Fair Day

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It was a cold Sunday morning. The thought of getting out of bed did not excite him at all, but he'd promised John that they would get together and go down to check out the Leather Pride market day on Forbes Street. Ian didn't quite get why his closest friend seemed so keen to wander around looking at what he imagined would be just a bunch of stalls. He had never really understood the leather scene, and had never set foot inside a "leather bar". Oh, sure, he completely understood the sensuous feeling of leather -- didn't he get a hard on every time he pulled his one and only pair of skin tight leather jeans on? They looked so good, fit like a glove, and smelled fantastic. He knew damned well that they showed off his package better than anything else he owned; but surely all that other stuff was just so much accoutrements -- and got in the way of a good old-fashioned fuck.

Dragging himself down to the kitchen, he turned the jug on for his normal morning coffee, wiped the sleep from his eyes and surveyed the mess he called home. Last night's trade had left around three. "Typical," he thought; "can't seem to find anyone who wants to stay longer than a few hours." Then again, he hadn't really found anyone whom he would want to have hang around for too long, either. He and John had had a thing going once, but they had realized a long while ago that they were much better as mates than as lovers, and ever since they had shared everything but their beds with each other.

The sound of the key turning in the lock startled him out of his private thoughts. John let himself in and looked up.

"I thought I might find you still in bed...." He said, laughing, "... and it doesn't look like I was too far wrong. Hurry up and get dressed or we'll miss the whole thing"

Still grumpy, Ian downed his coffee. "I have to shower. Make yourself a cup, and I'll be down in a second"

He jumped into the shower and washed away the sleep and the remnants of the night before, then pulled on a clean white T, a denim vest to keep out the chill, and then, struck by the thought that he should try to fit in, pulled on his much-loved leather jeans. Adjusting himself in the mirror, Ian guessed rightly that he looked good. The tight black hide accentuated his cock and hugged his butt so close. Fighting off the start of an erection he pulled on a pair of R M Williams boots and wandered back down stairs.

John gave an appreciative whistle as he re-entered the kitchen. "looking good for an old boy" he grinned, and Ian grinned back. They always joked about together.

"Let's get going" Ian said. "If you're going to make me get out and about on a Sunday, then don't just hang around drinking my coffee; move it!!!" He ordered with a laugh.

The two friends wandered easily down to the station and hopped on a train, chatting about nothing in particular and ignoring the looks, admiring or otherwise, of the other passengers. It was only a few stops into Museum Station where they sauntered out and wandered up Oxford Street towards the Leather Pride street fair at Taylor Square. Ian noticed the looks of admiration and lust he received from quite a few of the guys on the street. He was quite pleased with himself. After all, he managed to work out three or four times a week at the gym, and cycled whenever he could so that his 30 year old frame had kept its shape very well.

They swung around into Forbes Street, and John's eyes lit up. There were people everywhere, and leather everywhere. "This is great!" He exclaimed to Ian, who just smiled back at his friend. He had to admit it was a lot bigger than he had expected, and already pretty crowded. The pair wandered along the first row of stalls, looking at what seemed like an endless array of goods. Everything from T-shirts and caps through pants, vests and chaps to whips, dildos and restraints were out in the open and available for sale. Ian was fascinated by some of the things on offer, many of them obviously intended for use in ways he had never imagined.

Ian stopped at one stall where a selection of leather thongs had caught his attention. He wondered just how comfortable they would be, guessing that they would look bloody good when filled out by a powerful cock. John had moved on ahead a bit, and as Ian stood there fingering the leather and imagining running his fingers or even better his tongue over it stretched across a hard dick, a voice behind the counter suddenly shocked him out of his daydream.

"Wouldn't mind betting you'd look hot in that!"

Ian looked up red-faced at having been caught out. The owner of the voice was a sight to see. About the same height as Ian, maybe a few years older but stunningly handsome, he was fully geared up. A black cap covered his dark hair, and he wore a shiny black leather vest over a harness that encircled his upper body, with straps that disappeared front and back below leather chaps over leather pants that left everything and nothing to the imagination. Ian could clearly make out the shape of his long cock encased in the black hide.

"I can do you a great deal for that thong" he said, then lowered his voice and leaned closer ".... And an even better deal if you model it for me. I want to know whether you look as good in that as you do in those jeans." He winked knowingly. Ian flushed with a combination of embarrassment and excitement. This guy looked so incredibly hot in his leather gear, and Ian guessed he would look even hotter out of it, and here he was picking him up in broad daylight.

Always subscribing to the theory that you should never let an opportunity pass you by, Ian grinned back. "You're on. Where and when?"

"Meet me back here about 4:30, as I'm closing up the stall, okay?"

"It's a date" Ian grinned, and headed off to catch up with John, although not without a few backward glances to enjoy the view of the hottest man he had ever seen. And he was very reassured to notice that those glances were returned the whole time.

Ian and John stayed for a while longer wandering around the stalls and taking in the atmosphere. All of a sudden Ian found himself very interested in all of the things on offer, but especially the harnesses and the many and varied slings on display. He kept wondering just what it would be like to lie back in one and have "Mr. Leather" (as he'd come to think of his prospective date) slide into him and fuck him hard. The thought was quite a turn on, and he had difficulty keeping his cock from getting erect all day.

At last, the pair drifted into one of the makeshift cafes and relaxed with some coffee, comparing notes and discussing the pros and cons of leather in general. John had never thought Ian was interested in it and yet today he couldn't get enough info. Around 4.00, John stood up. "Let's get moving" he said, "do you want to head home and grab a pizza and a movie?"

"No..." Ian stammered, "You get going, I might hang around a little longer."

John raised his eyebrows in surprise, realization suddenly dawning. "You have a date! I wondered why you were so long at that one stall this morning! Okay, be careful, and fill me in on all the details later, alright?"

As he watched his friend walk away, Ian wondered to himself just what this evening was going to bring.

At a little after 4:30 he wandered back to the stall where Mr. Leather had spoken to him this morning. There was now nothing more than the frame, as all the merchandise had been packed away. He couldn't see anyone around, but as he was about to go his dream man, still dressed in that incredible look, swung around from behind a van parked not far from the stall. He looked really pleased to see Ian standing there. "I hoped you'd keep your word," he said, and Ian's cock stirred yet again in his jeans at the implied invitation in the voice. "Can I give you a lift home?" He gestured toward the van, and Ian nodded.

On the drive home Ian learned that Mark (Mr. Leather's real name) owned a small leatherwear shop in Newtown, and made a lot of the stuff himself in a workshop at the back of his house. They chatted easily and Ian marveled at how quickly they had been able to settle into conversation, as if they had known each other for years. He felt both very comfortable and very attracted to Mark, and often let his eyes wander all over the magnificent body sitting next to him.

When they got to the house, Mark parked the van in his garage, and led Ian into the house, offering him a drink. Ian accepted and they sat on a leather lounge. As he sat, Ian's pants squeaked against the soft leather of the lounge. "Don't you love that sound" exclaimed Mark, and Ian grinned. Taking his cue from the easy silence that followed, Mark slid his hand onto Ian's leg, caressing the dark leather and massaging Ian's thigh. Ian immediately started getting hard, and turned to face his dream man, slipping his hand under the vest to trace the lines of the harness straps across Mark's chest towards his nipple. The two men looked into each other's eyes, and their mouths met in a long deep passionate kiss as their hands continued exploring each other's bodies.

Breaking the embrace, Mark looked directly into Ian's eyes. "What about that thong? You were going to model it for me remember?" Ian grinned from ear to ear. "I sure was.... Although right now I don't know how I'm going to get it on..." as he looked down at his already hard cock, showing quite plainly through his leather jeans.

Mark stood up, and the outline of his erection jutted toward Ian. "Well, you'll just have to try" he said, with an edge of authority in his voice that Ian found incredibly sexy. Mark lifted Ian to his feet and then led him into a bedroom, and handed him a neatly wrapped package. "Here you are," he said. "I'll leave you to get it on for me while I get myself comfortable. When you're ready, come on back out into the lounge room, but not until I call out that I'm ready."

As Mark disappeared, Ian watched his buns moving inside the leather pants and admired the way his chaps encased his powerful legs. He wondered what Mark meant by the comment about being ready, but did not feel at all concerned. Once he was out of the room, Ian slipped out of his clothes and unwrapped the package. Sure enough, the slinky soft black leather thong he had admired at the stall was inside. He slipped it on slowly, savouring the feel against his cock and balls, and trying his best to adjust it to best effect in the wardrobe mirror. His erection had subsided, although not completely, so he was grateful for the delay -- he wanted to make sure he looked his absolute best when he fronted the gorgeous man in the other room.

After about 10 minutes, Mark finally called out to him. "Ready when you are, boy!" What a strange thing to say, thought Ian, and yet he liked the authority it conveyed. Giving himself one last look in the mirror, he slowly opened the bedroom door and strutted into the lounge.

"Oh yeah, looking fucking good, boy" Mark said, almost growling, as he watched Ian walk toward him, naked except for the slinky black leather thong. Ian's semi-hard cock lay sideways, encased in the leather. His balls were wrapped in black and filled the thong beautifully, and the shiny black leather showed off his cock incredibly well. "Shit, I knew when I saw you this morning that you would look bloody hot in that thong" he said.

That was nothing to what Ian was thinking. While Ian had stripped and adjusted the gift, Mark had shed the vest, and replaced his leather pants with another thong under his chaps. His pecs were perfectly defined by the straps of the harness and his cockhead was nudging the edge of his thong while the chaps framed his bare buns so that Ian just wanted to eat them. Ian's cock sprang from semi hardness to full erection in an instant. Mark had him parade in front of him, turning so he could get a view of his arse, then back again so he could devour that leather-clad cock with his eyes. His eyes also roamed all over Ian's body, now looking delicious without the clothes, and just covered by the thong.

Standing and pulling Ian to him, Mark kissed him again, long and hard, holding him tightly against him, rubbing their bodies and cocks against each other through the supple hide. Mark pressed his groin into Ian, running his hands along his back and around to his chest, brushing his nipples while their mouths locked. Ian responded, his hands sliding across Mark's cheeks, and tracing the lines of his chaps, then following the leather of Mark's thong around his balls, just letting his fingers gently rub against the pulsing erection restrained in the shiny black leather. The feel of the skin against his skin, the rich deep smell of the oiled leather, was almost intoxicating as Ian absorbed this new but wonderful experience. He felt more sexual, more desirable than he had ever thought possible, and wanted... he didn't know what, but just knew he wanted more.

Mark must have sensed his longing. "What turns you on?" he asked. "What are you into?"

"I don't... I'm not ... I haven't ever done this, leather I mean, before. I'm no virgin by any means, but this.... Well, it's all new to me, but I have to say I like it ... and you...a LOT!"

"Is there anything in particular that you'd like to try then?"

"Well, I don't know.... But I think I'd like to try ... errr ... at the fair I saw a few...ummm....slings and harnesses" Ian finally blurted out.

Mark smiled, glowingly. "Let me take control" he said. Ian's heart leapt at the words and the way they were said. It turned him on even more. "Follow me, but tell me if you get spooked by anything, okay?" Mark demanded, and Ian just nodded.

Mark led him down the hall way to a locked door. Fishing a key from a hiding place, Mark unlocked the door which opened onto a set of stairs leading downwards. Ian's heart beat faster, feeling uncertain now, until Mark took his hand and gave it a reassuring squeeze. Ian felt he could go anywhere Mark would lead him. The stairs descended into darkness and Ian followed Mark down, anticipation building as he did. At the bottom, Ian could sense Mark reaching for something. Suddenly a match flared, and Mark lit four or five candles around the room, which gave a strange but sexy glow. Ian examined the room slowly, fascinated. On shelves on one wall were an array of sex toys; butt plugs, dildos, balls on a leather string, hand cuffs. Another wall had hooks with harnesses, caps, thongs, collars hanging from them. The two remaining walls, forming a corner, were all mirrored. The walls, ceiling and floor were all painted black. And in the centre of the room, dominating everything, was a sling, suspended from the ceiling by heavy chains, with footstraps hanging from the chains. Ian's breathing quickened as he took it all in. Until this morning the whole thing would have panicked him, and yet now it just excited him.

"Welcome to my dungeon. I'm really proud of it. Are you okay with all of this?" Mark said with a tinge of concern in his voice.

"Oh yeah..." Ian whispered huskily.

"I don't get a chance to share it very often. I like to keep it for someone special..." Mark's voice trailed off.

Placing his hands on Ian's shoulders, Mark turned his companion toward him. Their eyes met and Mark's searched Ian's. Satisfied with what he found, he smiled again, pulling Ian to him and wrapping his arms around him as they locked in a passionate kiss. Pushing away from the stunningly handsome and eager Ian, Mark turned to the wall of hooks. Looking back at Ian and then to the wall again, he selected a harness, chaps and some studded arm bands. Putting them to one side, he stated in a commanding voice "Wait here!". Ian shivered, not from cold but from anticipation, and stood where he had been told, while Mark went back upstairs and returned with Ian's boots. He stood directly in front of Ian. "Just stand here and do what I ask -- I won't hurt you, and I think we'll both enjoy this" Ian nodded silent agreement as he watched this hunk intensely. Mark knelt, and slowly slid the leather thong down Ian's legs, lifting it over his rock hard cock, which he gave a lingering squeeze that made Ian hunger for more.

Mark then picked up the harness and lifted the shoulder straps over Ian's head, sitting it in place and adjusting the length. Ian reveled in the feel of the soft leather against his shoulders and skin. Mark reached around and pulled more straps around Ian's chest from each side, fastening them with buckles to a ring of cold metal in the middle of his chest, sliding the straps down until they rested below Ian's pecs, pushing up and highlighting his defined chest and erect nipples. Ian could feel more leather dangling behind him as he stood there enjoying the feel of the leather and the attention of this handsome stud. Another set of straps circled Ian at the waist, connecting to a second metal ring and Mark buckled and adjusted a leather strap connecting the upper and lower rings. Finally two more leather straps dangled from Ian, one from the ring on his back and one from the lower ring on his abdomen. Mark knelt again front of Ian, pulling the rear strap between his legs, and producing another, different metal ring. "Have you ever worn one of these?" he asked. Ian, looked at it, recognizing a metal cockring, and shook his head. "This is where it may get a little difficult" Mark stated matter-of-factly.

"Ian, there is no way this is going on while you have that erection. It's not that I am in any way dissatisfied with your raging hard on, but I also desperately want to see you wearing this cockring. Please forgive me for this...." Without warning he slapped the head of Ian's cock with a piece of cold metal. Ian yelped and looked down startled, grabbing for his dick. Mark reached out and restrained his hands, looking into his eyes apologetically and with longing. It dawned on Ian why Mark had done this, and he did his best to think of something, anything, that would take his mind off what was happening to him. He was only partially successful, but his cock subsided a little. Mark used the opportunity to slip first one testicle and then the other through the ring, and bending Ian's semi erect dick gently but firmly down and through the metal. The instant it was in place Ian's hard on returned and intensified. Ian could not believe the sensation. The metal was tight around his cock and balls, but not so as to be unbearable. Instead it seemed to make him even harder than he had thought possible. His cock was so hard it almost ached.

Little was said by Mark during the whole procedure, and Ian remained silent, surrendering to the attentions of Mark and enjoying every second -- well, except for the slap to make him lose his erection. Even that was somehow arousing, although he couldn't explain how or why. Ian felt so aroused and yet at the same time so comfortable with Mark, and was heady with the smell and feel and look of the leather on himself, on Mark and all around him.

Mark then eased the leather thong, which had started all of this, back up, adjusting it gently and slipping it up and over Ian's raging pole. Next came the shiniest, softest black leather chaps. As Mark fastened the waistband and zipped up first one and then the other leg, Ian felt as though the leather was becoming part of him, or he was becoming part of it. He swore that if the metal cockring had not been as tight, he would have shot his load just from the touch of Mark's fingers and the supple black leather. Satisfying himself with the fit, Mark adjusted the chaps, sliding them against Ian's legs and running his hands across his thighs, around to his calves and up to Ian's bare arse. At that point he gave Ian's rump a little slap. This made Ian jump and moan softly, and they again grinned at each other. Pulling his boots back on for him, Mark gave Ian an appreciative whistle.

"Looking fucking good, boy!" he stated in a low, approving voice. Ian beamed, and his cock twitched yet again. "Just a few more items" Mark whispered. Matching armbands were tightened around Ian's upper arms to Mark's satisfaction.

At that point Mark stood back to examine his handiwork. Very pleased with what he saw, he said softly "mmmmmmmmmm". What met his eyes was beautiful. Ian stood there obediently, the bright black leather harness and chaps perfectly defining and highlighting an almost perfect body. His own cock strained against the thong he wore, and his heart pumped as he feasted his eyes on the vision before him. The moment he had seen Ian fingering the thong at the stall that morning he had been sure that he would be a stunner when correctly "dressed". His surprise at finding out that Ian was not "into" leather, and that the only thing he owned were those perfectly fitted jeans, left him unsure as to how this evening would pan out, but Ian was proving the perfectly willing pupil. Unable to contain himself any longer, Mark threw himself at Ian, kissing him passionately, exploring him with his hands, pressing against him and pulling him to himself. Ian responded eagerly as the two attacked each other hungrily. The hours that had passed since their encounter this morning had left them both so incredibly horny.

As they continued to explore each other, first with hands and then with lips and tongues, they each sensed that Mark was taking on a more dominant role. It was he who began to direct the action, guiding Ian's willing mouth to his nipples, lifting the younger man's body weight by grabbing his butt and heaving upwards to grind his own pelvis against Ian. Ian happily, even eagerly, followed Mark's lead. He was in a state of euphoria, almost overwhelmed by the sensations that Mark and the leather caused him and with an inexplicable desire to so anything and everything to please his "Mr. Leather". As they stood and wrestled, Mark reached out again, and slowly slid yet another soft piece of leather up along the centre of Ian's back. Unsure what it was, Ian simply leaned back into the feel and moaned softly. He could feel the supple hide, and metal as well, tiny cold points of metal on the leather. Slowly working upwards, Marks hands met at the back of Ian's neck, and gently slid around to buckle up a collar on his new friend -- a perfect fit, soft and smooth against Ian's skin, with metal studs on the outside.

"You're 'finished.' Now what do you think of my model making?" Mark said, turning Ian around so he could admire himself in the mirrors on the walls behind them.

Ian gasped. His cock bounced. He stared. First at himself, then at Mark, then back to himself again. He could not believe the transformation. His heart pounded. His emotions went wild. What was this feeling? It was so good, but so uncertain. So sexually powerful, yet unfamiliar. Ian wanted to cry out, to shout his happiness, to cry with joy yet he didn't understand why. The visions that stared back at him from the mirror were incredible. The leather wrapping his own body felt and looked and smelt so good, he felt so good. And the Adonis at his side, so strong and commanding, so masculine and incredibly good looking.

"Mark... I feel ..... I don't know how I feel but I feel so HOT.... it's like a wish come true except that I didn't actually make the wish"

Mark smiled, and his own heart pumped harder. What was this feeling that he had toward Ian? They had just met after all. Why did Ian make him feel this way? What was it that he was feeling anyway?

"Mark... " Ian whispered, sheepishly, "Before, a couple of times, you called me 'boy'..."

"Yes....?" said Mark, concern crossing his face.

"No, I mean, yes, I mean, it was hot. It turned me on. Will you do it again?" Ian looked away, unsure of the answer he wanted.

Mark could not contain his relief and could hardly express the surge of excitement he felt. "I will. I want to. While we are here, in this room, I'll call you 'boy', and you must call me 'Sir" or 'Master', if you are comfortable with it." Ian digested this. Initially he wondered if it was just a little too kinky for him, but quickly realized that it was perfect. It was exactly what he had been trying to find all evening without knowing it. His whole body trembled with excitement.

"Yes, SIR!!!!" Ian stated emphatically, trying to keep a huge grin from spreading across his face.

The two men locked together again in the tightest embrace. Each of them battling with confusing and conflicting emotions which slowly gave way to heightened passion as they explored each other's bodies, making as much as they could of the leather that joined and separated them. They reveled in the sensations that flowed through them. Mark again took control, gently easing his boy backwards as they groped and played, until Ian felt the cool leather of the sling at his back. He stopped, and looked into his Master's eyes with surprise, a look which quickly changed to delighted anticipation. Mark directed his boy to ease onto the sling, getting him comfortable, before lifting each leg into the foot straps that hung from the support chains. Walking around to the side of the sling, Mark allowed Ian to see himself suspended in the mirrors, and while the boy took in the sight, Mark gently reached up and began to slip handcuffs over Ian's wrists and fasten them to the sling chains. "Let me know if you are not okay with this" Mark whispered gently. "No, Sir...." Ian replied, "I want it, I need it, and I trust you completely"

With his boy restrained and helpless, Mark moved back to the base of the sling. Running his fingers slowly around Ian's nipples and down his abdomen, he elicited moans of pleasure as Ian experienced the most incredibly sensuous feelings. Mark unsnapped the crotch fastener on the thong, and undid the leather strap which had run from the cockring between Ian's legs. Pulling his own thong up to reveal his steel hard pole, he quickly rolled a condom over himself. He began smearing lube on his cock, and then slowly around Ian's hole. As the boy squirmed with delight, Mark used first one and then two fingers to lubricate and open his arse, gently but purposefully. Drawing away a fraction, he pressed his groin toward the puckering hole, resting his cockhead against Ian's waiting bud.

Reaching again, he took the lid from a bottle of amyl and held it to Ian's nose. Ian sniffed and dropped his head back, and Mark took a breath, waiting for the effects to hit. Ian began to writhe. "Do it, Sir, take me now, please Master, I need you inside me!" he hissed. Mark needed no more encouragement. Slowly he slid the head of his cock inside Ian, waiting a moment as the muscles closed around his head. Then he pushed forward again, urged on by Ian's moaning insistence. A slow rhythm started which quickly built up. Mark slid himself in and out of the boy. Ian flexed his muscles to grip at the massive cock which rammed into him, feeling so complete, so fulfilled that he never wanted it to end. The fucking intensified quickly after the incredible build up they had both experienced, and after only five minutes or so both men were bucking and crying out. Mark took the boy powerfully, ramming his shaft deep into Ian's gut. Ian responded in kind, bucking and gripping against him, willing his Master deeper and deeper inside him. Finally, Ian could take it no more. He opened his eyes and looked across to the mirrors. What he saw was so horny that his balls suddenly released their load, emptying cum all over his stomach and up onto Mark. The sight of Ian's ejaculation did it for Mark. Not wanting to, he lost control, and suddenly he was pumping his manjuice deep into Ian's gut.

They jerked and swayed for ages, locked together in the most intimate way possible, until Mark felt his hardness subsiding. He slowly eased out of Ian.

As one, they both said "I'm sorry" and then laughed at each other.

"Well, next time, I'll try to hold back a bit longer, Sir.... " smiled Ian.

Mark's heart jumped in his chest again. "So, there will be a next time, then...?"

They looked deeply into each other's faces, and slowly a joint smile lit them.

"Sir, you have made me feel so unbelievably happy and fulfilled, I hope there will be a lot of next times." Ian said, the sincerity obvious in his voice.

"I am so glad to hear that boy,... " Mark responded ".... And I'm sure there will be a lot more after that. After all, we still have a whole range of products to introduce you to....." as he indicated the shelves of toys. Both looked at the shelves and back to each other, grinning wickedly.

As they relaxed in each other's company and drifted toward sleep that night, Ian thought to himself how incredible the night had been, and marveled at how much his whole focus had changed in one short day. He had only met Mark 12 hours ago but he felt so good and so comfortable, and he wondered ..... could this be what he had been looking for, could this be the one? He hoped so.

Mark watched his new friend, his new boy, relax into sleepiness. His thoughts went to the evening. This man beside him had turned him on so much, been so responsive and so eager to learn and to please. He made him feel so fulfilled. Mark had built his play dungeon to be shared, but never really found the one to share it with. Could Ian be it? Early as it was, Mark thought he could, hoped he could.

As each of them finally slept, the last thing to pass through each mind was a single thought ...... "I wonder if this is ..... dare I think it? ....... Love?"

The End (or is it?)

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