The Milkman Cometh

NOTICE: All the Standard warnings about being of age, being aware of your community standards apply to the following story! Please read no further if you are underage 18/21--or live in a conservative area--or are offended by explicit sexual stories. This is a work of fiction and any resemblance to anyone is strictly coincidental.

Synopsis: This is the story of a young man with an insatiable cock that finds its way in the cunts of other men's wives. Eventually, he crosses the line, and learns that even the best man can be made to grovel.

In upstate Wisconsin, the diary state, small towns still have services that have been absent in larger communities for years. In Rayfield, on the coast of Lake Superior in the northern most part of the state, the Diary State Milk Co. still provided home delivery. Prentis James, had grown up in Port Wing, but had moved to Rayfield when he dropped out of community college and was in search for a job. Initially he worked as a driver for American Express, but within a year a buddy had helped him get a job at Dairy State, delivering milk on the early morning run. Prentis was young, and had the energy to get up by 4:00 a.m., stock his truck, and head out on his runs, even when he came home late from a night out with the boys, or after banging some chick he'd picked up at the local bar. Prentis was easy, smooth, with boyish charm and dimples that accented his blond-blue eyed of the boys who didn't have much in mind beyond his paycheck and his next fuck.

To some, Prentis James had the clean and healthy look and smell of the milk he delivered each morning. He was five foot, ten inches, almost stocky. His thick thighs and legs were covered with a furry covering of blond hair that extended to his long, thick, articulated toes. His balls hung smooth and clean, but around his dick the hair darkened and lengthened in a busy profusion. From his bush, up past his navel, and up to his pecs, a dark trail of hair sprouted, then lightened and spread as it branched over his firm pecs. Under his arms, up the crack of his ass, and at the roots of his crew cut were dark hairs, suggsting a rich, mature essence that the pale blond hair did not imply. When Prentis would play, he'd sweat and that blond fur would grow darker from the moisture...he smelled like a boy, sometimes fresh and clean after a bath, and stinky and spunky after a work out...but no matter when you saw him, there was some thing that oozed sperm about that kid...and made you wonder about his dick.

Prentis was proud of his body. He’d been a running back on his high school football team, and the hard work had toned and honed his musculature. His butt jutted out in two sharp half-moons, and his thighs were corded and thick. His legs were muscular, but seemed longer than his torso, and his narrow heels led to pale wide feet. Those size 11 feet were big for a man only five foot ten, but they carried Prentis down the field on Saturday afternoons with the guys, and into the hearts of girls and women in Rayfield. When he came home from a hard day delivering the milk, he’d slip off his boots, peel off his damp white socks, and stretch and flex those long toes and high arched feet. His index toe was longer than his big toe on each foot, and it gave him the appearance of being able to flip the bird to anyone who saw how he could curl and flex those muscular, hairy digits. Like his toes, his fingers were long and thick---the better to grasp things like footballs, tits, and his dick. More than one girl in town had succumbed to an explosive orgasm riding Prentis' thick fuck finger....strong and callused from work and sports...the kind of finger that made women panties grow wet from just staring at it. On the tops of those thick fingers, more blond hairs curled, giving girls an extra thrill when he ran his fuck finger up and down and into their juicy cunts, that hair scraping against sensitive clits and pussy lining.

But Prentis’ claim to fame was in his face and between his legs. He had the face of an angel, and the dick of a devil. His man meat jutted out at a angle from his bush, rather than hanging down limply, and the fat, wide helet accented the curve upward that gave his weapon the appearance of a scimitar. When Prentis got hard, which was most of the time, he dripped a steady flow of lube that coated his dick tip and filled the wide well of his piss lips, staining his jockeys. Most of the time he just shoved his dick sideways so that women could see the hard and rigid 7” bar that awaited them.

The morning milk run was not only easy and fast, it had its fringe benefits. On Camden Street, the young wife of Jim Stockton a dock worker was always hungry for a morning delivery of the cream from Prentis’ insatiable cock. After he made his milk delivery, he’d doff his cap and let her crawl all over him--to kiss, suck, lick, and stroke every part of his body. He’d always end up in the kitchen or living room, sitting in a chair with his ass at the edge of the seat, while her small mouth and pouting lips were sliding up and down his upcurved stalk, siphoning and sucking the juice out of his tight starchy nuts. His white uniform pants would be hunched around his shoe tops, his shirt unbuttoned to the top, his tie pulled to one side, and his pale skin shining with a sheen of sweat caused by those sexy lips sliding from nipples to crotch to drive him wild. When she finally got down to pure cocksucking, one of her long finger nails were always reaching up to scratch at his titties, making the nips grow hard and angry red--making him throw his head back, spread his knees as wide as his pants and briefs would allow, and enjoy the delicious suctioning of his sensitive glans by her voracious mouth.

"Aaaaagggghhhhhh....fuck...yeah....ooooohhhhhh, ya sweet mouthed me...suck my meat and treat it soooo gooood." "Jeezus..." Presntis would think, "how does Jimbo get any rest in this house...this fucking cat is insatiable...she'll eat a man alive...fuck he must have to fuck her to sleep otherwise she'll never stop..." Mary-Ellen's other hand was occupied with his balls and ass, scraping fingernails against his hanging golfballs, or using one digit to tickle and scratch his tight ass lips, buried underneath the dark hair up his taut butt crack. He'd squeeze his strong ass muscles on the roaming, slender digit, and try to force it away...but somehow his thighs would spread again, and let her have her was so fucking good.....shit, the bitch knew how to make his nuts pop. His powerful ass would bounce, and he’d grab her head and slide it up and down his pole until the unbearable itch on his prick tip would cause the fat plum to grow wide and hard, and the piss lips to pout open. Then he’d moan and groan while her tongue and a fist did a number on his prick, milking out jet after jet of the thick, white boy cream.

"UUUUgggghhhhh.... oh fuck....that's it...that's sucking bitch...milk me....aaaaahhhhhh, get me off.....oh it cums.....AAAAWWWWWWWW GOD DAMN FUCK....!" God she sucked like a vacuum, and would not let his prick go until he yanked her head off the sensitive glans, working and worrying it till he was bouncing and hunching over for relief from her lapping tongue. Yeah, what a start to the morning run.

When Prentis would play softball on the weekends during the Spring and Summer with Jim Stockton, he’d imagine how Jim's long, thin pale dick would root up in Mary-Ellen’s tight, wet cunt. There were times at home at night, when he'd missed a chance to pick up some cunt on the weekend, that he'd fuck the bed, making the spring bounce, driving in his strong toes and squirting his sap into the sheets, thinking of Jim plugging that tight cunted wife of his. Sometimes when he'd stop for his delivery, Prentis would make Mary-Ellen tell him all the details of how Jim liked his sex, how he loved his wife to bury her finger up his butt while she sucked him bone dry, and he’d hump that finger so that the sharp nail would scratch and pluck at his hard prostate deep up his rump. It made Prentis' cock tingle when she describe how Jim was addicted to her finger fucking, but he could not conceive of anything up his male quim..., it was enough that Mary-Ellen's fingernails drove him up the wall by tickling the hairy entrance to his anal trench. Once or twice, Prentis had made MaryEllen goad Jim into fucking her before he went to work, and then he’d make her spread out on the kitchen table with her legs up in the air and finger out Jim’s cum, and jerk herself off for his amusement, before he’d give her his bone to suck on. That girl was a born cocksucker, and Jim didn’t know she was sharing those moist red lips with other guy's pricks. Prentis had seen Jim in the showers after winter basketball league at the church, and watched that semi-rigid pale 8" wand, with a thin overhang covering its fat tip, and wondered how it would look to see old Jimmy driving that pike up Mary- Ellen’s twat while his powerful pale butt cheeks flexed. Somehow these thoughts would make his balls tighten, and his cock stiffen slightly.

By noon, thoughts like this had Prentis' balls full again, and his dick hard. Time to have some lunch, and some fresh cunt. At the house of Jerry and Amy Hammonds, a husband too busy to be home with his wife, Amy was in heat. Prentis would deliver the milk and eggs, and then make Amy climb up on the kitchen table while he finger-fucked her pussy and plucked her titties. She would pop two or three times from just that action, and then he’d take her in the bedroom and fuck her brains out. Prentis loved the way she squealed each time his curved dick would run up and down her pussy, scrubbing her long clit. That bitch could come like a faucet, and didn’t stop running until he pulled his tired fuck pole out of her snatch. His personal favorite was to have her sit on his lap and while she bounced up and down and he’d pluck and pull her nipples. Jesus, she loved her tits worked.

But Prentis’ Thursday run had the most interesting scene. Pete and Susan Burton had moved in from Maine three years ago. He was a big guy, in insurance, but seemed kinda mousy; his beautiful wife always in charge. Well, Prentis had found out just how much. One Thursday morning, when he made his milk-run to the Burton home, Susan invited him in after weeks of flirting and hinting around. What he found was a shock. Pete was home from the office and literally, fit to be tied. Officially, he was taking a personal day. But in fact, he was home for special treatment.

Pete was wide eyed, when he saw Prentis, a guy he’d faced on the softball field and playing basketball, and with whom he’d shared a casual beer after a game. But he couldn’t say a word. He was gagged with a ball gag, his arms tied over his head and secured to the high bed-head. His legs stretched to the bottom corners of the bedposts, soft, fur lined cuffs securing his size twelve feet to them. Susan draped herself all over Prentis, whispering to him how she needed a man, and how for years she had to take the initiative with Pete. As she spoke, her deft hands unzipped his white pants, and tugged them down to his knees. While one hand roamed into his briefs to grasp his turgid member, and stroke her long nails against the stalk and churning balls, the other scrabbled across his chest, tweaking and scratching his pointed nipples. He stood with his legs slightly spread, transfixed by the sight of Susan's big bodied husband tied up on the bed. She explained that Pete had always needed lots of supervision from the time they had dated. On top of that, over time he had craved just a bit of humiliation. She never let him cum without her permission, and she liked his dick hard as much as possible, but without relief so it would be ready to service her. Prentis was so hard after she explained Pete’s situation, that when he saw old Pete’s long curved bananna sticking up from his dark bush, dripping pre-scum, he'd thrown caution to the wind and fucked Susan right there on the floor in front of her trussed-up husband, making her squeal over and over as he dicked her from cum to cum. "Aaahhhh fuck," there was something so cool about dicking Pete's hot cunt while he was helpless, and his cock was vibrating from need...yeah, Pete liked to see a real man plow his wife's field...and he would tame her by the time he was through.

Later, while Susan lay down with her legs on either side of her husband’s head, and forced Pete to suck her pussy now filled to the brim with Prentis’ sticky sperm, she had Prentis slip his still hard cock between her husbands hairy ass cheeks as he lay with his arms bound behind his back and on his knees. As Prentis ground his thick cudgel between Pete’s muscular, hairy legs, and under his balls, he had an urge to reach around the big guy to pull and pinch his stiff, sensitive tits. Pete seemed to squeeze his legs around the dick that poked his balls, especially when Prentis played with his tits. Prentis got off watching the big dark haired guy slurp his long tongue into his wife’s soupy hole while he rutted his fuck pole between the hairy thighs. He squirted four of five more jets of cum between Pete's strong legs, and felt Pete’s balls contract as he shot his own spunk without being touched. Apparently feeling the spunk from his Prentis squiritng on him while his tits were rolled like a cheap whore was too much for old Pete, and he'd shot like a cannon. From that day on, Thursdays were special, with Susan and Prentis finding ways to make Pete’s big body yield fun and scum.

Pete begrudgingly accepted the relationship that developed. But he resented the way Prentis lorded over him when they saw each other on the softball field or basketball court. When they would go out for drinks, Pete always had to buy for the younger guy, and would take any abuse heaped on him in front of the other guys. Slowly, Pete nursed a vengeance against the blond milk man, longing for the day when he would have a chance to bring him up short and repay him for making him a pussy in his own house. The last straw was when Prentis had allowed Susan to persuade him to make Pete suck him off. Pete was cuffed hands to ankles on his knees. While Susan used a buzzer on Pete's big balls, and rigid dick, Prentis grabbed his head and made him lick his hairy ass trench, lave his nuts, and eventually suckle his dick until it shot scads of gism. Pete, was completely humiliated, and rather than at least give him the satisfaction of an ejaculation, he was rolled on his back, with his feet up in the air and his torso bent towards his knees. His dick was up and aching, throbbing for some relief. But next to him, all he could see was Prentis hairy young ass, and thick dick root, rising and falling into to Susan's sticky cunt, making her whine and grunt with satisfaction as he fucked her for at least an hour. Then she made Prentis help her pull Pete into a position under them, while on their knees fucking. That way, Pete could watch from below, as Prentis' thick, curved, fat knobbed plunger dicked his wife silly, and eventually spat wads of gooey cum into her hairy cunt, dripping with her flowing juice down on his face while his own cock throbbed helplessly.

That night, with his hands cuffed over his head, and his cock rigid as he finally fell asleep next to his wife and her lover, Pete plotted his revenge.


The very last straw had come on a dare during the winter basketball season. Pete and Prentis played on different church teams that eventually played for the local league title. Prentis had openly bragged that his team would beat Pete’s, and then dared Pete to a challenge. Whomever's team won would have to buy drinks and would have to do whatever the other asked, no conditions or limits. Pete’s team played well, and so did Pete scoring 16 points on the inside; his strong hairy body making inside drop steps and a couple of hook shots to keep his team in the game. But Prentis’s 12 points were more than enough as his team, athletic and bigger, prevailed. Prentis was a cocky point guard, driving hard at the basket with his muscular short frame, and pulling up for jumpers off those powerful feet in the latest Nike high-tops. It seemed to Pete, every smug and handsome smile from the young blond was a dagger into his own manhood. As drinks were poured and consumed at Harry’s Watering Hole after the championship, guys got drunk and Prentis got loud. Finally, he demanded that Pete pay up the wager, and the guys in good humor egged him and Pete on. Prentis revealed his demand. Since the game was hoops, what better than Pete should get on his knees, take off one of Prentis’ high-tops and socks, and kiss his naked foot. The guys made faces, but no one let Pete off the hook. After months of watching Pete take abuse from Prentis, this was just kind of natural, and after all a bet was a bet. Like all men, then enjoyed the sight of one their proud and masculine buddies reduced to a kind of helpless slave. Just as long as none of them were the victim, it made every guy's dick stiffen just a bit, to see Pete have to fall to his knees, still in his uniform and high tops.

Pete was forced down on his knees by a couple of guffawing buddies, and told to put his hands behind his neck. Using only his teeth, he was forced to unlace the sneakers. The laces were damp, but not wet with sweat. The shoe smelled sweaty, but not rank. As he pulled the lace with his teeth, the tight high tops spread apart naturally from the muscled strength of Prentis' big feet. Then he was turned around, and Prentis put the shoe between Pete's legs and told him to work it off. As Pete struggled to get the shoe off, Prentis naturally goosed him with the sneaker, making Pete turn read, and the guy's laugh at his predicament. Once the leather sneaker popped off the big foot, Pete was required to turn around and grasp the moist top of the white sweat sock, the elastic surrounded with sworls of thick blond fur from Prentis' hairy calf. Prentis had showered after the game, and while the socks were damp from the well worn shoes, the socks were clean and the toes without fungus or bad odor. It was just fucking humiliating...a married man, older by five years that this young blond punk, having to pull the kid's sock off his foot, and feel the long, thick toes tickle under his chin, his neck and Adam's apple, and rub against even his lips as he performed the required ritual.

For Pete, this brought back memories he almost forgotten until Prentis turned up in his life. When Pete was sixteen, he'd begun to fill out...his strong teen muscles covering his body, and his dick seemingly outsized for his age. He liked to hand around his older brother Will's buddies, seeing them play hoops in the back yard, or going out with them when they played softball. There was one guy in the pack, an older guy who come back from his stint in the Marines, who played in the games. His name was Darren Hagerty. He seemed mean, a big boned, strong red head with a cruel streak and handsome face. He wasn't one of those pale redheads, at least not his that was exposed to the sun. He was a dark auburn type, with freckles and strawberry blond hair all over except on his head, under his arms, and eyebrows, and know the type. He always seemed to be starring at Pete, smirking at him and making smart remarks...asking the kid why he hung around with big boys? Was he a cocksucker or just a punk? His brother Will and the other guys would laugh at Pete...and he would blush, and feel like shit. Darren liked to talk about sex, and in particular how he could get cunt. At sixteen, Pete could only dream of the tight, wet sleeve that would massage his bone to into submission, and as much as he disliked Darren, he admired his alleged cunt skills. In his minds eye Pete could picture Darren sliding this long, thick tongue down the throat of some helpless chick, making her legs spread reflexively as he ground his cock against her panties and cunt mound...preparing her for the surrender that would make him fuck her to oblivion. And once, when Darren stayed at their house after a pick up game for a pool party, Pete saw him come out of the shower in the room he shared with his brother. Fuck, physically Darren was the stud he claimed to be. His long lean body, big ass and strong arms and legs were covered with tanned skin that gave way to pale white under his briefs and on his bare feet. His cock was a pale eight inch shaft, that grew wider as it reached the head, with just a slight up-curve, and a knob that could choke any chick that didn't learn the fine art of cocksucking. His balls were big hanging duck eggs, smooth and pale. But around his cock root and under his balls was a profusion of light red hair, hair that darkened as it clogged his butt crack, grew on down to his big thick toes, and covered even his fingers. Jesus, this fucker was full of spunk and the fact that his cock head was covered by a thin, pale foreskin that seemed too tight to pop off unless his cock head forced its way out, only added to his mystique. Even his feet were big, size thirteen, with a wide ball, and long curved toes and narrow heels that made him seem pigeon toed when he walked.

One night, when Darren had brought dropped off Will after a night of drinking and cunt chasing, Pete was up by himself watching TV. Darren was sloshed himself, and after he barged into the house, dumped Will onto his bed, he came back out and plopped into the recliner in the den, staring at Pete with that nasty smirk on his face. "So fuckhead, what you been up to....beating your bone?" Pete blushed, and tried to work up a faint smirk of his own and put Darren off. But the big guy was persistent. "Bet you spend your days and nights jerking off your pud, cause you don't get snatch, am I right...yeah, look at're throwing a bone just talking about this shit...." And of course, when Pete looked down, he could see that his boy cock was indeed up and hard, forcing out his boxer shorts as the crude sex talk got him going. "So punk, you wanna see how I make chicks drool for wanna learn how to dick cunt like a man."

Pete just stared and swallowed hard, giving Darren the opening he intended to take. "Get over here, dick breath, get over here now...." Pete didn't know what made his legs move, but he was suddenly standing in front of Darren, his cock bulging the front of his boxers, and except those boxers, naked. Darren smirked, and just massaged his hands up and down his crotch...slowly popping the buttons of his 501's. The white of his briefs gleamed as the fly spread, and the huge bulge from the erection that was beneath was clearly visible. Pete just stared in fascination, somehow this big redhead was in control, and he could only follow his crude instructions. "Get down on your knees, cocksucker, and I'll show you why chicks dig a real man...." When Pete heard the word cocksucker, inside he flashed anger, but he dropped to his knees, and stared at Darren's big paw, mauling the white cloth, pushing it back and forth with the thick fingers. "Bring your head over here punk...yeah, that's it, get yer face down here and take a deep whiff....little cocksucking punk....I knew you were a faggot the first time I laid eyes on you....yeah, that's it...get down there and smell a real man...." Pete was intoxicated...he'd sniffed his own fingers after he'd rubbed them under his balls at the end of a long hot day, smelling the ball sweat and strachy gism that exuded from his nuts. But now, he was sniffing another guys ball sweat...what the fuck was the matter with him...he was no cocksucker, no faggot...but that smell...shit, his dick hardened and drooled from the way Darren's big mitt forced his face back and forth over the mound of his hard dick, trapped under the frayed white briefs. From the side of the legs, the blond fur and aromatic testicles and cock were briefly exposed, tantalizing Pete with what was to come. Soon, Darren's jeans were at his feet along with his briefs, and one hand was under his t-shirt, plucking at his own nipples as Pete's face was buried under his balls....

That night, Pete had learned to sniff and suck Darren's big balls, to lick and suck his cock like a lollipop, slurp down the drooling pre-fuck sap, to lick under and out the sensitive foreskin, and even to tongue prong hairy ass. Even though Darren forced him to do it, by the time the night ended Darren seemed like he was the one out of control and in Pete's hands, grunting and groaning, talking nasty and yet begging to cum, finally shooting wads and wads of sticky scum onto ...


One night after softball at the beginning of spring, while the guys were leaving for home in the parking lot of the park, Pete asked Prentis if he would come over later that night to be with him and Susan. He played the submissive role perfectly, and looking rather distressed, whispering in a low voice that Susan had instructed him to ask politely for Prentis to come to their place and service her and use Pete. Prentis was on cloud nine, and his cock curved into instant erection, the fat knob burping sticky sap that dripped from the wide piss lips and wet the material. Not only had his team won their game, and he had clubbed two balls over the right field fence, but now he was going to get a Saturday night special, cunt and punk. He told Pete he’d be over at nine p.m.

What Prentis did not know was that at that very moment Susan was home, gagged, bound, and strapped onto an exercise bicycle in the bedroom. Her legs were tied to the pedals and her arms were cinched up behind her back. Her body was secured to the seat and body of the bicycle, leaning forward so that her ass and pussy were exposed from behind. Up her steamy, soggy snatch was a slender vibrating dildoe with a fine haired brush ring around the head and shaft. The dildoe was turned onto the low setting, and each time Susan squeezed her pussy muscles involuntarily in an attempt to expel the wicked buzzing and itching thing in her trapped cunt, the vibrating dildoe and soft wet bristles worked against the sensitive lining of her cuntal passage, eliciting muffled grunts and squeals of excruciating and uncontrollable sensation. Pete had gently and carefully attached a clip around the head of Susan’s long, distended clit, and the wires running from the clip were attached to a generator on the wheels of the bicycle. Pete had turned on the electric bicycle and set it on a random program. Whether she wanted to or not, Susan's long legs tethered to the pedals, were moving up and down...and as they spun the wheels of the bicycle, the generator sent varying charges based on the speed of the program, into Susan's unprotected clit. Similar clips and wires were carefully attached to the long, thick nipples of her big tits. When her husband turned on the vibrator, the sensation in her pussy, coupled with the random movement of the bicycle pedals put her slutty snatch into action. The moment the pedals moved around, the generator light came on, and a pulsing jolt of electricity shot to the clit and nipples, making Susan grind her cunt even more on the vibrating bristles up her pussy. Only her anal passage remained to be exploited, but Pete intended to address that oversight before the night was through. By the time Pete had returned home from the softball game to check on Susan, her pussy juice had completely wet the leather chair, and had dripped onto the rug soaking it. Susan could not stop the series of orgasms that wracked her luscious frame, so she groaned and rolled her eyes as Pete turned up the vibrating dildoe for a few minutes. Eeeeiiiiiiii....aaaaahhhhhh........ gggggmmppppppp! She exclaimed behind her whiffle gag, the air whistling through the holes. Pete smiled, and kissed her on the forehead, "hi's that hot pussy doing, huh... you getting all the attention you need. I know a hot piece of ass like you needs action all the time, and baby, from now on I intend to make sure your cunt is satisfied round the clock...if you get what I mean." Pete bent down to see her clit stiffen and extend briefly, and another flood of snatch juice bubble out of her red and hairy cunt lips. Yeah, this is what this bitch had needed for years.

He had spiked her coffee in the morning, and when she had come to, found herself getting the fucking that she always wanted...only without relief. Now Pete was preparing for Prentis, to show the milkman that his big boy clit was just as sensitive as Susan's little one...and soon would be just as helpless.

As Prentis drove toward Pete and Susan’s house, his hard dick leaked copiously into his boxers; the fat knob rubbing against the material as he flexed his legs and moved to encourage the sweet sensations. For weeks he had been jerking off on his own thinking about the things he and Susan had been doing to Pete.

He knew it was queer, but somehow, the thought of making the big man grovel while he fucked his wife and then had to perform for them both was exhilarating. His cock would stiffen almost to ejaculation when Susan made Pete sniff Prentis' big, hanging nuts...lick his hairy anal trench, suckle on his strong, thick toes, or eat Prentis' cum from Susan's drenched hole. "Fuck," if he didn't watch out, just thinking of this shit would make him pop his load.

When he had forced Pete to suck his toe in the bar in front of the guys, it was even more exciting. Now Pete was his slave in front of other men...worshipping the strong manly feet like a two bit whore. And seeing the big man suckle on his toe was a reminder that Pete had been sucking his dick for the last two weeks on his Thursday visits. Prentis had wiggled the toe in Pete's mouth, scratching the roof and rubbing his tongue, making sure to remind him of what the two men shared that no one else knew about Pete. Pete's sheepish grim gave Prentis a false sense of security. He assumed the big man was a willing slave, and the more he got of the action, the better they both liked it he believed. Susan loved to force Pete to sniff, lick, then suck on Prentis’ curved fuck tool, the bulging fat knob obscenely spreading Pete's lips and stuffing his cheeks. Prentis liked to lick out Susan’s pussy, while her huband’s strong lips slurped up and down his rod, until the siphoning pressure was so great, he’d pop his thick white starch down Pete’s gasping and snarfing throat. When he popped, his own grunts would make his tongue vibrate against Susan’s clit, his balls contracting and spurting curds of his thick cream from his flared cocktip: "aaaaaawwwww....fffuuucccckkkk, aaaaaagggghhhhh ....yyeeeeeaaaaahhhhh!"

Susan had gotten Pete to lick out Prentis’ hairy ass once after a quick shower, and then suck and lick his toes for real. Prentis dug lying back on their bed, his hands cradled behind his head, watching Pete cuffed and blindfolded, as Susan would use a riding crop on his hairy ass, making him suckle on each of Prentis' toes, lick in the arch of his muscled foot, and when Prentis pulled up his legs, lick deep into the furrow of his hairy ass crack till he tickled and laved the tight little knot of anal flesh. As he would recall these events at home, Prentis would jack his thick bone,slipping and sliding his rough fist over the curved end, smearing the pre-fuck lube over the sensitive knob, getting harder and harder as he thought of Pete on his hands and knees, licking and sucking, while the big guy's own painful, drooling boner was left unattended, and sometimes locked into a harness that prevented him from ejaculating. Usually, at the end he was allowed to either fuck his wife then suck out his own cum, masturbate for Susan’s and Prentis’ amusement and then lick his cum covered palm, or get milked onto a dish by Susan and then lick it up. "Aaaaahhhhh shhhhiiiiiiittttt" Prentis mumbled, as another big burp of cock lube spurted from his wide piss lips, wetting the already soaking spot on his shorts.

Tonight he wanted more of that tongue up his butt, and on his man tits, and licking his toes again! He turned into the driveway, parked his truck, and then went in the side door that was always left open. Suddenly a big arm went around his neck, and before he could pull it off, another hand clamped down on his face with a wet, acrid smelling cloth. His eyes watered, he coughed and gasped, and then he felt the lights going out. Prentis Martin James was out cold, and Pete Burton was standing over him with a cruel smile that meant trouble.

When Prentis regained consciousness, he felt groggy. But as he opened his eyes, he become aware of something much more serious than the mugging. First of all, he was stark naked. Next, his arms were spread and secured to the headboard in the Burtons' bedroom; his head on a pillow. His feet were fastened up next to them so that he was spread like a gymnast--legs and hands wide. A wedge shaped pillow was under his lower back, helping to support his torso as it was bent in half. His cock curved limply down toward his face, and his butt was up in the air, his asshole protected only by the shock of thick, damp blond and brown hairs that filled the crack. He groaned, then heard Pete speak.

“Hello dick-brain [recalling words that Pete had heard years before... I’ve been waiting, and planing, and now I’ve got you just where I want you. You’re gonna learn some respect you prick...and oh yeah, so is that prick. When I’m done with you, your balls and your cock are gonna be so limp you won’t be able to use them for weeks. How do you like that idea, boy-wonder!” Pete smirked a wicked, unforgiving grin. "You've been making me into a prick licker, just for your amusement, knowing that I hated every minute...well now we're gonna find out just how much you like it stud...just how much a big dicked guy like you likes getting used...."

“Wait a minute, Pete,” Prentis croaked, his voice cracking from fear. “Hey, I thought you’re were into it man, I mean your wife said, aaawwww c’mon, Jesus, I didn’t know you hated all this stuff...I woulda never done it...I’m sorry man, I’m fuckin’ sorry....pleeeezzzzze, lemme go, I’ll do anything, but just lemme go! I'll leave you and Susan alone...I won't come back...c'mon man, I don't want no trouble...please, ...


As his finger gently played through the thick shock of dark, damp hair bursting from around Prentis’ asslips, Pete watched as the young milkman’s long, thick toes flexed helplessly and he grunted through his gag. He looked at the hairy and muscular big toe which he had sucked earlier that night, now wriggling frantically and without any hope. That gave Pete an idea that he would return to. There was something in the little bag next to the bed that could be used on those strong toes, and the pale smooth soles. For a punk, Prentis' feet were clean and smooth, not calloused and rough. They looked so vulnerable and soft, a big jock punk with soft athletic feet…all the better to use as conduits to his domination and then submission. Pete turned his gaze back to the furry ass trench, the puckered lips were spasaming at each touch, and Pete had noticed that Prentis’ cock had grown to its full seven curved inches. Susan’s husband took the other index finger, now covered with the plastic latex glove, and dipped it into the gel. He noticed how Prentis’ thick curved prong was dripping long stands of pre-cum down into his navel, pooling there, as he showed the gel covered index finger to Prentis one last time. Prentis tried futiley to move out of harm’s way, his ass wrenching back and forth on the bed as much as his restraints would allow, his toes flexing futilely, and his dick pulsing from fear and excitement. The simple brain of the blue collar milkman struggled to escape the inevitable, but his strong, athletic body was splayed for Pete's revenge, and he would soon show Prentis how it felt to be at another man's mercy. There was nothing that could stop the progress of Pete’s big, rough digit, slowly lowering to its pouting target. Pete cooed softly in his deep voice to Prentis, to drive the young man crazy with homophobic fear:

"So buddy, this big boy ass is spread out like a buffet. You're a cock hard, punk whore Prentis, big dicked scum that liked making me squirm with that bitch wife...but now you're on the other end of it, huh. Yeah, big dicked hairy punk stripped and tied like the dick brained shit you are. You liked it at the bar when I had to get down and suck that toe, so you could make the guys laugh at me, and see me worship you like some teen god. Well buddy, now you'll be the one learning how to suck, and to take dick...and I'm gonna enjoy every minute of teaching you how to service me and anyone else that I decide should see you grovel."

"Are you wondering what this gel is going to feel like when I rub it up your tight, hot fuck hole…how its gonna feel when the goop starts to work on your soft, virgin pussy lining. See how my finger wriggles and worms with that goop on it...well, soon it's gonna be looking for all the nooks and crannies in you tight bull cunt, up there were only the doctor poked around when you were a kid. Member how much you hated it, I did, when the doc'd slip his finger up there and touch that strange little spot up yer hole? Member how it felt to have an suppository stuck up there to melt in yer hole, and make you shit? Well soon buddy, yer gonna wish you could shit my finger and a thousand little bugs out that itchy, hot hole. And shit dude, when this stuff gets to your untouched fuck nut…oooohhhhh baby, you’re gonna feel like you died and went to heaven."

"Buddy…then you’re gonna be begging me to put my finger up there and scratch that itch, make it stop, make it go away…know what I mean Prentis…you’re gonna be begging me to do anything to you to make that deliciously horrible sensation stop." Prentis grunted from behind the soggy jock strap whose sweaty, starchy stench was wafting up to his nostrils. With the material stuffed into his mouth he was prevented from telling Pete he’d never come back, never touch his wife again, never do anything to embarrass him if he’d only stop now….oh sweet jesus, please stop…don’t do this to me….."mmmpppphhhhhh." His eyes widened and his head lifted up with a frenzied look forward, between his tethered legs, to watch Pete’s thick, blunt finger move tantalizingly closer to his bung hole. Suddenly, the wet plastic covered fingertip touched his asslips…it felt so cold, so slippery at first…and with an insistent scratching, then screwing motion, it began worming it way past the taut but vain squeezing of Prentis' sphincter. The relentless finger was invading, gently corkscrewing up the spread butt cheeks, deep into the hot clinging hole, soothing its entrance with the slippery gel. When Pete’s finger finally gently goosed Prentis’ prostate, and basted the tough little nut with the gel, Prentis’ cock lurched and flexed involuntarily, and the fat knob swelled. His toes curled tightly from the almost stinging sensation, his fists balled and he bellowed as he shot seven long streams of his baby crud up onto his stomach and chest.

He howled through his ejaculation into the gag: aaaaaawww.......mmmmppppphhhh! His dick though, untouched as it shot the steams of sperm, was also unsated. It stayed hard, distended and irritated, and a long strand of gooey cum hung from the wet piss lips. Pete’s finger just kept up a steady, slow screwing finger-fuck, making sure the young milkman was being primed for further milking. "Yeah buddy, now ya know how it feels when you take a bitch to the drive -in or out the to movie and sit in the back row, banging her cunt with yer big fuck finger, making her cum like a cow...squiring over your finger helpless like. Now yer my bitch boy...and from the way you shot cum when I hit your sweet spot, seems like yer a natural...yeah, we're gonna have to explore how much you cum when you're being banged...huh, buddy....?"

Now the insidious itching that Pete had promised began deep within Prentis’ bowels, moving up and down the ass lining, and enveloping his thoroughly coated prostate. Prentis screamed into the gag, and bucked wildly, but he couldn’t move out of harms way. He was sure there was a steady stream of insects chewing incessantly up his anus, biting and nipping, scrabbling their little feet and pinchers, eating him alive from within. And in his fuck hazed mind he was instinctively demanding that something scratch the places they were attacking, something to get them out...and to rub his tingling and tickling prostate that felt swollen and throbbing.

Oh fuck, nothing like this had ever happened to him before. He’d let Sally Anders scratch her nail over his anus when he fucked her in high school, and Stacey Lyndon had actually gotten down and licked his hairy ass pucker when they were in the bathroom at her parents cabin two years later, showering and fucking. But nothing had ever broached his sacred man hole, except maybe his own finger once in a rare while when he showered and the doctor when he was a kid. He liked to clean in there, but because the sensation was soooooooo strange… he couldn’t take it for too long, and he wouldn’t do it often. Plus, whenever anything touched his asshole, it made him spring a woody, he couldn’t stop his cock from erecting into a dripping hardon. He loved it when Pete had to lick his asshole, but the thought of some guy fingering him like some slutty cunt was crazy…it was nuts…oooohhhhhh fuuuccck nooooo! Now Pete had finger-banged him, lubed his hole with some shit that was driving him insane, and he couldn’t stop his dick from flexing and dripping every time the finger touched his nut …."aaaawwwwww mother-fuck!"

Pete slowly twisted out the latex covered finger, gently scratching and tickling the red and irritated anal knot, making sure that the tender opening scratched insanely inside and out. Then Pete picked up a slender, knobby dildo with bumps and ridges all over shaft. Then as Prentis watched, Pete slipped another short hair tickler over the tip, like the one that was driving Susan to cum constantly. Liberally coating the dildo with the same gell, Pete showed the very slender prick shaped device to Prentis while the young man was still regaining his breath from the last cum, his chest still heaving. Once again, Prentis’ eyes went wide, his hips twitched and bucked from the maddening itch deep up his fundament. When he saw what Pete was doing, his eyes rolled back, and he moaned a defeated plea. Pete couldn’t resist letting Prentis know exactly what he had in mind.

"You know Prentis, big buck like you needs to be broken…like a stallion that won’t do what he’s told and wants to act like the boss. You remember that don’t ya Prent…riding my ass like a cowboy, and shooting your fuck snot into a rubber up my ass. Then you and the bitch would unroll that rubber real slow and peel it off yer fat dick, and drain that scum down my mouth and make me lick your fuck pole. I think she told you to hold my nose once, when I was tied down…and moving my head frantically to avoid that shit…but you were successful, huh Prent. I’d finally open my mouth to get some air, and she’d pour that sperm down my throat and you helped her make me swallow it. Ya know Pent…I hated you each time I drank that slimy shit, hated knowing that you shot that scum from your fat prick up my ass, and then watched as I had to slurp it down like a sniveling slave. But shit goes round Prent…and now its your turn to shoot some scum, and I think this time, you should eat it. But first we gotta get it out, huh bud. Like a bull milked at stud, we’re gonna get out all that breeder seed…drain ya bud…keep those nuts dry after they fill so full ya feel like yer gonna bust. And I got just the thing to do the job. See this little beaut…it’s a vibrator with a twist. See, when you screw it in, and turn it on, not only does it have a good strong buzzer, but it’ll deliver a little punch too. See I just attach these wires out of the end of it over to the generator on the bicycle tires that Susan's pedalling, and tell her that I’ll take her dildo out as long as she can make you shoot…man, think she’ll jump on that like a June bug? Yer the one's gonna get the ride of your young life Prent…and you’re gonna be squirting scum like a gang banged whore."

Pete laughed a low, guttural laugh, and then very gently began to twist the little prod up into place in Prentis’ ass. First he rubbed the hairy tip against the itchy entrance to the boy cunt, letting the bristles soothe and tickle at the same time. Poor Prent was so desperate to get his ass itched, he thrust his hips up reflexively, and helped ole Pete work the fucker in. A twist here, and little thrust there, and all of a sudden, the slender little anal prod was lodged up to the gills in Prent’s hairy butch hole, the bristles flexing into the soft, itching lining of his rectum. Once the flange of the plastic glans on the fake penis was in place against the recently untouched prostrate, Pete flicked the switch at the bottom, and the dildo began a deep, quiet hum that translated into an effective vibration deep within Prent. Pete could tell that Prentis was helpless, clenching his ass muscles to make the little dildo soothe his anal track, and at the same time force it away from his joy button. Then Pete turned up the vibrator to next speed, and began to slowly twist the little fucker back and forth, up and down, driving Prent to fuck like a champ. The Milkman was trying hard to stop the itching that the gell covered prod was adding to his already tortured trench. Once he got Prent going, gasping and working his hips as best he could to relieve the incessant scratching, Pete strapped the dildo in place and then attached the wires to Susan’s bicycle spokes, and whispered in her ear. The dazed woman, her cunt soaked with her greasy lube, began to pedal like her like depended on it, and while she was still getting her shocks causing her insatiable pussy to spit more juice, she sent a charge up Prent’s asshole that made him scream into the gag and bounce like rubber ball on the bed. After about three or four minutes, the dildo firmly lodged up the already inflamed and virgin asshole, was not only rubbing and scratching the lining of the asshole and bumping the fuck nut, now it was sending random electric shocks up the milkman’s hungry fundament.

The blond jock was unable to shit the invader out of his over stimulated hole. God but his shrieks were music to a guy’s ear, especially since they were shrieks of a muscle jock laid low: aaaaaaiiiiiiieeeeeeee.....mmmmpppphhhhhhggg ...ooooohhhh ....nnnoooooogggghhhhmmpp! Prentis twisted, his hands and feet flexed and scrabbled at the air. That’s when Pete decided to try another idea. He plucked a plastic hair brush out of the bag and used it to run lightly over the high arched instep of Prentis’ nearby right foot, then suddenly to his exposed and sensitive palm, onto his taut abdomen, and to the inside of his spread thighs, then back to the sole and instep, from one side to the other and to the other spots. He used his index finger and thumb on the free hand to role and pull on Prentis’ firm, rubbery teats, twist’n ‘em and plucking the ripe berries whose rubbery texture had gone stiff. Prentis shrieked more loudly behind the gag from his sensation overload, and in a matter of a couple of minutes, his big, irritated, but untouched dick firmed up again and the piss lips gapped. Pete grasped a large kitchen spoon he’d brought into the room, and held it under the long, wide piss lips as the handsome young milkman shot four thick streams of crud, then drooled a steady flow to partially fill it up. It seemed like the young mailman’s orgasm went on for two minutes, but he just writhed and moaned like it did, and his dick drooled and stayed semi-hard.

Then Pete took up a small funnel, and stuck the nozzle past the jock strap to the back of Prent’s mouth, near his throat. Then while the dazed young jock watched, Pete pulled out his own big dick, all hard and sticky from his own pre-cum. Then holding his cock over the ladle already filled half full with Prent’s gism, Pete thumbed his big dick and closed his eyes and whispered out load….

"Yeah…you big fuckhead faggot, got you where you need to be…tied down and dildo fucked, and shooting sap like my bitch….yeah, you’re gonna make a good pussy, a good horny fuck punk slave, shooting cum when I give you permission, and being drained like a bull in heat… ooooooohhhhhhh yeeeeaaaaahhhhh…. Gonna keep your legs over yer head on a regular basis…Your gonna be my milkman alright, and I’m gonna milk you and then feed you the scum so you can make yourself pregnant….. aaaaaaaaagggghhhhhhhhh, yeah, that’s got it…oh shit, that’s got it…got my nut….and here cums the sweet stuff, oh fuck yeah…..!" Then Pete’s own wide piss lips spread as his fat glans expanded and six long ropes of thick white baby juice came gushing out, filling the spoon to the top. Pete quickly squeezed his cock head to stop the flow, and as he drained the spoon into the funnel, he let his cock flow open over it as well, and another two long shots, and two short ones, ejected along with some drool and dregs.

Prent wanted to speak, but the gag and the funnel were lodged in place, so his muffled grunts were unintelligible. And now the scum was rolling down the funnel and coating his throat, making his Adam’s apple bob to clear his passage, as the starchy juice from both men’s dicks slipped slowly down his throat. Pete smiled and rubbed his finger back and forth on Prent’s Adam’s apple, scratching and tickling it, and making Prentis almost gag and choke. But the big blond boy was incapable of stopping the steady flow of the spunk….thick spooge was rolling down his throat for the first time, and filling his belly.

In the meantime, he'd turned off the anal the kid a chance to catch his breath. But when the last of the spermy load was scraped into the funnel, and Prentis was just breathing hard from his sensory overload, Pete turned the wicked thing back on low. Prent's eyes snapped open, and he pleaded pitfully through the gag for mercy, to be released...little sparks beginning again to shoot up his hole when the dildo was activated. But Pete just smiled, his own dick stiffening as he thought of things to cum. He'd have to put on a good rubber, and slip the bristle ring on his own pecker, then coat it with gel and slide it up ole Prent's bung hole. He'd give the boy the ride he needed, and that Pete wanted desperately to give him. Soon the vibrator was back up to full speed, and the electric shocks and buzzing anal prod were driving the fuck crazy Prentis up the hill once more…slowly but surely, working his prostate mercilessly to deliver one more load of healthy milk from the milkman’s plump nuts. Shit the punk was a natural, a cum spewing, big dicked meathead that couldn’t control his fuck lust. Like all big dicked and brainless guys, his dick just wanted to shoot scum, and it didn't care how it happened.

Prentis' cock was still half hard and the renewed assault made his cock lurch back into a steely erection. After five minutes of priming the young blond punk, and making sure his cock was well on its way to another unwanted ejaculation, Pete switched the dildo off, and carefully removed. The young milkman gasped as the hairy bristles were drawn out of his hole, and the air filled the sudden void. The itching had subsided a bit, and though Prent still ground his ass into the bed, and squirmed from the itching, he was not bouncing as he had earlier. Pete then told Prentis that if he would not yell for help, he’d remove the jock strap gag for the rest of the night. But that if he went back on his promise, he’d gag him with it again, and leave him all night with a ten-inch dildo vibrating up his ass. The terrified and exhausted young blond, nodded his head in agreement, closing his eyes in resignation, perspiration rolling off his body from every location, even his big exposed feet were damp and moist.

Pete, then went for the piece de resistance. With a nasty smirk on his face he took a small knobby dildo, put it into a harness, and slipped the harness round Prentis’ head. The young blond asked what was happening, he said that Pete had promised that he wouldn’t gag him again. But Pete just laughed and reminded the handsome blond that he said he would not use the jock strap again. He pinched Prentis’ nose, and made the young man mouth gape open for air, and as he did so it also accepted the soft plastic dildo between his teeth. Then Pete strapped it into place. The dildo was curved, and athough it did not gag Prentis, it arched up to touch both the roof of his mouth at one spot, and rest on his tongue at another. Once he turned it on, the buzzing tickled the roof of Prent's mouth, and made him wrench his head from side to side, trying vainly to make the tickling stop. Then as Prent was distracted, Pete slipped on the baseball glove with the bristles on the index finger over a thin latex one. After dipping the index finger till it was thoroughly coated with gell, once again he very gently and quickly inserted it into the exhausted butt hole of the young man.

Prent's eyes snapped open from their focus on the buzzing in his mouth, and his anus clamped down on the invading finger. Pete laughed at the strength of Prent's ass muscles..."We're gonna have to loosen you up a bit buddy, make that hole nice and friendly to anything that gets stuck up there...." The boy's ass began to bounce again as the new coating of gel, coupled with the bristly finger was wriggling up his hungry hole. Prentis’ body had a sheen of sweat covering it, his hairy legs and feet were damp and beginning to smell, his chest slick with perspiration, his pits sloppy. Pete then flicked the switch on the small dildo in Prentis’ mouth to high, and the tickling vibration on the roof of his mouth and tongue, coupled with the irritating knobs caused the beefy young milkman’s eyes to clamp shut as he concentrated on the tingling that he felt to his teeth. He grunted and called out around the dildo, making its jiggling, tickling surfaces touch more locations in his mouth, even bumping into his teeth: aaaaaaaahhhhhh ...wwwhaaaa....tttt dddaaaaa...fuuuuucccccckkkkk.....aaaaagggggghhhhhh....stoooooppppp.... doooonnnn'ttttt, nooooooooooooooo....nnnnnaaaaaaaaaaaa........slurp, burp,....aaaaahhhggggg!

Pete put down the brush, and used the other hand already covered with a latex glove, and dipped it into the gel. He grasped Prentis’ half-hard boner pulling it upwards so he could get a good grip, and using a gentle gliding motion, one that caused his palm to slide over the curved end spot where the meatus and shaft met, and allowed him to palm and roll the fat plum of a prick knob, he began a steady frig of the boy's pecker. His fingers just closed around the thick curved spike. With complete satisfaction, he began a steady but slow jack-off of the bound blond. At the same time, the bristle covered index finger was rooted deep up the young man’s bowels, and the finger reached its goal, rolling the scratchy bristles gently but insistently over the hard nut of the young milkman’s prostate. Prentis’ eyes bulged, his hands and feet went wild, flapping reflexively. The milkman’s already tired balls were now roiling because of the relentless jacking fist and the maddening sensation deep up his butt. Pete was giving the previously neglected prick the kind of treatment it had craved during the first two ejaculations, while the pistoning finger searched for places to scratch up the clinging hole of the handsome young fuck artist. After about ten minutes the gasping and croaking around the vibrating dildo gave way to long groans and moans, Prentis’ dick went rigid, itching madly and desperate for the jerking fist that worked it. Pete concentrated a finger on the prostrate, and his rotating fist over the fat, bulging plum of Prent’s big knob. The young punk’s body went rigid, his fingers and toes curling tight.

One last time, the obscenely expanded knob, with its wide piss lips, swelled and went glassy smooth. The lips opened, and three long arcs of gism shot out, followed by a steady stream of weak drool, onto the face of the trussed jock. But the dick, like the engine it was, pulsed through the entire orgasm as it was the first time, responding to the fist that kneaded and jerked it and the horrible tickling. Prentis, howled and as he came, the vibrating gag attacking his tongue with its buzzing sensations, and he lost control of his ejaculating dick, unable to stop any of the sensations that were overcoming him. Aaaaaaaagggggggggghhhhhh..... mmmmmppppphhhh.......aaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiyyyyyyyyyiiiiiiii.....aaaaaagggggg gghhhhhhh.....nnnooooooooooooopppppphhhhhhh! Pete slowed his rooting finger, until it was gentle slide up and down the clinging, pulsing channel, and his fist slowed to a crawl, using his thumb to smooth the young man’s fuck sap into the tingling, over-wrought head of his aching schlong. But he did not stop, until the young man had almost passed out from the sensation.

As he slowed down, and young Prentis was still conscious, Pete whispered about the video he had made of the whole session, and how Prentis had cum like a whore on holiday. His tongue grazed the ears of the young man has he spoke, and he stuck it in, while continuing to play with the big boy dick on the tethered milkman. As Pete spoke, he smiled as he found Prentis’ dick growing stiff, against his will, in the gripping, squeezing, roiling fist. He now used the bristle finger, to tease and scratch at Prentis’ tits, making them pointy and hard, in spite of what he had just gone through.

"Yeah buddy, you're a cum shooting pro...a punk with out dick control, and I'm gonna give ya just what you need from now on. Yer gonna become a good boy Prent, a big dicked jock punk, without any control of his fat nuts and their sperm loads. You're gonna lick cunt and eat sperm, but you dick's never gonna get relief until I say got it buddy....your days of touching and using that big boner are over....over." Prent's worn out cock, hardened...unable to stop whatever it was that made him react to Pete's laving tongue and frigging fist. "Lemme tell you what's next for you and that bitch over there.... From now on, your both gonna serve me like a king...and Pete whispered into the big blond's ears, as his fist slid up and down, making the milkman go hard, but without much chance of another cum.



Pete was good to his word. That night, Prentis went home with a new device attached to his cock. It was a strange little cage that fit snugly over the thick flange and ridge of his cock head. It was firmly lodged in that grove, and if Prentis tried to slip his cock head out, stiff, pointed spikes aimed toward the front would poke into the sensitive and soft flange of the spongy glans. In essence, Prentis could piss, but if he got an erection or tried to pull off the little cage, he would shred his prick knob. It was an ingenious chastity device. Pete also required Prent to give himself an enema whenever they got together...Pete could basically make him lower his pants and give him an anal inspection by slipping a finger up his butt, and making Prent suck it clean. Even when they went out to dinner with Susan together, smiling and talking with folks, Pete would excuse himself to go to the john and that was a signal for Prent to follow a minute later for his inspection in the disabled stall...bent over Pete's lap, his pants and briefs at this knees, his dick caged and always with his heads locked behind his head.

Prent dread's his new life, but in this small town, Pete's has him by the balls. The video and still pics he took of Prentis, along with new one's he made of him with Susan and others he took on the sly when Prent was doing women along the milk route, have Prentis now confined to whatever Pete demands. The cock cage, and his new chastity are only the tips of the iceberg. Prent is only allowed to cum every week or two, and if he screws up, only one a month. But he services women, sucks off men, and is masturbated regularly by Pete...often in the most public and embarassing places. That way, he can prevent Prent from ejaculating, even though he allows him to remove his cock cage and have an erection. Fuck, it killing Prent. He can't stand not shooting his scum more often...he's never had blue balls in his whole life...always shot cum, sometimes two or three times a day. Now he's constantly horny, but can't do anything but squeeze his legs together and pray that Pete will use him. He even rents Prent out to women, on the condition that if he ejaculates, he must do it in a rubber and eat it in front of the women before he leaves...and then he's not allowed to even have an erection for a week from the time he shot without permission. Jesus, Pete's got him...and now he's a helpless punk prick, whose cock is out of his own control.

Pete took over scheduling Prent's sex life. The wives on the route were required to let him suck their pussies, but he was not allowed to fuck his cock into them. They got special treatment, including ass and toe licking, if they would give Prent a tied off used condom from their husbands' most recent fucking. If Prent brought back five or six from a day, then Pete would save them until before he put Prent to bed and untie them to drain down the big blond's throat. On those occasions, Prent would be tied to his bed on his back, with a roll bar to keep his sheets from touching his dick, and allowed to sleep without his cock cage and without the ability to give himself relief even when he got an erection which Pete always made sure he did.

Pete also took care of Susan. She was also locked into a chastity device that kept her clit exposed and always itching, but her only orgasms were around Pete's thick shaft. God he loved to fuck her when she was horny...making her ride his prong and scrap that clit till she screamed and creamed....drenching his dick with her juice and getting it ready for Prent to lick clean. She was also serviced by the post man, the meter guy, and the teenage dick that lived next door and a couple of his every horny buddies from the baseball team. Jesus those kids could fuck, sometimes filling Susan with so much spooge that Pete had to spoon it into Prent's mouth. Yeah, those kids knew how to fuck and they had staying power like all teenage boys. Prent was required to lick Susan out whenever Pete wanted, and always after a good boffing by some thick cock that needed a place to empty sperm. The cocktail of sperm and Susan's sweet juice had become Prent's vitamins. Pete even built a platform in the bedroom designed so Susan's ass and cunt could be available for a good fucking, and the juice would slide out onto Prent's mouth, as he lay on a padded board underneath her, hands and legs tied, dick hard and drooling with need.

Pete even bought a family pet, a big German shepard that he taught to lick Susan into unending orgasms....with old Pete tied underneath to lick up her juice as it squirted after each cum. Pete even developed a sauce that the dog can't resist and with Susan tied down and unable to close her legs on the platform, that dog will chow down with his long slithery tongue, searching out every special spot Susan has, making her scream and cream while Prent drinks her juice.

Today, Prent has come to visit Pete in his office at lunch time. Everyone's out, so Pete has the big blond on his desk, on his knees, with his face down and his hands tied behind his back. He makes Prent keep his cap on, and his nice tied and white shirt...but the pants are at his boot tops. His cock cage has been removed, and his prong is stiff from one week of chastity, and Pete's using the kids own briefs as a restraint, pushing the dick down between Prent's legs and hooking it onto the briefs that are just below his thighs. That way, Prent's big boy dick is trapped aimed backwards between his legs...the knob glistening with pre-cum.

Pete's got an electric tooth brush he keeps in the office for the times that Prent visits. Right now, he's reaching under the blond's shirt to find his hard nips through all that fur on his chest, and he's switched on the tooth brush and bringing its wizzing bristles down onto Prent's big dick tip. Jeez the kid has learned to take it without shooting cum unless given permission. He loves the feel of those bristles whirling up and down his stalk, and working over his bloated glans...but no cum without permission....and today, he's just gonna work him up, and then send him off. Pete's got a couple of the guys from the basketball team coming over tonight to meet Susan, and the surprise will be when they find Prent's legs tied over his head, sucking his own cock. He has to cum before Susan, or tonight, the dog will get to lick his cock nonstop, even through cums, for an hour....Fuck, what a way to get the milk delivered!