Work It Out

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[Note: this story is a `spin-off' from my story "Leather Lovers", and was inspired by generous comments and a suggestion from Rick, a hot leather muscle guy, and one of my regular and appreciative readers.]

Part 1: Work It Out

Pete had known Mike for years. They had met at the gym, and had become good friends, often going out together for a drink, catching up with a group of others and enjoying the mutual company. But they had never slept together. It just wasn't that kind of friendship. Besides, Pete knew Mike was into `leather' -- he made no secret of it, often talking about how much he enjoyed the leather `scene'. Pete wasn't into the leather sub-culture himself, and Mike usually restricted his clothing to a vest or jacket, occasionally a pair of leather pants, when mixing with the group because a few of the guys felt uncomfortable with that particular fetish. Pete didn't feel uncomfortable at all about it, just hadn't become involved. He did find a hot guy in a leather outfit turned him on, but he hadn't thought of Mike like that because they had become friends without being lovers.

Over the last few months he had seen a lot less of Mike. His friend had met another guy -- Neale -- and the two of them had been less inclined to socialise with the group. Pete understood that, and bore no ill will. He was happy for Mike that he had found someone special, and new relationships always tended to mean that the lovers kept to themselves much more. Still he was looking forward to catching up with Mike again tonight. Apparently Mike and Neale had said they would join the rest of the crowd for a drink at Caesars', so Pete had put aside his dislike of one of the other regulars to take the chance to see Mike again.

It was around 10, and Pete had been chatting and drinking with the others for half an hour. James, the self-appointed fashion arbiter for the crowd, was rabbiting on about how Mike and Neale had become reclusive and how it just wasn't right for them to not join the friends more often etc. Pete was getting more and more annoyed with James as time went on, and wondering whether he should stay, when he looked up to see a couple of guys enter the bar. They were geared up in full leather outfits, black leather riding jackets with straps on the shoulders, over tight white T-shirts. Over the flimsy cotton of the shirts they wore leather harnesses of four straps, two over the shoulders, two around the ribs, connected front and back to a single metal ring. Shining, soft leather pants under firm black chaps accentuated their groins, and the outlines of cocks and balls were definitely visible within the glistening leather they wore. Pete took a long, envying look at the two in the distance, admiring their bods, and feeling a pang of jealousy that they were a well-matched couple. He also felt the stirring in his groin, these two guys looked HOT, and he tried not to be too obvious as he enjoyed the view of the leather clad bods.

As he continued to watch the pair, they began to walk towards him. The taller of the two raised an arm, began to call a greeting. Pete looked closer, and with a shock realised that it was Mike. His jaw dropped open at the realisation, as he took in the fact that the stunning leather man was his friend. The reaction of the others was similar, a drawn out silence as wide eyes and open mouths turned to the pair approaching their group. Pete swung around and noticed James just near him. The look on James' face was one of total disbelief, and that look was turning to disgust. Suddenly, Pete let out a long low whistle, and started to laugh. Moving forward quickly, he was the first of the group to reach Mike, and grabbed his arm before giving him a bear hug, smiling the whole time.

"Hey, mate, you look fantastic!" Pete said loudly and enthusiastically, as he let go of Mike, and together they faced the others. The looks of shock were being hastily replaced, some with admiration, some with disapproval, some with simple mirth. Pete turned to Mike's other half, Neale, and gripped his arm, then hugged him the same as he had Mike. Quietly, almost conspiratorially, he said to Neale "Congratulations. You both look great, and it must have taken some real guts to do this." Neale smiled a grateful acknowledgement to Pete, and stood by Mike's side as they faced his friends. James walked away, muttering unheeded words of disapproval, but the remainder of the group chatted easily with the leathered Mike and Neale. It turned out that the low opinion of James was fairly widespread among the group. Most of the others complimented Mike and Neale on the shock value, and the guts to show themselves. There was a bit of easy bantering, some joking around at their expense, but nothing serious.

Pete joined in the comments and joking, but the whole time he had trouble taking his eyes off the two, and more than once felt himself becoming aroused by the look of them in their hot leather gear. At one stage during the evening, he plucked up his courage, and catching Mike a little away from the crowd he complimented him yet again on how he looked.

"You know, mate, I've always loved the look of a hot man in leather, but I'd never realised just how good you looked in it." Pete confided. Mike simply smiled at his friend, as Neale joined them, close enough to hear what was being said. Pete continued "I've always wondered what it would be like, thought I should try something ^Å" he let the rest of the sentence hang.

Mike leaned to Pete, his hand still on Neale's leg. "Just do it, mate. Get out there and find out for yourself. Someone who works out and looks after his body as much as you do won't have any trouble finding the right man. Look at me, I certainly have, and I'm not letting this man go under any circumstances." He looked back at Neale as he spoke, then turned to Pete again. Pete felt re-assured, and at the same time envious. It was plain that Mike and Neale were in love, and Pete wondered if he would ever find someone to feel so happy with. It was also clear that Mike and Neale were together, and not available to anyone else. In his mind, Pete wished them all the best.

That night, after Mike and Neale had left, Pete found himself still contemplating them, still focussed on the incredible sight of the two of them garbed in shining black leather. He marvelled that he had become aroused by the view of his friends, had seen them for the first time as sexually exciting. Pete thought on this. He knew the look of a man in leather was arousing, but he had never considered it for himself, and had not contemplated Mike as an object of sexual attraction. It was not Mike, he realised, but the leather, that had attracted him, had made him tingle, wanting.

For days, Pete's thoughts turned to the exciting look of the leather-clad bodies. Whenever he had time to himself, time to simply daydream, his thoughts went back to the harnesses, the shining black chaps, the bright polished hide. He imagined himself dressed in the firm gripping skin, pictured his body wrapped in a harness, and invariably found himself getting aroused. What must it feel like, to be enveloped in gleaming leather? He had a good body, and worked on keeping it that way, and dreamed about how good leather straps and black skintight pants would look on himself.

He was still thinking of it while working out in the gym, and got a bit of a shock when he realised someone was talking to him. He looked up to see a new face, looking at him questioningly.

"Uh, sorry?^Å" he said, raising his eyes to the man staring at him.

"I asked if you were a regular here? I've just moved into the neighbourhood, and don't know too many people in this part of town, and I was wondering if you would mind spotting for me with these presses?"

"Sure" replied Pete quickly. "Sorry, I was a million miles away"

"I figured. My name's Steve."

"Hi, I'm Pete" a quick handshake, and Steve took up position on the bench, stretching and flexing as he prepared to take the weight he had selected and Pete moved around behind to spot for him. As Steve began his workout, Pete's eyes were drawn to the defined chest clearly visible through Steve's flimsy T-shirt. Just as visible were the silver rings which pierced each large brown nipple. Pete looked long at the lumps of flesh with their metal insertions, finding himself attracted to them, imagining running his fingers or his teeth over the sensitive skin. Shaking off his pre-occupation, Pete attempted to concentrate on the task at hand, but standing here, looking down and along Steve's body, he couldn't help but notice the perfectly formed torso, and the very impressive bulge pushing up at the loose shorts the other man wore.

As he lifted and dropped the bar, Steve concentrated his efforts on moving the weight. He strained and sweated, the muscles in his arms and chest bulging with the effort, filling with blood and growing with each push. He had to make sure he focussed on the bar, or he could lose it and do himself some serious damage. The hunk standing behind him, hands out in case the weight became too much, was a stunner. As he lay down and slid into position, Steve had glanced upwards and been rewarded with a fantastic view of muscled thighs leading to an inviting protrusion encased in tight lycra, a defined six pack below a pumped chest, and a strong square jaw. He would have to get to know this guy better, he decided.

With a final heave, Steve hoisted the weight above his chest and stopped, nodding to Pete. Pete reached forward and steadied the bar as Steve dropped it onto the supports behind him, and sat up with an effort.

"Nice workout." Pete commented, and Steve grinned back as he caught his breath.

"Wanna join me on the step-walkers?" Pete asked, and Steve nodded. They made their way to the equipment, finding two machines empty side by side. As they began the exercise, Steve looked sideways at Pete again.

"So what was so important?" he asked.

"Huh?" questioned Pete.

"When I first spoke to you. You were off in another world."

"Oh, that" said Pete, "I was just thinking about a friend."

Steve felt his hopes fall. "Oh, I see." he said, in a dejected tone. Pete picked up on Steve's comment straight away.

"No, no, not that kind of friend." He said quickly. "A mate of mine. He has started seeing someone, and I caught up with them a few nights ago. I was just thinking about how good they looked, how happy they seemed together, and ^Å" his voice trailed off.


"Nothing." Said Pete. Changing the subject, he looked to Steve. "So you're new in the neighbourhood?"

"Yeah. Moved into a new house just last week." He looked at Pete, weighing in his mind just how far to go with this stranger he had just met. What the hell, he thought, nothing ventured ^Å "I sold my other place because it was full of bad memories."

Pete was curious now. "What do you mean?" he asked, as they both pressed on, legs pumping against the step machines in a never ending climb to nowhere.

"Well, my ex moved out about a year ago. I got over that, and him, a long while ago, but everywhere I looked in the house, I saw things that reminded me of what we had once and lost, so I figured the only thing to do was sell up and move. And here I am." With that he broke into a huge grin, directed at Pete.

"I suppose I should say I'm sorry, but I'm not." Pete commented, flirting with the hunk beside him. They both grinned, sinking into solo thoughts. As they finished their reps, Pete turned to Steve. "That's about it for me, today. I'm gonna shower and get going." He looked carefully at Steve. "Do you want to catch up for a meal or something later?"

Steve wasn't going to let this man get away that easily. "I'm going to finish up now too." He declared. "Have you got any plans tonight?"

"Er, no."

"Then how about coming back to my place. We can order a pizza, have a beer, and get to know each other."

Pete grinned. The invitation, and implied offer of sex, was obvious but honest, and very attractive. He spent enough time at home alone. Some good company, conversation, a `roll in the hay' with a handsome musclebud sounded way to good to pass up. "You're on!" he replied enthusiastically.

They showered alongside each other, laughing and splashing at each other like kids. Both took the chance to feast his eyes on the other, to take not too subtle looks at his friend's equipment. The flush of new friendship, and the scent of sex on the air, forced each of them to will themselves not to start getting aroused in the still public arena of the gym's shower room. To the outside observer, they made quite a couple. Almost identical in size, they stood the same height, and waists, butts, thighs and feet were matched. Pete's chest was more developed than Steve, yet Steve had larger arms, and more definition to his abs. Steve's dark brown hair was reflected in a nice even mat on his chest and forearms, while Pete's blond locks were natural, and the barest hint of fuzz grew on his arms, his chest and body completely smooth, save for the mass of curls at his groin, also dark blond. Pete's uncut penis was slightly longer than Steve's circumcised meat, but Steve made up for that in diameter, his dick clearly thicker than that of his friend.

Changing at their lockers, the pair strolled out into the evening, breathing deeply away from the stale air in the gym. Casually they chatted as they walked, looking for all the world like old friends as they made their way to Steve's home. Once there, Steve fetched the two of them a beer and they sat, at ease with each other.

"So tell me," Steve pressed to Pete, his hand lying on Pete's forearm, "your friend, the one you were thinking about when I spoke to you - what had you so lost, so deep in thought?"

Pete blushed, but he felt remarkably comfortable with Steve, and besides, they had only just met so there was no thought of upsetting an old friendship. Taking a deep breath, he began to explain.

"Mike, my friend, is now living with his new boyfriend. When I saw them the other night, they showed up at the bar in full leather gear, you know, harnesses, chaps, the whole bit. I'd always known Mike was into that scene, but never seen him so dressed up. And he looked so happy, with Neale, his friend, dressed the same way."

Steve froze for a moment, looking into Pete's eyes questioningly. "Did that upset you, seeing Mike in all that leather?"

"No, not at all," Pete laughed softly. "Exactly the opposite. I thought they both looked so hot, fucking stunning in fact. I actually started getting turned on just looking at them. I told them so, and that I'd always wondered about getting decked out in leather. Mike told me I should just get out and do it. That's what I was thinking about. I have this feeling deep down that I think I'd like to try it, but just don't know if I would feel comfortable, or if it would suit me."

Steve laughed, a deep bellow. Pete looked at him bewildered. As Steve managed to control his mirth, he looked at Pete again, a long look, up and down his body, appraising him. Finally he smirked, "You'd look fucking hot in leather, my friend. It would suit you completely." Again he chuckled as Pete smiled at the compliment. With a twinkle in his eye, and a grin which Pete couldn't quite read, Steve stood up and fetched another beer for his blond friend. "Here, drink this. I have something to show you. I'll be a few minutes, so don't go away!" Steve declared, mysteriously. As Pete took the drink, Steve disappeared into a room out of view.

Pete sat there, alone, pondering over Steve's laughter at his confession of a secret fantasy, and his sudden disappearance. What did he mean? Why had he left so quickly? Have I put him off? Pete suddenly felt uncertain, and insecure, in this man's home after opening up to him about his deepest thoughts. Lost in his ruminations, Pete didn't hear Steve returning, was unaware that he stood a few metres away, looking down at him, until Steve's cough interrupted his thoughts.

"So, what do you think?" Steve's voice broke the reverie in Pete's mind.

Startled, Pete looked up. For a split second, he thought he was still daydreaming, and then he realised that his eyes were not lying. His mouth fell open, his cock rocketed to hardness. In stunned silence, he took in the vision before him, slowly allowing his eyes to travel, to absorb it all, scared it might vanish as quickly as it had arrived.

The vision was Steve. But in the few minutes he had left Pete alone, he had changed completely. Now, so close Pete could reach out and touch if he wished, stood a leather clad Adonis.

Steve's muscular, pumped frame was dressed in the hottest, horniest leather gear Pete had ever seen. Over his shoulders were wide leather straps that connected to bright silver rings circling his hard pierced nipples. Those rings were in turn connected by a shining metal chain. From the same rings, more gleaming black leather straps circled Steve's chest, disappearing behind his back. Yet more straps hung down from the two metal rings, joining at a single ring over his navel and forming a `V' shape from his tits to his belly. Within that V the washboard ridges of his abs rippled and strained. Below the chest straps and metal chain, Steve's pecs were hard and chiselled, tanned a soft brown which set off his dark hair perfectly.

Another set of wide black bands ran around his narrow waist from the ring over his navel and behind his back, and a final strap dropped straight down, under the waistband of a pair of chaps, and disappeared beneath a black leather posing thong. The chaps stretched over Steve's legs looked as if they had been shrink-wrapped into place. They were polished and shining, black as night, and skin-tight. They gripped his powerful legs, moulded themselves around his thighs and clung to his calves. Every movement of Steve's muscles rippled within the black envelope, accentuated and emphasised by the encompassing leather. His long, strong legs were anchored in black boots polished to a sheen, which came up to mid-calf, and as he stood there, feet apart, Pete almost drooled with delight.

At his groin, Steve's chaps opened to frame a stunning black V of leather encasing his masculinity. A shining polished pouch of leather, black and filled, sat within the framework of the chaps, surrounded by his bare tanned skin. That pouch revealed more than it hid. Pete could clearly see (and happily stared at) a long tube nestling within the black leather cocoon, and large round orbs below it filling the thong and ensuring it stood out solidly from Steve's body. Enjoying the reaction he had prompted in Pete, Steve, slowly turned full circle, so Pete could feast his eyes on the sight of Steve's firm, perfectly rounded arse cheeks, each dimpled slightly, framed and surrounded by the glistening black leather of the chaps. Higher, the straps of the harness connected in two metal rings before running up and over Steve's wide shoulders, restraining the rippling muscles of his shoulders and upper back. To finish the outfit, Steve wore wide black leather armbands above each bicep, fastened tightly and pumping his upper arms to perfection.

"Holy fuck!!!" Pete finally found his tongue, giving vent to the emotions inside. His cock was so hard it ached, just watching the display Steve put on for him. "You look fantastic."

"Thanks" smiled the brunette at his new friend. "Now, how about you?"


"Yeah. I thought you might like to try some of this gear for yourself." Steve watched Pete's face closely.

"Fuck yes! Absolutely!" Pete exclaimed. "But where am I going to get any?"

"Relax, my friend. I have plenty of other gear here, and we're pretty close in build, so it should fit fairly well."

Pete's whole body trembled at the thought of wearing clothing similar to Steve's. "Yes, please," he said, almost whispering, his emotions running wild. Steve smiled again, and led Pete into a room off the hallway from where he had appeared. Inside, a small but well equipped home gym was set up. Pete glanced around the room, approvingly. Nice set up, he thought to himself, as Steve pulled open the sliding door of a wardrobe in one wall. Inside was a treasure trove of leather.

Sizing Pete up with his eyes, and noting the well developed body and very obvious bulge at Pete's crotch, Steve selected several items, holding them out to Pete for his reaction. Pete's eyes lit up, and his hands happily grabbed at the gear. Eagerly stripping his clothes away, Pete began to pull on a black leather jockstrap arrangement, and almost immediately began having difficulties with it. Steve laughed.

"Here, stud, let me help."

The pouch consisted of a normal jock arrangement except that it was made of supple black leather, and a hole had been cut into the front so that the pouch of hide fit snugly around Pete's nuts, but his long and already hard prick poked through the hole, jutting proudly forward as it throbbed with excitement. Steve couldn't resist a good squeeze of Pete's equipment as he helped him adjust the leather envelope around his balls. On the pouch were press studs, and another piece of leather, a cod-piece, was designed to snap into place over the wearer's cock. With some difficulty, Steve managed to wrap the cod of leather around Pete's cock and fasten it in position, so that Pete's meat was now also enveloped in black. The long hard tube of his prong pushed against the leather, his outline clearly defined within the black restraining hide.

Pete let out a long soft "mmmmm" as the jock was fitted, enjoying the incredible sensation of the leather around his cock and balls. Steve smiled. "There's a lot more to come yet!" he laughed.

Next, Steve lifted a harness and held it to Pete. The blond man, looked at it longingly, and began to pull the straps over his shoulder. Steve had to assist again, helping him get the shoulder straps in place and buckled properly, then pulling more wide leather straps around Pete's chest, settling them in place under the ridge of his sculpted pecs and connecting them to a single metal ring at the centre of his chest. Steve made sure the straps were tight, and as he did he looked approvingly at the way they pushed up against the firm muscles and light skin, emphasising the powerfully developed chest. The harness had two more straps that hug down front and back to connect to another metal ring, with a joining leather strap around the waist. Steve again pulled these straps taut, encasing the rippled abs and narrow waist of his new friend in black bands of shimmering leather.

Steve stood back and looked admiringly at the transformation that was taking place on Pete. Already he could see the growing confidence and excitement in his friend, and knew that the leather was turning him on incredibly. Pete, for his part, looked hungrily to the next item, a pair of chaps, waiting for him. As Steve knelt in front of him, Pete settled the chaps at his waist and buckled the waistband firmly. With his darker friend helping, Pete smoothed the leather against his legs, catching the zipper at the ankle and slowly doing each leg up, pulling the leather leg pieces into position and over his skin as he slowly fastened each in turn. Fortunately he and Steve were very close in size, so the chaps fit Pete perfectly, gripping him tightly, flexing with him and moulding to his shape. As they settled into place, Pete ran his hands over his own legs, up and down against the smooth black hide. He marvelled at the shimmering polished leather, and the way it encased his legs, so tight that the curves and shape of him was accentuated rather than hidden by the black skin he now wore.

And the scent. Pete hadn't been prepared for the aroma of leather that drifted up, pervading his nostrils. It was a musky, masculine, animalistic smell that turned him on, made him feel alive. Steve `finished him off' with a pair of leather armbands around his upper arms, that Pete could feel tight around him, but good, gripping and pumping his arms up to their best appearance. At last, Steve stood back from him and surveyed his handiwork.

"Sorry I don't have any boots to fit you," he said, "but apart from that, you look fuckin' hot, man!" With that comment, Steve looked long and hard at Pete, and almost by instinct his hand fell to the supple leather pouch at his groin, and he allowed himself to squeeze the throbbing pole buried within the black cushion there.

Pete smiled, then turned to see himself in the mirrored door of the wardrobe. What greeted his eyes was a leather garbed vision. And it was him! He stared openly at his own reflection, admiring and horny. He let his hands fall, allowed them to run down the front of his thighs, to feel the texture of the hide. He fingered the straps of the harness, feeling the sensuous leather restraining his chiselled torso. His hands reached for his groin, as he cupped his own balls in the leather, traced the edges of the codpiece and squeezed his manhood through the black pouch. "Fuckin' hell!" he exclaimed with feeling.

"You said it." Responded Steve.

"Thanks, man, this is just incredible." Pete looked to Steve gratefully.

"That's okay. I'm so glad you like it. The reason I broke up with my last boyfriend was because I realised how good leather looked and felt, but when I started getting more and more gear he couldn't handle it. Told me it was too kinky for him, and packed his bags and left."

Pete gaped. "He must have been crazy!" he smiled, his hands still roaming over his own body.

Steve did not reply. By this time he was standing only a few feet from Pete, and he simply looked at him, enjoying the view, enjoying his new friend's enjoyment and awakening to the delight of leather. Without thinking, Steve's hand reached out, his fingers making contact with Pete's left nipple, which he squeezed gently and pulled at. Pete's head rolled back with ecstatic pleasure at that simple touch, then he looked again, directly into Steve's eyes. As if by some magic signal, the pair gave up all restraint and crashed together. Arms embraced bodies, groin pressed against groin, lips locked and tongues invaded as the two men joined. Pete's hands went to Steve's back, running up and down, across the muscular shoulders and down to massage the firm round cheeks of his arse. Steve gripped at Pete's arms, feeling the powerful, pumped muscles of his biceps, the sinewy strength of his forearms. As they felt at each other they kissed, long, hard, passionately, unable to get enough of the other, tasting themselves, exploring with tongues and teeth as they ground against each other.

And grind they did. Each thrust his pelvis forward, rubbing and pressing against the matching hardness of the other. The leather squealed in protest as they pushed and moved. Holding tight, their bodies connected from chest to knee. They groped and squeezed, rubbed and fingered, pulled and squirmed with urgent passion as the erotic sensuality of the leather brought out their base masculinity and highlighted their animal lusts. The kiss broken, mouths joined with hands in exploring the body each faced. Nibbling, licking, biting they renewed and continued their attack on each other. Pete discovered again Steve's pierced tits, his teeth closing over the metal rings and pulling at them, Steve groaned with delight and his hands closed over the bulging protuberance of Pete's cock, encased in the black hide. As Pete thrilled to the sensation of Steve grabbing at his manhood through the leather, he sucked and bit at the erect nubs of Steve's tits, working them hard and hot, while his hands gripped at Steve's buns, his fingers tracing the edges of the chaps which framed those solid dimpled orbs of flesh.

Steve moaned with pleasure, gasped with unbridled passion at the attention from Pete's mouth. But he wanted more. Lifting Pete's head away with his hands, he dropped his own face to the other's chest, biting and sucking at the hard nipples there. Then he eagerly followed the lines of the harness, licking and biting at the taut skin and pumped muscles. He breathed deeply, the scent of leather and aroused male exciting him. He licked his way down across the washboard stomach as Pete leaned over him from above, his hands massaging the flesh of Steve's butt, his finger playing along the crack of his arse and teasingly closing in on Steve's hole. Steve lowered his face further, coming to be level with the bulging throbbing pouch of leather which contained Pete's masculinity. He watched in awe as the leather outlined the long hard tube, and moved with the rolling spheres of Pete's testicles.

Steve closed his lips firmly over that solid black log at Pete's groin. He massaged the hot throbbing cock through the leather casing with his mouth, licking at the leather, tasting the hide and feeling the heat within. He opened his mouth wide and let his tongue roam over the round orbs of hide bound balls beneath the rock hard cock. He felt Pete's hands, still exploring his butt, move slowly around, to close on his cock, squeezing and kneading at the leather pouch and gripping at his jewels hidden within. Steve's hands came up to the pouch at his face, and he found the snaps which held the codpiece in place. Removing it quickly, he freed Pete's rampant rod from its leather hiding place. As the steel hard weapon sprang free, droplets of precum sprayed across Steve's face. He dived again. Licking at the head of Pete's prick, scooping up the jism oozing from his slit and tracing the length of his friend's shaft with his tongue. Pete's balls remained within their leather cushion, and Steve licked down and around them and then back up to the throbbing purple head of his mate's cock.

In a single movement he swallowed that long hard pole. Opening his throat he dived upon the rod, gripping it in his gullet and drowning it with warm moisture. Pete groaned and thrust himself forward, driving his cock deeper into Steve's face, and Steve responded, bobbing back and forth on Pete, slurping and sucking at the prong standing to attention from Pete's groin. He would have stayed there for hours, but Pete pulled him off, hissing a warning.

"Fuck, Steve, I am so unbelievably horny. I'm almost cumming just from being in this leather, can't take too much of that."

Steve grinned. "I'm sure you'll get used to it."

"Maybe," Pete hissed, "but for right now, I need action, and I need it fast and hard!" He looked at Steve, looked deep into his eyes, and found the answer he needed. Steve nodded, and gestured to a drawer near one wall.

"In there." He whispered hoarsely. "And hurry, stud! I need you bad."

As Pete pulled a condom and some lube from the drawer, Steve sank back onto the weightbench in the middle of the room, his legs on either side as he lay along its length. Falling back onto the cushioned bench, Steve breathed in deeply. The scent of leather rose up to greet him. The bench itself was covered in soft black leather, the result of a moment of self-indulgence when Steve had found the original vinyl covering cracking and split. Instead of having it re-covered in the same, he had opted for the more expensive but longer lasting leather. Lying back onto that hide now, Steve reflected that it had been the best choice. With the supple leather gripping his hard pumped body, as he lay back the leather of the bench squeaked as it rubbed against his harness and chaps. The sound of the hide, and the smell of leather assaulted his senses, driving him wild with desire. Looking up his eyes beheld the muscled rippling form of Pete, leathered to the hilt and pumped and sweaty. "Fuckin hell, man, get over here and fuck me before I cum just from looking at you!" Steve hissed.

Pete ripped the foil of the condom packet, and grinned with delight. Inside he found a jet black condom, which he happily rolled over his swollen member. Applying a generous helping of lube to himself, he approached Steve, straddling the bench as he did. Leaning forward, Pete lifted Steve's booted legs to his shoulders, thrilling to the feel of the supple leather chaps against his skin. He gently eased a gob of the lubricating gel into Steve's exposed hole, panting with anticipation. The muscled, leathered hunk lay back, spread before him, black leather against tanned skin, tight hide across taut skin and pumped muscles. Holy fuck! thought Pete. This is just incredible.

Steve broke his reverie. "Come on you fucken stud!" he hissed, "fuck my arse hard!"

Pete needed no encouragement. Leaning forward, he hoisted Steve's legs up, and positioned his throbbing black latex covered cock at the entrance to Steve's body. Pressing forward slowly, he felt the resistance of Steve's sphincter and braced against it, sliding into the other man as he groaned and surrendered, his body opening to accept Pete's invasion. As the muscles gave way, Pete's long throbbing cock entered Steve, and in one steady motion he was inside him. Pete held back a second, allowing his friend to adjust to the solidity of Pete's rod within his arse. Steve breathed heavily for a minute or so, then looked up to him, urging him on again.

As Pete looked down, his passion grew. Here he was, garbed in the most amazing black leather, even his dick sheathed in black. Below him, around him, was the hottest, muscle stud he had known for a long while, black leather harness restraining his rippling torso, shining dark hide encasing his powerful legs which were wrapped around Pete's body, urging Pete to fuck him. And Pete did. Losing any inhibitions, Pete lunged into that gorgeous body. He thrust his aching weapon deep into the warm hole, shoving hard until he came to a stop, his leather covered balls crashing against Steve's arse cheeks. The force of his entry made Steve rock back and forward on the leather covering of the bench, releasing more of the intoxicating aroma of leather and sweat, musky masculinity that was an aphrodisiac to the two pumped, hard studs as they gave over to the joy of pure male sex. Steve looked up at Pete, gasped, and gripped at the invading cock with his arse. The sensation was incredible, and Pete began instinctively to thrust against Steve's body, drawing back and thrusting again.

The heat of Steve's chute wrapped around his pole was incredible. Pete groaned with ecstasy at the feeling of his meat being engulfed in that wet sloppy cavern, being gripped and clenched at by the muscles of Steve's sphincter with each thrust and withdrawal. His motion increased in speed and strength. Faster and faster he pounded into the other man. Deeper, harder he pumped at his lover. As he did, Steve matched his rhythm, humping at him, clenching him and gasping. They quickly intensified their coupling, sweating and rutting like animals, fucking each other with abandon. Joined as they were, they became a single entity, a heaving, grunting beast, lost in the passion of pure male sexuality, swathed in tight black leather which gleamed and squeaked in unison with their passion. Pete sensed he was close to the edge of the abyss. Electric pulses of pleasure shot from his cock into the rest of his body, urging him upward and onward. He pounded again at Steve, taking incredible pleasure from the leather clad stud beneath him. His body tingled as he speared his fleshy dagger into Steve's hot moist hole, burying himself to the hilt in that amazing receptacle of another man.

As he thrust and jabbed, Steve urged him on, whispering obscenities and encouragement, begging him to fuck him harder. Pete suddenly felt the onrush of climax and tried to call out a warning to Steve. His friend understood, but clenched harder at him, Steve's hands grabbing at the straps of Pete's harness. "Fuck me, stud, do it now, you fucken hunk!" Steve hissed at him, and Pete felt the waves of pleasure tower over his mind, then crash down upon him. His nuts heaved and contracted, and his cock swelled to gigantic proportions as a geyser of spunk erupted from him. He shuddered and twitched as he filled the sheath of latex with his essence, pumped his very being into the body of his lover. He shot again and again, felt like gallons of jizz were flowing from him into Steve's clenching gripping hole.

As he felt the slow ebb of orgasm, Pete regained his composure enough to look down at Steve, surprised to find that Steve had also hit the peak, a pool of white manjuice resting on his perfectly defined stomach. The two breathed deeply, their eyes locking in the last seconds of receding climax. Steve clenched once again with his arse at Pete's throbbing spent sword, sending yet another tremor of delight through his lover. Pete, still buried deep within his man, reached for the lake of cum on his partner, scooping a generous helping into his hand, then licking it up, tasting the salty essence of Steve. Still coupled, they leaned together, lips meeting, tongues joining as they shared the fruit of Steve's ejaculation. Kissing long and deep.

Finally sated, Pete slowly withdrew, checking and discarding the condom. He stood shakily, and helped Steve to stand beside him. Their arms went around each other as they kissed and hugged again, the leather rubbing against skin, and smeared with cum.

"Thank you so much!" Pete said emotionally to Steve.

"My pleasure," replied Steve with a smile, "and I mean, my PLEASURE!"

They stood there, arms around each other, sweaty pumped bodies pressing together, for ages, not wanting to part. Without words they each sensed that they had found their soulmate, and that Pete's curiosity had led them to discover each other and an amazing new world beckoned them, a world filled with muscular sweaty bodies and masculine leathered sex. `Working out' would never be the same again, and both began to wonder just how good life could get.

Part 2: Work It Out Some More

Pete and Steve had become regular fuck-buddies. Pete's introduction to the delights of leather sex with Steve's help had opened a whole new world to him, and he had happily procured his own gear, tailored and fitted to his body so that it looked great and felt fantastic. His curiosity had been aroused by seeing his friend Mike leathered and hot, building a relationship with Neale, and had been stimulated when he had opened up to Steve only to find Steve too enjoyed the masculine fascination of leatherwear. After their initial coupling, Pete and Steve had fallen into a happy routine. Two or three times a week they would meet up at the gym to work out together, pumping muscles and stretching limits, sweating and straining as they pushed each other, and at the same time turned each other on. A quick shower and then back to either Steve's or Pete's place where they eagerly donned their favourite leather clothing for a long hot session of raw male sex.

The two men made the most of their shared love of leather and their lusty masculine fucking. Garbed in shining black hide, the straps of their leather harnesses binding their torsos and skin tight leather chaps gripping their strong muscled legs, Pete and Steve revelled in the sensational power of pumped up muscled bods, strained and hard after a workout, encased in black leather. Pete's favourite addition to his wardrobe was a leather pouch which snuggled over his nuts, enveloping them and cushioning his jewels, while his rampant cock stood free from restraint. He would wear a solid black cockring around the base of his meat, feeling the restriction causing his tool to harden and throb. Steve preferred a leather posing thong which encased his cock and balls. Pete agreed with his buddy's choice, because the thong Steve wore gripped at his thick pole and large balls, so that instead of hiding them, Steve's equipment was accentuated in gleaming black leather. Pete found himself really horny just looking at his friend in harness, chaps and that thong. The two had matching square toed boots with high sides and shining metal chains that adorned the ankles, and when they screwed the rubbing squeak of leather against leather and the gasping moans of masculine passion filled the room with lusty sound.

Steve loved making love with Pete, thrilled to the touch and feel, the sight and smell of his leathered body against his mate's. He delighted in the erotic sensations as his thick throbbing cock buried itself in the welcoming wetness of Pete's body, and gasped with pleasure as Pete would grip at his rod while Pete's own prick spurted load after load of cum onto the chiselled abs bound up in gleaming leather straps. But what really got Steve's juices flowing was when Pete lay him back on the leather covered workout bench at Steve's home and fucked him hard and fast. The experience of having his leather Viking make love to him was one Steve would never tire of. When Pete leaned over him, blond hair and tanned skin encased in gleaming black hide, sculpted chest and pumped body trembling with unleashed sexuality, Steve was in paradise. And when Pete's long powerful dagger, sheathed in black latex, impaled Steve, spearing into his willing arse, Steve ached to have their fucking last for hours. He tingled with pleasure as Pete humped at him, gripped his friend's steel hard pole and milked it with true unbridled passion.

Pete had occasionally taken the `bottom' role in their loving, had accepted Steve's thick rock hard prick as it sank into his trembling hole, and shuddered to blinding climax as his cock exploded with the joy of being fucked by the log of manflesh Steve wielded between his legs. Yet he lived for the chance to thrust into Steve's body. Pete could not imagine any greater pleasure than having his fuckbuddy lie before him, harness wrapping his defined chest, black chaps encasing his powerful legs in skintight gleaming leather. It was then that Pete shivered with delight, and struggled to delay his urgency as he attacked Steve's incredible body, filling it with his long hard weapon and thrusting harder and deeper into his friend, until the tide of pure lustful bliss was too much to resist, and he pumped his very essence into that taut firm bod, and collapsed into Steve's welcoming arms.

Both of the men were immensely happy with each other, and neither had fucked with anyone else since they had met, yet they had not pledged their love or their fidelity. It simply hadn't occurred to them. Pete had been `single' all his life, had never had a full-time, live-in lover, and being able to fuck with Steve regularly, in the new world of glorious leather that was opening to him, kept him delighted and satisfied. Steve was still settling into the new neighbourhood, and although he wouldn't admit it, even to himself, had been badly burned by his last lover, and wasn't ready to commit to another permanent relationship.

Still, as time went by, they grew closer together, and yet there was something missing in each of them. Something they couldn't identify, something deep down that they didn't mention to each other or think about too much themselves.

Four months had passed, and Steve and Pete were still enjoying their leather and each other. They had developed a set schedule which suited them both, so that Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays they met up at the gym for a shared workout, then continued their session in private and in leather. Friday nights were the best because with the coming weekend they spent the night together and usually most of the next two days as well. The other nights they usually split after a hot session of sex to retire to their own homes.

This week however, Pete had run into an unexpected problem at work that needed urgent attention, and promised to keep him there well into the evening. He rang his friend reluctantly, irritated at the forced intrusion into his personal time, and the loss of a chance to be with Steve again. "Hey, Steve, I'm going to be stuck here for hours. I'm really sorry, man, but I'm going to have to skip the gym tonight."

"Oh," said his mate down the line. "Well if you can't make it, you can't make it." Pete could hear the disappointment in Steve's voice. "How about we get together tomorrow night instead, same time at the gym?"

Pete brightened at that. "Okay, you're on! And I'll be extra anxious to finish our workout properly afterwards," he said, emphasising the final word.

"Even better, stud!" Steve hissed into the phone, the grin in his voice unmistakable.

The following night, Tuesday, Pete got to the gym earlier than usual. Since it wasn't their regular night he wanted to make sure they could get access to the equipment they liked to use without any hassles. As he stepped out of the locker-room, a familiar voice called his name. Looking around, he spotted his old friend Mike on one of the exercise bikes. Strolling over to him, Pete returned his greeting.

"Hi, mate, how's it goin'?"

"Good, you?"

"Excellent" Pete answered with feeling.

"Haven't seen you around for a while." Mike continued. "And this isn't your usual night in here either is it?"

"Nah," said Pete casually. "We normally come in Monday or Wednesday, but I got caught up at work yesterday, so swapped to tonight. Got to keep up the routine," he smiled at his friend.

Mike picked up on his statement. "We ... ?" he asked, a grin on his face.

Just at that moment, Steve appeared, looking around for Pete. "Uh, yeah," Pete said in reply to Mike's question, waving at Steve who came up to them smiling. "Mike, this is Steve, Steve -- Mike."

The two shook hands warmly. Steve hesitated a second and then asked slowly "Mike ... ? Not the Mike who ...?" His unfinished question was directed at Pete, who grinned and started to redden, nodding confirmation.

Mike looked between the two friends. "So what does that mean? Have you been telling stories out of school?" he asked Pete, in mock accusation.

Pete bit his lip, then dived in. Now was not the time to be secretive, and he and Mike had been friends a long while. "Mike, you remember the night I saw you and Neale at Caesars', all fitted out in leather, and I told you I thought it looked hot?"

"Sure do," replied Mike quickly. "I told you that if you wanted to try it, to just get out there and do it."

"Yeah, well I took your advice ... with Steve's help."

"And I'm damn glad he did!" chimed in Steve, with a very obvious wink at his mate.

The three of them laughed loudly, acknowledging their shared interest. "Good on you," said Mike, his eyes full of smiles. "So are you two an `item' now?"

Steve and Pete looked at each other for confirmation, and laughed. "Hadn't thought about it like that, but I guess we are," Pete chuckled. The idea was one which pleased him, now that it had been brought up.

"So where's Neale?" Pete asked, looking around the room.

"Should be here any minute," Mike answered. "I know he's going to love your news. We usually work out together Tuesdays, and then I come in alone later in the week, while he goes cycling. He's really very good."

As if on cue, Neale arrived. Introductions were made all round, followed by explanations and more than a few chuckles and congratulatory back-slaps. The two couples happily chatted amongst themselves as they began their respective routines on the various pieces of equipment in the gym. Mike preferred the bench press and general lifting, which Pete and Steve were happy to join him on, while Neale was more concerned with aerobic workouts, opting for the step machine just across the way. All four men remained close by each other as they worked, straining and sweating, pumping muscles and pushing limits, blood and adrenaline coursing through the strong fit bodies. Despite the air-conditioning in the place, they were soon drenched with perspiration, the moisture making the flimsy t-shirts they wore cling to their muscled torsos. All four were dressed in tight supporting lycra shorts, so that before long the clothing did nothing to hide their physiques, revealing and even emphasising their bodies.

More than once, each of them took the opportunity to check out his mates, to admire the definition in bodies, and ogle the bulging groins. Neale openly feasted his eyes on his partner, and Mike returned the compliment with winks and scarcely concealed squeezes of his groin when he could. But both Neale and Mike also cast their glance over the others, approving of the view they presented, fit strong men who exuded confidence and a musky sensuality. Steve happily looked around regularly at all three of his workout partners, admiring the flexed musculature and ogling the sweaty pumped bods. His cock twitched often as he fought against the arousal he felt, particularly when he looked at his fuckbuddy, Pete, but he also felt stirrings in his groin watching Mike and Neale as they strained and pumped. Pete found himself in a confusing situation, and struggled to concentrate on his regime. The proximity of Steve's sweaty, hard bod was always a turn on for him, but adding to his dilemma was the fact that he found both Mike, his old friend, and Neale, extremely desirable, each in his own way. Privately Pete wondered a few times what might have been if he and Mike had gotten together as lovers rather than friends, then tried to banish the thought -- he was incredibly happy with his life at the moment, and Steve's attentions outside the gym satisfied him beyond measure. Still, a few times during that session he had to stop and adjust the embarrassing bulge in his lycra.

The musky aroma of masculinity and the sensual appearance of pumped hard bodies in close proximity meant that by the end of their routines, there was almost a palpable aura of sex in the air around the four. All of them struggled against increasing arousal, and regular adjustments of lengthening cocks in tight lycra shorts became the norm. Throwing himself onto a rest bench beside his partner, Neale let out a long sigh, and declared that he was just about done. He looked to Mike, a lingering stare at his groin giving way to an appraising question. "How about joining me in the steam room, handsome?" he grinned wickedly.

Mike winked at his lover. "Give me a minute to wind down, and you're on."

Steve threw a questioning glance at Pete, who grinned and nodded. As Neale headed for the lockers adjacent to the steam room, and Mike warmed down with some easy stretches, Steve also began his wind down and Pete towelled off the excess sweat. Pete rubbed and dabbed at himself, watching Steve finish up his flexing, and ogling his buddy's thick cock through the clinging material. With his erection really beginning to strain, he sidled over to Steve and in a stage whisper, said "Hey stud, that steam room idea sounds good, what do you say?" Steve laughed and, checking that no one else was watching them too closely, reached for Pete's now swollen prick.

Grabbing him through the shorts, he squeezed firmly and hissed "Okay. It seems you might need a little steam to soften up this hard log you're sporting." As Steve let go of Pete's cock, Mike grinned at them and followed Neale into the wet area, while Pete waited for Steve to finish up so they could go to join their friends together.

Mike caught up with Neale at the lockers, and together they stripped down and grabbed towels from the shelf by the sauna. Mike copped a grope of Neale's taut buns as they did, and Neale grinned back at him, reaching for the growing tumescence at Mike's groin. "Careful, stud," he said, "you don't want to start something we can't finish in here," Neale whispered to his lover. As they entered the room, they found it deserted, and as the door closed behind them, Mike grabbed Neale by the shoulders, spinning him around and planting a kiss squarely on his lips.

"God, you turn me on," he declared. Neale grinned at him.

"Ditto," he said.

The two continued their kiss, becoming more and more aroused in the humid clouds of steam and semi-darkness of the room. A sudden blast of cooler air warned them they were in a public place, and they quickly bunched towels over their raging horns and sat side by side, letting the steam build up again and open their pores as they sweated.

The opening and closing of the door had heralded Pete and Steve's arrival in the steam room, and it was immediately obvious that they too were struggling with enlarged cocks and heightened arousal. Finding the place occupied only by themselves the four relaxed, only a little self conscious of the tenting towels they all sported, as Mike and Neale sidled onto one bench, and Pete and Steve took up a similar position on the opposite side.

As they sat and let the heat build up, the steam coaxing sweat from every pore, they laughed and chatted together. Mike broached the subject that had caused Pete so much concern earlier. "So, Pete," he said casually, "you took the plunge and got yourself into some leather? I told you you just needed to try it."

Pete grinned. "Uh, huh. And I couldn't have found a better teacher than this stud right here," he said, squeezing Steve's leg. "I have to tell you, he's fucking hot in chaps and a harness."

Steve smiled a wicked grin. "I get even hotter with Pete all geared up in black leather, especially when he gets excited and his cock throbs and leaks as it points at me ready to blast off." His voice grew husky and he ran his hands down under his towel to play with his prick as he spoke. Pete was a little surprised at the frankness with which Steve spoke about their sex, and Mike looked up with a start at the comment, but both were shocked when Neale spoke out.

"Well, I'm here to tell you nothing compares with Mike in total `master' role; cap, jacket, harness, chaps, boots and cod. I can almost cum just looking at his huge fucken' cock wrapped in black leather and throbbing, waiting to be let loose so it can fuck me like a stuck pig. My man is a beast when he's leathered up and I love it!" Neale's voice was deep and guttural as he hissed out the words, looking at Mike as he spoke, his hand creeping under the cover of the towel and playing with Mike's already hard cock, which jumped at the comments he made.

Mike's eyes widened but he smiled at his lover, reassuring him that he was complimented and proud at the statement. Pete looked at Mike, then Neale and back to Mike. "Holy fuck!" he exclaimed. "I never thought I'd see you in this light, Mike, but it's hot." Turning to Steve, just below him on the bench, Pete's hand slid sensuously up Steve's inner thigh to find the prize -- his dripping, raging erection, barely hidden by the light cotton towel. "Hey stud, I need some serious action real soon" he whispered to Steve, but loud enough to be clearly heard by the other couple.

As if a signal had been sent, or a wall climbed, the pairs each began to grope and fondle their partners. Arms and legs intertwined and hands and lips explored, urged on by the relentless steamy heat of the room. And the two couples took encouragement and inspiration from each other. As Neale leaned to Mike's groin, his lips closing over the throbbing head of his lover's tool, he twisted around so that he could watch as Steve bent to suckle at Pete's nipples. Pete moaned softly as Steve's teeth closed over his chest, and his fingers worked their way down and around his bud's long thick shaft and rolling balls to find the soft opening of tender skin at his arse. Even as he slid as finger into his man's hole, his eyes fixed on Mike who began to hump slowly and sensuously up into Neale's throat, searching out Neale's pierced nipples and pulling firmly at them. Steve suckled and nibbled at Pete's chest, and writhed against the digit pushing through his sphincter, looking back often at the horny pumped up men a metre or two away who were moaning and pawing at each other feverishly. All four of them quickly whipped themselves into a frenzy, licking and sucking, stroking and groping as they watched their corresponding partners and spurred each other on and on. Added to the heady eroticism was the fact that they were all very conscious that anyone could walk in and catch them at this at any moment.

Pete was the first to reach the point of no return. With Steve alternating between each of his nipples and humping back against his hand, he was incredibly aroused as he watched his old friend Mike being blown by Neale and pulling at Neale's silvery nubs. When Steve's hand fell onto Pete's throbbing prick, and his fingers spread the pool of precum leaking from Pete's slit down and over his cockhead and then started to jerk him off in long smooth strokes, Pete gave a deep moan and shuddered, his balls contracting as he shot a heavy load of creamy jizz over Steve's chest and arm.

Mike looked up yet again at the moan from Pete's throat, and watched in fascination as his friend arched and shot, his ejaculation shaking his body and creaming his partner. With Neale's talented, overheated mouth still working on his prong, Mike began to hump himself into Neale's throat in earnest, his body tingling with anticipation at the hot scene before him, and the attention directed to his own meat. Taking his cue from Mike's increased rhythm, Neale sucked harder and slurped at the turgid member invading his gullet, reaching and squeezing at Mike's balls. Neale too, had seen Pete orgasm, and a sense of urgency crashed over him as he dived at Mike. In the heat and the unfamiliar surroundings, Mike could not hold back long, and he soon began to ache. As the tide of passion rolled over him, he grabbed even harder at Neale's tits, hissing loudly "Fuck yess, oh fucking hell, I'm cumming!" His nuts exploded at that, and he flooded Neale's warm welcoming throat with creamy mancum. Neale was also at the edge of his own abyss, and when the river of juice streamed into his mouth, and Mike's fingers almost tore at his sensitive, screaming nipples, he drank of his lover, swallowed and gulped him down, and his cock jerked and spewed his essence in long streamers across Mike's legs and in heavy splatters onto the floor of the steam room.

Steve had gasped and straightened at the sound of Pete's climax, and run his hands down over his own body as Pete's jizz flew onto his skin. As he turned to see what was happening on the opposing bench, he watched in voyeuristic intrigue as Mike humped up into Neale's face and Neale swallowed. When Neale began to spurt his load, Steve moaned for breath. As he did, Pete's probing finger thrust deeper into Steve's arse, and Steve gripped his own cock, masturbating furiously as his lover finger fucked him while their friends climaxed loudly and proudly in front of them. As Neale shuddered and emptied his load, Steve humped back against Pete's hand, driving Pete's finger deep into his arse and pumping his cock hard. With a long hiss of expelled breath, Steve blew, his white hot load spearing upwards and then falling in heavy globs to the floor of the room.

"Fuck me dead!" exclaimed Pete as the four ebbed away from the brink. The others joined in hearty laughter and unselfconscious delight at the erotic scene they had just played out. Allowing themselves a few minutes to recover, they filed out of the steam room and under the showers to clean up and cool down before dressing and making their way from the `scene of the crime'.

Outside the gym, Steve enthused to the others "Now that was hot! How about a coffee?" All of them agreed, and they made their way to a café nearby, sitting easily together in a quiet corner. The conversation inevitably turned to sex.

"I've never done anything like that before," declared Pete.

"Me either," agreed Steve, "but watching you two getting it on while Pete and I did the same was just so horny."

Mike smiled a guilty grin, his hand on Neale's arm. "Absolutely. When Pete started finger fucking Steve, I thought I was going to shoot into your mouth on the spot." Neale looked at his partner mischievously, and licked his lips slowly, sensuously, eliciting more chuckles from the others.

Mike turned to Pete. "So, man, you've gotten into the fun of leather with Steve for a while now?"

"Oh, yeah. Steve let me borrow some of his stuff the first time, but now I've got my own gear, and I love it. We usually head home for some serious fun after our workout, when we're both pumped and ready to blow. Steve looks so fucking hot with his chest and arms taut and pumping, and a harness and chaps over that hot bod."

Steve grinned proudly. "Pete's the hot one. I can't get enough of him when he's dressed in shining black." Their conversation had fallen to a conspiratorial whisper as they began to discuss their sexual accomplishments.

Neale reached down to his groin and adjusted himself, leaning into the table. "I've never discussed the details of sex with anyone but Mike, before, but this talk is getting me hot again." He looked hard at Mike, a silent message passing between them.

Steve cleared his throat, hesitating before he spoke again. The others directed their attention to him, and he looked uncertainly at Neale. In a low voice, he began haltingly. "When we were in the steamroom, you said that you really got turned on when Mike was being your `Master'. Do you guys really get into that kind of thing?"

Mike looked up quickly, first at Steve, then Pete, before shifting his gaze to his lover. Neale returned Mike's look, gripping his arm for reassurance. "Uh huh," he answered slowly. "We decided a long while ago to confide everything to each other, and that was one of my fantasies."

Mike jumped in at that point. "Neale's fantasy matched my own, so we went with it. He is the hottest little `slave' you could imagine."

Steve looked thoughtful but said nothing. Pete shifted in his seat, addressing his friend. "Mike, I would never have guessed. Fuck, the whole idea is seriously horny."

"You have to understand, it's a fantasy we share, and play out whenever we can, but just that. For the rest of the time, we are equal, and love each other," Mike added. Then he continued, "and now I think it's about time we got moving."

Neale laughed evilly. "Yep. The way I feel right now, a long night tied up and used is just about inevitable."

Steve stared again at the couple opposite him. "Pete," he said, "let's get moving. If I can get out of here without embarrassing myself with the hardon I've got, we have some serious fucking to do." His mate nodded agreement, and they cautiously made their way from the booth.

Outside on the street, they made to go their separate ways when Pete suddenly asked; "Guys, how about getting together again? Not like that!" he laughed at the three sets of raised eyebrows directed toward him. "I mean, for a drink, tomorrow night maybe. I kinda want to parade our leather in public." It was quickly agreed that they would meet up at one of the serious leather bars the following evening, geared up and ready to flaunt. Short goodbyes, and the two couples went their own ways.

When they got home, Neale sat down next to Mike on their bed. "You didn't mind me telling them about what we do, did you?" he asked.

"No," Mike said. "I was actually proud that you would share it. And it got me horny too. I don't know why, but I felt a real connection with them. Pete has been a friend for a long while, but I felt Steve is good for him, and I really like them both."

"I felt the same way, felt I could trust them with our secrets." Neale smiled at his lover, his finger running along Mike's thigh and finding the hardening tube of flesh at his man's groin. "And I wasn't kidding about a night of serving my Master either," he said invitingly. Mike grinned widely, stripping off his own clothes and those of his `boy' and taking Neale's hand as they opened the door of their dungeon room, to reveal the dark shining leather of the suspended sling, and the glistening pinpricks of light where candles reflected from chains and mirrors.

Steve and Pete headed for Steve's place since it was closest. The moment they stepped inside Steve was groping at Pete, tearing his sweats from him and shucking off his own. They kissed and fondled each other passionately as they donned their favourite harnesses and chaps. Properly attired, Steve slowed in his ardour, teasing Pete with long strokes of his finger around the edges of Pete's gleaming black chaps. Pete withstood the pressure for only a short time, before he grabbed at Steve's pumped and leathered body, throwing his lover onto the leather covered weight bench and lifting his legs up and apart. Rolling a condom down over himself Pete smeared lube over Steve's twitching hole as Steve lay back encouraging him with hissed obscenities. "Come on, stud," he whispered, "get that huge fuckpole of yours inside me. Take me and own me, make me beg and use me." The words were urgent and arousing, and Pete responded in kind, slamming himself into the willing writhing body below, fucking Steve roughly and powerfully. Steve humped back, grabbing at Pete's body with his hands, clenching his sphincter around Pete's rampant cock and milking him as they rutted to a thundering climax, both peaking simultaneously and shooting massive loads of cum despite the exertions in the gym earlier that evening.

Recovering alongside each other, hands and bodies pressed to leather, the two men lay deep in thought. Steve broke the silence.

"Pete, what do you think about Mike and Neale and their `master/slave' thing?"

"I think it's unbelievably hot," Pete said without hesitation. "I had never thought about it before, but now I can't stop thinking about it. Mike has been a friend for so long, but now I see him in a whole new light. And the idea of having a `slave boy' -- wow, that must be something, eh?"

Steve lifted himself onto one elbow, and looked at Pete closely. He waited before speaking again. "I'd like to try it. I can't imagine anything hotter than being your `sex slave', having you dominate me. Will you try with me, be my `Master'?"

Pete almost burst with joy. "Fuck yes! That sounds incredible." He quieted a little, then added, "Steve, I agree with what they said, too -- it would be our fantasy. In the `real' world, I don't want to try to own you or anything. But what a horny way to fuck!"

"Yes, Sir," Steve said, grinning as he did.

Almost exhausted, and remembering a long day at work tomorrow, followed by a horny night out, Pete kissed his lover, and changed quickly, heading home. But he had trouble sleeping that night, images of Mike and Neale, and he and Steve, all naked and aroused, leathered and fucking, kept him awake and thoughtful for hours after he got into bed.

The following evening, Mike and Neale were getting ready to dress for their night out, when Neale turned to his partner. "Mike, after our conversation yesterday with Pete and Steve, how would you feel if I went tonight as your slave, dressed like I was when we went to Sleaze Ball a few months ago?"

Mike looked at his man, pride in his eyes. "I think it would be incredible. But are you sure? At Sleaze we were unrecognizable. Tonight Pete and Steve will know who we are, and there may be other people there whom we know as well."

"Yeah, I've thought of that. But I don't care. You turn me on in leather at any time, but especially when you're being my `Master'. And if I'm in `slave mode', I get even hornier. I really would like to do it in public."

"Then I'd be proud as hell to claim you for my own," Mike declared. The two lovers dressed and readied for their excursion, anticipation building.

Pete and Steve had spent a good 45 minutes in presses and lifting before they prepared to leave. They both wanted to look their best, and they knew that after a workout their bodies radiated strength as the adrenaline in their system kept them taut and pumped. A quick shower, and they donned their favourite harness, chaps and boots, armbands and posing thongs ready to meet up with Mike and Neale at the bar. Bare arsed and sculpted, they looked incredible, and Pete couldn't resist groping Steve's butt, or squeezing his meaty cock through the black leather pouch as they rode to the bar that night.

Arriving before their friends, Pete and Steve strode through the door and across the main floor area of the place. They were not the only ones dressed in full hot leather gear, and in fact there were some guys there whose outfits were even more revealing. But they were a damned hot couple nonetheless, and attracted quite a few admiring stares as they sauntered around the place before settling themselves at a standard table where they could stand and pose, see and be seen. Both wore full leather, skintight black chaps over square toed boots, bare arses and supple black leather posing straps holding and gripping their groins, but hiding nothing. Pete wore a simple harness of four straps, two over the shoulder and two around his chest, which connected to single metal rings front and back. He had ensured the rib straps were pulled up taut below his pecs so they framed the chiselled muscle there. On his arms he wore wide bands between the shoulder and bicep, emphasising the bulge of pumped muscle.

Steve had chosen a more elaborate harness. The shoulder supports fell straight down at the front to connect to large silver rings which circled each of his nipples, the tiny rings piercing the dark skin standing out in the centre. The two separate rings were connected by a shining length of chain across his chest, and more straps dropped to form a `V' shape from his pecs to his navel, where more chain circled his waist.

Almost as soon as they entered, Pete began to get a hardon, and he stayed at least partially erect from then on. He mentioned it to Steve, excited and pleased. "Hey man, my cock is hard as hell, and everyone who looks can see it, but I feel great. It's like I'm proud to show myself off, and let them stare at my wood."

Steve nodded and smiled. "And you look fucking hot too. With your cock up like that, it's stretching at the leather so I can see the outline like it's moulded into the leather. I want to grab hold of it and play."

"Why don't you?" Pete smirked. To the surprise of both of them, Steve did exactly that, groping and squeezing at Pete's thickening prong right there at the bar. Both of them instantly got full erections, which caused even more stares, but that just made them even more determined. They were standing and posing, squeezing and groping like that when Mike and Neale arrived a few minutes later.

As Mike pushed open the door and walked in, Neale trailing behind him, a chain from Mike's wrist attached to a collar around Neale's neck, more than one of the other patrons gave up any pretense of not staring and watched openly as the pair made their way around the bar. Quickly spotting his friends, Mike nevertheless took his time in moving over to them, leading his boy Neale casually across the floor and proudly noticing the looks directed toward them.

Even though they were expecting Mike and Neale, and despite their friendship, Pete and Steve failed to recognise them at first. They, like the other patrons, stared as the hot pair promenaded, and it was only when they approached and Mike waved a greeting that the penny dropped. Pete's jaw fell open, and Steve whistled appreciatively as Mike came up to their table, and Neale hung back just a step behind his Master.

Mike was wearing a black leather `Masters' cap with a shining visor pulled low over his eyes, mirrored sunglasses beneath. Leather straps over his shoulders connected to silver chains which circled his ribcage and fell across his abs to more leather straps around his waist, a final band of gleaming black disappearing below the waistband of his chaps and under the black pouch which gripped but highlighted his large cock and round balls. Chaps so tight they looked to have been sprayed onto his legs sank into high-sided polished black boots. Around his gloved hands was wrapped one end of a silver chain.

The other end of that chain was attached to a studded leather collar around Neale's neck. On his head Neale wore a leather hood which came down over his eyes, nose and ears, leaving his mouth free. The harness he wore consisted of leather straps over his shoulders, and around his chest where they connected to large silver rings framing his pierced nipples similar to Steve's, but with more leather joining the two rather than chain. A single strap dropped front and back to a series of silver rings as wide leather bands also circled his ribs, his stomach and his waist, as though he was bound up in a mesh of leather. He wore the twin chaps to Mike's, so tight every muscle and joint of his legs was clearly visible, sprayed with gleaming black. The package of his groin was defined and accentuated by a supple pouch of leather which gripped and cupped his long semi-hard cock and large balls like shrink wrap.

"Fucking hell!" Pete finally found his voice. "I can't tell you how horny you guys look." Steve echoed Pete's words as Mike grinned, accepting the compliments. He also noticed the bulging erections on both Pete and Steve, and his own groin stirred yet again.

"We thought you'd appreciate this," he said quietly. "Neale figured that since we'd told you about our fantasy sex, we might as well show it off." He caught the bartender's eye and signalled for a round of drinks. "Hey guys, you two look absolutely fantastic." His compliment was sincere, as his eyes roamed over the taut, pumped bodies of Steve and Pete, drinking in the smooth flesh and gleaming black leather.

"We've got nothing on you!" Steve responded, unable to take his eyes off Neale. All Steve could think was that the scene before him was arousing him incredibly, and that he wanted to be like Neale, bound and controlled. "It must be a real trip having Mike lead you around like this," he said to Neale who up until now had stayed a step back from the other three, not speaking. Pete also looked to Neale at Steve's question. Mike sipped his drink and Neale remained silent.

Turning casually, Mike said quietly but in a commanding tone: "You may speak freely boy."

"Thank you, Sir," said Neale.

"Holy shit," Pete burst out at that, "I am so horny seeing you in control of him, Mike. What a buzz."

With his Master's permission, Neale joined in the conversation. The four of them spoke freely and sipped at their drinks, looking around the room and at each other as they did. It seemed as if all of them were in a permanent state of arousal, the proximity to each other, and the attention they drew from other drinkers serving to excite them over and over again. And the fact that they were sporting hard-ons which were obvious and on display, to each other and to anyone who looked, simply served to make them even more aroused. An incredible sense of power, of self confidence, and pure animal lust grew within them. Garbed in glistening black leather, but with their pumped male bodies on complete display, they were the epitome of masculine sexuality. Steve spoke at length with Neale, confiding his desire to take on the slave boy role with Pete, and asking questions he would not have dared voice to anyone else. Mike and Pete chatted happily, Pete drawing on Mike's experience in working through the horny images in his head and getting tips on what would and would not work if he were to become Steve's `Master'.

Whilst they returned a lot of the admiring looks they received, and proudly examined other drinkers who were also fully leathered, the majority of the admiration and open ogling they indulged in was directed at each other. More than a few times, the two couples happily groped at their partners, firm bodies and hard cocks being squeezed and massaged through shining black hide. As the evening wore on, the four became more and more animated, and more and more emboldened in their fondling and kissing. Mike was the one to realise that if they stayed much longer, they could well get themselves in some serious trouble.

"Time to go, boy" he stated firmly. Instantly, Neale fell silent, his head dropping as he stood obediently. Pete hissed an envious curse under his breath, and the four sauntered around the perimeter of the bar before making their unhurried exit, eyes following every step to the door.

When Mike and Neale got home, they raced each other to their fantasy dungeon room. Kissing and groping at each other, they were aroused and needing from the public exhibition they had given. The open discussion of sexual practices and the horny proximity of their leathered, pumped friends, had left them eager and aching to couple urgently. As Mike lit candles around the room, he ordered his `boy' into the sling. Neale slid onto the leather platform, his cock throbbing and his arse twitching in anticipation as the eerie welcoming glow brought to life the silver chains and he struggled against the lead connecting him to his Master.

Mike was horny, hornier than he had been in a long while. He gazed at Neale lying on the black sling and his need increased. He loved this man so much, and marvelled at the way Neale excited him so intensely. Snapping two sets of handcuffs over Neale's wrists and onto the supporting chains of the sling, he effectively made Neale his captive. Running his gloved fingers across Neale's chest, he pinched at the rings piercing his lover's firm erect nipples and traced the lines of the harness down to the thick, long tube of black dominating the pouch at his lover's groin. His hand closed over that shining protuberance, squeezing firmly, and cupped the equally beautiful orbs of black leather below it, massaging Neale's nuts within their hidebound cushion.

As Neale moaned with growing pleasure, Mike reached for a set of clips joined by a short length of chain, and attached them to the rings through his own nipples, leaving the chain dangling across his chest as he did. His cock was now straining angrily at the leather thong he wore, and he gladly released it, the throbbing weapon springing free and smattering droplets of precum across Neale's prone body. Quickly applying a generous helping of lube to his steel hard pole, and to Neale's puckering rosebud, Mike positioned himself behind his slave and stared down at the prostrate boy. The gleaming leather straps of Neale's harness contrasted with his pale skin, the jet black of his chaps gripping his muscled young legs and emphasising every movement of his thighs.

Consumed by his need, Mike aimed his blood engorged dagger at the target Neale's arse presented. As he did, Neale called out to him, in a low urgent voice. "Fuck me, Sir, now. Do it hard and fast. Shove that pole up into my empty arse and tear it open, please Sir."

Unable to hold back a moment longer, Mike did as Neale had begged. He rammed his cock through the protesting ring of Neale's sphincter, breached his resistance and plunged himself deep into Neale, his sword of naked flesh burying itself to the hilt within the warm wet scabbard of Neale's bucking body. Neale screamed out with the instant pain of the assault, and yelled again at the electric shock of passionate joy the invasion of Mike's tool had delivered. He writhed in ecstasy as his body was taken and fucked by his man. They humped at each other, hissing obscenities and flailing in their need to be joined as one rutting sweating leathered beast. As Neale clenched and pushed at Mike's thrusting pounding cock, Mike pulled hard at the silver chain attached to his boy's throat, dragging him back onto the trembling pole of steel that Mike shoved into his compliant supple body. Quickly they fucked at each other, the pounding crashing of their bodies a frenzied blur of pure sex. Blood rose speedily as they each raced toward the peak of arousal, nerves tingling and bodies wracked with erotic delight.

As the inevitable approached, Mike pulled the chain from Neale's collar up and through the chain between his tits, so that the humping motion of their sex pulled gently at his sensitive nipples, adding to his arousal. He pounded, harder and harder, deeper and faster at Neale's sweating rolling form on the sling. His eyes closed as his peak approached, his entire being concentrated on the aching rod of humping flesh at his groin which pistoned in and out of the slurping cavern and delivered indescribable pleasure to him.

Neale gripped and clenched at the thumping heated pole Mike thrust into his gut. He tingled from every nerve as he climbed toward a crescendo, felt the pounding cock deep within him swell and fuck at him, and surrendered to its assault, the ecstasy of that surrender flooding through his sweating frame. As Mike began to gasp, into Neale's head came an image of his lover, and beside him stood Pete, dressed identically to Mike in Master's leathers, urging Mike on and up into Neale's body, while Pete's raging cock hovered over Neale's face, ready to plunge into his open mouth. The unexpected thought sent Neale over the edge and he bucked and twisted, his cock exploding as he filled the thong at his groin with litres of milky essence.

With Neale's orgasm sending quakes through his shuddering body, Mike felt his lover's arse clamp tightly over his electrified prick, and he threw his head back, abandoning himself to the ultimate pleasure as his balls pumped their load up into his inflamed cock, which poured its juices deep into the twitching body wrapped around his sword of flesh. He emptied himself into the greedy vessel of Neale's arse, gasping for breath as the tide of passion receded. Still lodged inside his man, he leaned forward to caress the sweat soaked body of his lover. As he withdrew, and moved to release Neale's wrists from the cuffs, he wondered idly if Pete and Steve could possibly ever know the delights he shared with Neale. He thought of the two men they had come to know, and let his mind drift. What would it be like to fuck Neale while Steve serviced his nipples, he mused? Shocked by the idea, he quickly grabbed Neale, kissing him passionately.

As they recovered together and drifted toward sleep, Mike felt a twinge of guilt at his earlier thoughts, but try as he might he could not clear his mind of the erotic image of two slaves eager to please him. And the two were Neale and Steve.

Unknown to the couple, their friends were reaching climax at almost the identical second. Pete had thrown Steve down over the weight bench in his home gym, clawing at his body and taking pleasure from a pounding urgent fucking as they shook each other to a thunderous crescendo. Steve had whimpered and hissed as Pete fucked him, had begged to be used, and it was when Steve called out urgently, "Use my arse, please Sir, please!" that Pete had exploded, unable to contain the surge of arousal overwhelming him.

As they floated down from the cloud of ecstatic shuddering, Pete held tightly to Steve. "Fuck, that was incredible. The whole night. I was so turned on in the bar, and your pumped hard body opening up for me was too much to resist. Steve, thank you."

Steve sighed in sated pleasure. "The chance to be your slave, and have you own me and fuck me is so horny, I can't wait to really get into it. And being able to talk about it with Neale and Mike was so fucking hot. They looked hotter than I thought possible tonight, and I just kept thinking I wanted to be just like Neale, with you controlling me. It was unbelievable!"

"Tell you what would be unbelievable -- sharing it with them. And I don't mean just talking about it," Pete whispered.

"Why don't we suggest it?" Steve asked, suddenly excited by the idea himself.

"I don't know," Pete thought out loud. "I think they're very much committed to each other. That session in the sauna was unplanned, and I suspect came as a surprise to them, just as much as us."

"Well I still say we ask. After what we've discussed with them, I'm sure they won't be upset, and they can easily say no, but it's worth giving it a shot."

Part 3: Work It Out Together

The very next afternoon, Pete and Steve met up again at the gym after work. Since their schedule for the week had been thrown out of whack, they decided to make their next session the Thursday evening instead of their usual Wednesday night slot. As they headed for the expanders, Steve nudged Pete, pointing. Already there, sweating against a heavy load on a leg curl machine, was Mike.

"Hi," he called when he saw the pair. "I wondered if you'd be back tonight."

Steve looked around the room quickly. "Where's Neale?" he asked.

"Tonight's his usual riding session," Mike answered. "He'll be on his bike somewhere along the cycle track in Centennial Park." Steve looked a little disappointed, but said nothing.

The three men settled into their routines, working out and pushing themselves, sweating and pumped. As they did they spoke quietly about the eroticism of the previous night, and how good they had felt showing themselves off. They had shared a unique experience and it had left a lasting impression on all of them. Mike confided that he and Neale had been incredibly horny when they got home, and had fucked like madmen as they poured out the built up desire of the night.

Steve looked at him as he spoke, imagining the powerful fucking Neale would have enjoyed at the hands of his Master. His cock twitched with envy and anticipation. Pete lowered his voice and spoke seriously with Mike as he described how intense had been his lovemaking with Steve after Steve had begged to be used and controlled. Mike smiled knowingly, and looked at Steve, then back to Pete. "He's a good man, Pete. Don't let him get away!" Pete stopped and thought, knew Mike was right, and nodded as he took the advice to heart.

The three finished their workout together, and hit the showers. They laughed and joked, enjoying the company as they washed off and towelled themselves dry. As they left the gym and Mike began to head off home, Pete caught him by the arm.

"Mike, we have something to ask..." he hesitated. Steve stepped up to offer moral support, seeing Pete felt uncomfortable here on the street. Mike looked questioningly into his friend's face, glancing to Steve, then back again to Pete.

"What is it?' he responded, concerned that the two could possibly be uncertain after what they had experienced and discussed together.

Steve manoeuvered the three of them back from the throng on the footpath, finding a quiet doorway where they could speak more easily.

Pete coughed and built up his courage again. "Steve and I want to give the master/slave role play a try. The thought of it gets us both really excited."

"I know," butted in Mike, grinning.

Pete ignored him, staying serious. "We also think that after the other night in the steamroom, and the display we all put on last night at the bar, that we would like..." he paused, stammered, and rushed on "...we wondered if you and Neale would be interested in joining in with us. The four of us, getting together. You know, going the whole way together." He finished quickly, looking to Mike for a reaction.

Mike's cock twitched, and his heart beat faster, as the meaning of Pete's words sank home. He looked at Pete, then at Steve. Both were watching him closely, anxiety on their faces, mixed with hope and maybe even a little excitement. It occurred to Mike that it must have taken a lot for them to even ask, and he started softly, gently as he replied. "Guys, I'm flattered, truly I am. And I know Neale will be too. But we couldn't. We took a long while to find each other, and we took a lot of risks to get the relationship we have now, and I'm not going to jeopardize it. We love each other, and we pledged total commitment, trust and love to each other. I meant every word of it when I told him that, and I still do, and I know he feels the same."

Pete shrugged, a look of disappointment on his face. Mike hurried to reassure him. "Pete, I hope we can still be friends. Neale and I both felt a real bond with you guys. This won't come between us will it?"

"Of course not," Pete said. "We figured we'd never know unless we asked. In a way I respect your decision, and your commitment to each other."

Steve butted in at that point. "Mike, Pete and I want to stay close friends with you two. We wouldn't do anything to hurt your relationship with Neale. But think about this -- we're not asking either of you to cheat, or to stop loving each other. What we had in mind is pure horny sex, the logical progression from the last two nights. Having said that, if you still aren't interested, then we stay best friends, and keep talking about what happens." He smiled a reassuring grin at Mike as he finished, taking Pete's arm in his hands.

"Thanks again for the offer, guys, but no." Mike smiled at them, made his good-byes, and headed for home. As he walked, the offer they had made raced through his mind over and over again. He could not deny it was exciting, damned hot in fact. But he and Neale were a couple. They had made promises to each other. And he loved Neale more than anything in this world.

When he got home, Mike found Neale already relaxing, having showered after his ride, stretched out on a sofa, his favourite music up loud. `Affirmation' by `Savage Garden'. It was Neale's creed, and Mike smiled as the lyrics rolled on:

I believe you can't control or choose your sexuality... I believe that trust is more important than monogamy...'

"How appropriate," thought Mike, as he leaned down to kiss his partner square on the lips, breaking Neale's concentration and eliciting a big grin from his man.

"Hi there, stud," Neale greeted his man. "How was the gym?"

"Okay, I guess. Steve and Pete were there again tonight."

"I wondered if they might have been back again," Neale said. "How was the steam room then?" he flashed an evil, teasing look at Mike as he said it.

"I didn't go near it," Mike said, pretending to be hurt by the veiled accusation. Then his face became more serious. "They did ask me something very personal, though."

"Yeah?" Neale's curiosity brought him upright on the lounge as he looked at his mate.

"Pete wanted to know if we would be prepared to join them in a `foursome', an orgy I guess. He mentioned the session in the sauna the other night, and said they were going to try out some master/slave fantasies, and wanted us to join in." Even as he said it, Mike felt the stirrings of arousal in his crotch, and the guilt in his brain. "I told them `no', but Steve said they didn't want to lose our friendship, so it was okay to decline, just that they thought it might be a really hot sex session." Mike's eyes turned to Neale, searching for his reaction.

Neale sat quietly for a moment, thinking hard. The idea of a hot, group session was very exciting, but wouldn't it mean that the work he and Mike had put into their special, private relationship was lost? He couldn't imagine not having Mike by his side for the rest of his life. But the image of Mike fucking him while Pete stood beside him, which had spurred Neale to a huge climax last night, returned, and it made him feel so horny. He cleared his throat and looked into his lover's eyes.

"Mike, I love you so much; more than I could ever put into words," Neale began. "Please remember that, when I tell you that last night, just before I blew, I had this image of you fucking me, and Pete was there as well, fully geared, and it made me so incredibly aroused, imagining him watching, maybe even joining in. I don't love him, I don't have any feelings as such for him other than friendship, but I have to admit that the idea is very hot."

Mike looked at his man, surprise on his face. "Well, since it's time for confessions, I will tell you that after we had finished last night, I wondered to myself what it would be like to be using you as a slave, and to have another slave ready to service me at the same time, and the one I thought about was Steve. I don't want Steve as a lover, I only want you. You're my man, my lover. But in a purely sexual situation, the thought was very arousing."

They looked at each other carefully, and the serious concern on their faces slowly melted into grins. They held each other tight in a long hug, and both knew their love was secure, their trust well founded. Neale broke the contented silence of their embrace.

"So, if we were to say yes to their offer, it would be purely for the sex. No strings attached, no emotional involvement. Just incredibly hot male lust, getting off together. A bit like sharing a drink." He laughed at the final joke and Mike joined in.

"And if we did agree, there would have to be some serious rules about who did what to whom," he added as he held Neale tightly. After a few minutes as each sat silent with his own thoughts, Mike asked the question. "So what do you think, yes or no?"

Neale stirred in his seat. "If you understand that I love you totally, and that it would be pure sex and nothing more, then I would be prepared to try it, if you'd feel comfortable" he said, his eyes fixed on Mike.

"Ditto," grinned his partner. Having accepted that they would give this a try, both became quite excited at the prospect. Mike suddenly voiced a thought. "Do you want to do it here, tell them about our fantasy room, let them see it? Or should we find somewhere neutral?"

"Do you think we can trust them not to tell the world about our room?" Neale asked as he thought on this new development.

"I'm sure I could trust Pete," Mike replied. "And I think Steve would abide by our request as well."

"Then I think we ask them over for dinner tomorrow night, show them the room, set our conditions, and see what happens," Neale said firmly.


When Mike phoned Pete the next day, he simply said that he and Neale would like it if Pete and Steve would have dinner with them, since there were some things they wanted to discuss. After the conversation the previous evening, Pete wondered if the friendship they had been forging may have suffered some damage, but quickly agreed. He arranged to collect Steve after work and meet Mike and Neale at their home around 8.00 pm.

Sharing a meal of pizza and beer, the four laughed and joked easily, chatted as though they were simply a group of friends, and the mood remained relaxed and pleasant. As the evening went on, Steve became fidgety, wanting to get the air cleared, after the offer they had made, and the subsequent invitation to `discuss some things'. He waited for a lull in the conversation, and took his chance.

"So, guys," he tried to sound casual although his heart was pounding, "what was it you wanted to talk about, seriously."

A quiet descended on the group, and Mike and Neale swapped knowing looks. Mike took the lead.

"It's about your suggestion of a group sex session." He held Steve's gaze, as Pete looked from Neale to Mike and back again. "We've talked about it, and decided that it might be fun after all."

Steve broke out in a huge grin, and Pete hissed quietly "Yess!"

Mike went on. "There would have to be some understood rules and limits. Neale and I have unprotected sex, because we've tested and stayed faithful. If we do this, we won't agree to any exchange of fluids between either of you and either of us. No sharing toys either. And you have to understand it will be pure sex, no strings, no attachments, no emotional involvement at all."

Steve nodded, thoughtful. "Absolutely," he agreed. "The last thing we want is to come between you two. If anything, we're copying you, modelling ourselves on you."

"Yeah," added Pete. "I guess you could say that what Steve and I want, is what you have. For ourselves. It's almost like we're taking lessons from you so we can build our own relationship." He took Steve's hand, held it tightly as he did, and Steve smiled with delight at Pete's words.

"We also need some kind of cut off," chimed in Neale. "If any one of us at any time wants to call the whole thing off, back out, he can, and the others will all respect his feelings. Like a `time out' that ends the game."

"That's it!" declared Steve. "Time out. If anyone feels in any way uncomfortable about what's going on, just say the words `time out', and we all stop."

A general agreement went between them, and all four fought with thoughts of hot sex and anticipated arousal as they reflected on what they were consenting to do together. Steve looked up suddenly, and around at his fellow conspirators. "Where and when are we going to do this?" he asked, eager to make some definite plans.

"Neale, are we ready?" Mike said in response to Steve's question. Neale grinned a huge smile, and nodded his head. "As for when, well I guess that depends on a convenient time. Where? -- well, we have something we'd like to show you, but we would ask you to agree to keep what you're about to see just between us."

Pete and Steve looked curious, surprised, but quickly agreed to maintain their silence. Mike and Neale stood, and Pete and Steve followed their lead. Neale had earlier made sure the dungeon was looking its best, its most erotic, and Mike led the others into a bedroom. As Neale began to undress, Mike said to them in a deep, serious voice, "We have a rule which we have followed, and you have to also. You'll have to trust us on this but only for a few moments -- take off all your clothes. You have to be completely naked unless you're in leather." As he said it, he too quickly shucked off his street wear. Pete and Steve looked at each other, and back to their hosts, but said nothing, their curiosity now almost unbearable. Doing as they were told, they stripped. With all four men now nude, Mike beckoned them from the bedroom, to stand at a door opposite. Neale dimmed the rest of the lights in the house, and without a word, Mike opened the door of his and Neale's fantasy room, pushing it wide and stepping back for Pete and Steve to see what lay within.

As the vista opened to them, both Steve and Pete fell silent, mouths agape in awe and delight, cocks hardening with anticipation.

Over the window in the room heavy black curtains were hung, blocking out all light. The walls and ceiling were painted a matte black as well, the floors a black vinyl. On two of the walls forming a corner were fixed huge mirrors. On the floor in one corner lay an old double mattress, covered with a leather sheet. The light fitting was removed, only a bare bulb socket hanging down, from which a low wattage red globe gave the entire room a reddish dim light. On the side wall that wasn't mirrored were long shelves, and several hooks, all painted black. Against the remaining wall, beside the door, was a free-standing clothes rack of black steel. Around the edge of the room stood six individual candle holders made of black steel which stood about a metre and a half high.

Dominating the centre of the room, hanging down from the ceiling and attached to lengths of metal chain, was a sling, smooth and black. Foot stirrups hung from two of the supporting chains and a headpiece snapped onto the other end of the leather platform. A mirror was fixed to the ceiling, directly above the sling itself. Different harnesses and chaps were hung on the clothes rack, boots lined up below. Caps, hoods, various pouches and jockstraps were hung on hooks on the same wall. Gauntlets, armbands and gloves were arranged on one shelf, cockrings and nipple clamps, different nipple accessories and ball straps and separators were placed on another, all within easy reach. Other shelves on the longer wall looked like a toy chest. Dildoes, butt plugs, latex balls, paddles, collars and other `toys' were placed where they could be effortlessly found and grabbed quickly. Black candles were set in the candleholders, lit. Flickering candlelight and dull red glow reflected from the mirrors and the shining black leather. Wisps of smoke drifted through the air. The room was black. Dark but inviting, promising incredible and erotic experiences for its occupants.

"Holy shit!" hissed Steve, finding his voice. Pete simply stood and stared, his imagined leather paradise come alive in front of his eyes. The two slowly, tentatively entered the room, almost afraid it would vanish before them. Pete eyed the shelf of toys enviously. Steve made for the sling, carefully reaching for it, his fingers trailing over the leather and up along the supporting chains.

"Mike and I agreed that we would never come into this room unless we were naked or dressed in leather. No street clothes allowed within these walls. This place is purely for sexual pleasure in hot leather. That's why we made you strip off to come in here." Neale looked at their visitors as he finished. Both nodded absently, still silent as they continued to admire the dungeon they had been shown. Neale went on, `So, if you guys agree, then we thought this would be the `where'."

Steve suddenly came alive. "Fuck yes!" he declared. "This is just incredible, guys. So unbelievably hot." Both he and Pete were tingling with excitement, their cocks hard and throbbing, yet there was no thought of having sex right then. They wanted to do this properly, to come back prepared and ready to use this wonderful room properly.

Tearing themselves away, Pete and Steve followed Mike and Neale back out again, and Neale carefully closed the door of their dungeon room. All four dressed again, and returned to the lounge. Mike and Neale grinned and relaxed as they watched their friends, still stunned with what had been revealed to them. "So, guys," Mike said, "the question is, when?"

"As soon as possible!" Pete breathed out quickly. Steve nodded. "Whenever you guys want to, just say the word."

Mike looked thoughtful, raising his eyebrows in Neale's direction. "Well, it is the weekend. Tonight's a bit unreasonable, so what do you say to tomorrow?" Neale nodded, and Pete looked at Steve, grinning.

"You bet," enthused Steve. "I want to do some `shopping' tomorrow, and then we'll be here and ready to go."

Their plans were finalised, a sense of satisfaction settling as they anticipated the coming evening. After a few more drinks, Steve and Pete took their leave, and Mike and Neale crawled into bed, holding each other close, reassuringly, silently confirming their love and trust, and acknowledging their shared excitement and anticipation. Not one of the four slept that night without dreams of hot, powerful leather sex filling their minds.


When Pete and Steve returned the following evening they were already `dressed' for the occasion. They had leathered up at Steve's place, carefully choosing the hottest gear and making themselves prepared for the evening as best they could. Steve had that morning purchased a leather hood after seeing one in the dungeon room, as well as a collar for his neck, and metal leash. He carefully settled both into place as Pete drove, and stepped inside the house only when Pete told him to, trying to fall into his planned role as Pete's slave boy for the night.

Mike opened the door to them quietly, Neale was not to be seen. There were nodded greetings and a handshake between Pete and Mike, but few words. They all acknowledged that this was no social call, and a sense of male sex was heavy in the air, excluding pleasantries and small talk. The enormity of what they were about to do was plain, and the anticipation almost physical. Mike led the way along the corridor to the fantasy room, opening the door and stepping inside, Pete following him and drawing Steve along behind by the lead attached to his collar. As they walked into the dungeon, Pete caught his breath and Steve moaned a soft sigh. Neale was already there, lying in the sling, his wrists handcuffed to the metal supporting chains, his booted feet fastened in the stirrups, a hood and collar almost identical to Steve's on his head and neck.

Mike spoke only to Pete, treating Steve as though he were nothing but a toy. "Welcome, my friend," he said quietly, seriously. "Remember our agreed restrictions. Other than that, do as you please, whatever gives you and your boy pleasure."

Pete gulped, his heart thudding in his chest. He was dressed in chaps and boots, a harness around his torso of leather and studded metal. On his head was a police cap, and arm bands around each bicep. The black leather gleamed, contrasting with his white skin and blond hair. His cock throbbed and pushed against the leather of a codpiece at his groin, the shape of his manmeat clearly defined and visible within the shining hide. Mike looked at him, his own cock twitching with excitement, admired the physique of the man before him, and felt a common purpose. They were both here as masters of their respective boys. Mike was geared in similar style to Pete, his harness a little more elaborate as it was tailored to sit over and frame his pierced nipples. Instead of a codpiece, Mike's cock jutted proudly from his body, its root disappearing into a hole in the leather pouch he wore which gripped and hugged his large rolling nuts, the orbs contained in polished black leather. Pete stared back, growing more and more aroused by the sight of his friend.

Together they turned and looked down at Neale, suspended on the platform of black leather. Pete's cock throbbed and his breath quickened at the sight of Mike's slave, restrained in the sling, a full harness of black leather wrapped around his upper body, his dick and testicles filling a tight leather posing thong between his upturned legs. The black chaps he wore framed his arse and edged the firm round cheeks, in the centre of which his pink cherry twitched and flexed invitingly. From rings through his tits, Neale wore a chain of silver and attached to that chain was a leather cord which lay along his gut. Mike looked at his boy, then at his mate, the eroticism of having hard sex in front of his friends taking hold. Smearing lube over his cock, he stepped forward and placed his prong against Neil's waiting hole.

Neale felt the pressure, looked to his master, and caught sight of Pete beside him, staring down. The picture of two dominant, muscled studs standing over him, ready to use him sent chills through his body. Finding his voice, he hissed up at Mike, "Please, Sir, fuck me. Ram that giant fuckpole of yours into this warm wet body, Sir, please." Mike smiled evilly, and pushed forward, sliding his throbbing powerful rod smoothly and easily into Neale, forcing himself in to the hilt and slamming up against Neale's butt as he reached his full length. Neale gasped with delight, and Pete, standing beside him, almost came just from watching.

Mike realised that Pete was a little overcome by the scene, still unsure and leaving his boy Steve standing and unattended. Still buried deep inside Neale, Mike turned to Pete. "Why don't you play with this slave's tits? He enjoys having them worked. Give me that leash for a moment and get your hands on my boy," Mike said to Pete in an inviting voice, hoping to get his friend motivated. As if a spell had been broken, Pete became animated, handing Mike the metal lead attached to Steve's neck, and moving to stand over Neale, his hands falling to first tentatively touch at, and then more confidently pull the circles of silver through the slave's nipples. Mike remained joined to Neale, his cock being slowly worked in and out of his boy in a leisurely fucking motion, and took the lead from Pete, pulling it firmly, and drawing Steve over to the other three. Steve was trembling with anticipation and excitement at what was starting to happen right before his eyes, and Mike reached to him when he was within range, one hand going to the back of his head, pressing against the leather of the hood. Mike's other hand let go of the leash for a moment, and groped and squeezed at Steve's thick hard tool encased in the leather pouch.

"Get on your knees and lick your Master's boots, boy!" Mike commanded. "Get that tongue of yours working, slowly, all the way from his toes to his cock." As he spoke, Mike directed Steve's head toward the floor, next to where Pete stood, his hands now playing over Neale's chest and torso, working toward the bulging groin of black as he became bolder.

Hearing what Mike said, and looking at Steve as he kneeled down beside his Master, Pete began to step into his proper role. "Yes, boy, get down here and service me, now!" he said confidently. One hand stayed on Neale's abdomen, the other drifting to grip at the back of Steve's leathered skull, and pull his boy's head against the gleaming hide enveloping Pete's legs. As Steve's mouth licked and sucked its way up the black leather towers rippling with Pete's muscles, Pete's fingers traced their way across Neale's abdomen, plucking at the harness straps and feeling the texture of the skin and hide. Mike continued to fuck Neale slowly, his hands now on Neale's leather bound thighs, gripping and massaging at the ridges and bulges of his boy's legs through the gleaming chaps.

Watching his friend thrust his long cock slowly in and out of Neale, Pete found himself getting extremely aroused. As Steve's mouth found Pete's bulging tube of black, Pete pulled his slave's head hard against the throbbing heat of his leather encased manhood, feeling Steve's mouth bite and gnaw at the rock hard pole. His free hand drifted to the inviting groin of the submissive Neale reclining in the sling. Looking to Mike for approval, and receiving a smiled nod, Pete slid his fingers down and over the clearly visible cock emphasised and accentuated by the gripping black hide. Squeezing firmly, Pete caressed and massaged Neale's prick within its leather case, rolled Neale's balls around in his hand and groped at the shining pouch eagerly. His other hand remained on the leathered hood over Steve's face, pulling Steve hard against his groin and grinding his hips forward, pressing his raging hide covered prong at the eager lips of his boy. As he humped toward Steve, Pete's fingers continued their exploration of Neale's groin, working down toward the boy's arse. As they did, they came into contact with the pistoning, heated flesh of Mike's rod. With his palm resting against Neale's nuts, Pete spread his fingers so that Mike was pumping into Neale, his cock rubbing between Pete's digits as he did. "Oh yeah," Pete moaned long and low.

Mike shuddered as he felt the touch of Pete's fingers against the shaft of his cock where it penetrated Neale's hole. He found the experience more than just a little arousing, and despite his measured, leisurely insertion into his boy's body, he knew he would reach his peak soon if this continued. Slowly, he pulled back and out, his moist raging prong slipping from Neale quietly. Pete's fingers were still in place, and with the removal of Mike's weapon, Neale's pucker was open and inviting. Pete slid his finger into the slave's sphincter, exploring the ring of muscle, then curling and pulling at Neale's arse from within.

Neale had watched with rising excitement as Mike brought Pete and Steve into the room. He had groaned happily as Mike pushed his long thick cock into the welcoming arse. He had throbbed with anticipation and arousal when Pete had stepped up and begun playing with his nipples, and run his hand down and across Neale's torso. When Pete's hand closed over Neale's cock, squeezing it through the envelope of black leather, Neale trembled with delight. His senses thrilled as his Master slowly filled him, and Pete groped and played with him. As Pete's hands slid down to touch alongside Mike's cock at Neale's arse, Neale moaned softly, and the disappointment as Mike withdrew was quickly banished as Pete's finger replaced it, pulling and tugging at his inner ring while his Master, Mike, stood over him possessively. He ached with the eroticism of the situation he found himself in, and glanced to Steve, kneeling beside the sling, slurping and mouthing at the inviting black gleaming bulge of Pete's manhood. As Neale looked, Mike stepped away from the back of the sling and came up behind the kneeling Steve. Neale's master stood over Pete's slave even as Steve concentrated on Pete's crotch, and reached down, taking the rings through Steve's nipples in each hand and squeezing firmly, pulling the brown nubs of skin up and twisting them.

Steve lifted his mouth from Pete's leather clad prong involuntarily as the twinge of painful pleasure shot through his chest when Mike pulled at his tits. He moaned with delight before sinking his lips back onto the throbbing envelope before him, his hands sliding up the back of Pete's muscular thighs, feeling the textured hide beneath his fingers. With both Pete and Mike standing over him, he enthusiastically sank into his submissive role, his own cock throbbing and his body tingling with excited arousal. He heard Mike speak above him. "This boy needs some discipline, Pete!" Mike hissed, his hands leaving off their twisting at Steve's nipples. Suddenly a light sting at Steve's shoulders was accompanied by a deafening crack of sound, and Steve gripped even tighter at Pete's legs. Mike was wielding a leather paddle, letting it fall onto Steve's shoulders and back. Again, and again, the instrument landed on the skin and leather of Steve's upper back. There was little pain. In fact, the sting sent shivers of passionate electricity through him, and the thought of being whipped turned him on even more.

Pete watched as Mike reached for the paddle, and let it fall onto Steve's body. The sound it made was loud and sharp, but Steve made no complaint. Instead, the boy doubled his efforts at Pete's groin. Pete's heart raced at the sight of his boy being punished, tingling sensations running through him at the sight of the black leather paddle landing on the brown skin and dark hide of Steve's back. Pulling his hand away from Neale's rear, he reached to Mike. "Let me do that, Mike," he said. "I want to be the one to train this boy." Mike handed the double blades to his friend, explaining that the noise came from the two arms clapping together, and that it only needed a soft slap, no reason to use any real force, and therefore no need to inflict real pain. Pete ordered Steve to stand, then pushed him firmly forward and bent him over the side of the sling, across Neale, so that the two slaves were in contact, their upper bodies rubbing against each other. With Steve's butt pushed out and back, Pete delivered a series of short, soft blows with the paddle to his boy's firm round cheeks, the leather instrument landing with resonating slaps on the bare skin and black leather of the framing chaps.

Mike watched in fascination as Steve was bent over Neale, and Pete rained down careful blows on his slave's arse. Mike's cock twitched with aroused excitement at the sight of the two subs pushed against each other, both of them below him and Pete. Taking a butt plug from one of the shelves, he smeared lube over it quickly and slid it into Neale's arse, pushing and wriggling the toy into place as Neale's ring closed over the wide flange and vacuumed the rubber dong into the slave boy's gut. Mike gripped the base and rotated it, pushing as he did, and eliciting a series of gasps from Neale, still lying in the sling with Steve's body weight pressing down on him. Leaving the plug sunk into Neale's arse, Mike walked to the other side of the sling, so that he stood opposite Pete, watching as his friend continued the punishment being meted out to Steve's rear. Steve lay face down across Neale's chest, his head hanging over the side of the sling where Mike stood, and with each blow he let out a quiet "unnhhhh." Mike stepped up to the slave, waving his steely prong in front of the boy's face as he watched Pete work on the its rear. Pete looked up, saw Mike standing there and hissed an order to Steve.

"Suck his cock, boy!" Pete commanded. Steve hmmphed an obedient acknowledgement, his mouth opening. Mike pressed forward and Steve's lips closed over his rampant prong, licking and slurping at the fleshy dagger. Mike humped at the wet mouth enveloping him, his hands falling to the leather covering on Steve's head as he felt the slave's teeth scrape along his throbbing shaft, and delighted to the sensation of Steve's throat closing around him. He pulled at Steve's hood, holding firmly to the hide as he face-fucked the boy while Pete snapped the paddle at Steve's butt.

Pete wielded the paddle against Steve's bare flesh, and each crack of sound as it landed sent jolts through his system as he stared at his new slave accepting the punishment he gave out while sucking on Mike's long meaty cock. His own prong responded by pushing out against the restraining leather, eager to be free. Pete placed the paddle aside, pulling the codpiece he wore aside and rolling a black latex condom down over his rock hard prick. Smearing himself and Steve with lube, he advanced on the twitching pink target of Steve's hole as the boy's body rocked back and forth on top of Neale, both of them held up by the leather platform. Nudging himself up to the puckering sphincter, he pushed his cock into his slave, sinking it deep inside as he took possession of Steve's body. Feeling Steve clench at and then accept the invading weapon, Pete began a steady pace of withdrawal and insertion, fucking his boy and pulling back to shove inwards again, letting the pendulum motion of the sling add to his own thrusts to achieve almost full removal, and deep hard attacks on the warm wet cavern of Steve's gut.

As Pete and Steve locked together, and Steve continued slurping at Mike, Neale ached. His arse was still filled with rubber, the butt plug firmly embedded within him. Steve was lying across him, their chests and upper bodies mashing together, the leather creaking as it rubbed. His Master was fucking Steve's throat, while Pete fucked the fellow slave on top of him from the rear. Neale struggled and pulled at the cuffs on his wrists, and Mike noticed, leaning forward and undoing the locks on each in turn. His hands now free, Neale reached up to either side, his left hand finding and pulling at the ring through Mike's tit, while his right fingers closed over the erect nub of Pete's nipple, pulling at it firmly. Both dominant men groaned with delight, and increased their pounding at the prone form of Steve lying against Neale's tingling body.

Mike shuddered with pleasure when Neale's finger grabbed at his piercing. His eyes took in the sight of Steve's mouth on his cock, while Pete plunged in and out of the boy directly opposite. Below them, his slave writhed, and Mike could hardly believe how aroused he was, being serviced by two willing subs. His entire body tingled with passionate joy at the erotic scene before him. He called to his friend, "Pete, I think it's time your boy got laid in this sling, don't you?" Pete nodded, pulling his long hard cock from Steve's arse. Mike moved quickly around as Steve straightened up, and helped Neale off the leather platform, pulling him by the collar and drawing him down onto the mattress where he ordered him to kneel with his butt in the air, the base of the plug sticking up and out of Neale's body.

Hearing the comment, Steve tingled with anticipation as Pete withdrew that wonderful invading prong from his body. Mike's cock slipped from his lips and he stood up, Pete pulling at the lead attached to his neck. Steve stood and watched as Mike lifted Neale out and marched him over to the floor alongside the sling, then followed Pete as he was led to the back of the black leather platform. Pete pushed him back gently, and Steve felt the supple hide hold him as he lay back into it. His booted feet were lifted into the stirrups, and his wrists shackled to the supporting chains just as Neale's had been. His cock ached and throbbed as Steve relaxed, his arse exposed and open to inspection by his Master, with Mike standing alongside and watching intently. He felt the wonderful invasion as Pete re-inserted that glorious love rod into Steve's body, and clenched his sphincter around the heated pole as Pete began to pound him yet again.

Pete humped at his slave's hole, sank his aching dagger into Steve and buried himself to the hilt within the warm wet scabbard of his boy's innards. With his hands groping and squeezing at Steve's groin, Pete was so turned on by the sight of the submissive man below him garbed in black leather and writhing on the swinging platform of leather and metal. This new world of control and mastery over the two willing slaves, one his own and one that belonged to his mate Mike, was exciting and incredibly erotic. Not wanting to peak yet, he had an idea, pulling himself out of Steve again, and removing and discarding the condom. Turning to the shelves of toys along one wall, he caught sight of a string of anal balls, and quickly scooped them up, dangling them in front of Steve's face. "How would you like these up your arse, boy?" he hissed. "Well that's what you're gonna get!" The look of anticipation on Steve's face delighted him, and Pete began to smear lube on the spheres and the connecting latex cord. Taking his time, Pete slowly inserted each ball into his slave's hole, massaging Steve's abdomen and letting the boy adjust to the feeling of the black orbs filling his gut. Eventually the entire string of hard round shapes was fed into Steve's hungry hole, and Pete's cock twitched at the sight of the looped end of the cord hanging from that filled chute. At Mike's suggestion, he snapped a silver chain over the loop, and attached the other end of the chain to the waistband of his chaps. Pete was in paradise as he set to playing with his slave, jiggling the balls within Steve's rectum, pulling at the piercings through the slave's nipples, squeezing and teasing the hard throbbing rod encased in shining leather just in front of him.

Remaining where he was on the leather covered mattress, Neale could hear the comments from Pete, and the gasps of joy from Steve. Mike stood over him, and the leather of Mike's chaps pressed against his bared butt cheeks, as his Master played with the plug buried in his arse. Neale ached with excitement, his cock so hard it felt ready to burst from the envelope of black hide around it. As Pete pushed the solid black anal balls into Steve's body, Mike found a soft leather whip, and began to land its tail all over Neale's back. The stinging pain was not hurtful at all, the jolts it caused sending a rush of adrenaline through Neale as he revelled in the sensitivity of his nerves, and the involuntary clenching of his sphincter around the bung with each light blow.

Mike wielded the soft whip over Neale, thrilled to the twitches and gasps of pleasure it brought from his slave. He stared possessively at the quivering body encased in black leather, and his own frame tingled with excitement. Feeling the need within himself growing again, he put the whip aside, and knelt behind Neale, grasping and pulling at the butt plug filling his man. With a slight effort, the toy came free, leaving Neale's hole open and puckering before him. Mike could not resist, and plunged himself into that inviting ring, moaning with pleasure as Neale's muscles clenched at him then gave way as he ploughed his rock hard pud into the hot squelching arse. Pumping at the slave boy below him, Mike fought hard against the urge to step up his pace and fuck his man until he shot the litres of cum building up in his balls. He looked to the amazing view of Pete playing with Steve's body, the silver chain running from the slave's butt to Pete's waist, while Pete's long shaft dangled in the air, his cockhead leaking pre-cum. Mike lifted himself off Neale's body, drawing his mighty prong from the clenching sphincter with a slurping hiss.

"Look at my friend, with his prick just hanging," Mike hissed at Neale. "Get over there, under that sling and suck his cock for him!" Neale jumped to obey, crawling under the floating, rocking platform and lifting his face to Pete's groin. As he got into position, Pete happily thrust his hips forward, sinking his long dick into Neale's welcoming open throat, rejoicing in the warm moist gullet that wrapped around him. Neale sucked and licked, massaged Pete's shaft as he nibbled and bit at the pole of flesh pushing into his mouth.

While Neale crawled under the sling, Mike walked to the head. He reached and held Steve's hooded face in his hands, then slid his palms down along the boy's body, pulling at the silver chain connecting his tits. As he leaned forward to play with Steve's nipples, Mike ground his raging erection into the top of the slave's leathered head, feeling the soft hide against his hot flesh. Pete watched with delight as his friend's long cock bobbed against his boy's head, pulled back at the string of balls dangling from Steve's arse, and humped his meat into Neale's constricting throat. He shook with aroused desire, every part of his body alive and on fire.

Horny as hell now, Pete kept one hand on the throbbing black bulge of Steve's groin, feeling and groping the solid prick enveloped in leather. With his free hand he began to pull firmly at the cord protruding from his slave's hole, and one by one the anal balls popped from Steve like corks from a bottle. As each sphere pushed open the ring of muscle and shot out of him, Steve gasped with delight. Pete whipped his cock away from Neale's hungry mouth, rolled another condom down over himself and thrust his steely prong into Steve's already lubed and opened hole. His boy moaned with the pleasure of the invasion as Pete shoved himself hard and deep into Steve's anus, pounding at the prone body and making the leather sling rock backward with the force. As Pete set to fucking Steve hard, Mike left his position at Steve's head and pulled at Neale's chain, dragging him out from under the sling and over to the leather covered mattress again. Pushing Neale down onto his back, Mike grabbed the slave's legs and hoisted them up and over his shoulders, exposing his puckering arsehole. Kneeling into his man, Mike plunged his cock downward and into that pink eye, feeling the warm wet body give way to his assault, and hearing the breathy moans of pleasure as Neale succumbed to the joy of Mike's thick meat filling his gut.

Pete and Mike humped and thrust at their partners, shoving themselves into the moist warmth of accepting bodies. As they fucked, they looked at each other, and soon their rhythms fell into synchronisation. They ploughed inwards at the same time, then pulled back in time to pound forward again. Watching each other rut and spear at their respective slaves, the two friends were so aroused they built up tempo and excitement, fucking and heaving as their boys gasped and clenched and begged for more beneath them. Pete felt his peak approaching as he continued to stare at Mike's powerful frame thudding against Neale's upturned arse and saw his own cock shafting Steve's hot wet hole. Pulling back, he let himself slip from that wonderful cavern and tried to catch his breath. He stood and watched Mike and Neale, almost absently letting his hands play over Steve's body, pinching his tits and squeezing his cock as he did. Leaving his boy in the sling, Pete walked to the two humping on the mattress, and stood over them, his legs astride Neale's head. As Mike continued to fuck his boy, Pete lowered his body to the floor, ripping off the condom and sinking his cock into Neale's open panting mouth.

Neale trembled with delight as Pete's fleshy dagger pierced his throat. His sphincter clenched against the hot rod of Mike's invading penis and his lips and tongue slurped and licked at Pete's long prong. His body ached, every nerve aflame as he serviced two Masters at once, his cock throbbing and pushing up against the encasing leather pouch he wore. Seeing his boy suckle at Pete's dong while he plunged himself into the gripping body, Mike tingled with arousal. He was close, and he knew it, but he did not want to blow yet. Reluctantly, he pulled himself from Neale's arse and sat back to enjoy the view of Pete's fit muscled frame, clad in shining black leather, hovering over Neale as his long meat pistoned in and out of Neale's throat. He looked up to notice that Steve remained cuffed to the sling, neglected for the moment. Standing and moving to Steve's side, Mike began to pull and twist at his nipples, tugging at the silver rings through the slave's tits. Steve gasped out with the pleasure and begged for more.

Pete, hearing the pleas of his boy at the hands of Mike's manipulation, stood again and returned to the back of the sling. As Mike watched closely, Pete donned another condom, and this time slowly began to enter Steve's writhing body, relishing the incredible pleasure of his boy clenching and gripping at his invading prong as he twisted and ground his hips, driving his long pole around the insides of Steve's rectum, exploring every corner of the slave's innards with his throbbing weapon. Mike was so turned on by the sight of Pete's slow reaming of Steve, that he moved to stand close beside his friend, to concentrate on the sight. Pete continued his leisurely in and out, up and down motion as Steve's gasps of delight grew louder. One hand fell to Steve's throbbing black leather tube, squeezing and playing, the other hesitated for a moment, then gripped Mike's mighty cock, as Pete let his fingers close around his friend's meat and jacked it slowly. In control now, he looked to Neale. "Get up here, slave, and use your teeth on this boy's tits!" he commanded.

Neale jumped to obey, standing beside the sling and dropping his face to Steve's chest where he bit and nibbled, licked and blew at the metal and skin of his friend's heaving, gasping upper body. He caught sight of Pete, Mike's cock in his hand, and Neale's body shook with desire. Mike shuddered as Pete's fist closed around his cock, thrills running through him. As he watched Pete's cock rotate its way around Steve's arse, he slowly humped at the hand on his prong, and his own hand landed on Pete's arse, as he caressed the firm orbs of flesh framed in black leather, and let his fingers slide down Pete's crack to touch and tease at the puckering hole, and explore further to the leather pouch encasing Pete's nuts.

With the two men towering over him, his Master fucking slowly at his cavern while Mike humped at Pete's hand, Steve trembled with pleasure. He happily submitted to their orders and thrilled to the eroticism of double domination by the powerfully built, muscled leather gods at his rear. When Neale began licking and biting at his nipples, Steve groaned loudly and willed himself to hold back, to resist the urge to writhe and buck his way to climax.

As Pete felt Mike's finger nudge at his hole, then press at the tender, super-sensitive skin below his nuts before prodding and squeezing at his testicles, he moaned aloud and almost came on the spot. After only a few minutes of the combined delights of Steve's arse wrapped around his prick and Mike's hands at his arse and balls, while he played with both Steve's and Mike's cocks, Pete knew if he didn't change pace he would lose his control. He pulled back and withdrew his raging meat from Steve's body. As he did, Steve called out in a desperate plea, "Please, Sir, don't stop; fuck me, Master." His hand still wrapped around Mike's weapon, Pete grinned. Reaching for a condom with his other hand, he faced Mike and looked intently into his friend's eyes. Pete unravelled the sheath over Mike's throbbing tool, and keeping his hand on his friend's cock, guided Mike to the back of the sling and toward Steve's begging hole. As Mike gave up any resistance to the idea, he stepped forward and pressed his prick to the waiting arse. Pete pulled at the sling, swinging it back and forcing Steve onto Mike's rampant sword. As he did, his fingers remained in place, holding Mike's shaft as his mate's cock sank into Steve's body, until Pete's hand was sandwiched between Steve's butt and Mike's pelvis.

Mike closed his eyes with the intoxicating passion of what was happening. Pete's fingers massaged his cockshaft and Steve's sphincter gripped and opened around his cock while Neale leaned and suckled at Steve's pecs. Looking again, he found the sight amazing, incredibly arousing. He ached with desire as he began to fuck at the open chute of Pete's boy on the sling below him.

Steve hissed and moaned at the new penetration. Mike was not as long as Pete, but thicker, and his fucking was somehow different. Steve's mind raced as he realised he was being fucked by two different men one after the other, both of them powerful leather clad Masters and he their submissive toy.

While Mike shoved and grunted at Steve, burying his huge meat in the willing arse, Pete released the grip on his cock, and moved to stand behind him. Looking over Mike's shoulder, Pete's hands played and stroked at his friend's chest, pulling at the large erect nipples, following the leather lines of his harness, caressing the developed muscles and firm taut skin. Pete stepped closer, his body coming into contact with Mike's, his chest pressed to Mike's back, his thighs against Mike's leathery legs, his cock sliding up and down in the crack of Mike's arse. As Mike continued to hump at Steve, he also ground his back against the exciting feel of Pete's body pressed into his flesh. Pete reached down, and pushed his long cock below Mike's arse so that he was humping at air, the top of his shaft running between Mike's legs to poke at the leather sack containing Mike's nuts. At the same time he reached around Mike's waist, until both hands were on the base of Mike's cock and playing with the black orbs of his friend's testicles. As Mike thrust into Steve, Pete's hands were crushed between his pelvis and Steve's butt cheeks.

Mike shook with restrained excitement as he pumped into Steve while Pete's cock massaged the tender skin between his anus and his balls. Ordering his own slave off Steve's chest, he commanded Neale -- "Get under here and service me and my friend, boy!" Quickly, Neale was sitting below the double spread of Mike's and Pete's legs, leaning up into them and sucking alternatively at Pete's slippery thrusting prick, and Mike's leather wrapped testicles, working his lips and mouth over both of the dominant males above him as his eyes beheld his Master's thick weapon sinking into the wet hole of his fellow slave centimetres from his face. Neale ached with need and desire at the excitement of servicing two Masters at once, and the erotic sight of Pete's cock sliding and prodding at Mike's nuts while Mike's cock penetrated Steve's puckering anus.

All four of the men shook with passion, trembled with aroused excitement as the erotic delight of their connection raced through them. The joining of the group was concentrated in one place, Mike's and Pete's cocks competing with each other as Steve's arse clutched at Mike's invading spear, and Neale's lips and mouth nibbled and licked at Pete's cock, Mike's nuts, and Steve's butt. Both Pete and Mike revelled in the thrill of being serviced by two slaves at once, while Steve and Neale each rejoiced as they surrendered to the combined attentions of double Masters.

Mike, being the one at the centre of the maelstrom of mansex, felt his body surging to a peak first. He held back as long as he could, not wanting the triple concentration of horny men to end, but soon felt that if he did not break the connection he would topple over the abyss of passion. Pulling back from Steve, he moved to one side so that Pete's rubbing against him was broken, and Neale slumped to the floor beneath them. Stepping back, Mike unsnapped the cuffs on Steve's wrists and helped him lift off the sling, then directed him to lie on the floor. Straddling the prone slave, Mike squatted facing Pete and lowered his arse to Steve's face. "Rim my arse, boy!" he commanded, taking his cock in his hand as he did. As Steve licked upward, driving his pink tongue into Mike's puckering hole, Mike slowly began to jack at his rock hard meat, leering at Pete as he did. Pete returned the look, and in turn took his own prong in hand, closing his fist around himself and pumping his fingers up and down the long shaft. Finding the confrontation extremely arousing, Neale moved to kneel behind Pete, licking at his butt and forcing his tongue into the crack between Pete's buns, rimming him while Steve slurped at Mike's hole. Pete let Neale suck at his rear for some time, but wanted more. Still standing and staring at Mike being rimmed by Steve, Pete pulled Neale up and pushed him back to the leathered mattress against the wall.

As Mike squatted and moaned with the invading delight of Steve's talented tongue, Pete spread Neale's legs wide and pressed two lubricated fingers into the boy's rectum, pulling and stretching at his ring of muscle, sending shivers through Neale's body. Neale groaned quietly, and Mike eyed his slave being fingered by his mate. The sight was incredibly arousing and Mike fought against conflicting emotions; jealousy as Pete played with his boy, and excitement at his friend using his slave. Drawn up in the eroticism of the moment, Mike hissed at Pete "Fuck him, man. Shove that dong of your into his tight little hole!"

Pete looked at Mike quickly, then back to Neale, writhing on the black ground below him. Encasing his cock in yet another black latex condom, Pete smeared more lube over himself, then knelt behind Neale, lifting the boys legs to his shoulders and running his hands along the leather clad legs as he did. Leaning forward he nudged his cockhead against Neale's puckering arse, and slowly slid his long steel rod into the soft opening, surging forward with gasps of delight as Neale responded by clenching at him. Pete soon had the slave impaled on his weapon, and began to thrust in and out as he fucked Neale with the same measured, rotating penetration he had used on Steve earlier. Neale groaned and muttered encouragement, urging Pete on and begging to be used as his Master observed the rutting couple closely.

As Pete humped at Neale in earnest, both of them gasping for breath, Mike stood up, lifting his arse from Steve's face. Pulling Steve to his feet, Mike marched him over to behind Neale's head. Making Steve kneel just behind the prone Neale, Mike quickly pulled at the pouch on Steve's groin, exposing his throbbing cock. Reaching for his own boy, Mike slid back the leather envelope over Neale's prick and pushing it down behind his nuts, taking the chance to run his fingers around the shaft of Pete's surging prong as it sank into Neale and pulled back to sink again. He then directed Steve to lean over Neale, making Neale suck at Steve's cock while Steve's face was pushed down into Neale's groin. Quickly understanding, Steve licked at then swallowed Neale's dick, slurping and nibbling at the slicked flesh. As the two slaves `69'd, Mike smiled with satisfaction, before moving to kneel behind Pete, copying the earlier actions of his friend by running his slicked cock up and down Pete's crack, and playing his hands over Pete's chiselled chest, pinching at his nipples and sliding his fingers down to the connecting penetration where Pete's manhood disappeared into Neale's flexing chute.

As the two slaves sucked and licked at each other below him, Pete continued to ream Neale's arse with his prong. As Mike's hands covered his flesh, and Mike's cock rubbed at his crack, and poked at his leather encased nuts, Pete tingled and ached with arousal. Hunching forward at the body below him, then leaning back into Mike, Pete felt the contact of flesh on flesh and leather on leather, his nerves racing and his blood boiling. Feeling Mike's thick pole against his skin, Pete whispered to his mate. "Fuck me, Mike. Shove your cock up inside my arse while I fuck your boy, man!" The urgency in his voice was clear, and Mike reached for another of the many condoms left around the dungeon room. Sheathing and lubing his thick manmeat, Mike eased himself up to Pete's rear, as Pete slowed his humping into Neale. "Keep sucking you slaves!" Pete commanded as he relaxed and backed onto Mike's prick nudging at his sphincter.

Slowly but steadily, Mike forced his entry, sliding his rock hard dong into Pete's tight hole. Pushing deeper and deeper, he heard Pete gasp as the pain shuddered through him, then moan as his body accustomed to the invading spear and the pain was replaced by pleasure. Reaching his full length, plumbing Pete's depths with his cock, Mike began to rock back and forth, thrusting in and out of Pete's body. Pete groaned with delight, and fell into the same rhythm, riding back onto Mike's cock as he pulled from Neale, then shoving his prick into Neale's hot welcoming cave as Mike eased out of him, ready to pump forward again. Pete's arms wrapped around Neale's leather chaps, his hands gripping at the straps of Steve's harness while the two boys suckled and licked at each other. Mike's arms encased Pete's body, his hands on the pumped pecs and his fingers tweaking at the erect brown nubs of Pete's nipples.

Locked together in this position, the four of them humped and gasped, writhed and trembled with all encompassing passionate abandon. Mike humped at Pete, and felt he was fucking both Pete and Neale at the same time. Pete surrendered to the incredible sensation of fucking and being fucked all at once. Neale moaned with delight as he sucked on Steve's thick tool, sank his own throbbing rod into Steve's gullet, and clenched his arse around Pete's invading tool. He knew what Mike was doing to Pete, and images of his Master's cock ramming right through Pete and into his own body sent shivers through his brain. Steve groaned and hummed as Neale's talented mouth surrounded his prick, milked him and swallowed him. He dived onto Neale's manhood, nibbling and slurping at the heated pole in his throat. Pete's abdomen occasionally crashed into the top of Steve's leathered head, and Steve's eyes feasted on the sight of Pete's cock sinking into Neale's arse only centimetres in front of him. He pictured Mike rutting at Pete's arse as Pete fucked Neale, and his heart raced at the incredible experience rocking his mind and body.

As one, they fucked and sucked, sweating and groping at each other, becoming a single heaving animal of pure masculine lust. A roiling beast of passion, enmeshed in shining black leather, moist and heated flesh over taut pumped muscles, the group of men interlocked. Bodies penetrated and penetrating, cocks in mouths and arses, they hunched and rocked together. A symphony of sound pervaded the room, squealing leather and wet squelching bodies, hissing breath and cursed obscenities combined in a crescendo of absolute sex, as their glistening black forms danced in the flickering candlelight, wisps of smoke drifting across the scene.

Pete was the first of the four to reach the point of no return. With Mike's giant cock buried in his arse, pumping up into him, and Neale's tight hole gripping at his heated throbbing pole, the sensations washed over him, and his body exploded in a tidal wave of passion. His nuts contracted, shooting waves of cum into his prick which spurted load after load into the latex sheath buried in Neale's body. As he came, he shuddered to stillness, his cock swelling inside the scabbard of Neale's rectum. Neale felt the twitching and the explosion within him, gave into the delights of Steve's throat around his pole, and stepped over the brink. His sphincter clamped tight around Pete's log, making Pete gasp for joy and Neale's cock pumped creamy jism deep into Steve's throat, as his own mouth clamped onto Steve's dick and vacuumed it hard.

Steve heard Pete gasp and groan as his climax hit him, felt Neale tense suddenly and shudder, and then he was swallowing Neale's juice, gulping and swallowing. The taste of Neale's ejaculate was salty sweet and Neale's teeth scraped at the flesh of Steve's rigid member as he arced his back and emptied his balls. Steve felt as though Neale was sucking his entire body into that throat through Steve's aching cock. The combination of Neale's suctioning, Pete's gasping, and the flood of cum in his gullet sent Steve soaring and a strangled wet cry escaped his throat as he plunged his prong downward and forward deeper than ever into Neale's throat, searing white hot sperm filling the mouth below him as Neale responded by gulping him down and milking him for more.

Mike held on as long as he could as the orgasming shudders crashed through the others. Pete's sphincter had clamped tight around Mike's cock, gripping it like a vise. As Pete and then Neale shook with overwhelming passion, Mike felt his blood boiling up, his nerves tingling. When Steve's muffled shout, throaty and wet, reached his ears, his resolve disappeared, and he humped forward again, hard into Pete, pounding his weapon one last time deep into his friend's bowel. It seemed like litres of jizz spewed from his cock into Pete as Mike thundered into a hazy paradise of surrendered control, wondering that the condom he wore could contain the load he blew.

For fully ten minutes, they shook and trembled as their individual climaxes smashed through them. Almost with a collective breath, the four collapsed, bodies on bodies, leather against flesh against cum. Gradually they felt the tide of passion recede, and began to disentangle their interlocked bodies. Mike sat leaning against the wall, Neale curling up at his feet. Pete stood slowly then leaned against the sling while Steve wrapped his arms around his Master's leathered legs and sat on the floor, exhausted. "Holy Fuck! That was unbelievable!" whistled Pete after several minutes of silence. The others grinned, then chuckled and Pete joined in until gales of exhausted, relaxed laughter swept them. They had joined together in the most amazing, erotic experience any of them had ever known. As the mirth gave way to sated contentment, they relaxed in a heap, arms and legs thrown over each other on the leather covered mattress.

Twice more that night the four men found themselves swept up in passionate thumping sex, fucking and sucking, groping and heaving at each other. Pete and Mike became more and more masterly, spurring each other on, while Neale and Steve fell further and further into total submission, aching with impassioned arousal as they eagerly serviced the two dominant men. The two slaves tingled with excitement as they surrendered to the orders of Mike and Pete without question. Finally, as the night drew to a close, they collapsed in a state of near complete exhaustion, sated and drained. Finding places on the floor where they could, all four slept, still encased in leather, the sweat and cum drying on their bodies like badges of achievement.


Later the next day, Pete and Steve cleaned themselves up, and dressed, making their good-byes. The two couples thanked each other happily and sincerely, sharing a secret acknowledgement of incredible passion. As they left, Mike and Neale also washed and dressed, cleaning their precious gear and toys, then lounging in each other's arms on the sofa.

Mike was the first to raise the events of the night. "Neale, that was just so incredibly hot, amazing."

"Absolutely. A few times I just lost track of what was happening I was so turned on," Neale replied. "And we just seemed to go on forever."

"Yeah," Mike spoke slowly, remembering. "Fucking unbelievable, but..."

Neale looked at him carefully. "But?"

"I don't know that I want to repeat it. I was really aroused when Pete was playing with you, even more when he was fucking you, but at the same time I was jealous, maybe even upset a little. I felt like you were mine, and he was invading something."

"Mike, I love you!" Neale declared, smiling at his man. "And I can honestly say that while it was exciting having two men to serve, and I enjoyed it when Pete fucked me, it wasn't the same as when you did. There's no question that you are the best lover, and the most wonderful Master. I'm yours and yours alone forever."

They hugged again, and kissed deeply, lovingly. They agreed that they had enjoyed the night intensely, and were glad they had agreed to it, but that it had convinced them that they were right for each other, and did not really want to repeat the orgy. Besides, a second attempt could lessen the memories of the first mind-blowing passion they had shared with Pete and Steve.


Steve and Pete arrived back at Pete's place, and threw themselves onto the large queen size bed, tired and happy, drained and elated by the evening. As Steve lay his head on Pete's chest and Pete's hand played lazily with the ring in Steve's nipple, Pete took a breath, and addressed his friend.

"Steve, I know we haven't actually discussed this before, but, well, I was wondering how you would feel about living together?"

Steve didn't lift his head, or even move, but a huge grin spread across his face. "Are you proposing to me, stud?"

Pete laughed softly. "Yes, I guess I am. Steve, I love you. After seeing how happy Mike and Neale are, and being with you, I want us to have the same. What do you think?"

"I think you should move in today," Steve said without the slightest hesitation. "I love you too, Pete. And I want to spend every moment I can with you. And I've been thinking..." He stopped for a moment, took a breath, and went on quickly. "I'm sure we could convert the spare room into a combination home gym and leather dungeon. There's room for a sling, and the weight bench and workout equipment can go alongside it. I'm sure we can find uses for all of it!" With that last comment he turned his head to look into Pete's eyes, and licked his lips invitingly.

Pete's heart leapt in his chest, and incredibly, his cock twitched at the last implied suggestion. "Steve, I got really horny with Mike and Neale last night, and everything we did, but the best times were when I was with you. I'm not sure that I want to repeat a group scene with the guys."

Now Steve sat upright, and his arms flew around Pete's body. "Oh yes," he whispered, tears forming in his eyes. "It was hot, bloody hot, incredible even, but the most exciting thing was being your slave and yours alone. I'm so happy we tried it, but let's make it a memory. Let's get ourselves tested, and get down to some serious, real fucking without the need for condoms, my gorgeous leather stud!" Steve gushed out, finishing with a long wet kiss planted over Pete's mouth.

They settled down again together, arms around each other, smiling and happy, knowing they had discovered their future, and certain their friendship with Mike and Neale would remain strong as they shared that one amazing night and went on together as two separate couples, deeply in love with each other.

Part 4: Ultimately

More than six months had passed since the infamous night when Pete and Steve had joined Mike and Neale in their dungeon room for a wild session of masculine leather sex. After the incredible experience Steve and Pete had moved in together and begun building their life as a couple. They had been tested, waited and tested again, both proving negative to the HIV virus. Pledging their love and their trust, they had revelled in the joy of pure, lusty male sex without the need for annoying condoms. And they had used the time well, investing effort and money in their favourite passion - their leather wardrobe and their own special 'playroom'.

That 'playroom' was something else again. Steve's spare room had always been equipped as a home gym, but after they had seen, and used, Mike and Neale's room, they were determined to set up their own special space. They had eagerly purchased a sling and suspended it with chains from the ceiling, covering one entire wall with mirrors while they painted the other walls and the ceiling matte black. The carpet had been replaced with heavy duty black vinyl, and black shelving had been installed on one wall to hold the toys they had added to their collection. The room doubled now as playroom and gymnasium, and the workout bench doubled as exercise equipment and sex toy, its leather covered bench often being put to good use by the horny men in their lusty passion.

From their discussions and their experience with Mike and Neale, the two had discovered that their mutual love of leather and the steamy man sex that went with it, extended to a delight in the role playing of Master and slave. Pete revelled in the sense of power and the incredible arousal it generated when he used Steve as his sex slave, restraining wrists and ankles as he used his boy for pleasure. Steve found the act of submitting to Pete's control, and being used in this way, the most stimulating and erotic experience he could imagine. Happily, the two men submerged themselves in the fantasy world of dominance and submission they created in their special room, and eagerly compared notes with their close friends, Mike and Neale, who in many ways had introduced them to the wonderful world they now explored.


Mike and Neale had also cemented their devotion to each other, and retreated into their private dungeon as often as they could to immerse themselves in the powerful sensation of leather sex. The overwhelming excitement they shared was heightened by the gleaming polished leather they wrapped themselves in, and the complimentary shine of metal. Both had pierced their nipples, and found it a real turn on when they were physically connected by silver chains between their respective tits, or joining one to the other.

Neale's favourite position, one in which he ached with the delight of passionate abandon, involved having a chain suspended from the rings through his erect nipples, and a leather cord tied to that chain, the other end fastened to the trailing end of a string of anal balls which Mike had pressed into Neale's hungry arse. With his rectum filled by the black latex covered spheres, Neale writhed in delight as Mike pulled at the chain connecting those toys directly to his tits.

Mike was seriously aroused as he played with the connecting metal, and after some experimentation, they had found that Mike could sink his massive cock into Neale's arse, fucking his boy and plunging his meaty sword between the rolling orbs as Neale gasped with delight at the pulling on his chest. The very idea of being "inter-connected" with his lover and the various toys, turned Mike on so much that they had begun adding more and more thin silver chains and leather ties to their games. It had developed to the point where often Mike and Neale would be physically connected on many levels. Thin strands of silver would run from the piercings through Neale's chest to the corresponding rings in Mike's nipples, while another would connect Neale's left tit with his right. From that, a sturdier chain would run down his body, joined to the anal balls, or connecting to a leather cockring around Neale's shaft. As Mike thrust himself into Neale, fucking his lover hard and powerfully, the various threads would pull tight between the men, stimulating nerve endings and sending waves of intensely pleasurable sensations through each of them.

As both Neale and Mike discovered that the combination of gleaming polished leather and glistening silver metal against their sweating skin served to arouse them more and more, they also came to realise that the piercings through their nipples resulted in amazing and erotic stimulation. This re-awakened another fantasy that had played through Neale's mind several times, until he finally brought up the subject with Mike.

One night, after an incredible session in which Mike had pumped himself into Neale's arse, already stuffed with latex spheres, and had watched incredulous as Neale had shot load after load of sticky white cum onto his belly with a long silver chain connected to a cockring around his shaft, Neale had luxuriated against Mike's muscled chest.

"Mike, ..." he began, then hesitated.


"How would you feel if I were to get another piercing?"

Mike grinned widely, his fingers falling to trace the line of Neale's prick through the supple gripping leather of the pouch he still wore, before moving up to the silver rings in his tits. "Sounds hot, lover," he said quietly, "but you only have two nipples, and they're both done."

"I wasn't thinking about my nipples," said Neale, his face turning up to stare into Mike's deep blue eyes.

Mike's curiosity became aroused now. "Well then, where?"

"My cock!" Neale said softly but firmly. "I've been wondering about getting a Prince Albert."

A cough of surprise came from his lover. "A Prince Albert? Fuck, Neale, do you know how much that is going to hurt when you have it done?"

"Yeah, I have an idea, but then it will heal, and just think about what it would be like having a chain connecting the ring in my cock to the rings in my tits, or yours, or both!"

Mike dwelled on that for a moment, and smiled evilly. "Sounds unbelievably hot," he enthused. "And I'm also wondering what it would be like to have you fuck me with a PA. My guess is that it would be just indescribable."

Now it was Neale's turn to gape with surprise.

"What's that look for?" Mike asked. "You know I love it every now and then, having you fuck me."

"Yeah, but I had no idea you'd be into being fucked with a PA."

"Well, I hadn't thought about it until right now, but I have to admit the thought is seriously turning me on."


And so Neale underwent the procedure. It meant that they had to be extra careful for quite a while as the piercing healed, Neale's cock being immensely sensitive as his nerves became accustomed to the ring of surgical steel which now disappeared into his piss slit, emerging from a hole just below the head of his glans. It didn't stop them from indulging in the dark, heated pleasures of leather in their dungeon, but it did curtail some of the more raunchy of their experiments for a while. But Mike was turned on immensely each time he looked at the glistening metal through Neale's prick, and Neale found himself getting hard just looking at himself with the thick metal ring piercing his genitals.

Finally, the healing process had run its course, and Neale felt confident that the ring could be played with enthusiastically, without risk of damage to him. The first time they did so, both of them knew that the decision by Neale to have the PA inserted was the right one. With a chain connecting his cock to his nipples, and another connecting to Mike's nipples, Neale ached and throbbed with arousal as his Master fixed his wrists into cuffs and leaned into the sling on which he lay, slamming his long cock into Neale's welcoming arse. With the gleaming black straps of Mike's harness, and the glossy leather of his own chaps gripping his legs and framing Mike, Neale surrendered to total ecstasy as Mike fucked him in long slow powerful strokes which pulled on the metal connections and sent ripples of pleasure coursing through his body.

After allowing his boy time to recover, Mike had then embarked on his own special crusade concerning the Prince Albert. Lifting Neale from the sling, Mike ordered his slave boy onto the mattress covered in leather. Making Neale lie on his back, and restraining both wrists and ankles in such a way that Neale was left spread-eagled and helpless, Mike had stood over him, admiring the chiselled chest and sculpted abs bound in black hide, the powerful muscular legs of his man enveloped in gleaming black leather chaps, and the long hard pole of his boy's cock, bearing its crown of silver proudly. Applying a liberal helping of lubricating gel to both Neale's prick and his own hole, Mike had then slowly squatted over his slave, gradually lowering himself onto the ringed tower of flesh. As he did so, he maintained his domination, flicking at Neale's shuddering, heated body with a leathered paddle.

As the cold metal of the piercing penetrated Mike's sphincter, he gasped and tried to relax, forcing himself to accept the invader. He surprised himself by the ease with which he was able to accommodate this foreign implement, and then he moaned in ecstatic pleasure as the irregular shape slid across his prostate and massaged his innards. The feeling of the metal within him was something Mike had never imagined, and something which excited him immensely, so much so that he quickly began to bounce up and down on Neale's prone body, Mike using his own weight to shove that long prong deep inside himself. Both men exploded in a shattering orgasm within minutes, overcome by the sensational thrills the jewellery inserted through Neale's cock afforded.

From then on, it was a relatively frequent part of their lovemaking that Mike, still the undisputed Master of the pair, would order his willing slave boy to fuck him hard with the ringed weapon he now sported.


Steve had become almost exclusively 'bottom' in the relationship he and Pete developed. He found that with each time Pete made love to him, he needed to have even more and more of Pete within him. He ached for the slamming, pounding sex that Pete lavished upon him. Pete, for his part, happily became the total Master. Having Steve writhe beneath him, a toy in his hands, was a trip he could never have imagined. What made it so wonderful was that there was no force -- well, no real force - involved at all. Their games often suggested orders and commands, but both knew damn well that Steve wanted and needed Pete to 'force' him, to own and control him, even more than Pete wanted to do so.

One particular scenario, which Pete had pretty well invented as his arousal manifested itself with his domination over Steve, and which Steve had enjoyed so much that afterwards they had re-played it many times now, involved Steve being fucked by both Pete and a black rubber dildo simultaneously.


The first time it had happened, Steve had been restrained in the sling, his wrists secured in handcuffs which were attached to the supporting chains of the leather platform. His booted feet were strung through the stirrups hanging from the ceiling, forcing his legs up and spread, leaving his twitching arsehole exposed and vulnerable. A harness of black hide encased his torso, framing the taut musculature of his pumped and stretched gut, the abdominals like a Michelangelo sculpture. His chiselled pecs were enclosed in more black leather, the silver rings through his tits tiny pinpricks of glinting light. Pete moved slowly into place between Steve's raised, leathered legs, every movement by his slave boy accentuated within the gleaming black cocoon of the skin tight chaps.

Pete had been plumbing his boy's body with a long black dildo. As he shoved the toy in hard, then pulled it back again to thrust it within Steve, he had moved the fake prick from side to side, making his slave moan with pleasure as his bowel was reamed by the dark latex prod. Feeling the intimate binding of the harness around his chest, and the gripping texture of the leather chaps he wore, Pete had delighted in the dim, candle lit room. He was so aroused, so horny as he played with his sex toy, teasing and slapping at the leathered form of his fit and primed man. Finding the puckering target of Steve's arse almost irresistible, Pete had begun a series of thrusts where he would sink his long cock deep into Steve's bowel, then withdraw it completely, replacing it with the thick black dildo, then reverse the action. Steve was being alternately fucked by the toy wielded in Pete's hand, and by Pete's hard throbbing pole, each being shoved into him from nothing to fully impaled in a second, then removed to make way for the other.

As Steve begged and hissed for more, waves of pleasure crashing through him, Pete had tried to increase the speed with which he swapped between the toy and his own prick, until it was almost a blur of movement at Steve's ravaged arsehole. It was then, with Steve crying out that he wanted more, wanted everything his Master could give, that Pete was inspired.

In a moment of heated desire, Pete pulled the dildo out again, and plunged his cock into Steve's hole, then pulled back again until only the head of his weapon was within his mate. With the dildo still in his hand, he nudged the head of the toy against Steve's arse, feeling the solid rubber against his sensitive glans. Pressing forward slowly, he forced Steve's sphincter open further as Steve hissed and pushed back against him, until the toy slid into the boy's body alongside his Master's prick. Slowly, Pete re-positioned himself, sliding deeper into Steve's rectum, the black rubber prong riding alongside his throbbing cock. Steve twisted in a combination of pain and pleasure as he adjusted to the stretching of his muscles and gave in to the delight of the assault. The pain quickly disappeared, replaced by an intensely arousing feeling of being filled and fucked like never before, as Pete buried both himself and the toy deep within his slave.

Allowing the boy a few minutes to accustom himself to the new, double insertion, Pete remained still. He was so turned on by the sensation of fucking Steve while the dildo also fucked into his body, that Pete had to use all of his will power to hold back from wanting to ram into Steve and shoot his load right then. As Steve relaxed and sighed with aroused desire, clenching at the combined penetration, Pete began to move again, sliding in and out, moving the toy at the same time. Soon his passion took over and Pete was thrusting harder and deeper into Steve's welcoming chute, the friction of the solid black rubber against his cock an added stimulation. Steve hissed and groaned as the assault on his arse sent him into ecstasy.

As he neared the brink, Pete suddenly reversed the direction of the dildo. Now, as he shoved his steel hard tool into Steve's body, he pulled back on the toy so it slid in the opposite direction, rubbing hard against his meat and causing a double sensation in Steve's arse. When Pete pulled back from his boy, the fake prong was shoved into the squelching cavern. The fury and the passion that this motion generated in both Pete and Steve was incredible, and it was no more than a few minutes before Pete felt Steve's ring grip him tight and Steve's body shook with spasms as globs of hot white cum spurted from his cock and covered his stomach. The sight of his ejaculation, together with the indescribable feeling of fucking Steve and having the dildo fuck him as well, was too much. Pete suddenly lurched forward, shoving himself and the toy deeper into Steve's body than ever. Buried completely within the boy, Pete trembled, and exploded as a gusher of manjuice poured from his nuts and filled Steve's arse, slopping around inside him, and dribbling back between the solid rubber of the toy and Pete's throbbing cock.


The four men had remained close friends after their 'orgy' in Mike and Neale's dungeon. They often got together for drinks and a meal, or to head out to the bars for a mutual exhibition of themselves, delighting in the whispered comments and open stares of other people in their favourite drinking holes. And they discussed everything with each other. Whilst they had kept their sex to coupling, they openly informed the other couple of everything they tried; what they enjoyed, what they didn't; what worked, what needed more experimentation.

Both couples had conceded that whilst they had enjoyed their group session, they felt happier and more comfortable being with their respective partners. They had left the topic of another combined evening in limbo, not ruling it out completely, but acknowledging that it was not something they wanted to repeat too soon. That didn't stop them joking around about it, smiling as they reminisced on that fantastic night, getting themselves horny and aroused as they re-lived the experience.

When Pete told Mike and Steve about the double fucking that he and Steve had found incredibly enjoyable, both had raised their eyebrows (and had to adjust their hard-ons). Mike thought the idea exciting, thrilling, although he wondered whether it could compare to fucking Neale's arse when it was filled with anal balls and they were connected by chains and leather between nipples, cock and anus. Neale found the thought somehow erotic, but was unsure if he would enjoy it. He took far more pleasure from being connected to Mike, being stabbed by his lover's thick fleshy dagger while he drank in the vision of Mike swathed in black leather and glistening silver.

And so they found themselves, one night at the bar, standing around in a favourite pose. Mike and Neale were dressed almost identically in caps and harnesses, vests and armbands, their skin tight black chaps falling to polished leather boots, their groins wrapped in supple leather pouches which in truth hid nothing at all. As the two 'Masters' chatted easily, relating their most recent exploits to each other, Neale and Steve stood obediently by the side of their respective 'owners'. Neale was bare-headed, a wide dog collar around his neck and a harness wrapping his torso, a silver chain slung between his nipples. His chaps framed the triangle of leather encasing his genitals, drawing attention to it rather than concealing anything. Mike and Neale had chosen this particular posing thong because it was made of the shiniest, tightest leather they could find, and as it gripped Neale's cock like shrink-wrap, it also highlighted the shape of the PA through his cockhead. Steve, for his part, was even more in the role of a slave. His head was covered by a full face mask, with only slits for his mouth and eyes. The harness he wore was an elaborate web of leather straps, interspersed with two large metal rings that sat over and highlighted his nipples, where each of the rings had tiny weights suspended from them. His chaps were so tight they looked like a second skin, and every movement he made caused the rippling, well defined muscles of his body to reflect in shimmering waves through the black leather.

As usual, they attracted more than their share of stares from other patrons. Comments and suggestions were made to them which they happily listened to, but turned down the inevitable offers of sex from similarly clad leather men. One particularly persistent guy, who had already proposed a group scene three or four times in the past, came up to them again.

"Hey guys," he said, addressing Mike and Pete. "What about you two drag your slaves back to my place, and we all get down to some serious play?"

Mike smiled at him. "Thanks for the offer, mate, but we're not interested, okay?"

The intruder had obviously had a drink or two too many. "Well, fucking hell! What's your problem anyway? Can't you work out which one belongs to who? Seems to me you might as well just stay at home and all fuck each other stupid. I don't know why you bother coming in here at all."

With that he turned and tried to walk away, stumbling as he did. All four of the friends smiled their irritation at him and ignored him, but his comments again raised the topic of orgies, and more specifically, their one night so many months before.

Steve was the first to comment after he had gone. "Maybe he's right," he said simply, with a grin on his face.

"What?" said Pete quickly, "Surely you don't want to stop coming for a drink because of that fool?"

"No, no, you misunderstand." Steve said hurriedly. "I meant that maybe he's right about us staying at home one night and 'fucking each other stupid'."

Mike chuckled at that, and Pete and Neale both grinned. Mike added, "You mean, we stay at home and fuck YOU stupid! I'm sure you'd LOVE that!"

"Well, ..." Steve smirked with an evil look on his face.

"Too late," Pete chimed in. "I've already fucked him stupid."

"Then maybe I need to be fucked back into sense," Steve rejoined quickly.

"What makes you think YOU'LL get all the fucking?" Neale whined. "I figure I'm entitled to a bit of that action as well!" They all laughed loudly at that, as Neale slid his hand over Mike's groin and squeezed his man's hardening cock through the leather pouch he wore.


Later that night, as they relaxed after yet another humping, pounding session with Steve spread-eagled over the leather covered weight bench while Pete sank his pile driving cock deep into his boy's gut, Steve ran his fingers slowly across Pete's chiselled abs and along the slowly softening tube of flesh that had so recently thrust into him.

"You know, Pete, I was only half joking tonight."

"About what?" Pete asked, caught unawares by the comment.

"About the four of us getting together again. I know we decided after last time that we wanted to concentrate on just us, but its been six months, and we tell them everything, and vice versa. I wouldn't be surprised if Mike and Neale might be interested in a return bout. After all, they've seen our 'playroom', but they haven't had a chance to actually use it."

"Mmmm," Pete mused, letting his mind digest the possibilities. "It could be fun I suppose. And since we all know that we are all safe, we could probably do away with condoms all round. Do you want to ask them?" Suddenly Pete had become enthusiastic about the opportunity.

"Yep!" Steve replied happily, nestling back into Pete's chest, the leather and sweat comforting to him in the arms of the man he loved, and loved to serve.


A few days later, the four of them were together again. They had agreed to meet at Steve and Pete's place for a pizza and beer after their workouts, and spend the Friday night relaxing after the week. The usual banter went on between them as they chatted happily amongst themselves, Pete sitting on the sofa with Steve cuddling up against him, Mike on an armchair with his legs spread and Neale sitting between them, leaning back against his man.

Without any preliminary discussion, Pete said simply "So, guys, how would you feel about another group session?"

Steve's eyes lit up as he watched Mike and Neale, both of whom grinned and began to joke about it. But Pete cut them off.

"No, seriously," he said, his voice becoming quieter. "We've been talking about it," with that he reached for and held Steve's hand, "and we would like to get into a 'return match' if you like. Ask you guys to come and use our 'playroom' since we've all used yours. Of course, it goes without saying that if you don't want to, we won't, and we won't have any hard feelings or anything else."

Mike and Neale looked at each other with questioning eyes as Pete spoke.

Steve took the chance to join in. "We don't want you to think we're pushing you into something you don't want guys. But think about it. We tell each other everything, and I mean everything, when it comes to sex. At least the physical side. Feelings, emotions are a different thing, and should be private. But we all enjoy fucking hot leather sex, and we tell each other about it. Shit, we've told you more about what we do than we could ever even think about sharing with anyone else but ourselves, and the same applies for you two I'm sure. The four of us have a really special relationship, and it would be logical for us to get together again. Maybe this will be the last time ever, maybe it won't." With that he seemed to run out of steam.

Pete had been studying Mike and Neale's faces as Steve spoke, and he knew them well enough to know they were thinking seriously about agreeing. He decided that it was time to lay down the rest of the proposal. "What we were thinking is that we all know we're 'safe' - we've all been tested and discussed it at length. If we do this, we'd make it a full-on, no-holds-barred time. Make it the hottest we can imagine, really steamy. It's up to you."

Mike and Neale looked at their friends again, then back to each other. Both of them were already aroused by the thought of another 'orgy', but they hadn't given it serious thought before now. Mike's eyes searched Neale's face, and Neale knew his lover was ready to say 'yes' as long as Neale was comfortable with it. He nodded at Mike and smiled at him. Mike smiled back.

"Okay, guys, you're on!" Mike said. They all broke into huge grins. It was as if some tension had been released, and suddenly they were back to casual chatter, except that now the subject was sex, unbridled and lustful, animalistic masculine leather sex.

It was quickly settled that they would get together at Pete and Steve's place the following night, and plan on making it a marathon session. As they headed home, Mike said to Neale, "Are you really sure about this?"

Neale wrapped his arms around his lover. "Sure, my man. It's like last time - I love YOU, and I'm never letting go, this is purely sexual, hot and raunchy, but no emotional commitment, no mind games. Just hot, hot fucking. We share it with Steve and Pete already, in words. Why not share it with them in action from time to time? I'm not talking every week, but if the four of us get together once or twice a year, what can it hurt?"

"I love you!" Mike declared.

"I love you too, stud," Neale said seriously, then smiled yet again at his man, their arms entwined.


Mike and Neale arrived at Steve and Pete's home at the arranged time the following evening, anticipation keeping them both aroused and trembling. Steve opened the door to them, his head enveloped in a black leather slave hood, his eyes down. He addressed Mike only, already into his role as slave.

"Welcome, Sir, please come in." He did not speak to Neale. Mike stepped inside with Neale following closely behind.

As the door was closed and locked, Mike looked around the dimly lit flat. "Give us a moment to get ready, boy. Where's your Master?"

Steve did not reply, as Pete stepped into view. "Get into the playroom and wait for us, slave!" Pete said to Steve, who immediately turned and did as he was told. As he walked away, Mike noticed the base of a black butt plug between Steve's cheeks. So Pete had been preparing his slave already! Mike noted with approval. Pete then spoke to Mike.

"Good to see you again, my friend. You need to make some preparations?"

Mike nodded. "A few things we couldn't do until we got here -- have to make allowances for riding over, and take some care," he explained. Pete smiled in understanding.

"Come on into the playroom if you like, and finish up in there."

Mike and Neale quickly shucked off the jackets they wore and Mike grabbed a small parcel of leather and chain, walking with Pete into the dungeon that awaited their pleasure, leading a still silent Neale behind him, a metal lead attached to a collar around Neale's neck.

In the room set aside for their pleasure, they found Steve waiting patiently as ordered, standing in a corner, facing toward the door. He was garbed in a harness of black leather bands which were connected to a collar around his neck, the same collar buckled over the base of the full hood he wore. The harness circled his pumped chest, pushing up below his pecs, then surrounding his chest and waist. His legs were encased in the tightest shining black chaps over polished boots, and his cock and balls outlined within a soft thong of dark glistening hide. Pete stepped over to him and placed a pair of manacles over his wrists, leading him to the leather covered weight bench and making him lie face down on the narrow table. Steve's ankles were then restrained with leather cuffs to the legs of the bench so that he was prone along it, his groin and arse hanging off the back, his knees pushed forward so that his butt was exposed and vulnerable.

Mike and Neale had looked around the room approvingly as they entered. It was dark, the black painted walls and ceiling absorbing the little light which came from candles set around the walls, and reflected back from the mirrors on two of those walls. In the dimly illuminated room, the flickering candle glow was punctuated with wisps of smoke, giving the whole place an ethereal quality which was a perfect setting for the building excitement amongst the four men. Mike watched as Pete cuffed and restrained his boy, admiring his friend's chiselled bod, encased in gleaming black leather. Pete wore a police style Master's cap and mirrored sunglasses, a simple harness of four bands, two over his shoulders and two around his chest, which framed his sculpted pectorals beautifully. His chaps positively bulged, the pumped and worked muscles of his powerful legs rippling inside their leather sheaths. Pete's lower arms were encased in long black leather gauntlets, studded with small silver spikes, his biceps flexing against rings of black leather buckled around his upper arms. At his groin, the tiniest piece of supple leather held his large nuts, but his long cut meat dangled freely between his legs, already semi hard as he busied himself with his slave.

Finding himself getting aroused by the sight of the other couple, Mike turned his attention to himself and his own boy. Neale stood patiently behind him, the lead from Neale's neck draped loosely over Mike's arm. Mike stood in front of his slave, taking some of the items he had brought with him in hand. Neale already wore an elaborate harness of wide leather straps over his shoulders and around his chest, ribs and stomach, interconnected with steel rings. The black leather sat easily upon Neale's six-pack abs and ample chest, a single band of hide falling from his navel and disappearing below the waistband of his chaps, to connect to a steel cockring circling the base of his shaft and pushing his balls forward. Wrapped around Neale's nuts was a leather sack, drawn tight and tied off at the top, encasing his testicles in black hide such that from a quick glance he looked as though he had black leather orbs where his genitals should be. His cock stood partially hard, already leaking the first drops of pre-cum, the silver of his Prince Albert glinting with reflected candle light.

Mike reached to his lover and quickly attached a thin metal chain to each of the rings through Neale's nipples, connecting them. Then he snapped another ring of metal over this chain. It attached to a length of silver which dangled straight down until Mike caught it up and fixed the free end to the surgical steel ring through Neale's cockhead. Neale was now wearing a `T' shaped combination of silver chain that connected each of his tits to his prick. His powerful, cyclist's legs were spread slightly, covered in gleaming black leather, and Mike stood back and once again feasted his eyes on the man he proudly called his lover and his slave-boy.

Satisfied with Neale's appearance, Mike then completed his own garb. He already wore skin-tight black chaps and square toed, high sided boots adorned with leather straps and silver rings. His ample manhood was restrained inside a leather pouch, his testicles enveloped in supple hide and his thick cock extending through a gap in the leather, but as yet hidden behind a snap on cod-piece. Hidden may not have been the best description, since the outline of his masculinity was clearly visible, an inviting tube of gleaming leather at his groin. He wore short wrist bands on each arm, and a harness of chains and leather connectors wrapped around his substantial torso, glistening as it moved across the defined muscles. Matching his boy, he fixed a silver chain between the rings in his tits, letting it hang a little and swing as he moved. Finally, over his head he pulled and adjusted a Master's hood -- a smooth supple leather cap which covered the top half of his face and came down to the back of his neck. His nose and mouth were free, his eyes highlighted by the rounded holes cut in the leather, and his ears hidden beneath the hood.

As he finished his preparations, Mike glanced around the room. It was the epitome of leather, and leathered sex. He felt his arousal increase as he surveyed the place, and smiled to himself with anticipation as Pete finished settling Steve into position and walked toward him, a smile on his face as well.

"So, Mike, what are we going to do with these slave boys?" Pete said, an evil tone in his voice.

Mike returned the look evenly. "I think they both need a bit of `warming up', don't you? I know that one over there," he indicated Neale, standing in the corner with metal threads dangling from his nipples and his cock, "will get all hot and bothered pretty quick, if you tug on his chains."

Pete nodded. "Gladly," he said. "And if you're inclined to direct your attention to the moaning heap on the bench, you'll find that despite his protests, he loves having his arse worked." Mike looked to Steve as Pete spoke, seeing again the base of the butt plug still lodged between his buns. As Mike had suggested, Pete stepped up to Neale, running his eyes over the handsome man and catching the swinging metal chain in his fingers. Tentatively at first, then with increasing confidence, Pete jiggled and pulled at the chain, amazed at the yearning, shaking look of pleasure which spread over Neale's face. As Pete pulled at the metal, Neale's tits stretched out from his chest and he moaned with delight. When the silver was lifted upward, drawing against the ring through Neale's cock, he became instantly rock hard. Pete too, was solid and throbbing, his prick standing to attention, long strands of pre-cum dangling from him to the floor as one hand manipulated the chains connecting Neale's chest and groin while the other ran over the slave's body, fingering his nipples, squeezing his balls, exploring the spot where the shining metal ring sank beneath his cockhead.

Mike had taken up a position behind the prone and restrained Steve, and began by grabbing and rotating the butt plug within the boy's arse. As he moved it from side to side, Steve moaned with delight, and Mike tugged at the toy, pulling it back and stretching Steve's sphincter as he did. Shoving the plug back in again, Mike quickly reached for several other items from the shelves on the nearest wall, and turned his attention back to Steve's exposed arse. He pulled the plug again, waving it around as he removed it, then replaced it with a long black dildo, taking his time to plunge the artificial cock in and out of the gasping slave. He wielded the toy like a sword, shoving it in and out, or sliding it from side to side, rotating it and bending it through the ravaged hole so that every part of Steve's rectum was probed by the rubber dong. Mike then withdrew and discarded that toy, replacing it with a dildo that had an inflatable head, and a pump pack. He inserted the new toy into Steve's arse, then squeezed the pump which caused a latex bulb at the head of the dildo to inflate. Soon, Steve's cavern was filled to capacity by the growing ball of rubber and Mike pushed and pulled at the shaft of the toy, causing the ball within Steve to move around and massage his innards. Steve groaned and hissed with the aroused excitement as his arse was worked over.

Pete watched Mike work on his boy as he yanked and tugged at Neale's body. With a growing need, he pulled at Neale again, dragging him by the lead around his neck to the sling. Pushing Neale back into the leather platform, Pete lifted the boy's legs into the stirrups, and retrieved a set of anal balls from the nearby counter. Handing Neale a bottle of amyl, Pete quickly lubed the balls, and inserted them one by one into Neale's waiting hole. Neale's body swallowed the latex covered spheres quickly, and he moaned softly at the delight of them filling his cavity. Remembering that being connected turned Neale on, Pete tied a length of leather cord to the trailing end of the string on which the balls were placed, and attached the other end to the chain between the boy's tits and his cock. Now, with a single tugging motion, Pete could put exquisitely pleasurable pressure on Neale's nipples, cock and arse, and tug at the balls buried within his body all at once. Neale gasped with the sensational feeling each time Pete dragged against the connecting chains.

Mike had kept up his assault on Steve's arse with every toy he could lay his hands on, but as his own need grew, he had released Steve's restraints and rolled him over so he lay on his back on the leathered bench. Mike then found a length of leather cord which he tied through the collar around Steve's neck. He took the other end, pulled it up and through the chain connecting Mike's nipples, and wrapped it tightly around the boy's nuts, tying the rolling testicles into a solid ball of flesh. This meant that Steve was forced to keep his knees up or he would stretch the leather tie between his neck and his balls, and Mike was connected to Steve so that each movement by Mike sent pulling, tightening spasms of pleasurable pain into Steve's groin. Mike could not see the slave's face, his head completely engulfed in the leather hood, but he smirked at the look of the leathered body bound up as it was. Steve looked up to see the leather half-face mask on Mike, and thrilled again to the erotic sight he presented. With Steve's arse open and exposed as it was, Mike pressed forward, unsnapped his codpiece and sank his throbbing weapon deep into Steve's body, hard and fast. As he hit bottom, buried to the root, his head went back and he looked across to see Pete shoving his long steel hard rod into Neale's hole, pushing between the balls still lodged in Neale's arse. Mike fucked hard and fast into Steve, taking the boy for his own and using him well.

Neale gasped as Pete's tool filled him. With his gut still containing the anal balls, he felt Pete's cock push them around inside him. With each thrust and shove by Pete, the spheres of black latex in Neale's rectum pulled again at the attached chain, sending electric tingles into his throbbing cock as the PA pulled with the cord, and stretching his tits again and again. The most sensitive parts of his body were interconnected into one thrilling erogenous zone.

By some silent but understood signal, Mike and Pete disconnected themselves from their fucking, and swapped places. Pete hunched over Steve's shaking form, leaving the binding cord in place, and humped his long prod into the gaping hole vacated by Mike. Mike in turn pounded his thick meat into Neale's twitching arse, feeling the balls within his slave roll around and massage his cock as he fucked. He tugged again at the chain on Neale's gut, pulling at the Prince Albert just as he knew would drive Neale wild, and grinned as the gasps from his lover became louder and more pronounced. Mike and Pete shoved themselves into their boys, humping and pounding at Neale and Steve harder, faster, spurred on by watching each other and encouraged by the symphony of gasping breath, squelching wet holes, and rubbing protesting leather. They matched each other's rhythms, ploughing into their slaves in a rough, all powerful fucking.

Pete sensed that he was near the point of no return, and with a reluctant hiss, withdrew completely, and stood up, feasting his eyes on the writhing leather covered body below him. Mike watched as his friend pulled out, and knew he too did not want to hit his peak yet. Removing his throbbing manhood from the slave beneath him, he stood back to catch his breath, keeping Neale on the edge by continuing to tug at the chains connecting the boy's arse, cock and chest. Taking a particularly large butt plug, Pete nodded silently to Steve, who drew a deep snort of amyl, and as the effects wracked Steve's body Pete shoved the toy into him, forcing the bulb through Steve's resisting sphincter and watching satisfied as his partner's hole closed tightly around the core.

Pete approached Mike and Neale at the sling, the sight of his friends extremely arousing as Mike stood there, his large cock throbbing while he tugged at the chains attached to Neale's body. Reaching between them, Pete placed one hand on Mike's arse, giving him a firm grope, and took the end of the anal balls in the other, and pulled. With the pressure, the black spheres popped from Neale's body one after the other, the sight of them exiting the slave turning both Mike and Pete on again. Pete lifted the balls, still attached to the rest of Neale, and deposited them on his stomach. Standing beside Mike, with one arm around his fellow Master's waist, Pete lunged forward and buried his long cut prick into Neale in a single thrust. He began fucking the boy with measured strokes, one hand playing over Neale's body, the other rubbing and groping across Mike's arse and back. Mike for his part, watched fascinated as Neale's hole was pierced by Pete. He thrilled to the touch of Pete's hand on him, and returned the favour, one hand running up and down Pete's torso, pinching at his friend's nipples and tracing the lines of his harness. Mike's other hand strayed to Pete's groin, and soon Mike's fingers were around the pistoning shaft of Pete's cock, sandwiched between Pete's abdomen and Neale's anus.

Pete again felt himself building toward climax, and again he held back, pulling himself from Neale's body. Now Mike stepped in again, and Mike and Pete reversed places, Mike fucking hard at Neale while Pete played with Mike's chest and circled his invading prong with his fingers. For quite a long time, the two Masters alternated in their fucking of the gasping, writhing Neale, who held on with all his strength, desperately fighting against the waves of pleasure crashing through his body. Sensing that Neale could not resist much longer, Mike moved back from him, and drew Pete away as well.

Leaving Neale to recover, Mike moved to the bench again where Steve had been lying and watching the treatment of his fellow slave. Mike leaned over Steve's body, ran his hands over the boy's chiselled abs and pinched the firm tits, then grabbed hold of the butt plug. Steve quickly toked on the bottle of amyl, and relaxed, as Mike eased the huge toy from his arse. But he didn't leave Steve empty for long, shoving his thick cock into the void left by the plug. As he fucked at Pete's slave, Mike looked at Pete and pointed to the head of the bench. "Fuck his face, man! Shove yourself into his throat, now."

Pete quickly moved to follow Mike's suggestion, and as Mike's thick rod rammed in and out of Steve's arse, Pete's long pole was swallowed by Steve, sliding down his throat, as Pete fucked his boy's face. Steve was aching with excited arousal as he serviced the two men at once, and Pete and Mike were pushing themselves into a state of passionate abandon as they watched each other, both outfitted in fantastic black leather, their fit and pumped bodies humping into the leather wrapped muscular frame of Steve, sandwiched between them. At a hissed command from Pete, Mike pulled himself from Steve's body, and the two dominant men changed positions. Now Pete thrust himself into Steve, pounding at the compliant body, while Mike buried his mighty tool into the slave's gullet. They took turns fucking Steve's arse and face for what seemed hours. Mike especially loved the view of his own cock pressing through the hole in the black leather mask to find the hot wetness of Steve's mouth, and the suckling vacuum of the boy's throat around his meat.

Steve was writhing, shuddering as the waves of pleasure rolled over him, his excitement building and his body tingling. He knew he could not hold back much longer with the double joy of having his face and his butt penetrated by the two hot muscled leathermen. Pete saw the signs too, and signalled Mike to ease off for a few minutes, to cool the scene. When they did eventually cum, it was going to be a sea of ejaculate, he thought.

Pete sat his boy up on the bench, and swung him around. Running his hands possessively over the pumped body, he had Steve lie face down sideways across the bench now, so it supported only his stomach. Mike saw what he did, and went to the now rested Neale, helping him from the sling, and leading him to the bench, where he had Neale lie alongside Steve's panting form. Now both slaves were next to each other, face down, their arses exposed. Mike looked excitedly at the inviting view of Neale's twitching anus, the pink rosebud set between the firm white hemispheres of his buns, and framed by the gleaming black leather of his chaps.

Mike felt his urges propel him, and Neale's hole was quickly filled by his thick meat, as again he humped roughly, needingly at his boy. Pete, inspired by the sight, followed his friend, and soon the two masters were fucking their boys in powerful strokes, so close they were rubbing against each other. After a while, Pete pulled himself from Steve's arse and swung around to fuck his face instead. With both of the slaves' faces close together, Pete then began to alternate, shoving his long weapon into first Steve's throat, then withdrawing to assault Neale's mouth and lips, before swapping back again. As he did so, Mike found the thought of fucking the two at the same time so exciting that he copied Pete's movements, thrusting his pole into Neale, then dragging himself out to shove himself hard into Steve's waiting arse, pounding at him for a few strokes before returning to Neale again. For a considerable time, Pete and Mike continued this marathon, changing places from time to time, so that they kept up a barrage of penetration, each of them quickly forcing their very masculinity into each of the boys' mouths and arses.

Eventually, Mike called a rest. All four of them had come close to the edge several times over. His entire body was tingling, alive, and he revelled in the feelings, but wanted it to last even longer yet. Directing Steve and Neale to lie on the leather covered mattress, Mike and Pete sat by their partners, breathing hard and allowing their overheated libidos to subside, but just a little. Pete ran his hands over Steve's sweaty body, enjoying the slipperiness of his boy's skin within his leather bindings. He retrieved the butt plug that had been discarded by Mike some hours earlier, and giving Steve a slap on the rump, began to ease the toy back into the slave's hole, pressing forward insistently until Steve's sphincter closed around it yet again. As Mike sat and watched, Pete then pushed Neale's legs up and back. The string of anal balls was still attached to the chains connecting Neale's nipples and cock, and Pete ran his fingers along Neale's shaft, playing with the piercing and becoming aroused all over again by the sight of the silver steel through the slave's cockhead. Applying a little more lube, he slowly fed the balls back into Neale's hole, watching intently as one by one they were swallowed up and drawn into the boy's rectum.

With both of the submissive men plugged and filled again, Pete turned and smiled at his fellow Master. Mike grinned happily, content to let Pete take whatever idea he had to the next stage. Pete stood upright on the mattress, his arms crossed and his legs spread, his long cock slimy from the constant insertion into both slaves, throbbing and hardening again.

"You two!" he commanded. Steve and Neale were instantly alert, ready to obey. "I think my prick needs a wash. Get over here, on your knees, and lick it!"

Neale and Steve complied quickly, kneeling together, face to face. They both leaned into Pete's groin, and their tongues fought with each other for space along his shaft and over the leather cushion holding his nuts. The two licked and sucked as they could, coating Pete's prong in saliva and cleaning him up. Their mouths collided from time to time and they licked at not only Pete, but at each other as they sandwiched his masculinity between them.

Mike found the sight so horny that he lifted himself to his feet, and came to stand facing Pete, taking up the same stance, legs spread and arms crossed. The subs needed no direction to include Mike's thick cock in the target of their mouths, and soon Mike and Pete were only inches apart, groins pushed forward and cocks rubbing together as Neale and Steve tried to lick and suck at both of them at once. Almost involuntarily, Mike's arms uncrossed, and his hands began to wander, first of all to hold Neale's hair and to rub the leather hood on Steve's head, then up, to trace the lines of Pete's harness and run his fingers over the sculpted chest of his friend. Pete moaned with delight at the combined licking and the touch of Mike's fingers. His eyes drank in the sight of his hot leathered friend, and his hands reached for Mike's shoulders, running down the powerful arms and back across Mike's six-pack abdomen. Soon the two men were groping and feeling at each other while their boys slavered and suckled at their pricks, and at each other.

The double attention from Steve and Neale caused such an arousal in Pete that he ached with desire. For some reason, into his mind came the picture of Steve's arse being fucked by both his cock and the dildo at the same time. His cock jerked suddenly at the mental image, and a thought came to him. He grinned to himself, and looked at the other three men. Neale and Steve continued to service both himself and Mike, and Mike stood there, looking so incredibly hot and masculine.

Backing away from the knot of bodies, Pete pushed Neale and Steve away from himself and Mike. He whispered his plans to Mike, whose own cock jumped to instant full erection. Mike's face beamed, and another idea came to him, but he said nothing yet to Pete or to the others.

Forcing Steve to bend forward on his knees, Pete reached down and with a firm grip pulled the butt plug from Steve's body, his boy gasping with a mixture of pleasure and disappointment as the toy exited him. "Don't worry, boy, you're in for a hell of a lot more than that yet!" Pete hissed at him. Moving to the sling, Pete had Steve stand to one side, and Mike lifted Neale to his feet, tugging yet again at the chain which hung from the balls still buried in Neale's arse and joined to his tits and his Prince Albert.

Pete climbed onto the sling himself as Neale and Steve watched in surprise. He lay back on the suspended leather platform and lifted his boots into the stirrups, sensuously playing with himself, stroking his long cock as he did.

While Pete adjusted his position to get comfortable, Mike unsnapped the metal chain where it connected to Neale's PA, and attached it instead to the chain which ran between Mike's own nipples. Now he and his boy were connected yet again, and any movement by Mike dragged against Neale's sensitive tits, and the balls lodged inside his body. Mike moved closer to the sling where Pete was lying and Steve standing, watching curiously. Neale was forced to follow, unable to separate from his Master by more than a couple of feet.

Pete ordered Steve. "Get up here, boy!" he said. "Climb onto me and sit on my cock, facing away from me."

Steve grinned with delight and hurried to obey, as Mike helped him to get up and straddle Pete, both of them swinging in the sling. With assistance from both Mike and Pete, Steve lowered his ravaged sphincter over Pete's long upright prick easily enough, sitting on his Master. Then Pete pulled him back, and Mike grabbed his legs, so that Steve lay back, his body lengthwise on top of Pete, his legs spread and raised, his feet pressing against Pete's boots. Mike grabbed another dildo, long and black, and a vacuum pump sleeve, laying both toys on Steve's stomach as he assisted the slave to get into position. Steve delighted in the sensation as Pete's cock lodged within his guts from behind, and wondered at what the two dominant men had planned.

Once Pete and Steve were locked together and steadied in the swaying platform, Mike moved forward behind them. The chain from his nipples ran up and over his shoulder to Neale's body, pulling Neale hard into Mike's back and forcing him to follow his master into the space between Pete and Steve's raised, leather clad legs. Smearing lube on his thick cock, Mike passed a bottle of amyl to Steve. He drew a deep breath. As the slave's arse twitched again, Mike pushed forward, nudging himself at the point where Pete's dong joined with Steve's body. Pete held still, and Steve pushed back against him, willing himself to relax and to open, and as he did, Mike pressed on and in, the head of his prick forcing Steve apart as it rubbed against Pete's shaft and pierced the slave's ring of muscle. With a gasp from the boy and a grunt from Mike, the thick head of Mike's cock entered Steve's body and the slave's sphincter closed around it, clenching hard at the two shafts now locked together within him.

Mike stopped, allowing Steve to adjust to the double penetration, and giving him time to draw another breath from the bottle of amyl. Mike marvelled at the incredibly tight squeezing sensation around his cock, and the strange feeling of having himself pressed hard against Pete's dong as the two Masters fought for the limited space within Steve's body. The very sight of his cock mashed against that of Pete, Steve's arse clamped around both, was unbelievably arousing, and Mike ached with desire and need as he allowed Steve to accustom himself to them. The slave boy twitched and pushed, and Pete's hands came up to play across Steve's chest, pulling at his nipples and tugging at the straps of his harness. As he let out a long deep moan, Mike took his opportunity, and heaved himself forward, sinking the full length of his long thick cock into the tight and gripping hole of Steve's arse. With a cry of surprise which quickly changed to groaning excitement, Steve accepted the new invasion, swallowed Mike inside him. Mike's shaft drove into the wet cavern, rubbing along the length of Pete's throbbing weapon as he did, until his cockhead pressed into Steve's guts, and his balls mashed against Pete's nuts, the bases of both their pricks holding the boy's arse wide open. Again Mike came to a stop, this time for his own benefit as he waited for the incredible sensations washing over him to subside a little.

His thoughts turned to his own slave, still chained to Mike, Neale's ball-filled arse and nipples connected to Mike's own chest by the silver metal. With each movement he made, Mike dragged Neale's muscular body hard against his own back, and forward toward the prone body of Steve as the two Masters fucked the slave in the sling together.

"Neale," hissed Mike to the man behind him. "Fuck my arse, boy! Shove that ringed, pierced cock of yours into me, now!"

Pete and Steve heard the command Mike issued, and each of them tingled with excitement. The thought of Mike being fucked himself as he joined with Pete in fucking Steve sent a buzz of erotic thrills through the pair in the sling. Mike held his position, his thick meat throbbing and hard as a rock with Steve's arse clenched around it and Pete's cock rubbing against it. He felt Neale's PA nudge against his arse, felt the cool metal against his tender skin and trembled with anticipation. As the pressure at his rear increased, he pushed back, willing himself to relax while Steve's sphincter continued to grip at his own prick.

Neale shuddered as he moved forward, pointing his metal tipped meat at his Master's hole. The chain running from Mike's nipples was still attached to his chest, and then dropped down to pull against the balls lodged within his arse, and every movement by Mike was reflected in waves of tingling pleasure through Neale's torso and rectum. Upon Mike's order to fuck his man, Neale's cock had jumped and swelled with anticipation, and he slowly pushed his throbbing, rock hard pole with its steel ring into the puckering target of Mike's arse. He felt the initial resistance give way, felt the warm wetness envelope his cockhead as he inched forward. Mike's body opened to accept his invading spear, his Master surrendered to the slave cock that violated the pumped and masculine body on command, and Neale ached with aroused pleasure as he penetrated his lover.

Mike felt the ringed weapon of his slave penetrate his arse, delighted as the steel and flesh rubbed against his prostate and sank deep within him. As Neale's prong filled his rectum, he clamped his muscles around the hot poker, welcoming it within himself. When Neale reached his full length, buried himself completely within Mike's arse, Mike sighed with the sensations of ecstasy that overtook his body. His hole was plugged by Neale's sword, his thick throbbing weapon plunged into Steve's body, Pete's cock twitching and burning hard against his own. Then Pete started to move, thrusting up and into Steve's arse, and carrying Mike along with him. That resulted in Neale's cock sliding back then pressing forward again as Mike thrust into Steve and Neale pressed into Mike. The combination was almost enough to send Mike over the edge, but he hung on, willing himself to relax as his three companions began to move, finding a rhythm of thrusts and withdrawals as they acted as one in lusty sexual delight.

The four friends were now joined as one being, humping slowly in time with each other, thrills of ecstatic pleasure racing through each of them. Mike moaned with delight at the sensations rolling through him, but he wasn't quite done just yet. Reaching for the vacuum pump tube on Steve's gut, he slid it under the waistband of the pouch encasing the slave boy's cock, and with his other hand guided Steve's prick into the lubed cylinder. Quickly squeezing the control bulb, Mike sucked the air from the tube and Steve's meat began to stretch and lengthen inside the transparent sleeve, as the slave gasped with joy at the feelings enveloping his prong. Mike left the toy in place, not fully pumped but enough to keep Steve moaning, and picked up the long black dildo. Using his fingers to explore, Mike found the puckering muscles of Pete's arsehole, also exposed as he lay in the sling with Steve on top of him and Mike pressing against him as they both penetrated the slave. Quickly, Mike pressed the artificial dong into Pete, eliciting a groaned `uunnnhhhhh" from his friend as the toy slid deep into his gut, probing his rectum and nudging against the wall of his bowel. As the dildo sank into Pete's body, Mike held it in place with one hand, and re-started the thrusting motions of his penetration of Steve's arse, and the simultaneous backing onto and away from Neale's ringed cock lodged in his anus.

A symphony of masculine sex filled the room as all four men bucked and trembled, rocking against each other in erotic motion. Gasps, groans and grunted obscenities escaped each mouth as they cursed and hissed at each other. Wet squelching sounds accompanied the heavy breathing and mixed with the squeal of rubbing leather. An aromatic mix of candle grease, leather, amyl and manly sweat pervaded the dungeon and inflamed their desire as each of them effectively fucked and was fucked at the same time.

Neale felt his entire body was alive. As his Master hunched forward and back, every motion tugged at the chain from Mike's nipples. It pulled at Neale's tits and dragged at the string of balls filling his rectum, making them move and jiggle within his depths. At the same time, his long prick, throbbing and hard as steel, was gripped and held within his Master's body, the hot wet cavern of Mike's arse squeezing and massaging him as his pierced cock thrust in and out of Mike's chute.

Even as Neale shook with desire, Pete's nerves screamed with the combination of sensations racing through him. Lying back into the sling, Steve's weight rested on him, pressing down against him, while his arse throbbed with the constant assault from the dildo Mike was wielding. The long tube of black rubber plumbed him and filled him, and he groaned with each inward jab. But even more intense was the pleasure focussed on his cock. His long rod was buried deep inside Steve, and hard against his throbbing flesh was Mike's cock, the two held together by his slave's sphincter as he and Mike acted as one in fucking Steve, their poles pressed tightly together and joining in thrusts and jabs into the hissing gasping boy lying on top of him.

Mike humped into Steve in unison with Pete, their joined pricks like a single, gigantic phallus pounding the stretched and clenching hole of Steve's arse. The boy's hot moist rectum slurped and moved around his masculinity as Mike trembled with barely controlled passion as he and Pete double fucked the slave between them, ploughing themselves deep into his arse. And with each thrust forward and pull back, Mike had the incredible joy of his prostate massaged and rubbed by the rough solidity of Neale's ringed weapon fucking into him and filling his body with flesh and steel.

Lying back onto Pete, and swaying in the sling, Steve twitched with electric shocks of pleasure as his body bore the indescribable pleasure of not one but two huge meaty cocks penetrating his inner being. With his Master, Pete, below him, and Mike standing behind him, Steve gasped with each inward thrust as both Mike and Pete sank their prongs into his stretched hole. It was as if he were being fucked by a huge log of manflesh, bigger than anything imaginable, as both cocks filled his gut and ravaged his anus. And if that were not enough, his cock throbbed and ached with the suctioning of the vacuum tube surrounding it, pulled and enlarged by the pressure of the toy and ready to explode.

Locked together in a frenzy of masculine lust, the four men sweated and hissed, pounded and humped at each other and took their own poundings at the hands, and cocks, of their partners. They formed a roiling, hunching mass of man flesh and black leather as they heaved and groaned, gasped and fucked in unison, a single, pulsing, all consuming, passionate beast. Each of them individually trembled with exhilaration as his arse was filled and his rectum assaulted, and all of them ached with building passion as their cocks relayed the erotic pleasure of the suctioning grip around their respective pricks as they thrust and jabbed, fucked and pumped at each other. Their hands explored, feeling the delightful texture of leather and the slippery moisture of sweaty skin. The sling swayed and groaned under the weight and the demands made upon it and the men in and around it surrendered themselves to complete ecstasy as they fucked their way to a crescendo, nerves tingling and bodies shuddering with indescribable pleasure.

It was when Pete and Mike stopped fucking into Steve as one, and reversed their humping so that as Pete's cock thudded into Steve, Mike was pulling back from the boy's arse, that they knew the point of no return was close. With the two pricks assaulting him and at the same time rubbing against each other, Steve writhed in ecstasy. His sphincter was being pushed against and pulled back all at once. Pete shuddered as his tool slid back from his boy's arse while Mike's thick cock pushed in the opposite direction, the friction against his sensitive flesh unbelievable. The double fucking that Pete and Mike delivered to the twitching body sandwiched between them ravaged Steve's hole and stimulated the two Masters as their dicks ground against each other, held in place by the grip of the slave's arse. Neale pounded into Mike as they did, every shake and hump by his Master relayed into his tits and his arse by the connecting metal chain.

Mike was the first to hit his peak. The combination of Neale's pierced and throbbing rod in his arse with the gripping muscles of Steve's sphincter wrapped around his cock as it pounded in and out, in constant contact with Pete's long hot weapon, was too much to resist. He tried to hold on, but his nerves raced and his body surrendered. With a stifled hiss, he thrust deeply into Steve once more, and his cock exploded in a fountain of white cream as he shot his load far inside the slave. At the same time, his arse clamped tightly around Neale's prick, gripping it like a vice as he shoved himself hard into Steve. Neale cried out with joy as his cock was milked and clamped by Mike's rear, and his balls contracted, his shaft pumping a geyser of ejaculate deep into his Master. As Mike's cock spewed its load into Steve, the searing hot cum flooded the boy's innards and drowned Pete's humping rod. Pete responded with a bellow of delight, screaming out his release of passionate need as he too shot torrents of jism into Steve's arse and along Mike's throbbing shaft. As the two men filled him with cum, Steve ached and trembled, desperate for satisfaction. His arse clenched at the double invasion of the two cocks, and his hands fell to his groin, where he found the vacuum pump bulb. He released the pressure on his stretched prick, and as if he had flicked a switch, his nuts poured their heavy load of manjuice into the freed shaft as he flooded his abdomen and his leather pouch with the fruit of his loins.

The four men gasped and shook as they pounded their way through the massive simultaneous climax, four orgasms becoming one as they heaved and came, a flood of male essence enveloping them. Locked together as they were, the crescendo of their sex peaked and held, each inspired and aroused by the combination of the group, the ultimate in masculine lust personified in the leathered, perspiring mass of intertwined bodies.

Finally, the waves of passion rolled over them and the tide of arousal receded. Slowly, cautiously, they extricated themselves from each other, exhausted and sated. As one, the four collapsed in a heap of arms, legs and leathered bodies onto the leather covered mattress on the floor of the room, gasping for breath and smiling the grins of total bliss.

In a low voice, Steve gasped between breaths, "Hey guys, let's NOT wait six months before we do this again, okay?" His comment was greeted with a chorus of laughs and shaking heads as the four friends rolled around, a shining black leather mass of intertwined limbs and muscled bodies. They all knew at that moment that what they had was far far more than just a friendship. The four had become one, and would stay that way.

The End

[Author's note: This last chapter of `Work It Out' was specifically requested by Rick, a muscle leatherman who is a fan of my writing. Rick came up with the idea for the scene, and asked for a specific position that the guys get into. If you prefer the idea of the four guys staying friends but not getting back together in a group scene again, don't read this story. Otherwise, enjoy!]

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