Jim's Closet

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Jim was gay. He knew it, and it made him miserable. He was still well and truly 'in the closet', with the door firmly locked. He lived in a small town community where everyone knew each other and where secrets weren't easily kept, but he had kept his. Years ago he had realised that he was attracted to other men, but the lewd and often harsh comments about 'poofters, fairies and fags' that his mates had made whenever the topic came up were more than enough warning for him to keep his feelings very much to himself. He dated a few of the girls in town, but never felt comfortable, and the relationships rarely lasted more than a few weeks. He knew what he was, but couldn't tell anyone, and ached to be the same as the others. He wished desperately that he didn't have the feelings he had, but no matter what he did they just wouldn't go away.

Trying to bury his hidden longings, he had thrown himself into sports and played football in the winter and swam competitively during the warmer months. But that didn't help a lot. The contact and camaraderie after a footy match was great, but it just left him feeling even more empty. The change rooms at the pool were worse, with all those naked bodies so close and yet so far. His life consisted of work, his sports, and lonely nights alone and he was miserable. He had bought himself a computer and used it mainly to keep track of personal finances or to research projects for work from home on the weekends. It was on one of those weekends that he discovered the joys of surfing the internet. Sitting there one wet Saturday, he idly typed in the word 'gay' on his search engine, expecting to get a dictionary type listing of information sites. Instead, page after page of porno sites came up. Embarrassed, he quickly shut down the system, checking behind himself, which was crazy since he lived alone. As he thought about the list of sites he had seen over the next few hours, his curiosity grew, along with his desire. He had to see more of this new world, the pictures of men with men, the images that had made him feel so needful, so wanting.

As he began again his search, he felt his excitement growing. Retracing his steps from before he discovered page after page of images of men together, kissing, sucking, having sex. He couldn't believe his eyes, and couldn't drag himself away. He was fascinated by the sights. His cock grew with need as he explored and he kept adjusting himself in his shorts. He continued to scroll through the various web sites on offer, wishing he could somehow jump into the world that opened up on his screen. Suddenly his attention was caught even more, drawn by the latest site he had clicked onto. Men, hunks all of them, muscled and beautiful, and dressed in horny, erotic clothes of black leather. He was riveted. The black clad studs that sprang onto his screen transfixed him with envy and desire. The power they emanated, the need they stirred was something he had never known before, but knew he wanted badly.

For days afterwards, Jim could barely concentrate on anything else. The images he had seen kept coming to mind, stirring him like nothing he had known. Black leather, in the form of jackets and pants and chaps, strap-like creations wrapped around muscled torsos and tiny pouch affairs covering but not really hiding cocks and balls with glossy blackness were what filled his thoughts. He had to try some of that, had to experience the feel, the smell of tanned hide against his skin. The nearest city was three hours drive away, but Jim determined that he had to live his dreams, and that was the place to do it.

The weekend approached. Jim told a few friends he was going to Sydney to meet up with some distant relatives he hadn't seen for years, a vague story about a family reunion that he figured would keep the questions away and give him a chance to have two full days to himself. He had booked himself into a hotel downtown, not far from the area he knew to be the gay part of town, and set off straight after work Friday so he could be in the city that night to begin his adventure.

Arriving at the hotel, Jim quickly checked in and then took a shower, dressing in a pair of denim jeans and tight white T. His heart in his mouth, he set off into the night. It didn't take long to find the gay bars along the Oxford Street strip, and he wandered into a few, impressed and delighted to see pairs of men, both in the bars and on the street, holding hands, kissing and making out. He felt vindicated, felt that it was proof that he was not only not alone, but not perverted or a freak either. If only the people back home could accept men together the way the people around here obviously did.

Grabbing a bite to eat at one of the many cafes along the strip, Jim sat for a moment to watch the crowd go by. As he sipped a coffee, he felt his desire rise as he stared at the throng of openly gay men promenading up and down the street. His eye was caught by two guys casually strolling arm in arm towards him. They were dressed in the kind of leather gear he had seen on some of his internet forays -- black leather chaps over tight faded Levis, square toed leather boots, those upper body harnesses around their chests. One wore a cap on his head, the other a dog collar of black leather studded with metal points around his neck. Jim was fascinated. He could hardly take his eyes off the bulges in their jeans as they strode closer to him. Hurriedly finishing his cup and throwing a note onto the table, he got up just as they passed, and blended into the crowd, easily following them a short distance behind.

As he strolled up the busy street, trying to look casual without letting the two men get beyond him, his excitement grew. He could feel the familiar swelling at his groin, as he studied the bodies ahead of him, took in their perfect masculine proportions swathed in tight denim and glossy leather. How he wished he could reach out and touch the hide, feel it against his skin, wear it himself. Suddenly his unknowing guides disappeared into a laneway. Jim panicked, thinking he had lost them, or that they had realised they were being followed. As he passed the end of the alley where he had last seen them, he looked down into the darkness, and saw a small neon sign -- a bar! "The Barracks" it proclaimed.

Jim hesitated, uncertain of himself. Summoning his courage, he made for the sign. With a new resolve he pushed open the door and strode inside. His eyes beheld paradise. At least that was his first thought. Everywhere he looked were men in all manner of leather clothes, drinking, laughing, talking amongst themselves. He found himself a quiet corner of the bar, grabbed a beer, and settled down to take it all in. There were men here who were real men, masculine, hard, rugged, and yet they were obviously gay, arms around other men, feeling each other up, hands on bums and groins and shoulders in public, without any sense of guilt or secrecy. It seemed as though almost every person in the place was wearing some form of leather, and some of them were really decked out in it. Jim sat, nursing his drinks, and let the waves of belonging roll over him as he surveyed the sea of black leather before him.

Men wore leather jeans, tight and revealing, accentuating every movement as ripples of black hide glistened in the low light of the bar. Jackets of black were draped over shoulders, or fell open to hint at strong chests and more leather. Boots were everywhere, black, polished, shining, some with metal chains draped around them, some high and tight, others square and masculine. Chaps were common. Jim had always assumed that they were simply to protect clothing and legs when riding, but here the chaps were glistening and black, gripping strong legs and showing off muscles, framing groins and arses in supple black hide. The harness type collections of straps and/or metal were all around him in a multitude of varieties. Some wrapped the wearers tightly, row after row of leather straps around their upper bodies and over their shoulders. Others were simpler, two or four bands of shining black leather around chests, maybe with a chain of silver between some of the straps, highlighting the skin beneath. A few of the men in the place wore leather pouches rather than jeans or pants. The glowing darkness showing off their groins more than hiding them. Jim could clearly see the outlines of cocks, tubes of manmeat encased in black leather, horny and inviting. He had difficulty taking his eyes away from some of them, groins 'dressed' in such a way as to show off what they had, no intent at all to hide a thing. Black spheres of leather where testicles were cushioned and held by thongs of shimmering hide.

As the night drew on, he began to feel a little out of place, not because he was gay, but because he was only in denim and a t-shirt. He wanted to be wearing leather himself, needed to feel the touch of it against his skin, to know he too was dressed as some of the beautiful men he stared at. Finally, around 2 a.m. he headed back to his hotel, his mind a confusion of emotions. He had found a place where he could be himself, but wanted to be more a part of the new world he had discovered. As he tossed and turned trying to find sleep, he resolved that tomorrow he would have to go shopping for some of his own black leather.

The next morning he was up and about early, the unfamiliar room and the unexpected noise of the traffic denying him a sleep-in. Quickly he showered, before setting off again to explore this gay new world in daylight.

The street was alive again (or was that 'still'). People everywhere. Men, walking together, holding hands, touching. Pairs of guys going about their daily business as if it was expected that two men would be a couple. Jim's eyes widened and stayed that way as he walked around the area, getting his bearings. He had passed a couple of shops selling leather gear. Had looked in but was still uncertain about the openness of the city and the intent he had for his purchases. Seeing yet another store with jackets and pants and boots in the display window, he made up his mind, took a deep breath, and strode inside.

The scent of leather assailed him, washed over him. It was pervasive but inviting, like coming home after a long time away. The shop itself was fairly dark, but his eyes adjusted quickly to the dimness. Rack upon rack of clothing was displayed and available. Leather pants and jeans in all different sizes and styles. Jackets in glistening black, with or without metallic chains, bike jackets, high cut dress jackets, loose fitting jackets everywhere. Boots in every imaginable style, lined up and polished. Vests and gloves and shirts. Chaps, row after row, in various styles, all of them black and inviting. Jim ran his hands over the hide, felt the texture of the leather under his fingers, breathed in the aroma. Further into the shop he ventured, lured by the enticing darkness and the erotic black leather. Here he found harnesses -- that was exactly what they were labeled as -- in every configuration. Combinations of leather and metal, snaps and buckles. Beside them were rows of pouches, jockstraps and posing things, each and every one made of glistening black leather, some with metal studs adorning the bands or the pouch itself. There were caps, like police caps, made of leather with metal chains and bright visors, there were soft baseball style caps, and any manner of varieties in between. Gloves and wristlets and more.

He almost jumped out of his skin when a salesman came up behind and coughed "May I help you, Sir?"

"Uh..." Jim was lost for words.

The salesman saw a nervous country boy, and whispered confidentially, "I'd be happy to answer any questions or help any way I can, and there's no need to be at all embarrassed."

Jim smiled gratefully. "I would like to get a pair of chaps, a jacket, some boots, and one of those harness things," he blurted out, "... As well as some other stuff, maybe?"

Over the next hour, Jim got the royal treatment, waited on and shown piece by piece as Gary, the salesman, patiently showed him different styles and sizes and helped him out. Gary could sense a big sale out of this new boy in town, and Jim was just enjoying the service and grateful for the non-judgmental assistance. Soon he had himself a pair of gleaming black chaps that fitted him like a glove. Gary assured him that they should be as tight as possible to show off his great legs. Jim had smiled at the compliment, wondering if it was sincere. A pair of high sided square toed boots that shone with a bright polish, sporting metal rings at both inner and outer ankles, connected by a piece of silver chain, were also his. He had selected a jacket with buckles around the waist and leather epaulets adorned with metal studs, and chains hanging from each shoulder. Gary helped fit him to the right size, remarking on Jim's wide shoulders. Next came the harness, and this was where he really valued Gary's help.

Unable to decide exactly what he wanted, he simply said "I want something that looks damned hot!"

Gary smiled, and set out to oblige. He selected a relatively simple arrangement, but one he knew would show off Jim's well developed chest to perfection. It consisted of two wide black shoulder straps and two similar straps that came around the side of Jim's ribcage. All four bands joined at the back at a silver metal ring which sat between his shoulder blades, and met again at another metal ring on his chest, between his pecs. All four of the strong bright leather straps could be tightened by using steel buckles which were positioned so they sat just above and just below his pectoral muscles, emphasising his nipples, and pushing his chest up and out to look incredibly hot. From both back and front another single band of leather dropped to another set of metal rings, from which two more wide black leather bands circled his waist, again with silver buckles at the front to allow them to be adjusted if needed.

"You MUST have a posing strap to go with that harness and those chaps!" Gary enthused. Jim shrugged, uncertain about the thong. Gary selected a shining black leather pouch which was held in place by an elasticised black waist band and a thin black leather strap that ran from the "V" at the bottom of the pouch and up between the wearer's butt cheeks to connect to the waistband at the back.

"Trust me ," Gary said, "with that outfit on, you'll turn heads. You'll be the hottest man around!" Jim still looked a little uncertain. Gary could see how hot he would be, but could also see that his customer just wasn't convinced. "Listen, the only way to know is to put the whole ensemble on, so you can see for yourself" he whispered conspiratorially. "Come through to the back. There's a room there where you can dress and see it in private."

Jim followed the eager salesman to the rear of the shop. Several fitting rooms were set up with lockable doors. Ushering Jim into one of these rooms, Gary followed with an armful of the things Jim had agreed to purchase, or that Gary was trying to talk him into. Turning the latch, Gary laid the various items out on a bench.

"Take your clothes off and put them here," he indicated several hooks. "Get dressed as you please. I'll be right outside. If you want a hand at all, just call me." And he left Jim alone, pulling the door closed behind him and turning the latch again.

Jim stripped off his jeans and T-shirt. He unfolded and pulled the leather thong on, feeling it's soft supple texture against his groin. He began to get an erection, and tried his best to stifle the urge, but couldn't quite lose the hardness as the soft black leather cushioned his balls and wrapped around his semi-hard cock. Next he pulled the chaps on, tying the waistband in place and smoothing the leather flaps around his legs, reaching to pull the inner leg zippers up, making tiny adjustments as he did to get them comfortable. The chaps were tight. They gripped his legs, and his hands lingered as he smoothed the hide against himself, feeling the leather against his skin, relishing the sensation as he felt his own muscles through the supple gleaming leather. The harness he picked up and tried to fasten around himself, but no matter how he tried he couldn't seem to get into it. After several minutes, he gave up.

"Gary????" he called quietly.

Instantly the door opened and the salesman slipped into the room, quickly closing and latching the door again. He took one look at the expression on Jim's face, and the half draped harness, and smiled.

"It's easy when you know how!" he reassured his customer. Unbuckling one side of the rib straps and one of the waist straps, he showed Jim how to drop the shoulders over his head, then pull the undone rib around, buckling it easily from the front and following suit with the waist strap. Once all of the leather bands were firmly buckled, he helped Jim to adjust the harness, pulling it into place so the straps slid under his pecs and pushed up to support his chest. With Gary still standing there, Jim pulled the jacket on. Gary gave a long, quiet whistle.

"Looking hot!!!" he commented, seriously. He turned Jim around to face the full length mirror on the opposite wall.

Jim almost didn't recognize his own reflection in the glass. Staring back at him from that wall was a leather 'god'. The shimmering black leather he wore hugged his body tightly, showing off his legs, his torso, his shoulders and his groin. Jim marvelled at the way the chaps seemed to ripple as he moved. He turned to see that they framed his bare arse cheeks, black around white. The wide straps of leather around his chest emphasised his pectorals, making them look far better than Jim had ever envisioned. His shoulders were wide and strong under the leather jacket. But it was the pouch which set the whole thing off. Standing there, looking at himself, Jim was entranced by his own body and his own groin. He could clearly see his balls, shining black orbs in a cocoon of supple leather. Above them, the tube of his cock lay sideways, gripped by the pouch and accentuated by the black sheen. He swore he could make out the ridge of his cockhead. He instantly developed an erection, and that too became both obvious and emphasised within the leather. Jim tried to turn away, to hide his growing hardness from Gary.

The salesman smiled at him, and said softly. "Don't worry. It happens all the time, and so it should! You look great in that outfit, and an erection like that is something to be proud of!" Jim blushed, but Gary went on. "Listen, you probably think I say that just to get a sale, but seriously, you look so hot. I'm not supposed to chat up the customers, but if you're interested, well, I finish here about 5.30...?"

This time it was Gary who blushed, and Jim felt incredibly complimented. "Thanks for the offer. It makes me feel really good, but maybe not just yet. I don't know if I'm quite ready for that kind of thing."

Gary looked away, embarrassed, and Jim reached out to his face. "Truly, I'm honoured that you would ask, but the whole scene is just all so new to me."

At that, Gary smiled again. "Well, if you change your mind... Now, did you want the thong?"

"Want it? I'll take the lot!" Jim stated emphatically. Gary left him alone again to remove the outfit and get dressed. When he was finished, Gary took all of the things to the counter to be wrapped and bagged. Still chatting brightly with Jim, he indicated another counter. It was a display case full of toys and other items that Jim quite simply didn't recognize.

"You have to have one of these cockrings!" Gary stated. "With all the gear you have, and looking as hot as you do, this would finish off the collection perfectly." As he spoke, he held up a bright silver ring with a leather strap connected to it. The strap consisted of two pieces which hung open, with metal snap studs so that it could be fastened together to form a single leather band. Jim looked at it without comprehending. He looked at Gary confused.

"How do you wear it?"

Gary explained how the metal ring went around both the cock and balls, and then the leather strap snapped around the balls holding them down and away from the shaft of your dick. He told Jim how the metal helped to prevent the blood leaving your erect penis, and the strap restricted the testicles from constricting so that ejaculation was delayed, increasing pleasure for both partners.

"Just remember that it's difficult to put on if you are already erect." He said. "You have to pull first one nut and then the other through the ring, then bend your cock through it as well and pull it down against your pelvis. Then you snap the band closed by pulling it together around your balls, between them and your cock." He said it so matter of fact that Jim almost forgot exactly what he was describing. Almost but not quite. As Gary spoke, he began to get hard imagining the metal around himself.

Jim looked uncertain. Gary watched his face. "Listen, take it anyway. Free. You've spent quite a bit here already, so I'll throw it in. if you don't like it, throw it away. If you need any more help with it, well, I'm here every day." Gary grinned as he finished. He bagged Jim's purchases for him, rang up the account and put it through on the credit card Jim handed over.

As he left, Jim turned back to Gary. "Thanks, for everything. I mean it."

"No problem, stud!" Gary smiled. "Go out and get 'em. And remember where I am. Just in case..."


Back at his hotel, Jim just had to try the entire outfit on. Starting with the cockring. He stripped naked, and held the metal and steel contraption in his hand, examining it. Remembering what he had been told about how to get it on, he carefully slid the cool metal under himself, pulling one testicle through the ring. As he tried to pull his second nut through the first kept pulling back. After some experimentation and several tries, he managed to get both balls through the ring at once, holding himself carefully to avoid them slipping back. He pushed the tip of flaccid cock back toward the steel, feeling it cold against his sensitive skin. Pulling carefully, he managed to get his cockhead through, and then to pull the length of his meat into the ring, sliding it back against his skin. Immediately he managed it, he began to get hard. The cockring was tight around him, and felt so good. Looking at himself with this foreign object in place, Jim couldn't help but get excited, which caused his cock to swell, and as it did the ring felt even tighter, gripping him. Very quickly he was fully erect, and felt empowered by the metal around him. Reaching down, he pulled the leather straps around the sac of skin holding his balls, snapping it together. He felt bound, yet virile. The metal and leather held him firmly in place, proud and erect, his balls pulled away from his shaft, a little uncomfortable but not painful at all.

He pulled the leather thong on, adjusting his hard penis to lay sideways in its black pouch. The supple hide cushioned and supported his nuts, and he looked to the mirror to see yet again the emphasised shape of his tube of manliness shining and black, clearly distinguishable within its cocoon of leather. Jim pulled the chaps on, fastening them easily and smoothing the hide around and against his legs. As he did his hands lingered, running up and down the leather, feeling the texture against his skin, looking fascinated at the musculature of his legs encased in the glimmering black hide. Sitting to pull on the new boots, he creaked. The new leather he wore making protesting sounds as it stretched around him. Standing again he sensed a change in his very demeanour, felt as though the leather he wore was imparting some special strength and confidence. He struggled into the harness, recalling the way Gary had shown him to pull it on and fasten it in place. Tightening the buckles, he adjusted the straps to sit correctly, feeling the leather wrap around him. As he lifted the jacket on and shrugged his shoulders into position, the scent of new leather filled the air. He breathed deeply, the aroma exciting and thrilling him.

The mirror held a vision he refused to believe could be himself. Clad in shining black from neck to toe, he looked great! The leather moulded itself to his legs and groin, showing off everything he had, making him look so incredibly hot. His meaty prong, still semi hard, appeared a tube of glistening black, guarding the shining round lumps beneath. His thighs and calves rippled as he moved. Turning from side to side, the black hide framed his round firm butt, accentuating the white skin. The wide straps of leather around his torso were taut but comfortable, and held him wonderfully. The chest bands pushed his pecs up and forward, emphasising his nipples and displaying his muscles beautifully. His shoulders, draped with the black leather, were impossibly wide and implied strength and power. Simply, he looked incredible! His hands wandered over his body, touching, feeling as he proved to himself that this was really him. He HAD to go out tonight dressed like this. But he couldn't walk the streets bare-arsed! Just couldn't bring himself to do it.

Reluctantly he began to undress. Pulling off the boots, he stripped himself of the chaps and jacket. The pouch stayed in place, his cock and balls still within the restraints beneath it. He pulled a pair of jeans up and over the leather thong, and swore that even through the denim he looked bigger thanks to the metal he wore. The jacket was removed for a minute, as he donned a T-shirt over the harness. The straps and buckles could still be made out through the flimsy material, but he didn't care. Replacing the jacket and boots he looked again, appreciatively. Even as he was now, with leather jacket and boots, and hidden harness and pouch beneath the cotton and denim, he looked damn good, and felt great.

Jim retraced his steps to the shop where he had found all this wonderful gear. As he entered, Gary looked up, and grinned widely. "Back so soon? I hope you've come to see me?"

"In a manner of speaking!" Jim said. "The outfit is just so fantastic. I'm wearing the cockring and pouch right now." He confided softly. "I really want to be seen out in the whole kit, tonight, but I just can't bring myself to walk the streets, well, you know, bare."

Gary smiled again. He scribbled a list of bars with addresses and phone numbers on a scrap of paper. "All of these places are exactly what you need. Places to see and be seen. And they all have cloakrooms. You can wear jeans and a T over the top of the chaps and harness until you get there, then check them in and strut your stuff in the bar."

"Thanks again, mate," said Jim earnestly. "I really do owe you for the help."

"Not at all, and my offer still stands!" Gary looked wistfully as Jim left. Such a nice guy, and so hot looking.


That night, Jim set out on his adventure. Dressing himself in his full new outfit, and pulling a loose pair of jeans over his lower body, with a T-shirt beneath his jacket, he found the first bar on Gary's list easily. Once inside, he made for the cloakroom, where sure enough there were changing cubicles and lockers available to allow a complete change of clothes if you wanted. Shucking off the jeans and leaving the T in a locker, Jim adjusted himself yet again, clad solely in the shining new black leather. Feeling nervous but excited, he pushed open the door and strode into the main bar area.

Leather. Everywhere. Black, gleaming, inviting. Men dressed very much like himself. Others in combinations of denim and hide. Some in much more revealing outfits than his own. The place was fantastic, and he felt completely at home. He attracted quite a few looks himself, but they were admiring glances rather than scorn or disapproval. Finding a place where he could stand easily and lean at a high table, he slowly sipped at a drink as he took in the panorama of leather gods, and melted into the scene himself, watched by others as much as he watched them.

Numerous times during the evening he spotted guys who looked so incredible, so hot, that he began to harden. The combination of alcohol and man musk, mixing with the aroma of leather and the visions that crossed the floor kept him erect most of the time. But rather than being embarrassed or concerned, the confidence and power he felt in this place, in this gear, meant that he enjoyed it. In a strange way it was exhibitionism at its best. He could stand and drink, or strut to the bar and around the place, his cock hard and straining against the leather in which it was encased, and feel proud and hot. The stares from other patrons, many directed at his groin without embarrassment, made him feel even better. No reason to hide his manliness. Let the world see it, and him, and enjoy as he enjoyed showing off.

Many of the guys in the place made eye contact with him. Some beckoned to him to join them, others approached him with comments and suggestions. He was complimented on his looks, chatted up by many, and received outright propositions for sex. He loved the entire evening, but politely declined the offers. This was his first time in full leather surrounded by others like him, and he wanted to stay there forever. Besides, he was still a virgin, and just didn't know how he would handle explaining that to a complete stranger. He knew the theory alright, but hadn't ever put it into practice.

As the night wore on, and the crowd in the bar began to thin, Jim knew the night couldn't last forever. But he also knew that he had found a place he wanted to be, and discovered that he liked himself, felt he had something to offer another person. It was a strange realisation after all the years of wishing he could be someone else, could change the way he was. The alcohol had helped as well. He was a long way from being drunk, but his inhibitions, what was left of them, shrank away with each drink.

He was revelling in the newly discovered sense of self worth when he felt a tap on his shoulder. Turning around he readied himself for another polite refusal. The face looking at him was familiar, and slowly recognition dawned.

"Hi Jim," said a soft voice. Gary from the shop stood before him, but not the Gary he remembered. That Gary had been businesslike, in a plain white shirt and tie and blue slacks. This Gary was stunning. Dressed much like Jim, in full leathers, he seemed to have grown in size. His shoulders were wider than Jim remembered, his chest bigger, his legs thicker. This Gary radiated confidence and self-assurance, smiling gently, clad from head to toe in shining black hide. He wore an open jacket, cut high at the sides and back, over a harness of leather and metal. Jim could see shoulder straps of glistening leather set with metal studs that connected to two metal rings over Gary's nipples, both of which were pierced, set through with silver circles. The rings encircling his nipples were connected to each other by a chain of silver, and from them two more wide black bands of leather disappeared behind his back. Another set of straps, also in leather descended from the metal in a "V" to join at a metal ring around his navel, with yet more straps around his waist.

Gary's chaps were just as tight as Jim's, maybe even more so. They gripped his legs, sprayed onto them like a second skin. Every movement he made showed in the rippling black leather, sparkles of light reflecting from the polished hide. His thighs were thick and strong, his legs long and powerful in appearance, encased in black. Solid square toed boots beneath the chaps were buffed and bright. In the triangular area where the chaps ended at the top of his thighs, Jim could see another shimmering black shape, a pouch of glossy leather. Even in the dim light of the bar, Jim could not miss the large inviting tube of blackness outlined at Gary's groin, or the beckoning spheres below which seemed almost to be moving within their leather cushion of their own accord. He swore he could make out the line of raised skin around Gary's cockhead through the tight leather thong only inches from him.

As the two men stood, face to face, and drank in the sight of each other, both felt the stirrings at their groin, and both noticed as the other began to harden, the unmistakable increase in size of the cradled masculinities. Neither made any attempt to hide or cover themselves. As Jim had discovered early in the night, sporting an erection while wrapped in leather, in full view of the bar was incredibly erotic, and contributed inexplicably to the sense of strength and power that came with the leather garb.

"Are you going to say anything, or just stand there and smoulder at me?" Gary asked quietly, his eyes a mixture of mirth and lust.

"Erhh," Jim stammered "Have you just arrived?"

"No, I've been here for hours, just watching." He pointed to a dark corner. It was very difficult to make out any detail in there. "Enjoying the show. Are you happy with the impression you've made? I have to tell you, you've had some comments going in here tonight. Everyone wants to know who the hunky new man is, and why he won't go home with anyone."

"But I..." Jim stopped, thought. "Have you been following me?"

"Yes and no. This place is my usual. I could tell you were new in town, and when you asked where to go, I naturally wrote my favourite bar at the top of the list. I was hoping you'd show up, and when you did, I just slid into the dark corner to watch. You look fucking great!!"

"So do you!" Jim blurted out. "If they let you dress like that at work, you'd sell a hell of a lot more stuff. Everyone would want to look just like you!"

Gary smiled, very pleased with the compliment. He looked deep into Jim's eyes, trying to read the thoughts behind them. As he did, his hand reached out, touching Jim's hip, just above the waistline of his chaps. Jim instantly jumped, backed away.

"I'm sorry," said Gary quickly, confused. "I didn't mean to startle you, or upset you."

"It's okay." Jim replied. "I'm just not, um, used to being touched, not by another man."

Gary looked surprised, then realisation dawned. "Jim, are you...?" he broke off, embarrassed.

Jim looked miserable. Gary put his hand on Jim's shoulder and drew him into the dimness of the corner, finding him a seat. It was quiet here, private, and they could talk without being overheard. Gary started again.

"Hey, I didn't mean to pry" he said.

Jim looked at him. "This is my first time!" he suddenly blurted out. "First time in leather, first time being out and about, first time being openly gay. I love it, love the feeling, but I just haven't ever, well, done anything with another guy, I mean, ever." Jim poured out his soul to this almost stranger. The alcohol and the atmosphere of the bar combined to break down his reserve.

Gary sat back, stunned for a second. "Wow!" he said. "When you came out of the closet, you really burst out, didn't you? From nothing to one of the hottest full on leather gods this place has seen in years!" Jim didn't miss the compliment, or the admiring tone Gary used when describing him.

"I don't know that I'd say I was 'out of the closet'" Jim stated. "When I go home, I'll be just as secretive and hidden as before. I live in a little country town where everyone knows everyone and everything. This is my first trip to the city, but I'm damn sure it won't be my last!" This final comment was almost spat out, a hint of defiance in his voice.

Gary's heart opened to this gorgeous man, living in a world so completely different to his own. He couldn't imagine having to hide your true self all day every day, but he could certainly see and hear the pain and ache in Jim. The man sitting in front of him was so different to anyone else he knew. There was no pretense, no making out that he was better than the rest. His honesty and humility were so refreshing and so alluring to the city boy.

"You let me help you before, but then I was getting paid, it was my job." Gary said softly. "Do you find me attractive?"

"Oh yes, so much I can't tell you!" Jim enthused.

"Then, will you let me help you again, let me be your friend and guide for the rest of the night?"

Jim's eyes widened again, as he took a whole new look at the desirable man before him, clad in inviting leather, offering him -- what? He didn't know exactly, just knew that he wanted 'it'.

"Okay, " he said softly, uncertainly, but please remember, this is all new to me. You might have to make allowances for a total lack of experience."

Gary smiled, his heart swelling. "C'mon, stud, let's get out of here."

Gary led him from the bar, convincing him not to put his jeans and T back on, but bundle them up in a bag. Gary's bike was parked just outside, so they didn't need to walk very far in full view. Within minutes they pulled into a parking garage below a block of flats, and Gary led Jim to an elevator and up to his home, ushering him inside. They were alone.

Jim stood there, uncomfortable, uncertain. Gary stood before him, looking at him, marvelling at the glorious sight of the hot young man enveloped in beautiful leather, a look of loss on his face. His hand reached out to Jim's, fingers touching. Jim stiffened. He wanted this, but didn't know how to react. Gary held his hand, and looked him in the eyes.

"Jim, I know you're new to this, unsure of yourself. Just remember, the feelings you have, the needs and desires, are completely natural. There is absolutely nothing wrong with them, or with you. So do what comes naturally. Let your instincts take over. Follow my lead if you like, or let your body lead you. Trust me, and just do it. If you do anything I don't like, I'll say so, and if I do anything you don't like, tell me. I won't be hurt or upset, it helps if you let me know what you like and what you don't, makes it better for both of us."

The two stood face to face. Gary drank in the vision before him yet again, as Jim's eyes traced every line on Gary's body. The shimmering black leather highlighted every curve and bulge, framed buns and chest, revealed more than it hid. Jim's cock began to harden again in the leather pouch, and he could see Gary's manhood lengthening, the outline a tube of glossy black pushing at the dark hide enclosing it. Their eyes locked together, and Gary tentatively reached out, his fingers making contact with Jim's shoulder. Jim just stood and waited, willing himself to accept the touch. Gary's hand moved slowly down his arm, until fingers met bare skin below the jacket sleeve. This time the touch felt nice, as Jim had expected it, been waiting for it. Encouraged, Gary's other hand came forward, settling on Jim's side just above the waist. He drew a breath, but stayed still. Gary's fingers moved up, making contact with the leather straps of the harness, following the band of black. As they did, Jim's skin tingled, his heart beat rapidly. The touch of Gary's hands on him felt right. His dick was hard, achingly hard, and he could see that Gary too was fully erect, the leather pouch straining to hold him.

Jim's eyes focussed on the solid tube of manmeat encased in leather at Gary's groin. He could feel the firm grip of the leather around him, on his legs, his chest, his crotch. In the air, the scent of new leather was strong now, wafting to his nostrils and exciting him even more. As Gary moved again, the creaking of the leather sounded so inviting. Emboldened, Jim followed Gary's lead, and his hand slowly, tentatively reached out, the tips of his fingers connecting with the supple leather shoulder strap of Gary's harness just above his ringed nipple. As he made contact, a thrill shot through Jim. The sensation of another man's flesh, and the firmness of the black leather under his fingers was so erotic. Gary's hands were still on him, and they lowered, following the line of his chaps as Jim's other hand also found Gary's skin, resting lightly on his ribcage. Gary let his palms slide down, to touch very softly on the bare skin of Jim's butt cheeks. A quiet gasp from him and Gary looked searchingly into his eyes.

"It's okay" Jim said softly. "It feels good, real nice!" With that Jim began to move his hands across Gary's torso, following the lines of the harness, rubbing gently at the skin.

They stood, still apart, hands now on flesh, fingers sliding over skin and leather, feathery touches that sent tingles through them. Gary looked deep into Jim's eyes, and the stare was returned. Jim's confidence was growing, pushed on by his increasing desire. Gary began to lean toward him, then hesitated. Jim did the same, their faces only inches apart. Unable to break the line of sight between them, their hands now still on each other, they inched closer. Gary's mouth opened slightly and Jim could feel the warmth of his breath on his own lips and cheek. Faces tilted and lip met lip. Gary softly brushed against Jim and away again just a centimetre. With their eye contact unbroken he waited, letting Jim make the next move. Jim felt torn, but his body, his need, dictated his movements. His face edged forward and their lips met again. This time they remained in contact. Gary licked out, his tongue brushing Jim's mouth, pushing gently inwards. As Jim's eyes closed, the pink probe of Gary's tongue eased between his lips. A shock, like electricity, shot through Jim. The incredible sensation of kissing another man crashed over him. Waves of emotion buffeted him. With that moist invasion, Jim gave in to his base instincts. Suddenly his face was pressed against Gary's as they kissed, harder and harder. Jim's tongue mimicked Gary's, forcing its way into the other man's mouth, tasting his sweetness. Hands held heads as they licked and nibbled at each other, bit gently, exploring and surrendering.

Coming up for air, Jim looked at Gary, his eyes wide. "Oh, man, that felt so incredible!!!" he breathed softly. Gary's face lit up and he pulled Jim to him, hugging him. Jim hugged back, swaying on his feet, almost overwhelmed by the emotions coursing through him.

Gary pushed Jim's jacket off his shoulders and it fell to the floor, as he shrugged his own away as well. With Gary's upper body fully exposed and bound in beckoning leather straps, Jim's attention was drawn to his nipples. Each was ringed by the metal of the harness, and each had a shining silver circle running through the skin, just below the nub.

"Do they hurt?" Jim asked, indicating the piercings.

"Not at all! They did when they were first pierced, for a few weeks they were very tender. But that was ages ago. You can touch them, pull them, do anything you like, within reason. I'll tell you if I don't like what you're doing." Gary reassured Jim again. In truth, he loved having his tits played with, and ached to have this wonderful man touch him there.

Jim reached tentatively, touching the silver rings softly. "It's okay, they're not fragile!" Gary grinned. Fascinated, Jim pulled at the steel gently, drawing Gary's hard nips out a little, as he fingered the metal.

Gary let out a low moan. "Unhhhh, that feels so good". Jim continued to play, feeling the steel, pulling at the erect nubs themselves, examining Gary's chest, while his cock got even harder with the new sensations he was experiencing. Gary had resisted the urge to throw himself at the handsome man driving him wild with the attention to his tits, but his own need was growing as well. Unable to wait any longer, his hands reached out and gently squeezed Jim's nipples. He had expected some reaction, but Jim went wild. He gasped, his head thrown back, his body trembling.

"Holy fuck!!!" he shouted. "That is unbelievable!"

Regaining some control, he looked to Gary again, and this time the two men crashed against each other. The last of Jim's reserve crumbled, and he attacked the leather clad god in his arms. Kissing passionately, their hands grabbed at each other, pulling, squeezing, caressing. Mouths locked, tasted and separated again. Chest to chest and groin to groin they pressed into each other. Gary pushed his solid, hard cock out and ground it against the corresponding bulge in Jim's thong. Instead of resisting or backing away, Jim revelled in the feeling, pushing back, feeling his own hardness press against Gary's, lost in the moment. Jim thought he would cum right then.

Gary sensed that Jim's urgency was too fast, backed off a little. "Take it easy, hunk" he said softly. "We have all night!"

Standing and facing each other again, the two slowed their assault. They took their time to touch and explore, drink in the vision with their eyes and behold the beauty of masculinity in black leather, let the aroma of tanned hide mix with man musk and enhance their pleasure. They revelled in the touch and feel of the polished black skin, soft and smooth under fingers and hands, and the warm tingle of naked flesh where the leather ended. Their mouths met as they kissed often, or nibbled at cheeks, ears, fingers. They hummed and moaned with pleasure, surrendering to complete enjoyment of each other. When Jim's hand brushed against the firmness of Gary's erection, feeling the throbbing heat encased in gleaming blackness, Gary moaned again.

As Jim explored this new freedom to touch and be touched, his body trembled with the release of years of hidden longing. With a life of their own, his hands squeezed and traced Gary's manhood, reached and cupped his rolling jewels as Jim watched in wonder. When Gary did the same, his hand closing around the throbbing tube of flesh encased in black leather at Jim's groin, Jim could not contain the pleasure. With a stifled shout, his body spasmed as he grabbed hard at Gary pulling him against him. Jim's cock, still straining inside the leather pouch, exploded as he filled the thong with his seed, feeling it squelch around him and soak the envelope of hide. Gary's hand continued to rub and squeeze as Jim came, massaging the sticky liquid into his shaft through the leather.

As Jim finished pumping, he fell forward into Gary's arms, drained and embarrassed.

"I'm so sorry," he spluttered, "but I couldn't help it. I just couldn't hold back any more. You are so hot, and had me so horny..."

Gary held him, whispering into his ear. "It's okay, honest. Don't worry. I should have realised, being your first time and all. Please, don't be concerned. In fact, I'm really complimented. Sit down, and recover."

"I need to clean up..." Jim began.

"Why? We have all night. If you're not uncomfortable, stay there just as you are. Let the moment belong to us and forget it. Don't you think it's so good, feeling that sticky heat around you, covering your dick?"

Jim just nodded, and let Gary sit him on a sofa, settling alongside. Gary's arms stayed around Jim, holding him tight, rocking slightly from side to side, trying to reassure him. As Jim recovered from his climax, he felt so happy wrapped in Gary's arms. As he rocked, his fingers trailed along Gary's leather clad legs, feeling the muscles beneath, enjoying the unfamiliar but wonderful sensation of being held by another man. Gary held him, rubbing his shoulders and caressing his arms. Jim could still see the outline of Gary's rod, still semi-erect. Absently, he let his fingers trail along the shaft, tracing the shape on the leather. As he did, Gary groaned softly. The combination of the proximity of another man, the all pervading leather, and the warmth around his own groin had its effect, and incredibly, Jim felt himself harden again.

Jim sat upright, slowly. He pulled Gary to himself and kissed him purposefully. This time the urgency was replaced by enjoyment and control. The kiss lasted for ages, as they tasted each other longingly, let each explore the other's teeth, lips, tongue. Pressing against each other, harness rubbed against harness, skin against skin, leather against leather. Gary stood, and drew Jim up with him. Arms wrapped around bodies as they embraced, holding each other tight. Jim reached and pulled gently but firmly at Gary's nipples, eliciting a long growl of pleasure. On an impulse, he bent and kissed the erect nubs, licking at them. Feeling the cool hardness of the metal he rolled the silver between his teeth, pulling again.

Gary was ecstatic. "Oh, Jim, Jim," he called. "That feels so hot, so good." Jim kept it up, loving the feel, enjoying the knowledge that he was giving the other pleasure.

Gary's hands continued their exploration of Jim's body, squeezing, pulling, rubbing. He found the swelling tube of manliness still within its leather case and squeezed again, his other hand grasping at Jim's testicles, cupping them through the black hide. Jim moaned and gasped at the indescribable sensations in his groin.

"Maybe having you cum like that wasn't such a bad idea!" Gary whispered with a grin. "Means you're able to hold on a little longer now!"

Jim smiled back. "I didn't think of it like that, but I guess you're right!"

Kissing him again, Gary pulled away a little, and slid his hands down Jim's sides.

"Will you let me take control a little?" he asked. Jim nodded, wondering what he had in mind, but now trusting him completely.

Gary began to kiss and lick at Jim. At his chest, his nipples. At his torso and stomach. Jim was in paradise, electric shocks surging through him with each touch. His hands strayed to Gary's shoulders, massaging and following the lines of the harness. As his mouth travelled over Jim's abdomen, Gary's hands found the waistband of the pouch supporting Jim's masculinity. He dropped to his knees and licked at the now hard tube of black before him. Jim groaned again. Gary nibbled at the leather, biting gently at the outlined leather cock. He tasted the hide, breathed in the scent of leather and sex, licked down over the moving orbs of Jim's nuts also encased in darkness. Jim trembled, but stood his ground, wondering if the sensations could possibly get any more intense.

He didn't need to wonder long. Suddenly, Gary lifted the waistband out, and slid the protective leather pouch down, freeing Jim's throbbing rod to the open air. The aroma of leather mixed with cum was powerful, the still sticky remnants of Jim's climax clinging to his pole, trailing strings of goo from the inside of the pouch. Gary looked, smelled, and needed. With his hands on Jim's butt, he dived at the meat proud and stiff before him, licking at the salty sweet jizz on Jim's cockhead before he sank his willing throat over Jim's pole. Swallowing the whole thing in one long fluid movement, Gary massaged the shaft with his tongue as his throat clamped around it. He could taste the cum from Jim's earlier ejaculation, and it excited him incredibly as he suckled at the stud's hard throbbing prong. Pushing forward, refusing to gag, he buried his nose in Jim's pubic hair, found the hard steel cockring around the base of his cock. His fingers joined in, caressing the heaving nuts at his chin, stroking the skin where the leather snap separated them from Jim's body.

Jim was helplessly shaking with pleasure. The sudden, unexpected warmth as Gary's moist throat enveloped him sent a tide of pleasure rolling over him. He could not comprehend the sensations racking his body as his very manliness was swallowed up by another mouth. He twitched and shuddered with excitement as Gary's tongue caressed his glans, shook with desire when the man in front of him scraped his teeth softly along Jim's rigid shaft. Gary began to bob up and down on Jim, sucking and slurping at him, then diving and swallowing again. Indescribable pleasure was emanating from Jim's groin and flooding his entire body. He began to pump his hips in and out, matching the rhythm Gary had begun, driving himself into Gary's gullet before pulling back to drive again. His frequency increased as the passion built up within him.

Knowing Jim was yet again racing to a crescendo, and marvelling silently at the sexual resilience of inexperience, Gary backed away, licking reluctantly at the throbbing member as he stood again. Jim, feeling the fantastic heat of Gary's mouth leave him, sighed and reached for his lover, holding him tight.

As they kissed again, Jim wondered at the feelings running through himself, all so new and so good.

"Jim," Gary whispered into his ear, "I need you. Would you make love to me?"

Jim looked uncertain again, wanting to please this wonderful man, but still unsure of the unknown.

"I'll guide you, show you" Gary pleaded, "but I need you, my friend, need to join with you."

Jim nodded again, and again they held each other, kissing and touching. Gary led his man to the bedroom, holding him and assuring him it would be alright. Gently standing him at the side of the bed, Gary kissed him tenderly. Jim was hard as a rock, his proud cock standing out from his body, anticipating the ultimate joining that was about to happen. Wordlessly, the two held each other, kissed and caressed. Feasting their eyes on each other, on the all embracing polished leather which clad their strong male bodies. As they built towards need, they lay down together, holding each other, feeling the texture of the supple hide on and against their bodies, sensing the growing passion fed by the smell and the sound of the leather. On one arm, Gary traced his fingers along Jim's frame, pinching at his nipples and scooping at the gem of pre-cum forming at the tip of his penis. Jim sighed in enjoyment.

Gary reached around, taking a bottle of lube from a bedside drawer. Returning his gaze to the powerful body encased in leather beside him, he began to massage the liquid onto Jim's cock. Smearing lubricant over the turgid pole, he moistened Jim in readiness. Another gob of the sticky gel he applied to himself, massaging it into his hole and opening himself in anticipation.

He lay flat on his back, and motioned to Jim. "Just take it slowly, let yourself get used to it, and enjoy!" he said. "Kneel between my legs and lean forward." Jim did as instructed, his body trembling as his manhood throbbed with anticipation

Gary lifted his legs as Jim got into position. From this vantage, Jim enjoyed an amazing view of his lover, legs and torso bound in supple shining leather, firm white buns framed by the black, his anus a soft pink target beckoning Jim forward. As he leaned into Gary, Jim ached with happiness. He felt Gary's hand at his dick, gently guiding him into place. The feathery touch of Gary's fingers were replaced by the soft target of muscle as Jim nudged at Gary's opening. Both men trembled with anticipation, needing to join, wanting each other. Gary coaxed Jim gently. "Just do what comes naturally. Take it slowly, we have all the time in the world." He whispered. Gary's arsehole twitched and puckered as the throbbing head of Jim's prong nudged at him, begging entry.

Settling his weight on his knees and arms, Jim pressed forward slowly, gently. He felt the resistance ease as the slicked end of his rock hard pole poked irresistibly at Gary's anus. With his lover's encouragement he leaned into the other man. Gary's sphincter yielded, accepted as Jim's cockhead slid through. The glans popped inside, and involuntarily, Gary clenched around it. Jim groaned, sighed with delight. Gary reassured him, feeling the slight pain of entry ease, replaced with the satisfaction of being filled. Urging his lover on, Gary relaxed to allow Jim easier entry. Jim allowed more weight to press down, as his throbbing cock gradually sank into the leather god beneath him. Slowly but firmly, Jim slipped inside his man. The heat of the body wrapping around him, the unbelievable softness and the clamping muscle which gripped at his shaft where it pierced Gary's body, aroused Jim more than he knew possible. As the creeping envelope of Gary's innards accepted and swallowed him, a rising tide of passion spread from his groin, infusing his entire body with growing need. Still he pushed, until finally his pelvis rested hard against Gary's balls, his testicles crushed into his lover's butt. Jim gasped with the pleasure and the realisation that he was fully buried within the man's body beneath him.

He stopped, willing himself to relax. Despite his previous ejaculation, he felt he would cum again at any time, the pleasure was so intense. Gary clenched at Jim's throbbing tool, the hot wet cavern of his rectum welcoming and filled. Nothing Jim had ever known before compared to the sensations engulfing him. He was encased in firm, supple black leather, physically joined with another man clad in identical shimmering hide, his pulsing aching prong sunk into that man's warm enveloping body. His dreams had come true. Below him, Gary smiled and breathed deeply, his hands reaching up to caress Jim's skin, to tweak at the erect nipples. His legs were wrapped around Jim's back, holding the man against him, in him.

Gary whispered "Oh, Jim, that feels so good. Are you okay?"

Jim smiled back. "Better than okay! I'm feeling so good, and you look and feel so hot, I don't have words!"

They stayed like that for a few minutes, getting accustomed to the feelings, relaxing and enjoying their joining. Gary was the first to move. Enjoying the fullness within him, he began to clench at Jim, to move back and forward against him. Jim followed his lead, slowly rocking on top of the body he was loving. Nature took control, and Jim instinctively began to withdraw a little and then push back in again. With each movement his dick sent new pulses of pleasure through his body. The slightest motion intensified a thousand times. As he withdrew then pressed again the warm wetness around his pole developed a life of its own, gripping at him, drawing him in, encouraging him. He started to pull back further each time, and to thrust forward with more strength, sinking his manliness into Gary, wanting to be completely inside him.

Gary moaned quietly beneath him, "Oh yeah, fuck yeah. Faster stud." His legs around Jim's back pulled against the leather garbed man, urging him on with each inward push.

With Gary's experience and Jim's base instincts uniting, the two quickly developed a rhythm. Jim grunted softly as he pumped in and out, his body reeling with the sensations he was experiencing for the first time. Increasing the speed of his thrusts, he began to sweat and gasp as his world focussed on the power he felt between his legs. Faster and faster he moved, really pounding into Gary now. Forgetting his concern as Gary urged him on with whispered obscenities, Jim thrust and jabbed at the man below him. His throbbing rock hard weapon sinking deeper and deeper into the hot body. Gary met him, joined him, gripping and pulling at him, rocking back and forth as Jim pumped up and down. Harder, harder Jim lunged, determined to sink himself as far into Gary's welcoming gut as he could.

Together they bounced and thrust, rocking and pounding. Forming a single being they humped at each other furiously. Gary opened himself, swallowed Jim's very being, surrendered his body and took possession of Jim's manhood. Jim flung aside the last of his inhibitions and fucked Gary, hard, fast, powerfully. His steel hard cock skewered Gary's arse like a sword. Jim speared his fleshy dagger into the scabbard that was Gary, impaling him on the swollen pulsing flesh. The smell of leather and sweat and sex enveloped them, pervading their beings. As they coupled a symphony filled the room, gasping breaths and hissed pleas combined with the creak of leather and the slurping wet sounds of sex, heightening the desire each felt. The moist grip at his cock and the supple firmness of the black hide encasing his legs and torso drove Jim on and on. He forgot all else but the moment, the intense pleasure and the total sensation of being wrapped in leather as his cock was wrapped in flesh, rutting wildly, pounding in and out his man, fucking like no one had fucked before. And Gary fucked him back, grunted and called, enjoying their coupling as much as Jim, needing to be filled and speared, wanting all Jim could give.

Pounding and thrusting, sweating and gasping, the two men fucked. They built towards a crescendo as their bodies trembled and ached. Gary opened his eyes and looked up. The beautiful man above him was a vision, glistening sweat and polished black leather, his animal instincts driving him to bury his huge weapon into Gary's needing hole. Jim looked into Gary's face, his eyes partially glazed as his lust began to peak. To him, the entire universe was concentrated in the shimmering black hide and glowing flesh of the man to whom he was making love. Supporting himself on his elbows, he instinctively reached for Gary's nipples, pulling hard at the silver rings piercing each.

Gary called out in delighted surprise. "Oh FUCK YEAH!!" and pulled Jim harder into himself with his legs, ramming his body against the invading pole. Inspired by Jim's touch, and close to the edge, Gary reached up and pinched at his lover's tits, twisting them firmly.

The electric shock that racked Jim at Gary's attack on his nipples was too much. It set off a chain reaction as his body gave up all resistance to the flood of passion. With a strangled yell, Jim arched his back, pulling himself out of Gary until only the very tip of his cockhead was gripped by the other's sphincter, then with the force and power of 25 years of built up, suppressed desire and need he crashed down onto his lover, spearing his weapon into the body below, sinking himself, burying his shaft to the hilt and crushing his balls against Gary's butt. He felt his manliness pound into that envelope of hot wetness, and swell until he thought he would burst. His aching, rolling nuts heaved and constricted against the leather binding them, and emptied. The white hot seed raced into his meaty pole, as fireworks exploded in his head, and his body exploded. Searing jets of cum erupted from him, filling the man in whom he was buried, setting fire to his prick as he emptied his essence into Gary.

Suddenly he felt a spreading liquid heat on his belly. Forcing his eyes open he saw that Gary was twitching and shuddering below him, spurting load after load of sticky manjuice between their locked bodies, flooding the space between them with cum as his orgasm rocked him to the core. Time stood still as they trembled and shot together, simultaneous climaxes twitching and shuddering to a gradual halt. As the tide of passion receded, Jim's strength deserted him and he collapsed bodily onto Gary, squelching the reservoir of manjuice over both.

Suddenly Gary laughed. Exhaustion, spent passion, and a strange sense of relief descended on Jim and he joined in as they giggled together. "Oh, fuck, Jim, that was incredible!" Gary stated with feeling.

"Unbelievable!" Jim agreed. Feeling the rigidity of his cock begin to ease, he withdrew carefully from the warm cocoon of Gary's body, feeling the lingering grip of gary's arse around him as he did. They lay side by side, fingers trailing gently across each other, making circles in the sticky residue of Gary's cum, licking at it and kissing each other to taste the essence on their tongues. Sated, they shared the glow of post coital recovery, having known that most intimate moment two men can share.

Sleep crept up and caught them unawares. Jim could not fight it after all he had been through in the last 36 hours, and Gary had never before felt so comfortable, so tenderly towards another man. Hours later they awoke, still encased in the warm enveloping leather, wrapped in each others arms. Crusty and sated, but blissful, they kissed each other into life as the dawning light touched the room.

Gary busied himself making coffee as Jim chatted, telling him of life in the country, deploring the ignorance and hurts, the need for secrecy. Gary found it hard to imagine, having grown up and lived all his life in the city, coming out young to an accepting, loving family. Silently his heart began to ache. They were so far apart in experiences and lifestyles and distance, yet he felt something more, a special bond with this man he had never felt for another. Jim's openness and honesty, his self effacing ways were a sea change from the usual narcissism and off-handed casualness of most guys Gary knew.

Finally, Jim stood. "I have to go," he said reluctantly. "Have to check out of the hotel by 10, and I guess get on the road home again."

Gary stared long and wistfully at the man with whom he had shared the most intense moments, the man he had introduced to the delights of making love. Still dressed in the full leather he had purchased from Gary the day before, Jim truly was a stunningly handsome man. He began to strip the beautiful leather from himself, and Gary moved to help him.

"God, you look so good in that!" Jim said with feeling, staring at Gary still encased in the chaps and harness and pouch.

Together they slowly, reluctantly undressed. Pulling everyday clothes on, Jim collected his fantasy wear. He was ready to go, but still stood, hesitant.

"Jim, " Gary said quietly, uncertain. "I would really like to see you again..." his heart ached, he wanted this man so much.

"But, I'm just a country bumpkin, no experience, no city street smarts. And a long way from here most of the time," Jim protested, but hoping Gary would argue. And he did.

"You're a man! And a damn hot one at that. There's phone lines where you live, aren't there? And if you can get to the city for this weekend you can do it again, can't you?"

"Yes, I can!" Jim answered emphatically. "Although it may be weeks and weeks between trips."

Gary smiled. "For what you have to offer, I can wait." And he meant it sincerely. Jim hugged him, kissed him tenderly. "Thank you, for everything." With moist eyes, he let himself out and headed for the hotel. He didn't see the tears on Gary's cheeks as he pulled the door closed behind him.


Late that same afternoon, he collapsed on his sofa, alone again. As he drove toward home a growing sense of isolation had descended. His experience back in the city that weekend seemed so impossibly unreal in the harsh light of his real world. Had it all been just a dream? The endless humdrum of a lonely life reached out to bury him again. Feeling depressed, almost lost, he began to unpack the cases he had dropped on his bed. Finding the bag Gary had given him this morning, he smiled at the memory, and lifted the smooth black leather up, breathing in the scent of hide and the remaining sex it held. Unfolding the chaps, he frowned as a slip of paper fluttered to the floor. Curious, Jim bent to retrieve it. His face broke into a huge grin.

Grabbing the phone he punched in the numbers scribbled on the paper. His heart swelled as the tones rang and a voice answered.

"How would you feel about an occasional weekend in the country? All expenses paid, and as much loving as you can handle?"

Gary laughed down the line. "Sounds fucking hot to me, stud!"

Jim glowed. He was still in the closet, but that closet was now filled with hot black leather, and the door was ajar, light and love shining in.

The End

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