Out of the Closet (hypno)

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“That was fuckin’ awesome!!!” David Harrison, my sophomore roommate fuck-buddy/maybe-even-lover and I were returning to the dorm from our Introduction to Psychology class, during which David had just been the undisputed star of the professor’s impromptu hypnosis demonstration, and he was stoked. “It’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever experienced! I mean, I was so sure it wouldn’t work I didn’t even try, but he can’t have been talkin’ to me for more than a couple of minutes when I was just gone! I couldn’t think, couldn’t do anything except what he told me – even when I tried to stop myself, I couldn’t resist the suggestions. And I felt incredible! It was like you feel after the best sex!” He grinned. “Dude, we gotta learn to do this ourselves!”

“What,” I scoffed, “You want to forget your name and be plagued by an imaginary fly” (two of the demonstration suggestions) “on a regular basis?”

“No, doofus, for sex!”

I stopped in my tracks and stared at him. “If you’re thinking you can have sex with anybody just by hypnotizing him, you’re dreaming. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t work that way. And if you mean hypnotizing me, no-o-o thank you! I like to be present in mind as well as body when I’m getting laid!”

“No, not you, me! We both know you wouldn’t give up control under total anesthesia! But I think it would be a major turn-on. That one time I persuaded you to tie me up was one of the best orgasms I ever had, and this would be even better – my mind would be at your mercy as much as my body. And it’s already established that I’m a good subject. C’mon, Brandon, you’re smart. You know you could learn to hypnotize me if you wanted to. We gotta try it!”

Hmmm… As I looked at my handsome bud waiting eagerly for my answer (David is six-feet-one of hot: model-gorgeous face, incredible dark-blue eyes, neat black hair, and a tanned, tapered, toned bod worthy of a gymnast - which he was in high school), I had to admit that I could see the possibilities. And I also had to admit, at least to myself, that, during the demonstration, as I watched Dave’s eyelids (with their ridiculously sexy fringe of thick lashes) helplessly grow heavy and then close, or later, when, at the professor’s command, he opened them again in an unfocused stare, his face totally blank, I had unquestionably felt a thrill of arousal. Yeah, I could definitely get off on having David under mind-control.

“Okay,” I said finally, “I’ll think about it. But I’m not gonna do anything until I’ve learned a lot more about it and am sure I know what I’m doing. You heard what the Dr. Miller said about the potential dangers of hypnotizing someone casually. I’d want to make you cum, not give you abreactions and neuroses!”

Dave grinned even wider. “I trust you, Brandon. I know I’ll be safe going under for you. And just you wait and see. This is going to be so-o-o fuckin’ hot!” He was practically vibrating with enthusiasm.


So I launched into a program of library and on-line research to see whether I could learn enough about hypnosis to become a reasonably proficient (and safe) practitioner. I was pleased and relieved to find that it wasn’t going to be as hard as I’d thought. There was a lot of information to be found, and quite easily, and also a number of instructional videos posted. After a couple of weeks of study, I felt I could manage to hypnotize my buddy and give us both a great ride, without doing him any harm. And I wasn’t worried about it succeeding. After all, as Dave had already pointed out, he was a proven good subject, plus, I had the advantage of having witnessed a version of the hypnotic process that we both already knew worked perfectly on him. All I really needed to do was copy Dr. Miller and then watch David so as to be able to adjust my timing to his responses.

However, as is so often the case, one thing after another conspired to delay the experiment. First, we both caught bad colds, so no one was much in the mood for sex, hypno- or otherwise, Then, just as we were getting well enough to feel frisky again, my cousin Jesse came for a visit to check out the campus before applying for next fall. I hadn’t come out to my family (nor had David to his), and since Jesse was staying in our room, sleeping in a sleeping bag on our floor, sex was out of the question. So it was time to head home for Thanksgiving break, and we still hadn’t even determined whether I could put David under, much less have my hypnotic way with him. 

I’d been invited to spend the holiday with David at his parents’ house, since he only lives a couple of hour’s drive from campus, while my home is a long plane-flight away and too expensive a trip for just a four-day weekend. Dave comes from serious money, so he has his own very large room (suite, really), private bath, huge walk-in closet, the whole nine yards of  luxury, in a house so big that you could easily get lost just trying to find the kitchen. And there was an equally over-the-top guest-room for me. With that much personal space, privacy should have been no issue, and it would have been perfect for our plans except for one thing: David’s little brother Eric. 

Eric is a junior version of Dave; eighteen years old, a high school senior, same devastating good looks, although he’s a couple of inches shorter, slimmer and a little less obviously muscular (diver rather then gymnast), and his face is a little more boyishly undefined – definitely fuck-worthy now that he’s of age. But he’s also a spoiled brat, a vocal homophobe (which is why Dave isn’t out yet), and a real snoop (according to Dave there hadn’t been a Christmas since Eric was five that he didn’t know, weeks beforehand, what everyone was getting and where everything was hidden, and as he’d grown older he’d branched out into much less innocuous kinds of spying and even blackmail, although only for leverage, not money – as Dave put it, it would be safer to keep a cobra as a pet than to keep a diary in his house). Trying to pull this off with him nosing around looking for anything he could use to hold over David didn’t seem practical, and I was all for postponing yet again until we were back in the dorm, but Dave was so frustrated at this point that he wasn’t willing to wait any longer.

“No way, Brandon! I’m so horny I could fuck the turkey. We can do this. All we have to do is pick a time when Eric’s not in the house. You know my parents won’t disturb us,” he added a little bitterly. “They probably haven’t even noticed I’ve come home.” (Needless to say, Mr. and Mrs. Harrison are not exactly Ward and June Cleaver, and, wealthy though it may have been, I’ve never envied Dave his up-bringing.)

So, somewhat against my better judgment, we bided our time, waiting for Eric to have something better to do. Saturday morning we got our break. At breakfast (if you’re thinking Saturday breakfast at the Harrisons is a cozy family event, forget it! – the brothers just happened to be at the table at the same time by chance), Eric mentioned to David that he was going skiing for the day. Dave kept watch until his brother had loaded his gear and driven away, and then went to find me. I’d slept in, so it took me a few to pull it together, but as soon as I was functionally awake and dressed enough to traverse the hall to his room, we both wasted no time in getting there. 


“Okay, Brandon, start me off. What do you want me to do first?” Dave was seated on his bed, looking especially delicious in his GAP jersey and the skinny jeans that so successfully advertized his basket and muscular little ass.

I wanted to say, ‘Lose the clothes and then fuck me ’til I scream like the heroine in a cheap romance novel’, but first things first. “Just like you did for Dr. Miller: go sit in your comfortable chair” (he has a padded armchair in his dressing alcove) “feet flat on the floor, hands palms up in your lap.” Dave complied and then I launched into my memorized hypno-script. I don’t know if was just my perception, but it seemed to take a lot longer than when Dr. Miller was demonstrating. Maybe it was my lack of practice, maybe it was David’s unspoken desire to prolong the experience as much as possible for his own enjoyment of it; but whatever the reason, by the time he was completely under, limp and helpless, I felt as though I’d been talking sleep long enough to hypnotize a plaster effigy. And yet, looking at this gorgeous hunk fast asleep and unable to resist, it was so fuckin’ worth it! I was hard as a tent-spike in my pants. I began the deepening exercises I’d memorized (mostly the same ones our professor had used) and in a short time I was able to command. “Open your eyes, but don’t wake up.” I was treated to the same delightful sight of Dave’s helpless, mindless gaze that had been such a turn-on for me in the psychology class weeks ago.

I continued, “You hear nothing but my voice. Every word sends you deeper under my control. Nothing can awaken you until I awaken you.” It had, as I mentioned, been some time since our last sexual encounter, and I was so excited I began to dribble pre-cum into my briefs. But Dave was in this for the bondage element, so I marshaled my self-control to take the time to increase that aspect, at least in his hypnotized perception. “You are hypnotized now… deeply hypnotized. You cannot resist my words… you cannot question… you cannot disobey… your mind is empty and quiet… you can form no thoughts of your own… you have no will of your own… my words are you thoughts… my words are your will… you are a hypnotized slave-boy and you obey… obedience is instant… obedience is irresistible… obedience is pleasure… obedience is sexy… you can never resist me; I am your master… you are a hypnotized slave-boy and you obey me… you are a hypnotized slave-boy… a hypnotized slave-boy… a hypnotized slave-boy.” In Dave’s tight jeans his erection was obvious. I repeated the hypnotic mantra a few more times and then commanded, “Repeat that.”

“I’m a hypnotized slave-boy.”

“…hypnotized slave-boy.”

HOLY SHIT!! I was hearing two voices! Dave, in front of me, had mindlessly repeated the phrase just as instructed, but another voice, equally trance-blank and uninflected, coming from the walk-in closet, had echoed his. I hastily ordered David to sleep hearing nothing until I touched his shoulder, and then, as he lapsed into enforced slumber, I walked cautiously to the closet and pulled open the door. There on the floor sat Eric, his arms limp at his sides, the same trance-blank expression on his cute young face, clearly hypnotized as all hell.

Obviously, the ability to go easily and deeply into trance (or perhaps the inability not to) ran in the family, and certainly, for anyone with that particular skill (or vulnerability), the very extended hypnotic induction I’d just performed would have been quite enough to do the trick, but I was still both shocked and mystified at this turn of events. First of all, Eric’s presence here showed behavior that went way beyond simple snooping and landed smack in the realm of deeply disturbing. He must have somehow realized that his brother was up to something, but he had gone to pathologically elaborate lengths, pretending to pack up for skiing, driving away, parking out of sight, and then sneaking back to hide in Dave’s closet –creepy! Secondly, everything I’d read on the subject of hypnosis was quite thoroughly in agreement that it couldn’t make people do anything they really objected to at a fundamental level. So, even allowing that he’d been inadvertently hypnotized by listening in, why was Eric still under? David liked the idea of hypnotic submission and had requested it, so his cooperation was a given, but the suggestions I’d just finished giving to turn him into a helpless slave should have snapped his brother right out of trance quicker than a slap in the face. Unless… maybe trance-vulnerability wasn’t the only thing the two of them had in common?

“Eric, stand up and come here,” I commanded. Like a robot, the slim, handsome teenager slowly got up from the closet floor and walked over to stand before me, still staring vaguely at nothing. Now that he was on his feet I could see that, like his brother’s, the fly of his jeans was tented with an erection (and it looked to be a damn good one!). Apparently the ‘obedience is sexy’ suggestion had found fertile ground in his mind as well as David’s. I continued, “You will answer all my questions, Eric. You can’t resist, you can’t lie.”

“Yes, Brandon…” his voice was soft, and totally sleepy and dull. It caused my over-stimulated dick to eject another squirt of pre-cum.

“Why did you hide in Dave’s closet?”

With no signs of embarrassment (or any other emotion), he said blandly, “I wanted to catch you guys makin’ out. Dave thinks nobody has a clue that he’s gay, but I’ve known for a long time. I didn’t know you were gonna hypnotize him. I just wanted to see the action. You’re both sexy and I thought it’d be hot.”

I’m sure my eyebrows almost met my hairline at that one! I thought Eric was supposed to be this virulent homophobe. But maybe it was a case of ‘the lady doth protest too much’. “Then you’re gay, Eric? And does Dave know?”

“I guess you’d say I’m bi. I’m not into labels; I’m into sex… and Dave never knows anything…” this last said with a fair measure of condescending sibling scorn bleeding through the hypnotized monotone, although his face remained blank as ever.

“Why did you let yourself become hypnotized?”

“I didn’t seem to have a choice. By the time I realized I was going under too, I couldn’t stop it. I tried to quit paying attention to you, or at least to move and shake it off, but I couldn’t. All I could do was sit there and go on relaxing and listening and obeying every instruction you gave. Pretty soon I didn’t even care any more; it was just automatic. And now I’m a hypnotized slave-boy.” Eric didn’t look the least discomfited by that; if anything, he looked a little self-satisfied, and the bulge of his erection had grown even more prominent.

Well, sainthood has never been an option for me, and this was a degree of temptation well beyond my ability or inclination to resist: two handsome hypnotized Harrison brothers for the price of one! “Now that you are a hypnotized slave-boy, you like being under my control, don’t you, Eric.” It was a suggestion, not a question, and he took it as such, quickly (if mindlessly) agreeing. “And you will continue to go deeper and deeper into trance… deeper and deeper… no way to stop yourself… no way to resist…” Eric’s head drooped forward into the classic trance posture, although his eyes remained open. 

“Take off your clothes, Eric,” I commanded. Then as he began his mindless strip, I went over to David to reclaim his hypnotized attention and get him out of his gear as well. After which I doffed my own clothes. 

As I undressed, it occurred to me that this was a golden opportunity, not only for some pretty spiffy sex, but also to give David a little ammunition of his own against Eric’s tendency towards manipulative control. I picked up my pants from the neat pile in which I’d left them and took my phone from the pocket.

“Eric, when I count to three, you will realize that you are the best and most highly paid male stripper in the business. You will give your brother Dave the sexiest, sluttiest, full-Monty lap dance ever performed. Nod if you understand.” As Eric’s head bobbed his helpless agreement, I turned to Dave. “Dave, at the count of three, your hands will be bound behind you. You will be absolutely helpless to escape or avoid your brother’s performance. You may feel turned on or you may feel shocked, but no matter which, you won’t be able to move.” I wanted Dave in the pictures I planned to snap, because I just wanted them to give him leverage to parry Eric’s potential for blackmail, not because I wanted to present him with unconditional supremacy. I think I know my buddy well enough to trust him not to turn tyrant, but… safety first. This way, though it would appear to be clear that Eric was the instigator, Dave would still be implicated, so he’d only use the photos as a last resort. “If I say ‘freeze’, you will both instantly freeze in place. When I say ‘go’, you will resume where you left off with no awareness of time having passed or of anything that happened during it. You’re both going to stay hard and ready all the time, but nobody cums until I say so!” This should be interesting! “One, two, three.”

Eric’s handsome, boyish face immediately took on an expression of blatant, sleazy come-on. The skankiest whore in cheesiest gay porn-flick ever made had nothing on him! He began to bump and grind his way over to the chair in which Dave sat immobile (it really did look as though he’d been handcuffed or tied, as his hands were behind him), his facial expression utterly stunned (of course, that was just the trance, but in the photos it would read as shock). “Freeze.” Snapping away like a demented paparazzo, I caught the expressions of both brothers along with Eric’s lithe and slinky body language. “Go,”

“Freeze.” Eric now straddling Dave’s lap, his hard cock just inches from Dave’s seemingly disbelieving face. 

“Freeze.” Eric now arching his back, his eyes closed in mindless lust as one hand pinched and twiddled his nipple while he sucked the middle finger of the other.

“Freeze.” Eric with his wetted middle finger now inserted in his ass, the other hand wrapped around his dripping hard-on, his mouth open in a gasp of passion. I have to say, the boy was certainly living the part.

“Freeze.” I had to shout that one quickly, as Eric had jerked his finger free, and was just in the process of lowering his moistened ass-lips onto the head of Dave’s cock. Eric’s muscular control, to be able to freeze in that attitude, was quite impressive.

Well, that should be enough to stock Dave’s arsenal, and I was definitely past the point where I was willing to remain on the sidelines any longer. I shut off my phone and returned it to my pants-pocket. Then I grabbed Eric’s peach-perfect little ass and helped steady him as, at my command he unfroze, regained his balance, and backed off of his brother’s erection. I freed Dave’s hypnotically ‘bound’ hands, removed Eric’s lap-dancer persona, and ordered both of them to stand in front of me and come to attention. Then I took a moment to reinforce their trances, even more firmly tying their arousal to going deeper under hypnosis and becoming more and more helplessly enslaved (hell, it probably wasn’t necessary, but I sure wouldn’t want Eric, at least, snapping out of it before I could wipe his memory). By the time I was done with them, they brothers were convinced that their own orgasms (when they reached them) would subjugate them so powerfully that they would no longer even be able to remember what it might have been like to have free will or thoughts of their own!

“You are a sex-toy,” I commanded them both. “You have no existence or purpose but your master’s pleasure… my pleasure.” I took Dave’s unresisting body into my arms. Kiss me, David.” I’d been planning this for awhile. Dave is not usually up for kissing (one of the reasons I’m never sure if our relationship is just that of fuck-buddies, or whether it could be more), but I love nothing better than long, deep, hot kisses. I’m here to tell you that hypnotism turned ol.’ guys-don’t-kiss Dave into the lip-lock champion of the western world! His soft, soft lips, his wicked tongue, the slight abrasiveness of his clean-shaven cheeks against mine, not to mention the delicious sexiness of his taste, quickly had me gasping like a Barbara Cartland ingénue.

“Eric, you’re a cocksucker,” I panted. “You have no thought but to suck our cocks, taking us in turns. You will do your best to keep us right at the brink, without letting us cum. But if either of us does go over that edge, you will want to take the load on your face. You love the smell and feel of cum. You are addicted to it. Suck us now.” 

I was aware, peripherally, as Eric dropped to his knees, although I’d already returned to making out with David. But then moments later I felt the warm, wet circle of the hypnotized teenager’s mouth engulf my hard-on. Wow!! This certainly wasn’t young Eric’s first time around that particular block. His ease and experience were obvious in the way he deftly protected my shaft from tooth-contact and then effortlessly swallowed me all the way down. Under that onslaught, I didn’t give myself odds for lasting beyond a minute. But my hypnotized cock-slave was more than up to the task I’d set him. Just when I thought I could hold off no longer, he pulled away from my cock. Dave twitched strongly in my arms, signaling his first exposure to his brother’s talented mouth, and was soon moaning in ecstasy. And Eric continued skillfully to edge us both until I had reached such a pitch of excitement that it was either cum now or die.

“Eric, make us cum now!” I gasped. He had just switched back to working Dave’s cock, but I could see his suction and speed immediately increase. It wasn’t even a minute more before Dave arched his back and exploded. Eric, as instructed, caught the load full in his face. Then, pausing only to lick his lips appreciatively, he brought his dripping face back to my crotch and began to engineer my climb to heaven. Did I say he was skillful? I hadn’t known the half of it! The difference between Eric keeping you at the edge, and Eric taking you over it was cataclysmic. He may have been deeply under my hypnotic control, but I was helplessly in his power. I came so hard I thought it would turn me inside out.

Both Dave and I were panting as though we’d run the marathon, but, as my vision cleared, I could see that my boyfriend’s expression was still blankly entranced, as though his mind was too far away to comprehend what his body had just experienced. And brother Eric, still on his knees, now that his assigned duty was accomplished simply stared mindlessly straight ahead, oblivious of our jizz dripping from his cute, spellbound face, waiting for his next instructions.

“Dave, lie down on your bed and sleep deeply. Dream about the wonderful orgasm you just had. You can relive it in your dreams as often as you feel like doing. Nothing can disturb you. Nothing can wake you until I wake you. You will hear nothing further until I touch your shoulder.” He obeyed, sinking immediately into slumber, and then, scarcely a heartbeat later, beginning to moan in his sleep. I turned to Eric, who hadn’t cum yet (and I needed him to, in order to cement the last layer of hypnotic structure I’d set up for him).

“Eric, lie down on the floor on your back.” He obeyed. “Now, curl your legs up over your head. I want to see if you’re limber enough to suck yourself.” Again, hearing was obedience. With no resistance, he assumed the requested position, his hard cock now aimed directly at his open mouth. And he was so close! But, but slim and flexible though he was, there was still a scant inch or two between the head of his cock and his lips. I knelt beside him and began to milk his slick, rigid dick, murmuring hypnotic encouragements all the while. In very short order the handsome teenager, whimpering with pleasure, unloaded all over his own frozen face and then, as his spasms subsided, went completely still, his empty gaze the very illustration of total hypnotized submission.

I fetched a towel from Dave’s bath, helped Eric uncurl, and mopped most of the cum from his face, although I made sure to leave a tiny slick around his lips and under his nose. “Take a deep breath, and let the smell of cum, the smell that fascinates and compels you, empty your mind and will completely, slave-boy. No thoughts… no will…. no thoughts… no will… You will have no memory, now or ever, of what went on in this room today. You were never here. Repeat that.”

“I was never here,” Eric droned dazedly.

“And you have never been hypnotized.”

“Never been hypnotized.” I almost laughed at the incongruity of his zombie-like delivery of that statement.

“Yes, you have never been hypnotized, and you can never be hypnotized by anyone other than myself. No one can hypnotize you but me.”

“No one can hypnotize me except you.”

“No one but I can hypnotize you. But I can hypnotize you very, very easily, so whenever you hear me say,’ I thought for a moment, “Whenever you hear me say the words ‘slave-boy Eric’, you will instantly be deeply hypnotized, even deeper than you are now, unable to think, unable to resist my commands, a helpless hypnotized slave-boy. Now what is the phrase that I will use to hypnotize you?”

“Slave-boy Eric.”

“And what will you do when you hear me say that phrase?”

“I will go into trance and obey you without thinking.”

“Excellent. I’m going to count to three, and when I do, you will get dressed, leave this room and go to your own, returning to your normal consciousness only when you get there. As I instructed, you will have no conscious memory of your experiences here today. You will also have no conscious memory of those instructions I’ve given you, although you will obey them absolutely. Tonight, when you go to get ready for bed, you will come to my room instead of your own, without even noticing what you are doing.” I wanted a chance at Eric’s hot little ass, and I didn’t want to be juggling Dave’s attention at the same time. “You understand and you will obey exactly as I’ve said.”

“I will obey…”

“One, two, three.” Like a sleepwalker on a mission, Eric padded over to the pile of his clothing and dressed himself. Then, his face still blank, his eyes still glazed, and his sexy lips still a little shiny and damp from the drying cum, he walked slowly out the door, closing it softly behind him.

I returned to Dave, squirming and writhing on his bed in the grips of a dream orgasm flashback. As soon as his body had quieted indicating he was between “cycles”, I recaptured his hypnotized attention and went through the process of waking him up. Unlike Eric, I went to some pains to make sure that Dave remembered what had gone on except for those few things I didn’t want him to (and that he believed that he remembered everything). I also installed a re-hypnosis cue: “hypno-time for Dave”. Hell, this was way too much fun for just a one-off; I planned to have a lot of hypno-sex with Dave back at school.

When I returned him to full awareness, Dave stretched like a lazy cat. He couldn’t seem to stop grinning. “Brandon, that was awesome! I feel amazing, and the sex was off the chart!”

I showed him the photos on my phone and he began to laugh. “Man, his ass is so-o-o busted!! I’ll never have to worry again!” I pointed out that these photos were a double-edged sword; David couldn’t use them without trashing himself as well. They presented a “nuclear option”, useful only to take Eric down with him if push came to shove. But Dave still chuckled, “Doesn’t matter, dude, he’d never let it come to that. Eric dishes it out, but he doesn’t take it.” At that I had to hide a smirk. I was pretty sure Eric would be “taking it” tonight.


That night at around ten (I’d already implanted a subtle hypnotic compulsion to send Dave off to his own bed, convinced he was tired enough to go straight to sleep), the door to my guest-bedroom opened and Eric walked in as casually as you please. He hadn’t gone three steps when he saw me and halted. “Brandon, what the hell are you doing in my room?” He sounded more than a little annoyed.

“It’s not your room, Slave-boy Eric!”

“Huh?...” was all he had time to say before his eyes had slammed shut and he stood as motionless as a statue, his face empty of all expression, once again completely, helplessly under my control. I snapped him to attention and then stepped back to admire my handiwork. God, he was cute!

“Slave-boy Eric… Slave-boy Eric…” I crooned a few more times, being rewarded at each repetition of the power phrase with an almost palpable increase to the rigid blankness of my entranced subject, as though my words were the knock-out punches of a prize-fighter. “Slave-boy Eric, you are a toy, and you are here to be played with. You will allow me to do anything with you that I want to do.” I took the motionless boy in my arms and began to kiss him. Since I hadn’t ordered Eric to kiss me back, it was a very one-sided operation, but the tastes and textures were still marvelous. And anyway, I suspected that Eric, arrogant and selfish as he is, wouldn’t have been that great a kisser even if I had engaged his active participation. I tugged gently on his jaw until his lips parted and I was able to deepen the kiss into something more satisfying, although, other than for the warmth of his body and the musk of his breath, I could still have been romancing a blow-up doll.

Continuing to kiss Eric’s unresponsive mouth, I began to undo the buttons of his shirt. He was wearing a deep blue (the exact, arresting shade of his eyes when they were open)-checked button-down shirt, but had on no undershirt, so, as more and more of his bare torso was revealed, I worked my lips down his neck and began to lick and nibble his nearly-hairless chest. Eric didn’t move a muscle, but I could feel that his heart-rate was beginning to increase slightly. I reached down to fondle the crotch of his jeans and there were signs of life there as well (increasing as soon as I made contact). I pulled the shirt-tails out from the waistband of his jeans, eased the garment off his shoulders and then tugged it down his arms until he was free of it. I tossed the shirt into a corner and then, sliding my lips down his flat belly until I was kneeling in front of him, I began to eat out his navel, at the same time undoing his belt buckle and unzipping his fly. Once Eric’s pants were open, I had to stop my mouth-action and pay attention because, between the tightness of the jeans over his muscular legs and the rapidly increasing lump of his dick, it was no simple matter to get the denim off of him. However, with patience I finally worked the tight jeans over his hips (without accidentally snagging either his hard-on or his silky boxer-briefs in the open zipper) and down his legs until I could pull them off as Eric, on my command, obligingly lifted each foot in turn. He now stood, once again statue-still, blank-faced, and mind-numbingly beautiful, in nothing but underpants and socks.

I shrugged out of my bathrobe (the only thing I was wearing) and then quickly relieved Eric of his remaining gear, Now that beautiful ass was out in the open, ripe for the taking. Like his brother, Eric has the athlete’s tapered v-shape, so the globes of his cute little butt are tight, neat, and not large – no flab, no sag, just smooth, perfect resilience. My cock was super-hard and super-ready, but, hypnotized or not, asses require some prep for optimum fucking. I knelt behind him and went to work, eating out that succulent hole. Man, he was delicious! There was no nasty bathroom funk, but he wasn’t unappetizingly too-clean either, so I was treated to a symphony of yeasty, sweaty pheromones that had my head spinning with lust. Eric’s legs began to tremble (although he didn’t move otherwise), and his cock, which had only been partly erect when I pulled off his underwear, was now totally hard, with a pearl of pre-cum at the tip. I kept it up until he was opening to my tongue-thrusts as sweetly and easily as a rose blooms. Then I applied a condom to myself and lube to both of us at light-speed.

“Eric,” I commanded, “Your ass is now the center of your sexual world. It is more sensitive to pleasure than the head of your cock. I’m going to fuck you, and every single stroke will give you as great a thrill as the best orgasm you’ve ever had. It will be as though you are cumming over and over and over again, each stronger than the last. And every stroke, every burst of pleasure, will hypnotize you deeper and deeper, until, when I cum in you, you will belong to me – a thing, a possession, without mind or will, my ‘Slave-boy Eric’.”

By simple force (not that it required much) I walked him to the bed and bent him over. I’m endowed pretty well, so I wasn’t planning just to drive it home, even though his rosebud was practically pulsing with readiness. Hell, prepared or not, a shock like that might have jerked him right out of his trance. But as soon as the head of my cock touched his asshole, and well before I applied any actual pressure, Eric was already panting and moaning with his first hypnotic pseudo-orgasm. Like the greediest of power-bottoms, he thrust his tight little ass backwards, and my cock-head popped in even before I could react. The sensation of that hot clinging sheath around me took care of any remaining self-control I still possessed. Almost without volition, my hips flexed and drove me the rest of the way into Eric. We both gasped. Then Eric, apparently (and fortunately) still hypnotized, let out one of the sexiest groans I’ve ever heard and began to cum, in seemingly endless quantity, all over the bedspread. And each piston-stroke of my cock in his feverishly spasming ass seemed to pump another burst of jizz out of him, elicit another super-erotic moan. The whole scene was so overwhelming (my greatest sexual fantasy to the power of ten) that I only lasted about a dozen strokes before my pinball world tilted and I exploded like a runaway fireworks display.

As I finally came back down from the sexual cloud nine, I was aware that I was lying full on Eric’s satiny back, both of us having collapsed onto the bed spattered with his juice. His body shuddered periodically under me, since my cock, although rapidly softening, was still lodged in his ass and so he was still experiencing hypnotically induced seismic aftershocks of orgasm. I withdrew, the continuing suction of his chute giving me one last, excruciatingly delightful stroke, and climbed unsteadily to my feet. Eric lay where I left him, motionless except for his quiet breathing. I couldn’t see his face since his head was turned away from me, but I knew it would be as peaceful and empty as a sleeping child’s.

I flushed the used condom, and threw my robe back on. Then I commanded him to stand up. I used his silky boxers to mop up as much as I could of the cum that was all over his front and the bedspread. Then I rubbed them on his mouth and nose (after all, I’d already tied the smell of cum to his deepening entrancement). His beautiful face was as blank as a stone. 

“Eric, put your clothes back on.” Without any hesitation, he took the damp, smelly underwear from me and put it back on, followed my all the rest of his clothing. Then he returned to his motionless stance.

I once again blanked his memory. Eric would wake back up in his room with no recollection of not having gone there in the first place. He would reek of sex, but he would simply accept that (and probably have to jerk off over it), since he’d be completely incapable of wondering why. 

I freely admit that this whole hypnosis thing had created a monster in me. I simply loved having this power over both brothers, and the sex was incredible! I wasn’t about to let it all slip away. 

After reinforcing his trance-cue, I told him, “Eric, from now on being hypnotized is your greatest sexual fantasy. The idea turns you on more than anything else can. You won’t even masturbate unless you’re fantasizing that you’ve been tranced and commanded to. Of course you will have no memory at all that you have ever been hypnotized. And you will know, without even thinking about it, that I am the only person who could hypnotize you. You’ll find excuses to visit your brother and me at college frequently, and you will do anything and everything you can think of to try to create opportunities to persuade me to hypnotize you.” I knew there would be no problem getting Dave onto the same page. If he wasn’t up for it anyway, all I had to do was pull his trance-trigger and in no time he’d be as agreeable as I wanted.

I made Eric repeat the instructions (he had absorbed them perfectly), kissed him one last, long, lingering time, and then sent him on his helplessly mesmerized way. I crawled exhaustedly into bed (after having pulled off the damp spread – I made a mental note to hypnotize Dave into washing it, since I didn’t want the maids to know about it), already planning, as I drifted off to sleep, what the three of us could be getting up to at school. It made for very pleasant dreams!