Take It Or Leave It

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Chapter 1

Crunnnchh! Suddenly I was jolted out of the thoughts buzzing around in my head about sales targets, budgets and stock problems. The car came to a grinding halt and a sickening feeling grew in the pit of my stomach. The noise from the motor had sounded very serious, and the way the engine died seemed to spell a permanent stop.

"Fuck!" I declared loudly to the empty land around me. This whole trip had been a nightmare from start to finish, and now I was finally heading back to the city, this had to happen. I popped the bonnet and looked at the engine with the forlorn hope of someone who knew nothing about mechanics. The last town had been a good three hours back, and according to my map, the next outpost of civilization was at least a hundred kilometres ahead.

"Fuck!" I shouted again, and kicked the driver's side front tyre, hard. It didn't fix anything, but it made me feel a little better. I reached for my mobile phone, but I knew before I even looked at it that there would be no signal out here. Why had I agreed to do this godforsaken run through the deserted plains of far western New South Wales? The few pitiful sales I had managed would hardly cover the cost of the trip and I was going to have hell to pay when I got back. I conveniently forgot that I had volunteered to take this trip, seeing it as a chance to get out of the city for a couple of weeks. I looked back along the dirt road I had travelled, then forward where it stretched before me, straight as an arrow between low hills. Nothing. Empty. I hadn't passed another vehicle in either direction all day. "Fuck!"

In desperation, I looked about me. I don't know what I thought I was going to find, but there was nothing there. It dawned on me that I was probably in a serious situation. It was hot and getting hotter, and I had no shade and very little food or drink. Resolving to do something other than just sitting and waiting, I locked my work bags and paperwork in the boot of the car, grabbed the three-quarter full bottle of mineral water from the front seat, and started walking toward the hills I could see about 5 km further ahead on the road. I was reasonably fit, and okay to walk for the moment. After all, I worked out three times a week in the gym at home, I was young and healthy, and surely someone would come along eventually.

The hills I had spotted turned out to be closer to 10 km away, and by the time I reached them I was covered in sweat, my clothes dirty from the dust of the road, and most of the water I had brought with me was gone. On top of that, my very expensive dress shoes were rubbing against my ankles and starting to develop noticeable soft spots on the sole. The hills offered no sign of hope or assistance, and as I reached the top, all I could see in front of me was the long straight road, stretching kilometres to the horizon with not a sign of movement anywhere. Resigned, I started downhill, but before I had gone 100 metres my heart jumped. Off to the left a set of wheel ruts headed across country, disappearing over the side of the rise. It was hardly civilization, but to me eyes those marks meant salvation. Hopefully a farmhouse or cabin not too far away. I set off along the trail with renewed determination and energy.

That determination faded as I trudged along the dirt path of the tyre tracks. I was tired, thirsty. My feet were killing me, my fancy shoes almost disintegrating under me. I had lost track of how far I had gone, but had been walking for hours in the searing heat, taking a break every now and then under the occasional tree that grew not too far from the path before setting out again. I began to wonder if the tracks led anywhere at all, and my mind drifted back to the hassles of work. All the problems I had with my job didn't seem so bad now, when I seriously started to wonder if I was going to die out here, my body rotting away until someone found the bare bones in months or even years to come.

As I stumbled along, my head down and lost in morbid thoughts, I didn't realise that the path I was following was climbing toward a low ridge. As I reached the top and began back down the other side, I tripped on the uneven ground and fell to my knees. Covered in dirt and sweat, exhausted from my trek through the fierce heat of the day, I began to sob in despair and hopelessness. I wanted to just lay down and die there in the heat and the dirt. Forcing myself up onto my hands and knees, I lifted my head, and saw paradise. At least that was how it seemed. Below me was a small valley between the surrounding hills. A gentle stream flowed quietly along the valley floor, and on a flat piece of land not far from the water sat a small stone cottage, surrounded by a well-tilled garden of vegetables and fruit trees.

Picking myself up I ran to the house, surprised to find as I neared it that it was bigger than I had thought at first. I reached the place, scrambled up the steps to the only door and crashed my fist against the wood, calling out as I did "Hello, help me please!"

The door swung open to reveal a mountain of a man. I had to look up to his face as he towered over me, dark and hairy, his eyes intense as he looked at me with suspicion. "What do you want?" he demanded.

"My car's broken down. I need a phone, to call for help, I've been walking for hours in the heat, I thought I was going to die." I babbled out at him.

"No phone here. Clear off. Leave me alone. Don't want no-one hangin' around." He began to close the door.

"Please," I begged, "I need help. I can't get back to my car by myself. I don't have any food or water. Please, don't just leave me." I started to get desperate, sure I would die without assistance. He opened the door again, and stepped out, making me backtrack. As I did I stumbled on the step, and fell backward to lie on the ground, looking up at him, panic in my eyes. He stood there above me, his eyes assessing me, sizing me up almost.

"Serves you right for coming out of the city without proper supplies. Typical fuckin' useless city poofter. Should just leave you." He spat the words out, regarding me with undisguised contempt.

"Please ..." I whined up at him.

"Why? What's in it for me?"

"Anything you want" I gasped. "I'll do anything, please just help me!"

He looked again at that comment, an evil smile crossing his face. "Anything? That's a pretty generous offer, and very brave when you don't know what I might ask, pussy boy!" Something in his voice made me look up into his eyes. They glinted with hidden thoughts, and I began to wonder what he had in mind. In other circumstances, I would have found a hulking beast like this attractive, but here and now I wasn't so sure. His hand slid down his chest, across his stomach to come to rest at his groin, where he plainly and brazenly gripped his obviously sizeable cock.

"You want my help? You're gonna have to earn it, boy. I could use some entertainment, some fun. Haven't had any `company' for a long while out here. Three days, as my slave, and I'll get you safely back to town."

I looked up at him again, and thought about my options. I could try to walk back to the road, but who knew how far that was, and I was in no state to walk very far at all. The track I had been following stopped here, so there was no chance of anyone passing by. But if I agreed, it meant three days here, and I could only guess at what he had in mind, although the general idea was fairly obvious. I looked at him again, seeing him in a different light. He was tall and thick, muscled and fit. I thought about being his slave, submitting to his whims and probably being fucked and used for his sexual pleasure. Suddenly, the idea was not so bad after all.

"What'll it be, pussy?" he mocked. "My slave, or get going. Take it or leave it. You might even like it!" With that he laughed.

"Okay," I said, "I'm yours for three days. What's your name?"

"No names, boy. If I talk, then I'm talking to you. And you will call me `Sir'. Now get those useless fancy clothes off, and take yourself down to the creek and wash." He gestured toward the water close by the cottage, then abruptly turned on his heel and went inside, leaving me alone.

I looked around, feeling self conscious, then realised there was no point, there was no one for kilometres in any direction. I stripped naked, placing my clothing in a pile on the verandah, and padded gingerly toward the stream. The water was clear and cool, but not too cold, and wonderfully refreshing after the dust and heat of the day, and I was soon fully immersed, rubbing myself down and washing away the dust. I relaxed in the freshness, enjoying myself, until I heard his voice booming out from the cabin, only about a hundred metres away. "Enough! Get up here, now!"

Quickly I climbed up the bank, and trotted back to the house, still dripping wet and trying to shake off the excess moisture. He came out to meet me, a towel in his hand. Without a word, he rubbed me down, examining my body more closely as he did. Involuntarily, my cock began to harden with anticipation.

"Bit scrawny, but you'll do. Could use some more meat on you, but that's the city life!" he murmured. Seeing the beginning of my erection, he snorted. "Bit early for that, son. I'll let you know when I'm ready." His dismissal deflated both my ego and my urge, and my prick returned to flaccidity fast. "Inside!" he commanded, and I obeyed. The cottage consisted of a reasonably large open area which combined as kitchen and living room, with two doors opening from it. Both were open, and through one I could see a bed, through the other a storage area stacked with boxes and shelves full of books. As I entered, he followed me, his hands going to my shoulders and pushing me down onto my knees.

"A slave should be properly attired," he stated. I nodded agreement.

"Yes, Sir."

With that he stood behind me and fitted a leather collar around my neck, fastening it in place with a small padlock which he snapped closed. I was startled by the feel, but accepted it, promising myself to abide by our agreement. From the collar, a length of chain dangled, the other end of the chain firmly in his hand. With the collar in place he stepped in front of me.

"Hands!" he said, and I held mine up to him. On each wrist he fixed leather cuffs, buckled tightly in place, over the cuffs went metal handcuffs, ensuring my hands were disabled in front of me. Similar leather restraints went around my ankles, joined by a metal bar so that if I were to get to my feet I could only hobble slowly about the room.

"Hmmphh!" he muttered as my restraints were fitted in place. "Always wanted a dog. Pity it's not a better specimen, but you'll do for the time being." With that he tore a couple of pieces of meat from a leg on the bench, and dropped them on a plate in front of me. "Eat!" he said, sitting and watching. With my hands cuffed, all I could do was bend forward and bite at the tough cold meat as it sat on the plate. I chewed as best I could, forcing myself to swallow both the food and my dignity. I had agreed to this in order to secure his help, and I was going to see it through. As I finished, he looked at me, and I saw approval in his eyes. "Thirsty?" he asked, and I nodded. Another bowl was placed on the floor before me, filled with clear water. Again, the only way I could get any of it was to sink my face into the water and drink at it like a dog, which I did. Sitting back up, I tried to lick my lips, to clear my face of the remaining droplets. He smiled, patting me on the head. "Good dog," he said, "I think I'm gonna enjoy these next few days."

Laughing softly at his own joke, he stood and casually stripped his clothes off. I watched, fascinated as his body was exposed. He was massive, hairy and tanned. His arms were thick and powerful, his legs like tree-trunks. His chest was chiselled and taut, and as the light top was thrown to the floor I saw his nipples were pierced, set through with heavy silver rings. The sight of him like this, stripping before me, was hot, erotic, and I began to develop an erection, stirred on by the pure masculine sexuality of this mountain of man who obviously intended that I would be his toy for the next few days. Clad now only in a pair of loose shorts, he laughed again when he saw my hardening cock.

"You are eager, aren't you, pussy?" he said evilly. "I'll have to do something about that." He left me there, kneeling on the floor, and went into the third room of his cottage, rummaging amongst some things there, out of my view. When he returned, he had a thin piece of leather, like a shoe string. Commanding me to sit up, he knelt and quickly wound the thing around the base of my shaft, tightly, and I felt the blood constricting as he did. The same piece of leather was long enough for him to keep winding, so that he also separated my balls from my cock and from my body, forcing them down into my nutsack. The ache began almost immediately, a dull internal pain which somehow seemed to intensify my erection.

Satisfied with his handiwork, he stood back in front of me, so I could see him clearly in his entirety. Easily visible, and becoming more obvious by the second, was the growing bulge which tented the material of his shorts. He grinned again, and said to himself, "Yeah, gonna enjoy this a whole lot."

Shucking the shorts down, and stepping out of them, he revealed himself to me in his full glory. I gasped. His cock was huge, at least ten inches long and thick as a cucumber. And pierced! A silver Prince Albert ring took pride of place through that massive cockhead, exiting his piss slit and curving around to enter the skin again just below the V point cut of his glans. I was excited and scared. I had seen PA's before, but never had sex with anyone who had one.

"Holy shit!" I exclaimed, involuntarily.

His slap caught me on the side of the face. Not hard enough to injure, or even cause serious pain, but enough to teach me a lesson. "You'll speak when I tell you to. And I won't tell you to. Understand?"

"Yes, Sir." His hand raised again, as I bit my lip, and nodded vigorously.

"Good. Remember that, shit head." He stepped forward, pulling at the chain attached to my neck. "Now, since you've been a good dog, here's a nice fleshy bone for you to chew on." And with that he pulled my face towards his huge, throbbing cock.

My eyes wide with amazement, I approached him as best I could, shuffling on my knees. I opened my lips wide as I tried to swallow him. Licking and slurping in an attempt to cover his meat with saliva and make it easier to accept, I bobbed at the head of his cock. The metal of his PA was cool on my tongue, and I licked around the points where the ring pierced his flesh. I suckled at his dong like a baby on a teat, coating him with mucous as I dived little by little, further onto the massive pole. He became irritated with my slow progress, his hands falling to the back of my head, and he began to force me further onto himself, shoving his raging prong into my gullet. I tried desperately not to gag as the thick fleshy rod filled my throat, the ring of metal scraping at the back of my neck. He tasted musky yet clean, and I slowly began to accept him into my raw mouth as he started to fuck my face, firm and determined. I learnt quickly to grab breaths of air as he pulled back, and to hold that breath as he sank himself into me again.

As I became accustomed to his rhythm, my cock swelled and ached, the blood pumped and constrained by the leather strap around me. I slurped on him, licked and swallowed his weapon, and suddenly knew I was enjoying this. I was horny! I wanted more as I became the aggressor, attacking his meat and sucking on him, trying to take all of him as much as I possibly could. My balls ached, but the ache only served to intensify my lust, the pain of restriction adding to the sensations racking my body as I knelt before this man-bear and serviced him like an animal.

His body tensed at my continued attack, and I knew he was close. I dived again, determined to milk his juice from him, and his hands remained at my head guiding me down onto that rampant prong and shoving my face into his groin. I felt him shudder, and tasted the salty precum as his passion grew. His cock began to expand even further and I thought it would choke me, but instead he reefed my face away from him at the last moment, and held me tightly, a few centimetres away from him as his orgasm struck. Searing white hot globs of cum spewed from him, splashing onto my face, spattering over my eyes and down my nose. Another burst erupted from his cock and my chest was sprayed with his jism, the sticky essence clinging to my skin. He pushed me to the floor, so I lay flat below him, and his hands gripped his huge tool, wringing the last of his ejaculate from himself over my prone form. Spent for the moment, he stood there as the final droplets hung from his still hard cock in long strands down onto my greasy, slimed gut.

He laughed with approval as I looked at him, desperate for my own release. My cock throbbed with need and filled with blood. My balls rolled and ached for release, and he sat, watching and grinning. "Come here, dog boy!" he commanded. Quickly I shuffled onto my knees and inched towards him. "Good dog," he said as he patted my head, resting my chin on his knee. Incredibly, I was pleased! I enjoyed his approval. So close to him again, I could smell the musky scent of him, could feel the heat of his skin against me. Impulsively, without thinking, desperate for release, I sidled closer so that my aching cock was against his leg. Feeling the heat of contact, I rubbed against him, trying to bring myself off. Slicked and covered in his cum, I actually rutted against his leg like a dog. The friction of his hairy skin against my rampant needy dong was exciting, was good, but it was not enough with the leather tied tightly around my nuts, and I collapsed in frustration.

He laughed a hearty bellowing laugh at me then. "Excellent, perfect, a true dog!" he declared. Lifting me by the arms, he made me stand, and he removed the binding thong wrapped around me. The relief, the sudden rush of blood back into deprived veins was painful in itself, but as I gasped, he took hold of my cock in one hand and flailed at it hard. It took no more than a few strokes before my testicles exploded and my cock twitched. As I moaned and humped at air, he gripped me harder, then aimed my cock into a glass tumbler and released me, capturing my cum in the container as he directed the way I was to be allowed to ejaculate.

I shuddered to a finish, grateful for the release he had provided, and slumped back to my knees. He stood over me as I did, and poured the contents of the cup, my essence, onto his cock, allowing the excess to fall onto my own body again. Standing astride me, he waved his still semi-erect weapon in my face again.

"Here, pussy boy, I've spilt something on my cock." He pointed at the long fleshy pole dripping with the creamy gobs of my jism. "Clean it up!" Doing as I was told I eagerly licked at him, slurping all around his cockhead and up and down his shaft, swallowing my own juice as I licked it from him and cleaned his dick for him. As I did, my skin tingled, my nerves alive with sensations. I could feel that my own erection had not subsided as usual, but was still very much alive as my cock throbbed.

My attention to his penis, licking and cleaning it, had resulted in him getting harder again. His prick had never really gone soft, but now it grew from semi-hardness to rampant, throbbing weapon yet again. I worked my tongue up and along his shaft, closing my teeth over the metal of his PA and trying to pull at it gently. When I began to open my lips, ready to swallow him yet again, he backed off, lifting my head away from his pulsing meat. Not speaking, he reached down to my chest, taking each of my nipples between his thumbs and forefingers.

"Pity," he murmured, "these tits should be pierced and ringed, they'd make better sport if they were."

Still, he pinched tightly at the nubs of skin, sending tingling pain shooting through my chest. I did my best to muffle a yell, as he twisted and pulled at the hard brown skin again. The more I winced, the harder he tweaked and pulled at me, yet the longer it went on, the less the pain bothered me. Mixing with that pain now, gradually outweighing it, was the most intense pleasure. It was as if my nipples were connected directly to my cock, so that as he punished them, shooting bolts of intense sensation stabbed my chest and made my cock throb and twitch with growing need. He watched me carefully as my face showed the change from pain to enjoyment, studied me as I began to gasp with the increasing delight of ecstatic joy at the sensations shooting through my body.

"Shame I don't have more time, or didn't find you when I was back in the city. You have real potential, boy. With the right training you could have been a damn good slave." I said nothing, yet although my rational mind said I should be insulted or demeaned by his words, instead I felt a real pleasure, a serious pride, that I could please him, gain the approval of this powerful man who had control of me.

Releasing his hands from my now throbbing tits, he waved his massive cock in front of my face, droplets of pre-cum escaping from his slit and spattering on my eyes and cheeks. I tried to lick them off, to taste his essence again. As I did, he took his mighty prong in his hand and slapped it against the side of my face. The tingling of my skin was like fire to me, the solid hardness of him like the steel of his piercing as his meat struck me. I opened my mouth, ready for him again, but he stood up over me.

"You want this bone, dog? Fine, but it's not your mouth that you'll eat it with." He laughed again, and pushed my head down to the floor, kicking my legs forward so that I was doubled over, my face on the ground and my arse pointing high into the air. He knelt behind me, quickly snapping a leather cockring around the base of my shaft, tight but not as constricting as the leather thong he had used before. Then he stood again, and a slap from his bare hand landed on my butt cheek. I jumped, but said nothing, and he murmured again, "good dog!" I heard some movement, and felt the coolness of a gel substance being spread down the crack of my arse and around my twitching, puckering hole.

With one finger he eased the lube into me, massaging it through the muscles of my sphincter and opening my chute as he did. A second finger followed as he explored me, stretched my hole in readiness for what was to come. I relaxed as I could, allowing him easy access through the upturned target of my anus. A third finger was introduced, and I squirmed with a little discomfort as he forced the three digits into me, bending his fingers within to massage the inner ring of muscle and coax my body open even further.

Suddenly the fingers were withdrawn. I gasped at the sudden emptiness, only to feel the pressure of cold steel against me. He had positioned himself so that he stood astride me, his feet by my knees as he hovered over me. My arse sticking up in the air was directly below him, and he pushed his cock down so that it aimed directly at the inviting pink rosebud that was my rectum. Bending his knees to lower himself, he nudged the metal of his PA up against the tender skin of my arse. I shuddered with both anticipation and uncertainty. I had never before been fucked by someone with a Prince Albert, and had no idea whether it would be painful, or more difficult than a `normal' coupling.

With his huge dripping dong in one hand, he gradually lowered himself so that he was directly above me and against me. I felt the silver against my anus, and tried to relax, willing myself to open for him. He moved his cock back and forward against the twitching muscle, easing the metal into my arse, guiding it through the resisting sphincter. I tried to push back, to expand my hole to him. The metal ring embedded in his throbbing meat edged into my anus, the unfamiliar shape and unyielding solidity of the steel causing a surprisingly pleasant sensation as it slid within my rectum. Following hard behind the silver, his large round cockhead stretched me, forcing my resisting muscles apart as he prodded irresistibly into my empty cavern. After the stretching from his fingers, and the anticipation of having his pierced dong enter me, I was amazed to find that there was very little pain with this slow assault upon me. Discomfort was a better description, as the thick turgidity of his pole held my protesting anus wide and the long veiny shaft began to slide through my ring of muscle. There was a moment of stretching ache with the beginning of his journey, and then suddenly the entire throbbing head of his manhood was inside, my sphincter closing around the lip of his glans and gripping at him.

I flexed myself at that point, clenched against the invading enormity, and relaxed again, accepting his insertion and allowing the tendrils of pleasure to make their way through my nerve endings. I moaned softly at the growing delight and he steadied himself for a moment, his hands gripping my hips as he hunched over me. Suddenly, without warning, he dropped his weight down onto me, shoving his long rod all the way into my body. My face was crushed into the floor, my rectum stabbed by the length of him as the metal ring in his cock scraped its way up my bowel and dragged across my prostate. Involuntarily, I let out a long "unnnhhhhh" as the combination of pain and pleasure assaulted my senses.

He slapped my butt with his open hand as he dropped onto me, his huge hairy balls crashing into the orbs of my cheeks. "Shut up, pig, and take it the way you deserve it!" he hissed. Using his knees as leverage, and placing his hands on my back, he started to lift and drop, the thick shaft of his masculinity riding in and out of my anus. With each up and down movement the PA scraped and pulled at my innards, pulling and shoving across my prostate and sending shuddering pangs of almost unbearable pleasure racing through me. As my arse clenched tightly around him with each withdrawal, he used his not inconsiderable weight to pound that gigantic caber back into me. The sheer force of his fucking was enormous, the humping shove of each entry impaling my ravaged arse onto his huge dagger. I moaned and gasped with the uncontrollable delight of his attack, writhed under him as he thrust himself down into me and took possession of my body.

The crunching power of his fucking drove me into rapture. My gut felt like it was being skewered and torn, but the pleasure it wrought was inconceivable. I huffed and gasped, tried desperately to hold back against the rising passion, but my entire body tingled with delight. Every nerve was electrified, sending messages of twitching urgency to my brain. My very being was concentrated on the rampaging battering ram which drove into my arse, pulling back to crash in again, and my body wanted more! I ached, trembled, needed to have all of him within me. As my emotions surrendered to the assault, I lost control and my balls contracted, spewing their load of juice into my swollen aching cock. I erupted, long streamers of white jizz flying from me to soak the floor as my arse constricted around the source of my joy, the giant log of manflesh that pierced my being.

I came, long and strong, a torrent of ejaculate pouring from me, and still he shoved and grunted, fucked and humped at me. My orgasm slowed, eased and finally stopped but the bear above me continued unabated, fucking harder, faster, more furiously into my ripped and tender chute. Sweat dropped from him, searing my back as he hunched and pounded, lifted and dropped again into my arse. His breathing quickened, became gasps as he hissed and snorted with exertion. His tempo increased so much that he was a piston, his weapon a blur as he pumped in and out and he raged towards climax. With a roaring bellow of capitulation, he reached the edge of the abyss and plunged over. "FUUUCK, YESSS!!!" he screamed, his body crashing down one last time as his entire weight fucked his pole into my body and his frame came to rest hard against my back. I swore I could feel his cock swell within me, grow to fill me completely, and then it jerked and exploded. Powerful spasms shook him as he emptied the contents of his nuts into me, filled my body with his essence. No longer moving, he shuddered against me as his mighty weapon shot its load of mancum deep into my bowels, drowned my innards in creamy jism.

As the waves of passion slowly receded from him, he lifted away from me once again, pulling himself from my gripping muscle with a greedy slurping wetness. Letting out a long sigh of satisfaction, he slumped down, pushing me forward so that I was now prone on the ground in front of him, and he fell crashing onto me, wiping his slimy, cum slaked cock over my lower back before he covered me with his body. "Fucken' hell, boy, I needed that BAD!" he hissed, before standing and pushing me over onto my back with his foot. He smiled down at me then. "Good dog," he laughed, "very good dog." My heart raced at the words, my emotions running wild. For some inexplicable reason I was immensely happy that he had enjoyed using me as he had. I almost forgot how incredibly erotic the experience had been for me as well. Almost. I would never really forget it; I had just enjoyed the most intensely pleasurable fucking of my life up until that time.


Chapter 2

As the waves of passion slowly receded from him, he lifted away from me once again, pulling himself from my gripping muscle with a greedy slurping wetness. Letting out a long sigh of satisfaction, he slumped down, pushing me forward so that I was now prone on the ground in front of him, and he fell crashing onto me, wiping his slimy, cum slaked cock over my lower back before he covered me with his body. "Fucken' hell, boy, I needed that BAD!" he hissed, before standing and pushing me over onto my back with his foot. He smiled down at me then. "Good dog," he laughed, "very good dog." My heart raced at the words, my emotions running wild. For some inexplicable reason I was immensely happy that he had enjoyed using me as he had. I almost forgot how incredibly erotic the experience had been for me as well. Almost. I would never really forget it; I had just enjoyed the most intensely pleasurable fucking of my life up until that time.

I lay there at his feet, covered in the remnants of both my own cum and his, my cock still semi-hard with the restraining leather cockring around me, and looked up into his eyes. He smiled down at me, a beaming grin of pleased ownership. Relaxing on the chair, his massive tool still slimed with juice, the PA glistening in the moisture clinging to him, he placed one foot on my chest lightly. He looked thoughtful as he poured himself a drink from a bottle of whisky and rolled a cigarette. As the plume of smoke enveloped his head, he closed his eyes, the contented Master of his world, and the owner of an obedient puppy who had pleased him well.

A half hour or more passed before he stirred again. "Time to get ready for bed." He announced as he stood over me again. "If I'd known I was getting a dog, I'd have built a kennel, but for tonight you'll have to sleep in the store-room." With that, he headed into the other room which opened off the living area, and busied himself for a few minutes. When he came back out he was holding a medium sized black rubber butt plug. I looked at him startled, surely he did not want to use me again for sex. I was exhausted from our earlier encounters, and from the walking through the day. I was still lying on my back on the floor where he had left me, and he knelt at my feet, pushing my legs back.

"If you're gonna sleep inside, I better make sure you don't go dirtying the place up." He said, more to himself than to me. With my tender anus still slick from the lube he had used and from the remnants of his ejaculation, it was easy enough for him to insert the plug into me, pushing firmly and jiggling it around. I gasped as my already stretched sphincter resisted this new assault, pain shooting up from my arsehole for a few seconds, and then the plug was in, and my ring closed around it, clenching back to the core of the toy, as the bulb lodged inside my rectum and the base held it safely in place. The pain went as quickly as it had come, and I was left feeling filled but easy, if a little uncomfortable.

Dragging me now by the chain still attached to my neck, he pulled me into the room he had just left. On the floor in the middle of the room was a huddle of old blankets forming a kind of bed. He snapped the leash I wore over a metal railing, and fixed two more lengths of chain to each wrist so that I couldn't move my arms, or roll over onto my stomach. Without another word, he walked out and left me there on the floor, my cock still restrained by the leather band, my arse filled with the rubber bung. I thought I would never sleep in that position, but the exhaustion of my day proved me wrong. Despite my humiliating circumstances, before long I fell into a deep sleep populated with hazy dreams about chains and restraints, and hairy men dressed in leather who treated me like a plaything.

The next morning I woke suddenly, a tingling sensation in my dick irritating me into consciousness. In the first few seconds of waking I panicked, struggled vainly at the chains holding my arms in place and fell back onto the rough blankets where I had slept. He was bending over me, having just finished tying a piece of leather thong tightly around the girth of my cock, just below the lip of my cockhead. It was this which had caused the tingling sensation and woken me. I looked at him startled, opened my mouth and began to say something, only to close it again at his look of warning. My joints were stiff from the long night without movement, my cock ached and my arse was tender and sore from his ravages last night, and the butt plug embedded in it which had remained in place since yesterday evening. I pulled against the restraints again, a sense that I needed to be free rising in my brain.

He looked hard at me, thought for a second. "You agreed to this, boy, remember. Do you want to back out of our agreement? Just say so, and I'll cut you free right now, let you walk away." I thought on this. Into my mind came the memories of the long dusty track back to the deserted road, the heat and blisters. Then I recalled last night's activities, the deep lusty fucking I had enjoyed, the incredible pleasure of his invading cock. I mused on the pride I had felt at his approval, wondered that my normally rational world was turned upside down by surrendering to the hulking man before me, and startled myself with the realisation that I liked that approval, that I needed to surrender to him. "Speak, boy!" he commanded.

"Uh, no, Sir." I murmured. "I want to stay, Sir, do as you tell me, Sir."

"Good," he said. A simple statement of accepting my obedience. He unfastened the chains holding my wrists, replacing them with a restraint that kept my hands behind my back.

"Now I have things to do. Out!" he commanded, pointing to the door. I stumbled to my feet and shuffled forward, my ankles still kept close together by the bar between them. Through the main room I went and outside into the sun and fresh air. He followed me outside, then tied the leash around my neck to a post on the patio, ensuring I could go no further than a few metres in any direction. Disappearing around the side of the cottage I heard him talking to himself, quietly. "Pity I don't have no gloves, better if its hands were free but useless. And I need a kennel for it too. Damn this showing up without warning." It took me a second to realise he was referring to me as he grumbled. He really did see me as a pet to be used, but catered to as well. My feelings raced between revulsion, joy and need. My rational brain said this wasn't right, but my emotional heart said it felt good, exciting and pleasurable. And deep down inside, I wanted to be his toy, his possession, wanted him to approve of me and be pleased with me.

Several times he came back to check on me. He remained completely naked, and seemed quite comfortable in his nudity. I was adorned only with the leather pieces, my ankle and wrist bands, the collar and cockring, and the butt plug still firmly wedged within my arse. In this situation, it felt right to be undressed as I was.

I could hear noises from where he worked, hammering and sawing, grunting and heaving. I couldn't see what he was doing, but I sat there, tied to the post as he had left me. As the morning wore on, I became more and more aware of my bodily functions, or rather the lack thereof. I needed desperately to both shit and piss, but could do neither, the butt plug and the tight leather thong saw to that. I tried not to think about it, forced myself to concentrate on something else, but the natural urges grew stronger as time passed.

The next time his face appeared around the corner of the house, I looked at him hard. He seemed to take no notice, and I almost called out, biting my tongue at the last moment. Instead I whimpered, loudly, the noise a high pitched whine in my throat. That got his attention and he came closer. I looked up at him, the need on my face growing. "What's up, dogboy?" he asked, a look of amusement appearing. I stared at him again, willing him to know, and whined yet again. He laughed at my predicament but did not move. Finally I gave up all sense of dignity, clambered over to him, and licked at his arm, begging for release. I looked at his eyes, down to my aching cock, and back to him again.

"Damn, but your learning fast!" he chuckled. "Only good dogs get to relieve themselves. Have you been a good dog?"

The acknowledgement that he knew what I wanted was almost overwhelming. I nodded my head quickly, eagerly, and licked at him again. It was the only way I knew to keep him happy, to get him to allow me the relief I desperately needed. Laughing with delight at my antics, he stepped closer. "Lie down!" he ordered. As I obeyed, he pushed my legs back toward my chest, and took a hold of the base of the butt plug. Jiggling it and pulling at it slowly but firmly, he eased it from me. Pain racked my arse as the bulb of the toy stretched me yet again, but when it was gone the sense of relief was amazing. Leading me down to a patch of dirt not far from the house, he smirked again, and reached around to quickly release the binding leather thong wrapped around my cockhead. "Okay, shithead, do your business here, and make sure you bury it properly!"

Unable to hold on a second longer, I squatted quickly and opened my bowels, gasping with relief. As I finished, I fell forward onto my knees. He was still behind me watching intently. "Cock your leg!" he ordered. Almost without question, I lifted one knee as my bladder took over and a long withheld stream of piss poured onto the ground beside me. He laughed again, bellowing with mirth at my actions. "Fucking well done. Best yet!" he praised.

I was just beginning to glow from his approval as my leak slowed, when suddenly a shower of steaming rank yellow liquid poured down onto me. I swung around in surprise, to find him standing above me, grinning widely, and aiming his long hose of flesh directly at me, the strong stream of urine spraying over my back, my torso, my head. My initial reaction was one of horror, but he laughed loudly as he pissed.

"Damn, you're fucken hot, boy. Better than I hoped for!" His words were music to my ears, and as the apparently never ending river of urine poured out of his massive prick and down over me, I actually began to enjoy it. His piss was warm, golden and masculine as it sprayed over my body and washed down the dust. When he finally finished, shaking his flaccid cock in my direction as the last drops spattered against me, I sat down again in the dust and smiled at him.

"Yeah, fucker, that's right,' he said, "keep me happy, and you'll get rewarded, just like a good dog should do!" As he returned to his work, I nudged a pile of dirt over the excrement I had left with my knees, and went back to my assigned place on the porch to await my master's pleasure.

The sun travelled higher and the heat intensified. A little before noon he re-appeared, drenched in sweat and dust. I looked up eagerly as he rounded the corner, and sat up. The dried remnants of body fluids, cum, saliva, urine, sweat, were hard and cracked on my body as they had collected the dust and become dirty mud all over me, slicking down and matting the hair on my arms and legs and chest. He looked at me as I gazed up at him from my position on the ground, eager to please and anxious for his approval. His stare was a mixture of mirth, ownership and concern. I could not discern his intentions -- for someone who was simply using me for temporary sexual gratification he seemed very intent on meeting my needs, but my needs as an animal, not a fellow human. Glancing around, he muttered a rebuke to himself and went into the house, returning with a bowl of water which he placed in front of me. "Damn!" he swore. "Got to remember, a dog needs its water in this heat." As he watched I gratefully sank my face into the bowl and lapped up the cool liquid, quenching my thirst and moistening my dried throat.

While I slurped at the bowl of water, he drank deeply from a bottle of beer. Shading his face and looking out over the land, he spoke, to himself, but I am sure for my benefit, although he didn't address me as such. "Too hot to work now. Middle of the day is for rest and relaxation, time to find somewhere cool and take it easy." He dropped himself into an easy chair in the shade offered by the small awning, spreading and stretching his muscled tanned legs. Still attached to the post by my leash, I crept forward into the shade as well, curling up into as comfortable a position as I could find between his feet. "Good boy" he murmured absently, lifting one foot and rubbing it along my back. I smiled to myself and settled there, enjoying the rubbing of his toughened flesh on my shoulder blades. He quickly finished his beer, and began on a second, rolled himself a cigarette and stretched out further, his arms reclining beside his strong torso. I had begun to think he may have fallen asleep in that chair, when suddenly a large belch escaped him, startling me into looking up at him quickly. He laughed again at that. "Now this is living!" he said happily. "A comfortable home, good open land, an obedient dog for company. What more could a man ask?"

He smiled, a self satisfied grin, and stood up. As he did, I jumped up as well, to get out of his way. He stepped down off the porch and I shuffled after him on hands and knees, until I reached the limit of the leash still tied to the post. He turned and looked at me. "You're filthy, dog!" he stated and I lowered my eyes in acknowledgement and disgrace. He walked back to stand directly over me and I watched as he took his cock in hand and pointed in my direction. I knew what was coming and was prepared for it this time, so as the hot stream began I turned to face him full on. The yellow shower fell onto my chest and my groin, and I revelled in the feeling as the liquid poured over me. It was cleansing in a way, washing the dried dirt from me. Looking at its source, I marvelled at the massive tool he sported, and the horny look of the silver ring which pierced his fleshy snake. He directed the stream up and down my body, grinning widely as he did, and as it focussed on my groin, I began to harden. The eroticism of being pissed on by this bear awakening my natural reactions again.

As he finished, he leaned down and slapped his palm at my growing hardon. "Typical dog, always randy. C'mon shithead, I need to get under the shade." He untied the leather lead and walked quickly toward the river, two bottles of beer under his arm and my chain wrapped around his wrist. I shuffled behind as best I could, finding it difficult to keep up with him with my shackled feet. I stumbled and fell as he pulled harder on the leash, going down onto my knees. He turned on me, anger in his eyes. "Fucking lazy animal! Get moving," he hissed, raising his hand. I cringed and waited but the blow which landed on my shoulder was surprisingly light. "I s'pose it can't help it. Those hands tied behind its back are no good. Damn!" He snorted to himself. I got to my feet again and shuffled to where he had stopped under the shade of a large tree on a grassy spot close by the water. Sinking to my knees just in front of him, I looked into his eyes, my own full of uncertainty. I did not want to upset him, but had to take my lead from what he did or said.

Leaning down, he reached for my ankles. "I guess I can trust it not to run away now," he said to himself as he unfastened the connecting metal, and leaving just the leather cuffs in place. Walking around behind me, similarly he undid the shackles on my wrists, so that only the leather bands around my skin remained, giving me full movement of my arms and legs again. I stayed on my knees and turned toward him, coming face to face with his dangling meat and large hairy nuts. Instantly, my own cock leapt to attention at the proximity of his fleshy tool. He chuckled. "Want a bone, dog? See if you can catch this one." He swung his hips from side to side in front of me, his cock tantalisingly close to my mouth with each sidelong motion.

I lapped at it, my tongue extended to try to catch him, as the metal ring glinted in the sunlight centimetres from me. Several times his flaccid tube smacked against my cheek, but I was too slow to capture that fleshy monster with my lips. Laughing heartily at our game, he continued to twist his hips, the pierced and heavy prick slapping at me, tantalisingly close. He sipped continuously at his beer as he teased me, chuckling and belching, until he finally stilled and as he did I quickly sucked the head of his dong into my mouth, tasting the residue of his piss and the salty sweat of his earlier labour. Licking at the PA and slurping around his cut head, I relished the soft firmness of him, as he let his slack meat rest between my moist lips.

I licked and played with the spongy flesh of his massive cock, tasted his musk, and nibbled at the metal ring through his slit. My own cock quickly jumped to attention as I suckled at his tool, and I was rewarded with the thickening solidity of him within my mouth. As he hardened, I slurped at his corona, and sank my throat over the growing tumescence, coaxing him into arousal with my tongue and teeth. I looked up to his face as I dived at his prong, to see a look of satisfied contentment. As I devoted all my attention to his cock, he drained the beer, and one hand wandered to his chest, playing with the ring through his nipple almost absently as he stood there and accepted my adoration of his manmeat. His prong was now rigid, the fullness of it throbbing slightly within my gullet as I constricted my throat around him, determined to please the bear standing in front of me. I could taste the delicious beginnings of his precum as his slit oozed its sticky fruit onto my tongue and I savoured every droplet.

He gave a few light thrusts into my neck, teasing me as he pretended to fuck my face without any real conviction. I coated his cock with my saliva, the mucous mixing with his precum to form a generous slimy sheath around that huge dong. Suddenly he pulled himself from my face, and pushed me down onto my hands and knees. "Enough of your games, pussy boy," he said in a soft hiss. "Time for you to take this bone like the dog you are." As he spoke, he moved in behind me, kneeling on the soft grass, and nudged my legs apart with his knees. His large brawny hands gripped my hips as he lined himself up with the twitching pink target of my arse hole. Steadying himself as the metal of the PA pressed at the tender skin of my ring, he suddenly humped himself into me in one long powerful thrust.

I gasped out with surprise, bit my lip and refused to cry out with the sudden pain. My sphincter ached at the assault, protesting the invasion by the metal tipped pole of steel hard flesh. But the pain wasn't as bad as I had expected. The ravaging that I had received last night, and the all-night plugging of my butt by the rubber plug, had left me both stretched and relaxed. My arse was tender but open, and so I accepted his attack easily. As the initial pain died, I marvelled at the sensational tingles of pleasure his giant log stimulated within me, the cool steel of his piercing scraping the walls of my chute as the hot throbbing pole filled and massaged my innards. As soon as he had smashed himself into me, burying himself to the root, he pulled back again, and thumped his body against mine once more. With each near-withdrawal and re-insertion, his PA rubbed against my prostate and the indescribable pleasure of this attack on my G-spot made me shudder and moan with joy.

He fucked me hard. Fast and powerful. His thrusting was a pile driver, ramming his huge rod into my soft wet cavern. He hammered that massive spike into me, again and again, as my entire body tingled and shook. I tried to hump him back, tried to ride with his rhythm, clenching at him as he withdrew, opening for his inward shove, but there was no point. He was an animal, driven and lusty, determined to take his pleasure from my yielding form, to hump and plough me until he satisfied his basic urge, regardless of what I did. I doubted whether he cared if I took pleasure or pain from the frenzied fucking which raged upon me at his hands, but for my part, I shuddered and gasped with the delight of his invasion. He humped at me, pumping his giant weapon into me deeper and harder than I imagined was possible. In the heat of the day his sweat dripped from him onto my back as he rutted like the beast he was at my accepting hole. Cursing and gasping with unbridled male lust he fucked at me, impaled me on his spear.

"Fuck yes, take this you fucking whore," he hissed at me. "Like that, don't you, like my meat shoved up your tight little doggy hole, you fucker."

His motion became a thumping, crashing piston in and out of me as he rammed his pole harder and harder into my gut. My breath grew short as I gasped with the overwhelming pleasure of him taking me. My cock swung back and forth in time with his thrusts, slapping up at my belly then dangling in the air, my balls rocked and swayed as my dong swung to the beat of his screwing. I gave up all pretense of trying to keep up with him, and with my nerves tingling at the waves of passion sweeping through me, I simply surrendered totally to his attack, my body sagging into limp acceptance of his rampaging probing of my arse, my mind blank of all thought save the peaking excitement as he took complete control and fucked me like I had never been fucked before.

His thumping rut reached a crescendo as he gasped then bellowed a guttural yell to the sky, his cock swollen and rampant within me. In one lightning fast movement he ripped himself from me, with a slurping wet wrenching sound. I gasped at the sudden withdrawal, the emptiness as my ravaged chute was deserted by his log of masculinity. He shuddered against my legs, and I felt the spattering heat of flying globs as he shot his jism over my back. Searing, sticky arcs of cum leapt from his cock to land on my skin, trickling along my spine to form a lake of slimy juice on my back.

"Fuck, yeah!" he declared as his orgasm faded. He slapped his still erect cock against my butt cheek, and rubbed the slippery shaft up the crack of my arse. Gripping himself tightly, he pressed himself to my gaping twitching anus, and shoved that dripping turgid sword back into the scabbard of my ravaged arse. Stretched and open as I was, I still gasped at the unexpected intrusion, and the renewed delight as he humped one more time into me, crashing himself hard against my butt, and stopped.

"Holy fuck, that's a nice piece of arse, boy" he exclaimed.

He rested there, his hands on my hips as his now quiet but still hard tool filled my cavern. I was still in a state of full arousal, my cock twitching and swollen, leaking precum voluminously, and I gripped at him within me, trying to gain some further stimulation. He laughed at my efforts, and slapped my bare cheek with his palm.

"Take it easy, dogboy, time for a rest."

I whimpered as my need went unsatisfied, perched on hands and knees, unable to get the touch I needed to reach climax. With his manhood still sunk within me, he stayed there easily on his knees, our bodies connected by the long tube of his flesh gripped within my bowel. Without moving his hips from my rear, he retrieved another bottle of beer and opened it easily, drinking deep and slaking the thirst he had developed humping my butt.

For ten or fifteen minutes we remained in that position, as I ached with need while his cock inhabited my arse and he slurped at his beer. Occasionally he would land a quick slap on my butt, causing me to involuntarily clench my sphincter around his thickness, ensuring he remained firmly lodged in place. Despite my desire, I could sense that his tumescence was waning, the blood returning to normal as his long hose softened. Yet still he left his cock in place, the flaccidity not enough to cause him to exit me, the slaps and subsequent clenches sufficient to keep him lodged between my muscles. I began to wonder how long he would remain like this, why he persisted in this position. And the whole time my cock throbbed, my need unabated.

And then I sensed a change in him. It was almost as though he were waiting for something, or straining against something. He let out a long low "mmmmmmm", and leaned harder against me, his cock still lodged in my hole, not quite soft, but long and warm. And then it began. He breathed loudly, a sound of relief, and I felt my body filling with warm liquid. He was taking a piss! I relaxed myself and felt the cavity of my bowel fill slowly. It was a remarkable, pleasing sensation. My gut swelled as it filled, my arse stoppered with his thick meat as he emptied his bladder inside me. My cock throbbed and twitched again as the filling continued, my bowel stretching. Amazingly, I found the experience arousing, exciting, my nerve ends tingling with heightened senses. My distended gut finally reached the point where I could take no more, and despite his firmly lodged cock, the steaming yellow liquid began to leak from me, dribbling down my legs. I moaned with the combined sensations flooding me, my cock jerking forward.

As he finished his leak, he sighed and slapped my rump once again, then slowly, carefully withdrew from me. I felt an urgent need to expel the liquid he had deposited, knew I could not hold on for long. At the same time, my cock ached and my balls rolled as the arousal I had felt demanded attention. Making his way around to kneel beside me, he grinned and said quietly, "Damn good performance, doggy. Time for a reward." I whimpered as my body rebelled against the sensations flooding through me, then gasped as he unexpectedly reached and grabbed me, his fingers closing tightly around the base of my cock, pinching off the blood to my dick and pulling my balls down and away from my body.

As he tightened his grip and a powerful aching pain rolled through my guts, he lifted his hand in a light but firm punch to my abdomen. The effect was immediate. I lost control of my sphincter and expelled the remnants of his urine in a long powerful stream, gasping out as I did and forcing the liquid from my gut. As the relief flooded through me, I bucked and humped against his hand, my nuts trying to unload their contents but prevented by the vice-like grip he had on me. I looked at him, desperation in my eyes, and whined. That was what he was waiting for. At my unspoken plea, he released his grip, then folded his hand about my shaft, flogging it hard, the friction of his sweaty palm jacking my aching cock down and forward. It took no more than two or three jerks before I was groaning and breathless, and my tortured cock erupted in a spray of ejaculate, shooting my wad over the grassy carpet where I knelt.

Finally spent, he removed his hands and sat back on the ground watching me, as I collapsed in exhaustion, rolling onto one side and looking directly into his face. He smiled at me, an unspoken approval, and I felt the pride well within. After a few moments, he moved to me again.

"Time for a serious wash up," he announced, and unfastened all of my adornments, the ankle and wrist cuffs, even the collar so that for the first time I was utterly and completely naked. "Take a swim, boy!" he said, pointing to the glistening water of the river a few metres away.

I smiled at him in gratitude, and dragged my weary body toward the water, plunging in and letting the fresh clean stream wash over me, clean me of the built up grime and rinse my skin. It was good to feel clean, almost normal again, and I remained in the water, paddling and ducking under for quite a while. My bear man sat watching on the bank, smiling and relaxed, observing his puppy frolic. Finally, I clambered back out of the creek, and without a word or a sign from him, I went straight to where he sat, squatted down on my haunches before him, and waited as he re-attached the collar around my neck, and the wrist and ankle cuffs of leather to my limbs. He added a leather cockring, firm but not too tight, around the base of my cock, and as he finished, gave my rump a playful slap. I grinned up at him, then sat happily next to him, smiling.

"Good dog," he said softly, and I smiled again, and instinctively, I leaned forward, and licked my tongue along his arm. He laughed again, and lay back onto the grass relaxing. I curled myself up in a ball at his feet, on the cool grass under the trees, and began to doze. I had become his pet in truth, and I liked the idea.


Chapter 3

We spent several hours in the shaded patch by the river as the sun peaked and began to slide toward the horizon. The heat built up and any thought of exertion quickly disappeared. He jumped up and dived into the river several times to cool down, and allowed me to paddle as well, removing my wrist and ankle bands, but leaving my collar in place.

As the afternoon lengthened and the heat receded, my owner began to stir again, mumbling quietly to himself about things that needed to be finished, work that had to be done, even when he was having fun. Checking that my restraints were all back in place, he led me back to the verandah of the cottage, and tied my leash to the post where I had been left earlier. With the sun behind us, the spot was now cool and pleasant, and he left me there, disappearing behind the place again. I settled down, as comfortably as I could, and waited for him.

Apart from the occasional grunt or the sound of hammering, I had no more contact with him that afternoon. He had left me alone while he finished whatever it was he was doing. The heat persisted although I had shade where I was tied, and the bowl of water was within reach. Although my hands were now untied, I had no cup or other vessel to drink with, and fearing he could return at any time, I decided not to use my cupped hands for drinking, but to maintain my role as his dog, and drink by sinking my face into the water and lapping as best I could. By late afternoon, I had had a chance to sleep, and found I was getting used to the discomfort of sleeping on a hard surface. The light was still strong although the heat had begun to ease when he appeared again, sweating and a little grimy, still naked in his brawny, hirsute glory.

"Hey, dog-boy!" he called to me, a smile of self satisfaction on his face. "I need another wash, down to the creek, come on." He untied the leash, and headed off alone, leaving me to follow by myself. I willingly did as he expected, trailing him to the water. This gave me a great opportunity to stare unnoticed at his firm arse. The globes of flesh were solid, muscled, and covered in a soft coat of dark hair. Watching as he ambled to the stream, then waded in, I found his body alluring, arousing, and began to stiffen. It occurred to me that I was no longer concerned by the part I played; in fact, I found my new station enjoyable, satisfying, and felt that all I had to do was keep my master happy and I would be able to go on like this indefinitely.

He finished his bathing, and clambered back up onto the grassy ledge, the cool water matting his hairy body and dripping from his arms and legs. His cock swung easily, invitingly in the open air, and my eyes were drawn to his flaccid organ. My dick twitched and jerked again at the sight of the rod which inflicted such delightful torture on my body. He passed me by, and I instantly jumped up and followed him back to the cottage, where he busied himself preparing a meal while I half sat, half knelt almost at his feet without comment or acknowledgement from him. Taking a seat at the table, he started on his meal as I sat beside him looking up, watching everything he did. I had not eaten for some time, and involuntarily began to salivate as I watched him devour a large steak. He glanced down at me, and chuckled.

"Doggy hungry, is he?" I nodded at him, and he cut several pieces of meat from his beef, dropping them one by one to the floor in front of me, where I gratefully picked them up with my mouth, chewing and swallowing, my hands doing no more than supporting my weight as I leaned forward to get at the scraps on the floor. Enjoying my continued acceptance of my position, he began to play with me, holding pieces of food out between his fingers and dangling them at my face before allowing me to bite and swallow them.

He finished his meal, our meal, and stood, leaving the plate on the kitchen bench and going to the third room which seemed to be a storage area.

"Stay!" he commanded as he did. I could hear him rummaging around but remained where I was in the living area. He muttered to himself as he pulled open drawers and boxes, and I picked up snippets of his words:

" ... been so long ... about time for some real fun ... they should fit him ... where did I leave it? ... mmm, feels good ... oh yeah, I'll need that too ..."

When he emerged from the room, he had transformed himself. I looked at him in awe, my mouth hanging open, and my cock jumped to instant steely attention. He was no longer naked, but garbed in shining black leather chaps that clung to his muscled legs like an extra layer of skin. With each step ripples of movement shimmered within the polished hide. His giant cock swung in the triangle of bare skin at his groin, already semi hard and leaking pre-cum. Around his biceps were bright black leather bands held in place by glinting metal buckles. A peaked cap on his head made him seem even taller than before. In one hand he held a tangle of leather straps, in the other a long black dildo and a pack of lubricant. He laughed at my reaction, and hissed at me: "Thought I'd only ever get to wear this by myself now, but an obedient little cocksucker can come in useful after all!"

He strode over to me, pulling me up straight on my knees. Placing the toy and the lube to one side, he unravelled the straps. It was a leather harness, consisting of shoulder, chest and waist straps, all connected by steel chains. He quickly settled it over me, pulling the leather into place and tightening it around my body. The shoulder bands connected at the centre of my chest to a metal ring, and from that ring two more wide bands ran under my pectoral muscles and around to my back. A fifth strap dropped down to another metal ring at my navel, and two more black bands connected from it around my waist to my back. The harness sat very snugly on me, and he made sure it was firm and binding. The scent of the cured hide wafted to my nostrils, and the texture of the leather on my skin felt wonderful. My dick was throbbing and so hard it ached as he stood back and admired his handiwork.

Taking the leather leash attached to my collar in one hand, he picked up the lube and the dildo in the other. "Outside, dogslave!" he said, pulling hard at my neck as I hurried to follow him. In the cooler air he made his way to a flat clearing behind the house which I hadn't seen before. The moon was bright, and gave an eerie sliver glow to the spot, which excited me even more. I guessed that this was what he had been working on during the day, because in the middle of the small field stood a flat bench, much like a saw-horse, the bare timber covered in black material of some kind. He brought me up to it and pushed me forward to lie face down along its length. I found to my further excitement that the covering on the bench was in fact leather, and that it was angled down so that as I lay on it, my head was lower than my arse. The bench supported me from head to hips, my cock swaying in air and my butt levered up and exposed.

As I lay where he pushed me, he moved around the arrangement, bending and pulling at something on the supporting legs. I soon found that there were short lengths of chain and steel snaps on the legs, and these he used to secure my wrists and ankles by connecting to the cuffs I wore. Quickly, I was spread-eagled over the leather-covered bench, my arms and legs immobilised, my head down and my arse pointing up and back -- at exactly the height of his groin! Surrounded by open grassland, the stars and inky sky overhead, I found myself the centre of an incredibly erotic scene, a sacrificial offering on an altar of leather to the gods of masculine lust.

He stood again, the black leather he wore emphasised by the moonlight, staring at me. "Oh yeah!" he declared quietly, and my heart swelled with excitement and pride.

He landed a slap on my exposed cheek, the sound of skin on skin cracking and echoing in the silence of the surrounding land. I felt his hands on my butt, and then lower. He squeezed and pulled at my testicles and I felt a piece of cord being tightened around them, pulling at my sac. The pain was deep, aching, but bearable. My hard throbbing prong danced in the air as he played with my nuts, and then his hands were at my poker, squeezing and pulling at me. I sensed something being tied around me, could feel some kind of material enveloping my cock, but loose, swinging, so that my prick could move freely around, brushing lightly against whatever had been tied around it.

Moving to behind me, I could hear him murmur, "oh yeah, this is good." I felt horny, electric, in this position. My nerves tingled, my senses heightened by the exposure and the openness around us. A pressure at my hole, but gentle. Cool, liquid. It was the lubricant, and he was smearing it on my anus, rubbing it into me with his finger. That same finger then pressed inside me, curled and massaged the inner ring of my sphincter with the gel and played with my muscle, arousing me more. A second finger joined the first as he forced me open slowly. Sliding in and out of my arse, he finger fucked me like that for a few minutes. Then he introduced a third finger to my hole, stretching me as the pleasure of his insertion turned to pain momentarily. I accustomed myself to his hand, trying to relax, wondering how much further he intended to go. Fear came on me, but exhilaration as well. Could I take being fisted? Would he try? But then he removed the three fingers quickly. I knew both relief and disappointment in one moment.

Without a sound, he moved again, and a new pressure made itself felt. This was solid, unyielding, cool. The dildo! He held the knob of that artificial cock against me, gripped it with his hand and pushed forward slowly but steadily, unrelenting. The head of that thick black rubber toy was large but not as big as my Master's cock. I relaxed my body, pushed back with my muscles and accepted it as he slid it into me. He simply kept pushing, his pace unchanging, a slow but irresistible invasion of my arse. The sensation as it entered me was pleasant, filling, and as the rubber made contact with my prostate I breathed deep and let the delightful sensation wash through my body. The long prong slipped in and in and in, my anus firm around it's shaft as it moved through my sphincter. It kept on coming. I had no idea how long it was, but soon I felt the ache as it pushed well into my bowel and kept on going. My discomfort grew as my innards were shoved slowly but firmly aside by the black invader. I squirmed a little as it edged inward, and received a slap on my bare arse for my trouble. I swore the thing was pushing through my intestine and into my stomach when he finally stopped. I was filled. More than I had ever been filled. I knew it was a trick of the imagination, but I felt stuffed to the throat.

"Good, boy," he hissed quietly into my ear, giving the toy a twirl within me and sending waves of aching pleasure through my nerves. Pulling it back a little, he rotated it and shoved again, then started pumping it in and out of me, twisting and bending it as he did. My aching guts gave up their protest as my squelching cavern surrendered to the treatment and took the tingling pleasure it gave. He stood beside me now, one hand manipulating the long dong within me, the other reaching for my tits, pulling and twisting them against the leather of the bench. Then he grabbed at the harness straps, and pulled hard, lifting me off the table as he shoved the dildo back up into my passage. Dropping me again, he pulled the toy back, almost until it exited me, then shoved it in again, fast. Back again, like lightning, then in once more. The suctioning and impaling I took at this treatment made me moan, my breath coming in short gasps. This was unlike any fuck I had known, the depth that black rubber prong reached touched my gut, and the vacuum of its speedy withdrawal suctioned at my bowel. My entire body ached and tingled from the treatment it was receiving.

Finally, he pulled it back again, and kept going. The head plopped from my body with an audible squelch, and he slapped the length of the toy down onto my back. My cock throbbed, steel hard and aching, my balls painful and distended, rolling and fighting against the restraint, my need building. He added to the exquisite agony, by teasing my nuts, tracing his fingers softly against the tender skin, then gripping them in his fist and pulling hard, twisting his hand around before releasing me again.

My neck jerked back as he grabbed and pulled at the leather lead fastened to the collar I wore. With the leash in one hand, his other hand took hold of the straps of my harness, wrapping his fingers around the leather. I felt the cold metal of his PA press to my soft anus, and tried to open myself for the assault I knew was to come. The force of his thrust surprised me. There was no gradual easing in this time, no firm but slow penetration. Instead, he shoved his huge meaty cock deep into my gut, following the path of the dildo minutes earlier. The rough metal of the ring piercing his weapon scraped at my innards as he impaled my body on his dong, pulling hard at the harness around my torso and using it for leverage to insert himself deeper than ever within my warm wet cavern. As he plumbed the depths of my hole with his meat, he tugged against the lead, jerking my neck back and forcing me to arch my back. This caused his rock hard prick to swing hard inside me, sending new shudders of pleasurable pain through my innards. The PA he wore rubbed and gouged at me. But the sensation was incredible, electric shocks of pure ecstasy jolting every nerve in my body.

Now he began to fuck me in earnest, pulling back and shoving in again. He thrust himself at me, pulling on the harness as he did. He bent his knees, then stood up again, moved from side to side even as he pumped, so that his cock not only pounded in and out of me, but rotated and moved around within me. I felt the solidity of him jangling the inner canal of my guts, felt the friction as he slid in and out of my ring, and gasped with delight at the tingling passion he generated within me. His thick, throbbing pole was no longer a battering ram, but a vibrating buzzing instrument which penetrated every part of my body as he twisted and shoved at me.

Aching with need, I clenched at him, tried to hold his massive shaft within me, but he pulled back against my hold, then ploughed deep inside again. I surrendered to the rutting humping fuck he directed at me, and pulled against the restraints which kept me in place as I fought to keep up with his frenzied screwing of my hole. I sensed a change in his pace, as he slowed a little in his thrusting, his hand still holding to the harness and pulling me against his distended organ. He pulled back from me, and his cock exited my stretched hole. I gasped with the sudden emptiness, then moaned as he shoved himself back in again in a long fast piercing shot, from the head of his cock to the thick hairy base of his shaft. Again he pulled out, and again he speared into me. On he went, completely exiting my body, then impaling me fully on his gigantic dagger of flesh. Each time his cockhead passed through my sphincter, the uneven solidity of the metal PA rubbed and pulled at my muscle. The firm silver of that piercing massaged my anus, and caressed my prostate with each rotation, delivering waves of indescribable pleasure to my compliant body. I was coming to worship the massive cock that joined me to my master and pumped unimagined pleasure into me as its owner took his delight from my surrender. The tower of flesh, topped with its crown of silver, took possession of me and gave to me the most incredible sensations I had ever known.

Suddenly, it was gone, and I was empty again. I braced myself for another invasion, but it did not come. My emptied hole twitched and puckered as I gasped and ached, my cock swinging and rubbing against the textured material around it, my balls struggling and painful in their stretched restraint. I felt him pick up the dildo, and suddenly it was back inside me again, long and piercing, but not so thick as his meat, not so filling as his massive cock. He moved the toy around inside me, bending and flexing it into every crevice of my rectum, playing with my gut as he wrenched it in and out of my sphincter.

And then the invading snake of rubber stilled. He held it steady as his hand again slid under the straps of my harness and gripped at me. I waited, the anticipation building as my stretched and ravaged hole flexed at the length of the dildo. That long artificial prong slid slowly out of me as he pulled at it, until only the very tip of the fake penis remained within me. Still holding it steady, he moved again, and I felt the now familiar metal of his Prince Albert nudge at my outer rim, hard against the edge of the rubber toy. I moaned with delight at the prospect of his mighty cock rejoining my body, and waited for the dildo to be removed, flexing and relaxing, pushing back to open my arse as much as I could. The rubbery head did not move, but he did.

Pushing forward very slowly, he forced the metal of his piercing into me, nudging at the dildo and stretching me even further. I gasped and ached, my sphincter protesting in agony as his cockhead made its way inside me, fighting for space with the solid rubber toy. I stifled a yell, bit my tongue as the pain increased, swore I was being torn apart as he pressed on, the shaft of the dildo still through my ring and his cock penetrating that stretched protesting muscle. I ached and trembled with pain, finally breaking my silence with a muffled yell.

He stopped at that, did not withdraw, but did not push on either. "Easy boy, you can do it," he hissed. I clenched my teeth and willed myself to relax as my hole slowly, reluctantly gave up its protest and adjusted to this new stretching.

As I huffed and gasped, breathed quickly and slowly accustomed myself, he waited patiently, unmoving. When my trembling slowed, then stilled, he whispered encouragement. "Good boy. Take it dog, and enjoy it." Strange praise, but it helped me and I groaned a low "uunnnhhhh" as he started to push in again.

Gradually, almost tenderly, he inched into me now, the hot length of his masculinity rubbing against the cool rubber of the dildo, both of them opening my arse and sliding slowly inside me. The pain continued and I puffed and breathed trying to take the insertion he insisted on. I told myself I would never do it, could not get both him and the toy inside me without injury as I tried to block the aching from my mind. I concentrated so much on not thinking about what was happening to my arse, that his words shocked me back to reality.

"Nice job, dog. You've done it."

Suddenly I realised that he had completed his mission, had sunk his huge sword into my yielding body and slid the black rubber dildo in along with it. The surprise I felt at this was then surpassed by the surprise as I realised the pain had gone. Not only had I taken this double intrusion with being ripped apart, but my stretched anus had accepted the assault and grown accustomed to it. There was a discomfort that was rapidly disappearing and I lay there, unable to move, and allowed my body to tell me how incredible I felt, held wide open and filled so totally. I marvelled at my arse's ability to adjust, and tingled with the intensity of the sensations rolling through me.

I risked a light flex of my sphincter muscle, to find that rather than hurting, it increased the pressure, and the pleasure, I felt. He noticed the spasm, and knew it signalled my readiness for more. Slowly he began, then increased his tempo, fucking me again, but now with both his giant meaty rod and the rubber toy at once. I moaned with the intensity of the pleasure that enveloped me as he humped steadily into me. He too was extremely excited by the double penetration, gasping and moaning, hissing grunts of pleasure with each motion.

A change of pace, and instead of the dildo riding in and out alongside him, he reversed it so that as his cock sank into me the toy was pulled out, and as he withdrew his thick rod he pushed the fake prong against its motion and back into me. The friction and irregular movement sent waves of erotic delight through me, my cock twitching and leaking, my balls heaving. As for him, the friction of the reverse direction of the black rubber plug, combined with the heated wetness of my guts and the vice-like grip of my anus, sent him into raptures. His voice rose in pitch and volume, his breathing quickened to hissing gasps and his body shuddered. Within minutes, his grip on my harness tugged with all his strength in one mighty yank as he ploughed his cock deep inside me and shoved the dildo back in along with it. He spasmed as he did, the hot cream of his orgasm shooting into me, and spilling out between his cock and the toy as he humped and pumped, unloading his essence deep inside my guts. He shook, and I shook with him, connected as we were. He jetted into me and gulped for air, ramming his entire body hard against the curve of my arse, shoving his cock hard into me and pushing the dildo hard.

For fully five minutes he held that position, twitching and shooting, rocking against me in extended orgasm. When finally the climax subsided, he laughed out loud, slapping my cheek with his palm. "Fuck, yeah, boy!" The effect of the slap was to cause my butt to clamp again around his cock and the dildo, sending more waves of tingling pleasure through me, and squeezing him again so that he laughed some more with the pleasure. As the intensity eased, he pulled himself from me, leaving the dildo in place until he was gone. Once his ringed head slid from me, the toy felt small, almost inconsequential. He slid that thing from my hole easily and dropped it on the grass. Emptied, I relaxed, still bound in place, unable to move, my dick throbbing and fit to burst with the built up need. I had been placed on this altar of sex in the open air, covered in moonlight and sacrificed to pleasure, stabbed by living flesh and pierced by rubber and blackness. I moaned with need as my balls ached.

He knelt just beside and behind me now, pulling again at my agonised nuts. "Ha, usually have to milk the cows, can't be much different when you milk a dog!" he laughed at his joke, his hand going around my cock, squeezing it through the covering tied around me. He started to pull at my cock as if he was in fact milking me like a cow, manipulating my shaft, squeezing at the base and pulling towards the tip, then letting go to start again. I mumbled and gasped at the treatment, desperate to blow, but the tie around my nut sack prevented the escape of my juice, and the explosion I craved. For 10 or 15 minute he teased me like this, pulling and playing with my trembling painful dick, whispering obscenities and words of encouragement, driving me to despair as my body ached for release that would not come. Finally, happy with his game, he suddenly undid the leather cord around my balls, and with the painful rush of blood back into my system came a crashing heaving explosion as my cock erupted, spewing load after load of my manjuice through the heated aching shaft of my prick.

I shuddered and twitched, gasped and puffed for ages as my orgasm crashed into me and rolled on and on, seeming like it would never end. When finally the pleasure eased and my mind came back to earth, he was there again, hand on my back, patting me like the dog I was. "Good boy, nice dog" he said as he massaged the base of my root, below my balls, squeezing every last drop of cum from me. Undoing the material which had remained shrouding my meat, he stood up, satisfied.

"Now that's what I call a good milking," he said. He released my wrists and ankles, and pulled me upright by the collar until I sat exhausted on the bench.

"A dog needs to keep up its protein intake," he lectured at me, holding up his hand. In it was a leather pouch, a full bag, and I knew it was what had been tied around my shaft. He had collected my cum in the sack of leather he now held. Coming to me, he pulled open the top. "Drink your protein, dog!" he commanded. As I opened my mouth he tipped the pouch to my lips, squeezing its contents onto my tongue and down my throat. I lapped at my own ejaculate, swallowing and gulping, tasting the salty sweetness of myself and drinking of my own essence.


Stretching out on the grass, the warm night air around us, he relaxed after the fucking he had administered. "A good night's work," he declared to himself, standing slowly, the gleaming black leather of his chaps bright in the glow of the moon.

He pulled me up as well, and headed back to the front of the cottage. Inside, he left me on the floor as he unzipped the skintight chaps and unbuckled the armbands he wore. Removing his cap, he carefully wiped and cleaned the leather, going to the room where it was kept and putting it away. He looked at me as he came back, something in his hand.

"Dogs look good in a proper harness," he said. "You can stay like that. I've got something extra for you, although it's not quite what I wanted. Lie on your back, boy." As I obeyed, he showed me what he held. A butt plug. Similar to the one he had used last night, although a little wider at its widest point. "With all the work your hole has had tonight dog, I hope this stays in place." He eased it into my arse, still slicked from the lube and his cum, pushing past the flange. I felt a moment of pain as it popped inside, then the familiar sense of being filled again. Looking at me with the black base protruding from my arse, he said wistfully, "Pity it's just a plug. This dog would look so much better with a tail, but you can only use what's to hand."

I assumed I would be returned to the floor in the third room to sleep for the night, but instead he led me back outside and down the steps. I had a quizzical look on my face, wondering what else he intended for the evening. I had thought he was ready to retire himself. We rounded the corner of the cottage where he had been working that afternoon, and he pointed while he looked at my face.

There at the side of the building was a low, long oblong timber structure with a slight pitched roof. For a second I stared uncomprehending, then I recognised it for what it was. A kennel! He had built me a kennel! Three times my own body width, and long enough to lie at full stretch, it had a low doorway I could only enter on hands and knees, with a piece of sackcloth over the opening. Kneeling, I pulled the cloth open. Inside was a `bed' of old blankets and material, and next to it a bowl of water. If I had seen it at any other time I would have laughed at the ludicrous thought, but after what I had been through, I was touched, humbled. This man, who used me and abused me for his pleasure, who treated me literally like a dog, and had bargained slavery from me as the price of my rescue, had gone to the not unsubstantial effort of building me my very own kennel!

I turned to him, my emotions cartwheeling inside my head. I almost forgot myself, wanted to thank him and hug him, but one look at his powerful, bear like frame, naked and strong in the warm night air, and I knew what to do. On hands and knees again, I crawled to him, looked up into his eyes and whimpered my thanks, then licked him. I licked a long sloppy trail up his leg, then risked a bit of fun for myself, and licked at the long flaccid tube of flesh I enjoyed so much, taking his cockhead between my lips and running my tongue over the edge of his PA. I know he was truly pleased with my reaction, and he let me suckle at his prong for a few seconds, before pushing me gently away.

"Time for some rest," he said quietly. He did not tie me to anything, but simply walked away. I happily watched him go inside, then crawled into my `home' and made myself comfortable, falling asleep on the pile of rags quickly and contentedly.


Chapter 4

I slept well that night, and woke up feeling surprisingly good. The `kennel' was not cramped at all, and the pile of rags made a passable bed. I was stirring enough to be alert when I heard a whistle from within the house. Responding to his signal, I crawled from my kennel and stretched quickly before hurrying around to the front of the cottage and up the steps, waiting on hands and knees at the door and looking in.

"Morning, doggy boy," he called, cheerfully. I smiled at his demeanour, wondering what the day had in store. He was still stretching himself, and I happily stared at the hairy, beefy mass of him, muscled and strong, his cock hanging long and thick, the remnants of a sleep horn still on him.

"Time for an early morning wake up swim!" he declared, heading down the steps and toward the river. I followed closely behind, drinking in the view of his firm round butt clenching and rolling as he walked. By the time we reached the creek, my own cock was taking on a life of it's own, growing thicker and harder without prompting. He pretended not to notice as he undid my harness and removed the collar and cuffs from me. When it came time to approach my cockring, he chuckled to himself, "Randy fucking dogs. Can't get enough!" as he unsnapped the leather band, leaving me completely naked.

He strode purposefully into the cool water and I followed him in, relishing in the clean feeling as it washed over my body. The lightening sky was overcast this morning, low clouds threatening rain, which would be a welcome relief from the heat of the last few days. He laughed as he splashed water over himself, and me, smiling at the grey day. "I think this is going to be a good day, boy. I see some real fun for us today." My cock jumped at the words, my mind wondering what `real fun' he had planned, but knowing it would involve him using my body for his pleasure again, and in doing so sending me into raptures of erotic delight.

I didn't have to wait long to find out. After our bathing, he climbed back to the house quickly and I matched his pace, staying a respectful distance behind. As he breakfasted on juice, I lapped at my water bowl in full sight of him, knowing it pleased him to see me on all fours, face sunk into the liquid like this.

As soon as he had eaten, he checked that I had dried off, and replaced my `clothes' -- the harness, cockring, wrist and ankle cuffs, leaving me attired the same as the previous evening. I swore his cock began to thicken as he looked at me, now properly `dressed'. He went into the house, and a few minutes later reappeared in the fantastic, shining leather chaps and cap he had worn before. A metal cockring now encircled the base of his meat, behind his heavy swinging balls, and the shine of it matched the shine of his Prince Albert as he stood above me, at ease in his world.

He looked down at me, and muttered to himself, "Pity I don't have chaps to fit the dog. It would look fucken good in them, but none here that'll be of any use. Damn it!" he shrugged resignedly, and sat to roll and smoke a cigarette while I patiently waited at his feet, daring to snuggle against the gleaming leather encasing his calf and breathe in the aroma of the tanned hide, making my cock swell yet again.

After finishing his smoke, he stood again, and commanded me "Heel!" I obeyed by sticking closely to his feet and followed him around the side of the house, until he stopped at a trapdoor arrangement near the rear corner of the building. Lifting the door up and back, he started down into some steps. This was obviously a cellar, constructed under the house. I wondered at the need for such a place, then realised it would always be cool underground, even in the fiercest heat of summer. As I descended behind him, I smelt the earthy mustiness of the ground, and surprisingly, the inviting aroma of oiled and polished leather. In the darkness of the cellar, he found and lit a kerosene lamp, placing it on a shelf as its faint warm light illuminated the room.

My jaw opened at the sight before me. I had expected a small dank pit, maybe some storage shelves. Instead, the cellar was almost half the size of the house built above it, the walls, floor and ceiling timbered and braced, painted matte black. And what a room it was! Around the walls were shelves holding numerous sex toys -- dildoes and butt plugs, anal balls and nipple clamps, paddles whips and hand cuffs. To one side was a bench similar to the one he had strung me across and fucked me over the previous night, but this was higher, and had stirrups where knees would be placed so that whoever was restrained on the instrument would be totally at the mercy of his master. Chains hung from rings in the ceiling to more rings set in the floor. Slightly to the back of the room hung a large black leather sling, gleaming and polished, suspended by silver chains from the roof. Behind it again was a man-sized `X' made of timber and covered in padded leather, with metal rings for arms and legs to be chained to and restrained.

I looked over the contents of the room, my cock throbbing and hard as steel, then back to him. Forgetting my place for a moment, I turned questioning eyes to him. He seemed to forget our deal as well, as he surveyed the room with me. Almost sadly, he looked at what was actually a very well equipped and erotic dungeon.

His voice was quiet and low as he spoke. "I bought this land and built this place for myself and my slaveboy. We had decided to get away from the hassle of the city, and live out our fantasies where no-one would disturb us. But the total isolation was too much for him. He tried, but couldn't live here. Disappeared one day without a word. I went looking for him, found out he made it back to the city, but never found him again, so I came back and made my own life. It's been a fucking long time since this place was used, took me ages to clean it up properly yesterday."

Suddenly he seemed to realise that he had opened up to me, and became silent again. My heart ached at the story he had told. He had treated me like a dog, but I had agreed to let him do it, and he had treated me well. And his fantasy had excited me, given me pleasure as I had never known. I dropped to my knees beside him, rubbed my head against the leathered muscle of his calf, and whined. As he looked down, I smiled at him, and licked his leg, soaking the chaps in saliva as I gazed up at him. He broke into a huge grin, reached down, and scratched me behind the ear. "Good dog! Damn good dog!" he said, and I swore his eyes were moist for a moment.

Taking control of himself again, he chuckled. "Time this place got used the way it was intended," he hissed. Moving into the dungeon, he became the master, the owner of all he surveyed, including me. His cock had noticeably swelled as he strode about the room, taking implements from the shelves and placing them strategically, for easy reach later on. My own dick had never lost its hardness from the initial sight of the dungeon of delights, and I watched him fascinated and curious as to where he would place me, and what he would do. It was as if this place infused sexuality and generated arousal. His cock quickly grew to full length and jutted proudly from his groin, and his eyes narrowed with lusty anticipation as he returned to his obedient dog slave, patiently waiting for his orders.

He ordered me to stand, taking hold of my leash and dragging me to the back of the room, where the cross stood, about three metres from the rear wall. He backed me up to it, and clipped my wrist and ankle cuffs into metal rings set in the side of the four arms of the `X' shaped equipment, leaving me to mimic the form so that my arms and legs were spread wide. I could feel the cool leather against the skin of my limbs and the joining piece at the small of my back. Then he pulled wide straps of leather which were already fixed to the cross around my upper arms and my thighs, and another even wider band around my waist, pulling each of them as tight as he could make them. I wondered at the need for these extra restraints, since with my wrists and ankles already chained, I could hardly move away from where I was placed.

Kneeling in front of me, he chuckled at my throbbing erection, and quickly snapped a leather ball parachute around the top of my sack. Small weights hung from it, and as he let it fall from his hand the contraption pulled down on my testicles, swinging slightly. The pain it caused was a slow, dull ache which reached deep inside me, but an ache of painful pleasure as the motion against my protesting nuts sent tingles of erotic agony through me and heightened my senses, making everything I felt seem so much more intense. He stood before me and took his massive cock in one hand, waving it from side to side in front of me, droplets of his precum flying from him onto my skin. He chuckled as he did, a menacing laugh as his manhood raged, throbbing and angry, eager to take and use my body for its pleasure.

The next surprise he had for me was a pair of nipple clamps. Small metal teeth, encased in rubber, were closed over each of my tits as he fastened a tiny screw, forcing them to close tightly on my erect nubs. As my sensitive nerve filled nips screamed out in protest, I gasped and puffed for breath, grimacing and torn. When he was satisfied they were tight enough, he stepped back and waited. Slowly the pain eased, or my chest became numb, I didn't know which, but the agony dulled to merely an ache, uncomfortable but bearable. As my face unscrewed and I opened my eyes again, he looked at me, smiling. Without warning, he reached again to my chest and flicked each of the clamps hard with his fingers. The jolts of sensation were like electric shocks that pierced my chest, but they were lightning bolts of pure ecstasy, my torso shuddering with delight and my cock bouncing and twitching with the intensity of the pleasure generated.

Grinning and fondling his own nipples, his cock rampant in the dim smoky light, he stepped to one side, and reached behind me. I heard a click, and gasped as I felt myself falling back. He laughed out loud and I realised the cross was actually suspended on a pivot. I found myself lying face up, staring at the ceiling, the weights attached to my balls dragging them back between my spread-eagled legs and sending more aching shivers of ecstatic pain through my groin. As I fell back, my body was supported by my arms and legs fixed to the arms of the X, but my head hung free, and fell backwards. He moved behind me, and adjusted the cross so that my face was exactly level with his groin.

Stepping forward, he shoved his huge prong between my lips. I licked quickly at him, generating saliva as fast as I could, as the Prince Albert tickled my tongue and began its invasion of my throat. Slurping at his meaty weapon, I sucked and nibbled at the sensitive flesh, making him sigh softly. In this position, with my head backwards and down, my throat was open and extended as far as it would go, and he pressed in, forcing me to take the entire length of his giant rod. I tried not to gag, fought the urge to regurgitate as I was forced to deep throat that throbbing swollen manmeat. He fucked my face easily, forcefully as he shoved himself into my gullet, his huge hairy nuts crashing into my nose and swinging back again. As he did, again he flicked and pulled at the clamps attached to my nipples sending waves of pleasure/pain racing through me.

Pulling himself from me, he stepped back again, and gave the contraption another push. I went into an upright position again, then forward. This thing could rotate through 360 degrees, and suddenly I was hanging, face down, a metre and a half above the floor, held in place by the supports around my waist, arms and legs. As I swung around, the weights hanging from the parachute around my nuts bounced and pulled, so that with every movement more waves of aching intensity were driven into my testicles and radiated through my pelvis. He kept pushing the cross forward so that my head went down, and I was suspended upside down, my head almost at the level of his groin, my legs pointing to the ceiling, my cock and balls dragging down toward my abdomen, but at shoulder level for him. I felt his finger, slippery with lube, enter my arse hole, probing in and twisting, exploring my sphincter. But it was only a brief insertion before he removed his digit, and the cool solidity of rubber pressed at my rosebud.

A set of anal balls dangled from his hand. Five large black rubber spheres, connected by latex enclosed string with a loop at the end. Smearing lubricant over the balls, he nudged and eased the first one into me. As my sphincter closed around it my gut swallowed it up, drawing the string in as well so that the next ball was quickly drawn against my hole. A second and third solid round form were pushed into me as I felt my rectum fill, the toy jiggling within me and riding against my prostate, making me tingle with delighted pleasure. Massaging the outside of my abdomen with his palm, he pressed again, and a fourth and finally the last orb of black latex was lodged within my bowel. The short piece of string still hanging from my closed hole was looped, and to that loop he attached a clip and a metal weight, leaving it to hang from my arse and pull at the jiggling balls filling me.

Stepping back from me, he pushed again, and I swung backwards, facing the floor, then upright, then falling onto my back again, all the way around as he sent me through a full circle. By the natural action of gravity, the weights dangling between my legs had swung around, and now dragged across my butt, pulling my nuts with them, and stretching my cock so that as I returned to the upside down position, blood running back to my head again, my cock was pointing almost directly upwards. I felt a touch at the base of my root, which twitched and leaked at the attention. A tightening sensation. He was winding a long piece of leather cord around my shaft.

Starting at the cockring already restraining me, he wound the string of hide around and around, tightly, as he enveloped my cock in leather. Upward he worked as the cord rolled on, round and round and round, until the full length of my rigid prick was encased in the twisted leather cord from its base to the lip of my glans. Tying a knot in the cord to keep it firmly in place, he then hung another small weight from the end of the cord, smiled at his handiwork, and swung me back again so I was upright.

I was suspended now from the leather covered cross, weights dangling from my arse, cock and balls, my tits throbbing with pleasurable pain, and the slightest movement sent jolts of intense sensitivity throughout my body. He stepped back from me and looked hard, enjoying the sight of my adorned and leathered frame.

"Looking good, pussy boy'" he declared, and the tingling sensations wracking my body were joined by the contentment of pleasing my Master. Turning to one of the shelves around the dungeon, he picked up another object and came back to stand before me. In his hand was a black leather paddle, two arms joined near the handle, set with tiny rounded metal studs. Without a word, an evil look in his eyes, he stepped up to me and landed the paddle squarely on my gut. The sting from the slap was sharp but only slight, but the crack of sound it made as it hit me, and the two leather pieces connected, rent the air and shot into my ears. I gasped with surprise, and shuddered as the jolt of pain and pleasure raced through me setting off a chain reaction of intense sensation from every part of my body. Another slap with the paddle, this time on my thighs, and I ached and bit my tongue at the desire to scream out.

"Let it go, shithead," he hissed into my ear, his free hand pulling at my head as his mouth was pressed against my cheek. "In here you're a slave, not a dog, and I want to hear you scream!" His voice was guttural, commanding, and it released my tongue. Finding the voice I had not used for two days, I whispered at first, hoarse and throaty, gradually finding volume.

"Fuck yes, Sir," I answered, "use your shitty little toy, Master." As more blows rained down on my body from the paddle, falling across my legs and gut, my arms and chest, I began to scream out in earnest.

"Thank you, Sir, slap your dog-boy and make it do what you want, Sir. Use it and fuck it, Sir. It's nothing but a toy for you to play with Sir." As the paddle connected with my skin, the metal studs stinging and biting at me, my body twisted and wracked with intense pain and even more intense pleasure, my brain went into shutdown, surrendering to the indescribable pleasure of the erotic torture he delivered. I yelled and hissed, screamed and begged for more as he attacked me, my voice ringing in the darkened dungeon, and sending him into a frenzy with every shouted obscenity. He wielded the paddle firmly, but carefully, making sure he did no real damage, as I trembled and shook with passionate abandon.

As his burning need grew, and I shook and shouted at him, he gripped his raging purpled cock in one hand as he continued to rain down slaps upon me with the other, jacking at the massive meat between his legs and flailing at the giant throbbing weapon jutting from the leathered towers of his strong legs. Reaching the edge, he joined me in screaming out, throwing the paddle aside as his eyes glazed and his hand flogged at himself. With a bellowed "Ffffuuuuuuuuccckk!!!!", he erupted, large globs of searing white hot cum spewing from his cock, arcing high into the space between us and spattering onto my reddened, twitching body. For minutes he heaved and spasmed, load after load of his essence shooting from his enraged manhood to drench my body.

Finally he subsided, his cock still throbbing and hard, pointing at me. He grinned with the release, and used the paddle as a utensil, smearing his ejaculate all over my skin. I shook with urgent need, desperation in my face.

"Please, Sir, let me cum, Sir, I'm going to explode." He looked at me with a laugh, and slapped at the clamps on my nipples again. My head lolled back at the new round of shocks and I moaned, loud and long. He unsnapped the parachute from my nuts, and quickly unwound the leather cord from my dick. The incredible, instantaneous relief that flooded my nuts, the painful rush of blood back into my sack, made me shudder and sob. Taking my aching prick in one hand, he pulled at the dangling weight still attached to the anal balls gripped in my gut. The renewed massage on my prostate was all the stimulation I needed as I let out a throaty "uunnnhhhhh" and drenched his hand with my jizz. I would have slumped down in exhaustion if I had not been held in place by the restraints on my arms and legs.


We spent the entire day in the dungeon. He had remarkable recuperative powers, and never seemed to lose his erection after he blew a load. Within a matter of minutes from emptying a bucketload of cum, he would be dripping and horny yet again. And I seemed to keep up with him. Maybe it was the room, maybe it was him, but he was a raging lusty animal, insatiable, and I was his equally needy, randy slave, his toy. He used me that day, for hours and hours, in every position imaginable, on every exotic, erotic piece of equipment. He ensured my body was teased, tortured and treated to the pleasures of every item in his arsenal of exquisite toys. He took me down from the giant `X', re-attaching the parachute to my balls and weighing them again with aching pleasure.

He paraded me around the dungeon with the weights dangling from my nuts and my arse, and strapped me to the saw horse bench, reefing the anal balls from my body and plunging his gigantic cock into my guts to replace them, fucking me hard and rough. He yanked himself from me with a squelching wet sound and plugged me with a large black rubber butt plug as he whipped my back with a leather whip, and I screamed out for more, lost to the twitching, trembling delights of passionate pain.

He chained me to rings in the floor and the ceiling, forced me to stand on my toes as he re-wound the leather cord around my aching cock and hung yet another weight from it, and snapped at my nuts and my dick with a black leathered cat-o-nine. He made me count the blows he landed on me, begging for more as I ached with the intensified sensitivity of every nerve. He swung a chain from the clamps attached to my nipples, pulling and twisting at them as I bellowed out my pleas for his attack to continue, then released my screaming tits, the pain intense as the blood returned to the sensitive nerve ends. He tied me down, spread-eagled on the floor as he ravaged my hole with a large rubber dildo, flexing and bending the toy inside me to drive my body into a frenzy, then stood above me and masturbated while I urged him on with whispered obscenities and begging invitations to use and abuse me, until his essence showered over me, splattering onto my skin and spraying over the leather straps of my harness.

He threw me back onto the sling and plumbed my opened ravaged arse with his raging cock, fucking deep into my body and roaring with delight as I screamed for more, his ringed prick scraping in and out as the PA rubbed and dug at me, stimulating my prostate into bucking orgasm. As he attacked and invaded me, penetrated me with his toys and himself, raw animal lust and urgent masculine sexuality the dominant force in the dungeon, I accepted his assaults, welcomed his attention, and begged for more. I didn't plead for him to continue just to keep him happy. I truly needed him, ached and groaned with my own animal longings to be stimulated and satisfied by his rampaging beast of powerful sex. My mind succumbed to the overwhelming power of lust which permeated my being, and I surrendered totally to his every whim, becoming no more than a living breathing toy, whose only purpose was to give him pleasure, and in doing so I found the most incredible heights of blissful arousal and peaking passionate sensuality.


Eventually, the ardour of our day and the exertions of his sex took its toll. Late in the evening, he finally came to a rest, sitting heavily on one of the benches, his leather chaps squealing against the covering of the table as he relaxed. I was swinging in the sling, my legs upended in the stirrups and my arse leaking from the latest deposit of his manjuice humped into me a few minutes earlier. My body was limp with sated desire, exhausted from the hours of abuse he had lavished upon me. The smell of rain was in the air, the downpour having started hours earlier as we ignored it in our passionate coupling. He sat up, and lifted my feet from their restraints, assisting me to stand on wobbly legs. "Come on, fucker," he said, making his way to the door of the dungeon and up the steep steps to the open air.

The grey leaden sky was almost blinding as I stepped out of the dim basement. The rain was pelting down, the air fresh and clean after the sex of the cellar. Turning his face upwards, he let the water shower onto him, and sighed, then laughed and set off at an easy run across the fields. I breathed in the sweet smell of the rain, my spirit soared, and I followed my owner, loping along, skipping and jumping across the grass, revelling in the pouring skies and experiencing an incredible freedom, harnessed cuffed and ringed as I was, my cock swinging free and my ravaged body gaining renewed strength from the elements. Laughing with genuine pleasure, he waited for me to catch him up, groping and squeezing at my butt with his big strong hands, and suddenly he reached beneath my legs and back, scooping me up into his arms before throwing me limply over his shoulder. He let out a bellowing yell of animal joy, and wandered along the path, the storm drenching us both as he carried me like I was a sack of flour.

When we neared the creek, he dropped me to the ground again, taking my face in his hands and looking deep into my eyes. Then, stunning me completely, he planted a kiss on my lips, as I tasted his manliness. It was only a quick connection, before he lowered me to lie beneath him, but I was overcome, my heart pounding and my head a confusing morass of emotions. As I lay there beneath him, his legs astride me, I looked up at his flaccid cock hovering above me, and whimpered.

"Good dog!" he said, softly, almost tenderly. His hand fell to his dick, holding the shaft gingerly, and a shower of warm urine began, pouring down over my face and chest. I watched it begin, and smiled with delight as the first drops hit my skin. The contrast of the cold rain with the heated piss sent tingles across my skin, as I writhed below him, delighting in the shower of his golden stream. Looking into his eyes, making sure he saw that I was watching him, I opened my mouth and followed the flood wherever he directed, drinking of him, swallowing the salty liquid and grinning up at him.

He finished his relief, and started to shake his cock, but I sat up quickly, and clamped my mouth over him, licking and sucking to finish his toilet, playing my tongue over his cockhead and teasing his PA as I did. Finally letting go, I lay back again. He took my arm, and together we dived into the creek, a final cleansing before he climbed out and I followed. Quickly then, he removed his own wonderful leathers, and unsnapped and released mine, carrying them back to the house to dry and oil them before they suffered permanent damage from the water. I followed him as far as the steps, and settled myself on the verandah, sitting compliantly near his feet and resting as he worked.


Chapter 5

He carefully cleaned, dried and oiled our leathers, and I admired the way he looked after them, as he stood there naked and proud. Finishing, he pulled the chaps back on again, smoothing them over his legs and fastening them into position. With the gleaming leather gripped tightly around his muscled legs, and the bands of leather on his arms, he truly looked a formidable sight, and one guaranteed to make me horny and desiring again. He replaced my harness, cuffs and cockring, smiling at me as he did. Properly re-attired, he sat on the verandah, as I knelt at his feet, resting against the leather of his legs and feeling the texture against my skin, combining with the comforting binding of my harness.

We rested together as I waited and he sipped a beer and rolled and smoked a couple of cigarettes while the light faded and the rain slowly increased. Flashes in the distance suggested it was going to develop into an electrical storm later, but for now the steady drumming of the rain on the ground was comforting and relaxing. As darkness descended he got up and went inside to prepare a light easy meal, I followed him closely, staying at his feet as much as I could, occasionally licking at his legs and smiling at him to get a sign of approval, a grin or a scratch or a nod. He ate at the table, hand feeding me pieces of food from his plate, or dropping chunks of meat to the floor for me to eagerly bite up and swallow. After the meal, he looked long and hard at me again, and I responded with a whine and moving to rub against him. As he sat, legs spread, I nudged between his thighs, feeling the leather of his chaps against my arms, and feeling bold, I leaned forward and licked at his thick but flaccid manhood resting against his thigh. He chuckled at that, and his cock twitched slightly.

"Randy fucken dog!" he stated, smiling as he did. "Must be contagious. I feel that dungeon beckoning again. What do you think, dog boy?"

I whimpered, nodding, my cock springing to instant attention as his prong slowly thickened and lengthened with growing anticipation. Laughing at me, and at himself, he hissed with a wicked grin, "we'll have to make a run for it through the rain. Come on fucker, let's go!"

He dashed out into the downpour and I followed at his heels, as we raced around the side of the house and down into the cellar. Once inside, he found some matches, and lit candles around the room. An eerie yellow glow filled the dungeon as I sat patiently waiting for my master to command me. He looked around, finding me there, and grinned again, pleasure in his face as his distended meat twitched at his groin, a drop of precum slowly falling to the floor.

"Here, boy!" he ordered, and I jumped up. Feeling that this was the place I could speak, I answered promptly, "yes, Sir." He pulled me toward the sling, laying me back into its platform of leather and lifting my feet into the stirrups as he fastened my hands to the supporting chains, immobilising me again. He leered down at me, his eyes full of lust, and I matched his look, silently urging him to take me and use me.

The afternoon relaxation had worked wonders on him, his passion rising quickly and his need urgent again as he came at me. Slapping a handful of lubricating cream over his cockhead, he steadied himself and plunged his weapon into my hole. I called out with the shock, pushing back at him as his Prince Albert scraped across my tender muscles, shivers rippling my nerves with the delight of him.

"Fuck yeah," I called out at him. "Ram that fucking monster into me, Sir."

And he did, again and again, harder and deeper with each rough powerful shove as he used his full strength to pound himself into my wet accommodating bowel. I hunched and bucked under him, pulling at the chains as he fucked his meaty sword into me, taking control of my arse, and my body. He whipped me into a frenzy of rutting need, built me up to the edge, and pulled himself from my suctioning hole in an instant, leaving me gasping and begging for more.

Ignoring my pleas, he retrieved a large black dildo, and grabbing it by the base, shoved it with force into my yielding body, pulling it out and shoving in again. Twisting and bending it, he ravaged my anus, stretched and pulled at the muscles of my sphincter, forcing me apart and opening me to each new assault. My nerves were raw and alive as his concentration centred on the abuse of my puckering bud, and he thrust and pulled, twisted and bent at the toy within me, manipulating my body to take the invading artificial prong. I writhed and shuddered, my body quivering with delight at this new assault and I hissed obscene dares at him, begging him to take me over and own me. As my cock swelled and my nuts rolled I ached for release, my need building again. And again he cut me short, reefing the dildo from me and casting it aside as I gasped and sobbed, emptied and unsatisfied. His palm landed on my exposed butt cheek as the slap silenced me for a moment, my skin tingling and my hole flexed.

Without waiting, he turned away, and this time he pushed the head of a butt plug against me. I pushed back as he jiggled it into me, pushing and resting, pushing again as the flange of the toy widened and stretched me, opening my sphincter and forcing my ring of muscle apart. With a heaving, forceful shove he pressed the plug into me, and my aching searing hole closed around it's core with relief as the huge black object filled my gut and massaged my g-spot. Leaving me there, my arse plugged completely, he made his way around the side of the sling and leaned over me, pinching and twisting at my nipples, pulling them hard and eliciting screeches of pain as he tortured my chest, followed by urgent pleas for more when he released me.

The pain of his attack invoked the intense pleasure of total sensitivity within my nerves, and he played me like a musical instrument, knowing exactly how to bring me up, and send me into delirious ecstasy.

Moving behind my head, he pulled at the sling and drew me back against him, forcing his dripping turgid cock into my face as he did. Still covered in lube and the remnants of my bodily fluids, he shoved himself into my throat, fucking my face and shoving his ringed and crowned pillar of sex into my gullet as I struggled to take and hold it there, to massage and nibble at it, to suck and taste him. With my head bent back over the edge of the sling, he slammed his huge throbbing cock deep into my throat, pounded my neck, and pulled back again.

As I gasped for breath, he turned around and sank his hot hairy arsehole over my face. Eagerly, I licked and sucked at the musky crevice, forced my tongue between his mounds of firm flesh and sought out his twitching hole, rimming him with all my skill and tasting his very manliness as I probed his body with my tongue. Letting out a satisfied grunt, he stood again and turned back to face me, his hand jerking hard at his raging log, and a stream of searing hot cum splashed across my face and lips. I licked and swallowed what I could as continued to shoot his creamy jizz over me, coating my chest with his essence. Spent but still hard he moved back to my arse, gripping the base of the plug and twisting it, pulling and jerking it within me as I writhed with pleasure and ached for the joy of orgasm.

As he worked my arse with the plug, he looked along my body, taking in the leathery harness and the writhing need in me. Hissing and excited, he whispered, "hey boy, just how much do you think you can take?"

"Whatever you want to give, Sir!" I responded immediatley and unhesitatingly. "I want you, all of you, inside me!"

"I got some amyl, but I don't know how good it is. Been a while since it was used..." he looked at me with a strange sense of longing.

"Then let's try it," I hissed at him, "let's see just how loose you can get me!"

Almost eagerly, he fetched a small, dark bottle from one of the shelves at the rear of the cave, unscrewing the cap and holding it to my nose. It was not as strong as it should be, but with several deep inhalations, I felt the rush and my heart pounded as my muscles relaxed. He stared at me, watching the reaction to the drug.

"Fuck yeah!" he exclaimed. "Looks like this should do the trick, son. Really open you up, dog boy!" As he did, his eyes squinted in desire and he held his hand up before me, making a fist and ramming it into the air. I looked and understood, thought for a second and ached with anticipated arousal at the possibility.

"Do it!" I hissed back. "This useless fuckin' slave is only here to give you pleasure, Sir. The amyl might be old, but it'll be enough! Use your plaything, Sir! Ignore its screams and fist it, Master!"

His eyes lit up and his prick jumped and danced at the words I threw at him. "Think you can take it, fuckboy?" he shouted back. "I'll make you regret that offer, you little worthless shit."

"Make me yell, Sir. Stretch my hole and do it hard, give me the ultimate filling Master, and own me, NOW!" I shouted the last words at him, loud and urgent, my body trembling with the thought of what I was doing, and what was to come. He sneered evilly at me, his cock standing to attention and leaking again at the thought of my offer, even though he had just finished shooting his wad over my heated writhing body.

Standing behind me as he was, he looked intently at me, saw the need in me, and made his decision. He would try it despite the weakness of the drug, would attempt the ultimate in joining. Both of us fairly throbbed with anticipation and excitement at the prospect, uncertainty and expected pain only heightening the building need.

He gripped again at the plug still buried within me, and rotated it fully within my gut. Pulling it slowly and waving it from side to side, he slowly began to remove it. My sphincter resisted, then relaxed, as the wide solid flange pushed me apart, slowly opened me. As the toy reached its widest point, my arse screaming with pain as I huffed and gasped with the agony of being split. He stopped, holding it there, not letting it exit me, nor slide back in. I screamed out as the pain clawed at my anus, pulled hard against the chains securing my arms, and he slapped my gut with his free hand. The sting of the blow shot through me, and my natural reflex of clenching my arse served to rocket bolts of pain through me as my tortured muscle tried in vain to close around the unyielding toy. As my sphincter gave up its useless attempt and my ring of muscle surrendered, I gasped deep breaths of air. The pain subsided slowly and my stretched ring accustomed itself to the unnatural forced opening.

"Hot stuff, boy," he whispered soothingly to me. "You're one hell of a hot little number. Just relax and let yourself go. You can do this, shithead!" I took heart from his words, and my determination returned. I could do this, would do this, for him, and for me.

For what seemed like an eternity, he held the plug in position, keeping my stretched rectum open wide as he moved the black toy gently from side to side, sending chills of painful pleasure rocketing through my nerves and into my system. My body twitched with the sensations as he held me open and made my muscle relax and accept. I could hear the rain outside, coming down in torrents now, making its dull thud heard even here underground as wispy shadows and fingers of smoke twirled around in this dungeon, remote and hidden. Hissing encouragement to me, he slowly began to remove it from my arse, not letting me force it out, but holding against my impulses and gradually easing the black rubber from me.

As it finally exited my body, I breathed deep and looked at him, my eyes full of need and desire. He looked back with a face of anticipated excitement, and held his right hand up for me to see. He smeared lubricant in heavy globs all over his fingers and hand, and down onto his wrist, slowly and purposefully. Stretching his fingers out then bunching them up before my widening eyes, he made a slow, leering gesture, his fist pushing upward, as his eyes locked on mine and glistening with excitement. I matched his look, nodded slowly, and dropped my head back, willing myself to relax, to go completely loose and limp for him.

More lubricant was applied to my arse, and my cock twitched in anticipated arousal. I took a quick sniff at the bottle, feeling the slightest rush within me as he began. The first of his fingers slid easily into me, probing inside and curling back, pulling at my stretched ring. A second finger followed and then a third as he wriggled his digits within my sphincter, letting my body adjust to the increasing girth. Again he bent his fingers and massaged me from within, pulling firmly at the knot of muscle. His fourth finger was introduced, and he began to slide the core they formed in and out between my anus, firm but slow as I accepted the next level of intrusion. So far, the stretching from his hand was less than I had endured with the butt plug, and I took him fairly easily, breathing steadily and pushing back as he pushed in.

Deeper he pushed his bunched fingers into me, and I relaxed myself and pushed back at him, forcing my sphincter open to accept him. As he pressed forward, then stopped, then pressed again, the ache in my hole grew and I made myself concentrate on the sensations as I was opened, ignoring the accompanying pain, and reminding myself of what was happening. The thought of being fisted by the huge bear of a man whom I had served for two days was incredibly arousing, and helped me overlook the increasing discomfort. Another whiff at the drug sent more blood racing through my veins, and once again my muscles began to relax as my sensitivity increased in response. His hand pushed on and in, until my tender ring of muscle was past the second knuckle, the point of his thumb hidden behind the group of digits and entering my body. He slid his hand in and out slowly, gently, letting the movement and the narrowing, then widening, of my hole ease the onslaught.

I hissed and gasped as he persisted, my wrists pulling with all my strength at the chains restraining me as I fought against the urge to scream out.

"Easy, boy, easy," he whispered to me, calming my nerves and lending me encouragement. Further he delved, and my body ached with the stretching and involuntary attempts to expel him as the wide joints where his four fingers connected to his palm made their way past my defences.

"Almost there, you horny little fucker!" he hissed at me. "Looking so good, feeling mighty tight and hot, boy," he said approvingly. His words meant more to me than ever as I struggled to take his urging solid hand.

The pain grew again as my hole was stretched and tortured. I swore it was going beyond my limits as I fought against the agony. I hissed and sweated at the aching in my rear, screamed into the darkened room, "AAARRRGGGHHHHH," as I fought against the urge to make him stop. He slowed at the bellow which was torn from my throat, did not pull back, but did not press any further.

"I won't go on if you can't take it, boy," he said quietly and seriously. "If you've reached your limit say so, but we're so fucking close! Scream and yell all you want, it might make it easier, but if you really want me to stop, use a `safe word'. I know -- `boring'. Just say `boring' at any time, and I'll know you can't go on, and I'll stop, okay?"

I nodded, hissed a "yes" between clenched teeth as my entire body ached and tingled, electricity running through me and my nerves on fire with the pain and the excitement.

"Talk to me," I gasped at him. "Tell me where you're up to."

And he did. As I winced and groaned, huffed and yelled out to ease the pressure within me and release the building agony, his words came fast and low, guttural but descriptive, and they hammered into my brain.

"You're close, boy, fucking close! My knuckles are in, that soft squelching muscle of your butt stretched right out around me. Looks so damned hot, yeah. Pushing, pushing, thumb knuckle hitting the edge now, slipping into that hot wet hole of yours, boy. Come on fucker, you can do it, you can take it all. Easy, easy, let go, let it in. Worst part coming up, son, width of my hand, can't scrunch it closed any more, gonna stretch that horny little fuckin arse right out. Feel it, boy? Feel the solid bone of my fist? Yeah, that's it kid, take it! Scream out and push back, tear that pussy hole wide apart for my arm, you shithead."

The sound of his voice was low, menacing, and erotic. I felt myself aroused at his tone, even through the veil of pain clouding my mind. His words tore at me, excited me, and I could picture his hand disappearing into my body as I felt the pressure at my rear. I ached and strained, the pain searing and strong, but with it was the tingle of pleasure, the whispering delight of heightened sensitivity and incredible passion that came with the agony. Over and over I drew breaths from above the small dark bottle in my hand, held close to my nose, my sweating face.

He slowly, almost imperceptibly, continued, his voice falling to a whispered hiss as he trembled with the excitement coursing through his own body, and the erotic sight as we came so near to that ultimate connection.

"Just about there, boy. So close. Only millimetres to go. Hold on, son. Push back at me you little fuck, and let it in. Getting there ... getting there ... that's it! That's the widest, boy, you've done it, you horny little pussy." His throat constricted and his whisper became a hoarse mutter as the agony within me peaked. I sweated and huffed, swore I could take no more. My body was on fire. I toked long and hard on the amyl, five or six deep, deep breaths yet the effects seemed to take forever to reach my body, the pain in my rear excruciating as I waited for the assistance of the drug to kick in. I opened my mouth to say the word, feeling it form on my lips.

"b-bor--" I clenched my teeth. "BOR-- uunnhhhh. Ohhhh, FUCKING HELL!" His hand was in me! As the width of his bone had passed through my screaming sphincter, the muscle had given up, and then begun to close around him as his hand narrowed again toward the wrist.

My eyes flew open, and he let out a string of expletive obscenities, his face a study in excited arousal. With more speed now, he let my body draw the rest of his hand into my rectum, until my ring gripped at his wrist. The pain, so intense only seconds ago, ebbed away to be replaced by an intensity of sensation unknowable in any other circumstances. I grinned, my face beamed, and I gasped for breath, but now from delight rather than discomfort. My nerves were alive, jangling and screaming their message of tingling arousal to my brain. My cock, which had shrunk to flaccidity with the pain of his insertion, jumped and swelled as my entire body glowed and warmed to the realisation -- he was there! His hand was inside my body!

"Holy Fucking Hell!" I screamed out, beaming at him.

"Oh, yeah!" he breathed out, a long whispering breath as he allowed my arse to adjust and accustom itself to his being within me. He stared down at my hole, his arm extending from the stretched muscle, then up at me. "Fucking oath, boy, un-fucking-believable. That is so fucking hot!"

My head swam, my body trembled with the enormity of what was happening as I felt his arm sinking into me. Darkness around us, shaken by the flickering candles, was the perfect setting for my flaming, aching desire as I became an extension of his body. Suddenly all of my senses were alive, everything so clear and acute. I knew the amyl was partly responsible, but not completely. There was more ... I had given myself to him absolutely, and I was just so incredibly ... alive! I could smell the perspiration on his body, could see the pinpricks of light from the flames. I could feel the trembling of him, his excitement intense, his arousal complete as his huge cock twitched and leaked. I could hear the dull thudding of the pouring rain outside our dungeon as I lay there, willing myself to relax, to enjoy, to let the sensational power of him roll over me and own me.

Suddenly there was a flashing burst of light, so bright the shards of it penetrated our cellar, followed immediately by a deafening crack of lightning. I grinned and ached with aroused, intense excitement. Even the elements were combining to herald his taking possession of my body. He stared at me, a knowing glint lighting his eyes. Trembling with barely controlled passion, he pushed his hand further into me, eliciting gasps and moans as I writhed around the thick, uncomfortable but arousing trunk of his wrist buried in my gut. I could feel the movement, could hear the squelching sounds of my own body as he slowly flexed his fingers, closing them gradually into a fist, balling his hand into a solid, filling lump of bone and flesh inside my anal cavity.

"Fucking hell, boy," he whispered, guttural and breathy. "Holy fucking hell. I got your hot wet arse wrapped around my arm, you horny little fucken dog!" He shook as he spoke, the eroticism of our joining pounding through him.

With an evil grin and a trembling look, he gently pushed his closed fist deeper into my moist gut, then pulled back again, just as slowly before pushing again and steadying himself. I ached with the movement, electric jolts thudding through me as the storm outside crashed and broke above us, rumbling thunder shaking the very rock the cellar was cut into as our bodies shook in unison. My heart pounded in my chest, thumping and pumping blood throughout my wracked and tingling body as I surrendered completely, totally, unreservedly to him. He held absolute power over me and he knew it as his fist slid back and forward, slow but solid, deep within my bowel. I belonged to him, and in giving my entire being to him, I took possession of him, and owned him myself. The realisation crashed into my mind as I shook again with impassioned pleasure, rocked to the core by my satisfied desires.

As he punched his way into me, and pulled back again, sweat poured from him. Desire gripped him and passion overwhelmed him. We were joined, connected as no other beings can be, lost in the flooding sea of overwhelming arousal and erotic surrender. His free hand fell to his swollen purple cock, twitching and dripping with the power of his insertion into me. Slowly, sensuously, he wrapped his hand around his meat and began to slide his palm up and down his own shaft. He shook as he did, and after only a matter of minutes, he hit his peak, creamy ejaculate shooting from his engorged penis onto my body, onto the sling in which I lay, and across the floor. His orgasm crashed into him, and shook him as he came and came again and again. I had never seem anyone go on for as long as he did, lost to the overpowering heights of mind blowing passion.

When he finally slowed, out of breath and shuddering, he looked to me with an unblinking stare of delight. Using the same hand, still soaked in his own juice, he gripped and stroked at my rigid aching cock, jacking at me slowly but firmly as I shook and screamed again with passionate abandon. When my climax hit, I thought I would burst. Clutching at his arm, pulling against the cuffs on my wrists, I exploded. My mind told me my body was erupting as I lost all sense of reality and my cock spewed litres of cum over myself and my owner, there in the dark dungeon as the thunder rolled on.

Limp and sated, I slowly regained my senses as the longest, most intense orgasm of my life died away. Still my body tingled, still my arse ached as he grinned and played, his fingers opening within me again. I moaned with the lingering pleasure as he smiled approvingly at me.

"Ready, boy?" he asked quietly, and I nodded, yet again drawing at the dark bottle of amyl. Slowly, gently he pulled his arm back, drawing his hand from my gut. Once again my sphincter stretched until I swore it would split apart, yet somehow it was easier this time. Perhaps I was more relaxed, and more open, maybe just totally exhausted, but the pain was not as intense, the stretching less agony than when he had entered. Finally, his long fingers slid from me, and as they did he sat down heavily, exhausted but happy. I stayed there, unmoving in the sling, my arse ravaged and sloppy, my very soul sated.

Eventually he found his feet, and unchained my wrists, helping me to rise off the platform of leather. Together we lay down on a padded mat covered in black leather to one side of the dungeon. Both of us were near to complete exhaustion, only the adrenaline still rushing through our system keeping us conscious. As he stretched his body flat, and I moved to curl up at his feet, both of us still leathered in full gear, he whispered to me: "Good boy, dog. Fucking perfect!"

I smiled as blissful sleep rolled over me.


Chapter 6

When I woke again, it was still dark. The candles had burnt out, and I sensed rather than saw that the sky outside was just beginning to lighten. I was still encased in my leather harness, and as I moved a little, I felt the dried remains of last night's mind-blowing experience scratchy on my skin. My head was resting against his leg, the supple black leather of his chaps comfortingly masculine against my flesh. Intuitively, I swung my face around and licked at his leathered legs, tasting the hide and the musky residue of the previous evening. He stirred as I nudged at him, shifting his weight and feeling for my body with his strong hands, the same hands that had pierced and held me.

He rolled onto his back, his hands behind his head, and sighed deeply. Aroused by his very proximity, I ran my hand across his taut abdomen, feeling the hairy flesh beneath my fingers. He made no protest, and emboldened, I got to my knees and bent my head to his groin, finding his thick weapon already partly erect. I rolled my lips down over him, my tongue tracing the hard steel of his PA and licking at his large mushroom head. He sprang to full hardness quickly and I slurped at him, coating his mighty cock with saliva. Still he remained lying there, not a sound from him. Taking his silence as encouragement, I lifted my leg over his torso and straddled him, slowly lowering my arse as my hand guided his steel hard prong toward my entrance. Amazingly, my hole was tender and ached a little, but not ripped or painful as I expected. Still loose from last night's fisting, I easily sat myself down onto him, using my bodyweight to impale myself on his towering masculinity.

As I sank onto him, his cock fully encased in my bowel, he moaned quietly, and humped upward. I reached for his chest, found the piercings through his large brown nipples, and pulled at them. With a grunting roar, he bucked and speared upwards into me, but I hung onto him, clenching my weakened muscles around his pole. Bouncing and shaking, I rode him like a bull, holding to his nipple rings and milking his rampant sword with my arse. Bellowing at me, he pumped his essence up and into my gut, flooding me with creamy jism which leaked back along his thick pole and squelched over the point where we were joined. My own climax was close behind, his meat still shuddering with the last of his eruptions as I spurted a river of cum onto his stomach.

Smiling as we eased back down, his hands reached for my sides, and he lifted me from him.

"Good morning, boy," he said warmly, and I hummed a happy reply.

Standing up, stretching his limbs, he pulled at the door of the cellar, and soft light streamed in. The raging storm of the previous evening had cleared, and the sky was cloudless. He climbed the stairs with me close behind, and as we reached the front of the cottage, he bent to me. Undoing the harness and lifting it from me, he removed the cuffs on my wrists and ankles, the collar from my neck, and finally, almost reluctantly, the cockring around the base of my shaft.

"Go and wash, dog," he ordered, pointing towards the creek. Happily, I obeyed, sauntering down to the little stream and wading in to the clean cool water. I rubbed myself down and lazed in the invigorating pool for half an hour, relaxing and enjoying the freshness of it. Wondering that he had not summoned me to return, I casually clambered out and wandered back to the house.

On the verandah were the clothes I had arrived in, folded and clean. He stepped from the living room, his beautiful leather chaps replaced by loose jeans and a ragged t-shirt. Pointing to my clothes, he said gruffly, "You better hurry up and get dressed. Your ride back to town will be here soon."

I started to protest, but he cut me off. "A deal's a deal. Three days as my slave, and I get you safely home. Time's up, city boy."

His whole demeanour had changed. He was no longer my Master, nor was he the masculine leather stud of my fantasies come alive. He was a grumpy country bear who wanted me off his property. I dressed quickly, and sat myself on the little patio, lost in thought, desperate to understand what I had done to upset him.


My reverie was broken by the sound of a vehicle. An ancient truck topped the rise about a kilometre and a half from the house, tooting its horn. A wizened old man climbed from the cabin as the truck rolled to a stop, and looked at me with surprise. My bear man came out to greet his visitor, almost stepping over me.

"Hi, Jim," he called to the driver. "Good to see you again. Found this guy on my doorstep a couple of days ago, says his car is broken down."

Jim walked up to me holding out his hand, which I shook tentatively. "I just wanted a phone to call for help," I stuttered out by way of explanation.

"Well, I can get you back to town. There's a phone there you can use," Jim drawled slowly, his curiosity dying with his words.

The two of them quickly unloaded the supplies Jim had delivered to my man, speaking little as they did, while I sat and watched, miserable and forlorn, emotions tumbling through my head. Before long the transaction was done, Jim pocketed his payment, and made ready to leave again. I turned to look at the man who had owned me for the last days, who had abused me and given me the most incredible experience of my life. He glanced at me then looked away.

"Your lift is leaving," he said gruffly. "Get moving and don't get lost around here again. I don't like being disturbed, and I don't like company."

Jim laughed conspiratorially. "Give you a hard time did he?" he asked my host.

"Oh yeah. Typical city slicker. Raving on and on about how good it is back in the big smoke, how there's nothing to do around here. Positively BORING!" he said emphasising the last word, but I took no notice. I was lost in a feeling of depression, now that it was time to go home.

"Come on, son," Jim called to me. "What's your name?"

"Lennie," I answered morosely, climbing into the passenger seat of the rickety vehicle. As we drove off I turned and looked back at the cottage and its tiny valley. My hunk of man leaned against a post watching us go, but made no sign of farewell or other gesture.

The trip back to town was long and quiet. Jim spoke little, and I was immersed in thoughts of my own. "Town" was a stereotypical one horse affair -- a tiny general store, and even tinier church, and a handful of run down cottages. But there was a phone. I rang my boss to report my problems. No sympathy about being stranded for three days, just annoyance that I was still out here and wouldn't be in for another two, and an admonishment to get my arse back there as fast as I could.

Eventually I found a mechanic who towed the car in, and declared it a lost cause. I retrieved my work things and donated the bomb to him for parts. Another begged lift got me to a real town, and a train from there back to Sydney. I did a lot of thinking on the slow trip home, soul searching and musing over what ifs and maybes. But continually my mind returned to that secluded remote vale and the hunk who inhabited it. Images of him, owning me, controlling me, sending me to paradise, constantly filled my memory.

Back at my cramped flat, I pondered again the world I had left back there. I replayed that last morning in my head and heard his words to Jim again. `Raving on ^Å nothing to do ^Å BORING'. That was it! He'd used our safe word, emphasised it, and I hadn't noticed! I was sure of it, sure he had been trying to tell me something.


My first morning back in the office I was summoned to see my supervisor. I handed over the records from my sales trip, the dismal offerings I had, and waited. Not for long. He exploded, shouting about wasted time and useless trips, rising costs and falling profits. I looked at him disinterestedly, letting him rave. I couldn't care less anymore. He finished up with a threat that I was close to losing the job if I didn't start performing a hell of a lot better. I looked through the glass partition at my fellow workers, heads down and toiling away at figures and targets, and made my decision.

"Well, in that case, I guess I'll give my notice now. I'd like to collect whatever's owing to me tomorrow, and you won't have to worry about my efforts from then on."

He turned red and ordered me out. Happily, I went.


The next day I collected my entitlements from the paymistress, telling her I had decided to take a long trip. I closed my bank account, emptying it and pocketing the cash, more than sufficient for what I had in mind. Then I started doing a little research on the internet, and sought out some unusual shops in the gay part of town. I was determined, driven, and I knew what I had to do as I remembered everything that had happened in the days I had been no more than a pet.

I visited a body piercing salon, and had both nipples pierced, set through with silver rings that glistened against my chest. A few days later I was back, and had a larger silver ring inserted through the loose skin of my ball sack, at the point where it hung lowest. Another week passed and I was back again, this time for what I considered a major operation, and one I had needed to psyche myself up for. With encouragement from the guy at the salon, I had my cock pierced, a Prince Albert ring almost identical to the one he had worn, inserted through my sensitive flesh. Over the following weeks I bathed and treated the piercings, carefully following the instructions from the salon, ensuring they healed quickly and properly.


While I was having myself adorned, I also sought out a few of the leather boutiques, the ones catering for a wide range of fetishes and unusual tastes. I had myself measured and fitted for several harnesses of leather and metal, in differing configurations, all of them designed to wrap and bind me tightly while allowing free access to my rear and at the same time emphasising my nipples. I also made sure they each allowed for a master to grip and hold the straps and use them to pull at with strength. At the same time I had several pairs of chaps tailored for me, shining polished black leather that fit tightly over my legs and framed my butt cheeks, so snug it gripped at me like a second skin. A number of pouches and thongs in soft gleaming black which accentuated my cock and balls were also added to my collection.

I found and purchased two pairs of leather boots, adorned with chains and metal rings. I bought knee pads, several sets in toughened leather, and a wide leather studded collar with a long silver chain permanently fixed to it. My next find made me grin as I remembered his lament that first day when my hands were cuffed behind my back. Gloves, of a sort, that fit over my hands like a sack and tied at the wrists. They looked initially like boxing gloves, but there was no compartment for fingers, simply a sturdy leather case which enveloped the entire hand, making it impossible for the wearer to do anything with his hands or fingers. In strong black leather. I bought three pairs.

My final purchases in the leather fetish stores were a masterpiece of good luck, and I found the thought of them quite arousing. The first was a hood which covered my entire head, except for an open hole over my mouth and slits for my eyes. Made of soft leather, it encased my face in black hide and completely hid my identity. I had looked at a number of hoods, but this one caught my eye because it had fake ears, like dogs' ears, formed from leather pieces and sewn onto the top of the head. I happily snatched it up, admiring it.

As I did, the assistant in the store grinned at me. "If you're into that kind of thing, we also have this," he said eagerly. Opening a case, he handed me a butt plug, not very long but with a wide flange. Instead of the usual flattened base, though, this plug had attached to the base a long leather cord which had been intentionally frayed and split, so that it looked like short hairs along an erect length. A tail! My heart beat with excitement, my cock twitched, and I grabbed it. It was perfect. I added ten bottles of amyl to my order, and left the place delighted with my purchases.


Time was passing. It had been more than two months since I had broken down on the deserted back road that fateful day, and every spare moment of my time my thoughts drifted back to the little valley and its beefy masculine inhabitant. I had pretty well sorted out my affairs in the city. I had cut my ties to anyone who would want to look for me (not that difficult) and was running up a huge credit card debt, but I didn't care -- I intended to disappear, and no-one would be able to trace me. I gave all of my furniture to charity, dumped all but a single outfit of denim jeans, t-shirt and jacket in a re-cycle bin, and spent my last night alone in my now empty flat, dreaming of the man out in the remote west.

The next day, I bought a second hand motor bike, paying cash and giving the disinterested seller a false name and address. Loading up the carry bag with my cargo of special equipment, I locked my flat, and closed the door on my life. I headed west, riding all that day and the next, stopping overnight at cheap motels where they didn't even bother to ask for identification. At noon on the third day, I turned off the deserted bitumen onto the dusty track that led to his home. Riding slowly, I came to remembered landmarks about a kilometre from the house around 3.00 pm, and stopped, settling down to rest from the heat under a large tree.

As night fell and the temperature eased, I prepared for the final stage of my journey. I stripped off the street clothes, and buckled the most elaborate of my harnesses around my torso, framing my pierced tits and sliding the attached cockring over my manhood. I donned a tiny leather posing thong that cupped my nuts tightly, and squeezed myself into a pair of tight bright chaps, knee pads fastened over them, the scent of new leather strong in the air. Pulling on my boots, and fixing the leather hood down over my head, making it sure it sat snugly and squarely over my face, I concealed the bike in some long grass, and picked up the carrier containing all my worldly possessions.

Setting off, I walked cautiously the last few hundred metres. In the moonlight, I looked down to the house, the river sparkling beyond it. There was no light within, and I silently wished him to be soundly asleep. Creeping up to the front steps, I settled the carry bag right in front of the door, taking a pre-written note from it and placing the paper on top. I carefully, quietly fitted the collar around my neck and snapped the free end to a hook on the verandah post. I pulled on one of the hand gloves, tying the wrist cords with fingers and teeth, and struggled in silence to get the other over my free hand. Disappointed, I left the second untied, as I had no way of doing it up, and lay down on the grass.

I tried to sleep, but my mind raced with what I was doing, what I had done. After all this, what if I had misread his words when I left? What if he really would not want me back? What if he sent me away again?


Dawn came and the sky lightened. Even with the hood over my head, my ears were primed for the slightest noise from within, and soon enough I heard him walking around the living area. I sat up on the ground, looking intently at the door. When it opened he stood there naked and beautiful. A momentary flicker of surprise crossed his face, and I swore I saw a trace of a smile at his lips, and then he stood as if he had expected to find me there, as if I were there every morning. He bent down and picked up the note on the carrier bag, reading slowly.

"This poor dog has lost it's home and needs a new owner. There is no trace of how it got here, and no way anyone can know where it is. In the bag accompanying it are some items that may be useful, as well as money it had access to, to pay for its keep. Some way back along the track is a motorbike you may find useful. It cannot be linked to the dog in any way. The dog is reasonably broken in, but could do with more training. If you can find it in your heart, please consider yourself its Master from now on. Take it or leave it."

He breathed a long contented sigh as he finished reading, and looked at me with smiling eyes. Noticing the loose glove over my right hand, he bent and tied the strings at my wrist firmly in place, and scratched at the leather hood, behind the ears adorning it.

"Better get yourself a drink, dog. There's a bowl of water next to your kennel," he said evenly, quietly, undoing the leash where it joined the post. On my hands and knees I crawled away from him, smiling to myself, around the side of the building to my kennel. It was exactly as I had remembered, except for a carefully painted sign over the low door hole. `LENNIE'. I looked at it in amazement, and tears formed in my eyes.

Five minutes later, I heard a long whistle from the front of the cottage, followed by a low call. "Lennie, here boy," he said loudly. My heart pounded and my emotions somersaulted with joy. I scurried around to answer him, and he was standing on the verandah, his arms crossed on his chest and legs apart, dressed in shining tight leather chaps, heavy boots, a simple black leather harness, armbands and police cap. His large pierced cock swung between his powerful legs, thick and beginning to harden. As I crawled up to him, I licked at his thigh and closed my lips over his cockhead, tasting a long missed musk. He smiled down at me.

"About time you finally showed up again," he said. "There's an empty dungeon around here just waiting for me and you to put it to proper use. We don't want to waste another minute. Oh, and Lennie -- I'm happy to have a new pet. It does get lonely around here sometimes, but not any more. I'll take it!"

The End

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This story is a fantasy, it is not real and only happened in my imagination. YOU MUST REMEMBER that in the real world, you can DIE from having unsafe sex. It is your right and your duty to make sure that condoms are always used, whether you are giving or receiving. It doesn't matter how good looking or how ugly he is, and it doesn't matter whether you are top or bottom, USE A CONDOM!