Dark Stone 9

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My journey back to the Keep of Priapus flashed by in a haze of unremembered minor details. All I could think of was that I was going back, going home. Going to where I belonged. And the closer I got to the Castle, the stronger was the sense I had that Arcturis, and all of the others, were urging me on, and readying themselves to welcome me back.

Finally, I found myself in the little village at the bottom of the hill. Above me in the distance, stark against the northern sky, were the battlements outlining the dark stone walls I now called my home. I almost ran towards the Keep, my mind reaching out to my Master, proclaiming that I was here at last.

And Arcturis answered me - not with a mental response, nor with a called greeting, but with the physical manifestation of himself right before my eyes. I felt myself transported to the base of the walls, and into his arms. As I embraced him with all my strength, and felt his power flow back into me again, I sensed that the other members of the Circle were there too, surrounding us and smiling broadly.

"Welcome back, my little one," he said softly.

"Thank you, my Master," I replied with tremendous relief. "I belong here, and now I know that for certain."

"Indeed you do," he smiled. "As do all of the brotherhood. We have seen your struggle, and we have witnessed your revelations. You truly belong now to us, and to Priapus."

The others moved forward then, clapping me on the back, or throwing their arms around me in warm and happy reunion, genuine in their welcome and in their delight that I had returned.

"Thank you, Master. Thank you, to all of you," I said, turning to include the entire Circle. "I know how much effort and difficulty I caused, and I owe you all my life."

"Difficulty, yes," answered Democratis, "but joy also, at having you return, having you complete the Circle once again. Take some time to renew your bonds with Arcturis my friend - and ready yourself for the coming ceremonies."

"Ceremonies?" I looked with curiosity at Arcturis. "What ceremonies?"

He smiled knowingly. "The Lord Priapus has decreed that the Circle shall gather to celebrate your return. He has made it known that He shall join us personally for such conjoinder - a rare and wonderful gift which He bestows upon His followers infrequently."

Inside the Keep, within the walls of our private room, I hugged my man close, drew his body against me and revelled in the feel of his strength within the glistening leather that he wore. "I don't ever want to leave you again, Arcturis," I declared.

"Then you shall not!" he agreed. "We are one, and shall remain so for the rest of eternity, united and inseparable." He smiled again, then looked me up and down carefully, concern on his face being slowly replaced by satisfaction and approval, and perhaps a little lust. "Are you well, my slave?" he asked.

"I'm fine!"

"Tired from your journey?"

"Maybe a little, but nothing that you can't fix," I said with a grin.

"Excellent. And 'fix you' I shall. We both should be at our strongest for the ceremonies this evening. They should prove 'energetic' in the extreme!" His grin widened, a sparkle in his eyes and a sense of bawdy anticipation passing from his mind to my own.

I tried to glean from him the meaning of this, but he refused to say anything more, instead moving to me, enclosing my frame in his long, strong arms; grinding his beautiful body against me and covering my mouth with his lips in an extended and arousing kiss.

Into my mind flowed vague images, impressions really, of promised delight and passionate bliss. I felt myself becoming aroused, my cock growing into tumescence against his hide bound leg. I wanted him then, wanted to be joined with him, to be fucked by him long and hard, and I let him know it.

"Not yet, my Australis," he cautioned. "You need to regain your full strength."

"But I take my strength from you," I protested.

"Indeed, as I do from you. But physical union also drains us. What is the greatest source of strength for us, my son?"

I smiled again. "The seed of masculinity," I answered without hesitation. "Your cum!"

Without another word he lifted me away from him and laid me on a hide covered mattress, standing close by me. My mouth was aligned with his groin, and to my delight his cock grew quickly into hardness, jutting forth and pointing at me, an invitation I could not refuse. Eagerly, I leaned forward, closing my lips around his prick and feeling the metal of his piercing clink against my teeth as I began to suckle on the large and throbbing head of his manhood.

Arcturis stood for a moment, letting me nibble upon him, then carefully manoeuvred himself until he too was lying on the mattress, alongside me but facing the opposite way. As I continued to lick and bite at his groin, I gasped with pleasure as his mouth swallowed my rampant erection, massaging my shaft and bathing me in warm moisture. I increased my attention to the rod of steel now sliding into my throat, and was rewarded with the bliss of Arcturis' gullet engulfing my own sword in heated ecstasy.

For an unmeasured time, the two of us pleasured each other like this. Our '69' went on and on as we swallowed and licked, chewed and kissed at each other's prongs, lost in a slow but wonderful caress of oral joy. Cocks and balls laved and glistening, moist and aroused, both my Master and I built ourselves slowly up to a height of trembling readiness.

I sensed a cooler air around me as Arcturis lifted his mouth from my cock. "Give to me your essence!" he commanded.

I grunted acknowledgment as he returned to his efforts, his face bobbing up and down on my dick as I felt him renew his thrusting into my throat, his weapon swelling impossibly as my lips slid back and forth along his mighty shaft. Soon I could hold back no longer, and I felt the beginnings of ejaculation in my nuts as spasms wracked my body and my jizz forced its way into my prong. I held back as best I could, wanting desperately to prolong the intensity of the moment, but when my body would no longer obey me, and my cock exploded in his mouth, Arcturis swallowed long and greedily from me and within seconds I felt the giant tool in my own throat stiffen and shudder before a torrent of manjuice belched from its head, flooding my mouth. I swallowed quickly, gulping down my Master's seed, drinking from him in delight. Wave after wave of viscous cream filled my gullet, and I eagerly consumed his very essence, coming back for more.

When eventually the two of us had emptied our testicles, in unison we separated momentarily, only enough to allow us to swivel around so that we now lay face to face and body to body, pressed against each other as our arms wrapped about us and our legs intertwined.

"Thank you, my Master," I grinned.

"Thank you my wonderful slave," he replied happily. "How do you feel now?"

"Alive, invigorated, renewed!" I announced. "I would have thought I'd be exhausted after what we just did, but I feel the opposite!"

"Of course," he said simply. "We have given each other the gift of life, and the glory of renewal. Let us lie here together for a short while, allow our bodies to regenerate the holy seed of man, and then we shall be summoned to the ceremonies."

I nodded happily, still not sure what these ceremonies would bring, but knowing somehow that I was going to enjoy them immensely.


We didn't sleep as such - no-one within the Keep of Priapus does, but we rested and recovered. I was in a kind of dozy haze of sated bliss when I sensed my Master moving beside me, rousing me to attention.

"It is time!" he announced. I began to ask how he knew, when I felt it myself - a kind of summons, deep within me, urging me to make my way to the gathering place of the Circle; the gigantic round room of shadows where I had been initiated into the brotherhood, now seemingly so long ago.

Arcturis and I strode together, as one, through the long corridors of the Castle, instinctively headed in the right direction, drawn there by the unspoken command of the Lord Priapus himself. Outside the circular chamber, in a smaller room, we joined the other members of the Circle and readied ourselves for the coming ceremony. Without being told, I instinctively knew what was required of me. Carefully, I inspected my Master - not a difficult task - ensuring that his leathers were spotless and gleaming, that his harness was sparkling and his glorious body free of any blemish or dirt. At the same time, Arcturis performed the same inspection of me, smiling as he ran his fingers teasingly down my abdomen, and groped my arse cheeks in the pretence of checking for grime. I noticed that all of the other members of the Circle were performing the same duties, and all of them were smiling lustily as they did so.

Once our mutual inspections were complete, the entire brotherhood donned long, flowing cloaks of the softest black leather which hung from the shoulders, fitted with deep hoods which came up and over the head to obscure the face. Immediately we were a group of indistinguishable beings, each appearing identical - dark, mysterious and surrounded by an aura of strength and anticipation. Someone began to chant, and I joined in without even knowing the words I uttered - they simply came to my lips. Staying close behind Arcturis, I followed my Master as he joined the procession of hooded figures which seemed to slide, rather than walk, into the darkened oval room.

As before, the altar where I had been initiated sat in the centre of the space, a flat slab of virgin stone, dark and smooth. Around the walls, phallic shaped candles sputtered, providing a weak illumination which did little to banish the shadows. Yet I was neither afraid nor apprehensive. I felt completely comfortable in this group, at home in the near darkness, anticipatory and even a little aroused. We moved as couples, each Master leading his slave at an even pace until we formed a circle - The Circle, around the central stone. Arcturis and I were some distance from the entrance and a little to the right of the head of the altar, but from where we stood I could easily see each of the other members of the Circle, except my own Master who took up his position directly behind me.

Suddenly, I heard within my mind an order to be silent. It was not the tones of Arcturis, but something eminently more powerful, more authoritative. I had not thought there could be such a thing, but I instantly obeyed, as did each of the others, and absolute quiet descended upon the gathering. Although my face was shrouded by the hooded cloak, I could see well enough in the gloom, and I watched in fascination as a reddish mist began to form across the smooth top of the dark stone. That mist seemed to have a life of its own, pulsing with movement where there was no wind or draught to give it motion. It spread and grew brighter, now covering the entire altar and seeping over the edges.

One by one, the candles around the walls sputtered and died for no apparent reason, but the light emanating from the mist compensated, and immersed the group in a deep ruddy luminescence. I struggled to remain still, and as tendrils of haze dropped from the central stone to the floor, then separated into strands - 24 individual strands in fact - and began to inch like fingers along the ground towards each member of the Circle. I felt a growing arousal deep in my loins.

That sensation of excitement could not be denied, could not be ignored. Unbidden and unstoppable, it permeated my being and in seconds I was hard, my erection jutting out from my groin, but gratefully hidden by the folds of the flowing leather enveloping my body. My arousal grew as the red mist inched its way toward me, until I was so hard it hurt. When the ribbon of haze actually touched at my booted feet, I thought I was going to cum right then, but instead a gentle sense of easing back, of waiting and relaxing spread up my legs and into my frame. And then I felt the urge to move forward, toward the centre of the room. My feet moved unbidden, but the rest of the Circle also moved, as one, drawn to the altar and the swirling mist which was growing thicker and thicker, taking on some kind of shape.

I watched, spell-bound and amazed, as the red mist throbbed with a life of its own and gradually solidified, drawing into itself and drawing strength from all of us in the Circle standing so close. Slowly the shape became recognisable - a body began to form, the legs and arms definitely appearing, attached to a frame of larger than human proportion. And the cock that grew between those legs was enormous! Quickly now the mist drew into itself and darkened - a man stood there, clad in polished leather boots and chaps, adorned with a harness of gleaming black and chrome studs, his massive phallus swinging down, behind it two giant testicles. His waist was impossibly narrow, his shoulders unbelievably wide and his chest sculpted to perfection, like chiselled rock. He wore no hood or other facial covering, and as his features emerged I was struck by how stunningly beautiful he was - the embodiment of perfection in masculinity, standing with his arms crossed and surveying the Circle of men worshipping at his feet.

Priapus made flesh!

He said nothing, but flung his arms wide, and instantly the cloak around my shoulders vanished, as did those of the others around me. All of us now stood dressed as he was, in our skin-tight leathers and I realised that not only was my prong rampant and full, but each of the brotherhood was the same.

Arcturis' hand reached out and sat upon my shoulder, and each of the twelve Masters did likewise, claiming their respective slaves as they continued to bow their heads to the Ultimate Master above them. His touch was both comforting and exciting, full of joy and promise of what was to come. Before us, above us, Priapus towered; alive and mighty. His face was entrancing - with a sharp jawline and high cheekbones, patrician nose and intense, all-seeing eyes. Eyes that smiled at us, His followers. Eyes that approved of that which He beheld, and spoke of pleasure and life.

"Australis!" a voice rang out, rich and resonant. I could not tell if it was inside my head or actually spoken aloud -- it seemed both, yet The Lord Priapus' lips had not moved. I jumped nervously, then bowed my head toward Him in acknowledgement.

"You have returned to the Keep, and renewed The Circle," said the voice. "You have journeyed far from this place only to find what you need right here!"

I nodded in agreement, yet there was no rebuke, no criticism in the words, just a statement of fact. Priapus went on.

"In doing so, you have shown to The Circle that which it had forgotten: United, the Circle of Priapus possesses great power, power which may be used for the good of all mankind."

In surprise, I looked up, into His eyes, only to be met with a gaze of gentle beneficence.

"For that, The Circle owes you thanks. I declare you favoured and honoured by the gods. Forget not that in the Circle of Priapus, a slave is the complement of his Master, and neither is whole without the other; together they two support and re-inforce The Circle itself. To be called to be a slave in this company is a reason for utmost pride and joy, and you are amongst the highest of worthy slaves!"

I blushed, feeling the sense of pride and happiness wash over me from all around, and from within myself. Arcturis' grip tightened on my shoulder and I felt an immense joy envelope me.

"To all of you, My Circle, I say this: Go forward from this time and place, using the knowledge Australis has revealed, and work for the enlightenment and tolerance of humanity. Use your power as one and hasten the age of enlightenment upon Earth." He looked lovingly and approvingly around the room, His eyes resting on each of us in turn, then smiled a wicked grin. "And now, for the joy of Australis' return, let us celebrate the Rites of Priapus in lusty pleasure, free from guilt or inhibition!"

As if by command, Priapus' own cock grew into magnificent, gigantic erection as He stood there, His arms re-crossed on His chest. That mighty Phallus pierced the emptiness about it, throbbing and glistening, perfect in every detail except for size -- it had to be almost a metre long. At His cockslit, Priapus' seed presented itself, a glowing globule of shimmering liquid light which slowly dribbled from Him. But instead of falling to the floor, His pre-cum snaked its way outward, lazily drifting in space and separating into the strands which had previously rolled from the slab of dark stone, slowly and enticingly reaching out to each member of the Circle.

As the tendril of luminescent juice neared my body, it dissolved into a mist. I saw that the same thing happened with each of the other members of the Circle, and wondered momentarily at what it meant. But as that same mist made contact with my skin, all thoughts and reasoning were replaced with a sudden and overpowering surge of excitement and desire. Like an explosion of lust from deep within me, I was filled with an all-consuming need to join with Arcturis. My mind opened to my Master, and I instantly felt his need, as strong as my own. He turned me around forcefully, and his body slammed against my own as my arms wrapped about him, my chest pressing hard against his pecs, my cock mashed against his. I felt the cool hide of leather straps and the trembling excitement of muscles beneath warm skin as our lips locked, gasps escaping both of us as pure lust drove us upward. My hands were all over my man's body, gripping at his firm arse cheeks, or sliding across his wide, powerful shoulders, and I knew that his arms enveloped me, his fingers exploring my body with intense desire.

A scent of musk pervaded the air, and the sound of groaning men fought with the wet slapping of body against body as the entire gathering surrendered to the basest of instinctive drives. Forcing my eyes open, I caught a glimpse of sweat-sheened, glistening bodies all around me, bathed in a reddish haze and striped by gleaming black leather, their movements highlighted by the pinpricks of silver studs adorning them. Anxious and needing, I lowered my mouth to Arcturis' chest, finding the circles of chrome piercing his nipples. I suckled on first one and then the other before closing my teeth on his right tit, while my fingers pulled -- hard -- at his left. Rather than stop me, or disapprove, my Master threw his head back, a strangled scream of pleasure escaping him as he gripped the leather hood covering my head and thrust his chest forward at me, urging me to attack him even harder.

I needed no convincing, as I chewed on his nipple, biting hard at the erect fleshy nub, all the while conscious of the rampant sword at his groin spearing out and pressing against my skin. I pressed against him, trying desperately to feel all of him, to become one with him. His hand at my head grudgingly moved my teeth from his chest and forced me lower, until I was on my knees before him, his cock level with my face. I took a moment to savour the sight of that glorious weapon only centimetres from me, then dived onto it, suckling his entire length into my throat, massaging his shaft with my lips and feeling the clinking of his PA against my teeth before it tickled at my tonsils. There was no urge to gag, no instinctive pulling back. All I could think was that I wanted his prong deep inside me, and I buried my face into his groin as I swallowed him whole.

For some time I continued to slurp at my Master, sucking long and eager as he rammed himself into my mouth with a passion. Then he too fell to his knees, and despite my trying to go with him, I lost hold of my prize and his manhood slid from my throat. I looked into his eyes, only to find the desperation, the drive which I felt, mirrored in him. Our minds joined, and I knew then that he needed me as much as I needed him. I mentally surrendered myself to him and knew that he knew it too, and he accepted my submission with joy and increased lust, pushing me roughly backwards so that I lay flat on the floor, supplicant beneath him. He leaned over me, owning me, and I begged him.

`Arcturis', my mind pleaded inside his head, `take me!"

`My beloved slave, you are mine, and I claim you now,' came his answer ringing through my brain as he crouched above me. I lifted my legs up and wrapped them around his waist, gripping his body. Suddenly a fire burned in his eyes and he slammed his massive poker deep into my gut, forcing my body open and ploughing his satin-sheathed steel into me. I gasped with pleasure and surprise -- there was no pain, only searing lusty joy, and I searched his mind again, begging him for more. Up and out of my squelching innards his manhood slid, then thundering back into me again, driving himself as deep into my body as he could. Over and over he fucked his rock hard masculinity into my clenching hole. United in mind and body, we shared the passionate abandon of our coupling. His mind was in mine and mine in his. I could feel him ravaging me, yet I felt also my own chute, warm and wet, milking his cock, and I knew he could feel his sword driving into my body and filling me.

Arcturis and I fucked hard, faster and faster, our mental union driving our physical joinder to greater and greater levels of pleasure. As I had learned to do, I gave myself to him completely, swept away by the absolute bliss of total surrender. The feeling of my Master's manhood pistoning into me, the shared unbridled emotions of pleasure and lust, and the visual image of his leather clad and sculpted body covering me and possessing me was indescribable. I felt myself racing to a peak, and began to convey my fears to Arcturis, expecting his help in slowing the natural reactions of our bodies so that this amazing pleasure could be continued as long as possible.

But as I reached for him with my mind, I sensed a sudden change. No longer was Arcturis open to me as usual. The tempo of his fucking slowed without warning. In disappointed surprise I opened my eyes to look up at him and gasped. He was still there, still above me and inside me, but the mist-like essence, almost forgotten in our mutual lust, now enveloped him. In amazement I watched as it seemed to solidify around him.

`Arcturis?' I began to wonder, but another voice, another thought, cut me off.

`Relax, little one,' came to resonant tones of Priapus. `Accept the gift I offer to both of you, and enjoy!'

"My L--Lord?" I stuttered out loud. Arcturis was changing in front of me, his cock still inside my bowel. He was growing larger, his features changing.

As if a window were opened in my mind, I heard my master again. `Be not afraid, my Australis' said Arcturis. `The Lord Priapus favours us more than you can imagine. I am still here, and I am filled with a power and a pleasure so great that is impossible to describe or to share. Our Lord Priapus is manifesting Himself physically within me, that we may be as one with Him.'

Once more my connection with Arcturis began to dim, but I had felt his joy, his bliss, and I accepted it as a new wave of emotions began to engulf me. Intense feelings of desire were re-awakened, and joined with a sense of incredible power, and unimagined pleasure. Still looking up, I saw Arcturis' body morph into the figure of Priapus, growing as it did. And I felt the cock sunk within my gut swell and change. Like a shadow, or a double-exposure photograph, I could still see Arcturis, as if he were superimposed over Priapus, but it was the Lord Himself who now possessed me, who now fucked me, and the sensations were exquisite. The face of Priapus, almost too beautiful to behold, stared down at me, His eyes boring into my soul as His gigantic and ever growing masculinity bored into my body. Leather straps gleamed against His dark and perfect skin, shimmering silver rings adorned His peaked and chiselled chest, and strong black hide encased His powerful legs as He covered me with His perfect body and filled me.

I wondered at how I could possibly be able to take the huge phallus I had seen earlier. Surely a cock that size could not fit within my body? Yet I felt no real fear, only a detached curiosity, divorced from the indescribable bliss that was being slowly but firmly pumped into me by His probing javelin. This sex, this joining with Priapus was so incredible, yet so ethereal. My physical body was tingling and jolted with pure pleasure, yet my mind was not blinded by passion, but freed to enjoy the ultimate coupling with the god of male sensuality. As Priapus ploughed deeper into me, speeding up his thrusts and ramming into my arse with ever more force, I knew that my body was being jolted and driven across the stone. I could feel the probing throb of his giant cock as it thundered into me, opening my body and filling my innards, yet I experienced this unadulterated lust without the usual sense of urgency that accompanied powerful fucking. All I knew was that I was in paradise, and that I wanted this sensation to go on forever.

So massive was the Lord Priapus' cock, and so deeply and powerfully did He fuck into me, that I swore I could feel the thick metal of His cockring nudging into my throat, driving upward from my stomach. I was more than just filled, I was fulfilled by Him. I imagined that my body was breaking down -- no -- that I was absorbing Him into my very cells, and still He continued to pound at me, sending lightning bolts of bliss through my nervous system as my surrendered body became His own.

Once more I heard His voice within my head. `You honour me more than you know, Australis, with this true surrender and absolute pleasure.'

`Oh my Lord Priapus', I answered, `I would have this keep going forever!'

He laughed. `No doubt you would, and I would have great joy in doing so, but I fear that even with the powers of the Circle, and your immortality, the damage I would do to your physical body would be irreparable. Both of you are most fortunate to have found each other. I declare that Arcturis and Australis are as close to perfection combined as I have seen in all the centuries. But I must release you from the heightened state you now enjoy, before it becomes too much for you. Are you ready to be returned to yourself, and to your Master?'

`Yes, my Lord' I agreed reluctantly.

With another smile he nodded. `So be it.'

Suddenly Priapus was gone, and it was Arcturis whose cock filled me, Arcturis who covered me with his body, and Arcturis who fucked me with a ferocity and strength I had not seen in him before. And just as suddenly the ethereal sense of detachment was gone, and the pure animal lust of physical union flooded my brain. I gasped with delighted agony, for the pleasure exploding from within me was almost too much to bear. Arcturis heaved and his eyes rolled as well, and I knew that he also had been released from Priapus' protection, so that the purely physical needs had refilled his mind. With a simultaneous primal scream both of us climaxed instantly, meshed together as one entity, and endured the spasming starburst of orgasm as it rolled through us in uncontrollable jolts of passionate release.

Some indeterminate time later, I opened my eyes to find Arcturis lying atop me, his cock still hard and lodged within my gut. I lifted my hands to his body, slowly feeling the exhausted muscles in his arms and shoulders, and he stirred, lifting enough to look into my eyes.

"Are you alright, my darling Australis?" he whispered hoarsely.

"I think so," I answered without conviction. I could barely feel my own body.

Carefully, concernedly, he lifted himself from me, extracting his glorious manhood, then sat me up and cradled me in his arms. Slowly we became aware that we were in the centre of the room, raised upon the altar of stone, and that all the other members of the Circle were standing around us watching. It was also obvious that each and every one of them was spent from the exertion of powerful and consuming sexual release. From directly above us came a familiar but comforting and powerful voice.

"Know again that these two are truly honoured and blessed. Know that I favour them greatly. Now do as I have asked, and use the gifts of Priapus wisely!"

Arcturis and I looked up in unison with the rest of the Circle. Priapus hovered in air above us, naked and glorious. He laughed, a deep throaty laugh of approval, and slowly began to fade from sight, until there was nothing more to see of Him, although I am sure each of us could still sense His presence.

As if suddenly released from a spell, all of the others quickly crowded around us, smiling and laughing, congratulating us and helping us down from our perch upon the dark stone slab. The room was redolent with the aroma of recent sex, and the members of the Circle were resplendent in their leather and chrome, yet I was exhausted, and Arcturis barely able to stand alone. Holding each other up, we accepted the well wishes of our brothers, and slowly made our way to our own private room to recuperate.


It was, I would guess, about three days later, that an informal gathering of the Circle was called. Democratis led the discussion, which centred around the wishes of the Lord Priapus that we act to improve the race of man. By unanimous agreement it was decided that each couple would take one turning of the planet at a time to go out into the world, to seek out men who possessed even a spark of enlightenment and tolerance, and to encourage and fan that spark so that the world might change for the better, accepting and welcoming all mankind without judgment, on the basis that anything which did not cause harm or fear to any consenting party could not be considered wrong or evil.

We were not blinded into thinking that such an ambitious plan could have results quickly, but that it would be many decades, possibly even centuries, before the world was filled with such good sentiment, but then we were in no hurry. Immortality allows a tremendous degree of patience. And I had my wonderful Master, Arcturis, to enjoy throughout all time.

The End

This story is a fantasy, it is not real and only happened in my imagination. YOU MUST REMEMBER that in the real world, you can DIE from having unsafe sex. It is your right and your duty to make sure that condoms are always used, whether you are giving or receiving. It doesn't matter how good looking or how ugly he is, and it doesn't matter whether you are top or bottom, USE A CONDOM!