Sleepy Boy

Disclaimer: The usual caveats. This is fiction, so if you can’t distinguish it from fact, or if you are bothered by the ideas of erotic hypnosis or male/male sexual activity, then don’t read this. If you are under the legal age in your community, then you must not proceed further. If your community forbids your access to this kind of material even if you are an adult, then CHANGE COMMUNITIES! (But don’t read this until you have.) And, as always, if you have any good ideas for gay hypno-fantasies, write them up and post them. I like to read too.

“This is way cool!” Danny thought to himself, as he looked around the hotel suite that Brett, his cousin Steve’s fraternity roommate and best man, had rented for Steve’s bachelor party. This was Danny’s first experience with such an occasion, and he was really looking forward to it. When his other cousin, Steve’s older brother, had been married, Danny was still a shy, skinny kid of fifteen, too young for the party. Now however, at nineteen, he was plenty old enough. Hell, he was even one of the groomsmen. And thanks to a lot of bodybuilding, he was no longer skinny either. He’d always had a cute face, but now his compact body was tight with well-sculpted teenage muscle. He was one hot dude, if he did say it himself! However, his sexy new body had yet to cure his shyness around girls. He was still a virgin, and had never even seen a naked woman outside of pictures, so he was especially excited and curious about the stripper he was certain Brett had hired to entertain.

Danny took another sip of his beer. His Uncle Jeff was keeping a close eye on how much his underage nephew had to drink, but he was allowing him enough to get a little mellow, and to take part in the toasts. “The girl should be getting here before much longer,” Danny thought. All of his cousin’s male relatives and friends seemed to have arrived by now. There were a few Danny hadn’t met, but he assumed that they were Steve’s college friends.

Then Brett called for quiet. “Steve,” he announced, “Before you begin your last night of freedom as an unmarried man, I want you to meet someone who’s going to give you a little taste of what your future with Bonny will be like.” He gestured, and a slim, good-looking, dark-haired young man that Danny had thought was one of the frat brothers stepped forward. “Let me introduce Mr. Tom LeBlanc, hypnotist extraordinaire!” There was laughter and applause. Danny, who had been trying to place the guy, decided that he looked familiar only because he bore such a strong resemblance to Michael Landes, the actor in the TV show Special Unit 2.

Steve was obviously unimpressed, but after some coaxing and teasing, he good-naturedly agreed to go along with it, saying he bet it wouldn’t work anyway. Tom, however, was very good at his job. He went right to work on Steve, and soon Steve was paying attention in spite of himself. Shortly thereafter he was out like a light.

“Steve,” said the hypnotist, “From now on, and for the rest of the evening, whenever anyone here asks you to do something, you will say ‘Yes, Dear’, and do whatever it is immediately. You will know what you’re doing, and why, but you won’t be able to stop yourself from responding as I have instructed. Now, wake up.”

Steve opened his eyes with a jerk. “I told you it wouldn’t work. I wasn’t hypnotized.”

“Of course not,” laughed Brett. “Oh, by the way, Steve, get me another drink.”

Steve instantly said, “Yes, Dear,” and walked over to the bar, at the same time looking intensely surprised. As he handed the drink to his best man he muttered, “Well I’ll be damned!”

Danny thought he’d bust a gut laughing as, until the novelty of the thing wore off, they really put Steve though his paces, pouring drinks, lighting cigarettes, doing all sorts of silly things, and always mildly saying “Yes, Dear” to each request. Danny noticed the hypnotist looking his way, so he gave him a thumbs-up sign and pantomimed applause. When they finally allowed Steve a little breathing space, he went over to Tom. “Hey, you rat,” he complained, “Am I going to have to do this all night?”

The hypnotist grinned. “Yup. But, in the interest of fair play…” He clapped his hands and said, “Lights out!” This time, to everyone’s surprise, it was handsome Brett who was suddenly fast asleep on his feet.

Danny couldn’t contain his curiosity. “How did you do that?” He exclaimed. “You didn’t do any hypnotizing!”

“I’ve hypnotized Brett before,” Tom answered. “I just programmed him with a trigger phrase to make it easier the next time I wanted him under. Now watch.” He turned to the hypnotized young man. “Brett, tonight, every time you hear Steve say ‘Yes, Dear’, you are going to put your thumb in your mouth and suck it. You won’t even notice you’re doing it until someone or something calls it to your attention. You won’t have any memory of this suggestion, or of having been in a trance.” He snapped his fingers and Brett was suddenly back to normal, patently unaware of what had just been done to him. Tom turned to Steve. “Would you do the honors?”

Steve automatically responded, “Yes, Dear”, and immediately macho Brett began to suck his thumb like a contented baby. Steve and the other frat brothers practically fell over they were laughing so hard. Brett looked totally mystified until he tried to ask what was so funny, and realized that he was speaking around his thumb. He blushed and yanked it out of his mouth, glaring at Tom.

Tom spread his hands as if to say, “Hey, fair is fair”. He said, “Call it a wedding present to Steve. And before you get too bent out of shape, remember that I could have made it a lot worse.”

Then Brett began to chuckle too. “Yeah, I guess you could have at that.”

Brett had no idea just how true those words were. One of the main reasons that Tom took fraternity and bachelor party gigs like this one was to collect good-looking young men. At the last party where he’d entertained. Brett had been one of the guests, and the hypnotist had put him under his spell. Since then, thumbs were not the only things he had made the handsome stud suck! As a matter of fact, his job here tonight was the result of a direct post-hypnotic command planted while Brett was still in deep trance after a wild night as a spellbound sexual plaything.

Now, however, he had his eye on Danny. The kid’s adorable boy-next-door face and hot, tough little body were exactly what Tom was looking for. He was just trying to come up with a ruse to get the boy to volunteer for an experiment when the lights went low. The stripper had arrived.

When Brett was not under hypnotic control, he was totally heterosexual, and he had very good taste. The girl he’d hired was a knockout! Danny couldn’t take his eyes off her as she did her slow, sensual bumps and grinds. He scarcely even blinked. Tom noted his rapt concentration (as well as the promising tent beginning to develop in his jeans). The boy was already fixated better than any spinning watch could have done it. The hypnotist eased over until he was standing next to him. This would be a piece of cake. He didn’t even need to get cooperation.

Tom began to speak in a low, soothing voice. “She’s hot, isn’t she?”

“Yeah,” Danny breathed. He didn’t even turn to see who was talking.

“It’s so good to be able to watch her, to watch how she moves, so sexy, so smooth, to let go and forget about everything but that beautiful body. So sexy and so relaxing to let your eyes find just one perfect point and follow it as it weaves in and out of her dance, back and forth, around and around… so lovely, so soothing.

Tom continued to ease his way under the edges of the boy’s consciousness. Danny, without even realizing it, found his eyes drawn to the glittering sequins on the stripper’s g-string, following the lights shining off them, back and forth, as her hips rolled. The rest of the room faded from his awareness, the music becoming soft and distant. Danny began to feel as though he were floating down a long tunnel into that sparkling crotch. He had never felt so turned on, and yet so relaxed and detached. Danny’s thoughts came more and more slowly. There was a voice. He couldn’t seem to remember whose it was, or when he had started to listen to it, but it had become more and more irresistibly important – soothing, compelling, demanding attention and compliance.

The hypnotist never ceased his quiet monolog, watching with satisfaction as the teen’s handsome features went slack and his posture eased. When he knew the boy was ready, he said, “The dancing lights are making your eyes very tired, so very, very tired. Your eyelids are so heavy… so-o-o heavy. Soon they will close by themselves, no matter how hard you try to hold them open. But you won’t mind, because you will still watch the dance even with your eyes closed, even as you sleep deeply. So heavy and tired now, so sleepy… you’re trying so hard to keep them open, but you just can’t. And now they close, and there is nothing but the dance and my voice… you are so sleepy… nothing but my voice… deeper and deeper… so-o-o sleepy… nothing but my voice… and sleep… my voice… and sleep… sleep… sleep.”

Danny stood motionless, breathing gently, his eyes fast shut, eyelashes curling softly against his cheeks, his innocent face totally blank. He was miles deep in hypnotic trance.

Tom checked quickly to make sure that everyone else was still focused on the stripper, and then, still speaking quietly, switched to a more authoritative tone of voice. “You are fast asleep, and you will not, you cannot awaken until I tell you to. You will do exactly as I say, instantly and without question, no matter what. Do you understand?”

“I understand,” Danny murmured dully.

“Danny, tonight when you are asleep in bed, you will have a special dream, a very vivid dream. It will be a dream about having sex with a very handsome boy. You can picture him now, the handsomest boy you know. Who is this boy you will dream about?”

As though it were being dragged out of him against his will, Danny sighed, “Johnny Miller.”

“And who is Johnny Miller?” Tom prodded.

“T.A. … in my psychology course this semester.”

“You will have this very powerful, very real dream of having sex with Johnny Miller. It will not frighten or disgust you. On the contrary, it will excite you very much; in fact, it will be a wet dream. After the dream is over, you will get out of bed, but you will not wake up. You will write down a full description of your dream in detail, and secure it so that no one else will find it or read it. Then you will go back to bed and sleep until your usual hour. You will forget all about the dream and what you have written. Now, turn around to face me, and open your eyes but do not wake up. “ The boy obeyed. The hypnotist continued. “Look into my eyes. You have no thoughts, you have no will, you are in my power. From now on, whenever you hear me say the words ‘sleepy boy’, you will instantly be hypnotized, ten times deeper than you are now. Tomorrow, you will call me at ___-____ to make an appointment for a hypnosis session. You won’t wonder, or even think about why you are doing so. It will seem perfectly reasonable to you. You will be careful not to let anyone know about it, or about where you are going. If anyone should become too curious, you’ll simply make up the most believable lie for that particular person. You will be absolutely certain to come alone, and you will bring the written description of your dream with you. Repeat those instructions.” Danny did.

“Now, in a moment I’ll tell you to turn around. When I do, you’ll be back in your normal consciousness, watching the dancer. You will have no memory either now or later of anything I’ve said to you while you were asleep, although you will obey all the suggestions I gave you. You will have no memory of having been in trance at all. You’ll only remember watching the stripper and getting very horny.” Tom had a passing whim. “As a matter of fact, you’ll get so turned on that, before she finishes her dance, you will cum in your pants. You can feel that your dick is already really hard. Now, turn around and wake up.”

Danny performed an about face back to the stripper and was suddenly once again riveted by the beauty of the woman, not that he had any inkling that he’d been paying attention to anything else. God, she was so hot he thought he’d explode! And then the pleasure spasms started deep in his body. He was having a fucking orgasm just watching her! Danny tried to control himself, but couldn’t quite stifle a gasp and a soft moan as he pumped his load into his jockeys.

The hypnotist watched, first with lust, as the boy’s ass flexed in his jeans from his fuck-spasm, and then with amusement, when Danny sneaked off to the john to try to clean the stickiness out of his shorts. Damn! Tom was beginning to feel really horny himself, but it was going to take both privacy and a good deal of trance deepening before young Danny would be ready for him. No, he’d have to wait until tomorrow for that particular pleasure, but there was always Brett, already thoroughly primed for action. As soon as the party no longer demanded his constant presence as emcee, he could be spirited away for some fun and games.

Brett, for his part, was at the moment trying his considerable charm on the stripper, but she had dealt with frat-boys too often to pay him any particular attention as she worked the room in a professionally impartial manner. And besides, he kept sucking his thumb! When the blond stud backed off to get another drink and nurse his bruised ego, Tom sidled over to him and again uttered the magic words, “Lights out”. It was easy then to convince the suggestible lad to go on a beer run during which, in his car out in the parking lot of the all-night store, the hypnotist enjoyed a luscious blowjob from the spellbound college boy. He finished up by drinking his own cum from Brett’s willing (and will-less) lips in a deep kiss. And if, when they returned with the beer, Brett felt oddly sexy, and had a strange taste in his mouth, his mind had been carefully rendered incapable of drawing any conclusions from it.

Late the next afternoon Danny knocked on the door of Tom’s apartment, keeping the appointment he had been compelled to make. Tom let him in, and as he shut the door said, “Danny, you look like a very sleepy boy.” Instantly the teenager went blank, standing motionless, eyes glassy, wide open to suggestion. Tom looked him over with satisfaction and commanded, “Come to my study.” The boy followed him helplessly to the paneled office with its long, soft therapy couch. He was wearing a white t-shirt and tight jeans, and filling both magnificently. The hypnotist knew that it was too soon to maneuver him into sex, but he did think he could arrange for a little better display as he worked on him.

“Danny, I want you to feel very relaxed and comfortable, so you will take off your shoes and socks. And, of course, it is rather hot in here, so take off your shirt as well.” Moving like a sleepwalker, the young man complied, and then stood as if for inspection, his dark hair, rumpled by the t-shirt’s passage, giving him a very bedroom appearance. Tom licked his lips. The kid was gorgeous! The hypnotist admired the broad shoulders, the slim waist, and all the beautifully sculpted muscles. Danny’s chest was so nearly hairless that Tom wondered if perhaps, in addition to the obvious Irish heritage, there might not also be a bit of Native American blood in the mix. Then he went to work.

“Lie down on the therapy couch and close your eyes. You are going to go much deeper than you are now… much, much deeper. I want you to visualize a long, long staircase. I don’t know how many steps it has, but there are more than a hundred. Do you see them?”

“Yes,” whispered the hypnotized boy.

“When I tell you to, you will begin to walk slowly down that steps. You will count each step out loud as you go down, and every step, every number that you say, will take you twice as deeply into trance. Now, give me the dream description you have written down for me, and begin to count.”

Without opening his eyes, Danny dug into his jeans pocket and brought forth a crumpled sheet of paper, meanwhile droning, “One… two… three…” As his subject unresistingly thrust himself further and further under Tom’s control, the hypnotist read the boy’s manuscript:

‘I go to the teaching assistants’ office for a meeting with my psych course T.A., Johnny Miller, to talk about my term paper. When I get there, Johnny is sitting at the desk in the only chair. He invites me to sit in his lap. In my dream this seems perfectly reasonable, so I do. I can feel his dick through his pants getting hard under my ass. I’ve never really thought about it before, but Johnny is damned good-looking: nice body, wavy blond hair, a face like a younger Brad Pitt, and eyes so blue that I wonder if he wears tinted contact lenses. To my surprise, I’m getting very turned on, wondering what it would be like to touch his bare skin, to kiss him. I wiggle my butt a little and feel his dick get even harder.

But Johnny is still talking about my term paper. My topic is military experiments in mind control, and he says that I haven’t shown that I fully understand how hypnotism could be used to control behavior, so he will give me a demonstration. He begins to move his class ring back and forth, catching the light, and to talk about relaxing, and I start to feel funny - kind of dizzy, and real sleepy.

Then everything changes and we are in bed together, naked. I can’t remember anything about how we got there. Johnny says he wants to fuck me, and that I am going to let him. I feel a little scared, but I can’t seem to resist him. I have to do whatever he tells me to. I lie back and lift my legs, and he plunges his big dick into my hole. It hurts, and yet it doesn’t, and I realize that, more and more, I want it in there. This beats the hell out of jacking off. Johnny fucks like a piston, and inside me he keeps rubbing and bumping against something that feels like a million little orgasms. I’m cumming, and he’s cumming, and I pull his face down to mine and stick my tongue deep into his mouth. And then the dream ends, and I know I have to write it down and go back to sleep.’

Tom was delighted. First, it amused him that Danny’s subconscious had woven hypnotism into the dream text, but second, and more important from the hypnotist’s point of view, when the straight young stud had obeyed the command to dream about sex with another guy, he’d envisioned himself on the bottom, not the top. There would be much less re-programming necessary to turn him into a pliant sex-toy than there had been for Brett or some of Tom’s other conquests.

While Tom had been reading and plotting, Danny had continued down the staircase in his mind, counting himself deeper and deeper into spellbound oblivion. He was well past one hundred now, and so completely entranced that he could scarcely make his lips pronounce the numbers. Tom knew that he was ready for the crucial test.

“You may stop counting,” he instructed, and the boy fell silent. The hypnotist ran his hands over Danny’s muscular chest and firm, flat stomach down to the waistband of his pants. The kid’s skin was soft and flawlessly smooth, and he accepted the intimate caresses without so much as a twitch of demurral. The boy was his! Tom’s impatient cock immediately swelled to full erection. He quickly undressed and then returned to his motionless boy-toy to unbuckle the belt, undo the top button, and unzip the fly. “Danny, raise your hips off the couch a little.” His subject dutifully complied without a hint of resistance, and Tom eased the jeans and the white jockey shorts down to the boy’s ankles, revealing a perfect pair of legs, and a very handsome set of equipment (not erect, but impressive nonetheless) nestling in the soft black bush. “You may lower your hips,” he said, and as Danny’s body relaxed back onto the couch, Tom freed the boy’s feet from the jeans and shorts, leaving him completely naked. The hypnotist put the shorts to his face and inhaled. Perfect! They were clean, but full of the perfume of young male musk. He put them in a drawer to be enjoyed later.

“Danny, you did not wear any underwear today. You remember it felt kind of sexy to be loose and free inside your jeans. Now tell me you didn’t have on underwear today, and it becomes true for you.” His entranced subject mumbled his helpless agreement. He would now never miss the purloined shorts.

Tom continued, “There is a slot machine in front of you, and a large supply of quarters. You can see them without opening your eyes. Do you see the slot machine?”

“Yeah,” came the sleepy mumble.

“Start playing the slot machine. You can do it without moving from the couch.” The spellbound youth slowly began to pantomime the motions, soon gaining a machine-like rhythm. “Now you can’t stop. But I want you to try to stop, to try as hard as you can. Try harder! Try anything you can think of to stop yourself, but no matter how hard you try, your hands and arms keep right on playing, taking you deeper and deeper.” The hypnotist found it curiously sexy, and even a little spooky, to watch the boy lying quietly on his couch, his eyes closed, his face blank and calm, repeating over and over the placing of an invisible coin in a non-existent slot, the pulling of a phantom handle. A light sheen of sweat was the only indication of the internal struggle the kid was waging against himself and losing.

“When I touch you the slot machine will be gone, and you will be able to stop playing. You will relax back onto the couch.” Tom caressed the boy’s neck, running his fingers sensuously from his earlobe down to the hollow of his collarbone. Danny’s arms immediately fell back to his sides.

“You know now that I have total control over your body and your mind, greater control than you yourself have. You understand this, don’t you?” Again the dreamy assent. “Very good. It’s necessary that you are quite certain of this, because my next instruction is very important to you; more important than anything you have ever known. Whenever you hear me (and only me) say the phrase ‘toy-boy’ your entire awareness will become focused on sex. You will be unable to do or think of anything else. Your body will become so extremely sensitive to stimulation that every inch of your skin, from your scalp to the soles of your feet will be just as capable of pleasure as the head of your cock. Everything you feel, see, or hear will just turn you on more and more. But, no matter what, you will not cum until I tell you to! However, when I do give you permission to cum, it will always be the most intense, most satisfying orgasm you’ve ever had or imagined having. Now, prepare for trip to paradise, toy-boy!”

Since it was one of his favorite zones for foreplay, Tom continued to fondle the boy’s neck, gradually adding little kisses, nips, and licks. The effect on Danny was much different this time. He began to pant, and his cock surged almost instantly to full erection. The hypnotist moved his hands and mouth down, caressing the boy’s ribs and flat, hard stomach, and licking and sucking on his tender nipples, which immediately contracted into hard, aroused little nubs surrounded by gooseflesh.

Danny went crazy. His eyelids were still locked shut, but the rest of his body was in motion as he squirmed in helpless passion. He began to rub his ass against the leather of the couch, and tossed his head from side to side, gasping and moaning.

In between kisses, Tom grabbed some lube from his desk drawer. “Hold the first two fingers of your left hand together and make them strong and unbending, as stiff as steel,” he commanded. When the boy had done so, the hypnotist smeared gel on the rigid fingers. “You will stick your fingers in your asshole and fuck yourself with them,” Tom instructed. “It will feel wonderful.” Helplessly the little stud rolled partly onto his side and began to frig himself, grunting like an animal. “Your fingers feel just like a hard cock. In fact, they are no longer your fingers. They are a hard cock. It is Johnny Miller’s cock, and he’s fucking you like a stallion.” Danny’s hips bucked and his fingers delved deeper and deeper. His cock grew even harder and began to leak pre-cum almost continuously.

At last Tom finished playing with his subject’s torso and began to suck the rampant cock, while tickling and stroking the boy’s firm thighs and the sensitive area behind his ball-sac. Danny smelled and tasted so good that the hypnotist wondered which of the two of them was actually having the better time. He almost came himself, just from the sensory banquet.

When Danny’s cries and contortions finally convinced Tom that his subject could become no more thoroughly aroused, the hypnotist ordered the boy to count to ten and then orgasm. Tom increased his suction on the thrusting cock as the kid whimpered out the numbers, and ten seconds later his hungry mouth was filled with hot, delicious boy-cream. Danny’s explosion was spectacular. He came so much that, in spite of Tom’s diligent swallowing, a good portion of the cum escaped from the hypnotist’s lips to ooze down the shaft. When the youth’s spasms finally subsided, he relaxed back onto the couch, sated. Tom scooped up the remaining spatters of cum and smeared them onto Danny’s lips, nostrils, and cheeks. Looking down at the boy, once again lying quietly in the semblance of innocent sleep, his handsome young face now glistening wetly with his own juices, Tom was so powerfully aroused that, once again, he nearly went over the edge. The hypnotist took a moment to calm himself, and then said, “Relax and take a deep breath as your body returns to its normal sensitivity.” Danny inhaled the heady scent of sperm. “You like that smell. You will always like it. It is the smell of pleasure, your pleasure. And you did have a great deal of pleasure, didn’t you? More pleasure than you ever imagined?”

“It was the best,” sighed the hypnotized boy.

I gave you this pleasure. You know it happened because you fell under my spell, because you listened to me and obeyed, and now you are very, very grateful. You will do anything for me to show just how grateful, won’t you?”

“Anything,” came the soft reply.

“Do not wake up, but open your eyes and come to me. You have fallen in love with me, and you must do anything you can think of to give me as much pleasure as I have just given you.”

Danny’s beautiful gray eyes fluttered open. He stretched luxuriously and then got up from the couch, his handsome face aglow with spellbound adoration. He walked into Tom’s embrace, fitting his body as close to the hypnotist’s as he could, and began to kiss him passionately; soft, deep, moist kisses that seemed to last for days, yet were over too soon. The smell of cum on the boy’s cheeks made Tom dizzy with lust, as his hands wandered everywhere over the smooth skin and firm young muscles of his unresisting love-slave.

Inexperienced, Danny only duplicated, more or less, the actions that had been performed on him as he lay in helpless thrall on the couch, but since Tom had used that kind of foreplay that he himself most enjoyed, the hypnotist was more than satisfied with the result. The soft mouth and probing hands were driving him to distraction as they migrated down his body. And when the boy finally began to suck him, Tom thought his blood was going to boil. He tried to delay just a little longer, but the sustained tease to which he had been subjecting himself had brought him too close to the point of no return. His hips began to thrust, almost of their own accord, and then he could hold back no longer. As the entranced youth’s exploring fingers found and entered Tom’s ass, the hypnotist’s whole body went nova in as intense an orgasm as he had ever felt. Once again Danny’s pretty face was anointed with cum, as his busily sucking mouth couldn’t keep up with the volume being pumped out.

In a haze of afterglow, Tom lay down on the couch, and Danny cuddled beside him, kissing his chest. After a time of contented nuzzling, the hypnotist said, “Close your eyes, sleepy boy. You’re going even deeper into trance.” Then he went to fetch a towel, and cleaned up the residue of lovemaking from himself and the helpless boy. When he had finished mopping off, Tom resumed his clothes, and, handing Danny his shirt and jeans, instructed him to get dressed as well.

Moments later the teen stood before Tom, eyes still closed, and swaying gently in the grip of his unbreakable trance, but fully dressed. The hypnotist began his final indoctrination of the boy into permanent sexual service.

“Danny, do you remember the two trigger phrases that I taught you?” he asked, and the boy nodded. “Please repeat them to me, and also my instructions concerning them.”

“Whenever I hear you say ‘sleepy boy’, I will go into a deep trance, ten times deeper than the one I’m in now,” Danny droned. “Whenever I hear you say ‘toy-boy’, I will feel real sexy all over.”

“Very good,” said Tom. “That’s exactly right, and whenever you hear me say either of those phrases, those responses are just what will happen. But you will now forget that you know these instructions. You will still respond exactly as you have been programmed, no matter where you are or what you are doing, whenever I use those phrases, but you no longer recall having heard me say them before. You have no memory of having reacted to them, nor any conscious knowledge of how you will react to them when next you hear them. You will also forget about everything we have done here. You will forget about having ever been under hypnosis, you will forget that you were ever here. You will account for the missing time in any way that seems reasonable to you, and once you have decided what that is, you will believe it unshakably. You will remember only one thing, and that is that you like me a lot. You can’t remember what I did, or how good I made you feel, but you will always associate me with feeling good. You will be delighted to spend time with me any time I want you to. Do you understand?”

The drowsy boy smiled. “You’re my bud.”

Tom smiled as well. “I have one more command for you. You will obey it compulsively, even though you have no conscious knowledge of it. Any time you are involved in a party or gathering, whether as host or as guest, where there will be good-looking young men, as young and handsome as yourself, you will do your best (without becoming ridiculous) to see that I am included. You may arrange to hire me to entertain, or simply obtain permission for me to come along with you. And you will introduce me to all of your sexually attractive male friends and acquaintances, trying hard to interest them in experiencing hypnosis. You can start with Johnny Miller.” Tom figured that a teaching assistant in a psychology course would be fairly easy to talk into a hypnotic experiment, and besides, from Danny’s description, he really sounded hot.

The hypnotist pulled the spellbound boy into one last embrace, kissing his eyes and mouth, and then escorted him to the door, one hand still cupping the cleft of his firm, young buttocks. At the door, he had a sudden inspiration. “Danny, get another erection.” The boy’s jeans obediently tented. “Whenever you get hard, you will think of me, at least fleetingly. And whenever you think of me, you will get hard. I have become linked, in your mind, with sex. Now your dick returns to normal and you may go, remembering to forget that you were ever here.” Danny got into his car and drove away without looking back.

Some time later, Danny found himself thinking about the bachelor party. But it wasn’t the beautiful stripper that he recalled. “That hypnotist guy at Steve’s party was really cool,” he thought to himself. “I bet Johnny Miller would do just about anything to meet him.” And he absently stroked his suddenly stiffening crotch.

To be continued in: The Psychology Pool