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"Prince Elendil will get you! Prince Elendil will get you!" the childish voice sang out, a supposed threat of unknown but certain horror all of the children in the village were aware of. The young boy who taunted his sisters now skipped aside at the ugly look thrown him by his eldest brother.

"I won't go!"

"You have no choice!" the old woman spat at her son. "We have no choice!"

"But you need me here! You cannot tend the fields and see to the beasts with the young ones demanding your attention, Mother. It is my duty as the male of this house to look to such chores."

"I can and I must, my boy!" his mother tried to reason, her quick temper cooling as fast as it had arisen. She sighed at her own words. Her 'boy' was a man now, tall and strong from his time on the farm. Only his face gave away the shortness of his years.

"The Lord cannot expect you to fulfil the agreement made when my father still lived, healthy and strong. If the consumption had not taken him this last winter, I would gladly have presented myself at the Palace. But all has changed now." The last words were spoken with a bitterness he could not hide from his mother.

"Taen, my son, don't you see? You must go! When your father and I were betrothed, the Lord Ellessar granted to us this land and several cattle in return for the servitude to his court of our first-born son. It was a generous exchange at the time, and one which we must keep. We have done well in the years since, and now it is time to pay the price - you!"

"But all the work which must be done?" Taen asked, waving his hand across the fields before them.

"It is high time your lazy brothers stepped in to do the chores you have shouldered since your father's death. I will not pretend losing you will be easy, my boy, but it is a great honour to our family that you are to be in the Prince's Court, and mayhaps in time you will come to visit with us yet."

Taen nodded reluctant agreement. In truth, he longed to get away from the mundane and repetitive life of the village. For as long as he could remember, he had been told that upon his 18th birthday he would be presented to the ruler of the land, to offer his service in return for the gift made to his impoverished parents many years before he was born. He had looked forward to the day with happy anticipation, his opportunity to escape the tedium of everyday life and to find excitement and adventure among the nobles and wealthy. As an added bonus he would be spared the attentions of the maidens round-about - he found no interest whatsoever in the offers they whispered to him, muffled by silly giggles and faked modesty. The tall, strong youth found himself drawn instead to the rugged faces and shining armour of the Palace Guards who often rode through the village making their way to or from the walled city which served as Capital to this land.

If the truth were to out, Taen would have learned that the exchange agreed to by his parents benefitted their ruler far more than was generally realised. By populating the lands around his city with grateful and beholden peasants, he created a safe zone, and by requiring the eldest child to serve in his Court he maintained a sense of honour and loyalty in his subjects, while at the same time having his choice of the finest young men to serve him. Those who presented themselves were assessed and allocated - either to the army, or to the Court staff, or whatever was required. Some were sent back, with a commendation for their offer, and supposedly full honour, but it was widely accepted that most families were happier if their sons were not asked to return to them so quickly. To have a child in the service of the Prince was a great source of pride for his parents.

And so Taen made ready. The day of his departure from the family home approached quickly, and he faced it with a combination of growing excitement and nagging doubt, flavoured with the discomfort of concern over his mother and how she would cope without him. To lose two men within one year was a heavy burden, not easily overcome. Yet his demeanour improved rapidly. No longer would he face the unrelenting grind of farm life. The unknown wonders of the Palace beckoned with increasing appeal. Taen fervently hoped that he would be allocated duty in or near the barracks, gifted with the opportunity to have daily contact with the strong handsome men liveried in the shining leather and polished steel of the army. That he might himself be called upon to serve, and to wear the alluring uniforms, to stand equally among the tall, handsome men of the Palace Guard, was too much to ask for. But a subconscious need, deep within his gut, stirred each time he saw, or even imagined, the muscled bodies and masculine bearing of the noble men who inhabited the Castle watchtower.

On the appointed day, at the appointed time, Taen bid a bittersweet farewell to his mother and family, rolled his few possessions into a travelling bag, and set out with the coveted paper bearing the elaborate writing which dictated that on this day he offer his service to the Prince Regent. It was a short journey to the Palace, but one which seemed to the young man to take forever, lost as he was in mixed emotions. Presenting himself to the keeper of the doors, he was rewarded with a cursory glance at his letter, and directed through a long corridor, around several turns, to an elderly woman busily supervising one of the kitchens. At his appearance, she cast an appraising glance over him, and ordered him to bathe and dress in a plain grey smock she handed to him, before awaiting further instructions.

After he had complied with her orders, Taen found himself being led further down into the basement of the Castle, where he was shown into a long room lit with many ancient tapers. All along one wall were single bunks, about 30 of them, some inhabited, some ruffled but empty, others bare. At one of these bare places, he was stopped, and told that this was to be his bed. He was ordered by a bored, middle aged functionary to wait here until he was sent for, and that he would be allocated duties later that evening.

Suddenly alone and overwhelmed, he sat himself down and fought the disappointment he felt. He supposed he should not have expected the Prince himself to greet this new servant with open arms, but he had imagined something more formal, more 'official' than the bored indifference that had met him in these first hours.

With time to spare, Taen looked over at the other occupied bunks. One of the young men noticed him and nodded conspiratorially.

"Hello?" said Taen hopefully.

"Hello," returned the other.

"Have you been here long?" Taen asked, suddenly desperate for someone to talk to.

"About three months," replied his new companion.

"I feel very, I don't know, lost."

The other man chuckled softly. "You'll get over that soon enough, once they allocate you your chores! Then you'll wish you could feel lost, because you'll work so hard that sleep is a wonderful gift!"

"Oh." Taen felt very alone, and uncertain. He looked again, and ventured another question. "How do they decide who does what?" he asked.

The other shrugged his shoulders. "You'll be left to basic things for a while, and then, once there are enough newcomers, they call all the new ones in and make a selection - some for the guards, some for the kitchens, a lucky one or two for the Royal chambers."

Brightening quickly, Taen spoke up. "I want to be sent to the guards quarters! How long will we wait to find out?"

"Probably a few days. The 'unallocated' dormitory is almost full again," his friend noted.


For the next week, Taen found himself scrubbing floors in the kitchen, taking swill to the cesspits, doing meaningless and menial chores. He began to pray fervently that his lot would not be to do this for any length of time. Still he hoped that he would be assigned to care for the soldiers and their gear, to be able to be surrounded by the strong men of the land, proud and tall.

The day came when he and the other new boys were not called as usual to the pre-dawn tasks. Instead they were brought in small groups to a washing room where they were told to clean themselves as best they could, and make themselves presentable to the Prince Regent. Taen's excitement grew with each passing moment as he hurriedly washed and dressed, eager to discover his new station.

All of the new men were gathered in a long line in one of the marbled halls of the great palace. At a shouted command, each bowed his head and waited as the ruler of their land entered the room. Slowly he made his way along the line of 30 or more men, having each one rise and lift his head while the Lord inspected teeth or shoulders, tested arm strength or leg muscle, asked questions to determine the level of education and intelligence each possessed. As he did, the Prince whispered to one of his attendants, who scribbled furiously on a tablet he carried in the crook of one arm.

When the Prince reached Taen's position, he placed a soft hand upon the young man's shoulder.

"Look at me!" he ordered.

Taen did as bid.

"Mmm, an attractive lad," declared the Regent. "Open your mouth, boy!"

A quick inspection of Taen's teeth followed, and then the Prince spoke to him directly. "How do you feel about being here, boy?" he asked.

Taen gulped back his nervousness. "I am proud to be able to offer my services to the Palace, Sire."

"Oh yes? And what do you imagine those services to be?"

"It is your Will, M'lord, however, I was hoping that I might be assigned to the barracks, to provide support and help to the soldiers, Sir."

"Oh, and why do you wish that for yourself?"

"Sire, I," the young man's voice faltered. How could he express what he felt when he did not know himself what it was exactly that drew him to the guards. Seeing the Prince awaiting an answer, he tried again. "I, um, would like to, er, be able to, ahh, help to keep them looking as good as they always do when they march past our village, Sir," he spat out in a rush.

The Lord of the land, laughed heartily at this, and turned to his page. "Have this one assessed for Elendil's detachment!" he said dismissively.

Taen's heart leapt at the words, yet at the same time doubt grew quickly within him. As everyone knew, the Prince Elendil was the second son of Lord Ellessar. To be possibly allocated to his 'detachment', (whatever that was!), must be a great honour. But there were also whisperings about the younger Prince - whisperings that he was somehow not in favour with his father, muttered comments about some strange happenings in the castle, the details of which no one seemed to know, only that whatever it was, it was undesirable.

As the ruler passed down the line and eventually left, the group of young men was quickly broken up by other servants into smaller groups and sent to different parts of the castle to begin their training. Only Taen and one other, also a powerfully built man with a beautifully handsome face, were left. These two were approached by one of the older men and told to follow him. They were led along many passages, down stairs and across courtyards, to a smaller building, a tower within the castle itself, and through large heavy doors which were opened before them, but clanged shut and locked after they had passed through.

Finally the older man stopped, turning to face the two young recruits. "My name is Earendil," he said in a deep voice. "I am the chief servant to the Prince Elendil. You have not been chosen yet to serve in his detachment, but merely to be assessed for such service. If you are found acceptable, you will become part of the Prince's household, a great honour! Wait here." With that, he left them standing in a small room decorated in rich timber and fine silken curtains. Neither Taen or the other man was game to move, and both stood rooted to the spot as they waited patiently for the next phase in their 'assessment'.

More than an hour passed while the two men waited in the small room. Neither spoke, neither looked at the other. The silence was broken by the return of Earendil, who entered by the same door from which he had left.

"Strip!" he commanded. Both men must have looked blankly at him, because with a rising impatience he repeated the order. "Strip, I said. Take off all your clothing and stand here naked!" Hurriedly, they complied, Taen feeling very self-conscious as he stood there, his hands attempting to cover his nudity. Both of them were then stood back to back, a tall marble pillar separating them, and their hands were tied firmly but not uncomfortably behind their backs.

Once more Earendil left, but this time almost immediately four young women appeared from the opposite side of the room. Both Taen and his companion began to fidget, embarrassed by their lack of dress, but the girls seemed to find this amusing rather than offensive. Quickly these young women began to make suggestive comments to each of the men, offering themselves openly, exposing legs and breasts, and generally acting like lewd whores in a brothel rather than ladies of the Palace. Taen was amused and bemused, but not at all attracted to them. Like the silly maids of his village, he felt nothing for them, no attraction whatsoever. Two of the 'ladies' approached the bound men, each reaching behind to undo the bindings at their wrists, then each of the men was taken by a hand and led to a bench seat where they were seated, facing each other now, while the girls danced between them.

Taen watched with uncertainty as the women continued their antics. He remained unmoved by them, and soon noticed that the other man appeared entranced, his eyes unable to leave one buxom wench in particular. It was at that point that Taen noticed that his companion was in fact quite excited - his masculinity extended and hard, pointing up and out from his groin. Now Taen's attention was riveted - not on the girls, but on the other man. The view he had of the other's erect organ began to excite him, and against his will, his own member began to fill with blood and to harden, steadily growing in length and thickness.

A sudden clap of hands sounded out from one doorway, and the women quickly re-arranged their clothing and left the room as Earendil re-appeared. He spoke quickly with one of the girls as she exited, then stepped up to the two men who were now desperately trying to hide their excitement.

"You!" he pointed to Taen, "Wait here! You, come with me!" The other man followed the older servant away, and Taen was left to wonder what was happening. But not for long. Earendil soon returned for the young man.

"You have passed the test, and will become part of the Prince Elendil's collection," he announced. "Follow me!"

"Collection?" asked Taen. "What collection? And what about my clothing?"

"Quiet boy! You will have no need of clothing any longer!"

"But why not? Everyone must have clothes? What is the Prince's collection? What does that mean?" Taen repeated, refusing to move.

"I see you have some spirit," said Earendil. "Good. My Lord will be pleased. Now follow me!"


Earendil did not argue further. Instead, he motioned through the open door, and three large and burly guards entered the room, picked Taen up bodily, and carried him away, ignoring his protests and continued questions. Within minutes, he was restrained in a tiny room with only one small window high up in the wall, allowing him no ability to see where he was. His wrists had been cuffed together with metal clamps, his ankles similarly bound. He was miserable, alone, and scared.

The young man stayed in his 'cell' and shivered, not from cold but a growing concern for his future. He heard nothing and saw no one until the light from the high slit of window began to fade. As darkness came on, a sole guard opened the single door to his room, placed a plate of food and a mug of what appeared to be ale on the floor, and unlocked the restraints holding his wrists together. Without a word, the guard dropped a thin blanket within Taen's reach, and left again. He may have been scared, but he was also hungry, and Taen quickly ate the meat served to him, and swallowed the mug of semi-sweet liquid he had been left.

Soon afterward, and despite his fears and the hardness of the floor, the young man began to feel sleepy. It was only just fully night, and normally he would be awake and working by the light of the palace lamps for many hours yet, but this evening he could not keep his eyes open. Without anything to stimulate him, Taen lay down on the flimsy woollen blanket and quickly fell into a sound sleep. At some time, many hours later, Taen vaguely remembered being shaken into partial consciousness and dragged to his feet where he stumbled in a haze from the tiny room and into another place, where more liquid was poured down his throat. He spluttered a little at the unwanted drink, but gulped it down in order to avoid choking or drowning, and sleep once again overcame him, a deep, unbreakable sleep.

It was the throbbing, unshakeable, dual pain of his head and his cock which greeted Taen when he did eventually recover from the effects of the drugs he had been given. His brain seemed fuzzy and his temples ached as his mind slowly overcame the effects of the sleeping liquid. But that was nothing compared to the constant, searing torture emanating from the end of his penis. The young man was naked and alone, and he slowly, tentatively pushed his legs out from under his body, and looked down to examine his genitals. What he saw made him scream out in a mixture of horror and renewed pain.

A metal ring pierced the head of his cock, just beneath his glans, the ring itself exiting his manhood through his piss slit. It had been inserted during his enforced unconsciousness, and welded back into a single unbroken ring, attached to and forming part of a long chain, the other end of which had been firmly closed around a large brass ring attached to a column supporting the roof.

Taen tried to stand and look around, but the pain this caused almost made him black out again. He slumped down and slowly began to examine his surroundings, and the rest of his body. With a growing sense of helplessness, he realised that other chains attached to the same brass ring were fixed to himself as well. He was physically bound to the pillar by steel connected to his wrists and ankles and a large circle of metal around his neck. Yet another girdled his masculinity, a seamless solid circle of steel surrounded him tightly at the root of his penis, pushing it and his testicles out and away from his body. And there were no locks, no keys! These chains and rings had been soldered together, obviously intended never to be removed. A final embellishment was a golden armband, permanently closed around his left bicep. What had he done to deserve this? What was to become of him now?

He was able to move about freely enough, if he could stand the shooting pain in his cock, as long as he did not try to venture any more than 3 or 4 metres from the marble column to which he was bound. Taen slowly began to take in the rest of the room. This was no cell, but a lavishly appointed chamber of marble and alabaster, the floors spread with expensive carpets, light streaming in from a richly decorated archway to one side. The entire room spoke of wealth and privilege, yet he was enslaved to one small corner of it, forever more.

As his questions and his desperation mounted, Taen struggled to free himself, but it was in vain. Nothing he could do would loose the bindings attached to him. A sound of approaching footsteps brought his attention to the doorway, where he looked up to see Earendil watching him.

"What have you done?" screamed Taen. "What have I done, to deserve this?"

"You are now in the service of the Prince Elendil, as I told you before," spoke the older man quietly.

"But why the chains, especially this," cried Taen, indicating the metal connected to his prick.

The wizened servant looked down at him with an unreadable expression. "You are now part of the Lord's 'collection'. It is necessary to ensure that his possessions do not stray, that they are compelled to complete obedience."

"But I would have offered my service willingly. I am proud to be a part of the royal household. There is no need for the chains, I offer myself to the Prince to do whatever he bids!"

"Do you now? I wonder if you will still feel the same when you learn your fate?"

Taen blanched. "What is my fate then?"

"To remain silent and do as ordered!" the older man began to anger at the questioning. "Here," he said, more quietly as he handed the boy two vials of liquid. "These will ease the pain. The white gel should be rubbed onto the area where the metal enters the skin. The green liquid may be swallowed sparingly. It is a milder form of the drug which was used earlier."


For the next few days, Taen saw no one other than the elderly Earendil, and another younger man who said nothing and looked at him with wide eyes and a doubting face as he delivered meals. The older servant checked on him each day, renewing his supply of the salve for his penis and the drug for his pain, although Taen soon found the pain diminished to the point where the sedatives were no longer necessary, and eventually it disappeared altogether. In fact, he actually began to realise that the metal adorning his body, particularly the ring through his cock and the circle around his genitals, were something of a stimulant, and on more than one occasion he needed to try to cover himself with his hands, to disguise his arousal, when one of the others entered the room.

Then came the morning when no food was brought to him at the usual time, and no appearance was made by Earendil, as had become his habit. Taen wondered at the portents of being left alone like this - he had come to look forward to the albeit brief visits as a way to relieve the boredom of his lonely and confined existence. He sat quietly on his haunches, leaning back against the pillar to which he was bound, lost in thought. A muffled sound, the noise of softly padding footsteps, caused him to look around, and as he did he beheld a vision. Standing in the doorway, the rays of light from the morning sun streaming in from behind him, was a man. No ordinary man, but a strong, powerful being, a stunningly handsome man, whose very posture bespoke confidence and dignity, and mastery.

Adorned with straps of black leather which fastened over his shoulders and around his mighty chest to connect at a golden ring in the centre of his pectoral muscles, and with further dark bands of hide around his upper arms, the apparition looked down upon Taen bemusedly. His lower arms were encased in shining black gauntlets, his legs enveloped in gleaming leather so tight that every movement was reflected in rippling blackness, every sinew outlined in sharp relief. He wore a carefully trimmed moustache and beard, and his genitalia was exposed and on display, a long thick penis emerging from a bush of dark pubic hair languished over large full testicles. Taen gasped in admiration, and unbidden, his cock sprang to instant hardness.

"Boy!" said a voice, deep and resonant.

"Sir?" Taen responded quickly and quietly.

"Turn around!"

Acutely aware of the state of his penis, Taen obeyed slowly, attempting to cover himself as he did.

"Hands above your head!" commanded the man as he watched intently. Seeing the erection jutting upward from Taen's groin, he smiled a little in satisfaction.

Taen simply looked up at him helplessly. "Who are you?" he asked.

"Don't you know? Haven't you realised yet? I am Elendil, Prince of this land, and your new owner."

"Sir!" Taen gasped out, falling to his knees and lowering his head.

"Sit up, boy! I want to see what it is I have acquired."

As ordered, the younger man lifted his head again, and stared at his master. The more he looked, the more aroused Taen became, his prick throbbing and hard, his heart racing at the sight of the leather clad lord towering over him.

Without ceremony, Prince Elendil walked up to his possession, and quickly checked Taen's mouth and teeth, then examined the chains and rings connected to the boy's body. He scrutinised the ring where it pierced Taen's cockhead, and took hold of the chain, tugging roughly at it and making the boy's prong dance around. There was some pain from the still tender incision, but not enough to overcome the stimulation that this action delivered to Taen's manhood, which responded by leaking pearly drops of pre-cum onto the marble floor of the chamber.

Elendil smiled appreciatively at the response from his new boy. He looked again at the hard young body blossoming into full manhood, and his own prick began to lengthen with desire. With the young man almost prostrate on the floor below him, the Prince allowed himself a moment to enjoy the position he was afforded by his birth. Yet more often than not, his desires had to be satisfied by reluctant and struggling peasants. Rarely did he have one appear aroused from the very beginning such as this.

"Polish my boots, boy!" he commanded suddenly.

"Sir?" Taen looked up at him uncomprehendingly.

"My boots! Clean them!" As the younger man looked around for something with which to comply, Elendil hissed at him. "Use your tongue, slave. Haven't you worked it out yet? That's what you are now, my slave, to do with as I please. And I shall!"

Taen's heart raced at the words. Unaccustomed as he was to being ordered around in such a gruff manner, the thought of being told to lick the boots of this Lord was somehow both appealing and exciting. Wasn't that what he had wanted after all? To be able to clean and touch and care for the shining leather uniforms of the guards? He leaned forward on hands and knees quickly, his face to the floor as he lapped at the polished blackness of the booted feet before him. With an enthusiasm which surprised Elendil, Taen worked his mouth on the dark leather, licking and spitting, carefully and thoroughly cleansing the boots with his own saliva, until they shone in the light.

Elendil tugged again at the chains. "Enough!" he stated firmly. "Now work your way up my legs!"

The young man eagerly obeyed, gradually lifting his mouth from ankle to calf and shin, taking his time to sensuously lick at the leather enclosed muscle of his master's legs, breathing deeply of the aroma of tanned hide as he did so, and knowing that his cock was at full erection, his very body tingling with excitement at the unexpected pleasure of what should have been forbidden desire, which he was being ordered to succumb to. With an attention to the task that was almost obsession, Taen polished the gleaming black towers of Elendil's legs, moving around his Lord to ensure that every last inch was accounted for.

The Prince was not unaware of the complete focus afforded his legs by this slave. Habitually, his boys were quick to try to get away, or reluctant to do anymore than that which was forced on them, yet this one was not only eager, but incredibly intense. Elendil's prong hardened, jutting up and out from his groin. The sight of this young man worshipping him with near joy was unbelievably arousing; much more satisfying than the unwilling compliance wrung from the others.

As the younger man slowly worked his way further up, closer and closer to Elendil's groin, the Prince continued to pull at the chains connected to his slave, although with less force now, more a firm but gentle coaxing. Taen responded, his body aching with arousal and his excitement increasing all the time. His prick was leaking a steady stream of gooey liquid, throbbing so hard it ached, and the ring piercing his cockhead served only to stimulate him all the more. He sensed that the nobleman's manhood was now only inches from the top of his head, and wondered if he would be permitted to continue, or be stopped before he reached that fleshy prize.

There was a clatter of noise as Elendil let go of the chains and they fell to the floor. He reached down and held Taen's head in his hands, turning the boy's face upward so that it was directed right at his rampant erection. No words passed between the men, but each stared intently into the eyes of the other and a clear message of mutual need and longing leapt from one to the other. Elendil spread his legs wider, and Taen felt his blood pump through him as he realised the offer he was being made. Abandoning all caution, the young man lifted his head, and licked tentatively at first, then with more confidence, at the rolling orbs of his Lord's nuts, tonguing those heavy balls in their sac of skin, suckling at them and massaging them with his tongue and teeth.

Keenly now, Taen opened his mouth and swallowed Elendil's jewels, pulling carefully at them and eliciting a long low growl of pleasure from his master. His hands began to slide along the backs of the Prince's legs in slow, sensual motion, from the knees all the way up to the firm rounded globes of his arse cheeks and back again, as the boy ministered to his Lord's nuts. With reluctance, Taen allowed those spheres of masculinity to pop from his mouth, and turned his attention instead to the long, thick shaft of Elendil's weapon. Slowly, carefully, almost lovingly, Taen ran his tongue along that fleshy pole, tracing the ridge of Elendil's piss tube from base to crown and back again. He brought his lips to the heated skin and kissed his Prince's cockshaft, working around the base and nibbling gently all over the veined and throbbing rod.

Elendil gasped as Taen's tongue lapped at his glans, pushing back the last vestiges of his foreskin from the purplish knob and tenderly caressing the sensitive mushroom cap hidden below. The talented tongue found his slit, and scooped up the first drops of pre-seminal fluid gathering there, as it explored the rounded hardness of Elendil's cockhead. Taen tasted his master, and licked out again for more. He was certain he had never known anything so sweet or so desirable as the juice from his master this first time.

Encouraged by the reaction to his licking, Taen moved on. With his eyes fixed on the glorious log of meat inches from him, he opened his mouth as wide as he could manage, and closed his lips over the pulsing end of Elendil's cock. With his own prick almost at bursting point, he slowly began to swallow that steel hard prong, a little at a time, his teeth scraping occasionally on the skin. When that brought hissed displeasure from his master, Taen tried hard to cover his teeth with his lips and to continue to lower his face over the long thick tube. His tongue continually played across the satiny skin as he forced himself to take more and more of Elendil's manhood into his throat. At one point, Taen felt his gullet contract, and with a sense of horror he began to gag. He pulled back a little and regained control of his throat, willing himself to relax, and returned to the point where he had been.

With a great effort, he managed to take more than three quarters of the length of Elendil's cock into his throat before he simply could go no further. Tears streamed down his face from the attempt, as he valiantly but vainly tried to go further.

"Enough!" the Prince mumbled softly and contentedly. "Perhaps in time you can do better. For now, I am pleased. Do what you can, my boy!"

Feeling mightily pleased, Taen backed off a little, and began now to slowly bob up and down on the heated log of flesh, using his mouth, his teeth, lips and tongue, to caress his master's prick, as he suckled at it with a fervour. His pulse raced when he felt Elendil's hands fall to his head, and soon the Prince was directing Taen's actions, pulling and pushing at his head as the thick hardness of his prong was pounded faster and more furiously into Taen's accepting gullet. The younger man sucked with a passion, coating his Prince's dong with spittle and swallowing madly as he tried to take everything that Elendil shoved at him. The friction from the thumping face fuck was of minor consequence, and Taen felt his jaw begin to tire, but he ignored it; he was in paradise, servicing this manly prod as it rammed into his face, and his entire body trembled with ecstatic arousal.

The Lord Elendil pounded himself into his willing slave with more and more determination. The moist heat of Taen's throat surrounding his cock was electric, the vacuuming suction from the boy's mouth so incredibly erotic as Elendil held his slave's head and fucked that face with abandon. He felt his climax approach and his nerves raced with delight at the control he maintained over this ever willing boy. With a strangled cry, he surrendered to the demands of nature, his body rocked with spasms of pleasure as his nuts exploded and he emptied his load into the young man below him.

Taen felt his master's pace increase dramatically, and sensed that a peak was approaching, but he was unprepared for the ferocity of the eruption when it came. Without warning, Elendil rammed himself hard into Taen's mouth, and held the boy's head firmly at his groin. Taen did not struggle, and fought to avoid gagging as the fiery poker thrust into his maw and stayed there. He felt Elendil suddenly go rigid, and then spasms rocked the Prince's body, shaking Taen as well, before a stream of white hot cum speared into his mouth. Desperately, Taen swallowed, again and again, as the never-ending orgasm shook his master and ejaculate filled his mouth. He was so aroused, so stimulated by the very thought of having Elendil's very essence within him, that without the benefit of a touch, his cock tensed, his balls contracted, and his own eruption sprayed long streamers of sticky cum across the floor and his master's leathered legs and feet.

As hard as he tried, he could not take all of the copious load his Prince fired into him, and some of the precious liquid dribbled down his chin. He licked and swallowed as best he could, finding the taste not at all unpleasant. As Elendil finally shuddered to rest, and withdrew his flagging cock from the boy's mouth, Taen anxiously licked at the retreating man-flesh, cleaning all of the residue from it. Immediately, the boy dropped to his hands and knees again, and eagerly licked and sucked at the Prince's legs and feet, cleaning his own jism from the beautiful leather until it shone once again.

With an approving mumble, and a firm grip of his hand on Taen's shoulder, Prince Elendil turned and walked away. Taen collapsed on the floor, spent but sated, and indescribably happy. In his mind, he wished fervently that he had done well, and that he would be called upon to repeat this service, often.


Over the next weeks, the Prince did indeed call upon Taen again. At first, he appeared every five or six days, but as time went on he seemed to come to Taen's room more often. And with each visit, Taen was permitted to become more familiar with the body of his Lord, a body to which he was becoming increasingly dedicated, and adoring. Slowly, he was allowed to touch Elendil's body with his fingers, and then his mouth, gradually discovering the delights of the Lord's nipples and chest, shoulders and backside. And although Taen dared not think about it for fear it would cease, Elendil became more and more tender, occasionally running his fingers through Taen's hair, or down over his chest, pinching at the nipples. Once he gripped at Taen's rock hard prick, squeezing it hard before tugging at the chain connected to the piercing through the boy's cockhead. That was enough to cause the young man to explode instantly in an orgasm more intense than anything he had previously experienced.

The two reached a watershed the day that Elendil finally took Taen's virginity from him. By that time, the Prince was visiting Taen two or three days out of every four, and on the times that he did not arrive, Taen spent the day morose and listless, feeling lost and needing. This afternoon, he had been quiet again, fearing that his Lord would not visit him, when he was surprised to find Elendil standing, looking at him with an unreadable expression.

"My Lord!" he declared, moving forward to the limit of his bindings, and waiting for Elendil to close the space between them.

"Hello, my boy," Elendil said warmly. Quickly, they were touching each other, Taen's talented mouth working its wonders on the Prince's appreciative body.

Some time later, Taen was happily suckling and licking at his master's cock, revelling in the thickness of that mighty weapon, and congratulating himself on now being able to take its entire length into his throat. He felt his owner becoming more and more excited, although he sensed that climax was still some way off. Suddenly, Elendil reached down and lifted the boy away from his meaty prod. Taen looked up with surprise and disappointment, fearing that he had something to displease the Prince. But Elendil smiled reassuringly, and gently but firmly he turned Taen around, to face away from him. Taen thrilled immediately to the feel of his master's hands on his shoulders and back, trembled at the touch of Elendil's fingers as they travelled down his spine.

Elendil nudged the boy forward and bent him at the waist, urging his legs apart. Taen murmured with delight as his Lord's fingertips explored the sensitive area around his anus, and gently but irresistibly inserted themselves into his flexing rosebud. With a loud hawking sound, Elendil hacked a large gob of spittle from his own throat onto Taen's butt cheeks, and smeared it down and over the winking, virgin hole. Pressing forward, he rested the knob of his prick against that pink and tender cherry, allowing pre-cum to mix with the saliva from the two of them, and then pushed inward slowly.

"Relax yourself!" he commanded the younger man, and Taen tried valiantly to do as bid.

Suddenly, a pain of intense and excruciating strength rocked the boy, as Elendil breached his sphincter, and the head of the Lord's cock disappeared into Taen's anus. Taen attempted to hold his breath, and to take the pain, but he feared he was dying, that he was being ripped asunder. What he did not know was that Elendil had stopped, and waited patiently for the reaction he knew would come. Remarkably quickly, Taen felt the ache in his rear subside, and with growing wonder, as his body accustomed itself to the invader, he experienced an amazing sense of pleasure. With each second, that feeling grew, and his rectum relaxed accordingly.

As Elendil saw his boy's tension ease, he smiled happily. Slowly now he began to move again, sliding his throbbing shaft between the ring of muscle at Taen's rear, and penetrating the boy's bowel with his long, thick pole. Instead of protest now, he heard Taen muttering and groaning quietly, the sounds of pure and growing pleasure. With a sense of satisfaction, Elendil buried himself completely in the boy's arse, sinking his cock to the hilt in the hot and squelching wetness of Taen's innards. Quickly he began to move, pulling back before driving in again, finding a rhythm as he began to thrust himself deeper and faster, longer and more powerfully into the willing body of his slave.

Taen gasped with delight at the invasion. With the full, throbbing solidity of his master's sword jabbing into his gut, he felt an amazing sense of fulfillment, and an unparalleled ecstasy as the continual friction from Elendil's pistoning in and out of him sent erotic thrills throughout his body. He began to respond, clenching at the Lord's prong with his arse as it was withdrawn, hunching back and opening up his ring to welcome each inward shove. Both men began to sweat as Elendil fucked at the compliant boy, thrilling to the sensation of his cock enveloped by the heated wetness of Taen's body, probing at the moist warm innards of his slave. Soon the tempo of Elendil's thrusting increased, as he surrendered to the basic animal instincts of his body, and pounded himself in passionate rut at his boy. His arms wrapped around the body which was wrapped around his cock, and he found the chains, pulling at them and jangling Taen's cock as he did.

In a moment of unadulterated abandonment, Taen gave up all control of his own body. The pile driving force of Elendil's prong ravaging his body, combined with the satin sweaty skin of his Lord against his back, and the stimulation of his pierced cock being tugged, were all too much, and he shook with pleasure as his dick exploded, shooting cum out and across the floor. Spurt after spurt of his cream was loosed from the cannon of his enslaved cock, and still his master pounded into him. As his orgasm eased and his body ceased to shake, he suddenly felt Elendil tense, and with one final, almighty shove, the Prince drove his cockshaft deep into Taen's gut and held himself there. Spasms rocked them both as Elendil deposited his seed deep within Taen's body, jet upon jet of his essence shot into the waiting receptacle of his slave's gut.

With a deep sigh of relief, Elendil finally drew breath again, and slipped his slimy cock from Taen's ravaged arse.

"Thank you, Sir!" the boy gasped loudly as he collapsed on the floor.

Elendil stood unsteadily above him, a bemused look on his face. "Thank you? It's not often that I am thanked for using another body like this!"

"But Sire," Taen said quickly. "You have given me the gift of your seed, your manly essence. And you have also given me the most intense pleasure I could ever hope to know."

Elendil sat himself, close beside his slave, on the cool floor. With softening eyes he gazed at the boy. "I have known since I first came to you, that you enjoyed your service to me, rather than simply enduring it," he said warmly. "For so long, I have made do with slaves who had to be bound and chained like this, threatened with death, in order to have them obey me, fulfill my needs, yet you do so willingly."

"Sire," said Taen with feeling. "if I had known the joy and the pleasure I would receive from being your possession, I would have come begging to you, without any need for chains or bindings."

Elendil looked again at his slave, thoughtfully. "I could have the chains removed?" he said slowly.

"No!" Taen responded with vehemence. "I, ahh, I apologise, my Lord, but, well, it is these chains which make me feel so special, so much your property. Please do not remove them! I only wish that there were some way you could chain my heart the way you have chained my body, for it is yours as completely!"

Prince Elendil grinned, a wicked smile crossing his face. "They shall remain. But I believe I shall have the ring cut from that pillar - " he indicated the column to which Taen's bindings were attached, "and re-set in the wall of my private chamber! It seems to me that I shall make use of your services far more often than would be convenient with you kept down here!"

As he spoke, Taen's eyes misted over with delighted gratitude. "Thank you, Sir!" he said softly but intensely. He knew then that he would never want to leave the service of his Prince Elendil, and that it was not the chains which kept him here. He was free as a bird, and wanted nothing more than to remain with his master forever.

The End

This story is a fantasy, it is not real and only happened in my imagination. YOU MUST REMEMBER that in the real world, you can DIE from having unsafe sex. It is your right and your duty to make sure that condoms are always used, whether you are giving or receiving. It doesn't matter how good looking or how ugly he is, and it doesn't matter whether you are top or bottom, USE A CONDOM!