The Pied Piper (hypno hs)

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It was the usual organized chaos at the _______ ______ High School after-graduation all night party. To keep the rambunctious just-graduated seniors occupied and so under some degree of control, the party had been supplied with a video game arcade, a mock casino, a padded obstacle course, and snacks and soft drinks aplenty. The high school gym had also been left open for those who wanted to play hoops, or take advantage of the swimming pool, and there were even a couple of classrooms set aside, furnished with soft mats from the gymnastics equipment, where seniors who ran out of steam could catch a nap (heavily chaperoned, of course, to discourage any non-napping horizontal activities). And, of course, there was the obligatory hired hypnotist to present a show in the wee hours.

In the melee of excited, hyper-active eighteen-year-olds constantly shifting from one activity/site/group of friends to another, no one paid any particular attention to Harry Potter. Yes, that was the hypnotist’s name, and he’d suffered for it a lot in his own school days. Since he’d been born almost ten years before the publication of the first book, he couldn’t really blame his parents for the later problems. His family name was Potter after all, and his parents had just liked the name Harry. But nonetheless, he’d been in junior high and high school at just the right time to be teased and hassled unmercifully by friend and foe alike when the series of books became an international mania. It hadn’t helped that he himself was on the small side (the young Harry had worked out with a passionate dedication to avoid being a complete 98-pound weakling), dark-haired, and wore glasses, although his eyes were blue, not green like the fictional wizard. Fortunately for Harry’s already scarred ego, he was nearly out of high school before the first movie came out, so his strong resemblance to Daniel Radcliffe, the real-life actor cast as the boy sorcerer, went mostly unremarked. After all, at seventeen he wasn’t exactly the spitting image of the pre-pubescent boy in that first film. However, now that they were both adults, the similarities were much more noticeable, and so to minimize them Harry had switched to contact lenses, changed his hair-style to a very un-Danielish (but not unflattering) military brush-cut, and carefully avoided clothing styles that echoed the preppy-casual look of the film star. For his show, of course, Harry would be changing into something a little more dramatic: slim black trousers and a silky scarlet, open-necked shirt befitting a mysterious professional hypnotist, but for the time being, he was wearing jeans and a t-shirt just like so many of the teens, and, with his youthful face, he blended right in.

Yes, no one was paying any particular attention to Harry as he moved through the throngs of party-goers. The kids possibly didn’t even realize that he wasn’t one of them. It was a very large graduating class and few in it could be said to know even a majority of their classmates really well, let alone all of them. And so he was able to mingle freely, striking up conversations, and employing NLP for all he was worth. For Harry Potter had his own agenda, and the relative pittance he was being paid for the hypnosis show definitely wasn’t the real reason he was here. He was recruiting young men to fill an order from one of his regular clients, an overseas gay brothel that paid exorbitant sums for young, well-trained, hypnotized sex-slaves. And so the hypnotist was going from room to room and group to group, seeking out the handsomest boys in the graduating class and implanting some very subtle, but very powerful programming so that, when the time came, they would be literally compelled to ‘volunteer’ to come up on stage with him, and be part of the show. He wasn’t looking for a particular type, so with complete impartiality he approached jocks and nerds, skater-bois and preppies, dean’s list or slackers, any guy who was really attractive. It didn’t matter as long as they were handsome and suggestible.

“Let’s have a nice round of applause for your stars of this evening!” As the audience clapped and whistled, Harry looked down the row of deeply hypnotized graduates with satisfaction. There were approximately the same number of young women as young men, and not all of the men were from his pre-selected group of victims (the hypnotist wasn’t about to be so obvious that, when those chosen boys began to disappear, people would immediately light upon his show as the one link in common), but among the entranced were all but one of his A-list picks: brilliant Bobby Campbell, class Salutatorian and captain of the chess team, a bespectacled nerd through and through, but slim and pretty, with a romantic mop of wavy chestnut hair, and a complete unawareness of his own sex appeal; Bill and Don Harrison, blond, hard-bodied identical twin brothers, star divers on the swim squad; Bryan Demara, talented lead in virtually every drama club production for the last three years, he recalled the teenage Taylor Lautner nearly as closely as Harry resembled Dan Radcliffe; Drew Carter and Adam Pollock, both on the baseball team, one blond (Adam), one dark (Drew), both lean and lithe (and both dangerous cocksmen, between the two of them responsible for relieving nearly two-dozen girls of their virginity over the course of their high school careers, not that Harry knew about that, or would have cared if he had); Josh Killian, green-eyed, auburn-haired tight end on the football team (Harry had also tried for the quarterback, studly BMOC Johnny McTeague, but, as the only one on the A-list who proved able to resist his NLP conditioning, he just wasn’t suggestible enough for the assignment); Jeremy Lister, mischievous, fresh-faced imp, of no particular notoriety or fame in the graduating class, but exuding an incredible natural sex appeal, and, best of all (from Harry’s viewpoint), amazingly vulnerable to hypnotic suggestion (he, of all of them, was already in trance from the time Harry approached him, and even before he was actually on stage); Kyle Smith, a bad-boy emo-goth punk with heavy eye-makeup, purple-streaked coal-black hair, and a rebel attitude that wouldn’t quit (that is, until hypnosis had neutralized it), but sporting a tight, hot young body, and a face of truly extraordinary male beauty (despite the unfortunate cosmetics); and last, Colin West, editor of the school newspaper, sandy-haired, boyish, and cute, a newsman more Jimmy Olsen than Clark Kent, and the only one who was still in his shirt and tie from the graduation ceremonies.

The applause died down and Harry continued with the performance. Although he did (in a nearly undetectable measure) tend to use his selected victims more often so as to deepen their trances as much as possible, no one watching would have suspected his real purposes. The skits and his treatment of everyone on stage were courteous, non-threatening, and G-rated, and everyone was allowed to be active enough in the show that there was no real appearance of favoritism. At the end of the last skit, the hypnotist went through the procedure of awakening his subjects, but appearance was deceiving. During the induction at the beginning of the show, as he moved down the rows of chairs filled with newly hypnotized teens deepening their trances (a process that was done ‘off-mike’ for his own reasons, but, to the onlookers, seemingly to avoid catching audience members in the spell by mistake), Harry had made sure that his ten targets were conditioned to remain hypnotized even after they appeared to be released. So when the hypnotist woke everyone, ten young men were still deeply entranced – eyes wide open, having all the appearance of normal alertness and behavior, even they themselves completely unaware that they weren’t awake - but nonetheless still totally in his power.

To the newly awakened (or not) subjects on stage (but mostly for the benefit of the audience and most especially the chaperones), Harry announced, “I will be interviewing each of you briefly just to make sure there are no remaining after-effects from the hypnosis, but rather than make you all sit around while I do that, I’ll just find each of you one at a time during the remainder of the evening. That way you can continue to enjoy your party with the minimum of interruption.” The boys and girls on stage cheered, and it all seemed so considerate and responsible that the chaperones were absolutely charmed. The hypnotist had accomplished his purpose, because now no one would object or think it odd when he spirited away this or that teen for a private conference. He smiled at the red-haired girl sitting at the near end of the row. “Why don’t we start with you, Lissa?” and he ushered her from the stage as the rest of the group went to rejoin their friends.


“You’re still deeply hypnotized, aren’t you, Colin?” Harry had reached the last of his chosen victims (and all but finished with the entire roster of teens altogether – there were only a couple of the others left to ‘interview’ in the interest of maintaining his cover), and the young man was now alone with him in the little backstage dressing-room of the high school auditorium.

“Huh? I don’t think so…” the sandy-haired boy looked at him meekly.

“Yes, you are… very deeply hypnotized. Come to attention, Colin.” Immediately, like a really polished cadet at academy, Colin was rigidly erect and motionless. “Very good. Now, salute.” Again the boy snapped a picture-perfect military salute and then returned his arm stiffly to his side. He looked astonished at himself. “Now close your eyes and relax, but remain standing. You are going even deeper into trance… deeper and deeper… deeper and deeper… letting go of all your thoughts… letting go of all your will… letting go of all your self… Nothing exists but my voice. What I tell you is true… what I tell you is undeniable… You cannot question… you cannot resist… you cannot disobey.” Colin’s cute, boyish face was completely slack and vacant. His eyes shifted rapidly beneath his closed eyelids as if in a deep REM-state dream. His mouth hung open ever so slightly in utter capitulation.

“Tomorrow night at 8 p.m. you will come to my house”. Harry gave him the address. “You’ll do whatever is necessary to arrange your schedule to make that happen. You won’t know that you are there because I hypnotized you to be there, so you can explain it to yourself in any way that seems logical to you. You will tell no one and, if someone asks, you’ll make up a reasonable lie. There will be several other guys there as well, but you won’t worry about that. You will come into my house, and once there, you will not be able to leave until I give you permission. And from now on, you will be absolutely unable to resist being hypnotized, even if you try to resist. You will not be able to offer resistance either mentally or physically. You will not be able to stop yourself from following the induction and going deep, deep into trance … even if you fight it… even if you’re angry or scared… you won’t be able to help yourself… you will go into trance… into deep, deep, deep trance. You can never resist being hypnotized. Repeat that.”

“I can never resist being hypnotized,” Colin droned.

Harry, who would, of course, be engaging in the sexual as well as the hypnotic training of these new slaves, preferred this arrangement to an instant induction trigger (although when time was of the essence, he didn’t spurn the use of trigger-words), since one of his own biggest turn-ons was to watch young men succumb to hypnosis, and so he’d given these same suggestions to all ten of his chosen subjects. This allowed him to prolong the experience while still guaranteeing a successful outcome. “In a moment I’ll snap my fingers and you will be awake and feeling wonderful. You will have no memory of anything that has happened or been said in this room, even though you will obey the orders you’ve been given absolutely and compulsively. You will not remember that you didn’t wake up normally on stage. You will be unshakably convinced that you came out of trance normally when I awakened the others, and that we’ve only talked very briefly here. You agree and you will obey.”

Colin’s head bobbed helplessly in agreement.

Harry snapped his fingers, and as the young man’s eyes opened, he said, “You’re obviously just fine. I hope you enjoyed the experience.”

Colin grinned. “Oh yeah, it was way cool.” He shook the hypnotist’s hand and departed, still smiling.


The following evening ten young men were milling about, rather uneasily, in Harry’s large living-room. They didn’t understand exactly why they were all there. Because he’d been instructed by the hypnotist to do so, each boy had created a plausible (to himself) scenario as his own reason for coming, but those rationales, for the most part, didn’t cover the presence of his classmates. For that matter, the boys didn’t even consciously know it whose house it was. True to the identical post-hypnotic suggestions they’d all received, they had each one simply entered the place automatically through the unlocked front door without waiting for any invitation from their so-far-unseen host. Of course they all knew each other, but, other than the five jocks, who had their social connection through sports, and Bryan and Colin, who just happened to be dating sisters, they didn’t particularly hang out in the same circles, so the gathering didn’t strike any of them as expected or easily explainable.

Drew muttered to Adam, “Dude, this is so lame! What kind of party doesn’t have chicks??” Adam nodded in agreement, looking about the room hopefully as though he thought he might have missed noticing a lady or two, or as if, by an act of will, he could somehow cause some girls to materialize in their midst.

“I’m outta here!” Since he made no particular eye contact with anyone as he spoke, it was impossible to tell if Kyle was talking to himself or the world at large. He stalked over to the door, but then stalled out, his hands scrabbling ineffectually on the doorknob of a door that suddenly refused to open for him. “What the fuck? It’s locked!” he exclaimed in outraged tones. “We’re locked in!! This is bullshit!!”

Josh, the football player, hurried over to try in his turn, but with no more success than the emo-punk. He pulled and strained, but for all his impressive muscular strength, he was unable to overcome the mental compulsion of the post-hypnotic injunction against leaving.

Now the boys were becoming truly upset. Bobby tried to exercise the calm voice of logic. “Come on, it can’t be locked. I walked in and it was no problem then. We all did. I know none of us locked it, and there’s no one else here. It must just be warped.” He walked over to the door where Josh and Kyle still stood, panting from exertion and distress. At the touch of Bobby’s hand, the door opened just as easily as it had when they’d all entered the house. But when he tried to step through the doorway, it was as though he hit an invisible wall. Poor confused Bobby couldn’t bring himself to put so much as the toe of his shoe across the threshold. He looked utterly stunned. “A force field?!! How’s that even possible?!!!” He turned away, closing the door again almost as though by absentminded accident. The guys all began to talk at once.

It was at this moment that Harry made his appearance. “Quiet down!” he overrode their agitated clamor. Instantly, as if silenced by a mute button, the boys stopped talking, although none of them realized it hadn’t really been their own decision. “The door isn’t locked, and there’s no force field. You just can’t leave until I allow you to.” The hypnotist picked up a remote control, and the giant flat-screen TV that dominated one wall of his living-room blossomed into a huge whirling black and white hypno-spiral, while the surround-sound system pulsed with soft new age music and binaural beats. “Just look at the spiral and begin to feel yourself relax… Let it draw you in… draw your eyes in… until you can’t look away from it… so relaxing… can’t look away at all…”

Colin, super-hypnotizable Jeremy, Bryan the actor, the Harrison twins, and blonde second-baseman Adam Pollock were all instantly frozen in their tracks like deer in the headlights, their eyes already locked onto the mesmerizing display, but the other four boys were less cooperative. Drew, the dark-haired shortstop exclaimed, “Hell, no!” at the same time that Kyle reiterated “Bullshit!” They both spun to face away from the screen. Bobby said, “You can’t hypnotize us if we don’t let you, creep!” and he and Josh also turned away emphatically.

“But you did let me hypnotize you, Bobby – last night. All of you did,” Harry answered smoothly. “That makes you helpless to resist me now. Even if you aren’t looking at the spiral, you can still hear the soothing, relaxing music. The music is so soft and peaceful it just automatically makes you feel calm and mellow. And then there is the hypno-spiral. Even though you’re not looking at it, you know it’s there. You can feel it pulling at your attention. It’s a very powerful symbol – the way it spins and seems to draw the eye, the attention, the awareness into the ever-receding center. It easily traps the mind and the will, pulling, pulling, pulling you towards it, into it. Bryan, Colin, Adam, Bill, Don, Jeremy, you all feel it completely… how you can’t look away… how your reality is caught in the whirlpool of the spiral spinning… spinning… pulling you into to it as you relax and yield… going deeper and deeper towards the center… pulling you farther and farther away from all conscious thought… pulling you farther and farther into deep hypnotic trance. But you other four, you feel it too, even as you try to fight it. The spiral is still there, and you feel the pull on your mind… on your will… even on your body… the irresistible compulsion to turn and look… to take just a tiny peek… becomes stronger and stronger. The more you try to resist, the more you exhaust your strength, the more your body, your head try to turn and look… turn and look… It’s happening in spite of your efforts… in spite of your wishes. Because, deep down, you want to look… you need to look… you long to look and submit… to relax and give in… to abandon responsibility and lose yourself in the bottomless deep of the spiral… in the endless blissful peace of hypnotic trance…”

Josh, and only seconds later Drew, began to turn back towards the television. They moved very stiffly, fighting themselves every inch of the way, but slowly, inexorably they turned nonetheless. And as the spiral entered their line of sight both young men slowed and then stopped, their gaze trapped by the spinning display they had tried so hard to avoid. Like the six boys already motionlessly staring, they froze in place mesmerized, their eyes and faces growing blank and empty. Drew’s mouth fell open and he gaped vacantly at the swirling black and white.

“No! I won’t look.” But Bobby’s denial was more a despairing whimper than a firm statement of purpose, and, even as he said it, his body betrayed him and pulled itself about, bringing his eyes into contact with the TV. Like a stubborn little kid, the brilliant young student tried to scrunch his eyes shut, but it was already too late. His eyelids refused to obey, and he stared helplessly, the force of his will trickling away like water through a sieve.

That left only stubborn, rebellious Kyle still fighting. He still had his back to the screen, his shoulders hunched with the effort of not turning around as the hypnotic suggestions were so powerfully urging him to do. He was muttering curses almost non-stop. Harry walked over to him without interrupting his own seductive hypnotic patter for even a moment, and placed his hand on the boy’s shoulder as though simply to attract his attention. Kyle’s instinctive reaction, an automatic twitch in the direction of the touch, was all it took to break his rigid stance and control, His body simply kept turning until he too faced the spiral. Try as he might, the desperate emo-boy couldn’t make himself turn away again. His cursing escalated to a panicked roar. “Goddamnit, help, motherfucker, cocksucker, let me go, goddamnit. I won’t do this. I won’t you… mothe… I… won’… shit…. so… so hard to… hard to… I… goddamn… shi… no-o-o… I… I…” His speech, growing less and less coherent, finally trailed off into silence and he, like the others stood helplessly gaping at the hypno-spiral. His chest was still heaving from the exertion of his previous struggle, but his face was now blank and untroubled.

Now all ten young men were silent and motionless, helpless, staring at the spiral with absolute concentration, oblivious of all else but the hypnotist’s suave voice. “Excellent, boys,” Harry intoned. He began to work at the first (and principal) of his “agenda” items for the evening - that of deepening their trance states to the point where true and lasting personality changes could be implanted. There would, of course, be many evenings of training for these young men, individually and as a group, both for increased response to hypnosis and for learning the necessary additional sexual skills that would be required of them, before there were ready to disappear into their new existence, but this night was the most important for the ultimate success of the project. Soon the boys had been so thoroughly relaxed in their bodies and their minds that they no longer possessed the ability to withhold anything. They felt, quite literally, the pull of the spiral on their minds and their will, as real as the actual physical pull of a whirlpool. “Feel you thoughts being drawn out of you, sucked into the vortex of the hypno-spiral like water down a drain,” the hypnotist commanded. “Feel your will, your strength vanishing into that ever-receding distance… farther and farther… until they lose themselves in endless distance… feel the spiral now beginning to draw in your memories, your identity… your name is whirling away from you… going… going… gone… your address… where you live… what your house looks like… your family… your friends… your likes and dislikes… your experiences… all flowing into the pull of the spiral… like a whirlpool… like a black hole from which nothing can escape… they are so far away now… vanishing… vanishing until they no longer exist for you. They are gone.” Harry snapped his fingers for emphasis, anchoring the NLP hook. “You are no one… you have no past… no present… only my voice, my words exist… they are everything to you… they are your only thoughts… they are your only meaning… they are your only reality. You cannot disobey because you can no longer think… no longer think at all. You have no existence but to listen, to accept and to obey… listen, accept, and obey… listen, accept, and obey.”

Harry walked over to where Bill and Don Harrison were standing like twin statues. “What is your name?” he asked Don, the nearer of the two.

The statue-boy didn’t even move. His eyes remained locked unwaveringly on the spiral. “I don’t have a name,” he answered in a soft, dead voice.

“When I touch your shoulder, your eyes will close and you go one hundred times deeper into trance.” Harry tapped Don’s shoulder and the boy’s eyelids slammed shut, his head flopping helplessly to one side. The hypnotist gently moved the sleeping boy’s head around until it rested chin-on-chest in a less strained position. He then asked the same question of Bill and received virtually the same response, after which he sent that boy, too, into darkness. Harry worked his way around the room until each of the young men in turn had demonstrated a satisfactory reaction.

Harry hit a button on the remote and the wide-screen TV went dark again, although the speakers continued to pour forth the soothing subliminal-laced background sounds. “You are a slave of the hypno-spiral,” he said commandingly. “That is what this nameless, mindless, will-less, empty existence of listening and obedience is called. And any time you hear those words “slave of the hypno-spiral’, no matter where you are or what you are doing, this is the state you will instantly return to, the existence that will instantly control you, mind and body. And each and every time you will go even deeper into the profound trance that holds you here. Repeat those words that will control you.”

“Slave of the hypno-spiral.” From each boy and every part of the room came the murmured answer almost in unison.

The hypnotist continued, “I’m going to count from three down to one. At the count of one you will open your eyes and be back in your normal waking state. You will have no conscious memory of anything that has happened since you first entered this room, nor will you be aware that any time has passed. Three… two… one.”

Like the inhabitants of the castle reawakening after the magical kiss in the folk-tale of the sleeping beauty, the young men opened their eyes and began to move again, perhaps a little slowly and tentatively at first, but soon resuming their normal manner as the low buzz of conversation once again filled the room.

Bryan said to Colin, “I thought we were meeting Trish and Callie here. Have you seen ‘em yet?”

But before Colin could respond, Harry called out, “Slave of the hypno-spiral” in a penetrating voice. Instantly every young man was once again spellbound. All motion ceased, all eyes were closed, all heads hung in helpless surrender.

“Open your eyes, but remain asleep,” Harry commanded. All of the boys obeyed immediately, gazing blankly at nothing in particular. Their postures remain slack and slumped since, other than their eyelids, none of them had moved a muscle, so literal was their enslaved obedience. “Very good. Now remove all of your clothing and set it aside. Be neat. You’ll be needing those clothes again later.” This, of course, was the first real test. Not that any of the hypnotist’s victims were any longer able to refuse the order outright or come out of their trances because of it, but Harry would be able to see who still was trying to resist at some level, by the resulting tension in the body language. But, as the motionless young men unfroze and began to strip, none of them, not even stubborn anti-authority Kyle, showed any stiffness, reluctance, or clumsiness. Slowly, methodically, as unembarrassed as though they were in the school locker-room getting ready for the mandatory after-gym-class showers, each boy removed every stitch, folded each garment carefully, and then placed the resultant stack on top of his shoes, setting it all safely out of the way. And as he finished, each boy once again stood still, staring vacantly, waiting with infinite, mindless patience to be told what to do next.

Harry walked among them assessing the various potentials, now that every inch of flesh was visible. Of course, since the hypnotist had chosen them in the first place with an eye to apparent good physical condition as well as suggestibility and good looks, all of the naked boys were slim, trim, and fit. As he would have supposed, the five jocks and the actor were the most obviously muscular, although only Josh, the football player, had what one would consider a “muscle” build. The others were more streamlined. All six were very cut, with clearly defined six-packs. To Harry’s surprise, of the remaining four, the most developed body belonged to Bobby the bookworm. Apparently that boy believed in “mens sana in corpore sano”, for he certainly had to be spending at least some of his time on a regular basis in the weight room. His weedy clothed appearance had belied the firm, well-shaped muscles of his naked form. The other three were softer, although none of them could be considered flabby; there were no sags, puffs, or unsightly love handles on these lean bodies. Harry was pleased to note that none of the ten was especially over-supplied with body hair (his brothel management customers did not approve of hairy boys). He was used to the fact that many young men of this age group did indeed do a good deal of “man-scaping” as part of their grooming regimen (something that would have been exceedingly uncommon in his own high school days). In particular, he would have expected, as was the case, that the Harrison twins, being swimmer/divers, would want to make themselves as smooth as possible for their sport. It was also unsurprising that the actor, Bryan, in anticipation of bare-chest roles, would likewise keep himself strictly trimmed. And Kyle, almost shockingly, was completely hairless from the neck down. The hypnotist didn’t know whether it was a goth thing, an emo thing, a metro-sexual grooming thing, or whether Kyle might actually be gay or bisexual, but he’d shaved himself absolutely clean everywhere. It made his already respectable cock and balls look huge. But those four aside, Harry would not have thought any of the others would be likely to bother. Closer examination (and some enjoyable fondling) revealed that Colin and Adam, as blonds, possessed more chest hair than was apparent at first glance. They would have to be trained in depilatory practices before being sent off. Drew, Jeremy, Bobby, and Josh, on the other hand, simply didn’t seem genetically disposed to much body hair and were genuinely smooth of torso except at bush and armpits and, in Drew’s case, a discreet treasure trail. All of the ten slaves were respectably hung (with little sex-devil Jeremy winning the size contest - Harry bet that boy would be able to suck himself, and resolved to make him learn the trick if he didn’t already know how to do it), and, rather to the hypnotist’s surprise, all of the ten were circumcised. That was certainly unusual these days! One would expect, at the very least, equal representation, if not a preponderance the other direction. “Oh, well,” he sighed to himself, “You can’t put it back once it’s gone, and anyway it won’t affect their market value - just as many guys prefer a cut cock as prefer an uncut one, that is, if they have a preference at all.” And besides, as he considered the matter further, the majority of brothel patrons were buying someone to fuck rather than someone to suck, and these young men all had superb tight little asses.

“Each one of you will now find a partner. Stand facing each other.” Again, as the boys obeyed, there were both expected results and a few surprises. The Harrison twins immediately locked onto each other as did the baseball teammates Adam and Drew, both pairings absolutely predictable to the hypnotist (or any other student of human psychology). Bryan headed towards Jeremy, but as he neared Colin, his frequent double-date partner, he appeared to change his mind and stopped there to face the sandy-haired journalist. But Josh the football tight end made an unexpected bee-line to Kyle the emo-boy, even though, in order to do so, he had to brush by both Bobby and Jeremy, each of whom was nearer and more easily accessible (and, one might hazard a guess, more likely to be compatible). This left those last two to pair each other. Fortunately that didn’t seem to be a problem for either of them.

When they were all paired and once again standing motionless, Harry continued, “You will each look into the eyes of your partner. As you stare into his eyes, you will continue to go deeper and deeper into trance and to listen to my instructions.”

This time the hypnotist started with Drew and Adam. “Adam, what is sexy?”

The young man continued to stare blankly at his motionless friend. “I don’t know,” he answered softly.

Harry was very pleased with that answer. The suggestion that the spiral had sucked away identity, memory, and preference was always a bit hit-or-miss depending upon the susceptibility of the boy to whom it was given. Some of the most basic mental programming almost never went away. For example, the hypnotist had never yet had anyone who, as a result of that suggestion, forgot how to speak or understand English, could no longer stand upright, didn’t remember how to walk, or lost his toilet training. But, while nearly all of them could be made to forget their names, their addresses, and many other “fact” elements of their pasts, most were not blanked this thoroughly the first time around. Only a few subjects (of which Adam was apparently one) were wiped as clean as though Harry, like his fictional namesake, had waved a wand and shouted, “Obliviate!”

The hypnotist then asked the same question of each of the boys in turn, receiving a variety of responses. Of the rest, only Bill Harrison, Colin, and Jeremy, like Adam, no longer knew what they would find sexy. The others all answered, “Girls” or their own girlfriend’s name, or, in Drew’s more graphically vulgar case, “Pussy”. The only exception was the major shocker of Josh saying, “Johnny McTeague”. So the tight end was a closet case with the hots for his QB! Interesting, although soon it would make no difference.

Harry went to work, reinforcing the response of those who had no remaining sexual stance and methodically erasing the opinion of those who still held one, until all his victims could no longer imagine or describe what they might find erotic. They continued to stare helplessly into each other’s eyes, waiting for the hypnotist to instruct them.

“These things are sexy. As soon as you hear me describe them you will know without doubt that they turn you on completely. First, hypnotism is sexy. Being hypnotized is extremely erotic and the deeper you go under hypnosis the more intensely aroused you become. You love to be hypnotized, the deeper the better, to give up all thought, all choice, to be controlled, to obey helplessly and without question. You feel it right now. It’s so-o-o hot and sexy!” As this suggestion sank home, all around the room the deeply hypnotized boys began to spring boners. Without pausing, Harry instilled a strong hypnotic injunction against cumming without permission. After all, although they were all over eighteen, that was still teen aged, and, since he wanted to be able to use their orgasmic response in service of their hypnotic training, he needed to prevent any possible premature explosions by those of them who might still be on the inexperienced-teen “hair-trigger”. “Men are sexy,” he continued, “Any men, all men. You think about guys all the time, and the more you think about them the more it makes you horny. You are fascinated by men’s faces and bodies, their shapes and textures and smells. You are obsessed with cock, longing to touch it, to taste it, to feel it in your mouth and your ass.” The hypnotist continued in this vein for some time, because, as he expected, there were some signs of reluctance at this point. It was one thing to make an absolutely straight boy forget that he liked girls, especially in the absence of any girls provide visual reinforcement, but it was quite another (and correspondingly more difficult) matter to override his innate preferences and make him lust after other guys. As a matter of fact, Harry didn’t even expect to accomplish it this first evening with anyone who didn’t have at least a little bisexuality in his makeup. All he needed for the moment was to get them all to the point where he could engineer a satisfying orgasm for each of them. Here, in this all male company, that in itself would be enough to build on to start the process of true re-orientation.

As Harry worked, he could see the beginning of a few good responses. Of course, gay Josh’s entranced gaze almost instantly began to bore hungrily into Kyle, and his dick was beginning to drool a little pre-cum. But it wasn’t too long before the nature of Bill and Don Harrison’s mutual locked stares had also changed into something more intimate and sexually charged, as had Jeremy’s, Bryan’s and Colin’s. That the inveterate skirt-chasers Drew and Adam were not yet showing any definitive signs of going along with the program didn’t surprise or worry the hypnotist. It was enough for now that their cocks remained hypnosis-hard and that the conflict hadn’t shocked them out of continuing to go deeper into the trance. It also didn’t surprise him that rebellious Kyle wasn’t going to be changed any too easily. Although Harry doubted that Kyle’s waking sexual orientation was really all that strict to begin with, he was such a hard-case in general that he could be relied upon to balk at practically anything suggested by someone else just on principal! He didn’t quite know what to make of Bobby’s continuing recalcitrance. The boy was obviously very hypnotized (and his cock was, as a result, hard as a tent-spike), and, the hypnotist was guessing, he probably hadn’t had enough sexual experience yet to be really confirmed in his orientation, whatever it might be, but he was still seemingly pretty much oblivious, if not actually resistant, to the lust in his partner Jeremy’s mesmerized eyes. Harry wondered if perhaps Bobby might be burdened with some religious scruples to overcome. If so, that would have to wait until they had their first-one-on-one session.

“Kissing men is very sexy. The feel of another man’s mouth on yours makes your entire body crazed with pleasure. Look at your partner’s lips. You want them. You want to feel them, to taste them. You want your tongue to slide over them, over his mouth. You want his tongue in your mouth, teasing, exploring. Your lips are attracted to his. You can feel them drawing closer and closer… you can’t resist, you can’t stop… your lips draw to his lips like the strongest pair of magnets… inevitable… irresistible… and when they touch you will lose yourself in the kiss… in the pleasure… You won’t be able to stop kissing until I tell you otherwise.”

In a very few moments, the room looked like a bizarre parody of a classic teenage make-out party. Almost before Harry had finished speaking, Josh had grabbed Kyle, planted one on him, and was now frenching the emo-boy for all he was worth. His excited cock was rubbing against Kyle’s equally hard dick, smearing pre-cum on both of them. Kyle, for his part, wasn’t exactly participating, but neither did he have the free will remaining to resist (and, in any case, the muscular football player would have won that round if it had come to a struggle). And as the kiss went on deepening and becoming more and more impassioned, he too seemed to catch fire. Bryan and Colin’s mouths were moving towards each other the quickest of the remaining four couples. Both of the young men had glazed, somewhat surprised expressions on their faces. When their lips met, the kiss was extremely tentative and gentle; the hypnotist could imagine it as the very first kiss of two shy virginal boys, in love perhaps, but completely inexperienced. The wonder grew on their blank, rapt faces as the kiss progressed and Bryan’s cock also began to drip a little in his excitement. His body molded to the slighter body of his partner as if he couldn’t bear to have a single inch that wasn’t touching. The Harrison twins were the next to make contact. Their clinch was neither desperate nor uncertain. As a matter of fact, they seemed so comfortable and familiar with the situation as their sexy bodies squirmed together with easy efficiency and their innocent pink mouths exchanged passive and aggressive roles smoothly, all without the slightest miscue, that Harry would have bet that they’d made out together before. The hypnotist, in the course of his activities had encountered other brothers who had experimented with each other in their earlier teen years, sometimes out of legitimate bisexuality, sometimes just to practice technique before trying it on girls. Of the last four boys, it was a toss-up who would take the longer to yield. Jeremy and Adam were so intensely, completely, overwhelmingly deep in trance at this point that they simply obeyed the suggestion without a twitch, blank and utterly mindless, as unaware of what they were doing as a pair of zombies or robots. Their mouths moved towards their respective partners’ exactly as instructed (that is, like the metaphorical magnets – slowly when farther apart and gathering speed as they drew nearer). Their opposite numbers however, were the only two young men who were still marshalling any kind of resistance. Drew’s extreme heterosexuality and Bobby’s, well, whatever it was that was making Bobby so intractable, held the two of them not so much unmoving as simply slowed down to an almost glacial speed in their unconscious attempt to delay the onset of the inevitable kiss. But, resistant or not, inevitable it was. The outcome never really in doubt, first Bobby and Jeremy and then finally Drew and Adam touched at the lips and then began to kiss in earnest. Bobby, in spite of himself, slowly raised his arms to clasp Jeremy’s slender waist and pull him closer. Adam, as if mirroring that action, embraced his buddy Drew, but his hands almost immediately slid down the dark-haired boy’s satiny back until he had cupped Drew’s ass and pulled their hips together. Drew froze for a moment, but then the hypnotically enforced horniness caught him and his butt flexed as he helplessly began to hump against the blond second baseman’s crotch.

Harry allowed the action to continue and build until the entire room was awash in the smells and pheromones of sweat and young male arousal. Then he commanded them, “Step apart, now.” What probably would have required a bucket of cold water, had they been in their waking states and making out this passionately by choice, was easily accomplished on this so-very-deeply-hypnotized crew. They obeyed instantly, springing apart and resuming their rigid postures of attention, and although their chests were still heaving from excitement, their lips pink and swollen with adrenalin, and their cheeks in high color from heat and stubble friction, their eyes remained as glassy as polished pebbles in a stream bed, and their expressions were blank and empty, showing neither relief, disappointment, nor resentment. “You are so completely turned on that you must masturbate. You can’t resist… you have to jerk off. Spit on your palm and begin to play with your cock… now!” For once none of the boys needed any further urging. As a man they did the hypnotist’s bidding, and were all stroking away feverishly within seconds. Harry continued, “It feels wonderful… better than anything you’ve ever felt… better than any other jerk-off session, better than any girl, better than any guy you’ve ever had. It feels so incredible that you really need to cum… you’ll do anything to be allowed to cum, anything at all… you need to cum so badly that, to be allowed to do so, you’d give up your future, your freedom, your very thoughts, to become a slave of the hypno-spiral forever.” The room filled with groans of lust and need as the young men stroked themselves with greater and greater desperation. “When I touch your asshole three things will happen: you will immediately have the most intense and massive orgasm of your life so far, your asshole will become permanently one of your strongest erogenous zones, so erotically sensitive that stimulating it alone will be enough to bring about an orgasm, and, as your cum shoots from you, along with it you will expel any remaining personal thoughts or self-will you still possess. You will catch your cum in your palm and then smear it on your mouth and under your nose, and similarly on your partner’s face. For this is the last thing that is sexy: cum is sexy. You love the taste and smell of male cum… it is intensely arousing… it is intensely hypnotic, always sending you deeper and deeper into the trance that is so sexual for you… you are addicted to the taste and smell of cum… your cum… other guys’ cum… any cum at all… you want it… you need… you must have it!”

Without giving them any more time to analyze that, Harry commenced the endgame. He started with Jeremy, the most deeply hypnotized of all, and then Adam. As the hypnotist’s probing finger found their assholes each boy exploded as only a hyper-stimulated teen can explode in geysers of splooge, gasping and moaning as the release emptied not only their bodies but their helpless minds. They dutifully anointed themselves and then their straining, still masturbating opposite numbers. This had been Harry’s purpose in triggering them first. The hypnotically suggested effect of the smell of cum right under their nostrils instantly began to work its spell on Bobby and Drew, further undermining any remaining vestiges of their willpower. The hypnotist left them there to “marinate” as he moved through the room touching every boy in turn and cementing his mental enslavement. Finally, when Bobby and then, last of all, Drew had reached a screaming climax and then smeared his jizz all over his and his partner’s faces, the room fell silent as all of the boys stood motionless, spent, and so thoroughly conquered that they scarcely seemed to breathe. Their handsome, cum-shiny faces showed no traces of personality at all.

The hard work now finished, Harry allowed himself some playtime. This hypnotic conditioning session would have to be repeated a number of times (in various ways) over the next two or three weeks, before its hold on the boys would become absolutely unbreakable, and in addition there would have to be a number of individual training sessions with each boy to teach him the advanced sexual skills expected of the inmates of the expensive male brothel to which Harry would be selling him. But before commencing with the necessary, but always tedious job of arranging these details (and the physical clean-up before temporarily releasing the young men back into their daily lives), the hypnotist rewarded himself. He moved among his helpless victims stroking their firm, motionless young bodies and sticky, spent cocks, kissing their unresisting, cum-flavored lips and faces. Then, when the hypnotist had enjoyed them all, he dropped his own pants and ordered Josh (whom he could be sure wouldn’t demur regardless of current trance depth and completeness) to kneel down and suck him off. The muscular tight end obeyed without a blink, and, although his spellbound demeanor was as vacantly emotionless as any of them, the hypnotist could still sense that, at some deep sub-conscious level, the mesmerized gay stud was enjoying himself. And, Harry had to acknowledge, he gave one hell of a blow-job!


It was a very sad summer for the city of Hamlin, _ _. In that summer after graduation, ten of the best and brightest young men simply vanished, never to be seen again; not all at once, and, in the flurry of summer jobs and preparations for going away to college, it was some time in the cases of several of these golden boys before anyone even realized they had vanished. By the time the police were trying to trace them, the trails were completely cold, dead ends all, and Harry Potter, that mysterious, unscrupulous, hypnotic pied piper whom none would have ever thought to connect with the case, had moved on.


It was the usual organized chaos at the _______ University New Student Orientation. After a long day of speeches, paperwork, campus tours, and registration packets, the new freshmen were more than ready to kick up their heels a bit. They milled about in front of the Theater Building where the evening’s entertainment (a hypnotism show) was to be held, waiting for the doors to open, trying to find old classmates from their high schools or to make contacts among their new colleagues, maybe even to hook up with a new boy- or girlfriend. No one was paying any particular attention to Harry Potter as he moved through the throng…