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Despite the conflicting emotions and the still unanswered questions running through his head, Ian succumbed to the lack of sleep and the stress of the previous twenty-four hours, dozing fitfully on top of his bed, not bothering to undress or pull back the covers. It may have been a mere two hours that he rested, tossing and turning his way through a myriad of dreams and nightmares, all of them unremembered when he awoke, but at least the short rest allowed his body to recharge enough for him to function again.

He swung himself off the bed around 10 a.m. and padded barefoot into the living room, suddenly lost. He felt he should be doing something, but what that was he did not know. The adrenaline was still coursing through his body, his mind still racing as he looked around his home. For want of anything better to do, he cleaned up what little mess there was, washing the glasses and mugs the three of them had used, before turning his attention to the bookshelves lining the hallway. But there was nothing to do here - everything was as it should be - the paperbacks on the higher shelves, hardcovers below, all properly arranged in alphabetical order, all just right!

Ian stood and stared at the neat rows of books for a minute or two, then noticed the cabinet containing his videos and DVDs. Without looking he knew that they too were all perfectly ordered. He glanced around the room, confirming as if for the first time ever, that everything in it was precisely arranged and in its proper place.

"God, how anal am I?" he asked out loud to the quiet house. The very expression set him grinning. Anal? Yeah, that's me all right! Always have been a sucker for a nice looking man with a smooth, taut bum. And you can't get much more anal than the kind of sex that turns me on, can you? he thought to himself. He allowed himself a short chuckle before reality crashed down over him again. Now Nick and Tina know it as well. What do they really think?

Without realising it, he sat down heavily on a sofa, his mind spinning, his heart pounding. His head was awash with conflicting emotions. His stomach turned when he realised that his deepest secret had been exposed, but he smiled with joy at the reaction from his best friends when Nick and Tina had told him they knew, and that they still cared for him. His brow creased with worry when he pondered whether they had been putting on a brave front, until Nick's parting words came back to him - I love you! - and he grinned like a baby. But the vision of Geoff Carruthers staring blankly at him as he raced out of the restaurant last night renewed the doubt and fear, bringing tears to his eyes, and he sobbed quietly with a sense of loss that he could not explain to himself.

Suddenly, he had to get out of the house! He needed to walk, to take his mind off the things which haunted him, the sudden 'outing' of himself, the concerns about his future. Ian quickly changed into a close fitting t-shirt, shorts and comfortable joggers and let himself out of the house, striding up his leafy street towards the main strip of cafes that was Erskineville. On any other Saturday morning he would have relished the idea of finding a table on the footpath and watching the people pass by, but not today. Everywhere he looked, the smiling faces of the brunch set seemed to be laughing at him, mocking his uncertainty. His beloved Erko village held no allure today. He headed up the hill toward Newtown, passing the grubby fa�ade of the Imperial Hotel - the bar where many of the scenes for "Priscilla, Queen of the Desert" had been filmed. Usually he smiled at the thought, he'd loved the movie, had it in his collection at home, but now it simply served to revive the topic that was uppermost in his mind - 'gay'. Passing the pub quickly, he continued on to King Street.

Once again, the bustle of cosmopolitan Newtown failed to entice him. He didn't want throngs of people around, and he turned back, past the railway station before crossing the street and making his way along Enmore Road. This was a little better, a little less threatening, and he slowed to take some deep breaths and find a new focus. He tried to take some interest in the eclectic collection of store fronts he passed, glancing at but not really seeing the windows full of hippie beads and second-hand clothes, new age crystals and exhortations to join the Cat Protection Society. In front of the Enmore Theatre a couple of younger men were busy changing the bill posters, announcing that one show had finished, and that a new production would be opening soon. Ian didn't actually read what the new show was, but his eye was caught by a look from the guy who had just finished placing the poster in its glass display case.

He was in his mid to late 20's, with dark brown hair and a nice tan, tall and solid, and Ian felt an instant attraction, and a familiar twinge in his loins. As was his usual practice, Ian reddened, and went to look away, to hide his reaction. But the other man had seen his stare, and smiled widely, his eyes playing up and down Ian's body before returning to his face.

"G'day," he said with a smile. Ian looked around quickly, but there was no-one else to whom the greeting might have been addressed.

"Ummm, hi," he stammered back.

"Nice day for it," said the other.

"Sorry?" Ian said uncertainly.

"Nice day for it - a walk in the sun!"

"Oh, um, yeah, I guess so!"

For an agonisingly long moment, Ian stood there, staring again at the handsome young man, lost as to what to say, or even whether to say anything at all. Finally the dark haired guy broke the silence.

"Ahh, listen," he said, a conspiratorial note to his voice, "I'm just finishing here now. I don't suppose you'd like to have a coffee?" He nodded his head toward the caf� a few steps down from where they stood.

Ian turned to look at where the man had indicated, and as he did two guys both looked up from their drinks, directly at he and the man who was speaking to him, grinned and looked at each other. Panic rose up in Ian's throat. Could the entire world see that he was attracted to other men? Did the whole planet know he was gay?

"No!" he declared loudly, then saw the crestfallen and slightly shocked look on the face opposite him. He tried to regain some composure. "I mean, I can't I'm sorry ... ummm, I'd like to, but ... I have, umm, something else to do ..."

With that he hurried away, feeling even more confused and embarrassed. What he didn't see was the look of disappointment on the other man's face, as he shrugged his shoulders and collected his tools.

Reaching the top of the hill, Ian turned right into Stanmore Road, and soon the shops and offices gave way to the once grand but now decaying fronts of houses that a century ago had been stately homes with carefully tended gardens. In the late 50's and 60's the area had begun to decline, and most of the old mansions had been turned into boarding houses, or carved up into flats. Many had been demolished completely, but with the changing times affluence had returned and more than a few were now being renovated and restored to their former glory. He wandered slowly along the broad avenue, so different from the busy street he had just left, and slowly his emotions were brought under control again. The expanse of playing fields that were part of Newington College stretched off to his left, the exclusive private school grounds an oasis of tranquility in the inner city around them.

Up ahead, Ian could smell the wafting scent of barbecue, and could see the shops and restaurants of Petersham's 'little Portugal'. More people, more stares, more crowding. He ducked into a side street which led down through quiet homes toward the railway line, and followed the subway under Stanmore Station, emerging in the less hectic strip of grocery stores and take-away food places. He skirted the people again and found himself once more in the tree-lined residential area between the main railway line and the nightmare that was Parramatta Road. And then he smiled to himself. Subconsciously, he had brought himself almost to Nick and Tina's front door. He needed to talk.

"If you've got a bible, I'm gonna hit you over the head with it!" Tina's voice declared loudly as the door was pulled open after the third ring. She was dressed only in a tatty shirt and panties. "Oh, hi Ian," she grinned guiltily, her demeanour changing instantly.

"No bibles, just a useless queer who'd like a coffee and a chat," Ian answered.

A look of thunder returned to her face. "Keep saying things like that and I'll go find a bible to hit you with!" she remonstrated. "You better come inside while I'm looking - don't want the neighbours stealing you away!"


She threw him a grin. "Across the street - three young guys moved in last week, all VERY cute, and I'm sure they're gay. If they get a look at you in that tight t-shirt and those shorts, they'll be over here in an instant," she laughed. To Ian's sudden flush, she added, "And I wouldn't blame them. Come on in. Nick's in the shower, so make yourself a coffee, and one for us as well. I'll just go and try to make myself presentable, okay?"


At almost that exact moment, Geoff Carruthers was closing his door behind last night's 'trade' - a nice enough guy he'd picked up at Arq nightclub several hours after the encounter with Ian and Nick in Newtown. The sex had been good - hell, the sex had been great; fast and furious, raunchy and rough, just the way Geoff liked it - but then his new 'friend' had stayed the night, and that morning he had yammered on about his friends and how much Geoff would like them, except that although Geoff knew all of the friends would be male, each had a female name, and all were referred to as "she" and "her". The expressions were common enough, but it was also enough for Geoff to know he wouldn't be calling the number the other man had scribbled on a pad just before he left.

He wondered what his bed-partner of the previous evening would have thought if he'd known that while they screwed, Geoff continually imagined that it was his lawyer, one Ian Sterling, who writhed and grunted beneath him. Again, Geoff recalled the words of Ian's friend as he disappeared into the night, spat at Geoff with unhidden contempt. "Ian is my best friend, not my boyfriend! Shit, he's not even `out' yet, and you've just embarrassed the hell out of him."

"Not even 'out' yet..." But implicit in that statement was the fact that Ian Sterling was, in fact, gay, and that his friend knew it, whether they were boyfriends or not. Geoff smiled to himself. He hadn't been wrong about Ian after all, and now he knew that Ian wasn't 'attached', and wasn't part of the 'scene'. Suddenly, Ian was so much more attractive to Geoff than ever. He just needed to modify his approach.

'This requires a softly-softly approach,' Geoff told himself, 'but I'm going to have Ian Sterling, or drive myself mad trying!' With that, he sat himself down to a strong coffee and began to plan how he could woo the quiet solicitor into his bed.


"I just don't know how I feel, or what to think," Ian said, the anguish still clear in his voice. After fending off his apologies for disturbing them, Nick and Tina had settled down with Ian on the deck overlooking their garden, and plied him with questions about how he felt this morning, mentally and physically. He didn't know it, but they had already spent a large chunk of the morning lying next to each other and discussing him, how they could help, what he needed from them as friends.

"In one way, I feel relieved," he continued. "Now that 'it' is out in the open, I feel as though a huge weight has been lifted off me. I feel like I want to tell you everything, how I feel about different guys, what I want from a man, what it is that gets me excited ..."

"Ahhm, let's not get too explicit," mumbled Nick.

"Get as explicit as you want!" Tina jumped in. "We're here to listen to anything you want to say, and to offer not just support but advice as well."

"Don't worry, Nick," Ian reassured his friend. "I'm not gonna get into the real nitty-gritty, and I'm sure as hell not going to spell out every last detail of my sex life for you! But I do feel like I want to be able to tell you that I think someone is cute, or that he has a nice bum, or whatever ... is that okay?"

"Of course it is," stated Tina firmly. "And I may well agree with you - who knows, maybe we can compare notes?"

Ian chuckled with them before he went on. "But I feel terrified too. Scared as hell about what people will think when they find out, worried about work, about my family, about my other friends. I still feel as though I won't be able to look them in the face if they know I sleep with other men!"

"Hey, mate," Nick said seriously, looking Ian directly in the eyes. "As far as work is concerned, all that matters is how well you do your job. If your friends can't handle it, then they don't deserve your friendship. And as for family, well you can't choose relatives, but I'm sure you'll be surprised at just how much parents can accept. I know your folks well enough to be sure that what is most important to them is that they love you and they want you to be happy. I'm not saying you should take out full page ads in the Herald announcing you are gay, but I do think you owe it to yourself and to the people closest to you to be honest and to let them know you for who you really are, not for who you think they want you to be."

As he finished, Ian felt more of his doubts lessening, and Tina threw her arms around her husband's neck. "Just when I think I know you, and that you're a bumbling oaf," she said softly, "you go and surprise me with something very wise, and very wonderful!"

Nick blushed with happy embarrassment at her compliment, and turned to Ian again. "Now, how do we go about finding you a boyfriend? What about this Geoff guy, is he a possibility? ... Ow!" The last uttered as Tina's fist landed on his shoulder.

"You have no idea, do you?" she said with mock disgust.

"It's okay, Tina," Ian managed to say through his laughter. "I can talk about it now."

He took a few minutes to settle himself again, and tried to answer Nick's question. "I'm really not sure. I won't deny that I find him really attractive physically. But he's a client, which brings with it all the problems about people at work finding out. I don't see any difficulties from an ethical point of view, but he does seem to be very 'open', and I'm not sure I'm ready to deal with that, not yet anyway."

"I think I got off on the wrong foot with him," Nick said. "I was furious with myself last night, and angry with him too, for what he said. But he's obviously interested. Surely, if he knows your circumstances, he would be discreet about anything that happened between the two of you?"

"I don't know," lamented Ian. "And what if things don't work out? What if he gets upset? He would be in the perfect position to make things really difficult for me at work."

"That's a bridge you'll have to cross when you come to it - if you ever do!" said Tina.

"Hell," replied Ian, "I don't even know if I have the guts to speak to him again, I seem to get tongue-tied trying to have a conversation with anyone who might possibly be interested at the moment!" He related to them the incident in Enmore on his way over.

Nick laughed quietly, but Tina sympathised. "It's completely understandable that you felt scared and uncertain, after everything that's happened in the last 24 hours," she said. "I think it would be wonderful if you were able to begin to see men on 'dates' instead of just for anonymous sex, but you also have to give yourself some time. There's no rush, and whether you end up with this client, or the guy at the theatre, or someone else, you need to take things slowly. Don't rush into something just for the sake of it!"

As he listened to her advice, Ian nodded in agreement. "I think you're right," he said. "Everything seems to have happened all at once. I think I'd better get myself used to the fact that you guys know and accept me as gay, before I start looking for 'Mr Right'," he said with a smile.

Later, as he made his way home again, and for much of the following day, Ian felt more at ease with himself than for many years. He still worried about the rest of the world discovering his true nature, and agonised over whom he should tell and when, but the cartwheels had stopped in his brain and his stomach, at least for now.


Back at work the following week, Ian tried his best to concentrate on the issues at hand and to put the events of the weekend behind him. Yet he continued to suffer occasional bouts of 'heart-in-mouth' over the revelations of Friday night, understandably because one of his main assignments at the moment was the purchase of the restaurant business by Geoff Carruthers. Every time he needed to do any work on Geoff's matter, his pulse quickened as he recalled the brush with that particular client, and the subsequent conversations with Nick and Tina. Shortly after lunch on Wednesday afternoon, Ian's phone buzzed - it was Karen at reception.

"Mr Sterling, I have one of your clients, Mr Carruthers, here," she said matter-of-factly.

"What? Here in the office?" Ian hissed, desperately trying to get his emotions under control.

"Yes, Sir. He doesn't have an appointment, but he was wondering if you have a few minutes to see him now?"

"Uhh, I, er ..." Ian fumbled. "Is the conference room available?" he asked, desperately hoping the answer would be in the negative.

"Yes, it is. No one has it booked until 4.30 this afternoon." He could hear Karen flipping the pages in her diary.

"Okay," he said, a little more resignedly than he meant, and hoped she didn't pick up on his tone. "I'll be right out."

As he walked from his office to the front desk, Ian clutched at the folder with all of Geoff's documentation in it, his heart racing and his breathing laboured. A combination of excitement and fear weighed him down as he nervously rounded the corner and Geoff came into view.

"Mr Carruthers?" he said politely, formally.

Geoff sighed. "Please, it's 'Geoff'," he said as he shook Ian's hand. "I'm sorry to drop in unannounced, but I'd appreciate a chance to talk a few things through with you. I'll only be a few minutes."

"Of course," Ian said, exuding reassurance he didn't feel, and ushering Geoff into the large meeting room. As the heavy wooden door whooshed closed behind them, Ian took a seat, and looked to his client. "What can I do for you?"

"Firstly, I'd like to offer you my apology," Geoff said quietly.

"Apology? For what?" Ian's face clearly showed his surprise.

"For interrupting your meal on Friday night, and for saying some stupid things that I had no right, and no reason, to say." Ian felt his face burn with the blush he knew he exhibited, and began to speak, but Geoff held up his hand and went on. "I'm really, truly sorry if I caused you any embarrassment. I had had a few drinks, and seem to have lost any semblance of good manners."

Ian muttered quietly about it being okay, and that there was no need to apologise, but Geoff continued.

"Secondly, I understand that there should be some papers I need to sign about transferring the liquor licence for the restaurant into my name?"

Now Ian could return to his business mode. "Yes, there are, but those documents aren't ready right now. They should be finalised this afternoon, if you'd like to come back tomorrow ...?"

"Oh," said Geoff, and stopped for a moment, appearing to think something through. "Listen," he said quietly, "If I'm out of line, please say so, but I'd like to try to make it up to you for the fiasco last weekend. Would you let me buy you dinner? We'll make it strictly business - bring the paperwork with you and I can sign it - come to the restaurant, so you can see it for yourself, and let me apologise properly?"

"Unh ..." Ian was floored by the suggestion, his brain racing as he thought it over quickly.

"I swear everything will be above-board," Geoff hurried to reassure him. "I expect you to bill me for the time, as well. But it would make me feel a little better about what happened."

"Um, I guess ...," Ian said hesitantly, wondering if he was doing the right thing, both nervous and excited all at once. 'Fuck it!' he thought to himself, 'What can it hurt, and besides, it IS business!'. In a moment of what, for Ian, amounted to reckless abandon, he nodded his head and smiled. "Yes, I'd like that," he said.

"Great," responded Geoff, a little surprised, but pleased as well. "Tonight, around 6.30? That way we can get the paperwork done and have time to enjoy the meal."

"Very well," Ian said, his resolve beginning to falter. "I'll, um, see you there, around 6.30."


The remainder of the afternoon flew by for Ian, although he must have checked the final version of the documents Geoff was to sign a half dozen times. He was unable to concentrate on anything else, and his secretary became quite frustrated with him, unable to understand what on earth had him so wound up. He sat and fidgeted, his thoughts on the coming evening, a hundred unanswerable questions jumping into his mind - would Geoff try to seduce him? And if he did, how would Ian react? Should he play it cool, or should he be adventurous? If anything did happen, would they go back to Ian's place, or to Geoff's home? Maybe he should just call and cancel the whole thing?

By the time he left the office, he was on edge, breaking out in a light sweat with the anticipation of what might happen that evening. He raced home and showered quickly, changing into smart casual clothes before grabbing the folder he needed and hailing a cab to take him the short trip up to the restaurant, timing it so that he arrived at precisely 6.30. As soon as he pushed the door open, Geoff jumped up from a semi-private table near the rear of the main dining room, and came to greet him, smiling broadly.

"Ian, Ian, come and have a seat. What would you like to drink?" he said with genuine delight.

"Hello Mr ...uh, hello, Geoff," Ian corrected himself.

"That's better," Geoff beamed. "Beer? Scotch?"

"Just a beer, thank you," Ian said as he took his place at the table while Geoff motioned to a waiter and gave him their order.

In a remarkably short time, Ian had gone through the forms with his client, explaining each one and having Geoff sign where necessary, then witnessed them and slid the documents back into the attach� case he had with him. From then, the two were able to relax and enjoy the meal. Geoff proved to be the embodiment of good manners, polite and friendly. He quickly managed to put Ian at ease, keeping their conversation relatively neutral and making sure there were no awkward gaps or long periods of silence. He listened attentively when Ian did begin to talk, and by the time they had finished their main course, Ian was feeling remarkably comfortable with this man who until now had represented such uncertainty for him.

Their discussions were by no means limited to business, often straying into personal issues, but always on a polite and friendly level. Ian was surprised to learn that Geoff shared many of his opinions on political and social issues. He found Geoff entertaining and interesting, and never once did his client/dinner companion make a single comment concerning sexuality. In fact it was only while they were eating dessert that it occurred to Ian that Geoff had foregone his earlier remarks and double entendres, and had avoided any even slightly suggestive phrases. It was just as Geoff had promised - above board and professional. Ian began to wonder if perhaps he hadn't been mistaken about Geoff after all.

As they finished their meal with a coffee and a glass of port each, both men were relaxed and settled. For the first time, they had both fallen silent and there did not seem to be any need to fill the space with words. Ian wondered, almost idly, if Geoff was going to ask him home, but dismissed the thought. There had been nothing to hint at such an idea from his client all evening. He glanced at his watch.

"Keeping you up?" Geoff asked innocently.

"Hah, no not at all," Ian replied. "But tomorrow is a working day, and I shouldn't keep you out too late, I'm sure!"

"Of course," Geoff smiled. "Would you like me to order you a cab?"

"No, there's no need. I'll get one easily enough on the street at this time of night."

"Ian," Geoff began quietly, becoming serious. Ian picked up on the changed tone, and his questions surfaced again. Geoff went on, "I'd just like to say thank you for letting me apologise for my actions the other night. I've really enjoyed this evening, and I'm sorry if I embarrassed you or made you uncomfortable before."

"That's okay," Ian answered. "No harm was done, and I have had a great meal in good company. Thanks, Geoff."

"Well at least I've managed to get you out of the 'Mr Carruthers' mode, if nothing else," Geoff smirked. Ian laughed openly.

"I promise, no more 'Mr Carruthers' from now on, okay?"

"Okay!" Geoff stood as both men finished their drinks. "I'll see you to a taxi, then settle the bill. I have a few things I want to ask the vendor about, before I go, if that's alright?"

"Of course," Ian said, standing and following Geoff to the street. A cab pulled up almost immediately, and Ian held out his hand to Geoff. "Thanks again. I'll be in touch in the next few days about getting the whole purchase finalised. Goodnight, Geoff."

"Good night, Ian," Geoff responded as he shook Ian's hand. He stood and watched as Ian climbed into the cab and it pulled out into traffic. Softly, in a whisper to himself, he added as the taxi disappeared, "Much better, Ian Sterling, much better! I've got your number now. All I have to do is reel you in carefully!"

Ian, sitting in the rear of the taxi as it ferried him homewards, felt a strange emotion now that the evening was over. He tried replaying the meal in his mind, but could not find any fault with their meeting. And then it dawned on him - he was disappointed! In some inexplicable way, in some deep recess of his heart, he had actually been hoping that Geoff would proposition him tonight. Now that he was on his way home, alone, he felt almost cheated, as though a chance at something exciting had passed him by without him knowing it, or being given the opportunity to take that chance.


When he caught up with Nick on Saturday morning, Ian was bright and cheerful, much of his normal self-confidence having been regained.

"What's up with you?" Nick asked suspiciously. "Anything I need to know?"

"I had a date with Geoff Carruthers." Ian said nonchalantly, like he had asked the time of day.

"The client from the restaurant?" Nick's eyes widened. "When, where, what happened?"

"Last Wednesday night. We had dinner."

"AND ..."

"And nothing!" Ian grinned. "He was perfectly polite, charming and friendly, and didn't even hint at anything untoward. I'm sure I made a mistake about him. I'm even wondering if he's gay."

"Mmmm?" Nick mused, unconvinced. "That doesn't sound like the same guy I met that night."

"Well, that's how he is," said Ian with certainty. "I think he's just very friendly. In fact, I could see him becoming a good friend - and a FRIEND, nothing more!"

Nick continued to look doubtful, but he held his tongue. After all, he didn't know this guy at all, and Ian seemed convinced that he was right. Nick decided to withhold judgment until he had a chance to get to know this Geoff character a little better.


Over the next two weeks, Ian became his old self, working diligently and maintaining the self-control and sense of order that made him feel comfortable. Geoff's purchase was proceeding well, and the transfer of the liquor licence should be through shortly. That was all they were waiting for before the purchase could be finalised, and Geoff would become the owner of the restaurant. As it was, the approval for Geoff to become the licensee was taking longer than usual, and Ian began to have some concerns about the delay. Normally, there was no hold up unless the applicant had come to the attention of the police for some reason, yet Geoff had specifically stated that this had not happened.

Just as Ian was contemplating an official request as to the progress, he received notification that the approval had been given. He happily dismissed the delay as so much red-tape, and rang Geoff with the good news.

"Hi, Geoff, it's all done. We will be settling the purchase for you Friday afternoon," he announced.

"Great!" came the enthusiastic reply. "Perfect timing. That gives me just enough notice to put together a 'grand re-opening' for Saturday night. Invited guests only! You will come, won't you?" "Uh, yes, I'd love to!" Ian said a little uncertainly. He wouldn't really know anyone there except for Geoff himself, and feared being left to fend for himself, making small talk with strangers on the fringe of the party.

"Excellent! Is there anyone you'd like to bring? A date, friend, maybe?"

Ian thought for a second. Here was a chance to ensure himself some company, and to introduce Geoff to Nick and Tina at the same time. "Why, yes, if it's okay with you," he said. "My friend, Nick - the one I was with that night - and his wife, Tina. I'd love to have them come along and meet you."

"Consider it done!" declared Geoff. "I'll get the invitations to you at your office, and see the three of you at 8.00 on Saturday night."

As Ian rang off, Geoff grinned widely to himself. "Saturday night!" he thought out loud. "I'd better get busy if I'm going to get all the preparations in place. I have big plans for Saturday night for the restaurant, and even bigger plans for Ian Sterling!"

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This story is a fantasy, it is not real and only happened in my imagination. YOU MUST REMEMBER that in the real world, you can DIE from having unsafe sex. It is your right and your duty to make sure that condoms are always used, whether you are giving or receiving. It doesn't matter how good looking or how ugly he is, and it doesn't matter whether you are top or bottom, USE A CONDOM