The Mystery of the Mad Mesmerist (hypno celeb)

Disclaimer: This story contains male/male sex, s/m role-play, and hypnofetishism. If you are not of legal age, (eg.18+) or offended by such subjects, then stop reading, you pervert! Perhaps you are living in a backwater community that frowns on such explicit materials. In such a case, stop reading, FEEL MY HUG, and know that I feel genuinely sorry for you. This is a work of fiction. Any similarity to real events or people, living or dead is entirely coincidental.

It was a clear, cool evening. Frank and Joe Hardy along with their pals Tony and Chet and their girlfriends, Cassie and Iola were in a celebratory mood. All six of them had contributed in breaking up of a jewel theft ring which has sent 3 men and their molls to prison and saved 3 enormous diamonds from being sold on the black market. Also there was a huge cash reward that was now burning a hole in all their pockets.

The teens decided to go out to a dinner show called The Magician's Mansion. The show was held 6 miles outside Bayport in a huge dark mansion, whose first floor had been renovated into one big room for the dinner theatre. The mansion was home to many different acts, all Magicians, hence the name.

There was a ventriloquist, and a lady who transformed herself into a tiger, which then disappeared in a puff of smoke. The lady then stood up where she was sitting next to Frank to his surprise. A fellow in top hat and tails made an elephant disappear.

The teens sat through all these acts without incident and enjoyed them thoroughly.

Then a tall man with dark hair and striking good looks strode onstage and introduced himself as Mesmero the Magician. Mesmero's act was a combination of magic, hypnosis, and humor. When he asked for a volunteer both Hardy boys screamed themselves hoarse along with the rest of the audience, but in the end Joe won out.

Grinning, the handsome, blond 17-year-old jumped up on stage.

"So, Joe, ever been hypnotized?" asked Mesmero.

"Nope," answered Joe, "And never will be. I'm too strong willed for that."

"UH OHHHH!!!!" drawled the mesmerist, "Sounds like a challenge, don t you think so, folks?!"

The audience laughed and cheered.

Mesmero motioned for silence and took out a shiny gold pocket watch.

"You know what this is for, don't you Joe?" Mesmero said in smooth, seductive voice. Joe nodded wordlessly as the crowd quieted, then silenced.

Keeping the watch in place, Mesmero, spun and twirled the watch with tiny movements with his thumb and forefinger. The watch spun so fast it became a ball of light.

"Good. Then you know all you have to do is watch the golden watch. See the golden light it becomes. Watch the watch. Watch the watch, Joe. Breathe deeply and feel yourself drawn more and more to the light."

Reflexively, Joe drew a breath.

"Good, Joe. Breathe deep again and feel your body begin to relax as you watch the light. Feel your head and neck muscles relax. Feel your eyelids begin to tire as they continue watching the light. Your eyes are heavy but you will find you cannot draw them away from the light. The light draws them in and makes them heavy, so heavy."

Frank watched in amazement as Joe's eyes began to flicker.

"Heavy, so heavy they want to close, don't they Joe?" Mesmero continued in his silky voice.

"Yeeeeess," Joe answered in a soft, sweet voice.

"Heavy, so heavy as they watch the watch, the light drawing you down, down, down into heaviness until they can't help but close to sleep. And when they close, the heaviness will spread down, down, down to consume your entire body, won't it Joe, the light drawing you deep, deep asleep."

Yeeeeessss" Joe replied, his eyes caught and flickering madly, trapped between wanting to close and watching the light.

"Good, Joe, on the count of three, your eyes will close. 1, 2, 3!"

Joe's eyes slammed shut and his entire body sagged forward. Mesmero deftly caught the boy's form in his arms before it could hit the floor. He put the watch back in his pocket.

Mesmero instructed Joe that any noise the crowd would make would only draw him deeper asleep. He then told the crowd to go back to normal conversation, which they did. The noise of the crowd only sent Joe deeper into sleep. Mesmero continued to hold Joe's limp form around his shoulders and bent over his vulnerable victim in a classic Svengali pose that he knew would be turning on the rich elitist biddies in the audience as they pretended not to watch him. He looked down into Joe's young, beautiful face, his blond hair, feathering across his brow, his light eyelashes curling gently over his face, his blue eyes closed over his cupid bow lips which curled into a faint smile as he listened to the words of the hypnotist. Mesmero smiled to himself and felt a stirring in his groin at the thought of thing to come.

They make it all too easy, he thought, All too easy.

"Now Joe, just rest yourself in my arms as you drift further down deeper into sleep. In your mind's eye, I want you to imagine a staircase. It is ten stairs going downward. At the bottom is a wonderful soft bed that sends you deep into sleep, 10 times as deep as you are right now. Understand? Can you see it?"


"Good. Also on the bed is a person, the person you find most attractive right now. You can see that person as you take your first step down. Nine steps to go."

Yes, I see him. Nine steps."

HIM!? "Who do you see Joe?"

"Tony. His black hair is so beautiful."

OHO!!! thought Mesmero, So that's how things are!

"Go down another step, Joe, Feel you body continue to drift, to sleep, to mold into my arms. It feels so good to sleep and get closer to Tony."


"And when you reach Tony, he will do something to you that you have been dreaming of for a long time. He will kiss you, Joe and you will like it. Seven steps.

"Oh yes. Yes please." Joe whispered, his lips curving sensuously into a wider smile.

The noise of the crowd continued. No one heard this exchange.

"Six steps. And when you two kiss, it will send a wave of pleasure through your body, almost orgasmic. Five. As the pleasure consumes you, you will fall that much deeper to sleep. Four. The more pleasure you feel, the deeper you go. The deeper asleep you go, the more intense the pleasure. Three. Understand, Joe?"

"Yes. I understand." The voice had grown eager, excited.

"Two, one. Jump down onto the bed, Joe."

Joe gave a little sigh, then stiffened and gasped in pleasure. And then fell back into Mesmero's arms deeper asleep than ever.

"But look Joe. Over there. There's another staircase going down ten stairs. At the bottom is another bed even bigger and softer than the one you are on now. Tony's down there, waiting for you, this time to kiss you and play with your nipples. Would you like that Joe?"

"Oh yes," Joe whispered in rapture.

"Why don't you take yourself down the stairs then, Joe? Count them off for me, feel yourself sleep 10 times deeper with every step."

"Yes, yes. Ten... nine... eight..."

And that was that. All Mesmero had to do after that was keep his head close to the boy's ear and mouth words pretending to whisper as Joe counted himself deeper and deeper into his power. Occasionally Mesmero would make theatrical passes with his hands up and down Joe's body to disguise the gentle strokes he gave the teen's nipples, his already stiff cock, intensifying the pleasure, deepening the trance of the now well mind-fucked young man.

Mesmero continued this for another 10 minutes, sending Joe down many more staircases, strengthening, deepening the trance.

Finally the mesmerist was ready. He gave Joe a final command in private, a post hypnotic that would send him back down deep into trance when he heard the phrase: Hardy Hypno'ed. Then he set the sleeping boy on his feet and motioned to the crowd he was ready.

He then exercised his power by telling Joe he was a cowboy in the old west. Mesmero fired a nonexistent gun at Joe's feet. And how Joe did dance! Frank and his friends laughed themselves hoarse. Mesmero then turned Joe into a dog, then a chicken.

"Finally, Joe, I want you to put your hands behind you. I'm going to tie them up with some smooth, nylon rope. I'm looping it several times around each wrist and then to each other. "

Joe's hands crossed and stuck to each other as they were tied with the invisible rope.

"Next, I'm tying some around each bicep, three times each, and then wrapping it around your chest four times, attaching your arms to your sides. Can you feel the ropes, Joe? Can you feel that your upper body is completely secured?"

"Yes sir." Joe replied in a soft and submissive, slightly robotic voice that he had been using ever since he had fallen under Mesmero's spell.

"Good. Can you see the ropes? Can you feel them, binding you, trapping you, Joe?'

"Yes sir," he said, struggling a bit.

Mesmero then instructed Joe to forget everything that had happened while in his trance. He would even forget about being hypnotized at all. Except...

"When I count to three you will awake and find that the ropes remain, securing your upper body. They will look and feel as real as they are right now. Understand Joe?"

"Yes sir, I understand."

"Good. One, two, three!"

Joe snapped awake. He felt as if he had just awoken from a short nap. What had happened? He looked down and saw that he was encased in thick, white rope around his chest. He also discovered that his hands were trapped behind him with more white, smooth rope.

"Hey! What's going on? Help! Frank, what's going on!? I can't get loose! Help!"

He couldn't understand why everyone was laughing. Especially Frank. Why was Frank laughing when it was obvious he was in dire peril up here?

Then Mesmero started laughing. Softly at first, then louder and louder, a wild, maniacal laugh that soon drowned out the crowded audience and shocked them into silence.

"BWA-HA -HA-HA!!! And now ladies and gentlemen, for my final trick, I will make Joe Hardy disappear, FOREVER! BWA-HA HA HA!!!"

Mesmero repositioned the handsome, struggling youth into a more central position onstage. He stepped back, waved his arms in a wide arc and cried in a loud voice: "SIM SALA BIM!"

There was a puff of smoke and when it cleared, Joe was gone!

At that moment a man entered from stage right in nothing but socks, boxer shorts and an undershirt.

"Help! Stop him! He's an imposter! I'm the real Mesmero!"

Frank jumped to his feet and dashed onstage. He looked over at the second man, then the first.

"If you re the real Mesmero, then who are you? And what have you done with my brother!?" he shouted.

"The same thing I'm going to do to you!" the fake Mesmero said in a sinister voice.

Quickly, he grabbed the 18 year old dark haired teen with his right arm, over the shoulder and across the chest. At the same time, he swung his left arm in a wide arc and shouted "SIM SALA BIM!"

Frank tried to struggle but it was too late. There was a huge cloud of smoke that did not dissipate but roiled out over the crowd.

Tony, Chet, Iola, and Cassie jumped out of their seats the instant Frank was grabbed. They ran up to the stage as the smoke hit them. Instantly, they were lost in a white out fog.

"It's a smokescreen!" gasped Tony in realization.

Then Tony felt lightheaded and weak. He stumbled and fell to his knees as he realized too late that the smokescreen was combined with a potent sleeping gas.

As the smoke drifted quickly toward the back of the room, the rest of the audience started to drop like flies. A patron near the back ran toward the front door. But he had to weave back and forth between the tables and before he could reach it, he was covered with the smoke. He kept going. His knees buckled. He tripped over a chair. He sucked in a breath, held it, kept going. He crawled. He felt his mind going fuzzy. His body was so heavy. He knew he was being gassed. With a Herculean effort he crawled one more step, arms outstretched. He felt his fingertips touch door handle bar. He threw himself against it and passed out full length on the floor.

But he had succeeded. The front door swung open, allowing the smoke screen to be sucked outside. The air cleared. The room was littered with sleeping people in various positions. None had escaped. Chet had managed to make it all the way onstage before he passed out.

The mad mesmerist and the Hardy boys were gone, vanished without a trace.

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