackled, eyes blindfolded, so he could use his teeth to unlace Kevin's high tops, and pull of his white sweat socks before he sniffed and suckled his younger brothers sexy feet. Shit...yeah! It was a great afternoon, and what a graduation gift for a boy like Dana.

Years later after we had all graduated from high school, I learned that Shane went to a small Christian college in Nebraska and ended up a six foot seven inch forward on the basketball team in a Division III program. But I heard he had a roommate in college, a 5' 7" reserve guard with an attitude a mile long and oversized feet and toes to match. He apparently learned how to suck those toes on a daily basis, and often found himself strapped down in unusual positions at night so he couldn't play with his helpless horny dick and relieve his bloated balls. I don't know where he is today, but I'm sure he's being carefully managed.

Dana went to the University of Iowa on a scholarship and married a sorority girl who kept him working on her muff day and night, licking her to the pleasure she felt he owed her for the privilege of sleeping in her bed. But every time he visited home and met up with his brother Kevin, I knew Dana was kept in his place. Kevin kept some of the pictures we made, and an always expected his brother to remain respectful and adoring across time. Kevin's feet have grown to an adult size thirteen, and Dana still knows every nook and cranny, not to mention his little brother's nine inch prick. 

Growing up with Rick and Donny was the best thing that ever happened to me. Even now, as we're all grown adults, with families of our own, we still keep in touch. None of us moved away. There's something about good buddies, their memories, and their collection of pictures, that makes living in this town, a cum soaked fucking good time.