Family Christmas

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It was two days before Christmas and I was in my usual holiday mood - down. The inevitable, perennial madness of work had seemed even worse than usual this year, and the all-pervasive humidity of the summer heat had made this particular December one I would be happy to leave behind. I remembered the last couple of years, and the absolute chaos of business on the morning of Christmas Eve before the entire city gave up a collective sigh around midday and began to wind down for the end of year silly season, and decided I couldn't face it. I was owed quite a few hours by the company and decided I would start my break a day early.

Incredibly, my supervisor agreed readily. I suspected that she was too busy to argue, and that it was just easier to give in, but I wasn't going to complain. For the first time in weeks, I actually smiled as I packed up my things, tidied my desk and prepared to leave. I was almost away when the phone rang.


"Justin? It's Mum! Glad I caught you before you left."

My smile disappeared. I knew what was coming. "Hi Mum, how are you?"

"Well, thank you. I'm just calling to check on when you think you'll be arriving, so I know to look out for you."

My stomach knotted. I dreaded the annual pilgrimage to my parents' home, and the seemingly endless round of forced smiles and pretended pleasantries that Christmas Day entailed. "Ah, Mum, I don't know ... it's such a long drive, just for the day and all ...I thought maybe this year ..."

She guessed what I was up to, and stopped me in my tracks. "Don't even think about it, young man! Christmas is for Family..." - she made it sound almost sacred - "... and you'll be here! Munmorah isn't that far out of Sydney."

No, I thought, only an hour and a half on the freeway, and about ten million light years from the world I lived in!

"I'll expect you before 8.00 tomorrow night," my mother went on. "So you have time for a rest before we all head off to Midnight Mass together."

Another internal groan. Why did I put myself through this year after year? "Okay, Mum," I said resignedly. "I'll do my best, but I'm not promising. You know the traffic out of Sydney on Christmas Eve will be horrendous!"

"Yes, darling. Take care, and we'll see you tomorrow," she said breezily as she hung up.

I no longer felt the earlier happiness at being able to get away from the office. My mother's call had reminded me of what I still had to face, and I was as dejected as ever. As I made my way into the station, and sat on the train heading for home, I just couldn't shake the feeling of anticipated loneliness which came over me.

I grew up in a large family - four brothers and two sisters, making seven of us all told, and myself the youngest. Two of my brothers and both of my sisters had settled close to where we were raised, on the northern Central Coast, between Sydney and Newcastle. One brother had moved north to Newcastle, and one to Sydney as I had done. All of my siblings were happily married, and between them they had presented my parents with 11 grandchildren. And then there was me. 28 years old, single and gay. Of course my parents didn't know that - they were good Catholics, and I had never found the strength to tell them, or the need to hurt them by doing so. The youngest of my sisters had guessed; she came right out and asked me point blank one day, and I just nodded and agreed. Teresa was all support and encouragement, accepting me without question, but she had agreed that it was something Mum and Dad probably didn't need to know just yet.

I was sure that at least three of my other siblings suspected the truth, but as far as I knew none of them had had it confirmed, nor had they raised the question with myself or our folks. That didn't bother me too much, since I wasn't particularly close with them anyway, but it was the one day of the year when the family all got together - Christmas - that I found it incredibly difficult.

It had become a tradition that we all gathered at the family home for Christmas Day, eating, drinking and catching up with each other, surrounded by my nieces and nephews. Wherever possible, the whole family also went to Mass with my parents on Christmas Eve, although the two brothers who lived away often couldn't make it since they had to pack up the kids and all the paraphernalia. I didn't have that excuse, so I was expected to be there in time to get to church each year.

Don't get me wrong - I love my mother and father. It's just that spending Christmas surrounded by three generations of family, complete with happy laughing partners, always leaves me morose and lonely. I see the way my brothers and sisters seem so content, and I wonder why I had to be 'different', why I am the one who feels left out. It's almost as if I can't bring my whole self to the party, but have to leave a part of me at home; the part that segregates me from the rest, the part that makes me gay.

As I wandered slowly from the station to my home that Christmas Eve eve, I tried to imagine what it would be like to be completely open with the family. How would they react if I were to tell them all about the real me? Or even if I were to bring someone with me? Now that would be quite a scene! And there was another problem - I didn't have anyone to bring. There was no-one special in my life at the moment, hadn't been for some time, and I think that made the prospect of Christmas even more daunting than usual. I toyed for a millisecond with coming out over Christmas lunch, but rejected the idea before it even took hold. If and when I did get up the guts to do it, it wouldn't be such a time as that. I'd want to tell them quietly, privately, let them get used to the idea. I'd heard all the horror stories of people coming out at big family gatherings, and I didn't want to add my own to the list of disasters.

So I told myself I'd go yet again. I'd smile and try to be polite, and endure the day for the sake of the family, but I knew I wouldn't be in much of a mood by the time it was over. Still, I had the whole day off tomorrow, and the night was just beginning! Time for some fun, time for me to enjoy myself.

I showered, shaved and dressed smartly, and headed out. I stopped for a drink at the Newtown Hotel, nodding at one or two acquaintances, but it was very quiet, being only early and still mid-week. I gave up there and walked down to the Imperial where I bumped into Neil, one of my better friends. We shared a laugh and some gossip over a cocktail, and he persuaded me to head into town for something to eat. Over dinner in a cafe on Oxford Street, Neil and I traded horror stories about the festive season. When I whined about having to make the trip north again this year, and began to detail the terrible things I faced with my family, he became a little quiet.

"What's up?" I asked in response to his gloomy look.

"You should be grateful you have somewhere to go," was his answer. "I know it's hard putting up with all the good cheer, and the pretending, but it's better than being alone. My folks won't even talk to me since I came out, so Christmas is just another day, to sit alone and think."

"Hey, man, I'm sorry," I said, and meant it.

He brightened up. "Don't worry about me! I'll be fine. But don't complain about having a family either. You don't realise how good that is until you don't have it anymore."

On that awkward note, we finished our meal, and at Neil's suggestion we made our way down the hill from Taylor Square, leisurely cruising along and taking in the sights. There were a lot of guys out and about, and Neil's libido was obviously working overtime.

"I'm feelin' lucky tonight, Jus," he said. "Think it's about time I found myself a husband - at least for the night!"

I laughed with him, but backed off a little. "Don't think I'm quite in the mood for romance," I grinned. "How about a drink at the Shift instead?"

"Nah, you go on. I'm heading for the baths!"

"I thought you said you were looking for a husband?" I smirked. "All you're gonna find there is anonymous sex - hardly the place for romance!"

"So the marriage only lasts an hour or so! At least I get some release, and I don't have to worry about remembering his name."

I shook my head and pretended shock. "And I thought you were a nice boy ..."

"Yeah, whatever," he laughed back at me. "See you later - and have a good Christmas, mate!"

"You too. Be good, or if you can't be good, be careful!" I said as he began to back away.

"I'll be both!" he hissed in a stage whisper.

Alone again, I looked around at the milling crowds and felt the heat of the summer. Yep, Christmas was definitely here. I decided to go with my own suggestion, and stop in for a drink at the Shift, see if I could find any friends, maybe even have a dance.

The place was busy, but not too crowded. I pushed my way into the downstairs bar and put the idea of going upstairs to the night-club on hold for the time being. Just as I was about to be served, a group vacated several stools in the corner where the main bar met one wall, and I quickly grabbed myself a spot where I could sit and drink, and watch the crowd. As I settled myself in with my first beer, I looked around, and although there were a few familiar faces, I didn't see anyone I would call a friend, so I took my time with the drink and studied the men around me.

A second and then a third drink followed as I watched the people there that night. It occurred to me that most of them were in small groups, laughing and drinking with friends. In fact, there seemed to be an inordinate number of couples around me, and as the effects of the alcohol began to take hold, I found myself slipping into a fog of self pity, emphasising my solo status, and exacerbating the depressing thoughts of the next few days.

I didn't even notice when the pair occupying the stools adjacent to mine got up and left, so busy was I concentrating on the bottom of my glass. A voice behind me interrupted my gloom.

"You saving this seat for anyone?"

"Nah," I replied without even looking around. "No-one to save it for. Just here by myself, all alone!"

"That's lucky!" answered the voice, making me look now.

"What do you mean by that?" I asked.

The owner of the voice smiled at me with an enigmatic grin, and captured the attention of the barman, ordering himself a drink as he slid into position on the stool next to me. Finally, he turned to answer my question.

"Lucky for me, cause I get a seat. Even better, I get to sit next to someone who isn't half of a couple."

Now it was my turn to grin. I liked him already, and the fact that he was damned good looking didn't hurt either.

"I'm Justin," I said, holding out my hand.

"David," he replied, as we shook. Now I noticed that he wasn't just good looking, he was gorgeous! His deep blue eyes sparkled when he spoke, and his smile revealed brilliant white teeth in a handsome face.

Over the next hour or so, David and I bitched about the disadvantages of being single, compared notes on the men in the bar around us, complained about the weather and laughed at each other's jokes. I quickly warmed to him, and it was more than just his looks. He came across as open and genuine, honest and funny. We shared a lot of opinions, likes and dislikes, and although the alcohol may have assisted, the time flew by as I enjoyed myself in his company more than I had for a long time.

Eventually, the subject of the looming holiday came up. At the mention of Christmas, my frown appeared, and he quickly guessed I wasn't excited about the coming festivities.

"What? You don't like Christmas? Is your last name 'Scrooge'?" he asked, chuckling at my discomfiture.

"It's not Christmas as such," I responded, "but what it brings - all the lies and pretending." I went on to fill him in with the graphic details of my super happy family and their hordes of children, all laughing and joking while I felt left out and uncomfortable because I couldn't be who I really was.

His grin had gone by the time I was finished, and he looked at me seriously as he spoke. "I'm sorry you have to put up with that," he said. "I guess I'm lucky in one way - at least my family all know about me, so I don't have to hide or pretend."

"You are lucky!" I said. "It must be wonderful to be able to share your feelings, all of your feelings, with your folks. I'll bet Christmas at your place will be a lot more enjoyable than what I'm facing!"

"I wish ..." he said, looking away and down.

"Hey, mate," I questioned. "I thought you said your folks were okay about you?"

"They are! But they live in Perth, and there's no way I can afford either the time or the money to get there for Christmas. I'll speak to them by phone for a while, but that's it. Christmas Day for me is a tiny tree, maybe a salad and some cold cuts, and bloody awful movies on what passes for television, with no-one to share it!"

"Oh, David!" I said, "I'm so sorry!" Without thinking, I reached out and gathered him into my arms, pulling him against me. His arms went around my waist, and together we sat there silently for several minutes. When I finally let go of him and sat back again, we looked at each other sadly, both taking long drafts of our beers.

"Well, aren't we a cheery pair?" he said at last.

"Soppy and Soppier," I added. We looked at each other again, and laughed out loud, the moment passing as we realised just how sad we must have looked, wallowing in self pity like that.

As our mirth subsided, I looked around and noticed that the crowd was thinning. The evening was getting late. "Did you want to go upstairs?" I asked. "Have a dance?"

"Umm, no," he said. "I think I'll give it a miss tonight ..."

"Good," I answered. "I don't really feel like it either, but I felt I should ask!"

He laughed at me again, throwing a fake punch at my shoulder. "Feel like a coffee instead? Or do you have to get home?"

"Nope," I replied happily. "Any preference for where? Most of the cafes along here are still open."

He looked a little unsure for the first time since I had met him, as he seemed to be searching for his next words. Finally, softly, he said, "I was thinking more of my place." His eyes lifted then, to stare into my own, the invitation and the implication clear to both of us.

I swallowed with nervous excitement, smiled a little and nodded. "Where do you live?" I asked.

"Uh, I share a flat with two other guys in Ultimo."

Now it was my turn to stop and try to find the right words. "Err, that's fine, but if you don't want to risk disturbing your flatmates, I live by myself in Erskineville ...?"

"That would be ... more, um, considerate," David said. He grinned then, widely. I answered with a huge smile of my own as we both acknowledged what we were really saying.

The trip home in the taxi was quiet, filled with both anticipation and nerves. About half way into the 10 minute journey David's hand wrapped around my own, our fingers intertwining, and for the remainder of the ride I grinned like a school boy. He paid the cabbie while I fumbled nervously with my keys at the front door, becoming frustrated as I tried in vain to insert the metal into the lock. It was only when his hands settled on my shoulders and his lips began to kiss the back of my neck that I found success, and triumphantly flung the door open, turning quickly with a flushed face to motion him inside.

He needed no encouragement, almost pushing me in before him, and slamming the door behind us without even looking back at it. His hands came up and held my face while our eyes locked, each searching for the confirmation we both needed, and both found. I leaned forward and my lips brushed against his, only lightly, but it was enough to open the floodgates of passion.

David kissed me back, holding my head and pulling me to him. His tongue forced its way between my teeth, and I happily responded by allowing him easy entry as we tasted each other, exploring our mouths and humming with delight. With our lips locked together, we scrabbled at each other's clothing, desperately trying to unbutton shirts and jeans, to lift material over our heads and to push denim to our ankles. Somehow, with momentary and fleeting separations, we became naked, still kissing, his hands at my neck, my arms around his waist. We pulled together again, and I became acutely aware of the hardness mixed with increasingly sticky moisture between our stomachs. My cock was hard and throbbing, copious amounts of pre-cum leaking from me, and he, in kind, sported a raging erection which trailed a clear deposit of viscous fluid behind it as it rubbed across my belly.

I broke our joining, gasping out, "Oh, David, you are so hot!"

He laughed. "I've wanted to do this to you since I first saw you."

"Then don't stop!"

Another chuckle, as his lips attacked my neck and his teeth began to nibble their way across my shoulders. My hands began a thorough and sensual examination of his body, working their way down from his shoulders, along his spine to the firm round orbs of his arse cheeks. All the while we gripped at each other and ground our bodies together, unable to get enough of the physical contact we both craved so much.

"Bedroom?" he hissed into my skin.

"Left," I whispered back, then as he started to move both of us to one side, "No, MY left!"

We both began to giggle as we reversed direction. Sidestepping our way over the discarded clothing, we somehow made our way into my bedroom, and as he backed me into the bed, I lost my balance and toppled backwards, reaching out and bringing him down with me, on top of me. By natural reaction my legs spread, and David fell into the space between them, his abdomen coming to rest on my still throbbing boner, his mouth level with my chest. He used the opportunity to lick and bite softly at my nipples, each in turn, which sent shivers through me and elicited a series of long, loud moans of delight.

"Oh, fuck David, I want you inside me!" I groaned.

"You sure?" he asked, a look of concern on his face.

"More than anything!"


I motioned to the chest of drawers behind him. "Top drawer," I said softly, as I stood up again from the bed.

He held the tube of cool gel in his hand and I picked up the foil packet of a condom, tearing it open with my teeth, and kneeling before him to get a good look at the long, hard pole of his masculinity as I rolled the prophylactic down over that living rod. He threw his head back, breathing out slowly.

"Justin, man that is so fucking hot!" he exclaimed.

"This is hotter," I said boldly, lewdly, as I turned from him and knelt on the bed, my arse pointing up in the air and my hole offered to him as a target. I jumped a little as the cold lube touched my rear entrance for the first time, then moaned with pleasure as he slid one finger into me, smearing the liquid around and opening me. A second finger followed and then, quickly, a third. I began to squirm again.

"Come on, man, fuck me!" I hissed.

He took the hint, his own urgency matching mine as I felt the hardness of his cockhead at my sphincter. He nudged forward a little, and I willed myself to relax around him. With a pop, I felt his mushroom head breach my defences, and then he was inside me. I gasped a little with the initial pain, and he stopped, waiting for me to accustom myself to his girth. But the pain disappeared as fast as it had come, and without waiting for him I pushed backward quickly, impaling myself on his fleshy spear. It was his turn to gasp as he slid full length into me in one steady motion, my rectum swallowing his masculinity and my body trembling with the delight of being filled by him.

From then on, David took control. After the initial penetration, he pulled back a little, then slammed himself home again, his balls slapping against my cheeks. Amid a chorus of grunts and hisses from both of us, he lunged forward, withdrew, and dived in once more, stabbing himself into my gut while I urged him on, until he managed to establish a rhythm of sorts. But there was little finesse and almost no tenderness to our mating. It was the urgent rutting of two aroused beasts who desperately needed release. He humped himself harder and harder, deeper and faster into me, and I gasped aloud and begged for more, gripping at his powerful tool with all my strength and milking him as he thundered into me.

Like animals, we fucked hard. I swore his cock nudged the pit of my stomach, and I shuddered with the rising passion of intense arousal as he filled me again and again. His long, solid prick pistoned in and out of my ring, my gut squelching around that heated poker with every thrust. The room was filled with the sound of pure sex - our grunts and gasps joining with the squeaking of the bed-springs and accompanied by the constant slap of flesh against flesh as he fucked me royally. I could feel my excitement building quickly, and I had no desire to try to hold it back.

David, too, must have been racing to a peak, because he suddenly eased off a little. But before I could protest, or even comment, he was pushing me forward, his masculinity still sunk deep inside my bowel. Now he too was kneeling on the bed, his legs between my own, and his hands slid up my torso until they gripped like talons at my shoulders. In that position he was able to exert even more force into his thrusts, pounding himself into me like a battering ram. I hissed out vague obscenities and he responded in kind as we urged each other onwards and upwards with shuddering motions and verbal encouragement.

Suddenly, and without warning, he slammed himself into me hard, and stayed there. His left arm went around my body, while his right hand gripped my cock powerfully, and his entire body spasmed. I could sense his cock emptying its load of jizz deep inside me as David went deathly quiet, not even breathing as his climax ripped through him. For several minutes he remained like that, and I clenched myself around his twitching manhood, milking him and becoming even more aroused by the idea of being filled with his essence. Finally, he took a breath, a long, gasping breath of air, and re-commenced his fucking motion, a little slower now, but still he was hard and still he thudded into me.

At the same time, his fingers wrapped around my aching prong, and he jacked at it, sliding his fist up and down my length as his free hand played with my nipples. It took no more than a minute of that treatment before I knew I was about to burst. I tried to call out a warning, but the words stopped on my lips as my nuts drew up into my body and my cock expanded before a shuddering wave rolled through me and a stream of cum shot from my prick and sprayed across the bed. Another and another followed as my body emptied itself while my brain sailed over the moon with delirious abandon, before slowly I came back to earth as my trembling eased.

"Oh fuck!" I declared eloquently.

"Ditto!" David replied. "Are you okay?" he added between deep breaths.

"Oh yeah, more than okay! That was wonderful."

He collapsed forward over me, chuckling softly, and at that I fell forward as well so that we ended up face down on the bed, with him still lodged inside me, both laughing. After a few minutes, we overcame our giggles, and David slowly, gently withdrew himself, removing the condom and dropping it into the waste basket beside the bed.

Together, we rolled onto our sides, facing each other and looking directly into each other's eyes.

"I'm sorry, Justin," he said.

"Sorry? What on earth for?"

"For being, well, you know, a bit rough, and for being a bit, umm, quick."

I looked him up and down with amusement and a little guilt. "It's me who should be apologising," I said. "For behaving like some kind of slut, for demanding that you take me like that. I don't normally act that way, but I was just so turned on by you, and I got a bit carried away."

He spoke with a tone that underscored his honesty. "I'm not really into the rough stuff generally, but that was so exciting, so hot. You really had me horny, and when you spoke the way you did, I couldn't resist. Justin, that was one of the hottest fucks I've ever had!"

"Same here," I grinned back at him. We lay together, just holding each other for some time, enjoying the feeling of being with one another, until a thought occurred to me. "You never did get that coffee I promised - would you like it now?"

He laughed at that. "Yeah, that would be nice."

I lifted off the bed and cleaned myself down with a towel, throwing another to him. "Here, clean yourself up and I'll get things started in the kitchen." As I padded naked from the room, I turned back to see him staring at me with a silly grin on his face. I blushed at the unspoken compliment.

When he joined me at the breakfast bar I already had two cups of steaming brew waiting. He reached for his shirt which had been strewn across the floor. "What are you doing?" I asked.

"Putting some clothes on," he replied with a look of uncertainty.

"Please don't! There's no need, and I'm really enjoying the view!"

Now it was his turn to blush, but he stayed naked, letting me admire the lines of his beautiful body as he quickly picked up his jeans and laid them over one end of the counter. We sat and chatted easily while we drank our coffee. It was after midnight, but I was certainly not tired, and he didn't seem to be either. David was so easy to talk to, so easy to be with, that I felt I had known him for years rather than having just met him a few short hours ago. I stood and collected the empty mugs, placing them in the sink, and turned around to see him leaning back against the breakfast bar, his elbows on the surface and his chest and torso pushed forward. He was stunningly good looking, and I couldn't resist the temptation to reach out and run my hand over his pecs, and down across his abdomen.

He sighed at the touch of my fingers, and I leaned in to kiss him, long and deep. I could feel the beginnings of my erection, and I pressed my body to his, delighting to find a similar hardness growing at his groin. One hand strayed to his left nipple, pinching it softly, while the other fell to cup his balls and squeeze gently at the man-eggs suspended below his rapidly swelling prong. I broke our kiss, and licked slowly over his chin and down his neck, my tongue replacing my fingers at his nipple and then progressing south as he uttered a series of contented moans, his hands resting on my head.

When my face came level with his prick, I eyed the slightly twitching flesh with wonder. A droplet of pre-cum appeared at the tip and I licked out and scooped it up, tasting his very essence. My mouth watered at the prospect before me, and I savoured the experience by lowering my head and gently nuzzling into his scrotum, licking at his ball sac before I traced the length of his cock with my lips, nipping gently at the tender skin as I slowly measured his rod with my mouth. Finding the raised ridge of his glans, my tongue slid around it, following the mushroom cap all the way around his shaft until I returned to where I had started, delving into his slit to retrieve the increasing pre-seminal liquid gathering there.

David's body was shaking slightly, his cock as hard as steel, and he continued to moan breathlessly as I ministered to his sensitive prick. Unable to wait any longer, I opened my mouth wide, and lowered my face onto him, taking his length into my gullet. My lips and gums massaged his shaft as my tongue played with him and I caressed his masculinity with my throat, fighting off the urge to gag as I swallowed him entirely, then backed off a little until I could start a gentle bobbing motion which allowed me to suck at him easily. The feeling of him within my neck was incredibly erotic, and I would have happily continued for hours, but David's hands came down to my chin and lifted my face.

"Justin!" he hissed. "I'm so close - take it easy or I'll cum."

I wasn't ready for that just yet, so I smiled and backed off a little, still crouched in front of him. With my hands on his melon shaped butt cheeks, I began to turn him around, and he quickly got the idea and followed my lead. Now his arse was at face level, and he leaned forward over the kitchen counter, spreading his legs and granting me access.

My tongue started at the base of his spine, and worked its way down between those firm orbs, slicking the valley between them. I skimmed across his puckering hole as he gasped at the feathery touch, then laved the sensitive skin between his arse and his nuts. With my hands spreading his legs further, I pressed my face in until I could suckle at his testicles from behind, rolling them around with my gums and massaging them with my lips. But that position was uncomfortable and difficult, so I moved back a little, and restarted my probing of his butt. He squirmed a little, and muttered a deep 'yessss!' as I traced the edge of his pucker with my tongue, then dived into the flexing ring of muscle. I probed his arse as best I could, licking and pushing at the pink skin as he grunted and did his best to open even further and allow me better access.

My own cock was so hard I was leaking copious amounts of pre-cum, which trailed from my cockhead to the floor, and my legs, bent to allow me to crouch, began to protest, so I reluctantly straightened, standing up behind him. I slid my arms up his body and around his chest while my cock nestled in the still moist valley of his arse, sliding up and down and sending tingles through me as I leaned into him, held him tightly and kissed his shoulders and the back of his neck. I could sense him making some movement, but I took little notice, and assumed he was pushing his clothing out from under where he leaned over the tabletop.

With my cock riding up and down in his crevice, occasionally nudging at the warm, puckering opening of his body, my heart raced and my mind whirled, I wanted so much to make love to this man. But I knew that the 30 seconds it would take for me to let him go and rush to the bedroom to collect a condom could destroy the moment, so I lingered, not relinquishing my hold on him, wanting to stay as we were for ever.

"Oh, David ..." I whispered into his hair.

"Justin, yes. I want you ..." he groaned back at me. Another movement of his arms, doing something with the discarded jeans, and then his hands were sliding between our bodies, and gripping at my penis. I grinned when I realised what he was doing. He had found a condom in the pants, and was trying to place it on me. I reached down to help, to roll it over my achingly hard rod, and as I did, he reached again, his fingers coated with cool lube, which he smeared onto me, and around his own hole.

I leaned forward again, wrapping my arms around him, pressing my entire body against his. My cock was once again sliding along the crack of his arse, now very slippery with the gel, and I moved myself up and down until my cockhead made contact with his anus. Once I felt the opening, I slowed, and with only the slightest of pressure I allowed myself to nudge forward. His rosebud opened a little and I moved again, then stopped and waited while he relaxed some more. with growing excitement, and the most amazingly sensual feelings flooding through me. I gradually pushed, stopped and pushed again, until I felt his sphincter close around the mushroom cap of my prick.

We waited then, enjoying the sensation of being joined, for several minutes before I started to move. With tiny increments, I entered him slowly - pushing forward, then drawing back, to push again, this time the tiniest bit farther than the last. Centimetre by centimetre, I buried myself in him, fighting the urge to shove upwards as I relished the moist heat of his body enveloping me. After what seemed an age, I finally felt the firmness of his cheeks against my hips, my prong fully sunk within his glorious arse.

"Oh, David ..." I whispered.

"Mmmmm" came the wordless answer as he leaned forward and pushed back, trying vainly to get even more of me inside him.

For a short while I stayed there, still, before nature took over. I began to move, in and out, slowly, gently. I bent at the knees as I fucked him in this standing position, moved my pelvis so that my cock probed into him, from side to side as it dived in and slid back. I marvelled at the warm wet scabbard that was his bowel, gripping at my invading sword of flesh, and delighted in the squelching glory of his innards welcoming me, clenching around me and yielding to me.

My hands explored the outside of his body as my cock explored the inside. I ran my fingers across the ridges of his abdomen and plucked at his tits while my weapon prodded its way up and into his gut. I held him tightly, wrapping his body in my arms as his body wrapped my manhood in itself, and I gradually increased my speed and power as I thrust and parried at his hole. The ecstasy of being within him was so incredible, I could feel the onset of orgasm growing closer and closer. My hands lowered, and I found his cock, swinging in air in time with our rhythm. I wrapped my right hand around his shaft of heated steel, and clasped his rolling nuts in my left as I continued to jab into him, pounding myself now into his willing, thirsty body.

Using the flow of his own juices over his shaft as a lubricant, I fisted his prong and pulled at him, running my fingers up and down in quickly increasing motion as I pulled at his balls and pumped my swollen tool into his belly. We were sweating and gasping together, humping at each other and shuddering as we fucked, his hands grabbing at the marble bench top while I held onto his body and filled it with my own. My peak was approaching, and I knew I could not hold off much longer, when David called out an agonised "Justin, I'm cuummmm...", and suddenly went rigid. I was unable to stop, and just kept thundering away, ramming myself into him as his body shook and his cock spewed a river of jizz over my hand, and spurted shot after shot of creamy fluid out into the air.

The sensation of David's orgasm was amazing. His arse clamped tightly around my rampaging pole and his body trembled. Within a minute I felt the wave of passion crash into me, my prick swelling inside him, my nuts aching and pulsing, and my cum cannoning into his body in a series of shudders that caused us both to shudder, locked together as we were. I lost count of how many times I bucked into him, emptying myself, and holding onto him for life itself. Eventually the agony of release died away, and I found myself covered in sweat, still buried deep inside him, gasping for air and leaning into him yet again.

"David?" I murmured into his back as my voice returned.

"Incredible!" he whispered back. "That was just incredible."

I pulled him against me once more, held him as tightly as I could, until I felt my cock begin to flag. "I'm going to have to pull out," I warned him.

"Pity!" he said with a growl of contentment. Slowly, carefully, I backed away, reluctant to leave the glory of his body. With a grunt from him and a gasp from myself, we parted, and I quickly disposed of the rubber as he stood up to bring us face to face. We kissed. A long, tender kiss of happiness and sated desire, before falling against each other, chins on shoulders and arms intertwined.

"Ah, Justin, I'm sorry ..." he said as we recovered slowly.

"What for this time?" I asked with a smile.

"I seem to have cum all over your kitchen cupboards ..." he said, pointing to where trails of his jizz dribbled down the side of the bar, and pooled on the tiles.

"Easily cleaned," I declared. "But f you're going to apologise every time we have sex, I'll end up developing a complex!"

I was expecting a laugh, but instead he gave me a serious but warm smile. "I like the sound of that - 'every time we have sex' - it has the suggestion that there's more to come."

I reddened a little, and looked deep into his eyes. "I sure hope so!"

We cleaned ourselves up a little, and relaxed on the sofa, sitting quietly, hand in hand, each lost in our own thoughts. David took a breath, and said in a reluctant tone. "I should get going."

I looked at him with surprise, and a sense of real disappointment.

"Won't you stay the night?"

"I can't," he said softly.

"I ... I guess not ..." I said in almost a whisper, turning my face away to hide the flush I felt and the moisture I knew was burning my eyes.

His voice came to me in a strangled cry of agony. "Justin, I wish I could stay, honestly!" I felt his hands on my head as he turned my face back to his own. My tears were matched by his. "I hate the thought of leaving you like this, but I have to work tomorrow - it's the last and busiest day of the year. I can't not show up, or I'd be sacked."

I looked at him and saw the sincerity in his eyes, and my heart warmed again. "Stay!" I said. "It's so late already. I have the day off tomorrow. Stay with me tonight, and I'll get up with you early in the morning and drive you home to get to work on time. Please, David, sleep with me tonight?" I begged.

His look was one of disappointed reluctance, which slowly faded to uncertainty, and was replaced by smiling resolve. "Okay, I will. But you have to promise me we'll get moving first thing in the morning."

"I promise!" I said quickly, brightly. "We'll set the alarm right now, so we don't sleep through, okay?"

With a smile that made me melt, he nodded. "Thank you!" he whispered.

'Thank YOU' I said to myself. This was one man worth making an effort for. I didn't want him to get away, if I could help it.

Despite the lateness of the hour, when I led him to my bed and peeled back the covers, I felt a nervousness that prevented me from sleeping. David lay on his side, and I snuggled into him, his arms around me, delighting in the warmth and firmness of his body against mine. I tried to close my eyes but sleep wouldn't come, so I simply lay there, enjoying the strange sensation of sharing my bed with a handsome man.

Thirty minutes later, I was still wide awake, and although I tried not to, I began to fidget from lying in one position for so long. I felt David's hands move against my chest, and his voice in my ear.

"Can't you sleep?"

"No - you neither?"

"Afraid not," he said. "Would you like me to go?"

"NO! Absolutely not. It's not you - well it is you, but not because you're here. If you weren't I'd be worse. I can't sleep because I'm so happy that you stayed."

He nuzzled his head into my neck and voiced a long, soft "Mmmmmm". Incredibly, I felt a hardening once more as his prick came to life against my back. That instantly fired my own cock up. His hands began to explore, and suddenly he wasn't just cuddling me, but exciting me all over again.

I rolled onto my back, and he propped up on his elbow beside me as I flicked on the soft light of a bedside lamp. Our mouths met and we kissed again, a joining that quickly intensified as we tasted each other and came to understand our shared need. Almost in unison, we moved again, so that I was beneath him, his upper body on my torso, my legs spread as he lay between them. He lifted his head a little, so that our faces were separated by mere inches. Each of us was shivering slightly, but it certainly wasn't cold on that humid December night.

"Justin ...?" he asked in a guttural question.

"Yes!" I answered his unspoken question as we kissed again. Even as we did, I flung my arm out and found the bedside drawer, grabbing at the annoying but necessary condoms I kept there. David's hand found mine, and he took the rubber from me, kneeling quickly and putting the thing on himself. His fingers scooped up some lube and applied it to my twitching hole, before smearing more over his rampant pole, standing proudly over my belly. As he leaned forward again, I lifted my legs and wrapped them around his waist, positioning us perfectly so that as his head came back to mine, his cock nudged against the soft target of my anus.

"I can't believe how aroused you make me," I whispered at him.

"Ditto, handsome," he said as his hips moved forward a touch, and I willed my body to relax around the large head of his penis where it begged entry. He pressed into me, slowly but firmly, and I felt myself open before him, a twinge of pain instantly overwhelmed by the pleasure of him forcing apart my sphincter muscles. He paused for a few seconds once his head had breached my ring, then slowly began to slide in again. The tenderness of his invasion was unbelievable, and I felt every centimetre of him ride through my anus and fill my gut.

A gasp escaped me as the knob of his prick pressed against and passed over my prostate. He stopped, looking concerned, before he realised what had happened. With a mischievous grin, he pulled back a little and repeated the process, making me groan aloud with pleasure, and then continued his descent into my body. When finally he came to a stop, buried to the hilt within my chute, I moaned softly.

"Oh, shit, David, that feels so good!"

"Ditto, lover," he said in a gravelly voice. "Ditto!"

He moved then, pulling back a little before pushing in again. Finding his rhythm, he soon began a steady, rocking motion as he surged forward into me then rolled back while my rectum gripped at him, before driving forward once more. I was in paradise, as he made love to me, slowing his pace occasionally, and revolving his pelvis so that his long, heated prong dug and probed at my insides, finding places I didn't know existed and sending electric pulses of ecstasy through my entire body. His fingers continued to explore my body as my hands grabbed and pulled at him, urging him further in, or rubbing at the sweat-sheened glory of his skin. His fucking was beautiful. It was romantic and slow, but not too gentle. There was a hidden strength, a wonderful, controlled power to the way he speared his masculinity into my compliant body, and it thrilled me. I trembled as the layers of passionate arousal built up within my frame. Over and over, he would lean forward, and I would lift my head to meet him, so that we kissed as we joined, a coupling of wondrous, sensual delight and unimagined arousal.

I had wondered if we had the strength to manage a third climax in one night, but as David made love to me like this, I knew that I would soon be finding my peak again. It was like nothing I had ever experienced before. Our two bodies had joined as a single entity whose sole purpose was the sharing of indescribable pleasure. My brain reeled as my body trembled, and the centre of pleasure at my arse emanated waves of joy which overwhelmed my entire being. And then, as I felt my orgasm approach, David began to speed up in his lunges, his eyes sparkling as he pounded faster and faster, deeper and harder into me with a real sense of urgency. I knew he too was close, and I silently urged him on, racing him to the edge of the abyss.

We reached the point of no return, gasped out a strangled cry of release, and toppled over the cliff together. As he stiffened and thundered himself into me in one final, mighty lunge, my nuts boiled over and I felt my cock swell before I exploded. One long streamer of white hot cream erupted from me, snaking up onto David's chest and falling back onto my own. Another followed, and another as I jetted out a river of my essence, drowning us in sticky jism. As I did, I clenched my sphincter vice like around David's member, but it was no match for his swollen, rampant masculinity. With each spasm that rocked me, another shot through him, and he poured his seed into my body, shot after shot of cum filling me as he shuddered and twitched through our simultaneous climax.

Time stood still as we abandonned ourselves to the ecstasy of surrender, and gave up control of our own bodies. For minutes or for hours - who knows which - we shook and cried as one, sharing the ultimate intimacy and riding the crescendo of physical release. I don't recall which of us finished first, but suddenly we were both gasping for air, exhausted and spent, as he collapsed onto me, his body covering mine, his glorious cock still held within my body.

For many minutes we stayed like that, still joined as one, swimming in the afterglow of sated passion, sharing the warmth of pure intimacy. Eventually David began to move, lifting himself from me as I reluctantly surrendered his manhood. He took a breath as if to speak, but I stopped him.

"If you say 'I'm sorry', I'll hit you with something heavy!" I threatened.

He laughed hard at that, regaining control after a minute or so. "I was going to say 'thank you!'. You were wonderful."

"Just wonderful?" I said, raising my eyebrows, and trying to hold back a grin. Then I became more serious. "David, I want you to know that what we just did was the most sensual, erotic experience of my entire life. I will never forget it. Thank you!"

He kissed me then. A soft, tender kiss, but full of meaning, and it made my heart soar. "Justin, I think I ..."


"Umm, I mean, I ... thank you, too, handsome." I was sure he had been going to say something else, but changed his mind at the last minute.

"Now, we really should get some sleep. I have no idea how you are going to be able to function at work tomorrow, my man!"

He nodded his agreement, and we kissed again before I rolled around so that he could spoon into my back, and within seconds we were both breathing deeply, finally asleep at last.


When the first soft grey fingers of light woke me the next morning, I began to stir momentarily, until I realised that his arms were still around me. The alarm wasn't due to sound for another 15 minutes yet. A quiet sigh of contentment escaped my lips as I snuggled backwards, feeling his body spooning into mine, his chest against my back, his semi-hard cock nestling in the crack of my arse. Unfortunately, that slight movement was enough to disturb his breathing.

Without seeing his face I could sense the initial confusion of his waking in a strange bed, and then he remembered and his arms tightened around me, pulling me back into him again, his prong lengthening and hardening in its cosy nest between my cheeks.

"Good morning," I whispered.

"Mmmmm," he replied as he kissed my shoulders softly. I squirmed around to face him and our lips met in a lingering taste as our cocks jostled for position between us.

"Now THIS is Christmas!" I murmured.

David laughed. "You're a day early," he reminded me.

"Yeah, but I could stay like this for the next week. Beats the hell out of what I'll be doing tomorrow."

We kissed again, and my hands explored the ridges of his shoulders and traced the line of his back until they found the firm rounded globes of his bum. Slowly I began to work my way around his waist, making for the long, throbbing pole of his manhood, but as I found my prize he broke our kiss and looked into my eyes.

"I'm sorry, Justin, but I have to get to work." There was a pleading look on his face, begging me to understand.

"Couldn't you call in sick?" I asked hopefully.

"Not today. It's going to be the busiest, and I need the job."

"I know," I said resignedly, kissing him yet again before summoning all of my will power to roll away. I was gratified to see the look of longing and disappointment he exhibited as I did. "Hop in the shower," I said, pointing to the bathroom. "I'll make us some coffee and toast before I drive you home."

"You don't have to," he offered. "I can always get a cab. You can stay in bed since you have the day off."

"No!" I said firmly. "I want to spend as much time with you as I can, and I promised I would get you to work in return for having you all night, so I will!" I leaned forward and kissed his lips softly one more time, then backed off a little and placed a peck on his forehead. "Now get moving before I'm tempted to break my promise," I said with mock disapproval in my voice.

With a groan, he did as I suggested, rolling out of bed while I feasted my eyes on his gorgeous body. He wriggled his way across the room and into the shower, looking at me the whole way. "Going to wash my back for me?" he asked in a seductive tone.

"Ohh, away foul temptress!" I laughed as I pushed him into the bathroom and closed the door. With the source of my desire hidden from view, my raging erection began to subside and I pulled on a light T-shirt and a pair of shorts. Already I could feel the coming heat of the day.

By the time David had showered and dried off, I had a cup of coffee waiting for him. Dressed in the same clothes he had worn last night, he looked stunning as he emerged from the bedroom, and it was all I could do to refrain from ripping those clothes off him again. But I managed, and we shared a quick breakfast as I empathised with him over the coming madness of the final work day for the year.

All too soon, it was time to move. As I drove towards his home, I felt a growing despondency, a wish that I could spend the rest of the day with him. David too had become quieter, and I wondered at his change of mood. We were almost there, with him giving me directions in a subdued voice, when I knew that if I didn't speak up now I would lose the courage and the opportunity I had.

"David, I know this sounds like a cliche, but I really would like to see you again ..."

I risked taking my eyes off the traffic long enough to look across at his face, in time to see him brighten.

"I'd really like that, Justin," he said with feeling. "I hate 'one-night stands', and I, well, I'd like to see you again, too."

I grinned stupidly, the chance to see him again lifting my spirits far more than I had expected. "Does that mean you'll give me your number?"

He chuckled. "I'd like to give you more than that!" he said with an evil grin. "But for now, pass me your phone."

I handed over my mobile, and he quickly programmed his number into the memory for me before returning the handset with a satisfied smile. "I finish work at 5.30," he said.

"Oh, I can't tell you how much I want to, but I need to be on the road before then, or the traffic will be deadly," I said plaintively.

He tried to hide his disappointment. "Of course, Christmas with your family ... when will you be back in the city?"

"I was planning to stay a few days ..." I said as his face fell. "... but since I have something important to come back for, I was thinking that I might head home again on Boxing Day instead, if that's alright with you?"

"Of course it is!" he almost yelled. Then his voice calmed again and he became more serious. "But won't your parents be upset if you only stay for the one day?"

"Maybe. But at least I'll have been there for Christmas with the family. I can put up with their disapproval of my leaving straight after if it means spending more time with you!"

He said nothing, but leaned over and kissed me, on the cheek, his hand on my leg as he squeezed my thigh. With the worst timing in the world, just at that moment, he said simply: "This is my building."

I stopped the car and we kissed again, on the lips this time, right there in the street. "Justin, I'm so sorry, but I have to go," he said without conviction.

"I know, handsome. I'm sorry too. But there will be other days ..."

"God, I hope so!"

He reluctantly let go and opened the door, sliding out backwards. "Call me?"

"You bet! Have a good day."

"I doubt it. I'll be thinking of you all day," he said with another grin.


I watched as he closed the door and walked into the building, then drove home again, barely able to concentrate, my thoughts on the man who had come into my life so unexpectedly, and who made me feel so good.


I spent the day quietly enough, finishing the last of Christmas shopping and packing a small bag for the visit. I would be there less than 48 hours, so I didn't need a lot in the way of clothes. David's face was in my thoughts all day, the feel of his hands on me easily and happily remembered as I went about my few chores. Only one day, I told myself, and then I'll see him again. I can get through tomorrow with that thought to sustain me!

By just before 5.00 I was on the road and heading north. Even by then the traffic was heavy and slow, and I wound my way out through the suburbs carefully. By the time I had joined the F3 freeway proper, it was almost 6.00 and the trip was looking like it would be a long one. My speed picked up a little through the National Park and down towards the Hawkesbury River, but once I started back up the other side I came back to almost a crawl, cars backed up as far ahead as I could see. Normally I would have been infuriated by now, but instead I smiled, thinking of David, and hoping that we could be starting something special.

That thought prompted another, and I picked up my phone, slotting the hands-free ear piece into place, and flipped through the stored numbers until I found his. I hit the 'send' button, and waited with a pounding heart as I heard it connect and the tones start ringing at the other end.


"Hi there, handsome," I said eagerly, speaking a little loudly to compensate for the sense of not having the mouthpiece held up to my head.

"Justin, where are you?"

"Stuck in a traffic jam. How was your day?"

"As bad as expected. But at least it's over now. It's so good to hear your voice."

"Same here. I haven't been able to get you off my mind all day," I confessed.

"Ditto." He went on to regale me with stories of losing concentration and almost being caught out because he had been thinking of me when he should have been working, and I happily reciprocated with my own admissions of inability to apply myself to anything without the memories of the previous evening overshadowing my every thought.

We chatted away about anything and nothing. We didn't need any particular subjects - it was enough simply that we were speaking, that we were in some way with each other, even if only electronically. For over half an hour we laughed and talked as I crawled along surrounded by other cars, and he lay back at his home. Finally, I passed through the Kariong interchange, where a lot of vehicles exited to head for Gosford and the lower coast, and my speed picked up again.

"David, I really should go. I need to concentrate on driving again," I said.

"Okay, Jus. Take care, and thank you!"

"What for?"

"For calling. It means a lot!"

I was lost for words for a second, wondering just how far I could push this blossoming new relationship. "You mean a lot to me," I said at last, my heart in my mouth.

There was a long silence over the line. "Justin, please don't get pissed off with me for this, but I have to say it ..." Another long break." ... I think I'm falling in love with you!"

I fought to keep control - of the car, of my emotions. "Justin, did you hear me?"

"Oh yes!" I yelled into the air, excitement bursting all around me. "Ditto, David, ditto!" I said laughing.

"Are you serious? Do you really mean it?"

"More than I've ever meant anything," I assured him, and myself.

"Oh, man, I don't know what to say ... except, well, hurry back!" he pleaded down the line.

"I swear! First thing on Boxing Day morning. I'll call you as soon as I'm on the road, okay?"

"Wonderful," he said. "I'll see you the day after tomorrow. Drive safely."

"Yep. Have a good Christmas, David."

"You too, Justin!"

We finished the call, and I beamed. I probably shouldn't have been driving because I was hardly concentrating, but I didn't care. I was in love, and he loved me too! I couldn't wait to put tomorrow behind me and get back to him, get back to starting something with a wonderful man. Christmas was going to drag even more than ever this year, but I didn't care - I had someone special waiting for me when it was all over.

I was still smiling to myself, still lost in the wonder of his words, when I arrived at Mum and Dad's. I breezed into the house, hugging and kissing them and wishing Merry Christmas to my sisters and brothers-in-law who had already gathered. As the others showed up I was genuinely happy to see them, and I greeted them breezily, my joy almost too much to contain.

"You're certainly in good spirits," my mother commented.

"Yep, Mum, must be the time of year," I said with a huge smile. She eyed me carefully before smiling back uncertainly and going off to talk to my brother who had just arrived. My youngest sister, Teresa, sidled up to me.

"Okay, whatever it is you're on, I want some!" she said.

I smirked again. "I'm not on anything!" I said, trying to look innocent.

"No?" She looked me up and down again, then an evil grin spread across her face. "You're in love!" she declared.

I refused to answer, but the look on my face gave me away.

"I knew it! Oh, Justin, I'm so happy for you. What's his name?"

"David." Just that one word, his name, brought another huge grin to my face.

"So when to we get to meet him?" she hissed.

"Give us a break! I only just met him. But he's special, sis, honest. I think this could be 'it'."

"Oh, wow. Next thing you'll be bringing him home to meet Mum and Dad!"

I grimaced. "I can't see that happening just yet! One day, maybe. But not now."

Teresa looked at me disapprovingly. "I think you don't give them enough credit, Justin. You might be surprised."

"Well, it's my business, and I'll tell them when I'm ready!"

She looked daggers at me, and was about to say something more on the subject, when my mother announced that it was time we were all leaving, which cut Teresa off. We bundled into several cars and made our way to the local parish church where my parents had been going for years. The priest was greeting people outside, the interior lit up with candles and fans whirring overhead, vainly trying to alleviate the heat of the summer night. Everyone was smiling and happy, catching up with old friends and making their way into the tiny and crowded church.

It may not have been the grandest of celebrations, and the singing was probably more enthusiastic than anything, but we joined in with gusto as the traditional favourites were belted out to the accompaniment of an ancient electric organ, and held hands while the priest led us through the rituals of the mass. I felt something that night, an inner sense of happiness, that I had not known for a long while, and for the first time in years, I prayed. I thanked God for David, for letting me find him. I begged the Almighty for help in being true to my feelings, and asked Him to make David feel the same, and I pleaded with Him to keep David safe, and to let us grow together. I only partially followed the sermon, until I heard the priest saying that Christmas was a time for loving, for discovery and for new beginnings. 'Amen to that', I thought.

As the service came to an end, everyone piled out of the now stuffy building into the slightly cooler air of the night. Lots more well-wishing took place outside the church before the congregation began to disband, around 1.30 in the morning. There is something truly marvellous about the Catholic tradition of midnight Mass at Christmas, and I had forgotten how moving it can be, but this year I enjoyed every part of it.

Finally, we made our way back to my parents' home again. My siblings made their good-nights, with assurances they would be back again early in the morning, and I headed for the bed my mother had made up for me in one of the spare rooms.

"Good night, darling, and Happy Christmas," she said.

"Night, Mum," I responded. "Night, Dad - I love you both."

A surprised look on my father covered his "Sleep well, Justin," as my mother swapped a confused look with him, and I grinned again, and crawled into the narrow single bed.


That night, my dreams were filled with images of David, and I slept restlessly. When I woke on Christmas morning, I was still tired, and grumpy at finding myself separated from him. The euphoria of the night before seemed to have vanished as I contemplated a long long day ahead, trying to be pleasant and happy when I really wanted to be back in Sydney with my man.

The family began arriving soon enough, and by 9.00 am they were all gathered around the huge tree, passing out presents and laughing happily. I tried my best to join in, but I felt even more out of place than usual. All of my brothers and sisters had their partners with them, and I was alone, only this time there was someone who I wished could be here to share it with me.

Several times I was confronted with a 'hey Justin, lighten up!', or a 'smile, Jus, it's Christmas' from one or other of my siblings, and I attempted to pass off my gloomy mood with a joke, but the whole family could tell I didn't want to be there. My mother looked at me with a stern face.

"You could at least pretend that you're enjoying yourself!" she said, only half sarcastically. I smiled wanly at her and covered my guilt by dropping down to help one of my nephews unwrap his gift.

Even my father, who usually said very little, pulled me aside. "Justin, I can see it's difficult for you, but we ARE your family, and we only want you to be happy. Won't you try to join in?"

"I'm sorry, Dad, really I am. I guess I'm just in a gloom today. It's not you, it's me. I do love you all, honest."

But no matter what I did, I couldn't shake the feeling that I was the odd one out, and as the morning wore on, I withdrew to a corner and tried to hide my depression.

After the exchanging of gifts was done, and the children were playing with their new toys while my mother started on preparations for lunch, I found myself outside on the verandah, feeling sorry for myself still, when Teresa came and sat beside me.

"So what's so bad, now? Last night you were on cloud nine, and today you're a one man downer."

"Sorry, Terri," I said. "I just miss him, and I feel so ... out of place. I keep wondering what it would feel like to have him here, for us to be a couple just like you and Luke, or Brian and Julie, or all the others."

"There's only one way to remedy that!" she said, looking pointedly at the house.

"I can't!" I agonised. "Not today! Maybe later, when there's just me and Mum and Dad. But that's not going to help me get through this Christmas."

"Justin, I can't live your life for you," Teresa said in an unusually sympathetic tone. "But if you ever need help, you know where I am, don't you?"

"Yeah, sis, and thanks. I appreciate the offer, honestly!" I leaned into her and we hugged. A serious, needed embrace that lifted my spirits, at least a little,

A soft cough disturbed the moment, and both of us turned in unison to find our mother standing behind us.

"Mum?" I stammered, wondering how long she had been there, or what she had heard. She looked hard at me, then at Teresa before bringing her eyes back to me again, and brightening once more. yet somehow I sensed there was something forced about her smile.

"Sorry to butt in on your conversation, kids, but your phone was ringing Justin. I didn't know if it was important."

She handed me the mobile phone, and I flicked through the call log, to see that the last call had been a few minutes ago. And the number was David's! My eyes lit up and a smile broke out on my face.

"Thanks, Mum," I said, my face flushing a little. "I'll call ... them ... back in a minute."

"Can you do that with those things?"

"Sure! The phone tells you what the last number was, and you can call it up and just ring back easily!"

"Hmmm," she said. "I'll never catch up with all this modern technology!"

Teresa laughed, and I smiled as well. With her back to Mum, she mouthed 'Is it him?', and I nodded. She stood up and took Mum by the arm, heading for the kitchen and giving me some privacy, for which I was immensely grateful. Quickly, I hit the recall button and dialed David's number.

"Merry Christmas!" I said as soon as he answered.

"Same to you, handsome," he laughed down the line. "How's it going?"

"Until right now, awful! But you've just made my whole day!"

"I couldn't let Christmas go by without saying hello," he said, and his voice dropped a little. "And telling you that I miss you."

"Oh, David, I so wish you could be here," I said.

We talked for ten minutes or more, my spirits soaring. He hadn't yet spoken with his family in Perth because of the time difference, so I was the first person he had talked to that day. I was really touched. As we chatted I walked away from the house, and laughed at his jokes, happy again. It was amazing how easily we could speak, and how much he changed my mood with his words. I was interrupted by my father who called to me from surprisingly close by, making me spin around.

"Justin, have you got a minute?"

"Just a second, Dad!"

I turned my back on him and half whispered into the phone. "Got to go David, but thanks for calling and making my day."

"Hey, you called me remember?"

"Don't get technical! I'll see you tomorrow, soon as I can get away."

"I'll be waiting handsome," he said. "Enjoy the rest of Christmas."

"You too!" I said with a smile in my voice. "And David?"


"I love you!"

I heard what sounded like a gasp from the other end. Then silence for a few seconds before he spoke. "Thanks, Justin. You've just made my day! I love you too. Bye!"

"Bye! Until tomorrow!"

I closed the phone and turned back to my father, who was still standing and waiting, walking quickly toward him, and praying he had been too far away to hear what I had been saying. "You need something Dad?"

"Sorry to interrupt, my boy," he said, a strange, inquisitive look on his face. "Your mother asked if you could drive down to the shop and pick up some more milk and some ice. Apparently she didn't get enough yesterday."

"Sure, no problem!" I grinned.

As I went into the house, I dropped my phone on the kitchen bench. "Anything else you want while I'm out, Mum?' I asked in a chirpy tone. She and Teresa both looked up in surprise.

"No, I don't think so, darling," she answered.

'Okay," I grinned widely. I spotted one of my brothers looking exasperated as his sons tried to show him how to play a computer game, which he clearly didn't follow.

With a chuckle I called to him. "Hey, Pete, I'm driving down to the shop to get some supplies. You wanna come for the ride?"

His face showed that he was more than grateful for an excuse to get away for a few minutes, as he stood to come with me. "Won't be long!" I assured my mother.

"Well, I don't know what's cheered you up, but I'm pleased something worked!" she said sternly. I just grinned and kissed her on the cheek as Peter and I escaped the house.


Unknown to me, the moment I left, my mother pulled Teresa out of the house and onto the back porch.

"Okay, young lady," she said, using her best maternal determination. "I want to know what's going on!"

"What are you talking about, Mum?"

"Justin! He was so bright last night, then this morning he's been down in the dumps, won't say a word. Suddenly, one phone call, and he's 'Mr Cheery' all over again. What's up?"

Teresa blushed, and tried to play innocent, but she could never fool Mum. "I ... I don't know ... maybe you should ask Justin?"

"Rubbish! He won't open up to me or your father. He hasn't for years. But I know he tells you. Is it something we should be worried about?"

She looked at Mum wide eyed, then a smile grew on her face. "No, Mum, I don't think there's any need to worry. In fact, if you give him time, I think Justin will be just fine." She grinned knowingly as she went on. "But it really is up to Justin to tell you, not me."

My mother sat for a few minutes, carefully watching Teresa's face, as she thought hard on what she had said, and on my moods. Her next words caused my sister's mouth to fall open in shock.

"Justin's in love, isn't he? Was that phone call from his boyfriend?"

Teresa tried to speak, but no sound would issue. She coughed a little, sputtered, and tried again. "I ... uh ... I don't ... what makes you think? ..."

"Oh come on, Teresa! I'm your mother. And I'm not stupid. A mother knows! This is serious isn't it? Justin is really in love, and he doesn't know how to tell us because he's gay?"

My sister just nodded, vaguely aware she was betraying my confidence, but more shocked at my mother's matter-of-fact attitude.

"Are you angry with Justin?" she finally gasped out.

"No, of course not. He's our son. You are all our children and we love you all. Your father and I are just upset that he hasn't been able to tell us yet, and worried for him because he seems to be so distant from the rest of the family, and it's getting worse every year."

"I know he wants to tell you," Teresa said. "But he doesn't know how. And he feels left out. Did you know that he's jealous of the rest of us at Christmas? That's why he is always so quiet at this time of year. He wishes he could have his partner share the family Christmas like everyone else does." Forgive me, Justin, she thought to herself, but it's said now and I can't take it back.

Her mother looked at her in surprise, then with a growing understanding. "Of course," she said, more to herself than anyone. For a few moments she sat deep in thought. "Teresa, do you now how to work these mobile telephone things?"

Teresa laughed. "Yes, Mum, why?"

"Come with me, young lady. I want you to show me how to call the last number Justin rang, and then I want you to keep him busy when he gets back, for as long as you can!"

Teresa's eyes widened again. "You can't be going to do what I think you are?"

"Why not? I'm his mother! I can do whatever I want!"


When Peter and I got back to the house, the family was still in full celebration mode. The kids, with their seemingly inexhaustible energy, were running around madly, while most of the adults had settled into comfortable chairs where they could supervise, or reminisce, or just relax. My mother was in the kitchen with Teresa and Nicole, my other sister, but once we showed up Terri left them alone and came to sit with me. We were surrounded by the others, so it was difficult for her to speak to me about our previous conversation, although I could tell she was itching to question me further.

After a while, she managed a little when we found ourselves temporarily abandonned.

"So, what's David doing for Christmas Day?" she asked with a strange grin on her face.

"Nothing. His family lives in Western Australia, so he's by himself for the day."

"Oh, Justin, that's so sad. Nobody should be alone on Christmas!"

"Thanks, Terri, now you've made me feel really happy!" I said sarcastically. "I was so up when he rang too."

"Now don't go getting down again. I'm sure he'll be fine. When are you seeing him again?"

I smiled at the thought. "I'm going to head home first thing tomorrow morning. I told him I'd call as soon as I get on the road."

"I can't wait to meet him," she said seriously.

"You'll love him, Terri, honest. He's the most wonderful person. Maybe we can get together early in January. Do you think you can come down to Sydney at some stage?"

"Uh, I'm sure we can manage something," she said. Dad spotted the two of us in a huddle and started towards us, which brought that conversation to an abrupt end.

"Now what are you two plotting?" he asked with a grin.

"Nothing, Dad," Teresa replied. "I was just catching up on Justin's latest gossip."

"Oh, and what would that be? Something juicy, my boy - something you don't want to share with your old man? Afraid I'll be shocked?"

"No, dad, nothing like that," I sputtered.

"Come on, Justin, you'd be surprised what your old man can hear. I'm not that naive, you know!"

I turned red with embarrassment, and Teresa snickered behind her hand. "Oh well, I'm sure if it's important we'll all get to hear about it eventually," my father winked. "Now where's your mother, and why aren't we eating yet? It seems to me that lunch is later than usual this year."

It occurred to me that he was right, as I looked at my watch. Glad of an excuse to get away from his all too perceptive questions, I headed for the house. "Mum, is there anything I can do to help?" I asked when I found her fussing about at the table.

"No, Justin, I'm fine," she promised.

"It's just that time seems to be getting on. It's almost 2.00 and we're usually eating by now. Are you sure I can't help?"

She looked at me straight in the eye. "No, Justin. I'm not quite ready for everyone to sit down yet. Is there somewhere else you have to be?"

"Ahh, no ... sorry. I was just asking."

"Then go and play with the kids or something. I'll let you know when I'm ready." With that I was summarily dismissed, and I knew it.

But I wasn't the only one to ask. Half an hour later, one of my brothers was wondering out loud at the delay, and even the kids began to grumble about waiting for lunch. Mum seemed to have finished, because she was sitting with one of the boys, and gave no appearance of intending to start the meal. My father asked the question on everyone's lips.

"Patricia, why aren't we eating yet?" he said, loudly enough for all to hear.

With a look that said she would take no argument, she answered. "I'm waiting for someone else to arrive."

"But everyone's here!" he said.

"Not quite. We have a special guest for lunch today."

That caused a stir amongst the family. For as long as anyone could remember, Christmas lunch had been family only. It was an unwritten law. The surprised looks on the faces around me showed that everyone was as much in the dark as I was. Only Teresa didn't seem quite so shocked. But before any more questions could be asked, before the speculation could begin, the doorbell rang, and I'm sure my mother's face glowed with relief.

"I'll get it," she said. "I want everyone to wait where they are for a few moments."

I watched my brothers and sisters whispering amongst themselves at this strange turn of events. I looked to my father who was sitting beside me, but he simply shrugged his shoulders, as much in the dark as the rest of us. At the sound of Mum's voice I swivelled back again, and almost passed out with shock.

"Everyone, I'd like you to meet David!" she said to the family generally. And there he was, standing beside her, looking somewhat lost and a little confused, but gorgeous just the same. His eyes found me and I lifted my arms, mouthing a 'what's going on' to him. He grinned.

"David is Justin's friend," Mum said to the vague expressions of the rest of the family. "You all know that Christmas lunch is for our family, and since the family wasn't complete without Justin's partner, I thought I should remedy that situation. Sorry for the delay, but now that we're all here please come to the table."

All eyes went in unison from Mum to David and then to me, before a cacophony of questions and comments broke out. I sat there in stunned silence, while David stood by Mum with a lost grin on his face. Finally, I was shaken out of my stupor by Dad's hand on my shoulder, and his voice in my ear.

"Don't you think you should go and rescue him from your mother?" he said quietly.

I nodded and stood on shaky legs, feeling the centre of attention. David looked around again at the unfamiliar faces, then stepped to me, his arms going around my waist.

"Happy Christmas!" he said.

"Happy Christmas," I responded, still confused and stunned. I looked around at my brothers and sisters, my mother and father, all of them staring at the two of us standing in the middle of an informal circle, suddenly my eyes began to mist up, and my heart felt like it would explode in my chest. A wave of emotion, of happiness and amazement, swept over me and I looked back into his eyes. My arms went around him and I drew him against me.

"I love you," I said, loudly enough for all to hear, and then I kissed him, on the lips, in full view of my family.

"Well, it's about bloody time!" snorted my eldest brother. "Now can we eat?"

A wave of laughter erupted, and David and I joined in. Mum led us to the table, seating us alongside each other and making David the guest of honour. We were plied with questions and advice by the family, while Mum ensured there was more than enough food in front of us. The meal went on for hours, and I lost all track of time as David and I answered the interrogations of my siblings. I could not stop smiling.

Teresa caught my eye at one stage, shrugged, and mouthed 'congratulations'. I grinned back 'thanks'. Later, I managed to get a few moments alone with David, outside on the porch as we sought a break from the rest of the family.

"How did this happen? How did you get here?" I asked in wonder.

"You're not mad are you?"

"No, never. I'm overjoyed and amazed. I just don't understand ..."

He smiled widely. "I got a call - according to the screen on my phone it was from you - and not long after we had spoken this morning. I just thought you were calling back again, so imagine my surprise when a female voice answered my 'hello'. She said 'Is this David?' and I said I was. She sounded very serious, and she said 'David, I am Justin's mother. Would I be right in guessing that the reason my son has been completely depressed all day is because he is here and you are not?'."

I just gasped, my eyes widening as David began to chuckle. "You didn't tell me your Mum was someone who won't take no for an answer," he said.

"So then what happened?"

He smiled as he remembered. "She asked me if I loved you. I kind of coughed a bit, and she said 'I'll take that as a yes!' Then she asked me what I was doing for Christmas. I told her I was by myself, that my family lived in Perth so I was spending the day watching TV. That's when she really got going. She told me that if you meant anything at all to me, I would get off my backside, and on a train that instant. She even had the timetables worked out. She made me write down the address and told me she would have a taxi waiting for me at the station when I got there, to bring me straight to the house. When I asked her if you knew I was coming, she said that sometimes you didn't know what was good for yourself, and that you needed a helping hand.

"She's a formidable lady, your Mum! I like her a lot."

I pulled him to me, and kissed him long and hard. "I love you," I said.

"Ditto," he grinned back at me. "We should be getting back inside, or they'll start wondering ..."

"I guess so," I agreed, as we re-joined the throng at the table.

Eventually the crowd dispersed, leaving just David and I with Mum and Dad. We sat at the table, the four of us, in comfortable silence. Mum spoke first, reaching over and taking my hand in hers, and David's hand in the other.

"You two have made me so happy!" she said, tears forming in her eyes. My own were beginning to mist when Dad cleared his throat, drawing the attention of the rest of us.

"David, Justin's mother and I have been waiting a long while for him to open up to us, to share himself with his family properly. It seems to me that this may not be how the two of you planned it to happen, but my wife sometimes won't wait on other people's timetables." Mum threw him a look of daggers, but he ignored her and went on. "Despite what he may think, we are not so old fashioned or bigoted as to hate someone for what they are when that is the way God made them. You have made our son complete and happy, and for that we are indebted to you more than you can possibly know. Justin, we love you and all we have ever wanted is for you to be happy." I could feel the tears rolling down my cheeks now, and David's grip on my hand was so tight it was painful.

"Don't get me wrong," Dad said seriously, looking hard at both of us. "You will be judged, both of you, but not on your sexuality. You'll be judged by us, by the family, and ultimately by God, on how you live your lives, how you treat each other and those around you. And right now, you're both looking pretty good!"

In a gravelly voice, I finally found words. Blinking back tears, I said softly but firmly. "Mum, Dad, David - thank you. you have given me the best Christmas present anyone could ever wish for, and made me the happiest person on earth. Happy Christmas!"

The End

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