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It was the morning after the night before. Nick rolled out of bed and wondered why somebody was hitting him in the side of the head with a sledge-hammer. When the pounding pain didn't stop, he risked opening his eyes long enough to confirm the position of the door, and felt his way toward the bathroom where he quickly swallowed four tablets.

"You shouldn't take that many at once!" a voice screamed inside his head.

"Stop yelling!" he said to his wife.

"I'm not! And you shouldn't drink as much as that either!" Tina wasn't usually as harsh with Nick after a long night, but then her own head was fairly sore as well. She left him in the bathroom while she boiled a jug and made strong coffee. By habit, she started to prepare three cups - Ian was almost always in the spare room after a night such as they had just had. And then she remembered - Ian had stayed on with Geoff Carruthers when they left!

She poured the coffee for herself and Nick, and waited patiently while the headache pills worked their magic on both of them. When her husband finally began to resemble a human being again, she said to him with some glee in her voice, "Do you remember much about last night?"

"Nuh," Nick shook his head. "I just know that that Geoff guy lays on a generous spread, including the booze! I'll have to be more careful next time Ian gets us invited to one of his do's." Nick looked up as he spoke, focussing first on Tina, and wondering why she looked so smug, then on the empty chair opposite him.

"Why haven't you gotten Ian up yet?" he asked.

"Ian's not here!" she grinned. "He didn't come home with us. He stayed behind with Geoff!"

Nick did a double take. "You mean, he ... they ...?"

"Well, I don't know if anything happened," Tina confessed. "But when we went, Ian decided to stay on, and Geoff told me he would 'look after' Ian. I wouldn't be surprised if they 'looked after' each other!" She allowed herself a grin.

"Shit!" spat Nick. "How did I miss all of that?"

"I told you - you shouldn't drink so much."

They sat together in silence for a while, sipping the brew and nursing their hangovers. Finally, Nick managed to think about the previous evening.

"I'm still not sure if I like Geoff," he announced. "He seemed nice, but maybe a bit forced, like it was all part of an act or something."

Tina looked at her man in surprise. "You really are more perceptive than I give you credit for," she said. "I felt the same way. He seemed too good to be true. I kept getting the impression that he was on his best behaviour, like he was trying to impress us ..."

"Impress Ian more likely!" Nick interrupted.

"Yes, except that he didn't say or do anything to hint that he was interested in Ian, you know, that way."

"We'll just have to get it from the horse's mouth then," declared Nick, picking up the phone.

"You're not going to call him now?" Tina looked aghast.

"Why not?"

"What if they're still there, together?"

"Well, that'll tell us something, won't it?" Nick grinned. He punched in the numbers to Ian's home and waited as the phone rang at the other end. After a few seconds, Ian's answering machine cut in. Nick raised his eyebrows and grinned evilly at Tina while he waited for the message to play.

"Hi, Ian, it's Nick," he said into the machine. "Just calling to check if you feel as bad this morning as we do. I hope you're still in bed, sleeping it off! Give us a ring when you get up, okay?" He hung up the phone. "Now, do you suppose he's still asleep, or do you think he might be still out, playing?" he chuckled.

"You are evil!" she laughed back. "Part of me hopes for one, part for the other."


When Ian hadn't returned their call by noon, both Nick and Tina were on the edge of their seats, full of speculation about where he might be, and what had happened the previous night. Finally it got too much for them, and Tina dialled again, listening again to the drone of the machine.

"Ian, it's Tina. Call me as soon as you get in - I want all the gory details! Hope you had fun."

As three o'clock rolled around, Tina's thrill for Ian finding someone had turned to concern. She tried his home again, but hung up when the machine kicked in. She called his mobile, but the call went to voice mail.

"Ian, it's Tina. I'm starting to get worried about you. Call me, okay?"

Nick tried to re-assure her. "If they did get together, and Ian stayed the night at Geoff's place, they probably slept in, and may have gone out for lunch - you know, new romance and all that!" She nodded agreement, but still couldn't shake off the worry - she felt guilty for leaving Ian alone when he had been so drunk. What if something had happened?

An hour and a half later, Tina was beside herself. This time she tried Ian's mobile phone first, and almost screamed when the call was diverted to his voice mail box. She punched in the number for his home with urgency, and waited as the connection was made and the ring tones sounded.

"Hello?" came a bright voice down the line.

"Do you have any idea how worried I have been about you? Where have you been all day?" she exploded, almost instantly regretting the outburst, but she had needed to let off some steam.

"Hi, Tina, and it's nice to hear from you too! I'm just on the other line right now - give me five minutes and I'll call you back, I promise."

"You'd better," she warned as she rang off.


Ian pushed the transfer buttons again to return to the original call. "I'm back," he announced as the line clicked open again. "But I should go. That was Tina, and she doesn't sound like a 'happy little vegemite' at all!" *1

Geoff's voice cackled down the line. "You know she's just looking out for you! Go and call her. I just wanted to make sure that you were home safely - and that I had the right number!"

"Okay, I will. And Geoff ... umm, I ... thanks - for everything!"

"My pleasure! Bye."


Ian broke the connection, and sat back, still holding the phone, staring at it as if it were Geoff himself. He felt exhausted but happy. What a day it had been! Whenever he thought again about Geoff, about what had happened, his heart beat a little faster, his groin tingled and his mind wandered. Snapping himself back into the real world, he dialled Nick and Tina's number.

"Ian? Where have you been? Why didn't you return our calls? We've been worried sick about you!"

"I'm fine! I, er, stayed the night with a friend, and only got home 15 minutes ago. I got your messages, but before I could call the phone rang, and I've just finished now."

The relief in Tina's voice was obvious, and her tone changed from inquisitorial to cheeky. "Wonderful! And does this friend have a name? Like 'Geoff', perhaps?"

"Ah, well, yes, in fact!" He was grateful she couldn't see him blush again.

"Okay, that's it!" she declared. "We're coming over. I want all the gory details, and in person. I don't want to have to repeat it all for Nick. Plan on ordering pizza for dinner!"

Nick and Tina were on Ian's doorstep remarkably quickly, and as he opened the door to them, both broke out in huge grins. He looked at them with an almost guilty smile as they came inside and he poured coffee for three.

"So you finally got laid!" Nick declared lewdly. Tina hit him, gently, but giggled all the same.

"It's not as if I was a virgin before today, you know," Ian responded a little testily. For some reason, he felt uncomfortable. It was both exhilarating and at the same time embarrassing to be admitting to his friends that in the last few hours he had had sex with another man, especially one they knew.

"Don't take any notice, Ian," Tina soothed. "We're just happy for you, happy that you met someone, that maybe there's something more for you than one-nighters with people you don't know. Is there any chance of that?"

"I hope so," Ian said quietly, thinking again to himself.

"So tell us the story!"

He briefly outlined the events of the evening, how he and Geoff had stayed for a few more drinks, and Geoff had invited him home for coffee; the vaguely recalled taxi ride, and the beautiful apartment where Geoff lived. Ian described in gushing tones the view from Geoff's living room, but Nick became restless.

"Forget about the view, tell us the juicy stuff!" he grumbled, ducking this time as he anticipated Tina's slap.

His friend went on to tell them how more drinks followed, and then how he fell asleep on the sofa. To Nick and Tina's groans he laughed. "Geoff carried me to bed and we slept together. And I mean slept together!"

"When I woke up this morning, I felt guilty, and confused, and scared again," he went on. "Geoff and I talked for ages, and I was ready to leave. I basically turned him down!"

"Oh, no," Tina whispered.

"But he convinced me otherwise!" Ian said with a huge smirk. To the knowing grins on Nick and Tina's faces, he said quietly, "We 'enjoyed each other's company' this afternoon. I gave him my phone number at home, he promised to call me, and I left."

"Do you think he will - call you I mean?" Nick asked.

"I think so," Ian chuckled. "In fact, that was him on the phone, when Tina rang a while ago. I hadn't been here five minutes when he rang to see that I was home safely."

"Oh, how romantic!" said Tina.

"Sounds to me like 'lurv'!" Nick added.

The three friends laughed together, and Ian happily accepted the teasing and the advice from the couple as they shared a pizza. He was alive, if tired. For some reason, it was different this time - his friends knew what had happened, and were encouraging him. No secret sex, no slinking away afterwards. It was all out in the open and accepted. Ian felt as though he really had just lost his virginity. He felt like a teenager, sharing the experience, the hopes and the fears of his first time.


Ian called Geoff at home on Monday night, and they talked for over an hour. Mainly idle chat, but somehow it felt perfect. Ian could not have repeated much of what the conversation was about afterwards, but he just knew that it felt good to be talking to Geoff, to know that he was on the other end of the line. If the truth were to be known, Ian did most of the talking and Geoff let him go, listening and adding occasional comments.

On Tuesday it was Geoff who called, and again Wednesday. It seemed as though the two men could not get enough of each other, at least from their phone bills. Thursday evening Ian called Geoff again, his face brightening as soon as the other man picked up the phone.

"Hi there!" he said brightly to Geoff's answer. "How are you?"

Geoff responded in kind. "Great, now. How was your day?"

"Good. Although I did spend a bit of time looking forward to calling you again."

"Mmmm, thanks. You always say just the right things. Now, I hope you don't have any plans for the weekend?"

Ian was a little taken aback by the directness of Geoff's approach. "Uhh, no," he said slowly.

"Good! I want you to come straight here from work, don't want to waste a single moment. Plan on staying right through until Sunday evening!"

Ian grinned to himself. This sounded like fun! "But what about clothes for the weekend? I can't wear my suit the whole time."

"I don't intend for you to wear your suit for much more than ten minutes after you get here!" Geoff leered. "And I hope there won't be much need for clothes at all! But don't worry, you can borrow some of mine if you need them. I'm sure we can find something to fit you."


Ian positively glowed all day Friday. When Nick rang late that afternoon to see if he wanted to have a drink after work, he almost bubbled with enthusiasm as he declined the offer and explained that he was spending the entire weekend at Geoff's. He didn't pick the disappointment in his friend's voice at all, so focussed as he was on the coming evening.

That night, Ian and Geoff made love twice. The first encounter was much like their original coupling, rough and fast and urgent. They recovered with some beers and crackers on Geoff's balcony, dressed in nothing but flimsy T-shirts despite the cool of the night, and some time later they retired to the bedroom again, holding hands as they did. Now Geoff made love to Ian with a tenderness and a gentle, slow technique which prolonged the pleasure for both of them, and belied his size and strength. When their passion faded, they fell asleep in each other's arms, Ian more content than he had been for many years.

Waking on Saturday morning provided yet another new and wonderful experience. As Ian's eyes opened, the first thing he saw was Geoff's face centimetres from his own, still sleeping softly. The warm strength of Geoff's arm was below his neck, the solid mass of Geoff's chest, rising and falling in slumber against his fingertips. He remained still, not moving, not wanting the moment to end. Geoff's eyes fluttered open and he turned his head slowly to Ian's.

"Morning," he mumbled sleepily.

"Good morning, handsome," Ian whispered back.

They spent the day in each other's company. Ian did end up borrowing clothes from Geoff, and they played a very casual game of tennis before taking a swim, all without leaving the building. Geoff's building had a heated pool which was undercover although the sides were open to the air, which meant that at this time of year it was usually deserted.

"I'd rather have us swimming naked!" he said to Ian as they changed. "But there's always the chance that one of the other residents might wander down." Still, they did risk an occasional kiss, a few hugs and the odd grope at each other as they frolicked in the warm water.

That evening they ate in a small caf� on the ground level of the complex, but finished quickly and raced each other back to Geoff's apartment where they indulged once more in a drawn out session of sexual congress. It was with real reluctance that Ian said his farewells to Geoff on Sunday afternoon and made his way home to prepare for the week ahead.

Over the next weeks, Ian and Geoff spent more and more time together. A large proportion of each weekend was spent with them making love, or simply being in each other's arms. And an occasional night during the week saw them dining together, most often at Geoff's new restaurant, before retiring to one or other of their homes to enjoy each other's bodies. It seemed to Ian as though Geoff was the one calling the shots - it was Geoff who dictated when they saw each other, and Geoff who decided where they went. But he didn't really mind - it was nice to have someone else making the decisions, and even better to have someone special to spend his time with.

The first time that Geoff came to Ian's house, the young lawyer spent hours running around, ensuring everything was clean and tidy, that every item was in its proper place. He was so anxious to ensure that Geoff was impressed by his home that he scrubbed and polished until the place glistened. As it happened, Geoff would have had little time to appreciate all the hard work. He was barely in the front door before the two were clawing at each other, undressing themselves and falling onto Ian's bed.

Both of them ground against each other, urgent and needing, their fingers and lips covering the other's body in lusty desire. Very little time passed before Geoff was slamming himself into Ian, both men heaving and grunting as they gasped their way to orgasm. As Ian shot his seed in long streamers between their rutting bodies, Geoff spasmed and shook as he unloaded his essence deep inside Ian's gut, twitching and shuddering through his peak before collapsing on top of his lover as the pair floated down from their sexual high. In what was becoming a familiar scenario, the larger man rolled off his young friend, and lay next to Ian, touching him tenderly. Geoff was becoming very much the 'top' in the relationship, and while Ian didn't mind at all, he occasionally wondered if he might sometimes be the one who took the more aggressive stance in their sex.

As they recovered, sipping drinks in Ian's living room, Geoff gestured around the house expansively. "I like your home!" he said. Ian grinned with pride. And that was it. Not another word about the house, or how good it looked, would Ian hear from Geoff. The solicitor would have appreciated a word or two about how tidy and/or how nice his home was, even just an acknowledgement that Geoff was aware of the effort Ian had put into getting it ready for them, but nothing was forthcoming. He guessed, correctly, that Geoff simply didn't place that much importance on such things. In that respect Ian and he were a world apart.


The night that Geoff stayed at Ian's home for the first time, Detective Sciutta carefully documented the date and the fact of their being together. He had continued to track Geoff Carruthers even though this particular case seemed to be taking an inordinate share of his time. He insisted to himself that it was all about catching a major drug supplier, yet deep down inside he wondered often about Ian Sterling. Did he really have a part in Carruthers' 'business', or was he simply an innocent companion. Michael hoped the latter was the case, but he reasoned that it was unlikely that Ian could spend so much time with Geoff and still be ignorant of his true nature. Still, someone as nice as Ian ... but that was against the rules, and he did his best to bury the thought as soon as it surfaced.


Nick and Tina felt as though Ian had left the country, or that they had been relegated to second-class citizens. They never saw him, and only heard from him occasionally during the week, when one of them made the effort to call him.

"So much for friendship!" Nick declared one evening as they discussed his new-found relationship with Geoff yet again. "We might as well not exist."

"Take it easy," Tina soothed. "It's a whole new relationship, and a whole new world for Ian. It's early days yet - we have to give him time to get over the 'puppy love' stage, that initial infatuation."

"Maybe. I'm still not convinced that Geoff Carruthers is the right one for him either," Nick complained quietly.

"I know, hon," Tina sympathised. "And I think maybe you're right, but Ian has to make that decision. I just hope he doesn't get hurt in the process."

She sat back and looked at her husband again. She hadn't seen him so down for a long while, and she knew what was causing it. Even during the long years when Ian had hidden his true feelings from them, he was always there, part of their life. This was the first time since Nick had left school that he and Ian weren't almost inseparable companions. She felt a little abandoned as well, but nowhere near as much as she knew Nick must be feeling. It's about time I gave Ian a 'wake-up call', she thought to herself.

The next day, Tina called Ian at work. He was surprised to hear from her, since she almost never rang during the day.

"Hi there," he said happily. "What's up?"

"Hello, stranger," she replied. "Just calling to see if you were still alive!"

"Oops!" Ian suddenly felt the guilt of ignoring his friends. "I've been a bit slack where you guys are concerned, haven't I?"

"Uh huh, but don't worry, we understand. I guess I'm just reminding you that we are still your friends too, and that you might want to think of us from time to time - when you come up for air that is!"

"I'm sorry," Ian said, and meant it. "How about I check with Geoff and see if we can all get together for dinner this weekend, the four of us? My shout, to make it up to you!"

"Sounds like a good idea to me," she said. "Call me when you know."

"I will, I promise!"

Geoff thought it was a great idea. "It's about time we started to go out a bit anyway," he said. "Much as I love spending all our time in bed, we should really join the rest of the world. Maybe visit some of the bars or night-clubs?"

Ian blanched a little at that. He was happy the way things were, and not sure if he was quite ready to go out 'in public'. Dinner at Geoff's restaurant was different - that was where they'd started their relationship, and he was in control there, but crowded bars and loud night clubs were a different story. "Um, I'll think about it," he said cautiously. "But for now, let's just think about dinner on Saturday with Nick and Tina - and I'm paying - even if I am sleeping with the owner!"


The evening went well, and Ian enjoyed himself immensely, chatting with his two oldest friends, and his new friend. Geoff, too, seemed to be having a good time, getting into a number of drawn out discussions with Nick about football. Neither of the two noticed, or at least commented on, the fact that both Tina and Nick seemed to be a little wary, slightly on guard, about what they said, or how they felt concerning Geoff. As the meals were placed before them, Tina spoke directly to Geoff.

"So, Mr Carruthers," she used her best school teacher voice, earning a grin and a wagged finger from her pupil. "Tell me about yourself. I know you own this caf�, but what else do you do? You can't be making much money from this place yet."

Geoff smiled easily. "I have my finger in a number of pies," he said smoothly.

"What flavour of pie are we talking about?" Tina persisted.

Ian laughed. "Careful, Geoff, shell want to know your bank balance and intentions next!"

"If you have the details here, I'll take them down now," Tina rejoined. "Besides, if I'm going to be the 'mother-hen' then I should know what my babies are getting into! Now, Geoff, I believe I'm still waiting for an answer."

Another laugh, as Geoff picked at his food. "I have a few investment properties around town, and collect the rents from them," he said. "And I know a few people in the entertainment industry, I pick up occasional work there, although," he eyed Ian with a grin, "I've been a little neglectful in that area lately - had something else on my mind!"

Ian blushed, but smiled proudly.

"But nothing full-time?" Tina refused to be diverted from her questioning.

"Well, all of that, plus overseeing this place, adds up to full-time, really." He didn't show it, but Geoff was starting to be irritated by the probing from Nick's wife. "Still, I was just saying to Ian the other day, that we should get out more, cut the stay-at-home down, visit some pubs and clubs."

"Yeah," agreed Nick. "You should get out, see what's around."

"I don't know," Ian hesitated. "It's not really my scene ..."

"You don't know that, you've never tried!"

"That's right!" Tina joined in. "You should get out and party!" Privately she hoped that it would allow Ian to see more of other people, maybe break his fascination with Geoff a little.

"See!" said Geoff. "Nick and Tina are with me on this. I think we should go out. Besides, I want to show you off!" As the three of them chuckled at Ian's reluctance and discomfort, Geoff silently congratulated himself on deflecting Tina's questions and changing the subject. "Now, finish your drink, and let's get moving. I think it's just about time for bed!"

Ian blushed at the comment, but did as he was told, while Nick watched in amazement. A look at Tina told him that she too was surprised by the way Ian allowed Geoff to order him about. The couple shared a raised eyebrow between themselves, and a worried look, but let it pass.


The following week, despite Ian's protests, Geoff announced that they were going to go out for a drink to the Beauchamp - a gay bar on Oxford Street.

"I really don't know about this," Ian complained as Geoff goaded him into getting dressed that afternoon.

"You'll be fine, honestly! This place is one of the milder joints around town - it's popular with 'less-obvious' gay men. Very few drag queens or campy little effeminate guys. You'll feel right at home!"

"But it's gay! What if someone sees me there?"

"Ian, it's a gay bar! Most if not all of the people in the place will be gay."

"My point exactly," Ian whined. "So if I'm there, and someone sees me, they'll know I'm gay!"

Geoff shrugged his shoulders, trying to cover a smile. "No, they might assume that, but they won't KNOW it. And besides, if someone you know IS in there, then it's a fair assumption that they will be gay too!"

Ian had no comeback to that argument, so reluctantly he allowed himself to be taken by Geoff to the bright lights of Sydney's gay mecca - Taylor Square. They walked along Oxford Street, Geoff trying to hold Ian's hand, and Ian doing everything he could to avoid physical contact, much to Geoff's amusement. It was with real apprehension that Ian finally set foot inside the bar, Geoff propelling him through the open door.

The world didn't come to an end. He was not suddenly surrounded by screaming, accusing faces announcing to the world that he was a poof. In fact, no one took the slightest notice of the new arrivals. The thirty or forty people scattered around the room, in ones, twos and groups, looked like they could be in any pub anywhere in the country. Wearing everyday clothing, the patrons chatted, sipped drinks, laughed and smoked. There were a couple of women, but the majority were men, and music played loudly but not deafeningly over speakers set high in the walls. Geoff led them to a high table in one corner where they set their beers down and could look around at the other drinkers, or out onto the street at the passing throng.

Slowly, tentatively, Ian began to relax. This wasn't so bad after all. He studied his fellow patrons unobtrusively, and began to notice that there was a lot more physical contact between them than would normally happen in a pub. Men with their arms around other men, an occasional kiss on the cheek in greeting, a hearty chuckle as someone pretended to grope at one of their friends. But now, instead of causing him concern, it actually made him smile. It felt right, natural, and he started to feel at home here. When Geoff slid an arm around his waist and leaned in to kiss him briefly, rather than freeze and pull away, Ian grinned embarrassedly before glancing around to see if anyone reacted. They didn't, and a warm sense of belonging filled his heart.

Two or three people passed them easily, nodding and smiling to Geoff, who greeted them with a word or a smile. One man walked up to them and spoke to Geoff.

"Hey, Carruthers, long time, no see! This your latest?"

Geoff's voice took on a cool edge. "No! This is my boyfriend! Ian, meet Larry, Larry - Ian."

"Hello," said Ian politely.

"G'day," replied Larry as they shook hands. "New around here, are you?"

"Not really, just new to this place," Ian said, squirming a little.

"Thought so! Hope you're ready for the roller-coaster!"

"Sorry?" said Ian, not understanding.

"He's fine, he's with me!" Geoff jumped in, cutting Larry off with a withering look.

"Whatever! Good luck, mate, hope you make it through, alright!" he said to Ian as he walked away.

Ian looked at Geoff questioningly. "What was that all about?"

"Nothing, he just had a bad experience a while ago. Got involved with someone who didn't want the same thing he did. But that's not us! I'll make sure you are okay," Geoff reassured his mate. Ian flinched initially at the fairly obvious brush-off, but he warmed to the last words, and soon forgot the encounter with Larry as this time he slid his arm around Geoff's waist, and they kissed, right on the lips, right there in public.

Larry glared at Geoff behind his back as he sidled up to the bar. The barman looked from him to Geoff and back again sympathetically. "Didn't you two used to be an item?" he asked.

"Yeah," Larry confirmed with bitterness. "But Geoff Carruthers is only interested in you while you're fresh and innocent. Once you get to know your way around the scene, he drops you like a hot brick!"


When Geoff and Ian eventually left the pub that evening, they walked happily and quickly back to Geoff's flat. Geoff attempted to put his arm around Ian as they strolled along, but Ian ducked aside. There may well have been plenty of male couples on the street doing exactly the same thing, but affection in a gay bar and affection on what was still a public thoroughfare were two different things, and Ian still wasn't prepared for the latter. When Geoff persisted, Ian began to get annoyed, pushing him away in irritation, and looking nervously around in case they had been seen. It didn't appear as if they had, but he didn't notice Michael Sciutta trailing along some 20 metres behind them. Michael's first reaction when he saw Ian's reluctance at the attempted embrace he clearly didn't want, was to race up and push the larger man away, but he held his ground. The last thing he wanted was to attract attention to himself, and Ian seemed to be okay again once Geoff left him alone.

It was a different story however at the apartment. As soon as they arrived, Geoff was stripping away Ian's clothing, and Ian happily wriggled and squirmed around to assist him. So eager was the older man that he lay Ian back on the sofa and entered the young lawyer quickly, raining kisses down on his face and chest as he slammed his body into Ian's at speed. Long, powerful thrusts soon gave way to the familiar tension and jerking as Geoff unloaded his essence into his mate's body, then remained inside Ian while he flailed at the other man's penis with his fist until they had both shot copious loads of ejaculate.

When they finally relaxed in the afterglow of sex, Ian propped himself up on one elbow, looking closely into Geoff's eyes.

"Wow! If going to the pub gets you that worked up, we'll have to make it a regular outing!" he said with a grin.

"Sorry if I was a little rough," Geoff blushed in reply. "It's just that seeing you there, out of your depth a little, needing someone to guide you and look after you, really gets me going, especially when I'm the one doing the looking after." Ian simply smiled back, but Geoff wondered to himself if he could make this relationship work, if he could avoid the disillusion he knew would come once Ian became comfortable with the gay 'scene'.


The following weekend, Ian was once again at Geoff's flat, having stayed Friday night. They had nothing planned for the rest of that Saturday, although Geoff had hinted at a visit to another, different, bar that evening. The two were relaxing on the balcony when Geoff's mobile phone began to buzz. He picked up the instrument and looked at the screen, before commenting to Ian that it was a 'business call', and walking back inside, out of earshot.

The call was from Neale Simpson, his contact and conduit for the sale of drugs back in Green Valley. Neale was quite jittery, and wouldn't be put off by Geoff at all.

"Listen, there's something happening, a lot of heat out here! I think someone's on to me! I swear I'm being followed, but I can't work out who it is. I need your help, bad!"

"Calm down!" Geoff commanded in a voice that would freeze blood. "Just act natural. If you're not doing anything, they can't touch you!"

"But I know I'm being watched. I'm scared, mate, shit scared!" he was beginning to blubber as he spoke.

"Shit, calm down!" Geoff repeated. "I'll come out. Meet me at Cabramatta railway station, okay? It'll take me about an hour and a half to get there. And don't panic!" Damn, he swore to himself as he cut the connection, and glanced at Ian, oblivious to the conversation that had just taken place. He ducked into his bedroom and grabbed something he'd been meaning to give Ian for a while.

"Hey, stud," he called brightly as he returned to the chair next to Ian. "I'm really, really sorry, but I have to abandon you for the evening. Something's gone wrong with one of my business deals, and I have to go and fix it - probably won't be back until late tonight."

"Oh," said Ian, minor disappointment mixing with curiosity, Geoff had never let his 'business' interrupt them before. In fact, Ian wasn't entirely sure what business he meant, but he didn't want to pry. "That's okay. I know I can't have you all to myself all the time."

"Ian," Geoff said in a lower, more tender voice. "I've been meaning to give you this for a while, and you may as well have it now ..." With that he held out a small flat card, longer and thinner than a credit card. "It's a keycard for the building and the flat! I want you to be able to come and go when you please."

"Oh, Geoff!" Ian gasped. "You don't have to ..."

"But I want to! And since I have to go out, you can stay as long as you want. In fact I hope you'll stay and wait for me to get back."

"Of course!"

Geoff grinned, delighted with Ian's response. "Hey," he said, thinking aloud, "Why don't you call your friends, Nick and his wife, have dinner with them or something. I doubt if I'll be home before midnight or 1.00 am." Ian nodded thoughtfully as Geoff changed quickly, grabbed a jacket and his wallet and phone, and kissed Ian's lips before heading for the door.

Ian sat for a long moment after his lover had gone, simply staring at the key in his hand. Somehow it meant so much, it represented a real turning point in the relationship for Ian. Suddenly, he was sure that Geoff was the man for him.

Geoff smiled to himself as the lift ferried him down to the foyer. The look on Ian's face had been incredible. This one is different! He told himself. This one is special! He had no qualms about letting Ian have full run of the flat. All of the documents and paperwork relating to the things he would not want Ian, or anyone else, to see, were securely hidden away in a safe hidden within a false chest of drawers, inside the closet in his guest bedroom.


As Geoff had suggested, Ian called Nick and Tina around lunchtime.

"Ian?" Nick responded when he answered the phone. "Now I used to know an Ian once. Ian Sterling, yes, that was his name! God only knows what's happened to him."

"Very funny!" said Ian, a little peeved. "Geoff had to take care of some business, so I was wondering if you guys would like to grab a bite or something?"

"What, just the three of us, no boyfriend in tow?"

"That's right!"

"Okay, mate." Nick relented. "Tina is baby-sitting at her sister's place this afternoon, but she should be home around 4.00. Do you feel like eating in Newtown, or closer to Geoff's place?"

"I'll tell you what," Ian said, thinking quickly. "Let me buy you two dinner, to make up for not seeing you as much lately. How about something special - seafood over at Manly? I'll see if I can book us a table, and meet you at the Quay around 5.00 o'clock."

Sounds great to me," said Nick. "I'll ring Tina and tell her not to be late. Look for us near the Manly Ferry wharf."

At 4.30, Ian let himself out of the apartment, tucking his new key into his pocket and patting it happily. It wouldn't take long to get to Circular Quay for his appointment with Nick and Tina, and he strolled the short distance along Victoria Street to Kings Cross Station, dodging the spruikers and street vendors on the way. It was a short ride across the roofs of Woolloomooloo before the train shot under the Art Gallery and stopped briefly at the now mainly deserted Martin Place station, crowded with business people during the week. At Town Hall, he changed trains for the two stops back to Circular Quay, standing as the silver carriage climbed out of the depths below the city to rumble to a stop two floors above the street, the view from the platform across the Harbour to the Bridge and the Opera House delighting him as always.

He passed out of the station precinct and into the throng of tourists and buskers, walkers and gawkers who seemed to ensure this hub of Sydney never slept. The convergence at this one point of buses, trains, taxis, and ferries, sandwiched between the historical 'Rocks' area and the modern sophistication of the Opera House meant that visitors and locals alike all ended up passing through Circular Quay at some time - it was Sydney's beating heart, and it beat very fast. Ian weaved his way around numerous 'performance artists' and those who stopped to watch them, between Scandinavian back-packers, Japanese photographers and elderly Americans on their way to see a show, and somehow managed to find Nick and Tina in the melee, outside the ticket office for the Jetcat to Manly.

He called out a greeting to his friends, and endured their light ribbing as they purchased their tickets and boarded the high-speed boat which would take them on the 15 kilometre trip up the harbour to the sea-side suburb of Manly, on the north shore. The three chatted happily as the ferry idly reversed out of its dock, turned and rumbled slowly through the myriad other craft jammed into Sydney Cove. As it drew level with the towering sails of the Opera House on Bennelong Point, the hum of the engines grew to a roar, and the sleek craft picked up speed, racing across the waves and away from the setting sun.

When they reached their destination, the trio disembarked and strolled along the Corso, stopping to watch a juggler as he kept various items of household cutlery aloft at once, to the sounds of a nearby saxophonist. They ignored the ice-cream parlours and waffle shops with difficulty, finally finding the restaurant at the seaward end of the boulevard where Ian had secured a reservation.

"I'm glad to see your guilt has some rewards," Nick said as he tucked into his meal.

"Nick!" Tina scolded, looking at him reproachfully. "Ian, we're very happy that you've found someone. Don't take any notice of him. It's just that we miss you, and we hope you're not dumping us just to be with Geoff!"

"Of course not," he assured them. "But Geoff has taken up a lot of my time lately."

"That's understandable, when you're starting a new relationship. Just remember, we're your friends, too, and we want to be part of your life!"

They enjoyed the meal immensely, catching up on gossip and events that had kept them apart recently. After the meal, they sat and sipped at coffees, relaxing as old friends do.

"So where was Geoff off to tonight?" Tina asked.

"He had some urgent business problem that came up this morning," Ian answered.

"And it couldn't wait until Monday, or even tomorrow?" She seemed surprised, and more than a little curious. "What kind of business problem?"

"I'm not sure," Ian confessed. "He didn't volunteer anymore than that, and I didn't press."

Nick looked at Tina with one eyebrow raised. "Ian, how much do you know about Geoff's 'business'?" he asked.

"Not much!"

"But you're his lawyer ..."

"Yes, but only since he bought the restaurant. I have no idea about his other ventures."

"Doesn't it seem odd to you that he doesn't have an office as such? That he does all his business from home or on mobile phones?" Nick persisted.

"No, ..." Ian stopped to think about it as if for the first time. "A lot of investors operate that way."

"Don't get me wrong," his friend went on, "but it just seems to me like he's hiding something from you."

"Don't be ridiculous!" Ian burst out. "His business is his business. We're friends, lovers if you like, but I'm not his keeper. What he does in business is none of my business!"

"Ian, Nick," Tina said, calming the two down. "It's not important. Nick, Ian's right - Geoff's financial affairs are his own. And Ian, just remember that we care for you, we just want to make sure you don't get hurt."

"I'm fine. Geoff's fine. We're both fine," he fumed.

It took a while, but another coffee, and a glass of port, and both Nick and Ian had mellowed again and resumed their usual chatting. The group left the restaurant and walked easily back to the ferry wharf, this time taking the slower, more elegant 'Collaroy' ferry back to the city. The hour long journey passed in companionable conversation, which quieted as they approached downtown. The towers of the city, lit with a thousand lights, could not fail to impress any onlooker when seen from the glistening waters of the harbour, seeming to loom up over them as the ship slid into it's berth at their very feet. Ian looked sideways at Nick and Tina as they held each other and took in the view. He wondered if he and Geoff would ever be able to share something so simple without words, acknowledging their mutual enjoyment in silence.

Nick and Tina were taking the train home, and Ian planned on catching a cab back to Geoff's, so they said their good-byes at the entrance to the station. In no hurry, they stood a little, still chatting.

"Ian, are you happy with Geoff?" Nick asked.

"Yes, very!" his friend replied.

"Good, then I'm happy for you."

"Thanks Nick," he smiled. "See you guys later, okay."

"Yep. Bye Ian," Tina said, a little quietly.

"Bye mate," Nick added. "And Ian, be careful!"

"Careful? Why?"

Nick hummed a second, but could not hold back. "Because in all honesty, I just don't trust him!"

Ian's face reddened, and his blood boiled. How could Nick even think such a thing about his ... his ... lover! In a bout of anger he turned on his long-time buddy.

"Fuck you, Nick!" he spat. "I don't know if you're jealous, or crazy, or both, but I'm not going to listen to crap like that. Don't bother calling me again until you're ready to apologise!" With that, he turned on his heel, yanked open the door of a waiting cab, and barked at the driver. As the taxi sped away, Nick looked forlornly after it before facing Tina.

"I know, I know, I should have kept my mouth shut."

"Maybe," said Tina softly, taking his hand. "But I was thinking what you said! Come on, we'll deal with this later, when he's had time to calm down and let off some steam."


Ian was still awake when Geoff got back that night, at almost two thirty in the morning. He was so angry with Nick that he couldn't sleep, but he couldn't bring himself to tell Geoff what Nick had said either, so he simply brushed off Geoff's questions about the evening with an assurance that Nick and Tina were 'fine', and left it at that. He determined that he was NOT going to ring Nick until his friend apologised.

Nick, for his part, refused to believe that there was anything he should be sorry for, and made up his mind that it would have to be Ian who made the first move to restore their friendship. Tina shrugged her shoulders and resolved to keep out of it this time. The two boys would have to sort out their differences themselves.


Over the next month, Ian spent almost all of his spare time with Geoff. They visited the 'Beauchamp' again several times, as well as a number of other bars along the strip. Geoff managed to talk him into a couple of nights at clubs, and even succeeded in getting the reluctant solicitor to dance with him to the heavy beat of house music at 'Arq' after many drinks in the early hours of the morning. With the passage of time, Ian came to feel less and less uneasy in 'gay' venues, warming to the party life and happily prowling the night-spots of Darlinghurst with Geoff as he did. And after each outing, they would return to the flat where Geoff would eagerly make love to him. As the weeks went by, Ian noticed that Geoff's ardour slowed a little, but he wasn't complaining, a little less rough and tumble, a little more tenderness and romance suited him perfectly.

Geoff insisted to himself that Ian was the one, that he would break his habits and work hard to keep their relationship going. He sensed himself cooling a fraction as Ian leaned less heavily on him in the various pubs and clubs, but promised himself that it was just the normal easing of that initial infatuation - it happened to everyone!

Late one Friday night, after the two had dined at Geoff's caf�, then danced together among the sweaty male bodies at the 'Midnight Shift', they had rolled around, naked and grasping at each other, on Geoff's huge bed. Ian manoeuvered the two of them so that Geoff lay on his back, and the younger man sensuously lubed his lover's upright prong before kneeling astride him and lowering himself onto that fleshy prod. For more than an hour, they fucked like that, Ian gasping with delight as Geoff speared himself into Ian's warm cavern, Geoff nearing his peak several times as his handsome young man bounced and writhed on his cock. Finally, Ian could hold back no more, and his prick erupted with a jerk, streamers of creamy jizz flying through the air and splattering on Geoff's chest. The climax made Ian clench his arse tightly around Geoff's invading weapon, and that in turn set off the bigger man's orgasm, sending him lurching up and into Ian yet again as he emptied his balls.

When they finally collapsed, Ian backing into Geoff's body, snuggling up against the warm skin, Geoff smiled at the back of the other man's head, congratulating himself on the fact that they were still together, still having boisterous sex, after, for Geoff at least, such a long time. Slowly sleep drifted down upon them. Geoff felt his eyes growing heavy, heard Ian's breathing slow. Just as he was about to drift off into unconsciousness, Ian mumbled.

"What did you say?" Geoff asked softly.

"I love you!" Ian repeated, then breathed deeply, squirmed once, and fell asleep.

Geoff lay there, his arms still around his lawyer, his heart beating heavily. Sleep had flown from him with those simple words, and now his brain was tormented. Love! What could Ian know of love? What did Geoff know of love? He liked Ian. Liked him a lot. Hell, he more than just liked him, and he 'loved' making love with him. But did he love him? He couldn't answer that, not now, not for himself, and it bothered him for many hours into the night.


Detective Michael Sciutta had put a bit of time into the question of Geoff Carruthers and Ian Sterling after the night he watched the two men go into Geoff's apartment together. He would never admit it, even to himself, but he had more than just a professional interest in the two. He found Carruthers fascinating, and at the same time devious. He was sure Geoff was involved in the drug scene, as well as numerous other activities. And he found Sterling intriguing, as well as very attractive. All the evidence pointed to Ian being linked to Geoff, and therefore involved in his clandestine affairs, yet part of Michael, the part he tried to keep buried, refused to accept that the young lawyer was really a criminal. He told himself to think with his brain and not with his dick. Ian Sterling was way, way off limits!

He had looked into the guests at the restaurant that night, but their presence at a caf� meant nothing really. And so, although he didn't forget about the two, he put them aside as other, more urgent matters landed on his desk. The weeks passed, and Michael would have forgotten all about Geoff Carruthers if not for the occasional mental image of he and Ian Sterling heading into Geoff's apartment complex that night after the opening of the restaurant.

His interest was instantly revived when he received a memo from his counterpart in the south-western region drug squad, asking for any update on contacts or activities by Geoff Carruthers. He quickly retrieved the files from his archives and called the other officer for more information. It seemed that one of the squad's undercover officers had been making good progress in establishing contact with the main distributor in the Green Valley area, one Neale Simpson. Simpson had actually boasted to the undercover cop that he had real influence with the supplier who came from the City. In the course of a drunken tirade, Simpson had gone on to say that his mate, Geoff Carruthers, looked after him, and that he and Carruthers were so close that Carruthers had dropped other business to travel out and re-assure Simpson when he suspected that he was being watched. Michael grinned at the irony of that boast.

It wasn't enough to tie Geoff to Neale directly in the drug supply chain, but it was certainly enough for Michael to obtain a telephone tapping order and set up a listening post on Geoff's home phone. He winced a little when he thought about what else might be heard, particularly in conversations between Carruthers and Ian Sterling, but he had a job to do, and Carruthers was suddenly a much more viable target.

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1. For the benefit of my 'non-Australian' readers, the expression "happy little vegemite" comes from a well known advertising campaign which has been running on radio and television in Australia for almost 70 years. 'Vegemite' is a black sandwich spread which I'm told is completely inedible for anyone not raised in this country, and its makers have been running an advert with the jingle "We're happy little Vegemites, as bright as bright can be ..." for so long that the expression 'happy little vegemite' has become part of the language.

This story is a fantasy, it is not real and only happened in my imagination. YOU MUST REMEMBER that in the real world, you can DIE from having unsafe sex. It is your right and your duty to make sure that condoms are always used, whether you are giving or receiving. It doesn't matter how good looking or how ugly he is, and it doesn't matter whether you are top or bottom, USE A CONDOM!