Leather Lovers 8

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This is a gay adult story with the consequent language and images. If homosexuality and/or sexually explicit themes offend you then do not continue. If these are illegal in your area, then you have my sympathy, but you proceed at your own risk.

This is a work of fiction, and as such the characters are not bound by the usual dictates of modern society. Unsafe sexual practices can be undertaken with impunity only in the world of fantasy. In reality, it is your obligation and your right to play safely, sanely and healthily.

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With everything we needed to construct our `fantasy room', Mike and I couldn't wait to get started on it. We pulled up the carpet in the room easily enough, and found a smooth concrete floor underneath. He wanted to leave it as is and paint it, but I pointed out that the cement would get cold and rough on bare skin, considering what we were planning for the room. I suggested some kind of mat, but Mike said quietly "I don't want to sound gross, but I'm guessing there is going to be a fair amount of body fluids and whatever spilt on this floor, so we need something that can be easily cleaned up." A little surprised by his honesty, I realised he was right. We settled for a vinyl flooring over an underlay with heating elements. It was going to cost us a bit, but hell, we intended to get a lot of use out of that room!

It took a couple of weeks to get the flooring done, but once the tradesmen were finished and gone, we could really get started on our room. We hung some heavy black curtains over the window, blocking out all light, and painted the walls and ceiling a matte black as well. We'd discussed the decor, and decided we wanted to go for the full on dungeon feel to match our fantasies, so we let our imaginations run wild. On two of the walls forming a corner we fixed huge mirrors. On the floor in one corner went an old double mattress which we covered with one of the leather sheets. The light fitting was removed to leave a bare bulb socket hanging down, into which we placed a low wattage red globe. On the side wall that wasn't mirrored, we set up long shelves, and several hooks, all painted black. Against the remaining wall, beside the door, was a free-standing clothes rack of black steel. I found a set of six individual candle holders made of black steel which stood about a metre and a half high and placed them around the edge of the room.

Mike had measured and located the beams above the plasterboard ceiling. We drilled heavy bolts into position and fixed large fasteners to them. The lengths of chain we'd had cut at the hardware were clipped onto these and hung down evenly in the middle of the room. Our sling, smooth and black, still smelling of new leather, was attached at each corner. Mike made me lie in it fully dressed a few times to adjust the height until he was satisfied it was just right. The foot stirrups were hung from two of the supporting chains and the headpiece snapped onto the other end of the leather platform. Now our room was really taking shape. As we worked, I kept getting the beginnings of an erection, imagining us using this place for our dreams. Mike had the same problem, and we squeezed and teased each other often as we laboured to get things perfect. Carefully attaching and bolting another mirror to the ceiling, directly above the sling itself, we stood back and agreed that it looked pretty fucking hot!

Next we brought in the `accessories'. Our different harnesses and chaps were hung on the clothes rack, boots lined up below. Mike's caps, my hood, various pouches and jockstraps were hung on hooks on the same wall. Gauntlets, armbands and gloves were arranged on one shelf, cockrings and nipple clamps, different nipple accessories and ball straps and separators were placed on another, all within easy reach. Other shelves on the longer wall became our toy chest. Dildoes, butt plugs, latex balls, paddles, collars and other `toys' were placed where they could be effortlessly found and grabbed quickly. I found black candles and set them in the candleholders to finish it off.

As a final unveiling, we lit the candles, closed the door and switched on the light, standing back arm in arm to survey our work. The room looked incredible. Flickering candlelight and dull red glow reflected from the mirrors and the shining black leather. Wisps of smoke drifted through the air. The room was black. Dark but inviting, promising incredible experiences as we explored our fantasies and lived our dreams. I began getting aroused just standing there looking at it. Squeezing Mike's body with my arm, I turned to him. "Well, stud, you've created a leather paradise!"

"We've created it!" he said, "and we'll enjoy it. Fuck it looks hot. I can't wait to get in here and put it, and you, to good use." He leered at me, grinning evilly.

I laughed back at him, licking my lips. "What are we waiting for, Sir?" I asked trying to sound innocent.

He became serious. "Neale, I truly love you." he said, his voice quiet but deep.

I turned to him, matching his mood. "I love you totally, Mike" I said, meaning every word from the bottom of my heart.

We showered and cleaned ourselves up after the effort of getting everything ready. Mike looked at me with a mischievous smile on his face. "Are you ready to try out our new room?" he asked.

"Try and stop me!"

He threw off the towel around his waist, and grabbed mine as well pulling it from me and tossing it away. "No outside clothes or anything but leather allowed in the fantasy room!" he declared. I nodded agreement, my eyes drifting to his large flaccid cock, swinging between his legs. Looking softly at me with his piercing eyes, he turned and headed into the room and I followed happily. Once inside, we closed the door on the real world, and immersed ourselves in fantasy brought to life.

Our room was perfect. Warm and inviting, it was black. Black walls, black ceiling, black shelves. The single globe hanging from the centre of the room gave off a dull red glow, making everything look warm and dark. The candles around the walls flickered and their light reflected from the mirrors and shining blackness while the smoke from their flame drifted across the room, adding to the air of other worldliness. The sling hung there in the centre of the room, black and beckoning, and the mirrors on the walls and ceiling showed us our dreams made real.

Mike stood behind me, his arms reached around me and crossed, holding me tightly to him. I moulded myself to his shape, my head falling back against his neck. I could feel his nakedness against my own, feel his soft dick lolling against my butt. "Well, my little slave boy, what do you think?" he asked quietly.

"I think we should get into some hot gear and put this place to use, Sir!" I said, rubbing back against him and smiling.

Eagerly, we dressed ourselves in our favourite leathers from the rack against the back wall. We both wanted this first time in our fantasy room to be extra special, and we chose the hottest horniest things we owned.

I wore the harness I had taken to Sleaze Ball, wide black leather straps over my shoulders and around my chest, ribs and waist, with large metal circles that sat over and framed my nipples. The leather bands from those circles connecting to the single metal ring lower down formed a `V' shape emphasising my chest, and another strap dropped to attach to the solid metal cockring I squeezed myself into. As well as the cockring, I snapped a ball separator around my nuts, pushing them apart and down. Over that went a leather jockstrap of the softest, polished clinging black hide which showed off my tube of meat and rounded orbs clearly, the supports running around my butt cheeks leaving my arse crack free. I pulled on the tightest gleaming black chaps I owned, smoothing them into place and running my fingers up along my legs as I did, feeling the grip against my skin. High sided boots went over the bottoms of the chaps, glinting with the metal fixtures attached to them. A pair of wide leather wristguards sat on my lower arms and I fastened my leather and metal studded dog collar around my neck. I pulled the leather head mask down over my face and adjusted it so I could see clearly, my cheeks and jaw and the end of my nose clear of the soft embracing hide. To complete the transformation, I clipped the ends of a silver chain with nipple clamps to the rings piercing my tits, and stood back to face my Master, the perfect humble leather slave boy.

Mike had been just as keen as myself to leather himself up to the full. He was wearing a black leather peaked cap with solid visor which sat low over his forehead. His harness had shoulder straps which widened at the top into platforms of black hide reaching over his wide shoulders and making them look even stronger. Connecting to a central metal ring, the leather straps were joined to silver chains around his chest that fit snugly below the line of his well defined pecs, highlighting his musculature. Two more leather straps then led downward, angling outward to form an upside down V, joining a single metal chain that ran around his waist. He had wide leather bands around his upper arms, and long gauntlets on his forearms, lapping over soft leather gloves on each hand. He had slipped a cockring over his pole and testicles, and another wide metal ring held his balls away from his hardening cock. A pouch of supple, shiny black leather was wrapped around his balls and a harder wide piece of leather sat against his lower abdomen, held in place by straps that ran around his hips and down the crack of his arse. From a hole in the solid leather his masculinity stood out, its base disappearing into the leather as he already began to get hard. Gleaming, tight black chaps that showed off his powerful legs to perfection ran all the way down to solid square toed boots polished to a shine.

As I faced him, he turned toward me and stood with his legs apart and his arms crossed against his chest, staring at me. My cock twitched and solidified immediately at the look he gave me. The vision I beheld was incredible. Mike stood there, my Master, in full leather regalia, black against the blackness of the walls. Pinpricks of light bounced from him where the candlelight reflected back at me, and his whole form was glowing dull red from the overhead light. Wisps of smoke drifted between us, adding to the surreal feeling. Mike stood there, his almost invisible deep blue eyes roaming over my body.

`Hot, boy. Fucking hot!"

"Yes, Sir!" I responded, my hard cock straining against the texture of the pouch I wore.

Without a word, he reached out and gripped the bands of my harness, pulling me to him. As I surrendered easily, his lips met mine, his mouth opening over me. I tasted him as our tongues intertwined, wrestling from mouth to mouth. I explored his teeth with my tongue, surrendered to his invasion of my mouth as I surrendered to him. His hands were on my back, my butt, sliding up and down my thighs, as I traced the chain of his harness with my fingers. He broke the kiss and my head fell back as I gasped for air. I felt the warm wetness of his tongue on my neck, the rough stubble of his chin against my skin. His lips sucked at the side of my neck, his teeth finding the tender skin and closing around it, forcing a long soft moan from me. As his hands continued to own me, his mouth worked at my throat. Pulling away quickly he turned me toward one of the mirrored walls. Even in the dimness I could clearly see the red welt on my skin.

"Thank you, Sir." I meant it. The mark on my neck would remain for weeks, and I would be proud to wear it.

His hands came up to the back of my head, holding the leather mask firmly as he guided my face towards his chest. Eagerly, I attacked the cold steel of the nipple ring through his left tit, biting and pulling at it, blowing at the hard dark skin of his nipple, licking at the tiny erection there. His hands let go and I stayed in place, licking at him, tasting his skin, moving from one side of his chest to the other, giving both nipples my fullest attention. With my mouth busy attacking him, his hands worked on the alternate side, pulling and playing with his own nubs. When I returned I found he had fixed a nipple clamp and chain to his piercing, and was doing the same to the other one. I took the chain in my mouth and slid from one side to the other, the metal rasping across my teeth as I did and sending jolts of pleasure back to his sensitive nipples. He moaned softly, enjoying the thrill of my working at his chest.

While I played with his tits and the chain which connected them, Mike clipped a leather lead to the D ring on the dog collar around my neck. Wrapping the end of the lead around his wrist, he used it to direct me from one side to the other, tugging firmly but gently to let me know where he wanted me to go. Surrendering to him like this, letting him have total control was so erotic, I could feel my own cock hard and straining in the leather, as the chain joining my nipples swung in the air, pulling softly at me and causing thrills of pleasure at my chest.

Eventually, almost reluctantly, he used the lead to pull me away from his tits. Dragging it down, he urged my eager wet mouth along the line of metal and across his rippled abdomen. As I moved, sucking and licking the whole time, I breathed in the musky scent of his manliness and the fantastic aroma of the leather. The smell concentrated as I lowered my face, becoming stronger and stronger as I approached his groin. With my lips on the hard leather below his navel, I felt the velvet skin of his hard proud penis under my chin. Moving back and forth slowly, I let the light stubble on my jaw rub against his sensitive glans. Mike groaned at the roughness, a long low "unnnnnhhhhhhhhhh" escaping his lips. I kept licking and breathing in, getting hornier from the overwhelming male musk of him. My tongue finally found the base of his rod where it exited the surrounding leather. Slurping and tracing the line of the cockring, I trailed my wet tongue along the length of his shaft slowly, relishing every bit of him. As I reached the edge of his flaring corona, I licked around the lip, all the way around, then up and across the super sensitive head until I found his piss slit, scooping and tasting the droplets of man juice forming there. My hands supported me by clinging to the smooth leather engulfing his powerful thighs, the texture of the hide caressing my palms and fingers.

Mike's hands were on my head, pressing down on the leather mask I wore, massaging my scalp through the hide. I kept licking at him, getting his cockhead slicked and wet. As he began pressing forward I opened my mouth completely and wrapped my lips around that huge head, fastening onto the lip of his glans and milking him, massaging him with my tongue. Then slowly I slid down, opening my throat and lubricating him with my saliva and his pre-cum, swallowing the rock hard pole of my Master centimetre by beautiful centimetre. The silky smoothness of his flesh, stretched over the muscle of his love, descended into me and I scraped my teeth gently at his shaft as I took his length, coating him with saliva and clamping my throat around him, then relaxing to allow deeper penetration. Overcoming the urge to gag, I pressed forward until his heaving leather wrapped balls were hard against my chin. With his entire length sunk in my neck, I swallowed and gripped, then pulled back slowly, breathing heavily before gulping him down again. Back and forward, on and off his cock my face moved, as I slurped and sucked, enveloping him in warm moisture and drinking in his taste as I fellated his powerful tool.

Mike began humping at my face, still drawing against the lead attached to my neck. Not the fast thrusts of urgency, but long slow movements driven by enjoyment. He mumbled softly, incoherent groans of delight as he drew himself away and then buried himself again in measured pushes. My arms were around his legs, the tight leather of his chaps firm and smooth to the touch, the strong leg muscles rippling beneath as I worshipped his manliness with my mouth.

Pulling back from his cock, I let it slip from me, looking longingly at the swollen throbbing flesh. One more lick at his head as I tasted another drop of his pre-cum, and then I lowered my face, licking and kissing at his leather encased legs. I slowly descended the towers of black, biting and nibbling at the hide and breathing deeply the aroma of the leather. He let me go, not pulling at the lead, and I worked my way down until I was at his boots. Slurping and spitting, I polished them with my tongue, prone before him. At one point I briefly looked up, rewarded by the view of my leathered god towering over me. My face was at his feet, my knees drawn up and my arse high in the air.

"Fuck, yeah, don't stop" he hissed at me as I grovelled. Movement from above, and Mike leaned forward, keeping his balance by placing a hand on my back. I felt a coolness at my arse, and realised he was smearing lubricant along the crack of my butt with his leather fingers. A hide-bound digit pressed at my hole, and I relaxed without stopping my attention at his boots as he massaged my anus, slipping one then a second finger into me, opening me and applying the velvety gel to my muscle. With my hands on his calves, gripping them for support as I licked at his boots and lower legs, I ached as he removed his hand, then smiled inwardly as I felt the hard rubber head of a butt plug against my entrance. As Mike began inserting the toy, I flexed and pushed to allow easy entry. The plug was urged inside me, stretching me as it flared, until I reached the point where the pain began. I reached for the bottle of amyl, and took a draft then returned to my task, his boots soaked by my saliva. As the amyl took effect, I moved myself back onto the invading wedge. Mike knew the signs, and pressed again. The pain reared again for a moment, and then it was done. The butt plug pushed past my sphincter as I closed around it. The pain disappeared, replaced by the sensation of being filled. I murmured my pleasure and he pulled now at the lead, lifting my head away from his feet, urging me to stand again before him.

As I stood, the plug filling my arse moved within me. Again the sense of being filled, and held open, of needing to push it out, knowing I could never do so. I enjoyed the feeling as it rubbed against the walls of my rectum, and my cock throbbed in its leather case. Mike lifted me to my feet and reached forward, taking the chain hanging from my chest between his fingers, pulling on it gently and sending waves of pleasure resounding through my body. I groaned softly, and he smiled at me. His eyes started at my own and travelled over my body while I stared at the vision of him there in the dimness, surrounded by smoke and darkness, black leather gleaming under the red glow. "Looking good!" He declared quietly, and I swelled with pride at the compliment.

Mike moved to me and our mouths met. We kissed, long, slowly, sensuously. My tongue explored his teeth as I tasted him. He pushed with his own tongue, driving into my mouth as his saliva mixed with mine. My hands roamed his back and shoulders, revelling at the feel of warm skin and cool smooth leather. My skin tingled as his black gloves travelled down my arms and then to my butt, tracing the lines of my chaps around my cheeks before finding the base of the plug anchored at my anus, jiggling it and sending even more thrills through me. Still kissing, he slowly edged me backward until the edge of the sling nudged me. As I felt the solid leather, I trembled, so horny with anticipation. In the mirror on the wall, I could see our reflection -- leather clad figures locked in an embrace surrounded by blackness. Behind me I could see the sling, hanging there, inviting me into it, beckoning to my dreams and fantasies.

We broke our kiss as I pushed against the harder black platform of leather. Mike's face was only centimetres from mine, and I saw the question in his eyes. Wordlessly I answered him, smiling and lifting on my feet to rest my butt on the edge of the suspended leather. As I eased myself onto the sling, Mike helped steady it for me as I lay backward onto it. I let the sling take my weight, lifting my feet from the floor. He reached down and took my booted ankles in his hands, lifting them to his shoulders and reaching for the stirrups. As he held first one and then the other of the foot supports in place I slid my feet into them, feeling the leather strap tauten and keep my feet high, my legs naturally spreading. I slid down into position and my arse presented itself to Mike, open and exposed, the base of the butt plug lodged in my crack.

It surprised me to find how incredibly comfortable the sling was. The leather base seemed to mould itself to me, wrapping itself to the bulges and curves of my back. I could feel the firm supple texture of the hide against my skin, could feel the straps of my harness rub against the leather of the platform. The scent of new leather wafted over me and the clinking of the supporting chains mixed with the squeaking of leather against leather. With my legs held by the stirrups, I found I could relax completely, and felt strangely safe, lying there, floating in air with my man standing over me. Mike whispered softly "Fuck that looks good!" I looked up, to see myself reflected in the mirror on the ceiling, and agreed with him. The black cocoon surrounding me looked so hot, so erotic as I luxuriated in the feeling of being swamped by the dark leather.

Mike moved in against me. From this angle he truly looked the dominant leather Master I fantasized him to be. His hands roamed over my body, following the lines of my harness, tweaking at my nipples and tugging on the chain between them. He pulled at the lead, causing me to sway a little in the sling. He rubbed his gloved fingers over my calves and thighs, then squeezed the shining black tube of leather that was my cock, massaging gently the rounded shape of my cushioned nuts below. I grunted and moaned with pleasure as he played with me. He stepped back, then returned, the paddle in his hand. A slap landed on my exposed cheeks, the sound loud and cracking in the quiet of the room. The tingle as it connected felt no more than a light tap, but it caused me to clench my arse tight around the butt plug, which in turn sent waves of joy surging into me. Several more light stings as the doubled leather landed on my arse and thighs. The thwack of its contact rent the air, and my body twitched each time as the sound turned me on even more.

Mike was getting so horny too. I could see his cock bouncing and throbbing as he wielded the paddle, pre cum oozing from him to dribble toward the floor. Putting the toy aside, he reached for my arse and took the base of the butt plug in his hand. Wiggling it from side to side, he elicited a new series of groans from me as he began to pull. My arse gripped and fought with him, but I willed myself to relax. Firmly he pulled, and I felt my hole open, stretched to its limit, as the plug split me again. A moment of pain, and then relief and pleasure as my sphincter closed behind the exiting invader. A sense of emptiness flowed from my gut as Mike placed the plug on a shelf, and returned, smearing lube on his cock as he did. I doubted that any was necessary after being opened and held open by the plug, and with the lube still in and around my hole combined with the copious flow of pre-cum from him. With his hands on my thighs, he positioned himself behind me. I felt the warm hardness of the tip of his cock against my pucker and relaxed as best I could.

In one smooth motion, he entered me. There was little pain, more a fleeting discomfort quickly replaced by complete joy as his long hard pole sank into me. Lying on the sling, positioned as I was, the angle of penetration was absolutely perfect. The warm strength of him filled me and I tingled with pleasure as his hips ground into my cheeks. The full length of his cock buried itself into my bowel and I moaned with pleasure, clamping my arse around the solid pole. He pulled back, and thrust in again, his rhythm very much the same as when I had sucked at him earlier, smooth, assured, strong. He fucked me firmly but slowly, taking complete pleasure from my wet hot cave as he gave me the delight of him buried inside me. I was amazed at how incredible this slow, easy fucking felt, how good his naked swollen meat felt as it ploughed my gut.

Without warning, he pulled back and out of me again in one fluid motion. I gasped with surprise, looking to him. "There's a lot more to come yet, boy." He leered at me, the look on his face exciting me further.

Mike walked around the side of the sling. As he came level with my head, he reached over and took my hands, slipping handcuffs around each wrist and snapping them closed over the support chains. I still had some movement of my arms, but was completely at his mercy. The thought made my cock quiver. Returning to the base of the sling, he held up the string of latex covered balls for me to see. I whispered at him "Yes, please Sir, yes!". He held the balls high, coating each with a good helping of lube as I watched helplessly, trembling with anticipation. To the end of the connecting string he tied one end of a long piece of leather strap, thin and soft like a shoelace. Moving back, he lowered his hand and I felt the roundness of the first ball pressing against my puckering anus.

I pressed back against the hard round ball, relaxing myself as I did. With the opening and stretching my arse had had from the plug and Mike's cock, there was little effort in taking it. I felt it pop inside me, felt the connecting string as my hole closed around it. The second and third balls were inserted quickly as Mike worked my arsehole, pushing the solid round objects to me and easing them inside. I lay back and let the sensations flow over me as I felt my bowel filling with the balls of black latex. With three already in me, Mike dropped the other two to let them swing outside my body, the joining thread through my hole. I squirmed in rapture as the balls inside me jiggled my gut while their counterparts dangled from my arse. Mike pulled at them, making me moan with the pleasure. He left them and walked to my side, lowering a dark bottle to my nose. I breathed in and waited as he went back to his pastime. As the drug rolled over me Mike pushed again and the remaining balls were swallowed up by my rectum. "Fuck that's hot!" he declared, hissing at me as his hand wandered to his cock, giving himself a long slow stroke.

As I let myself fall back into the supporting leather of the sling, my insides rolled and surged as the balls in me were moved around. Mike added to the pleasure, his hand massaging my lower abdomen and forcing the toy within me to move around. As he did, he pulled the lead attached to my neck tight again, using it to make my body and the sling rock back and forth. Once the motion was established, he took hold of the leather string protruding from my anus, and worked it against the rocking of the sling so that with each pendulum of my body the balls within me were tugged hard against the inner wall of my sphincter then released again. The effect was incredible as spasms of pure pleasure rocked me. I gasped and groaned loudly with the joy of my man working my body like this. My cock was hard as steel, rubbing against the pouch of leather in time with the movement of the sling. Mike looked down at me, and his free hand closed around my leather encased nuts, squeezing firmly. He massaged my testicles as he tugged at my body. The intense pleasure I felt started at my anus and spread throughout my body as I swayed and groaned, feeling the rising tide of passion. "Sir, Sir," I gasped, feeling I could not resist the urge much longer.

He ignored my plea for relief, and kept up the tugging at my body and the working of my leathered jewels. As I felt my orgasm approach my breath became shorter and faster, my cock trembling. Mike released my nuts, but only to grab at the shining black tube of my cock, squeezing it hard and running his hand over the leather sheath. I grunted, tried to hold on, and failed. Writhing against the platform of the sling my body suddenly convulsed as I lost control, creaming my pouch and filling it with hot sticky jizz which coated my hard sensitive cock. As my panting slowed, Mike looked at me with an evil grin, and slid his fingers in under the leather jock, smearing my still warm cum over my meat, rubbing it into my skin and collecting a fair amount on his gloves. Removing the glove from the pouch, he held his coated slimy fingers to my mouth. I opened wide and licked at the cream, tasting my own ejaculate against the leather of his gloves. I was so turned on that my erection only eased, did not desert me altogether as I still swung in the cocoon of leather, my gut still full with the latex balls pulling gently at me.

As I lay there, sweating from the exertion and the climax, Mike worked his way around my body, one hand smearing the remnants of my juice over my chest, pulling at my nipples and squeezing my semi hard cock, back inside the comforting leather pouch. He kept his hold of the strap attached to the balls inside me, holding it with the lead. He moved to stand behind my head, still using his hands to smear and tug at me. Dropping the ties for a moment, he placed his hands under my shoulders and heaved me backward, so I slid along the sling and my head went over the end. In this position, my head dropped back, my throat stretched and my mouth open. Into that waiting orifice, still slicked up with my own cum, Mike sank his throbbing cock. With my head thrown back, at exactly the height of his prick, it slid fully and quickly into me. He began to pump himself into my throat, groaning as the heat of my mouth enveloped his huge pole. His leather covered nuts rushed at my face and drew away again to pound forward faster. As he humped at me he pulled at the lead, making me rock again in the floating leather sling, pulling me onto him before letting me float away to be pulled back again. With each inward thrust I massaged his cock with my mouth, licking and nibbling at him. I could taste his precum, mixing with my own jizz that he had fed me, and the juices of my body still clinging to his steel hard weapon.

Still pounding into me, he pulled at the leather strap still connected to the balls inside my body. Drawing it tight, he tied it in a knot to the chain suspended from his tits. As he did renewed waves of pleasure cascaded over me. With the balls inside me connected directly to Mike's nipples, he groaned and yelped as the swinging motion of my body on the sling tugged at his chest. Bolts of pleasure shot through him and echoed in my belly as the same leather thong dragged at the balls buried within me. The assault on my face and the insistent pulling at me from inside sent shocks pounding around my body. With my feet in the stirrups and my hands cuffed, I could not control my movements, but I clenched and swallowed, working at the long prong of flesh humping into my mouth. Mike fucked my face, harder, faster. The long taut string dragged against his nipples. His weapon swelled and throbbed within me and his breath became short. Suddenly a flood of manjuice was unleashed onto my tongue. He continued to pump as his balls emptied and I gulped, swallowed, gulped again, trying to take his entire load. The salty jism flowed into me and filled my mouth, dribbling down my cheeks when I couldn't swallow fast enough.

With a long sigh, Mike withdrew completely, his still throbbing prick falling across my nose. His arms pushed me back on the sling to where I had been before, and his mouth closed over mine. His tongue invaded me, tasting his own cum, mixed with the remains of mine, and he drank of us both. We jousted, fought with each other as our mouths meshed and ground together, and his hands explored me again, returning to my aching, sensitive nipples to pull at them yet again. Still the balls moved inside me as he tugged at the lead he held, keeping control of my body.

He broke away from me and stood upright. I collapsed into the sling, my chest heaving as I panted for air. My body ached, the pleasure still coursing through me.

"F, U, C, K !" Mike spat out the letters. "That was un-fucking-believable" he hissed.

"Thank you Sir" I whispered, still recovering.

"It's not over yet, not by a long way, boy." He said, looking down at me and grinning with a leer. "We have all night, all day, as long as we want, and I'm not finished with you yet!"

I grinned, and incredibly, my cock twitched again.

He moved around my suspended form, swapping the lead attached to the balls from one hand to the other as he did so. Kneeling behind me, he began to jiggle again at my rear. I moaned as new pleasures ripped through my gut. Looking to the mirror I saw him examining my hole at close range. I felt the pressure as he pulled, and relaxed myself, trying to expel the balls. He leaned back a little and pulled harder. The impetus translated into my gut and I pushed. The black spheres shot from me, one after the other, as Mike pulled tight against them. As the last one left me, I felt as though my bowel had been ripped out, so empty, a combination of relief and disappointment.

Mike growled a low, approving "oh yeah", and landed a slap with his hand on my bare arse. It tingled and excited me again, and I felt my cock begin to swell yet again in the now sticky confines of the leather pouch. From my vantage, with the help of the mirror, I could see his long meat throb and lift as his erection returned gradually.

He went to the shelves of toys set up on one wall of our fantasy room, and came back to me. I was sure my arsehole must be gaping open by now with all the working it had been given, but he was determined to keep using me, and I wanted him to, ached for him to plunder me.

Another nudging at my soft exposed hole. This time, the head of an extra large dildo was pressing to me. The thing was about ten inches long, smooth and black and wide. As Mike held it against my opening he reached again for my cock, squeezing at the solid blackness, his hand alternated between my re-emerging erection and my heaving nuts tightly bound in the separator and enveloped in black leather. With the tip of the dildo inside my waiting hole, he placed his palm against the bottom of the base, and pushed. Hard. Shoved the artificial prong right up inside me. I gasped and squirmed, cried out with the sudden pain of his onslaught. I felt as if my arse was being split open. In spite of the workout it had already had, my sphincter protested this new attack. The dildo was damn long, and thick, and Mike had slammed it into me.

"Take it, fucker!" he hissed at me, and I nodded. "Yes, Sir, fuck me with it, Sir"

After the first gasp, Mike reached to me again with the bottle of amyl in his hand. He held it to my nose and I took a long deep draft, and then another. The rubber toy was sunk inside me, my aching hole searing with the pain as I tried to adjust. The rush of blood to my nerves began to have its effect as I felt my body heat up. As the buzz from the amyl flowed over me, the invading solidity of the dildo became less painful, then just uncomfortable. The pain ebbed, replaced by joy as my body accustomed itself to the mass within me. Quickly, the ache was overtaken by pleasure. I began to squirm again, this time to feel the huge prong better within my arse. Mike was waiting for the reaction, and began to use the toy, pulling it back and shoving in again.

As the pleasure grew, I began to moan, begging him to use me. He laughed, bending to my rear, the black dildo pushed harder into me, then pulled back to be shoved in again. He began to rock the sling back and forth, holding the toy steady and letting my own momentum fuck me on the impaling rubber cock. The swings got bigger, and soon the dildo was being sucked completely out of me with each sway, then inserted hard and fast to its total length only to be sucked back out again. I cried out with the waves of pleasure crashing through me, my body twitching and writhing at the treatment I was receiving. As I swung back and forth at him, Mike grabbed hold of the chain suspended between my tits. Using the swinging motion, he pulled at it hard, so that as my arse emptied of the toy, my nipples were stretched and electric shocks of pleasure shot from them, to stop again as I swung back, the pleasure at my chest replaced by the pleasure as my arse was skewered yet again by the huge black dildo. Mike continued this treatment for ages, rocking me back and forth, fucking my arse with the rubber toy and dragging at my screaming tits. My cock swelled and I headed for the brink yet again. Just as I thought I could hold on no longer, he pulled the rubber cock from me with a sloshing vacuuming sound and dropped it behind him, releasing my nipples at the same time. I gasped yet again, and slowed my rocking as I recovered, to look to him for an explanation.

The vision that I beheld was unreal, and so erotic. Mike stood there, but he was not just Mike. He was the embodiment of a leather god. Everywhere I looked, he was there. Directly before me, and reflected back from the mirrors on the walls and the ceiling, garbed in shimmering black leather, strength and power radiating from him. His cap was pulled low over his eyes, his shoulders seemed inhumanly wide with the leather pads of his harness across them. His strong chest highlighted by the metal and leather, the silver chain connecting his nipples dangling in front of him. The blackness of his chaps and his jock framing the glistening, drooling meat of his masculinity as it pointed at me, hard and long yet again. My very being tingled with excitement at the leather man towering over me. The aroma of the leather mixed with the musky scent of sex, pure man sex, as I breathed deeply. Warmth from the candles and the heat of our exertions bathed the room as the flickering light of the flames combined with the glow of the red bulb above us. The entire room seemed to fill with inviting dark male sexuality made physical by the wisps of smoke that drifted between my eyes and my man's body.

Mike himself looked down at me. His eyes travelled over my body, drinking in the sight of me prone and open before him, wrapped in black leather and glistening with sweat and metal in the dimness of our room. He smiled approvingly, his hands exploring my trembling body. "Fuck, you're hot! And even better, you're mine!" he declared.

With that statement, he moved against me. His long mighty cock entered me smoothly, effortlessly. As I felt him sinking into me I moaned softly with the joy of his invasion once again. He felt so good, so perfect, inside my beckoning cavern of hot moist fire. I clenched my muscles around him as he slid into me, revelling in the sensation as his strong pole became a part of my body. Truly nothing could compare with the feeling of Mike's long naked cock deep within my bowel. He began to hump at me, slowly driving himself into me then pulling back to surge forward again. His motion caused the floating platform of leather on which I lay to rock in time, as I swung on and off his thick rod. With each backward draw he exited me completely, then drove himself into me again as I crashed against him. Leaning over me, his hand gripped the cross piece of my harness at my chest, and he used it to pull me to him, to pound himself deeper into my body, to take possession of me.

As he leaned forward like this, his body crushed the leather cushion of my hard cock and heaving balls, the pressure driving me wild as the tanned hide squeaked and gripped at my sexuality. Still he thrust, determined to shove all of his meat into the accepting cavern that was me. I gasped and moaned as he pounded, the thrill of his invasion racing within me. I looked up to the mirror above me, to see my body open and spread, and him bent over me, strong, powerful, leathered, male. I writhed below him, around him. His rhythm strong as he thrust into me again and again, sinking his masculinity within me.

My breathing grew shorter, faster as the passion built and the pleasure increased. Mike humped at me, leaned over me. His sweat dripped from his brow, mixing with my own on my heated skin. I dragged against the restraints at my wrists, hawking back at him, needing him more and more. His fleshy weapon attacked me, sunk into my arse and pounded wave upon wave of pure joy through me. My sphincter clamped and released, clamped again at the invading rod of heated lust penetrating it. I surrendered to the hammering of his lust and took possession of him, held him within me and owned his very maleness. My mind whirled, my brain raced with the total obsession of him. Nothing else existed for me as my man fucked at me.

The sling swung back and forward, the metal chains supporting it clinking together. Mike huffed and gasped, moaned with the increasing tide of pleasure. I groaned with him. The leather we wore creaked as it rubbed and stretched over our bodies inflamed with animal need. As he pounded my arse the slurping, squelching of our coupling joined the symphony of sex. Harder he pounded at me, deeper and faster as he ploughed my body with his swollen meat. The steel dagger of masculinity protruding from his pelvis speared into me, sinking to the hilt inside my trembling wet scabbard. I ached with the ecstasy of his assault, forced myself against him, as my willing sweating body impaled itself on his swollen sword. We rutted as one, heaving, groaning, joined. The speed of his fuck increased as he tore into me, physically connected in total abandonment. I gripped at him as best I could, needing him, desperate to maintain the zenith of sexual pleasure I was experiencing. My body ached, twitched and trembled as waves of irresistible pleasure rocked me, their epicentre deep within my gut, the pounding throbbing strength of Mike's hard cock as he buried himself in me.

I fought the rising urge, but in vain. My body writhed out of control as the sensations of total pleasure racked me from within. Lost in the dim glow of our warm dark dreamworld, wrapped around the pulsing flesh of the man inside me, encased in leather I let go my hold on reality as the most intense orgasm of my life engulfed me. I twisted in the cocoon of leather, shuddered as complete abandonment took me. The indescribable joy of my coupling with Mike wiped everything else from me. Aching, trembling I shook and cried out. My very being exploded as my cock swelled and burst, a torrent of hot creamy manjuice flowed from me, filling the leather envelope around my dick, drowning my twitching penis and heaving balls, flowing out across my abdomen. My sphincter clamped and tightened around the source of my ecstasy -- Mike's hard pounding cock. And he continued his fucking, screaming with me as I yelled and gasped with the intensity of my climax. I was drowning in a thrashing sea of passion, and never wanted it to end.

Slowly my senses returned. My hard, throbbing member was still twitching, jetting out the remnants of my ejaculation, adding to the growing pool of creamy jizz forming on my stomach. Gradually, I realised that Mike was fucking me yet, his fleshy, swollen cock pounding in and out of my body like a piston, slamming into me harder and harder. Through the haze in my brain sounds came, words. It was him, calling out, yelling at me, the centre of his world at that moment. I could not unscramble the meaning of his grunts, but it did not matter. Clenching again and again at him, mouthing my own obscenities I urged him on, begged him to take me. Suddenly, his voice lifted in a single, guttural scream: "UUU UNNNHH HHH FFFF FCCK KKKKKK!!!!" His hands gripped at me, pulling me against him with all of his strength, and his body trembled. His manhood throbbed and swelled within me as the tide of passion broke over him. Still pounding, he shook as his orgasm engulfed him. Spurt after spurt of his essence shot from his cock, filling me with his seed. The sound of his fucking hit my ears as the juice he emptied into me sloshed and filled me and I willed more from him, milking at him with my arse. Without warning he jolted back, pulling himself from me, then ramming forward again, this time with his hard wet cock jutting over my groin as still more searing white hot ejaculate flew from him, splattering against my skin and joining with my own. The hot globs of his cum tingled against my flesh as he twitched and shook in the throes of his climax. His mighty cock now spent but still rampant, he leaned to me, his leathered fingers twirling our juices together. Scooping the mixture up, he found my lips. I happily tasted the salty sweet concoction, licked at the fruit of our joint cum. Bending to me, he planted his lips over mine, and his tongue entered me, tasting us. Our ejaculate mixing with our saliva, and being shared between us. I ached again at the love I knew for him, and at the eroticism he inspired.

After what seemed an eternity, Mike lifted his face from mine. As he regained some composure he looked to me and smiled, breaking into a laugh. "Holy shit, Neale, that was just so incredible!" he gasped at me. Unsteady on his feet, he quickly moved to release the handcuffs and help my feet out of the stirrups. I stood up out of our sling and into his arms, and together we promptly collapsed as one, falling to the leather covered mattress, our chests heaving as we held each other close.

Lying there, together, we didn't need words. With my arms around him, his around me, my happiness was complete. We would eventually have to leave our sanctuary, to face the real world outside, but there was no hurry. And whenever we wanted, we could return here, and continue the fantasy come alive that was our love. I looked at him, and felt myself drowning yet again in those deep blue pools of eyes that smiled back at me with all the love he knew.

The End

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