The Loyal Businessman (mc animal tf)

TJ Mcgraw had risen quickly in the company. His law degree and street smarts made him a natural for contract negotiations, and he had become known at the corporation where he worked as the guy who could make the deal. Young and single, he was perfect for the company’s international assignments, where long trips to the other side of the world wouldn’t cause problems with a wife and children. Still, he was approaching 30 and had begun to have thoughts of settling down. He mentioned this to his boss, but still, his loyalty lay with the company. Unquestioning loyalty, in fact, was a quality that he valued most, as did his boss, who made it clear that anything less would find TJ on the outs with his superiors, sidetracking his ambition to make it to the top.

It had been a grueling year; the company’s fortunes had sagged. TJ had been at the forefront of negotiations to merge the company with one from the Far East. Finally, the deal was at hand, and he was now in Singapore to close the deal. He wasn’t entirely clear what had clinched the deal after so much wrangling. His boss merely said that promises were made. He arrived at the offices of the consortium where the papers were to be signed. Reams of papers changed hands, one signature after another. He hadn’t read them all; he trusted his staff to slog through the details. It was finally done, the deal sealed. Mr. Wong, the president of this company, shook his hand, and made a slight, formal bow. “Mr. Mcgraw, we are very pleased at the outcome of this transaction”, Wong said. “Your acquiescence to our terms will be most fruitful for you. Your superiors have spoken of your loyalty, which will serve you well in your new position.”

TJ wasn’t sure what Mr. Wong was referring to, but smiled and shook hands, not wanting his ignorance to show. “Now it is time to enjoy yourself,” Mr. Wong continued. “I have arranged an evening with one of my associates, who will help you relax. Report to this address, and Miss Lee will take care of everything for you.” TJ nodded again, excused himself, and went to his hotel to change clothes for the evening. At the appointed hour, he went to the address as directed, asking for a Miss Lee. She came out and bowed. “It is a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Mcgraw”, was all she said before ushering him into a back room. It was dimly lit, soothing music was playing. In the center of the room was a massage table. A message? He wondered. This is their plan for a relaxing evening? Oh well, a message from an attractive woman didn’t seem so bad. She left the room and allowed him to disrobe. He did so and lay on the table awaiting her return. She came in and turned the lights down lower. At first, it was a routine message. She was very good at it. He found himself enjoying it immensely. Then, she ran her hand down his spine, very gently. Again she did this, more firmly. He moaned with pleasure. One more time she did this, but this time it was a direct, sharp motion along his back, then up toward his neck, with a sudden jabbing motion just below his top vertebrae. A wonderful sensation surged through him. He involuntarily pulled up, so that he was on his hands and knees. “Oh my god” he cried. “Please, do that again!” She did, and he cried out in ecstasy, popping his head straight forward, so that he was looking in front of him. “Again!” he begged. He heard a clicking noise, then she pleasured him one more time. He heard the click again, and noticed that she had as small metal device in her hand, that, when pressed, made the click. She clicked it and pleasured him again and again, and each time he heard the click he knew that he was about to feel wonderful. He had never felt so profoundly wonderful in such a way before. Then it was over. She instructed him to put his clothes on. “You will stay with us tonight.” She said. “Then we can do this again tomorrow.”

“Yes, of course.” TJ replied. Anything to feel it again, he thought to himself. Groggily, he was led to a small room with a mat on the floor, nothing else. “You will sleep here” Miss Lee said, and left, locking the door. He collapsed on the mat, exhausted and immediately fell into a deep sleep. Morning arrived quickly. Miss Lee entered the room. “Up.” She ordered. “It’s time for another treatment.” He jumped to his feet, eager to begin again, not thinking about the strange confinement he had been subjected to. He put on a robe provided and followed her to the treatment room. He disrobed and jumped onto the table and lay down. He heard the click, and instinctively, pushed himself up onto all fours, waiting for the amazing sensation. “You learn quickly, Mr. Mcgraw.” She said, and began to make her move on his back. He moaned as she worked on him, once again clicking the small device before each pass. His heart pounded as he could think of nothing but the pleasure of her strokes. This time it was more elaborate, starting at the back and then working down onto his hips, pushing hard against each side, feeling better and better with each pass. He licked his lips in anticipation of her moves, waiting for the click that told him she was about to begin again. She tugged on the base of his spine, as if trying to lengthen it. Everything she did felt so good. “You are very fortunate”, she said as she worked. “You will enjoy having Mr. Wong as a master. He will care well for you.” “Master?” he said, startled. She clicked the device, and he stopped thinking and waited for more pleasure. “Your Master.” She said firmly. “My master.” He replied. She clicked the device again, and caressed him some more. “You need a master, you want to please him. If you do, you will feel pleasure,” She said. She began to rub his neck then stroked his head behind his ears. It felt so amazing, he thought. “My master”, he replied, and she rubbed behind his ears again. He felt a sharp prick of a needle in his arms. He turned to look, frightened. “To relax you,” she said as she removed the syringe. The treatment went on for hours, alternating instructions to submit to his master, with the intense pleasure of her strokes. When it was over, she simply said, “Come.” He jumped from the bed and followed, without his robe. He didn’t care, he wanted to follow. He was high and giddy, and wanted only to do whatever was asked of him, to receive more pleasure in return. He was led to a new room, so small that there was only room for a small mat, and to short for him to stand upright. He got on all fours. “Turn around 3 times,” she ordered. He did so, thinking little of the strange command, and settled into the mat to sleep.

In the morning, Miss Lee returned and opened the door. “Come.” She said, clicking the device. It was music to his ears. He followed, stiff and sore at his hips, so that it was difficult to walk upright. He loped down the hall, dropping to his knees at times, then partially upright, to maintain his balance. He went into the treatment room and hopped onto the table. He hadn’t shaved since he arrived, and noticed a thin, soft coat of beard forming. His chest hair seemed thicker too, slightly lighter, tan actually. In his state of euphoria, he couldn’t process any fear, only desire to continue to feel pleasure. The treatment continued all day, at one point Miss Lee jabbed him with another syringe. He thought nothing of it. She murmured to him as she worked him over. “ You are the property of Mr. Wong now.” His throat was sore, and he no longer spoke, merely nodded and waited for her to continue. She pulled and tugged on every part of his body, as he heard his bones crack and muscles twitch. How could she make this feel so good? He wondered. She clicked the device, and he involuntarily rose on all fours. “Down.” She ordered. He dropped carefully from the table, remaining on all fours as he hit the floor. He looked up at her, looking eagerly for her approval. She stroked him behind the ears. “Come.” She ordered. He followed on his hands and knees down the corridor. She took him to the same room, but now there was a large dog crate. “Get in.” He looked at the crate, then at her, confused. She clicked the device, and immediately he went into the crate, struggled to turn around, and laid down. She closed the door.

The next morning he awoke, and realized he was curled into a tight ball, his head resting towards his chest. Miss Lee walked in, and opened his crate. “Come.” He pulled himself out, remaining on all fours and looked at her. She strode from the room and he followed closely at her side down the hall. She took a different corridor, and opened the door. He entered. It was a small amphitheater, with about a dozen people seated in chairs looking down at the open area in the center where he was. He looked up at them. In the dim light they were little more than shadows. Mr. Wong was standing there next to him.

“Gentlemen” Mr. Wong said to the crowd. “Now it is time to show you my latest masterpiece. You are all extraordinarily wealthy, powerful men. You can have anything you wish. You have any toy or gadget your heart desires. I know will show you the latest thing you can acquire for your collection. Imagine insuring that anyone you wish will serve you will have absolute loyalty, unquestioning obedience, doing anything you wish. I can provide this for you. You see, Mr. Mcgraw here was, only a few days ago, an ordinary man. He has undergone an amazing treatment, still intelligent but his free will destroyed. He exists only to serve his master, without question. He was donated to us by his company as part of our acquisition deal. He is now our property.” Mr. Wong clicked a device in his hand. “Come.” He said. TJ immediately went over and sat next to Mr. Wong, smiling. There was applause. “Of course, you can decide how far you want us to take the treatment. We can leave them in human form, if you wish, but why stop there? Today, I will show you just how far we can take this process. TJ, do you wish to serve me?” He asked. TJ looked up at him, and nodded. “Are you willing to do anything for me?” Mr. Wong clicked the training device. TJ nodded again. “You wish to be my pet. You are willing to become an animal, if I wish you to.” TJ nodded again. “Very well. Miss Lee, proceed.”

Miss Lee walked over to TJ, and stroked his back, He immediately rose on all fours. She stroked again, this time gently following his spine down to his tailbone, and then firmly tugged on his genitals. He pulled his head forward and yelped, surprised to hear the animal like noise emanating from his mouth. Miss Lee jabbed him with another needle. Then she began to message his hips, and he heard a cracking noise. It was painful, but he held still. She pushed at his hips, causing a grinding noise. She seemed to be re-forming his joints somehow. Then she messaged his legs, with great force, and he could feel them pushing inward, as if she was shortening them. Then she did the same to his feet, molding them into position. His skin was tingling. The crowd watched in silence as soft fur began to slowly form on his skin. Then she moved to his hands, and began to manipulate each finger, pushing them, kneading them into a new shape. He looked down and realized that that she was forming his hands into paws, his nails lengthening and becoming sharp claws. He was terrified, but remained still. He had to. He needed to obey his master. She worked her way up his arms, now coated in brown fur, re-making them into front legs. He found it was much more comfortable now to be on all fours, since they were properly proportioned to be this way now. He could feel his insides churning, and knew that his internal anatomy was re-positioning itself.

Mr. Wong continued to speak to his audience. “We have been injecting our subject with genetic material and hormones, so that each new cell created was that of a dog, not a man. The final injection just given will complete the process.” TJ’s mind was spinning. How could he have let this happen? He was human. He was a man. He didn’t want this. No, please. Not this. He tried to speak, to beg for mercy, but all that came out was a high-pitched whining. Miss Lee began to message his middle, pushing his belly inward, so that it was becoming thinner, while his rib cage elongated. Then she pulled on his tailbone, and he felt her elongating it, effortlessly drawing it out form his body at the base of his spine. He looked behind himself, and saw that his entire body was now that of a dog, tail wagging behind him, only his human head remained. He let out a howl. Miss Lee began to message his ears, gently at first, then tugging firmly upward on them. TJ knew what was coming next, as he felt her pulling his ears up farther onto his head, stroking them into their new pointed forms. Suddenly he could hear very well, much better than ever before, his ears twitching to catch the sound. She began to pull on his jawbone, drawing out into a snout, bringing his nose forward to its tip. He flared his nostrils and smelled the now pungent air around him. She pushed at the bones near his eyes, positioning them at the sides of his new snout. As he looked straight ahead, his vision was partially blocked by his snout. Miss Lee reached into his mouth, and messaged his gums. He could feel his teeth protrude. She tugged on his tongue, now rough and large in his mouth. He began to pant. He knew it was over. He was now a dog. He wagged his tail, and looked up at Mr. Wong. “TJ” Mr. Wong said. Are you happy to be my dog?”

TJ wanted to say no, but of course he couldn’t. Mr. Wong clicked the device. TJ nodded yes. The crowd applauded. TJ wagged his tail at the sound. “TJ will live out his life in his new form. He will be well taken care of.” Mr. Wong assured the audience. “I can provide this service for any of you for the appropriate compensation. Imagine. Business adversaries, political enemies, converted into your obedient, silent servants. After this session, my assistants will be available to take your orders. I hope you have enjoyed the show.” With that, Mr. Wong strode to the door, his loyal pet following eagerly at his side.