Men in Training: Boys as Toys

NOTICE: All the Standard warnings about being of age, being aware of your community standards apply to the following story! Please read no further if you are underage 18/21--or live in a conservative area--or are offended by explicit sexual stories. This is a work of fiction and any resemblence to anyone is strictly coincidental, all rights are protected and the story cannot be reproduced without permission.

I. Ricky Meets the Doc

Leslie Carlson loved being an Naval doctor. The military had been a perfect choice for her, giving her the opportunity to express her strong, dominating style without being out of character. Pursuing her medical degree had been frosting on the cake, giving her access to young, horny men from the Navy and the Marine Corps, with the privilege of an officer and the power of a physician. What better combination for a woman who liked to be licked, and whose pussy went wet the moment she saw the submission in a man's eyes.

At 5'7", Leslie was tall, and her natural blond hair and tanned smooth skin made her seem like a goddess. At 28 years, she was still young enough to have a natural blush and a firm figure, but old enough to know how to handle men. He pussy mound was a fat bulge with a ragged, tight fissure that divided it. Her natural blond hair was a tuft at the top of her cunt, and sparsely framed around the sweet peach. Just below her tuft of pussy fur, was the intriguing spike of flesh that demanded so much attention when she got hot. When she was aroused, her pussy would juice streams of sweet nectar and her cunny would split open revealing the ragged inner lips. Her horny clit would erect from its protective hood, and thrust out a quarter-inch from between her drooling slot. She loved men who knew how to drag their prick stalks up and down to rub and grind her aching clitty, and those who didn't learned.

Leslie's clitty was erect now, causing her to squeeze her thighs together, and the succulent juice was dripping between her lips as she read the file on Corporal Ricky Haskins, a big farm boy from Nebraska who had decided to go into the Marines from high school. He was twenty years old, and still shy with the girls. He had gotten busted for pot and served in a program offered by the Corps, but he had to be certified by a doctor before he could return to full duty. Leslie, had gone wet the first time she saw him sitting in her examining room in his skivies, blushing when he realized that his doc was a woman.and a fucking, drop dead gorgeous woman at that. Leslie had smiled confidently, and made him strip completely, and done a full external physical, touching the kid everywhere, making him get half hard as her long nails dragged over his thrusting pecs, firm abs, weighing his big, hanging balls, and hefting his thick, seven inch cock. She had explained that his case seemed to require further investigation, and that she wanted him to come back at 4 p.m. on a Friday afternoon. Leslie had dismissed her assistant Stella, telling her that she could handle this last patient so Stel could prepare for her own hot Friday night date.

As Leslie waited for Ricky to arrive, she tugged her skirt up her legs and spread them just enough to let some air cool her cunt lips, now moistening with her goo, wetting the band of her soft panties. She used her right index finger to push the material aside, and allowed a hard long fingernail to slide between the loosening lips, scratching the itchy, swelling labia, and to flick momentarily against her aching girl prick. Her clit hardened, reaching out to her rough finger pad and nail, seeking a good rub to bring on a cum drizzle. But Leslie only teased herself with the finger, feeling her firm nipples stiffening, taut against her blouse as her pussy throbed with need. Leslie was determined that by the end of his examination, Rick Haskins long tongue would be rooted up that pussy, licking out her tension, sipphoning out her juices, and firmly sucking her clit into a series of exploding orgasms.

Suddenly she heard a knock on the door, and she quickly removed her wet finger, and pulled the panty back over her moist mound. She stood, pulled her skirt back into place, wiped her wet fingers on a towel, and smiled. The fun was about to begin.

"Come in Corporal, how are you doing this afternoon."

"Hello Maam," he drawled, his shy, dimpled grin punctuated by a blush. "Ah'm fine, just fine.Ah'm not sure I need any more treatment, or anything maam. Ah'm fine, really." Leslie just grinned at him as she led him into the exam room. His dark brown hair was buzzed on his head. She knew it grew thick on his arms, legs, up the crack of his butt, and even on his toes and fingers. His late afternoon shadow was out on his ruddy cheeks, and he was perspiring. His shower soap was just losing its scent, obscured by an uncomfortable sheen of sweat from his nervousness.

"Corporal, let me decide how you are doing, O.K.? After all, I'm the doctor and the officer here. You in good hands here, don't you think?" Ricky blushed again. He remembered how his dick had started to harden when she examined him. It took all his concentration to keep it half-hard, and then she fortunately let him go and he had turned away before he fainted. Jesus, those long red nails, and the way her tits pushed up her blouse and coat, and that perfume she was wearing. Every time Ricky had thought about her and his next exam, his cock went hard and started to drip pre-scum. Oh, jeez, what a cunt.but I can't fuckin' touch her cause she's an officer. Fuck, he thought, if I could just get my dick in her fine cunt, I'd ride her till she screamed. All this was translated into shy blushes, as Ricky hungered for pussy but did not know how to get his finger up some gal's slick gash.

"Ricky, please undress and put on the dressing gown."

"Maam, do I hafta undress. I mean, does my treatment require me to take off mah clothes?"

"Yes, Ricky. I need to take the samples I did not get last time." When Leslie said these words, Ricky's eyes widened. Suddenly his lust turned into fear. What if his dick went hard again, and what kinda samples was she thinking about? "Oh fuck," he groaned to himself, "I'm fuckin' history if this broad makes me bone up."

Rick slipped out of his uniform, exposing his sculptured torso and limbs. At 6'2" he had miles of legs, tight butt with firm grapefruit buns, and big, muscled feet with long, thick toes. He'd been joe jock in high school, playing every sport he could to wear down his energy and keep him from whanking his pud every chance he had. From the time he was twelve, his dick had been hard half most of the time, and he seemed to have wet dreams every night that he didn't stroke his fat poker to a butt clenching, toe gripping, fist pounding cum. He climbed on the table, his long, hairy legs, dangling towards the floor. His hands were folded over his lap, and his head was turned away from Leslie as if to look at her would cause him to do something he shouldn't.

Leslie took her time, asking Ricky to lower his gown to his waist so she could listen to his heart. He blushed again, looked helpless and ill at ease, but followed orders. He watched as her long red nails brought the metal to his chest, and he almost gasped as the cold instrument moved up to the edge of his hard, pebbled nipple, rubbery and thrusting up and out of his furry chest. When she moved the metal against the nipple, Ricky did groan and hunched, trying to keep the teat from acting like his dick. Unfortunately, underneath the flimsy gown, his cock jerked up hard, unable to resist the stimulation of his boy tit. Even when the guys had messed around in the lockerroom, anytime someone grabbed his tits, n' twisted 'em, his cock had jerked up hard. He'd have to make a bee-line out of the contact and keep his towel or shorts on so no one would notice in all the fun that his cock had started to drip. Now this luscious bitch was jerking his titty off with her fucking stethoscope, making him hunch and groan, close his eyes and suck in his breath, as she persisted in rubbing that thing back and forth. The hard rubbery teat betrayed him, pokin' up for more stroking, sticking up and out so her metal tit stimulator could make goose pimples break out on his skin.

Leslie looked at the boy, hunching, sucking in his breath, and noticing how his hands were turning white as he pushed them down into his lap. She knew his dick was rock hard, and he was trying to find a way to squeeze the blood out his randy pecker. As she drew the stethoscope from his chest, she let one of her hard fingernails scrape against the tender, tingling teat. Ricky jumped, and arched his back up then suddenly away from the contact. She knew she had him.

"Ricky, time to get up on the table." He looked at her blankly, then blurted out that his gown would slip off if he did that.

"Well," Leslie responded with cool detachment, "you don't really need that gown anyway. You're a big boy, and I'm your doctor, right." In his confused and agitated state, Ricky felt trapped. If he said no, then she'd think he was some kind of wimp. If he said yes, she would see his hard peter. He gave up. With a sigh, he dropped the gown as he climbed up on the table on his hands and knees. His dick had grown to 8 thick inches, with a wide body and a fat, wet knob. His piss lips were wide and deep, and his cock flange was pronounced, leaving lots of overly sensitive glans available for stimulation. Jesus, Leslie thought, that fucker could rub out all the ache in her cunt, and the thick ridge along the bottom would massage her clit into spasms of joy. This jar head, dick brain was going to soothe her tension, then kiss her cunt when he was through.

"OK Corporal, spread your knees, a bit. I need to check your prostrate. Ricky's eyes closed in humiliation. This fucking cunt doctor was going to finger-fuck him. Once, his older cousin Betsy had wrestled him down on her bed when their parents were out at a movie, and she was left to baby sit. He was thirteen, but while they were horsing around she pulled off his pants and tickled him. She was so fuckin' strong, and somehow she got a finger up his butt. He remembered it like it was yesterday. He'd never allowed another person to touch him there, and even had avoided doctors who wanted to check him out. Now this doctor was going to pick up where Betsy had left off. His cousin had frigged his male quim till he shot his cum spontaneously in the bed sheets while he had howled for her to stop, but was powerless to do anything as long as that finger was probing up his asshole. He thought he might be a fag, so he'd made sure no one else had every gotten near his portal. Now this doctor was goin' to discover how easily he could be managed.and those fuckin' long red nails, Christ, she'd frig him off in no time! His cock lurched against his taut stomach, and more clear scum burped out, smearing his fat plum and wetting the hair oh his stomach.

Leslie, licked her red lipstick covered lips. She had slipped on a sheer medical glove. But unknown to Ricky, this glove had a specially adapted middle or fuck finger. The tip of the finger pad was covered with a soft, but firm set of irritating monkey hair bristles. Leslie was saving this little surprise for Ricky until after she'd explored his nether hole, and determined whether she could control him with her frig finger. Using the index finger which she dipped into a lubricating gel, she gently scratched and rubbed her finger against the hairy crevice of Ricky's powerful ass. He clenched his ass muscles, and groaned as she searched for the dimple hidden by the dark forest of sweaty hair, but he was powerless to stop her investigation. Even though he wanted to slap her hand away, throw her down and jump on her, he only squeezed his eyes shut more tightly, almost as if he could wish away her probing finger. "Uuuuuugggggghhhhhhhh." he groaned as her tapered finger found the senstive asslips, and after rubbing and gently scratching with her long nail, slipped it in to just the first joint. Ricky's powerful muscles clamped down on her finger, but she waited patiently, then slipped it in a bit more. Within a minute she had wormed her long finger up his rectum, and her fingertip was tenderly stroking his manly love button.

"Aaaaaahhhhhhhhh...ooooooohhhhhhh.nnnoooooooo doc, get it out, noooooooo, I don't need any more..stopppppp..doc, please, aaaaaaggggghhhh.." Ricky moaned and groaned his frustration, but Leslie's educated finger gently proded Ricky up his fundament. His dimpled ass cheeks clenched desperately and without his control, as each time her finger jolted him as it tickled his joy button. Pre-sap was drooling out of the wide piss lips of his rigid prong, and was making long sticky strings as it dripped down and pooled on the plastic covered table. The big boy began gyrating his hips, moving them in a vain effort to both avoid the irritating finger, and to get the incredible feeling of the contact between his sensitive prostrate and the frigging invader. His head had fallen down on the table, his ass jutting high up in the air. His eyes were squeezed shut, and some spit drooled out of the side of his mouth. His grunts and groans were accompanied by the way his long toes curled and clenched.

Suddenly, Ricky's body went rigid, and Leslie gave his an unexpected jab with her finger. "OOOOHHHHhhhhhh FUCKkkkkkkkk! OOOOhhhhhhhhhh Doc! I gotta cummmm. Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh Shhhiiiiiittttttt!" Ricky's big 8" club hardened one last time, and ropes of thick, white, starchy gism spurted from its tip. The kid must not jerk his meat too often, Leslie thought as she watched him shoot seven long spurts toward his stomach, then continue to burp smaller ones that spat out and down to table with what seemed like gallons of Marine boy sap. Leslie liked what she saw. She loved men who could fill her with spunk, because she always made them lick it out of her cunt after they'd made their deposit.

Leslie acted with clinical dispatch. She took a sterile cylinder, collected a sample of the sperm from between Ricky's heaving, sweaty, pecs---sealed it, and wrote on the label. Then she turned to the young Marine Corporal whose breath was still coming in gasps, and whose fuck pole was still red and stiff, covered with white clots of his sperm, dripping down. "Corporal, you made quite a mess. I want you to sit back, then lean down and lick up every drop on the table. Then I want you to use your fingers, scoop up every drop on your chest and squeeze that cock out, and lick your fingers clean." She spoke with such calm and firmness, you would have thought she'd just asked him to cough.

Ricky opened his eyes, and looked at her in humiliated silence. He knew he should tell her to go fuck herself, but he also knew that there was something about those pouty lips, that red lipstick, her perfume, and the fact that she was in charge as an officer and doctor, that prevented him from challenging her. Without saying a word, he turned over and scooted back on the table, looked down at the gism covering the vinyl, then leaned down and extended his long, thick tongue and started to lick up the pungent sperm. Lap after lap was needed to clean up the copious amounts of spunk he'd shot. Then he used his long, thick fingers to scrape up the cum on his chest and stomach. Leslie grabbed his wrist before he put his fingers into his mouth, and she spoke to him with a soothing command that sent shivers down his spine. "Corporal, you don't do anything in this office without my permission. I'm the Doctor. I want you to lick first you little finger, then the next one, and when you get to the thumb, I want you to keep sucking until I tell you to stop." As Ricky complied, she pushed him back on his heels on the table, and used her hands to splay his knees. At the same time, she slipped the middle finger with the wicked bristles into a pink gel from another container. Ricky didn't know it, but the gel had been purchased on a trip to South America from some tribesman at the base of the Andes. Leslie smiled to herself, as she slipped the finger between the heavy, muscular thighs, between the hairy buttocks, and into the already slippery ass pucker. As Ricky sucked his thumb, his eyes went wide as he felt the bristles move up his rectum, and then as both bristle and gel merged at his prostrate. Little bumps were rising on the sensitive lining of his rectum, and on his man nut, and the bristles both irritated and soothed them simultaneously. Ricky's cock shot up, and burped a shot of pre-scum, and Leslie moved her other hand to grasp one of his spiking tits. It was time this young man knew that his dick was made for woman to manage. Her red nails plucked and scratched his aching nipples, while her other rooting finger was driving Ricky to distraction with its insistent roiling, poking and massaging of his asshole into submission.

Within fifteen minutes his nipples went taut causing Leslie to grip one and gently twist. His eyes closed again, sweat dripping from his brow and down from his armpits. Ricky's head began to move from side to side and his ass bounced up and down on the doctor's educated fuck finger. The big, beefy Marine's neglected fuck stick spat out two long squirts of jism, and the rest of the scum just drooled down his stalk. Ricky was whining and grunting around his thumb, unable to speak as he followed Doctor's orders, sucking his digit as if it were some cunt's clitty.

Leslie made Ricky clean up his semen again, and finally wrote her report as she had him stand at parade rest in front of her. By the time her page of notes was done, she smiled to see that the big hairy kid had thrown another hard-on. This case was going just fine, and the patient was responding. Leslie leaned back, pulled up her skirt and instructed Ricky to get on his knees. Wide eyed, the young man kneeled, and drank in the scent that wafted up to his nose. Slowly, as if drawn by powers he could not control, Ricky's head moved toward Leslie's wet panties, sniffing and his tongue reaching out to lick his lips. Leslie made Ricky put his hands behind his back, and she gently peeled the soaking panty away from her soaking slot. Grasping his nose, she pulled him toward her inflamed quim, and gasped and hissed as he puffy lips made contact with her cunt. She rubbed his face up and down, back and forth and then with patient instructions, taught the kid how to eat cunt. With his tongue later deeply inserted up Leslie's cunt, and his long nose battering her clit, the Doctor began a series of orgasms that caused her to reach up and squeeze her own long tits through her blouse, pinching the hard nubs into submission.

Leslie's satisfaction had just begun. Now it was time to sink that long fuck rod up her cunny, and ride the jarhead long into the night.

Jesus she loved being an officer and a woman.

To be continued?