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It was hot. Damn hot. Had to be more than 40 by now and the heat was the sticky, humid heat that you only get in Far North Queensland. Still, this was what I'd come for, the heat and the sun, and to get away from the rush and cold at home. I dived into the pool for the hundredth time, letting the water wash away the sweat and cool me down as I lazily swam a couple of laps, feeling my arm and chest muscles get working again.

As I climbed from the pool next to where I'd taken up a position on a sun lounge earlier, I spotted him again. The elusive man who had been here the last two days. He was stunning. At least 6' tall, nicely tanned, dark hair and beautifully proportioned with arms and chest rippling with defined muscles, a perfectly rounded butt, and a package that filled out his Speedos with a promise of fantasies come true. I'd called him Blue in my mind because that was the colour of the Speedos he wore, tight and tiny. I'd spent a lot of yesterday trying to catch his eye, but he'd stayed on the other side of the pool, and hadn't seemed to notice me at all. As I walked to the lounge where my towel was, he was walking directly toward me, and looked even better up close. I lowered my hands, pretending to adjust myself in an attempt to cover my instant erection, and nodded at him as he passed by. He smiled back, a non-committal acknowledgment of just another guest at the hotel, and kept on going.

I settled myself back again, and happily watched as he sauntered around the pool. The view I had was very pleasant as his Speedos gripped his round arse, the blue contrasting nicely with his golden tan. With a towel over myself, I could happily keep an eye on him without worrying as my cock pushed at the restraining nylon of my Speedos, warmed by the sun and by my day dreaming about this handsome hunk. When he settled himself onto another sun lounge, I tried to casually glance in his direction, drinking in the sight of him lying there, the bulge at his groin pushing his costume up and out, his chest perfectly defined and very inviting. When it appeared that he was settled in for a while I lay back down, removed my towel and let the heat of the sun wash over me again.

It only took about half an hour and I was ready for another swim. The heat really was intense, and I stood up and walked to the side of the pool, looking again to where he lay. He had a pair of sunglasses on, so I couldn't tell whether he was looking or not, but I couldn't drag my eyes away from him, and my cock began to thicken once more. Slipping into the cool water, I began to swim up and down the length of the pool, slowly and lazily. Trying to be inconspicuous, I made my way to the side nearest where he was lying, and lifted my head over the edge. There he was, in all his glory, only feet from me. I took a long look, imagining him naked, thinking about how much I would like to play with that body. He still wore his glasses, and there was no hint that he could see me, or even that he was awake for that matter. I dropped back into the water and pushed off the wall, floating underneath and holding my breath. When I surfaced I was still facing him. But he wasn't there. Spinning around quickly I found him again, just as he dived into the water at the deeper end of the pool.

I sat and watched as he swam a few strokes and then submerged, making his way lazily around the perimeter. If I just stayed where I was, he would have to pass right by me. I felt the pressure as my dick began to throb in spite of the cold water, and I watched his progress along the wall. He was now only a few feet away, and I couldn't help but stare at him. Just as he was about to pass me by, a young kid jumped into the pool right behind him, causing a splash and a wave which pushed him against me. I marvelled at my luck, couldn't have planned it better if I'd tried. His arm and side washed against my stomach before he could react.

"Sorry." He said quickly, pulling away.

"Not at all," I replied, smiling my friendliest smile, "sometimes these kids don't think about what they're doing." Come on, I willed myself, don't let the chance pass. "Great weather for lying around, isn't it?"

"Uh huh. Too hot for much else though."

"Except maybe cooling off in your room with the air conditioning." I added.

He just smiled at that and moved on. I could have kicked myself. Nothing but small talk, and not much of that, and he was gone. A little dejected, I pulled myself from the pool and lay back on the lounge, catching the eye of one of the waiters and signalling for a drink.

When my drink arrived and I sat up to sign the room chit, I realised that 'Blue' was walking right by me. As the waiter stood and turned, I caught his eye and saw that he was staring at me. I smiled and nodded at him, only to have him nod nervously back as though he'd been caught doing something wrong, and then hurry away. I called to the waiter again, pointed out Blue to him, and told him to see whether the mystery man would like a drink, and if so to put it on my tab, with my compliments. The waiter smiled a knowing grin, and hurried off to follow my instructions. I watched him go, and saw a brief discussion between them before the waiter headed back to the bar. As he did, the hunk in the blue Speedos stood for a moment, looking unsure of what to do, then headed in my direction.

"Hello, again" he said, sounding almost nervous.

"Hi" I replied, smiling and trying to relax when really I wanted to jump up and grab him.

"I was just, errr, wondering, why you would buy me a drink, ummm..." he said slowly.

"Well, it's a hot day, I'm alone, you're alone, I thought you might like some company, someone to talk to." I said, trying to sound confident. As I did the waiter returned with his drink, handed it to him and smiled again with that 'I know what you're up to' look.

My new friend looked at the waiter, then looked away, as if embarrassed. "Listen, I'm sorry if I've made you feel uncomfortable," I said to him. "It's just that I've seen you here alone the last couple of days, and since I'm here by myself, I thought we might have been able to meet." Plucking up my courage, I added, "I noticed you straight away. Those Speedos look really good on you!"

That last comment made him really look around. He had a startled expression on his face, and his eyes bored into me. I was so taken by surprise at his reaction that I instantly began to back away. "Hey, I'm sorry," I blurted out. "I'm gay and I sometimes forget that not everyone is comfortable with that. If you're not gay, or if I've offended you, I really am sorry."

He looked at me, confused and enigmatic. "No, no, I'm just not, umm ..." he didn't finish the sentence, just stood and walked away. "Sorry" was all he said, over his shoulder as he left.

I watched his retreat, those gorgeous buns of his still gripped in the tight blue lycra, as he all but ran from the pool area back into the hotel proper. I had no idea what to do, or whether I should feel bad about what had happened. Feeling uneasy, I headed back to my own room myself.

Grabbing a drink from the mini-bar, I sat on my balcony and looked out at the view, lost in thought. The deep blue of the sea and white beaches stretched off to my left, and the green of the jungle to my right, yet all I could think of was Mr 'Blue' and his reaction. Still dressed only in my Speedos I was deep in contemplation when I heard a knock at the door. Not thinking, I opened it to find him standing there.

"Uh, I'm not disturbing you am I?" he asked.

"No, not at all."

"I just wanted to say sorry for disappearing, and to try to explain ..."

"Come in" I said, stepping back. He brushed by me as he entered the room, and I suddenly realised I was still in only my Speedos. Hurriedly, I looked for a towel or robe to throw over myself.

"No, please don't change for me." he said quickly. I looked him up and down. He was wearing a tight t-shirt, and those same blue Speedos, but nothing else, and my earlier desires started to surface again. I sat down and tried to disguise my swelling manhood, curious as to what he had to say.

"I suppose I should introduce myself. I'm Jason, Jason Staunton." He said, still tentative and uncertain.

"Pleased to meet you." I smiled. "Nic Watson." I held out my hand, and mentally begged him to relax.

"I left the pool because I didn't know how to react to your comments." He blurted out suddenly. "I was embarrassed and unsure, and just had to get out of there, with the waiter hanging around and everyone else there."

"But no-one else could hear us, " I started to protest.

"Maybe not, but I felt like the world was listening. You're obviously comfortable about being gay. I've only recently come out, and to have had someone try to pick me up like that, so openly, really threw me. especially when the someone was very attractive."

I blushed at the compliment, and tingled again. "I'm sorry if I embarrassed you. I know I can be a bit too up front sometimes. But I'd been trying to catch your attention for the last couple of days, and didn't think I was getting anywhere, and I meant what I said about being company for each other."

At that he seemed to relax. His face broke into a smile at last, and I could see the weight lifting from his shoulders. "Would you like a drink?" I asked.

"Thanks. Am I that obviously gay?"

"Not at all! In fact I was wondering whether you were gay or not, just hoping I guess."

This time he actually laughed, and I laughed with him. It turned out that Jason had been taking notice of me as well, but had been too completely scared to do anything or even to respond to the looks I had been giving him, in case someone else realised he was gay! When I told him that wouldn't matter, he explained that he was still getting past the concern about people knowing, since he'd been in the closet until only a few months ago when he moved to Sydney from the country.

As he spoke, my eyes kept wandering to the tight t-shirt he wore, and the even tighter Speedos underneath, his well developed bulge very obvious. I felt myself beginning to harden, as I stood there in nothing but the lycra costume, and turned away to try to hide the growing solidity at my groin. As I did he coughed, then stammered a little. "Don't, err, try to cover up for me." he said, turning red with embarrassment. "I think you look great, and I am really turned on by you standing there in your Speedos."

I smiled at that, and noticed that his own bulge was starting to swell. Facing him directly, I looked him right in the eye, and reached out, running the tip of my finger across his costume and brushing the shape of his dick through the material. He jumped a little, but didn't pull away, and moaned softly instead. "Mmmm, that feels good."

His eyes closed and his head dropped back a little as he stood there before me, the shape of his long cock in the clinging nylon clearly growing. My own prick was swelling and pushing against the material I wore, and I happily took the chance to devour his body with my eyes. Up close, he was even more beautiful than from a distance. There is something about a hot man in tight Speedos -- the way the lycra grips and reveals, yet still hides, so that you can see what's on offer, and still use your imagination at the same time. And my imagination was running wild. The tube like outline of his manhood grew and stretched the blue costume, while the rounded orbs of his cushioned testicles moved slightly within their pouch.

Jason simply stood there, his hands by his sides, his head back and his eyes closed, as I drank in the vision of him. The T-shirt he wore was stretched taut over his wide shoulders and clung to his gorgeous chest, the points of his nipples also growing and punctuating the sweep of his pectorals. I resumed my touching, letting my finger slowly, gently trace the length of his now swollen cock, and just lightly brush against his balls, following the curved shape down to the crotch of his costume.

"Unnnnmmmmmmmm" he muttered, long and soft, as my hand continued its voyage of discovery. The tiniest spot of wetness began to appear on the material at the head of his prong, turning the blue Speedos a deeper shade of turquoise. I left off my fondling of his genitals, slipping my fingers up the side of his waist under the t-shirt and coaxing it up his beautiful torso. He opened his eyes at that, and stared at me as we stood face to face. There was no need for words, we simply accepted the fact of our shared need and mutual longing. Jason lifted his arms as I slid the shirt from his body, then as I dropped it to the floor, his strong tanned arms wrapped themselves around me, and mine went around him. We drew together, slowly, silently. Looked into each other's eyes, and saw the questions disappear, and then we kissed. Slowly at first, then harder and more passionately, tasting each other, jousting tongues exploring teeth and gums, saliva mixing and lips locked as our desire took flame.

As we kissed our near naked bodies ground against each other, cocks mashing together through the double layer of nylon. I could feel the hardness of him against my own, knew that the growing urgency I felt was mirrored in him. My hands explored his body, shoulders, back, buns, and I thrilled to the touch of his palms across my skin. It was Jason who broke the kiss, pulling himself away from me, and stepping back a few feet. I looked at him, concerned.

"Are you okay?"

"Oh, yeah!" he whispered, "I just wanted to enjoy the view again. You look so good in those Speedos!"

I smiled as his eyes roamed over my body, then gasped as his fingers followed. Much as I had done, he traced the shape of my rock hard meat through the nylon, cupped my heaving balls in his hands. He dropped to his knees, so that his eyes were level with my groin, and continued staring as minutes passed.

"I love the look of a hot hunk like you in tight Speedos!" he declared. I swore he had read my mind. And then his mouth took up where his eyes and fingers had left off. His tongue licked at the material all along the length of my shaft. He nibbled at me through the nylon and all I could do was groan with delight. His lips caressed me, closing around my nuts and massaging them in the warm moisture of his mouth , while still the two of us remained constrained in our costumes. I was beginning to think I couldn't take much more of this, when he stood again and we embraced, falling together onto the bed.

We rolled and ground against each other, thrusting and gripping, arms holding, fingers playing, cocks throbbing. His enjoyment of the tight material around himself and on me heightened my own, and we fed off each other's rising urge. After what must have been hours, the need became too much. Jason rose to his knees as I lay on my back before him. Slowly, teasingly, he fit his fingers into the sides of his briefs and pushed them down, revealing the steel hard fleshy weapon I had already licked, smelt and tasted, without seeing. Throwing the nylon away, he reached for me. He tugged at the lycra gently, easing it sensuously from me until I too was naked before him.

With the hours of foreplay we had indulged in, his cock was leaking copious amounts of pre-cum, and my own juices had coated the shaft of my prick. He used his fingers to scoop jism from me, and to mix it with his own, smearing the combination over his cockhead, and onto my arse hole. He leaned forward and positioned himself against me, and I felt my puckering hole twitch as the solid flesh of his pole nudged against me. Jason looked into my eyes yet again. 'Nic -- is this okay?"

"Yes, yes, perfect. Take me, please" I whispered back at him.

He pressed into me and I relaxed, willing myself to accept him. He took his time, so slowly, so gently. My sphincter surrendered to the glorious velvet of his penis as my body gradually swallowed him. There was no pain, and little discomfort as I gave myself over to the most wonderful loving I had ever known. As his long, mighty sword buried itself completely in me, I ached with the pleasure he imparted, tingles filling my entire body as his cock caressed my prostate and nudged against my stomach.

Once joined, we began to rock together, starting a gently cadence of motion which increased in tempo in line with our increasing desire. Building up from the gentle start, he thrust deeper and deeper into me, ploughing my body with his steely cock harder and harder. I rocked below him, gripping at him and urging him on with hissed whispers of encouragement, begging him to take me, to fill me with himself. Even through the cooler air from the air conditioning, we generated our own heat in that room, humping and bucking together, rutting in conjoined need, our sweat dripping and mixing as our bodies became one. The room was full of the intimate, exciting noises of sex as we gasped and hissed at each other, and his pistoning cock delved within me, then pulled back to sink in harder again.

The unstoppable tide of passion arose in my gut. Jason's sword of love prodding my body sent electric thrills through me, and I sensed the growing power of approaching orgasm engulf me, working its way out from my groin to envelope my entire body. As I trembled and shuddered, trying to hold back the inevitable, I called a warning to him, but all he could reply was a strangled "Nic, I'm ... sorry ... can't hold baa unhhh uuunhh UUNNNHHH"

With that my balls exploded, pumping my seed into the throbbing hardness of my cock. As I felt the first gush of my orgasm explode from my pole, Jason's eyes fixed on mine, widened, and his body shook as his long cock, buried as deep within me as possible, began to empty itself into me. I swore I could sense the white hot jets of his essence flood into my body, as searing gobs of my own jism flew out and landed on my stomach, or shot up to catch his abdomen as he trembled against me. The force of our simultaneous climax rocked us, tore through our bodies, and left us gasping as it subsided gradually, and we finally collapsed together, exhausted but sated.

Our shared admiration for men in Speedos, and our perfect compatibility with each other, meant that the rest of the vacation was one long feast of staring, touching feeling and fucking, in and out of the incredible tight lycra. After we returned to the city, we moved in together, and still spend as much time as possible together in our Speedos.

The End

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