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I saw him enter the bar, and knew him straight away. Not personally, of course, but I knew his type. Curious, uncertain, knowing he wanted to try something but not even sure exactly what that something was. He wore a pair of snug fitting faded denim jeans and a tight white t-shirt under a black leather jacket. Just enough to almost fit in with the crowd in this very leather drinking hole, and at the same time, just enough to give him away as a first timer. He was very good looking, if a bit young for my taste, tall and solid and in any other place would ooze confidence, but not here. This was new territory for him, and I could pick it a mile away.

I stood and watched as he made his way around the room, taking in the men in leather pants, in chaps and harnesses. I saw his eyes widen and read the longing in his gut, could almost sense the throbbing in his groin at the exciting new world he was discovering. I let him find a quiet table and order a drink, let him try to settle his nerves, thinking no one was taking any notice of him. I took my time with my own drink. There was no hurry, I had all night and knew exactly how this evening would finish. After all, hadn't I been in his shoes years ago? Then, a knowing leatherman had taken the time to open my eyes for me, and now it was my turn to pass on the light.

After an hour, during which time his eyes darted everywhere while trying not to catch anyone's attention, I knew he was ready. I drew myself up and put my glass down on the bar, my hands going to my hips. I looked damn good and I knew it. The hours in the gym were rewarded well, and accentuated by shining black leather. My upper body was encased in straps of leather and metal, my eyes shaded by the low visor of my cap, my legs gripped in the enveloping supple hide of my chaps. The gleaming black pouch I had on clung to my cock and balls tightly, and I was well aware that my tube of semi hard man meat and heavy nuts were clearly visible in the outlining polished leather. As I began to move across the room, eyes followed me, but tonight they were to be disappointed.

He sat in his corner, trying to be inconspicuous, I strode up to him, towering over him. Standing so that he could see me and only me, I looked down into his nervous eyes. I placed my hands around my own groin, pulling myself forward right in his face. "Like the look of this, boy?" I whispered at him.

"Uh, yeah, yes, I do!" he answered hesitantly.

"Follow me!" I said, turning and walking to the rear exit from the bar. As I walked purposefully along the street, I heard him follow. I stopped beside my bike and waited for him to catch up. "ON!" I stated, pointing at the pillion. He looked uncertain, and in a softer but still commanding tone I added. "I promise you I won't hurt you in any way." He seemed to take heart in that and did as he was told, straddling the leather seat. I placed a helmet over his head, hopped aboard myself, and kicked my steed into life, roaring away. A short trip later and I pulled into the garage of my block. I shut the machine down and helped the boy from it, leading him to the elevator and into my flat. All the time he followed docilely, uncertain, but not wanting to lose the excitement.

Into my special place I took him, closing the door firmly. I ordered him to strip, and he did so quickly. Discarding his clothes, I handed him a simple harness and a leather jock strap. "Get into these!" I ordered, standing to watch, my arms crossed on my chest as he did as he was told. Once properly attired, I looked him up and down. His nicely defined chest fit well inside the supporting straps of the harness, his narrow waist leading invitingly to the well filled pouch of black leather holding his erection. I moved to him, one gloved hand falling to hold and squeeze at his cock, while the other reached for his hard young nipples, pinching them lightly. As his head rolled back and his mouth opened in pleasure, I closed my lips over his, forcing my tongue into his warm mouth, tasting him. He responded quickly, his hands reaching to my arse, feeling the smooth texture of the leather against my thighs. Our cocks ground against each other, the leather squeaking. The scent of the tanned hide drifted up between us, mixing with the aroma of musky male sexuality.

I backed him up to the sling hanging in the centre of the room, and broke the lock of our mouths, easing him backwards into the leather platform. As he let himself fall into it, I slid his body back, and lifted his feet into the stirrups. His eyes were wide with desire and anticipation, but he did not resist or protest. As he relaxed into position, his swollen cock pushed against the envelope of black and his nuts rolled around inside their leathery cocoon. His firm white arse presented itself to me, the pink target of his hole winking and inviting.

I squeezed again at his masculinity inside the leather, and rubbed myself against him, let him feel the hide stretched over my throbbing weapon massage his skin. Standing to one side of him so that he could clearly see what I did, I unsnapped the codpiece of my pouch and rolled a condom down over my hard ready pole, applying generous gobs of lubricant to the latex covered prong facing him. My leathery fingers, also well covered in lube, pressed into his anus, opening him and smearing his entrance with cool sticky gel. First one, then another finger coaxed his sphincter apart as I probed him, finding and pressing at the nut of muscle which brings so incredible a pleasure to mankind. As he groaned and gasped with delight, I removed my fingers and positioned the head of my cock against the twitching target between his round buns.

Slowly but firmly I pressed forward, feeling the resistance, forcing the muscle to give way to me. As the head of my cock breached his defences I stopped and waited, letting him accustom himself to the feeling of my tip within him. As he relaxed again, I pressed on. His rectum closed tight around the head of my cock and gripped at me. Another brief pause and I began to slide the length of my rod into him. The hot moist cavern of his body swallowed me as my throbbing shaft invaded his gut. Slowly but without stopping now I continued to press against him, until the full length of my meat disappeared into him and my balls scraped against the skin of his butt cheeks. As I finished, he let out a long low breath, his eyes wide as they stared up at me.

With my sword of flesh buried inside him, I stood still, looking down at the beautiful young body suspended on the leather platform and attached to my groin, the leather straps of the harness crossing his chest, the black polished hide gripping at his cock and enveloping his balls, clearly outlined. My hands explored the boy whose body was impaled on my prong. I ran my leather gloved palms over his chest and abdomen, squeezing at his manhood and massaging his nuts. I leaned forward, mashing his genitals between our bodies, kissing him hard and passionately as the leather we wore rubbed and groaned together. Straightening again, I pulled myself from him a little, then thrust back into him.

Slowly I began, pulling then pushing, each time a little harder, each time a little further back. My hand remained on his body, squeezing, gripping, exploring as I increased the tempo of my invasion. I forced my cock inside him, then pulled back to shove again. I felt him responding, his muscles gripping at me as I withdrew, relaxing to welcome me as I thrust. Faster and faster I moved, pounding into him now, using his body and making him swing back and forth on the sling. Harder, deeper, faster I pumped at him as he began to beg for more, to urge me on. Thrusting into him, I pulled at his body, pinching his tits and squeezing his nuts. My swollen raging weapon invaded him, shoving harder and deeper into him. I ploughed the hot cave of wetness that was him, sinking my rock solid meat into him, feeling the heat of desire and the rising tide of passion. Beneath me he began to gasp and hiss and I saw he could not hold back the primal urge of climax much longer, as I relentlessly banged against him.

A quiet scream escaped his lips as his entire body twitched and stiffened. I felt his sphincter grip tightly around the invading length of my rod and his eyes rolled back in his head as his orgasm crashed over him. I could see his cock pump and jerk inside the leather envelope as he shot load after load into the pouch he wore. I kept up my fucking of his young body, sinking my dagger into him, impaling him on my steel pole, and felt the electricity of release shoot into my groin before spreading through my body. Grunting and hissing, I held him tightly against me as my cock swelled within him and my balls heaved and emptied. Wad after wad of my essence I pumped into him, twitching and jerking as I climaxed, vainly trying to get further inside him.

Finally, the ecstasy of physical joinder ebbed away. I looked down to find him wide eyed still, but smiling and sated. Slowly I withdrew, carefully removing the sheath of latex from my cock, and leaning to kiss him again.

"Holy fuck, that was incredible!" he gasped at me. "I never knew how unbelievable leather sex could be."

"I know." I said simply. I could see myself not that many years ago in the boy beside me, and I smiled.

I dropped him at his home as he asked, and kissed him again as he hopped off the bike. "Thank you." he said.

"Welcome to your world." I replied, as I roared away. I knew his life was just beginning, and knew how much he still had to learn, but I had started him on the road of intense pleasure, just as I had been started years before, and a sense of real continuity warmed my heart.

The End

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