The Shopper

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The first time I saw him I almost creamed my pants on the spot. Tall, dark and handsome was the usual expression, but that went nowhere near doing justice to the way he looked. He stood at least 6'4", and had short dark brown hair that looked a little unruly but suited him to perfection. His skin was tanned a deep golden brown and contrasted beautifully with the white T-shirt and faded Levis he wore. Even from a distance I could see wide shoulders and a large, defined chest beneath the flimsy cotton of the shirt, and an ample bulge at his groin.

He was casually strolling down the aisle directly in front of my checkout, and I nearly forgot where I was until the hag I was serving coughed and glared at me. I muttered an apology and tried to get my mind back on the job. I hated working in this small supermarket, but it was a job, and paid the bills, just. As the grumpy old woman handed over her money and collected her bags, I adjusted my hardon beneath the apron I wore, and motioned to the next customer to move through.

I caught sight of him again several times as he made his way through the store and I continued processing the endless queue of shoppers lining up to make their purchases. And I was not the only one who couldn't help but stare. Most of the girls on the counters, and more than a few of the other shoppers, stopped in their tracks when they saw him, yet he carried on, ignoring the looks and taking his time as he filled his trolley. I passed three or four more people through my station, and lost sight of him, mentally shrugging my shoulders, but dreaming that he was gay, and available, and attracted to me. Finally there was a break, and I leaned back, relaxing at the lack of customers to serve. Looking into the aisles as best I could, I couldn't find him, and I turned around to grab a drink of water.

When I turned back he was coming directly toward me. My heart thumped in my chest, and my cock throbbed in my jeans as I stared at him pushing his trolley into the lane I was serving. He looked at me, some confusion on his face. "Are you open?" he asked, and I nodded eagerly, swallowing the mouthful of water and beckoning him forward. Up close he was even more stunning, a strong square jaw and thin nose, with piercing blue eyes in a smiling face. I told myself he was just another shopper, and grinned my friendliest greeting.

"How are you this afternoon, Sir? Looking forward to the weekend?"

He seemed a bit surprised at my attempt at conversation. "Yes, actually. I finish early Fridays, so I can get the groceries done and have the weekend to myself."

"Sounds great," I enthused, as I passed his purchases over the scanner. I did my best to act casual, but had trouble taking my eyes off him, drinking in the sight of his powerful, muscled bod as I worked. I did make sure I was careful to pack the various items in bags so that they didn't crush each other, and to keep similar things together. When I finished he handed over a credit card and I ran it through the EFTPOS machine, handing him the signature slip. Checking the signature, and the name, I handed his card and receipt to him, saying "Thank you, Mr Jackson, have a great weekend."

He smiled again, looking at my chest and finding my name tag. "Thank you, Jeff." And off he went. As he walked away, I feasted my eyes on the firm tight buns in his denim jeans before I was dragged back to reality by the next customer.

That night I fantasised about him, dreamed he simply carried me away from the checkout and made love to me, holding me tight and making everything wonderful. The weekend passed uneventfully, and lonely, as my weekends usually did, and back to work on Monday morning meant I was forced to forget about my fantasy man. My supervisor had a real thing against me, and always did whatever she could to make my life hell. It seemed like nothing I did was ever right, but I needed the money so I just kept my mouth shut and tried to keep out of her way.

The next Friday afternoon I was busy with a long queue of people, trying to run items through as fast as I could, when I glanced up to see him again. My heart skipped a beat and for a second I forgot what I was doing. It was just enough. My boss was watching, and she promptly bawled me out right there in front of the customers for slacking off. My man ended up on one of the other lanes where he was served by Charlene, a fat bitchy girl who chewed gum constantly and swore like a trooper. She had no manners and no tact, and he disappeared quickly.

Over the next few weeks, Mr Jackson came in regular as clockwork, every Friday afternoon around 4.30. I began to keep an eye out for him, and to do my best to try to rush people through my station as he was finishing, hoping he would take my lane. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't. Whenever I did get lucky, I used my best smile, and tried to make small talk as I processed his groceries, and he always responded with friendly grins and polite comments. I noticed that when he was on one of the other checkouts, he usually just stood and watched, saying little and getting out of the place as fast as he could. Before long, he began to make sure he came through my lane, even if it meant waiting longer than he would have had to for one of the others. We chatted more and more each week, and I learned his first name was Glenn, and that he had recently moved to the area, lived alone, and was 35. Normally, to a 23 year old like me, that would be a huge difference in age, yet I didn't care at all.

Glenn's image filled my dreams, his face smiled in my mind whenever I felt down. And that was often enough. My supervisor was still on my case despite everything I tried to keep her happy. My landlord was threatening to increase the rent on my tiny flat, and my love-life was non-existent, partly because I couldn't afford to go out after all my wages went on rent and food, and partly because no-one I met could compare with my fantasy lover, Glenn Jackson. I began to look forward to Friday afternoons far more than I would care to admit. His appearance in the store, his casual stroll through the aisles, and his friendly face at my checkout became the high point of my entire week.

Then came the fateful day. It was Friday, the 13th. I don't take any notice of superstitions, but a couple of the girls at work had mentioned the date and I had laughed with them about bad luck, etc. When my supervisor arrived, she was in a foul temper, and I tried to avoid her as best I could, but she managed to find any number of reasons to yell at me during the day. I took my break as usual around 3.30 and wandered outside, copping a glare from her as I did. I got chatting to one of the guys from a neighbouring shop, and was all of 2 minutes late getting back. My boss descended like a freight train, tearing strips off me about being late and losing money and threatening to sack me if I didn't lift my game. As I got back to the lane, it seemed I attracted every nightmare shopper in town. Old women disputing the prices, cranky girls unhappy with the way I packed their bags, impatient people who wanted everything finished like yesterday.

When Glenn showed up it was an answer to my prayers. I looked up to see his smiling face and took a long deep breath, relaxing. "Hi," I said, with feeling.

"G'day, Jeff," he replied. "Bad day?"

I nodded, and started passing his things over the scanner. As I did, I took my time, making small talk and enjoying his attention, and the vision he presented, tanned skin and powerful muscular body in well fitting clothes that showed off his attributes. Finally, almost reluctantly, I rang up the total and charged his card. As he began to walk away, I called to him, "Enjoy your weekend, and think of us workers at the coal-face." He turned back and grinned widely, looked like he was about to say something, when my boss stepped into the space between us.

"Mitchell!" she snapped, loudly. "You are hopeless. You're taking forever, and now I catch you screaming out across the place at customers. Close your register, and see me in my office, NOW!"

My heart sank, and as I waved off the remaining people waiting and closed down my lane, I had a sinking feeling in my stomach I couldn't shake. When I knocked then entered the room, she had calmed down, but the calm was like ice. Very coolly and precisely, she spoke in a low measured voice. "You have had more than enough warnings. Your work is simply not acceptable. Here is two weeks pay in lieu, and the balance of leave entitlements. Your employment is terminated." With that she handed me an envelope full of cash and opened the door, following me out to the front of the store and seeing me off the premises. I was dumbfounded, stunned. I couldn't believe what had happened.

I walked home in a daze, wondering what in hell I was going to do now. Pushing open the door of my flat, I almost missed the plain white envelope that had been slipped under the door. Opening it absently, I took a few minutes to realise what it contained. A letter from my landlord advising that instead of increasing the rent, he had decided to terminate my lease, and that I had two month's notice to vacate. I sat on my bed and my world collapsed. I cried out loud, sobbing and desperate. Even trying to think of Glenn's smiling face didn't help, because now that I no longer worked at the supermarket, I would never see him again.

For a good hour and a half, I just sat there, feeling more and more sorry for myself. I had no idea what I was going to do, where I would live. I had no-one to turn to, the few friends I had were just as impoverished as myself, and my family lived in another state, and there was no way I was going back there. Eventually, I picked up the wad of cash and looked at it again. There seemed no point now in spending it on rent, and I stuffed a hundred dollars in my pocket and hid the remainder in a drawer, and dressed quickly, heading out to one of the gay bars, feeling the need to get rotten drunk.

Over the next few hours, I proceeded to drink my way through a large chunk of the cash in my pocket. Drowning my sorrows, I sat alone and waved off anyone who came near me, sitting at the bar and swallowing glass after glass of spirits. In my mind, Glenn's face alternated with that of my boss, smile contrasting with sneer, until my head swam and my body was numb. When the bartender refused my next order, telling me I'd had enough, I let loose a string of abuse at him, and tried to stand up. But my legs wouldn't support me, and through the haze in my head I felt myself falling. As I hit the floor there was suddenly a sea of faces above me, and in the middle of it all was Glenn's beautiful smile, his eyes concerned. I stammered out a groggy "Hi there, you handsome stud!" and passed out.

When I came to, it was the next morning, and I was in a strange bed in a strange room. I went to sit up, but my head pounded and I collapsed back onto the bed letting out a long groan. Within a few seconds the door opened and in walked my dream. Glenn, an anxious look on his face, wearing only a pair of loose brief shorts, came quickly to lean over me. I thought I must still be dreaming. He was so much more beautiful than ever, his powerful, chiselled pectorals set with large brown nipples, tanned and trim. His abs were a six-pack of muscle, defined and taut. I smiled up at him. "Hello, gorgeous," I whispered to the vision above me.

He chuckled at that. "Hi there. How are you feeling?"

"Perfect, now that you're here," I said, smiling. Yet the ache in my head seemed real enough. Too real to be a dream.

"You weren't looking so good last night when I carried you out of that bar!"

Suddenly it registered that I wasn't dreaming. I lifted my head, then dropped it again, waking up properly. "Oh, shit, you're real!" I gasped.

He looked confused, then laughed. "Yes, I am. And so is the hangover you're going to be feeling for a while. I heard what that woman said to you yesterday, and went back to the store afterwards to complain on your behalf, but by then they told me you'd been fired. But the biggest surprise was finding you in the bar last night. I had no idea you were gay, although ..." he hesitated, and then went on, " ... I had been wishing you might be for weeks. After you collapsed I collected you and brought you home."

I gulped, my heart pounding. "But I've been fantasising about you for ages. I just assumed when you were here that I was still dreaming my favourite dream."

We laughed together at our shared secrets, and despite the pain in my head, I was happier than I had been for many months. Glenn fussed over me all day, insisting I stay in bed and bringing me glasses of water, and light snacks. I happily accepted his attentions, relishing the proximity of my dream man and enjoying being with him in his home. By the afternoon, I was feeling as good as new. Even better. And I finally convinced him to let me climb out of bed and sit by him on a sofa while we talked about ourselves, and I poured out my heart to him, including the loss of my job and being evicted all on the one day. He nodded sympathetically, looking thoughtful, but said little about my situation.

As the evening came on, he ordered us some take away food and we sat and ate together on his balcony. I was in paradise, and wondered how long it would last before I had to get out and find myself back in the real world, but determined to enjoy this while it lasted. After the meal he busied himself cleaning, and I walked up behind him, dressed only in my jeans. From behind, his back and shoulders were so strong, so manly, and on impulse I threw my arms around his stomach and hugged him tight, whispering to him, "Thank you!"

He turned around, still in my arms, and his deep blue eyes searched my face. I looked back at him, trying to read his mind. Without a word, he leaned to me, his lips slightly open and I pressed forward to kiss him. When our mouths met, it was magic, a fire ignited. His tongue slid between my lips and explored my teeth and I sucked at him, my hands going to his back and neck and pulling him against me. We kissed passionately, deeply, grinding against each other as I felt my cock swell and knew the bliss of his growing erection against my gut. I tasted him on my lips and my tongue, my body shivering with emotion and arousal. For minutes we remained locked together like this, and then he broke away from me, looking again into my eyes. I began to speak, "Glenn, I ...", but he lifted his finger to my lips and silenced me.

Silently he bent and slid one arm behind my back, the other going under my thighs, and he lifted me in his arms. I threw an arm over his shoulders and grinned with delight as he carried me to the bedroom. He gently lay me on the bed and knelt over me, our mouths connecting again as we kissed. I nibbled at his lips and he traced my jaw with his tongue. His teeth pulled softly at one ear as I moaned, my hands sliding all over his back and chest. My body ached with the awakened desire of his closeness and my fingers slid beneath the waist band of his shorts, pushing them away from him.

He stood for a moment, dropping the shorts to the floor and stepping out of them. As he did, I caught sight of his large throbbing cock, standing out proudly from his groin, a bead of clear liquid forming at the head. He carefully undid my jeans and pulled them from me as I lifted myself off the bed to help him. As he did, I leaned sideways and licked at the tip of his meat, tasting the oozing precum and savouring his flavour. He groaned and I pressed onward, flicking my tongue over the head of his cock and nibbling my way along his shaft until I was able to close my lips around the rolling orbs of his balls and massage his nuts with my mouth. Letting his testicles plop from me, I returned to his prong, slurping at him and closing my lips around his mushroom head, then diving down and coating him with saliva, pushing forward until the full length of him was buried in my throat. I clenched and nibbled, bobbing back and forward as I sucked his cock, my hands gripping his firm arse and holding him to me. His breathing quickened and he thrust at my face a few times, before pulling away. "Oh, Jeff, that's fuckin' hot," he declared, crawling back onto the bed between my legs.

Leaning forward he kissed me again, then slowly backed away, his tongue travelling across my jaw and down my neck. He licked at my skin and traced his way down my chest to bite softly at each nipple, bringing gasps of delight from me. His mouth continued its journey, nibbling at my stomach and then closing over my throbbing prick. The warm moisture of his throat around me was incredible, and I thrust upwards into him as he bathed my cock with wetness and slurped at my pole. His talented tongue went on, licking my nuts and caressing them with his lips, before he lifted my legs into the air and his hot tongue found the sensitive skin between my arse and my balls. As I moaned with joy he licked again and his tongue plunged into my hole, spreading amazing tendrils of pleasure through me.

He lifted his face away and looked at me again, and I nodded, begging him to take me. He quickly smeared some cool lube on his steel hard weapon and into my puckering anus, then lifted my knees to his shoulders and pressed himself against the outside of my sphincter. I willed myself to relax and accept him, pushed back as he began to nudge forward. A moment of pain as he entered me was quickly swallowed up by the immeasurable pleasure as my muscle closed around his trembling cockhead. Then he began a long, slow, sensual descent into my body, his thick pole gradually sliding through my ring and penetrating my cavern, filling me with delight as his cock massaged my prostate and continued its inward motion.

I groaned happily and held him, clenching my arse around him then relaxing as he slid further into my bowel. It took him at least ten minutes to fully enter me, so slow was his initial penetration. When finally his body came to rest against my butt cheeks, I could feel the fullness of him deep inside me, and I smiled up at him with a mix of lust and infatuation. He began to pull back a little, then pushed in again, and I matched his movements with gripping and release of my muscles around his pole. His thrusts became more regular as he established a rhythm for our love making, in and out, then side to side with his hips as my body accepted him and thrilled to the delight he brought me. My hands played across his chest, pinching at his nipples and gripping at him as he began to fuck me in earnest. Faster and faster he began to jab at me, pounding himself deep into me before lifting away to sink back in again.

I wrapped my legs around his hips now, and used them as leverage to pull him further into me. Our breathing grew fast, sounds of hissed air and wet slurping filled the room as he thumped his manhood into me. My nerves raced and my desire increased as the waves of passion flowed through me. Every part of me seemed to be connected, and concentrated in my arse as his long thick sword pierced me. He plunged down again and again, fucking me deeper, harder, faster. His beautiful body glistened with a sheen of sweat as his urgency heightened. I clenched at him, humped back in time with his ploughing, and together we raced to a crescendo, rocking and heaving as one, joined together in pure masculine sex. He pistoned in and out of me, and I urged him on with whispered need. I felt my climax approaching, fought to hold back and hissed a warning to him. My words only served to further excite him and he speared his dagger into me, impaling me on his steel hard flesh.

With a gasp of anguished passion, he called out. "Jeff, I'm cuummmiinggg!!!" I felt him shudder, his tool swelling within me. His entire body went rigid for a moment, and then with the release of total surrender his orgasm crashed over him. Simultaneously, my own climax erupted as I fell into the abyss of passionate abandon. As I felt him heave and shoot his creamy essence deep within me, my balls contracted and a fountain of jism spewed from my cock. With each spurt of my load I felt another wad of juice pumped from him into my bowels. Involuntarily I clenched my arse with each spasm, gripping him tightly and sending another gasping thrust from him into me. Shot after shot of searing white hot cum splashed from my prick onto our skin, coating both my stomach and his as we came together in thundering peaks of orgasm.

After an eternity, our climax subsided. I relaxed yet again, and he trembled with spent passion, and collapsed on top of me, his wonderful manhood still buried to the hilt within my body. We kissed again, long and fervent, but less passionate. Finally, he withdrew himself slowly, rolled to one side, and took me in his arms. I lay there, lost in the emotional haze of complete happiness, my body sated as we shared the exhausting recovery of post coital bliss.

"Oh, Glenn," I said softly, "thank you."

"Thank you! Jeff, that was incredible. You are incredible! I just wish I'd had the guts to ask you out weeks ago, at the checkout." He grinned at me and I smiled back, imagining my reaction if he had.

Twice more that night we made love. The second time was rough and ready, fast and powerful. Thumping, pounding fucking that left us both breathless and hot, but which aroused and excited us incredibly. The final time was much slower, longer, more gentle. It was a true loving coupling, tender and emotional as he made love to me, filling me with himself, and letting me take him and own his beautiful body while we made love with our hearts and our minds as well. In the early hours of the morning we drifted into sleep in each other's arms, wide grins on our faces and full of contentment.

Late Sunday morning I woke from a happy dream to find it was still continuing. Feeling his strong arms around my chest, I snuggled back into him, pressing my back against his stomach. He stirred and pulled me to him, his lengthening cock pressing against my bum. I twisted slightly, lifted one leg a little, and he slid inside me, holding me tightly and gently rocking against me, fucking me slowly and without a word. As his breathing quickened and his excitement peaked, he pulled himself from me and knelt quickly between my legs, one hand on his cock as he jerked my rod with the other until we came together, our jizz forming a pool of opaque cream on my stomach. Twirling his fingers in the sticky lake, he scooped some up and tasted the cocktail of our mixed ejaculate, smiling at me as he did. I followed his lead, and savoured the taste of him and myself on my tongue, then sat up and kissed him, mixing our essences together and passing it back and forth between our mouths.

Eventually, reluctantly, we dragged ourselves from the bed. Glenn made us breakfast and I searched out my clothes. When we had eaten, I stood and kissed him quickly. "Thank you so much, stud!" I said with feeling.

He looked up, surprised and concerned. "What are you doing?" he asked anxiously.

"In case you don't recall, I no longer have a job, or for much longer, a home. While I can't imagine anything better than spending the rest of eternity making love with you, I have to get out and do something about what little future I have," I said morosely.

"Oh, I kinda thought ..." he didn't finish. A look of dejected longing was on his face. I looked again at the stunning hunk who had rescued me, and made love to me all last night.

"Glenn," I said, slowly, uncertainly, "I know we only really discovered each other yesterday, but" I took a deep breath. "I feel that I've known you for weeks, since you've been coming into the store. I've been dreaming about you and imagined us together a thousand times. And after this weekend, well I hope you don't get upset, but ... I love you!" He looked up suddenly, beaming at me, and I went on. "As soon as I get my life back together, I'd really like to see you again, if I could."

"Jeff," he called out quickly, coming to hold me. "I love you too. I have for a while, but didn't know how to approach you. Don't you see -- we can get both of our lives together as much as we need to in one instant. Move in here!. If you find a job, fine. If not, well that gives us even more time to make love or just to be together. I don't want you going anywhere without me for at least 50 years!"

My heart felt as though it would burst as I threw my arms around him, my man, my lover. I kissed him long and hard, tears rolling down my cheeks, which he wiped away with his finger before kissing me again. His eyes were moist and glistening as we hugged for ages, lost in total happiness, together for the rest of time.

The End

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