Black Boxes

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Chapter 1

"Need you to leave one of the boys behind to help me unpack." The owner of the house said as the last of the chairs were brought in. The boxes of smaller articles had been stacked in the driveway as they worked on the heavier furniture.

The boss didn't even turn his head or stop to think. "Tim. You take care of these boxes and help him move in."

"But..." the boy of the group started to argue, let it drop. The other workers were hooting.

"Yeah, boss!" Kelly said. "Let the poof unpack the doilies."

"Enough of that." the boss was tough but fair. "You can catch us up tomorrow." he said to Tim.

Grimacing, the young man turned, as the owner said, "Get the boxes in and start unpacking them when you're done with that. I'll be back in a few minutes."


"Probably gone to pick up his girlfriend in that fancy sports car he was driving" thought Tim bitterly to himself. "Pity all the best guys are married or straight or both". He had to admit to himself that this one had been a stunner. Late 30's or early 40's, just over 6' tall with short brown hair and deep blue eyes, a body that obviously got looked after real well, and rich to boot! The house had to be worth well over $800,000.00, and the car wasn't cheap either. This was getting him nowhere, and he snapped himself out of his gloomy thoughts. Better to do what I can, he thought, and began carrying the boxes into the large open plan living area. He got them all inside, and still no sign of the client. "Well, hope he doesn't mind me poking around in his stuff, but the only way to know where they go is to open them" Tim said aloud, almost to reassure himself that it was okay. Some bright spark, probably the owner, had colour coded the boxes, but forgotten to let Tim know what the colours meant.

The first one he opened was marked in green, and inside he found kitchen utensils. Checking quickly that none seemed broken, he placed it on one of the kitchen benches. He found another green marked box. Another quick check and into the kitchen. Next he tried a box marked with blue. There only seemed to be a few of them. It contained toiletries -- the usual shaving creams, toothpaste, etc, so into the bathroom it and its fellow "blues" went.

He quickly realised that most of the boxes were grouped, and began to arrange them so that all the same colours were together to make things easier for himself. Amongst them were four boxes, considerably larger than the others, marked with black. Without thinking, he opened one just as he had some of the others. When the flaps folded back he got the shock of his life. Inside was black. Black leather. And what leather there was. Gingerly he lifted the first item out of the box -- a pair of shiny black leather chaps. Tim held them up, and breathed in the aroma of polished leather. He had always been turned on by leather, its look and feel, its smell, the way it seemed to hug the wearer and make them seem so much more than others. Placing them carefully to one side he delved deeper. Another pair of chaps, slightly smaller than the first, but just as soft, just as good to smell and feel. Under them, three leather jackets in differing styles. Vests, at least three, so soft and supple to touch as his fingers caressed the black hide. He continued. Pants, some in the style of jeans, some dress slacks, some sheer and soft almost like longjohns except that they were made of the softest smoothest black leather he had ever felt. Oh how he would love to be able to afford these garments. Under the pants, the rest of the box seemed to be full of coverings or sheets, like bed sheets, but again made of soft dark leather, so supple to touch.

Standing back, he wondered at the contents. And felt the stirring in his groin. All this leather was turning him on like mad, as he tried uncomfortably to adjust the growing erection in his jeans. He looked at the other three black boxes, sitting innocently on the floor. He couldn't resist the temptation, just had to know what was in them. Like a child at Christmas, he carefully opened the second of the boxes, eager to see what it held. When the contents were revealed, Tim was stunned. This one held an incredible variety of items, all of which instantly sent Tim's early semi erection to a full blown hard on. A couple of peaked caps, one hard with a shiny black visor, one softer, like an American baseball cap but also in leather. Harnesses, in combinations of wide black leather and silver metallic rings, with buckles and snaps. Leather jockstraps in a variety of styles, some with snap on codpieces, some nothing more than a leather pouch with a black elasticized waist band. More single black bands or straps, with buckles or snaps, some with metal studs adorning them. A couple of large black leather dog collars. Leather cockrings. Metal cockrings. At least four pairs of leather boots, again with metal rings adorning the sides. Gauntlets and wrist cuffs and gloves, all in black leather. And sunglasses. The mirrored type that the cops wore in American movies. Tim could not believe what he was looking at, presented with a veritable toy shop of all the things he had ever wanted, but never been able to afford.

He could not resist it. Couldn't help himself. He was drawn to the contents of the boxes against all better judgement. Carefully lifting out the caps, he tried on first the harder one. It didn't quite fit. The softer baseball cap though was a different story. It fit like a glove. Having started he couldn't stop. Alternating between the two boxes, he stripped off his shirt and pulled on a harness which consisted of two wide leather straps that came over his shoulders from a metal ring in the middle of his shoulder blades and joined another metal ring in the middle of his chest. He buckled them up, and reached to draw two more straps from the same back ring around to snap into place at the front, enclosing his ribs. He stopped for a moment and savoured the feel of the cool leather against his skin, and enjoyed the scent it released as it was handled. He wrapped and snapped wide soft leather armbands around his biceps, running his fingers over the leather as he did. Gauntlets with small metal studs went onto each forearm, and he held them out in front of him to admire the way they looked, and luxuriate in the feeling of them on his skin. Black leather driving gloves on his hands completed his arms.

Curious, and getting hornier by the minute, he fished out one of the dog collars, about an inch wide, and tried it on. It fit easily around his neck and he buckled it just tight enough to know it was there, without affecting his breathing or his ability to move his head. Having gone this far there was no turning back, and he stripped off his jeans and underwear, taking one of the leather snap on cockrings and wrapping it around the base of his cock and balls, fixing it as tightly as he could bear. Next he tried on a black leather jockstrap. It consisted of a waistband, leg bands, and a soft leather pouch which cradled his balls and cock like a hand. He could barely get his raging erection inside the pouch, but it felt oh so good.

Almost intoxicated by the feel and smell of the leather he was already wearing, he reached into the box and carefully lifted out a pair of chaps. Unfolding them reverently, he lowered his nose to the leather, drinking in the scent, and rubbing the hide against his skin. He pulled the waistband around, fastening it in place carefully, and wrapped first one and then the other leg in the supple black leather, leaning down and carefully sliding the zippers up his inside legs. They were tight, but not uncomfortable, and seemed to melt into place, accentuating his legs like a second skin. Polished and shining, the chaps cradled his butt cheeks, massaging his calves and thighs. He sighed with the sensual feel of them. In for the whole package, he thought, as he reached for a pair of boots. The first he tried were too large, but the next pair seemed made for him. Polished until they were like mirrors, they shone with a black gloss, and came up over the bottoms of the chaps to about half way up his calves. Square toed and solid, they had leather straps around the ankles which met at metal rings on each side. Standing up in them Tim felt somehow superhuman, as if they gave him a strength or power he could feel but not explain.

Now that he was fully adorned, he had to see himself. Racing into one of the bedrooms, he squeaked as he walked, the polished leather rubbing softly and caressing his skin, sending tingles of excitement through him. In the main bedroom he found what he needed, a floor to ceiling mirror. As he stepped in front of it, he gasped with delight. In that mirror he saw not himself but a leather god, a vision. Decked out in shining black hide from head to toe, creaking with the slightest movement. And this was even better. In addition to the sight and the sound, he had the sensational feel of the leather all over his body and the aroma that it emitted filling his nostrils. His cock was hard as steel. He looked down at his own body, ran his fingers across his chest, playing with his nipples, and then down the front of his legs, revelling in the touch of the soft dark hide beneath his fingertips. Straightening up, he looked back to the mirror -- and almost died of shock.

Reflected back at him was not only his own leather engulfed body, but the client; the owner of the house, and presumably of the leather gear he was presently wearing, standing with his arms crossed and an enigmatic look on his face, carefully studying Tim as he had been touching himself.

"Oh, Shit ... " Tim exclaimed loudly, not knowing what to do, frozen to the spot. "I, uhhh ... you weren't here and ... The boxes had to be checked and placed in the right rooms ... oh fuck, I am so so sorry ... and I just wanted to check which rooms and ... I didn't mean to pry, honest ... I shouldn't have ... I mean I wouldn't have ... but the stuff was just so exciting, and ... holy fuck, I am just so sorry!" He finally ended his stumbling, stammering monologue.

"I'm not! " said the client. "Maybe you shouldn't have, but I can't be upset about someone obviously admiring and loving the gear as much as you do. Chris' stuff obviously fits perfectly, and I have to say you look a hell of a lot hotter in it than he ever did."

"I ... " mumbled Tim, even more uncertain. "Chris ... ??????"

"My ex. He walked out six months ago, with nothing more than a note saying he was going for good. Didn't even want to take all the leather gear I had bought for him. Much of which you are wearing now." He grinned at Tim's discomfort at that comment.

"Listen ... " said Tim, hurriedly coming back to reality. "I really am so sorry, I had no right. I'll pay for any damage ... " he started to remove the boots. " Please don't tell the company -- it's not for me, but a friend got me this job as a favour and he will cop it because of me."

"Hey, don't worry, mate" he said smoothly. "Please, leave it all on, and let me enjoy the sight for a while. I might even send the company a letter of thanks for service `above and beyond'," he winked. "I'm David, by the way, and you do realise that this is the wrong room for those particular boxes, don't you?"

Tim blushed deep red. "I seriously set out just to do the right thing ...", he said. " ... It was only when I opened one of the boxes marked with black and found this stuff, and I couldn't help myself, I just had to try it on."

"You're obviously a fan of leather ... Don't you have gear of your own?"

"Not like this. I have a jacket, and a pair of jeans that I had to save for years to buy. But not this kind of outfit. I would love it, always have wanted to, but never had the money." Tim heard himself admitting to this stranger whose privacy he had violated in the worst way.

"Well, err... what's your name?" David asked, still drinking in the look of the strong young man in his new home, clad in the most beautiful leather outfit.

"Tim ... " Tim replied.

"Well, Tim, I think I'd like to share something with you. Follow me."

David led him out of the bedroom, along the corridor to a smallish door in one wall which Tim had assumed to be a closet of some kind. Opening it and flicking a switch, David walked in. Tim quickly realised that it was a set of stairs which led down to a basement under the house. At the bottom of the stairs was a large room basically empty except for some shelving on one wall and a weight press bench and some expensive looking workout equipment lying around.

"This is the room those boxes belong in." David smirked at Tim. "It's going to be my basement playroom! What do you think"

"Oh, wow!" Tim exclaimed, his thoughts running wild.

"Tell you what ... why don't you finish the job, and bring those boxes down here, while I get changed and you can help me set up."

Tim grinned. "You bet!" he exclaimed eagerly. As he headed up the stairs, David watched his taut cheeks and firm legs framed and gripped by the black leather chaps. "You bet, alright," he thought to himself. "I wonder ..."

Tim carefully bundled up the contents of the two boxes he had already opened and carried them into the basement, placing them on the floor. He wasn't in any hurry, as every movement felt so good with his body encased in black leather as it was. The third box also went easily onto the floor. He stopped and rested for a few minutes, leaning against a bench and again feeling the touch of the leather against his skin, holding out his arms to admire the gauntlets and gloves, breathing in the scent of the leather, mixed with a hint of sweat as he carried the boxes down the stairs. The last, largest box was more awkward, and as he wrestled it down the narrow stairway he wondered again just how much wonderful leather gear David had, and what on earth could be in these other boxes.

As he set the last box on the floor in the middle of the room, Tim suddenly sensed there was someone else there. He turned to find David in one corner, out of his sight as he had struggled down the stairs a minute ago. At least he guessed it was David. This person was the epitome of Leather. David alright, Michalangelo's David, clad in shiny black hide.

"What do you think?" said the apparition with David's voice.

Tim just stood and whistled softly, letting his eyes drink in every last detail in case the vision disappeared. David wore the other cap, black and high peaked, with shining visor pulled low over his forehead. He had a pair of the mirrored glasses on. A wide shouldered jacket with short metal chains hanging from the leather epaulet straps was open, revealing harness straps over his shoulders and around his chest which joined to two large metal rings connected by a bright silver chain. The rings themselves sat over David's nipples, which were pierced, each of them set through with tiny silver rings about a centimetre in diameter.

Two more leather straps fell from the rings around his nipples in a V to a third metal ring framing his navel, where they were joined by straps coming around his waist, and another at the bottom which went straight down, disappearing beneath the waistband of his chaps. His arms, what Tim could see of them under the jacket sleeves, were encased in soft black leather gloves that appeared to go all the way to his elbows, and over the gloves he wore solid leather gauntlets on each forearm which displayed lines of metal studs around them at intervals.

The chaps he wore were less like clothing than a second skin. So tight, the glossy black leather didn't hide his legs, but rather showed them off to perfection. Every muscle, every ripple of movement was accentuated in black leather, He turned to one side, and Tim caught his breath as the round orbs of David's perfect arse came into view framed by the chaps as though they had been painted onto him, hugging the bottom of his cheeks and pushing them up and out. David turned back to face Tim again, spreading his legs slightly. The V shape was repeated where the leather of the chaps connected from the waist fastener to fall and engulf his upper legs. Within that V was another, this one formed by the black leather posing strap that Tim could see. Clearly visible was the outline of David's obviously worthy cock. The tube shape of his manliness was framed and gripped by the black leather as it sat to one side, half hard, and his large round balls nestled in the black pouch holding them in place. His legs seemed to go on forever, long, thick, strong. Tim's eyes slowly travelled down, drinking in the shining black leather clad towers until they ended in boots. Black leather boots. The boots were tight as well, and high, coming almost up to his knees. They were not so much glossy as shone with spit and polish, adorned with metal rings and leather straps much as the ones Tim already wore. Dangling from his right hand was a silver metal dog lead, the black leather handstrap around his gloved fingers, the silver fastener swinging slowly near his feet.

Tim was entranced. He wondered if he were dreaming. If so, he didn't want to wake up.

Mesmerized by each other, the two men stood only a few feet apart, staring each at the other. Finally, tentatively, David reached his hand out toward Tim. The younger man felt himself drawn by an unspoken desire and stepped up to David so that they were so close Tim could feel David's hot breath on his face. Suddenly they were released from their trance. Tim's arms went around David, sliding in under the jacket to explore the lines of the harness. David lifted his hands to either side of Tim's face, drawing them together. He tilted his head to one side and their lips met, parting as they did so, becoming one. Their tongues touched, explored, joined. Tasting each other. Their bodies crashed against each other as they ground into one another. Leather creaked against leather and pushed and slid against skin as they interlocked, arms, hands and fingers exploring, touching, feeling. David's hands went from Tim's neck, tracing the straps of his harness down to his waist, before following the edges of his chaps and then massaging his buns, running back again around the tops of his legs to grasp and squeeze at his now steel hard cock straining at the leather pouch.

Tim slid his arms up and down along David's back, feeling over and over the leather straps. Around his chest Tim's fingers went, seeking out and finding the nipples, pulling oh so gently at the rings and eliciting a low moan of pleasure from his partner. Sliding his hands along David's arms, he felt the sensuous touch of the leather gloves, the more solid gauntlets with their metal studs, and the soft leather gloves again before finding bare, warm skin. Whenever David's hands left his crotch, Tim ground his pelvis against the posing strap holding David in place. Even through the double layer of leather, Tim could feel the heat of David's throbbing cock, pushing upwards in its leather case. They were still locked together in the kiss, passion building with each moment.

Drawing away from David for a second, Tim looked into the mirrored glasses David wore. Stared long and hard but unable to make out anything beneath the unyielding reflection. Released from David's grip, he dropped to his knees, his face pressing into David's groin. Tim licked and slurped at the swollen leather tube in front of him, nibbling and biting, feeling the heat and hardness of David's erection as he breathed in the scent of leather and sweat and sexual excitement. It was a heady combination, better than any drug. His eager lips and tongue played with David's cock, massaged David's rolling heaving balls through the soft leather pouch, tasting the leather, feeling it against his lips as it stretched and cushioned David's masculinity. Bobbing around, his mouth and eyes and nose traced not only David's groin, but the skin and leather edges of the chaps. Tim let himself sink lower, licking and slurping his way down David's inner legs, tasting and chewing on the leather as he did. All he wanted to do was to adore this leather clad god, and the best way he could was by instinct, with his mouth. His hands gripped and massaged David's buns as he did, his fingers tracing the lines of the chaps before firmly grasping the flesh again, or following the trailing leather ties of the chaps' waistband down along the crack of David's arse.

As Tim fell to his knees, David's hands had gone to his shoulders. He threw his head back at the sensation of Tim's hot wet mouth attacking his cock and balls through the leather pouch he wore. It was as though the leather itself was licking and biting at him, and his cock was rock hard, leaking copious amounts of pre-cum into the pouch, slicking it up on the inside just as Tim's mouth slicked it on the outside. David ran his hands across Tim's shoulders, making contact with the harness straps which he followed across his back. Pulling at them occasionally in an unconscious movement of pulling Tim even closer to him. The dog chain was still wrapped around his gloved hand, and on an impulse he reached down and snapped the clip onto the metal ring set in the collar Tim was wearing. It was a symbolic gesture -- they were physically joined by metal and leather. The thought was particularly exciting to David.

Tim had been slurping down David's legs, slicking the chaps and boots with his saliva, polishing the dark hide with his lips and now he began working his way back up, licking and sucking at David's leather encased cock yet again, biting and chewing at him. The sensations were wonderful and David was in heaven, but then Tim moved further up, tracing the lines of the harness straps up David's abdomen and chest, until he reached the metal ring circling David's nipple. He had bitten lightly on the ring and the nipple together, and the sensation had sent shock waves of pleasure through David's body. His complete attention seemed focussed on the efforts of Tim's teeth and mouth at his chest. His body tingled as he felt the leather straps of Tim's harness against his abdomen. The creaking sound as Tim's chaps rubbed against his own was music to him, and the most wonderful pleasure was embracing him as Tim worked on first one and then the other nipple, gently biting, sucking, nibbling at his tits.

Tim could have suckled at David's chest like this for hours. Feeling the leather that David wore pushing against his own was so good. The mixing aromas of leather and sweat were aphrodisiacs and the clinking, hard feel of the nipple rings against his teeth was the icing on the cake. He could feel the chain of the lead attached to the collar he wore. He had felt David snap it in place, and rather than be alarmed or concerned had found it an incredible turn on, heightening even more his sense of surrendering to the passion that engulfed him in this leather dreamworld. Now he felt some upward pressure on the lead, as David tried gently to coax him away from his chest.

"Oh, God!" Tim shuddered as David succeeded in releasing his lips at last.

"You like that?" David asked him.

"Yeah, oh, yeah!"

"I got something even better in the next box." David teased. "Want to see it?"

Unable to speak, Tim nodded, heard the chain of his leash jingle, looked at it, then back at David.

"Want me to take it off?" David asked, his face preternaturally still.

Tim gave a small shake of his head "no."

"Are you sure?" David said, taking up the slack in the leash. "If I leave it on, I'll have to lead you around the house like this. You want that?"

"Yes." Tim said, a small voice.

"What was that?" David cocked his ear.

"Yes, sir, please lead me around the house like this." Tim gushed. "Please, sir, please don't take it off."

David smiled, a smile that told Tim he'd made the right choice, and he gave a careful grin back. "That's a good little slave. Come on, let's get that other box."

With a lusty laugh, and a squeeze of Tim's beautiful rear, David led his leather boy to where the unopened boxes stood in the centre of the playroom. He took the leather sheets from a box, and spread one over the weight press bench, laying another onto a mattress on the floor. The box with the remaining pants, harnesses and clothing, etc, was pushed to one side, out of harm's way, as was the smaller of the unopened boxes. As they moved about, the two men could not separate by more than a few feet thanks to the lead attached to David's wrist and Tim's neck, but there was no inclination on either part to separate at all. They constantly looked to each other, allowing fingers and tongues to touch, trace, wander. All five of their senses were engulfed in the supreme desire generated by the look, sound, touch, taste and smell of leathermen -- themselves. David indicated the larger unopened box, and together they moved it away from the centre of the room, before he leant down to open it. He looked up at Tim with a knowing smile, which piqued Tim's curiosity.

"I think you'll like this ... " he said, mysteriously. Tim looked around, at the leather covered bench and mattress.

"I like already!" he said, laughing.

David flipped open the box, and Tim eagerly looked in to see what wonders it held. At first he could not make out what he was looking at. It appeared to be a very solid leather cover of some description. Quite thick, and there were some kind of metal half circles attached to it. At the corners. David lifted it out of the box, and realization struck. A sling! Tim's grin split his face, his cock jumped yet again within his pouch.

"Oh, fuck, " he exclaimed. "I've always wondered what it would be like in one of them. Never actually seen one for real though." He could not keep his hands from it, feeling the solid but supple leather, the smooth hide in a rectangular shape with metal semi circles at each corner. As David lifted the sling completely out of the box, Tim noticed chains and shackles underneath. "How do we set it up?" he asked David eagerly.

"Fortunately, I had already checked and started on this room." David replied, almost as eager as his younger friend. "The chains and shackles are already in the right places and the right lengths, and I've already had re-inforced rings set into the ceiling -- right through the supporting beams. All we need do is clip the snaplocks into the rings and it's ready!"

"Well, what are we waiting for?" Tim laughed easily.

They pulled the weightbench over to beneath the rings in the ceiling, and without too much difficulty attached the chains which hung down like four metal creepers. Next the sling was attached by the corner D rings to where the shackles were already positioned on each length of chain. Tim stood and admired their handiwork, lust and desire in his eyes. "It's not finished yet" David pointed out. More chains from the box, this time shorter pieces, with long doubled straps. David attached these to two of the end chains, and Tim quickly saw they were foot stirrups. Tim pressed gingerly, and then more firmly, on the sling, testing its strength and the hold from the ceiling rings. Standing between the stirrups, leaning over the sling, he ran his hands along its smooth black hide. He turned around with a look of intensity to find David had stepped up close behind him.

Again their lips met, and they kissed, long and hard. There was an intensity in this kiss they had not previously shared. A mutual longing. Their arms entwined as they again shared each other and enjoyed each other. They felt each other, allowed the feel and touch of leather to surround them. They breathed in the scent of the hide, letting it permeate their very beings. They ground against each other increasing their shared need, their hardening cocks pressing and rubbing at each other through the leather. Tim broke away from the kiss first, avoiding David's efforts to follow his mouth, and returned his attentions to David's nipples. The clinking of the metal rings against his teeth, and the feel of the leather harness straps against his cheeks were so hot he could not get enough. David in turn was almost overcome by the erotic sensation of Tim's teeth pulling gently at his pierced tits, as he continued to rub his hands over Tim's back, and to press his leather covered legs against Tim's own.

Tim shifted again, lowering his mouth along David's abdomen, following that tantalizing leather strap down to the manhood proudly stretching the leather of David's posing jock. This time David let him lick and nibble for a few minutes, surrendering to the enthralling sensations he generated, before his hands slid down to Tim's face. Giving him a reassuring squeeze, David slid his fingers into the waistband of the posing strap and lifted it out, freeing his cock from its confines. As David's naked rod came into view, Tim gasped, his eyes shining. He dived onto the head of this sword, lapping at the glistening drops of precum gathering and oozing from its eye. Scooping the sweet nectar onto his tongue, Tim tasted David's essence as his hands roamed up and down David's legs, caressing the leather of the chaps and massaging the muscles encased in that glorious black second skin. He licked and nibbled at David's cockhead before gently working his way down, tracing the outline of his corona and licking at the shaft of his rigid proud penis. Following its length to the point where the base disappeared again into the leather thong, where Tim could see and reach out for David's balls, still cushioned in the black shining hide. A new surprise! Tim discovered that below the thong, David was wearing a solid metal cockring. Delighted, he licked at the metal, tracing the line of contact with David's skin with his tongue. He pulled that leather covering away to reveal David's man eggs, and promptly swallowed them, rolling them around in his mouth and massaging gently with his tongue.

David let out a long soft moan of delight, and Tim's mouth retreated back up his idol's trembling throbbing pole until the head was once again at his lips. Quickly he swallowed it down. Opening his throat and avoiding the urge to gag, Tim wrapped his throat around David's member, constricting his muscles as his tongue played at the shaft, embracing David's cock with his hot wet saliva. Releasing slightly, he began to piston himself against that steel rod, working it and sending shivers through David. Suctioning hard, then releasing and pulling back to suction down again, Tim slid up and down David's penis, his speed increasing with each thrust, swallowing him as deeply as he could then pulling back to lick softly at the tip before diving down again, the whole time massaging David's buttocks and leather clad thighs with his eager hands. David looked down to see the leather cap on Tim's head bobbing back and forth on his cock, and the straps of Tim's harness flexed and eased on his back as he moved. David could feel the leather of the chaps Tim was wearing pressing against his own legs, and he fought hard against the urge to begin fucking Tim's face and release himself into that willing, accommodating throat giving him so much pleasure. His cock throbbed and swelled as he became more and more excited, growing closer to the point of no return.

Tim could sense the increasing urgency in David, and reluctantly eased his attentions. Pulling away from his friend's groin, he licked once more at the tip of David's cock and blew a soft stream of air across his cockhead, before standing again face to face with his leather god. Again, their lips met, parting to accept each other and their hands resumed the caresses of each other's leather encased bodies. David eased forward as they did so, backing Tim up against the edge of the sling suspended immediately behind them. When he felt the hard leather press against his naked butt, Tim jumped with anticipated pleasure, and broke the kiss, smiling into David's face. David smiled back. There was no need for words. Their mutual desire and shared need was understood and eagerly embraced by both. David pulled the edge of the leather platform down as Tim eased his arse into place. The younger man leaned slowly back as David supported him while he could, feeling the supple leather of the sling mould itself to his back. As he reached position, David's hands ran forward across his stomach and chest, following the lines of the harness, and back down to his groin, gently squeezing at the very obvious outline of Tim's cock in the leather jockstrap. His fingers traced circles across the rolling balls of black leather that were Tim's testicles as David appreciated every detail of his black shiny lover. Letting his hands drift further, David felt and massaged Tim's thighs through the soft hide of the chaps, revelling in the feel of the leather chaps encasing his friend's legs. He continued, caressing Tim's knees, calves, ankles in the leather, lifting Tim's legs as he did, until he had Tim's booted feet in each hand.

David eased Tim's feet upward, and reached for the straps hanging just above him. Carefully he lifted first one and then the other of Tim's boots into the leather stirrups, ensuring they were secure but comfortable. As he finished, David appreciated yet again the beauty of the man now presented to him. Tim's booted feet were now suspended slightly above and ahead of David's shoulders. His long legs were bent backwards, shining and rippling in the leather envelope of the chaps, and spread wide apart. Looking up between Tim's legs, David viewed the hot taut body wrapped by the straps of the black leather harness Tim wore, the arm bands around his biceps flexing, the leather gauntlets shining in the dull light as Tim gripped the chains holding the other end of the sling and looked back at David. The prize that Tim was offering lay waiting for the taking. With his legs spread David feasted on the sight of Tim's hard hard cock and large heaving balls clearly outlined, even emphasized, in the leather pouch of the jockstrap, and below them, his soft pink rosebud puckering and flexing, inviting David to take it -- a reddish cave between white cheeks, framed by the most beautiful black leather, waiting to be entered. David's breathing quickened, his cock twitched with anticipation, and drops of pre-cum oozed from him.

Tim for his part was just as overwhelmed. As he slid himself into position on the supple leather platform of the sling, he tingled with anticipation. David's fingers tracing the harness straps, gently caressing his skin with the soft leather gloves, squeezing his cock and nudging softly at his balls made him hornier than he had believed possible. When David's gloved hands had slowly and lovingly worked their way down his legs he felt the pouch he wore getting slicker and wetter on the inside with the leaking juice from his manhood. He happily let David lift his boots into position in the foot supports, and offered himself willingly as his hole was exposed and opened to David's view. He watched in wonder, drinking in the incredible sight of his leather dream come to life standing inches from him. This gorgeous man, clad in the blackest, shining leather was the answer to his prayers. His eyes feasted on the sight, from the black leather cap, the mirrored glasses, the harness straps and wide shoulders of the jacket, the gauntlets and gloves, the stunningly, impossibly beautiful chaps encasing David's legs, and the throbbing leaking pole of masculinity, jutting out and up from the posing strap, still cupping David's heavy balls. Tim had never wanted anyone so much. Swore he would never want another man as much as he wanted this one right now. All the years of yearning for ultimate pleasure had come to an end in this one day which had started so badly. As he drank in the view presented to him and marvelled at his good fortune, he saw David lean forward.

This time David lowered his face to Tim's stomach, licking and biting at the soft firm skin and sending rapturous tingles through his waiting partner. His gloved hands caressed the skin, sliding across and down, finding the rigid tube of black leather that was Tim's hidden pole. David let his mouth travel until he was licking and biting at Tim's encased cock through the leather. He could taste and smell the leather and feel the glorious hardness of Tim through it all. Nibbling and licking, he found and outlined Tim's balls with his tongue, all the while hearing low soft moans of delight from the object of his attentions. David gently lifted one side of the leather pouch, and slid it up and across, exposing Tim's throbbing, rock hard cock and heaving balls. Finding the studded leather cockring Tim had worn, he ran his leathery fingers up and down Tim's now naked shaft, gently rolling his balls and tracing the line of the cockring around the captive weapon. Taking Tim's balls in one leather gloved hand and squeezing firmly but gently, he wrapped his other hand around Tim's shaft. Tim thrilled to the feel of the leather gloves caressing and squeezing his maleness, and let out a soft "Oh yeah,".

At that, David licked and then bit at the head of Tim's cock. As Tim trembled with pleasure, he swallowed the manmeat scraping gently against the sides of Tim's shaft with his teeth, squeezing his balls as he did. Up and down on Tim's cock David bobbed, faster and faster, sucking and blowing, massaging and licking. Tim's knuckles were white as he gripped on to the chain, willing himself -- not yet, not yet. Bringing Tim to the brink, David stopped abruptly, transferring his attentions to the base of Tim's balls, licking and nibbling at the tender skin and tracing the line of the cockring with his tongue, then slowly, ever so slowly, licking toward Tim's exposed, aching hole. Tim's moans increased in frequency and volume as David brought him higher and higher into the realms of passion. Reaching his target, David licked and flicked his tongue across that most tender spot on Tim's body. Tim's puckered hole flexed and relaxed, begging to be taken as David rimmed him slowly then faster, penetrating just a little with his tongue and driving Tim wild.

The need in David was building as well. He reached for some lube, and smeared a generous helping onto his gloved finger, transferring it to Tim's waiting hole. Tim gasped as the cool lube touched his hole, and squirmed with delight when David's leather encased finger eased gently inside him, coating his anus with the smooth lubricating gel. Tim felt the leather digit work its way inside him, and pushed back to meet it, wanting, needing, more. His desire was intense as the soft black leather penetrated him, revolving inside his arse and sending waves of pleasure crashing through his body. David smeared some more lube on his trembling cock with his other hand, revelling for the moment in the feel of the leather gloves on his shaft as he coated himself in the soothing gel. He straightened, carefully removing his finger from Tim's beckoning hole, and stepped forward to press the head of his cock against the outside of Tim's puckering bud.

"Do you think you're ready for this, my little leather slave?" David whispered huskily.

The words freed Tim's tongue. "Oh, fuck yeah," he hissed. "Take me, stud, I want you so much, you beautiful leather god. Cover me and wrap yourself around me. Be inside me and fuck me. I need you. I want you. Please, do it!"

Tim's outburst was music to David's ears. It turned him on even more, and he could no longer resist. He eased forward, pressing himself into Tim, as Tim relaxed as best he could, urging David on. David felt Tim's hole opening around his cock, relished the sensation of the muscles releasing and easing to allow his pole passage into Tim's cavern. He pushed forward again, and as he did Tim suddenly surged back against him. David entered him more quickly than he had intended, as his cockhead slipped into Tim and Tim's anus closed around it.

"Oh David, fuck me man...." Tim whispered earnestly. David obliged, leaning into Tim and the sling, his rigid flaming sword sinking in to the hilt, burying itself in Tim's bowels. Tim gasped a little at the pain and David stopped, concerned. But Tim urged him on. "Yes, please Sir, do it! I want you!!!" he exclaimed. David smiled and pressed again, feeling the soft skin of Tim's cheeks connect with his thighs, hearing the leather of his chaps creak as it rubbed against Tim's chaps as David sunk himself totally into his lover. Leaning forward, David reached for and grabbed the shoulder straps of Tim's harness, getting a good grip. In that position, he started his rhythm. Easy at first, he fucked him. Long smooth strokes, as he drew out then pushed back in again. Occasionally moving from side to side he swam in the pleasure of the love making. Tim tingled with delight as the long hard penis impaled him. The pain disappeared so quickly, and was replaced by the most incredible pleasure. David's cock seemed to tickle at the base of his stomach with each inward thrust, and as he withdrew, Tim would clench his rectum, determined to milk that pole for all he was worth. David's tempo increased, as he used his grip on Tim's harness as leverage, pulling his lover against him, rocking the sling back and forth against his groin and away again. Tim could not believe the sensation of floating, feeling David's leather gloved fingers under the harness straps, being pulled so that his entire body was impaled onto David's powerful cock then pushed off it again, only to crash back into ecstasy.

Harder David fucked. Faster and faster. His strokes grew faster as he shoved himself into Tim, determined to have him more completely than he had ever done. His breathing got shorter and shorter, and Tim continued to hiss encouragement, calling out, begging for more. Tim's words, the occasional obscenities, were heightening David's appreciation as he continued to fuck at the willing man. His steel hard cock pounded into Tim. Deeper and deeper, harder and harder. His grip on the harness was vicelike, as he drew himself away then rammed into his lover yet again. His entire body roared with passion. Tim's insides were a furnace, and David stoked the fires with stroke after stroke of mighty effort, shoving himself into that incredible wet fire. Tim's body trembled. Waves of pleasure crashed over him again and again as David's weapon pounded into his body. He gave himself completely, surrendering to the overwhelming pleasure as David ravaged him, took him and filled him. The intensity of the experience was such that neither could hold back much longer. The cockrings had done their job well, and both men had withheld that moment of final explosion as long as they could, but each was building quickly to a massive climax. David pounded again, harder into Tim. He could not see properly now, the sensations in his head drowning out all but the need to be as far inside this man's body as he could. Tim began to whimper as the heaving of his balls translated into an irresistible need to explode. Sweat poured from both of them as the pace of their fuck reached its peak. It was like a blur as David pistoned in and out of Tim, the searing heat of the fuck overwhelming them both.

David cried out a warning "I ... I .... Mmmm .... Cummmmii...." He tried to say.

Tim's response was almost as garbled ... "Yeerr .... FUCK ME !!!!!! AAAAiiiii......"

His eyes rolled back in his head as the waves of his climax crashed onto him. David threw his head back and uttered a primal scream as his nuts heaved and emptied, thrusting load after load of his white hot cum into his shaft. One last time, he grasped Tim's harness, heaved on it with all his might, and sunk his cock so hard and so deep into Tim with the last remaining ounce of his strength His cock exploded, emptying his jism deep inside Tim with urgent spurts out of control, as he drained his very essence deep into his lover.

Tim had only the presence of mind to know that he had reached that moment of total surrender and total bliss. As David grasped and shoved into him, Tim opened himself and shoved back, determined to have as much of David as was humanly possible. David's first heaving load emptied itself into Tim and Tim's balls scrunched against the cockring. He clenched his arse tight around the invading spear of his leather god, and surrendered. His cockhead exploded as hot white cum erupted from him, splattering against his skin, shooting up across his chest, his chin, onto David's heaving chest. Tim had never cum so much before. Like an endless torrent he drowned himself in manjuice. Their climax exploded around them and they let go to the total pleasure that engulfed them.

Reality ebbed back slowly. Their recovery was gentle, creeping up on them as consciousness returned. David, still buried deep inside his partner, felt his weak legs barely able to support him. Tim slowly opened his eyes to the realization that it had not been a dream, that he had just experienced the most intense loving of his entire life. He looked to his lover and smiled, and with that David half fell forward onto him, letting the sling take both their weight. Tim squirmed a little and delighted in the feeling of total fulfillment, clenched against David's still hard cock inside him. As they pressed together, Tim's cum formed a binding sticky glue which slicked their bodies and the leather clothing they wore.

"I need to stand, and then sit, or lie" David said weakly, smiling.

"I just want you to stay right where you are forever!" Tim laughed back, squeezing again his anus around David's gradually diminishing penis.

"Now there's a thought!" David grinned down at him.

Gently, slowly, David stood, and eased himself out of his lover. His knees still weak, he stood to help Tim extricate his booted feet from the stirrups, and then stand himself. As they both became upright, they kissed. Long, gentle, loving. Enjoying each other, sharing the most intimate moment two humans can know. Then they slipped to the floor, lying beside each other on the leather covered mattress, letting the cool hide soothe their hot sated bodies. For hours they stayed there. Talking as they recovered.

Tim felt so much at ease as he basked in the afterglow of lovemaking. He felt he could really talk to this man. David found himself drawn to the younger Tim, sharing his love of leather.

Tim stood, stretching and running his hands over the gleaming hide gripping his strong young legs. David clearly saw the look of admiration and appreciation in his eyes. "I'd, uh, really like to see you again." Tim offered hopefully. "Maybe try on even more of your leather?" His eyes were wide and yearning.

"Well, we'll talk about that tomorrow."


"You have to come back and finish unpacking the boxes, don't you? Your boss told you to help me, remember?"

Tim smirked. "Yes, Sir!" He changed into street clothes, and made to leave, turning back to David at the door. Looking into the older man's eyes, he kissed him quickly. "Thanks -- for everything! See you in the morning," he promised.

Chapter 2

On the train going home, Tim smiled to himself, thinking of the events of the day; the horny, stunning man who had introduced him to a new world of masculine leather sex. He re-lived the loving, his erection bulging his jeans uncomfortably. Whistling happily he wandered into the building, David on his mind.

It was still light, the long evenings of summer warm. Life could be good, Tim thought to himself. His mind was elsewhere as he reached the door of his flat. A sheet of paper was tacked to the woodwork, and he pulled it away absently, pushing his key into the lock. Resistance met his efforts. Tim looked down, to notice a new barrel in the lock, and realised that his key wouldn't turn. He looked more carefully at the page he'd removed from his door. As he read, Tim's world came crashing down around him, the elation of earlier disappearing instantly. A tersely worded notice informed him that he had failed to make the rental payment for two months, that he had ignored demands that had been sent to him, and that the locks had been changed. If he wanted to collect his possessions, he must pay the back rent within a fortnight, and make arrangements with the letting agents. He looked at his watch. 8.30! The agents would be closed for the night. He banged on the door in vain, tried the key again. How could this happen?

Then it dawned on him. Michael! "Fuck it!" he said aloud to the empty hallway. His former lover had walked out on him almost a month ago, after a very acrimonious discussion concerning Michael's penchant for staying out until all hours with unnamed `friends'. When Tim accused him of being unfaithful, he hadn't denied it, just packed and left without a word. Michael had always paid the rent for them, since he worked close to the agents' office. Tim felt crushed. He wandered out onto the street, angry and lost. How could Michael have done this? Had he been planning to go for all that time? Had he kept the rent money and hidden the late notices? The lease was in Tim's name, and Tim had no idea where Michael was or how to reach him.

Walking aimlessly, his anger turned to desperation as the gravity of his situation came home to him. He had almost no money and nowhere to go. Locked out of the dingy flat he called home, he faced a night on the streets. A sense of helplessness rocked him and he sat heavily on a bus shelter seat, his head in his hands, and sobbed. For half an hour he sat and cried, feeling sorry for himself. Eventually he came out of it, looking around confused. He had walked without thinking and wasn't sure where he was.

He found himself in David's neighbourhood. Subconsciously, he had been drawn to the site of his earlier happiness as he drifted unthinking. Tim had nowhere else to go, so he completed the journey, knocking quietly, tentatively at the familiar door. When David saw him, his face split into a huge grin, and he reached out to the younger man, suddenly realising Tim was in trouble, upset. "What is it, Tim? Come in, tell me what's happened."

Tim relayed the whole sorry tale. His eyes welling up again as he finished, he stammered "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have come here, but I was nearby, and didn't know what to do."

David held him in his arms, drew his trembling body close. "It's okay," he smoothed Tim's hair. "I'm glad you did. They can't do that to you. They've broken the law by locking you out. You'll stay here tonight and we'll see what we can do tomorrow morning!" He cradled Tim in his arms, hugging him close. With David holding him like this, Tim began to feel better, reassured. He turned his face up to David's and David looked down at him, leant forward and kissed him softly. Tim returned the embrace, his kiss becoming harder, more urgent. David was still wearing the incredible leather outfit from earlier in the evening, and the very sight of the leather on him excited Tim incredibly. He needed David, wanted him so badly.

David felt his own need growing, but wasn't sure this was the time. "Tim, you're upset, you need to rest..."

Tim interrupted. "I need you!" he begged, "Please, David, Sir..." His eyes were wide but clear, longing. He had to re-find the joy he had known earlier that day, and this was the only way he knew how.

David's resolve melted away. How could he resist the beautiful man in his arms? How could he deny the longing in himself?

Tim led the way, pulling David behind him, into the basement playroom they had shared earlier. He looked to David eagerly, stripping his clothes away, and reaching for the harness and chaps he had discarded earlier. Dressing quickly, Tim felt the comforting grip of the leather bands around his torso, the firm hide as the chaps engulfed his legs. He knelt on the mattress, drawing David down to kneel in front of him. Their lips met, parted. Tongues explored, probing and tasting as they kissed urgently. Hands explored bodies, touching flesh and leather, feeling the texture of the hide, letting it's polished smoothness mould around muscles and skin beneath their fingers. Erect and proud, their cocks jousted with each other, rubbing against skin and black hide, leaving trails of pre-cum in their wake. As the two men held each other, pressing against one another, the leather they wore creaked and groaned, their breath coming in shortening gasps as a symphony of sexual excitement pervaded the room.

As he knelt, Tim looked at his lover. David was stunning, a vision in gleaming black leather and fresh white skin. Tim's excitement built as his prick grew harder, throbbing with anticipation. He needed this man, needed the power he held to take Tim and make love to him. Working with his impulses, Tim leaned forward, his lips finding David's left nipple, his teeth pulling gently but firmly at the piercing. David moaned with pleasure as Tim rolled the silver ring between his teeth then licked forward to smother the erect nub of skin in moist warmth. His tongue moved out and down, slicking David's skin with saliva as Tim made his way over the hard abdomen, tracing circles on David's skin and tasting the leather as he came into contact with the straps of the harness. Lower still, and Tim was able to smell the musk of David's groin, to drink in the heady aroma of leather and sexuality. He let his eyes feast on the twitching pole of man meat before him, then swallowed it in one fluid motion, relaxing his throat and impaling himself on the fleshy sword.

David gasped as Tim's hot moist throat closed over his rod. The sudden envelope of muscle sent thrills through him as the younger man sank onto his hardness, lips caressing the sides of his shaft as Tim's tongue played with his length. The clenching and gurgling of Tim's gullet surrounding David's manhood as Tim bobbed up and down on him. David humped at Tim's face, meeting the actions of his lover with thrusts of his own. The wet grip surrounding him felt incredible, and David dropped his hands to Tim's head, guiding it back and forth on his cock, moaning with pleasure as he sank into the boy's neck, then pulled back against the suctioning of his lover's mouth to hunch inward again. Turned on so much by the suckling, David began to increase his tempo, thrusting harder and deeper at Tim's wonderful, enveloping mouth. But Tim wasn't going to let him shoot his precious load just yet, and he pulled away, blowing softly at the engorged pink head of David's masculinity as it plopped from his lips.

With open yearning eyes, Tim fell backward. David, leaning into him, fell as well, on top of his lover. Their bodies pressed together and they ground into each other, sweaty skin against supple black hide. David felt his unsatisfied need from the interrupted blow job urge him on. Flipping Tim onto his back, David climbed between his legs, lifting Tim's knees to his shoulders and pushing himself forward, aiming his hungry oozing prick at the tender target of twitching muscle Tim presented to him. He felt the need in Tim matching his own, as he looked at the handsome young man inviting and open below him, swathed in black leather straps and shining chain, his white butt framed by the gleaming hide of the chaps. The smooth texture of the material firm against Tim's well developed thighs and calves pressed on his skin, and he eased himself forward.

The slicking his cock had received from Tim's mouth combined with the pre-cum he was generating to lube his prick sufficiently for entry. David's heart told him the boy wanted sex but needed more. His own libido was driving him on, but something about the look on Tim's face touched his mind as well. Gently, the older man leaned forward, feeling the soft warmth of Tim's opening against the head of his weapon. With his weight on his elbows and knees, his hands under the boy's shoulders, David eased into the wondrous warm body of his mate. Feeling the natural resistance of Tim's sphincter, he slowed, allowing the young man to adjust to his invasion, and pressed on. Inch by inch his long hard tool slid between Tim's clenching, flexing anal muscle as the two locked eyes, searching each other's face as they physically joined.

Tim had wanted David badly, urgently. With the older man atop him, he looked up to the vision of black and white, leather and flesh. He felt the point of David's long hard rod at his hole, and flexed at it, willing himself to relax and accept. As his lover began to enter him, a sense of wondrous fulfillment replaced the aching need. His eyes sought those of the man above, and found something he did not recognise. The look on David's face was not lust, nor disapproval. He was obviously enjoying their sex, but there was something else, a warmth, a tenderness. It made Tim feel good, as he closed his eyes and welcomed the penetrating rod of flesh filling his body. Moaning softly with the slight pain that was quickly chased away by pleasure, Tim opened himself and relaxed as David sank into him. When he felt the pressure of the other's hips against the bare skin of his arse cheeks, he smiled in satisfaction, knowing that monster cock was his again, buried completely within him.

As he ground to a halt, his throbbing meat totally encased in the moist warmth of Tim's innards, David sighed. The sensations enveloping his manhood were incredible. Tim clamped and flexed his sphincter around the base of David's pole, while the hot wet cavern of his body caressed the shaft, massaging the sensitive skin of his glans. His body stilled, David flexed the muscles of his cock, making it jump and twitch inside Tim. The slight jerks sent tingling shocks of pleasure through both men as they breathed softly, their bodies in harmony. Slowly, tenderly, David began to thrust at his man, pulling out just a little before pressing forward gently. A soft rocking momentum started as the two joined in an easy rhythm. With each outward motion of David, Tim clenched at him, relaxing again with the corresponding inward pressure.

Together they moved as one. The tempo of their humping increased slowly as their passion built. David pulled and pumped, in and out of the incredible body beneath him, enjoying immensely the soft yielding heat into which his steel hard prong jabbed and probed. Tim delighted in the sense of fullness within him, each movement of the tube of flesh buried in his body sending waves of pleasure deep inside him. The basement was cool, but the leather covered mattress on which they lay comforting, and the heat of their lovemaking surrounded them. As they began to fuck in earnest, beads of sweat formed on the tingling skin. The scent of leather was heavy in the air, mixing with the odour of male sweat and the musk of pure man sex. Their shortened gasps joined in the symphony of creaking polished leather and moist squelching as their rutting quickened. David thrust harder at his mate, forcing himself deeper and deeper into the softness. Tim gripped and clenched at him, willing the man within him to pound faster, to take him. The younger man reached up, his hands on David's torso. Grabbing at the gleaming black straps of David's harness, Tim pulled his man forcefully against himself. Urging him on and in.

David's need grew, his desire intensified as he fucked and pounded. Stabbing his aching sword into the handsome young man, he thrust and withdrew, thrust again. His strength poured into the weapon he wielded, his concentration centred on ploughing the willing writhing body below him. Tim surged against the invading prong, pulled at its owner and ached for release. He opened himself completely, humping at the leather clad hunk above him. With each thrust David made, Tim arched his back and impaled himself, gasping with delight, onto the hard thick spear of David's masculinity. As Tim pulled at him, David pistoned in and out, the friction of their coupling white hot on his sensitive flesh, sweat bathing him and dripping onto his lover. The heat of impending climax began to spread from David's groin throughout his body. Suddenly, he eased back, and wrestled his arms under Tim's body. Without breaking their union, he lifted the young man and swung himself into a sitting position, with Tim astride him, his throbbing prong still buried in the other's body. As he did, Tim settled down hard onto David's cock, gaining even more control over their combined motion. With his arms and legs wrapped around David, Tim bounced himself up and down on the piercing rod of flesh filling him. David humped up and down again, his intensity undiminished as he made love to the man now in his arms, supported by his body.

In this position, they were wrapped in each other's arms, encased in black leather, and face to face. David felt the tide of orgasm rise, and bucked wildly at the man on his lap. Tim sensed how close he was, and quickly leaned into him, finding David's mouth with his lips, locking them into a wild furious kiss. Tongues invaded mouths, explored teeth and jousted with each other. David began to gasp and Tim clenched him again, riding that pounding meat with an intensity David had never known. With Tim's mouth closed firmly over his own, Tim's arms binding him in their grip, and Tim's glorious body riding hard on his cock, David surrendered to the moment. With a smothered `mmmffff', his body tensed and his manhood swelled within its cocoon of tissue. His nuts heaved and pumped and his seed erupted from him. He shot load after load deep into Tim, a torrent of jizz that it seemed would never end. Still pumping as he did, the river of cum poured into the accepting body and flowed back along David's shaft, leaking from Tim's rectum and spilling onto David's balls and legs.

As David continued to hump, Tim felt the surge of manjuice fill him, felt the oozing heat as it escaped around David's pistoning cock. Still kissing his man fervently, a wave of emotion flowed over him. Abandoning his reserve, Tim surrendered to the pleasure engulfing him. The pressure on his aching dick, sandwiched between the two bodies, and the uninterrupted pounding of David into his arse even as the older man ejaculated, became intense. Trembling, shuddering, Tim let go as his orgasm crashed into him. Searing spurts of white hot cum exploded from him, a geyser of jism spraying up and over the interlocked bodies, coating the leather in sticky rivulets, smearing their skin with layers of Tim's essence. And still they fucked, David pumping unabated, their mouths remaining locked together, unable to get enough of each other.

Slowly, David's thrusting eased, then stopped. Reluctantly, they broke their kiss, gulping in air. Eye to eye the two men looked at each other, and smiled deeply. Gently David lifted Tim from him, his still hard cock making a slurping sound as it exited Tim's sated hole. Wordlessly, they lay down on the leathered mattress side by side. David's arm fell over Tim, as Tim's finger trailed across his lover's chest. The emotion of the day, and the draining intensity of their joining took its toll as exhaustion descended on the two.


Tim woke, startled and confused. Where was he? What was this binding around his chest..? And then he remembered, and smiled happily to himself. Lazily stretched himself out, luxuriating in the sense of well being that descended upon him. He felt the soft leather covering that he lay on, revelled in the feel of the leather harness around his chest and the clinging tightness of the supple black chaps gripping his legs. His hands wandered absently to his groin, touching the sheer black leather that cupped his cock and balls. Unbelievable! He had always wanted to have this kind of leather gear, had wished and prayed for the chance to know the pleasure of leather at its erotic best, and out of nowhere, it had been handed to him, complete with a god made man, a leather stud, who had made love to him in the most intense way he had ever known.

He turned and opened his eyes again. The dimly lit basement that was to become David's playroom was empty. He guessed he'd fallen asleep on the mattress after making love for the second time in one day. David was nowhere to be seen. He had no idea of the time, no outside light pierced the dimness of the basement. Standing unsteadily, Tim wondered if he should get out of the gear he wore. But it felt so good, so enticing and comfortable. He was reluctant to ever remove any of it. Besides, he reasoned, his own clothes were nowhere to be seen, so there was no point in taking it off.

Tim heard a dull thump, and the sound of a softly uttered swear above him. Prompted into movement, suddenly wanting to hold his new man, he started up the steps. As he moved the leather creaked and rubbed, the chaps he wore brushing together. He suddenly noticed the hard stiffness of the dried cum on his chest and stomach, rubbed by the straps of the harness. He smiled again at the memory of how that had been deposited.

David had smiled inwardly when he realised Tim had fallen asleep next to him after they finished their lovemaking. Looking at the handsome boy, his heart had swollen. His hopes and dreams had come to life in the shape of the young man by his side. Someone who needed him, needed what he could give, and shared his love of leather. Someone who willingly gave himself to David, and in doing so had given David the most wonderful, passionate, erotic experience he had ever known. It was no surprise that Tim had fallen asleep. Not wanting to disturb his slumbering leather angel, David had looked long and happily at the resting form, the black leather holding and warming his young lover, highlighting the shape of his beautiful body which had been given so willingly and generously to David. He had left him there to rest, while David set about unpacking at least some basics from the myriad boxes stacked upstairs.

David had happily left the gear he was wearing in place. Somehow, it seemed perfectly natural to be walking around, doing mundane things like unpacking moving boxes, dressed in full leather gear. In this, his new house, David intended to spend a lot of time indulging in the wonder of leather. His powerful frame was encased in the shining black hide, a jacket over his upper body which was wrapped in a tight harness, his legs wrapped in the glossy black chaps and high sided boots, his arms immersed in clinging black leather gloves under studded gauntlets. A hard black leather `Master's' cap on his head. As he moved around, locating and unpacking some bed linen and bath towels, coffee cups and other essentials, he relished the feeling of the leather against his skin. The occasional whiff of tanned hide, or the fleeting reflection of shimmering black leather in a mirror or window, made him feel so good, so strong and confident.

It was a box of foodstuff he had been carrying to the pantry, and had slipped from his hands, which made the thud Tim heard below. David had sworn to himself, hoping that it had not disturbed Tim's slumber, and that nothing had broken or spilt. He was crouching over the box, trying to check, when Tim found him. The younger man stared down, mesmerised yet again. He took in the fabulous view -- David's wide shoulders stretching the black jacket taut, the chains jangling softly from the epaulets. David's perfectly rounded butt cheeks framed by the shining gloss of his chaps, his muscles flexing and rippling beneath the leather. The tiniest slip of black which was the rear strap of the posing thong disappearing between his cheeks, almost beckoning to Tim, as the rounded fullness of the pouch cupped David's testicles, tantalizingly close and just visible between his legs.

Inwardly longing and at the same time feeling so happily fulfilled, Tim broke the silence.

"Often walk around an empty house in full leathers?" he asked, trying to sound innocent.

David jumped up, startled at Tim's unexpected reappearance. "Not in the past, but I certainly intend to from now on..." he grinned at his new lover. "...Besides, it worked pretty damn well for someone else I know!"

Tim blushed lightly at the reference to his behaviour earlier, then took the jibe in the spirit it was meant, enjoying the joke at his own expense. He looked long and admiringly at the man before him, his emotions welling up again.

"How do you feel now?" David asked, concerned.

"Better. Thanks to you. I guess I should go,..."

"You'll do nothing of the sort! It's the middle of the night, and you have nowhere to go to anyway. You'll stay here tonight. In the morning we'll start sorting out those real estate agents for you." David took command, determined not to let Tim slip into depression again.

Tim's face broke into the widest smile. "I love you, David" he said. David didn't answer, but his heart swelled. He simply held Tim tightly in his arms, tightly. They kissed, not passionately, but with tenderness, enjoying it, savouring the moment. The warm enveloping leather was all around them, part of them, separating them but joining them at the same time. Rubbing against each other, feeling the comforting touch of the leather, David realised that it was late, and they were both still encrusted with dried sweat and cum from their earlier loving. He gently led Tim to the main bedroom.

"Let's get cleaned up a little and get some sleep. I think we should get all the rest we can, if my plans for tomorrow pan out." He said, winking at Tim.

Tim smiled back. "Whatever you say, `Sir'. I wish I could find a way to thank you properly."

"It's my pleasure, honestly!" David whispered, his eyes resting gently on the younger man.

Slowly, reluctantly, they helped each other shed their leather. They unbuckled the harnesses, slipped off the gauntlets, unzipped chaps. They eased themselves out of the wonderful clothing, placing it all carefully to one side, stripping the layers away to reveal themselves to each other naked, but tired.

"Hop in the shower and clean off," David commanded. Tim gladly obeyed. His now bare body felt grimy from the exertions of the day, and drained. As Tim washed away his troubles, David quickly made the bed, then joined his lover under the cascading water. They washed each other down slowly, sensuously, without making love, and climbed into bed to get some much needed sleep.


The next morning David woke to find Tim's arms wrapped around him. The events of the previous day came flooding back, and he smiled to himself, wondering at the marvellous rapture he felt in Tim being here with him. He roused Tim gently and coaxed him from the bed, making them both coffee and desperately fighting off the urge to attack his young lover, to swathe him in leather and make love to him again. But not yet. There were a thousand things to do this morning before they could have some fun, plenty of time for that later, he told himself.

"Tim,..." David began, "If you want, we'll go and do some arse kicking this morning. You can't be locked out like that without a court order. I'm sure I can get you back in straight away, and I can help with the back rent if you like,..."

The young man started to protest, but David cut him off.

"...or there's another solution." He stopped, his confidence deserting him. With Tim's inquiring face turned to his, David summoned his courage and plunged on. "You could always move in here, share with me, if you want?" The look on his face was one of hope and anticipation.

"I, uh, I'd love too!" Tim's heart jumped. "But are you sure. I don't have much money, much anything."

David grinned, relief and happiness in his eyes. "Did I say anything about money? I'll take it out in trade!" he winked, mock lust on his face. Then more seriously "It's you I want, not your money or your possessions."

Tim's eyes filled with moisture. "I love you" he said simply, but meaning it.

David ached. He looked at the young man, saw the sincerity of his words. "I, uh, too." It took an effort to voice the words, but once said, David felt so good. He repeated himself, savouring the sounds. "Tim, I love you. I want you to live with me!" They embraced, holding each other tight.

David could be imposing when he was in control. Tim knew that, but it translated into real life as well. He strode into the letting agent's office, demanding to see the manager. Within minutes they left with Tim's possessions in three large cases, a written apology, and an acknowledgement that the overdue rent was waived, in return for a promise from Tim that he wouldn't sue the company or the landlord.

"Impressive!" was Tim's only comment as they exited smiling.

"No one messes with my lover and gets away with it!" David declared, half seriously. His arm went protectively around Tim's shoulders. "Tim, pack your stuff in the car. I just want to grab something down the street. I'll be back in a minute." He tossed the keys to his friend and walked away, as Tim looked after him, curious. True to his word, David was gone only a short time, returning with a large brown package he tossed onto the back seat.

Back at the house, Tim unloaded the cases as David headed inside with his package. Returning to help the younger man, he beamed at him as the last bag was deposited in the living room.

"Welcome home, my man!"

Tim grinned and threw his arms around him. "Thanks, stud" he said, kissing him on the lips.

"And I got us a housewarming present" David added, taking Tim's hand and drawing him into the bedroom. Laid out on the bed were matching sets of shorts and vests. Made of the softest black kid leather, the smell of newness strong on them. Tim picked up the vest set out for him, held it to his face and breathed in the aroma. The vest was dark and supple. The shorts shone with a gleam of polished metal, the leather oiled and shining.

"Oh, David, they're perfect."

"His and His." David laughed. "I told you last night I intend to get around in leather as much as possible, and I kinda hope you will too."

"Will I ever!"

They raced each other to shuck off their clothes and get into the new presents. The soft leather of the vests caressed their backs and chests like black fingers, and the shorts fit perfectly, comfortable but tight, emphasising more than they concealed, showing off both men's rounded firm cheeks and highlighting their manhood in glossy black.

"I'm going to have a permanent erection with you in these around me all day." David mocked.

Tim grinned evilly back at him. "All the more reason to get plenty of rest, cause I'm going to be doing everything I can to take that erection from you." He grinned again and traced David's penis through the leather with his fingertip. They kissed, long and hard. Exploring each other, their hands travelled over firm bodies and textured hide, clasping and gripping, an urgency upon them. Grinding themselves together, chest to chest, groin to groin, the creaking of the leather joined the symphony of sighs and whispers as they held each other, touching, feeling, and bathing in the sensuous feel of the leather against their skin.

David lifted Tim bodily, his strong arms around the younger man, hands firmly clenched on those perfect leather clad cheeks, clutching him against his own body, feeling Tim's perfect frame press against him through the new leather they both wore. Lowering him to the bed, David straddled his lover, knees on either side of him, sitting against the hard bulge of black restrained within the shorts, rubbing himself back and forward against Tim. Tim looked up into David's eyes, eager and wanting, loving the man on top of him. His hands went to David's hips, his fingers feeling the shorts, taking in the wonderful sensation of David's body encased in the tight black leather covering. He massaged David's arse cheeks, slid his hands around to touch and squeeze at the lengthening mound of manhood clearly outlined by the shiny black leather, to prod gently at the testicles encased in the supple hide. His hands moved upwards, sliding under the folds of the vest, touching and pulling at David's nipple rings, bringing moans of delight from the leather lover leaning over him.

Suddenly David was off him, swinging his body around and beside Tim's, lying so they were face to groin, in the classic 69 position. Instantly they each attacked the other's leather clad penis, suckling and licking at the tubes of man meat through the second skin of black. Teeth and lips clenched and bit at the swollen cocks, tasting the protective leather and feeling the trembling hidden power of their erections. Noses buried in crotches, they moved as one being, drinking in the life they gave to each other, the power they felt from the unrivalled sensuality of the leather.

Tongues, fingers and lips explored their steel hard rods, enveloped as they were in the velvet gloss of black leather. Caressing and exploring the mounds and bulges of inviting sensual blackness that were butt cheeks and balls, they devoured each other and gave themselves to each other, skin against skin and leather against leather, grinding, pushing, driving their senses wild with the delight of the shared love and second skin they both wore.

Unable to resist his urges, Tim slid his fingers under the shorts encasing his lover. Easing them down as he could, he found his prize as David's rock hard cock, slippery from his own pre-cum, presented itself to Tim's eager lips. Licking out and tasting the oozing man juice, Tim massaged David's tool with his tongue, slurping around his cockhead and tracing his way along the steel hard shaft. David, his senses reeling with the warmth of Tim's lips on his rod, returned the compliment. Tim's shorts were eased away from his cock, to be replaced by David's wet enveloping mouth. As Tim artfully caressed David with his tongue, teasing and sending electrical surges through him by biting softly at the tender flesh, David opted to swallow Tim in one huge gulp, opening his throat and taking Tim's manhood inside him in an instant. Tim gasped as the pleasure of David's warm throat held his throbbing dick, sending waves of enjoyment spreading through his body. He reciprocated by gently easing his lips around David's cockhead and slowly beginning the descent upon the powerful tool in his mouth.

David felt Tim begin to engulf him, and sighed with delight. He felt Tim's tongue whip at his corona, explore the ridge of his cockhead, and lubricate his shaft as Tim slowly, gently swallowed him. The sensation crept up on him. Driving him wild with desire. Very soon the two men began to bob in unison on their respective cocks. They found an easy rhythm, complementing each other as they suctioned and withdrew, pistoning in and out of the other easily. Servicing and being serviced, giving and taking, still lost to the sensuous wrap of leather on skin, the blissful scent of maleness and leather and sweat, they drove themselves on. Each dived faster and deeper onto his mate's organ, while at the same time driving his own cock into his willing partner's throat. The sounds of creaking leather were joined by the moist slurping of tongues and mouths, and the whimpering moans of growing passion. Tim felt his need intensify, his balls heave as his orgasm neared. He strove to hold back. David knew he could not resist the explosion much longer, and somehow sensed that Tim was nearing his peak at the same time. Faster they attacked each other. Deeper and harder they each drove into the other, the moment rushing toward them. Thrusting in and out of one another, the world lost in a blur of masculine sexual frenzy, ecstasy exploded upon them simultaneously.

Tim tried to cry out, but his call was smothered by David's pounding cock. As he felt himself shudder to a final swollen hardness, David's prong exploded in him, sending rivers of salty/sweet juice into his throat. Tim swallowed and gulped and swallowed again as his own balls emptied themselves through the throbbing hardness of his cock and into David's waiting gullet. David felt rather than tasted the cascade of manjuice that flowed from Tim, slurping and sucking at his lover's rod. His cock twitched and trembled as it shot spurt after spurt into Tim's mouth, and he felt as though they had created a circle of cum. It was as if his seed was being emptied into Tim and recycled back through his lover to himself.

The two suckled and trembled, emptying themselves into each other. Slowly their eruptions eased, and each licked and slurped at the other, determined not to waste a drop of the precious liquid they had pumped into themselves. Finally spent, they broke their position, Tim flipping himself around to lie face to face with his lover. On an impulse he tucked David's still firm, saliva covered cock back into the leather shorts, and did the same to himself. David echoed his thoughts out loud.

"Oh that feels so hot, the warm wetness inside the leather, my cock feels like it's still lost in your throat" David whispered. Tim simply nodded his agreement, pressing his body against the older man, feeling the sensation wash over him yet again. Their lips met and parted, their tongues exploring, tasting themselves on each other, mixing and sharing their juices as hands held tight to backs and butts. The urgency replaced by the mellow warmth of sated desire, they lay together recovering.

They stayed there, together, pressed to each other and garbed in their leather vests and shorts, for some time, revelling in the touch of each other. David eventually ended the silence.

"We still have unpacking and arranging to do." He announced. "Come on handsome, on your feet and come help me sort out our new home."

Tim smiled again. "I can't begin to tell you how much I like the sound of that -- `our new home'." David kissed him softly again, and stood up, taking his hand and pulling Tim to his feet. Tim looked at his lover, drank in the sight of his arse in the form fitting black shorts, feasted on the sight of his manly shoulders filling out the vest. "I wish we could leave these on all the time." He uttered quietly, running his fingers down David's back.

David looked at him in surprise. "We can. No need to take them off. Besides, I like the look..." His eyes roamed lustily over the younger man. Tim grinned, licking his lips slowly, his eyes fixed on the smiling face before him. "Now..." said David, again getting a little more serious, "...even if we live in leather, we still have to live, so come and help sort out the place."

They surveyed the various rooms, bantering lightly and deciding where to place furniture. They slowly began to settle into the house, getting to feel their way around it. They passed each other easily, touching lightly, a gentle caress on the arm, a quick stolen kiss, a playful squeeze of cheeks and dicks. And whenever they caught sight of themselves, of each other, they marvelled at the wonderful feeling of freedom they had as they occupied their home clad in the supporting, empowering black leather clothing.

They put in several hours of work that afternoon, but only got a fraction of the way through arranging the house. Plenty of time to finish, David declared and Tim agreed. Breaking for a well earned coffee, they sat on a lounge, still surrounded by boxes and other items. David leaned back on one arm of the sofa, while Tim lazily rested against the other arm, their legs entwined, running toes along each other's legs teasingly. David looked at Tim's suitcases, untouched since he got back that morning.

"You won't feel really moved in until we get them unpacked." David nodded toward the cases.

"There's not a lot there I want or need" Tim commented dryly.

"Maybe so, but they're your things, and they belong in your home, not sitting in cases like some kind of unwanted visitor."

"You're right." Tim said, suddenly spurred to action. "Let's at least get my clothes put away." He grabbed one of the cases and a carry bag. David grabbed another bag, and let Tim lead the way into the bedroom.

"How about you take that half of the wardrobe, and I'll take the other?" David said, pointing to the left side of the full length wall to wall built in wardrobe.

Again Tim looked dubious. My few things are going to look awfully lonely in that huge expanse, he thought as he heaved the case onto the bed, undoing the locks. He turned and slid one of the doors open to reveal two levels of hanging rails and a set of drawers, and looked back at David in confusion. Already taking pride of place were a pair of chaps, a pair of dress slacks, jeans, a vest (heavier and more substantial than the one he was wearing), two jackets and three harnesses in different configurations, all in polished black leather, lined up and inviting. On the floor were two pairs of black leather boots.

"I thought this was to be my side..?" he said questioningly.

"It is." David said simply.

"But all this gear..."

"It's yours. These as well... David pulled open the top drawer to reveal an array of leather jocks and pouches, arm bands, cockrings, collars, the cap Tim had worn the night before, and assorted bits and pieces. "I know they fit -- they fit you perfectly last night" he grinned at Tim, running his finger down his abs and along Tim's soft penis encased in the leather shorts.

"But they belong to Chris, don't they?" Tim looked hard, wanting them, hoping but not daring to hear.

"Tim..." David said, firmly "...I'm not going to pretend we don't have a past, either of us. But Chris has gone. He hated this anyway, despised leather and refused to let me enjoy it. Chris is no longer. They're yours. If you want them, of course. If you won't feel comfortable in them because they used to belong to someone else, then we'll trash the lot and buy you new ones of your own."

"NO!" Tim exclaimed. "They are wonderful." He turned and held his lover, kissing him hard, smiling into his eyes, then back to the treasure trove before him, running his hands over the coveted garments. "Can I wear them?"

"Are you kidding? As often as you want, wherever and whenever you want. Preferably when I can watch, feast my eyes on you, but they're yours. You can do whatever you want with them."

Tim laughed out loud. He looked at David, and his libido stirred for the hundredth time that day. With a lusty grin he said quietly "I think I need to try some on, just to be sure!"

"Then let me choose" said David, matching his leer, and running his finger along Tim's leather covered cock.

"We'll choose for each other!" Tim declared. "piece for piece. I seem to recall an unopened box in the playroom that needs attending to."

"Agreed." Said David eagerly. "I wondered when you'd remember that. Let's dress each other, and go exploring."

They stripped and stood naked, each smiling at the other, their cocks evidence of the growing desire. David studied the racks for a moment, and selected first a harness. More complex than the one from last night, Tim needed a little help to secure it. Wide shoulder straps ended in twin metal rings which were connected by a broad leather band. The twin rings sat over Tim's nipples, framing them. Two pieces of chain attached to the rings and looped back around Tim's ribs to connect at the back of the harness. Two more leather straps led one from each ring to another ring which framed his navel, while the metal ring between his shoulders had attached to it two more straps that fell across his back in an inverted `V' to connect with two more metal rings on the small of his back, connected by a chain, and then joined with leather straps around his waist to the ring at his navel. From this centre ring another strap of soft black leather fell to an open snap. At his back, he could feel thinner straps of the same soft leather dangling from each of the metal rings sitting just above his arse cheeks. Tim felt David set these into position so they framed his butt and curved under his groin, joining an inch or so from his balls where the now merged single leather strap attached to a larger metal ring.

David grinned. "This goes there!" he pointed and Tim realised that it was actually a silver cockring, forming a part of the harness. He hurried to squeeze his balls through the metal and then feed his hardening cock into place before nature prevented him from affixing the ring where it belonged. As he adjusted himself inside the metal, his cock swelled and hardened at the constriction of blood. The ring felt so good, tight and hard, cool and exotic as it held him in thrall. David snapped the final leather strap straight down from the centre ring around Tim's navel into place by feeding it through the ring against his cock shaft and snapping it closed.

Tim felt exhilarated, enclosed and constrained in the leather and metal of the harness, yet still easily able to move around. He surveyed the effect in the mirror, and his cock twitched with anticipation. "Your turn" he said to David, as he examined the contents of David's side of the closet. For his man, Tim chose a much simpler harness than the one he wore himself. It consisted of four wide strong black leather straps which started from a single metal ring that sat between David's shoulder blades, and met again at another single metal ring in the centre of his chest. Each of the straps was adorned with a row of silver metal studs, pointed but not sharp. From the two rings, one at the front and one at the back, two long slender silver chains dangled, slung around David's waistline to meet again at the opposite ring. They were secured front and back by another length of chain which connected to them lower down, drawing them more firmly in place so that they stayed in position as David moved around. A final length of silver chain crossed David's chest high up just below his neck, attached at either end to the two shoulder straps. Tim looked eagerly and appreciatively at the leather and metal which wrapped and highlighted his lover's upper body. The straps around David's ribcage accentuated his pecs, pushing them up and out, emphasising the nipples with the tiny silver rings through each. Tim wanted, ached, to take those rings in his teeth and tug gently at them.

David forestalled him, moving back to the drawer on Tim's side, and holding up four wide leather bands. The two longer bands were quickly buckled around Tim's upper arms, and the shorter ones around his wrists. The leather that wrapped itself around Tim's lower arms had rows of metal studs set into it, and looked much like shortened gauntlets. Tim held his arms out in front of himself, admiring. His still semi hard cock waved in front of him, the head moist with the first drops of pre-cum. To finish his arms, David handed Tim a pair of soft kid leather driving gloves, the ones with the fingers cut out. The feel of the leather against his palms and hands was so stimulating, Tim marvelled that he didn't lose control and attack David right then. But he wanted his man in more leather yet. For David, Tim chose a pair of long gauntlets that started at the wrists and went all the way up and around his elbows. Solid, firm, polished and black, they sheathed his entire forearm in beautiful shining leather, unadorned, but radiating a sense of hidden power. Over David's hands went a set of glossy black leather police gloves, which fit him...well.... like a glove! David revelled in the envelope of dark polished hide now encasing him from the elbows down, and as he looked to Tim, he saw him lick his lips and grin leeringly.

David reached and squeezed at Tim's still hard prong, holding it tightly as his free hand searched again. This time he retrieved two items. A collar, soft, shining and black, with two rows of metal studs along its length. It snapped easily into place around Tim's neck and as he delighted in the feel of the leather around his throat he looked back to David to see the other item. This was almost a jockstrap. Almost, because it consisted of nothing more that a tiny waistband of black elastic from which hung a soft leather pouch, the lower edge of the leather cup also elasticised. Pulling it up, Tim found it amazingly comfortable. The support band sat easily just above his hips, then dropped low at the front while the pouch slid up and under his testicles, nestling around them and cupping them in place. With some difficulty he managed to stretch the rest of the pouch over his erection, and the effect was to have the pouch only just cover the base of his penis where it arched out from his lower abdomen, grip his cock and balls in sensuous soft leather fingers, and scrunch back to his skin at the sensitive spot where his ball sac connected to his body. Tim let his hands cup himself through the leather, squeezing and rolling himself inside the pouch as David stood and watched the show.

Now it was Tim's turn yet again, and he took his time as he rummaged through the drawer of goodies. Finally triumphant, he held out to his leather god a thong with a codpiece that snapped into place (or away again - Tim thought happily). Before David could pull it on Tim opened his hand to reveal another delight.

"A collar for my neck deserves a collar for you," he whispered to David, and dropped to his knees in front of his lover. Carefully he snapped into place a leather cockring which sat tightly around the base of David's quickly hardening cock, behind both shaft and testicles. Attached to it was another smaller leather strap which pulled together around the top of David's ball sac, separating the fleshy container from the weapon it fed. David's balls were thus separated from his cock and held firmly in place with leather restraints. With a quick, longing lick at the head of David's cock, Tim backed off and David pulled on the leather thong. It consisted of a leather waist strap, with a single back strap which connected to the waist and pulled down between David's round firm cheeks, to divide in two behind his balls and frame his manhood, joining the waistband again at either side of his groin. Three snaps were fitted, two at the top and one at the base, to which a firm black leather codpiece was connected. As David adjusted himself inside the black mound of leather, Tim feasted his eyes on the outline of his male sword pushing forward at the leather casing.

A sense of needing, of urgency, which had been held in abeyance until now suddenly came upon the two men. They had fed their own libidos by dressing each other, and now those libidos were demanding release. Wordlessly they each turned to the wardrobe and almost reverently pulled out the indispensable item, the defining piece of masculine leather sexuality -- long black shining leather chaps. Somehow, chaps were the essence of leather love. They encased the legs, gripping and covering yet highlighting and framing. They had the effect of completing one, as though you were unfinished without them. David and Tim eagerly fastened the chaps around themselves, delighting to the touch, the look and the smell. Both men carefully smoothed the soft shining leather into place against their skin as they fastened the leg zippers. They luxuriated in the leather engulfing them from ankle to thigh and framing their arses and groins, beckoning each to the other with irresistible promises of leather masculinity. Tim had finished before David, and without hesitating reached for a pair of high sided leather boots. They slid easily, comfortably over his feet and he stood upright. Like some comic book hero, he swore he could feel superhuman powers flowing into him from the leather he now wore, the power of male sexuality, building and urging, demanding to be released upon his leather hunk beside him.

David was struggling with the second of his own boots, and Tim bent to assist, on one knee. As he helped David pull the boot into place, he couldn't resist any longer, and his head dropped. Impulsively, he licked the toe of David's boot, tasting the leather. Kissing and licking, he polished the top of the foot, drinking in the close up view of leather and metal. David's boots had leather straps which went under the sole and came up to connect to metal rings at the ankles, where another strap circled the ankle. Tim followed the line of the straps with his tongue, then eased his face upward, finding the leather of David's chaps. Licking, biting, he made his way up David's legs, drinking in the sight, the taste the smell of the leather. He felt the strength of David's muscles beneath the protective black hide -- the pure maleness of his lover, heightened and empowered by the slick black leather. As Tim increased his attack, David's hands came to his face. Lifting him.

"Not yet, stud.' He cautioned in a whisper, "very very soon, but not yet!"

They stood and examined each other. Each man was turned on so much by the other, wanting, needing to be joined. The creaking, powerful leather which covered and gripped them was an aphrodisiac like no other. David started to move, but Tim stopped him. "Wait -- one more thing" he said. From David's drawer he found the hard cap with the shining black visor, and the mirrored sunglasses. When David set them in place, Tim looked earnestly and approvingly. "Now you're complete. My leather hunk" he stated decisively.

Together they descended the stairs to the basement. The `real' world left behind with each step. David's arm was on Tim's shoulders and Tim's hand slid around David's waist as they moved toward their new life as one.

Chapter 3

Together they descended the stairs to the basement. No daylight came here, and the dim illumination of a single globe barely lit it.

"Wait ..." said David. He bounded back up the stairs, and returned with a box of candles. They quickly lit a half dozen of the tapers around the room and extinguished the single globe. Now their playroom was alive with dancing shadows and flickering flames, an atmosphere of mystery and excitement heavy in the air. Tim's yearning grew even more as he surveyed this place, erotic, exotic, full of dormant sexuality just waiting to be unleashed.

Tim studied David in the smoky half light. He drank in the vision before him. His leather god-man stood purposefully, arms crossed, looking back at him. The hard high peak of his cap making him seem even taller than he already was, the shiny visor reflected the dancing light of the candles, which was echoed and reproduced in the mirrors of the glasses he wore, unmistakably directed towards Tim. His wide shoulders draped with the black leather of the harness straps. The black leather and silver metal of the harness itself glistened with fire, half buried between David's crossed arms encased in the dark hide of the gauntlets and gloves. His legs apart, rippling towers of shining black anchored in black and silver boots, formed an upside down V shape pointing to the smaller, bulging V of his groin. There lay the leather encased tube of flesh that Tim desired so much. The warmth and smoke of the candles, their smell mixing with the aroma of leather, gave an impression of other worldliness.

David stared back at the younger man. He savoured the details of this leather man in front of him, letting the glorious sight sink deep into his psyche. Tim, his man, his boy, stood by the sling still suspended from the ceiling. The wide black collar about his neck, flickering with dots of metal, held his proud young head. The wide leather straps encircling him served only to increase David's longing as he feasted on the sight of shining black leather bands encasing his lover's shoulders, ribs, waist and arms, while bright silver ringed and highlighted his nipples, and more leather straps fell enticingly toward Tim's groin. Where the wide leather band disappeared beneath a soft black pouch, David could clearly see the outline, occasionally twitching, of Tim's manliness, enveloped and accentuated by the cushion of black which showed off his semi erect weapon and rolling balls. David knew what was below that -- the hard silver metal of the cockring holding and extending Tim's masculinity. Further his attention drifted, taking in the incredible glossy black leather of the chaps which gripped and held Tim's strong legs so sensuously, rippling with his every movement. The hands and wrists of his lover, also encased in black hide, continued to wander down his legs, as David's eyes followed the lines of black to the booted feet and back up again. As Tim turned to one side, he gazed approvingly at the way the chaps framed his arse, the strong gleaming blackness surrounding the firm round white cheeks.

David cleared his throat, catching Tim's attention. With a motion of his hand, David drew his lover to himself, and they kissed, hard and long, the built up passion finding a momentary release as their tongues fought, and they tasted each other. Pressing hard against his man, Tim melted into the sensational tingle of leather on him, around him, against him. He felt the firm grasp of the harness around his chest, and the uneven pressure from David's own harness as he pressed against him. David for his part forced his knee between Tim's legs, intensely excited by the feel of the leather second skin he wore rubbing against that on Tim's powerful legs.

Tim gently broke the embrace, his fingers still trailing across David's butt. "The final box ....?" He questioned.

David laughed out loud. "Okay, my man, let's satisfy that curiosity of yours."

Together, the two dragged the innocent looking container into the centre of the room. It was only small and not at all heavy. As they moved easily with each other the shadows of light flickered and danced around them, black clad figures wafting through the smoke, creatures of desire and passion, of darkness and warmth.

David pulled the binding tape away from the lid and allowed Tim to pull open the flaps, to reveal the contents. As he looked inside, Tim's eyes widened with wonder, with excitement. "Toys!" he declared, his cock springing once again to hardness. Toys there were. Toys for men, toys for sex and leather loving. David watched as Tim eagerly sifted through the contents of the box. He was enthralled, rapturous. The very thought of playing with what he found, of being played with, was so erotic, so thrilling. He lifted items out, examining them, running his fingers over them, and winking at his lover.

Tim lifted and exhibited one after the other: butt plugs, in different shapes and sizes, all made of black rubber. Dildoes, long thin ones, shorter, wider ones, again of black rubber. He held them up, ran his fingers over them, licked the length of one in particular as he stared invitingly at the tall leatherman smiling beside him. A long leather lead, with a clip ring set in one end and hand strap at the other. He snapped this on to the ring set in the collar he wore, and handed the end to David, who willingly took it, wrapping it around his leather clad wrist, and creating an instant eroticism of possessing each other, of being joined to one another. An enema bag emerged, made of black rubber, with a long tube and black plastic nozzle. Tim raised his eyebrows at that, putting it aside for explanation and closer examination at a later date. He found handcuffs, wristlets and ankle restraints, enough for many many sessions of fun and exploration in this playroom with his powerful leather lover. Leather paddles, lengths of silver chain with small leather rings at the ends, a set of nipple clamps, the joining metal chain attached at each end to tiny alligator clamps whose teeth were encased in black rubber. A sheath, made of the softest polished leather, looking for all the world like a leather condom. Two sets of anal balls, one of uniform size and one with balls that increased in diameter, five of them strung out evenly on a length of what he presumed was string of some kind, the whole thing encased in black latex, with a loop at one end. The set of evenly sized balls he examined more closely, holding them up and knowing instinctively how they were intended to be used. That excited him even more, his cock twitching again with anticipation. David noted the reaction silently, mentally picturing Tim's hole as the balls were fed into him.

Finally reaching the bottom of his treasure trove, Tim found several pump packs of lubricant, and a couple of bottles of amyl nitrate. Tucked away in the bottom corner he found and pulled out a folded piece of soft leather. Unfolding it curiously, he discovered a half hood, black and supple, designed to go over the wearer's head and cover the top of the nose and ears, then down to the base of the neck. It would leave the mouth and lower cheeks exposed, with largish holes for the eyes. He again held it up to David, question marks in his eyes.

David shrugged. "It's never been used. Chris flatly refused to even touch it, said it was degrading and ridiculous."

Tim said nothing, but faced David squarely, eyes locked on the glasses, and pulled the hood over his head, adjusting it to the line of his neck and sliding it into place so he could open his eyes again and see clearly. He stared at David, almost defiant.

"So are you going to degrade me and ridicule me?" Tim asked softly.

"Only if you ask for it, boy! " said David.

"I may even beg for it, Sir." Tim responded, his words so soft they could barely be heard.

David reached to the pile of toys, and picked up a set of nipple clamps.

Smiling at his slave boy, he attached the teeth of the clamps to his nipple rings. The chain dangled a little, connecting David's pierced tits to each other, matching perfectly with the chains and straps of the harness already encasing his upper body. Tim found the sight so hot, so exciting, he whistled softly.

Kissing again, the urgency once more growing, the two ground against each other as their tongues jousted for position, tasting each other, trying to take more and more of themselves. Their hands pressed and pulled, played and traced, feeling the supple leather and the hot flesh beneath, squeezing skin and muscle, gripping at cocks, balls, cheeks, arms and legs. The scent of leather, mixed with the musk of male sweat, was heavy in the air. Tim's mouth broke from David's lips and he kissed and nibbled his way down the strong neck to lick at one of the shoulder straps. David's head went back as the sensations swept over him, his hands sliding up across Tim's arse cheeks to trace the harness as it criss-crossed his back.

Tim continued his downward trek, following the strap of David's harness until he met the chain swinging between his lover's nipples. Taking it in his teeth, he slid along until he reached one of the hard, erect nubs. The light pressure as the chain was tugged sent waves of pleasure through David and he moaned softly. The moans were replaced with a gasp as Tim reached and bit lightly onto his left tit. Tim felt the intake of air and suckled at the firm dark skin between his lips, letting the silver ring that pierced the lump of sensitive flesh clink against his teeth, pulling at it gently. Turning to the other nipple, he repeated the process as David urged him on with soft encouraging words of passion, whispered through clenched teeth. David's hands on his shoulders gripped more tightly with each bite, and Tim eased back lest he cause any pain. His hands were firmly pressed against David's rounded cheeks, his palms feeling the ridge of the leather framework that the chaps provided. Massaging softly, Tim let his hands roam down the back of David's strong thighs, the texture of the leather smooth and erotic against his fingers, the leather of the driving gloves he wore rubbing against the leather of the chaps firmly gripping David's legs.

Lower still, and Tim's face was presented with a close up view of David's swollen, pulsing manhood, throbbing within the leather case of the codpiece, pushing hard against the restraining leather. Licking at the outlined weapon, Tim tasted again the leather, and felt the heat of David's desire, saw the evidence as his lover's raging hard-on stretched the black glossy hide taut around it. David trembled as he felt the pressure of Tim's mouth against his rock hard penis, felt the leather pouch hold him and encase him. His hands fell to Tim's head, and gripped the leather hood, pressing Tim's face into his groin, forcing the bulging pole of his manhood against the black leather hood in his hands. He ran his leather gloved fingers over the smooth soft leather where Tim's hair would have been, exulted in the sense of leather on leather as his hands caressed his young lover's sheathed head, while his cock surged against the leather pouch and was manipulated under Tim's probing lips and tongue. Tim for his part reacted to the pressure on his head by assaulting his man's hidden pole with renewed vigour. The firmness of David's hands pushing against the leather hood he wore was so erotic. The sensation of being immersed in black hide complete as he felt the snug hood embrace his forehead and neck, almost fondle his cheeks as he dove at the engorged black leather monster pushing towards him.

On his knees now, Tim let David's glossy black man meat slip away from his lips. He breathed in deeply, absorbing the heady mix of sex and hide. His tongue continued to lap at the leathered figure before him, tracing the edges of the chaps around David's groin, before licking and nibbling down his thighs. Tim tasted his way along David's legs, feeling the rippling suppressed power of his muscles through the black leather. He slurped and polished the chaps with his tongue, ran his hands along the lines of David's calf muscles as they stretched the soft leather tight. Bent double, he found the tops of David's boots, and increased his efforts, kissing and licking and cleaning the boots from calf to toe and back again. David looked down at the black leather hood bobbing and lapping at him, worshipping his solid leather encased legs, his booted feet, almost grovelling before him. The sense of strength, of empowerment was so total, so intense, that David fought back the urge to explode, to empty himself on the spot. The strong, handsome man was almost prostrate at his feet, adoring his leathered body, licking his boots. He could have screamed out with the electric surge that shot through his body. His head rolled back, and he moaned again, his hands wrapped in the leather gloves involuntarily going to his own nipples, which he teased and pulled.

Recovering slightly, David looked again at his lover. "Tim ..." he called, a little gruffly.

Tim looked up, taking in the incredible view of David's extended groin pouch pushing out as his cock strained at the leather, a black bulge shadowing him, obscuring his view of the harnessed chest and mirrored glasses beneath the visor of the cap.

"Boy!" David said, urgently now. "On your feet. Heave that hot little arse of yours into that sling, NOW!"

As David ordered, Tim eagerly stood. He let David manhandle him toward the sling, sliding into place and feeling the leather mould itself to his back. He lifted his legs, and David held them, long enough to caress the leather clad thighs once again, as he lifted Tim's boots above his shoulders, and slotted each into the support of the foot straps hanging from the chains of the sling. David looked down at him, drinking in the blackness, stark against the skin, hood, collar, harness, armbands, gloves, pouch, chaps and boots. He tugged on the leather lead, still attached to the collar at Tim's neck and wrapped around his hand, making the boy swing gently in the leather support of the sling, possessing him with his eyes, hungrily owning the gorgeous body prone and open before him. The flickering light of the candles lent an unearthly quality to the sight he beheld, and David felt once again a surge of tremendous power and excitement. His hands made their way slowly, possessively down the leather clad legs spread invitingly around him. He traced the lines of Tim's muscles, picked at the edge of the chaps and squeezed the tender flesh. Tim's penis, rigid and pulsing, poked its head out from the top of the leather pouch, while the length of his shaft was outlined in black, pointing the way to the heaving orbs of his nuts, clasped and cushioned in black leather. David's hands traced then gripped the tube of manhood, clenching and massaging the jewels below, running his leathered finger up to the eye of Tim's penis and smearing the ooze of pre-cum across the head.

Tim's head lolled back, his eyes closing as the pleasure engulfed him, before he opened them again, not wanting to deprive himself of any fraction of the sensations washing over him. The feathery touch of David's hands on his legs, the hidden strength as the boots were lifted and held into place excited him like nothing he had known. The feel of the rich black leather that moulded itself to cradle his back, soft and smooth, mixed with the strong binding straps of the harness and the firm tightness of the chaps and armbands, combined with the encasing leather of the hood, was incredibly erotic. As David squeezed and kneaded his dick and his balls Tim uttered a long moan of pleasure. Again he forced his eyes open, as his leather Master loomed over him, black capped and mirrored eyes, black leather straps and silver metal circling his chest and swinging from his nipples, forearms rippling inside the black of the gloves, chaps straining around the muscled legs, the length of his mighty weapon barely sheathed in the codpiece. He felt the tugging at his neck, sensed the leather platform he lay on swing gently toward his man and away again. The smoke in the air, and the soft uneven glow of the candles in the darkened room, made Tim feel as if he was floating in a sea of black leather.

Losing himself, or at least, losing all his previous life, in that smoky den of passion, Tim called to the apparition in black leather between his uplifted legs. "Fuck me, Sir ... use me ...!" he begged.

David recalled the look in Tim's eyes when he had picked up and fondled the string of balls. His own excitement had grown at the thought, and grew again. Finding the toy nearby, he lifted it and dangled it over Tim's face, lowering the first sphere to touch his boy's lips, then slowly, tantalisingly drawing the line of balls down across Tim's chest, letting them catch here and there on the edges of the leather straps. Tim tried to lick and swallow at the black latex covered orb that drifted over his lips, twitched with electricity wherever the balls came into contact with his skin. He looked hard at David. "Yes please, Sir ..." he hissed "...use them, put them where they belong..."

David mocked doubt. "I don't know ... not sure if you're ready for them, boy ..."

"Yes, Sir, I am, Sir, please ... PLEASE!!" Tim begged urgently.

David retrieved a bottle of amyl and handed it to his `boy'. As Tim prepared himself, David stood beside him, towered over him. He looked down again at this incredible man, exciting himself with the sight of the leather and metal covering, enveloping, adorning Tim's body. He held the balls high for both to see clearly and slowly applied a liberal helping of lube to each one in turn, including the connecting latex encased string. Tim trembled with anticipation, as he watched David almost lovingly coat the toy with the gel. The balls suspended directly above him, he felt the heat from David's body beside him, saw from the corner of his eye the dark and shining blackness of David's groin, the shimmer of the metal across David's chest, wreathed in flickering candle light and misty wisps of smoke. His cock ached and oozed, his arse puckered and flexed.

Tim arched slightly, pushing himself lower in the sling, and David moved back between his legs, once more drinking in the view of Tim's open, beckoning hole framed in black leather chaps. Holding the balls in the hand still attached to Tim's neck by the leather lead, he lubed and slowly inserted a finger from his free hand into Tim's puckering hole. Feeling the heat and the need, he slid one finger inside easily, then another, gently probing and stretching, relaxing the sphincter, readying it for his assault. Tim sighed and flexed, opening himself to David's leathery fingers, willing himself to accept the intrusion, to relax for what was to come. David bent to his task, his face closer now to Tim's waiting arse. He carefully withdrew his fingers and positioned the first ball against the outside of Tim's rectum. Tim gasped at the cool feel of the gel covered latex, and took a long draw at the amyl. As the effect rolled over him, warming his very blood, his need grew. "Now!" he whispered. David heard the urgent whisper, and slowly pressed forward as Tim's hole gradually opened around the sphere of black. Giving it a nudge, pushing side to side as well as forward, David was rewarded with the most erotic view as Tim gasped again and the first of the balls slid into him, his arse closing quickly around it, leaving the trailing drawstring extending from the moist twitching muscle.

On his haunches, David could see at close quarters Tim's trembling anus, could look past it to his heaving leather clad testicles and throbbing cock, could take in the sight of his leather encased chest, and the black shiny envelope of the hood. Cautiously still, he pressed the second ball to his boy's rectum. Exerting firm force, his fingers manipulated the latex covered sphere into the flexing sphincter. There was some resistance as he gently eased the ball forward, then suddenly Tim relaxed, his body opened and swallowed again. David ached with the erotic thrill as the round shape pushed at its target, forcing it open and then disappearing within the wet warm cavern. David's entire body tingled with the thrill as he watched, spell bound, the three remaining balls hanging down and out of Tim's arse on their connecting thread as the young man's hole flexed and glistened in the flickering glow. The picture of the balls hanging from his lover was so horny, and David was mesmerised by the sight.

Tim had relaxed as much as he could, had felt the pressure as the black latex spheres had forced open his aching rectum. The first had hurt a little, but the pain had been eased by the effects of the amyl, and had disappeared quickly as he felt the ball pass through. The second had been easier, his arse now opened a little, and again he had winced at the initial pain, only to find it replaced by a sensation of pleasure as he adapted, and a feeling of deep satisfaction as he closed himself around the connecting latex string. He looked again at the wonderful, powerful man between his legs. David was crouched low, so all Tim could see was his head and chest, but what a vision! David's attention was centred on Tim's waiting hole, the cap and visor lowered so that Tim could just make out the mirrors of the glasses he wore beneath them. His shoulders, wide and strong, bore the black straps of the harness and the glint of silver chain flashed in the candle glow. The head and shoulders of the leather clad god he gave himself to now, were framed by Tim's own raised and booted legs, a shining black border as the supple leather of his chaps stretched and gripped at his thighs. Behind David the blackness of the room completed the picture, and Tim readied himself for the next insertion.

He felt the shape of the ball as David pressed it against him. Smooth but solid, Tim relaxed his arse again, letting the pressure open him gently. Surrounded by the blackness, by the aroma of sex and leather, he let himself be opened and pushed back with his muscles against the ball as it reached its full diameter at the very edge of his hole. Just the slightest of pain now, but overshadowed by incredible pleasure as Tim felt his rosebud stretch to take it. A slight push from David and the third black ball slid inside Tim. The sensation as it did was incredible. He could feel himself close around it, grip again at the connecting string. He could feel the balls inside him. Not uncomfortable, but strangely satisfying, fulfilling. The latex covered thread that joined the balls to each other tickled rather than irritated his arse as it hung from him. His natural impulse was to try to push it out, but he resisted the feeling and remained relaxed, enjoying the strange new feeling as three of the balls filled his rectum and the remaining two swung outside his body. As he felt David begin to push the fourth ball at his twitching hole, he tried to picture the black orb against himself, slowly opening him wide then disappearing into him as his anus closed around it.

As the fourth black ball was swallowed by Tim's body, David leaned closer, relishing the view as the now willing hole accepted the intrusion, and pulled the ball inwards, dragging at the string and drawing the final ball upward. David now held the final ball close to Tim's hole, the loop of latex covered string lying in his palm. Concerned about losing the toy completely, he snatched up one of the lengths of silver chain that had small leather snap open rings attached to either end. He snapped one of the leather pieces through the loop of latex, letting the length of silver trail to the floor. He jiggled and pressed again at the last black sphere. He watched as Tim lifted the amyl to his nose, taking another long draw at the bottle. Saw the effect take hold as his boy warmed and buzzed with the pulsing blood triggered by the drug. The last ball, still pressed to Tim's hole, suddenly slid inside, swallowed by the hot leather clad body suspended in front of David's face. As it disappeared from view the loop of latex trailed it, and the snap ring of leather came to rest against Tim's hole, the chain falling from him, swinging. The impression in David's mind was not unlike that of Tim having grown a silver metal tail. He caught up the other end of the chain and stood to look down at his black leather slave.

Tim felt the final ball fill him, slip inside him to join its fellows. The effects of the amyl were still upon him, and he moaned quietly at the satisfying pleasure. He felt filled, stuffed, complete. The balls within his bowel caused him no pain, not even any real discomfort. As he adjusted to the sensations, he realised they felt good. Better than good, they felt great. He felt great. His arse was filled, his hole closed tightly, yet he could feel the trailing chain as it hung from him. He looked down, to see his leather god rise up from behind him, powerful and possessing. As he watched David stand, he felt the tug of the chain attached to the balls buried deep within him. David pulled gently at the chain, and the motion caused the balls to move around within the hot wet cavern that was Tim's body, every movement resulting in thrills of pleasure within him. He gasped softly, and moaned with the pleasure.

David smiled. The length of chain he held, disappearing into Tim's body, looked so hot, and the moans and whimpers of pleasure Tim made only increased the excitement David felt. His whole body seemed tensed and on edge, full of raging sexuality as he pleasured his lover and himself. As he stood between Tim's hoisted legs the flicker of the soft candlelight sent black shadows across the black leather straps and shining leather chaps encasing them. Now two separate solid joins connected him and the groaning man spread open before him. The slender black leather of the lead attached his gloved hand to the dark band around Tim's neck, and the gently swaying silver chain he clasped led right inside the boy's body. The sense of power, of possession was almost overwhelming. David looked at the lead in his hand, at the leather snap ring on the trailing end of the chain. Taking the free end, he unclasped the tiny leather band, wrapping it around the chain swinging between his nipple rings, and snapped it closed. The strong shining chain now connected David's nipples directly to the black latex balls sunk within his lover's arse. As he moved forward the tension was taken up, so that the pressure on the chain stimulated both of them, tugging at David's sensitive nipples while at the same time dragging at the balls inside Tim.

Tim felt the chain pulling gently at his hole and the sensational spheres of black latex within him. He moaned with joy when David stood upright again, the waves of pleasure rolling through him as the balls moved within. Tim felt the line of leather from his throat to David's hand, felt connected in so many ways to the dark leather man standing over him, felt he belonged to him, belonged here in this dark, black, warm world of masculine leather and metal. David leaned forward, running his hands down Tim's chaps, squeezing at the tight dark hide. He traced the edges of the chaps around Tim's groin, and ran his finger along the connecting chain to the rim of Tim's hole, then up across the heaving pouch of leather holding Tim's manhood, before massaging gently his slave boy's abdomen, following the harness straps of black leather against white skin up and up. As he did, the constant dragging of the chain pulled at his nipples, making them hard and erect, sending shockwaves of pleasure through his chest which radiated across his entire body.

Tim's breathing quickened as he delighted to the sensation of David's hands on his thighs, and groin, leather on leather and leather on skin. When David's gloved finger poked at the rim of his arse, disturbing yet again the latex protruding from it, Tim ached with pleasure. The feathery touch of his Master's leather coated fingers against his abdomen was heaven, and the pressure of David's hands further moved the balls within Tim, sending more thrills through his body. As David's hands continued to explore his body Tim revelled in the sensations taking him over. He gasped as David leaned into him, felt the pull of the chain, the warm smooth leather of David's chaps against his arse cheeks, the incredible hardness of David's cock as the codpiece pressed into Tim's leather clad testicles. When David reached and held his head, Tim felt the strength of his hands through the comforting texture of the leather hood enveloping his head. David's mouth came to his lips, and Tim kissed him fervently, passionately. The chain connecting them was stretched taut now and the pressure increased as Tim felt the fifth ball being pulled back against his anus. David too felt the pressure as the chain dragged hard at his distended nipples, pulling them downwards. But the pain wasn't unpleasant. It was exciting, thrilling, electrifying as his sensitive tits conveyed waves of ecstasy to his tensed excited body.

David backed away, reluctant to lose the sensation of the pulling at his tits, and the taste of his lover, but eager to continue. As he did, his hands again followed the lines of Tim's harness down his body, drinking in the feel of leather and flesh through his fingers. He pulled right back until the chain again became taut, pulling both at David's aching pleasure filled nipples, and at Tim's flexing puckering hole. He was so turned on by the straight, tight silver chain leading directly from Tim's hole to his chest, the sight of that pink tender flesh pierced by metal and black latex, sitting in the centre of the white skin and framed by the black leather of Tim's chaps and the harness, floating in the dark warm air of the playroom. He pulled back further, increasing the pressure on his tits and Tim's arse and suddenly the last ball popped out of Tim, eliciting a gasp from the boy suspended before him.

Gripping the chain again with one hand, he pressed his leather clad fingers around the edges of Tim's anus, massaging and caressing as he pulled the chain tight again. Tim almost screamed with pleasure as the next two round black balls shot from his arse in quick succession. He pushed as he felt them opening him, clenched against the touch of David's gloved fingers at his hole, and let the pressure release him as the balls forced him open, closed and open again. He paused, trying to recover, taking a sniff at the amyl as the pressure built again. He looked to David, whose attention was riveted on the protrusions from Tim's anus, swirling smoke drifted across the space between them. Tim's resistance gave in and he expelled the remaining spheres at David's coaxing, feeling himself emptied and hollow.

"Damn, that was fucking hot!" David shouted, his body pulsing with the eroticism of the scene he had just played out. He moved eagerly to the side of the sling, approaching the suspended man wreathed in black leather, still puffing from the exertion and intensity of having the balls ripped from his innards. He towered over his darkened features, drinking in the sight of the leather hood masking him, the leather straps binding him, the leather chaps encasing him.

"Sir, ..." Tim begged "I need you badly. I have to have you so much it hurts, please Sir, Please ...????"

David heard the urgency in his voice, felt the passion rising within him yet again. "Yes, my boy, my slave, yes," he hissed back at him.

Returning to the base of the sling, David stooped as he passed Tim's writhing body, collecting something from the floor amongst the collection of toys lying there. The swirling light played on David's black shining form as the leather he wore beckoned to Tim. Like an apparition from the mists, David appeared to tower over Tim's aching needing body. Smiling down at his lover, David held aloft the object he had picked up. Tim looked, recognised, and excited anticipation again rolled over him. In David's black gloved hand was the leather sheath Tim had admired before. A tube of the softest, shiniest black leather, it looked like an oversized finger cut from a glove. The sealed end was perfectly smooth, the open back fitted with a drawstring.

Tim ached. His anus flexed. He desperately wanted to feel that sheath, filled with the strength of David's manliness, penetrate him. His mind reeled. He could actually be fucked by leather! David moved to position himself so that Tim could clearly see what he did. His cock already slicked and moist, David added more lubricant to his throbbing pole, and gently slid the form fitting tube of leather down over himself. Pulling it into place, he drew the fastening string firmly closed, and looped it under his own balls before tying it securely. He marvelled at the sensation, revelled in the feel of the softest of leather not just against his manhood, but completely engulfing it, wrapping around his rod. David's cock twitched again, he felt as if his cock was truly a steel weapon encased in its leather scabbard. Tim's eyes opened wide with delight and excitement. His lover was already wrapped in the most perfect leather, harnessed with hide and metal, black capped and gauntletted, framed and gripped in black chaps. Now his very being, his proud sword was encased in shining leather as it pointed directly at Tim.

David moved to position himself between Tim's leathered legs, allowing himself the pleasure of running his hands along the chaps and feeling Tim's thighs tremble within their black envelope. He smeared a very generous amount of the cool lubricant onto his hand and applied it to Tim's already twitching anus. Tim felt the cool gel as it was applied, let the anticipation build as David worked one then two fingers into him, loosening him even more, readying him. His body tingled as David's fingers massaged his puckered bud, inserted themselves into him and probed at his rectum. He moaned with soft pleasure at the feeling of David's preparatory digits, and silently begged for more. David watched as his lover writhed on his fingers, and looked down at himself. The sight of his own cock, fierce and hard, tightly wrapped in shimmering black leather, sent shudders through him. He felt the onrushing sense of power, of strength as it surged through him. He suddenly seemed to himself as another being, an indomitable sexual animal, on the brink of coupling with the most fantastic, leather clad mate, protected here within their private den of desire. His glistening black maleness jutted out from his body, surging toward the beckoning target of his lover.

Urgency and desire taking over, David smeared more lubricant up and down his sheathed cock, coating the rounded head, smothering the rock hard shaft. He looked at Tim with fire in his eyes, wanting him, needing him, desperate to take this incredible prize being offered to him. Tim trembled, needed. The younger man drew again at the amyl, long and deep as the smooth black hide of the sheath touched against his skin. Wordlessly he nodded assent at the leather god pressing in on him, blood rushing to his head, his heart, sending waves of passionate need through him.

David aimed himself at his lover, settled his rock hard prong against the outside of Tim's bud and ever so slowly pressed at it. He stared in rapture as Tim pushed against him. Saw the need in Tim's eyes and felt the heat of his passion rising. The leather covered head of his cock nudged at the opening, easing wide the muscles and urging to be allowed entry. He sensed the layers of resistance give way as he slowly, gently as possible, penetrated the soft tissue. As the head of his cock breached the walls of Tim's arse, the sphincter muscles closed tight around him. David closed his eyes as the waves of sensation rolled over him. His very masculinity was clamped in the fantastic grip of leather, gripped and held by the muscles of Tim's anus, massaged as he entered the man below him. He heard Tim take another whiff of the amyl, and opened his eyes to look upon his mate, his lover. Once again he felt the relaxation of Tim's muscles as the amyl took effect, pushing in slowly but steadily, entering him and filling him with steel filled hide.

Tim ached, burnt, as David's prong forced entry. Despite all the lube, and the previous action of the balls, he was not prepared for the pain as the leather clad pole opened him. Forcing himself to not call out, he felt certain he was being torn asunder as the pain seared his arse. The amyl rush had helped, but the agony twisted as he clamped tightly around the monster that assailed him. He clenched himself, bit his lip and silently begged for release. And then it came. Not the release of withdrawal, but the release of pleasure. Overriding the pain, waves of pleasure crashed upon him as his protesting hole gave up its stranglehold and surrendered to the invasion. He drew again at the amyl, and this time as the blood raced to his head, the stimulation relaxed his sphincter and he let himself feel the power of the cock at his entry. Stretched still, the ache he felt was lessening as the sensations overtook him. He could literally feel the smooth gloss of the leather sheath wedged within him, could sense the texture of the glossy black hide as David's pole began to slide between the walls of his anus. He relaxed again, and pushed against the pressure, forcing himself to allow passage to the rock hard weapon as it slowly but irresistibly sank into him.

The invasion continued. Tim thought it would go on forever. He tried not to resist, but David was large and long. His mind reeled at the thought of what was happening to him. He squirmed and opened himself again, willing himself to accept the pillar that plugged him. Opening his eyes, he looked to the man who was taking him. Between his upturned legs, glowing black in the dim flickering candle light, towered the ultimate leather male. His black peaked cap and shining visor tilted downward as he concentrated at the object of his desires -- Tim. His wide shoulders and powerful chest were harnessed in black leather and bright metal, but there was no sense that he was restrained by any worldly force. His strong thick arms were encased in black leather gloves and studded gauntlets as his hands held firmly to Tim's own leather clad thighs. Ghostly wisps of smoke enveloped him and haunting shadows surrounded him as his huge masculinity, swathed in slippery glossy black leather took possession of Tim's body, focussing Tim's entire being on the mighty weapon scabbarding itself in his hot wet gut.

Tim's body ached with the pleasure, his mind opened and revelled in the sensuality enveloping him. Suddenly, with the passion, came an unmistakable clarity of sensitivity. Tim could feel every nerve in his body tingle, could draw on all of his senses and know that he was immersed in ultimate leathered sexuality. His back was supported by the firm leather of the sling, his head encased in the soft comforting hood, the scent of the leather heavy in the air. His chest was bound across by wide black straps of the wondrous hide, arms wrists and legs gripped by the leather, shining and black. The very air around him danced with shadows and flickering light, while the centre of his being, the focus of his sensations, his warm willing passage was being filled with the powerful leather encased cock of his black garbed god. He concentrated on that focus, felt the sheathed steel as it penetrated him, delighted in the textured heat of the polished black weapon lodged within him. His desire took on a new potency, an urgency he had never known. He had to have this staff inside him, had to take David's masculinity, needed desperately to know the ultimate joining with his leather lover, the dark hide of their passion around him and within him. Drinking in again the vision that was his dark David, Tim trembled with pent up passion, relaxed himself again, and in a lightning fast lunge pulled himself back against his man. David's manhood, his sword of steel in its leather sheath, speared into Tim. Plumbing the depths of his body with a single thrust. Tim impaled himself, crying out with the intensity of the ecstatic pleasure which plunged into him, feeling the mighty pole crash to a stop as David's heavy testicles crushed against Tim's butt. As the glossy, black weapon buried itself to the hilt within him, Tim clenched his arse around its shaft, determined to have it, to hold it within himself.

David was unprepared for the ferocity of Tim's sudden surge against him. The head of his cock was on fire, gripped in fantastic shining black leather, clenched by Tim's tight anus. He had stopped, an inch and a half of his hard throbbing cock was lodged within his man, gripped in the tightest embrace he had ever known. The clamping of Tim's arse had emphasised the sensuality of the leather sheath around his prong, sending shivers of excitement through him, but he dared not move until his lover was ready. He raised his head from the concentration upon Tim's hole, and beheld a sight that encaptured his ultimate fantasy, the fulfillment of his dreams. The room was dark. The candles around the basement offered pinpricks of light which shuddered and danced though there was no movement in the air. Wisps of smoke floated, and his lover, his man, his boy, floated with them, suspended in the air on a platform of black leather. The metal of the supporting chains disappeared upwards into the blackness. Tim, his man, lay writhing in the centre of the sling, his head disguised by the mask of the black leather hood. Bands of black hide stood out against the light skin on his chest and arms. The wide strap against his lower abdomen led to his throbbing masculinity encircled at its root by the silver metal cockring. His glimmering leather clad legs were raised and open to frame the hot firm butt, and at the centre of it all, David joined to this man by the length of his own maleness, encased in soft glistening black. He stared in wonder at the unimaginably erotic sight of the leather shaft sunk into Tim's hole, as though it were not really a part of him. But the grip on his cock, the sensual firmness of the leather around his penis, assured him that this was real, that he was living this fantasy.

Tim's eyes opened, pools of light in the black eye holes of the hood. Then, without warning, Tim was pushing back against him, and David felt his body open and accept, crashing down upon him, impaling itself on his throbbing meat. As the shining blackness of his rock hard pole sank full length into the depths of Tim's body, David's head went back, his entire body aflame with desire. Tim let out a cry of pleasure and David's need exploded. He took control again, shoving himself harder into the willing body beneath him, feeling his nuts pound against bare skin. He felt the grip as Tim clenched around his shaft buried deep, felt the heat of Tim's innards wrap around his leather sheathed cock. Forcefully he drew back, pulling that weapon to the brink of Tim's hole, then plunged in again. Out again, and once more he shoved himself at the boy, pounding his arse. The force of the inward thrust made the sling rock back, and David used the momentum, pulling and pushing at Tim's leathered thighs, rocking him back and forward in the sling, crashing his sword deep into the boy as it swung back, and using the forward roll to pull the sheathed black rod to the very edge of Tim's moist hole before thrusting back in again even deeper. Harder and harder he fucked at the swinging boy. Faster, deeper his cock pistoned in and out of the writhing body of his leather wrapped lover, heat building, passion taking control. The burning wetness of Tim's passage was ploughed over and over again by David's manhood. The leather covering pulled and rubbed against the tender skin of David's steel hard prong, the sensation one of ultimate pleasure as he let the erotic feel and touch of the hide envelope him, felt the surrender of his slave boy to total passion. David's need built, his body trembled as jolts of electricity shot through him. He saw with amazement the polished black pole that was his cock ram in and out of the puckered pink hole as he took possession of his man.

Tim was alive. Truly alive. Every nerve in his body tingled. Every part of his being screamed out with the ecstasy visited upon him by the pounding of David's turgid rod into his arse. He gave himself into the waves of exploding passion, felt the pendulum effect as he was rocked back and forth in the sling, impaled onto the sword of leather at his lover's groin, ripped away from it again only to be pounded deeper. His body ached with desire. He clenched at the invading weapon as it was pulled from him, and opened again to take more and more of it as David lunged back into him. He swore he could feel the texture of the leather sheath as it attacked his innards, could sense the glistening polished hide pounding his body. The harder and faster that David fucked him the more he wanted. He grunted and moaned as the long powerful shaft explored his body, took it with joy, begged for more. The building ache within him was centred on his ravaged hole, and spread like fire throughout his body. The fantasies of his dreams had manifested themselves here, in the leather god loving him, fucking him, burying that staff of life within him. Wave after wave of ecstasy rolled over him. He was fucking in leather and being fucked by leather, literally. He was encased in the black hide, enveloped and possessed by his leather lover, and being penetrated and pounded by a leather weapon alive and part of him. He and David were joined totally as he urged his lover on and in, bucking against him, riding the leather rod of his man with all his might. The need within him reached a crescendo. His body writhed as gasps and moans of pleasure escaped his lips. He tried to hold back but nothing could resist the intensity of the passion as it exploded within him. Suddenly his cock exploded, gushers of white hot semen flying into the air and crashing onto his chest, his face.

David felt the heat build, knew he was close. He willed himself not to let go as he fucked deeper and faster into Tim. He fought against the urges of his rolling balls, the electric tingling in his leather encased cock. He sensed the urgent gripping of Tim's body and ploughed into that willing tunnel, taking it and fucking it. When the first jet of white shot from Tim's cock, flying upwards right before David's eyes, his own need erupted. His restrained manhood shot load upon load of searing cream into the surrounding leather sheath as David continued to piston in and out of his lover, not letting go of the pounding rhythm, determined to fuck this man until he dropped. The juice he emptied into Tim, contained within the leather covering, squelched and enveloped David's burning fuckpole, as his heaving and pounding continued unabated. Incredibly, as the pumping jism subsided, David's weapon remained hard as ever, the ramming, ploughing force of their lovemaking not missing a beat.

Tim's body exploded as his orgasm crashed over him. The splatters of cum that landed hot on his skin excited him even more. His cock poured his essence out, shooting load after load over himself. David grunted and fucked him even harder, and Tim felt David's trembling climax within him. He ached with intense pleasure as the waves of eruption ebbed away, the passion not going with it. Instead, Tim was even more turned on, he continued to clamp and flex at David's invading pole, urging him harder and deeper, wanting to have more and more of him. The ache of his spent cock added to the bliss of the pounding he took. Surprisingly, he realised that he had not lost his erection. A climax half as intense as the one he had just known would normally have left him weak for hours, but instead he was harder than ever, needed more, wanted all his lover could give and then some. He urged the leather clad god at his arse to pound him harder, deeper, to fuck him like no fuck had ever been before. He gave himself completely to the passion, to the intensity, and to his man.

And David fucked, pounded and pierced, thrust in and out of his lover, possessed of a strength and power he did not know existed. He rammed himself into Tim, pulled back and rammed again. The energy, the urgency of their lovemaking consumed him. His need built again, but he also needed to be truly joined with his lover, his man. As much as the leather excited him, aroused him, pleasured him, it had become a barrier between them, the sheath clutching at his manhood separating them in this boiling moment of joining. He wrenched backwards, pulling himself from Tim's body and avoiding the pendulum swing of the harness so as not to enter again.

Tim clenched and released at the battering ram of slick leather pounding him. He urged his lover, his David into him. As the passion increased once more he wanted him, wanted David, completely, wholly, needed to be joined with him as one. When David tore himself out of Tim's body, Tim ached, emptied and incomplete. "Arrhhhhh ... David..." he called urgently, "get that thing off and fuck me ... Now, PLEASE... I need you, just you, inside me!!!!"

David fumbled in his haste to undo and remove the leather sheath that had given them both the most incredible sensation. It was time to make love to his man, to enter him naked and take him. Ripping the glorious leather pouch from his swollen member he dropped it quickly and leaned to Tim again, pressing his slicked, moist cockhead to the loosened, begging hole spread and inviting before him. As the two men touched again, they looked into each other's eyes and without a word, together, they joined. David's cock slid easily inside Tim, as Tim relaxed and allowed his lover entry without a hint of resistance. The hot wetness of Tim enveloped David instantly, welcoming him and clutching at him, drowning his raging hard-on in a sea of warmth. The throbbing maleness of David's sex penetrated Tim easily and deeply, burrowing into him, finding its true home within his body. Sinking to his complete length inside his lover, David came to rest against his butt, almost overcome by the incredible fire which engulfed his cock. Tim urged him in, deep, hard, felt the steel of his lover's prong probe within, drew him further, needing to have him inside. As David slammed against him, Tim felt complete, fulfilled, satisfied beyond measure. Neither of the men would ever feel whole again unless they were joined like this. Tim's body would always be empty, aching and needing without David buried deep within. David would never again be truly comfortable or complete without Tim wrapped around him, clenching and gripping at him.

Joined now, they looked to each other, each finding his complement, his soulmate in the other, and knowing it in that instant. David leaned into his lover, his cock hard and throbbing, lost inside his man. As he did, Tim lifted up to him, clenching at his man's pole. They kissed hard and long, their bodies locked together. Tongues explored and tasted, hands gripped and tugged, caressed and traced. Skin on skin, leather on leather, man on man they embraced, they made love. Still drinking of each other, mouths joined, they began to rock back and forth as David's hard cock massaged Tim's bowel. Passion grew, need intensified. David lifted his face from Tim's, looked upon his lover, and thrust again. Tim urged him on, needing him, clenching at him. David pulled back and thrust again. Hard. Tim let him draw away, then gripped at him as he pushed, trying to draw his lover further and deeper inside him. Quickly they meshed, each anxious and needing, the rhythm they established fast growing to a churning animal rut as each gave himself over to unbridled passion and urgent need. David pounded, thrust and parried, his hips a blur as he shoved and lunged at his partner, burying himself and pulling back to bury deeper. Harder, faster, in and out his piercing weapon lunged at his man. Tim writhed in pleasure, clenching, gripping, taking. Their grunts and moans of ecstasy a chorus of male sex as they pushed each other to climax, venting their energy in total erotic abandonment, swathed in black leather and warm darkness. Divorced from the world they fucked and fucked and fucked, jabbing, penetrating, powerful sex driving them on and on. As David forced his manliness deeper and harder into Tim he took possession of his lover, owned him and wanted more. Tim in turn took possession of David's manhood, gave himself to his lover and owned the man within him.

Building themselves, pushing each other to the limit, they fucked and grunted, sweated and loved, until wordlessly, together, they reached the point of no return, the consummation of their loving. Bucking and heaving against one another, grinding into each other, stripped of all inhibitions, they exploded together. Tim writhed and gasped, clenching at David like a vice. David heaved and shoved himself at his lover, surging forward, sinking so far inside Tim he felt completely swallowed. As David's electrified cock pumped his essence into Tim, Tim bucked and shot. He felt the power and the heat of David's ejaculation, sensed the searing jism filling his waiting body, and responded by flooding them with his seed. David twitched and spurted, his heaving balls emptying their precious fluid through his trembling shaft and deep into Tim's belly. Tim gripped at David and spurted load upon load of manjuice all over them, coating them both with creamy white cum. As their simultaneous orgasm peaked, they locked together, unmoving but for the endless, draining, pumping of their masculinity into and over each other. In that moment they became one being, one entity, joined and impenetrable, feeding from the power and the strength of each other.

For long moments they stayed as they were. The force of their orgasm slowed. Slowly, gradually, almost reluctantly, the passion ebbed, but still they held together, joined, complete. Eventually the effort and the intensity of their lovemaking exacted its toll, and they collapsed, spent, exhausted. Gently easing back, extricating his flagging cock from Tim's body, David sighed softly "I love you". Tim, feeling his lover pulling from him, clenched once more to drain the final drops of essence from David's penis. But his clench was feeble, his strength drained. "I love you back" he smiled softly into David's eyes.

Wearily they helped each other straighten up, extricate themselves from the sling. Unable to even stand steadily, they collapsed together laughing on the leather covered mattress on the floor. Holding each other close, arms and legs intertwined, rubbing against themselves they recovered slowly. The sweat and cum on their bodies squelched between them, permeating them. The aroma of sex and perspiration and leather and spent lust was heavy in the room as they joined again, kissing and holding to each other. Each lost in a sea of sated desire and emotional completeness, they lay together, still encased in their beloved leather, feeling and touching each other.

Tim smiled to himself and looked to the side of the room, catching sight of the boxes that had led him to his man. Black boxes that brought so much.

The End

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