Hypno Cop

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It's only recently that I realized my uncanny ability to hypnotize people. I was having a chat with a friend, Chuck, at the party the other day, and he told me about this hypnosis course he was attending these days. His motivation was quite naughty, though. He wanted to use hypnosis to seduce guys! And he wanted to experiment on me!

"Come on, Bruce! I think I'm pretty good at it now. Let me try my skill!", he said. "No way, man! You're gonna make me do the embarrassing things like hopping around the room like a kangaroo, don't you? I sure don't want to be a victim of public humiliation!"

I resisted, but Chuck was so persistent that I finally gave in. He stared into my eyes, and started speaking in a gentle voice. "OK Bruce, just look into my eyes. As you look, you start feeling drowsy..."

As I listened to his words, I did actually start feeling drowsy, but at that moment, a strange idea popped into my mind. Perhaps I could try to hypnotize him back instead! You have no idea what he's trying to make of me once I go into a trance! I'd rather control him, rather than being in control of him! I know all the procedures, for I've been watching the hypnosis shows on TV lately. I tried to strengthen my mind, and stared back at him. I tried to overpower him with my gaze!

"That's right, Bruce. You feel so sleepy. Soooo sleepy..." In a short while, I won over him. His eyes were half-opened, and he was speaking like a drunkard now. "Yes, Bruce... you feel so sleepy, don't you? You feel sooo sleepy. But this.. this is strange. I feel sleepy myself." At this point, I took him over. "That's right, Chuck. You are about to fall into a sleep now. Fall into a deep sleep with my count of 3, OK?" "OK." He sounded like a complete dumb by now!

"Good. 1, 2, 3!"

With it, Chuck bent his head forward, and fell into a deep trance. Boy, you'll never believe how much fun I had with him that night! I literally became a star of the party, and as for Chuck, a complete victim and a clown! With my command, Chuck obediently hopped around the room thinking he was a kangaroo, quacked like a duck, and then he completely went ape! He jumped around the party site eating banana, thinking he was a chimpanzee amongst the cheering audience! And as a grand finale, Chuck stripped his clothes off completely while dancing, and then walked around the room in a dignified manner, thinking he was a Queen of England, shaking hands with everybody, but only he was completely naked! It was absolutely hilarious! Women (and obviously some men) were particularly delighted with my treatment of Chuck, for he was rather a good-looking guy! Next day, he didn't remember a thing about his humiliation, for I made sure to erase the memory before waking him up!

And now the life became even more fun for me with this new-found skill! Chuck became my favorite hypnotic subject without his ever knowing it, and I had lots of fun with him making him do things he would otherwise never do when he's awake! I also tried my hypnotic skill with other friends, and it worked equally well! It was 3pm on Sunday, and I was on my way home after having a leisurely lunch at the sea-side restaurant with a friend, one of my hypno slaves. I was driving along the highway. I was in such a happy mood, that I never realized that I exceeded the speed limit! I heard the siren behind. In the mirror, I saw a cop on a motorbike signaling me to pull over! Oh no, this doesn't look good! I pulled over my car, and the cop came over to me and looked in at the window, which I immediately opened. Even under this stressful situation, however, only for a brief moment, I became completely oblivious to my trouble, and my jaws dropped at what I saw just in front of me! I'm talking about the cop who's watching me now. Boy was he gorgeous! He must be around 32, tall, muscular, and tanned! He was wearing a helmet and sunglasses, but that really didn't hide his dashing good looks! He was a sheer beauty!

"Driving license, please."

Utterly cold tone of his voice brought me back to the reality instantly! "Seems like you were in a hurry, Mr. Hix."

He said in a sarcastic manner, looking at my license.

"I'm afraid I have to confiscate your car, Mr. Hix. Could you step out of your car, please." Now am I in a trouble! I've got to do something about this! Then suddenly, an idea popped into my mind. Maybe I can hypnotize this cop and let him forget about all this? It all seemed like a crazy idea, but I didn't have any other choice. And as an added bonus, maybe I could have some fun with this hunk as well! I got out of the car and walked over to him, rubbing my eye.

"Officer, I've got something in my eye. I can barely open it. It hurts! Could you take a look at it?" "What?"

He looked taken in by my unexpected request.

"It really hurts, Sir. Please take a look at my eye and see if anything's there." He took off his sunglasses and looked into my eye. My heart started beating hard, with a gorgeous hunk standing very close to me, and his face right in front of me. He has the most beautiful piercing blue eyes! "I don't see anything."

"No, something is there. Please look at it more intently. Just look into my eyes. You've got to keep looking." "Nothing is there, Mr. Hix."

"No, keep looking, officer. Just keep looking. As you keep looking, you start to realize how soothing it is to look into my eyes." "What?"

"No, keep watching, keep watching. Just look into my eyes. Yes, it's so good to look into my eyes. Your stress and worries are all drifting away as you look so intently into my eyes. Keep watching. You feel so mellow now. So smooth. It's good to look into my eyes. It's good to look into my eyes. My eyes make you feel so relaxing. My eyes make you feel so relaxing. And as you relax, you start to feel drowsy. Soooo sleepy. You feel pleasantly tired now. Just like you are in a warm bed ready to collapse into a deep sleep."

I got ya! His eyes were half-opened by now, and he was blinking frequently.

"That's it, you feel soooo sleepy, soooo drowsy. And it's completely OK to fall asleep now. Because I'm here to take care of you. I will take a very good care of you, officer. Leave everything to me, and you will be all right. Everything will be all right. Everything will work out just fine. Now, with a count of 3, you will fall into a complete, deep sleep. 1, 2, 3." The cop was standing there with his eyes closed, swaying his body left and right, the sight of which made me feel hornier than ever before!!! "OK, you can listen ONLY to my voice now. Your attention is solely concentrated on my voice. You listen to me very, very carefully, and whatever I tell you, you feel an overwhelming urge to carry out my command. Understood?" "Yes."

"Always put 'Sir' at the end of the sentence when you talk to me. Understood?" "Yes, Sir."

"That's a good boy. What's your name?

"My name is Gavin Taylor, Sir."

"OK Gavin, listen. You will wake up in a moment, but when you do, you won't remember a thing of what happened here with me. You will completely forget about me, and you will carry on your duty as usual as if nothing had happened. Understood?" "Yes, Sir."

"Good. Now, do you have any appointment tonight?"

"Yes, Sir. I have a date with Rose, Sir."

"And who's Rose?"

"My girlfriend, Sir."

"Oh no! Now, listen. After you wake up, the first thing you should do is cancel your date, no matter what. You simply don't want to go out with her tonight. Try to think of any excuse that suits you. Understood?" "But, tonight is..."

"There is NO 'but' with me. Understood?"

"Yes, Sir. I will cancel my date with Rose, Sir."

"Good boy. Now, here's my name card. Take it and put it in your wallet. That's it. Now, after you wake up, you will completely forget about my card until 6:45pm tonight. At 6:45pm, you suddenly remember about this card. You take it out from your wallet, but you still don't know why you're holding it. The only thing that's clear to you, however, is that you feel an overwhelming URGE to dial my number. You MUST give me a call at 7pm precisely tonight. Understood?" "Yes, Sir."

"Now, listen to me carefully. Whenever I say, "Tutti Frutti", you will go back to your trance, just like you are in now, instantly. You will feel ever so obedient once you are in this state, and you are willing to follow my command intently. My commands are absolute. No matter what, you simply cannot ignore your desire to carry out my orders in an efficient and obedient manner - just like a good slave. Understood?" "Yes, Sir."

"Good. Now, what's your cue word to put you back into this most wonderful and relaxing state?" "Tutti Frutti, Sir."

"That's a good boy. Now, in a moment, you will start counting from 10 to 1 very slowly. As you count, you will be brought back to your normal self in every way. As you count, you will be swiftly brought back to a reality. When you reach 1, you will open your eyes, wide awake, feeling totally refreshed. OK, start counting NOW!"

"10, 9, 8..."

Gavin started to count. I hopped in the car laughing triumphantly, and drove away. I was bursting with excitement. What fun shall I have with him tonight?...

I was relaxing in my apartment with scotch and soda. The telephone rang precisely at 7pm. I picked it up. "Hello."

"Hello. Is this Mr. Hix?"

"That's right."

"I'm sorry to bother you, Sir. My name is Gavin Taylor, a policeman. I just found your card in my wallet. This may sound strange, but I simply don't know how I came to get hold of it. But I thought I would give you a call anyway. Maybe you have an important information for me?" "Yes, Gavin. I do have an EXTREMELY important information for you. And that is, Tutti Frutti." "What?"

"Tutti Frutti."

"Yes, Sir."

Suddenly his voice became monotonous.

"Good. Now you can only listen to my voice. Concentrate on my voice. Where are you now? Hmm, you're not that far away from my place. You've got to come to my apartment now. The address is on the card, so hang up your telephone, and head for my apartment."

In about 15 minutes, my door bell rang. My heart was pounding fast. I opened the door. There he is. Gavin was standing at my doorstep, still in the cop's uniform and the helmet. He was staring at the distance with no expression on his face. His mouth was half-opened. "It didn't take long for you to get here, did it? Now get in." "Yes, Sir."

He followed me to the living room.

"OK, stand here." "Yes, Sir."

Gavin was standing there, waiting for my command. Hmm, isn't this a mouth-watering situation or what? "You are such a gorgeous stud, aren't you? Tall, dark, handsome, and obedient, aren't you?" "Yes, Sir."

"That's right. You feel totally obedient when you are with me. You are my obedient servant. You are here to serve me. I am your Master. You feel such an overwhelming pleasure to serve me and please me. Yes, your pleasure is my command. You are my sex slave!" I grabbed his crotch with my right hand, and placed my left palm on his big, fleshy butt and started moving it around in a circular motion. "You feel good, don't you? Oh yes, you feel so good having your crotch grabbed and your butt being caressed like this. Remember slave, your cock and ball are mine. And your butt is mine. They belong to me. Your butt hole is for my cock to be shoved in. And whenever your Master plays with your fuck hole, you feel such an intense pleasure that you can hardly contain yourself. It's so good to be fucked by your Master. It's so good to be used by your Master. You are nothing more than a sex machine whose sole purpose in life is to pleasure your Master. Whenever I touch you, you start pulsating vigorously with an uncontrollable joy! You are my sex toy. Your only purpose in life is to please your great Master. Do you understand?" "Yes, Sir."

"Now, tell me who you are!"

"I'm your sex slave, sex machine and sex toy, Sir. I'm here to serve you, Sir. I will pulsate with joy vigorously whenever you play with me, Sir."

"Good boy! You're such a good boy! OK, why don't you give me a bit of an entertainment now? In any minute, you're going to become my personal strip dancer! I will play some music in a short while. As soon as the music starts, your body starts shaking to the rhythm, and you can't help dancing and stripping for your Master. It makes you feel so good to give an entertainment for your Master. You are the most outrageous male stripper on earth. Now, tell me who you are." "I'm the most outrageous male stripper on earth, Sir."

"Good boy. Now, get on with it!"

I switched on my stereo and started playing the dance music. Gavin's ass automatically started shaking to the rhythm! While gyrating his hips, he unbuttoned his shirt and revealed his well-developed torso. His chest was thick and well-defined. He must work out a lot! He then removed his gun belt and dropped it on the floor. He unzipped his pants and took it off, too. He was now dancing with nothing but the helmet, boots and the tiny white brief on. He picked up his club, grabbed one end with both hands, and started to give a horny stroking action with the other end of club placed between his legs! There was an enormous bulge on his brief, and I noticed a small wet spot on it. It must be his pre-cum!

"OK, slave. Let's look at your ass."

"Yes, Sir."

He turned around and pulled down his brief to expose his smooth, round bubble butt, and then he took off his brief completely. He was now stark naked, except for his helmet and the boots. Just imagine a real cop dancing in front of you with his delicious round ass shaking left and right! I was literally drooling!!! And if that was not enough, he bent over, protruded his ass, spread the cheeks apart, and completely revealed his hairless smooth crack and the pink virgin ass hole located in the middle! Next Gavin turned around to face me, and at that very moment, I nearly came! He had a thick, big dick, maybe 7-8 inches, fully erected, and it was bouncing up and down, left and right as he danced! I couldn't take it anymore. "OK that's enough!" Shouting, I stopped the music. Gavin suddenly stopped dancing. He was standing there with a fully erect cock, ready to serve his Master!

But before going to the main menu, I thought I would have just a bit of another by-play for my amusement! "You're about to become a dog, slave. With a count of 3, you will get down on your hands and knees and start behaving like a dog. OK? Here we go. 1, 2, 3!" The cop immediately went down on his all fours, and started running around the room playfully, barking and woofing. This hunky cop now believes he's a dog, and is running around my room naked with only the helmet and the boots on! I couldn't help laughing at his degradation!

He went under my dining table, sniffing. And when he came out of it, he sniffed at the leg of the table and cocked his leg. He wants to mark the territory! "OOPS, don't piss on my table, doggie! It's expensive!" I shouted. The dog whimpered and gave up his piss. Oh, that was close!

I then whistled at him.

"Wuff! Wuff!"

Barking, he immediately ran over to me, kneeled down in front of me with his arms curling at his chest. He stacked out his tongue and breathed briskly like a dog, while shaking his ass vigorously, instead of shaking his missing tail. I took off my sneaker and held over his face. "Now, take a good sniff of your Master!"

The cop stacked his nose in my sneaker and sniffed it like a dog. "OK, fetch it!"

I threw my sneaker across the room.

"Arf! Arf!"

My doggie immediately started running after it. He picked it up in his mouth, and brought it back to me faithfully. "Good boy! You are such a good doggie!"

Saying so, I patted on the helmet of my proud doggie!

My crotch was burning by now. I just can't take it anymore! "OK, enough of being a dog! Time to serve your Master as a good slave now!" I dropped down my pants. My cock was aching in my jeans, eager to be released. "I want you to service my cock and ass, slave. Why don't you worship my ass first?" I sat down in my sofa and raised my legs high up in the air to reveal my ass hole. The cop kneeled down on the floor, and started to lick my hole intently, while holding my cheeks with his hands. Hmm, what could be hotter than having a handsome cop service your ass hole, guys?...

I wanted him to service my hole much longer, but my cock was dripping with pre-cum, waiting to be sucked! So I repositioned myself on the sofa, and ordered my hunky slave to service my cock. He started sucking, licking and slurping my raging dick intently. That was it! I couldn't hold it any longer, and I exploded in his mouth! It was an incredible orgasm! The cop drank my cum, and then cleaned up my cock with his tongue carefully.

OK, a brief break. I ordered my slave to get down on his hands and knees on the carpet, walked over to the bar, and fixed the drink. While sipping my drink sitting on my bar stool, I enjoyed the sight of my hot hunky slave, waiting there like an obedient dog on his all fours. It didn't take long before this horny sight restored my cock fully. I walked over to the cop, positioned myself behind him, and spread apart his white, hairless, smooth round butt. There it was, a cute little pink hole waiting to be explored. I inserted my middle finger deep into his little hole. Gavin reacted well to my move, and started to rock his butt, moaning and groaning shamelessly. Then an idea came into my mind! I picked up his club, and lubricated it well with oil. Slowly, I inserted the club into his cute hole. The hunk screamed, and the cum spurred out from his cock without ever being touched!

"You, ass hole! You're fucking stupid, aren't you? You jacked off without your Master's permission, and what's more, you spoiled my carpet completely!" I scolded him, while slapping his ass with my hand for a punishment. "I'm sorry, Sir. I just couldn't control myself, Sir."

The cop looked totally dejected.

"Why don't you lick off your cum and clean my carpet NOW!" "Yes, Sir!"

He immediately bent over and started licking his own cum on the floor.

Job done, I ordered him to stand up on his knees. His cock was flaccid now. "Oh no! This is not right, slave."

I held his cock in my hand and scolded him.

"With a count of 3, your cock will be rock hard again. Ready? 1, 2, 3!" With it, his cock popped up instantly.

"Good boy! Good fucking boy!"

Stroking his hard dick, I kissed him, and inserted my tongue into his willing mouth. I then made him suck my cock again, getting ready for a final fuck.

I made the cop take a doggy position again.

"Now my little slave boy, your Master's about to fuck your ass. But remember, it is a tremendous honor to be fucked by your Master, especially for a dirty little slave like you! Are you grateful, slave boy?" I talked to him while finger-fucking him. "Yes, Sir! I'm so grateful that you're fucking my hole, Sir! Thank you, Sir! Thank you, Sir! Please fuck me, Sir! Please fuck my ass, Sir!" His body was shivering with excitement!

"OK boy. Take it well. Take it like a good slave. Your Master's gonna fuck your pretty little hole. And remember, hold your cum until I give you a permission!" I shoved my rock hard cock into his hole.

"Ahhhh! Fuck me, Master! Fuck ME! Fuck ME! Please give it to me, give it to me, give it to me! Oh, your cock is so big! Your cock is so big! Ahhh! Thank you for slapping my ass, Master. Please slap it again, Sir! Oh I can feel your pubic hair bumping on my ass, Sir. Your pubic hair feels so good! Your pubic hair feels so good! Oh keep rhythm! Oh! Oh! Oh! Your cock is so big! My Master's cock's so big! Ah! Ah! Ah!"

My slave went totally wild! I exploded in my cop slave's hot fuck hole. Boy, that was the hottest fuck I've ever had! I then pulled out my cock from his hole and made him lie down on his back. I squatted down over his face, while watching his pulsating cock. "OK, slave boy! Why don't ya shoot your load while worshipping my ass?" "Yes, Sir! Thank you for letting me service your ass, Sir! Thank you for allowing me to cum, Sir!" He started to lick my ass hole like crazy, while stroking his cock hard. It didn't take long before his second cum spurred out from his cock, making a white mess on his washboard stomach! My cop slave left my apartment, fully dressed in a cop's uniform as he came here about 2 hours ago. He wouldn't remember a thing of what happened here tonight, but he's just a phone call away whenever I need him. All I have to say is a magic word, Tutti Frutti, and he will be transformed into an obedient sex slave, with a hot, hungry ass hole. Well, it wouldn't be long before he will step into my apartment again!

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