New Toys

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For Eigh, who likes feet

I love hypnotism shows. Oh, it’s not the actual material which, although it can be entertaining enough if handled well, is almost never directed towards my own tastes (it’s always played mainly for laughs and, even in adult shows, rarely homoerotic), and, in any case isn’t my primary reason for being there. No. I go to the shows to shop. At a hypnotism show you can easily spot who is adventurous, who is cute, who is not attached at the hip to some companion or other, and, most importantly, who is deeply hypnotizable. After the show, it’s the simplest thing imaginable to strike up a conversation with my chosen (and already “softened-up”) victim and then, using my own considerable hypnotic skills, make him my helpless plaything.

This particular evening I was at a new student orientation show at ______ University. Since I have a naturally youthful look even though I’m pushing thirty, I had no trouble blending in with the crowd of excited young freshmen and a few older transfer students. I was sitting next to a particularly handsome young guy, extremely clean-cut and preppy (carefully combed short dark hair, clean-shaven, hell, he was even wearing a vest and tie, although he had at least unbent enough to loosen the tie and undo his top collar button in the interests of comfort), with gorgeous, improbably jade green eyes and the thickest, darkest lashes I’d ever seen. God, I hoped he’d volunteer! While waiting for the show to start, I opened a casual conversation. His name turned out to be Kevin O’Ryan and he was indeed Irish, just as the name implied, an exchange student here for a semester of study abroad, which explained the clothing (apparently Trinity College in Dublin is a rather more formal place than the average American university). He was also here by himself (yes!), his assigned roommate in the dorm not scheduled to arrive until the next day, and he himself having had little time or opportunity to make new friends yet. I immediately began to mirror him and employ my NLP verbal tricks, and, by the time the lights went down for the show to commence, he was feeling very comfortable with me (he’d probably elected me as his first new American friend), plus I’d even managed to condition him with an automatic agreement response every time I touched my ear. We settled back to watch, Kevin with expectant curiosity, and I with a view to seeing who else might be a good prospect.

The opening of the show was absolutely typical of the breed, neither better nor worse, and the hypnotist (a chubby middle-aged guy with a teeny goatee) seemed thoroughly competent and reasonably amusing as he went through his initial explanations (which, of course, are actually part of the induction process). He reached the point where he requested volunteers, but, to my disappointment, Kevin didn’t seem at all inclined to head for the stage. I didn’t write him off in any case since, although the increased suggestibility of his having been in trance for an hour or so would have been a convenient additional advantage, our rapport was progressing very nicely and I was pretty certain I could still bag him the “old-fashioned” way. And in the meantime, a couple of the young men who did take the hypnotist up on his invitation had potential from my point of view. One was an obvious jock, handsome, blond, big and muscular, with a boyishly innocent face and a slightly blank expression, as though he were already part way into trance or else not too bright. As appealing as he was, frankly I didn’t have entire confidence that he would possess the necessary attention span to be hypnotized at all. The other was a relatively short guy (but nonetheless slim, trim, and sexy), darker than the jock, with dramatic wavy hair, sexy blue eyes, and, there’s no other word for it, a beautiful face, with perfect pink lips that made me long to kiss him for days. However, from the knowing, sarcastic grin on his face, it was all too clear that he was planning on having some fun at the hypnotist’s expense. I’m familiar with the type, and he too seemed less than a sure bet for genuine hypno-fun (although, if our entertainer proved clever and subtle enough to get around his defenses, there’s nothing more fun than watching the self-assured cockiness of some arrogant little stud wiped away and replaced with mindless, slavish obedience). Apparently the hypnotist had read the situation as well as I had, because, before beginning the general induction, he zeroed in on pretty Mr. Ego. The kid, who was patently more confident than informed, had obviously never heard of speed inductions or any of the other tricky tools of modern stage hypnotism. Well, ‘pride goeth before…, etc.” After asking the boy his name (Alex Prescott), the hypnotist casually offered him his hand to shake, and the cocky young freshman went down like a bag of sand to a handshake-interrupt. Just a few moments more of whispered reinforcement and deepening from the hypnotist, and mischief-bent Alex was miles deep in trance, turned into an obedient, mind-controlled little robot good-to-go for the evening.

After acknowledging the applause that his deft coup-de-finesse had garnered, the hypnotist began the formal induction for the rest of the volunteers. He used a more familiar, progressive-relaxation based method (and very well, I must say). The subjects on stage were all relaxing and slumping right on cue, when suddenly I felt a pressure on my right side. I turned to look and, hallelujah, a deeply relaxed Kevin had flopped over to rest against me. As I watched, his head sank down to nestle helplessly on my shoulder. He was dead to the world (or, at least, dead to everything in it except the hypnotist’s voice). He had to be extraordinarily vulnerable to hypnosis. After all, it’s one thing to go into trance when you’re expecting to, or when the hypnotist is actively trying to get you there. It’s quite another order of suggestibility to wind up under deep hypnosis when you haven’t intended to, and the when the hypnotist isn’t even aware you’re being affected! I was absolutely delighted. I was also pretty turned on. His warm relaxed weight felt damned good snuggled up against me! I made sure to supply him with the necessary physical feedback to along with hypnotist’s deepening instructions on stage; I wanted to make sure he would stay focused on the process and not bring himself up out of trance. I also took the opportunity to plant a few more NLP anchors, such as gently rubbing the back of his hand every time the hypnotist said “sleep” or “deeper”. So, when the hypnotist had the lights brought back up and commanded the entranced people to raise their hands, Kevin’s armsprang right up to wave in the air like a palm tree in a gentle breeze. After another prompt, he rose to his feet and, blank-faced, his green eyes unfocused and staring, his limp hand still floating above his head, zombie-marched himself up onto the stage to collapse into the empty seat recently vacated by the blond jock (who sadly, as I had half-way suspected would be the case, hadn’t been sufficiently influenced and had been dismissed).

Once it was underway, the body of the show was pretty much what you’d expect for the venue, occasionally a little risqué, but nothing really raunchy (this guy was no Tony Lee). It soon became clear that Kevin and Alex, along with a plump blond coed (not that I cared about her), would be the stars of the show. They were, by far, the most deeply entranced as well as the most imaginative. High points:Kevin, the number three having been removed from his memory, innocently and earnestly explaining to the hypnotist, in his charming accent, how he’d always had the eleven fingers he’d just counted (adorable!); Alex, during an imaginary heat wave, whipping off his shirt, almost before the hypnotist finished painting the picture, to reveal a gorgeous hard-body, chiseled pecs, flat, taut stomach, and almost no chest hair (hot, hot, hot!). Predictably, the grand finale was an exotic dancer suggestion (but with very carefully worded limits on what clothing not to remove). Alex was up in an instant, bumping and grinding, and would doubtless, if not for the suggested restraints, have stripped at least to his shorts, if not the full Monty. As it was, after kicking off his shoes and removing his socks, his hands kept automatically reaching to start undoing his belt buckle and then stopping again as though he’d forgotten what he was about to do. Kevin was either shyer or at least less rebellious. He too quickly rid himself of all his clothes other than the trousers, but made no attempts (even abortive ones) to defy instructions and drop his pants. His body, while not quite as defined as Alex’s, was still terrific – slim, trim, and sexy, and his dance moves were far better. He could have choreographed for the Chippendales.

After all the kids on stage were back in their clothes, the hypnotist finished up with the thank-you better-study-concentration suggestion that is de rigueur for college shows, woke his subjects and sent them back to their seats.

Kevin, looking distinctly dazed and confused as he reached me said, “What the hell just happened? How did I wind up on stage?” he obviously remembered little or nothing of the past hour.

“You were amazing,” I said cheerfully. “Why don’t we go get cup of a coffee and I’ll give you a full run-down.” I rubbed my earlobe.

“Aye, I’d like that,” he smiled, responding perfectly to the embedded trigger.

“Great! Wait here for a moment, will you? There’s another friend of mine who went up on stage. Maybe he’ll want to join us.” I hurried off to catch Alex before he could leave the hall.

Alex was still standing at his place, and, if he’d come with friends, they’d gone on ahead leaving him to sort himself out. He was also looking disoriented and even a little blank (I wondered whether he’d come up all the way out of his trance). I walked up to him. “I really enjoyed watching you. You’re one of the best hypnotic subjects I’ve ever seen,” I enthused, then added, “Oh, I’m Jason ___.” I held out my hand. Not realizing, probably not even remembering, that this was how his e-ticket ride on the hypno-express had begun in the first place, Alex reflexively took my hand to shake it, and that was his last conscious act. A quick tug, a quickly commanded, “Sleep! Stay standing! Eyes open, but going deeper and deeper… deeper and deeper… much deeper than before…nothing can awaken you… obeying my voice without question or thought…” and the beautiful boy was completely and helplessly in my power.

“Alex, you will speak and act as you normally would, but with every word, every breath, every beat of your heart, you’ll continue to go deeper and deeper into this completely mindless and obedient trance. You are convinced I am your good friend. You’re going to come with me and my other friend Kevin to get a coffee. I will be hypnotizing Kevin without his knowledge, and you will not interfere with that. But you will listen to the suggestions I give him and continue to go deeper along with him. You understand and you agree.”

“Yes.” Alex was a pretty effective actor. The cocky, self-assured grin was back on his handsome face, and only another trained hypnotist would have been able to spot that his mind was frozen and enslaved.

On my command Alex followed me back over to where Kevin was still waiting. I introduced them to each other as though both were good acquaintances of mine (Kevin took that at face value and Alex had no choice but to believe it) and the three of us set off to the coffee house. I took them in the direction of an actual café, rather than the campus hangout, since it would be less noisy and, more importantly, it had the option of some privacy. If you took a booth towards the back, no one except the wait-person would know you were there, and the staff at the establishment was anything but attentive (one of the reasons it wasn’t all that popular).

When we were comfortably ensconced in my chosen back booth, with our coffees paid for and little to no chance of any further interaction with our slacker waitress, Kevin addressed his concerns, which apparently had become more worrisome to him than ever. I guess he didn’t like losing control. Too bad!

“All right, then. You promised to tell me what the fuck (he pronounced it “fook”) I was up to. How the hell did I wind up on the stage?I don’t remember bugger all about it, but I know I wasn’t plannin’ on makin’ a spectacle o’ meself!” His accent had grown a little thicker with his agitation.

“You should calm down, Kevin,” I said stroking my earlobe once again. He instantly looked a bit less stressed (let’s hear it for NLP!). “You didn’t embarrass yourself at all while you were on stage. And as for how you got there, well, that can happen to anyone.” I began to modulate my voice in a subtle imitation of the timbre and pacing the other hypnotist had used. “We were both just sitting there watching the show, but I could see you were watching really intently… as though you couldn’t see anything else but the kids on stage… as though you couldn’t stop watching them getting sleepy… couldn’t think of anything else but them falling asleepgoing deep into trance… unable to look away from their eyes growing so-o-o heavyunable to think of anything but how everyone was being hypnotizedhypnotized… and you’re being hypnotized with them... hypnotizedunable to stop itunable to resisthelpless… going into deep sleep…” I could see that Kevin’s eyes had grown glassy and fixed during my monolog. Oh yeah, I had him, and as I said those last two words I gently rubbed the back of his hand, just as I had done while the stage hypnotist was hypnotizing the volunteers. The effect was instant and profound. Kevin’s eyes slammed shut and his head flopped forward to rest chin-on-chest in classic trance posture. He was right back under the spell, more hypnotized than ever. I ran through several deepeners, both for him and for Alex (who, due to my previous instructions had, during my disguised induction, likewise become less and less animated until, by the time Kevin had fully succumbed, he was sitting motionless as a stuffed monkey, his face empty of any trace of personality). Both boys were now completely under my control. I left some money on the table for the tip and then, with one quiet “come”, my newly acquired possessions rose to their feet and followed me out of the coffeehouse, two handsome, mindlessly obedient slaves. Docile as lambs they allowed me to lead them to my nearby car and usher them into the back seats. Once they were buckled in I gave them one last deepening exercise, a somewhat complicated suggestion involving a lot of elaborate backwards counting and repetitions (to keep them in trance and occupied while I concentrated on driving), and then off we went.

“Alex, Kevin, please sit down on the couch,” I said. They complied, sitting shoulder to shoulder, even though there was room to spare. “Everything you hear me say while you are in this deep, deep trance is the truth. You will automatically believe it, know it to be so beyond any doubt. Anything I tell you to do, you will do instantly without questioning, without thinking, for you will know with absolute certainty that, because I have ordered it, it must be the right thing, the necessary thing, the inescapable, irresistible thing to do. Any question I ask you, you will answer immediately with complete and utter truthfulness, for you are permanently incapable of lying to me. Say you understand and will obey.”

“I understand and I will obey.” Both entranced young men answered, almost as one, their voices without inflection.

“Excellent.” I commenced my fact-finding. It’s useful to know a little background, to tailor the suggestions for greatest effect, and in any case, before I began to play with them myself, they’d be playing with each other for the camera - it’s how I finance my little hobby – and the edited ‘interview’ makes a nice intro to the finished DVD that I would be peddling. “Kevin, how old are you?”


“What’s your sexual orientation?”

“I like the ladies.”

“And are you a virgin?” (I was pretty sure he wasn’t. When you’re as good at reading body language as I am, you can usually tell.)

“No, not since I was fourteen.”

Wow! An early bloomer, that one. Then again, a guy that good-looking is going to have had opportunities.“Have you ever done anything sexual with another guy?”

“No, I’m no poofter.”

Well, not as of yet! Anyway, the depth of his trance had made that last answer sound as blandly indifferent as if sexual preference was no longer of any importance to him. I turned to Alex. “And you, Alex, what is your age and your sexual preference?”

“I’m eighteen and I’m straight.”

“Have you lost your virginity?”

“Yes.” (With his looks, I would have been amazed had he said no.)

“Tell me about it, please.”

“When I was sixteen my cousin John got a book about hypnotism for his seventeenth birthday” (you can bet my ears pricked up at that! – hypnotism? John??) “and he persuaded me to let him try it out on me. I was pretty sure it wouldn’t work, and thought the whole idea was pretty silly, but I was bored that afternoon and decided to go along with it, and besides, I was thinking that if he somehow could actually hypnotize, then next time I’d get him to try it on a girl,” even in trance his expression warmed with innocently horny teenage lust as he recalled that thought. “We were chilling in his room, so he had me lie down on his bed. He had this flashy gold disc on a chain that had come with the book and began to swing it back and forth in front of my eyes. At first I was just trying hard not to laugh, it was so hokey, but as he kept on talking it got easier and I really did begin to relax. Trying to follow the path of the shiny disc was making my eyes really tired, so I closed them just like Johnny told me to. I wasn’t hypnotized, but it just felt so good to go along with it and pretend. My cousin kept talking and talking, and I think I must have gotten bored again. Anyway, I kinda zoned out until suddenly I realized I needed to be naked. I don’t know why I hadn’t noticed before, but at that instant it was all I could think about. My eyes popped back open and I stripped as fast as I could. Johnny was naked too, so it was obvious that it was the right thing to do, and anyway, once I was bare-ass, I felt really good again.” He licked his lips and continued, “He told me to suck his toes and then made me suck his cock until he came all over my face, and then he made me jerk myself off on his feet and lick up my own cum. I was fuckin’ furious, but I couldn’t seem to stop myself from doing everything he said anyway. Afterwards he got us cleaned up and back in our clothes, and then he told me I wouldn’t remember anything about it, including that I’d ever been hypnotized.”

My mouth was probably hanging open in awe by the end of this recital, and my dick was rock-hard in my pants. If his little tale hadn’t hit every fetish I have dead center, then I was too hot bothered to be aware of any it had missed! I wondered where his wicked cousin was now and what he might be getting up to. “When he woke you up did you remember anything?”

“No. As far as I knew his attempt at hypnosis had failed. He must have hypnotized me dozens of times – practically every time we got together, and he spent a lot of time hanging out with me that summer before he went away to college. All he had to do was say ‘Alex is my hypno-slave’ and I would instantly just stop thinking for myself and do whatever he told me to like some zombie. Sometimes it was just random stuff to make me go even deeper, but usually it was for sex one way or another. I sucked him off regularly, and he made me learn how to take it up the ass. I sucked and fucked and got fucked by couple of other guys he brought around, too. I don’t know if he was pimping me out to them, or if they were hypnotized like me. And every time he brought me out of it I never remembered anything had happened.”

My God! And yet that explained why he’d been such a great trance subject – all that prior training, even if he knew nothing about it. It may even have explained why he’d volunteered for the stage hypnotist in the first place, when he’d had no intention of actually cooperating. After all, Alex must have a very mixed emotional response towards hypnosis, associating it subconsciously with vast resentment, but also with a hell of a lot of perfectly good orgasms!

However, aside from filling up my jockeys with so much pre-cum that it felt like I’d wet myself, this whole thing was giving me a great idea. Why not have them re-enact Alex’s story on camera for the DVD? It was a lot hotter and kinkier than the plotline I’d prepared. “Kevin, you heard what Alex was saying, didn’t you.”

“Aye, that I did.”

“Excellent.” I set about programming them with the necessary suggestions for effective hypnotic role-play and (of course) hot man-on-man sex. For the film they would now refer to themselves as Michael (Kevin) and Adam (Alex), since one of the posthypnotic suggestions they would accept before I permitted them to leave was that, even if they somehow later were shown the video, they would never recognize themselves in it. At most they would be astonished at the resemblance, while still absolutely convinced they’d had nothing to do with it. I turned on the recording system and got to work.

“C’mon Adam, be a sport. You know I can’t learn to do this stuff without somebody to practice on. I swear it’ll be fun, and I promise I won’t make you do anything embarrassing,” Kevin/Michael wheedled.

“Oh, all right, Mikey,” Alex sighed. “What do I have to do?”

“Just lie down on the couch and follow my instructions.” Kevin pulled out a beautiful crystal on a chain (I don’t own one with a gold disc for him to use) and launched into his hypnotist monolog, “I want you to watch this crystal. Let your eyes follow the motion as it swings back and forth… back and forth…” He wasn’t that great as an actor (although he had somehow managed to get his Irish accent to sound a lot more American), but then how many porn actors are really good actors anyway? His cuteness more than made up for it.

For those of you who have never particularly thought about it, I will go on record here to say that, in order to sell well, your porn DVD generally has to cut to the chase pretty quickly. So even though my particular preference, since I get hot seeing guys go into trance, would have been for a long, realistic hypnotic induction, I kept this part of things to a minimum. Not that it mattered much to the boys, who were already as deeply hypnotized as anyone could be. At any rate, in good DVD time, Alex/Adam had visibly fallen under Kevin/Michael’s spell.

“You’re now completely hypnotized and under my control,” the young pseudo-hypnotist intoned melodramatically, “and you’ll do whatever I tell you to do without any ability to resist.”

“Yes, Mikey,” his victim confirmed in a mesmerized drone.

Following the hypnotically pre-arranged scenario, Kevin ordered Alex to strip, at the same time taking off his own clothes, and soon both young men were mother naked. God, what terrific bodies they had! The young Irishman was even showing a little wood, whether because of the suggested character he was portraying, or perhaps because he was a little more bisexual than he admitted, I couldn’t say. I too undressed. My cock was demanding some attention, even though I had no intention of allowing myself to cum yet.

“Adam, I want you to rub your face into my feet,” Kevin continued. “You need to get my smell all over you. You need to lick my feet and suck my toes. It will turn you on completely.” Alex immediately attacked Kevin’s feet, his handsome, innocent face blank and unaware as he rubbed and nosed around the soles and then began to lick and suck with abandon. Kevin’s cock rose to full erection as he squirmed under the sensations. Obviously he had a bit of a foot-fetish himself.

As Alex continued to slurp and nuzzle, his lips and cheeks became pinker from the friction and shiny from his own saliva. Kevin got hotter and hotter until he grabbed Alex and, with surprising strength, pulled him up so that his busy mouth was at the level of the hypnotized young hypnotist’s hard cock. “Suck me, Adam,” he demanded harshly. “Suck my dick. Make me cum all over your face. You’re helpless; you can’t resist.”

Alex obediently engulfed Kevin’s cock. It was clear that (at least while in trance) he remembered from his earlier training how to do it properly. Those beautiful pink lips worked their magic until the young Irishman was writhing and gasping with pleasure. He grabbed Alex’s head and forcefully began to fuck his mouth, which the boy seemed perfectly able to accommodate. It only took a minute and Kevin had pulled out to pump an enormous load into his slave’s waiting face. I moved the hand-held digital in for a close-up of Alex’s vacant expression, his eyes wide and blank, his cheeks and lips dripping with cum. That alone would sell the DVD!

As I backed up again, Kevin had recovered enough of his breath to command ‘Adam’ to shoot his own load (all over the hypnotist’s feet, as pre-suggested). Alex, for the first time, showed wood of his own. He mechanically began to stroke himself, and in short order had blasted off onto Kevin’s waiting soles. During all of this his face had remained expressionless, indifferent both to the throes of orgasm and to the fragrant, still-dripping helping of Kevin juice it still sported. And after the last spurt escaped his twitching cock, Alex just stood there mindlessly waiting for the next instruction.

“Now lick up your cum, slave. You love it.” Alex’s tongue once again went to work on Kevin’s feet. The hypnotist’s load, still damp on his cheeks and chin, left wet slicks behind everywhere his face touched as he nuzzled.

At that point, I took control again. I wanted to make sure that Kevin didn’t get to the point in Alex’s story where, as hypnotist, he would trying to wake ‘his’ subject back up. “Kevin, Alex, deeply asleep,” I commanded, and both boys instantly went limp. None of this, of course would be in the video, since your average porn-watcher doesn’t care what happens after the money shots. No, from here on, it was all going to be for my pleasure!

Since it was, by now, quite late and both my helpless boy-toys had just had orgasms, I elected to postpone my own gratification until I could give it the time it deserved. I made sure they were programmed with ironclad re-induction cues, created the necessary amnesia for the more dubious segments of the experience, and dismissed them for the night with two unbreakable commands firmly implanted. The first was that they would (at different times in the next week or so) be irresistibly compelled to return to me (they could justify this to themselves however they liked) to bring me the necessary proof of age for the video and to make themselves available for the personal fun and games I had planned. The other order was a little less certain (although I’ve used it before with some pretty neat serendipitous results). Once you’ve been hypnotized, technically you know everything you need to induce hypnosis in someone else (if you’re allowed to remember the process, that is), so I gave them each a further compulsion to try to create an opportunity to hypnotize one good-looking male friend/relation, and, if successful, to bring that person, suitably programmed, along with them when they returned. I sent them on their way, primed to wake up as soon as they got back to the campus. Then I collapsed into bed where, after a brief but very overdue jerk-off, I was asleep in minutes.

“So, Kevin, what’re you into? What do guys at Trinity do for fun?” Kevin’s assigned roommate, Aaron Banks, a lean, fresh-faced, blond-haired ranch-boy from Arizona, had arrived that morning and, after quickly getting his stuff organized in the room, the two young men had set about the process of breaking the ice and getting to know each other. (I am now merely extrapolating on what Kevin later reported to me while in deep trance, since, of course, I wasn’t there – although I would have loved to be a fly on that wall!)

Kevin, subconsciously noticing how sexy his handsome roommate looked in his black T-shirt and tight, western-style jeans, immediately began to respond in accordance to my post-hypnotic suggestion. “There’s not all that much free time away from the studies, what with the tutors so fierce an’ all, but, like most of the lads, I follow football (soccer to you, Yank) and play it as often as I can. And, o’ course, of an evening we all like to go down to the pub for a pint, listen to the music and chat up the ladies.” Kevin grinned charmingly, and then, as though it were an afterthought, he added, “But the only, as you might say, unusual hobby I have is hypnotism.”

Like a trout rising to the fly, Aaron immediately latched onto that statement. “Hypnotism! That’s wild! Do you mean you like to go to shows and get hypnotized or that you know how to hypnotize people yourself?”

“Oh, I’m good at it from both sides,” Kevin lied easily (although, of course, he didn’t actually realize he was lying).

“What’s it like?” Aaron asked, “Being hypnotized, I mean.” His face was alight with curiosity. “We had a hypnotist at the safe-grad party at my high school, but I was scared try it. Now I wish I had. The guys who went under said they had a blast. And after they’d finished dancin’ around with their shirts off, the girls were all over ’em like hot soup!” he added enviously.

“They weren’t lying, Boyo. It does feel fine, more relaxed and contented than you’ve ever been, although you don’t generally remember all that much about the specifics when you’ve gone under. As for ladies, well, likely-lookin’ lad such as you are, I daresay if you’d been willing strip off and dance, you’d have won your share of fans, too, hypnosis or no,” Kevin chuckled. (Thanks to my programming, any of those previous reservations he’d had about losing control of himself were no longer part of his awareness.)

Looking even more fascinated, Aaron said, “And you really know how to do it? You’re not just jerking my chain?” He appeared to consider for the briefest of moments, and then the words came out in a rush, “Would you hypnotize me? For real?” Then, as if a little embarrassed at his own eagerness, he added more deprecatingly “Oh, I don’t mean anything fancy - maybe better study habits or more self-confidence, something like that. Mainly I just want to see what it feels like.”

“’Twould be my pleasure,” Kevin said smiling. “If you’d me like to try it now, why don’t you just lie down on your bed and make yourself comfortable.” And as soon as Aaron had complied, he began the hypnotic patter based almost verbatim on the induction the hypnotist at the show had used, which was the only one I’d allowed him to remember.

This is the part where everything depends, not only on the hypnotist’s skill, but also on the subject’s native susceptibility to the trance-state, which is why I never apply this particular post-hypnotic compulsion without leaving the compelled hypnotist the option of scrapping both the project and the compulsion if it doesn’t seem to be working. However, Aaron proved to be a highly responsive subject, and soon he lay there totally limp, his hand floating up in the air, his blank mind waiting helplessly for Kevin’s commands.

“Aaron, you’re feeling so fine now you’ll do anything I tell you to keep feeling this good, won’t you?”

“Yes,” the hypnotized boy sighed blissfully.

“Good boy. I want you to agree to forget your name… just let it go… you can’t remember your own name… it’s completely gone. I’m going to wake you back up, but you still won’t be able to remember your name until I touch you, at which point you’ll go right back into this wonderful trance, even deeper than you are now, won’t you?”

“Yesss,” again the drawn-out sigh of pleasure.

“Excellent. Now wake up… full normal consciousness.”

Aaron’s eyes fluttered, then opened. He continued to lie right where he was for a moment, looking peaceful and contented. Then he sat up. “So that’s hypnosis, huh?You’re right, it feels awesome!”

“What’s your name, boyo?”

Aaron appeared to concentrate for a moment. He blinked a little surprisedly, “I don’t know. Hey, far out, I really don’t know!” He seemed intrigued rather than worried.

“And why do suppose you don’t know your name?” Kevin asked

Again his roommate appeared to think for a moment. “You hypnotized me to forget it, didn’t you?”

“That’s right, and it shows you’re a good enough subject to obey post-hypnotic suggestions.” Then Kevin asked again, “What’s your name?”, laying his hand on Aaron’s chest in a gesture most hetero guys would have considered overly familiar if not outright gay.

Aaron, however, wasn’t in any state to object to the intimacy. “Aaron William Banks,” he answered sleepily, his eyes already helplessly sliding shut. He then collapsed gracefully back onto his bed, more hypnotized than ever.

“That’s right, Aaron… deeper asleep… deeper and deeper, and even deeper than that… down… down… down… nothing but my voice… nothing but my will… no thoughts… no questions… no resistance… you will obey my suggestions… you will obey me… you will obey me… Say it!”

“I will obey you… I will obey you…” Aaron no longer sounded pleased… or, for that matter, displeased. There was no emotion at all, in either his blank, sleeping face or his mesmerized, robotic voice as he droned the requested phrase.

Kevin’s eyes had taken on a frozen (and intense, though not particularly focused) stare as my post-hypnotic conditioning put him back into his own trance state as well. He then delivered the suggestions to his helpless roommate that I had programmed him to provide (a trance-re-induction cue that I could use, a compulsion to accompany Kevin to his appointment with me, a tolerant attitude towards male/male sexual play – of course I’d have to work this further myself, but it would be a useful head-start on getting a straight boy to do hot gay things, and a burgeoning foot-fetish – so sue me!). When he would awaken Aaron, neither boy would have any conscious memory of the experience or that the topic of hypnotism had even entered their conversation.

“At the count of three you will be wide awake, Aaron. One… two… three.” Both young men blinked.

“So, Aaron, what did you say you’d be reading, um, majoring in?” Kevin asked, completely unaware that he’d just spent the last forty minutes turning his new roommate into a hypno-slave.

“Double major, Business and Ag-Science. I’m gonna have to take over running the ranch when dad retires.” As he answered, Aaron was absentmindedly removing his sneakers and socks. He began to massage his bare feet in an almost sensual manner. Neither he nor Kevin seemed to notice.

Alex was daydreaming over his morning coffee in the Student Union lounge. He wasn’t quite sure why, but he found himself thinking about his cousin. Maybe it was because of the hypnosis show the night before. Alex fondly remembered John trying, so unsuccessfully, to hypnotize him with that stupid coin pendant. ‘God, what a doofus! Too bad you didn’t know as much as the guy doing the orientation show last night, Cuz. He was able to hypnotize me with no trouble at all,’ he thought with amusement, not noticing how the memory had made his cock twitch.

“Earth to Alex. Earth to Alex. Come in, Alex.” Alex returned to the here and now to discover that, while he’d been woolgathering, his wannabe girl-friend, Jenna St. Lawrence, had joined him at the table. Jenna was pretty enough, but a little too nice-girl conservative to make Alex’s A-list. So he’d been pleasant to her (hell, he was always pleasant to everyone) but not particularly encouraging. She didn’t seem to be getting the message.

“Hey, Jenna! What’s up?” Alex smiled in what he thought of as a merely friendly manner, not realizing that, to poor besotted Jenna, that smile sizzled like a lightning-bolt.

Clearing her throat nervously Jenna said, “I’ve been looking for you since yesterday. I need a favor. My cousin, Jack, from Tennessee, is in town this week checking out the university. He’s thinking of transferring next semester; says U. T. is too much of a party school and he wants a,” her voice took on a teasingly pompous tone, “more ‘serious educational experience’. Bottom line is he wants me to take him around to see the place, meet the kids, get the skinny, but I have classes all day. And I know this is the lightest day in your schedule. As a matter of fact, with Professor Stearns not back yet from presenting her paper at the conference, I don’t think you have any classes today. Right? So, would you be willing to show him around? Please!!” Jenna batted her eyes appealingly, “I’ll really owe you!” She almost blushed, hoping that last hadn’t come off as too forward.

Feeling that he was probably going to regret this, Alex allowed his chivalry gene to kick in. “Okay, I’ll take over the care and management of your cousin… what did you say his name was again? And where I can I find him?”

“It’s Jack – Jack Wilson – and I told him I’d get someone to meet him at sundial in the Quad,” she answered, naming a well-known landmark often used as a meeting place. “And now I really have to dash! You won’t be able to miss him,” Jenna called over her shoulder as she rushed away to her class. “He’s wearing jeans and a gray hoody, and he looks a lot like me, only a guy, and with darker hair.”

As Alex ambled unhurriedly towards the Quad, he considered what he’d just gotten himself into. Did he really want Jenna to feel she owed him a favor? He had a good (or rather bad) idea of what she’d think that meant. And yet she was pretty, and besides, for reasons he couldn’t explain to himself, he found he was feeling interested, almost eager, to meet this Jack Wilson who ‘looked a lot like Jenna but with darker hair’.

As the sundial came into view, Alex could see a guy in jeans and a gray hoody standing next to it looking around as though waiting for someone to approach him. This was obviously Jack Wilson. Since it was a few minutes after that hour’s classes would have started up, there were only a couple of other people in the Quad besides the two of them (and those weren’t showing any apparent interest), so Jack spotted Alex just moments after Alex spotted him. He started towards Alex, his expression questioning.

“I’m Jack Wilson. Are you the person my cousin Jenna sent to meet me?” the boy said in a soft southern drawl. He held out his hand.

“Yes, Jenna told me to look for you. I’m Alex Prescott.” Alex reached for Jack’s hand to shake it, but suddenly found his own hands doing something completely unexpected and, instead of taking the offered hand in a normal clasp, he grabbed Jack’s wrist and gently lifted the boy’s hand so that it was in front of Jack’s face, palm towards his eyes. Still acting on this strange automatic-pilot impulse that seemed now to control his actions, Alex said softly, “Look at your palm… see the play of light and shadow on your palm… pick out one spot and focus on it… and feel your hand begin to move towards your face… towards your eyes… feeling how your eyes change focus as the palm comes closer and closer… making your eyes want to close and relax… relax... relax… and… SLEEP!”

Caught by the unexpected and incomprehensible pattern-interruption, Jack hadn’t been able to move a muscle to resist and was staring, like a deer caught in headlights, at his own cataleptically suspended palm as it floated imperceptibly nearer to his face. His eyelids began to quiver, and then, at Alex’s abrupt command of ‘SLEEP!” accompanied by a sudden downward jerk on his other arm, he collapsed limply into Alex’s waiting arms, completely entranced, just as Alex himself had been the previous evening.

Alex, also, per my instructions, in a trance of his own (as he basically had been as soon as he saw that Jenna’s cousin, who was good-looking enough to trigger his post-hypnotic conditioning), set about accomplishing his assigned agenda. “Open your eyes and walk with me, but don’t wake up.” Jack opened his vacant eyes and, like a B-movie zombie, obediently followed Alex to a secluded bench where the spellbound young hypnotist deepened his target’s trance to the greatest extent possible (and in Jack’s case that turned out to be quite deep indeed), implanted suggestions (identical to those I’d given Kevin to use on his conquest), and then woke his subject with neither of them any the wiser. However, before awakening Jack, Alex’s own ingrained subconscious homoerotic associations with hypnotism had prompted him to do one other thing. He had unzipped Jack’s hoody and, discovering that Jack had no shirt on under it, briefly fondled the mesmerized boy’s well-muscled, nearly hairless chest. Then Alex zipped the garment back up (and promptly forgot it had ever been open).

Saturday, just at one, my doorbell rang, announcing that Kevin had arrived, exactly as instructed. I opened the door and there he was, just as handsome as I remembered. This time he’d ditched the formal Euro look and was wearing normal college boy gear (a green and white striped rugby shirt, khakis and dockers). Behind him was another very cute guy in a blue plaid, western-style shirt and jeans (also western-style, and pretty snug – yum) and tennis shoes. It seemed my post-hyp had borne fruit!

“Hello, Jason. I hope I’m not late,” Kevin said, perhaps a bit anxiously (in a good hypnotic subject, a post-hypnotic compulsion is just that – compulsive, so sometimes the recipient can feel a little driven by it). He handed me the copy of his birth certificate I’d ordered him to bring.

“Nope. Right on time,” I reassured him and he grinned with relief. “Who’s your friend?”

“Jason, it’s my pleasure to introduce my roommate, Aaron Banks, from Arizona. Aaron, Jason ____.”

Love those old world manners! “Hey, Aaron. Nice to meet you.” I offered my hand.

“Jason.” He nodded his head slightly and we shook.

“Come on in out of the heat.” They walked into my living room and took seats on the couch (Kevin of course had no recollection that he’d been making a porno flick on that same couch just a few days before).

“Can I get you something? Maybe a hard dick, Kevin!” At the sound of his trance-trigger, the handsome young Irishman’s eyes closed and his head fell forward in deepest hypnosis, while his khakis tented with an immediate erection.

“What the fuck?!” Aaron was staring wide-eyed at his roommate, shocked into immobility at least for the moment.

Over Aaron’s alarmed exclamation, I asked, without pausing, “Have you prepared Aaron, Kevin?”

“Yes sir.”

Prepared me! Prepared me for what?!” Aaron started to his feet.

Hard dick, Aaron!” And he collapsed back onto the couch next to Kevin, totally helpless, the crotch of his tight jeans swelling as his cock also rose to order. As he fell back, one of Aaron’s hands had flopped into Kevin’s lap and rested limply against the bulge of his roomie’s hard-on.

“Hard dick, Kevin… hard dick, Aaron…” I repeated. “Deeper and deeper in trance, deeper with every breath, with every beat of your heart… nothing can awaken you, nothing can release you from this trance, until I command it… You can’t think… you can’t form thoughts… you can only hear and obey… hear and obey… hear and obey… Stand up.” Both young men rose to their feet. “Take off all your clothes and then come to attention.”

Unhurriedly, but with no sign of resistance the two began to undress. Kevin pulled the rugby shirt up his slim torso and then off over his head, disarranging his neatly combed hair in a way I found extremely sexy. Then, after kicking off his shoes, he unbuckled his belt, undid his trousers and let them fall, and pulled his feet free of the crumpled heap. He bent to pull off his socks and then stood back up, his erection even more delightfully, visibly obscene in his thin red European briefs. He pulled the underwear down, his hard cock bouncing free, and kicked the briefs away from his feet. Then his body snapped rigidly to attention.

Aaron was a little slower, not because he was in any way able to fight against the suggestion, but simply because his clothing was harder to remove. The western shirt had buttons (or, rather, snaps) to undo, the sneakers required untying, the jeans were tight enough that they needed to be peeled down his muscular legs, and his no-fashion white straight-boy boxers (why do straight guys do that to themselves? – a big wad of boxer material can’t be very comfortable in those tight jeans!) had allowed his erection to find its way out through the fly, so when he first tried to pull them down, they caught for a moment. However, the conclusion was no less inevitable, and in very little time he was also standing stark naked and rigid next to his motionless roommate. They looked like a beautiful pair of statues, carved by a master sculptor to depict the spellbound slave-boys of some wizard or god.

I ordered Kevin to describe how he’d enslaved Aaron. The story, which I’ve related here earlier, was quite hot. So were the visuals as I walked around my helpless toys taking stock! Kevin’s face was possibly the prettier of the two and his sexy feet were bigger than his roommate’s. But the wholesome boy-next-door handsomeness of the young Arizonan was a close second. And Aaron’s cut cock was definitely larger than Kevin’s uncut one, almost eight hard, thick inches of delectability. Plus, there’s nothing like a lot of horseback riding to give a guy an ass like granite! The ranch-boy’s tight, hard little butt was absolute pink and tan perfection. His video (a cowboy theme –what else?), when I get around to having him make it, will sell like hotcakes. Once I had assessed the possibilities, I decided on the menu for the afternoon’s delight and then, having commanded them to keep themselves hard without cumming, I led the blank-faced boys, both of them gently masturbating, to my bedroom and king-size bed.

I ordered them to lie down side-by-side on the bed, and then froze them in position ( except for one hand each, which I allowed to continue to stroke lazily, keeping their cocks marble hard). Then I chowed down on their feet. There’s something about the boyish innocence of bare feet, especially those of guys I’ve spellbound into helplessness, that just blows me away. And, of course, there’s also that smell. I don’t mean the nasty I-never-change-my-socks reek that some jerks with bad hygiene attain. No, it’s just a gently funky, yeasty, sweaty smell that, to me, is one hundred per cent pheromone. I become like a cat on catnip. I sniffed and tickled, licked and sucked, going from Kevin to Aaron and back again and again, almost drunk with pleasure.

Just to be wicked I commanded an increase in their skin sensitivity (without releasing them from their immobility, heh-heh). Aaron, apparently ticklish to begin with, was practically vibrating in his enforced stasis, but the more profound reaction was Kevin’s. I had already surmised that his feet were one of his primary erogenous zones, and after my suggestion had ramped that up, his cock began to weep so much pre-cum he might as well have been experiencing an actual orgasm. If he hadn’t been held hypnotically in check, he would surely have shot his load for real. I helped myself to some of the flow (in and around his mechanically stroking fingers) and rubbed it onto both bays’ toes for extra flavoring. Bliss!

By this time I was too turned on to continue to restrict myself to their feet alone, however delectable. I crawled onto the bed in sandwich position between Kevin and Aaron, and then released them for the entranced paralysis to follow their instincts (or rather, to follow the gay instincts I’d hypnotically implanted in their minds). The resultant free-for-all was such an intense whirlwind of athletic sexual activity that the sum total of events isn’t entirely clear in my mind to describe, other than to say it was great! Out of the melee, I do remember that Aaron is a fabulous kisser, and that Kevin’s hands seemed to know at all times exactly where and how to touch me for maximum effect (can he really be totally straight?!).

The main event (once we were all adequately suited and lubed) consisted of me in the middle fucking Aaron’s unbelievable ass while Kevin plowed me. I’d chosen that combination because, hey, it’s my party and I’d promised myself the pleasure of deflowering the ranch-boy’s rock-hard butt, but also because, had Aaron been the sandwich-filling, I was afraid that his donkey-dick would have been too much for Kevin to handle (as a novice to the practice). Just before I wouldn’t have been able to control it, I ordered Kevin to withdraw, pulled myself out, and then we both shot our wads onto Aaron’s face. At the same time, on my command, Aaron blasted off, and it was one of the biggest loads I’ve ever see, all over his abs and chest, spurt after spurt after spurt. I swear, that little stud could breed with his own horses!

“Kevin, Aaron, continue to make out with each other. I want full body contact with continuous kissing until I tell you otherwise.” Hearing was obedience, and my two handsome slaves embraced passionately, their bodies squelching moistly as their rubbing smeared jizz all over each other. I fetched my digital camera and took stills for my private collection. Then I separated the two and once again froze them in position, their handsome, innocent faces blank and shiny with cum, their eyes fixed and staring (a couple more photos!).

“Aaron and Kevin, for as long as you continue to be roommates you will also be sexual partners. You are addicted to the smell and taste of your roommate’s cum; you are addicted to the smell and taste of your roommate’s feet; you are totally aroused by the sight and feel of your roommate’s body. When you are no longer rooming together, you will completely forget that you were ever lovers, or that you have ever had any sexual experiences with another guy.” I made them repeat those orders, which they did with mindless perfection, and then continued, “You will get dressed and then leave this house. As soon as the door closes behind you, you will forget everything that has happened here. You will return to your normal consciousness with no memory of this house, its address, or that you were ever here. You will, however, remember my phone number, which is _ _ _ - _ _ _ _. Repeat that.”

“_ _ _ - _ _ _ _ .”

“Very good. You will remember that phone number, and that you consider me a good friend. You will feel compelled to call me at that number at least once every week. If you don’t reach me the first time, you will continue to try at various intervals until you succeed, for you will know that it’s imperative that you contact me every week.. Repeat those instructions.” Once again the mesmerized duo proved that everything had sunk in. “As soon as you hear my voice you will instantly be in trance, even deeper than you are now, and you will follow whatever instructions I give you. You understand and you will obey”

In unison, “I understand and I will obey.”

Having thus taken care of business, ensuring their continuing hypnotized availability for all future uses, private or commercial, I got them dressed and sent them on their way. They were still ripe with sex smells, and I’m pretty sure that as soon as they got back to their dorm they’d be at it again. Then I went to take a much needed siesta.

The following afternoon my doorbell rang announcing the arrival of my other new slave, Alex. When I opened the door however, instead of just one boy, or even the two I’d hoped might be there if Alex’s post-hyp had not miscarried, but three young men – Alex, another compact, pretty blond college boy, and a third very handsome guy who looked enough like Alex to be his twin, only a little taller and, I have to say it, a lot sleazier, wearing leather pants (of all the inappropriate gear in this warm weather!). This third guy also wore a cocky grin similar to Alex’s usual expression, although his version was edgier. (Alex, in contrast, wasn’t smiling in his normal cheeky way, but instead was wearing what I’d come to recognize as his “trance” face, relaxed, open and rather blank. The other, as yet unidentified boy looked similarly unfocused.) What the heck was going on?

Mr. Leather-pants spoke up. “Hi, I’m John Prescott. I dropped in on Alex this morning, one thing led to another, and I kinda thought I needed to come here and find out why you’ve been messing with my little Cuz’s head.” His grin grew even more shark-like.

So this was wicked cousin Johnny. I was definitely shocked and on the defensive, but one of the necessary skills for a hypnotist is the ability to think fast on his feet. I was already running through possible scenarios to cope with this unexpected turn of events. “You mean after you already messed with it?”I said tartly. I wasn’t about to let him think he could pretend to have the moral high ground! “I should think that would be obvious to you. However, let’s not stand here on the doorstep debating. By their look, I assume you’ve already put your cousin and his friend under hypnosis. Come in and bring them with you so we can sort this out in private.

John’s expression had become more appraising. I think he hadn’t realized I knew about his own past hypnotic mischief with Alex. He nodded and said, “Yeah, they’re under. Alex, Jack, come with me,” and the three followed me into my living room. They sat on the couch, with Johnny in the middle.

“Okay,” I began, “You can correct me if I’m wrong. You came to visit your cousin and take advantage of the trance-trigger you’ve implanted in his mind, and in doing so, maybe trying to find out if he had any good-looking friends who could become potential new playthings for you, you found out about – Jack, is it?-whom Alex had already hypnotized himself, and, from there found out about me as well. That about right?”

John nodded. “Pretty much.” He smirked, adding, “Except I wasn’t just visiting. I attend this college too, and you’re poaching on my territory.”

Well, well. This could become a real annoyance unless I could somehow neutralize this young buck. “So you view an entire university of more than 20,000 students as ‘your territory’?” I flung my arms wide in a gesture as though to encompass that entire enrollment, at the same time allowing the light from the window to flash on my shiny class ring and, briefly, into Johnny’s eyes. He blinked automatically, but didn’t appear to realize where the flash came from or, more importantly, to take any particular conscious notice of the occurrence. Bingo! I had him. I had guessed that his two or so years of (likely) mostly self-taught hypnotic experience might not have prepared him for all the tricks I could bring to bear. Plus, having learned his skills from books and his own experimenting (rather than a class/course), he probably had never actually been in a trance himself, and wouldn’t realize that it doesn’t feel like it looks, nor that going into trance isn’t an unfamiliar or immediately recognizable feeling. I now had the range and angle, so I could send those flashes into his eyes whenever I chose. I commenced a rhythmic light-barrage at a number of flashes-per-minute/second good for optimum trance generation. At the same time, under the cover of our “argument”, I asked a number of rhetorical questions, the answer to each of which was always “yes”, and used that to anchor an NLP hook. Cocky, naïve Johnny was being schooled without a clue as to his peril. In short order his eye-blinks had taken on a totally regular and mechanical cadence, and he was responding more and more slowly and uncertainly to the conversation flow, often spending seconds just blinking stupidly before dredging up a comment. It was time to move in for the kill.

“You look so tired, Johnny.” I tugged my earlobe.

“Yeah, tired…” he sighed sleepily.

“You need to rest, you want to sleep…” again, the earlobe. “It’s okay just to close your eyes and relax.” Johnny’s eyes blinked once more, ve-r-y slowly, and then stayed shut. “That’s right,” I prompted soothingly, “And it feels so good you just want to let go and sleep even deeper… deeper and deeper… It’s okay to stop thinking and just let my voice help you relax and go deeper… so easy and pleasant to let it lead you deeper and deeper… down, down, down… to let my voice make the decisions… it’s too hard to think when you’re so sleepy, so very sleepy… so much easier to just relax and listen and obey.” Johnny was absolutely limp, and out cold. Obviously hypnotic susceptibility ran in the family as much as handsome faces and cocky attitude.

“Johnny, nothing can wake you until I awaken you. You pay attention only to my voice, and you obey it without thought.”

“I… obey…” He sounded as though he were deep in a pleasant dream.

I ordered the newly enslaved young hypnotist to release control of Alex and Jack to me, which, like the nicely programmed robot he’d become, he did immediately. Then from Alex I got the story on Jack which I’ve already related.

“Alex, tell me how your cousin got involved in this today.”

“I was just getting ready to come to you when Johnny showed up. I’d actually assumed it was Jack when he knocked on the door. Johnny came right into my room without even asking if it was okay, and then he said, ‘Alex is my hypno-slave’ and I was helpless. I began to shake, because I knew I had to obey him, but I also knew I had to come to you.” Okay, that explained things. A classic anxiety attack brought on by conflicting hypnotic commands would naturally have raised questions for Johnny, who thought he had sole control of his cousin’s mind. “Johnny asked me why I was shaking, so, of course, I told him. He commanded me to hypnotize Jack as soon as he arrived, and then he brought us both here still under hypnosis.”

These developments necessitated several changes in my planned program for the afternoon. For one, since Jack wasn’t a resident of the school or the city, or at least not yet, if I wanted to make any money off his enslavement I would have to do my filming today. Then too, there was the question of how best to neutralize Johnny, now that I had him. The easiest course would be simply to make him forget that he’s ever had any knowledge of hypnotism or any interest in it. However, I could see some definite benefits in leaving him both his skills and his fixation, as long as I could tweak them to my own purposes. I decided to begin there; but first: an improvement in scenery.

“Guys, take off your shirts.” With no hesitation, like a well-trained drill team the three boys stripped to the waist. They were all so toned, so trim, so sexy, and so helplessly, automatically obedient! God, I love this stuff!!

I started off by giving them re-induction cues of my own, and the instructions concerning my phone number and maintaining regular contact with me (modified slightly in Jack’s case, so that he’d only be compelled to call once a month or so to keep his trance response current, unless he actually did transfer and move here). Then, after setting Jack and Alex an open-ended deepening task, I moved on to my plans for Johnny.

“John Prescott, open your eyes, but go even deeper into trance.” He did so, and now we might have simply been continuing our previous conversation except for his expression, which was now blankly attentive instead of cocky and dismissive. “Johnny, you feel very good, don’t you.” It wasn’t really a question.

“Feel… good…”

“That’s right, you feel very good being hypnotized. You love being hypnotized. You love it as much or more than you love hypnotizing other guys. Nothing makes you feel as wonderful as yielding all your will and all your thoughts to hypnosis. And no one but I can do this for you. No one but I can ever hypnotize you and give you this pleasure. Only I can hypnotize you, and you crave it. You will long to have me control you, body and mind. You will do anything for the chance to experience this again and again. You want to be my hypno-slave, just as Alex is yours. Say it: ‘I want to be your hypno-slave, sir’.”

“I want to be your hypno-slave, sir.”

“Very good. You shall be my hypno-slave. ” I took a page right out of his own book. “Whenever you hear me say, ‘Johnny is my hypno-slave’, no matter where you are or what you are doing, you will automatically and instantly be deeply hypnotized, unable to think for yourself, and you will do whatever I tell you, without any resistance or hesitation. You understand.”

“Yes, sir, I understand.” He’d gone from slave-master to helpless puppet. I was grinning in triumph.

“There is one more thing that you must do. You must continue to hypnotize other sexy boys, just as you have been doing. You realize that, as much as you enjoy controlling handsome guys for sex, it is infinitely better when you are hypnotized as well. From now on, your greatest pleasure and turn-on will be to bring to me here boys whom you have already placed under your complete hypnotic control, so that you can be hypnotized along with them.” This was pretty complicated, so for accuracy’s sake I made him repeat it, which he did flawlessly. He was truly in my power in every way. I also added a further qualification (just in case young John wasn’t as careful about covering his tracks as I am) that he would never be able to tell anyone about me, and that he would only bring his own hypnotic conquests here when they were actually in their trance states at the time.

I recalled Alex and Jack’s attention back to me. This had all taken time, so I opted for something not too complicated for my video work. “Alex, Johnny, Jack at the count of three, you will all be gay fraternity brothers sitting in the living room of your frat-house studying. You are not wearing your shirts because it’s a hot day. Johnny, you will be getting very horny, so you will decide to seduce your bros into having sex with you. You will all believe and act on these instructions I’m giving you, and you will have terrific, imaginative sex, while completely ignoring me and the camera. It will be as though I’m not even here, until I tell you to stop, which you will instantly obey, returning immediately to this deeply focused, completely programmable state.” I gave each motionless boy a book to hold (so that they’d appear to be studying), turned on the camcorder, and counted them off.

At first they merely continued to read (or seem to), but after a moment Johnny lowered his book and glanced sideways at Alex’s beautiful bare chest. Alex didn’t appear to notice. Johnny then turned his head to surreptitiously check out Jack, who also seemed oblivious. I could see the crotch of the impractical leather pants stretch as his erection (which looked to be unusually large) developed.

With apparent nonchalance, Johnny got up off the couch. His expression grew mischievous, almost evil, as he grinned down at the other two boys still immersed in their reading. Then he said quietly but firmly, “Alex is my hypno-slave, Jack is my hypno-slave.” The books fell from suddenly strengthless hands as both of those young men collapsed against each other, eyes closed, heads lolling, instantly helpless.

Okay, I hadn’t planned on that, but, realistically, I should have expected it. I kept on filming.

“Alex, Jack, stand up and take off all your clothes,” Johnny ordered. Like good soldiers, the boys obeyed him. After they were nude (and very beautiful they were!), they merely stood there, vacantly waiting for further instructions. Johnny sat back down and extended his feet out in front of him, commanding “Take off my shoes and socks.” Jack and Alex fell to their knees, and each of them bared one of the young hypnotist’s feet. I had a massive, instantaneous hard-on. Johnny’s feet were freakin’ gorgeous! Perfect, plump, suckable toes, flawless arch, strong, sculpted ankles, lovely unblemished pink skin. No wonder he had a thing about them!

At the young hypnotist’s direction, Alex and Jack began to worship those beautiful feet. They kissed and suckled and licked with a single-minded devotion. Johnny relaxed back on the couch occasionally emitting little grunts and moans of pleasure as one or the other of his slaves did something particularly effective with mouth or hands. He unzipped the more and more obscenely stretched leathers, freed his cock (which, as I’d guessed, was quite impressive) and began to stroke it. I couldn’t have choreographed it better myself. This video would be a blockbuster.

After a short time, during which Johnny became visibly more and more turned on, he ordered the other two boys to stop what they were doing and then to kneel facing each other and make out. While they were engaged in kissing and groping, he pulled the leather pants off (it took him awhile), and then more or less thrust his cock in between the two kissing faces, telling them they were in a contest to determine who was the better cocksucker. Their job was to try to be the one who made him cum.

Jack and Alex immediately turned their attention from each other to John’s cock. I had been afraid that Johnny was making a big mistake here, and that the rivalry would subject him to painful collisions. However, the two hypnotized boys quickly got into a routine of synchronized trade-offs and, occasionally, both servicing opposite sides of the hypnotist’s tool, in effect French-kissing each other around its head, all without crushing or biting the tender organ. I know that Alex had had plenty of experience in giving a blow-job, but I was surprised at how easily Jack managed. He took to it like a pro. Even though Johnny’s equipment was far from small, Jack seemed to have no difficulty in accommodating it, or in keeping his teeth out of the play. Beginner’s luck, or was he actually experienced? I hadn’t had time to conduct a pre-game interview. So I’d have to wait to find out.

When Johnny reached his climax, Jack was in possession, but as soon as he began to shoot, the hypnotist pulled out to make sure that both of the handsome, innocent faces took their share of the load. Close-up!

After he’d recover his breath, Johnny said, “Jack’s the winner. Alex, as his reward, you will suck his dick until he cums on your face.” Hearing was obedience, and his cousin latched onto Jack’s cock, licking it until it was fully hard, and then engulfing it in his pretty mouth. His head bobbed forward and back as he deep-throated Jack, suctioning like a hoover, and it didn’t take long before a gasping, panting Jack added his globs of jizz to the slicks already staining Alex’s cheeks and mouth. Johnny then ordered them to switch places, and soon Alex, in his turn, had anointed Jack’s obediently ready face with his warm splooge.

This was already one of the best videos I’d ever filmed, but then Johnny ended it with something I’d never actually thought of (although I sure should have), but would definitely have to remember for future use. It was so beautiful and perfect that I came involuntarily in my pants (which I’ve never done before).

“Jack, lie down on the couch,” John commanded. “Now you, Alex, lie down too, facing Jack. No, the other way, head to feet.” Since both boys were about the same height (and that on the short side), they were able to stretch out at full length in the suggested position, just fitting, with Alex’s hot little bottom ever so slightly jutting out over the front edge of the cushions. “Jack, Alex, you’re sleepy… very sleepy… you need to fall deeply asleep… You will suck one of the toes you see in front of you like a pacifier and you will sleep… you will sleep… deep, deep sleep…” Alex yawned, then latched onto one of Jack’s big toes and began to suck it gently, at the same time as his eyes fluttered and then drifted shut. Jack was already fast asleep, his lips softly working on Alex’s toe just like a contented baby sucks its thumb.

That’s when the bells and whistles went off in my pants.. The sight of those two handsome, handsome young guys, their hard bodies on display, their cheeks flushed and dripping with cum, but their expressions as free of awareness as a little kid’s at nap time, pushed every button I have. I exploded with an orgasm as strong as if I’d been denied an outlet for weeks. I couldn’t hold the DVR steady, but I’d already recorded enough of the scene for a decent ending once it was edited. I turned the camera off, marshaled my scattered wits, and, before he could change anything, husked, “Johnny is my hypno-slave.” The hypnotist was once again a motionless, will-less puppet. Leaving them all right where they were, I left to clean myself up and to fetch the still camera. I wanted shots of this for my private collection! I was a little ticked at myself for losing control like that. It meant I’d not get my own chance to sample Jack unless he did end up transferring, but, heck, you can’t win them all. It was still a damn good orgasm! And I’d have as many future opportunities with the Prescott cousin, singly or together, as I cared to arrange (or as Johnny drummed up new hypno-recruits to present to me).

Once everyone was cleaned up and dressed, and everything was more or less back to normal order (the couch, of course, was a disaster-area of cum stains, but, hey, it’s been treated, so a little sponging and it’ll be as good as new), I set about the mental clean-up. Totally in contrast to my normal routine, I left Alex and Jack still under hypnosis and still nominally in Johnny’s control. Let him do his own tidying-up in their memories, he was more than capable. The hypnotized hypnotist I allowed to remember some of what had gone on, but only through the filter of his newly created love for being hypnotized along with his victims. His edited memory of the extremely hot session that had ensued would simply cement even more strongly in place his compulsion to hypnotize handsome young guys and then bring them to me so that he too could be included in the hypnotized scenes.

As Alex and Jack stood unmoving, blankly awaiting further orders, I kissed them both deeply, regretting once again that I probably wouldn’t have more of Jack Wilson. Johnny looked on approvingly. He was still hypnotized, but so subtly that he clearly didn’t realize it himself. In a sense, with respect to me, he’d always be hypnotized; I could reel him in with a look, a word a gesture, at any time, and he’d comply as meekly as a child. I took him in my arms, feeling his hot, hard body mold pliantly to mine, and kissed him with utter thoroughness, until I could feel his cock getting hard again in the leather pants. Then, still holding him close, I murmured into his ear, “Take them home and make sure they don’t remember anything about this, understand?”

“Yes, sir.” The wicked grin was back. “Cuz, Jack, come with me. It’s prom night and you’re gonna make out in the back of the limo while I drive you home,” and he led the two bewitched young college boys out to his car, held the door for them, chauffeur-style, than grinned even more broadly as they fell into the back seat and immediately began to kiss and grapple. Looking back at me, he touched his forehead in a mocking salute, got into the driver’s seat, and drove away.