Another Nick and Noah 1-5

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Chapter 1

Nick and Noah were an unlikely couple. Both were slender but muscled in build, but that was about the only physical thing they had in common. Nick was lucky to stand 5'6" in thick socks, while Noah often had to duck his 6'2" frame under low doorways and hanging ornaments. Noah was the embodiment of ancient Viking stock, his impossibly thin waist the base of a `V' of flesh and muscle that widened with an expanse of chest defined by chiselled pecs, to incredible shoulders topped by a long angular face and blond hair, cut short. Apart from his head, the only other part of his body to bear any hair at all was his groin -- a light dusting of blond pubic bush. The remainder of his trim body was smooth as silk.

His companion, boyfriend, partner -- choose your favourite euphemism for mate -- was the reincarnation of his Greek ancestors. Nick's short frame was blessed with a luxuriant coat of dark fur from the base of his neck, across his chest and over his sculpted six-pack abs, thickening even more at his groin, and continuing down his short but powerful legs. Even his square jaw was never free of the shadow of stubble, no matter how closely he attempted to shave. Nick's explosive Mediterranean temperament belied a heart of gold, and was perfectly offset by Noah's cool detached manner, no matter how much pressure he was under.

To the casual observer, Nick and Noah lived a mundane, peaceful and happy existence as a quiet gay couple in a quiet gay neighbourhood in Sydney.

But there was one thing they shared which few others knew: They each found a tremendous excitement, an erotic thrill, in leather. Bright, shining, skin-tight black leather. They had discovered their shared and secret desire almost by accident one day when they had mistakenly walked into the middle of a Leather Pride street fair. That afternoon, Nick had commented to Noah about how sexy he thought some of the men there had looked in their leather gear, and Noah had revealed, almost guiltily, that he harboured a secret fantasy which involved chaps and a harness, boots and a sling. Once the ice had been broken, the couple had discussed this inner longing they both seemed to hold. To their amazement and delight, Nick and Noah discovered that the look, the smell and the feel of glistening black hide was a powerful aphrodisiac.

Over the last 18 months, the pair had developed a reputation as amateur sleuths. Their first effort had involved unravelling a mysterious case of a friend disappearing, which had led them through a series of twists and turns until they found the missing man, and a dead body. It was their efforts which solved the murder despite being warned off by the police. And just recently, they had been asked to investigate yet another disappearance which found them negotiating a maze of anonymous sex, lies and deceit, to yet another murder, but also gained them some close friends and introduced them to the exciting, forbidden world of group sex and Master/slave role-playing in their beloved leather.

It had taken them some time to iron out their doubts and fears about sharing themselves with others, but after acknowledging that they loved each other deeply, and understanding that what they shared with others was purely sexual excitement, they had found that their own love for each other deepened and grew as a result of the `games' they played with others. One couple with whom they played often, and who also had made the same discovery and fallen in love, but heightened their excitement and kept their relationship through multiple partners, were David and Joe. David was a Master in the dungeon, calling himself `Sabre', whilst Joe was his slave-boy and known as `Eagar' when they lived out their fantasies. They were close friends in the `normal' world, and in the playrooms they shared, filled with slings and leather, dildoes and chains, they were serious fuck-buddies. Nick became Master Trojan, and shared Noah, his slave boy Viking, with Sabre enthusiastically, while enjoying the services of Eagar at the same time.


Nick and Noah were just finishing packing their suitcases when the doorbell rang. They were going out of town for a long weekend. One of the companies in which they had a sizeable package of shares was holding its Annual General Meeting in Melbourne, and the boys had decided that it was the perfect excuse to fly down to the southern city, take in some sights and have short break. David and Joe were going to look after their dog, Indiana, while they were gone, and they intended on being back home within four days, so they were travelling light.

Noah answered the door, and ushered David into the living room.

"Hi guys," he nodded.

"Hi," responded Nick. "There's no problem with having Indy, is there?" he asked, suddenly concerned. "I don't know if we could get him into a kennel at this late stage."

"No, not at all," David chuckled. "But I do have a favour to ask ..."

Nick raised his eyebrows, but Noah simply smiled. "Of course, what is it?"

"I have a friend in Melbourne who collects rare books and stuff like that. We used to see a lot of each other when I lived there, and still keep in touch regularly. He called me this morning because he'd purchased a book on ebay -- this one," David said, holding out a largish oblong wrapped in shrink-wrap. "It was paid for, but he didn't want to risk having it posted to him. He asked me if I could collect it, and hang onto it until the next time he was up in Sydney, or I was heading south or whatever."

"And you'd like us to deliver it ..." Nick finished for him.

"If you wouldn't mind." David said. "I know it would mean a lot to him to get his hands on it so quickly, and he may even be very `appreciative' of your efforts."

"Oh yeah?" asked Noah. "And just what form might his appreciation take? Does he share your predilection for inserting large toys into bound and harnessed slaves, maybe?"

"Mmm," hummed Nick with an evil grin. "And we were going to leave the leather at home -- too difficult to explain it away through the airport check-in!"

David laughed. "Sorry, guys, but I have to disappoint you. No, Wes isn't into that at all! But he is quite wealthy. Even `filthy rich' as the expression goes. I was thinking that he might shout you to a nice meal at one of the better restaurants, or something similar. He lives out of town, but for this book, I'm sure he'll come in to see you at your hotel. All you need to do is call him and let him know where you are."

Noah sighed. "It's probably just as well," he said. "I don't think I could go through re-packing again with Nick. After all, we're only going to be there for a few days. We can live without our leathers until then."

"Thanks, guys," David said. "Here's his number. I'll call him and tell him what's happening, tell him to expect to hear from you."

"No problems, mate," Nick said. "Look after Indy, and we'll see you Tuesday evening."

"Okay. And have fun," David said, as he headed out of the door.

"Hey, I wonder how much this thing is worth?" Nick mused, holding the carefully wrapped package up before him.

"I don't think I want to know," Noah replied. "Here, put it in my hand luggage. I know what true collectors are like, so I want to make sure it arrives safe and undamaged."


Just over two hours later they checked in at Kingsford Smith Airport. The shuttle flights between Sydney and Melbourne left every hour or so, and they had chosen a lunchtime flight to try to avoid the evening rush of business people heading home for the weekend. Even so, the plane was fairly full, but with less than an hour and a half flying time, it was bearable. Arriving was something of a different story. Some kind of equipment breakdown saw them wait almost an hour before they could collect their bags from the carousel, and by that time a huge queue of people were trying to gets taxis from Tullamarine into the City as heavy rain beat down from the skies.

"Welcome to Melbourne," Nick said wryly.

It was a long slow drive into town with the rain and the traffic, so that Nick and Noah didn't get to the hotel in Collins Street until almost 6.30 pm, some six hours after leaving home. Nick was almost ready to explode, his temperament never the best. Noah resignedly allowed his husband to fume as they carted bags into the foyer.

"I'm sorry, Sir," said the girl at the front desk, who didn't appear to be very sorry at all. "It seems we had you booked for last night. When you didn't arrive, the booking was given away."

"What?" thundered Nick.

"Well, just re-book us," reasoned Noah, trying to keep his man under control.

"But there are no rooms available. We're full this weekend."

"Then perhaps you had better find us another hotel," Noah said, slowly losing his patience as well.

"Err, I don't know ..." she began.

"Listen," Nick hissed. "Just get off your arse and find us a place to stay."

Noah shrugged, turning his back on the unhelpful woman. "It's not worth the effort, Nick," he sighed. "Let's just go. We'll head over to the Crown Towers. Surely they will have a room."

"You haven't heard the last of this!" Nick spat at the clerk as they walked outside again and hailed another taxi for the short trip across the river to the casino complex.

At twice the price they had expected to pay, the pair finally installed themselves in a room in the Crown Tower Hotel around 8.00 pm.

"I'm exhausted," Noah declared.

"Yeah," his man agreed. "This certainly hasn't been the best start to a vacation. Surely nothing else could go wrong. All I want is a nice quiet weekend."

"Me too," Noah replied, as they fell into bed and into a deep sleep.


The next morning, the rain had gone, leaving Melbourne clean and sparkling in the sun. Rested, the boys' spirits revived. From their window, they were presented with a fabulous view of the city skyline, and the memories of the eventful journey began to fade.

"I think a serious complaint to that other hotel is warranted," Nick harrumphed.

"I agree," Noah smiled. "But in calm terms, in writing. Not yelled across a front desk. We'll worry about it when we get home."

"Well, if you say so ..." Nick didn't look at all convinced, but Noah pretended to ignore his doubting face.

"Let's call this friend of David's -- get rid of this book. Then we can start to plan our weekend, okay?"

"Okay," Nick agreed. "What's his name?"

Noah rummaged through his bag, finding the details he was after. "Wesley Arrows-Smith." He grinned. "I always love how these rich guys have hyphenated names," he chuckled.

"'Arrowsmith' isn't hyphenated," Nick said in confusion.

"No, no, it's `Arrows ... Smith'," Noah answered, still seeing incomprehension in Nick's face. "Oh, forget it. Hand me the phone will you? I'll call him now." He quickly dialled the number David had given them, and waited until it began to ring. An electronic message asked him to stay on the line as the call was diverted, and then a rounded male voice answered.

"Hello, Wes speaking."

"Uh, hello, Mr Arrows-Smith?" Noah asked.


"My name is Noah Sorenson. I'm a friend of David Bryant. He asked me to ..."

"Yes, of course. My `Verdani'," the other man interrupted.


"My book," said Arrows-Smith. "You're David's friends who've brought my book down from Sydney. He telephoned yesterday, told me all about you."

Noah brightened. "That's right."

"I'm in the car at the moment, on my way into the City. I have a meeting at 11.00, but not for long. I could meet up with you by 1.00 pm if that's convenient?"

"I guess we can make sure we're back here by one," Noah thought aloud. "That would be fine with us."

"Excellent," came the response. "Just in time for me to take you to lunch. Where are you staying?"

"The Crown Towers," Noah replied.

"Oh, hmmm ...of course! I'll see you around 1.00 then." He rang off. Noah could have sworn he detected a note of serious scorn in the final comment.

"I don't think I'm going to like Mr Arrows-Smith," he muttered as he hung up the phone. More loudly, he said to Nick, "We have a few hours to kill -- he's meeting us here at 1.00 o'clock. Any suggestions?"

With a mischievous smile, Nick said nothing, but walked to the door and hung the `do not disturb' sign on the handle. Turning back to his man, he dropped the bathrobe he wore in a puddle at his feet, revealing himself in all his glory. The thick tube of his cock was already filling and lengthening. Noah grinned back at him.

Silently, he dropped his own robe, the tingling at his groin increasing as his dick grew in pace with his anticipation. He stepped up to Nick, standing so close that their pricks nudged each other. Eye to eye they stood for just a moment, before Noah's fingers closed over Nick's nipple, squeezing gently. That caused Nick to moan softly, opening his mouth as he closed his eyes and let his head roll back a little. Noah ran his free hand up the curve of Nick's back until it rested on his neck, cradling his head. He leaned over and closed his mouth over his mate's lips, kissing him deeply, driving his tongue into the warm, wet orifice and exploring Nick's mouth.

Nick responded in kind, kissing him back, suckling at Noah's tongue. His body seemed to melt into his lover's, so that they became as one, fluid and soft. As Noah continued to pinch at his tit, Nick ran one finger slowly, tantalisingly down the length of Noah's spine until it slid into the crevasse between his muscled arse cheeks. Nick's other hand started from it's resting point on Noah's hip, and slowly, imperceptibly, moved forward. They continued their kiss unabated, soft gasps and muted groans escaping them from time to time, only to be swallowed again by the other's mouth as their passion grew with each passing second.

When Nick's right hand closed around the throbbing hardness of Noah's erection, the taller man broke their kiss and threw back his head, moaning loudly. Nick didn't miss a beat, his lips travelling down across Noah's chin and he licked teasingly at the taut skin on his lover's neck. Still Noah pinched at Nick's chest, pulling at the small brown erection of his nub whilst he revelled in the sensation of Nick's tongue laving its way across his body, and his cock ached in the grip of his partner's fist. But when Nick's mouth closed over Noah's left nipple, he surrendered his grip on his man's chest. Both hands flew to Nick's shoulders, and Nick in response gripped harder at Noah's steel hard cock with one hand, his other joining it to massage the large, firm orbs of Noah's nuts in their rolling sack of skin.

Re-directing his attention from one nipple to the other, and then back again, Nick continued to drive his lover wild with electric bolts of pleasure as he licked and chewed on Noah's nips, and groped and squeezed at the genitalia in his hands. He could feel Noah's fingers digging into his shoulders, involuntarily pushing him downward as his blond god gasped with delight. He loved the way he could play Noah like this, make him moan and huff with absolute ecstasy. He knew so well that Noah could do the same to him -- they were a perfect match for each other, and whilst Noah preferred to take the submissive role to Nick's dominating master when they played in their leathers, when they made love like this it was often a different story.

Nick reluctantly relinquished his man's chest, intending to target a much more preferable area to suckle upon. His mouth lowered across the trembling ridges of Noah's abdomen, tasting the sweet, silky flesh of his man as he went. Dropping to his knees, he felt Noah's hands clasp together at the back of his head, and watched in delight as the first sparkling droplet of pre-cum appeared in the eye of the other's very long, rock hard cock. Nick allowed himself the indulgence of licking out with his tongue and scooping up that precious liquid, savouring it as he drank in the view presented. Noah's prong shuddered in the air before him, trembling with anticipated need, proudly awaiting the attention he intended to give. Then, unable to resist any longer, he opened his mouth and swallowed that glorious manhood in one long, deep dive, burying his nose in the soft, sparse blond hair at Noah's groin.

Noah shook as he felt himself engulfed in the moist warmth of his man's gullet. Sheathing his achingly hard prick in that glorious scabbard felt so amazing, and without thinking he grabbed at Nick's head, bucking forward and driving himself deeper into his mate's throat. His head back, a growl erupted from his throat as animal lust swept through him. His balls ached from the tightening grip of Nick's fingers clenching around them, but the slight pain only excited him even more, and with fistfuls of luxuriant black hair he thrust his masculinity fast into the suctioning vacuum of his man's face, pulling back at speed to ram himself in again. Over and over, he powered his rutting motion, fucking his lover's face with a mighty force as the beads of sweat began to form on his brow and his back.

Nick slurped and gulped at the long weapon of silky flesh filling his mouth. He fought hard against the urge to gag, gumming at Noah's prick instead, and scraping his teeth along the veiny pole as it withdrew from his gullet in readiness for its next assault. His fingers massaged the rolling nuts slapping at his chin with each drive of Noah's body, and his other hand squeezed at the melon-like firmness of his man's arse cheek.

Fighting the temptation to thunder on until he drowned his mate in a sea of ejaculate, Noah overcame his natural urges, and gradually slowed his gyrations, until he was able to gently pull Nick's eager lips away from his glistening member. Still holding Nick's face in his hands, Noah dropped to his knees, so the two were eye to eye once again. He pulled his lover's mouth to his own, kissing him deeply, thrusting his tongue into the other man's mouth and suckling upon the probing tongue that greeted him. The two held each other tightly, hands exploring skin, arms around torsos, cocks mashing together as they lost themselves in the power of their embrace.

"Fuck me, Noah," Nick begged in a barely heard whisper as they broke for air.

His lover nodded. "Turn around, handsome," he hissed.

As Nick complied, swinging on his knees to face away from his man, Noah scrabbled at the toiletries pack he had left on a side table earlier. He pulled out a tube of lubricant, quickly squeezing a generous dollop of the slimy gel onto his cockhead and smearing it along his pole. Another gob of the lube was more gently massaged into and around Nick's sphincter as Noah prepared his partner for penetration. First one finger, and then a second, found its way into the ring of muscle twitching in anticipation. Nick moaned softly, encouraging his man to make love to him.

"Oh yeah," he murmured. "That's it, Noah, I'm ready. Fuck me, please!"

Noah made no answer, but slid his digits from the flexing hole and moved forward; his long, hard cock nudging into the crevasse between Nick's cheeks. Teasing his man, the tall blond rubbed his cockhead up and down that slippery niche, slipping past the winking target of Nick's anus several times, before finally coming to a halt with the silky flesh of his glans pressed against the waiting ring. Noah leaned forward, over Nick's back, his hands running tenderly up his lover's fur covered abs and chest, before curling around his shoulders from beneath. As Nick continued to moan, Noah began to inch forward, his hardness met by the involuntary resistance of Nick's sphincter.

Undeterred, Noah pulled his man back onto himself with a slow but firm pressure, delighting in the sensation of Nick's body opening to his insistent probing. He could feel the gradual relaxation in his man as Nick's arse stretched to accommodate him, the sphincter muscles closing again around his sensitive head as he slid his mushroom cap into his partner's rectum. He paused, allowing Nick to adjust to the thickness holding him open, reading the familiar signs of his lover's body as it calmed again. When he knew Nick was ready, he moved again, still slow, but unwavering, as the length of his manhood breached Nick's defences, sliding steadily into his body.

Noah took his time, revelling in the amazing feeling of Nick's hot, wet chute swallowing his throbbing prick. Centimetre by centimetre, his pole rode through the flexing ring of muscle and filled the waiting cavern of delight beyond. He smiled when his mate gasped and he felt that knot of nerve endings that was Nick's prostate scrape against his cock, but he didn't slow his entry at all. Further, deeper he went, until his entire length was enwrapped in the squelching warmth of Nick's body, and his rolling nuts pressed into Nick's perineum.

Finally he stopped, marvelling at the sensations flooding him. His prong sunk completely inside his man, Noah felt the trembling of Nick's body as his stomach and chest pressed against his lover's back, his arms around Nick's torso, his hands on the other's shoulders, still gripping, still pulling him back against Noah's probing cock. He remained in that position for several minutes, lowering his face to Nick's neck, biting gently at the soft flesh, licking at the tensed musculature, as he covered his lover with his own body, and owned him completely.

Nick flexed his arse, gripping more tightly at the invading log of flesh covered steel inserted into him. He shuddered with enjoyment as he felt Noah's prick filling him and delighted in the warmth of his man's body covering his own. Noah's lips on his skin, the nibbling at his neck, sent waves of joy throughout his frame, and he savoured the moment for as long as he could, knowing his lover would begin to move when he was ready; knowing that Noah had far more pleasure in store for both of them yet.

The tightening of Nick's sphincter around his throbbing prick prompted Noah's animal instincts to come to the fore. Slowly he pulled himself back a little, feeling the suction of his mate's rectum grip at his manhood, then in again he pushed. Another slow withdrawal, slightly further this time, and a more powerful inward thrust. Still enwrapping Nick's body in his own, still biting at his lover's neck and back, the Norse god began to hump into his hirsute Greek, slowly at first, but with ever increasing strength and speed. Soon he developed a rhythm, a cyclic motion of thrust and withdrawal, as he coupled with his mate in lusty fervour.

Responding to the drive and pull of his man's movement, Nick clenched himself around that hard, meaty pole as it was drawn from him, then pushed back against it with each inward pounding, rocking in time with his partner. With Noah's body over him and around him, with Noah deep inside him and holding him tightly, Noah's lips on his shoulders, Nick trembled with arousal. His skin tingled, beads of sweat forming on his brow and arms, bringing a sheen to his flesh which matted the thick black hair on his body. When his lover found and pulled at his erect nipples, he gasped in ecstatic pleasure.

For an unmeasured time they remained locked together, rutting and joined, fucking hard but slow as they relished the pleasure of their union. But as his tempo increased, Noah felt the need to be able to drive himself harder and deeper into his man. Straightening his back, he knelt behind Nick and now gripped at his man's hips, pulling him hard against the pistoning sword at Noah's groin as he fucked into the other's body with deep, driving force. Again and again, Noah crashed himself into Nick. The wet, squelching sound of Nick's innards being assaulted by his thundering sword filled Noah's ears, accompanied by the slapping of flesh against flesh each time he bottomed out, his testicles bouncing off his lover's balls.

"Oh yeah, do it, man, fuck that hole!" Nick muttered, his guttural hiss exciting Noah even further.

"Fuck ... unhh ... yeah ... so ... unhh ... good," Noah breathed between thrusts.

Harder, faster, deeper, Noah drove himself, feeling as though he could pry open Nick's chute and fill that glorious cavern with his entire body. Pure animal lust drove him on, filling him with need as he fucked harder and harder at his mate. Until now, he had been kneeling behind Nick, his knees between those of his partner. But as he continued to plough his man, he lifted first one foot and then the other until he had both feet flat on the floor outside the spread of Nick's legs. By now he was crouching over his lover, gripping at Nick's hips, and driving his long cock deep into his partner's bowel.

Nick responded by dropping his head to the floor, pointing his arse upwards. Now Noah's motion, whilst still fucking his man, was more of an up and down cycle as he lifted himself to pull out of Nick's body, and dropped with all of his weight, slamming his male sword into the welcoming scabbard of scalding flesh and slippery innards below him. Up and down, in and out, Noah fucked Nick with abandon, his entire frame shuddering with passionate arousal. Harder he dropped, further he lifted, until his entire length exited his partner's body, exposing the twitching open hole of Nick's anus to view. Before that beckoning target could close, back he fell, piercing the ring of muscle with himself, skewering Nick onto his cock and fucking him again.

With the force of their rut, both men grunted and cursed, gasping and urging each other higher and higher into the clouds of ecstasy as they coupled, forming a single beast of masculine sexuality. The room filled with the sound of lusty congress, the musky aroma of male sex wafting in the air. Noah felt the droplets of perspiration gather on his face, his nose and chin, then splatter down. He was sure they hissed as they connected with Nick's flesh, but he was far too consumed by the total joy he felt at fucking into his man to care.

His body on fire, his cock a flaming poker searing into the scorching pit of Nick's arse, Noah fought hard against the rising urge to explode. He sensed it was a futile battle, and readied himself to warn his lover even as his passion flooded through him in waves of ecstasy. But before he could say anything, Nick suddenly clamped his sphincter hard against Noah's cock, the vice-like grip accompanied by a stifled bellow as the dark, muscled body beneath him spasmed in release. It was the trigger which pushed Noah over the precipice. One final lunge, one last hard deep thrust as he thundered downward, driving his masculinity as far into Nick's body as possible, and Noah exploded.

A torrent of creamy ejaculate flooded the shuddering body beneath him. Noah's prick jerked with the power of his release and pumped his essence into Nick's waiting receptacle, filling his man while Nick's own jism sprayed from his rampant erection, splattering onto the floor. Both of them gasped for air as they crashed into their orgasm, hissing lusty obscenities to each other and flailing in the throes of climax. As Nick lifted onto hands and knees, Noah once again dropped to his knees as well, collapsing forward onto his mate as his cock finally emptied itself into Nick's arse.

As one, the pair collapsed in a heap of sated desire, Nick lying in a pool of his own cum, while Noah's long turgid weapon bathed in the cream filled scabbard of his body.

When he finally regained some strength, Nick chuckled, rolling to one side. Noah's slowly depleting erection slid from its receptacle as it's owner lay alongside his partner.

"What's so funny?" Noah asked gently.

"We've made a real mess of the carpet!" Nick noted, pointing at the residue of his excitement.

Noah smiled with satisfied exhaustion. "I don't care! That was fantastic, Nick. Thank you."

"Always a pleasure, and I mean a real pleasure," his lover grinned back, leaning in for another, less passionate kiss as they held each other again in the afterglow of their joinder.

Ten minutes later, Noah shrugged himself into movement, glancing at the clock. "Hey, handsome," he whispered to his man. "You go and have a shower, clean yourself up. I'll see what I can do about this ..." he indicated the sticky pool of cum on the floor. "David's friend will be here in half an hour, and I don't think finding us like this would make a good impression!"

Nick laughed out loud. "I guess not," he agreed as he made his way to the bathroom.

A short time later, both of them had bathed and dressed, sitting back and recalling the pleasure they had shared. There was little evidence of their tryst, and what was there would disappear the next time the room was cleaned.

The phone rang at precisely 1.00. "He's certainly punctual," Nick commented as Noah picked it up.

"Mr Sorensen?"

"That's me," Noah confirmed.

"Wesley Arrows-Smith. Shall I come up?"

"No, that's okay. We'll meet you in the foyer," Noah said. He nudged Nick and tried to look serious. "I suspect this guy might be a bit of a snob, Nick, so don't go giving him a hard time, okay? Grab that book, and let's go down. At least he's buying us lunch."

Nick looked wounded at the suggestion he might not behave himself, but knew only too well that Noah was the cool head in their relationship, and he usually tried to follow his partner's suggestions.

Sitting downstairs in a lounge near the main entrance was a well-dressed man who looked to be only a few years older than themselves. Noah guessed he was David's friend, and approached him. "Mr Arrows-Smith?"

At his nod, Noah introduced himself and Nick.

"Please, call me `Wes'," he said. "And thank you for delivering the book ..."

At that, Nick happily handed over the package.

"David is very good to me for collecting this, and I owe you gentlemen for bringing it with you. Won't you let me take you to lunch?"

"Yes, that'd be nice," Nick said enthusiastically.

"Excellent. Do you have any preference? I know of a wonderful little Italian place in the city, but if you would prefer to stay here ...?" he waved his arm dismissively at the foyer of their hotel.

Noah could anticipate Nick's reaction from the way his man set his jaw, and he dived in quickly. "Your suggestion sounds fine," he said reassuringly.

"Okay then," Wes answered easily. "My car is waiting outside."

Sure enough, a large white Rover sat in the driveway. As they breezed through the doors a valet hurried to open the door, and Wes palmed a note to him. Nick looked at Noah with wide eyes.

Minutes later, they pulled up outside a restaurant in Flinders Lane. It looked like little from outside, but another valet quickly met them and ushered them inside before moving the car. The boys were impressed, even more so when the maitre'd announced that Mr Arrows-Smith's usual table was available, and led them to a private booth at the side of the main dining room. Nick had held his tongue for too long.

"So, Wes," he said smoothly. "I got the impression that you don't particularly like our hotel?"

Their host looked a little surprised. "Oh, was I that obvious? I do beg your pardon. It's just that I find the Crown a little ... pretentious. Lots of lights and glitz, but not really comfortable. I prefer the Stamford Plaza when I need to stay in the City myself."

"We didn't have much choice," Noah responded.

"How so?"

"Well, we flew down yesterday afternoon ..." Noah began. With constant asides from Nick, he detailed their disastrous journey to arrive where they were, to the obvious discomfort of their host.

"Oh, my word!" Wes declared. "I am so sorry you have been treated so badly. This really is a wonderful city, and I wish you could see the best of it, rather than the worst. I know David would be very upset to hear that you had not enjoyed yourselves while you were here."

"You know David well then?" Nick asked.

"Indeed. He and I were quite close many years ago. Nothing sexual, of course," he added hurriedly to Nick's questioning face, "but I considered him one of my best friends. When he moved to Sydney we kept in touch, but it's never the same when you live a thousand kilometres apart." Wes seemed to stop and think for a few moments, then brightened and went on. "I know he thinks a great deal of you two. He mentions you often, he and Joe both."

"You know Joe as well then?" asked Noah in surprise.

"Not really. I've spoken to him several times, but only met him once -- on my last visit north. He seems a lovely young man, and it's obvious that David is very much in love with him." Another short break, before Wes looked from Noah to Nick and back again, with a twinkle in his eye. "I understand that it was you who introduced them?"

Noah nodded.

"Yes. David told me something about being involved in an investigation of sorts. You were searching for Joe's missing partner, who turned out to have been murdered. And the two of you played matchmaker between them -- decided they were a good match. Do I have it right?"

"Something like that," Noah hedged.

A knowing look crossed Wes' face. "Yes ... and David does that, too!"

"I'm sorry?" Noah asked in uncertain surprise.

"David does what you just did ... he tells part of the story, and clams up. I'm sure there's more to it, and I suspect it's quite juicy, even racy, but I won't pry."

Nick began to chuckle. "I think I like you," he said through a smile. "Even if you are a snob."

Noah gasped, and Wes' eyes rounded for a moment, before narrowing again. Noah was sure he was about to throw them out, but instead he started to laugh; a deep, hearty laugh.

"Now you really do sound like David!" he chuckled. "He would never let me get away with anything either. Always tells me I'm too up-market for my own good."

Noah relaxed as Wes seemed to take the comment in his stride. "Wes, I'm sorry. We didn't mean to offend," he said, shooting a look of daggers at Nick.

"No, honestly, it's fine," Wes replied. "Listen guys, your weekend has started awfully. Let me try to make amends on behalf of Melbourne. Come down to my property and stay with me, please. It's not that far, on the Mornington Peninsula. We have some excellent restaurants and bars down there. Let me be your host, what do you say?"

"We're honoured, Wes, and thanks," Noah began, "But we don't want to impose. Besides, we have a meeting in the City on Monday. That's why we're here -- the shareholders meeting for `Tridex Limited'."

Wes beamed. "That's perfect! I'm coming up again on Monday for that same meeting. We can enjoy the rest of the weekend, and I can bring you up with me."

"Sounds good to me," Nick interrupted at that. "I think a nice quiet weekend in the country would do us good, Noah!"

Knowing when he was beaten, Noah acceded. "As long as we're not putting you out ..."

"Not at all," Wes grinned. "I'll enjoy the company. And you can tell me all about David and Joe ..."

Nick began to fidget then, coughing into his hand.

"It's okay guys. I am just kidding. Although a know a little more about David's `preferences' than he realises. Melbourne can be a small town in many ways and several of my acquaintances enjoy the leather scene." Seeing the startled look on both Nick and Noah's faces, he smiled widely and went on. "But you can say only what you want. I won't push any more. Let's get your things from the hotel and head back down around the Bay."


Chapter 2

Wes drove the boys back to Southbank where they quickly checked out of the hotel, and loaded their luggage into his car. They sat and stared out of the windows while he negotiated the traffic until he pulled onto the motorway, and then enjoyed the luxury of being chauffeured in the comfortable vehicle.

David's property was near the area known as Arthur's Seat on the Mornington Peninsula, about 90 minutes out of Melbourne. After their initial quietude, the three men chatted freely during the trip, swapping tales about David, and getting to know each other. Noah had changed his mind completely from his first impressions of Wes, so that by the time they arrived, he considered the other man a new friend. He was still wary of what they gave away about David's private life, although, somehow, Wes seemed to know far more than they expected, and more than Noah believed David was aware as well.

As they left the freeway and climbed into the hills to the east of the Bay, Noah began to notice the homes they passed. This was no disadvantaged area. Imposing buildings on large blocks spoke of real money. Wes' home stood at the end of a cul-de-sac, behind high walls and set amongst beautiful gardens. As they approached the gate he hit the remote opener, and glided the car along a gravelled drive to pull up before massive doors. Noah marvelled at the size of the place, and Nick's mouth hung open.

"Bloody hell!" he exclaimed. "You must have some serious money, Wes!"

Their host reddened. "I guess so, guys. My family had money, which I inherited, and I just managed to add to it with some lucky investments." He looked around at his own home as if seeing it in a new light. "Please, come in. I have a housekeeper who lives at the back, but that's all. I don't like the idea of servants -- prefer my own privacy."

"How about slaves?" Nick whispered, enough for Noah to hear, but not Wes. That earned him both a grin and a whack on the shoulder.

"Behave!" Noah admonished.

Wes showed them upstairs into a large guest-room. "Settle yourselves in," he said warmly. "I'll go and open the bar. When you're ready come back down -- left at the bottom of the stairs, through the sitting room and out of the french doors. I'll be on the patio waiting for you."

"This is the life," Nick announced when he had gone. Their `room' was actually a suite, consisting of a well appointed bathroom, lounge area with desk, and a massive bedroom containing a huge king size bed. "Do you still think he's a snob?"

Noah laughed. "Yeah, I do, but I don't think he can help it. From what I can see, he's had money all his life. People like that tend to forget that not everyone is the same as them. But he seems like a really nice guy. I think he could become a friend."

They unpacked quickly, washed faces and hands, and followed Wes' directions to the bar area. What they found was a large covered patio fronting a shimmering swimming pool. Half a dozen over-sized leather lounge chairs were haphazardly arranged in the enormous space, at the back of which stood a bar stocked with every imaginable drink.

"Nice!" Nick opined.

"Thanks," Wes acknowledged. A troubled looked passed fleetingly across his features. "But of course, even money can't give you complete peace. There's always things to worry about," he said, almost to himself.

"Oh, anything serious?" Noah asked, picking up on his mood.

"No, no," he quickly about-faced. "Just business I guess. Now, what would you like to drink?"

With the awkward moment gone, the three settled down to relaxing and enjoying the view of the nearby hills across the pool. The day was sunny and warm, completely different from the previous afternoon, and the conversation flowed easily.

"I can't believe the trouble we had yesterday," Nick said at one point. "I really do want to complain about the treatment we had from that hotel, Noah!"

"Yes, when we get home," his mate soothed. "The weather and the flight didn't help. It was just a combination of factors."

"True," noted Wes. "Although you shouldn't have to put up with bad manners from hotel staff -- anywhere. The weather is a different matter. Nothing we can do about that. You know what they say -- in Melbourne you'll get five seasons in one day -- sometimes even in an hour!"

Their laughter was interrupted by the sound of a raised voice calling inside the house.

"Wes, Wes, are you here?"

"Out on the patio, Patrick!" Wes called back. "We have visitors, come and say hello!"

A tall, fit man with wide shoulders and a square jaw strode through the doorway. Both Nick and Noah were instantly impressed by his features, and his appearance. He was stunningly attractive, and carried himself with a degree of self assurance that said he belonged here. Wes did the introductions.

"Patrick, these are friends of David -- you know David in Sydney. Nick and Noah. Guys, this is my nephew, Patrick."

"Nephew?" Nick blurted out. "You two look more like brothers."

"Pleased to meet you, Patrick," Noah said standing and shaking his hand.

"Yes," grinned their host. "Patrick is my sister's son. She is quite a few years older than me, so there's only about 15 years between us."

"And he hates being called `Uncle Wes'," Patrick confided loudly.

"Will you stay for a drink?" Wes smiled at his nephew.

"No, thanks anyway. Frank and I are going out, so I'll be staying in town tonight. Just wanted to let you know I wouldn't be home until tomorrow morning. Maybe even later, if he won't let me out of bed!" he announced in a stage whisper.

"Don't be vulgar!" Wes said, but smiled warmly at him. "Have fun. I'll see you tomorrow."

"Okay, Wes. Will I see you tomorrow too, gentlemen?"

Nick nodded. "I guess so. We're staying for a couple of days."

"Okay then," the young man replied evenly. "Goodbye for now." He clasped his uncle's shoulder, and made his exit.

"He lives with me," Wes said by way of explanation after he had gone. "His father threw him out when he found out he was gay. I was never close to my sister, but after I took him in, we became even more estranged. I couldn't have him living on the streets, and he provides me with company when I need it."

"That's a shame, about his parents I mean," said Nick. "And such a good looking man, too."

Noah grinned. "So you don't have anyone `special' in your life then?" he asked.

Once again, a cloud passed over Wes' countenance. "No, not anymore. I broke up from a relationship a few months ago."

"Was it nasty?" asked Nick, seeing the other's expression.

"A little -- but my choice. I found out he was cheating on me."

"Do you still love him?" Noah sympathised.

"No, I don't think so. But he keeps calling me. He's very angry about being dumped. Even threatening sometimes."

"Hey, that's not good!" Nick declared.

"Ah, the least of my worries," Wes said, brushing it aside. "Now, Patrick -- there is a concern. I feel like a parent, but can't make myself try to discipline him."

"Does he need discipline?"

"I don't know. He likes the good life, likes to party all night. I worry about him."

"Who is `Frank'," Nick asked.

"His boyfriend. They've been seeing each other for about a year. Frank lives in the City, and they seem to gravitate from there to here and back again on a regular basis. I like Frank, but sometimes I think they encourage each other, and not in the right direction."

Both Nick and Noah could sense that Wes had other things on his mind as well, but didn't want to upset him. Looking for a change of topic, Noah pointed to the pool. "Do you swim much?" he asked.

"A bit," Wes said, brightening. "It's heated, so I get to use it most of the year."

"Hey, then," Nick announced. "How about a swim?"

"We didn't bring swimmers," Noah warned.

Wes chuckled. "Then swim naked. I do, all the time. In fact, I'll join you!" With that he stood up and shucked off his clothes, diving straight into the water. Nick laughed and followed his lead, his muscled, hairy frame plunging into the glistening water.

Noah sighed, then grinned at their cat calls and teasing, before succumbing. He stripped more slowly, allowing both Nick and Wes to enjoy the show, before diving in a high, graceful arc into the pool between the others.

For the rest of the afternoon, the three men enjoyed each other's company, drinking and relaxing by the pool. Their conversation flowed easily as they grew in camaraderie and friendship as the day wore on. Wes proved a generous and agreeable host, seemingly happy to entertain his visitors. Yet as the afternoon turned to evening, both Nick and Noah noticed a change in his demeanour.

It may have been the alcohol, or it may have been his state of mind, but Wes' mood seemed to darken along with the sky. So much so, that by 9.00 o'clock Nick and Noah found that they were getting little more than single word answers from him, and the conversation petered out into a silence; not exactly uncomfortable, but not really amiable either.

Finally, Noah tried to break the mood.

"Wes, I know we've just met, but is there anything we can do to help?" he asked in his most sympathetic voice.

"Help? What do you mean?"

"Well, it's fairly obvious that something is wrong. You've gone very quiet. Is there something on your mind, something you want to talk about?"

Their host looked back at them through narrowed eyes. He took a long, slow breath and seemed to reach a decision.

"Guys, David told me about how you solved the murder of Joe's former partner ..."

"Well, it was more of a disappearance," Nick said uneasily. "It just turned out hat he had been murdered."

Wes continued unfazed. "He also told me that you had solved another murder before that ... "

Noah spoke up. "That involved a missing friend as well. It's just co-incidence, Wes. We're not really detectives or anything like that."

"Maybe, maybe not," their new friend ruminated. "But it seems to me that you've managed to solve two murders -- pretty good for amateurs."

"We just got lucky," Nick said. "And we had opportunities available that the police wouldn't have had open to them. People will say more to you if they know you're not a cop."

Wes sat silently again for a few moments, then looked at each of them slowly once more. "Do you think you would be able to solve a murder before it happened?"

"What?!?" Nick coughed.

"How do you mean?" Noah asked quickly. "If it hasn't happened, then there's nothing to solve."

"Yes, well, I just hope things stay that way!"

Noah looked hard at Wes, not sure of he was following this conversation after the amount he had had to drink. "You better explain a little more," he said softly to the other man.

In a voice so quiet they had to strain to hear, Wes sighed desperately. "Guys, I think someone is trying to kill me."

"Kill you?" Nick blurted. "Why? Who? How?"

"Who and why, I have no idea. As for the how, well that's what has me worried. Over the last few months there have been a number of `incidents'. By themselves, in isolation, they don't mean anything, but when I look back it just seems to be too much of a coincidence."

"What kind of incidents?" Noah asked. "They must have been serious enough, even on their own, for you to think someone is trying to kill you."

Wes stopped, thinking hard. "Maybe it's just paranoia," he finally said. "Forget I mentioned it."

"Oh, no you don't," declared Nick. "You can't say something like that and then just try to brush it aside. What has happened to make you think like this? Come on, spill the beans."

Reluctantly, Wes began to fill in some details for them. His first upset came from finding a snake in his bedroom one night. "The bloody thing was right there, on my bed!" he said, his voice shaking at the memory. "I am terrified of snakes, and despite the fact that we're in the country, we just don't see them around here. Normally I sleep soundly, but something must have disturbed me because I woke up thinking I'd heard some kind of noise. I flicked the bedside light on and saw this snake right beside me. I screamed at the top of my lungs, jumped out of bed and ran down the hallway. That must have woken Patrick because he came rushing around from his side of the house, and when I told him what was happening he raced in and killed the thing with a shovel."

"So a snake got into the house," Nick said unconcerned.

"Yes, but it made it's way up the stairs, into my room, and up onto my bed!" Wes pointed out. "And there's more. The next day I collected the carcass and took it to a local vet. He told me that not only was it one of the most poisonous snakes there is, but that in his 30 years around here, he'd never heard of that species being seen in this area!"

"Mmm, unusual, but not completely impossible," Noah noted.

"That's exactly what I thought, and just put it out of my mind."

"So what else happened?" Nick pressed.

"About six weeks after that, I had a nasty scare with the car. I was on my way into Melbourne on business, but just before I reached the freeway, I remembered that I needed some other papers which were still here in the house. I came back up, collected them and headed off again. At the end of the road, about 100 metres before the on-ramp, the front wheel came off the car! Of course, I lost control and swung across the roadway before ending up in a hedge. Luckily I was only going slowly, so there were no injuries except to my nerves. The car had only been serviced about a week before, and the mechanic swears blind that he made sure all the wheel nuts were properly tightened." Wes shook his head in amazement. "If I hadn't come back for those papers, the wheel would have come off while I was on the freeway, doing 120 kilometres an hour. At that speed, not only would I have been killed, I would probably have taken out several other cars as well."

Noah looked thoughtful. "I can see why you might be concerned," he said. "Neither incident would be enough by itself, but when you add them together ..."

"Is that all?" asked Nick.

"No." Wes muttered to himself before he went on. "Just last weekend, I was almost electrocuted. As you can see, I like to swim at night. Patrick was off somewhere with Frank, and my housekeeper had gone to visit her son. It was a warm night, so I came out here and stripped off, intending to dive in for a quick swim to cool down. When I walked over to the side of the pool, I could see in the moonlight a large shape floating in the water. We do get the occasional wallaby or small kangaroo coming over the fence -- there's quite a lot of them in the National Park. Although if they fall into the pool, they usually splash about like crazy and make plenty of noise, and more often than not manage to find their own way out again.

"Anyway, I went to turn on the pool lights so I could see what this shape was, but nothing happened. The lights run off power from the housekeeper's cottage at the back of the property -- it's on a separate phase from the main house, since it used to be a whole other property before I bought it and incorporated it with my land. When I went to investigate a little closer, I found that the power lines into the cottage had come away from the eaves, and were lying across the ground, with the ends in the pool. The `shape' was a wallaby which had either fallen in, or tried to take a drink, and been electrocuted. If it hadn't been there, I would have been the electrocuted body that someone found floating in the pool."

"Did you notify the police?" Noah asked. Nick snorted with derision.

"Yes, of course," Wes answered with a sigh. "They said that the electricity company's repairman told them the lines were old and had probably just frayed and blown down and into the pool with the wind."

"It's possible," Nick said, although he sounded unconvinced.

"But there was no wind that night! It was hot and still, which is why I was going to have a swim."

The three sat in silence for some time, mulling over their individual thoughts. It was Noah who spoke first.

"It does seem remarkable that you would have so many near misses, all within such a short time. But is there any reason why anyone would want you dead?"

"Not that I know of," Wes said, shaking his head. "it's not like I have any real enemies."

"You do have plenty of money," Nick butted in. "That's often a good reason."

"Maybe ..." Wes sounded unconvinced. "Or maybe, like I said, I'm just being paranoid."

Another long silence ensued before Wes stood suddenly, and forced a smile. "Enough doom and gloom, guys," he said. "I'm off to bed. Feel free to help yourselves to the bar, or to take another swim. You know where your room is when you're ready. I'll see you in the morning, okay?"

"Yeah, Wes, goodnight," Nick said absently.

"Uh huh," Noah confirmed. "Sleep well. We'll talk some more tomorrow."

As their host left them alone, Nick turned to his mate. "What do you think?"

"I just don't know," Noah replied slowly, still thinking. "It could be all a coincidence ..."

Nick snorted.

"Or it could be more serious," Noah went on, ignoring him. I don't see how we can help, though."

"But Wes is asking for help, and if we can, I think we should," Nick declared.

"Possibly." Noah didn't sound convinced. "We'll talk about it tomorrow. For now, I'm ready for bed. What about you?"

"Yeah," his partner agreed. "I could use some sleep."

"Oh," said Noah with a glint in his eye. "I meant I'm ready for bed, but I wasn't actually thinking about sleep!"

"Mmmm," Nick hummed, suddenly awake, and very interested. "Noah Sorensen, if I didn't know better, I'd say that all these good looking men around here have made you horny!"

Noah laughed. "And that would be wrong because ...?" he whispered.

"What if I'm too tired?" Nick pretended to yawn. "I may not be able to satisfy you ..."

Noah chuckled wickedly and pushed his lover back onto a lounge chair before straddling him quickly. Seating himself on Nick's lap, he felt the growing hardness beneath his butt as his man's face betrayed the desire which was building in his loins.

"Make love to me?" Noah whispered softly, his mouth only centimetres from Nick's head.

Nick grinned, as Noah's piercing blue eyes pleaded with him. How could he possibly resist a request such as that?

They kissed, long and deep, full of slowly building passion and shared tenderness, their tongues wrestling with each other as each of them tasted his lover and shared the delight of growing arousal. Carefully, still attached to his man by the lips, Nick stood from the sofa and eased Noah to his feet. They made their way quietly up the stairs, into the bedroom, and they undressed each other slowly, sensuously, never for a second breaking the union of their kiss. Nick's body tingled with sensations of anticipation and excitement, and Noah shivered with the sensuality of Nick's fingers against his flesh as together they shed the encumbrance of clothing and allowed their heated, satin flesh to make contact along the full length of their bodies.

Wordlessly they inched their way to the bed, fingers and palms exploring trembling skin and aching bodies, the need within them growing quickly. Finding the comfort of Wes' king size mattress, they quickly fell alongside each other, writhing and touching as they continued their unbroken kiss. Noah squirmed around until he was lying on top of Nick's frame, the weight of his body pressing against the hairy torso below him. He ground his hips into the large, hard log of meat at Nick's groin and elicited a long deep moan of pleasure which started in Nick's throat and made it's way up and into Noah's own mouth. Nick quivered with pleasure at the sensation of the full, firm, smooth body covering his own, and the eager attack that Noah continued on his teeth and gums as they melted into one another.

Rolling to one side, Nick slid out from under his man, then lifted himself up and now lay atop Noah, his mouth finally breaking the contact between them. Without hesitation, Nick's lips attacked Noah's neck, kissing and nibbling at the smooth skin as he slowly slid down Noah's shoulders and across the sculpted mounds of his chest. Noah let his head drop back onto the pillow and groaned quietly with the sensational feelings washing through him as Nick licked at his body. Nick's tongue found Noah's left nipple, and he swirled his talented muscle around the hard brown nub, wetting and bathing it before he closed his teeth gently over the small erection, pulling at the peak of skin and then releasing it to blow warm air over Noah's glistening tit. Another round of sighs escaped Noah's throat as Nick smiled and attacked the corresponding nipple, treating it to the same attention.

As he slid down, Nick's body moved between Noah's legs, which parted and then wrapped around his man, holding him tightly. Nick continued his tongue-bath, tasting the beautiful body of his lover as he traced the ridges of Noah's abdomen with his lips and slowly inserted his tongue into Noah's navel before kissing his way over the other man's hips. All the while, Nick's hands played across Noah's chest and ribs, and ran sensuously along the side of Noah's torso, sending shivers through him. Noah ached with growing desire, the ministrations of his man's tongue delighting him. He could sense the pressure of Nick's body against his own, and shivered as Nick's head moved lower and lower, approaching his throbbing masculinity.

Nick slowly, almost agonisingly, made his way down over Noah's muscled body. He lifted his face away from the taut skin and sculpted chest to drink in the vision of his lover beneath him, and was rewarded with a close-up view of Noah's very manhood, only centimetres from Nick's eyes. The long, hard rod of flesh stood at attention, quivering in time with the beating of Noah's heart, the blood coursing through the veins standing in clear relief just below the skin, which was stretched over the steely muscle. The pale colouring of the shaft gave way to a darker, reddened mushroom cap, and a pearl of translucent juice appeared in the very eye of that glorious pole of maleness. Nick leaned forward and his tongue lapped at the fruit of his lover's loins, scooping it up as he tasted of Noah's very essence. His actions were rewarded with a low growl of delight from the man beneath him.

A smile crossed Nick's face - a grin of delighted contentment that he was able to give Noah so much pleasure while he himself trembled with arousal. He leaned further forward, and gently followed the ridge of Noah's cockhead with his tongue, then patiently worked his way down the long shaft with feathery licks that caressed Noah's prick in a moist tease of sensuous eroticism. Reaching the base of the tower of flesh, Nick opened his mouth and brought his lips to the wrinkled skin of Noah's scrotum, softly suckling at each rounded egg in turn. He could feel his mate's testicles moving in a slow motion dance within their protective sack of skin, churning in excitement and generating the sweet juice that would eventually be released with the right degree of stimulation. Stretching his jaw wide, Nick drew first one and then both of the soft robs into his mouth, massaging and caressing each with his tongue and pulling at Noah's nuts with a firm pressure which caused even more grunts and hisses of delight. As he worked on his lover's balls, Nick's finger slowly traced the length of the shaft of cockflesh above them, all the way along the veiny underside to the slit where once more he found an oozing flow of pre-seminal fluid, viscous and warm, which he scooped up and transferred to his own tongue.

Noah was in ecstasy by this time, his entire body tingling as he lay back and enjoyed the glorious attentions of Nick's tongue and lips. He shuddered involuntarily with delight as Nick gave him the most sensuous of experiences. His cock was hard as steel, aching for more, yet he happily endured the agony of anticipation as his lover played his body like a finely tuned musical instrument. Suddenly, Nick's mouth was no longer there, and Noah lifted his head in surprise, to see what was happening. His eyes found the lusty mirrors of Nick's soul, deep and green, staring back at him in a mischievous grin as Nick moved back up and over his body to kiss him once more.

"I want you," Nick whispered, his voice barely audible, but the need undoubted.

"Yes!!" Noah hissed back.

Nick moved quickly off the bed for just a second, retrieving some lubricant from the bedside table, before hurriedly leaning into Noah again for yet another kiss. He flipped the top of the bottle, but to Noah's surprise, Nick smeared the slimy liquid down over Noah's cock rather than his own.

"Nick?" Noah asked quietly.

"I said, I want you - inside of me!" Nick replied, and Noah smiled up at him in understanding.

A generous squirt of the slimy gel was applied to the rubber enveloping Noah's prick before Nick once again climbed over his man, but this time he straddled Noah's body, his knees on either side of the other man's torso. Noah leaned up to meet Nick's mouth with his own as his lover hovered over him. He shivered slightly as he felt Nick's strong hand guiding his throbbing prong towards its target. As Nick lowered himself until his arsehole came into contact with the solidity of Noah's cockhead, Noah held himself steady and resisted the urge to thrust upwards and into his man. He sensed the soft skin of his partner's entrance now pressing against the point of his man-sword, and he felt the thrill of impending union arouse his body yet again.

Their coupling took place almost in slow motion. It was as if Nick's body melted over Noah's. The moment of penetration could have lasted a second, it could have lasted an hour, but all Noah knew was that without any conscious effort on his part, the resistance from Nick's sphincter against his cock seemed to dissolve, and the muscles of his lover's rosebud parted to welcome him inside. He heard a low moan, unsure if it was coming from himself or from Nick or both, and a soft, warm moistness engulfed him, drowned his rock hard weapon in pleasure, and the shaft of his pole was sliding easily between the walls of his man's anus, burrowing deeply into the hot wet cavern of Nick's body.

Noah felt the weight of Nick's butt cheeks come to rest against his pelvis, and gave an involuntary thrust upwards as the complete length of his rod was buried within his man. But he did not need to move at all. Nick did all of the 'work', using his knees as leverage, raising and lowering himself, slowly to begin with and then with ever increasing speed as he used his own weight to impale himself upon Noah's rampant erection. Noah felt the gripping of Nick's sphincter as Nick bobbed up and down on him, sensed the heat of Nick's body wrap around him, and heard the squelching sound of Nick's bowel as it was filled with Noah's cock. He looked up into Nick's face, and their eyes met and locked, blue into green, as they became one. To Noah, it was not as though they were having sex so much as joining together, each a part of the other, bodies and minds melding. His entire being trembled with arousal and his nerves relayed the pure and absolute pleasure emanating from his groin and infusing the rest of his body. Nick's face lowered, inching closer and closer to Noah's, and Noah raised his knees to support Nick's body, ensuring their joinder was not broken.

When their lips met again, a shock of electricity jolted Noah's frame. This feeling, he was sure, was the ultimate in bliss. As Nick's tongue began to work it's magic once more on Noah's teeth and gums, the blond man felt the tide of passion swelling up within himself, knew he could not hold back against the wave of ecstasy his body now surfed. Still locked together, mouth to mouth and groin to groin, Noah felt Nick steal his breath away, literally, as his body surrendered. He did not explode, he did not jerk and quiver and shoot, he simply gave himself into absolute pleasure as Nick's amazing body gently milked him of his seed, clenching and releasing in glorious rhythm to draw Noah's very essence from him.

Nick felt Noah's body tense beneath him. He ran his hands over the muscles of Noah's torso as they contracted and tautened, and he sensed the pulsating ecstasy of Noah's prick as it swelled inside him and was relieved of its manjuice. He continued his probing of Noah's tongue and mouth even as he knew his lover was engulfed by orgasm, and ached with happiness at the exquisite sensation of being a part of Noah, of having a part of Noah buried within him. As the tension began to ease, he lifted his face away, breaking their kiss, and suddenly Noah remembered to breathe again, a long gasp of air drawn in before Noah opened those pools of blue once more and smiled up at him.

"Oooohhhhhhh!" Noah whispered.

"Oh yeah!" Nick replied with feeling. He sat back again, Noah's prong still held deep within his bowels, and smiled with happiness at the powerful body beneath him, and the beaming face that grinned back. Despite his recent orgasm, Noah was still hard, and Nick was in no hurry to relinquish his position or to surrender the wonderful filling that he experienced from Noah's manhood. His own cock still throbbed, steel hard and aroused, and he contemplated jerking himself off while Noah's prong remained lodged in his gut.

Before he could act on his idea, Nick felt Noah move beneath him once again, as his lover threw one arm out and reached for the lube lying on the bedside table.

"Hey there, stud," he said quietly and warmly, "What are you up to?"

Noah said nothing but held Nick's gaze with his deep azure eyes, as he twisted away the lid of the tube of gel, a mischievous smirk on his face. He reached froward and began to massage the cool lubricant down over Nick's thick cock which stood proudly in the space between their two bodies.

"Now it's my turn!" Noah stated. "You don't get to have all the fun!" he said with a chuckle.

As he finished preparing Nick's prick, Noah's hands went beneath Nick's butt and lifted, as Nick sat up again, carefully lifting himself off Noah's prong. The slow withdrawal sent new waves of pleasure through both of them as they separated momentarily. Quickly Nick swung his legs around as Noah directed his lover back into position, this time with Noah's knees lifted around Nick's waist. With his body, Noah pulled Nick back between his legs.

Nick marvelled that his lover remained hard even now, and lowered himself until his own cockhead made contact with the soft skin of Noah's arse. Supporting his weight on his arms, he leaned forward again and met Noah's opening lips in a passionate kiss full of appreciation, love, and need.

Noah tingled with pleasure as he wrapped his legs around Nick's body and pulled his lover into himself. His cock was still hard, still throbbing, and he needed Nick now, inside of him. As he felt the solid head of Nick's prick pressing against his hole, he relaxed himself, pushing back as he coaxed Nick's prong inward. There was a momentary flicker of discomfort as Nick's thick tool opened his sphincter, and then Noah was in heaven as his man slowly filled him, the mushroom cap of Nick's massive log prying open Noah's body as the throbbing shaft of Nick's weapon slid through his ring of muscle and invaded his rectum. As Nick sank into him, Noah felt the rush of delight as his man nudged at his prostate, massaging his bowel from within and filling him completely. Noah clenched himself around the thick meat piercing him, and took possession of his lover, swallowed Nick's very masculinity into his own body and held it tightly as he felt Nick begin to move, back and forth in the ageless motion of sexual dance.

Quickly, the two fell into a rhythm of mutual arousal. Nick thrust and withdrew, his speed increasing as he jabbed himself into Noah's innards, pounding himself deeper and deeper, harder and faster into his man. Noah writhed below his mate, shuddering with each powerful pounding, gasping as he felt Nick piston in and out of his clenching sphincter, swearing the pit of his stomach was prodded with each humping shove of Nick's thick, powerful masculinity. They fucked at each other now, hard long strokes of driven need, joined in physical lust and emotional yearning, a hunching rutting being of pure maleness. Noah stared into Nick's face, and saw the building urge, the coming climax as his lover shuddered and slammed into him again and again. He surrendered his body to Nick's powerful fucking, and in doing so he took possession of Nick's cock, and of Nick's very masculinity, owning him and holding him deep inside.

As their gripping, pounding union neared its peak, Noah's hands moved up to Nick's chest, running across the thick fur on his pecs and feeling the matted sheen of sweat on his man's skin. His eyes were drawn to Nick's nipples, and his fingers followed, pinching softly and tugging at the hard brown nubs. Immediately, Nick gasped out in pleasure, the arousal of Noah playing with his tits pushing him to the brink.

"Uuuunnhhh ..." he hissed in a muted cry, "Noah ... I'm cuummmii.... "

And he did. A spasm wracked his body and he tensed, his cock swelling inside Noah's warm tunnel. His balls boiled over and with a final lunge of desperation he drove himself deeper into his man, filling the moist cavern with his seed, pouring his very essence into Noah's body and shuddering into a climax that rocked both of them. Aroused beyond measure by Nick's assault, Noah let one hand drop to his own prong, and began to flail at the steel heat of his prick. With no more than two or three strokes, his nuts contracted and a second outpouring of semen flowed from him, puddling on his stomach and splattering up onto Nick's abdomen as the two men leapt from the cliffs of absolute pleasure together, and slowly began the long and happy descent into exhaustion.

Time passed in a haze as Nick and Noah lay there together, slowly recovering from the power of their orgasm. Collapsed into each other, Nick's cock still lodged within Noah's body, they gradually came back to the land of the living, and held each other tightly. Feeling himself beginning to soften, Nick eased carefully out of Noah, falling back to lay beside his lover, turning his head so that he stared once more into those beautiful blue eyes.

Alongside each other like that, exhausted, the pair of them were overtaken by sleep.


The next morning, Nick and Noah were up and about first thing. They were normally early starters, and the unfamiliar bed, combined with their discussion about Wes' possible murder attempts, meant they couldn't sleep in at all.

Noah was the first of the pair out of bed. He donned a pair of skimpy shorts and padded barefoot along the hall and downstairs to the kitchen looking for coffee. The sound of water splashing drew him outside, where he found Wes doing laps in the pool.

"Good morning," he offered as their host came up for air.

"Oh, hi there," Wes answered. "Sorry if I woke you, but I like to get a swim in most mornings."

"No, that's fine," Noah answered. "We're usually early risers anyway. Nick was stirring when I got up, so he'll be here any second. Mind if I join you?"

Wes grinned. "Come on in!"

Since Wes was naked, Noah had no qualms about shucking off his shorts and diving into the water bare-arsed. It was surprisingly pleasant -- warm enough to be enjoyable but still refreshing. He swam the length of the pool and back at a sprint, then slowed to a half-hearted pace as he gave up on any exercise and simply enjoyed the water. Five minutes later, he stood up next to Wes at the end of the pool as Nick appeared on the patio with a tray of steaming mugs of coffee.

"I kinda hoped I'd come down to a waiting breakfast," he declared grumpily to Noah. "But instead I find you cavorting in the nude with another man!"

"Sorry, Nick," Wes chuckled. "All my fault. I hope you don't think I was trying to steal your husband?"

"Steal away!" came the careless reply. "Just don't expect him to get you breakfast."

Noah turned to Wes in mock seriousness. "As you can see, my man is so bright and cheerful first thing in the morning!"

Nick's only response to the laughter from the pool was a long, exaggerated slurp of his drink, which earned him a splash of water as Noah climbed out and dripped his way across the deck. Wes followed, grabbing a large towel for himself and throwing another to Noah. The two swimmers wrapped themselves in the soft fabric and settled at the table, offering Nick thanks for the coffees.

"So, a day of leisure before the meeting tomorrow," Wes noted. "What would you guys like to do?"

"Dunno," Nick offered helpfully. "Got any suggestions?"

"It's your home," Noah interrupted. "What plans did you have for the day?"

"Not much at all," Wes answered. "I was intending to take it easy, take a look at the book you brought down for me, but basically just relax. But I would be happy to play tourist guide if you like, take you further down The Peninsula, maybe out to Phillip Island?"

Noah smiled, shaking his head. "No, we've been here before. A quiet day doing lots of nothing sounds fine to me."

"Me too," Nick affirmed.

"Okay," Wes said. "Just don't accuse me of being a bad host."

"Never," Nick declared.

Wes grinned, then his look became a little more serious. "Just one thing guys ... about what I said last night,".

Nick and Noah looked at him questioningly. "We'll try if we can," Nick began, "But ..."

Wes cut him off. "No, no. Please just forget it. I had had too much to drink, and my paranoia got the better of me. I'd prefer it if you just forgot all about it. I'm sure there's nothing to worry about."

"But you can't deny what happened," Noah disagreed. "There's more to those incidents than paranoia or co-incidence!"

"Maybe," Wes acceded. "But I had no right to bring you into it. Promise me you'll ignore what I said, please. Just enjoy your stay and relax before you have to head home."

Nick began to argue, but Noah motioned to him to let it drop. "If that's what you want," he assured the other man. "But if you change your mind, we're here!"

The rest of the day passed in happy company. The three men alternated between the house and pool; reading, ambling around the grounds, dozing in the sun and occasionally swimming. Conversation flowed easily and the subject of Wes' concerns about attempts on his life was all but forgotten. Very quickly, Nick and Noah warmed to this man, and within a few short hours were considering him a close friend. Shortly after lunch, Wes announced that it was time to open the bar and made the three of them large cocktails. As they lay back on sun-lounges beside the pool, drinks in hand and revelling in the sun on their bare bodies, a shouted greeting broke the silence.

"Hey, Unc, you didn't tell me you were planning an orgy. If I'd known I would have been home sooner!"

Wes waved his hand unconcernedly toward his nephew. "What makes you think you'd be invited?" he chuckled. "Besides, lying around in the sun hardly constitutes an orgy."

Patrick laughed as he stepped out onto the patio, trailed by a slightly older but equally good looking man, also grinning widely.

"I dunno," he said slowly. "Three naked men, lots of privacy, and alcohol ... that sounds like the right ingredients to me!"

"Patrick!" Wes admonished. "Don't be crude. Being naked is perfectly natural -- I've always told you that. Nudity does not equate to sexual arousal. Admiration for a good body is not the same thing as wanton lust. Now grow up, and introduce Frank to our guests!"

As Wes' nephew introduced his boyfriend to Nick and Noah, Frank openly appraised the couple with his eyes, drinking in their physiques and their nakedness with undisguised appreciation. Patrick also did little to hide his like at what he saw lying on the lounges, although Wes seemed oblivious to the ogling from his nephew and partner.

"Can we join you?" Patrick asked, already beginning to strip off his shirt.

"Of course," Wes agreed readily.

"It's a beautiful day; perfect for some sun and lazing about, or whatever," Frank noted as he casually undressed while Patrick made them both drinks. The two younger men, now both naked, dived into the pool and splashed about for several minutes before rejoining the others on the patio and sipping their cocktails. Again, both Patrick, and more noticeably, Frank, brazenly stared at Nick and Noah, smiling invitingly. Nick felt almost uncomfortable at the attention he and Noah were receiving, and a sideways glance at Noah confirmed that his partner had picked up on the subtle advances, and did not approve. Yet still Wes appeared ignorant of what the two younger men were doing.

Eventually, Frank and Patrick seemed to tire of their little game, and the mood relaxed again as they joined in the light banter. Now that the tension had disappeared, Noah found the pair could be both charming and entertaining, but his unease at their initial behaviour didn't entirely disappear. Nick, on the other hand, seemed to have forgiven all, and was engaging in a lively debate with Frank about the merits or otherwise of popular music in clubs. Despite the fact that there could not have been more than ten years age difference between them, it became obvious very quickly that a serious generation gap existed when it came to opinions on what was okay to dance to.

Around five, with the sun lowering in the west, Patrick heaved himself up from his seat.

"Time to get ready," he stated to no-one in particular.

Frank opened his eyes, and nodded, also standing.

"You going out again?" Wes asked in a disapproving voice.

"Of course," his nephew declared. "Frank and I are going to a party down in Portsea tonight."

"You party a little too much, Patrick," Wes grimaced. "A few nights at home wouldn't hurt you."

Patrick simply laughed. Frank looked long at Nick again and smiled. "You guys are welcome to join us, if you'd like?" he offered.

Noah jumped in quickly. "Thanks, but no," he said emphatically. "We're guests of your uncle. You boys go ahead and enjoy yourself."

As the younger couple disappeared into the house to shower and dress, Wes grimaced at Noah. "I don't think those two take life seriously enough. I'm not much of a `father-figure', am I?"

"Don't worry about them," Nick opined. "They're young, and keen. Let them go. They'll grow up eventually."

Wes just shrugged in resignation. "You could have gone with them if you wanted," he said. "I'm going to have to leave you to yourselves anyway. I have to go through the paperwork for this meeting tomorrow."

"Oh," Nick said, suddenly concerned. "What paperwork? We were just going to go along to hear what was said. We haven't done any real homework about it -- I don't recall there being too much paperwork to look at."

"There wasn't," Wes grinned. "At least, not for the shareholders."

"But aren't you a shareholder as well?" Noah asked. I thought you said that was why you were going to the same meeting we were."

"Yes, but I'm also on the Board of the company. So while you're on the floor, listening, I'll be up on the dais doing some of the talking!"

"Sorry Wes, I didn't realise," Noah said.

"Shit, I hope we haven't breached any regulations -- you know, insider trading, confidence and all that," sputtered Nick.

Wes laughed. "Hardly! How could we? We haven't mentioned it at all until now. But I do need to spend some time this evening going over it. Why don't you two go into the village and have something to eat? There are a couple of very good restaurants I can recommend. I'll make myself a snack, and then we can get together for a coffee and a nightcap when you get back."

Nick and Noah agreed easily enough. It seemed like a pleasant way to end a relaxing weekend, and they didn't want to bother Wes when he needed some solitude. Wes called and booked them a cab for 7.30, and they settled back into another drink as the sun disappeared.

Just before 6.00 pm, Patrick and Frank appeared again, now dressed and freshened. "Last chance guys," Frank said. "You sure you don't want to come with us?"

"No thanks," Noah repeated.

"Definitely not," Nick said. "After finding out your choice of music, I'm sure I'd be bored or deaf, or both, within an hour!"

"Okay then," Patrick smiled. "We'll be back tonight, but it won't be early. So I guess we'll see you in the morning."

"Take care, boys," Wes called to their retreating backs, raising an eyebrow to Nick's grin and Noah's sympathetic face.

Nick and Noah took the departure of Frank and Patrick as their cue to get themselves ready for dinner, leaving Wes by the pool. They showered and changed into smart casual wear.

"I'm not sure I approve of the way Patrick and Frank acted today," Noah mused.

"Yeah, I know what you mean," Nick agreed. "They were pretty bloody obvious!"

"They were downright rude -- trying to come onto guests like that."

Nick grinned. "Hey, like I said to Wes, they're young and keen and out to party. So they would have been interested in a bit of `group fun'? We can hardly criticise them for that. And don't tell me you wouldn't have been interested if they threw on some chaps and harnesses, `Viking boy'!"

Noah blushed, and grinned. "Okay, so I'll admit they are both very good looking. I just think they should have been more ... restrained. Especially in front of Wes."

"Probably," Nick conceded. "Yet he didn't seem to notice, so I guess there was no harm done. You're just showing your age, old man."

Noah looked up into his partner's face as Nick tried to stifle a grin, and threw a pillow at him. With a chuckle, he pretended hurt. "Well, you'd better take me out for dinner and then get me home early so I can get my rest. You know how us oldies need our sleep!"

Finding Wes in a massive office/library on the ground floor, surrounded by books and antiques, a ream of paper spread across the desk in front of him, Noah sympathised.

"Sorry. We should have let you get to this earlier."

"No," Wes laughed. "I wouldn't have looked at it until now, even if I were home alone. Enjoy yourselves guys."

"Thanks," Nick said. "We'll see you in a few hours."

The taxi was waiting for them outside, and twenty minutes later they were ushered into a wonderful, if tiny, restaurant. Seafood was the house speciality, and it came in huge quantities, fresh and superbly prepared. The pair lingered over dinner, enjoying every morsel as they discussed the weekend, and agreed that this trip had turned out to be very pleasant after all. They talked about Wes, deciding he was a wonderful host and a very nice person, and agreed that they should invite him to visit Sydney in the near future. Noah suggested getting together with Wes and David and Joe, and when Nick raised an eyebrow lustily, he looked disapprovingly across the table.

"Not like that!", he said. "David and Joe are fine, but I'm fairly certain Wes doesn't get into group scenes. I meant getting together for dinner and conversation. Try to think of something other than sex for once!"

Nick smiled. Despite Noah's remonstration, he knew his man didn't really disapprove of him. He also guessed, correctly, that if Wes had offered to join in, Noah would not have been at all upset.

Around 10.30 they finally got up from the table, and asked the restaurant to call them a cab, thanking the waiter for an excellent meal and promising to recommend the place to their friends. At that time on a Sunday night there was no real wait, and just before 11.00 they were back at Wes' home. The lights were still on, and the front door unlatched, as they let themselves in and headed for the patio area where the bar was.

"Hey Wes, we're back," Nick called out, to no reply.

The lounges by the pool were empty, and they could hear no sound from inside the house. Nick began to help himself to a drink.

"I'll go look for him," Noah said. "Maybe he's fallen asleep over that paperwork."

Noah made his way into the library, calling out Wes' name, but a quick glance from the doorway showed the desk unoccupied. He was about to retrace his steps when something caught his eye -- what looked like a hand, on the floor behind one of the lounges to one side of the room.

"Wes?" Noah called out, suddenly alarmed. Rushing over, as bile rose in his stomach, Noah found his worst fears confirmed.

"Nick, Nick," he yelled loudly.

Nick came racing in to his shouts, instantly seeing his mate kneeling on the floor beside a sofa.


"Call the cops," Noah said in a flat voice. "Use your mobile phone, don't touch anything else in the room. It's Wes!"

Do we need an ambulance?" Nick asked in a hushed voice.

"No, it's too late for that. He's dead!"

Nick rounded the edge of the furniture to have Noah's opinion confirmed. Wes lay on his side, his eyes wide open and glazed, a massive pool of blood on the floor which had sprung from several gaping wounds in his back. From the way the blood had congealed already, it didn't take a genius to realise he had been like this for some time already.

"Fuck!" he said eloquently.


Chapter 3

The wailing of sirens heralded the arrival of the police, who quickly sealed off the room where Wes's body lay. As forensic examiners moved in, photographing everything before turning the place over to fingerprint experts, Nick and Noah were shepherded out onto the pool deck area, both of them in mild shock.

They told the detective who interviewed them everything they could about the evening, which wasn't much. Wes had been happy and fine when they left, and dead when they returned. Their presence at the restaurant all evening could be easily confirmed by waiters. The house itself appeared not to be disturbed, although they were unable to say whether anything had been stolen since they didn't really know the place that well, having only arrived for the first time 36 hours earlier.

Detective Moran seemed to accept their explanation of having met Mr Arrows-Smith through the introduction of a mutual friend, and didn't enquire too much more on their relationship. When he asked if there had been any other people in the house over the weekend, both men suddenly remembered Patrick.

"Oh shit," Nick declared.

"His nephew," Noah offered by way of explanation. "Wes' nephew, Patrick, lives here with him. He was here this afternoon. He and his partner left about 6.00. They were going to a party somewhere, and said they'd be back, but not until late. We need to contact him, but I have no idea how."

"Do you know the nephew's surname?"

"Uhh, no," Noah said.

"He was Wes' sister's son, so his name won't be `Arrows-Smith'," Nick added.

"His partner's name is Frank -- and no, I don't know his last name either," Noah went on.

The cop raised an eyebrow at that. Nick sighed deeply. "Before we get any further, Detective," he said, bristling for an argument, "Mr Arrows-Smith was gay. His nephew is gay. I and my partner here, Noah, are gay. The friend who introduced us is gay. Is any of this going to be a problem?"

Moran shook his head. "Please, Mr Giannis," he said soothingly. "I wasn't disapproving. It just took me by surprise. If it makes you feel any better, I am gay too. And no, that doesn't make any difference to the case, or to how I investigate it!"

Nick reddened. "Sorry, it's just that..."

"Gentlemen," the cop offered quietly. "I am only too well aware that being gay seems to cause more problems than it should. But let's get that all out in the open and dismiss it right now. I have a murder to investigate."

"Please forgive our attitude, detective," Noah said. "It's late, and it's been a very upsetting night, or should that be morning?" He looked at his watch -- it was now almost 2.00 a.m.

"It's forgotten. Now, we need to find this `Patrick'..."

"What in the fuck is going on?" demanded a loud, shrill voice from the front of the house. "I live here, so don't tell me I can't come in. Uncle Wes? Uncle Wes? What's happening?"

The voice was quickly growing louder and verging on hysteria.

"I think we've just found him," said Noah.

A uniformed officer rounded the corner, leading a very agitated Patrick, and a rather dazed looking Frank, back to where Nick and Noah waited.

"Detective Moran, this is Mr Arrows-Smith's nephew Patrick, and his partner Frank," Noah said by way of introduction, turning to face the cop. Moran stood there staring open-mouthed, his face white.

Nick and Noah swapped questioning glances at the strange reaction of the detective.

"Unh, P... Patrick, you said?" he stammered.

"Yes, that's right, Patrick Feldman," Patrick replied, looking directly at the cop and speaking in a slowly rising voice. "What the fuck is going on?"

Moran seemed to shake off his surprise, and became businesslike and professional once again. "Sorry," he muttered. "You look remarkably like someone I know," he offered by way of explanation. He sat Patrick down and, surprisingly gently, explained what had happened to his uncle.

"Noooo!" wailed the young man, collapsing in a heap, sobs wracking his body. "Uncle Wes! Uncle Wes!" he repeated in a diminishing voice.

Frank went to put his arms around Patrick, but it was obvious that he too was in shock, and not of much assistance. Nick moved to the pair, offering his support as he held them both.

Noah motioned to the detective and pulled him to one side. "There's something else you should know," he said softly. "Mr Arrows-Smith told us only last night that he thought someone was trying to murder him!"

Quickly, Noah repeated to the very surprised cop what Wes had told them the previous evening about the various incidents in recent months. Moran took copious notes, asking more questions than Noah had answers for, shaking his head as he did.

By the time Noah had told the detective everything he could, Patrick had calmed down enough to be asked some questions.

"You left the house around 6.00 pm I understand," Moran said. Patrick nodded. "Where did you go?"

"Ummm, we went to a friend's place in Portsea," Frank answered for him.

"Is there anyone else who might have access to the house?"

"It wasn't locked!" Nick jumped in. "We came back from the restaurant and it was open."

"But that wouldn't be common knowledge," said the cop. "Patrick -- anyone?"

Patrick shook his head vaguely, uncomprehendingly. Frank spoke up again. "What about Mrs Fitzgibbon?"

To the questioning look of Detective Moran, he elaborated. "The housekeeper. She lives in the cottage." He motioned towards it with his jaw.

"Out," said Patrick flatly. "Day off -- Sunday -- goes to her son's place."

"I think we may need to continue this tomorrow," the detective said, seeing the lost look on Patrick's face. His assistant had just motioned to him that they were about to remove the body. "Will you be alright here tonight?"

Nick nodded. Noah assured him they would stay with Patrick for the night.

"I'm going to have to ask you to extend your stay in Melbourne, gentlemen," he said. At least for a few days while we confirm your stories and get what details we can. I may need to speak to you again before you return to Sydney.

Nick began to object, but Noah nodded. "That's okay. We should stay for the funeral now anyway. Patrick, do you mind if we stay here?"

The young man nodded absently. "I think it would be better if you did," said Frank, gratefully.

As the police finished what they had to do in the rest of the house, Nick poured them all strong drinks, and the four men sat together by the pool, trying to offer each other some comfort through the long hours until dawn. Patrick sat in a daze, Frank simply looked lost, and Nick and Noah alternated between offering soothing words and hugging the two younger men when they felt they needed it.

It was well into Monday morning before Patrick finally got to sleep. Collapsed from exhaustion would be a better term, since that is what happened to him. Frank carried him upstairs and lay down beside him, trying to rest also, while Nick and Noah worried to each other about what needed to be done. They felt that someone should notify the company about Wes before the meeting, but had no idea who to contact. They were certain other friends and relatives should be told, but didn't know whom or how. When the housekeeper, Mrs Fitzgibbon showed up around 7.00 am, it was obvious to her that something was seriously wrong. It fell to Nick and Noah to give her the bad news, which led to another session of comforting as the poor woman wailed and sobbed.

Patrick and Frank surfaced around 11.30, about the same time that the phone began to ring. Noah asked Nick to look after the boys and the housekeeper, while he started taking the calls, trying his best to answer questions, without really knowing who he should be telling what. He wasn't sure how it had gotten out, but it seemed that news of Wes' death had begun to circulate fairly early. In a respite from the phone, Noah suddenly thought of David. He had been a long term friend of Wes. He called the number he knew by heart.


"David, it's Noah."

"Well, hello there. Having a good time in Melbourne?" David said cheerily.

"David, I have some bad news. I'm sorry, but there's no easy way to say it. Wes is dead."

There was a sharp intake of breath and a short silence down the line before David spoke again. "How? What happened? Are you alright?"

Noah went on to tell his friend what had happened, what they had found. He explained how lost he felt, not knowing any of Wes' friends or contacts in the area.

"Damn," David cursed down the line. "I'll be there as soon as I can!"


"No buts," David said. "I know the area, know the city, know the people. You need help, and so does Patrick. Wes would have wanted it. I'll cancel everything up here, and be down there this afternoon."

"But we're out at Wes' house on the Mornington Peninsula. How are you going to get here from the city?"

"Don't worry. I know where the house is. I'll hire a car at the airport and drive myself out there. See you soon." With that he hung up.

Knowing David was on his way, and that he could help where they couldn't manage, made Noah feel much better. He went to let Nick know what was happening. He found a much recovered Patrick sitting quietly by the pool.

"We need to start thinking about making arrangements," Patrick was saying. "The funeral, all that stuff."

"You can't do anything yet. The police will want to keep Wes' body for examination and an autopsy," sighed Nick.

"I can't believe this has happened," muttered Frank, still looking lost.

"Try to calm down, Frank," Noah said to him soothingly. "Patrick is going to need your help and support over the next few days, even weeks." The young man nodded slowly.

A doorbell announced the return of Detective Moran. Noah let him in and showed him to the patio where the others were sitting. He spoke to them all gently, telling them that although the investigation was just starting, he would do everything he could to find the murderer, and that he was sympathetic to how they felt. He assured Patrick that Wes' body would be released and able to be buried within a week, then said he needed to speak to them again individually.

Noah helped the detective set himself up in a sitting room, since no-one was able to go into the library just yet. The cop spoke first to the housekeeper, but didn't keep her very long at all. Her alibi was solid, and she had little information that could help with his investigation.

Next it was Frank's turn. As he left, he held Patrick's hand, looking into his lover's eyes with a searching glance. "It will all be okay," he said reassuringly. He was only gone for a short time, giving the policeman details of where they had been the previous evening, before returning to the group.

"Patrick?" called the detective.

"It's okay," Frank said. "I told him where we were all night. He just has to check -- it's part of his job."

Patrick nodded, took a deep breath, and walked into the sitting room.

After Patrick had been with the cop for over an hour, Frank began to get agitated.

"What is going on?" he asked no-one in particular.

"Take it easy, Frank," Nick advised. "Patrick knew more about his uncle than anyone, so it's logical that the cops will need more information from him."

Eventually Patrick reappeared, looking tired but not overly concerned. Detective Moran followed him out. "Mr Sorensen, Mr Giannis, can I speak to you together please?" he said.

Nick and Noah looked at each other, and followed the cop back into the sitting room. "I don't have anything more I need to ask you at this early point," he said amicably. "With what you told me last night about Mr Arrows-Smith's concerns for his own welfare, and some information and names I've been given by his nephew, hopefully we'll be able to look into a number of possibilities. I want to thank you -- without the two separate sets of information we may have had nothing at all."

"Glad we could help," beamed Nick.

"Are you able to tell us anymore -- about what happened, I mean?" asked Noah.

"Not much," Moran sighed. "Initial observations suggest Mr Arrows-Smith was stabbed at least four times with an unidentified sharp object, most likely a knife, although we can't find any such knife in the house. There's no sign of forced entry, although as you know the house wasn't locked so anyone could have gotten in quite easily. Best guess at the time of the attack would be between 8.00 and 9.00 pm, so he would have been dead a couple of hours before you found him.

"There appears to be nothing stolen from the house, and it wasn't ransacked, so I think we can dismiss robbery as a motive. Unfortunately, given Mr Arrows-Smith's extensive business holdings, plus what you told me last night, there are any number of possibilities, so this is not likely to be a short investigation. Although I'd prefer it if you were still available for a little while yet, I don't have any reason to ask you to remain in Victoria, so if you wish to return home, you can."

"Thanks for that," Noah said seriously. He looked at Nick and turned back to the cop. "Detective Moran,..."

"Please, call me `Bob'," interrupted the officer.

Noah smiled. "Bob, we're going to stay here at least until the funeral, and we'll let you know before we leave. You have our mobile phone numbers, and we'll give you our home address and phone as well, just in case."

"Thanks, guys," the cop smiled. "I'll leave you to it. I think young Patrick is going to need some help over the next few days."

"Yes, I think you could be right," Noah agreed. He shook hands warmly with the detective, as did Nick, with a slightly bemused expression.

After the officer had left, as they headed back to the poolside, Nick caught Noah's arm, and whispered into his ear.

"Noah Sorensen, if I didn't know better, I'd say you were flirting with Detective Moran!"

Noah sputtered indignantly, but he reddened at the same time. "I was just trying to be polite. Besides, it always helps to keep the cops on side, you know."

Nick laughed. "Especially when they are handsome, and built like a brick shit-house!"

"Don't be stupid, I wasn't coming on to him, I was just doing my civic duty!"

"Hey, lover," Nick grinned. "It's okay. I wouldn't say `no' to him wanting to, ah, `interrogate' you a little more closely. I'd even give him a hand! Just think -- he would have his own handcuffs -- real ones! I'll bet he'd look fucking hot in chaps and a harness ..."

Noah laughed as well. "Yes, he certainly would," he agreed.

Feeling a little better, they returned to the others. Mrs Fitzgibbon had busied herself making a tray of sandwiches and salad, so although no-one was hungry, they all sat down to eat. At least it gave them something to do.

"Patrick," Noah said evenly. "The cops said you gave them some information that could help -- names and stuff concerning your uncle?"

"Uh huh," he responded. "They wanted to know if I could think of anyone who would want to hurt him, or of anyone with whom he had been fighting recently. I told them I didn't think it was serious enough for them to, uhh ... kill him," he stopped, choking over the word.

"What was?" Nick prodded.

"Well, there have been a couple of things in the last few months. I don't think Uncle Wes even knew I was aware, but he's had some pretty loud arguments with two different guys."

"Go on," urged Noah. "Who with? And what was it about, do you know?"

"The first one was the next door neighbour. The guy kept coming over regularly, and he and Uncle Wes would go inside and argue for ages. I overheard them one day, just before Wes threw the guy out and told him to stop wasting his time, and never come back. I'm pretty sure he wanted to buy the property. If not all of it, then certainly a big slice. He kept saying something about sub-divisions and huge profits for little effort, insisted that it needed to be done before the rezoning went through."

"What `re-zoning'? Do you know anything about it?"

"Nothing at all. I don't understand what it was about. All I know is that the last time he was here -- has to be a few months ago now, Uncle Wes practically threw him out by the scruff of his neck, and he wasn't too happy. Kept shouting about how Uncle Wes was a fool with more money than sense, and that he would be sorry!"

"Hmm, very interesting," said Nick.

"And there was something else?" prompted Noah.

"Uh huh. About the same time. An older guy called Terry Michaels, he used to come around from time to time. I know his name because he used to call on the phone a lot too. Always wanting to talk to Wes, but would never tell me what it was about, just that it was `personal'. I came home one day to find him standing out the front of the house, cursing and swearing and demanding to be let in. When I asked him what he wanted, he just swore and took off. A few days later he was back, and this time he was in the library with Wes. I was worried after the previous shouting so I hung around in case Uncle Wes needed a hand. I heard this guy say that unless Wes gave him some more time, he'd go to the papers, tell them all about Wes' personal life, about being gay. Wes just laughed at him, said 'blackmail' was a crime, and that he wouldn't put up with it. They started shouting and the guy stormed out yelling about how Uncle Wes would get what was coming to him."

"I don't like the sound of that at all," Noah mused.

"But I don't think it was all that bad," Patrick explained. "I asked Wes about it afterwards, because I was worried. He said I should feel sorry for the guy rather than be concerned. Apparently this guy used to be an acquaintance ..." Patrick stopped, and looked guiltily as he half whispered, "I think he and Wes may have been on together once."

"An ex lover?" Nick asked quickly.

"No, I don't think so. More like a `fuck-buddy'. Wes didn't talk about things like that much, so I didn't press. But he did tell me that the guy had a major gambling problem. Owed heaps to some illegal casino. Wes had lent him some money to help him out, but despite a whole stack of promises, the guy hadn't paid the money back. That was what the fight was over, or so Uncle Wes said."

Patrick lapsed into silence again, staring off into space, as Frank settled his arm around his mate's shoulders. Before either Nick or Noah could ask any more, the doorbell rang again.

"I'll go," Noah said.

"Are you okay?" was the first thing David said as Noah opened the door.

"Yeah, better now," Noah grinned. "You've made record time!"

"Melbourne's not that far away, you know. How is Nick?"

"As usual, seeing murderers at every corner, and sure the cops are out to get us!" Noah laughed.

"What about Patrick? Is he here?"

"Yes, he and Frank are out by the pool. He's taking it hard, but he's getting better."

"Frank?" David looked uncertain.

"His boyfriend. Don't you know him?"

"No, never met him," David said, the concern disappearing. "Wes did mention a boyfriend, but I haven't actually seen Patrick for several years." He steeled himself as Noah led him to the others.

"Dave!" Patrick said as soon as he saw him.

"Well, haven't you grown up?" David commented admiringly.

"Thanks for coming," Patrick said. "How did you know?"

"Nick and Noah -- they're good friends of mine and Joe's."

"Oh, of course." Patrick turned to Frank. "Frank this is Dave -- one of Wes' oldest friends. Dave -- Frank -- my partner."

Frank and David shook hands, and David settled into a chair as some of the events of the last 24 hours were rehashed for him, and he was brought up to speed on what the boys knew. He quickly took control of the situation, asking who had rung, and who had been notified. Noah gave him a list of the callers he had spoken to that morning, and told him what they had said.

"Patrick," David sought the young man's attention. "You need to start making some decisions. You're his `next-of-kin'. You'll have to contact a funeral parlour, and let the family know. I can get in touch with mutual friends who will spread the word, but you are going to have to grow up and take responsibility very quickly, I'm afraid. What about Phillip?"

"Phillip?" echoed Frank.

"Who is Phillip?" asked Nick.

"He's not around anymore, they broke up," Patrick said quickly, almost defensively.

"I know that," replied David, "But I think he should be told, and it should be soon, before he hears it on the grapevine."

"Phillip is Wes' ex?" Noah asked. When David nodded, Noah said quietly, "He mentioned an ex, said it wasn't all that happy a split."

"No," David confirmed, "But I still think he deserves to be one of the first to be told. He loved Wes very much. The break-up hit him pretty hard."

For the next couple of hours, David set about allocating chores for each of them. He was particularly concerned to see that Patrick had plenty to do. "It'll take his mind off what has happened," he explained to Noah. Once he was satisfied that all that needed to be done was started, he finally slowed down himself, slumping into a chair beside Nick and Noah when the three found themselves alone.

"Thanks, David," Noah said. "We were feeling a little out of our depth."

"It's always hard when you don't know the locals," David empathised. "But I'm glad you two were here. I don't know whether Patrick would have coped by himself. I know I wouldn't want to try to do it alone."

"So what does Joe think about losing you for a week?" Nick asked.

David beamed widely. "He isn't! I jumped on the first plane, but he's arranging things at home today and tomorrow, including a substitute dog-sitter for Indiana. He's flying down tomorrow evening. Wanna drive up to the airport with me to collect him?"

"Yeah," Nick grinned. "I think we could use a break from here, and maybe Patrick could use some time to himself for a few hours."


That night the entire household slept soundly, more from exhaustion than peace of mind. Tuesday morning brought another visit from Detective Moran with a few more brief questions for Patrick, and the news that forensics were finished with the house so it, and in particular the library, could be cleaned. Noah helped David to discreetly remove the rug where Wes had fallen and bled, before allowing the housekeeper in to remove all evidence of what had happened -- a job she set about with grim determination.

Noah introduced David to the cop, explaining who he was. Bob Moran seemed pleased to meet this new friend, and David promised to help in any way he could with any further information.

As the officer left, David whistled quietly after him. "Nice arse!"

Moran didn't hear, but Nick and Noah did, and Nick smirked. "Noah thinks so too. I think he'd like to `serve' Officer Moran."

"Alright, already, let it go," Noah declared, grinning.

"Mmmm," David chuckled. "I'd be `up' for a bit of law and order myself, given the chance. I'll bet `sabre' and `trojan' could assist the long arm of the law in `investigating' a couple of slaves by the names of viking and eagar, too. What do you think Nick?"

Nick smirked with lust, "Now there's a way to carry out some real civic duties!"

The three of them watched with interest as the detective climbed into his car and waved them farewell.


Frank declared that he needed to get some things done at home, and after being assured by Patrick that he was okay, set off with a promise that he would be back the following day, and would stay on for as long as he was needed.

David, Nick and Noah left the house around 5.00 to drive into Melbourne and collect Joe from the airport. Hitting peak hour traffic meant they had a slow trip through the city and out on the Tullamarine Freeway, but still arrived before Joe's plane disembarked. A round of hugs and reunions followed as all four men accepted the awful truth of Wes' murder, and acknowledged that they had a large job on their hands over the next few days.

Back at the house, Joe was introduced to Patrick and Mrs Fitzgibbon, who insisted on making a hearty meal for the men over their protests. After dinner she disappeared to her cottage, and Patrick excused himself early, heading for his bed. The four friends sat long into the night, going over all that they knew, and trying to find something that would help the police track down Wes' killer.

When they finally declared the evening done and made their way to the guest bedrooms, Nick and Noah fell into restless sleep quickly. David sat on the edge of the bed rubbing his head, and trying to go over in his mind all of the things that needed to be done in the next few days.

"Hey there, stud," Joe said softly, hands on David's shoulders as he began a slow, gentle massage. "I'm proud of you."

"Proud of me? What for?" asked his lover in surprise.

"Because of the way you've taken over, settled everyone down and gotten them thinking about things that need to be done. You know I love it when you take control ..." he slid his arms around David's body, hugging him back into his own body and whispering into his ear, "... and when you do it in real life it makes me proud, and turns me on."

David grinned, leaning back and relishing the feel of Joe's chest against his shoulders. "Joe, you're always the `bottom' when we have sex, either playing in leather, or being romantic in bed. Do you ever want to take the other role?"

Joe smiled lovingly. "Never!" he declared. "I'm a total bottom, and I like it that way. And I love it that you are all top. We're a perfect fit, you and I."

Without a word, David swivelled around, and together they fell back onto the sheets, side by side. They kissed, hands reaching for bodies, fingers tracing across skin as they trembled and shook with the beginnings of passion. David rolled onto his side, pushing Joe back, flat on the bed. His mouth attacked Joe's again, then licked at his mate's chin before tracing its way down his neck. David licked and nibbled his way over Joe's chest as Joe sighed with pleasure, his hands roaming over David's back and shoulders, his fingers pushing through David's hair and holding tightly to the beautiful head that attacked his body. When David's moist lips touched the head of Joe's swollen, throbbing cock, Joe gasped. He was so hard he hurt, and David's tongue was so feathery soft. David licked at the slit of Joe's prick, tasting the first droplets of pre-cum that had already appeared, and proceeded to slowly and sensuously lick his way down along the shaft, sending spasms of joy through Joe's frame. He nibbled gently at the rolling nuts in their sack of skin, before taking them right into his mouth and massaging them with his tongue. Joe groaned with delight.

David pressed onwards. Letting Joe's testicles plop from his mouth, he manoeuvered himself around, lifting Joe's legs and gaining access to the tender skin between his legs. David flicked his tongue over the sensitive perinaeum and Joe moaned again. He knew what Joe loved. As his mouth licked and probed at the soft pink pucker of Joe's arse, David marvelled that he and Joe had been able to share so much, in such a short time. Lifting his face away, he leaned forward as Joe wrapped his legs around David's body. Again they kissed as Joe guided David's steel hard prick down to rub along the crack of his arse, and pinched at the skin of David's earlobes. This time David groaned with pleasure. Just as he knew what turned Joe on, Joe knew exactly what to do to get David's blood boiling.

Joe found David's hand with his own, and guided it to the bedside drawer, where a bottle of lube was within easy reach. David applied the cool gel of the lube to his throbbing cock, and smeared more around Joe's hole, massaging it in with his fingers and ensuring his mate's sphincter was liberally coated. Joe lifted his legs again to David's shoulders as David kneeled between them, and slowly nudged his hard, aching prick toward Joe's twitching target. As skin connected with skin, the two men looked deeply into each other's eyes, and nodded.

Joe pushed back against the firmness of David's manhood, willing himself to relax and to accept his lover. He trembled with anticipation, and ached with need as his mate inched inward. With a small grimace of pleasure, Joe felt his own muscle surrender, and David was inside him, the head of the hard thick cock penetrating him as his sphincter clenched around David's glans. He felt David stop and wait as he adjusted to the sensation of being filled, and Joe looked longingly into David's eyes. David began to slide slowly into him, and Joe gasped with joy as his lover's rock hard pole ever so gradually pushed its way into his body.

David struggled to maintain his composure as he breached Joe's hole. Waiting for a second to allow his partner to adjust, and to catch his breath, he ached with the delight of making slow tender love. Pressing forward again, his entire body trembled as his dick probed slowly, gently into Joe's body, the wet heat of his mate's bowel enveloping him and the clamping ring of muscle gripping at the shaft of his weapon.

Finally, David came to rest, the entire length of his masculinity buried deep within Joe. The two men grunted in unison. David leaned forward and down, and Joe lifted his head to meet him, so their mouths met in a long kiss of passionate ecstasy. They remained locked together, joined at the groin and the mouth, for several minutes as they savoured the delight of making love.

With the end of the kiss, David began to move again, slowly withdrawing a little, and pushing back in again. As he did, Joe constricted his sphincter against the flesh of David's pole, gripping at him before relaxing as his lover surged forward. The two soon fell into an easy, gentle rhythm as David moved in and out of Joe, their bodies melding as one. Joe quivered as his arse was massaged and his bowel filled by the warm, powerful sword of David's rod. David for his part trembled in ecstatic pleasure as the hot moist cavern of Joe's innards wrapped around him, caressing his very manhood. Joe and David did more than have sex, they made love. And they rocked together like this for what seemed an eternity, immersed in erotic delight.

But even with the care they took to prolong their loving, and despite their efforts at resting and waiting to allow the growing urges to subside, base instinct overwhelmed each of them. David tingled as the tempo of his insertions increased, his entire being seemed concentrated in the sensual shocks generated within his cock. Joe too felt the waves of pleasure sweep up and over him, an irresistible sensation that emanated from his rectum, and sent notes of impassioned need through the rest of his body. Faster and faster David thrust, harder and harder his body pumped into his lover. Soon he was pounding his long, fleshy dagger deep into Joe, plugging his partner with a ferocity born of uninhibited passion. Joe's legs were wrapped around David's back, and he used the leverage to pull his man deeper and deeper into himself, humping up at David in rampant need as they sweated and gasped together, forming a single writhing being, the embodiment of masculine sex. They moaned and hissed as one, rutting furiously, fucking each other. David fell forward, his palms behind Joe's shoulders as he tried to pull his lover further onto himself, tried to bury his pole more deeply in the squelching, gripping cavity of Joe's being. Joe's arms were trapped by his sides, but his hands found the firm round orbs of David's butt, and he squeezed and pulled at his man, desperately trying to take all of David within his aching, needing body.

David knew his climax was approaching fast. He tried to hold back, but the demands of nature were pushing him to the brink. His nuts contracted and his cock swelled within the sheath of Joe's arse. He began to shout a warning, but his voice was cut off as pure ecstasy engulfed him. Joe heard the strangled cry from his mate at the very moment that his body spasmed with surrender and his balls emptied their precious load. He felt David go rigid within him as his cock exploded, long thick streamers of cum shooting between the trembling bodies, and coating both of them in white hot globs of manjuice. David watched with a detached, glazed look as Joe's jism poured from his long throbbing prick. His own masculinity, sunk so far inside this beautiful man, ached and twitched as he filled Joe's body with his essence, a torrent of ejaculate flowing from him and into the already heated cavern of Joe's bowel. As one, their orgasms crashed upon them, shook them both with the ultimate joy of release, and locked them together. And together, they began to subside. Suddenly, exhaustion took over, and David collapsed onto Joe's sweating frame, his now spent cock still lodged in his lover's hole, as Joe went limp beneath him, his energy sapped.

Their lips found each other again, and this time their kiss lingered, drawn out and tender as they slowly disentangled themselves. Lying side by side again, arms around each other, they relaxed in the warm afterglow of post-coital bliss, the sated joy of sharing the most intimate of experiences.

Finally, David broke the silence. Lifting his head to rest on his hand, he looked down at Joe's smiling face. "I love you," he said quietly. "I want you to know that I don't really think of you as my `slave boy'. You are all man, and I'm just so happy that you're mine."

"I know," Joe answered. "I love you too. And for the record, I love being your `boy', stud."


Chapter 4

Wednesday and Thursday were busy for all. With their lists of jobs prepared by David, everyone set about making arrangements for the funeral and wake. The parlour would collect the body directly from the morgue on Friday afternoon, and the funeral was scheduled for the following Tuesday. With Frank arriving back at the house on Wednesday afternoon, the place seemed full, but hardly welcoming. A cloud hung over the entire gathering as they worked together to mark the end of Wes' life. Both evenings were spent sitting in contemplation and quiet small talk beside the pool, no-one wanting to raise the awful spectre of the murder openly again, and each night the various couples retired to their rooms late, sleeping uneasily.

By Friday morning, all was in place, and the only thing left to do was wait. The pool had gone unused since Sunday, and without the distraction of something to do, all six men found themselves by noon that day moping about, lost for anything to say and almost willing the passage of the hours to speed up. Frank was the first to take some action.

"Okay, you," he declared to his mate. "Enough of this. I don't care what you say, I'm taking you down to the pub, and getting you drunk! You need to let your feelings go for the night."

Patrick began a feeble argument, but Noah sided with Frank, as did David. "He's right. You won't be able to forget what's happened, but a few stiff drinks tonight and a decent hangover tomorrow, will go a long way towards helping. Go on, it's not being disrespectful. You need to ease some of the stress you've been under for the last week."

And so they went, Frank promising to look after him, and get them both back safely later that night.

"Lose some tension, ease some stress," Nick observed in a mutter. "Now that's something we could all do with."

"You got that right," agreed Joe. A tiny grin flitted across his face as he looked over his companions. "I know what helps me get rid of stress for sure ..." he hissed, leaving the rest unsaid.

"Oh boy, you've got my attention now, Eagar," Nick muttered lustily.

"Mmm," Noah replied wistfully, "But unfortunately, we're a long way from home, and a long way from gear or playrooms, too. I'm prepared to go `vanilla' if you guys want, but it won't be as much fun."

"We might not need to," David smirked. "Go `vanilla', that is." Mysteriously, he got up from his seat and went to find his phone, making a call from the lounge where the others couldn't hear what was said.

"You know what he's on about?" Nick asked Joe.

"Got me beat," Joe replied, "but I'm hoping he has an idea to help us all out. He did live here for a long while you know, and you know what they say about local knowledge."

When David rejoined them, his grin went from ear to ear. "Okay boys, let's go. I hope you're up for a long, hot night!"

His smile was infectious, and the anticipation notched up lusty hopes in all of them.

"Where are we going, Sabre?" Nick asked eagerly, intentionally using David's `Master' name from their sexual roles.

"Well it seems that an old friend of mine remembers me fondly enough to have invited us all over for a session in his dungeon," he chuckled as he shepherded his lover and their mates toward the rented car. "He has more than enough in the way of gear and toys to keep us all satisfied, and a very well equipped dungeon for us to play in."

"And he just happens to be home tonight for us?" asked Nick with a laugh.

"That's where we're lucky, and so is he. I'd lost touch with him lately -- had someone else on my mind ..." he smiled at his lover, making Joe blush. "But he was a very obliging slave when I knew him, likes the name `Punk' when he's enjoying his sex."

"What's his real name?" Noah asked.

"Peter," David answered, "But you won't need to use it tonight. I did hear he'd hooked up with someone long term, and was very happy. Anyway, when I rang he said that his other half had been working long hours all week, and needed to relieve some stress ..."

"Ha, sounds very familiar," observed Joe.

"Exactly," agreed David laughing. "Apparently they have a couple of buddies they usually get together with for fun, but their friends have gone out of town for the weekend, so it was looking like just the two of them. But when I rang, he was more than happy to ask us over. He said his partner was due home any minute, so he'd tell him the good news, and they'd be waiting for us, all geared up and set to go!"

"Excellent," Nick declared, his dick already swelling in anticipation. "So his partner -- I assume he's a top?"


What's his `play' name?"

"No idea," David confessed as they drove. "But I'm sure we'll find out soon enough."

The trip into Melbourne was easy enough, and even just the prospect of sex had eased the mood of the four friends from their earlier gloom. David drove confidently in through the south-eastern suburbs until he stopped the car in front of a small warehouse in a quiet back street of North Richmond.

"Your friend lives here?" Nick asked in surprise.

"Yep. Wait till you see inside the place. He bought it as a warehouse, and converted it to live in. it's a great home, but the play area he's set up has to be seen to be believed!"

David led the eager group across to the front of the building and rapped on a heavy steel door set low in one corner. A sliding bolt rasped against the metal, and the door swung inwards, a soft red light spilling out into the darkness. Standing in the doorway was a large framed man, clad in leather chaps and boots, a straining triangle of black hide covering his groin. A full harness enclosed his upper body, wide strips of gleaming black interspersed with shining silver studs. Around his neck he wore a dog collar similar in appearance to the straps of the harness, but his head was uncovered and shaved.

"Sabre, Sir," he beamed at David. "So good to see you again, come in!"

"Good to see you too, Punk," David answered lustily. As the others followed him into a comfortable sitting room area, he thanked their host.

"Very good of you to have us at such short notice, boy," he said. "We're all in need of a long hot session to take away some serious stress, so you're a real life-saver. All our gear is back in Sydney, and being away from home means no play space either."

"Not at all, sir," Punk responded enthusiastically. "You and your friends are doing us a favour! My man needs the same relief, and I've been looking forward to a good night for days, but our regular fuck buddies are away, so we were on our own. You showing up like this means we'll be able to really get into things."

As he spoke, a door creaked behind him, and into the room stepped a vision in leather. He wore chaps so tight they looked to have been painted over his long muscular legs, and polished boots which came almost to his knees. A fairly simple harness -- two straps over his shoulders and two around his chest, meeting at a chrome ring in the centre -- framed and supported chiselled pecs. Over that harness he wore a leather vest which laced together at either side. Gauntlets encased both arms from wrist to elbow, and bicep bands strained against rippling bulges in his upper arms. A Master's hood covered his head but revealed a square jaw and piercing dark eyes. At his groin, a silver cockring encircled the base of a very long, thick, but flaccid penis, swinging languidly.

The sub grinned widely and waved his arm toward the newcomers. "Sir," he said easily, "this is Master Sabre who rang earlier. He moved to Sydney a few years ago now."

David smiled warmly and held out his hand. "Nice to meet you," he said. "Thanks for letting us call in like this.

"My pleasure," said a deep voice. "Call me `Nightstick', at least for the next few hours," he grinned, shaking David's hand with a powerful grip.

"'Nightstick', eh?" David said, pointedly looking down at the large piece of meat between the man's legs. "Looks like that's appropriate," he chuckled. "These are my friends -- Master Trojan ..."

Nick stepped forward and shook hands warmly as well, appraising the other man with a long look, and having the favour returned. He liked what he saw, very much, and somehow the other man seemed familiar. But Nick dismissed the thought -- it was probably just that his gear reminded Nick of David's own favoured outfit when they played at home.

Indicating Joe and Noah in turn, David went on. "And these two are my boy, Eagar, and Trojan's slave, Viking."

The two both nodded to the Master, and stood back, legs spread and hands behind them.

"Looks like they're well trained," observed Nightstick. "Punk, show our guests into the dressing room, while I finish getting the dungeon ready."

"Yes, Sir," the other slave agreed. As the Master exited through the same door he had entered from, Punk led the four friends into a side room which turned out to be a walk-through wardrobe filled with every imaginable item of leather clothing, in varying sizes. Chaps, vests, jackets, hoods, caps and harnesses lined the area. Shelves overflowed with cockrings, boots, gauntlets and collars.

"Take your pick, please," said Punk. "Hopefully, you should be able to find some gear you like in your sizes. If you need any help, let me know."

Quickly, the four searched through the treasure trove of gleaming black leather, selecting chaps, boots and harnesses for themselves. Falling into their preferred roles came easily and happily to them. Sabre opted for a half-hood, similar to that worn by Nightstick. Trojan settled a leather biker's style cap on his head, and both Masters slid cockrings around their pricks but nothing else. Sabre chose a full slave hood for his boy which completely encased Eagar's head right down to his neck, plus a form-fitting backless jockstrap to envelop the slave's genitalia. For Viking, his Master held out a half hood, but which attached to a dog collar around the neck, and a pouch which cradled the boy's nuts, but left his cock exposed. Their garb may not have been precisely what they would don at home, but it was close enough, and exciting enough, to keep them satisfied for tonight's activities.

Confirming they were all happy with their appearances, an eager Punk led them from the dressing room into the dungeon play space, through a heavy, sound-proofed door which thudded closed behind them.

Revealed to the curious foursome was an incredible space, designed for pure pleasure and the enjoyment of leathermen. It had obviously once been part of a warehouse, but the transformation to an area devoted to sexual gratification was complete. David had been in this room before, years ago, but he quickly realised that Punk had improved it considerably since then, probably with the help of Nightstick.

The room was not really a `dungeon' at all. `Playground' would be a better word. Measuring at least ten metres in width, and fifteen metres long, it was a massive area for a residential building. The floor was springy underfoot, and closer inspection revealed it to be a heavy duty black leather overlay. The walls were mirrors, all of them. So was the entire ceiling. Noah turned around to look at where they had entered, to find that the door itself had disappeared, the only suggestion it even existed being a recessed handle within part of the reflecting surface. The light was dim, but not dark. Massive black candles on tall metal stands stood at intervals around the walls, their flickering glow interspersed with wispy smoke trails, imparting a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

Toward one corner, but still with plenty of room around them, hung two full slings suspended by steel chain, the links of which disappeared through holes in the mirrored ceiling above. Each of them was complete with boot stirrups, and wrist restraints already in place on the chains holding up the `head' end. Slightly behind and to one side of both was a black platform, like a small table, covered in the same leather as the floor, and holding an array of toys -- dildoes, paddles, anal balls and other items. The slings were parallel with each other, close enough for those using one to easily watch what was happening in the other. Around both sides and the head of the sling closest to the far wall was a raised area, like a wide step.

Next to the pair of slings sat two slave bench arrangements. Padded with foam and covered in the ever-present dark hide, one looked remarkably similar to a carpenter's saw horse. Designed for a submissive to be laid onto it face down, the higher central section was a sturdy flat area to support the main torso, whilst the head and pelvis remained exposed and available. At one end padded flat pieces, like shelves, were affixed to the legs, allowing the slave to kneel in place. At the back of these were ankle straps to bind him, matched with handcuffs open and waiting, attached to the legs at the other end of the `horse'.

The second bench was wider and larger, sitting closest to the slings. It consisted of three flat padded surfaces; a centre section about waist height, and a step on either side around knee level, which was recessed in underneath the middle piece. It ran parallel to the wall, and as many as three slaves at once could be bent over it, secured in place, and exposed for their Masters' pleasure.

On the other side of the room were a series of platforms, all of them black leather. One looked for all the world like a huge bed, the width of three king size beds pushed together, complete with a headboard consisting of strong black steel bars, an array of restraints already in place and waiting to be attached to arms or legs.

Another bore a remarkable resemblance to a reclining lounge chair, except for its height. The seat was at least a metre above floor level. In the shape of a curved tick, the backrest leaned away whilst the seat was also angled so that someone seated upon it would be supported comfortably in a semi-lying position. But there were no armrests on this device. Instead, on either side of the saddle was a wide step whilst the central piece was relatively narrow. With one person sitting into the `tick' another could stand above him, straddling him easily.

A third raised area was the most curious of all. It was similar to the wide bench opposite, in that it consisted of a higher centre shelf, with steps on either side. But at one end the side steps were raised up to the same height as the centre, and mounted on this widened section was a steel framed chair with soft back, yet the stool itself had no solid seat. In place of the seat was a set of wide nylon straps.

"It's a rim seat," explained Punk to the confused look on the faces of his new friends. "A Master can sit on it in comfort while a slave lies underneath and gives him a good rimming. At the same time, the slave can either be getting fucked by another top who is standing at the end of the bench, or fucking someone who is straddling him and lowering themselves onto him!"

In several places between the fixed items of `furniture', various stools were placed, apparently randomly, and halfway between the slings and the `bed', four lengths of chain hung down from the mirrored ceiling, arranged in pairs, with wrist cuffs attached fairly highly, above normal head height. Corresponding to each pair of chains were more metal links embedded in the floor, and connected by leg spreaders -- solid rods of steel with ankle restraints at each end. All around the room were scattered small tables bearing toys, lube and amyl, so that all were within easy reach of ay of the equipment, and of those making use of it.

Nick whistled appreciatively. "This place is just amazing, Nightstick," he said.

"Thanks, Trojan," acknowledged the other Master. "Punk had a lot of it already set up. I just helped refine it with some of my own ideas."

"I like the way your imagination works," Sabre commented.

"Yeah? Well right now I'm imagining some hot fucking. And I don't intend to let my imagination waste away!" chuckled the large man. He took a couple of steps across to one of the tables and picked up a butt plug, covering it in lube as he did.

"Punk," he commanded. "Stop playing tour guide and get over here!"

"Yes, Sir," yelped the sub, jumping to obey. At Nightstick's direction he bent forward and spread his arse cheeks so that his Master could insert the stubby toy into him, then stood again and faced his man.

Nightstick said nothing, but crossed his arms on his chest and stood with legs spread. Punk obviously knew exactly what was expected of him, because he instantly dropped to his knees and began to lick at the polished leather of his Master's boots, his hands caressing the powerful legs encased in shining chaps.

Nick watched for a moment, his cock springing to life, and quickly moved beside Nightstick, taking up a similar stance. Without even looking at his boy, Nick clicked his fingers, and Noah hurried to crouch behind his man, knowing what Nick wanted from past experience. As soon as his Master was in place, Viking crouched behind him, licking eagerly at the firm rounded melons of Trojan's arse cheeks, his fingers playing up and down the Dom's inner thighs and through his legs to his nuts and cock, caressing and massaging through the tight leather. Nightstick's rear was so close, his low hanging balls so inviting, that the slave soon began to alternate between both men, licking, biting and squeezing at each of them. Similarly, Punk was swapping his tongue washing duties back and forward between his own Master and Viking's man, a hand on the powerful muscled legs of each as he did.

As Noah lowered himself behind the two dominant men, Master Sabre had stepped over the almost prone Punk, a heavy boot on either side of the slave. "Eagar," he ordered, "Work Punk's arse. I want to hear him moan while he services us!"

Eagar hissed out an urgent "Yes, Sir," as he knelt behind Punk, gripping the base of the butt plug in one hand, and wrapping his free fingers around the other slave's nuts. Very quickly, Punk's stifled groans could be heard as he slurped at the feet of Trojan and Nightstick.

Sabre now stood directly facing the other two Masters. Taking a long and admiring look at their bodies, he reached out with both hands, and began to pinch and play with their nipples, his own cock filling quickly and pressing hard against the leather codpiece he wore. The two men opposite him were dissimilar yet alike. Trojan was short and covered in dark fur where his skin was visible beneath the leather. His face set in a determined look of enjoyment beneath the leather bikers cap. Nightstick was a good 15 centimetres taller, the hood covering most of his visage although his square jaw jutted proudly over a muscled neck and chest, only lightly dusted with hair, obviously clippered. But both men emanated power; both embodied masculine sexuality. Trojan's groin bulged outward, the triangle of hide tented by his tumescence, and Nightstick's chrome encircled cock stood almost to full attention with the servicing by Punk and Viking, and the pulling at his nipples by Sabre.

Nick grunted as his body tingled to the ministrations from Viking's tongue and hands on his arse and groin, and the electricity generated in his chest by Sabre's fingers. He looked down at the head and shoulders of Punk gripping his ankles and licking at his boots. He felt so alive, and so forceful in this setting, and he loved it.

"I think I'd like to give this rimming seat of yours a try, Nightstick," he announced in a mutter as he looked behind himself at the raised steps.

"Be my guest," the other replied. "Pity though, because your boy is doing incredible things to my nuts."

Nick looked surprised. "So let him stay where he is and keep doing it. Eagar doesn't seem to be doing much -- he can service my arse."

"Hey guys, sorry," Nightstick said to both Nick and David. "I know when we play, we usually just share around without question, but I also know sometimes some guys like to keep control of their own slaves."

"That's no fun," Nick hissed. "What's the point of sharing if you can't have all of them, eh Sabre?"

His colleague murmured agreement. "That's right. Nightstick, as far as we are concerned, once we're playing, all of the slaves are ours to order as we please, no one boy belongs to any particular top. And there's no holds barred, as long as the other consents -- kissing, fucking, toys or whatever -- it's all good. Is that okay with you?"

"Absolutely, mate," the larger man accepted enthusiastically.

Nick grinned, at ease once more. He stepped away from the knot of men, and climbed onto the nearby platform, prodding at the chair on its perch to satisfy himself as to its strength. "Eagar!" he commanded, "Get your mouth over here, now."

"Yes, Master Trojan," the boy replied quickly, relinquishing his place at Punk's rear.

Trojan simply pointed at the flat area in front of the seat, and Eagar knew what was expected. He lay on his back, his head beneath the raised chair, his face only a few centimetres from the webbing itself. Once the sub was positioned, Master Trojan settled himself into the rim-seat. He was surprised to find how comfortable it was, the back support quite strong, and the nylon straps holding him easily while at the same time spreading his butt over Eagar's face. As he slid his legs forward, Nick gasped with delight. The feathery touch of the slave's tongue licked along his crack, and poked at the skin around his anus, sending shivers of pleasure through him. Leaning back further, the Master revelled in the sensations as the sub licked and prodded at his exposed arse. His hands fell to his groin, massaging his cock and nuts through their leathery cocoon, and his eyes feasted on the sight of the lithe, muscular body stretched out before him, writhing beneath him, its cock clearly outlined in its envelope of dark hide. He could take this for hours!

As Trojan moved up to the rimming platform, Sabre had stepped in closer to his fellow dom. He watched as Viking's hands squeezed and groped at Nightstick's rolling testicles, and heard the slurping wetness of the sub's nibbling and chewing on the Master's butt.

"Punk," he ordered, "My arse needs the sort of attention your friend is giving Master Nightstick. Now!"

The sub, who had until then been kneeling between Sabre's legs, instantly moved back, his hands reaching to run up and down the leathered pillars of Sabre's thighs whilst his tongue snaked its way into the valley of the Master's arse. Within seconds, a hand was finding its way around and over the dominant man's balls, and he trembled slightly with increased anticipation.

David faced his fellow Master directly now, admiring the view of the other top. The shorter of the two by only a centimetre, Sabre slid his hands sensuously in below the flaps of the leather vest the other wore, tracing the wide straps of Nightstick's harness. So close now that the Masters' cocks nudged against each other, the two men leaned together. Nightstick's arms went around Sabre's back, finding and pulling at the harness he wore, until their mouths met, and they kissed in a hungry, aroused exploration of each other's mouths, tasting of themselves with growing passion.

For a long while, the two Doms enjoyed each other's mouths while the subs paid attention to their genitals, licking and biting, nibbling and sucking at arses and testicles. All four were rock hard, pre-cum flowing from them and excitement growing constantly.

"Oh, fuck yeah," Sabre murmured as he broke his lip-lock with Nightstick and pulled back a bit, trying to cool off. He looked up to where his colleague sat on the ledge above them. "Hey, Trojan, you enjoying that man?"

Nick nodded. "Sure am, Sabre. You want some of this action?"

His mate grinned, stepping away from the small group where he stood. "You bet!"

As Trojan stood out of the rim-seat and clambered down, Sabre turned to the boy who had been servicing him. "Hey, Punk, get up there," he said evenly. "I want you to really eat my arse out."

The slave sat back on his haunches, then stood and swapped places with Eagar, whilst Sabre took Trojan's place on the raised seat. Lowering his spread cheeks onto the slurping, talented tongue of the sub, Sabre moaned in ecstasy at the moist muscle exploring his hole. As Punk stretched full length on the leathered shelf, his face beneath the Master's rear, Trojan moved to stand on the step just below where Punk's legs dropped over the edge. As the slave began to service Sabre's sphincter, Trojan lifted his legs high and pulled the butt plug slowly but steadily out of the boy's body. He smeared a little more lube over the sub's still open hole, unsnapped his cod and let his rampant erection spring into the open. He lined himself up and plunged his cock into the man, driving himself in to his full length.

Punk gasped at the initial assault, then groaned a long sigh of contentment and returned to his duties at Sabre's anus while his rectum closed tightly around the invading pole of Master Trojan's prong. With an enthusiasm born of the extended stimulation his hole had received, Nick began to fuck the slave with vigour, resting Punk's knees on his shoulders, and pistoning his now glistening dick in and out of the hot wet chute that was the slave's bowel. Nick noticed in his peripheral vision the quiet form of Joe, standing patiently after being dismissed from his rimming.

"Eagar," Nick hissed. "Don't just stand there boy, get up here now."

"Sir?" the slave asked uncertainly.

"Climb up here," Trojan repeated. "One leg on either side of Punk, facing Master Sabre, hurry up boy!"

Eagar quickly did as he was told, realising what the Dom wanted. Standing on the step to the side of where Punk lay, he lifted one leg carefully up and over until he stood above the prone body, straddling his fellow sub.

"That's better," Trojan muttered, slowing his thrusting into Punk's body as he leaned forward and slid two well greased fingers into the puckering hole between Eagar's legs. For a minute or more, the Master opened this second sub with his digits as he continued to, almost lazily, slide his cock in and out of the figure below. Determining that Eagar was ready now, he leaned back again.

"Okay, boys," he chuckled. "Eagar, sit yourself down on Punk's cock. I want him fucking your sweet hot arse while I fuck his. And while he's doing it, I want to see you leaning forward and paying some serious attention to Master Sabre's prick!"

Soon, the four of them settled into a groaning, heaving mass of leather and flesh, intertwined bodies and slurping, squelching sounds. At the top of the mountain of manflesh sat Sabre, his entire body alive as Punk's mouth nibbled at his cheeks, and the slave's tongue probed and prodded at his sphincter. At the same time, his thick prong was being bathed and suckled by Eagar, who's bucking frame leaned over his groin. Sabre rested his hands on the boy's head as it bobbed up and down on his cock, and let his eyes roam over the wide shoulders and strong back, to view the exciting picture of his colleague, Trojan, humping away at the unseen body of another slave beneath them both.

Nick tingled with the delight of fucking Punk's arse. With each pounding thrust into the wet sloppiness of the slave, he could see Punk's cock pushed up and into Eagar's body, so that it was as if Master Trojan was fucking both men at once. And the sight presented to him was incredibly erotic. With the soft leather of Punk's chaps resting against his torso, Trojan happily watched his own glistening log of manflesh spike into the pink target of the sub's rectum, each shove rewarded with the glorious sensation of squelching warm innards wrapping around his manhood. At the same time, the slave's nuts bounced around, and his long turgid prick speared up and into another clenching, winking hole between firm rounded white cheeks, framed in shining black hide. If Nick raised his eyes even further, he looked across the expansive back of the second sub, bound in the cross-straps of his harness, to where that boy's head nodded up and down on the length of Sabre's meat.

Eagar was in ecstasy as his body was humped and bounced around. With a long prick ploughing his arse, and another thick juicy piece of meat filling his throat, the slave ached with excited arousal. Being fucked at both ends was always a favourite position for him, and despite knowing that there were no `ownership' issues when they all played, Joe happily admitted that it was David's cock that he liked to worship with his mouth more than any other. So now, as Eagar, he eagerly attacked his Sabre's sabre as it fucked his face, while some anonymous, unseen body below him fucked his arse.

For Punk, there could be few better ways than this to start an evening. Rimming a Master was one of his most enjoyed activities. In fact, it had been at his suggestion that Nightstick and he had installed the seat and accompanying bench upon which he now lay. And they had designed it with the very position in mind in which Punk now found himself. With Sabre's muscular cheeks almost on his face, the slave enthusiastically licked and probed at the tight ring of the Master's sphincter with his tongue, shaking in time to the relentless and powerful ramming of another Dom behind him. His body was filled and fucked, his legs in the air and splayed over Master Trojan's torso. If that weren't enough, his long, steel hard prick was lodged within the gripping cavity of a fellow slave who sat astride him in a semi crouch, milking him with each involuntary withdrawal, before he was forced back in again by the thundering penetration of the Master. Unable to see much, his movement restricted, Punk's hands rested on the leather clad, muscular thighs of Eagar, and as he sucked and licked, fucked and was fucked, he allowed his hands and fingers to roam across the glorious hide, squeezing at the flexing musculature within it as he did.

Master Nightstick had watched with some interest as Sabre and Trojan arranged themselves on the rimming bench, and directed Eagar and Punk into position. He found the sight of the four of them settling into their rhythm extremely arousing, but his attention was then drawn back to the powerfully built slave who continued to play with his cock and balls, licking occasionally at his arse cheeks, and generally worshipping him. The boy was all but hairless, and Nightstick guessed that it was a natural smoothness. Although the head at his groin was hooded, the Master knew this slave to be the blond Viking, and his cock twitched yet again. From the first time he had seen this man, Nightstick knew he would enjoy playing with him; opening, using and filling that muscled, smooth body until it exploded in release.

"Boy!" he stated quietly but firmly.

"Yes, Sir?" Noah answered, quickly breaking from his attentions to look up expectantly into the glinting eyes within the slits of the Master's hood. He felt another twinge of excitement as he did. There was something about this man which really set Viking's pulse racing. Perhaps it was the leather accentuated strength in his powerful legs and broad shoulders, perhaps it was the leaking promise of his extra long, extra thick cock. But somehow, there was more -- an attitude about him; the set of his jaw, the masked gleam of his eyes. Noah knew he was going to enjoy this man, and he ached with anticipation at every word, every look.

"Over here!" Master Nightstick said in a soft voice, pointing to a place on the floor not far from where they already were. It was one of the spots where the chains hung from the ceiling, and more chains lay on the floor. "Stand here and face the others, legs spread."

Noah hurried to comply. As he took up the position Nightstick had ordered, he was looking directly at the humping, writhing group of men that fucked and sucked at each other upon the rim-seat platform, no more than a few metres away, and his cock jumped to full hardness at the sight.

Master Nightstick walked over to him, standing close. Very close. So close that Noah could feel the heat from his body, could smell the musk of his arousal and the aromatic scent of the leather he wore.

"So, Viking, you like the look of that action do you?"

"Yes, Sir," the sub whispered in response.

"I'll bet you do. You look like the kind of `boy' who enjoys some serious arse action," Nightstick ruminated menacingly, his hooded face against Viking's leathered head, eye slit to eye slit. The Master began to circle his new slave, running a fingernail up and down the sub's flesh from time to time, leaning hard into him and whispering in an evil tone.

"That arse will see some action, Viking, don't worry! But first, I'm gonna have myself some fun. You're my new toy, and I'm going to play with it for a bit!"

Noah wasn't in the least scared by the words or the tone. Nick was right there anyway, but more than that, he felt he could trust this man. The way he spoke, the threats he implied, were all part of the role playing, and if anything, they were making Noah even more excited than ever.

Nightstick moved around behind the slave, suddenly kicking at Noah's boots. "I told you to spread those legs, Viking!" he hissed.

"Ah, yes, Master Nightstick, Sir," the sub replied, pushing his feet further out. He felt movement at his ankles, and risked a downwards glance, to find the Dom fixing ankle restraints around each leg. The leather cuffs were attached to the ends of a solid steel bar, a `leg-spreader', so that Viking could no longer bring his feet together if he tried.

Upright again, the Master stood behind the slave, so close that Viking could feel the hardness of Nightstick's prick as it scraped between his thighs. Nightstick traced the lines of Viking's harness with his fingers, following it all the way to the boy's shoulders, before letting his hand trail along each of Noah's arms. When he reached the wrists, the Dom lifted his slave's arms, up to shoulder level, his wrists jangling against the hanging chains.

"Hold that position, Viking," Nightstick warned.

The slave obeyed, and expertly, the Master cuffed him in place. Viking was now effectively immobilised. Smiling at his handiwork, Nightstick stepped around the slave until he stood in front of him again, letting his eyes roam all over the sub's inert but strong body, drinking in the very pleasing sight of a powerful man subjugated to Nightstick's pleasure. His right hand reached out, the index finger scraping under Viking's jaw and lifting his chin to the Master's penetrating stare.

"Nice!" commented Nightstick.

His hand lowered, gently touching the line of Viking's throat, then further, across his chest, until the Dom closed thumb and forefinger over the shining chrome ring inserted through the sub's left nipple.

"Nice!" he repeated. With every touch, every breath of air that connected them, Noah trembled in anticipation. This Master was turning him on so much, and his cock, at full erection, shuddered in time with the beating of his heart, the first dribbles of pre-cum leaking from his slit and trailing downwards.

Nightstick saw the droplet of slimy juice form at the slave's cockhead. He watched it lengthen and separate, falling to the floor, and he smiled as another grew in it's place. Reaching forward, he scooped Viking's jizz onto his finger, and held it up before himself, then licked it teasingly. "Nice!" he said in a whisper.

Moving back behind Noah again, Nightstick grabbed the slave's rounded butt cheeks, squeezing them like fruit. "Very nice!" He slid a hand down along the curved edge of Viking's chaps, following the leather between the thighs until his fingers rode up against the black pouch of hide which encased the sub's balls. Closing his fingers around those rolling eggs in their leather envelope, he squeezed gently, massaging them.

"Now that feels good, Viking," he stated. Still playing with the boy's testicles, Nightstick slid a finger from his free hand along the crack of Noah's arse, slowly down to the ring of muscle which guarded the entrance to his body. Licking at his own finger, the Master pushed it through the sphincter, into the second knuckle, and rotated his digit around, pulling at the inside of Viking's anus. The slave gasped with pleasure and Nightstick grinned. "That feels good too, doesn't it boy?"

"Oh fuck yes, Sir," the sub breathed out. He couldn't see the man who was driving him wild with this teasing, but he could hear some movement behind him as the Master stepped back momentarily, grabbing something from a table beside him. When Nightstick came to him again, he held himself against Viking's trembling body, spooning his chest, abs and pelvis into the slave's back and butt.

"Fuck me, please Sir," Viking hissed over his shoulder. "I want that giant prick of yours pounding my hole, Master."

"You sure of that, Viking?"

"Yes, Sir, I'm sure."

"How should I fuck you then, boy," the Dom continued to tantalise his sub. "You want it nice and slow, all gentle; or do you want it hard and fast like a battering ram? Like things a bit rough, do you?"

Noah shuddered. He knew exactly what he wanted, and so did Nightstick. "I need it hard, sir. I need you to shoot that fucking prong right into me. Come on, Nightstick," Viking urged in a hiss. "Don't go getting all gentle -- this slave boy wants a pounding; a hard, powerful fucking. No `please' or `thank you', just fuck me hard, use me now, Master," he begged.

A very long, thick and slimy weapon slid between Viking's legs and nudged at his balls. He heard a long intake of breath, and then a bottle of amyl appeared beneath his nostril.

"You want some of this, my boy?" the Master asked.

Guessing what was about to happen, the sub nodded eagerly, and sniffed hard at the opened top of the small brown bottle. Nightstick carefully placed the amyl aside, and ground himself against the slave, running his hands up and over Viking's chest, squeezing at the slave's nipples as he passed, then curving his hands over the boy's shoulders. At the same time Viking could feel that huge log of manflesh slowly drawing back, raking over his balls and trailing past his perinaeum.

"And does that feel good?" Nightstick murmured. Noah nodded as the first wave of sensations began to flood him from the amyl.

"Then I'm sure you'll think this feels even better," Nightstick declared, whispering right in Viking's ear. Pulling hard with his strong arms, the Dom slammed his massive meaty cock deep into the sub's body in one motion, wrenching gasped cries from both of them.

His cockhead had been directly against the sub's winking hole, and the boy knew exactly what was coming. Noah did his best to relax himself, pushing back as he did, grateful for the amyl. The initial, searing pain of the sudden assault on his rear disappeared as fast as it had begun, as Viking felt his Master crash against him, the giant pole of flesh buried to the hilt.

"Fuuuck!" the slave yelled.

"Unhhh, yeah!" the Master echoed.

Locked together, neither moved as they adjusted to the sudden joinder.

A tiny voice of logic deep inside Noah's head told him he should have been split apart by that attack, but his body argued, his arse assuring him that not only was it intact, it was in paradise. He flexed his ravaged ring around the throbbing log inserted into him, and moaned softly.

"Are you okay, Viking?" a soft, almost tender voice asked in his ear.

"Oh yes, sir, fucking fantastic!" the sub whispered.

"You sure are -- fucking fantastic, that is! That felt so un-fucking-believable going in," Nightstick enthused. "I guess you weren't lying to me, boy. Here, have some more of this." He held the amyl once more under Viking's nostrils, and the bottom gratefully took two or three deep tokes at it, before Nightstick allowed himself another draught of the aroma.

As the amyl had its effect, the two men began to writhe together. Viking was unable to move much, his feet locked and spread, his arms chained in place, but he could certainly flex himself around Nightstick's cock, and wriggle back and forth within his restraints.

Nightstick's hands were all over the slave as his body shuddered with the wash of heightened sensation. He held himself in place, not pulling out at all, but gripped the boy tightly, holding him in a bear hug as he ground his pelvis against that pale arse, and explored the trembling body he now controlled, with his hands and fingers.

In answer to the attack, and the loss of control, Viking groaned again, pushing back against the Master, writhing in time with him, gripping and clenching his sphincter around the cock, and trying desperately to urge the dominant male who held him to use him further.

"Holy fuck, this is hot," Nightstick swore, bending forward and forcing his boy forward as well. Now he did start to withdraw, a little at a time, before driving himself harder into that welcoming bowel. The compliant, pleading motions of the boy he was fucking, combined with the clanking sound of the chains which bound his slave, the wafting scent of musky amyl, and the feeling of leather under his palms and on his skin, sent him into an ecstatic frenzy. All he could think was that he wanted to fuck this slave even more deeply, wanted to get more and more of himself inside Viking. And Viking seemed to want the same, slamming himself back at him, trying to take all that Nightstick could give and more.

For an incalculable time, the pair fucked each other urgently, with a passionate fervour. Their rutting, humping motion, held in place by steel and chains, drove them both higher and higher as they lost all cognisance of anything other than each other, and of becoming one in pure sex.

Before the surging, writhing couple, but unseen by them, the other four men gyrated in their animalistic union, sweating and swearing as they lifted each other to a peak. Trojan slammed himself over and over again into the gaping chasm of Punk's body, forcing the slave up and into the clenching hole of Eagar. In time with the rollicking fucking he received, Eagar slurped and swallowed at the mighty weapon of Master Sabre, getting his face and his arse fucked at once. Used and filled as he was, Eagar could not imagine anything more erotic, and it was the double penetration of his body that pushed him into climax before the others.

A grunting heaving gasp saw him lift his head away from the beloved prick of Sabre, as his entire body began to shudder, his sphincter clamping around Punk's pistoning prick. A long, scalding jet of jism leapt from his cock, splattering along the length of Punk's abdomen and up onto his chest, as well as spraying onto Sabre's balls. The man threw his head back in agonising ecstasy, wrapping his fist around his inflamed prick as Punk continued to pump into his ravaged hole.

The moment that Eagar lifted away from him, Sabre gripped at his own slicked, saliva coated weapon, pumping it hard. His sphincter opened as the slave below him probed into it with his tongue and his anus delighted in the ongoing rimming it received. The Master opened his eyes to be confronted by his boy in the throes of full climax, head and shoulders back, chiselled pecs pushed forward and straining beneath the glistening straps of his harness. Yet another surge of excitement filled Sabre as he drank in the sight of Eagar's sweat-sheened body, trembling and taut, every muscle flexed and tight, the leather of his gleaming chaps struggling to contain his bulging thighs. And at the centre of this vision was Eagar's very masculinity, clasped in his hand, a firebrand of absolute erection about to explode. Spellbound, Sabre stared as the same sub who serviced his own arse speared up into Eagar's body, and when the first white hot gobs of ejaculate erupted from his mate and fell against his balls, the Master gasped, pumping himself into ecstasy.

As Eagar spasmed repeatedly, spewing more and more of his essence over Punk, Sabre joined him. Bellowing with release, the top pumped his cock into his hand with powerful strokes, his body tensed as his nuts drew up, and his orgasm ripped through him. A torrent of creamy cum spurted from his shuddering tool, coating Eagar's chest and body and flowing down onto the still humping frame of Punk where he lay beneath the gasping couple. It took several minutes, but eventually Sabre's quaking subsided, and he slowly eased himself up from the rim seat, standing over the still locked bodies of Punk and Eagar. His boy was all but collapsed, yet still shuddering in time with the thumping penetration of the other sub, driven in turn by Master Trojan's cock.

Nick slowed his fucking of the boy as Sabre took Eagar's arms and lifted him away from the slave below. The two of them stepped down to stand beside the prone figure, and Trojan dragged Punk's tensed and trembling body out from under the seat, exposing his face. With renewed lust he slammed himself back into the hot, welcoming cavern of Punk's arse, while Sabre and Eagar now set about playing with him, running their hands over his gooey, jizz covered body, pinching at his nipples, and squeezing his rolling nuts and slimy prick. The combined attention from the Master and slave to his frame, and the glorious pounding of his chute, was too much for Punk, and with a strangled cry, he surrendered himself to oblivion. His stomach tensed, his sphincter clamped tight around Trojan's invading prong, and his prick swelled with racing blood before fountaining his essence up and out, across his own body in a dozen shuddering gushers until it fell back upon him to pool with the outpourings of Sabre and Eagar in a soup of slimy manjuice.

As Punk slowly stilled, his need spent, Trojan pulled back, withdrawing his probing javelin from its squelching receptacle.

"Are you okay, Punk?" he asked with concern.

"Oh, fuck, yes, Master Trojan," the slave replied weakly. He started to sit upright, and the others began to assist his efforts as their attention was drawn to the gasping, cursing pair behind them.

Turning to watch, Nick, David, Joe and Peter found themselves charged up again at the sight of Viking and Nightstick locked in embrace; the Master humping his thick, slickened meat in and out of the sub's body, whilst the slave hissed obscenities back at his ravager; begging for more, needing to be fucked deeper and harder than ever. Nightstick's arms encased Viking's chest and shoulders as he pulled the slave back onto his rod with force, and the sound of squealing leather filled the air as the two of them gasped and heaved in unison.

Temporarily spent, Sabre, Punk and Eagar settled themselves on the floor in front of the rutting couple. But Master Trojan, still sporting a rampant erection, cursed excitedly. "Fucking hell, Nightstick, that's hot! Fuck his slave boy arse, man!"

Nightstick looked up, his eyes partially glazed from the concentration he focussed on burying himself into Viking's glorious innards. He spotted his fellow Master, standing there in full glory, his proud erection glistening with the remnants of Punk's bodily juices.

"Shit, Trojan," he hissed. "This boy of yours is really driving me wild! You wanna share him?"

Nick smirked menacingly. "Oh yeah," he answered.

Still fucking hard at Noah, Nightstick released his wrists, and lowered him to the cushioned floor, until the sub was on his hands and knees, his legs still kept apart by the spreader. As Nightstick now crouched over his back, gripping at his hips and roaring with delight as he speared his cock into the boy, Trojan also crouched before the slave's head, driving his slicked and throbbing tool into Viking's throat. With a chorused groan, the two Masters fell into time as they fucked Viking from both ends, powering their way into his body with forceful strokes which steadily increased in speed. Positioned as they were, Trojan and Nightstick found their faces lowering toward each other, and as they each approached their zenith, the Masters met above the slave's back in a passionate, urgent kiss. Locked at the mouth, the two tops spit-roasted their shared toy with vigour. This connection proved the final impetus for them both, and as one they grunted, slammed deep into the tensed body beneath them, and spasmed their way through orgasm.

Viking, his entire being lost in the moment, felt his ravaged chute being filled with the fruit of Nightstick's loins, while he gulped and swallowed repeatedly, trying to accept the pumping, viscous outpouring of Master Trojan into his gullet. With their hands on his body, their cocks inside him, and their climax drowning both his orifices, Viking shook with delighted surrender. He loved the sense of having no control over himself, and the loss of control was complete when his balls also surrendered, sending a river of cum up and out through his steeled prick, jetting his jism across the floor where he knelt.

A long interval later, the pair of tops who had fucked Viking so powerfully finally eased themselves out of his ravaged body. Released from their thrall, Noah collapsed, rolling onto one side. Nightstick had the presence of mind to unsnap his ankle cuffs, and now able to relax, the slave leaned across the leg of his partner as Nightstick sidled over to where Punk lay.

Sabre, Eagar and Punk all murmured appreciative whispers of approval and admiration at the performance of the others, each of them still partially erect after witnessing the explosive crescendo.

"Now that is the way to relieve some tension!" Nick declared with a sigh as his breathing began to return to normal.

"Fuck yeah," agreed Nightstick with a grin. "I've needed that for days. Thanks guys."

"Thank you," David interjected. "We're a long way from home, so it's so great for us that you've let us share yours, and your boy!" he chuckled.

"You two have a couple of very talented subs as well," the other man praised.

"Thank you, sir," responded Eagar.

Noah sat up and ran a long, appreciative look over Nightstick's body yet again. "Always happy to be of service, Sir," he said easily.

"Shit, I could use a drink after that," came a groaned plea from the exhausted Punk, still lying flat on the floor, his body spattered with the remnants of at least three ejaculations. He began to struggle to get up, but his Master put a hand on his arm gently.

"Stay there," he said. "You need to recover. I'll get `em. Beers all round?"

"Yes, please," chorused the others.

"Make mine a lite," Sabre called after him. "I'm driving."

They were all enjoying the post coital haze of sated passion, unable or unwilling to move from their positions of collapse on the soft leathered mat, and this fabulous room seemed the perfect place to do so. No need to change or clean up at all, just enjoy the sensations.

Nightstick returned juggling six bottles of beer, handing them out to his companions with a grin as he enjoyed the sight of five leathered and cum splattered men entangled on the floor of their dungeon. Just remembering the activities of the last hours was enough for his cock to begin to fill with blood again, and he marvelled at just how horny these men made him feel.

"Hey, I've got the lite -- you wanted that didn't you, Sabre?" said Viking.

"Yeah, thanks," answered the Master.

Nightstick, still on his feet, apologised. "My mistake guys, just a bit distracted." He took the two bottles, exchanging them. "Here's your lite, David," he said, "and a full strength for Noah."

It took a few seconds to register, but suddenly there was confusion and a sense of alarm in Noah's gut.

"How do you know my name?" he said quietly but urgently.

Nick sat up quickly, defensively. "Yeah, how do you -- nobody introduced us using real names. What's going on?"

The other Master had just settled onto the floor, relaxing with his beer. "Calm down guys," he said evenly. "I was waiting until now to give you a little surprise, just didn't mean to let it slip like that."

"What kind of surprise?" asked Nick suspiciously.

"This better be good," David warned, looking alternately from Nightstick to Punk and back. "I can understand how you know my name. No doubt Peter -- he emphasised Punk's real name -- would have told you that. But he doesn't know the others!"

"He didn't even tell me yours," Nightstick replied slowly. "And I don't know your real name, Eagar," he said, nodding to Joe. "But I guess this might explain things ..."

Slowly he reached up and loosened the ties of his hood, pulling it apart from the back and lifting it away from his face. As his complete visage was revealed, he smiled widely at the gasps of surprise from Nick, Noah and David.

"The cop?" whispered David.

"Detective Moran!" declared Nick.

"Bob," Noah laughed.

"Who the fuck ...?" asked a curious and bewildered Joe.

Peter simply sat there with a smile, watching from one to the other.

"This is the detective investigating Wes' death," David explained. "Joe, meet Bob Moran!"

Bob Moran smiled again. "When Peter told me an old friend from out of town wanted to join us for a session, I figured it was perfect timing -- we were looking for exactly that, and I have been pretty tired with the murder investigation, so getting all of that out of my mind was something I desperately needed. Then he said his friend's name was David, and that he was down from Sydney helping other friends from Sydney organise a funeral after someone had been killed down on the Mornington Peninsula. It was too much of a coincidence -- I knew it had to be you guys. I almost had Pete call you back to cancel."

He stopped for a minute, seeming to wonder about whether to go on. When he did continue, his cheeks reddened a little. "But I really needed this, and I remembered the three fucking hot men I had met. None of you are under any suspicion in the case, so there's no reason why we can't - `socialise' -- so I told Peter what I suspected, and went for a hood so I wouldn't be recognised. I hope you guys aren't mad?"

"Mad? I think it's amazing," Joe said. "I just can't believe none of them picked you."

"Hey, be fair," David jumped in. "He was wearing civvies, and we didn't speak that much anyway. Although I did notice he had a nice arse!" All of them laughed now.

Nick chuckled evilly. "Noah was quite taken with Detective Moran," he commented.

"Don't start that again," Noah sighed. "But I was right, wasn't I? He is fucking hot."

"Thanks guys," Bob laughed again as they lay back and sipped their drinks in new friendship.


Some time later, and despite the six of them having been happily enjoying each other's companionship, nothing more had been said about Wes' murder. It was almost an unspoken acknowledgement from all of them that they needed this night to try to forget that unpleasant reality for a few hours. Peter brought it up again almost inadvertently.

"So how long are you in town for?" he asked innocently.

Nick grumbled, and David coughed. Noah sighed as he answered. "At least until after the funeral on Tuesday," he said. "We're not sure how much longer we'll stay on from there."

"Joe and I will be flying home Wednesday morning," David said. "We both need to get back to work."

"How about you guys?" Bob said, looking to Nick and Noah.

"We don't have to go home for work," Nick stated flatly.

"But what reason could we have for staying here?" Noah said suspiciously.

"Well, there's still a murder to solve," Nick hissed.

"Hey guys, that's my job!"

"Sure, but there's no harm in us hanging around and asking questions," Nick replied defensively. "Besides, people often tell things to strangers they would never say to a cop." He stopped and looked at Noah, who shrugged resignedly, and offered a slight smile, guessing what Nick was up to.

Noah let his eyes wander over Bob Moran's body again. "Besides," he said, supporting his man, "It's our `civic duty' to help out however we can. You know we'll tell you anything we learn, keep you fully informed."

The cop still looked doubtful. "Guys, it's not that I don't want you around -- far from it," he grinned evilly. "But this is serious, it's not a game. You could be in real danger."

"Like Noah said, we'll keep you completely up to date with everything we see and hear," Nick offered again.

"Of course, if you feel the need, you can always order us to come in for further `interrogation'," Noah whispered huskily, a grin splitting his face as he licked his lips.

"Oh shit," Bob laughed. "That's what I call an offer I can't refuse. Okay, but please guys, be bloody careful!"

"Yes, Sir," drawled Noah slowly. "Anything you say, Master Nightstick!"

"You four don't really have to go back tonight, do you?" asked Peter plaintively, his cock lengthening as he trailed a single finger along Nick's leg and over the Master's growing tumescence.

Nick looked around the room, and drank in the lusty arousal of growing urges. "Sabre, I think we're in for some more fun!"

David laughed low and deep. "I'm sure there's no need to race off. It might be considered impolite!"


Chapter 5

When Nick, Noah, David and Joe finally said their goodbyes to Peter and Bob late on Sunday morning, they journeyed back to Wes' house slowly and quietly. Each of them was exhausted, but exhausted in a content, sated haze of spent passion and warm memories of their marathon session which had lasted some 36 hours, including time out for sleeping and recovery.

"Now that was a serious party!" Joe declared as they motored along the freeway.

"Oh, yeah," the others readily agreed.

Nick observed, almost to himself, "Pity we have to get back to reality!"

But they could not avoid it. At one point on Saturday, they had telephoned Patrick to let him know they were staying in the city with some friends, and to reassure themselves that he and Frank were okay. The two younger men had sounded quite at ease over the phone, so the six lusty leathermen had enthusiastically continued their raunchy games during the afternoon and through the night. Now it was Sunday afternoon, and they needed to get some rest in readiness for Tuesday's funeral.

When they arrived at the house, they found Patrick and Frank sitting by the pool, drinks in hand. Surprisingly, the two younger men seemed relaxed and unconcerned.

"How are you feeling, Patrick?" asked David.

"I'm okay," he replied. "Frank and I `tied one on' Friday night, and then we went out to see a friend last night and I'm feeling much better now."

"Good to hear," Nick declared. Noah was a little perplexed by just how calm both Frank and Patrick were, but said nothing. It was Joe who took the lead from there, suggesting they all have a swim, before ordering in some take-away food since the housekeeper was at her son's home again for the evening.

The six men spent a relaxed, if quiet, few hours around the house before retiring to their respective rooms for a well-earned night of slumber.


The next morning, the three couples breakfasted together in easy silence. Ahead of them stretched a long day with little to do, except wait for tomorrow's funeral.

"Do you two have any plans for the day?" Noah asked Frank and Patrick, concerned that they needed some distraction.

"No," Patrick responded non-committaly.

"I think we might head into the City," Frank offered. "No real reason, but a trip into town, check up on my place, could do us good. At least it will help pass the time."

"Sounds like a good idea," David nodded. "Nick, Noah, if you don't have any special preferences, then I'd like to go and see Phillip, Wes' ex, let him know what is happening."

Patrick gasped quickly at the name. "Why, Dave? Why do you need to see him?" he asked quickly.

David looked at the other with surprise. "They were lovers for many years. I think Phillip has a right to know. He will probably want to come to the funeral. Is that a problem?"

Patrick appeared agitated, looking from David to Frank and back. It was Frank who eased the situation.

"No, no, David, it's not a problem," he said reassuringly. "Patrick, Dave is right. Don't worry about it. I'm sure Phillip would want to know. It's not like he is going to say anything that will upset your uncle now, is it?" The whole time that he spoke, his eyes were fixed firmly on Patrick's face, and he held both of Patrick's hands in his own. Noah wondered at the intensity of the reactions from both, musing that the break-up between Wes and Phillip must have been more fiery than he had believed.

"Umm, okay, I ... guess," Patrick acknowledged, staring at his partner. He still seemed unsure, but accepted Frank's promise that all would be well.

"Okay then," David announced. "We'll head down to see him this morning. He still lives at the same place in Portsea, doesn't he?"

"Er, I think so," Patrick answered, almost nervously. Once again, Frank took his lover by the hand, assuring him everything would be okay.

As Nick, Noah, Joe and David made their goodbyes and bundled into David's rented car, Patrick hurried back into the house, closely trailed by Frank.

"I didn't realise that the break up between Wes and Phillip was so bad," Noah opined. "It certainly must have been nasty for Patrick to get so upset at the thought of you visiting."

David nodded. "I know it was pretty harsh at the time. Although I have to admit I didn't think Patrick would have been so involved, or have taken such an interest in it. I never did get much detail from Wes, other than that it was he who called an end to the relationship, and that Phillip had been really upset, and had wanted to continue, or to get back together for a long time afterwards."

It wasn't a long trip around the Bay from Wes' home to where Phillip lived. As he pulled up outside a pleasant looking home near the water's edge, David turned to his companions.

"Guys, it might be best if I go in and see him alone, at least to begin with. He will probably be upset enough at the news, without having to deal with three complete strangers. Is that okay?"

"Of course!" said Nick. The others nodded.

"We'll go for a walk along the beach, give you some time," suggested Noah.

David smiled. "Thanks. I'll call your mobile when I'm done," he said as he made his way toward the door and Nick, Noah and Joe ambled away in the opposite direction.

If David had been expecting shock, or even surprise, from Phillip at finding him at the door, he was disappointed. His knock was answered almost immediately, and as the door swung open, Phillip looked at him almost expectantly.

"Hello, David. I thought you might be in town," he said calmly.

"So you know then, about Wes, I mean," David responded.

Phillip nodded. "You know how efficient the grapevine is around here," he muttered. "Will you come in?"

David followed him into the living room, taking a seat. "I'm sorry you had to hear it from a stranger then," he commiserated. "I know you two weren't exactly speaking lately, but you didn't deserve that."

The other man permitted himself a wry smile before he spoke again. "I don't think I deserved a lot of what I've had from Wes in the last six months! He threw me out without a second thought, wouldn't even listen to what I had to say. He wouldn't take my calls, wouldn't let me try to explain. He just didn't want to know me, and after all the years I had given him the guy was a real bastard!"

David squirmed uncomfortably. "Phillip, I don't know much about what happened ..." he began, but Phillip cut him short.

"Of course not! No need to tell you anything," he said sarcastically. "Wes was in the right. He was the innocent angel, and I was the devil incarnate. That's how he saw it, and how he would have told it to all his friends. He cut me out of his life like some cancer and never looked back, the prick!" Phillip hissed bitterly.

"Hey," David tried to sooth the situation. "I'm not judging you or him. I just felt you should know that the funeral is tomorrow. I thought you might want to come?"

"No! I'm not going to give the arsehole that satisfaction!" Wes' ex-lover spat vehemently. "He wanted me gone, and now he's dead. Maybe he got what was coming to him, and I'm not going to go along and pretend all is forgiven at this late stage!"

David was truly shocked by the strength of Phillip's rage. He started to sputter an apology, but was cut off again. "David, I think you'd better go. I don't want to be reminded of him any more than I have to," Phillip stated emphatically.

Stunned and speechless, David stood quickly, and left without another word. Outside the house, he telephoned Joe to tell him he was done here, and looked back at Phillip's home, still incredulous at the hatred he had seen.

When the others returned to the car, David relayed all that had been said. "I had no idea it was so bad," he said softly. "I still don't know what happened, but whatever it was, Phillip really seems to hate Wes."

"That could explain Patrick's reaction," Joe mused.

"Maybe ..." David nodded.

Noah looked troubled. "It also means Phillip had a motive for killing Wes," he said, almost reluctantly.

"Shit, yes," Nick burst out. "Do you think he might have done it, David?"

"Up until a few minutes ago, I would have sworn no," David answered. "But I've never seen anyone quite as bitter as Phillip is. I just don't know it would be so out of character from the Phillip I used to know."

"Well, at least we won't be seeing him at the funeral, so that's one less worry for Patrick I guess," Joe commented as the four of them got into the car for the trip back to Wes' home.

When they got back to the house, Mrs Fitzgibbon was in a frenzy. She had been through the entire place like a cyclone, cleaning and polishing, determined to have the building spotless for the guests who would come back after the funeral tomorrow. Patrick and Frank were not yet back from Melbourne, so the four friends decided to make themselves scarce, lest they be swept away by the fury of the housekeepers' broom.

Without really knowing where they were headed, Noah led the others out of the front of the house and along the driveway toward the gate. His only thought was to kill some time, possibly by taking a walk around the neighbourhood, but as they neared the entrance to the property, they were confronted by a largish man walking towards them with a determined look on his face. There was no vehicle to be seen anywhere nearby, and Noah wondered at where he had come from.

Seeing the four friends, the man stopped suddenly, looking a little confused. "Who are you?" he demanded.

"Who are you?" Nick shot back, "And what are you doing here?"

The other man eyed them all with a mixture of apprehension and suspicion. "Petersen is my name. I live next door." He waved his arm to the right, indicating the adjoining property. "I want to talk to Arrows-Smith's nephew, young Patrick."

Noah recalled Patrick's comments about the neighbour, and his outburst with Wes some time ago about purchasing part of the property. He looked the man over carefully now.

"Patrick isn't home at the moment," David said calmly. "I'll tell him you called around if you like."

"I assume he's the executor?" Petersen asked. "I know Arrows-Smith didn't have any other family. No doubt someone like him would have left everything to the same kind of person!"

All four of the friends bristled at this. The man's meaning was clear, and obviously homophobic. Nick stepped toward him, but Noah held out his arm.

"What business is it of yours who Mr Arrows-Smith's executor may be?" he asked coldly.

"I have a proposition for him," came the reply. "The old guy was a fool, refused to see what he was sitting on. I, err, we have a great chance here. Between his place and mine, there is enough land to sub-divide into more than 20 separate lots. Each of those can be sold off for a huge price, making easy profits for almost no outlay. I tried to talk to him about it over and over but he just wouldn't even consider it. Arrows-Smith couldn't see true progress when it was barking at his own gate, the damned idiot. Surely the young bloke will have more sense after all, I'm sure he will want to move back into the city and get what he can for the place. I'm going to be offering him a lot more than I'll bet he even thought was possible."

"As we said, Patrick isn't here," Joe replied, ignoring the tirade about profits and Wes' refusals.

"I'll come back tomorrow then," suggested Petersen.

Nick almost exploded. "No you won't!"

"Tomorrow would not be convenient," Noah explained evenly. "Mr Arrows-Smith's funeral is tomorrow, and after that there will be guests here. I suggest you leave it for several weeks. We'll let Patrick know you called, but I think it would be wise for you to allow him time to grieve his uncle's death for a respectable time before you start making any suggestions to him."

With that, Noah turned and headed back to the house. The others followed him, leaving Petersen to sputter in their wake. No matter how agitated Mrs Fitzgibbon may be, she was far less disturbing than this horrible man they left on the street.


It wasn't too late when Patrick and Frank arrived home from Melbourne. They joined Nick, Noah, David and Joe on the terrace by the pool, looking around the group curiously.

"So, did you see Phillip?" Patrick asked.

David nodded. "Yes, I spoke to him, but only briefly." To Patrick's questioning stare, he added "He won't be coming to the funeral."

"What did he say?" asked Frank.

"Let's just say that I didn't realise the split had been so bitter," David answered, leaving it at that.

Frank offered Patrick the slightest of smiles, and both men sat themselves down in vacant chairs.

"Your neighbour, Mr Petersen, called around to see you," Noah said quietly. "We told him to come back after the funeral."

"What did he want?" Patrick asked curiously.

"I suspect he's going to be pushing you to take the deal he was trying to do with your uncle," Joe answered. "He believes you'll be the new owner of the place.

"Ughh," Patrick exhaled. "The man is a low-life! I can't stand him. Even if he was offering some fantastic deal, I doubt I'd want to have anything to do with him."

Nick smiled in agreement, as did the others.

A short time later, Joe announced that he was going to get an early night. David grinned, and followed him upstairs. "I think that's a good idea," Frank said, nudging Patrick.

"Yeah, I guess so," he answered. The two of them bade Nick and Noah a good night, leaving them alone by the pool.

Ten minutes later, Nick stood, and turned out most of the lights, leaving only a soft lamp on one of the tables where they sat, and the underwater lights in the pool. He looked around at Noah. "Hey, what are you thinking?" Nick asked his partner. Noah had been quiet for some time.

"I was just wondering about the way that possibly innocent disagreements can be made to look so important."


Noah smiled wanly. "Wes is dead, and we're looking for his murderer. Suddenly, the ex-lover looks like a suspect because they had a bitter separation, and the neighbour is also under suspicion because Wes wouldn't agree to some property deal. But are either of those things enough to warrant killing someone, or are we seeing more in them than we should?"

"It's hard to know," Nick offered. "But then, it never ceases to amaze me what people will kill for! Try not to let it worry you, at least for tonight. Are you gonna come to bed?"

Noah looked surprised. "You seem to be in a hurry to get to sleep."

"Oh, no," Nick whispered. "I had no intention of sleeping for some time yet," he grinned.

Noah chuckled with him. "You are so evil," he said. "But I like it!"

Nick stood, about to head upstairs, but Noah stopped him. "Wait here," he said intriguingly. He quickly dashed away as Nick settled back into a chair, gazing at the glimmering light on the pool on this warm evening. He only had to wait a few minutes before his man reappeared, grinning widely and wearing nothing but a towelling robe.

"How about a swim, stud?" Noah said quietly, his voice full of promise and desire. In his hand was a matching robe for Nick, which he threw onto one of the chairs, as he casually allowed his own to fall open, revealing his naked body in the soft light.

Nick's grin widened, and his dick quickly began to harden within the confines of his pants as he drank in the sight of his mate. Noah stepped closer, the material just hanging from his shoulders now, his muscular body revealed. Without a word, he leaned down and began to seductively unbutton his man's shirt whilst his eyes were locked on Nick's face, a lusty smile fixed on his lips. Nick settled back and enjoyed the show and the attention, as relaxed as he could be with the growing erection pressing against his trousers.

As he finished with the shirt, Noah pushed it away from Nick's torso, and casually turned his attention to the belt and then the flies of his lover's jeans before kneeling before him and tugging at the legs. Nick raised his backside from the chair to allow Noah to easily pull the pants away from him, leaving him naked. Standing then, Noah allowed his robe to fall from his body into a crumpled heap on the floor, stepping away from it. His prick was semi-hard, and he licked his lips as he stared at the naked man on the chair before him, then turned slowly and moved across to the edge of the pool.

Nick needed no more encouragement, rising from his seat and following Noah to the edge of the water. Together, they lowered themselves into the warm pool, making little noise and enjoying the refreshing, liberating sensation of being naked and wet in the dark of the night. The illumination within the pool highlighted the two beautiful bodies, one tall and smooth, the other shorter but powerful and hirsute, as they glided away from the edge and lazily drifted together, arms and legs intertwined.

With his head against Nick's, Noah whispered into his man's ear softly. "I'm going to fuck you here and now!"

"What?" Nick replied in surprise, although his tone suggested that the idea excited him a lot! "Here in the pool? What about the others?"

"No," Noah answered. "I don't want to fuck the others, just you."

Nick chuckled. "I mean, what if they hear us, or see us?"

"Then I guess they'll be jealous." Noah grinned. "Seriously, I am going to fuck you in this pool right now! The chance that the other guys might see or hear is part of the thrill, I guess, but I've always wanted to have sex in the water, and this is our opportunity!"

"Mmmmm!" was Nick's wordless but evocative reply, as he snuggled closer to his man, their bodies hard against each other in the pleasant water.

As the two lovers moved together now, gliding through the crystal clear liquid until they backed up against one wall of the pool, their mouths met and lips locked in an extended kiss. Tongues explored and probed as they tasted each other and passions rose.

Nick felt the hard concrete of the pool wall against his back, and with the water supporting his weight, he lifted his legs and wrapped them around Noah's body. Noah's hands found his arse cheeks, lifting slightly and spreading those globes of muscle, and Noah's cock nudged it's way in and along the valley of sensitive flesh between the rounded melons.

Noah held his lover easily in the warm pool, and felt Nick's fingers playing with his nipples, exciting him even further. With the water lapping around their necks, the two men pulled into each other, and Noah felt his cockhead slide in to rest against the soft target of Nick's rectum. Still kissing his man, the taller blond slowly pressed forward, allowing Nick to relax and open himself to the insistent pressure. Without the usual assistance of lubricant, Noah's penetration of his mate was slower as they let the water combine with his pre-seminal outpourings to ease his entry.

With a muffled grunt, Nick accepted the invading spear of living sex, his sphincter surrendering as Noah's manhood breached his defences. The momentary pain disappeared, replaced by an incredible sense of fulfilment as he felt that long tube of heated flesh slide into him. He pushed against it, opening himself as his man filled him completely, then clenched his ring of muscle around the thick pole as Noah came to a halt.

They stayed that way for a long moment, each basking in the wash of sensations as they joined. Then Noah slowly eased back a little, before moving forward again. As silently as possible, the two found their motion, rocking back and forward as one, the muffled groans of their pleasure harmonising with the whispering slosh of water around their united bodies. If either man opened his eyes briefly, he saw his partner covered in tiny droplets and surrounded by a million pinpricks of light as the soft illumination glistened in the night air and the warm water enveloped their rutting union.

Noah took his time, sliding in and out of Nick's body in long strokes as his lips and tongue explored his man's mouth, and his hands and fingers caressed the heated body. Nick rode along in blissful arousal, letting his lover set the pace as they humped against each other, kissing and moaning in ecstatic pleasure.

Ignorant now of where they were, forgetting that the other couples were in the house, and that they could be easily seen by any curious eyes, the two men succumbed to their animal needs, and rutted hard. Faster and faster Noah fucked his man. Deeper and harder his rampant tool plumbed the depths of Nick's bowel. Nick responded in kind, clenching and pushing, his arms around Noah's frame, grasping him hard, pulling him in, as if that massive cock throbbing in his gut wasn't enough, and he wanted more of his man inside him.

As one, they fucked. Their motion became a frenzy as they slammed into each other and against the unyielding wall. The water around them churned into foam as they fucked with abandon and grunted their way toward paradise. With a stifled gasp, Noah thrust himself one final time as deeply into Nick's body as he could, then his entire body stiffened for a second, before spasms of release shook him, and his nuts pumped their creamy fruit into Nick's waiting repository.

Nick knew his man had reached the point of climax, and tingled with delight as he felt Noah shake, and then explode, emptying himself into Nick. The swarthy Mediterranean held on as long as he could, but the power of Noah's orgasm was so intense that he shuddered, and his own release was upon him, a flood of white hot manjuice filling the space between their bodies, covering both abdomens in a sticky coating of cum.

When they finally relaxed from the high of their peak, Noah held Nick tightly for a long while, reluctant to surrender his position. Eventually, and carefully, he slowly withdrew his still hard cock from Nick's ravaged hole, and together they weakly helped each other to the nearby steps, clambering from the water and draping the robes around themselves.

"Do you think we've made a mess?" Nick asked softly, inclining his head toward the pool.

"Probably," Noah accepted with a grin, and a guilty look. "Hopefully the filtration system will clean and hide the evidence by the morning."

"I think I might make sure I'm first here, tomorrow, just in case I need to do a little manual cleaning as well," Nick said with a chuckle. "But right now, I'm fucked!"

"Literally and figuratively," Noah agreed. "Me too!"

With arms around each other's waists, the lovers made their way upstairs for a long, deep sleep.




The next day dawned overcast and grey, appropriate for the mood of everyone in the house that morning. They sat silently together over breakfast, and Mrs Fitzgibbon managed to clear the dishes away in a muffled quietude. Just before they were due to leave for the service, Noah's mobile phone chirped. It was Detective Moran.

"Hello, Bob," Noah answered pleasantly.

"Hi there. I just wanted to wish you guys luck today, to let you know I'm thinking of you all."

"Thanks. I'll pass it onto the others," Noah said softly. "Are you coming to the funeral?"

The cop sighed. "No. I don't see any reason for me to be there, and having the police around often makes the family feel uncomfortable."

"Okay. Thanks again, for calling, and for your thoughts. We'll talk to you later."

The funeral was to be held in a small chapel not far from the house. Patrick and Frank would be in the first car of the official procession. David and Joe would be in the second, accompanied by Mrs Fitzgibbon, and Nick and Noah in the final vehicle making up the motorcade from the house to the chapel. As the cars drew up in front of the cold brown building, Nick whistled softly. The place was crowded with people.

"I had no idea this many would show up," he said.

"I guess Wes was a very popular man," Noah replied. "I hope there's room for everyone inside."

With the place packed, Patrick and Frank, Mrs Fitzgibbon, David and Joe, and Nick and Noah made their way to the front seats to take their places. A celebrant made a short speech, and read the eulogy that had been put together by David and Patrick the week before. Through it all, Patrick sat stony faced, not showing any emotion, other than a tightening of his hand in Frank's. At the end of the service, the celebrant announced that there would be no graveside ceremony, but that all were welcome to return to the house for refreshments and to remember Wes' life.

And that was it. Short, simple, quiet. Just as Patrick had asked. The procession back out of the building through a sea of unfamiliar faces was a little disquieting, and then the official entourage made its way back to the house, followed this time by a snaking train of private vehicles, headlights illuminated like so many lidless eyes.

Nick remembered why it was that he hated funerals. Almost as he thought of it, Noah turned to him and said "Promise me that if I die first, my funeral will be nothing like this. I want it to be as happy as possible, a real celebration of life, not some drawn out, miserable thing no-one wants to be at."

"Ditto!" answered Nick with feeling.



Back at the house, little changed. There must have been almost a hundred people there, but the place was hushed and grey, filled with whispering voices as though no-one was prepared to speak too loudly, or to remember Wes' life with any joy. It was more depressing than anything either Nick or Noah had seen in a long time. Platters of finger food sat uneaten on tables, and people stood around sipping slowly at their drinks, as if they were uncertain of what to say, or to whom it should be said. Patrick and Frank had been circulating as best they could for some time, but now Patrick seemed to have disappeared.

"I can't stand this!" Nick hissed at his man. "I need some fresh air."

Noah grimaced in agreement. "I'll join you," he said as they both headed for the poolside deck area. There, away from the milling, gloomy crowd, they found Patrick, a beer in his hand.

"Hey, are you alright?" Nick asked.

"Yeah, I just needed to get out of there," the young man answered.

"It's certainly a depressing gathering," Noah commiserated. "Don't any of your uncle's friends want to remember the good things about him?"

But Patrick simply stood, frozen to the spot.

"Patrick? Patrick, are you okay?" Noah asked quickly, only to be ignored.

"What the fuck are you doing here?" Patrick suddenly hissed past Noah and Nick, making them spin around.

Facing him, facing them, was a mirror image. It could easily have been Patrick standing there, except that Patrick was now behind them. Nick's jaw dropped, and Noah looked from one man to the other in astonishment.

"Hello, Pat. It's nice to see you after all this time," said the other man in a tone which belied his words.

"I said, `What the fuck are you doing here'?" Patrick repeated.

"Paying my respects to Uncle Wesley."

Noah spoke out. "Patrick? What's going on?"

The other man finally acknowledged Nick and Noah again. "Gentlemen, this is Sean. My brother. My identical twin brother!"

"Unh, nice to meet you," Noah said haltingly.

"Shit!" enunciated Nick.

"Would you mind leaving us alone?" Sean asked, politely but coolly.

"Of course," Noah acceded. "Come on, Nick," as he pulled his mate away from the two men facing each other and bristling, and back into the kitchen area where they could see but not hear what was happening.

As they watched, it became apparent that the brothers were arguing. Both gesticulated wildly, and lots of pointed fingers and raised voices seemed leading into a fight. Not wanting to interfere, Nick and Noah waited, but made ready to go quickly to break the pair up if they came to blows. While they stood there, David passed by the kitchen door.

"David," called Nick urgently.

As the other man backed into the room where they stood, Nick hissed at him. "You didn't tell us Patrick had a twin brother!"

"What?" was David's response. "He doesn't have any brothers or sisters as far as I know!"

"Oh yes he does look!"

There was no denying it. The two men outside were alike in every detail but clothing.

"Holy shit!" swore David. "I had no idea. Wes never mentioned a brother. Neither did Patrick! I wonder what the story is there?"

Suddenly, Sean slammed his glass down on a table so hard it shattered. He moved in very close to Patrick, so close they were no more than a centimetre apart, face against face. Nick tensed, about to interrupt, when Sean turned on his heel and flung open the door, racing through the house and out into the driveway. Patrick was visibly shaken, as he sat heavily in the nearest chair.

David hurried to the younger man's side, followed by Nick and Noah. "Are you okay?" he asked quickly.

Patrick nodded. "It was such a shock to see him here. And the things he said about Wes ..." He simply shook his head incredulously.

"So you have a brother?" David asked, more gently. "I had no idea. Wes never mentioned him."

"We never saw him," Patrick said softly. "Some time after I came to live here there was a huge falling out. We argued back then and he said he never wanted to see me again. He said some pretty awful stuff to Wes too. Wes told him to get out, told him to never come back."

Noah watched the young man's face with concern. "What was the fight about, back then?" he asked.

"Umm, it had to do with me living here, with Wes," Patrick answered evasively. "Sean didn't want our uncle to take me in. He said some things about why I moved in that I wouldn't want to repeat. He hated me, and hated Wes as well."

"So he's homophobic," Nick assumed. "Thought Wes and you weren't right, weren't `natural'? I've heard it all before!"

"Yeah, something like that," Patrick stuttered.

"Then why is he here today?" David asked.

Patrick chuckled mirthlessly. "He wants his share of the Estate! Said he had come along to make sure I didn't think he was going to disappear. He claims he is entitled to a share of Wes' money just as much as I am. He said he'd waited all this time, and now that Wes was dead, he wanted to make sure he got what was rightfully his the bastard!"

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