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"Fuck, what's that?" Terry said out loud to the empty alley. He'd kicked something in the darkness, something hard and almost stumbled as he did. Bending down and peering more closely at his feet, he found a pair of boots. Looking around quickly, he found the place deserted, no-one in sight. The boots were tall, black leather, and seemed to be in good condition. Picking them up and hefting them under one arm, he continued his late night stagger home.

Terry was something of a loser. No matter how hard he tried, things just wouldn't fall into place for him. Like tonight. He'd spent hours in the bar, ogling the hot leather clad bodies around him, desperate to make a connection with one guy in particular who had caught his eye, but the object of his attention had looked right through him several times, and most others in the place ignored him. Gathering up the little that was left of his self worth, he had stumbled out into the cold autumn night, heading for home.

Finding his way home by memory -- he'd made the trip many, many times before, always alone -- he pushed his way through the door, negotiated the untidy mess of dirty clothes and discarded boxes, and made it to his bedroom. Dropping the boots in a corner, he sat dejectedly on the edge of the bed, replaying the events of the night in his mind.


As the tavern had filled, Terry was surrounded by stunning men, in shining black leather. Dressed in harnesses of hide and metal, skin tight black chaps that rippled with muscular legs, and clinging dark pouches that emphasised and displayed ample manhoods, the other patrons of the bar either simply ignored his looks, or scorned him with open distaste. He had ached with desire, but no amount of effort had elicited even a smile or a friendly word from the hunks around him.


He undressed clumsily, flinging the baggy denim jeans and brown suede coat he wore to the floor, and padded naked into the bathroom to relieve himself. As he stood unsteadily over the bowl, an image of the man he had fantasized about all evening came to him.


Terry's dream man had arrived not long after he'd settled at a table with the first of many beers. The gorgeous hunk was dressed in glistening black leather, high sided boots under chaps that had been sprayed onto his muscular legs, and an elaborate torso harness of studded leather straps and silver chains framing a chiselled chest and defined stomach. Around his neck, this vision had worn a studded dog collar, and matching wide bands on his upper arms. His groin was a gleaming black triangle, the lengthy tube of his cock and the large round spheres behind clearly visible, outlined in hide, while his bare butt was a picture of firm round flesh framed in dark leather.

Terry had smiled at him, nodded, sidled past a few times, but the vision had ignored him completely.


Angry, needing, sinking deeper into self-pitying thoughts, Terry finished his ablutions and wished out loud for things to get better. He wasn't specific. He just wanted his life to improve.

He stepped back into his bedroom, and did a double take. The boots he had found, had almost tripped over, were standing neatly together smack in the middle of the room. `I'm sure I left them in the corner,' he told himself, but couldn't be certain. Sitting on the bed, he began to study the footwear more closely. They were black leather, polished to a mirror finish, gleaming and obviously well cared for. Metal rings sat over each ankle, a silver chain suspended from the rings which ran under the sole. More chain, and leather straps, ran around the leg of the boots. Square toed and heavy, Terry stared at them, envious of the man who would own such a pair of shoes. They were beautiful, masculine, and implied strength and sexuality.

Lifting one boot to his face, he rubbed the leather against his cheek, feeling the smooth hide make him tingle. He sniffed inside. There was no hint of body odour, but the aroma of new leather was overpowering, shivers of delighted sensuality racing through him. There were no brands or other markings on them at all, but they appeared close to his size. Unable to resist the lure of the leather, he pulled one on, surprised at how easily his foot slid into it. A perfect fit! He pulled the remaining boot over his other foot, and again, it slipped around him easily. It was almost as if the boots drew his feet into themselves, no forcing or tugging needed to fit them in place. Terry stood up, naked but for the boots.

Suddenly, there was a tingling, a `pins-and-needles' sensation in the soles of his feet. The boots seemed to shrink, moulding themselves tightly to his feet and the tingling sensation increased, now enveloping his toes, heels, ankles and climbing up his legs. Concerned, he sat down quickly and went to pull the boots off, but they would not budge. They were gripping him so tightly they may as well have been his skin. As he grabbed the toe and tried to remove the boot, he felt the same tingling sensation run into his fingers and flow up his arm. Already, the feeling of prickliness was climbing his legs and he started to panic.

He stretched his legs out before himself, examining them closely. There was no rash, no marks on his skin, yet he could have sworn the muscles in his calves, and now his thighs, were filling out, growing as he watched. He worked out in the gym several times a week, and it was almost as though he had just finished a hard workout, his blood pumping and his skin stretching taut. The feeling was not unpleasant, but disconcerting as it climbed his limbs. He felt helpless yet powerful, as though a strength were being injected into him, but one he couldn't control.

When the warmth reached his groin, everything else paled into insignificance. The `pins and needles' stimulated him, excited him. His testicles rolled and ached, his cock sprang to attention, blood coursing through him. Without conscious direction, his hand moved of its own accord to his prick, and the tingling became electric sparks as his fingers closed around the shaft of his meat. He fell backwards onto the bed, his legs spread and his fist pumping at his manhood in earnest. His entire body was now alive, nerves racing as he jacked himself hard, his hand flailing at himself, moving so fast it became a blur. His dick burned and ached, throbbing and so hard it had to explode at any second. Terry lay backwards and closed his eyes, unable to gain any control over his body, and not wanting to.

Images of the man he had seen in the bar, and later dreamed of, flooded his brain. Both he and Terry were garbed in tight, shining black leather. The scent of tanned hide was thick in the air. Sounds came to Terry's ears, gasps and moans, heavy breathing and the screech of leather against leather. His fantasy man was on his knees in front of Terry's cock, begging to be fucked and Terry towered over the hazy figure, a pillar of masculine power and raw sexuality. In reality, both of his hands were now gripping at his groin, jerking at his cock which had grown to its full length and more, harder and longer than it had ever been. His fingers closed around his nuts, massaging and pulling at them, squeezing them tightly as he humped his pelvis upward into the air and his mind filled with the visions of himself and the man from the bar locked together in passionate sex, surrounded by gleaming dark leather.

His blood boiled, his ache grew and his body responded. Without warning, as his mind coupled himself and the fantasy man in powerful fucking, his balls contracted into his body and his cock exploded, hot creamy jizz shooting high into the air and crashing back onto his chest, his stomach, his arms and groin. Still his hand pumped, and still his orgasm shuddered through him as his manjuice flooded from him. Without let up he came for five minutes before finally he collapsed, exhausted.

When he found the strength to open his eyes, there was a lake of ejaculate on his body, and his bed was soaked with his essence. He marvelled at the volume, shook from the force of his climax, and fell into a deep sleep.


When he woke the next morning, Terry felt tired and sore. Every muscle in his body seemed to have been stretched and worked. He rolled to one side and the encrusted remains of his outpouring proved that the massive orgasm he had enjoyed the night before had been real, and not just a dream. Remembering, he sat up quickly -- the boots remained on his feet. Reaching for them, he found they came off easily, his feet sliding out without any effort, and he set the shining black footwear down on the floor beside his bed. Despite the fear he had known when he couldn't remove them last night, they were alluring, powerful, and he stared at them for several minutes, his cock hardening as he did.

He broke the train of thought and stood up, making for the bathroom. Looking at his reflection in the mirror, he marvelled at himself. Somehow, his jaw was more square, his nose straighter than he remembered. His eyes were clear and bright even though he could only have had a few hours sleep. He stepped under the shower and washed himself down, feeling strong, confident. A sense of purpose and determination welled up inside him. As he towelled himself dry, Terry ran his hands over his own legs, his stomach and chest. It was still him, yet it wasn't. There was something different which he just couldn't identify, but he felt better. A lot better. He combed his hair straight back rather than raking it to one side as he usually did, then pulled on his jeans and a T-shirt. The T felt tight, yet it shouldn't do. It fit fine only last week. Perhaps it had shrunk, he told himself. He decided it was time to get out and buy some new clothes.

He finished dressing and looked around for some shoes, but the only ones he could find were the black leather boots. Shrugging his shoulders he pulled them on easily. No more tingling this time, yet he definitely felt a power from them, a real sense of strength and confidence. As he let himself out of his apartment and pulled the door behind him, his neighbour nodded. Terry only knew the man to smile at, say a few passing words of greeting, no more.

"Hey, mate," called the usually silent acquaintance. "Looking good! Those gym workouts are really starting to pay off." Terry smiled at him, inwardly amazed. There was no mistaking the admiration in the man's voice, or the lust in his eyes.

As he made his way along the corridor and out of the front door of the building, Terry felt taller, bigger, than usual. The boots were light on his feet, yet they injected confidence into him, and his usual stoop disappeared as he walked, his back straightened and he pulled his shoulders back, puffed out his chest. Eyes of men and women on the street lingered as he passed, and he revelled in the feeling.

He made his way along the street, enjoying the morning more than any other for years. Stepping into a jeans store, he was instantly attended to by an eager woman who happily helped him select two new pairs of stylish denim jeans, one blue and one black, and several shirts. The girl flirted as best she could, tried everything she knew to get Terry's attention, but was steadfastly ignored by him other than as a sales assistant. Her colleague, a young guy a few years junior to Terry, noticed his lack of interest, and stepped in to take over from her.

"You look great in that," he enthused, pointing to the shirt Terry was trying. With a wink he added, "and I'll bet you look even better out of it!" Terry grinned from ear to ear and sized him up. Handsome, young, well built.

"Thanks," he said, appreciating the compliment and the invitation. "But maybe not just at the moment," he whispered. With a disappointed look the younger man bagged his purchases and rang up his bill. Outside on the street, Terry positively strutted along, thrilled by the attention and the flirting centred on himself.

Walking casually, and basking in the looks directed toward him, Terry spotted a guy in leather pants and a white T-shirt several shops away, with a wad of flyers in his hand. Drinking in the sight of the well-built stud in gleaming black hide, he felt his prick stiffen in his jeans, but let it be, showing off his bulge to any who would look. As he approached the other man, he saw him notice Terry's approach, and visibly straighten, paying attention. Smiling at the guy, Terry went to pass by when a large piece of paper was thrust in front of him.

"Special sale on today," said the leathered hunk. "Suit you perfectly, mate," he added. "Twenty five percent off everything, and there's some really good stuff in here too!" As Terry glanced at the brochure, the other man slowly checked him out from head to toe. He leaned forward and said in a low voice "And when you're done, come and let me know. I'll take a break and we can get together, stud!"

Normally Terry would have jumped at the invitation, unable to believe his luck. But this morning he barely heard what was said, smiling an absent thank you and walking on. His mind was concentrating on the paper in his hand. A printed blurb announced a grand opening sale for a new store selling leather clothing and `all masculine accessories'. But under the words was a photograph burning itself into his brain. A strong powerful man, fully geared up in black leather chaps, boots, harness, jacket and cap stood with arms crossed, staring defiantly out at him. The very sight made him hard, aching, in need. He quickly looked at the address. The store was back behind him. The guy with the sheaf of papers had been standing outside the front door.

Terry turned on his heel and walked straight in. Before today he would never have had the courage to enter a place like this, but here and now he acted without hesitation. Inside the dim shop, away from the sunlight, his eyes quickly accustomed themselves. As he stood and looked around, a handsome young guy in leather chaps over denim jeans and a leather vest over a T-shirt quickly sidled up to him. "Welcome, welcome. Today's our first day, and you're one of the first customers. What can I help you with?" The man almost gushed with enthusiasm, his eyes roaming all over Terry's body.

Pointing to the photo on the blurb, Terry said simply and straightforwardly, "I want to look like this!"

The salesman broke into a huge grin, the desire evident in his eyes. "You certainly will. You'll look even better!" he assured Terry, leading him into the shop, and towards racks of chaps.

Quickly but carefully measuring Terry's legs, thighs, waist and head, the eager young man collected items from various display areas, bundling them all up and ushering Terry into a large changing room at the rear of the shop. "Have you bought this kind of thing before?" he quizzed, and Terry shook his head quietly, looking excitedly to the pile of gear. "Then you'll probably need a hand with some of it first time around. I'll organise someone else to keep an eye on the counter and be back to help in a minute." With that he was gone, and Terry was left alone in the room, wondering at the items of gleaming leather, delighting in the scent of tanned hide that filled the booth.

He hardly had time to remove the wonderful boots when the young man was back, busily selecting items and laying them out ready for him. Terry stripped his shirt and jeans off and the assistant, John, did his best not to be obvious as he drank in the sight of Terry's well built frame becoming naked before his eyes. As Terry removed his underwear, he realised his cock was semi-erect. He felt a little self conscious, yet proud as well. He did not remember ever having been as long or thick as he was now and marvelled again at the changes to his body overnight. He reddened as he faced John, whose eyes lit up with admiration.

"Don't worry about that," John said, waving a hand at Terry's groin. "Happens all the time. Besides, with equipment like yours, you should be proud, showing it off, instead of keeping it hidden." Terry saw the look of envy, and heard the implied invitation in John's voice. His cock twitched and grew a little more, and he stood tall and proud as it did.

John tried to ignore the alluring prong, and held up a harness for Terry's inspection. An intertwined web of black leather and shining silver chain, with buckles, straps and rings. Terry looked lost until John showed him how the leather bands went over his shoulders and around his chest and ribs, buckling the harness in place and pulling it taut so that it held Terry's torso and pushed up under his defined chest, framing his abs and emphasising his narrow waist. Wide armbands which buckled above Terry's biceps were simple enough, as were the gauntlets to go on his lower arms and the Police-style cap for his head.

Then John held up to him a kind of jockstrap, made of soft supple leather, polished and shining. "We're not supposed to let people try these on in the store," he said, "but I know you're going to love it, so put it on." Terry slid his legs through the bands of the strap, pulling it up as best he could, and squeezing himself into the pouch while John looked away. It felt odd, but he said nothing as John turned back to him, holding a pair of chaps. As Terry buckled the waistband tight, John leaned down, smoothing the open leg flaps against Terry's calves and thighs. He showed his customer how the chaps came together at the ankle and a zipper slid up the inner leg to close them. As the chaps were fastened in place, John helped Terry smooth them around so they fit snugly over his legs. With a little effort the zip was finally closed all the way, and Terry trembled as the gleaming black leather of the chaps moulded itself to his skin, gripping him tightly and accentuating his powerful muscles.

He pulled the wonderful boots back on and they almost slid themselves over his feet. As he stood, again he felt a power emanating from the boots and climbing into his body. His cock throbbed and his skin tingled with the delight of the leather, its scent wafting up to intoxicate him. Yet still he didn't feel comfortable with the jockstrap. He pulled at it, trying to adjust, and John looked to that forbidden fruit longingly. "Are you okay?" he asked quietly.

Giving up his embarrassment, Terry replied, "No, this doesn't feel right."

"If I may ...?" John asked, his hand reaching toward Terry's crotch, but held back awaiting permission to go any further. Terry simply nodded and shrugged his shoulders resignedly.

John slid his fingers under the waistband of the leather pouch, making contact with Terry's now hard prick, and Terry jumped a little at the touch, but asked John to go on. The salesman quickly realised what the problem was. "This particular jock actually has two parts," he began to explain. The larger pouch section is supposed to hold your balls, but your cock needs to poke through the hole." As he spoke, John undid three snap fasteners, and removed a triangular section of leather. Throwing caution to the wind, he lifted the remaining pouch out so that Terry's cock slid through a gap in the leather, then let the cushion return to place, enveloping his customer's large testicles. "Now, this part," he held up the triangle of black, "snaps over the top to show you off, and to make it easy to remove when you want." With that he replaced the soft leather codpiece, having to stretch it to cover Terry's large and growing erection. "There, it's done," John declared, standing up and stepping back.

As he did, he looked longingly at the leather god he had just helped create. He whistled. "Fuck, that looks good!" Swinging Terry around, he brought him face to face with his own reflection in a mirror on the rear wall.

Terry was stunned by the image presenting itself to him in the mirror. A powerful leatherman, harnessed and capped, wearing beautiful black chaps, a triangle of black at his groin which showcased his hard cock and large nuts. And it was him! He let his hands slide down over his own torso, rubbed his palms across his thighs and gave his cock a squeeze through the leather pouch. His body trembled and his brain whirled at what he had become. "Fuck yeah," he drawled in a low guttural voice, smiling with satisfaction. He noticed the reflection of the salesman alongside him, staring in undisguised admiration, longing desire written all over his face. Only the day before Terry would have been embarrassed by that stare, and what he said next would have been unthinkable.

"You like the look of this?" he hissed evilly at John, who nodded enthusiastically, unable to speak. "Then why don't you lick it?" As he spoke, Terry thrust his shining black groin forward, his hands cupping the bulging pouch containing his manhood as he did. John needed no further invitation, eagerly diving forward, his lips closing over the dark protuberance as he nibbled at it and the leather, feeling the solidity of Terry's erection between his teeth. John's hands crept up the back of Terry's thighs, the texture of the leather rubbing against his palms as he followed the lines of the chaps around Terry's firm butt cheeks. His tongue licked at the shining black tube and the dark leathered spheres below it, massaging Terry's nuts and his throbbing shaft through the leather.

With the young man on his knees, face pressed to Terry's groin, Terry felt a sense of real power well up within him. The leather he wore reinforced the strength flowing into his body from the boots, and he let it fill him with confidence, his nerves tingling. He grabbed the back of John's head and pulled him harder into the throbbing blackness of Terry's pouch, grinding forward and rubbing his hide encased meat into the boy's face. The pale skin of his arms contrasted against the deep glistening black of the gauntlets and the shining straps of silver and black on his harness. As John's hands played over his butt and the backs of his legs, he knew he was in control, desired and wanted. He pushed John's face away for a moment, and unsnapped the fasteners holding the cod-piece in place, freeing his throbbing cock which seemed to have grown to impossibly gigantic proportions. His weapon sprang from the confines of the leather cod, rising rampant and pulsing with blood over John's upturned face, droplets of pre-cum splattering around and over the kneeling man.

John opened his mouth, his tongue trailing along his lips invitingly. Terry gripped his aching pole in one hand and aimed its head at the beckoning pink wetness of John's throat. Bobbing forward, John licked at the oozing slit of Terry's cockhead, and closed his lips around the purple glans, sucking and nibbling at the sensitive skin. Terry moaned with the delight of John's lips touching his prick, and the warm moisture which enveloped his cockhead as John's tongue trailed over his skin. He shuddered as John's teeth nipped at his flesh and scraped across the tautness of his raging hard-on. John slid his mouth further and further down along Terry's pole, covering the quivering rod with saliva and sucking it deeper into his throat. Terry hummed with growing arousal as his cock sank into the soft wetness of John's hot, gripping gullet. John fought against the urge to gag, determined to swallow the entire length of the massive prick, and Terry continued to push forward, his hand on the back of John's head, urging the salesman to take all of him. Finally, with a sense of triumph, John closed his lips around the root of Terry's manhood, his nose pressed into Terry's pubic hair and his chin hard against the soft, stretched pouch containing the leatherman's nuts.

For a long moment, there was stillness. John knelt there, his throat full and constricting around the throbbing flesh, as Terry relished the soft moist heat of John's mouth encasing him. Then Terry began to pull back a little before pushing in again. The sensations as his prong was swallowed and suckled by John were incredible and Terry felt himself aroused like never before. Slowly he pumped himself in and out of the man kneeling before him, building up speed as John slurped at his aching pole, hard as steel now. Terry thrust himself forward and inward, arched his back and withdrew, then thrust forward again, his invading spear sinking into the fleshy mouth, ramming against the man's tonsils and overcoming the resistance of his throat.

Clenching muscles gripped at him and sharp teeth scraped along his shaft, sending thrills through his aching dagger. He humped faster, harder at the moist hole of John's mouth. His speed increased as his need grew and he grabbed John's head, pulling it to his groin as he bucked himself forward and fucked the boy's face with an urgency and a power he had never known. Slurping wet sounds filled the tiny room, along with the muffled grunts and occasional choke as John tried and failed to avoid gagging. Terry heard the noises and they inspired him to go on, to pound his meat harder and deeper into John. His entire consciousness was concentrated into the throbbing pole of flesh that was his cock as he pistoned in and out of the other man's throat. He had no regard for who else might hear, no thought of his location, only a burning, all-encompassing need to answer to the passion pouring into him from his groin.

John gurgled and hissed as he sucked hard at the solid flesh of Terry's cock. He clenched his throat muscles around that pole when he could, and bathed it in saliva, sucking and licking, thrilled by the ravaging his mouth accepted at the actions of the leather man's humping. The vision of gleaming black hide and silver metal towering over him excited him intensely. He delighted in working the cock of the powerful frame before him, bringing this stud to the brink of explosion.

At any time in the past, Terry would have long ago reached orgasm, but his new found strength and confidence seemed to include an incredible staying power, and although his blood boiled and his nuts contracted, he held onto control of his body for a long while, jabbing himself into John's willing throat over and over again. But even the new Terry could not withstand the building intensity forever. He felt himself tingle, felt his prick swell impossibly and knew he was at the edge. Hissing a warning to John, he shuddered. The man kneeling before him sensed what was happening, and dived once more onto that monster weapon as Terry's balls exploded.

A gusher of his essence pumped from his nuts and into the long aching shaft of flesh. Searing hot cum spewed from his cockhead, shooting deep into John's throat as Terry shook with the power of climax. His long cock bucked as he kept thrusting forward while his jism poured from him. He felt John swallow, gulp and swallow again, trying to take the huge load of manjuice Terry emptied into him. The load he had blown last night had been incredible, but this seemed to go on for minutes, as spurt after spurt exited him, and John gulped for air between desperate swallows. The creamy goo of Terry's ejaculate filled John's mouth, and despite the attempts to swallow, it leaked from his lips and ran back along Terry's cock, or dribbled to the floor in slimy tendrils of cum.

Finally Terry was spent, his balls emptied and his body shaking. As the flow died, John sat back, and looked up at Terry. "Holy fuck! I've never seen any one cum like that!" he declared, smiling. Terry grinned back, his giant cock still hard as it swayed in the air before John's face. John dived again. Licking the remnants from Terry's pole before he struggled back to his feet.

"Thanks!" said Terry. John beamed at him.

"Anytime, stud, and I mean ANYTIME!"

Terry quickly regained his strength, but John was still shaking as Terry changed into his street clothes and John bagged his purchases for him and rang up the account. Even with the discounts, Terry had spent almost a thousand dollars in the store, but he felt every cent was worth it as he happily headed out with his beautiful new leather gear. He felt elated, empowered, and his encounter in the leather shop had left him invigorated and wanting more. It had not sapped his strength at all.

Back at home he quickly stripped his clothes off and dressed in his leathers again. Preening himself in front of the mirror, he marvelled at how amazing the chaps and harness, gauntlets and arm bands, cap and jockstrap felt against his skin. He admired his reflection and felt arousal re-awakening. When he pulled the boots back on, slipping easily into them, that tingling sensation returned for a few seconds, but this time it was welcome, empowering. He knew he could do anything dressed as he was. He spent the rest of the afternoon and early evening still garbed in his leather, simply relishing the sensations it imparted.

With the falling of darkness Terry felt his strength returning, increasing. And along with it his need. Around 11.00 pm he headed out, still fully leathered in harness, chaps and gear. He didn't care that he was bare arsed, knowing his butt cheeks were firm and round, and that he was the object of desire for many men. The clothing and the boots imbued him with an overbearing confidence as he strutted through the night to the same bar he had left so disconsolately less than 24 hours ago. Heads turned as he passed, eyes lingered, but he smiled inwardly, feeling indestructible.

He pushed open the door of the bar and strode in purposefully, finding a table and ordering a beer before he bothered to turn and look around at the other patrons. Admiring eyes were turned in his direction, open stares and envious faces greeted him. Terry happily returned the looks and ogled his fellow leather men, drinking in the sight of tight chaps and gleaming black leather over bulging groins. He felt good, knew he looked hot, and enjoyed the voyeurism of the place as he proudly displayed himself for all who looked.

About an hour after Terry arrived, he looked up to see the man he had fantasized over last night, the one who had steadfastly ignored him previously, enter the bar. This stud was outfitted exactly the same as Terry remembered, garbed in glistening black leather chaps tightly encasing his muscular legs, high sided boots and a studded leather and metal chain harness around his chiselled torso. At his neck, a studded dog collar was fixed and buckled. His chaps framed a perfect pair of firm round cheeks, and his cock and balls were clearly discernable within their cushion of shining dark hide. The very sight of him caused Terry's already semi-hard prick to lengthen and throb, and Terry ogled the leathered vision as he made his way around the room. As he sidled up to the bar, Terry's dream man looked up and his eyes caught sight of Terry at the other end of the counter. He looked long and hard at Terry, his eyes travelling up and down the leathered frame and his groin visibly bulging outward.

Amazed at the difference from the previous night, Terry smiled inwardly as his own cock grew in its leather envelope, and he nodded casually to the man he wanted, who cocked his head in acknowledgement and collected a drink from the barman. Terry and his fantasy man stood and let their eyes roam over the rest of the crowd, but constantly their gaze was drawn back to each other, often meeting the other's glances without embarrassment, but with a mutually accepted admiration. After 15 or 20 minutes, Terry decided he had waited long enough. His new-found confidence asserted itself, and that now familiar tingling crept up from his boots and throughout his body. He picked up his beer and casually sauntered along the bar toward the man whose eyes were now fixed on him.

"G'day!" said Terry as he came to within a step from the other man.

"Hello, sir!" his dream responded quietly but quickly, nodding as he did.

Terry's heart pumped in his chest. The submissive answer had aroused him instantly. "What's your name, boy?" he asked. This was no boy in terms of age or size, only a few years younger than Terry, and physically a well-built, powerful man. But the role playing was exactly right, and Terry was the dominant one in this situation.

"Nick, sir," he answered. "Are you alone, ...?"

"Terry is my name, and I came here alone, but I think its time we left together!" The conviction and forthrightness of Terry's words surprised even himself, but he felt this was appropriate, and it was.

"Yes, Sir," Nick replied without hesitation. Terry turned and walked casually toward the door, Nick following closely behind. Terry's heart beat faster, but he kept his cool, determined to stay in control and to remain the dominating force between them.

Outside, Nick came up beside him, and they walked together. Terry's hand fell to the mound of firm flesh that was Nick's arse cheek, squeezing it firmly before he lifted his arm to drape it over the boy's shoulders. Nick slid his arm around Terry's waist, and they continued on like that, happily ignoring other pedestrians, confident and strong in each other's company.

As soon as they were inside the flat, Terry turned to Nick, his hands on the younger man's shoulders, facing him directly in the dim light of the room. His eyes drank in the beauty of the leathered body before him and his cock throbbed and strained with anticipation. Nick stood and let his eyes feast on Terry's muscular frame, encased in shining black hide, and waited for Terry to take the lead. Allowing the wonderful feeling of control to flow through him, Terry stood for a long moment, then slid his fingers down, following the lines of Nick's harness until he reached his nipples. Pinching them firmly, Terry elicited a gasp of delight from the boy, and as Nick groaned, Terry stepped forward suddenly and closed his mouth over Nick's lips. Forcing his tongue into Nick's mouth, Terry tasted the younger man and savoured the sweet warmth of their kiss, which developed into a passionate embrace. As they explored each other's mouths, their hands explored bodies, rubbing and gripping, massaging skin and leather. They ground together, hard leather encased cocks pressing against black hide bound groins as the two men locked together.

The tingling sensation crept into Terry's body yet again. From his booted feet it made its way up his legs, spreading through his torso and into his arms, and concentrating most in his throbbing rod. Now he welcomed it, enjoyed it, as he felt the sense of power and strength surge through him. His desire grew with the tingling, and his need with it. Breaking the kiss, Terry held Nick at arm's length and again let his eyes feast on the muscled leather clad body. In the shadowy room, the black hide shone with reflected light and Nick glistened, his white skin contrasting with the leather. Terry moved forward, easing Nick back and lowering him onto the bed without a word being spoken. Silently, Terry ran his fingers across the man's torso, trailing over the skin and leather straps until he found the throbbing tube of black at Nick's groin, and squeezed at the leathered rod and the dark cushion around the boy's nuts.

Nick moaned softly with pleasure at Terry's touch on his encased prick, spreading his legs wide to allow the older man easy access to the triangle of black leather covering his genitals. He shuddered with delight, feeling a tingling sensation in his cock and his testicles as Terry's hands massaged them. The sensation was unbelievably arousing and he marvelled at the delight he experienced. He felt as though he could cum just lying there with Terry's fingers playing over his body.

As the boy before him shook and groaned, Terry felt his own need becoming urgent. He lifted Nick's legs up on either side of his body, feeling the textured leather of the boy's chaps against his palms. He felt no resistance from Nick, in fact the young man lifted his knees to assist, and Terry pressed forward, with Nick's calves on his shoulders, and nudged his aching, rock hard weapon, still within its leather pouch, against the other man's balls. He ached with desire, rubbing that bulge down along the crack of the boy's arse and grinding it against his puckering hole. Leaning back a little, Terry was rewarded with the sight of Nick's twitching anus, an inviting pink target between mounds of firm white flesh, and framed by the gleaming black leather of the chaps. He unsnapped the codpiece of his leather jock and his cock sprang out, proud, free and huge.

Nick looked into Terry's eyes, then down at the steel shaft of his prong, and whimpered quietly: "Please, Sir, fuck me. Fuck me hard and long, fill my arse, please!" Terry needed no encouragement, no urging. His rising lust drew him on, as he enveloped himself in a condom and then smeared lube along the throbbing length of his meat and over the purple head of his cock. Resisting the temptation to attack the boy below him, Terry carefully guided his cockhead to rest against the outer rim of Nick's sphincter, and slowly began to press forward. He felt the resistance, and then the relaxation as Nick willed himself to open around the solidity of Terry's manhood. Gradually, Terry inched inward, forcing the boy's ring open and penetrating the waiting hole. With a gasp from Nick, Terry pierced that puckering muscle and felt Nick's anus close tightly around his shaft, the head of his dick now within the other man's arse. He stopped, enjoying the flow of sensation, and allowing the boy to become accustomed to the invasion of his body.

As he waited there, Terry looked down at the vision he was about to impale. Nick's muscular body was encased in leather straps from the harness, binding his torso and framing his chest. His powerful legs were encased in gleaming black leather chaps, the black and silver of the collar around his neck a sign of his submission. Terry relished the view, ached with desire and hungry lust as he leaned into the boy-man and felt that sphincter grip tightly at his throbbing, rock hard cock. Nick was beautiful, better than his remembered fantasy, lying beneath him, gasping and ready, those eyes begging for Terry's sword to plunge itself into the warm depths of Nick's gut.

And then he felt Nick's ring of muscle accept him, and surrender, giving up its resistance. With that encouragement, Terry pushed in, a long steady stroke which forced his large cock deep into the boy's innards. He did not stop until all of him was buried to the hilt in Nick, his leather wrapped balls crashing against Nick's upturned cheeks. Nick groaned with the invasion, clenched and released and clenched again as the powerful tool filled him, massaged his prostate and nudged the very depths of his stomach. Terry did not rest as he reached the full extent of his length. Immediately, he pulled back a few centimetres, and then sank himself back in again.

Quickly, the dominant man began to fuck his boy, slowly at first, enjoying the warm squelching envelope of Nick's body wrapped around his probing cock. The tingling sensation he had known before returned, more concentrated than ever, and now it emanated from his balls, flowed along the shaft of his cock and rode with him into Nick's cavern. That same feeling sent shivers through his body, adding to his pleasure and his need as he increased the tempo with which he thrust his weapon into the younger man.

Nick gasped with delight as Terry plunged into him. The thick, filling meatiness of Terry's prong rippled through his bowels and plugged him with passionate delight. As Terry began to fuck him in earnest, he felt a tingling sensation creeping through his arse and into his body, making him want Terry more, inflaming his desire and igniting his passion as he had never known. He clenched and bucked with the dominant man above him, gripped at the invading pole and ached for more.

Terry could no longer resist the urgings of his body, and surrendered to the base instinct filling him. He humped at the boy, fucking him harder and faster, driving his powerful cock deeper and deeper into the yielding body. He groaned with delight as the soft warm chute of Nick's bowel slurped and suctioned around his tool. He ploughed his meat into that willing moist furrow and thudded hard against the muscular body beneath him which each downward thrust. A fast growing sense of passion enveloped him, yet he did not feel the approach of orgasm. He was tingling with pleasure, enjoying the total ownership of the boy's body that he now had, thrills of delight passing through his frame.

Feeling a sense of real strength, of indomitable power, Terry suddenly slowed in his fucking. With his steel hard cock still buried deep inside Nick, he slid his arms under the younger man's back and pulled hard, driving his prong deeper into the boy and as he did, he rolled to one side and then into a sitting position. In one fluid movement he now sat on the edge of the bed, supporting Nick's weight on his thighs, his arms holding the boy upright, his dagger of flesh impaling the young body as it thrust upwards and into the hot wet cavern. Now it was Nick's own weight which drove him down onto the spearing masculinity of Terry's massive cock. Nick's eyes flew wide open in surprise and delight as this manoeuvre caused him to have Terry humping upwards into his bowel, Nick's own cock now sandwiched between their bodies, rubbed and aroused by the friction of their movements and the confining pouch of leather he wore.

In this new position, Terry was also able to lean into the young man's face, and as he fucked at him, he kissed him, their mouths meeting and lips locking together as tongues explored teeth and gums, the taste of each other shared and swapped in rising, passionate fervour.

The sensations assaulting Nick were so incredible he could not hold off for long. As Terry's cock ploughed into him and Terry's mouth covered his own, he felt the squeezing of his own prick within its leather envelope. The sounds of his snorted breathing and Terry's low moans combined with the squelching wet noises as his arse was fucked by the wonderful pillar of Terry's manhood, and the squealing of leather against leather. His nostrils relayed the aroma of pure man sex, the sweat and musk and leather. His body surrendered to the ultimate stimulation and his mind followed, abandoning itself to the complete capitulation which signalled blissful coupling. A wave of passion crashed over him, and his balls emptied themselves, his cock twitching as he shot load upon load of creamy jizz into the black pouch, swamping himself in his own essence.

Terry sensed that Nick had reached his peak, felt the trembling body and the clenching muscles of Nick's sphincter around him as the younger man reached orgasm. He refused to relinquish his hold, continued his pumping in and out of the body now racked with spasms of pleasure, held the head and drove his tongue into the willing mouth of the man with whom he was joined so intimately. As Nick's climax passed, and he slowly subsided, Terry humped faster and faster at him, owning this beautiful man and clasping him closer and closer as he thrust and fucked his sword into the compliant body. The tingling sensation returned to Terry's limbs, concentrated in his cock. He ached with the delight it brought, feeling the approach of his own orgasm as he continued to pound himself into his partner.

With a muffled yell of release, Terry crashed over edge of his abyss. His rolling, heaving nuts poured their contents into his throbbing cock, and he stiffened suddenly as his entire body was wracked by spasms. His river of manjuice flowed from him and into Nick, as he held even more tightly to the man whose body was wrapped around him. A torrent of cum filled Nick's warm innards, expanding the thin latex of the sheath around Terry's shaft. He wondered at the strength of the prophylactic, prayed it would hold and not burst asunder like a balloon. The river of manjuice was too much to be contained in the condom, still pounding into the boy's body. The overflow escaped from him, running down Terry's shaft and onto his legs as he pumped more and more of himself into the young man.

Terry's ejaculation flowed in waves as he came and came and came. Nick was incredulous as his partner bucked below him and continued to shoot. He had never known anyone to flood his body like this.

After a time which seemed an eternity to both of them, Terry finally shook with a trembling that reached to his very core, and collapsed backwards onto the bed, Nick falling with him, still clenching him within. As they slowly disentangled themselves, the two men gasped for breath and grinned like children at each other. They were completely sated, exhausted but elated by the most incredible fucking they had experienced. Reluctantly, they stripped off the glorious leather gear they were wearing and returned to each other's arms, naked and happy. They fell asleep like that almost instantly.


The following morning they were still in each other's arms. As he shook off the haze of sleep, Terry looked at Nick with wonder. The young man beside him was stunningly beautiful. He ran his fingers through Nick's hair, and that prompted his bedmate to stir. Nick's eyes opened and looked up to Terry, recognition dawning, and he smiled. "Hi there, stud," he said happily. Rolling over, Nick pulled Terry against him, and their lips met in a kiss which started tenderly but quickly developed into a passionate re-affirmation of the attraction they had for each other the previous evening. Without a word being spoken, Terry swung around and above his new man, reaching for the package of condoms in his bedside table, and soon they were locked together again, Nick huffing and grunting as Terry ploughed his engorged, throbbing cock into the younger man, coupling with him in urgent needing desire. Their love making this time was less energetic, but just as intense and both men reeled as they reached simultaneous orgasms before collapsing together in the morning light.

When they finally recovered sufficiently to drag themselves from the bed, Nick begged off to take a shower, and Terry busied himself in the kitchen, making them both coffee and toast. The food was ready, beginning to cool, even, and still Nick stood under the streaming water. Going to investigate, Terry looked at the muscled young body covered in rivulets of cascading water and marvelled at the change in his fortunes in such a short time. He stepped into the shower stall himself, throwing his arms around a surprised but smiling Nick and nuzzling his chin into Nick's shoulders.

"Hey stud, mmmm, that feels good," Nick responded, pressing back so that his body moulded into Terry's.

"Thank you," Terry said, quietly but sincerely.

"For what?"

"For last night, for coming home with me and giving me yourself."

"Anytime, man," Nick replied, just as serious. "If it's okay with you, I could get used to nights like last night a lot ..." he trailed off, a questioning look on his face. Terry grinned, a grin which almost split his face.

"Sounds perfect to me," he said enthusiastically, "if you really mean it."

"Why wouldn't I mean it?" Nick quizzed.

"Well ..." Terry hesitated, then went on. "Until last night, you completely ignored me."

"What are you talking about? I would never have ignored a hot man like you!" Nick looked confused.

"But you did. I was in that bar Friday night, and stared at you, even bumped into you, but you looked right through me ..."

Nick interrupted him. "Don't talk crazy! There's no way I wouldn't have noticed you stud."

Terry pressed on. "But you did. I was in `civvies', not leather, and I tried to catch your eye for hours. Then when I left, I found a pair of boots, and when I got home I pulled them on, and they changed me."

Together, they stepped from the shower and dried each other off, remaining naked and glowing with the freshness of a new morning. Nick looked at his new lover with confusion, asking him to explain how a simple pair of boots could `change' him. Terry went on to explain the tingling sensation, the feeling of being bigger, stronger, more confident. He told Nick the whole story, insisting that the boots had somehow changed him, worked some kind of magic on him to grant him his secret wish. When he was done, Nick looked thoughtful.

`C'mon, I'll show you," Terry exclaimed, heading back into the bedroom. He looked around confused, then panicking, throwing clothing and other items around the room, searching desperately.

"What's the matter?" came Nick's voice from the doorway.

"They're gone!" Terry wailed, almost beside himself. "The boots. I can't find them. I took them off when we got undressed last night, dropped them right here in the middle of the floor, but now they've disappeared." He collapsed onto the bed, a look of desolation on his face. "Now what am I gonna do?" he agonised, "without those boots I've lost everything, after just one night of complete happiness. It was the boots that made me able to be with you, to have the fantastic sex we had together."

"Are you sure the boots did all of that?" asked the young man. "Maybe they just gave you the idea that you could be better, and you did the rest yourself. You look just as good to me right now as you did last night."

"But the boots gave me you. They brought me the confidence and the ability to find you and make you want me. I thought I had found my perfect man, and now they're gone."

Nick sat beside his man. "Hey, am I invisible? Have I disappeared? The boots may have gone, but I'm still here, and unless you're gonna throw me out, I don't intend going anywhere for a while."

Terry looked up through his misery, the truth of what Nick had said dawning on him. "I, um, are you sure?" he stuttered.

"It wasn't the boots that made love to me like I've never known before, it was you."

"But what if the boots gave me the ability to do that. What if I can't repeat the performance?"

Nick grinned, a mischievous look in his eyes. "Only one way to find out, stud!" he smirked. "Why don't you get that fabulously hot leather gear on again, and we'll see what happens?"

Terry gave a wan, unconvinced smile, but nodded his head. Together the two men dressed themselves, helping each other into the binding straps of leather, smoothing the tight gleaming black hide of their chaps over muscled legs, drawing the supple dark pouches over their quickly hardening manhoods. As they dressed, Terry's confidence began to return, and Nick's arousal grew quickly as he again stood before the strong leathered god he had met and made love with last night.

Once they were fully attired, they stood for a moment, face to face, each drinking in the vision of the other. Suddenly the lost boots were forgotten, excited desire pushing them together. They kissed, long and passionately, hands exploring bodies, caressing skin, massaging leather. They ground against each other. This time it was Nick who pushed Terry back onto the bed, unsnapping the codpiece and freeing the older man's now rampant cock. Kneeling astride Terry, he rolled another condom down over that towering throbbing pole of flesh, and then lowered himself gradually over his lover, groaning with delight as Terry's prong found its way inside his needing, moist hole. For the next hour, they humped and gasped, sweated and moaned with joy as they joined together in lusty masculine fucking, both of them tingling and aroused by the dark leather and taut flesh of their coupling, Terry driving himself deep and hard into Nick, who clenched and hissed, begging for more. When Terry felt himself explode, he tried to call out a warning to Nick, but the young man ignored him, bouncing up and down on that impaling spear as Terry pumped litres of searing hot cum into Nick's bowels.

As the flow of his juice slowed, Terry continued to thrust upwards into the hot squelching cavern of Nick's arse, his erection staying rock solid as he watched the leathered, muscular body atop him writhe and shudder around his cock. Nick's orgasm crashed over him shortly after, his entire body rocked by spasms as he poured load upon load of his jism onto Terry's gut, wracked with pleasure and finally collapsing against his man. Their copulation had been every bit as intense and enjoyable as the previous evening.

Rolling to one side, and lying on Terry's arm, Nick trailed his fingers in the residue of his own ejaculate on Terry's stomach. "So much for a pair of fucking boots!" he declared. They broke up in gales of laughter.

"I still don't have any boots at all now," Terry mused half an hour later as they lay, still together in post coital bliss. Nick sat upright lazily on the bed, looking into Terry's eyes, then something on the floor caught his eye.

"Then what are they?" he asked, pointing.

Terry turned to follow Nick's outstretched arm. There, on the floor next to the bed, was a pair of polished leather boots. Not the ones Terry had found on Friday night, but similar. Grabbing them up, Terry examined them closely. They smelled of new leather, and creaked to the touch. Trying them on, he found that they were a perfect fit, although they did not seem to slide themselves on the way `his' boots had. Terry marvelled at the feeling, and the look of the beautiful footwear. There was no tingling sensation, but still he felt the confidence, the inner strength and the power he had known before.

"Looking good, stud!" Nick whistled softly at Terry, who smiled back at him. The younger man went on. "So, do I get to stay?"

Terry laughed. "Try to get away, handsome!"


They made love again that afternoon, rocking to a simultaneous climax, joined completely, and stayed in their wonderful leather garb all day. Finally, around 9.00 pm, Nick snuggled into Terry's chest, breathing in the heady scent of masculinity, the musk of sweat and the aroma of leather. "Hey, stud?" he asked, "wanna go out for a drink, let me show off my new man?"

Terry nodded happily, and they headed off to the same bar where they had met, arm in arm, a perfect leather couple.


As they stood together, drinking, staring and being stared at, they failed completely to notice a quiet man in one corner who couldn't take his eyes from them. In loose jeans and a baggy t-shirt, he tried to catch the eye of several men, downing drink after drink as he was steadfastly ignored. The ache of need was plain on his face if anyone had taken the time to look, which no-one did.

After several hours alone, the quiet man stood up unsteadily with a look of resignation on his face, and left the bar. Nobody noticed. As he stumbled along the cold dark street, he kicked at a dark shape in the shadows. "What the fuck?" he said to the empty road, bending down to find a pair of bright new leather boots. Cautiously, he picked them up, looked around, but there was no-one in sight. He tucked them under his arm and continued on his way home.

The End

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This story is a fantasy, it is not real and only happened in my imagination. YOU MUST REMEMBER that in the real world, you can DIE from having unsafe sex. It is your right and your duty to make sure that condoms are always used, whether you are giving or receiving. It doesn't matter how good looking or how ugly he is, and it doesn't matter whether you are top or bottom, USE A CONDOM!