Disclaimer: This is fiction; so don’t try to confuse any of the characters or events with fact. No one under the legal age for their community (or mine) is allowed to read this, nor is anyone to whom the topics of male/male sex and erotic hypnosis are offensive. You have been warned. The rest of you, enjoy.

(For Tom with affection and gratitude)

It was one of those typical college parties. Oh, not the wild kegger-type blast-out that the frats put on, but just a get-together (food catered by potluck, drinking moderate) of a bunch of us trying to pretend we had a life outside of studying. There must have been about 30 to 40 people wandering around that house. It was a fairly mixed group. The hosts and the largest percentage of guests were in the English department, like my twin sister Megan, but many of us were from other majors, there because of girlfriends/boyfriends/mutual acquaintances. I recognized a few artsy types, some science geeks, and a fair number of jocks in addition to the literature squad, but, as far as I could tell, Matt Kehane and I were the only psych majors. As I said, it was a typical college party. Or at least, that’s how it started.

My reason for being at this particular party was familial obligation. Megan had begged me to go along with her as a buffer zone against Chad Gannett, her baseball-jock ex-boyfriend who didn’t seem to be getting the message that she’d moved on. Now as to why she’d moved on… well, let’s just say it wasn’t his looks. Chad’s a major blond hottie with an awesome bod, a face pretty enough for Hollywood, and, if his tight jeans don’t lie, the dick of death. No, Megan’s gripe was his jock ego. She said he treated her like a trophy bimbo. (And if there’s anything my sister’s not! Megan is pretty -make that very pretty, but she’s also political, capable, and astute. Even though we’re still only in our third year, the Ivy Leagues are already sniffing around her about grad programs.) So yours truly, Todd MacLaren, was here in metaphorical white hat to save his dear sister from a cad. It was a pretty easy gig, since simply hanging around Megan was enough to keep Chad from doing anything embarrassing.

Things began to get interesting from my point of view when I heard Chad’s irritatingly cocky voice from a distance away in the room saying, “Oh come on, Kehane! Maybe you could hypnotize a girl, but any guy who wasn’t a spineless dweeb wouldn’t go under. It’s obviously just a matter of strength of will and character!” (Did I make it clear that he’s a chauvinist twit?) I walked closer to see the two of them seated in adjoining chairs, surrounded by a circle of interested bystanders watching the testosterone byplay.

“So you guarantee I couldn’t hypnotize someone like yourself, huh?” Matt responded sarcastically.

“Fuckin’ A! You wouldn’t have a chance in hell.”

“Care to put your money where your mouth is, Gannett? Twenty says you go down like a pole-axed ox!”

“Make it fifty and you’re on, psych-boy!” Chad replied with a self-confident smirk.

Well, my attention was fully engaged now. I’m a hypno-fetishist, and gay (what, you hadn’t guessed that from the way I described young Mr. Gannett?). Not that I’d ever actually had a sexual experience involving hypnosis (or, for that matter, all that many even without it), but the idea that there was even a remote possibility of observing this baseball hunk go into trance had me riveted.

Matt Kehane said, “Done. But you have to play fair or it’s no bet. Nobody can be hypnotized who’s deliberately ignoring the process.”

I was thinking, “That’s a load of crap! Distracting the conscious mind is one the best ways to get someone hypnotized. It’s people who are actively resisting the process that don’t succumb.” But then, as I watched Chad’s shit-eating grin grow even broader while he accepted the terms, I realized that, of course, Matt knew all this just as well as I did. He was purposely setting the jock up for a fall, banking that Chad would try to take advantage of his supposed slip and thereby allow Matt virtually direct access to his sub-conscious during the induction. Subtle guy, Matt Kehane; remind me never to bet him. I settled down to watch.

“Ok,” Matt said, “Sit back in your chair and get comfortable. Kick off your shoes, and then I want your feet flat on the floor. And rest your hands on your knees palms up.” It was the classic set up for either a progressive relaxation or hand levitation induction, just like the demonstrations we’d watched in our Abnormal Psychology 301 class.

Chad assumed the requested position, but studiously ignored Matt thereafter. His eyes wandered the room, and then locked on… me??? Ok, I’m not that hard to look at. I keep my body in good shape, and with my black hair and dark blue eyes, and the same sort of almost androgynous good looks as Ian Somerhalder (as a matter of fact, I look a lot like the actor), I’m damned hot, if I do say it! But Chad is so straight it hurts. What the hell was going on? Then I realized he wasn’t looking quite at me; he was looking past me. Megan had come over to stand just behind and to the right of my shoulder. Well, that explained that. It would tick her off, but I bet it would work particularly well for Kehane’s little ploy. I returned my attention to Matt. While I’d been distracted by my thoughts, he’d taken Chad through the breathing exercises, and was already up to the induction proper.

“And now, as you continue to relax, I wonder if you’ll even notice when one of your fingers begins to move a little… gentle, automatic movements. It might be your index finger, or maybe it will be your thumb…” Matt’s voice had adopted a smooth, soothing hypnotic monotone, and he was spinning out those Ericksonian phrases one after another, each one (containing, as it did, the embedded presumption of its own success) a double assault on his naïve victim’s free will. I could see that Chad’s breathing had become slower and absolutely even, his fingers were beginning to twitch. And then, in response to the young hypnotist’s gentle promptings, the cocky jock’s right hand began to rise from his knee and slowly, slowly float upward towards his face. Chad gave no sign that he was aware of any of this happening. He was still looking only at Megan, though his expression had lost a lot of its usual animation. He looked blank, a little sleepy, and his gaze was sort of unfocused, as though he were not so much looking at my sister, as that he simply had his eyes fixed in her general direction. It was one of the most fascinating, sexiest things I’d ever seen!

“And when your hand touches your face, you will relax completely and go deep, deep into hypnosis,” Matt crooned, as Chad’s hand floated ever closer to his now completely expressionless face. It made contact, and, like a puppet whose strings have been cut, the handsome jock slumped down into his chair utterly limp, his eyes rolling up and then sweeping shut. “That’s right,” Matt continued, unable to keep a note of triumph out of his quiet hypnotic drone, “Sleep, Chad. You’ll just keep going deeper and deeper with every breath you take. You don’t hear anything but my voice, and nothing can cause you to leave this trance state until I wake you up. Just sleep deeper and deeper… and know that you want to do whatever I tell you. It feels good to follow my suggestions. It relaxes you more and more to do as I ask. It feels good to obey. You like it very, very much. You want to obey me and keep feeling better and better, don’t you, Chad?”

“I want to obey…” The cockiness had vanished from Chad’s voice. He sounded vague and sleepy, almost deferential.

“And you will obey me, won’t you?”

“I will obey you…”

At this point, I had to force myself to think of very unpleasant things, just to keep from throwing a woody right there in front of everyone. It was so fucking erotic to hear this stud helplessly agreeing to obey, that I’m lucky I didn’t cum in my pants!

Of course, Matt’s agenda was nothing like mine would have been. He’s straight, and he had no interest in Chad other than to make sure everybody knew the poor chump had lost his bet, so I won’t bore you with a blow-by-blow of the stage-hypnotist tricks he put Chad through. They made for a reasonably good party entertainment, but all of them were pretty old and trite. The only one that proved remotely cool, as far as I was concerned, was when he told Chad that he was making love with the sexiest person he could imagine. It was a riot seeing stud-boy Gannett with a tent in his jeans that would have embarrassed the shit out of him if he hadn’t been off in his own little dream world, fondling and kissing and licking empty air. Of course this scenario wasn’t allowed to go on very long, because Chad began to moan Megan’s name as he humped and wriggled in the chair. She quickly told Matt to shut him up or she’d have to kill him, so Kehane went on to his next game. Damn!

As soon as the interest level began to wane, Matt set about waking the mind-fucked jock up. It seemed to me that he was being kind of perfunctory about it – guess he was in a hurry to collect his winnings. At any rate, he whipped Gannet back up to the waking state with scarcely any attention to getting him ready for it, and as a result Chad was still looking a little loopy as he counted out $50 and handed it over. This gave me an idea. After all, I was a psych major too, wasn’t I?

I turned and whispered to Megan, “How’d you like to get him off your case for good, Sis?”

“Why? Are you offering to do a hit on him?” she whispered back.

I snickered. “No, Meggie dear. It’s just that Matt hasn’t really brought Chad all the way out of trance. He went too fast, and your ex here is still in a kind of twilight trance. I could move in and take him down deep again, do a little romantic re-wiring, and have some fun in the bargain. You just have to agree to make one phone-call to get him over to the house tomorrow. I can’t do anything here tonight except give him a trance trigger; anything else would take to long and attract too much attention.”

“What’s in it for you?” (I told you my sister wasn’t dumb!)

“Just the fun and games along the way. You’re sick of him, but I wouldn’t mind a shot (or two) at the body of Mr. Chadwick Gannett.”

She gave her ex-boyfriend a look up and down. He’d wandered over to a reasonably quiet corner where he stood by himself just blinking stupidly. “Go for it. It’d serve him right to have someone treat him like the bimbo slut for a change.”

I needed no further prompting. I walked over to Chad and, when he slowly registered my presence, said, “Well, he sure proved his point didn’t he?”

Chad answered slowly, after a perceptible delay, “I… I guess so.” He sure sounded sleepy!

“It was really interesting to watch you go under. Your breathing became so smooth and deep and even… so regular… so automatic… and you relaxed so easily. It was obvious that your muscles were loosening up… feeling so good… so very good…” I had him immediately. I was watching like a hawk for any signs that he might have figured out what I was doing, but Chad just continued to stand as he was, staring vaguely at me. The rhythm of his breathing had returned almost instantly to its recent hypnotized regularity, his posture drooped, and he began to sway a little. About four more rambling, suggestion-laden sentences from me, and the handsome, vulnerable jock was right back in la-la land. I looked around quickly, but no one was paying any attention to us. I did a couple of quick deepening sequences, but I doubt he really needed them. I took another fast recon; we were still unnoticed. Then I said, “You’re completely hypnotized, Chad. At the count of three, open your eyes but remain asleep. One, two, three.” Chad’s eyelids dragged themselves open. Good. He looked zoned out, but not any more so than he had before. Now even if someone looked, it would just seem that he and I were having a conversation.

I figured I only had a few minutes before somebody began to wonder what the two of us could possibly find to talk about, so I went straight to the point. “From now on, whenever you hear me say ‘take a nap’ you’ll instantly go back into hypnotic trance, ten times deeper than you are now. Understand?” He nodded solemnly. I persisted, “What’s the thing I’m going to say?”

“Take… a n-nap…”

“Good boy. And what will you do when you hear me say that?”

“Go… inna trance… ten times…. deeper…” The last word was a sigh that could have been capitulation or pleasure. Jock-boy was definitely under my control! Mission accomplished for this night, I set about removing his memory of what I’d done to him, and then woke him up properly. The whole thing from the time I’d started talking to him had taken less than six minutes. Thank you, Matt!


At my request, Megan and I had left the party very soon afterwards. I had a lot of studying to do on the finer points of hypnotism in preparation for my next encounter with Chad. Then, the following morning my sister had made her little “I’m-sorry-for-the-way-I’ve-been-treating-you-we-need-to-talk” phone call and then left for the day, so here I was, alone in the house, trap set and baited, just waiting for the doorbell that would signal my quarry’s arrival. He did not disappoint. His love/lust/possessiveness/whatever-the-hell-it-was for Megan was more than enough impetus to bring him.

Chad’s face fell when I opened the door. “Todd,” he said flatly. (For Megan’s sake, he’s always been borderline polite, but basically Chad didn’t care for me even before my sister started using me as a shield; I think my being gay freaked him out. That was going to change!) “Where’s Megan? Tell her I’m here.”

“She’s still upstairs getting ready,” I lied pleasantly. “Have a seat. Want a brew while you wait? Or soda?”

“No thanks.” Chad sat down on the sofa radiating barely restrained impatience.

“Well then, why don’t you take a nap?” And as his eyelids drooped shut and he sagged back into the cushions, I repeated, “That’s right. Take a nap, Chad… take a nap…sleeping deeply… hearing only my voice…” In a couple of minutes, I had him sitting back up. His eyes were open again, but their vacant stare showed that all of his awareness was focused deep inside his sub-conscious mind where there was nothing left but attention to my commands.

The first order of business was to remove Chad’s fixation with Megan. It turned out to be harder than I thought it would be, which made me feel a little guilty. Apparently the guy actually had some genuine feelings for my sister, even though he could only show them through possessive macho bullshit. However, I reasoned that the stronger his feelings were, the more potentially dangerous he could be, since there was no chance of Megan changing her mind on the issues of their relationship; her refusal to be anybody’s trophy might quite literally, over time, make Chad a stalker. So I went ahead with my plan despite the occasional guilt twinges, and finally, after a great deal of hard work and a lot of trance deepening, my boy was out of love with my sister; as far as the hypnotized jock was concerned, she was now just “a chick I used to date”. As a bonus, all this trance-work had put him deep enough that I could get on with my agenda; it was time for my reward. “Stand up and come with me,” I ordered, and Chad rose to his feet like a zombie. He offered no resistance when I took his limp hand in mine, and led him, like a child, up the stairs to my bedroom.

I turned down my bedspread and propped the pillows up at the headboard of my bed. Then I commanded, “Chad, it’s bedtime. Take off all your clothes and get into bed.” Despite the fact that it wasn’t his bed, and not even two o’clock in the afternoon, he started to undress without any hesitation, although his movements continued to be mechanical and sleepwalker-slow. (I can’t say I minded. It gave me more time to savor each new bit of nakedness as it was revealed, and the accompanying mindless blankness of his demeanor was a total turn-on for me.) First the sleepy jock slowly unlaced his Nikes and slipped them off. The socks followed directly. Damn! He even had sexy feet! Then he pulled his sweatshirt off, and as he did, the t-shirt under it rode up offering me a quick glimpse of awesomely ripped abs. My cock instantly came to attention, and I began to strip off my duds too. Chad unbuckled his belt and unzipped. My mouth began to water as he slowly pushed his jeans down and then kicked them off. Now that he was down to his underwear, the body I’d imagined was much more visible. Hot damn what a hunk!! I held my breath for the next unveiling. But instead of unwrapping the rest of the present, Chad started to climb into bed. No fuckin’ way! I almost shouted, but caught myself in time. Very firmly, I ordered, “Stand back up, Chad. You haven’t finished undressing yet, and you can’t go to bed until you do. You sleep in the nude from now on.” Gannett got back off of the bed and removed his t-shirt. Wow! In addition to the above-mentioned abs, my eyes feasted on an incredibly tight, trim waist, broad, well-muscled shoulders, pecs to die for, with succulent pink nipples and not much hair, and a buttery golden tan over it all. Then the boxers were gone, and I was nearly delirious with lust: perfect legs, perfect creamy ass, and (the pants hadn’t lied) a gorgeous big dick. Chad was Adonis. Chauvinist pig or not, I couldn’t understand how my sister could bear to give all this up! I helped the sleepy young god into bed and propped him up against the pillows. With his arms lying limp at his sides, his beautiful face expressionless, and his stare glassy, he looked like some transcendently sexy doll.

Now that I had his body where I wanted it, I started to work on his mind. “Chad,” I instructed, “Your right hand is going to play with your cock. You have no control over it. You couldn’t stop it if you wanted to. But you don’t want to; it feels too good to stop.” Without moving in any other way, the handsome baseball jock began to stroke himself. It was as though his hand and arm were being operated by remote control. I watched as his magnificent cock began to thicken and stand up, and then continued, “You won’t be able to cum until I tell you to, but you will get more and more excited with every stroke of your hand. No matter what I tell you, or ask you to think about, you will go on being more and more aroused, feeling sexier and sexier, becoming more horny and turned on than you’ve ever imagined.” Chad’s breathing had already begun to grow perceptibly heavier, his cock was completely erect, and his vacant stare had taken on a new look of heavy-lidded sensuality, but still he didn’t move a muscle except for the automatic up and down motion of his pumping hand.

“When was the last time you had sex, Chad?”

“A week ago.” His voice was devoid of animation, but rough with sexual tension.

“And have you jacked off since that time?”

“No…. uhh,” he moaned, stroking a little harder.

“Ever have sex with another guy? You must be truthful.”

“I… I… uhhhh….” he was trying to fight it, but to no avail. “I… beat off with my cousin once when we were both twelve.” Chad was blushing, but his hand hadn’t slowed any.

“Have you ever thought about doing it again? About doing anything else? Have you ever thought about deep-kissing a handsome guy, feeling up a hard-muscled male body, about sucking a hard cock, or fucking an ass? Or maybe about feeling a man’s hands on your body, about taking it up your ass?”

“No-o-o-o,” he groaned.

“But you’re thinking about it now. Whether you want to or not, you can’t get the idea out of your head. Your mind is filled with images of doing outrageously sexy things with other guys.” The motion of his hand grew a little jerky as he tried to stop stroking in response to these suggestions, but it was to no avail, and soon the steady, automatic rhythm reasserted itself. “And, whether or you want to or not, you can’t stop the sexual excitement that keeps increasing in you with every second. The two things are becoming inextricably linked: other guys and your sexual pleasure. Your body is going crazy with desire, and your mind can’t escape the visions of men. It can’t escape the visions of me! Look at me, Chad!” His eyes, ablaze with unwilling lust, helplessly locked on mine. “You want me. Look at my mouth. You want to kiss it, to know its taste, its feel on your lips. You can’t think of anything else when you look at my mouth. Look at my body. Feel the hunger in your fingertips, the desire to touch my skin, to caress me, to explore the shapes and textures. Feel the irresistible compulsion to worship my cock with your hands, your mouth, your ass; feel it with your whole being! You want me, Chad. You need me; you must have me! Say it, Chad!”

During all of this, my new love-slave had been masturbating harder and harder, his breath coming in hoarse, gasping pants, his body writhing on the bed, as he tried desperately to bring himself to orgasm, but my previous command held. His voice ragged, almost panicky with the force of his compulsion, Chad cried, “Oh, God!! I need you so bad, Todd! You have to help me! Please! Please!! I’ll die if I can’t touch you!!!”

I had mercy on him, and on myself. (What, you think I was just standing there like an emotionless plaster statue while I was programming this gorgeous stud and watching him writhe around in my bed?? Hell, I was hotter than a fucking pistol!!) “Make love to me, Chad,” I shouted, and fell on top of him.

The explosion could scarcely have been greater if he and I had been matter and antimatter! Chad’s muscular arms wrapped around me with such force that it drove the breath out of me in a gasp, and as my mouth opened to admit new air, his mouth fastened onto it like a lamprey. Our lips slid sensuously, I inhaled his hot, sweet breath, and our tongues battled and thrust until I thought I’d faint from sheer pleasure. Wrenching my mouth free, I began to lick and kiss his jaw and neck, feeling my lips burn from the erotic roughness of his stubble. Soon Chad had followed suit; we were taking unplanned turns with each other, licking, sucking, nibbling, savoring each new taste, smell and texture as new territory became available in our squirming explorations. Our bodies rubbed and slid against each other, slick with sweat and with the dribbling pre-cum from our deliciously tortured cocks, trapped between our bellies.

My hips began to hump involuntarily, driving my erection against his washboard six-pack. I knew that I was going to orgasm soon regardless of how I might try to exercise control; there wasn’t even time to get into sixty-nine. “Cum now, Chad!” I screamed. He went rigid, and then the space between us was flooded with hot, musky juice, amazing quantities of it, as Chad moaned, shuddered and shook, pumping out spurt after spurt. The sudden increase of slipperiness, the incredibly sexy smell, and, above all, the totally primal, orgasmic expression on his handsome, handsome face sent me right over the edge. I let loose my own howls of release as I came so hard I thought I’d turn myself inside out.

Finally we both calmed down a little lying snuggled together as our mingled cum dripped slowly down into the bedding. Chad, once he had orgasmed, returned to his vacant, doll-like state of hypnotized pliability. He offered no resistance as my fingers continued to learn his beautiful body. I thought to myself, that there was no way I was going to settle for this being a one-time only experience. Hell, I hadn’t even tasted his cock; and his perfect bubble butt was still terra incognita. But Megan was due back before much longer, and, while I knew she was aware of exactly what was going on, I still have this old-fashioned prejudice against the idea of my sister finding me in bed with my latest fuck!

“Chad,” I said softly, “You’re still deeply hypnotized, and you know that you must believe everything I say, don’t you?”

“Yes, Todd.”

“That was the best sex you’ve ever had… the very best. Say it.”

“That was the very best sex I’ve ever had.” His response was so mechanical, that he could have been repeating a weather report, but I knew that, as he said it, he was compelled to accept it as absolute truth.

“No woman, no other man, can give you sex as good as that; no one but me. Say it.”

Again the hypnotized delivery, “No one but you can give me sex as good as that.”

“You are no longer interested in sex with anyone but me.” At my command, he repeated that one, too, and I went in for the kill. “You will clean yourself up, get dressed, and go back to your place. Once there, you’ll wake up. You will have no memory of my having hypnotized you, or even of having been here today. Do you understand?”

Chad nodded solemnly. “I won’t remember…” He rose from the bed and dreamily began to towel the drying cum off his chest and stomach.

“But tomorrow you will begin your new life. Over night you will realize that you are gay, and that you are totally crazy about me. You’ll know that the only reason you were hung up on my sister was that you were in denial about your sexuality, and the family resemblance to me made her appealing. You will be completely certain that your happiness can be achieved only if you succeed in becoming my lover, and you will be compelled to exert all your charm and all your wiles until you have successfully seduced me.” I made him repeat that series of suggestions several times, to make sure there was no possible escape. By the time I was satisfied, Chad had finished dressing was just standing in front of me waiting while I completed his indoctrination. I looked one last time into his beautiful, blank face and then sent him on his mesmerized way, thinking, “This is going to be fucking perfect!”

And if I’m wrong? Well there’s no problem so great it can’t be conquered with those three little words. “I love you?” Hell no! “Take a nap!”