The Masturbation Chronicles, Tale No. 3 -- Bailey Stimson’s Big Mistake

Disclaimer: If you are not yet 18 years of age, or if it is illegal to read materials of this kind where you live, then please stop now. This story is for adults, and contains descriptions of sexual activity between teenage boys with older men. This story is completely fiction, all descriptions and names are also made up, and any similarities are truly just that, purely similarities. I do not engage in or condone sexual activity between adults and underage boys which is regulated by law. These are fantasies for sexual private sexual enjoyment, not for emulation in real life.

This current series is entitled “The Masturbation Chronicles” and will be a series of discreet stories focused around the theme of uncontrollable masturbation and its consequences. I would truly appreciate suggestions from others for scenes or settings, and of course descriptions of real scenes. Often my stories have been woven from tales shared with me by those of your who comment on my stories. So please consider writing to me.

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Bailey Stimson was on top of the world. At fifteen he was handsome, athletic, and filled with enough spunk to drown girls from Harrisburg to Calverton. No fine chick was possibly immune from his radar, and with his Puka bead necklace, perfectly straight teeth, thick red hair, boyish freckles, and 7 inches of oversized boy dick, he had the confidence of teenage arrogance that was untested and naïve. Since he had been eleven, he had learned that if he drove his fat knobbed penis into the sheets at night, he could achieve shattering sensations that made him lose his breath, and involuntarily fuck the bed for sometimes up to twenty or thirty seconds. It was a pre-teen dream cum true. His cousin Sam had filled his mind with impure thoughts that Altar Boys should not have according to Father Raymond, and then showed him that if he stroked his then four inch boner with a slick fist, he could make his toes curl. He and Sam had even traded slimy palms two times, once when they had to share a tent on the overnight camping trip their fathers had organized when they were eleven, and then again on a long drive to visit relatives when they were in the back of RV, facing out the rear window and everyone else was asleep.

Fuck, it was so cool to do it with Sam on the sly like that, sliding their hands down each other’s loose shorts, gripping their respective steel stiff pricklets with spit slick fingers, and teasing them till they had to bite their lips from groaning out load. Sam was amazing, the way his thick fingers zeroed in on Bailey’s sensitive prick tip, twirling them around the bloated knob, thumbing his glans and them cupping the whole head in his palm. It took Bailey about fifteen minutes of teasing, his cousin bringing him to the edge and then purposely stopping, before Bailey’s legs straightened out, his toes curled reflexively, and his fat knob went glass smooth in his cousin’s experienced fist. ‘When the first bolts of pre-ejaculatory sensation erupted, the sensitivity of Bailey’s prick caused Sam to quickly put his other hand over his handsome cousin’s mouth, preventing Bailey from waking their younger brothers, asleep in the seat ahead of them. Bailey flailed his head back and forth as Sam’s fist teased him to conclusion, drinking in big gulps of air to cover his hypersensitivity. But Sam’s fist soon released him as his own bloated glans got a thorough milking from Bailey, and he jerked his own legs out and slid down further on the bed of RV to allow his cock to take control of his body. Soon Sam’s own throbbing dry-cum made him twist and turn to escape his cousin’s unerring fist, and the two boys quietly panted their sweet satisfaction.

The years had passed. Now, Bailey was fifteen and at home, school was in session, and there was no Sam to confide in his lust over Karyn Holcomb. Instead, as he lay in his bed, naked, he ground his engorged teenage phallus into the lubricated wash cloth that prevented his mother from seeing sticky boy stains on the sheets. He closed his eyes and groaned lowly as his fat glans drove into the terry cloth wet with mother’s hand lotion, fucking the material like it was soon girl’s pussy; mashing and squishing his prong into the yielding, but abrasive material. His strong legs lifted his slender and slightly curved shaft up and then thrust it down into the bed. Each time he lifted up on his toes, his taut butt cheeks opened, splitting the melons when he drove his prick back down into the bed. “Aaaahhhhhh fuuuccccck, Bailey softly whined, grinding and twisting his torso and hips into the bed, making sure to roil his boy prick as deeply into the wash cloth as possible, getting up again on his toes to make sure he got enough traction to mash his pecker into submission. It was a wonder that the cloth stayed wrapped around his bulging penis, the force of his fucking bruising the material over his sensitive knob and wreaking sensations that made his tits tighten and his anus squeeze tightly.

What Bailey did not know was that his ten and a half year old brother Royce was monitoring each plunge into the bed. Royce, on his hands and knees, was watching his brother’s big strong body achieve the desperate teenage ejaculation it desperately wanted so badly. For several weeks, Royce had been sneaking into his brother’s room once the frottage began because Bailey was so consumed with his thrusting and fucking the wash cloth that he did not notice in the dark his door which was around the corner from his bed, open slightly. Royce was able to crawl into the room, and hide behind Bailey’s desk near the door to get a good view. His own thick, four inch prong was steel stiff, and he gripped his loose pajama bottoms around the pricklet glans, twisting his fist over the bloated boy tip until his own dry orgasm, lubricated by his preteen, pre-fuck sap, made him flinch and jerk while he watched Bailey make the final plunges into the bed. He watched intently as Bailey’s long strong toes dug into the bedding, forcing his over-heated cock into the spasms bathed in thick wads of teenage spunk that left him gasping and groaning…. “aaaaagghhhhhh, ooooooowwwwww…. Fuck, shit….. aaaaaagggghhhh.” Then with one final plunge that announced that his cock knob was too sensitive for more, Bailey would crash down on the bed gasping and hunching from the ticklish intensity on his prick tip, and would soon fall asleep, allowing Royce an avenue of escape. Royce would slink out on his knees just the way he came in, and let his still stiff pricklet lead him back to his room for another round of frottage of his own. The Stimson boys knew how to grind cock with the best of American youth, and not-with-standing their handsome all-American faces, they were as nasty and sex-starved as the next boy.

Bailey and his cousin Sam were growing tired of their respective masturbatory routines not out of reluctance to shoot cum, but out of their horny fuck-lust for girls. Both fifteen year old jocks were mesmerized by the idea of cunt without understanding why or caring, and both wanted to get their randy prongs bathed in pussy juice. But good boys don’t do that kind of thing, and so all Sam and Bailey could do was talk about the taut nipples they saw at school and the flash of panties and pussy mounds that tantalized them. Fuck, girl’s were all a prick-tease, making guys prongs stiff and hard and sticky all fucking day. Sometimes Bailey thought the school should provide a booth where guys could go in privacy and have a girl suck their dicks, like the fag holes in the john at the park where some guys went for relief. In truth, both boys wanted their cocks sated constantly, and that meant more than once a day. Girls were the means to an end, and neither boy had fallen for a particular girl at their respective schools. Instead, they looked forward to parties where they could find a cute cunt to suck face with, and grind their erect cocks against soft legs and thighs… going home with blue balls and having to fuck their beds sometimes twice in a row to get relief. Since they went to schools across town from each other, their e-mails and chats on-line became the method of sharing fantasies that more than once had resulted in each boy masturbating into a sock as they talked. But neither confided about that to the other…instead, they greedily read the nasty words each wrote, pinching their respective tits, and twisting their dirty practice socks around their leaky prongs, determined to find another way to get their pungent boy spooge out of their heavy, ball sweat covered, testicles, and bloated cock knobs. As luck would have it, Sam had found just what both boys had dreamed of in their horny day dreams and sticky wet dreams. Down the block from his house lived Kristy Jennings, a thirteen and a half (going on eighteen) year old sweet meat. Kristy had tits already the size of mature women, and her dark, shining eyes and raven hair made it clear she was well past puberty. The way her pert ass thrust out when she walked in shorts made Sam leak like a sieve in his masturbatory fantasies. As it turned out, Kristy who had moved into town only six months earlier when her dad took a construction job in the area, had befriended another girl who was her blond counterpart; Kara Townsend. Kara was almost fourteen, and her pale blue eyes were pools into which boys like Bailey and Sam sank helplessly. Like Kristy, her tits were already mature, and the pale nipples were clearly outlined in the blouses she wore, as well as the fact that she often went to school without a bra. Shit, these girls were ripe, and older boys in the neighborhood eyed them hungrily, but adjusted their stiff hardons and moved on when they realized how young they were. But Sam had no such concerns. He knew nothing of laws regarding underage sex, and he figured if kids were kids, anything was fair game. He began sharing with Bailey descriptions and photos of the girls, pictures he took with his digital telephoto camera when they were coming and going from Kristy’s house.

Over the course of several weeks, Bailey was desperate to meet Kara and Sam had staked out Kristy as his prey. It turned out that in another week, a party was taking place down the block at the home of one of the junior high kids whose parents let them hold teen parties. There was no drinking or smoking or drugs allowed, but the parents were easy and did not supervise the parties held by their daughter. She invited the best looking kids, and even some older boys, to give the parties an edge, and make them seem hot. It worked, and popular kids, jocks and all the best cunt in the neighborhood would show up. Sam had worked up the courage to approach Kristy, and eventually told her about his cousin Bailey. He wondered if sometime they could double date, he would invite his cousin over, and he could hang with Kara. Kristy admired the handsome face, and Sam’s strong body. His boyish smile was so infectious, and that dimple on his right side when he laughed was like a flame to her itchy pussy’s moth. When news of the party down the block became the big story at school, Kristy suggested that Sam invite his cousin, and she would ask Kara to join them. They could go together…and guess what. Kristy’s father had to leave her alone at the house for the weekend. He was a single parent, and he admonished her not to invite anyone over while he was away. But Kristy just smiled sweetly and did what she always did, that is, whatever the fuck she wanted. When her dad was gone, she was free. So she told Sam that he and Bailey and Kara could come back to her house after hanging out at the party if they wanted. Sam told her that sounded cool, but did not make a big issue of the invitation until he told Bailey in an excited instant message. “Fucking A…were going to get a chance to score pussy, at least stick our fingers in their cunts and maybe get a blow job…shit, this is the best!” Bailey concurred and the two boys furiously fucked their beds that night, dreams of sugar plum cunt and berry nipples, dancing through their heads as their strong feed drove their torsos relentlessly into the their respective beds. Little did Sam know that his younger brother, eleven year old Kevin, had learned from his cousin Royce all about Bailey’s jerk sessions. So Kevin had been sneaking through the shared bathroom, opening the door slightly and watching his brother screw an old gym sock into the bed, mesmerized by the strong his brother’s strong ass checks clenching as he ground down and torque his body to work the fevered prick into submission. Like Royce, Kevin masturbated his own pre-teen pricklet, a sturdy five inch cudgel, gripping the fat boy glans and mauling it with spit and his own pre-ejaculate to achieve a shuddering, tingling dry-cum that made his bite his lip and close his eyes from the intensity of the sensation. These four cousins were as randy as boys could be, and as innocent and sweet as Norman Rockwell boys on the old covers of Life Magazine. Only in the darkness of their rooms, did these boys show how much their pricks governed their lives, and how much satisfying the demands of their boy boners ruled their day to day thoughts. For Bailey and Sam, cunt was the objective, but for Royce and Kevin it was the guilty pleasure of masturbating their pre-teen alter egos, their stiff pricklets.

What Sam, and of course Bailey, did not know was that they were being watched closely by their younger brothers, and that the two girls they were going to date at the forthcoming teen bash were mature beyond their years. Both girls were experienced beyond the boys’ imaginations, and knew how they needed their pussies itched and to make big boys beg. Kristy had learned about her cunt and its reflexively gripping tunnel and sensitive clit from her older cousin, Billy Randle. When Kristy was eleven and he was seventeen, Billy managed to get her out into the woods on a vacation hike, and by the time their picnic lunch was finished, his strong thick finger had lodged itself in her virgin mount and stroked Kristy to three straight orgasms while his lips were locked on her nearest nipple, laving and suctioning it till she fairly squealed. Jesus, Kristy loved the way Billy's rough finger pad had teased and tickled her cunt lips, worming just inside the pre-teen labia, and there scratching, rubbing, and searching for her most sensitive spots until the young girl was thrashing under his body that was half draped over hers, keeping her captive as he frigged her leaky hole. As he suckled her exposed tit, making electric shocks rocket through her body and fire her clit into a stiff nub, he turned his thumb into a flicking machine and his index finger into a rooter router. Billy had taken Kristy deep into the woods, to a secluded spot under a small waterfall so that when her girlish squeals and cries from the delicious sensations rang out, no one would hear them above the rushing water. Even better though, Bill shared his thick eight inch prong with Kristy’s soft fingers and inexperienced mouth, and once she realized that boys were controlled by their cocks, the tables were turned.

Billy was so strong, and so manly to Kristy, but the moment her gentle hands gripped his throbbing prong, sticky with his pre-fuck sap, and her fingertips glided over the satin bulb of his fat prick knob, the big teen surrendered, lying back and closing his eyes and abandoning his cock to its fate. What a glorious afternoon for Kristy, her pussy still sweetly aching from the finger-fucking she had gotten, and her nipples a bit sore from Billy’s voracious mouth. But then to have this big, 6’ 1” boy completely at her disposal was a miracle that made her pussy leak. She searched out his navel and tickled him, she hefted and scratched his heavy hanging balls making him writhe, and she even pinched his rubbery teats making his prick go rigid each time. Every discovery was a revelation. Before they returned from their outing, Kristy had made Billy’s big boner geyser once over her trembling fist, and then a second time into her soft mouth, wrenching cries and exclamations from him as he kept stroking and mouthing his sensitive prick tip after each explosion. But Billy did not stop her, he was helpless, wanting to have his sweet young cousin drain his copious spooge and milk his big boy balls. From that time on, Kristy measured her ability to control men. There was the young, married security guard at the Mall who licked her cunt to two cums, but only after she made him lower his pants and briefs to his ankles and masturbate for her. She got to take some booty from the store she was in as a reward, without paying a dime. And there was her soccer coach who rubbed his fat knobbed cock against her pussy and ass till he came, and then had to lick his cum off her until she was satisfied with his service. Finally, there was the thirty year old gas company reader who was offered a soda and got much more for his time and trouble. He had introduced Kristy to fucking, and Christ did he know how to use that 7”, curved shaft with the fat plum knob. He showed Kristy what nature had taught men across time, to leverage their strong ass muscles on their tip toes, and drive deep and corkscrew, to wring cries of bliss and squeals of joy from girls till they could hardly breathe. And the gas man was so insatiable, matching Kristy own slutty lust. He had fucked her three times in two hours, and then had to jam, knowing he had to make up the lost time he had spent with her. Now, living in a new town with new and fresh meat to conquer, Kristy was ready for Sam and his cousin. This would be easy, and from getting to know Kara, she knew the older girl was a kindred spirit and knowledgeable counterpart.

For her part, Kara had been screwed by her thirteen year old brother since he had been twelve. Connor Townsend had always been big for his age, and his cock was a match for his body. Early on, he learned that other kids longed to touch him, and he went from hunching his bed, to getting blowjobs from younger boys in the school toilet, to screwing his sister in what seem like a blur. Kara caught him spying on her, and masturbating his thick six inch boy prong. But instead of punishing him, she invited him into her room when their parents were distracted at night, and at least twice a week he would lick her pussy and screw her till she came twice. Boys were so delicious, made to service girls and give them thrills in their aching cunts. Like a good puppy dog, thirteen year old Connor dutifully met every need Kara had, except the thrill of meeting and conquering new boys. Now her friend Kristy, no stranger to dick, had arranged it so that the two girls could tame two new cocks. It was going to be a fun party.

The week of the party, Bailey had asked his parents permission to go across town and spend the weekend with his cousin Sam so they could go to the gathering. Royce knew from his e-mails and IMs with Kevin that Sam was just as much a jerk-off artist as Bailey, and he wondered if the two older boys fooled around with each other. He and Kevin decided he should ask to come and spend the weekend too, since his parents would be bringing Bailey and then the two of them could spy on the older boys---maybe even follow them to the party---to see what they would get into. Anyway, Kevin had gotten a cool new digital camera for his birthday and it could take night pictures using infrared, and had a telephoto lens for long distance shots…ostensibly for nature pictures. But both boys knew what they wanted from Kevin’s camera…they just had to get together and pull it off. Royce’s pleas were finally heard, and with a promise he would not tag along after his big brother and get in the way, he was allowed to spend the same weekend with Kevin. Their plan had been successfully hatched, now it remained to be seen what they would see and capture on Kevin’s camera. Little did the two mischievous preteens know what surprises were in store for them!

Royce had been surfing the internet for some time, and when he and Kevin got together, he showed his cousin pictures he had downloaded onto his flash drive. There were pictures of guys screwing chicks, their huge, stiff prongs battering soft, wet pussies and raking turgid little clits. There were pictures of women, with bright red lipstick on, sucking hard male prongs, and getting cum squirted on their faces. And there were pics of big dicks being masturbated by guys and chicks, causing cum to geyser from the bloated knobs of the lucky recipients of the handjobs. For Royce and Kevin, straight sex was obvious, but any sex where guys got to shoot spooge was good, especially since they could not yet ejaculate big boy sperm. By the time they went to bed that first night, both boy’s thick four inch pricklets were throbbing, leaking pre-cum to make their boy boners sticky and sensitive. But since neither could shoot cum, the constant leaking merely lubricated them for heaving dry-cums that would be achieved later. That night after Kevin’s parents had gone to bed, they used their flash lights to eliminate themselves underneath the bedspread. Both boys slid their bloated pre-teen fuck sticks through the opening of their pajamas and gripped them in respective fists, swirling their fingers up their stiff little stalks, and their palms over the fat glans, making them both squirm and grind their asses on the bed they were sharing in Kevin’s room; their long toes pointing hard as they teased their boners.

At one point, Kevin showed Royce a trick he had learned from pics on one of the porn sites he had found in his internet searches. He used some old ties of his dad’s that he found in the basement, and persuaded Royce to let him tie his arms to the bedposts. Royce went along, just to see what the fuck Kevin had in mind, his cousin telling him he would love it. Then squirting some hand lotion on his palm, Kevin gently grasped his bound cousin’s throbbing boner in his fist, and began a slow, tortuous masturbation of the big pre-teen boy. Royce gasped from the delicious sensation of his cousin’s practiced fist gripping his sticky wiener, and hunched his legs the moment Kevin’s muscled palm roiled over his fat, achy glans, the sensation driving him wild. His knees came up to his chest, and he tried to roll over on his side away from Kevin. But Kevin had bound him securely, and he merely followed his cousin and thrust his own knees under Royce’s back, pinning him on his side while his fist continued to slide slowly up and down the rigid boy prick. Royce couldn’t stand it and yet could not stop his hips from thrusting his boy rod into the hand of his smiling cousin. Fuck it felt good to have his boner stroked and squeezed, the sensitive glans tickled and milked. He whispered hoarsely, telling Kevin to stop the desperate sensations, his voice rising from the incredible hand job he was receiving. Kevin quickly shushed his cousin, and stopped masturbating him for a moment to find the pair of underwear Royce had worn before they got into their pajamas. In a quick motion, he stuffed the shorts into his cousin’s mouth as a precaution, and his still wet fist went back to find the helplessly erect boy penis and to resume his calculated masturbation of Royce. Kevin knew that Royce wanted to be milked by his experienced fist, but he also knew that Royce was as sensitive as he was, and could not stand the slow, tortuous masturbation, especially from a fist belonging to someone else.

“Aaaaagggghhhhh…..mmmmpppphhhhh….aaaawwwwwuuuucccckkkk….oooopp, oooop, Aaaaaaawwwww….goooooooodddddd….!” Royce babbled into the wadded underwear that had him gagged. But all he could do is bounce on his cousin’s legs, and twist frantically, to try and avoid (even as he wickedly enjoyed), the relentless masturbation to which his rigid boy bone was being subjected. Every time Royce’s pricklet seemed to go rigid, and the fat glans—glassy, Kevin, would slow down. He also used his fingernails under Royce’s t-shirt and found his cousin’s nipples rigid and sensitive, provoking more squawking and groaning from Royce. That along with his occasional attempt to slide a finger between Royce’s firm boy buns, to tickle his cousin’s anal knot, made Royce almost hysterical. It took him almost a full hour, but Kevin wrung two massive dry cums from his cousin’s ever-stiff prong, milking him ruthlessly and yet gently, and leaving Royce soaking wet from sweat in his efforts to both avoid his cousin’s fist, and from the gymnastics that accompanied each dry ejaculation. Christ, Kevin loved seeing the reactions by Royce as his thumb slid over the convulsing Royce’s over-heated prick knob at the moment of his cum, almost making the boy faint, his legs thrust out and toes pointed, as the merciless thumb flicked back and forth over the aching glans.

Later, that night, Royce would get his own back, tying Kevin down when he was asleep, securing both arms and lets, and then milking his cousin two times in succession. Kevin had the ability to cum within minutes of his dry cums, and Royce had more than once almost driven his cousin insane, wrestling the smaller boy down, and pining him while jerking him off relentlessly. Tonight, it was late and both boys were tired, so Royce merely satisfied himself with two cums, but induced in a way that made Kevin strain and buck helplessly against his bonds. He used Kevin’s socks to keep his cousin quiet, and employed a slightly different approach to the masturbation since Kev was spread-eagled. He gripped Kevin’s turgid wiener in one hand, and rolled his fist and palm over his cousin’s knob gently, but continuously, keeping him on edge as long as he could, and then wrenching ass grinding dry cums from him that were as wicked as the ones Kevin had extracted from him earlier. He loved the way Kevin’s toes did the opposite of his own, curling tight as his orgasm shook him, and as Royce’s fist continued to swirl around the bloated glans, making the helpless boy writhe and buck through his own sweaty dry cums. Ah fuck, being pre-teen punks and cousins was fucking great, and no one knew how much sex they could enjoy privately. By day they were the handsome, almost teen boys who dominated little league and their skateboards, but away from prying eyes they were nasty, sex sluts who wanted to have and see sex non-stop. These exploits were just that, brainless pre-teen boy jock, fuck-lust, but later, they would become a template for both of the boys to use on their hapless older brothers whose own cocks ruled their all-American bodies and brains.

Kristy had decided that it was time to have some fun with the two teenage guys who had been sniffing around them like amateur pussy hounds. Both she and Kara wanted their cunts soothed on Saturday night, but they were going to have some fun with these dick-brained middle school studs first. Kristy conceived of a plan to make the two boys kiss each others’ dicks before they would allow them to have the fuck both boys seemed desperate to achieve. Why the fuck not, older guys had made Kristy squirm, and Kara new the pleasure of making a hard-dicked teenager her own personal sex slave (her own brother at that), so why not these hunky middle school jock boys who thought their teen pricks were God’s gift to woman. It would be a hoot to see their expressions when the girl’s told them the price of admission. And, after all, who would it hurt. The girls intended to bring them back to Kristy’s house with her dad away, no one would know….

The party was the usual…hard bodied boys preening and posing for the pretty girls who were deciding who would have to go home with blue balls and jerk their stiff prods for relief, instead of sinking the boy dicks into wet, sticky mouths or cunts. Teenage boys were do deliciously predictable, desperate to ejaculate, and determined to sink their manly pride into girl's soft, slick holes. Failing that, they would fuck their beds or their fists or anything they could pry their cock into that would not disclose their rabid need to screw, and to what pathetic ends they would go to get their release. Every boy at the party had to put on the face of masculine bravado, and dominating strength. Pussy existed for them, no the other way around. But as their constantly stiff boy pricks taught them, at the end of the day, they just fucking needed to cum…and once in that condition, they were easily manipulated. Beautiful boys with god-like bodies and thick, fat knobbed pricks were like putty after a few brews and lots of boasting and acting. At least two guys would get sucked off in the johns by other guys, pretending that they were too drunk to know what was happening; after all, one cocksucker is as good as the next. Two other boys would cream just from lip locking with girls at the party, and rubbing their insistent boners, barely covered by briefs and jeans, against the legs of the knowing partners who loved the power they had over these dim witted members of the male sex. The rest of the boys were hoping that they would get a girl’s hand, mouth or god-willing, cunt wrapped around their pulsing shafts. Otherwise, it was home to screw the sheets, the hidden socks, or their fists---dreaming of mastering soft, pretty girls who seemed so innocent and wanting to surrender to male bravado.

Bailey and Sam had showered and even used deodorant, dressed in t-shirts, shorts and flip-flops to expose enough of their firm, young bodies to make their dates wonder at what treasures remained to be disclosed, and casual enough to be one of the guys. But when they saw the girls, they struggled to prevent their teenage pricks from poking out their shorts. Kristy and Kara wore ribbed halter tops that clung to their boobs, emphasizing their nipples, making them look like cherries ready to be plucked. Their skirts showed off their creamy thighs, and each time they bent over, their panties were exposed, barely covering the magical wet, soft lips that were beckoning Bailey and Sam. The girls played coy, the two boys were cautious and polite, goofing-off just enough to suggest the boyish charm that teenage boys think girls adore. Little did they know that Kristy and Kara had seen it all. They knew what the boys wanted, and they played along with the stupid jokes, affectations and gestures. But when it got to 10 p.m., the girls suggested to the boys that they walk down the block to Kristy’s house. Unbeknownst to both couples, hanging outside the house where the party was blaring were Bailey’s and Sam’s brothers. They tracked their brothers discreetly, and with all the noise and revel, neither was paid much attention by the older attendees, more interested in each other than two brats. As Bailey, Sam and the two girls leave the party, they are trailed by the two boys who have been monitoring them the whole night, watching their older brother male models and suggestive touching and holding that has led to the departure.

At the house, Kristy led the others to the living room which looks out through a large plate glass window to the pool in the back yard. The heavy curtains are open, because Kristy has no worries with her dad out of town, and the large cypress trees screening the yard. Little did she realize that two boys have come through the side gate, and are hiding behind the barbeque on the patio, near the windows. With their high resolution, digital camera in Kevin’s hands, they hoped to get some pictures they could use to tease their brothers, and maybe even see something that they could masturbate to. For everyone involved that night, there were surprises in store.

“Oh fuck, yeah…” Bailey groaned as Kara’s palm glided over his mounded fly, grinding his bloated boy prick, leaking and jerking under his shorts and boxers, while his tongue dueled desperately with hers, using it to fuck her in his imagination, since his penis was still captive. Kara was the aggressor, pushing Bailey back on the couch, her knee between his legs, brushing against his balls, as her hand slid back and forth over his fly front, teasing the oversized cock on the young teen. Bailey’s inexperienced hands were rubbing her back as he focused on driving his tongue deep in her mouth, and outside Kevin’s camera focused on the erotic scene, using the dim light from the lamp on the end table next to them to capture shot after shot. He even got one of Bailey’s long toes curling on his one foot that along with his strong leg was draped over Kara’s body as she pressed him down on the corner of the sofa, his flip-flop fallen on the floor as he struggled to gain some control over girl who was ravishing him.

Better yet at the other end of the sofa, Sam’s shorts were at his ankles, his knees spread opening his crotch and Kristy’s long fingers were curled around his stiff and unusually thick six inch cudgel, its fat knob being grazed by her long, painted fingernails. His hand was up under her dress clumsily trying to claw his way under her ass to her pussy. Like Bailey, he had transferred his instinct to fuck to his tongue, thrusting it helter-skelter into Kristy’s mouth, hoping he could maneuver her over his throbbing boner and lower her down onto his determined cock before there was an accident and he shot spunk over her hand, and everything else in the nearby vicinity. Kevin’s camera used the 12x telephoto to capture every leaky detail of his brother’s drooling boner, being manipulated by Kristy’s knowledgeable fingers. Then he moved the picture frame outwards to make sure faces and bodies were all clearly visible in the shots.

The time had come, Kristy’s trying hard not to laugh into Sam’s face as he hyper-ventilated and panted with his eyes shut and his tongue bouncing frantically around in the amused girl’s mouth. She looked over to Kara, and when she caught her eye, winked, announcing the moment to spring their plan on the horny, desperate boys. Kristy, lead the way. “Hmmmm…. Sam, you’re so nice…oh, I love what you’re doing,” she purred, reaching down with her free hand to slide it over his as he fumbled under her dress, over her wet panties. Sam thought he was evoking the sticky wetness, but it was really the excitement Kristy felt over the chance to humiliate these two boys. “Sammy, will you do something for me….?” she pleaded softly. “Yeah baby, sure…what’ya want…tell me…yeah…tell me….” he responded, grinding his prick into her fingers as they danced teasingly around his fevered prick knob.

But when Sam could finally focus on her words, he was astounded…dumb-founded actually. “What the fuck,” he said when Kristy said that she wanted to fuck him, but wanted him to prove how much he wanted her by kissing Bailey’s pecker. Sam laughed, a nervous laugh, and gave a “you must be kidding me” look first at Kristy, then at Bailey. That was when Kara piped in, “oh, yesss….oh please, Bailey please let him do it… that’s so cool, such an amazing idea, oh, it makes me so horny just to think bout it…..” Bailey just had a dumb, blank expression, his cock taking most of his attention as he felt the drops of pre-cum sliding out the piss lips, wetting his boxers from the last deep thrust of his tongue almost to Kara’s tonsils. When he did get his wits, Bailey said, “what kind of shit is that…I’m not letting Sam kiss my pecker…that’s queer.”

Outside, the two younger boys watched somewhat perplexed why all the hot and heavy action had stopped, and their brothers and the girls were now talking. Not that Sam’s cock had gone down, Kirsty kept him nice and stiff by gently rubbing her fingers over his bloated fuck tip while they spoke. But why the conversation? Inside, Kristy was not to be deterred. “Sam, if you don’t kiss Bailey’s cock, I don’t want to fuck you…it’s like Kara said, it makes me horny. I wanna be real horny when we do it…don’t you Sam… c'mon, please…do it for me.” Kristy lowered her eyes, and gave a sweet little girl pout, and Sam, like a moth to the flame, fell right into the trap.

“Shit, that is so fucking queer….” Sam complained giving as disgusted a look away from both Bailey and girls as he could muster, but there was just a bit of resignation in his voice,(like “Jesus, why the fuck me…fuck, let’s get it over with…”). He turned and looked hard at his cousin hoping for some help, but Bailey just looked dazed. He wanted to go back to kissing Kara, but she was waving her index finger at him when he tried to pull her back, making like, “no, no, no…” She was keeping Bailey at bay until Sam completed his ablutions, and earned the right to get into Kristy’s panties. But even as Sam continued to whine, Kristy pulled him down from the sofa onto his knees, and Kara distracted Bailey by unzipping his shorts and extracting his long, thick pecker through the wet fly of the boxer shorts. Outside, Kevin’s and Royce’s eyes opened wide as they saw Kara turn Bailey’s impressive boy penis toward his cousin’s face, and Kristy gently pushed Sam’s head toward the bulbous knob, leaking clear pre-fuck like a sieve.

“Ooooohhhh, Sam, you’re making me so horny” Kristy crooned as she guided his head closer to Bailey’s crotch. “Oh, my panties are getting so wet, and its tickling my pussy… oh, Sam, quick please, do it…” her voice becoming louder and more demanding. For his part, Sam resisted enough to make Kristy have to apply a bit of force to push his head closer, but obediently, his cock throbbing from Kristy’s description of her pussy. Kara had slipped a finger into Bailey mouth, and now it was she who was simulating the fucking, sliding the long finger with this painted nail, in and out of the boy’s mouth like a drugged wand, tickling the roof of his mouth, and teasing his tongue. At the same time, she twisted his long, thick prick toward his cousin’s face, and waved it back and forth as Sam was pushed to within inches of the sticky fuck stick. Kara moved out the way, standing behind the couch but continued to finger fuck Bailey’s mouth. She transferred control of Bailey’s curved prick, which wanted to slap up to his shirt covered navel, to Kristy’s who synchronized Sam’s head and Bailey’s prick. But fortunately for Kevin, she did so leaving the field of view unblocked. His camera was snapping furiously, and both he and Bryce had developed stiff boners in their pants.

“That’s it baby, oh fuck, its making me so wet…kiss it…kiss that fat cock knob. Just think, Bailey will be fucking Kara with that big fat cock head and you’ll be screwing me… so please, just kiss that cock….oooowwwww plllleeeeeaaassseeee.” Sam closed his eyes, and suddenly he felt the soft skin of something big and hard swipe across his lips. He pulled back, but Kristy pushed back, and now the bulbous tip of Bailey’s glans was gliding back and forth over Sam’s pursed lips, basting them with his pre-fuck. Sam felt light-headed, like he might faint, but Kristy pushed his head firmly, and unexpectedly Bailey’s cock knob popped into Bailey’s mouth when he opened it to object to Kristy’s manhandling. At that moment, Kristy moved back so both she and Kara could take in the scene, and a perfect picture of Sam’s mouth encasing the bloated glans of Bailey’s cock, and Bailey’s face etched in lust with only some obscure finger lodged deep in his upturned mouth. Sam capture three rapid shots by holding down the button of the digital camera, with the angle missing Kristy entirely.

Sam sputtered, and pulled his head off of Bailey’s prick, wiping his mouth and making a face as he struggled to get his cousin’s goo off his lips and tongue. Bailey was lost in the finger fucking that Kara was administering. But Sam staggered to his feet, his pulsing boner swinging back and forth heavily as he stood, and Kevin’s camera capturing each move. At that instant, the phone rang, and everyone in the room turned in surprise. Kristy let it ring again to be sure it was not a mistake, and then answered.


“Kris, this is Dad. I had trouble with the truck and I’m on the way home. In fact, I’m just a minute or two away. Please put some of the left-over meat-loaf in the micro-wave---I wasn’t able to get dinner. See you in a minute.” The line went dead, and Kristy went crazy. She screamed that her dad was almost home and that the boys and Kara would have to go. It took a minute for the boys to get their clothes adjusted, and even as they moved to the screen door to go through the backyard, they could hear Kristy’s dad arriving with his ride in the driveway. As soon as Kevin and Bryce saw the commotion, and the boy’s getting dressed and moving toward the plate glass window, they scooted out the back gate, and ran back to Kevin’s and Sam’s house.

Later, when Kristy’s dad entered the house, he noticed glasses on the coffee-table in front of the couch, and pillows on the floor. Kristy was flushed, and she was in make-up that made her look like a slut, and a halter top he had never seen. Later that night, her pussy leaked wildly as her father’s belt snapped against her ass and the tip curled cruelly between her flailing legs to bite in between her panty covered cunt lips. Her father got the whole story out of her, minus the names of the boys, and before the spanking ended, the curling belt would sting her clit just enough to make her orgasm, squealing and screaming at the same time, flooding her panties and making her tits go rigid. Later that night, as she cried in bed, her body folded up on her bed, her fingers were lodged between her legs, stroking her inflamed pussy, tickling more delicious sensations from her hungry cunt, a finger drilling in deep and her thumb bruising her already battered clitoris driving her to another and another obsessive cum.

Back at Sam’s house, Bailey and Sam arrived sweaty and flushed from their quick escape and run home in their flip-flops. The boys had to keep quiet till they got to their room, but the case of blue-balls they both had after the humiliating scene Kristy had demanded of them, left them surly and frustrated. The “fucks” and “shits” were muffled, but Kevin and Bryce could clearly hear them. The older boys went to bed, angry and horny. The younger ones spent half the night going over the incredible pictures Kevin downloaded to his computer. The large pictures of what he had seen through the lens were more amazing than he and Bryce could have imagined. Together, they chaffed their stiff cocklets looking at the scenes of lust and especially the ones of Sam’s mouth engulfing the fat prick knob of Bailey’s incredible boner. As their fingers frigged each respectively to a satisfying dry cum, they looked at each other with the dawning realization of what they now had in their possession. For the rest of the weekend, as Bailey and Sam grumbled around the house, the two boys organized and shared the pictures Kevin had taken by e-mail to Bryce’s computer. A new day was about to dawn for Bailey Stimson and his cousin Sam, one they could have never imagined in their wildest dreams and fantasies.

On Monday night, when Bailey came home and had dinner, he was looking forward to a good wank of his rampant prick before he went to sleep. He had seen Karyn Holcomb at lunch and her flirting and casual caress of his face, tug on his Puka shell necklace like it was her collar for him, and tickling his ear before they parted, made his cock stiffen and leak, still unfulfilled from his weekend disappointment with Kara. In gym he had played hard when they divided into teams for basketball, using his height and strength to bully his defenders, throwing elbows and driving hard to basket to score. He was angry because his spunk filled balls had not achieved the relief he wanted and needed, so any guy in his way was going to pay. In the showers, he soaked under the warm water, grazing his fingers over his nipples as he soaped, making his cock lurch and fill with blood just enough to seem like the object of admiration of other boys glancing at him in the locker-room.

After dinner, he went to his room, and opened an IM with Sam, asking if his cousin had seen Kristy and Kara at school. Sam said he saw Kara, and she had asked for Bailey, but he had not seen Kristy. Apparently, she was home sick. The memory of Kara, and her finger in his mouth carried him through a piss before he went to bed, and helped his cock stiffen to a firm erection when he climbed onto the bed, placing his lubed wash cloth under his body to begin a good fuck of the bed to wring the bloated balls of their sticky, starchy spooge. Just as he lifted his naked torso to drive his swollen shaft, and bulbous, sticky knob into the crinkled cotton to bruise and chaff his itchy glans, there was a knock on the door. “What the fuck…” Bailey grimaced. What did his Mom want… “Jesus, couldn’t a guy have some privacy” he cursed under his breath.

“Yeah, Mom, what’ya want” he called out in a forced, but calm voice.

“Bailey…ah Bailey, are you awake?” Royce asked, his voice almost a hoarse whisper out of fear and excitement. His pricklet throbbed and leaked more pre-cum just from the idea of actually speaking to his older brother, as the big boy lay in bed on his stomach, his prick already hard in anticipation of a bruising fuck of the sheets and his spooge towel waiting to wring gobs of teen spunk from his churning nuts.

Now Bailey was annoyed, “Jesus, Royce, it’s ten fucking thirty, what the fuck…. shit,…whaddya want…what’ya doing up this late…go to bed.” Bailey blurted out, annoyed at his brother’s untimely intrusion. Jeez, couldn’t a guy get his nut without some punk brother screwing it up, he thought to himself barely containing his contempt for the intrusion.

“It’s important Bail…“Ah, sorry…ah, I just wanted to ask you something, that’s all…and I didn’t want Mom or Dad around…you know….” Royce responded almost submissively in awe of his older brother. I got something to show you that you’ll wanna see.”

“Fuck, can’t it wait until tomorrow morning?” Bailey whined.

“No, Bail, I gotta show you now…c'mon, you know you weren’t gonna go to sleep right away….c'mon, just talk with me, huh?” Even as he spoke, Royce’s four-inch pricklet was stiff and wet, pushing out the pajama pants even further, the material mercilessly tickling his fat pre-teen knob as he shifted nervously from foot to foot (and looking over his shoulder), waiting for Bailey to let him enter the room and fearful his parents would hear them talking and come out of their room.

“Fuck…” Bailey groaned under his breath, and he pulled the blankets up to cover his nakedness even as his piss lips drooled more teen pre-sap onto the wash cloth now wrapped around his aching knob, basting and massaging it, tickling it as he spoke almost breathlessly. “K…comin', but make it quick god-damnit, I gotta get up early tomorrow.” What Bailey did not realize, was that the night was just beginning for him.

Royce entered the room, and closed the door behind him. He approached his brother’s bed cautiously, slowly, knowing that he had violated Bailey’s inner sanctum, his private world. He also knew that his brother reserved this time for his most private activity, the delicious masturbation of his thick, fat knobbed prong. But Royce and his cousin had already breached the privacy of their older siblings by following them and snapping electronic images of both of them hoping to get blow jobs, or better, getting laid. Now, his own hard pricklet was throbbing with anticipation, desperate to see his brother masturbate up close, and to ask him questions about sex and stuff. Little did Bailey know that his blue balls, frustrated by the interruption on the weekend, and only now having some privacy, were going to be taken over by his eleven year old brother.

“Fuck, what’ya mean I wasn’t goin’ to bed…what’ya think I’m doing, day-dreaming?” The older boy was now clearly annoyed and he didn’t hide his exasperation with his younger sibling.

“No, you know…I mean…you know what you do….you screw the bed…I’ve seen ya do it.” Somehow Royce’s naiveté allowed him to blurt these words out, not thinking of the consequences of letting his brother know that he’d been spying on his nocturnal activities.

When Bailey processed the words that Royce had said, he sat up and swung his legs out of the bed, the blanket still covering his crotch and his fading erection. “Fuck, you little voyeur, you’ve been spying on me…you faggot…what the fuck do you think yer doing sneaking around, getting in my business…I oughta wring your fucking neck!”

Royce stepped back when his brother whirled out of the covers and sat up…but his little pricklet actually spasmed, excited by something he couldn’t quite understand, but felt so good…he had gotten his brother angry but also kinda scared by what he’d done. If Bailey was upset about Royce watching him wank his prick, what would be say when he saw the pictures he and Kevin had taken. Almost instinctively, Royce realized that he had control over his brother in a way he had never imagined.

Bailey was glaring at this brother in the dark, about to reach out and grab him, but did not want the blankets covering his still turgid erection to slip off his lap and expose him. “Anyway…I know more than you jerk off at night in bed, I know what you and Sam did this weekend.” There, he had said it...and now he was waiting to see what Bailey would do.

Bailey was stunned…how did the little shit know what he had done this weekend? He was furious, but he was also shocked…his little brother was like all over his private life, and it both infuriated and surprised Bailey. “Jesus Royce, how the fuck do you know what I did this weekend?” Bailey asked almost in awe of his younger brother. Did Sam tell his younger brother what had happened, and the two younger cousins swapped intelligence? Sam couldn’t have been that stupid…how did his brother know? Or maybe the little squirt was bluffing, and if he was, he was going to make him sorry he’d every pulled such a prank on Bailey.

“We got pictures…we got pictures of you and Sam…and we put ‘em on the internet, so stop being so fuckin’ mean…. All I asked is if I could talk with ya…and you get all bent out of shape…jeez Bail, don’t be so angry.” Royce was beginning to feel like he didn’t need to be afraid of Bailey, like he could face him. After all, he and Kevin had the pictures, and once Bailey understood, once he saw them, he’d have to calm down and be reasonable.

“You have what…what’ya mean you got pictures…how did you and that little creep Kevin get pictures? You followed us…you followed us to the party…well what the fuck, there were a lotta people at the party, so what…now get outta my room!” Bailey had had enough, he wanted to fuck the bed into submission and he wanted his little brother to get out so he could do it and enjoy the image of Kara splayed out on a bed, and his strong ass muscles driving his thick cock into her sticky, gripping pussy until they both came like it was the end of the world.

Royce didn’t understand what he had done…why was his brother so angry? “He backed up to Bailey’s desk when his brother had whispered out loud and in an angry voice to “get outta my room!” “I won’t get out…and we didn’t take pictures at the party, we took ‘em at Kristy’s house…when you and Sam were getting your pricks sucked!” Well, they both weren’t getting blow jobs, but Royce was too excited and scared to get it all straight. He did know, though, that they had pictures that neither Sam or Bailey would want anyone to see.

“You fucking creep…you little shit…tell me where you’ve got the fuckin’ chip…I’m gonna erase every one of those pics and then beat the shit outta you!” Bailey jumped up, his still tumescent cock, swinging and forcing his pajama bottoms to bulge out obscenely, a wide damp spot where he had been leaking pre-fuck before Royce had come and interrupted. Fortunately he had not gotten to the stage where he lowered his pajama bottoms and fucked the towel…otherwise, when he leapt up, he would have given Royce another show.

Royce couldn’t back up any further. He was already backed up to Bailey’s desk. And now he was mad…mad that Bailey was swearing at him and calling him names, and threatening him. “Oh yeah…we’ll I’ll bet Mom and Dad would like to see those pictures, and your buddies at school and Kristy and Kara…how bout them…you wanna show them the pictures too?!” Royce was sweating, afraid his brother was going to punch him, but his own pricklet was tenting his pajama bottoms, strumming with excitement.

Bailey wanted to kill his brother…but suddenly he realized he was in a precarious situation. He did not know what kind of pictures Royce and Kevin had taken, but if Royce wasn’t bluffing…then fuck, he was in deep shit. What if the little creep had the pictures, then he and Sam were under their thumbs…but how much under, he was about to learn. “Jesus, Royce…what a little twerp…just gimme the pics and stop all this crap. What’da I ever done to you…so don’t be a shit…just gimme the pics.”

Now it dawned on Royce that he was completely in control, and for the first time, he realized he didn’t have to ask Bailey anything…he would tell him what he wanted him to do and say! The moment he showed Bailey the pictures, the bigger boy would suddenly be completely under his thumb. “Yeah, we’ve got the pics, and like I said, they’re on the internet. You get outta line, and me and Kevin are gonna post ‘em for everybody to see, and then you’ll be screwed. So just stop acting like an asshole, and sit down…I got something I wanna show ya, and then I wanna see you jerk off.”

Bailey couldn’t believe what he had just heard…now perspiration was breaking out around his neck and at his temples…his little brother had just threatened him with black mail, and the little shit apparently had the goods. He certainly knew that both Sam and he had their pricks out with Kara and Kristy, so he couldn’t bluff back. With a deep exhale that acknowledged his unbelievable situation, he stepped back to his bed, and just did what Royce had demanded, he sat down.

Suddenly, the light next to the bed was switched on when Royce leaned over toward the door and flipped the wall switch; Bailey squinted at his brother who walked over to him, next to the bed. He couldn’t see Royce’s pre-teen erection, because he was looking up, not down. But then Bailey handed him two blown up pictures he had printed on his computer on 8 x 11.5 paper, he sat up, biting his lip and stunned. There in living color were two pictures of him and Sam, one with Sam’s mouth locked over his cock knob, and the other with Kara masturbating him while their tongues dueled. “What the fuck….where did you get these!” Bailey demanded, looking at Royce like he might hit him.

“Kevin took ‘em last weekend, and like I told ya, he’s got them on a free website.” Royce said in a clear if nervous voice. His prick hardened and burped more boy sap just from the sight of his brother looking at the pictures.

“What’ya mean he’s got ‘em on a free website?” Bailey inquired, now as curious as he was angry.

“He’s gonna to send it to our parents and to friends at school.” Royce squeaked out as bravely as he could.

“What the fuck, why would he do that…what kind of shit of that…does Sam know what that little prick is doing. I’m gonna call him on my cell phone right now, and tell him to beat the shit out of Kev.” Bailey was threatening, but he couldn’t get out of the bed to get to his cell phone in his back pack, because he was naked and had a semi-erect, wet cock under the sheets.

“Kev and I will send ‘em out, unless you guys do everything we say.” Royce almost had a dry cum as he said the words, his pricklet throbbing from the threat he had just made to his big brother. Fuck, all he wanted was to have his hero big brother show him how he masturbated, and maybe have some play along with Bailey like he had with Kev. But the more his brother treated him with contempt and disgust, the more Royce raised the stakes…and the more his cocklet pulsed and leaked. He didn’t understand it, but fuck it felt good.

“I wanna see you make your prick hard Bail…wanna see you play with it. Don’t take off your bottoms…just reach inside and play with it.” Royce’s voice was still high pitched, still the voice of a boy…but he spoke with a calm and deliberation that belied his years. Bailey stared at him blankly…and opened his mouth to protest…but Royce moved toward him crossing his arms over his chest and looking oddly confident for a boy. With a dumb expression, Bailey slowly reached into the fly of his pajama and grasped the heady head of his thick, curved cudgel. His thumb slid over the sticky glans…still wet from his earlier exertions, and the tickle that he usually loved, was not almost painful. But no matter to his unruly prick…the cock responded to the sensation, and immediately began to erect. The spongy knob firmed up, and became smooth, and soon his wide piss lips were drooling pre-cum to lubricate his thumb pad as it glided back and forth over the fat crown. Involuntarily, Bailey did what his cock made him do, he groaned from the way his turgid shaft stretched and grew. Now his thumb was swinging back and forth, and his cock was leaking again against the soft material of the pajama bottom. Reflexively, Bailey leaned backward, propping himself up with one hand as the other worked lewdly inside his pajama fly, working the teenage prong into a nasty, hard projectile urgently needing to spit wads of cum.

Royce had a dry cum just watching his brother…and even though his body shook with the throes of the delicious sensation, he decided that if this was his one chance, he wanted to make the most of it. Anyway, his pricklet was still rock hard and now it was so sensitive he had to reach down and grip the knob to stop the pajama material from grazing it as he walked. Shit it felt good to hold his fat boy knob in his hand…still tingling and now aching from his dry-cum. He walked up to the bed, and using his free hand to push Bailey’s legs apart, he leaned down to watch his brother’s big hands masturbating the fat cock knob and making the shaft and glans rub against the soft material of the older boys pajamas, wetting it and allowing it to scrub the prick making it tingle and throb even more. Royce realized that Bailey was a slave to his penis, unable to control himself once he got a stiff erection and was caught up in the delicious sensations caused by playing with his boner. Realizing that Bailey was for all practical purposes in a trance, Royce reached up with his smaller fingers and drew a fingernail across one of Bailey’s stiff, projecting teats…thrusting out from the edge of his already well curved and formed pectorals. The moment his nail scratched across the erectile flesh, Bailey’s coned, rubbery nipple pushed out to encourage the achy tickle, and his thumb began to batter the straining cock head still hidden inside his pajamas, but outlined by the wet material now soaked with his juices.

“Aaaaaaggghhhhhh…” Bailey groaned as his little brother’s fingernail scratched back and forth over his turgid nipple. And then Royce reached up with his other hand and begin to gently pinch and twist Bailey’s other tit….”ooooooohhhhhhhh….fuuuuuuccccckkkkk…” Bailey grunted, his body now almost completely out of control, and specifically out his control. Royce did not need any coaching. He reached down to the waistline of his brother’s baggy pajama bottoms, and bean to tug them down…and like a zombie, Bailey lifted his hips and allowed his younger sibling to draw the material off his hips, over his thighs, and down his legs. He paused only a moment to let Bailey remove his hand, and then grasp his huge boner when it sprang free from the waistband. Then Royce using his hands and words, calmly repositioned Bailey on the bed; pulling back the covers and revealing his older brother’s fuck rag. He watched as Bailey thrust his big, curved shaft into the lubricated folds of the cotton towel, and using one hand to swat Bailey firm ass cheeks like the older boy was a horse that needed prodding, Royce began Bailey’s grinding frottage…driving the long, thick prick into the material to maul the sensitive glans and drive the big teenagers to his ejaculation.

Bailey began to pant…”Ah, Ah…Ah…Ah….oh, Oh, Oh…oooohhhh. Aw, Aw…aaaaahhhhh!” Each thrust of his hips made the sticky cotton graze and maul the giant glans, and it then leaked more pre-fuck to baste the grinding prick tip and shaft, making the teenage climb steadily toward his explosion. “Oh fuck……oh goddamn…..aaaaaaaaagggghhhhhh, Jesus….aaaaaawwwwwwww, mother-fucker…..” Bailey swore and cursed as his hips drove relentlessly, out of his control, up on his toes, twisting down and into the bed and the towel. The big teenager was helpless, like a Pavlovian dog, drooling and fucking, as if nature had bred him for this act.

Royce was mesmerized. He knelt down and peered under his brother’s torso as it rose and feel, smashing into the bed and the towel, watching the pointedly curved prick twist and turn in order to get the best exposure to the towel and the softly abrasive cotton, torturing his fat glans and pulsing shaft, as it worked continuously toward the ejaculation that was imminent. As he watched, Royce took one hand and laid it on the bouncing ass of his older brother who by this time was oblivious to Royce’s presence. His small hand glided down the strong planes of Bailey’s ass, ruffling through the already thick strawberry blond hairs and dipped into the taut crack between the two cheeks. As if instinctively, Royce’s index finger tickled through Bailey’s furry ass crack, and found the little ragged crack that was hidden. The same fingernail that had taken control of Bailey’s whorish nipples, now found his nether pussy…his private portal that had never known a foreign invasion. Royce’s finger scratched cross the ragged knot with unerring accuracy, and soon was trying to gently root its way into the hot, sweaty hole beyond. But Royce wasn’t in a hurry, and he didn’t really understand that a boy pussy and a girl pussy could be used for the same purpose. All he know is that his brother’s handsome, hairy ass was driving up and down, pummeling his fuck prod into the bed and towel, doing what men were supposed to do with their pricks…fuck. And, as Bailey thrust into the bedding, it somehow felt right for Royce to tickle the hot, hairy hole that was so well protected by the muscular cheeks and deep trough of hair.

That exploration coincided with Bailey’s ascendance to the pinnacle of passion. “Oh mother fucking, cocksucking, shit-fuck….AAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHHH, AAAAAAHHHH, AAAGGGGGGHHHHHHH!” Bailey’s snake expanded like a constrictor ready to swallow its victim, its bloated tip was now glass smooth and completely soaked in the juices of his pre-fuck and the sticky lubricant that was soaked into the towel. Then, in an ancient right, one that boy pricks had been doing for thousands of years, Bailey’s long piss lips spread and began to spit, thick bolts of teenage boy cum, flooding the towel and making a wet nest for his hot smooth glans to bathe and roil in, tickling it mercilessly, and uncontrollably. Bailey, in a heroic gesture that was as athletic as his moves on the baseball field, flipped over, to prevent himself from battering his prick knob into an abrasion it was so sensitive. But just as quickly as he flipped, Royce’s own instincts made him grasp his bother’s still throbbing and dribbling penis at the knob, and start to twist and rub it. Bailey bit his lips and gripped the bedding turning his knuckles white and squealed as quietly and breathlessly as he could….”ooooooohhhhhh nnnnnnoooooo….fuck…aah, noooooooo…..stoooooop” but all he could do is hunch his body and try to get into a fetal position to avoid his little brother’s ruthless assault. But Royce held fast as if he had just landed the biggest fish in the ocean, and as Bailey squirmed and bucked, the big boy’s own movements enabled Royce to continue to masturbate his brother’s sensitive cock tip, teasing and milking it, and reducing the bigger boy into a helpless cock slut, surrendering to his little brother’s cock management.

It was a moment of high drama and catharsis. Royce realized he could now have more fun with his brother than he ever imagined, and his brother would suddenly become a kind of slave to Royce’s demands. Royce climbed up on the bed, as an exhausted Bailey surrendered his body to the younger boy, and fished out his own throbbing and sticky pre-teen pricklet, pulsing and its angry fat boy bulb as glassy and bulging as possible. Then he lay on top of Bailey and began to grind his almost five inch prick into this brother’s still turgid and completely sopping with cum, cock shaft; the two fat glans rubbing furiously against each other. Like a little jack rabbit, he began grinding and hunching, working his rigid spike against his brothers, and moving his own body over Bailey’s sweaty, but sexy torso. Soon, waves of sensation burst through Royce’s body as his dry cum went on and on, making his pricklet a spasming wand…and forcing grunts, groans and little squeals from Royce’s lips and high pitched voice. Nothing could be better than the sweet, delicious sensations coursing through his body, and nothing more satisfying that having control of his big brother’s handsome, strong body. It was truly a night that both boys would never forget, Royce because he now had a power he had never imagined, and Bailey because he realized that his cock’s needs were greater than his ability to control them, or himself.

Bailey woke up the next morning exhausted. He was naked, but covered by his blanket. When he pushed the cover back, and sat up, he felt the dry sperm flaking on his abdominals. His cock was slightly tumescent from his morning piss hardon, but as the fog cleared and he began to recall the events of the previous night, his cock erected completely. “Fuck” he muttered under his breath, not understanding why his cock got stiff from recalling how his younger brother had made him masturbate. He walked on his big bare feet into his bathroom, shut the door and tried to will his erection away, as he leaned forward against the wall behind the toilet, his eyes closed, his ass cheeks flexing as he pushed his prick down and tried to force the blood from it. He needed to piss badly, and he couldn’t as long as his thick cock was rebelling.

In the bathroom down the hall, in Royce’s bedroom, Bailey’s younger brother also had a stiff prick. Royce’s pricklet was still stiff it seemed from the night before. But instead of wishing his away, he eagerly stroked his fingers over the shaft and his bulbous boy glans, wrenching delicious sensations from his erection, and working toward a pulsing, explosive dry cum. He needed to piss too, but he couldn’t get the wonderful memory of the previous night from his head, the way in which Bailey performed for him, and how his big brother’s cock looked as the cum fountained out of the wide piss lips. But what brought him to his own shuddering cum was the way he recalled Bailey’s submission even after he ejaculated, allowing Royce to grip his aching prick knob and squeeze and maul it to drain the sticky, drooling juice from the final pulses of the teenage cum. As he throbbed through his dry cum, Royce groaned at the thought of being able to make his brother do anything he wanted. He hoped that Bailey was still terrified of the thought of the pictures getting on the internet. What he didn’t know was that Bailey was helpless to resist the feel of his brother’s fingers dancing round his fat cock head, teasing it, and torturing it into submission. Royce did not realize that the power he now held exceeded even his own childish expectations.

The boys avoided each other that day, and Bailey was sullen and shot tempered. At practice he threw his glove down after three poor innings on the practice mound, walking three batters and surrendering two hits. He controlled himself when the coach tried to calm him down and told him to shrug it off, but coach didn’t know that inside his jock strap, Bailey was leaking teenage fuck sap. Bailey couldn’t get his brother’s face and hands out of his mind, and the more he tried, the stiffer his cock got. Moreover, he was raging inside, angry that he couldn’t make these faggoty thoughts go away. He went to the weight room after practice, and tired to beat his body up, then waited till the other guys had showered and left before he used the showers, afraid his erection might pop up unexpectedly. Finally, he trudged home, going in the back door through the kitchen to avoid his brother and sneak up to his room before dinner.

What Bailey did not know was that Royce had beat him home by two hours, and had been IMing his cousin Kevin, sharing the salacious details of the previous night. Kevin couldn’t believe it, but as Royce’s story unfolded, Royce’s cousin gripped his own stiff pricklet and massaged it, imagining how amazing it must have been to see Bailey grinding his big teenager boner into the bed, and then to see Royce’s palm sliding over and around the spooge covered glans, making the older boy buck and heave on the bed, but never the less submitting. Kevin gave Royce a wad of instructions, ideas he had obtained from his tours of the internet, and Royce was the eager learner. Things were about to change drastically in Bailey’s life…to an extent he could never have imagined.

Bailey avoided Royce’s eyes during dinner, and left before his brother from the dinner table, locked in his room. But after their parents had gone to bed, Royce snuck out of his room and walked into Bailey’s room without knocking.

“Fuck,” Bailey exclaimed, stunned by his brother’s audacity as he sat in his pajama bottoms, working on his homework on his lap top. “Don’t you ever come in here again without asking my permission…you little shit, now get outta here.” He turned away from his younger brother like he didn’t even exist, assuming the boy would leave as instructed. He was in for a surprise.

“Don’t ever speak to me like that again Bail…and I’ll do what the heck I want to…cause yer gonna start treatin’ me lots better if you know what’s good for you. Maybe Mom and Dad and yer friends won’t care about the pictures Kevin and I took…maybe they’ll be made at us for takin’ ‘em, but I wonder if you’d like those pics all over Bail, like all your friends to see ‘em and see Sam’s mouth on your cock?”

Bailey’s jaw clenched as the words spat out of Royce’s mouth, and you could see his jaw muscles moving from the tension. But he couldn’t speak…because his prick had erected the moment Royce had begun to speak…”Christ!” he was bonering and he didn’t know why. His anger melted into defeat…his head drooping as Royce finished. He didn’t respond, and Royce took that as a sign of victory.

“Get over to the bed Bail, I wanna to talk to you…and I want you to sit on the edge of yer bed, with your hands behind your head.” Royce was following the instructions that Kevin had given him, and even as he spoke, his heart pounded and his pricklet hardened, punching out his pajama pants.

Without looking at his brother, Bailey got up, his head hanging down, his expression blank, and he sat on the edge of the bed, his fly sticking up from the radical upswing of his curved erection. He refused to make eye contact with Royce, but looked away, and slowly, raised his hands and placed them behind his head.

Royce walked up to his brother…his hands trembling from excitement, and using his index finger, he reached up to Bailey’s naked chest, and let his fingernail scratch across his older brother’s nipple. Bailey flinched and groaned at the same time, his fat cock knob burped out clear pre-fuck, wetting the material and basting the sensitive glans. Then, as he began to speak, Royce used his thumb and forefinger to grip the rubbery tip of Bailey’s stiff tit, and gently tugged and twisted as he spoke. For his part, Bailey closed his eyes, and his chest heaved as the delicious sensation of his nipple being manipulated made him grip his hands behind his head tightly and force his chest out.

“Bail, yer gonna stop playing with your prick, and masturbating. From now on, we’re gonna do that together, and I’m gonna tell you when you can do it.” Royce did not know how to give order like an older man, but he knew from his conversation with Kevin that afternoon that he was supposed to take charge and not give Bailey any options. “Yer also gonna do whatever I say and not complain. And another thing, Kevin’s gonna help me, and sometimes yer gonna do stuff with both of us.”

Bailey opened his eyes, and his expression changed momentarily to one of anger, but at that very moment, Royce, worried about his brother’s reaction to the mention of Kevin, had reached down and gripped his fat knob of the older boy’s prick as it obscenely thrust up and out the soft material of his pajama pants, creating a large wet spot where the piss lips met the cotton. Royce twisted as he gripped, and Bailey collapsed back onto his bed, his hands falling to his sides and grasping the bedding in his fists tightly, thrusting his hips up to meet the wonderful feeling of Royce’s hand on his aching prick.

Royce was stunned, he now understood that it was more than the blackmail that was keeping Bailey in line, it was the way his brother reacted when someone touched him sexually. Kevin had once described girl’s who loved boy’s to finger their pussies, clits and tits as whores…and it dawned on Royce that boy’s might be like girls and that his brother was a male whore.

“Tell me yer gonna do what I said Bail…and maybe I’ll jerk you off…but if you don’t you’re gonna regret it…I promise.” Royce mustered up the greatest temerity he could, and spoke as maturely as his cracking voice would allow. Bailey merely ground his ass into the bed, and surrender his throbbing prick to Royce’s fingers and palm. “Answer me Bail…” and as he spoke, Royce dragged his fingernail over the bloated fuck tip, making Bailey grunt and squeeze his legs together to try and stop the sensation.

‘K”, okay…fuck…Jesus fucking Christ…c'mon Royce, Jesus…aaaaaahhhhhhhhh….” Bailey had been reduced to a monosyllabic moron, and his oversized cock was now a set of manacles that bound him to his younger brother. Royce climbed up on the bed, never releasing his brother’s penis, and making sure he could reach his tits better. Then as he alternated from one nipple to the other, he bunched the pajama pants around the knob of Bailey’s helpless boner and used it to masturbate the older boy.

“AAAAAgggggghhhh…ooooooohhhhhh sssshit…fuck…aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh….” Bailey crooned as the soft cotton was bruised back and forth over his pulsing cock tip, teasing more and more sap from its endless supply, and making it easier for Royce to frig the big boy prick. Royce began to perspire and his pricklet was burning it was so hard, but he didn’t care, he was in control of his older brother’s penis, and that was all that mattered. He watched as Bailey lifted his hips trying to push his erection into his younger brother’s roiling fist, but then Royce regained control of himself and realized he needed to stop before Bailey ejaculated. With a sudden jerking movement, he wrenched his hand from Bailey’s cock, while still pinching the big teen’s rubbery, sensitive teats.

“Bail, get up and push yer pajamas down, and get on your knees on the bed. Get up Bail, do it!” With each order, Royce was gaining more confidence. His heart was not pounding anymore, and his prick wasn’t burning it was throbbing deliciously against his own pajama bottoms, rubbing and tickling his boy knob. It was so fierce, it felt like he had to pee, and he grasped the material around the head of his pricklet to stop the sensation so he could focus on Bailey following his commands.

Bailey, like a zombie, stood up and gripped his own pajamas, pushing them away from his arching boner, and pushed them down to his ankles, and in the same motion he turned and climbed up on the bed, letting his head rest and his eyes close on the bedding, while his firm ass was thrust up into the air. Royce walked over to his brother, looking at the pale bottoms of his big feet, the long, thick toes curling gently from anticipation, and spread Bailey legs as wide as the pajama pants would allow. As he did so, Bailey complied obediently, as if he was a pet being trained, and exposing the hairy trench between his muscular buttocks. Royce noticed the rosebud anus nestled beneath the dark auburn curls that matted Bailey’s trough already, at his young age. That was his target.

Kevin had told Royce that he should punish Bailey, making him realize that he was now under Royce’s control. Royce had argued with Kevin, saying that all he wanted to do was to have sex games with Bailey, and to get his nut with his older brother. Royce did not know why it was so exciting to masturbate with his older brother. He knew he liked watching the huge phallus on his brother, sway and leak, and shoot its cum. But that was because he admired his brother, wanted to be like him. But now, it was like something else. It made him shiver to think of his brother prostrate on the bed, with his ass up, and his big, heavy penis bobbing beneath his torso, dripping long strands of his teenage fuck juice. It did not take Kevin long to persuade Royce to do as he suggested, and now Royce was ready to do it. As he stared at his brother’s lewdly exposed body, he noticed how the big testicles dangled between his legs, under the cock root and beneath the hairy teenage anal portal. He lifted the instrument Kevin had made him fashion from an old flyswatter in the garage after they had spoken on the phone. He had cut the soft plastic and wire frame down so that the swatter was only three inches by three inches square. He moved close to the bed, reached under his brother and grasped the knob of the older boy’s drooling boner, and then lifting the swatter with his other hand, brought it down onto the nearest cheek of Bailey’s big boy ass.

“What the fuck,” Bailey gasped, turning to look at his younger brother gritting his teeth.

“Bail, you gotta learn to listen to me when I speak to you…” Royce spoke again in a faltering voice, then took a deep breath and continued. “You gotta do what I say, and when you don’t, I’m gonna have to treat you like you were my kid brother…kay…so don’t screw up Bail…cause now I’m in charge.” As he spoke, he brought the swatter down on Bailey’s other cheek, and squeezed the bulb of the fat prick knob. Bailey closed his eyes and gasped, then groaned…”uuuuuuuuggggggghhhhhhh…” and turned his head away from his brother as the young boy resumed masturbating him.

The next time the swatter hit its target, the small face cracked into the hairy crevice and landed with a splat on the tight anus of the big teenage jock. “Aaaaahhhhhhhhh” Bailey grunted, and then drove his leaking prick into his younger brother jerking fist, and his face into his pillow to keep his sexual frenzy from his parent’s ears. Royce did not hit his brother hard, but whatever he was doing was making the older boy’s penis jerk spasmodically, leaking even more scum into Royce’s sliding fist. Soon Bailey was gasping and grunting, his toes tightly curled as Royce skillfully masturbated him, twisting and screwing his fist over the bloated glans, making Bailey’s muffled squeals get higher and higher pitched. Finally, Royce sluiced the swatter into the depth of Bailey’s crack, striking the anal knot squarely on its tightly squeezed lips. At that moment, like electricity, the sting drove up Bailey rectal muscles and seemed to shoot through his rigid prick…followed by the rush of thick, sticky teenage boy spunk that bolted from the tip of his deep pisswell and squirted over Royce’s fingers and palm and made a wet patch on Bailey’s sheets. More and more juice pumped out, and faster and faster Bailey fucked his thick, arched cock into his brother’s hand, driving it against the lightly calloused pre-teen boy skin, rubbing his glans desperately as if trying to scratch an itch he could not control. AAAAHHHHHHHH…..OOOOOHHHHHHH FUUUUUCCCCK…. SHIIIITTT, FUUUUUCCCK….AAAAAGGGGGHHHHH! After almost ten seconds of ejaculation, as the dregs of the spooge drooled over Royce’s still masturbating fist, Bailey fell over and tried to squeeze his legs shut in an attempt to stop the now overwhelming tickle that had overtaken his prick knob.

He pulled his pillow over with him and wailed into it…as he spasmodically spread and closed his legs, both trying to stop and encouraging his brother’s relentless fist. This was the very moment that Bailey had been dreading and yet could not forget…the unrelenting milking of his fat cock knob and shaft, squeezing every last bit of juice from his fat, sweaty teen nuts. Not only did Bailey’s shaft stay rigid, even as he writhed and hunched to avoid the delicious agony being inflicted on his bloated glans, he was also slowly ascending up the ladder to another ejaculation. He had never masturbated more than once, usually falling asleep after his normal frottage routine. But now, Royce’s magical fist was torturing him to another sweet cum, making him go beyond any limits, and working his giant boy clit to another explosion.

Royce was a strong boy, who like his older brother was a natural athlete. He needed to be strong. He drove his big brother over his bed and back, clinging tenaciously to the older teen’s cock shaft and sliding up and over the exhausted cock head. Focusing on the special spot under the circumcision scar, and perfectly located where the curve of the cock shaft was its most extreme, Royce milked and masturbated his brother’s cock through a third cum, even though it took him almost a half an hour to make it happen. For his part, Bailey was an agonized, willing victim, his thick, lush red pubic hair coated with sticky teen fuck sauce. Even as he bucked and ground his strong butt into the bed, gripping the sheets with his long toes, flicking them as the sensations shot from his aching prick tip to the extremities of his fingers and toes, he also bit his knuckles and jammed them into his mouth along with his pillow, to make his body endure the unbelievable sensations. Fuck, his cock was a magic wand, and Royce was making it shoot electric bolts through his body even his tits, wringing from it sticky wads of teenage scum, and driving the hair to stand up on Bailey’s neck. He wanted Royce to stop, to stop playing with his long, tender penis and abusing his masculine pride, and at the same time he could not resist the way Royce was making his dick feel…the way it swelled and tingled and ached. Royce had turned Bailey into an addict, and he was now in deeply entranced by the pre-teen boy fist that had control of his male essence.

The terms that Royce and Kevin imposed on Bailey were dramatic. From that day on, Royce would check on Bailey before he went to bed, and would determine based on a schedule that the two pre-teen boys concocted, when the older boy could ejaculate. What would stop Bailey from masturbating in the school john, or in an empty locker-room shower? Nothing, nothing but his addiction to Royce’s fist and the last semblance of hope that someday that his servitude to those damn pictures would be over. On weekends when their parents were away, Royce would secure Bailey to his bed, and sometimes use a toothbrush on Bailey’s whorish cock and his athletic feet. And when Kevin joined him, they would tag team the big boy, tickling him into oblivion and masturbating him at the same time, draining his balls of their teen fuck cream in ejaculations of between two and four times a session and he loved every bit of it… wanting his cock to be worked constantly.

When they finally got Sam into their act, they tied the two bigger boys together with their respective cocks in each other’s mouths, and then used swatters on their asses along with two slender finger massagers that Kevin ordered online. Bailey and Sam learned that deep up their rectums were special little knobs that made them spit cum on queue, and squeal like girls from the ungodly sensation.

Now, when Royce came to Bailey’s room at night, the big boy was waiting for him, his pajama pants at his ankles to hobble him, his hands behind his head. Bailey’s big curved cock would be gently bobbing in front of Bailey, his hips trust out, and his big boy nuts giving off the slight scent of ball sweat, beads of clear pre-sap dripping off the tip out of the deep pisswell. He would have to tell Royce about his desire to masturbate, and to cum. The more Bailey submitted to Royce’s management, the more he needed to have his penis milked. As time passed, Bailey learned that the way to earn his release, was to service his little brother. Royce was still having dry cums, and he loved it when his brother would get on his knees and lick his palm and masturbate Royce as penance or as an incentive to get his own nut. Better yet, the pre-teen would straddle his brother’s face, and get his pre-teen boner suckled and tongued until he came two or three times in succession. At these night sessions, Bailey would even get down on his hands and knees, and suck Royce’s boy feet, with their high arches, narrow heels, and sweet boy toes. Eventually, after the preliminary activities, Royce would lead Bailey by his erect prick to the toilet, where he would hold the big boy penis until the teenager could gain control of himself, and then piss before he went to bed. Royce even showered Bailey on the weekends when their parents were away, tying his hands overhead to the shower spigot then climbing in with his brother to soap him from head to foot. He loved teasing the big penis and its bloated knob with soap and shampoo, sliding his hands up and down Bailey’s torso and tweaking his tits, and running a slippery finger up his brother’s tight anus and needy rectum, but rarely giving Bailey the ejaculation that he wanted so desperately.

Once the schedule of Bailey’s milking and cock management was tied down, his performance on the junior high baseball team improved dramatically, as did his work in the classroom. Coaches and teachers alike found Bailey Stimson polite and focused. Girls found him attentive and drop dead gorgeous, but shy. His parents were just proud.

When Royce experienced his first ejaculation at the end of the school year, it was in his brother’s mouth, and later, he would enjoy sliding his slicked-up boner into Bailey’s anus, making sure the thin rod with its fat knob battered the older boy’s fuck nut, sometimes making him cum without giving him any attention to his leaky, itchy prick tip, especially when he was tethered in the shower. Bailey’s prick was always hungry, always seeking a receptacle into which to thrust and wring cum from his heavy laden testicles. By the time all-American boy Bailey Stimson, with his deep auburn hair and perfect teenage body, was ready to graduate to high school, Royce and Kevin had both Bailey and Sam well trained for the years of service that were ahead. Whenever I see a handsome redhead, I think of Bailey Stimson, and his helpless prick being milked and milked between long stretches of abstinence and nightly teasing. It’s those all –American boys who have such demanding needs, such laden testicles and itchy cock knobs. Every house needs a big boned and thick bonered teenager who needs his constantly hard prick worked on a schedule.

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