A Long Weekend

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A hand grabbed my forehead, and another twisted my arm up behind my back without warning. I tried to call out but my mouth was instantly covered by the glove of whoever had attacked me. Struggling, I felt warm breath on the side of my neck, the roughness of an unshaved chin, a hissing in my ear... "Don't try to fight, cocksucker!! I won't hurt you if you do as you're told!"

Relaxing just a touch, I tried to take in what had happened. A hotel room in a strange city, Friday night, and no-one who would be likely to miss me until after the weekend, and a long weekend at that. Shit! The glove over my face held my mouth, pressing against me. I could smell the hide, feel the leather against my skin. With both hands behind my back I couldn't move. This guy was strong! And wasn't going to let go. I tried to move again, and the grip tightened.

"I told you not to struggle, fucker!" snapped the deep voice at my head. Cold steel at my wrists, and I was cuffed. Couldn't move my hands, as his hold on my mouth and face remained.

The hand over my lips disappeared for a second. It took me by surprise, but before I could scream out a leather gag was across my face, buckled into place so I couldn't make any more sound than a muffled groan. I was pushed roughly into the room and onto my knees at the edge of the bed. I could feel him standing behind me, above me, his legs pressing into my back as he bent over me. Hands and arms wrapped in black leather gloves and studded gauntlets reached over my shoulders and took hold of the flimsy t-shirt I was wearing, ripping it apart and away from me in a single movement. I leaned back to find my head pressed against his groin. My bare shoulders touched the solid coolness of leather. He was wearing chaps I guessed.

I should have been terrified, yet in the midst of all this I found my cock hardening in my jocks, turned on by the thought of a powerful stud about to have his way with me.

"UP SHITHEAD!" he commanded, lifting me by the hair at the same time. I tried to comply but obviously not fast enough for him. He slapped my arm, spinning me around before he threw me backwards onto the bed. Finally I could see my attacker.

Tall, powerfully built. About 6'1", dark hair, tanned skin, a three day growth on his jaw. His eyes were hidden behind mirrored glasses, a peaked Master's cap pulled low on his brow. I had no way to try to read the intent in his eyes. But his apparel was incredible. A set of wide black leather straps made up a harness that came over his shoulders and around his ribcage to buckle up and push his defined pecs into perfect formation. Armbands around his biceps accentuated the strength of his upper arms and added to the effect of his lower arms and hands being encased in leather gauntlets and gloves.

He wore a pair of shining, polished black leather chaps. So tight they gripped at him and rippled with the movement of his legs. Below the chaps, a black leather thong which must have been custom made for him -- instead of the usual pouch, it consisted of tight glossy leather which was moulded to his huge nuts, and a hole above, out from which protruded his massive throbbing cock, already oozing pre-cum. No matter what I did, my cock sprang to full erection, and I couldn't take my eyes off that monster weapon swinging in front of him.

"Like the look of that, do you pussy-boy?" he demanded gruffly. I tried to shake my head, to deny it, but my own prong gave me away. He just laughed at my denial. Kneeling down, his hands disappeared from my view. I contemplated trying to get up and escape, but before I knew it he had cuffed my ankles together as well. I was going nowhere without his permission.

Leering an evil grin at me he leaned over the bed, then reached down and hooked his fingers into my shorts, tearing them down the middle and flinging the shreds into the corner of the room. The same treatment for the flimsy jock I was wearing, and I was lying there, exposed, naked, and hard as hell for him to feast his eyes on.

He didn't stare long. A tube of KY appeared from nowhere and he slicked the lube up and down his pulsing weapon right before my eyes, playing with himself and telling me how hot it was going to feel wrapped inside my pretty boy arse. As he moved, the leather he was wearing glinted, and I could see the rippling of his muscles highlighted by the beautiful dark hide that encased him.

His finger attacked my hole, smoothing the gel in and around me. My anus flexed and twitched to his touch. I couldn't help myself, wanted this leather god to take me right now. And he did. He lifted my legs up and hooked my joined ankles over his neck, so I could feel the straps of his shoulder harness against my calves, aimed that steel hard man arrow at my aching target and forced his way in. The searing pain would have had me scream my head off if I hadn't been gagged, as he shoved himself with all his might completely within me, burying himself to the hilt. As his weight crashed upon me, his huge cock sunk inside, my body gave up the fight. The pain of his intrusion turned to glorious, soaring pleasure. I felt his body hard against me, his powerful leather clad legs pressing against mine, the heaving black leather spheres that were his balls crushed against the cheeks of my arse. As I breathed deeply to recover myself, the overpowering scent of leather assailed my nostrils, turning me on even more.

As the pain eased and the pleasure grew, he began to pull back, then thrust forward again. With each movement my body ached with pleasure. Tingling shocks went through me as he ploughed my innards, withdrawing until he was almost completely out of me then thundering back in again, all his masculine strength concentrated on taking possession of my body. He fucked me. Hard. Deep. Powerful. His long turgid rod, engorged with blood and powered by lust, pumped in and out of me, and I couldn't get enough. I gripped at him as he pulled back, pushed when he pushed to take all of him, to have him fill me and own me. The pounding of his manhood into me was electrifying, and both of us were sweating. I thrashed around on the bed as he pistoned into me, my balls heaving and my cock aching.

More and more he fucked at me. Like a bull in rut, he took me and used me for his pleasure. His leather encased body on top of mine, his swollen manhood inside me, fucked and ploughed at me as I silently begged for more. And more and more. Which he gave. Pounding, thrusting, shoving at me for what seemed an eternity.

My body craved the fucking, ached with pleasure at the pure sex of this man atop me. Moulded to him, accepted him and dragged at his impaling sword as it speared my hole. My passion intensified, and I could hold on no longer. Trying to scream but silenced by the gag, my balls screwed themselves up and exploded, forcing my jism in long thick ropes through my prick and onto my gut, where it mashed between myself and the black leather man inside me. As I came, my rectum clenched tight with all the muscles I had left, gripping at his throbbing love pole. As I did, he let out a gut wrenching "UUUUUUNNNNNNHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" , and heaved himself at me one more time, as though he was trying to sink not only his cock but his entire body into mine.

I felt his thrust, felt his cock swell to impossible proportions within me, and erupt. Spewing load after load of searing white hot manjuice into me, filling my body with his seed, drowning me from the inside with his essence. As my own climax crescendoed I accepted all he had willingly, clenching and gripping to milk him of every last drop.

Finally spent, he looked at me again. "Nice fuck, pretty boy!" he said evilly, dragging his monster dong from my being in one long sucking motion. I felt like I was being turned inside out and suddenly I was empty. And sated.

He dropped my legs to the floor, undid the shackles on my ankles and wrists, and leaned to remove the gag.

"Welcome to Melbourne, Greg, my love" he smiled.

"Oh fuck, Andrew, that was a perfect start to a long weekend" I grinned back. "And three whole days more of it in front of us! Next time I want both of us fully leathered up, you fucking stud."

We collapsed in each others arms, laughing and enjoying. We've been the perfect pair for years, but my lover never ceases to find new ways to surprise and excite me.

The End

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This story is a fantasy, it is not real and only happened in my imagination. YOU MUST REMEMBER that in the real world, you can DIE from having unsafe sex. It is your right and your duty to make sure that condoms are always used, whether you are giving or receiving. It doesn't matter how good looking or how ugly he is, and it doesn't matter whether you are top or bottom, USE A CONDOM!