Punk Kids or Brett's Big Boner 5

Disclaimer: If you are not yet 18 years of age, or if it is illegal to read materials of this kind where you live, then please stop now. This story is for adults, and contains descriptions of sexual activity between teenage boys initiated by them and with older men. This story is completely fiction, all descriptions and names are also made up, and any similarities are truly just that, purely similarities. I do not engage in or condone sexual activity between adults and teenagers which is regulated by law. These are fantasies for sexual private sexual enjoyment, not for emulation in real life.

I have not had the opportunity to write a major story, with the exception of one in collaboration with a colleague whose writing I admire. My stories are posted on Paulie’s Personal Web Site and on ASSGM.com. I would appreciate comments on my writing which may be a bit rusty. I certainly admire the good writers on the web, and consider myself still a learner. Please contact me at [email protected].

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The next morning at the breakfast shared between Johnny’s family and Wes’, Johnny casually gave Wes a Manilla envelope. Wes ignored it while he read the sports page, and wolfed down his eggs, bacon and toast prepared by Johnny’s mom. But as he left the kitchen, he began to open the metal clasp on the back. Johnny smiled to himself quietly. Five minute later, Wes burst through the kitchen door, his face flushed and his eyes glaring at Johnny with a nervous smile…not wanting his parents or Johnny’s to get wind of anything. Johnny sat across the room at the breakfast room table, smiling almost sarcastically as the older boy anxiously asked “He Jo…you wanna come upstairs and figure out
what we’re gonna do today?”

Johnny answered almost bored, “Naw…I’m gonna hang out here for a while. I’ ll see you in about fifteen minutes,” knowing even as he spoke how angry and panicked the other boy was. Johnny had put in four large blow ups of Wes’ cock erupting and all of them included his face and an unknown fist sliding up and down the erect cock. The detail was stunning, and there was also a note giving Wes some clear instructions. He was to keep his mouth shut, and do everything Johnny said or an internet link where the pictures and more, including a fifteen minute streaming video would be posted, would be sent to his parents, his friends, and his school e-mail addresses. As Johnny’s parents and Wes’ were preparing to leave for another excursion together all day Saturday, Johnny finally spoke to Wes telling him that if he tried anything, or failed to follow any instructions, Johnny would make him pay dearly by making sure everyone Wes knew got copies of the pictures. At first, as they spoke, Wes was defiant and angry. For a moment Johnny wondered if the bigger boy might not just go postal and deck him. But by the time the heated conversation ended, and Johnny handed Wes four more photo enlargements, the older boy seemed defeated. At first he tried to bargain with Johnny, hoping maybe the younger boy would take money for the pictures. But it was clear that Johnny wanted other “goods” in trade. Now Johnny’s plan was ready for execution, and Wes was about to be the test run for Brent McDermott’s ordeal to come.


Wes Pays Dearly

When Darren rang the doorbell, about a half-hour after the parents had left for their excursion that was not likely to end until about 10:00 p.m. after dinner and drinks, Johnny had already given Wes his first lesson in obedience. The arrogant older teenager had been gagged with his own briefs, had his wrists tied behind his back to his elbows, and a short (2.5 feet) wooden dowel tethered between both his thick, hairy ankles. A rope connected his secured wrists to his spreader bar, so effectively, the big teen was hobbled, his chest forced slightly outward by the taut line between his arms behind his back and ankles that bowed his body as he stood, sullen and but compliant. He was in his cotton walking shorts, hanging low on his waist, his deep and hairy “inny” belly button on that flat athletic stomach, clearly and deliciously visible. But that was the extent of his clothing, he wore nothing else…barefoot and humiliated. Johnny took Darren into the upstairs bathroom, where Wes had left the door open and pissed hard to show off his body to Johnny the previous evening. Now Wes stood in the same bathroom, tethered and defeated as Johnny brought Darren in to observe Wes’ humiliation. The older teen barely made eye contact with Darren, looking away disgusted and embarrassed.

“You know Darren,” Johnny began, “Wes is like you. He realizes that it’s best that I supervise him while he’s here for the rest of the weekend. So tonight, we’re gonna help my buddy Wes out.” Now Johnny’s tone turned sarcastic,
“ He was so good to me the first time we met, at his house earlier in the summer, that I wanna return the favor…huh, Wes…you think that would be good too, don’t ya?” Wes kept his eyes down, knowing that any gesture that would piss off Johnny might cause things to go bad for him, and yet he was burning inside to lash out. Ultimately, he knew that he had to submit to this geek kid who’ d been willing to service him when he had been in control---a punk who he’d never have given a second thought to when he was at school with the pick of the litter. Now he was helpless, and his reign over the smaller teen was at an end. Even as he stood and curled his toes from anger, and the rage boiled within him, he knew he could not get out of this trap. His only tact was to get through it, after all, what could this punk-sissy get the nerve to do?

“I’ve been having Wes drink water since the parents left to hydrate him---lots of water. My mom always says to drink lots of water cause it’s good for you. So Wes has been drinking all morning, after we had a good breakfast of toast, oat bran, and shredded wheat—stuff to keep him healthy and “regular,” if you know what I mean.” Johnny winked at Darren with a wicked smile. It was so great, after our parents left and we were alone, I sat ole Wes down, and feed him like a baby…I got to take care of my bud, because he couldn’t use his hands...they were sorta ‘tied-up’ if you know what I mean.” You know, it can be hard to concentrate on chewing your food when someone is tweaking your tits. Ole Wes has got real sensitive tits…every time my nail scratched across the tips, or my fingers twisted one way or the other, he seemed to lose his concentration and focus. But eventually we got through the whole meal, huh buddy? Johnny laughed at his own joke and Darren joined along as they pulled on the bonds that kept Wes’ arms tethered behind his back, making his already stiff teats thrust out even more from his jutting pecs. When Johnny began to speak of his nips, Wes’ cock had begun to stiffen again, pushing out the loose cotton material of the shorts. The same thing had happened when Johnny was feeding him and playing with his nipples, his cock had erected immediately. Wes was just the kind of guy that whenever you touched his titties, his prick bonered reflexively….the kind of meat that made Johnny mouth water.

“So I figure it’s time for ole Wes to use the head, and take care of business Darren, and I want you to watch and maybe film it cause we wanna be sure to capture every minute of Wes’ day…as a souvenir of his trip. And since Wes can
’t help himself, we’ll have to help him out. First we gotta let him piss. Let’s go, Wes, step up to the toilet bowl buddy…and let her fly.” But even as Johnny spoke, he also unzipped Wes’ shorts and slid his hand inside to fish out the older boy’s slightly stiff cock. The thick, handsome prick with its oversized and wide head, immediately began to lengthen completely going stiff from the younger boy’s touch. Johnny, just held Wes’ prick down, and aimed it to the toilet bowl, even though it continued to throb and stay erect. Wes grunted behind his gag, trying to explain that he couldn’t piss while he had a boner, but Johnny just smiled.

“You better piss Wes, cause when we finish in the can, you’re not gonna get a chance to come back for a while…and you wouldn’t want to piss on yourself latter in the morning, would ya?” Wes rolled his eyes, and then squeezed them shut trying to concentrate on willing his now eight inch erection down. At least Johnny wasn’t jacking him, but the sensation of the other boy’s fingers on his ever-hard bone made it almost impossible to perform. Somehow, through sheer will, Wes grunted and squeezed until piss began to squirt from his prick, and through a partial erection, he managed to squeeze out his morning urine as the two boys watched and laughed, and Darren filmed some of the humiliating performance.

Wes blushed deeply as he thrust out his hips and made the piss shoot out in consecutive bolts rather than a steady stream. It was the only way he could do it, and he looked so fucking sexy standing there, tied, while another smaller kid held his big boy dick and made him pee. His toes curled a bit as he forced the piss out, and his chest continued to stick out, the luscious teenage nipples looking ripe and succulent, especially after their earlier stimulation at breakfast.

When Wes finally finished, he sighed in relief, hoping that his bathroom ordeal was over. But Johnny had other plans. “Kay buddy, now we got to clean out that shit chute and let you poop.” Wes turned, startled by the suggestion, and his brows furrowed. He shook his head, unable to say anything, trying to persuade Johnny that enough was enough. Maybe this little shit had more balls than he imagined. He wasn’t going to shit in front of two teen punks like Johnny and Darren, hell no! But Johnny looked back at him with a steely smile, “ Now turn around Wes, and let Darren spread those cheeks of yours.” Darren turned and looked at Johnny with surprise. He didn’t understand why he was being asked to spread Wes’ ass cheeks. Why not loosen the rope between his ankles and wrists and just let him sit down on the toilet. But Johnny had a plan. He did loosen the rope the kept Wes’ ankles and wrists connected, but he did so only to make the older boy bend over at the waist. Then he told Darren to sit on the toilet seat as he handed him a three inch white cylinder that was not more than a quarter inch in diameter…Johnny had given Darren a suppository to hold. Wes looked over at what Johnny was doing, and shook his head emphatically…no…he wouldn’t take it…he’d tighten his asshole…no way! But Johnny snapped his fingers to get Wes’ attention, and turned the older boy around, keeping his palm on his head, to keep him bent over.

This was ingenious! Johnny remembered from his own childhood when his mother had given him a suppository to help him shit when he was constipated. The weird feeling of the slim, soft cylinder sliding into his rectum had made his little boy prick go stiff. All he could do was clench his ass muscles, and make them grip the thing tingling in his ass until it melted. Then he remembered running to the toilet and shitting till every piece of crap in him had slid into the bowl. The whole time, his prick had remained hard, and he wondered at why the suppository made him feel that way. Now, he intended to humiliate Wes by treating him like a little kid. The big, hairy teenager was about to get his big boy suppository, but with a twist. Johnny had soaked it in Noxema, and the suppository now had a slightly greasy and stinging quality to it. It wouldn’t hurt Wes, but it would likely make his ass either tingle or itch, and Johnny didn’t care which as long as Wes was uncomfortable, and erect during the entire process.

Wes stayed bent over reluctantly as he was instructed after his shorts were cut away from his body, and Darren parted the firm, muscular buttocks, exposing the hairy teenage trough. Johnny dabbed his finger in the bottle of Noxema, and using his index finger, parted the thick hair in Wes’ trench and located the ragged split of his anus. The tight sphincter was firmly shut, but as Johnny finger trailed up and down the soft flesh, Wes grunted and wriggled his toes, unable to prevent the ticklish and tingling feeling of the greasy finger sliding back and forth over his sensitive anus, from worming its way into his hot teenage ass pucker. Slowly but surely, Johnny slid his finger up Wes’ rectum, till he reached the older boy’s fuck nut. When he felt it, he made sure to rub it back and forth, eliciting the deep groans he desired from the helpless bigger kid: “oooooooowwwwww, aaaaaaaaggggggggghhhhhh…. mmmmmmppppppphhhhhhhh.” Wes panted and grunted into his gag as the wicked finger teased up his ass pucker and rubbed gently back and forth over his healthy, fat teenage prostate. Now his toes gripped the rug again, unable to do anything else from the incredible sensation deep in his ass, his gluts gripped tight, trying to force the wriggling finger out from inside him, and he knew his piss lips were drooling sap from the insistent fingering.

It was useless for Wes to resist. Johnny made sure the older teen was well lubricated, and anally masturbated so that when he slid his finger out, Wes’ cock was fully erect, bobbing and dripping pre-sap from its long piss lips and wide piss-well. Johnny used his other hand to grasp the big boy boner, and slid his thumb over the sticky knob, wet with the clear juice, making Wes gasp even more and thrust his cock into the boy’s soft palm. The sensitive cock head expanded even more seeking stimulation for its ticklish surface. Johnny just teased the big teen, and told Darren, it was time to slide the suppository into Wes. Carefully, the other boy followed his friend’s instructions, and within a moment, Wes had the three inch prod lodged inside him. Then Johnny made him stand up straight, forcing the suppository to rub against his prostate even more. As Wes grimaced and gripped the floor with his curling toes, Johnny continued to play with the fat cock knob of Wes’s fully erect penis, tickling it, and scratching his fingernail lightly over the glans and flange. He told Darren to gently roll and twist Wes’ coned and rubbery teats, milking them and making the older boy gasp and thrust out his chest from the sweet sensation. For ten minutes, Wes shifted from one foot to the other, trying to rest his weight on one foot or the other even though he was tethered by the spreader bar. His hips had begun to thrust towards Johnny’s dancing fingertips, and he tried to move both to and from Darren’s talented fingers on his tits, especially when the boy licked his fingers and then plied the tits. He grunted and groaned, squeezing his ass muscles, as the suppository slowly melted in his ass. Suddenly his eyes widened, and as soon as Johnny saw the expression, he pushed Darren out the way and steered Wes to the toilet seat. The older boy sat down immediately, and then squeezed his eyes shut as suddenly there was a rain of heavy splashes into the toilet bowl. Wes was shitting his shredded wheat, oat bran, toast and last night’s dinner. It wasn’t pretty, but the smell was tolerable though Wes blushed and blushed from having to perform his morning ablution in front of two younger teenage boys, his prick remaining hard through the entire performance.

Nor did his humiliation end when he finished shitting. Then Johnny made his stand and bend over again and inserted the nozzle from his mother’s douche bag, giving the older boy a soapy, warm water enema. Once again the nozzle buzzed his sensitive prostate, and the water filled him putting pressure on his fuck nut keeping his prick hard and drooling. Two times, the boys filled him with the mild liquid, and made him shit it out, until on the last effort, the water appeared clean. Then Johnny made Darren use a wet wash cloth to wipe Wes’s ass, instructing him to gently push the cotton material into the anal e ntrance, eliciting even more gasps from Wes. When they were done, they put Wes into the walk-in shower stall, and washed him from head to foot, making sure to pay attention to his nipples, his navel, his asshole, and his cock and balls . As they dried him off, he was not only clean and sweet-smelling, but he was still fully erect and drooling from the soapy massage they had given his big boner as they washed him from head to toe.

Now Johnny was ready to give Wes what he truly deserved, and to test out the thrill of having complete control over an older, athletic and handsome teenage boy. They steered Wes, shuffling his big feet because of the spreader bar, into Johnny’s bedroom and within ten minutes had him fully spread-eagled on the bed, arms extended to the two corner posts, and feet tethered to the bottom posts. Johnny instructed Darren to strip down to his briefs, and he did the same, and both boys climbed into the queen size bed on each side of Wes’ bound body. Then Johnny spoke in soft but clear tones, so both of the boys could hear, and explained to Wes what was next.

“You know Wes, that week I stayed at your house, you taught me lots of things about sex, and you made me cum and cum and showed me how nice it was to help out a big boy buddy----like you. I came back and showed Darren. But I wondered how it would be to help you out, to let you know how it felt to be on the other side, where you couldn’t be the one in control, making all the decisions and having all that responsibility for taking care of someone else. I figured you’d like to just enjoy it sometime, and now we’ve got you here in my room, and you don’t have to worry about anything, cause me and Darren, we’re gonna take good care of you.” You couldn’t miss the sickly sweet tone of Johnny’s voice, making sure that Wes knew that every indignity that he’d put Johnny through earlier in the summer, he was about to suffer. As Johnny spoke, he directed Darren and both boys picked up toothbrushes that were next to the bed. The brushes had been boiled in hot water, and the bristles, already soft were softened even more, but as often happens when bristles are boiled, they stuck out in every direction, no longer in the tight and compact form when purchased at the store. Now the bristles were just perfect for a big teenage body, strapped out and helpless, and that is precisely what Johnny had in mind.

“So you lay back and relax Wes, and when we’re done, you won’t have to worry about shooting yer wad for days, maybe even weeks….” Wes’ eyes widened as he saw that each boy had a brush. His nipples went hard, and his dick lurched… fuck, he was ticklish and now he was helplessly stretched out for these two fiends…oh God…oh fuck! As Johnny finished speaking, he and Darren first lowered their fingers onto the big boy’s taut body, as he eyes now squeezed shut and he howled into his gag, grunting and yelling into the dirty briefs lodged in his mouth and tied in place. The wriggling fingers of the two teens started to investigate his beautiful torso. The brushes would be coming soon, but first they wanted to bring Wes to a perfect state of sexual heat and helpless insanity from the maddening tickling.

Fuck, Johnny and Darren soaked in Wes’s perfect body, his big feet with their long, thick toes, his big hands, spread out and tied with the soft palms open, his heaving chest with its rounded pectorals and the wide, rubbery cones of his teats thrusting up from the curved edge, his navel, a deep hairy well, and finally his long, curved shaft with its completely soaked glans, and the big, hanging nuts that rested between his legs. And there was more; that hidden entrance between his legs underneath his balls that longed for the attentions of two naughty boys. Washed clean and teen spunk ready, Johnny had his wish cum true, a big boy to manage and to play with sexually, a big boy whose cocky arrogance would soon be reduced to helpless begging.

Darren and Johnny both leaned down and rested their heads on Wes’ muscled torso. At Johnny’s signal, they opened their lips and fastened them onto Wes’ stiff, jutting tits, suckling and tonguing the sensitive nubs. Both teats immediately stiffened even more, their rubbery texture turning into hard tacks of sensation, shooting straight to Wes’ throbbing bone. Wes exhaled, and closed his eyes, savoring the the sharp, exquisite sensation of both of his teats being nursed, one each by the two boys who were holding him captive, even as their fingers lightly glided over the rest of his body. If this was punishment, maybe he could survive, and he felt his thick prick burp more sap onto his fluttering tummy, as the tickling lips drew gasps and squeals of pleasure from him behind his gag. The boys twirled their tongues around Wes’ rigid, rubbery nipples, making the fourteen year old move his chest first towards one side then the other, to get the most from their lingual caresses, when the boys suddenly lowered one hand each onto his firm stomach. With a wink from Johnny, their fingers began to dance over the taut abdominal muscles, and Wes’ eyes snapped open. His nipples were still being sweetly suckled, but now he was distracted by the firm boy fingers scrabbling over his stomach. As soon as they landed on his stomach, they moved quickly elsewhere. Darren had been assigned the inside of Wes’ spread thighs, scrabbling his fingertips just beneath the roiling sack of older boy’s big nuts that were beginning to warm up and give off the telltale starchy scent that makes every teenage boy seem like a goat in heat . Johnny, smoothed his fingers and palm across the taut stomach of the teenage jock he held captive, using his index finger to trace the firm lines of his six-pack, and to probe just underneath the curved rod of his prick, and into the hairy portal of Wes’ navel. The bigger boy bucked a bit, the ticklish fingers making his thighs tighten and causing him to suck in his stomach. But those wicked little fingers kept searching and scratching, gliding and gripping, making Wes writhe within his bonds, and gurgle and grunt into his gag. The boy’ s lips followed their fingers, and soon Wes’ big boner was throbbing above his stomach, curved up and outwards and just off his torso, drooling a steady stream of clear teen sap. But no matter how he hunched and squirmed, he could not escape the tantalizing fingers and lips that scoured his body, from toes to ears, scratching, nipping, sucking and probing. When Johnny’s and Darren’s tongues invaded his ears at the same time, and each twisted and plucked his hard teenage nipples, after 30 minutes of continuous teasing and no fingers touching or stroking his raging boner, Wes’ teen hormones surrendered and the fat glans expanded making the younger boys go wide with wonder and admiration. They had the older teen completely under their control and his most private act was about to occur without any direct stimulation. Wes lost in the delicious sensation of ejaculation, panted through his gag, and lifted his ass up from the bed as far as his bonds would allow, and his fat, unruly cock knob expanded till it looked like a luscious plum, the wide piss lips parted, and wads of sticky boy juice squirted and shot from from the head, basting his chest, splattering between his nipples, and hosing his torso. Johnny and Darren intensified their licking in his ticklish ears, and scraped their finger nails over his stiff teats making the teenager howl into his gag, and continue to fire bolts of gism until only a drool emerged from the still hard cock, the knob now covered in opaque boy spooge.

Wes’ ass dropped back to the bed, and he ground it into the bedspread, still twisting and wishing someone would grasp his big cock and massage it, milk it, and get the desperate and unfulfilled need to be stroked out of his system. But Darren and Johnny were careful to avoid the spurting cock shaft as it sprayed gism over the older teens chest and face. They left Wes gasping and flexing his aching prick, with its fat knob tingling, still available for more use. The day was just beginning, and the boys had plans for their larger teenage companion. Johnny had carefully instructed Darren, and the other teen was ready to follow his friends plan to the last detail. Wes was in for a day he would never forget, and sensations that would transform him.

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