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When I came out on stage that afternoon to begin my show at the state fair, I spotted them almost immediately. They were seated together in the front row – two young men, about eighteen or nineteen (high-school or college jocks probably) wearing tight jeans and open-collared shirts. Both of them were really good-looking, one dark-haired and the other blond, with slim, athletic bodies and beautiful, clean-shaven faces. They were just the kind of guys that really turn me on, but I could tell from their sniggering and their skeptical body language that, far from being the answer to my prayers, they were here to make my life difficult. I recognized the type. They obviously planned to enjoy the show by having fun at my expense. If they didn't just heckle from their seats, they would volunteer as subjects only in order to grandstand for the audience (or each other) by "proving" that they were too clever to be hypnotized. Until a year ago or so, I would have dreaded them, but now I could hardly wait for one or both of them to try me. You see, thanks to a few tips I picked up from an old geezer I met in New Mexico last summer (who claimed he'd learned them from an honest-to–God brujo), I can now hypnotize a subject instantly, before he has a chance to marshal any defenses. As long as the dude's paying any attention at all (and, if he's trying to fake me out, he will be, at least while I'm looking at him), his ass is mine. Then comes revenge.

Me? My name is Chris Tanner, and I'm a professional stage hypnotist. Although I've been making my living doing hypnotism shows at carnivals and fairs for several years already, I'm not actually that much older than those boys (only mid-twenties). I was still a teenager when I ran away from home because my parents found out that I was gay. For a couple of years I knocked about the carny circuit doing odd jobs and manual labor (strong back, no skills), but then this older guy took me under his wing and taught me the hypnosis business. Actually, I think he just wanted to get into my pants (and considering how little I'm able to remember about the times he had me in trance, he probably succeeded), but he was as good as his word, and by the time we parted company, I had the necessary training. That, coupled with dark good looks (if I do say it myself) and electric blue "look-into-my" eyes, has made me reasonably successful in the trade. But back to my story…

Sure enough, the dark-haired kid was among the volunteers. As I did my usual induction, I was very much aware of him seated at the end of the row, mugging and cutting up whenever he thought I couldn't see. The rest of the volunteers went under right on schedule (except for the woman next to Mr. Disruptive, who was too distracted to concentrate). As I went down the row, learning names and deepening trances, I noticed that one of the other subjects, a delicately pretty young man with wavy brown hair and seductive lips, had gone under particularly deeply. His name turned out to be Peter Williamson, and my gaydar was sounding bells and whistles. Before moving on I gave him a whispered command to come to my trailer after the show. I dismissed the one un-hypnotized woman, and then came to the dark-haired boy. He, of course, was shamming.

"Okay," I said, "You can stop faking. I know you're not hypnotized. What's your name?"

"Matt Cramer," he announced, opening his eyes and grinning at the crowd.

"You probably think you can't be hypnotized, right?"

Matt smirked. "Damn straight! That crap's for idiots and weaklings… or maybe faggots." He glanced pointedly at dead-to-the-world Peter. "My will's way too strong." And his friend in the front row agreed, "Yeah."

I made direct eye contact with the cocky teen, turned on the psychic whammy, and before he knew it, he was in my power. Of course, to keep my secret from the audience, I had to pretend to do at least an abbreviated version of an induction. I told him to stand up, and he rose to his feet. I held one finger up before his face. "Look at the tip of my finger, Matt. Look closely… keep looking at my finger… concentrate… concentrate… and now you can't look away." Matt stared helplessly. "As you look at my finger you are falling into a deep, deep trance. All of your thoughts are drifting away. Your mind is a complete blank. Feel your eyelids growing heavier and heavier, too heavy to hold open. Let them close." Matt's beautiful green eyes fluttered shut, his long black lashes curling against his tanned cheeks. "You will now do anything I tell you to do, won't you, Matt?"

"I'll do anything you tell me to." His voice was a monotone.

"Sit down in your chair, let your muscles relax, and go even deeper with every breath. You have no will."

Matt collapsed back into his seat, now as limp and helpless as Peter. Next I stepped down from the stage to confront the boy's partner in mischief. He was goggling at Matt, his expression somewhere between disbelief and horror. I stopped in front of him. "You seem pretty surprised that I was able to hypnotize your friend."

"Shit, yeah!" He tore his gaze away from the stage and looked at me. Big mistake. In less time than it takes to tell it, I had him. I made like a revival preacher, pushed one hand against his forehead and shouted, "Sleep!" He flopped back into his seat like a rag doll. I asked him, "What's your name, space cadet?"

"Scott Pelham," he murmured.

"Well, Scott, I want you to open your eyes and go sit by your friend on stage. When your seat touches the chair, your eyes will automatically close and you'll be back in deep trance, going deeper."

Scott stood, his pretty china-blue eyes as vacant as a dummy's. I admired the play of his hot little butt in his tight jeans as he sleepwalked up onto the stage and slumped into the chair next to Matt. The audience, which previously had been laughing at the two boys mugging, now ficklely applauded me for reducing their erstwhile champions to puppets.

From then on I was able to conduct the show pretty much as usual. Peter turned out to be an even better subject than I had first suspected, laughing and even crying on cue, but as he already had his "marching orders" for the private show I planned to have later, all I really had to do was to make sure he was conditioned to go back into trance whenever I snapped my fingers and said, "Sleep". As for Matt and Scott, since they were more than naturally hypnotized to begin with, they were guaranteed unable to resist me. I did use one rather mean trick on them, which I reserve for macho guys who have been acting like jerks.

After I had awakened and dismissed the rest of the volunteers (including Peter, nicely programmed to visit me later), I turned back to the two boys still under my spell.

"Matt, Scott, I'm going to play some really nice dance music for you. As soon as you hear the music you'll open your eyes. You will notice that sitting right next to you is the prettiest, sexiest girl you've ever seen. You just have to get up and dance with her." I then hit the play button on my portable tape deck. As the boys stood up I added, "You're in luck! It's a slow dance."

Since the young men were alone on the stage at the time, the only way for them to fulfill my suggestion was for each to see the other as a woman. They began to dance together, holding each other close. It was a little awkward at first, since they were both trying to lead, but after a moment or two they found a rhythm and swayed together cheek to cheek, chest to chest, crotch to crotch. The crowd was in hysterics laughing at them (although I thought they actually looked pretty hot together). I had to curtail the fun though, when Matt began to nuzzle Scott's neck, and Scott's wandering hands cupped Matt's butt, so I said, "Freeze!" Both boys stopped moving. "What the heck are you doing slow-dancing with a guy!?" Matt and Scott sprang apart as though they had been scalded, and blond Scott blushed beet red. At my command they subsided into their chairs.

I wasn't finished with them, though. They were turning me on, and besides, I thought they still owed me, and young Peter, for that matter, for that earlier crack about faggots. Before I released them from their trances I whispered to both boys, "When I tell you to open your eyes, you will only appear to wake up. You will feel and act normal in every way, but, without knowing it, you'll remain in my power. You will have no memory of this command, or of anything you've done up here in the show, but in one hour you will come to my trailer. You'll be helpless to resist this compulsion, and once there, you'll do exactly whatever I tell you to do. Now, open your eyes."

Matt's eyelids fluttered, and then both he and Scott blinked and sat up looking around sheepishly. No one watching would have guessed that I had not awakened them just like the others. I ended the show to solid applause, and the crowd dispersed, Peter, Matt, and Scott among them, none of the three aware of the psychological time bombs I had left implanted deep in their unconscious minds. I went back to my trailer to wait.

I had just finished toweling off from my shower when there was a soft rap at the door. I wrapped a towel around my waist and went to answer it. When I opened the door Peter stood there, looking adorable and completely confused. He couldn't seem to take his eyes off my nearly naked body as he stammered, "Uh… Hi, Mr. Tanner… uh… can I… uh… can I come in?" Obviously, he didn't have a clue as to why he was here, but the post-hypnotic suggestion had proved irresistible.

"Sure, come on in. I was just getting cleaned up. Have a seat." I motioned him towards a comfortable chair and he sat down. Then I snapped my fingers and ordered, "Sleep." Peter's eyes closed, his hands fell limp to his sides, his head tilted forward onto his chest.

"Peter, you are in a deep, deep sleep, and you will obey me completely. You'll obey me because you must, and because you will want to obey. You'll find that you really enjoy everything I tell you to do. Do you understand?"

"I will really enjoy everything," he sighed.

I continued, "It's a little warm in here, isn't it? You're certain that you would feel more comfortable without any clothes on. Take them off, Peter."

"…Hot…" he muttered sleepily, and began to unbutton his shirt. His chest was smooth and well toned, his stomach flat, and his rosy little nipples made my tongue twitch. Peter shrugged off the shirt. Soon his shoes and socks were pushed neatly under the chair and he was unbuckling his belt. His pants and boxers quickly joined his shirt in a pile on the floor, and I had a slender, spellbound youth, with a pert bottom and a surprisingly large cock, naked in my trailer, waiting helplessly to fulfill my every desire.

"Peter," I instructed, "You are now a sex toy."

I dropped my towel and took the unresisting lad into my arms, kissing him deeply, our tongues dueling sensuously. Our dicks grew hard between us as they also slipped and rubbed together. I was just about to move my mouth down his neck and chest to his enticing little nipples, when another knock on the door heralded the arrival of my other two guests.

I guided Peter back to the chair. "Sit down, and go even deeper into trance," I commanded. "Keep yourself hard by gentle stroking, but don't cum until I give you permission. You won't see or hear anything until I touch you again." I left him staring blankly at nothing, his right hand slowly caressing his handsome cock, and went to answer the door.

When Matt and Scott took in my nakedness (and, over my shoulder, Peter, still mindlessly masturbating), they both looked ready to bolt, but I quickly established control, saying, "You will come in." Their legs dutifully marched them into the trailer like good little soldiers. I pushed them down next to each other on my sofa and said, "Sit here. You won't be able to get up again until you are told to."

I tousled Scott's soft blond hair, and then ran my fingers down Matt's strong, tanned neck from his earlobe to his collar, raising gooseflesh. Both boys began to sweat, and, in contradiction to the obvious alarm on their faces, I thought I could detect a little increase in the size of the bulges at the crotches of their tight jeans.

"What the hell have you done to me?" Scott sounded scared.

At the same time Matt growled, "Let us go, you fucking perverts!" His muscles bunched with effort, but his body didn't stir from its place on the couch.

I ordered them to be quiet while I decided what I wanted to do next. Then an amusing game occurred to me. Why should I do all the work? I focused on Matt and Scott. "I want you to pay close attention now," I told them. "That young fellow over there is Peter the Magnificent. He's the world's greatest hypnotist, and if he decides to try to hypnotize you, you'll be completely unable to resist him in any way whatsoever." Then I turned to Peter, still stroke, stroke, stroking away. Touching him gently on the cheek, I said, "Peter, the two young gentlemen on the sofa are Matt and Scott. They called you a faggot earlier this afternoon. When I count to five, you will be the most powerful hypnotist in the world, and you will be able to put them under your spell so as to exact whatever revenge you wish. Do you understand?"

"When you count five, I'll be able to hypnotize them; make them pay," Peter repeated. There was a subtle, indefinable hint of evil in his angelic face.

I couldn't wait to see what he would come up with for an induction procedure – not that it really mattered, since the other two would be forced to respond to it regardless. I counted to five and Peter stopped fondling himself, stood up, and looked over at Scott and Matt, sitting side by side, watching him apprehensively. Then he walked over to his pile of clothes and, out a jeans pocket, produced, of all things, a pocket watch and chain. Who the hell carries one of those things anymore? But Peter had one, and he proceeded to dangle it in front of the other two boys, just a little above their eye level, letting it sway and turn gently, the light sparkling off of it.

When he began to speak, though, I understood why he carried a pocket watch, and that his attendance at my show had not been from mere curiosity, but was the result of informed and possibly professional interest. The suggestion I had given him could have accounted for the confidence with which he was acting, but his voice – suave, insidious, and totally compelling – could only have been achieved with a good deal of practice, while his method, despite the theatricality of the watch, was a product of skill and knowledge, not luck. I believe without question that he could have entranced them even without my preparation. I watched with pleasure as Matt's and Scott's eyes, obviously against their will, were gradually drawn to the glittering watch, until they could only stare at it helplessly, the marks of stress gradually smoothing out of their handsome faces, their tense bodies easing back into the couch. I even had to blink and stir a couple of times myself in order to avoid being caught in Peter's spell.

Finally he lowered the watch. "You must obey me completely and without hesitation," Peter informed the motionless boys, "Whether you want to or not." Two heads nodded mechanically in agreement. "Since you are so concerned about 'faggots', I think I'll make you be faggots! Stand up, Matt." He stood. "Scott, look at your friend standing there." Scott turned to gaze up at Matt. "Scott, when I snap my fingers you will realize that you have never seen anyone as handsome, sexy, or just plain irresistible as Matt. You'll want him more than you've ever wanted anyone, man or woman. You will have a compulsion to take off all of his clothes, lick and kiss every inch of his body, and then suck his dick until he cums down your throat. Matt, you wont be able to lift so much as a finger to stop him. As a matter of fact, in order to help out, as soon as he has you naked, you'll get a blue-steel hard-on that won't go away until you blast off in Scott's mouth."

"Please, no," Scott whispered. Then Peter snapped his fingers, and Scott's breath went out of him in a ragged sigh as he looked at Matt with a sudden hunger. He stood, grabbed Matt by the front of his collar and pulled him into a violent kiss. Then he ripped the shirt away in a shower of buttons and chowed down on Matt's chest. Scott's tongue left damp little swirl patterns in the other boy's dark chest hair, and when he began to chew and suck on the nipples, Matt gasped and threw back his head. His hands, however, remained immobile at his sides. And when Scott undid his jeans, pushing them and his jockeys down to his ankles, Matt was compelled to lift first one foot, and then the other, obediently, to allow him to remove shoes, socks, and pants completely. When Matt's cock was freed, it immediately sprang up into full erection, hard as a spike, and when Scott licked from his toes up the inside of Matt's legs until he was nuzzling and tonguing his ball sac, it began to leak pre-cum like a faucet, leaving sticky little tracks across Scott's forehead and in his hair. Finally Scott took the drooling cock into his mouth and began to suck it luxuriously, his hands caressing Matt's ass and balls, his face boyishly innocent and blank. I noticed that Peter, watching then with interest, had begun to play with himself again. Matt had begun to writhe and moan, although how much from passion and how much from denial, probably not even he could tell. Then his body went rigid, he let out a howl, and began to pump so much cum that it ran out of the sides of Scott's mouth in spite of his rapid swallows.

As Scott pulled back from Matt's softening cock, cum glistening on his lips and chin, Peter stopped him. "Oh, Scott, you're not finished yet. You're a stripper. Take off your clothes."

The handsome blond stood up stiffly, as though trying to fight his own limbs, and then began to dance while pulling off his clothes. His expression remained woodenly detached, his eyes unfocused. His hands appeared to operate of their own volition. When Scott was naked, Peter told him to stand still, and then reached out and touched the head of his cock with one fingertip. "Get hard," he ordered. As if it too were hypnotized, it quickly rose and filled out to an impressively thick seven inches.

Peter put a hand on the boy's erection and led him back to Matt. "Scotty, you have this stud slave here waiting for you, and you have completely neglected his cherry butt. That won't do at all! I want you to eat out his ass until it's all sloppy and loose for you, and then throw your best fuck into it. And you, Matt," he continued, turning to the other boy, "In spite of what you may think, as soon as you feel his tongue in your asshole, you're going to want him to fuck you. Hell, you're going to beg him to!"

Like a zombie, Scott knelt and buried his face in Matt's butt cleavage. Matt had begun pleading not to have his ass reamed, but at the touch of that magic tongue, his speech began to falter, as though he were forgetting what ha had meant to say, finally degenerating into incoherent grunts and moans. He thrust his backside farther onto Scott's face, spreading his legs like a cheap whore. His young face was a mask of mindless lust, when he finally cried out with desperation, "C'mon, stick it in, man! I need it deep!" Once he resumed talking, he couldn't seem to stop. He sounded like an actor from a bad fuck film as Scott stopped licking, got up, bent him over, and ploughed into him.

At this point I reclaimed Peter's attention. He had been jacking himself and watching the action, but when I called to him, the hypnotized young hypnotist turned to face me. "Peter," I said, "I'm sure you can think of something better for Matt to be doing with his mouth, now can't you?" He nodded (the hypnotized tend to take rhetorical questions literally). "Fuck his face," I commanded. "You can cum when they do."

Peter turned back to Matt, who was grunting and pushing his butt back to meet Scott's slamming thrusts. "Hey, little fuck pig." Peter's young voice attempted a macho growl, with only partial success. "You're going to get it from both ends now, and you're going to love it! Now, open that mouth."

Matt obediently dropped his jaw wide, without even a token of resistance, his vacant, glazed eyes indicating that his trance had deepened to the point where his personality had become totally subjugated. Peter immediately began ramming his hard cock between those inviting lips, puffing like a stallion. I moved up behind him and put one arm around his trim waist so that his smooth buns flexed against my hard-on as he pumped. It felt great! In fact, it felt so good that I was just about to give Peter the necessary suggestions to make him take it up the ass, when Scott gave a shout and began to cum in Matt. Almost at the same time, Matt began to pump out his second load of the day, and very shortly thereafter, Peter's butt cheeks began to clench and unclench as he reached orgasm. Halfway through he pulled out of Matt's mouth so that some of his cum splattered white against the dark five-o'clock shadow of the boy's smooth-shaven cheeks.

I gave the lads a moment or two to collect themselves (but not too long; I didn't want their lovely hypnotic states lapsing into real sleep). When their breathing had slowed a little, and their blank faces and motionless bodies indicated then to be ripe for further suggestion, I ordered, "Ten-hut!" All three boys snapped to attention. "Now, recruits, kneel down in front of me, side by side. Put your mouth as close as you can to that of the boy next to you." They complied immediately, Peter next to Matt next to Scott, and as I looked down at their handsome, wide open young countenances (still damp with each other's cum), I found myself intensely aroused by their innocent helplessness. "Gentlemen," I continued, "Open your mouths. This is a contest, a cocksucking competition. I'm going to move back and forth among you, and the one who gives the best head will be rewarded with another orgasm. You all would really like that, now wouldn't you?" Three heads nodded; three soft, bemused voices answered, "Yes."

I began to dip my rigid dick into one waiting mouth after another, working my way back and forth in mind-boggling pleasure as I sampled their skills. Each boy was trying his best to give me the blowjob of his dreams, and they were all soft, moist, and willing, but, in spite of their recent practice, neither Matt nor Scott could compare to young Peter. His tongue slithered up and down the underside of my shaft like live velvet, and his tender lips twisted just a little from side to side as my cock slid in and out of his dutifully sucking mouth. I dismissed the other two boys with instructions to make out until told to do otherwise, and then watched them kiss and cuddle while I let Peter continue the job he was performing so well. I caressed his neck and shoulders, ran my fingers through his soft brown hair, and soon I felt my balls begin to pull up as I approached my long delayed blast-off. The pleasure grew intense and then more than intense, until there was nothing but overwhelming sensation. I came so hard I nearly saw stars. Peter swallowed all of my load and kept sucking for more, unaware that he had completed his task. I had to pull my cock out before it became too sensitive to bear.

I waited for my own breathing to return to normal, and then brought Peter to his feet. As I had promised, I owed this champion cocksucker another orgasm. I stood close to him, face to face, and began to murmur soothingly, "Look into my eyes, Peter. We're going to take you much, much deeper into trance now. You are drifting down… down… down, farther and farther into a quiet, peaceful place where there is nothing but my voice and my eyes… nothing but my voice… my eyes. Deeper and deeper… deeper and deeper… so relaxed… so safe… so content." Peter had grown even dreamier, his empty eyes locked on mine, his body totally still. "You are no longer in control of your senses," I continued, "I am. I have complete control of your body, and it will experience what I tell it to. Now, listen closely as I tell you to get an erection." Peter's dick began to swell and straighten. "You are filled with sexual excitement stronger than you have ever felt before, desire and pleasure greater than you have ever imagined." His eyes grew even more unfocused, his breathing sped up, and his body became moist with sweat. "These sensations are growing stronger and stronger; so strong that, when I tell you to, you'll have the best orgasm you have ever had, the most intense and the longest lasting. Now," I commanded, "Orgasm!"

Peter began to shake. His eyes rolled up in his head, and then he began to cum violently. Finally, after more spurts than I would have believed possible, his knees gave way and he collapsed into my arms. I lowered him gently to the floor, where he lay panting slightly, a glazed, satisfied smile on his lips.

I fetched a towel and tenderly wiped the cum off of Peter's face and body, cleaned myself, and then went over to the couch to neaten up Scott and Matt. They were still entwined, frenching each other with mindless passion, and didn't stop, or appear to notice as I wiped away stickiness from their cocks and asses. Whenever I could find an opening, I also tried to clean their faces, but they were so busy kissing that I was only partly successful in that. There were still some cum-slicks drying around their mouths and nostrils, but I thought, "What the heck, let them smell sex when they wake up. They won't be able to remember why."

I commanded the three boys to put their clothes back on, which they did except for the shirt Scott had torn off of Matt while undressing him. I instilled a false memory in both young men that Matt had been bare-chested when he came to the fair that day. I slipped into my robe, and then prepared to dismiss my toys.

"Matt Cramer, Scott Pelham, listen very carefully. In a moment, I will give you permission to leave this trailer. When I do, you will stand up and walk out of the door together. As soon as you are away from the trailer, you will awaken. You will have absolutely no memory of ever having been here, or of anything that happened while you were. Instead, you will only remember spending the afternoon at the fair, riding the rides and visiting the booths on the midway. You will remember me only as the hypnotist who put you under during the show. Now, repeat for me what's going to happen when I let you leave."� Like automatons Scott and Matt vacantly repeated my instructions. "Very good," I told them. "I have only two more instructions for you. They are extremely important, so you will hear and you will obey. If you have other young male friends, with handsome young faces and sexy bodies, as handsome and as sexy as yours, you will feel compelled to tell them all about how much fun it was to go to my hypnosis show and to be hypnotized by me. You will do your best, without becoming ridiculous, to get then to come to the show and be subjects. Finally, when you awaken you may go back to being straight boys if that is your preference, but no matter what, you will still continue to find each other sexually irresistible." (So much for 'faggots'!) "Now you may leave." The two handsome friends stood and wandered dreamily out the door. Just as they left, I saw Matt's hand slip into Scott's back pocket to cup his buttock. Obviously one post-hypnotic suggestion was in full effect! (And if the number and beauty of the little studs that showed up on my stage for the rest of my engagement was any indication, so was the other. For the next two weeks my sex life was great!)

That left only Peter. I turned to the pretty young man. "Peter, did you hear the orders I gave Matt and Scott about forgetting all we did here?" I asked him. The handsome head nodded mechanically. "I'm going to give you a choice: you may keep your memory of what happened here if you enjoyed yourself, and are not bothered by what went on; otherwise, you will leave here and forget everything about it as soon as you awaken, just as I instructed the others. Do you understand?" Another nod.

Which did Peter choose? Well, my stage show is now graced by the presence of a handsome young assistant who likes sexy hypnaughtiness as much as I do!