Prom Night

Disclaimer: The usual caveats apply. No one under eighteen (or your local age of consent) is permitted to read this. No one who is offended by male/male sex or hypnosis fantasies should even want to. This is fiction. If you think you recognize someone in it, you're wrong. And, as always, if you enjoy this story, try your own hand at hypno-fiction. I like to read other peoples fantasies.

"Dude, we're in! Gonna score tonight, gonna score tonight!" Johnny Taylor sang as he executed an impromptu victory dance, but carefully, so as not to disarrange his immaculate tuxedo or his carefully styled blond hair.

His friend, Steve Lamont, still struggling with his bowtie, spared him a skeptical glance in the mirror. " 'Dude', I wouldn't count on it. We've been dating Karen and Kitty for weeks, and every time it looks like anything the least bit interesting might develop, we have to get 'em home for their friggin' curfew. What makes you think tonight's gonna be any different?"

"It's the senior prom, Dufus. Nobody has a curfew on prom night. Their old man has to cut 'em some slack if he wants 'em to go on talkin' to him!" Johnny's handsome face lit up with a devilish grin. "And besides, Kitty told me that she and Karen have decided that tonight's the night. If we don't blow it, by this time tomorrow they're virgins no more!" And he resumed his dancing.

Steve finished with his tie, fiddled a little bit more with his short, spiked hair and turned away from the glass. "All I'm saying is: don't get too cocky, or we will blow it. We sunk a bundle into the limo and the hotel suite. I don't want to end the night poor and still horny." As he put on his white dinner jacket, his grin matched Johnny's. "I swear if I don't get some soon, even your ass won't be safe!" Johnny amiably flipped him the finger. The two boys grabbed up the corsages, and bounded down the stairs and out the door to the waiting white limousine, off to pick up their dates, the lovely, widely sought after Richardson twins.

The first time Bart Richardson had seen the two boys who were now on the way to his home, his immediate impression had been, "Good Lord, my daughters are dating the Hardy Boys!" Indeed, the young men could almost have been brothers. Johnny was a blue-eyed blond, while Steve had green eyes and coal-black hair, but their handsome, boyish faces were (to his eyes) practically interchangeable, their slim, athletic forms virtually identical. They both were so clean-cut, so well mannered, so wholesome. However, after less than five minutes of conversation with them, all of his parental alarms were sounding red alert. Although he couldn't have said specifically why he felt it so strongly, the father in him knew that their boy-next-door innocence was a pose, and that they were just as predatory as any pierced and leather-jacketed delinquent. They were not to be trusted. He revised his earlier estimate from the Hardy Boys to Eddie Haskell. From that moment on he'd made a point of being as obstructive as he could (without making his daughters so annoyed that they would make poor decisions just to spite him). He was adamant about the girls' curfew, and insistent upon knowing exactly where they would be going, for how long, and to do what.

But for the senior prom he knew he'd met his match. Karen and Kitty simply would not accept a curfew on this of all nights, and he could either accede to their wishes, or forbid them to attend altogether (which would, he knew, create an irreparable breach between himself and his kids). So, he reluctantly agreed to suspend the curfew, while forming another line of defense.

"All right, all right! You can stay out past your curfew for prom night only. I know it's supposed to be a party 'til dawn. But I have one non-negotiable condition. If you're going to be out all night, you have to go to the official no-alcohol bash. I won't have you off on your own with those hooligans, and I won't tolerate you drinking! And before you automatically say 'yes', remember that I will know if you obeyed me or not. The hypnotist presenting the entertainment just happens to be a friend of mine, and he's agreed to keep an eye out for the four of you. He'll tell me if you don't show. And he'll tell me when you leave, so I'll be expecting you back here very soon after. Now do we have a deal?"

The girls practically fell over themselves agreeing, and they hugged their dad delightedly. Of course, he knew as well as if they had said so out loud, that they planned to try to outmaneuver his friend, but there was another part to his plan unknown to them. A check for $300 dollars had convinced Kevin Sharp, the hypnotist, to do whatever was necessary to get Bart's daughters into the show and out of trouble. Just let those young punks try something after the girls were hypnotized to resist!

When Johnny and Steve arrived to pick up the girls, Mr. Richardson laid down his ground rules. Of course the boys agreed immediately. Johnny high-fived Kitty and exclaimed, "All right!" Steve looked a little more doubtful, but he thanked the man politely.

As they were driven away in the limo, Karen pouted at Steve. "We got exactly what we wanted, and now you're acting like you're not pleased."

"Yeah, dude," Johnny chimed in, "What gives?"

"Oh, it's not the curfew thing," said Steve. "I'm really happy about that. It's the hypnotism show that has me worried. I've been to one before, and I'm a good subject. Too good!" He smiled ruefully. "I'm the dude that goes to sleep even though he's just sitting in the audience watching. You just know that before the night's over I'm gonna be up on that stage cluckin' like a goddamn chicken. You guys gotta promise not to let him make me do anything too embarrassing," he begged.

Johnny was laughing so hard he couldn't reply, but Karen snuggled up to Steve and said, "Don't worry, honey." Then she gave him a high-voltage smile. "I think you'd be really cute in a trance." Suddenly the idea didn't seem quite so awful to Steve.

The prom was everything it should be, as far as the boys were concerned. The decorations at the downtown ballroom were romantic, the band was hot, and during the dancing, Kitty and Karen were becoming more and more accommodating. By the time the last slow dance was finished, neither Johnny nor Steve was in any mood the go to the post-prom party at all. They were ready to go straight to the hotel. But the girls insisted that their dad would be as good as his word, and that they had all better be in the right place at the right time, or there would be hell to pay.

"Besides," Karen giggled, "I really want to see Steve cluck like a chicken!"

Johnny started laughing again. "Okay, one order of chicken coming up!"

Steve glowered at his friend. "Dude, it's gonna be two orders or nothing. If I'm stuck up there, you've gotta volunteer too. My luck, it won't work on you anyway, but you're damn straight gonna try!"

Kitty said, "We'll all try. It'll be fun," and the four teens got out of the limo, which had now reached the high school, and went in to the gym where the party was being held.

The gymnasium had been transformed. At one end there was a makeshift stage with a row of chairs and some lighting (courtesy of the stage department), as well as audience seating; at the other, another band, space for dancing, and a large buffet of late night snack goodies and non-alcoholic drinks. Even the boys had to admit to themselves that this wasn't going to be too bad. They got refreshments for their dates, and then the four milled about talking with friends as they waited for the show to begin so that they could be accounted present and get on with things. They didn't have to wait long. The lights dimmed and then brightened as the faculty chaperone came out on stage to introduce, "Kevin Sharp, Master Hypnotist!"

Kevin swept out onto the stage. Even though he had to be nearly as old as their father, the Richardson girls couldn't suppress twin gasps of awe at the sheer personal magnetism of the hypnotist. Tall, slim, and extremely handsome, wearing a tuxedo, the elegance of which put most of the rental jobs worn by the high-schoolers to shame, Kevin Sharp looked more like an actor at an awards ceremony than a night-club entertainer. He quickly put the crowd of youngsters at ease with a few jokes and a brief explanation of what the hypnotic experience would be like. Then he asked them all to stretch their arms out straight in front of themselves and clasp their hands together.

Kitty, Karen, and Johnny took up the requested position immediately, but Steve nervously kept his hands on his knees, until Karen elbowed him and said, "Steve, we agreed we were all going to try this." Then he reluctantly raised his arms and locked his fingers like the rest.

The hypnotist began a standard hand-clasp test, instructing the audience members to fix their eyes on their hands, to feel their arms growing more and more rigid, their hands clasping tighter and tighter, until they would find it impossible to bend those arms or unlace their locked fingers. After a barrage of repetitive suggestion, Kevin challenged them all to try to release their grip.

Throughout the audience, a number of the teens found their hands and arms totally frozen. Steve, true to his own unhappy prediction, struggled mightily, beads of sweat popping out on his forehead, but was unable to budge. Karen and Kitty, as well, were fascinated to discover that they couldn't separate their hands. Only Johnny, by dint of great effort, finally managed to pull his palms apart. He relaxed back in his chair looking relieved.

Kevin then continued to speak, making the transition from test to induction, now focusing his attention on those teens whose arms were still stretched out in front of them. In fairly short order, Steve, Karen, and Kitty were all deeply hypnotized, eyes closed, heads tilted forward onto their chests, bodies completely limp except for the rigid arms and hands. The hypnotist commanded the entranced teens to open their eyes without waking and come up to take seats on the stage. A dozen or so of the young prom-goers rose from their places in the audience to march zombie-like to the indicated chairs, Steve and the girls among them. When they were all seated, Kevin went from teen to teen, his touch and suggestion causing each one to relax, loosen hands and arms, and sink into even deeper trance. Then, after a further command to them to continue to go deeper with every breath, the hypnotist turned back to the audience, looking (although this wasn't obvious) directly at Johnny.

"They'll stay in deep trance until I wake them, but I notice that we still have a couple of empty chairs up here. Now I know there are a few of you out there who almost couldn't pull your hands apart. You did finally separate them, but it was hard to do so, very, very hard, as they clasped tighter and tighter, tighter and tighter, so tight it was as if they had grown together. And the more you listened to my voice, the tighter they clasped, and the tighter they clasp the more you listen only to my voice… listening harder and harder… clasping tighter and tighter…"

Johnny began to feel strange, as though Kevin were talking directly to him during this little speech (as, indeed he was). The boy's self-consciousness was such that he didn't even notice that his hands had crept together and were clasped tightly in his lap; didn't notice when the hypnotist switched from past to present tense; didn't notice as his unsuspecting young mind was tricked into hypnosis. The next thing Johnny knew, and that only vaguely, he was on his feet walking up to the stage. Dimly he thought that it somehow seemed important to go take the seat next to Kitty. As Johnny sat down, Kevin touched his clenched hands, and instantly all remaining tension and resistance flowed from his body and mind in one unstoppable rush. He went limp, now as helplessly spellbound as his three more susceptible friends, his mind blank, his will as malleable as warmed wax.

Kevin heaved a mental sigh of relief and anticipation. The plot he had in mind required that all four of the teens be hypnotized. Originally, he and Bart Richardson had discussed only making sure that Kitty and Karen didn't get into trouble with their dates, but when Kevin saw Steve and Johnny, his personal agenda changed radically. They were such handsome boys, so cute and sexy all brushed and polished in their unaccustomed formalwear. The hypnotist had decided then and there that he would have them. To that end, he made certain to use the boys as often as possible in his show, so that their trances would continue to intensify to the greatest possible depth at the greatest possible rate, in preparation for the commands he intended to implant later on. As a result, Steve did indeed end up wandering about the stage clucking like a chicken (which would have embarrassed him horribly, had he not, by that time, completely lost all conscious awareness of what he was doing). And he had company, because Johnny, equally oblivious, was following right behind him, quacking like a duck. The finale of Kevin's act had Steve stretched out like a plank between two chairs, with Johnny, likewise rigid, balance crossways on his hips, then Karen, and then Kitty, in a teenager Jenga stack, all tranquilly sleeping undisturbed.

When the show was over, Kevin ordered all of his subjects into the gym office, ostensibly to remove any remaining suggestions and awaken them. This is exactly what he did for all the teens other than the selected four. When only Johnny, Steve, and the twins remained in the office and in trance, the hypnotist looked at his watch. It was about 1:30 in the morning. "Karen, Kitty," he said, "You will continue to enjoy the party until 2:30. Then you will ask your dates to take you home. You will be happy about the good time you have had, but you will be tired, and have no interest in any fooling around of any kind. You will accept nothing more than a goodnight kiss at the door, nothing more than that. You won't consciously remember me telling you this, but you will obey. You will only remember, vaguely, having fun being in my show." Then he awakened the girls and dismissed them from the office.

Now only the boys remained. "Steve and Johnny," Kevin ordered sternly, "You will continue to go deeper and deeper with every breath you take, every sound you hear, every beat of your heart. In a moment, I'm going touch each of you on the forehead. When I do, you'll open your eyes, with no memory of anything that has happened since you first clasped your hands at the beginning of the show, and you will think that you are awake. You will, however, remain completely hypnotized and obedient to my orders, but you won't be aware of it. You will look and act perfectly normal, even as you continue to go deeper and deeper. You'll leave this office and enjoy the party until your dates ask you to take them home. You will behave as gentlemen, respecting their wishes, and limiting yourselves to no more than a goodnight kiss at the door when you drop them off. After the girls have gone in, when you get back into your limousine, as soon as you are sitting in the seat, your eyes will close, and you will relax completely. You will then do whatever the driver tells you to do, until you again hear my voice, which, of course, you will always obey without question." The hypnotist then pumped the boys for information about how to find their limousine and driver, after which he touched their foreheads and sent them off to join Karen and Kitty.

Kevin went outside to locate the limo driver, whom he found leaning against his limo, having a cigarette. Sizing the fellow up, he thought, "This just keeps on getting better and better!" The chauffeur appeared to be somewhere in his early twenties. Sandy-haired, brown-eyed, clean-cut and very handsome in his livery, he looked exactly like what he was: an actor/model working for the car company to make ends meet while he waited for his big break to come along.

The hypnotist wandered casually over to him and opened the conversation in a slow gentle voice. "Man, what a zoo it is in there; all those teenagers. I had to get some peace, some quiet. This is a much better place to relax… to have a quiet smoke." As he spoke, Kevin was timing his phrases to match the breathing pace of the driver. Then, continuing his apparently aimless monolog, he gradually slowed it down. Soon the puffs on the cigarette began to match the hypnotist's timing rather than vice versa. Noting this desired reaction, Kevin switched over to purposeful induction, using the act of smoking as the focus. In less than ten minutes, and probably without ever realizing what was happening to him, the young man was fixed deep in dreamland, totally at Kevin's service.

"Tell me your name."

"Gray," came the dreamy response, "Gray Kendall."

"Well, Gray, pretty soon your passengers are going to come out here and have you drive them home. They'll go to the girls' house first. After the boys have seen the girls to their door, they'll get back into the limo and instantly fall asleep. As soon as you have two deeply sleeping boys in the back seat of your limo, you will take it as your cue to return to deep, deep trance, ten times deeper, one hundred times deeper than the one you're in now. You will have one thought, and one thought only, and that will be to drive them to this address." The hypnotist gave Gray his hotel address and room number. "You will drive carefully and well, and after you have parked the limo, command the boys to open their eyes without waking up and to follow you to the room. I will be in the room, and once you are there, you will all obey me without question or resistance. Now repeat all those instructions." Gray, with his actor's memory for lines, got it all perfectly.

"Now I'm going to touch your shoulder and you'll wake up, recalling nothing at all about your trance. You won't notice me, or even remember that I was here. You were just having a smoke and daydreaming." He gently squeezed Gray's shoulder, enjoying the feel of the firm muscle, and then walked away to his own car without a backward glance, as the young driver stirred, and then tossed away and ground out his cigarette butt.

Meanwhile, Karen and Kitty were beginning to wonder if their dates had been sneaking drinks from a hip flask or something. It wasn't that the guys were acting silly. As a matter of fact, they were behaving particularly well, being attentive and romantic. But it was as though their minds were on a brief time delay. Every reaction, although natural enough when it arrived, was just a little slow in coming. (They were, of course, unaware that Steve and Johnny were still deeply hypnotized, and merely imitating somnambulistically their normal behavior when awake.) Finally at 2:30 Karen turned to Kitty, who was in the act of turning to her at the same moment. They shared a twin glance of unspoken communication: it was time to leave.

"Guys," Karen said, "Kitty and I are getting really tired. We've had a great time, but you should take us home now." And Kitty nodded agreement.

"Okay, let's go." Johnny and Steve were both wearing politely accommodating smiles, but their eyes were a little vacant. They had answered without argument and, somewhat eerily, almost in unison. As if it had been choreographed, each boy went to his date and offered her his arm. Karen and Kitty felt truly weird for a moment, but then, almost as though another voice were talking to them inside their heads, thought, "It's all right. Don't worry. We're enjoying our date." And they allowed themselves to be escorted out to the car.

The boys were feeling most peculiar, dreamily detached, yet completely focused on whatever they were doing at the precise moment, but, due to Kevin's explicit instructions, they were not able to evaluate their state as anything unusual. As they walked their girlfriends to their door, they were fuzzily unclear as to why they were at the Richardson house instead of at the hotel suite as planned, and they were both somewhat aroused, expecting, at the very least, a hot make-out session on the porch. However, when Johnny moved in for the clinch with Kitty, his mouth opening slightly in preparation for a deep kiss, somehow it never happened. Instead, his lips closed themselves, and he delivered a sweetly respectful peck of the kind he would normally perform only on a first date with a girl who wasn't yet totally won over. In the back of his mind, all attempts to understand why he was acting this way were sucked into a fog as another voice echoed in his head telling him to behave like a gentleman. Steve's experience was the same, and ended even sooner. Then the girls went inside, and that was that.

The two friends walked back to the waiting limo in a daze. Steve got in first, and as soon as he slid across the seat, his eyes closed and he fell deeply asleep. Johnny looked at him with confusion. "Dude, you can't have worn yourself out with that lightweight action!" Then he too got into the car. As his butt touched the leather, he was out like a light, unable even to pull the door closed. His limp body toppled over to rest against Steve's inert shoulder. Then, as the relaxation continued to deepen, he slowly slid down until his head rested in Steve's lap, almost face down in the crotch. He breathed deeply, inhaling his friend's smell as the two of them helplessly drifted and dreamed.

Gray glanced back to get instructions and glimpsed the sleeping dark-haired boy in the rearview mirror. "Well, he's out of it. Now where in hell has the other one got to?" he wondered. He got out to shut the open door. In doing so, his angle of sight changed to include the rest of the back seat area, and he caught sight of Johnny as well. For a split second he thought, "Christ, he's blowing him!" Then in the next second he realized that this boy was also fast asleep.� Immediately the post-hypnotic suggestion took effect: 'As soon as you have two deeply sleeping boys in the back seat…' Gray's expression went blank. He closed the door with mechanical precision, and then got back behind the wheel, a perfectly programmed robot, ready to drive them all to the specified address.

The three young men were now in Kevin's hotel room, motionless, eyes closed, mindlessly awaiting their orders. When they had arrived, the hypnotist had brought them inside and commanded them to be seated. Gray and Johnny had drifted to a chair and the bed, respectively, while hyper-suggestible Steve dropped down in his tracks to sit on the floor.

Kevin considered how he might best approach the situation. He was in the mood for a blowjob, but doubted that any of these straight boys would be very good at it. They should have some practice first. "Gray, please stand up again," he said. The chauffeur rose to his feet, and the hypnotist lead him over to stand with his back against the wall. "Your body is becoming stiff and rigid, Gray, as stiff as a plank of wood, as rigid as a steel bar. You can't bend your legs; you can't move your arms. You are turning into a statue. You cannot move! Go ahead and try. Try to move your arms, your legs. Try. Try harder! Try as hard as you can, but it's no use. You are a statue." Gray's whole body trembled with effort, but nothing moved. Then even the trembling ceased. He stood, pale and beautiful, as still as stone. Kevin unzipped the young driver's fly, freed his cock and balls, and began to fondle them gently. "You are getting an erection, Gray," he continued. "Your dick is feeling really sexy, harder and harder. You're so turned on. It will stay erect until I tell you otherwise, but you won't be able to cum without my order." The young man's cock stirred under the hypnotist's ministrations, and then rapidly filled out and rose until it stood throbbing, a proud eight inches. Kevin thought, "God, not just pretty, but well hung, too!" and resolved to arrange for Gray to return to him after taking the boys home. "You are going to teach these two boys how to give you a blowjob. You will be able to speak, and you will tell each of them exactly what feels good and what doesn't as he practices on your dick, until you are satisfied that he is doing it as well as possible."

"Johnny, you will go first. Kneel down facing Gray." The teen languidly assumed the suggested position. "I want you to learn how to suck cock decently, so, when I tell you to begin, you will do your best to make Gray have an orgasm using only your mouth. As a matter of fact," and at this point the hypnotist drew Johnny's unresisting arms back and crossed the boy's wrists behind him, "Your wrists are bound together and you can't separate them until I tell you to. I want you to think about what you would most want someone to do if they were sucking your cock, and use that as a basis for your performance, but I want you to listen to Gray as well, and obey all of his requests and suggestions for improvements. Begin."

Kevin had to congratulate himself; the picture was spectacular: the immobilized chauffeur, lustfully panting out instructions, the tuxedoed blond teenager kneeling before him, eyes closed, boyish face innocently blank, a picture of hypnotized capitulation, as he sucked. After a couple of initial admonitions to "watch the teeth", and some suggestions for more imaginative tongue action, it didn't take long before Gray was moaning that the blowjob was awesome. Kevin told Johnny to stop, instructing him to remember what he had learned, and had him move aside. Then repeating his program of suggestions to Steve, he set him to the task of learning how to service a cock. The visuals were every bit as hot with the substitution of the dark-haired young stud for the blond, and spellbound Steve also proved to be a quick study in the art of giving head. Poor Gray, statue or no, was almost incoherent with passion by the time the hypnotist judged the practice session to have been sufficient. Kevin ordered Johnny and Steve to remain on their knees side by side, and then turned to arrange some much needed release for the excessively teased driver. After Gray received permission to cum, it took only a few strokes of the hypnotist's knowledgeable hand to make him erupt like a geyser. Then, with the statue suggestion removed, his legs buckled and he slid down the wall to lie in a blissful heap. It took just a moment more to instill in the pliable mind of this handsome young man a compulsive desire to apply for the post of the hypnotist's personal assistant, and then to send him off to a deep, oblivious sleep until it should be time for him to resume his duties.

Kevin undressed, at last giving freedom to his erect dick (which had been uncomfortably confined for some time now). He walked over to present it to the two kneeling teens. "Steve, Johnny, you have learned how to be good little cocksuckers. From now on it will be both an erotic pleasure for you, and also a point of pride. I want you to show me your skills, trading off so that I can compare. You will want to do your very best, because it really turns you on, and because each of you wishes to be the one who will succeed in making me cum. Go for it!"

The boys went to work. First Steve, and then Johnny, slurped up Kevin's meat, and then back and forth they went, sometimes one, sometimes the other, sometimes both together, one licking the cock and the other the balls. And for one particularly memorable moment, tongue kissing each other around the head of the hypnotist's dick. Kevin's toes curled spasmodically with pleasure. To avoid blasting off too soon, he had given himself a little post-hypnotic suggestion, so he was able to observe and appreciate the experience at length, without losing either its intensity or his load, as the action just got hotter and hotter. The hypnotist was especially stoked by the fact that, no matter how passionately Johnny and Steve were attacking his erection, no matter how hard the tents in their own trousers grew, their eyes remained closed, and their faces relaxed and expressionless. Although he almost never used his hypnotic skills for other than normal and legitimate purposes (this evening being a rare exception), still, the main reason Kevin had become a hypnotist in the first place was that mind control really turned him on. He found the boys' obvious helplessness every bit as arousing as their busy mouths. When he finally allowed himself to cum (Steve winning the prize, and dutifully swallowing it all in accordance with the hypnotist's hoarsely gasped command), it was the best orgasm he could ever recall having.

Kevin had resumed his clothing, and was just about to begin the necessary process of erasing the boys' memories of the experience, when it suddenly struck him how unfair he was being. He and Gray had both had terrific sex, with Johnny and Steve doing all the work, yet he had hypno-tricked them out of getting any. The Richardson twins had sent them off (thanks to his hypnotic interference) with chaste kisses that wouldn't have worried a nun, and the hard-ons, still thrusting out the fronts of the boys' trousers like tent poles, gave mute testimony to their lack of physical satisfaction. And yet it was their prom night, the night when every red-blooded male expects (or at least hopes) to get laid. Slowly Kevin began to smile. He knew what he was going to do, and it would not only give his horny subjects some relief, but it would get them permanently out of his friend Bart Richardson's hair.

"Gray, Steve, Johnny," he said, "In a moment, you're going to leave this room and go back to the limousine. As soon as you are inside the car, you will wake up, having instantly and completely forgotten everything that has happened since you dropped the ladies off. You will never again remember it consciously or unconsciously even under hypnosis, unless I and only I instruct you to. There will be only the following two exceptions to this command. Gray, you will remember that you want very much to become my personal assistant, and will contact me tomorrow as I instructed. And Steve, although you will have no idea how you came to know this, nor will it occur to you to wonder, you will realize that you are able to hypnotize Johnny." Kevin could tell that Johnny was normally the leader, the stronger personality of the two, but thought it would be nice, maybe even a little therapeutic, for poor, suggestible Steve to have a small taste of being the one in control for a change. "Any time you touch his forehead and say, 'Sleep now', he will go into hypnotic trance and be your obedient slave. You're going to want to program him, as soon as possible, for the sexual satisfaction you both crave. Johnny, you will not remember any of this, but you will respond. If Steve touches your forehead and speaks the phrase I described, you will instantly go into deep, deep hypnosis and be compelled to do anything he tells you to, no matter what it is. And it will give you great sexual pleasure to obey your buddy Steve. Now, all three of you, open your eyes and return to the limo. Gray, drive them somewhere secluded and then ignore the sexual activity. Just wait for Steve to tell you when they want to go home."

"Damn! What the hell just happened!? How did we let them stiff us like that?" Johnny bitched as the limo cruised down the road and away (so he thought) from the Richardson house. "I thought for sure we were in like Flynn and then those bitches send us off with just a fuckin' peck like we were their brothers or something. Dude, I'm so horny I can't see straight!"

"I told you not to count your chickens. I don't know what went wrong, but they made it pretty clear that they weren't the least bit interested in us getting any." Actually, Steve wasn't quite certain just how the girls had made that so clear, but he accepted that the decision must have been theirs. He and Johnny definitely wouldn't have chosen that particular ending for their evening. Now he practically had blue balls! Shit!! He glanced over at his buddy, really noticing, for the first time, the handsome profile, the well-proportioned body so temptingly displayed in the stylish tux. Unbidden to his mind came the thought, "Man, Johnny Taylor is really hot! He'd be just as good as Karen!" (The hypnotic tampering his mind had undergone kept him from realizing how foreign this sentiment would have seemed just a few hours previously.) "I wonder if I…" Before he could lose his nerve, Steve reached over and tapped Johnny on the forehead, at the same time saying in a low, determined voice, "Sleep now." To his delight, but somehow, oddly, not to his surprise, his buddy immediately closed his eyes and went as limp as a mackerel, unmistakably in a trance. This was so cool! Steve pushed the button raising the privacy screen in the limo. He was going to get laid, after all!

"Dude, you're hypnotized! You're in my power, and you're gonna do everything I say, right?"

"I'm in your power and I'm gonna do everything you tell me to."

Bingo! "Johnny, open your eyes but don't wake up." The pretty blue eyes stared vacantly at Steve. "You're way horny, dude, and you're gonna let me screw your ass. Aren't you?"

"Uh-huh." Johnny nodded solemnly. His trousers began to tent anew.

"Take off your pants and shorts, and lie down on your stomach." As Johnny obediently complied, Steve also stripped. He was the quicker, and sat fondling his cock as his friend finished methodically removing his underwear. He had wondered whether Johnny's ass would really be enough to get him going, but as soon as he saw it, perfect and pretty as a peach, the blond hairs nearly invisible, he was in lust. It seemed every bit as luscious as any girl's he'd ever had. Steve reached out to squeeze the resilient cheeks, and then couldn't resist leaning over to kiss one. The musky, fascinating scent of Johnny's clean asshole drew him irresistibly, until he was licking and tongue-fucking it in a frenzy. His hypnotized pal moaned with pleasure and began helplessly humping the seat under him.

"That's right, dude. You love it!" gasped Steve. "You want me so fuckin' bad. Everything I do is gonna feel so incredible that, when I cum, you're gonna cum right along with me!" He pushed up his pal's dinner jacket and shirttails, spread Johnny's legs, drove his raging hard-on into the thoroughly moistened hole, and began to pump. Christ! This was better than any girl! He'd never felt anything so hot and tight. And, unlike the inexperienced girls he'd taken advantage of in the past, his buddy, instead of lying there passively, was moving it and working it as much as he was. It was awesome! Better still, he liked Johnny. Most of the girls had only been pieces of ass to him, just notches on his pistol. He panted, "Dude… you like this… so much that (puff)… you'll do it… any time I want. Any time I say… 'Are you horny, Johnny?',… you're gonna want to have… any kind of… sex I tell you to. Now, what am I… gonna say?"

"Uhh… Are you… uhh… horny, Johnny?" Johnny groaned.

"And what… are you gonna do?"

"Gonna have sex… uhhh… with you."

"That's right." Steve picked up the pace of his fucking, knowing he couldn't last much longer anyway. After only six or seven more strokes, he arched his back, driving in as deep as he was able, and came like an earthquake, shouting, "Cum now, Johnny!" and causing his friend's cock to explode all over the leather seat cover. He wondered what the limo driver was making of all the rocking and noise (not knowing that Gray was hypnotically oblivious to it). Thank goodness the limo had, among its conveniences, a tissue dispenser!

After they were cleaned up and dressed again, Steve prepared to rouse Johnny from his trance. Before that, however, he repeated his instructions again, including a reinforcement of the "sleep now" hypnotic cue and a memory wipe. "This hypnosis shit was really cool!" he thought. "Maybe I should try to get some lessons from Mr. Sharp to learn more about it."

Just before snapping his fingers to awaken his buddy, he grinned to himself. "Told you your ass wouldn't be safe!"