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Ian awoke sometime during the early hours of the morning, confused and uncertain as the foggy residue of sleep slowly lifted from him and he found himself in an unfamiliar place. He was lying on his side, facing a bare back, one arm under a warm, sleeping body, into whom he was spooned closely. The memory of last night, and of where he was, flooded through him, and he grinned with joy. Along with that joy came a series of lusty thoughts, and his cock sprang to attention unbidden.

Michael shifted slightly as Ian's quickly swelling prick nudged against his lower back, and his deep sonorous breathing eased into silence. "Are you planning to do anything with that, or are you just teasing me?" came a still drowsy voice from the other side of the bed.

"Sorry," Ian whispered. "I was just remembering you," he said huskily.

"No need to be sorry," Michael replied, now sounding quite awake. "Unless you're planning on going back to sleep again!"

"Mmmm," Ian hummed happily. "That an invitation?" he asked as he hugged Michael closer, adjusting himself so that his now rock hard manhood slid down along the crack of Michael's arse.

Michael shifted his upper leg so that his rear was more exposed, moving around until the head of Ian's penis rested pointedly against his twitching rosebud before he answered. "What do you think?" he asked in a hiss.

With both arms around the other man, Ian pulled himself in tighter. The fingers of one hand found Michael's nipple and began to tweak at it, while his other hand lazily explored the cop's chest, running slowly through the thick fur there, before sliding down across his stomach to find a very large, and very erect, organ; the length of which he traced with his fingertips. His own chest pressed against the hidden strength of Michael's powerful back, and he made soft, careful jabs at the moist tender spot where the head of his cock was held in place by Michael's legs. Michael hummed with contentment, almost purring, as Ian caressed him and embraced him like this.

"God, that feels good," he whispered. "I want you to make love to me, stud!"

"Oh yeah," Ian agreed. "Can you reach the drawer from where you are?"

Michael stretched his arm without moving the rest of his body, and Ian heard the bedside table opening, and a rummaging within it for several seconds. A slurping sound was followed by the feel of Michael's hand on his cock, and slick lube being rubbed over his cockhead, then smeared around Michael's anus. Then Michael settled back again, readjusting his position so that Ian's dick was nudging into his ring of muscle.

"Are you sure?" Ian asked in a voice filled with lusty anticipation.

"Oh, yeah," Michael answered. "I need you inside me, now!"

Ian's heart beat rapidly as he began to inch his way forward, feeling the pressure of Michael's sphincter as it resisted his penetration. He continued his play with the man's nipples and cupped the detective's balls in his other hand as he let his pelvis ride into Michael's arse. Michael's moaning grew louder, his pleasure obvious as the lips of his hole opened around Ian, and suddenly the lawyer was inside, Michael's muscles clenching tightly at his cockhead.

Michael gasped, and Ian stopped, waiting for him to adjust. In seconds, Michael spoke again.

"Oh, yes, stud," he hissed. "That's it, slide into me!"

Ian answered him with a whispered "Oh, yeah," and did just as he was told. His long shaft slowly slid through the ring of grasping flesh, and buried itself in Michael's waiting rectum.

To a chorus of grunts and groans from both of them, Ian began to thrust into Michael, driving his cock into the soft moist cavity, pulling at Michael's nipples and squeezing at the cop's genitals. Michael murmured soft urgings, begging Ian to fuck him, harder and deeper, and Ian ploughed into him quickly, kissing his neck and shoulders as he did. But the position was not particularly comfortable, for either of them, and Ian wanted more. Reluctantly, he withdrew from Michael, earning a quiet reprimand.

"Why did you stop?" Michael asked.

"I want to see your face," Ian replied, rolling away a little, still trembling with inner need.

Michael sat up, looked at his mate, and smiled. In an instant, he straddled Ian's body, and lowered himself onto the swollen erection at Ian's groin, using his own weight to drive Ian as deeply into himself as he could manage.

"Oh shit!" Ian whispered, as Michael grunted with the sudden filling of his bowel.

"Mmmm," Michael answered in a hoarse moan. "Fuck me, handsome!"

Overtaken by lust-filled desire, Ian did as he was asked, jabbing his long hard spear upward and into Michael's squelching innards, probing the recesses of the cop's body as he thrust up, dropped and thrust again. Michael bounced atop him, riding the satin coated steel which jutted up from Ian's groin and pierced his sphincter. As he groaned with the rising pleasure of being skewered upon Ian's prick, Michael looked down into his man's eyes, his hands falling to Ian's chest where he grabbed and pulled at the hard brown nubs of Ian's nipples. Ian gasped with delight, his face turned upward to stare into Michael's eyes as his hands closed around the detective's bouncing cock, and cupped his testicles in a vice-like grip.

Ian's weapon was buried deep inside the hot wet cavern of Michael's arse, thrusting ever upwards and inwards as he ploughed himself into that glorious, inviting body. His nerves were on edge, his senses tingling with a thousand aching needs as he fucked the man sitting on him with lusty, animalistic power. Michael ached from the unbridled joy of having the young lawyer within him, as the long, scalding dagger invaded his bowel, nudged ever upward into his stomach, and scraped across his prostate. He moaned continually with unspoken delight at the feeling of being impaled upon the man beneath him, his entire body trembling as he clenched and released the living sword scabbarded inside him.

For an eternity, the two fucked each other like this, Ian pounding and thrusting, Michael gripping and clenching back at each jab. They sweated and gasped at each other, lost to the passionate ecstasy of their coupling. Eventually, Ian's body could take no more.

"Michael," he hissed in warning, "I'm so, so close! Cum with me, please?"

The cop nodded his breathless assent, intensifying the way he bounced up and down on Ian's body. "Oh, yeah, handsome," he managed to mutter. "Let it blow, I'm right there with you!"

A strangled call escaped the lawyer's lips as his body convulsed. "Aaarrgghh, now ... NOW!" he screamed, driving himself one last time, deeper than ever into his lover.

Michael felt the power of that final thrust, and watched the look on Ian's face as he climaxed. Squeezing Ian's cock hard with his sphincter, he huffed and sweated as his senses peaked and his orgasm enveloped him. "Unnnhhh," he called out, "I'm cumming ... uh ... uh ... UHHHHRRGH!"

Wads of ejaculate suddenly leapt from Michael's cock, flying up into the air, and crashing down upon the still spasming body of the lawyer beneath him. At the same time, Ian's testicles emptied their precious produce in a torrent of scalding cream deep inside Michael's suctioning bowel, each shot accompanied by a wrenching shudder as they peaked simultaneously.

When finally they floated down from the heights, Michael collapsed against Ian, happily flexing his ravaged ring around the pole of flesh still filling him. Ian smiled with delight. They kissed; a long, tender embrace, and Michael carefully lifted himself away. He lay back down beside Ian, playfully stroking the slowly deflating member which had given him so much pleasure.

"Thank you, stud," he whispered.

"Thank you!" Ian replied eagerly. "That was fantastic."

Despite the first light of dawn picking its way into the room, the two men once again cuddled into each other and slept happily for hours more.


This time, it was Michael who roused first. His eyes opened to find Ian's face mere centimetres away, Ian's head resting gently on his arm. He did not move, just lay there, enjoying the view of the sleeping man beside him, tired but immensely happy. Ian Sterling was in his bed! They had made love -- twice, and Michael felt so overjoyed, he could have cried. A few minutes later, Ian's eyelids blinked open, and recognition dawned with a smile.

"Good morning, handsome," he said drowsily.

"I think it's still `good morning'," Michael chuckled. "How are you feeling?"

"Mmmm," Ian stretched. "Wonderful."

"Want some breakfast?"

"Just a juice, if you have it."

Michael grinned, and rolled away from the lawyer, starting to rise from the bed.

"Hey," Ian pouted, "Haven't you forgotten something?"

Michael looked confused and lost. "Huh?" he asked.

"How about a kiss?"

With a huge smile, the cop leaned back down to kiss his man tenderly, his hands falling to Ian's chest. He began to fondle the small but erect mounds, then reluctantly pulled away. "I have juice and coffee to see to," he announced.

Ian laughed, but let him go. As Michael padded naked from the room, Ian admired the firm roundness of his bum and grinned yet again, rolling over and forcing himself out of bed. He followed the cop's lead, and wandered nude into the other room. For the first time, Ian actually took a close look at Michael's flat. It was indeed tiny, the sparse furnishings failing to mask the fact that Michael lived in no more than a box.

Almost absently, he asked aloud, "Hey, don't you feel a bit claustrophobic in here sometimes?"

Ian didn't see it, but Michael tensed instantly. His voice was defensive when he spoke. "It suits me okay. I don't need much."

"Hey, babe, I'm not criticising," Ian answered quickly, hurrying to where Michael stood, and throwing his arms around the other man. "I was just asking. If you're happy here, then that's fine by me." He felt a slight easing of the tension in Michael's shoulders as he spoke, but still the cop remained on edge.

"Ian," Michael said quietly, "I know I don't have much. A tiny flat, no fancy clothes or expensive gadgets, hardly any furniture to speak of. But that's me, it's the way I am. I've never felt the need for all of that stuff, so I live simply and just do my job. I have done for years." He shrugged out of Ian's embrace and turned to face him. "If that's not enough, then I'm sorry."

A little taken aback by the tone of Michael's words, Ian hurried to reassure him. "No, that's not what I meant at all! I don't care what you have or don't have. All I care about at this moment is you -- and how you feel about me," he stated firmly, stepping back so that they faced each other, both still incongruously naked, across the space of Michael's kitchenette.

"I, uhh, I think ..." the policeman couldn't bring himself to utter the `L' word just yet. "I think you mean a lot to me," he finally stuttered out.

"I sure hope so," Ian responded, although not entirely convinced. "Because I think you mean a lot to me, too." The lawyer looked down at his feet, nervous as he prepared to bare his soul. With an effort, he went on. "Michael, please don't play with me," he begged. "You know what I've been through over the last year or so. If last night was just a `pity' fuck; if you feel sorry for me, then say so, and let me go. I don't think I could take it if I let myself get emotionally attached to you, and then lost you like I did with Geoff."

"No, Ian, NO!" Michael agonised. "That's not how I feel at all. I would never do anything, would never let anyone else do anything, which would hurt you. I swear, if there were any way I could take away the hurt that Geoff Carruthers caused to you, I would. I can't tell you how angry I was -- am -- with him over the way he treated you ..." He stopped, wondering if he had said too much, if he had re-opened wounds not yet healed. "Please believe me. I just wish I were good enough for you!"

Ian's mirthless chuckle was full of ironic despair. "Don't you see? It's not that you're not good enough -- you're too good for me! You're comfortable with yourself, you have your life together, you know what you want and you're happy with what you have. I always feel like I'm searching for something, only I don't know what it is!"

"Then let's search together," Michael said earnestly. "Maybe we'll help each other find what we both need. Can we try at least?"

Ian nodded nervously, and the pair came together again, embracing tightly, chest to chest and groin to groin, but there was no sexual excitement in either this time. It was a shared emotional need, a joint longing, which held them in each other's arms for long minutes. When finally they separated, Ian smiled up at his detective. "Thanks, babe," he whispered.

"Thank you, handsome," Michael smiled back softly. "Now have some coffee, okay?"

"Uh huh," Ian agreed. "Then I really should get dressed and head home. I might look like a man of leisure, but I do have responsibilities to the Foundation," he laughed weakly.

Michael smiled back, but wondered yet again within himself. He said nothing as he poured their coffees, and both men sat drinking in silence, occasionally smiling reassurances at each other that neither was completely certain of. Ian finally finished his drink, and stood, retrieving his clothes and slowly dressing as Michael watched silently. When Ian was ready to leave, he turned back to the still quiet policeman.

"Are you okay?" he asked uncertainly. Michael nodded. "Are we okay, then?" he added anxiously.

"Yes, I think we are," Michael finally spoke. "I guess it's going to be hard to get used to at first, but I think we can help each other along the way," he smiled softly.

Ian breathed an audible sigh of relief. "Thanks, Michael, I needed to hear that," he said sincerely, then reached for the door.

"Ian?" Michael called to him, making him turn back again. "Can we get together again, soon?" he asked.

Ian grinned wickedly. "I doubt I could say no to anyone who looked the way you do right now ..." he said with a laugh, and Michael suddenly looked down at himself and blushed as if just realising he was completely naked. " ... but I know I couldn't say no to you, and I never want to. When can you get some time again?"

Overcoming his temporary embarrassment, Michael thought aloud. "I'm rostered on for afternoon or evening shifts all this week from today until Friday, so that's out -- but what about Saturday?"

"If that's the earliest, then I'll take it," grinned Ian. He considered for a moment, then added, "Tell you what -- I'll pick you up here at 5.00 o'clock Saturday afternoon, okay? And dress casual, very casual!" he leered.

Michael laughed as he agreed, and Ian leaned into him to kiss him again quickly. He pulled open the door, looking to make sure no-one was passing by to see Michael's glory from the hallway. Just as he was going, he spoke again. "Oh, and Michael? This time I'm paying -- no arguments!" and with that he was gone.

The cop stood there for a few seconds, mildly annoyed at the parting remark, until he began to smile -- a smile which grew very wide as he thought of seeing Ian again, and remembered just how much they had shared the previous night. That brought on a distinct tightening at his groin, and he grinned again before heading for the bathroom, and a long cold shower.


Ian didn't really have time to dwell on his conversation with Michael over the next few days. Although there had been some questions left hanging, he felt very happy whenever he thought about their evening together. He was busy with both the Foundation, and still working a few days a week at Armstrong & Sorensen, so he had little time to concern himself over the budding relationship, other than to look forward to their next date on Saturday. He even begged off the usual Friday night drinks with Nick, Morgan and Tony. He suspected they would want a lot more information from him than he was prepared, or even able, to give.

Tina had telephoned Michael at work on Thursday to check on his progress with `trying again', only to be told that Michael and Ian had already seen each other, that they had gotten along `very well', and that they had a third date planned for Saturday. Despite her protests and questions, Michael refused to divulge anymore than that, and she had to content herself with the knowledge that at least the two were seeing each other. She itched to know more, and determined that no matter what, she would get further details from either Michael or Ian, or both, on Sunday.

For Michael, the gap between Wednesday morning and Saturday afternoon both raced and dragged. He could barely wait to see Ian again, and although the prospect of another incredible night of passion was a big part of his anticipation, he also knew he felt far more than simply a physical attraction for the young lawyer. Work just seemed to spin out unendingly, and he had real difficulty in concentrating whenever he let himself think about the coming weekend. What he tried not to think about were the doubts which still niggled at him about whether or not he really was going to be able to keep Ian interested.

By 4.30 on Saturday afternoon, Michael was shaved, showered and ready. The flat was as clean and tidy as he could make it, just in case Ian wanted to come back there again. He remembered Ian's instructions to dress casually, so he donned the same very tight jeans he had worn on Tuesday night, and a deep blue polo shirt which fit him snugly, and showed off his chest. `Casual enough,' he told himself, `but okay if we end up in a restaurant somewhere.' He fidgeted a little, looked at his watch several times, and then simply gave up and went downstairs to wait outside the building.

A few minutes before 5.00, a taxi came up the tiny street, weaving its way between the parked cars. Michael took little notice, until the vehicle pulled up directly opposite him and the rear door opened.

"Hey, babe," Ian said quietly as he stepped up to Michael, giving him an easy hug and a light kiss on the cheek. "You look good!"

"Thanks," Michael answered, a little unsteadied by the open show of affection. "I didn't realise you were getting a cab."

"Easier than driving and trying to find somewhere to park. Come on, hop in."

Michael walked around to the other side of the cab and climbed inside while Ian returned to where he had been sitting on the passenger side when he arrived. Between them on the seat lay a cooler bag which tinkled with the sound of glass against glass as it moved. The cop looked at it, then raised an eyebrow at Ian as his friend asked the driver to go up the hill to King Street, turn left, and pull over near the convenience store on the corner of Brown Street.

"A couple of beers," Ian answered simply to Michael's unspoken question. "We have to have something to drink with dinner, after all." He grinned, and slid his hand over to lock his fingers between Michael's. The two looked at each other, and Ian's grin quickly spread to Michael's face.

As the taxi pulled up where Ian had asked, he said to both Michael and the driver, "Wait here a minute, I won't be long," and jumped out. Michael twisted in his seat trying to see where Ian was headed, but lost him in the crowds along the footpath. True to his word, within minutes, Ian was back, carrying a largish parcel wrapped in plain white paper. Hopping back into the taxi, he said to the driver, "Okay, on to the Park," and dropped the bundle on the seat.

Michael began to laugh as he identified the smell emanating from the paper between them. "If I didn't know better I'd say that was ..."

"Fish and chips!" Ian completed for him. "That's right, in genuine butcher's paper. The only way to eat them! You'd make a good detective, you know!"

"And where are we eating them?" Michael chuckled.

"You'll see ..."

The cab took them straight along King Street, past the railway station and down the hill through the less popular part of the strip, to where the Princes Highway started near St Peter's Station. He turned left and ran along the side of Sydney Park, the large empty space which marked the southern boundary of Newtown and Erskineville. At the next lights, the cab made a right into the car parking area for the Park, and pulled up.

"Thanks," Ian said as he handed the driver some money. "Come on, you, time to walk!" he said to Michael.

Still bemused, the cop exited the car as directed, looking around. There was probably no more than 45 minutes of daylight left, and the Park itself was almost empty. To the left of where they stood was the well-tended, verdant expanse of the cricket oval, neatly fenced in white pickets. To their right, a children's road education facility. Behind them were just blocks of flats and in front a bare slope leading up and into the park itself.

"A picnic!" Ian declared. "Fish and chips, and a beer on the grass."


"Sure, why not?"

"Umm," Michael grimaced. "It's not exactly ... err ... picturesque, is it!"

Ian shook his head in mock disgust, and grinned again. "Follow me, big boy," he said, taking Michael's hand. Without thought for anyone else, he led the policeman out of the parking area and up a fairly steep path that headed for the summit of the man-made hill directly before them. It took no more than a few minutes to reach the top, but as they did, Michael breathed a surprised "Wow!" as he looked at the view.

From the top of that nondescript hill, they could see for kilometres in every direction. To the east, the apartment blocks and factories that led to the coastline. West was the vast expanse of suburbia, while southwards they looked over the airport and Botany Bay to the green distances of Sutherland. And behind them, to the north, Erskineville lay at their feet, crowded into the area between them and the towering high rise buildings of the City itself. Slowly, Michael swung through 360 degrees, taking it all in, then faced Ian, his eyes wide.

"Incredible!" he whistled through his teeth. "I had no idea this place existed -- right on my doorstep."

Ian grinned. "Most people don't. From the road it looks like just a bare hill, but look down there," he motioned south, down the slope. "This mound hides the main park -- there's duck ponds and open spaces -- it goes way back. The place was an old brick pit, but the City bought it, and turned it into a park, yet no-one uses it."

The solicitor threw himself down on the gentle slope facing the city. "Take a seat, `good lookin'," he said, opening the parcel of battered fish pieces and hot chips, before retrieving a bottle of beer each from the cooler bag. "Dinner!" he proclaimed with a grin. "I'll bet you don't get to go on too many dates where they go to this much trouble?"

"I don't get to go on too many dates, full stop," Michael laughed. "But for you, and only for you, I'll make an exception."

Side by side, they reclined on the grassy knoll, the feast of fried tidbits between them, and they carefully picked at the hot food, relaxing as the sun fell to the horizon, and the lights of the city began to glimmer. Michael smiled to himself as he blew on the hot potato slivers.

"You know, I haven't done this since I was a kid. We used to go down to the beach at Maroubra, my family, and sit on the promenade eating fish and chips out of newspaper on Friday nights."

"What, just plain old fish and chips?" Ian looked surprised. "With a name like `Sciutta', I'd have thought you would be eating calamari and olives, with sun-dried tomatoes, or something similar."

"Ha, sure," Michael laughed. "Except that my mum isn't Italian! For that matter, neither was my dad. My grandparents came to Australia not long after the war, but my father was born here in Sydney."

Ian smiled inwardly at this opening up by the normally reticent detective. "Any brothers or sisters?' he prodded.

"Two sisters," Michael replied. "But I don't get to see a lot of them."


"No, not at all. My father died just after I finished school. By that time both girls were already married, so I only saw them occasionally anyway. A few years later, my mum re-married and moved down the coast to Kiama. She was the one who made sure we all saw each other, so when she moved out of town, we just didn't bother. I only see them now for big family gatherings once or twice a year."

"Do they know ... that you're gay, I mean?" Ian asked.

"Yeah. I never told my dad -- just didn't have the courage back then. But I came out to my sisters after he died, and finally told Mum not long before she moved. They were all okay with it; no great revelations, but no real angst either." Michael went quiet for a minute or so. "I really should get in touch with them more often," he said more to himself than to Ian.

"I only told my parents about being gay after Geoff died," Ian spoke softly, but not sadly. "They were great about it; told me they already guessed, and that they loved me, wanted to be a part of my life. I wish I'd done it years ago now." He rolled up the last of the greasy paper and tucked it into the cooler bag, lying on his back and looking up at the stars, sidling a little closer to his mate so that their legs touched as both reclined on the grass.

"You're lucky," Michael said. "It would have been tough if they had rejected you, so soon after ..." he fell silent suddenly.

"It's okay," Ian reassured him. "I can talk about it, now. When I think about Geoff, I can't help thinking that I owe him so much."

"I guess so," Michael agreed half-heartedly. Privately, he still felt only anger at the way Geoff Carruthers had treated Ian so badly.

"Any other family?" Michael asked casually, hoping to divert Ian's mind away from his former boyfriend.

"Three brothers," Ian said. "I grew up in Queensland -- in Brisbane. We all did. I'm the only one of the family who moved out of town. And the only one who isn't married. Maybe that's why my parents guessed that I was gay," he finished with a grin.

"Do your brothers know?"

"I'm not sure. I haven't told them myself, but I don't know if my mum has, since she found out. They are all fairly close, see each other often."

Michael rolled onto his side, facing Ian, and leaned up on one elbow to look down at his friend's face. "Do you miss the family, then?"

"A little, I guess," Ian mused. "Although I have Nick and Tina. They're like brother and sister to me, or even more than that. I rely on them a lot."

"Yep, they're pretty special people. You're lucky to have such an amazing friendship with them," Michael nodded, remembering Tina's call and his subsequent visit after the first disastrous attempt at a date with Ian.

Ian grinned. "They think very highly of you, too, you know."

"I'm glad of that," Michael chuckled. "I don't think I'd like to get on the wrong side of either of them, especially Tina!"

Sharing a laugh, the two men inched closer together. Without warning, Michael lowered his face to Ian, and kissed him. It began gently, but Ian hungrily returned the embrace, and their kiss grew into an inflamed, passionate joining as they explored teeth and tongues, tasting each other and drinking in the sensations, out there on the exposed hillside in the darkness. In their eagerness to be together, Ian had slid further under Michael, and the cop had rolled halfway over him, covering much of his body.

"Ahhh," Michael breathed when they broke apart. "I don't know that we should continue this, not here anyway. I'd hate to be arrested for `public indecency'," he smirked.

Ian simply smiled guiltily. As Michael rolled back off him, the lawyer followed, onto his side. With his head propped up on one elbow, his free hand reached out, tracing the very obvious outline of Michael's manhood through the denim of his jeans. "So, does this mean you're glad to see me again?" he said wickedly.

"No," Michael rebuffed him. "It means you turn me on incredibly, and I want to have hot passionate sex with you!" Ian's eyes widened in pretend shock and outrage, although he couldn't hide the grin on his face for long. "This means I am so happy that you agreed to see me again, and that I hope we see a hell of a lot more of each other," he declared, leaning down to kiss the lawyer once again with a deep and continuing embrace.

"Maybe we should get out of here, find somewhere more private?" Ian suggested as he came up for air several minutes later.

"Mmmmm," Michael agreed, licking his lips. Together they stood, ambling down the hill and out of the park. Ian's home was a 15 minute walk away, and they made the entire journey holding hands, and stopped often to kiss and cuddle in dark corners before finally letting themselves into the house.

Once inside, they clawed at each other in eager lust, quickly stripping and moving to the bedroom, where Ian pulled his policeman down on top of him, kissing him urgently as hands and fingers explored bodies appreciatively.

"Fuck me, big boy!" the lawyer hissed, and Michael happily obliged. Their love making was lengthy and earnest, as they coupled for hours into the evening before finally sleeping, wrapped in each other's arms.


Ian was lying on his side, wide awake and admiring the beautiful form of Michael's body sprawled across the rest of the bed. He thought for the hundredth time that morning how lucky he was to have someone as good as Michael interested in spending time with him, and resisted the temptation to plant a kiss on those full round lips. Suddenly the phone rang, and he scrambled around to pick it up before it woke his partner.

"Hello?" he hissed into the instrument.

"Hi, Ian," came Tina's overly cheerful voice. "I hope I woke you," she said, and he could all but see the grin on her face. "Nick and I are going in to Paddy's Markets this morning, and then we thought we'd get some yum cha for lunch in Chinatown. And I think it's about time I had a word with you about seeing Michael again! So can you be ready for us to pick you up in half an hour?"

Michael was stirring behind Ian as he listened to Tina bubble away on the phone, and Ian rolled back on the bed resignedly, smiling at the handsome man beside him. With a wicked grin, he held the handpiece just away from his face, and said loudly, "Michael, Tina wants to know if we want to go to the Markets with them. Something about yum cha and a lecture over our dating. What do you think?"

Michael stifled a laugh as they both clearly heard Tina's curse down the line.

"I'm fine with that!" the cop declared.

"Tina, Michael says he wants to stay at home, and not let me out of bed all day," Ian spoke into the phone.

"Bloody hell!" Tina cursed again. "Okay, you get extra time to clean up ... or whatever! We'll be there in an hour."

Smiling from ear to ear, Ian dropped the telephone and rolled back to his man, for a long, tender kiss.

"Don't start something we can't finish," Michael warned half-heartedly. "You heard what she said, they'll be here in an hour ..."

"Plenty of time!" Ian declared. "Besides, it won't kill them to wait a few minutes," as he slowly began to nibble his way down Michael's neck and across his chest.

Michael offered no resistance, and Ian continued his journey. The cop threw his head back and moaned loudly when he felt the lawyer's lips close around his penis, springing to full tumescence immediately. "I hope you know what you're doing ..." he whispered in warning.

"I'm damn sure of it!" came a muffled reply.


"Are you ready for this?" Ian asked in all seriousness. Just over an hour earlier he and Michael had laughed at Tina's consternation when she discovered that she had caught them in bed together. They had then managed to happily divert their attention with a hot, if somewhat hurried, round of making love, then quickly showered and dressed, and were now waiting for Nick and Tina to arrive.

"What do you mean?" Michael asked, puzzled. "A trip to the markets can't be that bad."

"It's not the markets I'm worried about. We're about to face some serious questioning -- the kind that makes the Spanish Inquisition look like a polite query," Ian grimaced.

Michael laughed hard. "She can't be that bad. She just wants what's best for you."

"Famous last words!" Ian muttered. He was stopped from saying any more by a knocking at the door.

"Hi, guys, have a good night?" Nick beamed to the reddening faces of both Ian and Michael. "Tina's waiting in the car -- she's driving today."

The three of them hurried out and Nick jumped in the front seat while Ian and Michael moved to either side of the back. "Good morning," Tina called breezily, as if she picked up Ian and his boyfriend every day of the week. "So what did you two get up to last night?"

Michael spluttered, but Ian jumped in to save him. "We had dinner -- fish and chips, if you really want to know -- in Sydney Park."

"Hey, mate," Nick grinned. "You really know how to impress, don't you?"

"It was wonderful," Michael protested. "That park is magnificent. There's a hill where you can see forever, and when the lights start coming on all over town, it's just magic!"

"Well, it sounds like you've impressed Michael at least," Tina noted.

"So what are we shopping for at the markets?" Ian asked quickly, trying to regain some control over the conversation. It seemed to work, because Tina launched into a list of things she wanted to look at, detailing her plans and speculating on prices. That was enough to keep her occupied until they reached the carpark, and all four piled out, heading for the elevators.

Paddy's Markets is a Sydney institution. Originally occupying the same site in a large Victorian warehouse for many years, it was temporarily moved in the late 1980's to allow a huge commercial and residential tower to be built, but moved back into the lower ground floor after the building was up. There may have been four or five levels of air-conditioned retail shopping above, and some thirty five storeys or more of apartments over that, but the beating heart of the building lay in the Markets which operated Thursday through Sunday every week. As the doors of the lift opened, the foursome were confronted by a cacophony of sound and colour -- hundreds of semi-permanent market stalls selling every imaginable trinket, chased the business of thousands of meandering shoppers.

Instantly, Tina was off; looking for her intended purchases, and browsing generally at the same time. Her three male attendants simply tagged along behind, trying to keep up with her, and occasionally picking up some object or other that caught their eye as they went. After an initial burst of energy, she slowed a little, giving the guys a chance to also browse at their leisure, and the two couples moved casually along the rows of offerings. At one point, Tina had stopped to look at some shirts, while Ian and Michael had meandered ahead a few paces. They were standing together, poring over something as Tina looked up at them. Nick was right beside her, and she tugged his shirt.

"Look at them," she said smiling. "They are perfect together!"

Nick had to agree. Ian was bending across a low table, Michael standing with one hand on Ian's shoulder, pointing something out. They appeared so comfortable together, and so content, that it seemed obvious to both he and Tina that they were destined to become a permanent pair.

Up ahead, Ian had picked out a pair of plastic hand-cuffs, waving them in front of Michael's face.

"I wonder what we could do with these?" he said with a fake innocence.

Michael laughed. "If you wanna play those kind of games," he leered, "I have the genuine article at home!"

Just then Nick and Tina caught them up. "Hey guys, way too much information," Nick declared. "I don't know if I want that mental picture."

A little while later, Michael had moved on ahead with Nick, and Ian was flicking through a box of DVD's, looking for any old movies he may want to add to his collection. Tina's arms snaked through his, and without looking at him, she said casually,

"So Michael stayed the night?" It was less of a question than a statement.

"Yes, he did," Ian answered almost defiantly.

"And ...?"

"And what, Tina?" He was beginning to enjoy this little game.

She turned to face him, irritation growing. "And what does that mean? Are you going out with him? Are you intending to make this a permanent arrangement? How do you feel about him?"

Ian laughed aloud, so much so that he drew a questioning glance from Nick and Michael, but waved them away easily. "You are amazing, Tina," he said. "We've been on a couple of dates. We've spent the night together twice ..."

"Twice!?" she interrupted, "But when ..."

"... we don't tell you everything, my darling," he grinned widely again, going on. "But I think maybe it's a bit early to be asking about full-on relationships. We're still just starting to get to know each other. How about cutting us some slack?"

"Of course," she smiled sweetly. "But I just want to make sure you do the right thing," she added. "That's my job!"

He laughed again, shaking his head.

"At least tell me how you feel about dating him," she pressed.

With a roll of his eyes that he made sure she noticed, Ian sighed. "I really enjoy his company, now that he has relaxed, and we can talk properly. He is a wonderful man, and I intend seeing him as often as he'll let me," he said.

"That's great!" Tina exclaimed. "Of course he'll let you; I'm sure he'll want to see you a lot, too!"

"Maybe," the lawyer mused. "I just don't know how far I'm ready to commit yet." He looked thoughtful, then brightened quickly as he stared Tina in the face again. "Of course, he's just incredible in bed!"

Tina tried to look disgusted, punching him gently in the shoulder. "Men! You're all the same -- that's all you ever think of!" Secretly, she was over the moon with Ian's revelations, and together they hurried to catch up with Nick and Michael.

"I'm just about done here," she announced to the others, shouldering a calico bag filled with assorted pieces of clothing. "Do you guys want to keep going, or are you ready to eat?"

"I'm happy to get out of here," Nick announced.

"Me too," agreed both Ian and Michael together.

They quickly made their way out of the markets, and started walking up Harbour Street toward the centre of Chinatown itself. It would be no problem to find a table at one of the many restaurants offering the traditional yum cha lunch this morning. Tina and Ian were slightly ahead, talking animatedly, and Nick fell back a little, turning to Michael as they strolled along.

"So, I guess you guys got over the problems of your first date?" Nick said in a quiet but friendly tone.

"Yeah," Michael confirmed. "I took your advice, and stopped trying to be what I thought he'd like. It worked."

"That's good," said Nick smiling. "You're a couple now then?"

The cop slowed a little, looking Nick in the eyes. "I don't think that you could say that, not yet. Ian is the best thing ever to happen to me, but we're only just starting out. I really want this to work, but we need time. He might still decide I'm not the right one for him, who knows?"

"I know!" Nick said with conviction. "And he knows, too. It just might take a little while for that knowledge to surface. But Michael," he became very serious now, " ... whatever you do, don't hurt him! Police or not, if you hurt him, I swear I'll kill you!"

"Don't worry, Nick," Michael answered, completely serious. "I'll never do anything like that!"

After a searching look at each other, the two sped up to rejoin Ian and Tina just as they reached the restaurant, and with a sense of balance restored, the four sat down together to laugh and eat and enjoy the brunch.


"That wasn't as bad as I thought it would be," Ian commented to Michael after Nick and Tina dropped them at Ian's home, and they were alone again. "I really expected much more grilling from Tina."

Michael grinned to himself, thinking of the warning he had received from Nick. "They only want what's best for you," he said diplomatically. "And so do I ..."

"Thanks, handsome," Ian replied. "I know it's Sunday afternoon, but do you need to go yet? I'd like you to stay if you can."

"Yeah, I'd like that; like it a lot!" Michael smiled, gathering the young lawyer into his arms, as they kissed gently. Without another word, Ian led Michael into the bedroom.


Due to Michael's unorthodox working hours, over the next couple of weeks the two were only able to see each other three or four times, snatching a night together whenever they could. Michael worried aloud that his hours were already putting a strain on the budding relationship, but Ian dismissed his concerns.

"Don't worry about that," he said reassuringly. "My work will keep us apart as well, I'm sure. Besides, I don't need a `standard nine to five' relationship. You are who and what you are, and that includes your job." Yet despite Ian's promise, Michael wasn't able to completely bury his concerns.

Three weeks after the trip to Paddy's Markets, Ian was planning on meeting Nick, Morgan and Tony for their normal drinks after work. Michael had been scheduled to start work at 9.00 pm that night, so Ian intended catching up with him late on Saturday morning. Shortly before 5.00, Jill buzzed Ian's office phone.

"Detective Sciutta on line 4 for you," she said evenly.

Ian tried to hide his surprise, and his delight. "Oh, okay, thanks Jill," he said.

"He sounds very nice," Jill replied, then cut the intercom connection before Ian could respond. He chuckled, and hit the button for line 4.

"Michael, hi," Ian enthused.

"Hi, babe," Michael answered. "Just thought I'd let you know -- my shift has been cancelled for tonight, so I'm free all weekend. Are you still meeting Nick and your other friends this evening?"

"Yeah, I was," said Ian, thinking quickly.

"Would you like to come here after you're finished?" Michael said, making the possibility sound seductively attractive.

"Mmmmm," hummed Ian. "I have an even better idea -- why don't you join us?"

"Oh no, I couldn't," Michael protested. "It's your regular `mates drinks'. I wouldn't want to intrude."

"Come, on," Ian urged. "We just get together for a drink because we're friends. It's nothing special. In fact, I would really like it if you came along; it's about time you met Morgan and Tony -- they are my friends, so I'd like them to be your friends as well."

The policeman hesitated a long moment, and Ian pressed him again. "Please, Michael. Come and join us. That way we won't waste any time afterwards -- we can go straight home to bed!" he chuckled evilly.

Michael caved in. "Okay," he acknowledged. "As long as you're sure I won't be butting in."

"Perfect! I usually meet up with Nick in town, and we catch Morgan and Tony at the bar. Get yourself in here as fast as you can -- I'll wait for you outside Museum Station and we can walk up together."


Ian reached the usual meeting place with Nick, on the corner of Elizabeth and Liverpool Streets, to find his long time friend already there. After their greetings, Nick made to start walking up the hill, but Ian called him back.

"Wait on, mate," he grinned. "There's someone else joining us here before we go."

Nick raised an eyebrow, and despite himself, Ian blushed just a little. "Michael is coming along tonight. You don't mind, do you?"

"Absolutely not!" Nick declared. "I think it's great that he's joining us. And I know Tony and Morgan have been dying to meet him."

They only had to wait a few minutes before Michael emerged from the station, fighting his way up against the flow of commuters trying to get into the tunnels and out of town. As he reached them, he shook his head.

"Wow, I wouldn't like to have to do that every day!"

Ian and Nick laughed. "That's part of the fun of being different from the rest," Ian confided loudly, bringing an understanding smile to Michael's features.

"How are you, mate?" Nick asked, extending his hand and shaking Michael's warmly. "You up for a few drinks?"

"You bet," Michael agreed, as the three of them began to head up Liverpool Street for the shortish walk along Oxford to the Flinders Hotel bar. When they arrived, Morgan and Tony were already waiting, having secured a table by the window with two vacant seats.

"Morgan, Tony, I'd like you to meet Michael," Ian said by way of introduction.

"Well, hello!" Morgan enthused. "We wondered when we were going to get to meet the famous detective."

"I'll get an extra seat," added Tony with a very wide grin, as both Ian and Michael blushed a little.

Despite the mild ribbing, Morgan and Tony quickly had Michael smiling and at his ease with them. The small group of friends settled down easily, drinking and talking, arguing about football again. It seemed Michael had an ally in Tony, who also believed that Rugby League was the better code of footy, whilst the other three maintained that Australian Rules was the only real game. As the bar filled with patrons that Friday evening, the conversation became louder, and the beers went down faster. Michael felt as though he had known these guys for years, and marvelled inwardly at how Ian mixed with the group, and joined in the chatter. It was not at all how he thought the lawyer would have wished to spend a weekend night -- here in a loud pub, discussing football.

At one point, Ian stood to fetch another round of drinks for them, and Morgan nudged Tony, as they both watched the detective admiring Ian's arse as he walked away from them.

"You got it bad!" Morgan declared, causing Michael to blush deeply and bring his attention back to the table.

"Yep," Tony agreed, "That smile couldn't get any wider if you tried."

"No, it's not that," Michael began to protest. "It's just that Ian seems so `at home' here ... I expected that he would have been more in his element with some kind of intellectual discussion about legal issues, or something like that."

"Who, Ian Sterling?" chuckled Morgan. "Hardly! This is him -- what you see is what you get."

Nick grinned knowingly. "I told you," he confided to Michael loudly. "You just need to be yourself, and see the real Ian. He's not at all like you imagined." The cop grinned again, and it seemed as if a weight was lifting from his shoulders.

Just then, Ian returned bearing a tray of beers, and the lecture for Michael subsided quickly. "Hey, what's going on?" he asked jovially. "You guys all gone quiet on me?"

"Not at all, handsome," Michael declared, sliding an arm around Ian's waist and kissing him on the cheek. "Now, we need to sort out the fact that real men play League -- not this aerial ping-pong you call footy ..."

And so the friendly argument persisted for some considerable time, as all intentions of sitting down to eat were forgotten, and the five consumed far more alcohol than was usual. Michael, especially, had let his guard down when he found how relaxed Ian was in this setting, and he drank much more than he was accustomed to, his inhibitions melting away and his confidence growing. Surprisingly, Nick was the one who realised what was happening, and slowed his drinking when he understood that neither Ian nor Michael was going to be in any state to get themselves home that night, and that he would need to look out for the two of them. He chuckled to himself at what Tina might have to say about this turn of events, and smiled at the way Michael and Ian were both relaxing in front of Morgan and Tony, and more importantly, in front of each other.

The night wore on, and after several hours, all of the group, with the possible exception of Nick, were well on their way to hang-overs. It was Tony who first managed to realise that the time had long passed when they should have been gone.

"C'mon, lover," he announced in somewhat slurred tones to Morgan. "Let's get you home."

"Huh," Morgan answered, appearing suddenly confused. "But it's only early, and Ian and Michael and Nick are still here!"

"It's late enough!" his man declared in a moment of clarity.

"Yep," Nick rejoined, "... and we'll be going too, I think. I'll make sure Ian and Michael get home safely. You two go ahead."

Making their good-byes in a happy haze, Morgan and Tony stumbled out of the bar, attempting to support each other. Nick watched them through the windows until they were safely aboard a cab and heading down the street, then turned to his other two companions.

"Okay, guys. It's time we moved on as well," he said.

"Moved on?" Ian asked carefully, choosing his words with obvious effort. "Are we going somewhere else, then?"

"Yeah," Nick laughed, "Home!"

"My home or yours? Or his?" Ian grinned, pointing to Michael.

Michael lifted his eyes wearily, and started to laugh. "Lesss not do that againnn," he mumbled.

Nick shook his head at them in bemused thought. "Mine," he decided. "Neither of you look capable of getting yourselves into bed!"

"I resemble that remark!" Ian said, then started chuckling at his own very poor joke. Michael joined in, and both of them appeared to think it very clever and very funny.

"Oh boy," Nick muttered. "You two are going to be so sorry tomorrow morning! Come on, let's get moving."

Over their feeble, half-hearted protests, Nick shepherded Ian and Michael out of the bar and onto the street, flagging down a taxi within minutes. He poured first Ian and then Michael into the back seat, carefully closing the door behind them before climbing in next to the driver and giving him the destination. Looking over his shoulder at his best friend, and his best friend's friend, he laughed to himself. Both were already nodding into sleep as the vehicle drove off.

Outside the house, Nick paid the fare and roused Michael enough to get him to his feet, although very unsteadily.

"You want a hand with them, mate?" the cabbie asked reluctantly.

"No, they'll be fine," Nick reassured him as he propped Michael against a wall and moved to the other side of the car to help a shaky Ian to his feet.

Somehow, Nick managed to get the two of them mobile enough to walk the few steps into the house, as he hurriedly opened the front door and guided them into the guest room. Ian took one look at the familiar bed and collapsed, face forward. Michael looked around in confusion, asking no-one in particular, "Where are we?"

"Home," Nick answered. "Can you get yourself undressed?"

Michael nodded, sitting down and pulling off his jeans, but as he did, he fell backwards onto the bed beside Ian, and was instantly asleep.

Nick laughed again. "That will have to do," he said as he pushed Michael further up onto the bed itself, and rolled Ian over, to slide his trousers down. He left them both in underwear and shirts, remembering to hang an extra bathrobe on the back of the door before he closed it and made his way to his own bed. Thankfully, Tina wasn't home yet, and he gratefully undressed and climbed into bed, falling asleep quickly.


The next morning, Tina was the first out of bed, and busied herself making coffee as usual. She prepared three cups, assuming Ian was in the guest room since the door was closed -- a normal and reliable sign that he had ensured Nick made it home safe and sound. She tutted a little at that, making a mental note to reprimand Nick -- he shouldn't rely on Ian so much now; what if Ian had made plans to meet up with Michael after their drinks? Still, at least Ian and Nick were back to their old selves again, and she couldn't help smiling her approval.

When Nick surfaced next, his wife gave him a look of genuine surprise, especially when he wandered into the kitchen grinning like a Cheshire cat, and apparently not at all hung-over.

"Coffee?" she asked, and he nodded. "What's so funny? And why aren't you feeling awful?" she added, unable to hide her astonishment.

"Shhhh!" Nick said holding a finger to his lips. "You should be proud of me! I was the responsible one last night; I was the one who got us home in one piece, and into bed."

"What? Ian got drunk and you didn't? Well, it's about time he got up then," she laughed, starting toward the bedroom door.

"Tina! NO!" Nick hissed at her urgently, making her turn and look at him, her eyes wide, demanding answers.

But Nick didn't have time to explain anything, as the door of the spare room creaked open, and a sheepish face poked out.

"Uh, morning, guys," Ian whispered. "Listen, I am so, so sorry about this. I don't know what happened, but I swear we didn't do anything ..." he said, eyes down.

Tina looked from him to Nick and back again, confusion reigning. "For heaven's sake, Ian, what's to be sorry for. I think Nick owes you a night or two of care-taking. You've gotten him home plenty of times ..." She began in an annoyed tone, but stopped when she found Nick laughing silently, and Ian turning deep red with embarrassment. "What's going on here?" she demanded. "I don't understand ..."

At that moment, Michael's husky voice asked softly, "... do you have any aspirin I could take?"

Tina sputtered for just a second, realisation dawning, before she recovered remarkably quickly. Nick was still shaking with quiet mirth, and Ian was now the shade of beetroot. Without missing another beat, Tina spun on her heel to face the bleary eyed policeman. "Serves you right!" she announced in mock disgust, smiling all the while. "I'll get you some water and a tablet ... how do you have your coffee?"

"White and one," Michael croaked as Tina handed him the pills. She faced off at Nick again. "You, stop chuckling," she said, but couldn't remove her own grin. "And Ian, for pity's sake, why are you blushing?"

"Umm, I ... oh, well, ... I didn't mean to embarrass you," he stuttered. "Having two men sleeping together, here ..." he said, stopping again, lost for words.

She gave him a look of complete exasperation. "Ian, how many times do I have to say it -- you're always welcome here -- along with anyone you choose to bring." She glanced again at Michael, now nursing his head in one hand, the borrowed robe open to his waist. "And when they look this good, you can leave `em behind if you want!" she leered, breaking out in a fit of giggles at the sudden flush on both Ian and Michael's faces.

With a lot more pretended `tsk-ing', Tina found more medication to ease Ian's headache, and managed to get the four of them settled around the breakfast bar with coffees and toast. Slowly, the two men came to life as Nick regaled his wife with exaggerated stories of their exploits the previous evening, including a detailed analysis of how much each had had to drink. Michael began to protest, but Ian waved him down.

"You won't win," he said ruefully. "Truth or not, Nick will say it, and Tina will believe it!" That earned him another reproachful look, tempered with a smile, and before long they were relaxed again, laughing over the sorry state they had fallen into, and vowing it would never happen again.

An hour later, they were still dressed only in robes, sitting together easily, when Michael spoke in a serious voice. "Thanks, guys," he said to Nick and Tina. "I really appreciate the way you've made me feel at home, and the way you looked after us last night."

"It's no more than we would expect," Tina said soothingly. "If you're going to be a part of this family ..."

Michael's look of surprise stopped her a second, before she went on, "... don't look like that. You're with Ian, so that makes you a part of the family! As I was saying, if you're going to be a part of this family, then you have to know that we expect everyone to look after each other, no matter what."

Michael said nothing, but the smile on his face spoke volumes as he looked from Tina to Nick, and then to Ian, sliding his arm around the lawyer's waist and leaning forward to kiss him quickly on the lips. "I love you!" he said simply.

Ian didn't hesitate in his reply. "I love you!" he answered, leaning in for a more lingering embrace.

"Oh, that's so sweet!" Tina gushed.

"Thank God; at last!" Nick sighed.

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This story is a fantasy, it is not real and only happened in my imagination. YOU MUST REMEMBER that in the real world, you can DIE from having unsafe sex. It is your right and your duty to make sure that condoms are always used, whether you are giving or receiving. It doesn't matter how good looking or how ugly he is, and it doesn't matter whether you are top or bottom, USE A CONDOM!