Opposites Attract

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Chapter 1

Jeff Shaw reclined in his chair, swivelled around and stared at a huge billboard across the street, from which his own smiling face stared back at him. "He's on YOUR side!" declared the banner below his chin. He groaned inwardly. He had made a living out of exposing rip-off merchants and con-men, to the extent that he had been given his own weekly television show, and had developed a huge following across the state. He was the little guy's friend, the one who took on the wrongs and made them right. Everybody knew him.

He was exhausted. With his staff, they had been working on a number of major investigations for months, and had just finished wrapping up the stories and recording the final show for the season. Four weeks of non-ratings meant that he actually had some time on his hands, but where do you go when everyone in the street recognises you instantly, and thinks they're your best friend?

The door of his office opened, and he swung back around to the smiling face of his secretary.

"Well, boss, that's it!" she said enthusiastically. "I'll bet you're glad to see the end of this place for a while."

He smiled a wan, half hearted grin at her. "Yeah, Suzie, guess I am."

She looked at him with a motherly concern. "Why don't you take the time to relax. You look like you're in serious need of R&R to me." And far too good looking to be alone, she added to herself. She had tried to match him up with a few eligible young ladies, but so far no luck. She was quite sure he needed someone special in his life to give him a focus away from the cameras and stories of his working day.

"Maybe I'll just lock myself inside the house and vegetate," he mused half to himself.

"Don't you dare!" she said quickly. "You need to get out and circulate. See some shows, party on."

"Fat chance!" he said, almost spitting out the words. But they both knew what he meant. One of the major disadvantages of being so well known was that everywhere he went he was watched, his movements reported on. If he did the least thing which wasn't considered proper, the gossip columns would be full of the story for weeks. Suzie felt for him, but she had no idea just how difficult that had made his life. What she did not know, and neither did anyone else at the station, was that he preferred the company of other men. Now that would really make a story for the papers.

"Well," she said, resignation in her voice, "whatever you do, I want you to kick up your heels, and have yourself some serious fun."

This time his smile was warmer, as he thought she had read his mind. "I might just do that," he said firmly. He sank back into his chair again, the supple leather of the seat comforting as the scent of hide wafted up. That familiar smell caused a twitch in Jeff's groin, and a smile flickered across his face. "That's what I need ..." he thought to himself, sitting up to hide his growing erection.


That same day, across town, Michael Simpson was sweating away on a building site where he worked as a labourer, trying to keep his head down and avoid the attention of his supervisor and the other men on the site. At 5'7" he was shorter than most people he knew, and that seemed to make his co-workers think they could treat him as some kind of lesser being. He had grown up poor, dropped out of school early, and because of his lack of education often felt intimidated by others. To make things even more difficult, he was gay. He'd realised it when he was still quite young, but also learnt quickly that in his neighbourhood, if you were attracted to men, you kept your feelings to yourself and acted like 'one of the boys' if you didn't want to be beaten up.

So Michael kept to himself, and tried not to have much to do with the other workmen. He collected his meagre pay each week, and lived alone in a small but clean flat. He saved what he could, telling himself that one day he would be able to afford to get away from here, to go and live somewhere where he could be himself, but the money he put away grew very slowly.

This particular Friday afternoon, he had been having an especially difficult time. One of the supervisors whom he loathed had insisted on giving him the hardest jobs, and belittling him whenever he spoke, so that Michael was feeling crushed and exhausted by the time he finished his shift. Gratefully heading home after the final whistle, he had let himself into the tiny apartment and quickly stripped off his clothing, stepped under the shower and washed away the grime, and with it the hurt and desperation of his working life.

As he stepped from the shower he took a deep breath, and towelled himself dry before lying naked on the bed and letting his imagination take him to far away places and a better life. Lying there, his hands slowly, almost unconsciously, travelled over his body. He may have been short, but his hard physical work resulted in a muscular, fit body of which he was justifiably proud. His fingers traced the firm mounds of his pecs, and slid across the ridges of his abdomen before worming into the nest of pubic hair surrounding his hardening cock. He thought about jerking off, but knew in advance that the result would be a deflated loneliness afterwards, so he fought the temptation and restrained himself.

Darkness began to fall, and as it did, Michael's need increased. It was Friday night, and he was 28 years old. So what if he had little money to spare? He had urges that needed satisfying, and he was tired of being alone. Michael knew exactly what he wanted, needed. He may scrimp on most things, but one section of his wardrobe consisted of the very best, and it fit him perfectly. Pulling open that special door, he shivered with anticipation as the shining black contents were revealed. The unmistakable scent of leather drifted from the closet and enveloped him in it's comforting, exciting aroma.

Smiling with anticipation, Michael slowly lifted the precious leathers out and lay them on his bed. He smoothed the gleaming chaps flat and spread the harness open, feeling the excitement build within himself. Carefully, almost reverently, he began to dress. For Michael, the process of gearing up in his leather wear was like a ritual, a ceremony in which he banished the shy, apologetic Michael of his everyday world, and replaced him with the confident, powerful Michael who stood tall and radiated raw masculine sexuality.

He slipped a chrome cockring over his testicles and pulled his lengthening cock through the metal, feeling the encircling silver grip at the root of his throbbing manhood. A leather jockstrap followed, the supple pouch of black hide enveloping his heavy nuts as he pushed his long prick through a hole in the material before snapping a soft black leather codpiece in place over his prong. For a second he allowed himself the indulgence of cupping his hands around his own masculinity, feeling the shape of his genitalia through the cool hide, and trembled to the touch. His boots were next, black leather and polished to a mirror finish, with bright steel rings over the ankles that were held in place by leather straps and in turn connected to silver chains that ran under the sole and back again. Michael slid each foot into place, revelling in the sensation of strength as the footwear gripped at him, bestowing height and power as he stood again to reach for the next item of apparel.

Michael carefully buckled the waist band of his chaps around himself and leaned forward to catch each end of the metal zipper at his ankle, then slowly lifted the fastener up his inner leg. As he did, he smoothed the gleaming black leather against his skin, and felt its sensuous texture mould around his muscles, tightening and gripping at him, until his legs were pillars of shining black hide, accentuating every movement of the flesh and sinew trapped within. His fingers traced the lines of the chaps, and connected with the bare flesh of his thighs, following the frame of the chaps around the firm orbs of his arse cheeks as he smiled approvingly at the growing picture of masculinity presenting itself in his mirror.

He then lowered a leather harness over his head, the shoulder straps sitting comfortably against his skin, as he buckled wide black bands of hide around his ribs, the leather pushing up beneath his pecs before connecting at a silver ring in the centre of his chest. From that ring another band of black fell straight down to a second metal ring, from which two more leather straps encircled his stomach, and sat tight against his chiselled six-pack abdomen. A pair of black leather gauntlets, set with small, shining metal studs, were snapped into place around his lower arms, and wide bands of shining black leather were buckled over his biceps, bringing the muscles of his upper arms into sharp relief. He placed a pair of mirrored sunglasses onto his face, and pulled a black leather peaked cap, with a shining black visor, over his head, the visor low over his eyes.

The other Michael; the strong, sensually masculine Michael, was here again. He turned and surveyed himself in the mirror on his bedroom wall, and nodded approval. The leather god who stared back at him emanated power, made no excuses, and embodied pure animalistic sexuality. The complete male whose sole purpose was lusty passion. Michael ached with excitement and anticipation as he let his eyes roam over the reflection, and felt and saw himself harden, ready for the pleasures of the night.

With a sense of urgency now, Michael threw a black leather bike jacket on, zipping it up over his upper body. In deference to his neighbours, he pulled a pair of baggy denim jeans over his chaps, and dropped his cap and sunglasses into a carrier bag, donning his motorcycle helmet instead, before letting himself quietly out of his flat, jumping onto his bike and riding into the night. Half an hour later, he found a parking space close by his destination -- Headquarters -- the leathermen's club that catered for men like him, and provided numerous areas for sexual encounters on the premises. He quickly signed in and took a locker, shucking off the denim jeans and helmet, and replacing his leather cap and mirrored sunglasses before stepping into the main lounge area to order a drink and check out the other patrons.

He surveyed the room slowly, with the easy confidence of a man who knew he looked damned hot, and drank in the sight of quite a few other men dressed in alluring black leather. The air was thick with the scent of tanned hide, and the polished black skin reflected pinpricks of light all around the bar area. Michael breathed deeply and felt himself stir, his thick prong hardening within its pouch of supple leather. He knew his arousal would be visible to other patrons, and that only served to excite him the more, knowing that other men were staring at the lengthening tube of shining black at his crotch.

His eyes travelled around, and a smile crossed his face at the reactions he saw, at the gazes fixed on himself. One in particular caught his attention. A tall man, with wide shoulders and large chest, a flat stomach and firm round butt cheeks, watched him intently.

This man was fit, well developed with a body that came from working out in a gymnasium, rather than the grind of manual labour. His head was encased in a black leather hood that came down over his eyes, which stared out from holes in the blackness like headlights. The hood fitted snugly over his nose, cut off so that his nostrils and upper lip were bare, and curved back to fall below his ears and around the back of his neck, completely covering any hair on his head as well as hiding his ears. He wore a wide collar of leather with a D-ring in the centre around his neck, and a harness which consisted of shoulder and rib straps connecting to two silver rings that circled each of his nipples, joined by a metal chain. From the rings, more leather bands connected downward in a 'V' shape to a third ring over his navel, from which shining black leather ran around his waist, and a single black strap dropped straight down, under the waistband of his chaps, and disappeared beneath the black leather posing thong he wore.

That thong was a bulging black V in a frame of white skin, itself framed in gleaming black by the cut of his chaps. The soft leather of the pouch was moulded to the flesh beneath so tightly that Michael could easily make out the round spheres of the man's testicles, and above them the long tube of his manhood, as if he were completely naked, and his genitalia made of leather. The pumped muscles of his legs were so tightly enveloped by the glistening black leather of his chaps that when he moved every ripple was accentuated in shining blackness, and when he turned to one side, he proudly displayed buns like ripe melons; round and full, but solid and dimpled as he flexed. Michael unashamedly ogled this vision, his appreciation obvious at his groin, and the object of his attention appeared to return the compliment, barely letting his eyes leave Michael's body.

As Michael drank his beer and let his eyes roam over the body of this man, they connected across the distance, neither looking away. Time seemed to stop, and the rest of the men around them were forgotten. Casually but confidently, Michael finished his drink and sauntered toward the other man. There was no doubt of his intention, and no uncertainty in his mind that he and this leather god would enjoy each other's company. As he stepped up to be only inches from the other, Michael nodded slightly. The man was probably two or three inches taller than Michael, but with the way he leaned on the bar, and with Michael's cap adding height while his hood seemed to make him shorter, the difference was hardly noticeable, and immaterial to either of them anyhow.

"G'day," he responded to Michael's nod. Calm, self assured, he too was confident in himself, not grovelling or desperate like so many were, and Michael approved.

Without another comment, Michael purposefully reached out and placed his hand on the man's chest, running his finger along the leather strap of the harness before reaching and then lightly but firmly pinching his nipple. In response, the other man, very matter-of-factly, let his hand fall to Michael's groin, his finger running up and back along the length of Michael's thick leather encased cock, then easily closed his palm over Michael's dick and balls, massaging them through the pouch and squeezing gently.

"Follow me," Michael said in a low, sensuous voice, walking from the bar area toward the dark inner recesses of the club, and his order was calmly obeyed. Headquarters had numerous rooms and cubicles, mazes and cruising areas available, but Michael knew exactly where he wanted to go with this man. He headed straight to a section where several areas were partitioned off into rooms, with low vinyl covered benches the sole item of furniture, condoms and lube supplied by the management and within easy reach. Each of the 'rooms' however consisted of walls made up of mesh fencing so that other patrons could see what was happening in the dim light, without interfering or being in the same 'room'.

As they stepped into the area, the two men stopped, and stood, facing each other directly. Each of them again took a long hard look at the other, appreciating the view and feeling their arousal increase. Almost casually, Michael's hand returned to the man's nipples, pulling on the hard brown nub of erect tissue, and this time eliciting a low moan of pleasure from its owner. The man responded by running both palms down Michael's sides and over his butt before again groping at the bulging leather package of masculinity between Michael's legs. The two let their hands follow the lead set earlier by their eyes, exploring each other's bodies with feathery touches and squeezing grips, fingers and palms feeling the cool texture of leather and the heated sheen of naked flesh. Fingers squeezed at nipples, or traced the lines of harness straps and the edges of chaps, hands clasped arse cheeks and closed over throbbing bulges of black leather or slid along tingling skin as each furthered his exploration of the other's desirable body.

Michael trembled to the touch of this man, standing so close to him. He looked deeply into the eyes which looked out from the dark leather head covering, trying to read them. There was a real sensuality in the other's fingers, in the way he touched and played with Michael, that Michael had never felt before. Fleetingly, he wondered at the hidden identity, but that was part of the allure. It was why he himself wore the low visored cap and the mirrored glasses, it added to the mystery and eroticism of the encounter. They were aware that a number of other men stood nearby, outside their 'room', watching them, admiring the two leather gods as they caressed one another, and the public display also added to the excitement.

Slowly, Michael's hands had worked their way up the man's back, and across his shoulders. Now, they were at his neck, and Michael held the leather hooded head. He felt the soft supple leather of the black mask beneath his palms, felt the texture of the tanned hide, and the strength of the man within it. Facing his partner squarely, he pulled the other mouth firmly towards his own, and their lips met, brushed against each other and for a second Michael thought the taller man was going to resist the kiss. But a shock of electricity sparked between them, and suddenly they were one. Lips mashed against teeth, tongues forced their way over gums, and the two ground their faces together, tasting of each other and licking hungrily. As they did, 'Hood' (as Michael had come to think of this man) threw his arms around Michael's body and pulled him tightly against himself. Hood's hot leathered body pressed into Michael's, and Michael pushed back, his arms around Hood's back, gripping at his arse cheeks. The leather they wore screeched as they rubbed against each other, desperately trying to make contact with each other using every piece of bare flesh and polished leather that they could.

Without warning, Hood broke their kiss and Michael looked to him with surprise. But instead of pulling away, he lowered his face and began to lick at Michael's neck. Michael threw his head back and enjoyed the sensation as Hood's tongue slowly travelled down his skin, licking across his chest and finding his nipples, which were sucked and bitten gently. Michael let out a long low groan of pleasure, and Hood continued the oral caress, mouthing and licking gently down over Michael's abdomen, running his tongue along the edges of Michael's harness as his hands played over Michael's buns, gripping and squeezing at the firm mounds of flesh. Michael's hands fell to the smooth black leather of the hood, running his palms over the textured hide and caressing the encased head as it ministered to his desires. When Hood's mouth reached the polished tube of blackness at Michael's groin, Michael gasped with delight. He trembled as the talented mouth gnawed at his meat through the leather pouch, and groaned as his nuts were licked and massaged within their black envelope. He revelled in the attention for many minutes, as the other man attacked his hide bound groin with a fervour.

As the intensity with which Hood licked and slurped at him increased, Michael looked down in the dim light to see the black hood bobbing against his black pelvis. His desire grew, and he reached down, slowly unsnapping the fasteners that held the codpiece in place over his throbbing cock. As the supple leather covering came away, his thick prong sprang out, rampant and hard as steel, droplets of pre-cum spraying from the inflamed head. Hood took a moment to stare at the purple glans, his hands keeping up their caressing massage on Michael's balls, and then he licked at the slimy clear ooze in Michael's piss slit, tasting it and murmuring his approval. His talented tongue weaved its spell over the head of Michael's cock, feathery flickers of moist touch tracing the super sensitive lip and working their way along the throbbing veiny shaft. Michael groaned with delight, his head back and his hands falling to hold and press the leathered head of the other man. That same hooded visage suddenly opened its mouth and dived onto Michael's rock hard prick, and he gasped as his weapon sank into the hot wetness of Hood's throat, and felt the fantastic sensation of tongue, teeth and lips all working in concert to adore his prong, and to envelope his manhood in pure pleasure.

As the other man continued his attentions at Michael's groin, Michael began to slowly hump forward and pull back, letting his long hard cock slide in and out of his partner's gullet. His hands remained fixed to the soft leather of the man's hood as Michael slowly face fucked the willing head. Opening his eyes and looking around, he saw that the number of men standing around them, outside the mesh, watching what he and Hood did, was increasing, and he grinned to himself, finding the audience a turn-on. His nerves tingled and his blood raced as he continued to thrust into the clenching throat, feeling the man's teeth scrape along his shaft, enjoying the nibbles and tongue massage as his tempo increased. The moist cavity of Hood's mouth wrapped around Michael's rod and he moaned with delight as he fought the rising urgency of passion.

The man kneeling at his groin must have sensed that Michael was close, for he suddenly pulled away, and stood again, his hands closing over Michael's arse, and his mouth returning to join with Michael's as they kissed passionately. They held each other firmly, pressing bodies together and enjoying the sensuality of leather against skin. Hood broke the kiss, and leaned in even closer, his mouth hard against Michael's ear.

"Fuck me!" he whispered in a husky voice.

"Damn right!" Michael hissed back. "Are you okay with the audience, or do you want to go somewhere else?"

"Let 'em watch and wish," came the soft but enthusiastic reply.

Eagerly, the two men embraced again, their muscled and leather bound frames intertwining. As they stood only inches apart, the hooded leather god took a condom from the store provided, tore open the packet, and slowly rolled it over Michael's waiting sword of flesh. As he did, Michael squeezed a generous helping of lube onto his fingers and reached behind his man, easing the cool gel into the other's arse, using first one and then two fingers to coat the hooded man's sphincter with the lube, and open the passageway. Hood moaned happily as Michael probed his anus, backing on and off the fingers inserted into him. Michael kept up the probing as the other man smeared a large gob of lube onto the waiting latex encased prong at Michael's groin, and coated the throbbing pole with the oozing liquid. Then he kissed Michael again before turning his back to the leathered and readied body, leaning forward from the waist and gripping the wire fencing with both hands.

Michael granted himself the indulgence of staring at the waiting body before him. The wide shoulders and strong back, crossed with the black bands of the leather harness, were his for the taking. The firm buns, edged in dark gleaming chaps, spread to reveal the puckering target of Hood's ring of muscle, glistening with lubricant and inviting Michael to bury himself within. He edged forward, allowing the full length of his prick to rest along the crevice between those cheeks as he bent over the other man, his hands finding and pulling at the erect nubs of his aroused nipples, then sliding along the ridges of abdomen muscles to squeeze at the hard and throbbing mound of leathered cock and rolling nuts below. As he embraced the beautiful body, Michael slowly slid his prick up and down, until he felt the head of his cock make contact with the soft target of Hood's anus. Nudging forward gently, he pressed his tip into the soft tissue, and felt the resistance diminish as the other pushed back, opening himself and relaxing. Trembling with anticipation Michael continued slowly, as the soft hole opened for him and swallowed the mushroom head of his prong, closing around the lip of his glans and clenching at his rock hard shaft.

Allowing a minute for them both to adjust to the initial penetration, something Michael enjoyed incredibly, he then began to inch forwards, sinking his fleshy pole gradually into the welcoming heat of the other body. The gripping ring of the other man's sphincter clenched and grabbed at his inflamed shaft, and the warmth of the wet cavern crept up around him, enveloping his rod in a wonderful, soft embrace. Michael leaned into his man, and over the leathered body, his arms going under the torso and his hands holding tightly to the leather shoulder straps as he embraced the supple form and sank his prong deep within the man's bowels. His penetration complete, he felt his hide encased nuts pressed against the firm skin of the other's butt, and still holding tightly, he began to grind his pelvis in and back, and from side to side, probing the glorious innards with his long prick.

Hood groaned softly, and clenched his arse tightly around Michael's cock. "Oh, yeah ..." he hissed, "Fuck me, stud."

>From the group which had gathered to watch, the comment echoed back. "Fuck him!" "Yeah, do it to him," came the whispers, and Michael grinned with lusty joy as he thrilled to the sense of power and strength which radiated from every part of his body and concentrated in his groin.

The gentle probing and deep rotations that he had started with soon became full thrusts as he sank himself into the other man, pulled back and pounded in again. His hands slid down the hot body until he was gripping at the man's hips and using the leverage to pump his meat harder and faster, deeper and more urgently into the compliant arse. Michael humped at the bent form of Hood, ramming his long fleshy dagger into the hot wet scabbard, and felt his partner hunch and clamp at him, humping back and begging for more in an urgent hissed whisper. He felt the rising tide of passion swamp his body as he fought the growing urge to explode and thumped himself into the man in front of him. His breath came in shallow bursts as the sound of gasping rut filled the air, both himself and the other man sighing and moaning in ecstasy, and they were joined by the whispers of encouragement from their audience, the squelching sound of his cock as it thudded into Hood's rectum, and the squealing of leather against leather as Michael's knees pressed into the back of the other man's legs.

Pounding at Hood now, Michael surrendered to the animal lust of rutting males, and slammed himself in and out of his mate. Their fuck became a ferocious, sweating union of rough and urgent masculine sex as they rammed and gripped at each other, driving themselves to the point of ultimate ecstatic pleasure. With every nerve in his body screaming for release, and his balls contracting into his pelvis, Michael reached the precipice of orgasm. He let out a strangled breath, and wrenched his rampant tool from the other man's arse, then tore the latex sheath away from his flesh. He was on the very brink, and as his hand closed around his aching steely pole, his climax struck. Long streamers of milky cum leapt from the head of his cock, snaking out to land in creamy rivers on the hunched back of the other man. Almost subconsciously, his free hand reached around and found the rock solid, leather encased log of Hood's cock. His fingers slid inside the black hide of the thong and gripped the imprisoned manhood, and as the second spurt of ejaculation hit him, he felt Hood twitch, the body of his partner spasmed with ecstasy, and then his hand was covered in white hot essence as Hood's cock exploded in his grasp.

Both men gasped and shook as their simultaneous orgasms erupted. Their bodies jerked with the force of ejaculation as they leaned into each other and shuddered, twitching and moaning until their climax was spent and the passion began to ebb away. Many of the watchers had also masturbated, remnants of their cum evident on the fencing and on the floor, and as the heat of the moment passed Michael reached for his friend, turning him so they faced each other. The audience began to dissipate, and the hooded face before him smiled. Michael smiled back, and they kissed again, long and deep, but this time less urgently, enjoying the experience they had just shared.

"Thank you," Michael whispered into the leather where he guessed the man's ear to be.

"Thank You!" the hooded face replied, smiling again.

Michael detested the usual way such encounters finished, hated to just walk away as if the intimate coupling they had just known meant nothing. He took a breath, then spoke again. "Would you like to share a coffee and recover?" he asked tentatively, dreading rejection.

Hood replied with a hint of surprise in his voice. "I'd love to! I hate just disappearing, especially after something as good as that," he said enthusiastically.

Michael led the way as they collected their coffees and then found a vacant cubicle, with solid walls this time, where they could relax and recover together. It consisted of no more than a vinyl covered bench and a small shelf, but Michael sat on the cushioned platform and put his cup down, patting the material in an invitation to the other man to join him. His hooded friend did more than that, placing his own mug on the shelf, and lying along the bench, with his head on Michael's lap. Still sticky with the remnants of their cum, the two men smiled at each other again.

"You know, you look fantastic," Michael said with feeling.

"Trying to get me interested with flattery, are you?" his companion grinned.

"I think we've already done that!"

"Oh, yeah. Well, in case you're wondering, it'll work!" The mouth below the hood smiled mischievously. "You can have me again, any time you want, stud."

Michael became serious for a moment. "If you mean that, I would!" he said. "I'd like to see you again ..." he left the words hanging in the air, his heart beating. He never did this. He was still too closeted to take the step of actually contacting someone other than by casual and anonymous sex, but there was something special about this guy.

The other man said nothing for a long time. He seemed to be looking for the right words. When he did speak, Michael's heart began to sink.

"I, uh, guess I would like that," said Hood, uncertainly. He went on haltingly, "If you give me your number, uh, then I'll, um, try to call, er, later ..."

"My number?" Michael asked with alarm. It hadn't occurred to him that the other man would want to call him, and he'd never given his home number to anyone he'd met at the bars. And the guy had seemed so off handed about it. "Listen," he said slowly, "if you're not really interested, then that's fine. I don't, ahh, give out my phone number usually, but I thought we had something better than the 'usual' going before, that's all."

Now it was his friend's turn to become alarmed. "Oh, no, please don't get me wrong. I really would like to see you again. That was just incredible, but even better, no-one has ever bothered to ask me to talk afterwards before. It's just that I have never, you know, contacted anyone afterwards." He managed to sound both lost and needing as he finished quietly.

Michael took a deep breath, and with his heart beating fast, opened up. "Listen, this is new to me too. I've never given anyone my number because I'm not 'out'. None of my friends, none of the people I work with, know I'm gay, so I'm just extra careful, I guess. I'm sorry, but that's just how I am."

He was surprised at the reaction. The man whose head rested on his lap began to laugh. Michael looked puzzled, and his friend regained some control. "I know exactly what you mean. I'm the same -- very careful, and no-one knows. Maybe too careful, if it means I can't see someone special like you again," he said, almost to himself.

Michael smiled again. "Birds of a feather!" he said. Removing his cap and glasses carefully, as if stripping away the mask he hid behind, he looked into the eyes still within the leather hood. "My name's Michael," he said, and felt as though he were baring his soul.

The man in the hood saw how hard it was for Michael to do what he had done, and empathised with him. Sitting up to face his new friend squarely, he held out his hand nervously. "I'm Jeff," he said, and as he did, he slowly, reluctantly, lifted the hood from his face.

Michael smiled at him. "Hi, Jeff," he said, and then his eyes widened in recognition. The face was unforgettable. After all, he had seen it on television every week for months, had admired the handsome features while he applauded the work that Jeff did. "Jeff Sh ...!"

"You won't say anything will you?" Jeff asked, suddenly fearful, seeing the realisation in Michael's eyes.

"Of course not!" Michael assured him seriously.

Suddenly, Michael leaned forward and kissed Jeff again, deeply and longingly. They smiled at each other, sharing their secrets. "Michael," said Jeff, a serious tone to his voice, "promise me something?"

"Sure, handsome, name it," Michael replied.

"Don't think of me as the TV person. Think of me as the leather man you made love with tonight, and hopefully will make love with again, okay?"

"I already do." And he meant it.


Chapter 2

They relaxed again, and Jeff lay back with his head on Michael's lap, as Michael ran his fingers over Jeff's body playfully. Staying there for hours, they chatted easily, confiding in each other, both finding it a strange but welcome relief to be able to open up completely to another person. Finally, around 2.00 am, Jeff began to get restless.

"Do you need to be somewhere?" Michael asked him, teasingly.

"No," came the slow reply, "but it's getting late, and Phillip will be concerned if I don't show soon."

"Phillip?" Michael queried, his face aghast. "But I thought you were, well, single?"

Jeff laughed quickly, and took Michael's hand in his. "I am! Very much so. Phillip is the one and only person, apart from you, who knows my secret. He's my housekeeper, my driver, my cook, just about everything. But he's not my lover. He'll be waiting outside with the car for me."

Michael looked impressed, overawed even. He'd never known anyone who had their own driver/housekeeper.

"I suppose you'd better go then," he said quietly. "You will call me, won't you?" The anxiety crept into his voice despite his attempts to hide it.

Jeff looked at him again, and Michael could see him thinking hard. He took a deep breath.

"I've never done this before, but, well ..." and he paused for a moment, before rushing on. "Michael, it's Friday night, or probably Saturday morning by now. If you don't have any other plans for the weekend, would you like to come back to my place?"

Michael's heart leapt into his mouth. He was dumbfounded for a second. "I, ah, YES!" he almost shouted, suddenly wanting more than anything to be with Jeff for as long as possible. "But I don't have another helmet, and my bike is downstairs, and I don't have any other clothes," he said, thinking aloud.

Jeff smiled wickedly. "I don't want you in any other clothes!" he said emphatically.

"But I have to get home eventually," Michael said, being practical.

"Leave your bike here, we can arrange to get it later. And I'm sure we can sort something out as far as getting you home, clothed appropriately."

Michael nodded. Throwing caution to the wind, he decided to take a chance, and enjoy himself while he could.

"Come on, stud," Jeff grinned, "Let's go."

He pulled his hood back on again, and Michael replaced his cap and glasses, admiring the view of Jeff's body, clad in beautiful leather, as they walked to the lockers. Michael collected his jeans, jacket and helmet while Jeff retrieved a mobile phone he had checked earlier. They confirmed with the desk attendant that Michael's bike would be okay in the carpark, and Jeff dialled a number on his phone.

"Hi, it's me ... yeah, five minutes, okay? ... oh, Phillip, I'm bringing someone with me." Michael could swear he heard the shock on the line. "That's right, see you in five." Jeff hung up, grinning like a Cheshire cat. "He'll be fine," he said to the question on Michael's face. "Just a little surprised, its never happened before, but you'll like him, I know."

A few minutes later, Jeff and Michael walked quickly from the lower entrance of the club into the underground carpark and, looking around to see there was no one in sight, Jeff pulled open the door of a large blue car with dark windows, motioning Michael into the roomy back seat, and following him into the vehicle. As the car pulled slowly from the garage into the street, Jeff grabbed Michael's hand in his own, and said to the driver, "Phillip, this is Michael. He'll be staying for the weekend, and I hope to see a lot more of him."

Michael glowed with this comment, as Phillip answered without turning his head. "Welcome, Mr Michael," he said firmly, as if they were meeting in a gentleman's dinner party, instead of being collected from a gay club, dressed in sexually explicit leather gear. Michael muttered a halting thank you, as Jeff sat back, a grin from ear to ear. Jeff's hand settled on Michael's leg, and slowly and sensuously made its way up until he was groping at the mound of polished black leather between Michael's legs. Michael sighed, lost in the wonder of what was happening, and his fingers sought out Jeff's again erect nipples, pinching them playfully.

Fifteen minutes later, the car slid quietly through an automatic gate and into a large garage below a huge house in a silent street. It pulled to a stop, and Phillip stepped out, opening the door and holding it politely as Michael and Jeff alighted. His face showed nothing, and he may as well have been holding the door for two suited businessmen as for a pair of leather clad men in chaps and harnesses, one's head hidden in a leather hood and the other's face obscured by a low cap and mirrored glasses.

Jeff calmly walked into the house, leading Michael up a flight of wide stairs and into a lavishly appointed bedroom. As soon as they were inside the room, he closed the door behind them and turned to his companion again. As Jeff dimmed the lights, once more the two men explored each other with their eyes, feasting on the sight of the leather encased body and bulging promise of manhood before them. They leaned to each other and kissed, their lips meeting and tongues jousting as they tasted each other, nibbling and biting with growing passion. Hands strayed over muscled torsos and fingers traced leather straps before they pressed against each other, hard and desiring yet again.

Jeff moved backwards to the bed, drawing Michael with him. He sat on the edge of the huge mattress and closed his mouth over the leathery bulge of Michael's clearly visible cock and balls. Michael sighed with delight as Jeff began to massage his leathered genitals, and his hands gripped at the black hood covering Jeff's head, revelling in the sensuous feel of the leather beneath his palms. Jeff reached for the snaps holding the codpiece in place, and released Michael's throbbing tool from its hiding place, diving onto his lover's prong and swallowing the hard throbbing fleshy pole. He resisted the urge to gag as he pushed his face onto Michael's penis, and slid his teeth all the way down the beautiful shaft until his nose was buried in Michael's pubic hair. Jeff worked the muscles of his throat around the pole of man meat buried in his mouth, and ached with joy at the sighs and trembling contentment emanating from Michael. He loved the feeling of having his face impaled upon the hard throbbing flesh of a man's cock, and it was so much more exciting when the man was someone special like this one.

Michael pulled himself from the heated bliss of Jeff's mouth, and slowly pushed Jeff back onto the bed. Jeff whimpered his need and Michael quickly swung around so that he knelt behind and astride Jeff's head. He kissed the prone form below him on the lips, powerfully and passionately, then broke the kiss and began to lick and nibble his way over Jeff's chin and across his chiselled chest, until he found the hard brown skin of his man's nipples. He licked at the tiny erections, then nibbled at them, taking each in turn between his teeth, biting firmly but not too hard and then blowing on the sensitive skin. Jeff moaned with pleasure at this attention, his cock fully erect and straining within its leather pouch, looking impossibly huge and inviting from where Michael stared at the black tube across Jeff's sculpted abs.

He leaned further forward, and Michael's lips made contact with the bulging leather mound at Jeff's groin just as Jeff closed his lips over the dribbling head of Michael's cock one more time. Michael ran his tongue along the black leathery rod and over the hide bound orbs of Jeff's nuts, closing his lips around the firm shapes and gnawing at the supple leather encasing Jeff's masculinity. Resting on his elbows, he lifted the triangle of black hide away with his hands, revealing Jeff's throbbing veiny cock in all its glory. As Michael closed his lips over the head of that beautiful meat, his own cock pushed its way back into Jeff's willing gullet, and the two men slurped and suckled at each other in the 69 position for uncounted minutes, each biting and licking at the hot pole of throbbing muscle sunk within their throats while they trembled with joy at the warm moist sheath enveloping their aching prongs.

Michael almost reluctantly lifted himself away from Jeff's cock, and slid his own prick from the mouth slurping at it noisily. But before Jeff could say anything, he swung around again, straddling his man, sitting his bare arse on the ridged abdomen and binding leather straps as his gleaming black legs pressed against Jeff's sides, the leather of his chaps rubbing against Jeff's bare skin. Leaning forward, his hands on Jeff's arms, he bent to kiss the man below him and as he did he felt Jeff's raging erection nudge at his arse. This was almost like riding a bike, he thought, but what a bike! A living breathing leather clad monster, trembling beneath him, between his legs, with a proud and solid dagger of flesh sticking up and pressing at his arse. Michael ached with the erotic sensations which assailed him. He reached for his jacket and retrieved a condom and a sachet of lube, and quickly placed the prophylactic over Jeff's cock, smothering it with the lubricant as he did.

Jeff gasped as he felt the latex envelope his prick, and sighed with delight when Michael's hands returned to pin his arms to the bed. With Michael's weight upon him, he could barely move, but he flexed his groin, and felt his tool lift and slide between Michael's arse cheeks. As the two of them kissed and wrestled like this, Jeff felt his prick nudge into place as Michael rotated himself into position, and then the man above him lowered his hungry arse down onto Jeff's rock hard pole, and Jeff gasped with the sensation of his weapon entering Michael's body. He trembled as he felt Michael's sphincter close around the head of his dick, and ached with desire as the incredibly wonderful feeling of Michael's body wrapping around him descended inch by inch along his manhood. As Michael's rectum swallowed him, Jeff marvelled at the pleasure concentrating itself in his dick.

Michael felt a twinge of pain as Jeff's steely cock was forced through his anus, then sighed with pleasure as that same tower of flesh nudged against his prostate and probed up into his body as he used his own weight to drive himself down upon the upright weapon. As he sank onto Jeff's manhood, he shuddered with delight at the incredible sensation of being filled by his lover's hot meaty poker. His butt came to rest against Jeff's thighs, and he clenched himself around the invading spear, then began to lift and drop again, fucking himself on the prone form of the muscled and leathered man below him. This was incredible! He rarely took the passive role in sex, preferring to be dominant, in control, but the feeling of someone else inside him was unbelievable. It occurred to him that in fact he was still in the dominant position, his arms and legs pinning Jeff to the bed so that his partner could not move, while his body humped up and down, faster and faster upon the fleshy spike within him, driving it harder and deeper into himself with each movement.

For his part, Jeff was in ecstasy. He was accustomed to being fucked, to have his partner use him and dictate the direction of their coupling. It was the combination of submission and hot sex that excited him, but he had never before experienced the erotic joy of being subjugated as he was, unable to move with Michael holding him in place, and at the same time thrusting his rigid, throbbing prong deep into the welcoming cavity of another body. As Michael hunched up and down on him, faster and faster, Jeff trembled and thrust, feeling his partner pound himself down onto Jeff and sending shockwaves of passionate lust through them both.

Their rutting, sweaty fuck continued as Michael heaved and dropped against Jeff's body and the two men groaned and gasped together. The musky aroma of perspiration and male sex mixed with the scent of tanned hide as the leathered bodies crashed against each other in powerful and passionate coitus, and Michael and Jeff raced each other toward thundering orgasm. Michael hit his peak first, a spasm rocking his body as his hand flew to his own cock and his voice tried to stutter a warning to his mate. Losing the last shred of control, he felt his nuts contract and his cock swell, and he drove himself down onto Jeff's prick with one final, ultimate fucking. As his cock exploded, his sphincter clenched in a vice-like grip around Jeff's pole, and Jeff responded with a strangled yell of passionate surrender, humping his body upwards and loosing his white hot cream into the rubber sheath clamped inside Michael's bowel. A torrent of cum poured from Michael over Jeff's stomach and chest, and a corresponding river of jism emptied itself from Jeff's cock into Michael's body.

"Un-fucking-believable!" was Michael's comment, whispered to his leathered partner as the tide of passion ebbed away. Jeff grinned back at the beautiful man encased in black hide still astride him, still gripping his slowly flagging penis within his arse. He knew in that moment that he had found someone special, someone he had to hold on to at all costs.

As the two separated, they helped each other remove the gleaming, polished leather adorning their bodies, and placed it carefully to one side, then collapsed into the huge bed together, arms intertwined as they kissed, happy and sated, before falling asleep contentedly.


When Michael woke the next morning it was dark, and for a second he was unsure where he was. A momentary alarm struck him, and then the memories of the night came back and he smiled. There was a weight on his right arm which proved to be Jeff's head, and he looked long at the strange yet familiar face. He knew the features well enough from his television set, but began to feel arousal coming on when he imagined them encased in the leather hood his new lover had worn last night. Michael leaned close to Jeff's mouth, kissing his forehead lightly.

The soft touch of Michael's lips caused Jeff to stir, and as he opened sleepy eyes a flicker of surprise crossed his face, much as it had with Michael, before realisation dawned, and a cheeky grin replaced the uncertainty. "Good morning, stud," he said, "Sleep well?"

"Uh huh," Michael nodded. In fact, when he thought about it he had slept more soundly than he had for a long time.

"Ready for some sunlight?"

Michael nodded again, and Jeff reached for a remote control on the bedside table. He pushed a button, and the heavy curtains along one wall of the room slowly slid open to reveal a bright sunny mid-morning. The view which presented itself through the floor to ceiling, wall-to-wall glass took Michael's breath away. Below them a lush tropical garden of palm trees and ferns bordered a crystal clear swimming pool, the far edge of which was paved with sandstone flag stones. Nothing could be seen past the paving except the sparkling blue water of Sydney Harbour, and across the water the green of trees from which the towers of the city buildings rose skyward.

"Amazing!" Michael whispered when he caught his breath. "What a sight to wake up to every morning."

"Yes, I never get tired of it," Jeff agreed, relaxing and letting his fingers play across Michael's chest, pinching softly at the hard skin of his lover's nipples.

As they lay there, delighting in each other's company, and the new experience of waking up with someone, there was a knock on the door. Both men jumped a little, and pulled the sheet up to hide their nakedness, before Jeff called out, "Come in."

Phillip entered the room and nodded to them.

"Good morning, Mr Jeffrey; Good morning, Mr Michael," he said, as if he did so every day. "I trust you both slept well. Will you take breakfast on the terrace, or shall I serve it here?"

Michael looked dumbfounded, but Jeff had recovered from the initial embarrassment of being in bed with a lover. He had known Phillip for years, and knew he would ignore anything but his job. "We'll eat outside, thanks," he said calmly.

"Do you have any preference for breakfast, Mr Michael?" Phillip asked, looking at the smaller man as though he were fully dressed and sitting in the living room, instead of lying naked alongside Phillip's employer.

"Ah," Michael stammered, "no thanks, whatever is easiest, and please, just call me Michael."

Phillip ignored this last comment. "In ten minutes then, gentlemen?"

Jeff smiled. "Okay, thank you." As Phillip left the room, he grinned at Michael. "You won't get him to drop the 'Mr'. It's taken me forever to get him to call me 'Mr Jeffrey' instead of using my surname."

"I guess it's all a bit much for me," Michael said quietly. "I've never known anyone who had someone living with them like this. Don't you get embarrassed with him hanging around all the time?"

Jeff thought about this a moment. "I guess not," he said slowly. "When he first came to work for me, I told him that I needed someone with absolute discretion. He was recommended on that basis alone. I figured if he was going to be here 24 hours a day, then he needed to know everything about me, and in fact, he's become a friend and confidant, more than a servant or employee. He is the only person who knows I'm gay, and the only one who knows about my love of leather. He's helped me through some tough times personally, and protects me, too. I never feel uncomfortable with him around, whether I'm naked or geared up in leather or any other time. And besides, he doesn't hang around permanently. Most of the time when I'm at home he keeps to his own section of the house, downstairs, and looks in on me from time to time to see if I want anything."

"Then why were you embarrassed when he knocked this morning?" asked Michael, curious about life with a live-in butler, as he had come to think of Phillip.

"Well," said Jeff slowly, "mainly because this is all new to me. I've never brought anyone home before." A look of uncertainty was on his face as he stared now at Michael.

"Then, thank you even more!" Michael said with emphasis, and he kissed Jeff again, tenderly.

"Come on, handsome," Jeff laughed, "Let's eat." He threw a shave coat around himself, and tossed a matching coat to Michael. "For the neighbours, and the tourists," he explained. "Phillip wouldn't notice if we were naked, but one drawback of living here is that the people on the harbour can see you if you're sitting nude on the terrace."

Together they made their way out onto a wide sandstone balcony that opened off the living room and overlooked the pool. Two comfortable chairs were drawn up to a glass table, and steaming cups of coffee were set beside glasses of juice and fresh pastries. Michael looked in wonder at the scene.

"I feel like I've died and gone to heaven," he said softly, "or at least to a fancy hotel!"

"I hope you get used to it," Jeff winked at him.

"All this and you too? Oh yeah!" he said enthusiastically.

Phillip appeared at the door behind them. "Is everything in order, gentlemen? Will there be anything else?"

"It's fine, thank you," said Jeff. Then added suddenly, "Oh, Phillip, Michael is concerned about walking around the house naked. He's worried that you'll be offended."

Michael turned a deep shade of red, and shot a look of daggers at Jeff, who grinned evilly.

"Not at all, sir," Phillip said to both of them. "I shall do my best to be inconspicuous, but please feel at liberty to enjoy yourselves, and ignore me completely should I inadvertently disturb you."

"Well, much as I like the look of him naked, and love it even better when he's kitted out in full leather ..." once again Michael was turning red and Jeff was enjoying the teasing, "... he needs some everyday clothes to get home in. Do you think you could organise something for him?"

"It will be my pleasure, sirs," Phillip said at once.

As he spoke, Michael swore he noticed the slightest curl of a smile on Phillip's face. When he left, Jeff laughed out loud. "He thinks it's wonderful that I've brought someone home, and he really likes you."

"How can you tell?"

"I've known him long enough to be able to see what he thinks, and he approves of you," Jeff said, certainty in his voice.

For what was left of the morning they lazed around the house, Jeff happily giving Michael a guided tour as his new friend marvelled at the lifestyle money could bring, and down inside a niggling worry began to hatch. Michael felt for Jeff because of who he was as a person, and lusted after him as the hooded, leathered god with whom he had made love last night. He didn't give a damn about the money or the fame that Jeff had, but he wondered whether they were too different to be together. Michael tried in vain to picture Jeff at Michael's tiny flat, and felt too that Jeff may have second thoughts about starting a friendship with him when he realised how uneducated Michael was.

But he put aside his doubts for the moment, and enjoyed the day more than any he could remember. They swapped their robes for a pair of light sarongs, which Jeff had to show Michael how to tie. They swam naked in the warm waters of the pool, and sunbathed on the sheltered patio. Phillip appeared two or three times with cool drinks, or to bring them a tray of freshly made sandwiches for lunch, and Michael surprised himself when he realised he was not at all uncomfortable when the older man suddenly appeared, even when they were completely nude and cavorting together in the pool.

As the afternoon grew into evening, the two men became noticeably closer, their playful contacts more intimate, and they frequently found themselves kissing, or holding hands, or caressing each other in the beginnings of arousal. By some unspoken signal, both men suddenly stood and faced each other, acknowledging their shared need and growing desire. Jeff led Michael into the bedroom again, and hit the control for closing the drapes, sealing them away from the world. Michael noticed with amazement that their leather gear had been carefully laid out on the bed, cleaned, dried, oiled and polished to perfection.

Jeff saw Michael's surprise and smiled again. "Phillip. He thinks of everything," he said matter-of-factly.

As one, they stood naked and embraced, then slowly, sensuously, they helped each other into the gleaming black hide. Michael had always enjoyed the ritualistic and erotic pleasure of wrapping his body in the beautiful rich dark skin, but this was so much better as he and Jeff dressed each other, taking their time to encase themselves in the tight, shining leather, and to admire themselves unashamedly as they did so.

They slept little that night. The hours passed in a blur of erotic bliss for the two leathered and lusty men. Fingers and hands followed eyes as they explored every centimetre of each others' bodies. They touched, they kissed, they squeezed and licked and bit, they trembled and tingled and they fucked. Time and again they filled the room with the sounds of pure masculine sex, gasping breath and squealing leather, excited groans and the squelching, slapping noises of skin on skin, skin on leather, and sweating, heaving bodies joined as one. The aphrodisiac smells of leather, sweat and male musk permeated the place, and Michael and Jeff became 'Visor' and 'Hood' as they surrendered willingly to the primeval lust and passionate urges of their inner beings, coupled themselves and sated their animal needs together. They grunted and humped their way to climax a number of times, and through it all, they revelled in the joy of being with someone special. They made love.

The next day Jeff was the first to open his eyes. The first thing he saw was Michael's face, only inches from his own, serene and content. He lay there for some time, looking at the man who had shared his bed and his life for the last two days, and his heart ached with happiness. Michael stirred in his sleep, twisting around, and his head ended up on Jeff's chest, Jeff's arm draping over Michael's shoulders. Jeff smiled again, and drifted back into sleep.


That was how Phillip found them when he tapped quietly, and opened the door carefully later in the morning. Making sure he didn't disturb the two sleepers, he gathered up the leather gear strewn on the floor, and pulled the door closed again, but indulged himself in a satisfying look at his Mr Jeffrey, lying there with Mr Michael asleep on his chest, and smiled to himself. He loved Jeff as a son, and had been concerned for him for some time, but now this man had come along, and Phillip had never seen Jeff so happy. It moved him to see the improvement, and made him determined to ensure that these two stayed together.


When Michael and Jeff did finally emerge from the bedroom, they were naked and ravenous. Phillip ignored their lack of clothing and managed to provide an instantaneous meal of toast, eggs and bacon, juice and coffee. Without even a blink, he cleaned up after the men, and approached them as they relaxed on a sofa, Jeff lying face down, his bubble butt enticingly pointed to the ceiling, his arms and head resting on a pillow atop Michael's chest while Michael was stretched out, his feet supported by an ottoman, his flaccid penis lying across his thigh.

"I shall be out for an hour and a half unless you want anything else, gentlemen?" he said, more a statement than a question.

"Okay, Phillip," said Jeff. "I'm sure we can think of something to amuse ourselves."

The older man ignored the comment and the embarrassed giggles of Michael and Jeff, and walked away. The two young men happily repeated the routine from the day before, swimming and sunning, enjoying each other's company. Philip had not returned by the time they began to feel hungry again, so Jeff rummaged through the kitchen, and made them a very passable salad with cold cuts.

"I'm impressed," said Michael with a smile. "I was starting to think you didn't even know where the kitchen was, but you're a regular chef!"

Jeff grinned at the dig. "I know it looks like Phillip does everything for me, but he insists. I'm happy enough to look after myself when he's not around. I'm not stupid you know!" he laughed.

Michael joined in the chuckling, but inside his head he winced at the comment. 'No, but I am,' he thought to himself, wondering again if he could possibly keep Jeff happy when this wonderful man got to know him better.

Much too soon for the liking of either man, the afternoon shadows lengthened. Michael sighed, and stirred against Jeff's arm. "I hate having to say it, but I really have to be going," he said, the reluctance obvious in his expression.

"You're welcome to stay. In fact, I'd prefer it if you did," Jeff said quickly. Michael could hear the plea in his voice.

"I'd love to," Michael said, wistful now. "But I have to work tomorrow, and my bike is still back at the carpark of the club."

"Oh, shit, that's right, I forgot." Jeff sat up and looked deep into Michael's face. "Will you come back again?" he asked quietly.

"Yes, please," Michael responded, almost in a whisper.

They walked together into the bedroom again, and found that Phillip still worked his magic. Michael's leathers were again cleaned and oiled, and placed in a large carry bag, while a pair of expensive dress jeans and a beautiful polo shirt were laid out on the bed. Michael looked at the clothes, then turned to Jeff.

"You shouldn't have ..." he began.

"Of course I should," Jeff cut him off. "I waylaid you into staying, and we can't have you going home in daylight in full leather -- some guy might steal you away, and I only just met you!" The last words were said with a grin, and Michael pushed at his lover playfully.

"I guess you're right," he said slowly, pretending to look thoughtful. "Still, I could nick into Headquarters again, see if there's anyone interesting in there before I go home." Jeff's face gave away the moment of doubt, and Michael laughed out loud. "Got you!" he said. "Anyway, you've worn me out, spoiled me for anyone else."

Together they broke into grins, and wrestled around, laughing as Michael dressed in the new clothes and Jeff pulled on similar items from his wardrobe. Properly attired, they kissed again, and Jeff held Michael close.

"I'll get Phillip to drive us into the club, so you can collect your bike," he said.

On the trip from Jeff's home, the two said little, but sat pressed against each other, holding hands and kissing occasionally. When they reached the club, Michael made to go. Jeff kissed him again, a long, needing embrace, then pressed a piece of paper into his hand.

"What's this?" Michael asked.

"My number. Promise me you'll call?"

"Shit!" said Michael vehemently. "I didn't think! I'm sorry, Jeff, really. It just didn't occur to me that I had no way of reaching you, or you me. Phillip, do you have a pen and paper?"

"Yes, Mr Michael," said the older man, handing over the requested items. Michael scribbled his phone number on the page, and gave it to Jeff, smiling.

"Make sure you don't lose it, handsome!" he whispered, as he closed the door, and watched the car drive away. With the darkened windows, he couldn't see whether Jeff was watching, but he didn't move until the car was out of sight.

Quickly then, he donned his helmet, and shoved the bag with his leather gear into one of the panniers. Riding home, he had trouble concentrating as he thought of all the wonderful things that had happened since Friday night, and of how much he felt for Jeff. As he made his way into the flat and looked around, he was suddenly hit by a sense of depression. Jeff would never fit in here, and how could Michael expect him to build a life with someone so different from himself. He carefully returned his leather gear to its special place in the closet, and sat in silence as morose thoughts assailed his brain.

He was shaken from his reverie by the ringing of the phone. Absently he picked it up.


"Hi there, stud," came a seductive voice that he recognised instantly, and brought a smile to his face. "are you naked ..?"

"Not yet," he answered quickly, grinning to himself. "But the guy across the road is coming over in 15 minutes, so I might be soon if I'm lucky."

"Michael!" Jeff's voice thundered down the line. "You've ditched me already?" he tried to sound hurt, but couldn't keep the smile from his voice.

"You know how it goes, kid, out of sight, out of mind as they say."

Then Michael lost his composure and started laughing. Jeff joined in, and as they subsided, he said more seriously, "I just wanted to thank you again, and to show you that I hadn't lost the piece of paper."

"Thanks, handsome," Michael responded. "You can call me anytime you want, my man. I'll talk to you tomorrow, okay?" and hung up.

Jeff put the receiver down slowly. A warm glow had come over him at Michael's words. 'My man' -- hmmm, I like that, he thought to himself.


Chapter 3

The next day Michael was back at work as usual. If it weren't for the new clothes hanging in his closet, he could easily have convinced himself that the weekend had all been a dream, so far removed was it from his day to day existence. Nothing had changed in the 'real world', yet he constantly thought of Jeff, of the incredible sex they had had, and of the special man behind the leather mask. His supervisor was just as testy, and just as belittling as always, and Michael struggled to stay away from him, and get on with his job quietly.

That night he sat himself down to eat, and absently flicked on the television. There on his screen was a very familiar face, and one which started Michael's thoughts racing again. Jeff was doing a story on used car salesmen, confronting the manager of a car yard and demanding answers the man couldn't give without incriminating himself. He was forceful and dominant, and Michael smiled. He turned down the volume and picked up the phone, dialling the number on the sheet of paper he had carefully put aside the previous evening.

"Hello?" came a deep voice.

Michael was taken aback for a second, and then realised. "Hello, Phillip? It's Michael," he said.

Phillip's voice brightened considerably. "One moment, sir," he said quickly.

Almost immediately Jeff was on the line. "Hello?" He sounded almost anxious thought Michael, unable to guess why.

"Hi there, handsome," he said brightly. "Watcha doin'?"

Jeff laughed, "Sitting over the phone, willing you to ring, of course," he said jokingly.

"Yeah, right! That's why you had Phillip answer it for you."

"Well, you can't be too careful, you know. It might be a crank call, some pervert trying to get at me."

Michael lowered his voice, trying to sound like a dirty old man should. "There's a pervert right here who wouldn't mind getting at you right now," he hissed.

"Sounds good to me, how quickly can you get here?" Jeff matched Michael's voice perfectly.

"Sorry, stud, not tonight," Michael said, giving up on his attempt at getting a rise out of his friend. "Besides, I'm busy watching some character on TV picking on a poor innocent used car salesman."

"Yeah?" said Jeff down the line. "Don't you just hate the way they do that -- never give the poor business men a fair chance!" Michael could hear the sarcasm and the mirth in Jeff's voice.

"True, still this one's kinda cute, I suppose. I can just picture him in a harness and chaps, with a leather hood over his head. Now that'd be hot! I wonder what the salesman would think then, if he could see this guy begging to be fucked?"

"You have no shame, Michael!" Jeff said, sounding hurt. Michael instantly regretted what he had said.

"Hey, I'm sorry, I was just joking."

Jeff's laugh rang out. "Got you!" he said, and Michael smiled again.

"Okay, you win. I have to go, but I'll talk to you tomorrow, okay?"

"You bet, stud," said Jeff. "I'll be looking forward to it." And somehow, Michael knew he was telling the truth.

For the rest of the week, they spoke every evening, and Michael struggled through his days. Jeff had begun jotting down a few ideas for stories when his break was finished, and put them in a memo to his secretary, even though he wouldn't see her for weeks. He hummed to himself as he did, and waited eagerly for his daily chat with Michael. Phillip noted the change in his employer, and smiled.

Friday rolled around and Michael called Jeff early that afternoon, as soon as he had finished work. He had been both hoping for and dreading this call all day. He desperately wanted to see Jeff again, but what if Jeff were busy, or did not want to see him?

Jeff came on the phone immediately, sounding bright and cheerful as always, perhaps a little too cheerful, thought Michael, almost as if he's forcing it.

"Hi there, Michael," he said quickly, "how was your day?"

"Uh, the usual," Michael said off handedly. "Yours?"

"Okay. I've been thinking about some possible ideas to follow up when we go back into production, although I have to admit that I've been a bit pre-occupied, thinking about the weekend."

"Oh," Michael responded quietly. "Do you have some big plans then?"

There was a short silence on the other end of the line. "Nooo ..." Jeff drew out the word, and uncertainty crept into his voice. "Why, do you?"

"No." It was as much a question as a statement.

Jeff took a breath. "I was hoping you'd like to come here again?" he said, tentatively.

Michael's heart leapt in his chest again. "Yes!" he almost yelled into the phone. "I'd love to. I wasn't sure if you'd want me back again so soon."

"Michael, sometimes I could scream at you," Jeff said with a vengeance. "I was terrified you wouldn't want to come! Get yourself over here as fast as you can, and bring that beautiful leather gear with you. And Michael, ..." he paused.


"Plan on being here ALL weekend! I don't want you to go home until the absolute latest that you can, okay?"

"Okay!" Michael replied happily.

"Do you remember where the house is to get here by yourself?"

"I think so."

"Okay. When you get to the front gate, just ring the intercom on the right hand side of the driveway and the gates will open for you. See you soon, gorgeous." And with that he rang off, his whole body tingling with excitement and anticipation at having his man back again.

Michael raced around his flat, getting himself together. He stowed his precious leathers in the carrier bag, showered and dressed in the clothes Jeff had bought for him, and tidied up cursorily. The whole time Jeff's voice rang in his ears -- 'see you soon, gorgeous' -- Michael was so happy, and so excited to be getting back together with Jeff again, he couldn't get the smile off his face, or the hardness out of his shorts!

Michael and Jeff were inseparable the entire weekend. With Phillip unobtrusively and benignly seeing to their meals and creature comforts, they explored each other's bodies, and when they rested from the fantastic, erotic excitement of sex, they explored each other's minds, talking long and meaningfully, getting to know one another more and more. Michael learned of Jeff's hopes for the future, and his plans for more exposÈs on his show. Jeff listened intently as Michael told him of his impoverished upbringing and inability to finish his schooling. And they punctuated the time with joyous, abandonned, lusty sex. Each of them carefully, ritualistically, garbed his mate in the slick, oiled leather, and transformed himself into his alter ego as they indulged in pure erotic pleasure, arousal building slowly and sensuously to climax, and gently easing down again in each other's arms.

Very late on Sunday night, Michael stirred again. Jeff's arms were around him, both of them still bound in leather harness and chaps, the sheen of sweat glistening on their bodies as they recuperated from another session of hot love making.

"I have to go," he said regretfully.

"I suppose so," echoed Jeff. "I wish you could stay forever, you know?"

Michael smiled. "Thank you, Jeff. You're the most wonderful person I've ever known."

"What did I do to deserve that?" Jeff asked with surprise.

"Just for saying what you just did, and for letting me be with you. I'm not very smart, I know, but I do know when luck is on my side, and it has been since I met you."

Jeff's heart ached. "That's bullshit, Michael," he said harshly. "Of course you're smart. You're one of the most intelligent people I know. You're incisive, witty and charming, and honest as well. So you didn't get much of an education? That doesn't make you stupid, it just means that you can learn so much more if you want." He stopped, suddenly, looking deeply into Michael's eyes, and went on again. "You are a really special person, Michael, and I'm the lucky one. Lucky that you agreed to come home with me, lucky that you like me enough to come back again."

Tears began to form in Michael's eyes, and he wiped at his face with his forearm. "Jeff, I can't tell you how good I feel when you say that. I wish I knew the right words ..." he stopped, breathing fast. " ... you make me feel important, and you mean so much to me."

Jeff hugged him tightly. He never wanted to let this man go.

Michael coughed and spoke again. "Do you think I could, ah, leave my leather here? It's heavy to carry, and I don't feel like I could want it for anything unless you were around?"

Jeff's look was one of pure joy. "Yes, yes, of course. You know that means you'll have to come back every weekend, so I can put it on you again?"

"Yep, that's what I figured," Michael grinned slyly.


The following week was a repeat of the previous. Michael and Jeff spoke to each other daily, and Michael put up with work as best he could, counting the hours until he could be with Jeff again. Jeff tried to concentrate on notes and ideas, but his mind was constantly filled with thoughts of Michael: Michael dressed in gleaming black leather; Michael sleeping alongside him; Michael diving into the pool and spraying water over Jeff. He found himself wondering what Michael would think of this idea or that plan. He imagined what it would be like to have Michael around all the time, and his imagination told him it would be wonderful.

Michael had managed to finish work around lunchtime on Friday. He planned to surprise Jeff by showing up early, so they could have even more time together. But disaster struck. Riding home that afternoon, his rear tyre blew out. Luckily, he was only going reasonably slowly, and he was able to keep control as he veered over to the side of the road, but as he did, he clipped a piece of timber near the gutter which spiked upward and broke his chain. He looked at the bike, disheartened. Nothing major, but he wouldn't be getting to Jeff's early after all.

Pushing the bike into his regular mechanic's garage, he showed the man the damage, and asked how long it would take to repair.

"Not long, mate, but I'm stuck on an emergency job, and won't be able to do it until tomorrow morning."

Michael was aghast. But there was nothing for it. The bike had to be fixed, he had no other means of transport, either to Jeff's place, or to and from work next week. He left the bike at the garage and headed home.

Jeff couldn't disguise the surprise when Michael rang early. "Hi there, handsome, what's up?" he asked happily.

"Not us, at least not tonight," Michael answered dejectedly. "My bike's off the road until late tomorrow morning, so I can't get there this evening."

"Oh, damn!" Jeff said with feeling. "I miss you already, stud." There was a silent pause, then Jeff spoke again. "Michael, I'll come and get you. Forget about the bike for the weekend."

"I can't. I need it for work next week and the garage closes on Sunday, so I have to collect it tomorrow."

"Well, I could still come out, that's, um, if you'd like?" Another pause, Jeff not knowing whether to go on. He swallowed his fears and continued. "I could come to your place if you'd like. You've never actually asked me to do that!"

Michael gulped. "I, ah, know I haven't Jeff. But this place is so, um, small, and ah, well, it's just that I don't know that I want you to see where I live ..." he finished lamely.

"Okay," said Jeff, "if you don't want me there, I'll accept that." The hurt in his voice was plain.

Michael agonised on the other end of the line. "No, Jeff, it's not like that. It's just that I'm scared that if you see exactly how I live you'll be really disappointed, not so sure about us anymore."

"Don't be stupid!" the phone exploded in Michael's ear. "It's not where or how you live that matters, but YOU!"

Michael surrendered. He really wanted to see Jeff tonight, and Jeff had to find out eventually just how poor Michael was. "Okay, my man," he laughed weakly, "come on over." He gave Jeff the address, and Jeff assured him he would be there in an hour.

During the time he waited for his lover, Michael worked feverishly to make the tiny flat as presentable as possible. There wasn't a lot he could do about the ancient furnishings or the peeling paintwork, but at least the place was spotlessly clean and tidy. When a knock sounded at the door, he almost jumped with fright, and realised he was actually nervous as hell at having Jeff here for the first time. Michael opened the door tentatively, and Jeff rushed in, throwing his arms around Michael and kissing him hard. Michael slammed the door quickly in case one of the neighbours walked past.

"So this is your palace?" Jeff said, a smile on his face as he looked around.

"Don't be funny," Michael grimaced.

"Okay, so it's not a palace. But it's your home and that's what matters to me."

A flicker of a smile crossed Michael's face. "You didn't have any trouble finding the building?" he asked, trying to make small talk.

"No," said Jeff, "Phillip drove straight here."

A panicked thought struck Michael. He raced to the window and looked down. Sure enough, there was Jeff's car parked out front, presumably with Phillip sitting at the wheel still.

"Jeff, anyone could have seen you coming in here!" he cried.

"So? It's not like I'm going into some gay leather club," he smirked. "What's wrong with visiting a friend? Besides, no-one is likely to take any notice of someone getting out of a car and walking into a building."

"Around here, that car alone is going to attract plenty of notice, especially with a chauffeur! I'm surprised there isn't a crowd gathered around it already."

"Tough!" Jeff declared. "Now, I've been thinking on the way out. We can't let Philip sit there all night, and I guessed you only had one bedroom." Michael winced again. "That's okay. Do you have a spare bike helmet?"

Michael nodded, confused.

"Then how about we send Phillip home, and stay here tonight, and in the morning we'll collect your bike and you can take us both back to my place?"

Michael grinned. "You'd stay a night here voluntarily?" he asked incredulously.

"With you around, stud, I'd stay anywhere!"

"Okay!" Michael smiled.

"I'll let Phillip know," said Jeff.

"No!" cried Michael quickly. "I'll go and tell Phillip. You stay here. Your face is a 'national treasure' around this area, and if you don't want to be mobbed, I think you should try to avoid being seen outside."

Jeff laughed, and Michael disappeared downstairs to tell Phillip what was happening. As he walked to the driver's side of the car, the window rolled down smoothly. Michael explained what was happening, and Phillip nodded.

As Michael went to leave, Phillip called, "Mr Michael, Mr Jeffrey left in a hurry, but I thought you might like these?" He handed Michael a bag. Michael looked inside, and there were Michael's cap and glasses, and Jeff's leather hood. Michael grinned widely. "Not the full outfit, I'm afraid, but I suspected that might be a bit much to bring back on your bike," Phillip said.

"You're a marvel, Phillip!"

"No, sir. It's you who are the marvel. You've done so much good by being with him. And you mean so much to him, sir. Thank you!"

With that, Phillip rolled up the window, and the car pulled out into the street. Michael stared after it, his mind a mixture of emotions at Phillip's words.

That night, Michael and Jeff lay together on Michael's bed, kissing and fondling. They savoured the slow and tender foreplay, taking their time to taste each other, to lick and nibble at chins and necks, to peel away the layers of clothes piece by piece and reveal the desirable bodies hidden inside. Fingers traced circles on chests and stomachs. Hands slid across backs and shoulders, or massaged at the firm round orbs of arse cheeks. Time seemed suspended as they undressed one another, and it was almost a surprise to them when they found they were both naked, embracing and aroused.

Catching his breath, Michael looked up. He had been nibbling at Jeff's nipples, lying face down between Jeff's legs which were around his waist, Jeff's feet on his butt. He could feel the hard protuberance of his man's cock pressing against his sternum. He lifted his eyes to Jeff's face, just as Jeff looked down to see why he had stopped the delightful biting.

"What's up, stud?" Jeff asked, his eyes twinkling.

Michael wriggled against his friend's rigid member, and ground his own pelvis against Jeff's thigh. "Don't you know?" he grinned.

"Funny! Why did you stop? I was really enjoying that," Jeff nodded toward his own chest.

Michael became serious for a moment. "I can't find the words to say this right," he started slowly, "but I just want you to know how special it is having you here, with me, in this place."

Jeff too became solemn. "Michael, I don't care where we are. As long as I'm with you I couldn't be happier, whether we were in a castle or a hovel." His eyes began to smile again, "And your hovel is just fine by me."

He saw Michael's hand fly around, saw the pillow flying at him, but couldn't move fast enough with Michael's weight atop him, to get out of the way. It landed with a 'whumphhh' on his head as they both laughed heartily, wrestling around on the bed and trying to get a grip on the other. A pounding through the wall, and a muffled "Shut the fuck up!" brought them back to earth. Michael looked apologetic.

"Unfortunately it is still a hovel, and the walls are paper thin."

They fell back together again, mouths joined and lips locked as their tongues jousted, tasting each other. Their passion grew, their need became more urgent as they groped and ground at each other.

"After the hovel comment," whispered Michael breathlessly, "I don't know whether you deserve the surprise I have for you."

Jeff looked puzzled, and Michael relented, reaching for the bag he had brought from the car, the one Phillip had handed him. Triumphantly, he revealed the leather hood and cap, and the sunglasses. Jeff's eyes widened with delight, and his cock sprang back to rigid attention.

"How ...?"


"I should have known. He thinks of everything."

"He thinks the world of you," Michael said.

"He thinks even more of you, you know," Jeff replied quickly.

They kissed again, beginning slowly, but their passion built and soon they were writhing against each other, the urgent need pushing them forward. Michael took the leather hood and carefully pulled it into place over Jeff's head, smoothing the supple black hide in place and then settling the black cap on his own head. He pushed the mirrored glasses onto his nose, and pulled the visor low over his forehead. The sight of Jeff, naked but for the black leather mask, was incredibly erotic.

"It's not the whole shebang ..." he started to say, but Jeff cut him off.

"No, but it's fucking good anyway. You look so hot in those glasses and cap. Make love to me?"

So he did. Michael's need was suddenly urgent, and it was matched only by Jeff's equally compelling desires. Despite the lack of their beloved leathers, they were 'Hood' and 'Visor' once again, and they were together. Michael rolled a condom over himself, and quickly greased his throbbing pole with lubricating gel, then he swung himself around to sit on the edge of the bed and motioned for Jeff to straddle him. Jeff quickly settled into position, his feet on either side of Michael's legs as he lowered himself slowly toward the waiting prong of Michael's sheathed dagger.

Crouching as he was, Jeff's hole was open and ready when Michael's cock nudged against the soft yielding skin. He grunted as his lover entered him, and ached with delight as Michael speared himself up into his body. Jeff dropped himself down onto that prick, and gasped for joy as Michael's cock massaged his prostate and continued its invasion of his bowel. With his legs spread and Michael's arms around his waist, Michael's hands on his shoulders, Jeff allowed his weight to settle against Michael's legs, as he felt the long steel of Michael's prong bury itself fully within him. In this position, their faces were inches apart, and Jeff looked out through the slits of his leather mask to the blank mirrors of Michael's glasses, barely visible below the shining visor of his cap. The power Michael emanated, his identity obscured, was so amazingly erotic that Jeff trembled with desire.

Michael shifted his weight slightly, and involuntarily, Jeff threw his arms around Michael's neck for support. He felt Michael's arms slide down his back, to meet and join below his waist, tight around his butt. Michael hunched forward as he did, driving his sheathed weapon deeper into Jeff's innards. Jeff let out a grunted "unhh" and Michael hissed a low "oh yeah ..." at him in response. Before he knew what was happening, Jeff felt Michael lifting him, and standing up. Jeff's legs wrapped around Michael's waist, his ankles crossing above Michael's butt as he leaned into his man even closer. He felt the strength of Michael's arms below him, but even more, he sensed the power of Michael's masculinity deep within him.

And then Michael began to hump at him. Using Jeff's own weight Michael bounced his lover up and down on his rampant pole, ploughing the rock hard meat fast and deep into the juicy receptacle that was Jeff's gut. Jeff gasped with the force of Michael's penetration, shook with aching desire, and clenched himself around the invading spear of flesh. Rocking Jeff back and forward with his hands, Michael pounded at him, thrusting harder and more powerfully with each swing. Jeff's entire body was alive with the raw sensation of animal lust and he hissed encouragement in the form of whispered obscenities in reply to the grunting noises that escaped Michael with each hunch into Jeff's body. The two men rutted furiously at each other. This was no tender embrace, but a thundering, crashing fucking, fuelled by pure masculine lust and uninhibited sexual passion.

The friction on Jeff's prick, sandwiched between his own body and Michael's washboard abs, was intense, and it wasn't long before the thumping, rocking fuck he enjoyed brought him to a peak. Unable to resist the intensity of the sensations washing through him, Jeff strangled back a scream, and let himself go, his cum gushing up in a fountain of white jism between the pistoning bodies. As his sphincter clamped tightly around Michael's cock, Jeff felt his man shudder and then stiffen into rigidity, the rod impaling Jeff's arse swelling even further. Michael held back as long as he could, and suddenly he exploded.

"Unh, unh, unh, ... AARRGGHHH!" he yelled as his balls emptied themselves into the latex condom and the squelching surrounds of Jeff's hot wet belly. Losing his strength, Michael pitched forward onto the bed, carrying Jeff with him and pinning his partner to the mattress, driving his meaty stake deeper than ever into Jeff. Together they twitched in lessening spasms as their orgasms slowly subsided. Jeff's heart pounded, his blood racing and making thudding echoes in his ears. And then he realised that the thudding was not only in his ears. It was coming through the wall! Pounding thumps reverberated as someone in the next flat protested loudly.

As the two lovers collapsed together in stifled laughs, the only word Jeff could find was "Wow!"

"Wow, indeed! And haven't we given the neighbours something to talk about?" Michael giggled.


The next morning they awoke together, and lay together, lazily playing with each other, fingers tracing circles on each other's skin, lips brushing occasionally in tender kisses. Finally, Michael sighed.

"I'm afraid there's no Phillip to bring us breakfast, but I can make us some toast and coffee, if that will satisfy you, handsome?" he smiled.

Jeff grinned evilly. "The only thing that satisfies me is right here," and he curled his fingers around Michael's now flaccid penis, "but toast and coffee would be good, too."

"I don't know about this satisfying you," Michael whispered, as he stood and waved his lengthening dick in front of Jeff's hungry eyes. "Seems to me, you're insatiable when it comes to that. Not that I'm complaining, mind!"

Jeff simply smirked, and lunged forward to lick at the soft but growing flesh of Michael's manhood. But Michael pulled back and grinned again. "Oh no you don't! Breakfast, my man -- and around here you have to help!"

They ate slowly, in no rush to go anywhere. Michael showered and dressed as Jeff lay on the bed watching him, admiring the lithe, fit body as it went through the normal routine of the morning.

"The bike should be ready soon," said Michael, thinking aloud. "Why don't you take your time, have a shower and get ready while I pick it up, and then we can get on our way and head back to your place?"

"Michael -- " Jeff said, his face giving away his mixed emotions. " -- would you like me to come with you?"

Michael burst out in laughter. "Yeah, sure, we'll walk down to the garage hand in hand. That'll get the whole suburb talking!" He looked to Jeff to join in the joke, only to realise Jeff had been serious. A feeling of guilt came over him. "I'm sorry, Jeff, I didn't realise you meant it. You know how well known you are. You couldn't possibly manage to do it without being recognised, and having to answer all kinds of questions."

"I know," Jeff said, looking glum. "It's just that I feel so, I don't know, guilty I guess. And trapped too. I feel like I'm sitting here like some upper class snob, and sending other people out to do my work for me. And I'd love to be able to walk around the streets with you, as your friend, just to be with you."

"I guess being famous isn't so great after all. Don't let it upset you, handsome. I don't mind, honestly. I'll only be a little while, and we can get out of here," Michael re-assured him.

Less than half an hour later, Michael was back with the repaired motor bike. They placed their beloved head gear in the carrier, donned the helmets and hit the road. Jeff was exhilarated by the feeling of riding pillion. With the helmet on he couldn't be recognised, and the wind rushing through his clothes as they sped towards the city felt great. He held on to Michael for support, leaning into his man and wrapping his arms around Michael's waist. It didn't take long for him to realise that he could easily reach down and grip at Michael's cock, kneading the flesh through his jeans, and feeling the growing hardness of that special part of Michael's body that he adored. As well as that, he was getting aroused himself, and he pushed his body forward, feeling his chest and his groin come into close contact with Michael's back. He rubbed himself up and down as he held close, turning them both on.

They stopped at a set of traffic lights, and Michael leaned back to him. "You wanna be careful there, sunshine! Too much more of that and I'll lose concentration, and we'll be off the road."

"What a way to go!" Jeff laughed.

As they continued their ride he kept up his teasing, enjoying it immensely when he knew that Michael could do nothing to stop him, and that they were in full view of the other road users who had no idea what he was doing.

Finally they reached the house and Michael pulled into the driveway, up close to the intercom and keypad. Jeff leaned over and punched in the code, and the heavy gates swung open before them. As they parked in the garage and let themselves into the house, Phillip was waiting for them.

"Good day, gentlemen. I trust you had an enjoyable evening? There are cool drinks on the terrace when you've changed, and towels by the pool."

"Thanks Phillip," said Jeff. Michael simply smiled. 'I could get used to this', he thought to himself.


Chapter 4

They idled away the rest of the morning and the early afternoon lying around the pool, swimming occasionally, or resting against each other and enjoying the view of the harbour. It was wonderful doing nothing, yet doing it together, and they were both completely contented, and so comfortable with each other. Late in the afternoon, Michael was lying stretched out in the lee of the sea wall beside the pool, his head on Jeff's lap and Jeff's fingers in his hair, playing carelessly. His eyes were half closed and Jeff's voice floated down to him.

"Michael, have you had sex with many other men?" His voice sounded far away, casual, like he was asking if Michael wanted another coffee.

"Hundreds!" Michael said easily. "Didn't you notice the revolving door in my bedroom? Ooww!" the last comment as Jeff's fist landed on his upper arm.

"Be serious," Jeff demanded. Michael opened his eyes and looked up, but Jeff's head was still tilted backward, his eyes closed again.

In a sickly, saccharine voice, Michael purred, "You found me out, my darling. Until we met I was a virgin. Living in a convent and surrounded by randy nuns, but I saved myself until you came along."

"Yeah, I could tell!" replied Jeff in a tone thick with sarcasm. Then his voice changed, and when Michael looked again, Jeff was staring directly into his face. "But honestly, I'm curious to know. You see it's just that I haven't."

Michael sat up now, facing Jeff. He sensed his friend wanted to say something, had something on his mind. "Jeff, I was hardly the picture of innocence the night I met you, but that doesn't matter does it? I mean, we have each other now, and that's what is important."

"Of course!" Jeff responded immediately. "I was only asking because, well, my experience is fairly limited. I guess that I have only had sex with a handful of people before we met. Because I always had to be so careful, I only got out to the bars or clubs rarely, and even when I did, more often than not I would stand around and perve, show myself off, maybe get a grope or two and then come home and wank off." He spoke slowly, quietly, and Michael let him continue. "The night we met -- it was the first time I had had sex in more than four months!"

Michael tried to read the thoughts behind Jeff's words. "So what?" he declared. "I don't care whether you had thousands of men before me, or none. As long as you're happy with me now."

"Believe me, I'm more than happy. Ecstatic!" Jeff enthused.

"Then why are you asking? Why are you telling me this?"

Jeff hesitated a second. "Well, firstly, I just wanted to be sure you were satisfied. I wanted to know if I, um, 'measured up' to the others."

Michael held Jeff's head and kissed him softly on the lips, then slid his hands down to hold Jeff's fingers tenderly. "Since I met you, I haven't thought of another man. I couldn't imagine being with anyone else. You are the best, most wonderful person I've ever known. And you're pretty fuckin' hot in bed too, lover!" he added with a grin, trying to lighten Jeff's mood. "So, the second reason is ...?"

"The second reason is, that I have never had sex without a condom ..."

"Neither have I," Michael butted in before Jeff went on.

" ... and I, ah, was wondering if, um, you would like ..." his voice trailed off, the words deserting him.

But Michael knew what his question was. His mind reeled, and he thought before he spoke. "Jeff, that's a huge step! You know what it means, don't you?"

"I'm sorry," Jeff stammered. "I should never have even raised it. I had no right."

"Hey, hold on a second. I didn't say no. You just took me by surprise. I've always wanted to know what it was like, always hoped that one day I'd meet the right guy, and we could commit to each other enough to throw away the rubbers." He stopped as he thought again, his brain racing to catch up with his emotions and his thumping heart. "I must be a bit slow after all, but it's taken me until this moment to realise ..."

He looked deep into Jeff's eyes, the pools of green flickering back at him. "Jeff, YOU are my Mr Right. I, um, I ... love you!"

"I love you!" Jeff said at exactly the same moment.

The pair crashed into each other's arms. They laughed and cried together and held each other tight as the full weight of what they had said, of how they felt, sank into them. Together they sat and watched the sun sink behind the towers of the city, still holding onto each other. Phillip came to enquire if they would like to eat, and Jeff disentangled himself from Michael for a moment, having a whispered conversation with the butler, before returning to Michael's arms.

"What did you tell him?" Michael asked.

"I told him we'd have a light snack, and then go to bed early."

Michael grinned and Jeff returned the look with a wink as they settled back into each other's arms.

Half an hour after they'd eaten, Jeff was standing on the edge of the pool, looking out over the harbour. Michael could see from where he sat the broad shoulders and firm butt of his lover, and his desires began to awaken. He walked up behind Jeff, sliding his arms around the other's body and nudging his chin onto Jeff's shoulder. As they stood there, holding tight and rocking slightly, Jeff could feel the hardness of Michael's growing erection against his butt. He pushed backwards, rubbing himself into the solidity.

Michael whispered into Jeff's ear, "Hey, handsome, time for bed!"

Jeff hummed his assent, and Michael took charge, leading his lover through the house to the bedroom. As he opened the door, he gasped. The room was dark, the curtains already drawn. On the bed were their leathers, ready and waiting, but the lighting consisted of dozens of candles, in tall holders, spread around the walls. On each of the bedside tables were neatly arranged a bottle of amyl and a jar of lubricant.

Michael looked at Jeff, his eyes wide. "I told Phillip tonight was extra special," was all that Jeff said.

In the warm flickering light, Michael placed his mouth over Jeff's lips and they kissed, long and hard. They tasted each other, tongue wrestling as Michael stripped and tossed away his sarong, then removed the flimsy material from Jeff's body without breaking the kiss. Naked, they stood together, joined at the lips as their bodies pressed against one another, arousal growing. Then Michael broke away from his man, stepped back and looked at him.

"Don't move!" he whispered. Jeff began to protest, but Michael silenced him with a finger to his lips. "In here, I'm in charge, alright?" Jeff nodded, smiling lustily. "Just stand there and let me dress you."

The first thing he did was reach for Jeff's hood. Sliding it down over his lover's face, Michael smoothed the black hide around Jeff's head and over his neck, settling it firmly in place until only Jeff's eyes and lower jaw were visible. Michael murmured approval. He found the hooded form of Jeff's body so incredibly erotic. Below the hood, he placed a studded leather dog collar around Jeff's neck, buckling the wide black restraint in place, and tugging at the D-ring at his man's throat with his fingers.

"I'd love to have a lead to attach to this," he mused, and Jeff grinned evilly.

"Oh yeah," he responded. "I'd enjoy being your sex slave, Michael. Maybe even have my nipples pierced so you can tug on them at the same time?" Jeff's voice was nothing but a low hiss.

"Fuck yeah!" hissed Michael back, as he continued to wrap his man in dark hide. He slid the harness over Jeff's shoulders and pulled the straps tight around his ribs and waist, sitting the rings of silver over Jeff's erect tits. Kneeling down, Michael had Jeff step into his leather posing thong which Michael then slid sensuously up his legs, pulling the straps in place over Jeff's arse and around his upper thighs before cupping the leather pouch up and under his man's testicles. With his palm, he carefully ensured that the rolling jewels of Jeff's manhood were fully and comfortably encased in the supple, shining hide, and gently lifted the triangle of black over the throbbing tube of flesh, struggling to bury Jeff's cock in the leather. Still on his knees, Michael then slid polished black boots over Jeff's feet, before standing again to buckle the waistband of chaps around his lover's mid-section. He took his time as he closed the legs of the chaps around Jeff's calves and thighs, smoothing the gleaming black leather into place and watching it grip tightly at the man's muscles, then took several long minutes to run his hands and fingers up and down those dark, hide bound pillars, and all over the rest of Jeff's muscled, trembling body.

Done, Michael stood back and drank in the leathered vision. This man before him was stunning, and he was his!

Jeff had remained still and quiet as ordered, delighting in the sensuality of having Michael dress him. Now he spoke. "Your turn, stud," his husky voice promising. "If I'm going to be your slave, then I should make sure my master is properly outfitted."

Now it was Michael's turn to stand as Jeff ministered to him. Starting at Michael's feet, Jeff knelt almost prostrate on the floor and fitted each boot slowly to his man, bending down, and sniffing, then licking at the polished black leather as he did. Michael looked down at the leather bound, hooded figure worshipping his booted feet, and he was so turned on he trembled. A drop of precum oozed from his cock and slowly fell, trailing a long slender thread, to land on the back of the hood below. He remained fixed in place as Jeff buckled his chaps around him. He revelled in the sensual feeling as the leather coverings were tightened and smoothed around his legs, felt the hide grip firmly against his skin. Jeff remained kneeling before him as Michael watched his lover fasten the chaps, then felt Jeff's lips and tongue trace the lines of his inner leg, slowly, tenderly, all the way from his ankles to his thighs. Michael moaned with aching pleasure at the sensation.

Michael found this entire ritual unbelievably exciting. He was incredibly aroused at the slow attention of Jeff's hands and mouth, and found this process of transformation of himself and his man from regular guys into leather encased gods one of the most erotic experiences he had known. Jeff continued and Michael felt the binding leather of his harness being fixed in place against the flesh and muscle of his torso, and again his skin tingled and he emitted quiet moans of joy as Jeff's mouth followed the straps of hide, licking and biting at him. His arms were wrapped in black studded gauntlets, his biceps bound in wide belts of dark leather. As Jeff pushed the glasses onto his face, and settled the cap on his head, Michael felt complete and powerful, dominant and ready.

"What about this?" Michael asked in a low murmur, his hands around his cock.

Jeff spoke in a firm tone which allowed no argument. "THAT is staying naked tonight! Nothing is going over it except me!"

Jeff's lips brushed against Michael's again, but this time their joinder was crushing, powerful and urgent. Michael ended his controlled stillness to attack Jeff's mouth. Becoming the master now, he forced his tongue between the other man's lips, one hand clamping at Jeff's jaw while the other gripped the back of the leather clad head. Michael's teeth opened, his tongue invaded Jeff's mouth. He explored teeth and gums, tasted his lover and breathed with him as they locked together. Jeff gave no resistance, surrendering to the masterful force of his mate, allowing himself to be violated and thrilling to the sensation. He happily became the submissive partner in their lust.

It was as if the completion of their dressing had transformed them, and released their inhibitions. They moaned and growled, hissed and licked and bit at each other as hands and teeth and tongues explored. They pressed to each other, gripping, rubbing, feeling as they stood together, limbs intertwining as the powerful urges of masculine desire were indulged and they possessed each other, seeking new ways to hold and own the two bodies they shared. For an hour or more they stayed like this, attacking each other with forceful, growing passion.

The desire they knew, the urge they felt, increased steadily, driving them on. Finally, Jeff could wait no longer. "Michael," he pleaded like a child, "I need you, take me please, fuck me!"

Michael needed no convincing. He himself was almost manic in his lusty need. He pulled away from Jeff for a moment, and slowly lowered his lover to the bed, laying him down and climbing over him. Michael pulled Jeff's legs apart and slid between them, resting his weight on his elbows as he leaned into and over his man, kissing again as they ground their aching bodies against each other. With his nerves racing and his cock throbbing and hard as rock, Michael rubbed himself against the leather encased man below him, and knew that he had to be inside this vision, to take him and own him, now.

"Jeff," he hissed, the need apparent in his voice. "Are you still sure ..."

"Yeah, oh fuck, yeah!" Jeff muttered. "Fuck me! Use your naked cock and own me, Michael!"

Speedily, almost desperately now, Michael smeared lubricant over and along his manhood. The coolness of the gel helped to slow his ardour a fraction, and he looked long and hard at the writhing, begging shape of Jeff, his skin shining against the gleaming black leather he wore. Inching forward, Michael leaned again and felt the warm tender skin of Jeff's anus come into contact with his throbbing cockhead. Jeff's eyes were wide open, taking in the vision of Michael's black bound body as it hovered over him, and he felt the pressure of Michael's prong at his entrance. He nodded to his lover, reaching for a bottle of amyl and breathing it in to relax his resistance and intensify the pleasure he anticipated.

As the first rush hit his system, Jeff twitched with pleasure. Michael saw the wave of reaction roll through his lover and pressed forward, his meaty cock opening Jeff's sphincter and forcing apart the ring of muscle to enter his lover's body. A tremendous sensation of gripping heat filled him as the head of his prong slid within Jeff's anus. He leaned again, slipping a little further into that warm wet hole, and took the bottle of amyl from Jeff's hand, holding it to his face and sniffing deeply. Within seconds the drug hit his system, his heart racing and his nerves tingling with enhanced sensitivity. As he handed the bottle back to his lover who took another toke, Michael pushed himself down, and Jeff moaned with pleasure as Michael's steel hard weapon sunk itself deeply into the wet cavern of Jeff's bowel.

Michael marvelled at the sensation. His naked, tingling sword was enveloped in the most amazing heat. Jeff's very innards gripped and washed over Michael's flesh, holding him and caressing him. He had no idea that there could possibly be such a difference without the latex sheath of a condom. Gasps and groans of delight tore from his throat as he buried himself to the hilt in Jeff, his balls slapping against the firm skin of Jeff's arse as his lover's leather encased legs wrapped tightly around his waist. He lifted a fraction, and felt Jeff's gut suction against him, felt the clamping of Jeff's sphincter around the shaft of his rigid pole, and he shuddered with the overwhelming pleasure it imparted.

Instinctively, Michael humped back again, driving his cock deep into Jeff once more. The man below him moaned in ecstasy and Michael quickly began a rhythmic thrust and parry, in and out of the man he loved. With every push he felt Jeff open to him, and at each withdrawal his man's arse clamped tightly around him reluctant to surrender the insertion he had made. Faster Michael humped, deeper and longer he shoved his mighty dagger into Jeff's receptacle. More whiffs of the amyl drove the two onward and they rutted in animal need, driven to mate with each other as Michael pounded and Jeff writhed and clenched. The leather they wore rubbed and squealed in protest as they stretched and pulled at each other. Michael thundered his way ahead, pumping and ploughing himself deep into Jeff, harder, faster, deeper as they joined in frenzied abandon. The slurping wet softness of Jeff's gut wrapped around Michael's invading, rampant cock and Michael buried his masculinity in that welcoming moisture again and again. The two men humped and hissed, swore and sweated. They fucked each other, fucked hard and demanded more, needed to become one.

Michael felt the tide of passion seeping through him, felt the irresistible urge growing, spreading from his pistoning, shuddering cock throughout his aching tingling body. His entire being thrilled to the all embracing pleasure of his coupling with Jeff's writhing form. He powered on, continuing his raging thundering assault on the compliant welcoming cavity of Michael's arse and thought he could prolong the ecstatic pleasure, but suddenly, without warning, his climax overcame him. A strangled yell of surrender was wrenched from his throat, and his thumping cock swelled and plunged one final time into Jeff; as he shuddered and twitched in ultimate pleasure.

Spasms of desperate abandon rocked him as he speared his lover and his member erupted, shooting a torrent of white hot cream into the waiting receptacle of Jeff's innards. Again and again he shook, his essence filling the man beneath him, flooding Jeff's body with his manjuice as Michael emptied his very being into his partner. As his nuts pumped their load into Jeff, Michael felt Jeff's arse clench hard around his shaft, felt Jeff tremble and shudder, and suddenly the twitching, writhing body below him spewed a river of cum from the black leather pouch stretched over Jeff's cock. Litres of jizz seemed to stream from Jeff as a lake of sticky white formed on the sculpted abdomen.

Almost as quickly as it hit, the climax subsided. Michael breathed out long and hard, and collapsed onto Jeff, squelching the pool of jism between them. Slowly, tenderly he withdrew his still throbbing prick from Jeff's ravaged hole, the final moment of disconnection sending shudders through both of them as Michael rolled onto his back and pulled Jeff over to lie on top of him. Mashing together in the squelch of ejaculate, they kissed again, a long unbroken sharing of sated joy. Michael's hands held again the leather hood over Jeff's face, and he looked into the eyes which were within the slits of the mask.

"I love you, my slave boy!" he whispered.

Jeff was still catching his breath from the incredible union, and he gulped back, "I love you too, Sir!"

When finally they lay side by side, the glow of post coital warmth on them, Michael rested his arm across Jeff's now sticky stomach, his fingers teasing along the length of flagging black tube that was Jeff's leather encased cock. He watched the flickering of the candles, and the wisps of smoke that drifted over them, and said quietly to his lover, "Jeff that was just unbelievable!"

Jeff hummed an agreement, snuggling closer to his man.

Michael went on. "Wouldn't it be fantastic to have a special room, set up with candles, and whatever, all dark, just for us to make love in?"

Jeff's ears pricked. "Are you serious?" he asked.

"No, of course not, I was just fantasising," Michael smiled, speaking slowly, unconcerned.

"But we could do exactly that!" said Jeff, becoming enthused. "What a brilliant idea, a 'sex pit'. I'm getting horny again, just thinking about it."

Now Michael lifted himself up to stare at Jeff's still leather enclosed eyes. "It is an exciting thought," he said, catching some of Jeff's enthusiasm. "But how, where?"

"There's a room downstairs, a huge empty space. It was originally set aside to be a wine cellar, but I never used it. We could transform it!"

"Then we will, handsome!" Michael declared. "We'll make our very own 'leather cave', and we'll make love there over and over every weekend!"

Jeff grinned happily at Michael, turned on still by the mirrored glasses, visor covered cap and black leathered body of this man. 'Every night, if I had my choice!' he thought to himself.


Chapter 5

Back at work on Monday morning, Michael was still so exhilarated by the weekend, still so amazed at the incredible experience of pure, natural sex and the unbelievable rush of emotion in realising that he loved Jeff and that Jeff loved him, that he failed to notice the lack of usual bullying from his co-workers. It was only after lunch, when his supervisor asked him to get some materials from the storage area, that it occurred to him that the man had actually asked, rather than ordered. For the rest of the afternoon he took more interest in his surroundings, and it quickly became obvious that the focus of ill will from his boss and the other cruel hard men had shifted away from Michael, and was now directed at Tim, a younger guy who had started work three or four weeks earlier. Michael felt sorry for the young man, but he'd had his turn at being the butt of the jokes and the target of the others, so it was a relief to have them leave him alone at last.

For the next few days, he kept his head down and got on with his job. He pitied Tim, but figured there wasn't a lot he could do about it. Once these guys decided to pick on you, that was it until they tired of it or someone else came along. Still, he had difficulty understanding why Tim was now the target instead of himself. Michael was short, and quiet, and seemed to have been an easy mark. Tim on the other hand was tall and well built, quite good looking in fact. And as far as Michael knew, up until Monday morning he had fit in well, joining in the conversations and the jokes with the others, the complete opposite of Michael when he had started work.

Now, however, when he saw Tim around the site, the young man looked positively miserable. Nobody spoke to him, except to bark orders at him, or to deride him and laugh at his discomfiture. Michael stayed away, not wanting to hear the harsh comments of the others, knowing all too well what it was like to be on the receiving end of their cruel humour. It was late on Thursday afternoon when he finally found out what was going on.

He had delivered a load of bricks to the area where a number of men were working, and as he went to move away, Tim was standing right beside him, looking haggard. Michael's heart went out to the young man.

"Don't worry, they'll get over it soon, and pick on someone else," he said quietly. Tim smiled weakly at him, and it was obvious he was grateful for the kind words.

Suddenly a voice boomed out from behind them, "Hey there you little poof! Quit slacking off and do some bloody work for a change!" Michael spun around automatically, ready for a string of abuse.

"What do you think I'm doing?" he said quickly.

"Not you, Mikey," his supervisor dragged out the name, which Michael hated -- he detested anyone using any shortened version of his name, and this got him even more worked up. "I was talking to the pretty little gay boy there!"

Michael spun around to look at Tim, and realisation dawned as Tim's head hung low again. But Michael was ready for a fight by now. "For fuck's sake, can't you give him a break!" he said.

"What do you care? If the queer can't take a little name calling, then maybe he shouldn't be here in the first place."

"I can't see why not," Michael bristled. "It seems to me that he works a hell of a lot harder than most of the lazy arseholes around here. Not that it matters, but how do you know he's gay anyway?"

"Bob saw the little fucker goin' into one of them gay bars!" his boss responded, a little taken aback by Michael's stance.

"So what was Bob doing in a gay bar to see him there, have you asked yourself that?" Michael retorted, and behind him he heard Tim stifle a laugh. That made the supervisor even more angry.

"Listen, here you little shit! Stay out of it, before I start to think you're one of them fairies too."

"What if I was? It makes no difference. You can't make someone's life hell just because they're gay," Michael spat back at him, getting more and more worked up by the second.

His boss exploded. "You ARE queer, aren't you? I shoulda known, you always were outta place here."

"Yeah, I'm gay," Michael shouted back. "So what are you going to do about it?"

"Get out! Get out now! You and your boyfriend get off my site, and don't come back, if you know what's good for you." The man's voice had descended into a threatening evil hiss.

"Get fucked!" said Michael with venom, turning and walking away. Tim followed him a step behind, catching Michael's arm as they reached the street.

"Hey, man, thanks for standing up for me," he said.

Michael looked at the younger guy, and reality began to hit home. "Tim, I'm sorry!" he said.

"What for?"

"If I'd kept my mouth shut, you'd still have your job. I shouldn't have gotten involved and shot my mouth off like that."

Tim laughed. "It's okay. I was just about ready to quit anyway. I couldn't take much more of the shit I was copping."

Michael managed an apologetic smile. "I'm still sorry for getting you sacked. Do you need a ride home?"

"Yeah, that'd be great if you don't mind."

Michael dropped Tim off at a small house not far from his own flat, apologising again. He was wracked with guilt, and at the same time seething at the foreman. And then it began to dawn on him that he was unemployed too. With no education and no real experience, finding a job wasn't going to be an easy task.

He was feeling completely dejected, and not a little scared, by the time he got home, as he looked around the tiny, drab flat. He knew exactly how much he had in the bank, and that meagre amount of savings was not going to tide him over for long. So much for trying to get out and find a better life. Still, he had Jeff, and Jeff didn't seem to care where he was from or what he did. The weekends with Jeff more than made up for the rest of the time here alone. Lost in thought, Michael jumped when the jarring ring of the phone jolted him from his reverie.

"Hi there, stud," came Jeff's voice, confident and chirpy as always.

"Hi," Michael responded flatly.

Instantly there was concern on the other end. "Michael, are you okay?"

"Yeah, I guess." But he wasn't, and suddenly it was all too much for him. Michael began to sniffle, stammering out his words. "I, ... I got sacked. I, um, don't have a job anymore," he mumbled into the phone. Jeff knew his man well enough by now to know there had to be more to it than that, but he held his tongue.

"Michael, are you okay to ride?"


"Then get your arse over here as fast as you can, okay? I'll make sure dinner's waiting for you, and we can have a good long face to face talk."

Michael quietly agreed, and Jeff rang off. Michael dressed quickly, and jumped on his bike, heading across town. It occurred to him that the trip from one side of the city to the other, from his flat to Jeff's mansion, was like a trip from one world to another, like fleeing from all that was awful to the safety and warmth of his man's arms. And that was exactly what happened. As soon as he arrived, Jeff was there waiting for him, holding him tight and assuring him everything would be okay. As they sat together on the balcony, Michael repeated the whole sorry story to Jeff's growing indignation. As he finished, Jeff seethed.

"They can't do that to you!"

"They already have," said Michael in a resigned voice.

"No, Michael, I mean they CAN'T do it. It's against the law. There are rules about discrimination which make it illegal for someone to be fired just because they're gay. Both you and the other guy -- Tim? -- have rights, and this company you were working for can be in big trouble for what's happened."

Michael looked unhappy and confused, and Jeff realised that this wasn't what he wanted hear right then. He held Michael's head again, ran his fingers through the smaller man's hair, and whispered that everything would be alright. But as he did, his mind raced, angry at the injustice done to his lover, and determined to do something about it.

That night Michael slept soundly in Jeff's arms, comforted by the presence of his lover, but Jeff tossed and turned, his thoughts continually on the wrong done to his man, and to the young Tim.

Next morning, Jeff was up and about already when Michael surfaced. Michael wandered out to the living room to be greeted by Phillip.

"Good morning, Mr Michael," came the genuine smile. "Mr Jeffrey is on the terrace. Will you join him?"

Jeff had a pad and pencils spread out before him, making notes furiously. He looked up when Michael came through the doors, and smiled widely.

"Hi there, sleeping beauty. How are you feeling this morning?"

"Better!" said Michael, and he meant it. Jeff's concern and comfort had let him sleep well.

"Michael, I have a suggestion for you," said Jeff, becoming serious. "But if you tell me to back off I will, no arguments."

Michael was curious. He had never seen Jeff so animated, well, outside the bedroom anyway, and so serious, before. To his questioning look, Jeff went on.

"What happened to you is wrong, illegal," he said.

"So you said last night!"

"But I want to do something about it. You know my vacation is over next week, and we go back into production again?" Michael nodded. "I would like to make this our first investigation. An exposÈ on discrimination against gay people in the building industry."

Michael nodded again, Jeff's enthusiasm was infectious. "That could work," he said cautiously.

Jeff looked him fully in the face. "But to do it, I'd need someone who was prepared to stand up in front of the cameras and tell their story."

"Me?" Michael said in sudden realisation.

"Only if you felt comfortable. It wouldn't be easy. You'd be 'outing' yourself to millions of people. If you have the slightest doubt, the smallest concern, I won't do it to you. I love you more than to just use you for a story." Jeff's face told Michael he meant every word.

Michael thought for a second. "It seems to me that I've already 'outed' myself to everyone I work with. By now it will be all over the company. And they aren't people I care about. In fact the only one I really care about is you, and I guess by now you already know I'm gay." He smiled at last, and Jeff broke into a huge grin, throwing his arms around Michael's neck, and kissing him hard. "I'll do it!" said Michael, certainty in his voice. "And what about Tim? He might back us up."

"Do you know how to reach him? If he would agree, that'd be even better," Jeff said.

"I know where he lives -- I dropped him there yesterday afternoon."

"Then, we'll go and see him, ask him if he'll help," declared Jeff.


"Michael, this is my way of backing you up, but it's also what I do, remember? This is one time when being well known gives me the upper hand." Jeff went quiet for a moment, another look of deep thought on his face. In a quieter, less certain tone, he continued. "There's something else I want to ask you," he said.

Michael felt uncertainty again, at the unusual tone of his man. "Go ahead," he replied.

"This is completely apart from any story, completely separate from what happened."

Michael's concern grew. What was Jeff getting at?

"I've been trying to find a way to ask for a while now, but yesterday's events have given me the best reason ..." Jeff faltered again. "Michael, I, um, " his eyes were down, and for once he was lost for words.

Michael reached for him, lifted Jeff's chin with his hand so they looked directly into each other's eyes. "Jeff, whatever it is, I love you. So just ask, okay? It can't be all that bad."

"Move in here with me? Permanently? If you don't have a job, then there's no point staying so far away, and I want us to be together always." Jeff blurted out in one breath.

Michael was stunned, taken completely by surprise, and for a moment he couldn't speak. Slowly, he found his voice again. "Are you sure? I'm about to become 'a known homosexual'. Do you want someone with that reputation living in your home?"

"More than anything!" Jeff replied quickly. "After all, your address is not going to be advertised or publicised. A few people will have to know, but maybe it's about time I started to open the closet door just a fraction too."

Michael's eyes were moist, his heart beating fast. "Okay," he whispered, and Jeff's face lit up. "Thank you."

It was Jeff's turn now to wipe away a tear. "Thank you! Michael, I love you."

After they'd eaten, they dressed in casual clothes and Phillip readied the car. On the way back to Michael's flat they talked about the story, Jeff explaining in detail the way that he wanted to approach it, discussing with Michael the need for Michael to tell his story on camera and what that would mean -- that everyone would know Michael was gay, and what had happened to him. Michael now seemed unconcerned.

"So everyone knows!" he said. "I guess it's about time. In a way, it actually feels good. No longer pretending to be something I'm not, no longer hiding my real self from people. Not that there's anyone much who matters anyway."

"I'm proud of you!" Jeff suddenly declared, "For doing this, and for being prepared to be yourself in the most public way imaginable. Maybe even a little jealous of you; sometimes I wish I could be my true self as well."

Michael grinned at him. "I suppose it'll make it hard to get another job though." This last comment was almost a spoken thought.

"Yes," agreed Jeff, "it probably will, at least in the short term and in that field. But you don't have to work in that area if you don't want."

"I can't do anything else," was Michael's response. "No experience, no skills, no education. I'm not really an attractive prospective employee, am I?"

"Then do something about it." Jeff took on an authoritative tone. "You've got the brains, you just need teaching. Why don't you go back to school, get your certificate? And then if you want you can go on to university, or whatever."

"And how am I going to do that without a lot more money than I have?"

Jeff smiled uncomfortably. "Michael, you and I are a couple. I love you, and I intend us to be together forever. And that means that my money is yours. For anything you need, including the best education you can get."

Michael didn't answer, just slid down and rested his head on Jeff's shoulder, snuggling into his man again. He was happier than he had ever thought possible.

"And ..." Jeff's tone had changed, he was quieter, and there was a gleam in his eye. " ... if you're around OUR place all day, then you can get started on fitting out our basement, can't you?"

"Mmm," was the response.

"I mean it!" Jeff murmured into Michael's ear. "I really want to turn the basement into a leather paradise. I was thinking black leather everywhere, with a mattress covered in it, maybe even a sling ... ?"

"Yeah?" Michael could hardly keep the excitement, or the lust, from his voice. "Were you serious about getting your nipple pierced too?" he asked, letting his hand rest lightly on the developing bulge between Jeff's legs.

"Uh huh," Jeff nodded.

"Then we'll both do it. Get a piercing each, to match each other. And maybe we can buy ourselves some 'toys'," Michael hissed with a huge grin. The bulge under his hand twitched as Jeff's heart beat faster.

"Now you're talking, stud!" he said.


When they arrived at the house where Michael had left Tim the previous afternoon, Jeff followed Michael up to the front door. It opened to Michael's knock, and Tim stood there, a curious expression on his face.

"Hi," said Michael. "Tim, I'd like you to meet ..."

Tim's eyes had widened and his jaw dropped as he recognised the man behind his visitor.

"Jeff Shaw!" he gasped. "Holy shit! I mean, uhh, sorry about that. Come in, please."

Jeff shook Tim's hand, and the three men sat on a small sofa in Tim's living room. Jeff took the lead in the conversation right away.

"Tim, Michael has told me what happened to the two of you yesterday. I don't know if you realise, but what they have done -- dismissing you because you're gay, is against the law. I want to do a story on it, show them up as the bigoted, prejudiced people they are. If you'll help, I am sure we can really make them squirm."

Tim nodded, listening carefully after getting over his initial shock at a famous TV star showing up on his doorstep. "Why?" he asked.

"Well," Jeff spoke truthfully, "To begin with, it's what I do. I get a lot of satisfaction out of helping people who are being brow-beaten unjustly by others for whatever reason. Of course, it's stories like this that have made my show popular, and I'll be honest with you -- it means I'm using you guys in a way, because it boosts my ratings and that means I make more money. But it also means I can help you too. You probably won't get your jobs back, but I believe you are entitled to be paid compensation for unfair dismissal, and you'll get a chance to take some revenge on the ones who did it at the same time."

Tim grinned. "I like your honesty. And I like the idea of getting back at them. Are you prepared to do this?" he said to Michael.

"Yep," Michael answered in a resolute voice.

"Then so will I," declared Tim. "My family and friends all know I'm gay, so that's not a problem. I've never tried to hide it, but those arseholes just wouldn't let me be," he said vehemently.

Jeff explained again how he intended to do the story, including confronting their supervisor on the site, in front of all the other men, with the cameras rolling. He gave Tim his office phone number, and got a number where he could contact Tim to finalise arrangements. Finally, Jeff and Michael stood to go. Tim thanked them both, then a look of curiosity came over him.

"How did you do this?" he said to Michael. "I would have no idea how to contact Mr Shaw or how to get him interested in a story like ours."

Michael blushed bright red, unprepared for the question. An awkward silence followed as Michael grimaced, trying to find an acceptable answer, but Jeff came to his rescue.

"Tim," he said, conspiratorially, "this is just between us, okay?"

Tim nodded eagerly.

"Michael and I are lovers!"

Tim's gaping look of astonishment was matched only by that of Michael.

"Jeff! You didn't have to ..." Michael began, as Jeff took his hand.

"Yes I did. Tim deserved to know, and you deserved my honest support. And you know, it feels good to have said it!" Jeff beamed, somehow proud and thrilled at his confession to an almost stranger. He spun around, and kissed Michael full on the lips, his arms going around Michael's shoulders before they broke apart again to make their good-byes. This time, Jeff handed Tim another piece of paper with a number written on it. "Tim, this is our home number, if you ever want to call either of us, for advice or help, or even just a chat."

Tim wore a grin which stretched from ear to ear. "Thanks, guys, for everything," he said with feeling. "And your secret's safe with me for as long as you want."

On the way home, Michael held Jeff's hand in his, squeezing tightly. "Thanks for that," he said.

"I meant it, and I'm glad I did it," said Jeff.


That night Michael insisted on dressing Jeff himself, after he had already garbed himself in the close fitting, supple black leather of his harness and chaps. He wore a leather cushioned pouch which cradled his balls, and a snap on cod-piece which only served to make his impressive cock look even bigger within its black hide envelope. Standing in his beautiful leathers, he carefully, tenderly, fitted each piece of Jeff's gear onto the body of his muscular slaveboy. When he was done, Michael stood back, and had Jeff turn full circle before him.

"What are you doing?" Jeff asked.

"Taking in the best view in the world!" Michael declared.

He feasted his eyes on the hunk before him, let his gaze roam over the powerful legs encased in gleaming leather, every muscle and sinew highlighted in black. He watched Jeff's buns dimple as he turned, delighting in the white skin framed by the jet black chaps. Jeff's wide shoulders were criss-crossed by belts of shining leather and his perfect chest underlined by the same dark hide straps, the silver metal rings bringing the hard brown nubs of his nipples into sharp relief, and Michael pictured a silver circle piercing that sensitive flesh. The mysterious allure of Jeff's hooded and anonymous face was so erotic, and Michael sighed as his cock surged within its casing. He ogled the dark triangle of polished leather at Jeff's groin unashamedly. Two full rounded orbs of black were distinctly visible beneath a long, inviting tube of masculinity within that delicious pouch of hide, the shape of Jeff's cock accentuated by the gripping leather.

Jeff rotated in front of his man happily. The thought of Michael just standing and examining him was a turn-on, and he had the added benefit of looking back, and seeing the muscular, leathered figure of his lover staring at him. He concentrated on the enjoyment of seeing Michael, his master, standing there, legs apart, arms crossed, head high and eyes covered by the glasses and lowered cap. Michael's lower body was a wall of shimmering black leather as he stood on pillars of dark hide which led to the bulging package of supple shining material holding his manhood. The polished blackness of his gauntlets and arm bands held his strong limbs in check, and the X of his harness stood out against his skin. Jeff was in paradise.

Bringing the exhibition to an end, Jeff leaned forward to his man, and placed his mouth gently against Michael's lips. They kissed, soft and tender but protracted, savouring the taste of each other, and then Jeff lowered his face and slowly let his tongue trace the line of Michael's harness toward the nipples. Finding his target, he licked and nibbled, bit and blew at the hard brown skin, making Michael groan with delight. Jeff could easily imagine those nubs ringed with silver, and his cock twitched again.

Further he went, lower and lower, licking at the sculpted ridges of Michael's abdomen, feeling the lines of defined muscle beneath his tongue. Inch by inch he dropped his head, and felt Michael's hands on the soft leather hood he wore, holding him firmly and massaging his skull through the hide. Finally Jeff reached his objective, his eyes lining up with the long bulging tube of black leather at Michael's pelvis. He stopped and stared for a long moment, watching the living flesh surge against the covering of polished hide, seeing the roiling balls below move within their envelope of leather. Tentatively, Jeff licked out, his tongue making contact with the bulging log. And then he attacked it, biting at the leather encased meat, chewing on Michael's cock right through the pouch, gnawing at the cod-piece which protected Michael's fleshy manhood. He felt Michael grip even more firmly at his hood, and as Jeff attacked the hidden prick, he revelled at the pressure of Michael's grinding against his face.

Then Michael's hands were lifting him away, pulling him to his feet. Jeff followed the command, and ached with anticipation as Michael lowered him gently onto the bed, towering over him in leather glory. He watched as Michael slowly removed the cod-piece, liberating the rod of throbbing male flesh beneath. Jeff wanted that long thick pole, needed to feel it pierce his hole and fill his body. He pleaded with Michael with his eyes, and his man leaned forward to satisfy the urge they both felt. As Jeff watched, Michael stood over him, Michael's cock jutting proud and rigid, pointing out and up from his body, throbbing. A droplet of precum appeared at the slit and Jeff ached to lick that sweet juice from the spongy flesh. Michael took a generous helping of lube, and coated his weapon, so that it glistened in the candlelight, shining and strong, as Jeff lifted his knees and spread his legs to invite the monster to invade him, to spear itself into his welcoming gut.

Jeff breathed deeply as he lay back, subservient again. He got a brief whiff of tangy sweetness from the lubricating gel, and then the aroma of leather mixed with the musk of his lover flowed over him. He looked up, seeing again the low visor and capped head of his man, the blank mirrors of the glasses he wore hiding his eyes and adding en erotic mystery to him, a masterful sense of domination that Jeff needed, wished for. As Michael's body bent forward and over him, to cover him and possess him, Jeff tingled with excited anticipation. He felt the throbbing solidity of Jeff's cockhead press against his puckering hole, and willed himself to relax and enjoy the fulfillment of his man's love.

Slowly, Michael inched forward, and Jeff pushed back in response. His anus resisted for a moment, and then gave up its fight, and Michael's mushroom cap slid through his sphincter, holding him open and sending shockwaves of joy through his body. He clenched himself around the thick shaft, thrilling to the feeling of being filled, and then relaxed again as his lover drove that meaty prong deeper into his body. Jeff moaned quietly as the throbbing, hot poker made contact with his prostate, and his own cock twitched within its leather case as Michael's rod sank into him, the shaft massaging his erogenous knot of nerves as it did. He let out a soft "hmff" as Michael plunged himself in for the last few centimetres, and Jeff felt the smooth textured hide of the leather envelope holding his man's nuts slam against his bare butt cheeks.

Immediately, Michael began a slow, steady pumping motion and Jeff matched the rhythm, wrapping his legs around Michael's body and drawing him in with each thrust, holding him tightly as he withdrew. Jeff delighted to the gentle loving as Michael took possession of his body. He thrilled to the warm erotic friction of Michael skewering his arse hole, and marvelled at the joyous wonder of Michael's naked cock within himself. Michael's manhood was a hot, twitching log of veiny muscle, filling his rectum. There was no pain, no discomfort, nothing but pure pleasure. Jeff had always enjoyed being fucked, but never in his most vivid imaginings had he thought that the lack of a thin latex sheath could make such an indescribable difference to the sensations he experienced as the living tower of naked, trembling flesh spiked its way into his bowels. He felt so alive, and tingled with passionate sensuality as the velvety steel of Michael's sword probed deep into his welcoming gut.

For over an hour, Jeff lay there in ecstatic delight as Michael probed and plunged at him, burying that long thick weapon deep into Jeff's bowel, or pulling back until only the swollen head remained clenched within Jeff's arse, and then driving forward again. Jeff gasped and groaned with pleasure as Michael sped up or slowed down the tempo of his thrusting assault, bringing both of them to the edge many times before easing back to prolong the total pleasure they shared. For all that time, Jeff's body ached and trembled as he held Michael's log of manflesh within him, taking ownership of that part of Michael's anatomy that gave him so much pleasure. He was consumed by the incredibly erotic feelings as Michael's cock ploughed his hole, and Michael's leather encased body covered him and leaned over him. He felt the gripping tension of the harness straps taut around his chest, and the firm textured leather of the hood encasing his head. His own legs provided added stimulation, lifted up and locked around Michael's waist, shining and black within his chaps of polished leather.

Jeff could have wished for this long deep humping to continue all night. He was in ecstasy as Michael fucked him, but the natural urges of male lust grew in both men. Michael's tempo steadily increased. The speed and force with which he thrust at Jeff built up and up, and Jeff reacted with more and more clenching, humping might. Their coupling changed from a slow union to a thumping, heaving rut as they gasped and groaned, hissed and humped in animalistic passion. Jeff gripped at Michael with his arms, his legs and his arse, as Michael pistoned in and out of Jeff's hole, pounding deeper and deeper, harder and harder at the soft wet heat of Jeff's cavern. Jeff felt his body jerked and pounded, shoved and impaled as Michael fucked him hard, and Jeff fucked back. Knowing that he was close, Jeff reached sideways for a bottle of amyl, and quickly took a long breath. He handed the stuff to Michael, who also sniffed deeply without breaking his motion.

As the effect of the drug began to hit Jeff's body, every nerve tingling, every sensation magnified, he reached up to Michael's chest, and pinched then twisted at the hard brown nubs of his man's nipples. The combination of Jeff's pulling at his tits with the rush of the amyl and the already peaking sensations at his groin sent Michael over the edge. He gave a strangled cry of pure lust, and rammed his cock deeper than ever into Jeff, impaling his lover as his rod swelled and buried itself to the hilt inside Jeff's body. Jeff saw Michael tremble above him, heard the yell, and shook from the final pounding of Michael against him. He felt the twitching of that amazing sword inside his rectum, and as Michael began to shudder, rocked with the spasms of climax, he swore he could sense the thick hot cream of his man's ejaculate filling his bowel. Still holding onto Michael's nips, he felt the wave of passion build up inside himself and surrendered to it as his orgasm crashed through his body, rocking him as his balls exploded and his cock emptied itself, drowning his groin in cum, filling the leather pouch and leaking out onto his stomach.

As the peak of abandon passed and the power of their explosion ebbed, Jeff sighed for joy. Michael slowly began to withdraw, gently pulling his still solid masculinity from Jeff's reluctantly clenching sphincter. They separated, then Michael rolled back to his lover again, throwing his arm over Jeff's chest, holding him tight and kissing him long. In the hazy glow of recovery, sharing the descent from the ultimate coupling, they smiled and held each other. Michael let his fingers wander down Jeff's torso, and Jeff grinned when Michael reached into the leather pouch over Jeff's groin, to find the sticky lake of cum deposited there. Scooping Jeff's ejaculate onto his fingers, Michael licked at his hand, tasting the very essence of Jeff. Jeff rolled to him, and they kissed again, passing that oozing manjuice between them and sharing the cocktail of their fucking.

"Thank you!" whispered Jeff into his lover's ear.

"Thank YOU!" was Michael's response, and they lay together, holding each other close.


Chapter 6

The next day Jeff was still rapt with joy at having Michael move in. He planned a dozen things in his head, and excitedly showed Michael the basement he wanted to make into their 'leather pit'. He started to explain how he would get Phillip to arrange things when Michael cut him off.

"No," he said with a force which made Jeff stop and look. "I don't want Phillip doing this. This room is for just us. I have enough experience in building to be able to do it myself, with a little help from you," he stated. "I don't even know whether I want Phillip to know what's in there!"

Jeff thought on this. "Well, Phillip will have to know what we're doing. He'll need to be told something about it. After all he knows everything else, about us and about the house."

"A compromise then," relented Michael a little. "We'll tell him what we're doing, but that I want to do it as a special project for myself. And ask him not to go in there whenever we are in the house at all. I guess, knowing how he is, that he'll want to go in when we're not around, to clean up, but I don't want to know that he's seen it."

"Okay," smiled Jeff happily. He looked at Michael again with a strange grin.

"What?" asked Michael, trying to read the look.

"Do you remember last weekend when we were dressing each other?" Jeff started, and Michael grinned widely.

"How could I forget?"

Jeff ignored him and continued, "We talked about having our nipples pierced. Were you serious or was that just something you said in the heat of the moment?"

"If I recall correctly, it was you who said it in the heat of the moment, and I just agreed," Michael grinned wickedly, "but it is a hot thought, and I would be seriously interested in it," he finished.

Jeff relaxed a little again, and smiled at his man. "I hoped so. I thought about it a lot last week, and had Phillip make some enquiries ..."

Michael rolled his eyes again, and Jeff began to pout. "Michael, why won't you just accept the fact that Phillip is a part of me, and now a part of us. He knows everything about me, about us, and he can be a tremendous help."

"I keep wondering if he's actually going to join in with us one night, you know?"

"Don't be like that! If you'll just accept that he's here, and let him be himself, you'll actually find that he does a wonderful job, never passes comment, and it can be very nice to have someone like him looking out for your every wish, and caring for you the way he does."

Michael shrugged, and told himself he would try to accept the strange experience of having a servant around. "Okay!" he said resignedly. "Now what were you saying?"

"Oh yeah, I had Phillip make some enquiries, and if we want to, we can have our nipples pierced in a very safe, clean and discreet little place whenever we want. It only takes about an hour apparently, but then you do have to be careful for a while until the piercing heals."

Michael felt the stirring in his groin, and the beating in his chest. Pierced tits! Now that would be hot! "But aren't you concerned about being seen? What if you're recognised and word gets around that you have it done? How are you going to explain that?"

"Like I said, this place is discreet. And the guy who does it was recommended to Phillip by someone. He says he can be trusted not to say anything."

Michael mused over the possibilities for a while, then made up his mind. "You're on!" he said enthusiastically. "When?"

"Why not right now?" Jeff laughed. "Before we change our minds?"

"Okay," agreed Michael.

They had Phillip drive them to an underground carpark where they took a lift to the salon. An anaesthetising cream was rubbed onto their chest, and they waited while it took effect, and then they were each pierced, as the other held their hand for support. Identical matching rings of surgical steel were inserted into both Jeff's and Michael's left nipples, the circles of silver hanging on their chests. They listened carefully to the instructions on cleaning and bathing, and the warning not to play with them for several weeks while they healed, and then they were home again.

Relaxing around the pool that afternoon, swathed only in sarongs, Michael looked to Jeff and saw the glint of the metal in the sunlight against his man's tanned skin. "Fuck that looks hot," he said quietly.

"So does yours," replied Jeff. I can't wait until it's healed enough to play with. I want to pull on it, and bite it, and watch your face as I do!" They grinned at each other like kids with new toys and started planning their 'cave'.

Monday morning brought a flurry of activity that Michael was expecting but still unprepared for. He was woken by Jeff's kiss, soft against his face, and he stretched languorously in the huge bed, their bed!

"Good morning, darling," he mumbled. That was as far as the lazing went.

"Good morning, stud," Jeff grinned. "Up and at 'em! It's back to work for me, and you have things to do as well." With that, he ripped the sheets away from Michael, pausing to look long and lustily at the naked form of his man as Michael protested, then headed for the shower, resisting the urge to attack Michael's desirable body.

Within a matter of minutes Jeff was shaved, showered and dressed. Michael was just sitting down to a cup of coffee when Jeff joined him and Phillip presented a tray with cereal, toast and juice, and another coffee for Jeff. Michael tutted disapprovingly as his mate wolfed down the food and readied himself to go, but Jeff dismissed his protests.

"Got a lot to do, handsome. But I'll be home as soon as I can, okay?" and with that he was off.

They had decided yesterday that Phillip was to take Michael's keys and drop Jeff at the office before going on to Michael's place to start packing his things, while Michael himself went to the real estate agents to give notice on the flat, then join Phillip and finish packing. Michael showered and dressed after Jeff had gone, revelling in the sense of belonging in this wonderful place, and let himself out, securing the house with the keys and security codes Jeff had presented to him on Saturday afternoon. Michael had protested, but Jeff had insisted that this was Michael's home too, and Michael had gratefully accepted the keys, feeling more and more content with each passing day.


Jeff breezed into his office that Monday morning feeling brighter than he had for a long while. His secretary brought him up to date on correspondence that had come in over the last few weeks, showed him the latest ratings figures -- the show was up again, and growing in popularity all the time -- and presented him with a list of suggestions for possible stories from his research staff. As he began working his way through the assorted papers, she handed him a fresh coffee.

"So how was your break?" she asked, curious at his surprisingly good humour on the first day back.

"Fantastic!" he beamed at her. "I had the most unbelievable time, Suzie, and I feel great."

"Mmm," she smiled, impressed. "Looks like we should send you on a vacation more often, if you're going to come back like this." Jeff just smiled at her and went back to sifting through the work on his desk. As she exited his office, Suzie marvelled at the change in him, secretly pleased to see it, and at the same time bursting with curiosity at the cause.


Michael had notified the agents that he was vacating the flat immediately, and made arrangements with a disinterested woman there about returning keys in a day or two. She cared only that he knew he would be charged rent for another three weeks whether he was there or not, and rambled on about inspections and cleaning before his security bond would be returned. He couldn't care less, and was happy to be away from there as soon as possible. Back at his flat, he found Phillip had already let himself in and started packing clothes in boxes brought for that purpose. Michael was constantly amazed at how Phillip seemed to know exactly what was needed, and had things done with no apparent effort, quietly and unobtrusively. No wonder Jeff relied on him as much as he did.

"Ahh, Mr Michael," he said when Michael arrived. "I'm confident I can get all of your clothing and linen in this trip, and possibly the crockery as well. But what would you like me to arrange concerning the furniture, sir?"

Michael looked embarrassedly at the old, cheap sofa and chairs and other items. They had served their purpose, but compared to Jeff's, they were rubbish. "Nothing, Phillip," he said quietly. "They're not mine. They came with the flat, included in the rent."

"Very good, sir." There was not even a hint of opinion in his statement. "In that case, I believe we can probably have all of your possessions relocated this afternoon."

Michael gave a grim nod. Not that much to show for myself, he thought, and wondered why they were even bothering to take anything other than his clothes and a few personal mementos. The linen and crockery were hardly going to fit in at Jeff's place. He set about helping Phillip pack things into the cardboard boxes, and mused about what the older man thought of what was happening.


Jeff had called a staff meeting for two o'clock for his research people and for discussion on upcoming articles. Most of his colleagues were there early, knowing how he prized punctuality, and he surprised them by being early himself. While he waited for the remainder to arrive, he circulated easily around the table, chatting with individuals, asking about their vacations, listening sincerely to their replies. He joked a little, and joined in with small groups relating funny stories. And he was well aware that he himself was the subject of numerous comments as his staff remarked on his changed demeanour, and the ever present smile on his face.

Calling the gathering to order, Jeff listened to the usual reports on follow ups of previous stories, making his own comments or observations as they went. He ran through a list of suggested topics for possible investigation, allocating priorities to some, assigning others to various people for further research. And then he brought up the subject of the first major story of the new period.

"I want to do an in-depth piece on discrimination in the building industry," he announced.

"Building industry?" one of his staffers asked, as others raised eyebrows. "But there's no real problem there that we know of -- they rely on unskilled labour, so they don't really care about someone's race or religion."

Another chimed in, trying to think ahead of him. "Do you want to look at black market wages, low pay for migrants, that sort of thing, Jeff?" she asked.

"Not this time," he said, firmly. "I'm talking about discrimination against gay people." A few more faces looked at him with confusion. They were not aware of any complaints lately. "I happen to know of one particular company which fired two men last week for being gay," he went on. "I've spoken to both men, and they have both agreed to go public with their stories. Apparently, they had been harassed for some time, despite working well, and were dismissed for no other reason than that one of them stood up for the other against verbal abuse by a supervisor."

He looked around the room, and could see he had their attention. Several were already jotting down notes and he smiled. These people could smell a good story as well as he could. "I want to move quickly on this, confront the man responsible on camera, humiliate him and the company. What they've done is disgusting and illegal, so I want this done properly, okay?"

"We'll need to work it through carefully," said Nick, one of his best writers. "It could be a great angle, but 'Joe Public' still feels a bit uncomfortable with the whole homosexuality bit. These guys who were sacked, are they obvious, you know, camp?"

"No," said Jeff decisively. "Both of them are quiet, hardworking guys. In fact one of them wasn't even known to be gay until they day they were sacked."

"Good. If this is to work, we'll need to make them appear as innocent, and as 'normal' as possible," replied Nick. Jeff didn't particularly like the implication, but he saw the reasoning, and agreed with what Nick suggested. His team had caught his enthusiasm for the topic, and he smiled with satisfaction. He allocated people to different tasks, requested background research, and a legal opinion (standard practice on something like this), and asked one of his best investigators to get out to the site and see if they could get some ground level opinions from some of the other workers -- discreetly!

"As for our two main interviewees," he said firmly, "given the sensitivity of the topic, I'll remain the point of contact with them for the time being. If you want to reach them, come through me, okay?" Everybody nodded in understanding. "Great! Then let's get at it. I'd like to aim for being out at the site to confront this guy on Friday if we can." Jeff smiled again, knowing he could rely on these people. He had a good feeling about this project.


Michael and Phillip had completed the packing, and most of the boxes were loaded into the car. Michael looked at the older man, curious about his opinions. Phillip never let his emotions show, but Michael knew how much he cared for Jeff, and how much Jeff cared for him.

"Phillip?" he said in a questioning tone, "How do you feel about what's happening?"

"It's not my place to have an opinion, Mr Michael," Phillip said evenly.

Michael began to get exasperated. "Forget about what's 'your place', please. Jeff thinks so highly of you, one word from you and I'd be gone. And I can see how much he means to you, too. I love him, truly I do, and I want to see him happy, but I also want to know what you think."

Phillip looked at Michael squarely, for the first time since the day Michael's bike had broken down, he offered something other than pure courtesies. "Mr Michael, I think that what has happened to Mr Jeffrey is wonderful. I have never seen him so happy, and that makes me incredibly pleased."

"But what do you think of me?" Michael persisted. "Do you see me as just using him, chasing his money or his fame? Do you feel upset about my moving into his house?"

"Mr Michael ..."

"Please! Just call me 'Michael'"

Phillip sighed, and sat on the sofa, looking directly at Michael. "Michael," he relented, "from what I have seen and heard, and I see and hear more than I let on, you are a good, honest person. You have never tried to take advantage of Mr Jeffrey (Michael raised his eyebrows but Phillip ignored him) and it is obvious to an old sentimental man like myself that the two of you are very much in love. Mr Jeffrey has needed someone special for a long while now, as I suspect have you."

Michael settled himself down. This was so unlike Phillip, and Michael hung on his every word.

"The two of you have become each other's special person, and I heartily approve of both of you. It gives me great joy to see you together, and I wish Mr Jeffrey had asked you to move in earlier, when I first suggested it to him."

"You suggested it to him?" Michael was astonished.

"Yes, sir," Phillip said with a smile, "how else could I look after you properly, if you were here and he there? And apart from my convenience, you should be together all the time, not just at weekends."

Michael grinned. He suddenly felt a gigantic weight lifting from his shoulders, and knew he loved this older man like a father. Phillip stood and made to finish his task of moving the boxes to the car.

"Oh," he said with another look to Michael, "and it really is improper for me to address you so familiarly. I would be most uncomfortable with anything other than 'Mr Michael'."

Michael laughed. "Okay, have it your way. Thank you." he wanted to hug Phillip then, but knew it would upset the other man, so he simply grinned at him.


As Michael and Phillip completed their task and locked up the flat, Phillip driving the car back while Michael rode his bike behind, Jeff was preparing to end his day. He was pleased with the progress on this new story so far, and looked up with a smile when Suzie knocked at his door.

"Suzie," he said, thinking of what was to come in the next days. "This discrimination project could be quite a story. I've asked everyone for now to make contact with our 'victims' only through me."

"Yes, I know," she said, watching him scribble numbers on a pad.

"Just in case, keep these safe, will you?" he asked her quietly. "These are the contact numbers for them. Their names are Tim Vickers and Michael Simpson, and their numbers are next to the names." He handed her the paper, watching her expression carefully.

She looked at the paper quickly and turned to leave, then stopped and looked back at him. "Jeff," she said, uncertainty in her voice now. "This number for Michael Simpson?"

Jeff looked at her eyes, a lump in his throat. "Yeah?"

"It's your private number at home!"

"That's right," he said evenly, trying to gauge her reaction.

A knowing look came over her, and then she smiled, just a little. "Okay. I just wanted to make sure I had it right," she said. Jeff sighed his relief. She knew, or at least guessed, and didn't disapprove. He knew he could count on her to say nothing.

That evening Jeff grinned like a Cheshire cat all through dinner. When Michael pressed him, he confessed to a sense of secret excitement, that his work was going to mean Michael would be in the studio, meeting all his colleagues, and yet none of them would know the true nature of their relationship.

"It's not that I don't want to claim you," he said, "but there's a certain element of 'danger' in doing something secret but close, which excites me."

Michael understood, and his heart went out to this wonderful man. "And when it's time, I want to see their faces when I tell them about me and you!" Jeff finished. Michael felt concern at that, but held his tongue. Jeff wasn't in the mood to argue, and he hadn't done anything yet that he would regret.

Later, as they completed their ritualistic garbing in the wondrous black hide, both encased in gleaming leather, Michael lay back on the bed, and directed Jeff to kneel between his legs. He guided Jeff's leather hood down with his hands, pressing Jeff's face to his groin where his aching cock throbbed and bulged in its cushion of gripping darkness. As Jeff attacked the mound of dark leather and its contents of throbbing flesh, Michael moaned in pleasure and ran his hands over the hide covering his slave boy's head. Reaching behind to find the item he had hidden under the pillow earlier, he slowly lowered his hands.

"Hey, slave," he hissed softly. Jeff's face rose, the eyes peering out from the black mask.

"Yes, sir?" Jeff said, the excitement evident in his voice.

"You really want to be my sex slave?"

"Yes, Sir!"

With that, Michael leaned forward, and attached a metal lead to the D-ring protruding from the collar around Jeff's neck. The other end of the lead ended in a leather hand-strap which was around Michael's wrist. Jeff gasped with excitement, his cock throbbed and pressed against the leather case of his pouch. An erotic thrill ran through his body as he felt Michael tug at the chain and pull at his neck.

"Where ...? When ...?" Jeff whispered.

"Picked it up this afternoon on the way home," Michael said.

Michael tingled with delight at the sight of Jeff leashed as he was. He marvelled that something as simple as a length of chain running from his hand to Jeff's neck could have such an impact, but he felt so powerful, so dominant and so horny, and he loved it. He also wanted a way to show Jeff how much he meant to him, and how much he loved and trusted him. As Jeff returned to lavish attention upon Michael's groin, Michael knew what he wanted, and it made him ache with anticipation. He needed to have Jeff inside him, naked and raw. He knew what their preferences were, but he also knew that Jeff would in the right circumstances want to fuck him, and tonight he wanted it badly.

Pulling at the lead again, Michael sat up and ordered Jeff to kneel. He ran his hands down Jeff's torso, carefully avoiding the still sensitive left nipple with its beautiful ring of silver, and cupped Jeff's balls in his palm. Sliding his fingers under the leather, Michael pushed the cushion of hide down, revealing Jeff's throbbing solid cock, and hooked the pouch under his nuts. He took a handful of lube, and slowly smothered it over and down Jeff's prick, making the fleshy rod gleam as it bounced and jiggled in his hands. Michael lay back again, spreading his legs and lifting his leather clad knees to form a black frame around Jeff's hooded face and strapped torso, and tugged again at the lead.

"Fuck me, boy!" he hissed in an urgent tone as he exposed his waiting, twitching anus to his lover's view.

Jeff moaned as he was dragged forward. He had guessed at Michael's intentions when Michael had smeared his cock with the lube, yet he was so hard it hurt as Michael continued to control him, yanking at the lead attached to his collar. This subservient role, this surrender of himself to his man, was the most erotic feeling. As ordered, he moved himself forward and as Michael's legs went up and onto his shoulders, the leather of his master's chaps smooth and cool against his skin, he aimed his angry, purpled member at the pink target of Michael's anus and nudged his cockhead against the puckering sphincter.

Michael took a long draw at the amyl in his hand as Jeff's prong took up position at his rear. As the rush rolled through him and his blood pumped, the stimulation was intense. He gripped the lead in his hand, and pulled hard, forcing Jeff to fall forward. Jeff's cock ploughed into him, plunging through his ring and stabbing into his gut. There was a brief flash of pain, and then the incredible sensation of being filled overwhelmed him. Jeff's long naked pole pierced his body, slamming against the knot of sensitive nerve ends that was his prostate, and continuing its probe deep into his bowel.

Jeff moaned at the suddenness of the assault he had been driven to make upon Michael. He feared when he heard Michael gasp that he had hurt him, but Michael's expression was one of pure lust-filled joy. The amazing warmth, the wet gripping surrounding his manhood, was unbelievable as his naked spear was swallowed and caressed by Michael's body. He resisted the urge to cum instantly, willing himself to hold back, as his instincts drove him to thrust and withdraw, driving himself into Michael again.

Michael was in ecstasy as Jeff's rod of steel filled him. The incredible heat, and yet the velvet softness of the flesh covering that dagger of male muscle, felt so good. As Jeff started tentative jabs at him, Michael dropped his booted feet hard against Jeff's upturned butt, and pulled tightly at the metal chain again.

"Come on, slave boy, fuck me! Shove that cock of yours into me hard!" he hissed at his mate as his legs gripped Jeff's body in a leathery vice and his boots urged Jeff's pelvis against himself and into him. He kept up the tension on the chain leash at Jeff's neck, and urged his lover to mate with him, to ram into him and to fill him with incredible pumping pleasure. Jeff shivered with ecstatic delight as Michael controlled him, pulling hard at his neck, forcing his arse down and his cock inwards as Michael's boots pressed at his buns. He surrendered to the grip of Michael's chaps against his waist, and the hissed orders of the dominant man below him were like jolts of electricity in his ears.

Within minutes the two men were humping against each other, fucking at each other in a furious powerful burst of passion. The roughness of the fucking, combined with the eroticism of the barked orders and the leash around his neck, brought Jeff quickly to a peak. He tried to hold back, willing himself not to cum, when suddenly Michael's arse clamped at him and Michael's body shuddered as creamy globs shot from his cock. Michael had struggled against the racing need of climax, but the friction of Jeff's living heated prong in and out of his arse, and the emotional thrill of controlling this man as his slave, were too much, and he surrendered suddenly and without warning to the thundering orgasm. Michael's shooting wads of cream flew up and splattered against Jeff's chest and neck. They seared onto his chin and sticky streamers of ooze dribbled back onto Michael's stomach as his lover's sudden spasm took Jeff by surprise. Losing his concentration, his own explosion raced through him, and his body shuddered as he pumped his load of manjuice deep into Michael, depositing his essence within the squelching cavity as he fucked and rammed at his lover who bucked and blew again and again.

When they were done, breathless and sticky, lying beside each other, Jeff sighed at Michael. "Fuck that was incredible. I can't believe how sex with you just gets better and better."

Michael tugged playfully at the chain, still joining them, his body weak from the ferocity of their fucking. "So you liked this, then?" he asked.

"Oh yeah!" muttered Jeff with feeling.

"Maybe we should think about some other toys? I'd love to see you in a pair of handcuffs," Michael whispered in a husky voice.

Jeff grinned back mischievously. "And the rest!" he said. "I'm hoping for dildoes and butt plugs, maybe even whips!" As Michael tried to look shocked, even though his mind raced with horny thoughts, Jeff smiled. "I'll start making a list if you like."

"Don't bother, I'm sure I can manage," Michael laughed.


Chapter 7

The next few days were hectic, to say the least. Jeff threw himself into this project with far more enthusiasm than anyone at the station had seen him exhibit in a long while. And still he was smiling and happy. More than one of his co-workers commented on the change that had come over him, and Suzie began to find herself pressed for more information, but she knew nothing and refused to speculate. The others knew how close she could be, and gave up pumping her for gossip, but that didn't stop the rumours circulating. By Thursday morning most of the office was convinced that Jeff had fallen in love, possibly even been secretly married, and the question on everyone's lips was 'who is the mystery woman, and why haven't we met her yet?' Suzie herself suspected that Jeff was madly in love, but she held her own opinions as to the rest of it. When he was ready to tell her, he would.

Michael too, was kept very busy. On Tuesday he and Phillip returned to his flat to finish cleaning it up and to hand over the keys. That afternoon, he opened the basement room that was to become their leather cave and began to clean it out. Fortunately it was already lined and dry, and almost empty. Michael noted that there were good solid beams across the ceiling, and that the room was soundproofed by the thick stone walls. He quickly had it clean and empty, just waiting to be transformed. On Wednesday, at Jeff's insistence, he enrolled in an adult education course which was to start in a few weeks time, to study for his School Certificate.

While he was out and about, Michael took the opportunity to browse through a couple of the specialty adult shops along Oxford Street which catered for the fantasies and fetishes of leather enthusiasts. He marvelled at what was available, checking prices and getting inspiration for their cave as he explored. Several times he found himself with the beginnings of arousal as his imagination pictured himself and Jeff using and enjoying some of the more unusual 'toys' that were on offer. By the end of the day he had decided that they simply must have a sling, and a 'slave bench' in their room, and that it needed to be lined with leather as much as possible, with at least one wall consisting entirely of mirrors. He enthusiastically told Jeff that evening of his plans and ideas, and listed some of the items he had seen. Jeff became aroused just hearing about them, and insisted that Michael let his head go, and get everything he wanted.

"And you'll need to pay for it," said Jeff, smiling, "So I got this for you." He handed Michael a credit card. "It's in your name, and there's no limit on it, so get out there and spend!" he declared. Michael started to protest, but Jeff refused to listen. "Michael, I am so unbelievably happy, and it's all because of you. Use this however you want. I know you'll be making us both happy, and horny, so just do it."

Thursday morning saw a brief respite for Michael until the call from Jeff he had been expecting.

"Okay, stud," Jeff half whispered down the line, "We need to do the studio interviews for you and Tim today. I've already called Tim and he's waiting for you, so get Phillip to take you back out to Tim's place, and then bring the two of you here."

"Okay," said Michael, the beginning of nerves starting to gnaw in his stomach.

"It'll be okay, I promise," said Jeff soothingly. "We'll set it up like a sitting room, me and each of you on comfortable chairs, nothing to worry about."

Two hours later Michael and Tim nervously presented themselves at the front desk of the television studios. They had both done their best to dress up for the occasion, and were ushered into a waiting room where Jeff's secretary, Suzie, quickly appeared to welcome them, giving Michael a long look.

"Mr Shaw will be here in a minute," she said in a friendly manner. "He's just finishing up a meeting with the researchers." And then Jeff appeared, full of confidence, and bright smiles.

"Tim, Michael!" He shook both their hands as Suzie watched, and led them through to the studio which had been mocked up in one corner to look like a pleasant lounge area.

Suddenly there were people everywhere, questions being asked, orders given, cameras swinging this way and that, while lights were turned on and off. Someone who introduced himself as Nick declared that they were too dressed up, and insisted that 'wardrobe' would need to find them casual clothes to make them look more like builder's labourers. A woman called Lucy had them sitting in chairs and began dabbing make-up on their faces -- "to cut down the shine from the spot lights", she reassured them. And through it all, Jeff stayed close, constantly promising that everything would be okay, and that they simply had to be themselves.

When all three were attired to Nick's satisfaction, and powdered to Lucy's approval, Jeff left Michael to wait while he took Tim to the fake lounge in the corner and they sat for a while as sound and light checks were finalised. Then Jeff simply sat and asked Tim to tell his story, interrupting every now and then, or prompting him from time to time. Several times they stopped and re-started where Tim had stuttered or lost his train of thought, to make sure it was just right. Next was Michael's turn and as Jeff led him to the corner, he squeezed his lover's shoulder in reassurance. Again, Michael repeated clearly and carefully exactly what had happened the day he and Tim were fired, and again Jeff asked a few questions, prompted a few times, and some parts of it were re-done.

Finally it was over. Tim breathed a sigh of relief, and Michael stood and watched with curiosity as people began altering the lounge room setting to make it look like another room. Jeff congratulated them both, smiling broadly.

"Is that it, then?" asked Tim.

"For today," said Jeff. "We may ask you to come back for some more questions like this, but there's also tomorrow, and that will be the hard part. I want to confront your supervisor out at the site, and I want both of you to be there. Do you think you can do it?"

Tim nodded quickly, and Michael gave a nervous smile as well. Back in his office, Jeff asked again if they were both okay, and getting their assurances he promised them everything would work out for the best. He thanked Tim, shaking his hand, then pulled Michael to a corner where they could not be seen, other than by Tim, and kissed him, quickly but sincerely.

"Thank you," he said softly. "Will you make sure Tim gets home safely? And I'll see you at home tonight, okay?"

Michael nodded and they smiled at each other just as Suzie walked into the room. Michael couldn't be sure, but he felt she gave him an extra long look as she smiled at them.

"Mr Vickers, Mr Simpson? I'll show you out now if you'd like."

As Michael and Tim left, Jeff hurried back to the editing room where Nick was already going over the footage they had shot. "How did we do?" he demanded.

"Great, boss," Nick said enthusiastically. "They both come up really well. They sound and look like honest, hard working guys who have been unfairly treated for no reason. People are really going to sympathise with them."


"And I have more good news," Nick went on. "We've found at least four other men who were working on the site who are prepared to say that they thought both Tim and Michael were hard workers who did a good job, and that this supervisor, Ken, was a lazy bastard who liked bossing people around, and picked on both of them unfairly, and has told them since that he sacked both of them because they were gay."

They'll do it on camera?" Jeff asked.

"One will speak openly, because he was so disgusted with this Ken character that he quit. The others are still working there, but they'll speak on camera if we blur them." Blurring meant editing the interview before it went to air, so that the men's faces and voices were unrecognisable. "They're coming in later today to do the interviews," Nick finished. Jeff smiled.

"Great job, Nick. Let's get these interviews wrapped this afternoon if we can, before tomorrow's field trip."

With four more interviews to do Jeff worked through the afternoon and into the evening. Finally he and his team were happy with what they had, and he began to pack up. From his office he called the house, and asked Phillip to bring the car in to collect him, then had him get Michael on the line.

"I'm sorry I'm late, my man, but I think this is going to really be a great story Michael. I'll be home as soon as I can, okay? ... Yeah, me too ... okay, see you in half an hour ... I love you!"

As he hung up the phone, he smiled a long happy smile, standing and looking out of his window at the lights of the city. A quiet cough made him turn to the door quickly. Suzie was standing there, watching him. He wondered how much she had overheard.

"Unless you want me for anything else, I'll get going, Jeff," she said tiredly.

"Okay, Suzie, thanks." Then he looked up to find her still staring at him with an enigmatic look.

Jeff knew that he had to tell her. She needed to know that Michael was someone special, and would undoubtedly be calling him and seeing him here often.

"Suzie, have you noticed anything um, different, about me lately?" he asked slowly.

She laughed softly. "Jeff, EVERYONE has noticed something different about you lately." He looked shocked so she hurried on. "You are so, I don't know, happy! You're always smiling, joking around. It's like you're a different person, but a much nicer, more contented one."

"So what's the gossip then?" he asked, curious.

"Current rumours have you married off during your vacation to some mystery woman, probably a celebrity who needs to keep her secret as much or more than you." Suzie was honest, no point in hiding it from him.

Michael laughed out loud this time. "Close, and at the same time so wrong!" he said, becoming a little more serious. "Suzie, this is strictly for your ears only, at least for the moment, okay?" She nodded agreement. "I did meet someone truly wonderful during my break, and I have fallen very much in love, but it's no celebrity ..." He trailed off, not knowing how to complete the sentence, so she did it for him.

"No, but after this show goes to air, he might be!" she said, a knowing grin on her face.

Michael was stunned, his jaw falling open before a slow grin spread over his features as she smiled at him. "How did you know? Am I that obvious?"

"No, Jeff, your secret is safe with me. but I saw the way you looked at Michael Simpson, and his phone number is yours. And I heard you just now on the phone. I didn't mean to, but I did." She took a breath and looked seriously at him. "Jeff, I think it's wonderful, and I'm so happy for you, but just be careful -- this business is not as broadminded as it would have you believe!"

He thanked her again, sincerely, and collected his things, walking with her to the underground carpark where Phillip was waiting.

"See you tomorrow, boss," she said and leaned up to give him a quick peck on the cheek, smiling at him and walking away.

At home, he fell into Michael's welcoming arms, exhausted.

The love they made that night was slow and tender. Michael could tell that Jeff was tired, and expected that he would not want to have sex, but Jeff held him tight as they entered the bedroom, and nuzzled his chin into Michael's neck, reaching his hand around to cup and play with Michael's balls and his swinging cock, which quickly began to thicken.

"I thought you were exhausted," Michael said, surprise in his voice.

"I am, but that doesn't mean I don't need you," Jeff said quietly.

Michael picked Jeff up bodily and carried him to the bed, laying him gently on the covers. He began to slowly kiss and stroke at Jeff's body, running his fingers and his lips soothingly over his lover's skin. They pushed the leather wear, which Phillip had as usual laid out for them, to the floor. Michael sensed that his man was too tired for a strenuous session of fucking this night, and resolved to hold him and love him softly. Jeff grabbed for the hood as the rest of the gear tumbled from his reach, and Michael chuckled.

"You are insatiable!" he declared, and Jeff smiled.

"Oh, but look what I've got to play with," he said, wrapping his fingers around the base of Michael's now thick and swelling cock.

With the leather hood in place, Jeff lay back on the bed while Michael continued to lick and bite at him. Still it was too soon to play with the nipple rings, but Michael ensured that every other part of his man's body was caressed by his tongue. He bathed Jeff's prick in saliva, swallowed and massaged his nuts, and concentrated on the sensitive skin of Jeff's perinaeum. As he delved and licked at the twitching hole of Jeff's anus, Michael soaked the pink rosebud with his saliva, lavishing spittle upon the wrinkled muscle.

Michael lifted Jeff's supple and compliant body to himself, and leaned into his man, sliding his cock slowly, gently into the accepting ring of Jeff's sphincter. He probed Jeff slowly and deeply, thrusting in and out then rotating his hips to drive his penis into every corner of Jeff's cavity. He made long, driving love to his man as he looked in excited arousal at the hooded face and took possession of the soft innards of its owner. As he made love to Jeff, Michael caressed and massaged Jeff's cock and balls, his fingers playing with the solid, hard tube of flesh and the rolling orbs in the sac of skin, until he brought Jeff to the point of climax. As Jeff's body shuddered over the peak of blissful passion, Michael continued to hump and thrust into the writhing body, watching as Jeff's cum pooled in a lake of white cream on his stomach.

As Jeff's eruptions subsided and his breathing began to slow again, Michael gently eased his throbbing, engorged cock from the glorious warmth of Jeff's bowel, and knelt over his man as Jeff's eyes peered from their leather mask at him. Already close to the edge, Michael gripped his prick in his hand and flailed at himself, pumping his meat above Jeff's prostrate form. Jeff reached out, and his palm closed around Michael's testicles, gabbing and squeezing at the heavy balls and Michael shook, twitched and gasped as his ejaculate forced its way up and out of his rampant tool. He aimed his weapon down toward Jeff's abdomen, and the fruit of his loins splashed onto the brown skin, mixing with the reservoir of cum Jeff had already deposited there.

Spent, Michael collapsed on his side, lying against Jeff's body, his still hard penis pressing against Jeff's leg. He trailed his hand down and his fingers dipped into the pool of cum on Jeff's abdomen as Michael twirled the sticky jism around, combining both his own and Jeff's semen together. Scooping up a large glob of the mixture, he licked at his hand, tasting the salty sweet juice and savouring it. Jeff watched as Michael did this, his own cock which had begun to flag twitching back into life again. He followed Michael's lead, and collected some of the mixed goo before spooning it into his mouth with his hand. As he too began to taste their joint essence, Michael leaned into him, and they kissed. Their union was complete as the cocktail of their outpourings was joined again, passed back and forward between their lips and then swallowed by the two men. Completely sated, they lay together, and Jeff began to doze. Michael carefully slipped the leather hood from his lover's face as Jeff drifted into contented, if sticky, sleep.


Chapter 8

Friday dawned, the 'big day' for Jeff's confrontation of Ken, the bigoted supervisor who had sacked Michael and Tim. As he lay next to Michael in bed that morning, Jeff looked at the sleeping face of his man and a tremendous wave of joy rolled over him. Something made Michael stir, and his eyes fluttered open to find Jeff so close beside him.

"Morning," Michael muttered sleepily.

"Good morning, handsome," Jeff answered. "Michael, I love you!"

"I love you too," Michael said, coming to consciousness. "Is something wrong?"

"Nothing at all. I just wanted to tell you how much you mean to me, and how proud I am of you. But Michael," and his face became serious, "if you don't want to go ahead with this, just say so, and I'll call it off, right now, no questions."

"No, my wonderful man," Michael said, sure of himself. "It needs to be done, and with you to support me, I guess I'm the best one to do it."

They kissed, long and tender, reluctant to let the moment pass. A knock at the door reminded them the day was here, and Phillip came in after Jeff's call to present coffee and to enquire as to clothes they wanted.

Jeff dressed in a suit, but told Michael to wear casual clothes for the afternoon, and asked him to call Tim and get Tim to wear something similar. They arranged for Phillip to collect Tim after he had dropped Jeff at the studio, then come back and get Michael before taking them both to a meeting point not far from the building site, where Jeff and the camera crew would join them.

By shortly before midday, they were all assembled. Jeff directed proceedings like a general going to war. It was decided that as soon as they all arrived, Michael was to point out the supervisor, so that the cameramen knew whom to focus upon, and then Jeff would lead Michael and Tim over to speak with the man. A couple of burly security guards were to follow close behind but out of camera angle for caution. Tim laughed, "I hope he hasn't decided to take the day off!"

What happened from then on became something of a blur in Michael's mind. The cars carrying himself, Tim and Jeff and the camera crew arrived just as the majority of the workers were returning from their lunch break. Michael stepped from the car, and indicated which of them was Ken, his former supervisor. Jeff checked that the crew had identified the man, and led a caravan of people directly toward him. Ken stopped in his tracks, momentarily amazed to see Jeff Shaw bearing down on him, and then he spotted Michael and Tim in hot pursuit, and knew what was coming, but Jeff had him cornered. With the cameras rolling, he launched into his questions. The supervisor was caught unprepared, and instinctively he tried to defend his actions, becoming angry and rude as he did. And portraying himself as even more of a crude standover man than Michael remembered him.

Jeff launched a barrage of accusations at him, allowing him just enough time after each to make himself look even worse before the next was asked. And through it all Jeff remained calm, ice cold, as he ensured the man dug himself deeper and deeper into a hole.

The last few questions seared their way into Michael's brain.

"So you fired these men for no other reason than that they are gay?"

"Yeah, that's a good enough reason for me."

"But how did being gay affect their work?"

"They're fuckin queers!"

"But they worked hard, did what they were asked?"

"Bloody poofs can't work!"

"I have witnesses who say they were good workers," Jeff pushed the microphone into the man's face again.

"I won't work with no homo's on my job!" Ken was almost shouting now.

"Did they ever try to attack you, or molest you?"

The supervisor laughed. "Wouldn't wanna try. I'd bloody well kill the bastards if they did."

"So you didn't even know they were gay until someone else told you?"

"Whaddas that matter?"

"And then you fired them on the spot? For no other reason than that you don't like gay people?"

Ken spat his words out, shaking with rage. "Look here, fuckwit, I ain't havin' no queers around here. This is my site an' I run it like I want! And that means no poofs!"

Jeff's voiced turned soft but menacing. "Are you aware, sir, that you are breaking the law by refusing to let these men do their job?"

"I DON'T CARE!" screamed the man, furious now. "NO GAYS, OKAY!"

"But they have rights..."

At that the supervisor lost his self control completely. Hurling abuse, he pushed at Jeff, knocking the microphone to the ground, and ran at the cameraman, shoving his hand over the lens. The security men were there in an instant, keeping him away from Jeff, Tim and Michael, and from the equipment, but other than that they made no attempt to restrain him. The cameras continued to record his antics as he lashed out, grabbing pieces of timber and slamming them into the ground, determined to vent his anger in the only way he knew how.

Jeff called a retreat at that, and the team quickly took to their vehicles and made their escape. The camera crew were in one vehicle, and they headed straight back to the studio, while Jeff, Michael and Tim were in Jeff's car with Phillip driving, and they slowly headed for Tim's home. Jeff was really pumped, his emotions able to be released now that he was away from Ken.

"That guy was such a pig!" he marvelled, unable to sit still as he twisted to speak with the others. "I don't know how either of you managed to put up with him for so long. I felt like thumping him, I just wanted to make him eat his words. What an arsehole!"

Michael smiled. He had never seen Jeff so worked up.

"But I got him!" Jeff continued. "I nailed him. He's going to really look like a fool. We'll show the world what a pain he is."

"It's funny, but I almost felt sorry for him," mused Michael. "Being caught off guard like that and all."

"When did he ever give either of you a break?" Jeff exploded. "He deserved everything he got. You're too nice Michael." And then he softened a little. "Maybe that's why I love you," he smiled.

Tim gave an exaggerated grimace which resulted in all three laughing, and the tension ebbed away. They dropped him at his home, and went on towards their own place. Jeff called in on the mobile, and told Suzie he was taking the rest of the day off, and that he would be in first thing Monday morning to see the 'rushes' on what they'd filmed this afternoon. "But it's good, Suzie," he said enthusiastically, "I know it's good!"


On Monday morning, Jeff headed for his office early, still buzzing with the rush from Friday's confrontation. He could barely wait to see how the story was coming together. As he made his way into the screening room, one of the editors who had been working on it over the weekend looked up.

"You've got a real winner this time, Mr Shaw," he said enthusiastically.

As Jeff watched the video roll, he agreed. Everything about Ken screamed 'unfair bastard', and Michael and Tim came across as innocent, battling victims. It wasn't just good, it was great, and Jeff was proud of it. He had Suzie contact the company Ken worked for and inform them that he was doing a story on the unfair dismissal of two of their employees by their supervisor who discriminated against people on the basis of their sexuality, and to offer them a right of reply. Then he locked himself in his office and penned a first draft of the introduction he would use for the piece. By the time his draft was ready to go to the writers for refining, Suzie had confirmed the company was making 'no comment', and Jeff was doing the rounds of the office, congratulating everyone on a great job. Again, his changed personality was the subject of comment, but no-one was complaining. The new Jeff was a very likeable person.

By Wednesday they had recorded the lead-in, and put the finishing touches on the entire story. Jeff ordered a personal copy of the show made for him and phoned first Michael and then Tim, arranging for Tim to come to the house that evening so the three of them could watch the final version themselves before it went to air.

As they relaxed in front of the large screen TV in the study, Jeff lay back and Michael cuddled into him. He hit the play button on the remote and his own image appeared on the screen, explaining about the laws against discrimination, and how those laws were often disobeyed by people who thought they could use their position to ignore them. He gave a brief summary of what had happened to Tim and Michael, and snippets of their interviews were interspersed with shots of building sites in general, and comments from unidentifiable people telling how good, hard working men Tim and Michael were. Then the scene from that Friday afternoon was shown, with Ken ranting and raving, abusing Michael and Tim and then even Jeff before launching into his physical attack. The show finished with a note that the company had been offered a chance to respond, but had declined. The three of them sat in complete silence as the credits began to roll.

"What do you think?" Jeff asked Michael.

"Incredible! If I wasn't part of it I'd be so angry with Ken and with the company..."

"It's great," added Tim. "I actually feel proud to have been part of it."

Jeff grinned. "Well, unless either of you have any objections, it goes to air on Monday night as our first show of the new season. That guarantees an audience of at least one and a half million, maybe more!"

As it turned out, the show rated very well, attracting an estimated audience of over two million viewers across the country. It gained critical comment for it's 'incisive and hard hitting expose' and Jeff received calls and notes of encouragement and congratulations from all quarters. The stations which aired the show had their switchboards jammed with callers, more than 85 percent of whom were supportive of Michael and Tim, and railed against Ken and the company.

In the weeks which followed, Jeff arranged for Michael and Tim to consult a lawyer about what had happened. Tim managed to find himself a new job, working as a shop assistant in a large department store which suited him much better than the labouring work he had been doing, and Michael started school again.


In his spare time, away from the classes, Michael had begun work on their 'cave' as they had both come to refer to it. He had ordered and fixed large floor to ceiling mirrors all along one wall, and covered the remaining walls and the back of the door in heavy padding, over which he stapled a heavy rubber backed material that looked remarkably like black leather, but was much cheaper and easier to work with. Jeff had protested, claiming they could afford to do it in genuine hide, but Michael pointed out that apart from the expense, there was no need as it was purely for show, and added that real leather would probably stretch and sag over time, while this stuff could be easily re-fitted if necessary.

On the floor of the cave, Michael had laid a heavy duty black vinyl flooring, and over that went a layer of underlay similar to the stuff they used for putting below carpets. And then he really started spending money! He had become a regular shopper at one of the leather stores, and had ordered a full platform leather sling, with head rest, supporting chains and foot stirrups. In addition, he had picked out and ordered a 'slave bench' -- a kind of cross between a massage table and a saw-horse which was made of black steel and covered in padded black leather and designed so that a slave could be cuffed or chained into varying positions by restraining arms, legs and/or torso, while still leaving his vital anatomy exposed and vulnerable!

At the same time, Michael purchased several soft black leather sheets, and asked them to take a stack more of the large squares of dark hide, and sew them together professionally with as seamless joins as possible to form a huge expanse of leather. He gave them the measurements, and the salesman whistled.

"That's not going to be cheap!" he remarked. Michael smiled knowingly, assured him it would be okay, and paid a large deposit. His intention was to cover the entire floor in beautiful, supple, aromatic black leather.

While he waited for his orders to be completed, Michael set about making use of the carpentry skills he had begun to acquire. He constructed a set of shelves, somewhat like a cocktail trolley only lower and wider, and placed castors on its legs. He built a simple clothes rack of soft timber, consisting of a high rod for hanging space, with numerous hooks and pegs down the side supports. Both of these were then painted in several coats of glossy black paint. He also fixed strong hooks to the ceiling beams where he wanted the sling to be placed, and finished the ceiling off with insulation pads, and recessed light wells into which he fitted red globes. The roof then got the same covering of leather-look material as the walls, except for a large mirror which he bolted to the ceiling directly above where the sling would hang. He proudly displayed his work as it progressed to Jeff, who teased him about the delays, but secretly swelled with pride at what Michael had done.

Jeff and Michael had settled into their new living arrangements very quickly, and both of them wore almost permanent smiles. They were so happy together and their love deepened with each passing day, under the watchful and silently approving eyes of Phillip, while their enjoyment of each other's bodies continued each night. Jeff's staff still wondered at his change of personality, but since Michael only ever called him on his private direct line which was answered by himself or Suzie and no-one else, his secret remained in place. In fact, Michael and Suzie were becoming quite chatty by telephone, and Suzie also heartily approved of Jeff's new relationship, and the beneficial effects it had brought.

Michael found that he enjoyed school tremendously. He had a sharp mind, and picked things up quickly, so that every new subject was like a world opening up to him. He did well, better than even Jeff had expected. Time passed, and life went from good to better for the two men. They stayed in touch with Tim, who had become a friend, and presided over his well being to some extent, offering advice and encouragement, and constantly reminding him that he should find a husband and settle down.

The shop finally called to say that Michael's orders were ready, and he excitedly collected the items he had been waiting for, adding a number of 'surprises' as he did. He carefully laid and smoothed the leather flooring in place, re-assembled the slave bench, and hung the sling from the bolts in the ceiling beams. A mattress he had purchased earlier went onto the floor against the rear wall, and he covered it with a sheet of the softest black kid leather. In one corner he placed a small bar fridge, which he had painted matte black, and stocked with beer and amyl nitrate.

As he was finishing, he heard a cough behind him, outside the still open door of the cave. Wheeling around and walking out, Michael found Phillip standing outside, looking away from the black room, with a tray bearing a cup of steaming coffee.

"I thought you might like a drink, Mr Michael," said the old man.

Phillip had so far stuck to their agreement, and had not entered the 'cave' since Michael started transforming it. As Michael took the proffered beverage and thanked Phillip, he looked hard at the man, wondering what he thought of the project. Since that day at Michael's old flat, he had not spoken with Phillip on a personal level again.

Watching the butler then, it occurred to Michael that he really had come to rely on Phillip a great deal, and that he felt completely comfortable with him now. Suddenly he realised that Phillip meant a great deal to him, and he wanted to share his thoughts with the older man. Relenting from his previous determination, he spoke softly.

"Phillip, you know what I'm doing in there?", indicating the door to the cave.

"Yes, Mr Michael."

"What do you think of the idea, and don't give me any 'it's not my place' type comments, please?"

"But Mr Michael, if I am not to enter the room, then I can hardly have an opinion on it, surely?" said Phillip evenly, and for the first time Michael detected a hint of disapproval. He felt a wave of guilt wash over him.

"I'm sorry, Phillip. I insisted on that when I first started this, and I guess at that stage I still wasn't completely comfortable about having any other person, including you, know what we were planning. I really would like to show it to you now, and to hear your opinion, honestly. Will you forgive me and take a look?"

The older gentleman nodded politely, and Michael led him into the room, turning on the lights which bathed it in a warm red glow, and said nothing. Phillip slowly, carefully walked around the entire cave, examining everything -- floors, walls, ceilings, and fixtures, without a comment or any expression on his face. Finally returning to where Michael stood, he took in the entire picture, and turned to face Michael again.

"Mr Michael, congratulations!" he said, and with a sincerity which surprised Michael. "You've done a wonderful job. This is most impressive, and I am sure that yourself and Mr Jeffrey will find it very ... edifying."

Michael studied Phillip's face nervously. "You don't find the whole thing at all, um, weird?" he asked slowly.

Phillip took a long breath, and smiled. "Michael," he said, and Michael noted the lack of the formal address, "I think it is absolutely fantastic." Michael was shocked by the change from the Phillip he had become accustomed to. Phillip went on. "I am really quite envious. Envious of Jeffrey and yourself, envious of your love and of this place you now have to enjoy. When I was your age, if one had feelings for another man, one kept them hidden, or sought out brief encounters which satisfied physical urges but left the emotions bereft of expression. Sex between men was illegal, and love was unheard of. It warms my heart to see that you can now enjoy yourself and live your life as you wish, and my greatest pleasure comes from knowing that Jeffrey and yourself are not forced into the celibate fear I knew then."

Michael's head swam. His heart went out to Phillip at that moment as realisation hit him. "You're gay!" he said softly but firmly. Until that moment he had never even given a passing thought to Phillip's sexuality, or lack thereof.

Phillip smiled sadly. "I imagine I am," he said, "or was, but I'm long past any interest in physical congress now. My one true enjoyment is caring for the two of you, and observing you live a full and happy life."

Michael stepped to him and hugged Phillip to himself. The older man coughed and was clearly uncomfortable. "Mr Michael! This really is not proper!"

"Yes, I know, but I had to do it," Michael declared. The moment between them was over, but Michael would remember it always.

"As for the room, sir?" The old Phillip was back.

"Uh huh?"

"Might I ask if it is possible to have a bright overhead light available? These old eyes will find it difficult to properly clean under the soft red lights." Michael smiled and nodded. "And sir? Might I suggest that for your own enjoyment, candles as well as the overhead lights?"

Michael grinned. "That would be perfect, Phillip."

"Then if you'll allow it, I shall see to them for you."

"Thank you, Phillip," Michael said happily. Suddenly, he was glad that Phillip could in a small way contribute to this as well.

The next day, it was finished. Michael looked around the beautiful room proudly, feeling arousal growing as he thought of what he and Jeff would be able to do in here. The whole place appeared to be a giant leather cave, as they had planned, the walls, ceiling and floor all black and textured. The slave bench sat in place and the sling hung in mid-air, waiting to be used. On the low trolley shelves Michael placed his special purchases -- two black latex dildoes, one large and one smaller; a butt-plug, also black; lube; a set of nipple clamps with rubber covered teeth connected by a short silver chain; a string of anal balls; handcuffs of silver and wrist and ankle restraints of soft leather with metal buckles; and a short handled whip made of the softest black leather.

Michael told Phillip that he and Jeff would not be eating dinner that night, and smiled a guilty grin as he told the older man that he intended to drag Jeff into the cave immediately he arrived, and hoped to be there most of the night. When Jeff arrived home, Michael was there to meet him, grinning evilly. Jeff sensed his man's intent, and quickly threw his business clothes into a hamper as Michael led him to the innocent looking door below the main living area.

As they stepped inside their special room, their 'cave', both completely naked, Michael swung the door closed behind them with a heavy 'whumph'. The padded coverings on the walls extended to the door itself so that it fit snugly into the wall, and almost disappeared when shut. Revealed to them both was an amazing, magical place. Jeff gasped, and even Michael was surprised at what he had created. The room was a long black space stretching away from the entrance. The right hand wall was all mirrors, reflecting the rest of the area and giving a sense of being much larger than it was. In the centre of the floor, just in front of where they stood, the slave bench glistened invitingly, its leather padding smooth and oiled. Behind it, swinging slightly, hung the sling, a platform of black leather suspended by chains from the ceiling, foot stirrups of dark hide hanging above and behind the supporting links. It was positioned lengthwise, so that both of them could see themselves reflected in the mirrors alongside.

Against the end wall a slightly raised platform was the full sized mattress covered in leather, complete with black hide-encased pillows. The three remaining walls, and the ceiling apart from where the mirror was suspended directly above the sling, appeared to be textured black leather, and the floor itself was a firm but springy expanse of beautiful hide. The whole scene was lit with a dim red glow from the hidden lights, and brighter spots of flame from a row of tall black candles on stands along the left wall. Michael stared at them, wondering where on earth Phillip had found black candles and black candle stands. Wisps of smoke drifted from the warm lights across the room, adding an ethereal, unearthly air. The cave was black; but a warm, welcoming, sensual black which invited them in, waiting for them to fill it with the sounds and sights of masculine sex.

"Incredible!" said Jeff in a hushed whisper.

Michael smiled, pleased beyond words at the result of his efforts, and turned Jeff to look behind them. There on the black clothes rack were their harnesses and chaps, armbands and gauntlets, boots and collar. On pegs to one side hung several black leather pouches and jockstraps, and above them were Jeff's hood and Michael's cap and glasses. Michael marvelled again at Phillip's foresight, as he pointed out to Jeff the shelving with its array of toys, complete with lube and amyl sitting in readiness.

Jeff said nothing, but his stiffening cock spoke volumes as he kissed Michael's lips long and hard. Michael reached for the leather hood, and gently pulled it down over his man's head, claiming Jeff silently as his slave boy and holding the hide bound face as he kissed him still. Jeff instantly fell into his subservient role, aching with anticipated desire as he backed away from his master and began selecting items of attire for Michael. First of course were the glasses and cap which he placed almost reverently on his man, before he chose a black strapped pouch that would encase Michael's nuts but leave his mighty cock free and ready.

Slowly, determinedly, Jeff the slave dressed his master in sensuous, gripping black leather. He bound a harness around Michael's upper body and tightened armbands around his biceps, and gauntlets on his wrists. Jeff kneeled to slide Michael's boots onto his feet and to fasten and slide into place the gleaming black hide of his master's chaps as they encased the powerful legs. He remained kneeling, his hooded eyes directly level with Michael's glorious throbbing cock and hide enveloped balls, as his master fastened the black leather dog collar around his neck and attached the metal lead to it.

Michael then motioned for his boy to stand, pulling firmly at the chain connecting them. As his slave stood silently, trembling slightly, Michael carefully dressed his plaything in a slow transformation of their everyday personalities. Jeff the confident, dominant investigator became 'Hood', the subservient slave, just as Michael the uncertain labourer had become 'Visor', the controlling, powerful master. Michael wrapped the bands of black leather that formed Jeff's harness across the sculpted chest, settling the rings of silver over Jeff's nipples, and tugging gently at the piercing in his boy's left tit as he did. Jeff moaned in pleasure, and Michael continued, circling Jeff's dick and balls in a chrome cockring before encasing them in a gripping shiny leather thong. He enveloped his slave's long strong legs in gleaming black chaps, and helped him step into polished boots, then stood back, legs apart and arms crossed on his chest as he surveyed his man.

Jeff's hide encased frame was beautiful, and Michael's eyes lingered at the gleaming V of his groin, enjoying the throbbing tube of shining black, his boy's manhood clearly accentuated by the leather, the large nuts below heaving with a life of their own within their dark cushion. Reaching again, he clipped one end of the pair of nipple clamps through the ring piercing Jeff's nipple, and pulled and flicked at the chain gently. Jeff moaned with delight. He had found that since being pierced, his nipple had become more sensitive than ever, and the slightest pressure on it sent jolts of sensational joy through him. He made a mental note to talk to Michael about having the other nipple pierced as well.

A tug at his throat sent yet another quiver through Jeff, and he was pulled back against Michael, their jaws locking as they joined in a long exploratory kiss, tasting each other and savouring the lingering touch. As Michael released the pressure on the lead, Jeff lowered his hungry lips, nibbling at Michael's strong square chin, then licking down his neck to find and follow the black leather band of his harness. As he licked, Jeff breathed deeply, turned on by the scent of the leather against his master's body. Lower he went, until he found Michael's nipple. Closing his teeth over the ring of steel, he pulled lightly, stretching the dark erect skin out, then let go to lick at the sensitive nub. Michael groaned, his hands flying to Jeff's head, gripping firmly at the leather hood as he held his slave against his chest, delighting to the attention at his tit.

With the chain still dangling from his own nipple, Jeff slid slowly away from his man's chest, lower and lower over the sculpted abdomen as tingles of pleasure emanated from the swinging weight at his sensitive aureole. His hands were around Michael's waist and his palms rubbed against the warm skin and cool hide of his lover as he sank slowly to his knees. As Jeff lowered, he felt Michael's proud and erect member, standing out from his body, rub up along Jeff's chest and neck, slapping under his chin until Jeff was level with it, his eyes drinking in the sight of the throbbing rod, twitching in time to the beating of Michael's heart. A pearly drop of his master's essence appeared at the slit in the head of Michael's cock, and as Jeff watched, it slowly grew and dribbled out, falling as Jeff put his hand out to catch the precious liquid, a long trailing streamer still connecting it to Michael's manhood. Jeff lifted his finger to his mouth and slowly licked at the clear viscous juice, then leaned forward to lick at the point where it had escaped Michael's prick.

Carefully, sensuously, Jeff licked at Michael's piss-slit, then laved his tongue all over the throbbing, spongy head, tracing the ridge of his master's glans and nibbling at the skin with his teeth. His lips massaged the veiny shaft, slowly, tenderly working their way along, until he reached the leather cushion holding Michael's testicles. Closing his mouth over the hide, he gnawed and gummed at the rolling balls, tasting the leather and massaging Michael's nuts as he did. Finally, at Michael's prompting with the leash again, he backed away, but only enough to allow his master to place his rampant prong against Jeff's eager lips. Quickly, then, he opened his mouth and his throat, and slid his teeth and tongue around and down Michael's long rod, swallowing its entire length and clamping his muscles around the heated flesh as he resisted the urge to gag and deep-throated the marvellous weapon.

Michael moaned as his dick disappeared into Jeff's gullet. He trembled as his slave closed the warm moist throat around him, and with easy sighs he slowly began to thrust in and out, face fucking Jeff who knelt submissively before him. Michael gripped at the leathered head, and firmly held it in place as he rocked back and forth, probing that glorious oral cavity. For a long time, he held Jeff there, relishing the attention, but when he felt the urges within himself begin to grow, he gently eased his slave away. This was to be a long and satisfying time for both of them, and he was determined not to peak too soon.

Jeff had slurped and suckled at Michael's dong, worshipping the thick meaty cock of his master as he knelt there on the spongy leather floor, and felt the pressure of Michael's hands on the leather covering his head. The binding straps of his harness and the tight hide of his chaps gripped at Jeff, and he ached with ecstatic delight at the erotic sensation of submitting to Michael's dominance. Now his master directed him again, lifting Jeff's face away from the rigid member, and drawing him to his feet by pulling at the lead and collar around his neck. As Jeff stood, his eyes gazed at the blank face of Michael, partially hidden beneath the glasses and visor, and he twitched with excitement yet again.

Michael reached his hand forward, taking the silver circle of metal through Jeff's left tit in his right hand, and Jeff did likewise. As one, they pulled firmly at each other, twisting the pierced nipple of their partner slightly before releasing the ring and pinching again. Instinctively, each of them threw back his head and moaned with delight at the pressure and the exquisite tendrils of sensation which snaked through his chest and ignited his nerves. Crashing back together again, they kissed, hard, passionate, exploring as each delved into the other's mouth, trying to join with his mate completely. Hands groped at skin and leather, fingers pulled and dug, and body ground against body as the fervour of their passion grew.

Michael held both of Jeff's hands between his own then, and retrieved from the shelves the handcuffs he had bought. Looking directly into his man's face, he slowly placed each restraint over Jeff's wrist and clicked the metal locked. Jeff made no protest, offered no resistance. In fact, he tingled with anticipation as his hands were immobilised. He trusted Michael completely, and this further surrender to his man increased his enjoyment and fuelled his excitement incredibly. With Jeff's hands secured, Michael trembled as a sense of true power ran through him. He took his slave by the chain connecting his wrists, and led him slowly to the open space at the rear of the suspended platform of black leather and its metallic chain supports. As Jeff approached the hanging sling, he ached with anticipation. His strongest fantasy was about to be fulfilled -- he was to be laid onto a black leather sling, his body totally controlled by a powerful dominant man, the man he loved, and fucked long and hard as he and his master were encased in and surrounded by gleaming black leather. His cock did not just bulge in its envelope, it swelled and stretched the dark hide to its limits. Every cell in his body seemed to tingle as he waited, and Michael ordered him to remain where he was, walking slowly away and wheeling the trolley of toys back to stand beside the swaying leather.

As Michael led his slave to the base of the sling and left him there, he throbbed with excitement. He wheeled the trolley across, intending to make use of some of the toys he had acquired, but as he looked again to the muscular body of Jeff, trembling with anticipating need and swathed in polished black hide, his own urges took over. He had always wanted to experience fucking someone in a sling, and here he was, with his lover just waiting to be lowered onto their very own leather platform for Michael to take and use his body as he wished. He had to have Jeff, and he had to have him soon! A distant part of his mind somehow managed to remind him that they had the rest of their lives to explore themselves and to utilise the dildoes and plugs, and reasoned with him that there was no need to wait any longer to breathe life into his fantasy.

He picked up instead the whip that lay in front of him. It was a soft leather rope which ended in a harder handle which Michael gripped in his left hand as he clenched again the lead attached to Jeff's throat in his right. He did not wield the instrument or strike his slave, but slowly draped its tongue across Jeff's shoulders, and drew it tantalisingly down across Jeff's chest to poke with the handle at the bulging groin of his boy. The soft leather was like a sensuous snake of hide as it slithered over Jeff's skin, making him shiver and sigh with delight. Using the butt of the whip as a prod, Michael then nudged Jeff backwards until the slave's arsecheeks came into contact with the cool leather edge of the sling. At that point Michael dropped the whip which was temporarily forgotten on the floor, as he lifted his lover onto the swaying platform, and eased him backwards, helping him to lie into the surrounding leather.

Jeff moaned as he felt the hard base of the sling against his cheeks. With Michael's help, he lifted himself a little and slid onto the suspended hide, slowly reclining into its embrace. His knees lifted of their own accord, and Michael took each booted foot in turn, sliding it into the hanging stirrups on either side as Jeff shifted his weight into position. Jeff felt the support of the straps around his ankles, and the strength of the leather beneath him and relaxed. As he did, he sensed that the sling moulded itself to his shape, holding him like a cocoon of leather hovering in air. He took a deep breath. The scent of new leather, and the musky odour of male sexuality was heavy in the cave, and he shuddered with ecstatic delight. He felt Michael's hands at his wrists, and twitched as his lover fastened his restrained arms so that they were stretched behind his head. He felt so vulnerable now, arms and legs spread, yet he needed it, wanted it, and thrilled to the sensation of being totally dominated by another man.

Michael leaned over his lover, tugged at the lead and the chain attached to Jeff's nipple and felt the sling begin to sway. His cock was so hard it ached as he ogled the spread-eagled boy before him, leather hooded face, harnessed upper body bound in black belts, legs encased in dark hide, open and inviting, begging him to take and use it. He sighed as his hand delivered a coating of cool gel to the heated weapon at his groin and moved in close to his target. Jeff's boots in the leather stirrups were at either side of his head, and the rubbing squeal of leather against leather assailed his ears in stereo like a plea for him to sink his long thick cock into the soft warm hole twitching and waiting for him. Gripping the leather straps around Jeff's waist, he pulled at them and the throbbing head of his dick plunged through Jeff's sphincter, opening his man and plugging that hole as the boy gasped with pleasured delight.

Jeff clenched involuntarily around the invading knob that assaulted him. His muscles gripped at the solid pole of flesh, closing around the lip of Michael's mushroom cap. He opened his eyes and the vision he beheld was unbelievably erotic. As he lifted his head in response to the firm pressure at his collar and the sensual tingle from his chest, he saw his lover garbed in black leather, the cap on his head shining and the visor low over the mirrors of Michael's glasses. Michael's torso was crossed by gleaming belts of darkness, the silver ring in his left nipple glinting in the candle-light, and Michael's upper body framed by the leather chaps which encased Jeff's own thighs. He turned his head to the left, and in the mirrored wall he saw Michael's strong shining legs, booted and chapped, his bare butt cheeks round and firm, pressing forward at the platform of dark leather upon which Jeff lay. His own legs were lifted and surrounded his master in a shining leather arch as they hung from the foot supports. But when Jeff lay his head back and looked straight up, he was rewarded with the most erotic sight of all.

Reflected back from the ceiling was his own image, his arms restrained behind his head, his chest and abdomen bound in straps, his face half obscured by the soft black leather hood. His shins gleamed in their black sheaths and wisps of smoke drifted above him in the warm air as all around him blackness dominated. As Jeff watched, Michael pushed his groin forward and his shoulders back and Jeff stared in wondrous delight as he watched his lover's meaty tool penetrate his own arse just below the bulging triangle of black leather that was his groin. And as Jeff watched Michael's cock sink into his own body, he felt that sensational log of manflesh slide between his sphincter muscles and nudge his prostate. Shivers of erogenous pleasure rocked him as his eyes relayed what his arse was feeling, and his gut was impaled on Michael's thick naked sword.

Michael edged forward even as he pulled back on the straps of Jeff's harness. His cock invaded Jeff's accommodating bowel and he shivered with the joy of his lover's moist heated innards as they engulfed his bare flesh. With Jeff's body suspended in mid air, rocking gently in the leather cocoon of the sling, and Jeff's anus lined up perfectly with his raging erection, Michael found that the slightest effort by him controlled the sway of the black platform, and the movement of the glorious, muscled, leather-bound body within it. He ground his hips forward and dragged his hands back, and his meaty prick plunged deeply into his man's arse, burying itself to the hilt as his leathered nuts slapped against the bare skin of Jeff's firm round cheeks. He plunged in, then drew back a little to plunge again even harder. He rotated his pelvis up and down, and side to side, using his long cock as a heated iron and probing every corner of his mate's squelching wet cavity. The sling bearing his lover's body began to surge in a pendulum motion, and Michael used the movement of the leather platform to enhance his attack, so that as Jeff's body moved away from him, Michael's cock was withdrawn completely from his arse, and then as the weight of his man crashed back against him, Michael ploughed the entire length of his sword into Jeff's ravaged arse in one long thud, pounding himself hard and deep into Jeff's gut.

Lying back in his hovering bed of black leather, the aroma of tanned hide enveloping him, Jeff moaned with delight as his man skewered him onto the solid log of masculinity. His rectum was filled, then emptied and filled again as he felt himself swinging in air, and with each thundering insertion of his master's thick prong, he thrilled with ecstatic pleasure. Jeff shuddered, his nerves racing and his body alive as Michael prodded and nudged at his innards, Michael's long prick pushing at his bowel and delving into his very core as it was directed from side to side and up and down by his master. Every pore of his skin tingled with the building passion and his voice gurgled up from the depths of his throat, urging Michael on. "Oh yeah, yeah," he hissed, "fuck me, sir! Fuck me hard and fuck me deep!"

Michael certainly didn't need Jeff's plea to encourage him, but the whispered begging aroused him even more. As his animal instincts began to take over, he plunged himself into Jeff, humping at the leathered figure rocking on the dark platform harder and harder. Jeff writhed and gasped, exercising the only part of their coupling over which he had any control. His sphincter clenched hard at the invading dagger as Michael withdrew from him, and opened and wrapped itself around Michael's rampant weapon as it was driven deep inside Jeff's hole. The complete domination of his body by Michael was electrifying to Jeff, and he shuddered with growing arousal and passionate pleasure as his lover rutted fiercely at him. As Jeff shook, Michael thundered on, thumping his engorged meat into its soft, slurping target. He fucked at Jeff's body like a bull on heat, a raging stallion powering into its stud.

The two men gasped and groaned, hissed and humped at each other as they were united in ultimate joining, coupled in the most intimate and complete way that separate bodies can be. Locked together in fucking, sweating bliss, they became one, Jeff's body an extension of Michael's cock as Michael buried his manhood deep within his mate and Jeff gripped and took possession of his lover's masculinity. The symphony of sexual congress filled the cave as they fucked and humped as a single entity, the embodiment of male sex. Fast, heavy breathing and low moaning whispers joined with the screech of leather on leather and the rattle of metal chains, wet muffled squelches and the sharp soft slap of skin against skin. The smell of candle wax combined with the scent of leather and the aroma of musky male perspiration to permeate the air with the odour of sex, and the flickering flames dispensed wispy fingers of smoke to hover around the shining black hide and white skin of the men, as the room was bathed in the dim red glow of erotic sensuality.

Michael twitched and shivered as he continued plunging his thick tool into the liquid pleasure of Jeff's bowel. He felt as though the entire universe was concentrating itself in unbridled pleasure at his groin, and the beautiful leather clad body wrapped around his cock was the embodiment of erotic delight. Jeff's nerves were on fire, his every fibre alive with joy as Michael's long, steel hard prick jabbed at his innards and impaled him on its indescribably wonderful pistoning, filling him with urgent lusting electricity. Michael was nearing his peak, he felt the waves of passion washing through him as he reached to the shelf beside the sling and opened the small dark bottle of amyl. He took a deep breath before leaning into his lover and holding the container just below Jeff's nose. Jeff inhaled deeply, let out a sigh, and inhaled again, and Michael brought the open amyl back to his own nostril, drawing a long whiff of the drug. Quickly he set it down again as the effects hit his system and his heart raced, blood coursing through every vein and his entire being alive and inflamed.

As Jeff dropped his head back again, watching Michael hold the bottle to his own face, the 'poppers' raced through his body. He moaned long as every sensation he experienced was suddenly intensified and magnified. Suddenly his whole world consisted of nothing more than the pure pleasure of Michael's cock pounding into his arse and his body shuddered as he surrendered the last of his reserve to total abandon. Spasms shook him and bolts of electric shock speared him as he exploded, his leather wrapped cock gushing its milky load into the envelope of gripping hide.

Michael was still fucking Jeff hard and fast when the rush of the amyl washed over him. The stimulation from the drug was so intense that all rational thought flew from him, and he grabbed at the straps of Jeff's harness, and pulled the wonderful leather slave to himself with all his strength. He slammed his cock deep into that man, crushing his pelvis against Jeff's butt and shuddered, desperately, vainly trying to get even more of himself inside Jeff's beautiful body, wanting to be completely joined with the object of his lusty desire. As Jeff's climax peaked, Michael's heightened senses felt the tightening muscles of his lover's sphincter grip at him, felt the clamping around his shaft. His balls ached and rolled, contracted against the metal of the cockring he wore, and jetted their seed into his tube of flesh. His orgasm was all consuming as he pumped his essence into his lover, filled Jeff with his manjuice and emptied himself within the wet cavern of his man.

When conscious thought returned, Michael found himself grasping at the chains from which the sling was suspended, his legs weak. Jeff's chest was rising and falling as his lover drew long deep breaths, recovering from the quaking intensity of their mating. Michael's cock was still clenched within Jeff's arse, still hard and Jeff smiled up at his man with the smirking grin of sated pleasure.

"Fuck!" declared Jeff eloquently.

"We just did!" chuckled Michael.

"Oh no!" Jeff's voice was still husky. "THAT was more than just a fuck!"

Michael began to pull away, but Jeff gripped at him still. "No, please," he begged. "Stay there, stay inside me as long as you can. You feel incredible."

A satisfied grin appeared on Michael's face, and he gave a half hearted thrust again at his lover. Marvelling, he whispered "I don't think I'm going down!"

"Even better!" smirked Jeff as he flexed his sphincter again.

The two of them remained in their fantastic leather cave all night, and much of the next day. They rested occasionally, and made love again and again, trying out the slave bench, fucking on the leather covered mattress, experimenting with dildoes and butt plugs for hours on end. When they finally, reluctantly shed their leather gear and emerged into the light of day, they were driven by near total exhaustion, and completely sated. But they both knew this was just the first of many long nights in their special place together.


Chapter 9

Three months flew by, and out of the blue, a letter arrived from the lawyers. Michael opened it with little concern. He had been told right at the start that the law moved slowly, and not to expect much to happen in a short time. As he read, his brow furrowed with confusion, and then his face lit up. The company had admitted responsibility, terminated Ken's employment, and were offering him a full public apology and a very generous out of court settlement which the solicitors recommended he accept. He was over the moon. He rang Jeff to let him know the good news, and almost as soon as he finished, Tim rang to say he had received a similar letter. That night, the three of them got together to celebrate, and Jeff added even more sweetening news. He had been onto the manager of the company, and their apology would be aired as a follow up item at the end of Jeff's show the next week.

The following day, Jeff and Michael celebrated again, by fulfilling another of their shared dreams. Together they went back to the piercing salon, and had their remaining nipples set through with matching silver. The amazing increase in sensitivity for both of them after the first time, and the incredible pleasure they shared with tugging and teasing each other's tits, was more than enough to convince them they would be delighted with the results, and the news of Michael's settlement was just the excuse they had been looking for to 'finish themselves off'.

About a month after receiving his money, Michael sat his first term examinations. He nervously awaited the results, even though he had felt quietly confident after the tests were over. When he collected his 'report card' it was all good news. He had scored well inside the top ten percentile in all subjects. He called Jeff's number at the office.

"Mr Shaw's phone," said Suzie's voice.

"Hi there, beautiful," teased Michael down the line.

"Hi Michael," she said, always feeling brighter when he rang. "He's in a meeting at the moment. Is it urgent?"

"Not too urgent," he answered. "I was just ringing to tell him I got my results from school."

"Oh, Michael, how did you do?" she asked quickly.

"Straight 'A's!"

"They don't give 'A's anymore!" she rebuked him jokingly.

"Close enough," he laughed back. "Just tell him to ring me when he can, and let him know I think I've earned a reward!"

"And what did you have in mind?" The tone of her voice was evil, and he grinned to himself.

"I'm sure he'll come up with something! He's very resourceful, you know. And positively athletic at times!" he threw in at the last.

She pretended shock. "Oh, Michael, you are awful," she drew out the last word, before chuckling. "I'll let him know."

When Jeff got home that evening, he had a huge grin on his face. Michael met him at the door and embraced him fully, throwing his arms around Jeff's body and hugging him in a long hold.

"So what do you think of my news?" he demanded petulantly, acting the schoolboy.

"Nothing less than I expected!" Jeff declared solemnly, then grinned again. "Congratulations, my man. It's wonderful. I knew you could do it."

Michael beamed, his chest swollen with pride. "At this rate, I should be ready to sit my School Certificate at the end of the year, and from there, well who knows."

"I'm so proud of you, Michael, truly I am."

"So do I get a special reward?"

"Oh yeah," Jeff smirked evilly, licking his lips as he did, and Michael matched his look, running a finger down his side and across the front of his jeans.

"But before we get too carried away, I have some news of my own," Jeff announced.

"Oh, yeah?" Michael said casually, but his face belied his pretended lack of curiosity. When Jeff refused to say anymore, Michael burst out at him. "Come on, handsome, spill the beans!"

Jeff grinned again, unable to contain himself any longer. "I had a call from the producer of the show today. We've been nominated for an award, in the 'Best Current Affairs or News' section, for the story on your sacking!"

"Oh wow!" said Michael, unable to believe what he was hearing. The awards were very prestigious, and the ceremony was broadcast live every year. Just being nominated was a huge honour in itself, and he was so happy for Jeff. "We'll have to tell Tim."

"Better than that," said Jeff, still beaming. "I want Tim sitting at our table for the presentation night. We'll get the full red-carpet treatment for the whole night."

Michael kissed his man again, holding him tight.

"Now," said Jeff trying to become serious, "I think we should celebrate. I've arranged to have tomorrow off, and I think you and I should lock ourselves in the cave, and screw ourselves into exhaustion for 24 hours solid!"

Michael chuckled mischievously. "No argument from me, boy!" he hissed, as he took Jeff's hand and led him down the stairs toward their basement playground.

Once inside their cave Michael wasted no time in gearing himself and his slave boy in the hottest leather wear they owned, revelling in the growing sense of power and strength he felt with each additional item of apparel. He loved the way that he and Jeff transformed themselves, taking on their hidden personas, liberating their buried desire as they immersed themselves in the erotic delights of their special place, and leaving all their inhibitions behind them as they closed the leather padded doorway to their room.

Tonight Michael felt the surge of power as Jeff became his submissive sex toy even more arousing than usual. Acting on his feelings, he directed Jeff to the slave bench, and had his boy lie into the padded leather covering as it had been configured by them earlier for the best advantage. Michael quickly restrained Jeff by fixing his wrists and ankles into leathered, padded cuffs and fastening the cuffs to metal rings set in the framework of the bench. Jeff's hooded face was pressed into a space much like those on massage tables, a cross piece supporting his shoulders while another flat section ran under his abdomen. Jeff's chest was left exposed, as was his pelvis, his knees pushed forward and bent so that his arse was also vulnerable and accessible.

Michael leaned under the bench, and hung small metal weights by clips from each of Jeff's ringed tits, flicking at them as he did and eliciting moans of delight from his boy as the swaying objects pulled and jerked at the sensitive nipples. Jeff's cock and balls were safely encased in gleaming black hide and his legs wrapped in the same dark leather as his chaps gripped around his muscles, his bare arse exposed and framed by the beautiful sheaths of polished blackness. Michael knelt behind him, on the spongy flooring of black leather that covered their cave. Tingling with anticipation, Michael fixed two nipple clamps connected by a length of silver chain to the piercings in his own chest, and moaned quietly as the dangling metal swung slightly, tugging gently at his sensitive, erect nubs.

Jeff's rounded butt cheeks were parted, the crack between them pointing to the twitching pink target of muscle which Michael enjoyed playing with so much. Shivering slightly, not from cold but from the rush of anticipation and arousal he always felt at being able to mate with his lover, Michael greased a solid black dildo shaped in the perfect likeness of an erect cock, complete with glans and slit, veins and testicles. As he ran his fingers up and down the length of the toy, he looked to the dark straps of leather criss-crossing Jeff's wide shoulders and strong back. He drank in the sight of the tight leather chaps gripping at Jeff's legs, and slowly slid the head of the artificial prick up and down the crack of Jeff's arse. As his partner uttered a quiet sigh of rising need, Michael pressed the head of the toy to Jeff's hole and gradually worked it from side to side, pushing and pulling until Jeff relaxed and pushed back and the solid rubber toy slid inside him.

A moan of pain and pleasure escaped Jeff as the rounded head opened him, and he trembled as Michael pressed the length of the toy through his sphincter and into his rectum. Jeff was already in a high state of arousal, bound and cuffed to the slave bench by his master, and the penetration of his body by the full long-shafted dildo stimulated him even further. He felt the length of it sink into him, and felt the rubber testicles press into his skin as Michael wielded it like a finely tuned instrument, probing and twisting into Jeff's innards, exploring his depths and raking across his prostate, causing involuntary shudders which then in turn made the weights dangling from his chest jerk and shake, pulling at his sensitive erect nipples. A chain reaction of ecstasy had begun and Michael kept it going as he toyed with his lover's restrained body.

Michael watched Jeff writhe, and heard his groans of delight, smiling with lusty excitement at the reaction of his man. This control he could have over Jeff was so erotic, and his cock pressed against the restraining leather of the black codpiece covering him. As he observed Jeff squirming with pleasure, Michael felt his own need increase, and he wrenched the toy from his lover's arse, standing to unsnap the codpiece restraining his meat, and then squatting over Jeff's prostrate form and replacing the tube of rubber with his living throbbing manflesh. He plunged his cock into Jeff's gut, lifted and thrust again, slamming himself down and in, riding his man, his boy, like a rodeo star, humping at the bound leathered body below him as he hunched into his fucking motion and filled Jeff's cavity with himself. He pounded at the compliant, accommodating flesh of his slave for some time, until he felt the rising passion build toward a peak. Pulling out and lifting himself away, Michael cooled his urges and resisted the temptation to continue driving himself into his man until he came.

Jeff gasped as the dildo was taken away, then shook with joy as the heated poker of Michael's sex was inserted into his clenching hole. He bucked and clamped under Michael's rough, powerful fucking, driven to rising need as he sensed the strident thrusting of his mate increase. And then it stopped, and he moaned again from unsatisfied lust. He heard his master move behind him, and then felt the cool metal of an inhaler being carefully inserted into his nostril. He knew what it contained, as they had discerned some time ago that this was the easiest way for Jeff to be able to draw at the amyl when he wished while his limbs were restrained. He also guessed at what was coming because of Michael providing him with the means to toke on the drug.

And he was not disappointed. Very soon, he felt the smooth pointed shape of another latex toy being nudged against his body. His muscles resisted of their own accord as he tried to relax, and felt Michael slowly inserting the nose of their favourite black butt plug into his ring. Making himself push back, and open himself around the ever widening cone, Jeff felt another thrill of anticipation run through his system. He grimaced at the growing discomfort and sniffed at the inhaler as his body was opened slowly but irresistibly by Michael's penetration of his sphincter with the plug.

Michael bent low, his face only inches from Jeff's opening as he manipulated the black toy slowly into his man. He heard Jeff breathe in against the inhaler full of amyl, and smiled in satisfaction as Jeff's body visibly relaxed, accepting the flange of the toy more easily. Bit by bit he pressed on, watching as more of the black plug was taken into his boy's hole, and the ring of muscle stretched wider and wider around the thickest part of the butt filler. Jeff sniffed again at the amyl, and seconds later his body pulled again as the plug opened him completely, and suddenly his arse swallowed the bulk of it, his anus closing rapidly and tightly around the narrow core as the base was sucked in and held fast against Jeff's skin. Michael grinned widely, his hand straying to his own cock which he had re-covered with the cod, squeezing himself through his leather covering. He was always amazed and excited at the way Jeff's body could open so far, and then close around the toys he used, stuffed with the bulk of the rubber and visibly trembling with the pleasure of being filled.

Now Michael stood again, over his slave, feeling a sense of ownership of the beautiful man strapped to the metal table. Taking the soft leather whip from its shelf, he lay it along Jeff's back, drawing it slowly across the tingling skin. As Jeff let out a quiet groan of delight, Michael lifted the whip and let it fall on his boy, gently but firmly. Again, and then again, he repeated the strokes. The whip made a soft whoosh, and a quiet whump as it flicked through the air and struck Jeff's skin. By agreement between them Michael ensured that there was very little force used, and the tail of the toy, as it slapped against Jeff's body, caused no pain, but merely a tingling sensation wherever it landed. The whip was not for causing hurt or punishment, but it was an extremely powerful symbol for each of them, a tangible reminder of the role of dominance and submission they played, and enjoyed so much.

Putting aside the whip, Michael left the plug still embedded in Jeff's arse, and reached to release the cuffs which held his man in place on the slave bench. Helping Jeff to stand, he swung him around and kissed him hard, as Michael's hands ran over Jeff's body, and Jeff greedily groped at the leathered form of his master. Jeff's fingers found and played with the bulging tube of hide encased flesh at Michael's groin, and massaged the heavy orbs below it as Michael slid his palm across the firm melons of Jeff's arse, then reached lower and jiggled at the base of the plug protruding from his slave. Jeff groaned as he did, and Michael grinned evilly, pushing his lover slowly backward toward their favourite piece of equipment -- the fantastic black platform of leather and hanging silver chains of their sling.

As Michael liberated him from the slave bench and helped him to his feet, Jeff groaned with the sensations still washing through him. The full thickness of the black rubber plug filled his rectum and his arse squeezed and clenched around it. The feeling of being thoroughly stuffed, of being plugged by the toy was an erotic mix of submission and pleasure, as whenever Michael gripped or moved the bung, Jeff's innards were shaken and his nerves raced with the bolts of sensuality which shot through him. His master had him stand, then nudged him slowly so that he stepped back in the direction of the sling. He marvelled that he could feel so choked up, yet so good, and still be able to walk normally with the huge mass holding him open and clogging his passageway. And he was backing onto the sling! He and Michael had come to make a lot of use of that piece of equipment over the last months, and Jeff's cock twitched as his arse flexed again at the plug, the anticipation building.

Jeff lifted himself a fraction to settle his butt on the edge of the leather, and slowly lay back into the comforting embrace of the hanging support. He thrilled to the sensation repeated each time of having the dark hide mould itself to his body and take his weight, becoming a cocoon of leathered sexuality. Gripping at the chains behind his head, he lifted his legs, and his boots slid into the loops of hide that would keep his feet elevated and his limbs spread. Relaxing again, his white arse, framed by the shining black of his chaps and jock, was once more opened and exposed as his flexing hole, still plugged with the thick black rubber, was offered up to his master's pleasure, ready to be filled, fucked or played with at Michael's whim. The very thought excited Jeff again as he surrendered his body to the control and domination of the man he loved.

That man, Michael, now moved in behind him and Jeff felt the surge of pleasure as Michael gripped and jiggled the base of the toy protruding from his arse. Twitches of sensation erupted in his sphincter and arousal stretched the bulging leather covering his cock as he felt and heard the squelching of his gut pushed around by the bulk of the toy sunk into him. Michael handed him a bottle of amyl to replace the discarded inhaler, and he took a long breath as his lover began to pull slowly but firmly at the plug. Jeff waited for the first wave of racing blood to pound through his system, then began to relax his anus and push back as he toked again on the small dark bottle. When the rush increased, every cell in his body alive with sensitivity, his sphincter muscles relaxed as Michael pulled harder at the base of the plug and Jeff's hole opened to the irresistible force of the main flange. There was some discomfort, even a little pain, but it was nothing compared to the thrilling eroticism of being stretched to his limit and then slowly closing again around the longer nose of the plug as his master withdrew it from him.

There was no opportunity for Jeff to recover or to feel emptied as the plug was removed. Immediately, Michael pressed another hard latex shape at his ravaged hole and Jeff's aroused body willingly accepted it. The smaller object was easily swallowed by his arse and drawn into his rectum as Jeff moaned again with anticipation and delight. Michael was pressing a set of anal balls to his rear. Six spheres, each four centimetres in diameter, connected by thin string which trailed from the last ball to a loop, the whole combination completely encased in black latex. The first of the balls was already within him, the rest hanging from his body and held in Michael's hand. As Michael jiggled the string to encourage Jeff's sphincter, he fed the next ball into place, holding it against the muscle and pressing firmly. The second and third orbs disappeared inside Jeff's gut as he felt the growing fullness of the objects rolling around inside him. Michael watched in fascinated arousal, finding the sight incredibly erotic, as he allowed Jeff to accept and await the next round lump. He nudged the black ball against his slave boy's twitching bud, saw the initial resistance and sudden relaxation as Jeff's ring of muscle opened the inch and a half needed to allow the sphere entry, then quickly close again.

The fifth of the balls took longer, as Jeff felt himself filled again, his anal cavity beginning to protest at the insertion of the toys. He willed himself to take it as Michael pressed the orb against his pucker, and gasped as the round object joined its mates inside him. The final ball was still dangling from his arse, and Michael took the trailing loop of black latex behind it, lifted Jeff's pouch away from his throbbing prick, and fed his long cock and aching nuts through the hole in the cord before replacing the leather thong. Now the toy could not be lost within him, and he had the added stimulation that any movement by his tool would cause a corresponding tugging at the balls inside his arse, and vice versa. As Michael began to press the final orb to his skin, Jeff took another deep whiff of amyl, and with the effect of the drug sending ecstatic shivers through him, the last ball was suddenly swallowed by his greedy arse, and Michael stood back to survey the erotic scene as Jeff groaned with complete fulfillment.

Now that his boy was plugged again, Michael walked to the side of the sling so that Jeff lay suspended between himself and the mirrored wall. He stood over his slave and looked down, drinking in the sight of the quivering, leather bound body and his thick cock swelled and pressed against the codpiece he wore. Jeff turned his head to see his master looking down at him, visor still pulled low, eyes hidden, black hide belts around his chiselled torso and the inviting bulge of black leather pushing out from between powerful black clad legs. Impulsively, he reached out and caressed the tube of manmeat held but not hidden by the shining blackness, squeezing at the solid log. Jeff ached with desire, wanting that rod of flesh inside him. Michael sensed the need in his lover, and felt a corresponding desire within himself. He unsnapped the cod, freeing his cock which sprang out at rigid attention. Placing his hands around his groin, and jutting his hips forward, Michael hissed at the hood of leather below him.

"You want this, boy? Want it inside that arse of yours? You have to have it, don't you? You need it now, I can see."

"Yes, sir," Michael responded, pleading in his voice. "I have to have it, have to be fucked by you, now, sir!"

Stepping back to Jeff's rear, Michael lowered his aching prong to the target of his mate's hole. He nudged his cockhead against the muscle and slowly pressed inwards. The trailing string from the anal balls was an irritant against the sensitive skin of his mushroom cap, but he ignored it as he felt Jeff's sphincter open to his invasion. Jeff drew again at the amyl, and Michael felt the heated response as his boy's arse relaxed to accept him. With the resistance gone, Michael entered his man, slid his cock into the warm wet bowel and pushed forward. The solid shapes of the anal balls bounced and caught at his prick, rubbing and massaging it as he continued his penetration. The sensations which assaulted his weapon were indescribable as the firm hardness of the balls contrasted with the soft squelching tissue of Jeff's gut.

Jeff was almost delirious with ecstatic pleasure. He was totally filled, his bowel protesting the stretching as Michael's hot poker jabbed into him, pushing the balls around and causing them to rub and roll within him. That in turn dragged at the loop of cord which exited his hole alongside Michael's cockshaft, and tugged hard against Jeff's own prick and his rolling nuts. And then Michael began to hump at him, into him. Jabbing his fleshy sword between the spheres and into Jeff's gut. With every thrust a new series of passionate bolts assailed Jeff's nerves.

Michael was enraptured by the feeling surrounding his prick. He was excited by the thought of fucking Jeff's arse while it was filled with the balls, and the incredible heat of Jeff's body around him as the firm shapes of the spheres rubbed and ground against him was amazing. He slammed himself at the sling, thumped his long meat deep into Jeff and trembled, pounded again and again, harder and deeper, faster and more fiercely into the muscled, leathered body enveloping his cock. They gasped and hissed as they fucked each other hard; a raw, rough mating which humped and thundered onward as each of the men took incredible pleasure from their coupling, and gave himself to his partner. The passion intense and immediate, they grunted and writhed, joined in the most intimate and animalistic masculine union as they sweated and twitched in lustful abandon.

He was close to his peak, and he knew it, but Michael did not want to cum yet. He saw that Jeff too was near the edge, and with a huge effort of will power, Michael suddenly pulled away, his moist cock slurping from Jeff's arse with a squelching vacuum of withdrawal. As Jeff looked up suddenly in surprise, Michael dropped to his knees and caught hold of the end of the cord connecting the balls. Gripping it firmly, he pulled, and pulled fast. One after the other, the black spheres popped from Jeff's hole, ripped from his body as the man in the sling gasped and groaned loudly at this new sensation. And then Michael was on his feet again. He reached to the gleaming leather triangle of Jeff's groin, and lifted the pouch of hide out and away from his lover's cock, hitching it below his testicles. Lifting and leaning, Michael lay his still rampant, wet member against the searing heat of Jeff's rod, and gripped both of their masculinities in his one hand, pumping hard at them locked together.

Jeff ached with the quickly growing flames of passion, feeling his ultimate release approaching. He looked up at the leather man who had gripped his cock and meshed it with the spear of flesh just now ripped from his bowel. He saw the glint of silver, the metal chain suspended between Michael's pierced tits, and reached for it, tugging firmly at the connecting steel. Michael's nipples were pulled out from his chest, distended and aching as bolts of pleasure shot through his body. The sensational eroticism of the pressure on his nipples caused him to flail even harder at the conjoined cocks in his hand, and Jeff's eyes rolled in their leather slits as Michael felt the imminent explosion within his gut.

Jeff shuddered as Michael's palm enveloped his cock, and he pulled at the metal skewering Michael's tits. He could not hold back from the brink much longer, and tried to gasp a warning to his man that he was about to cum. The warning never made it to his lips. Instead, Jeff felt a searing heat as large globs of white hot cum erupted from Michael's prick and splattered against his chest. Surrendering to his own explosion, Jeff matched his partner as a long string of jizz flew from his cock to spray over his abdomen and across the first streamer of Michael's ejaculate. Michael continued to pump at both of them, and they shot together, wad after wad of manjuice leaping into the air and falling back onto Jeff's body, large sprays of cream landing on his abs and chest, and flying up even to his neck and chin, and onto the leather hood covering his head.

Slowly the thunderous rapture of their joint orgasm passed, and the twitching spasms rocking both bodies died away. Michael reached for his lover, and lifted him from the sling as they stood together mashing against each other and smearing their essence across both torsos. Exhausted, they almost fell onto the leather covered mattress against the back wall, and there they lay together holding each other close and kissing in a long and tender embrace. Jeff lifted away and rolled Michael onto his back, leaning forward to lick at his man's body, and drink up the cocktail of cum clinging there. Michael grinned with delight, and swung himself around so that they were both licking at each other, tasting their combined outpourings. And then they were kneeling, facing each other and kissing again as the juice of their union was exchanged between lips and teeth, mouth and tongue.

Sated at last, they lay back again, surrounded by leather and the exotic incense of male sex.

"Holy shit!" exclaimed Jeff with a vengeance.

"Oh yeah," smiled Michael, still looking straight up as his arm fell across Jeff's body. "I don't care how your show does at the awards -- that was one hell of an Oscar-winning performance!"

They laughed again, snuggled close to each other and luxuriated in the warmth of post-coital recovery.


The time until the big night of the awards dragged out as the anticipation built. But eventually it arrived, and Jeff and Michael were joined at the house by Tim, and his new friend Jared. They had met a month or so before, and were the picture of fresh young love, and Jeff and Michael happily helped them out wherever and whenever they could. Jeff had arranged for a stretch limousine to collect them from the house and drive them to the ceremony. All week, he had been acting strangely excited, and Michael wondered at his mood. Michael put it down to the upcoming awards, but still he wasn't sure -- there seemed to be something more on Jeff's mind.

The four men chatted easily as they were driven into the city, when suddenly Michael realised that they would be exiting the limo in front of the hall, with hundreds of spectators, and photographers all around.

"Jeff," he said urgently, "Have you forgotten -- when we get there, you'll be walking in with us, and no 'date'. The gossip columns will tear you to shreds."

Jeff grinned wickedly. "I don't care. I'm not going to hide you away in the background anymore. I love you, and you're the only one I want by my side tonight!"

Michael was torn. He was filled with a warm glow at his lover's words, but fearful of the effect that any public outing would have on Jeff's reputation.

The car pulled up to a roped off walkway surrounded by hundreds of people with cameras flashing everywhere. Tim, Jared and Michael stepped out nervously onto the swathe of red carpet and into the controlled chaos under the spotlights. Faces turned expectantly to them, then began to drift away until Jeff appeared. Suddenly a hum went through the assembled crowd, and flash lights popped like fireworks. Jeff took it all in his stride, slowly wandering up the carpet to the door, stopping to chat and smile, shake hands and have his photo taken, while the others edged ahead uncertainly. "Jeff Shaw, Jeff Shaw" voices whispered loudly all around them.

Once inside, they were shown to a large table close to the stage where several people were already seated. Jeff introduced Tim and his partner Jared to Suzie, Nick and their partners, and a number of others at the table, and then he turned and put his arm lightly on Michael's lower back

"Suzie, you know Michael, and Nick has met him before ..." Nick smiled, holding out his hand. "... but the rest of you won't know him except as the star of the show we're nominated for, so I'd like to introduce you properly. Everyone, this is Michael Simpson, my boyfriend." With that, he and Michael sat down. Suzie grinned widely, and reached for Michael's hand, squeezing it reassuringly. Nick's look of surprise slowly turned into a smile.

"Well," he said, "that explains a lot of things!" Then with real sincerity and feeling, he shook Michael's hand, and laughed. "Congratulations, both of you." He turned to Jeff with a look of pretended indignation. "If I'm calculating right, then you two have known each other for at least six months, ..."

"We've been going out for almost seven," Jeff interjected.

"Okay, seven months. Suzie obviously knew about it, so why have you waited so long to tell the rest of us?"

Jeff grimaced a guilty smile. "I guess I was just waiting for the right moment," he offered lamely.

The rest of the evening passed quickly, as they were treated to a lavish meal, plenty of drinks, and entertainment between the announcements of the various awards. Finally, the category for Jeff's nomination was called.

"In the category of 'Best Current Affairs or News Article', the nominees are ..."

Each of the nominated programmes were named and the particular stories summarised. When Jeff's turn came, snippets of footage of Michael and Tim sitting quietly, Jeff interviewing Ken, and then Ken raging and throwing things around, were flashed onto a huge screen behind the announcer.

"And the winner is ..." a hush descended over the room.

" ... Jeff Shaw, for 'Out of Work'!"

Thunderous applause erupted and Jeff broke into a huge grin. Hands reached out to congratulate him, Suzie kissed him and he beamed as he put his hand on Michael's arm and squeezed tightly. Michael smiled up at him, bursting with pride.

As Jeff took the stage, standing at a podium and holding the award statue in front of him, the room became quiet again. He cleared his throat and leaned to the microphone.

"This is tremendous. Thank you to all my team for making a great show." He paused, as if reaching a decision, and went on. "This award has my name on it, but it really belongs to everyone who has ever been harassed or discriminated against simply because of their race, religion or sexual preference." More applause rang out, and he waited for it to die again. "What someone is or does in private should have no bearing whatsoever on how they are treated in their employment. All that matters there is how well they do their job. I would like to offer a special thanks and congratulations to the brave and proud men who featured in this story: Tim Vickers, ..." again a wave of applause rolled around, as Jeff spoke more loudly into the microphone, "... and Michael Simpson, my partner, whom I love with all my heart!"

Michael's jaw dropped open, and tears welled in his eyes as Jeff looked directly at him from the stage. A communal gasp went up from the crowd, before clapping started sporadically, then spread around the room. Soon it became a thunderous applause and Michael was amazed to see that the gathered celebrities were giving a standing ovation -- to Jeff, and to himself!


After a very late night of partying across town, Jeff and Michael slept until almost noon. When they finally surfaced they made their way onto the terrace to sit and watch the view. Phillip arrived with coffee and juice. "You seem to have made the headlines, Mr Jeffrey," he commented, placing the day's newspapers on the table.

'Jeff Shaw Gay' and 'TV Man Gets Up And Out' screamed the headlines. The two lovers eagerly read the stories, Jeff seemingly amazed that something like this could make the front page.

"Well, you did choose a very public way to do it!" Michael chuckled. Pleasantly surprising was the fact that the majority of comment wasn't critical, or judgmental of him, and several items actually praised him for his courage and his being 'an inspiration to other gay men'.

Michael kissed him softly. "I'm so proud of you," he said. "I just hope you don't come to regret going public."

Jeff laughed. "And what are they going to do? They can hardly fire me, can they?"

Michael grinned, and picked up one page that had caught his eye. The column was headed in large print 'JEFF SHAW COMES OUT ON TOP'. Michael showed it to Jeff with a wicked grin. "If only they knew the whole story!" he said in a leering tone.

Michael and Jeff collapsed in laughter for several minutes, before lying back in each other's arms as the first day of their new life opened before them. And there was a definite scent of leather in the air.

The End

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This story is a fantasy, it is not real and only happened in my imagination. YOU MUST REMEMBER that in the real world, you can DIE from having unsafe sex. It is your right and your duty to make sure that condoms are always used, whether you are giving or receiving. It doesn't matter how good looking or how ugly he is, and it doesn't matter whether you are top or bottom, USE A CONDOM!